Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Neither One

They're running a poll right now, asking “which Democrat would you like to see facing Donald Trump in the election.” But only TWO votes were allowed. You were not allowed to vote “none of the above.” So I guess that's just another of those PHONY polls that asks only the questions that will get the response they want to get. My answer would have been NEITHER OF THEM. But they didn't let me give that answer. So I gave my vote with my “delete” button.

BANNED WORDS: A committee at Lake Superior State University has released a 13-word list of “banned words” that may no longer be used. So my New Year's Resolution is to use as many of those words as possible. I don't allow ANYBODY to DICTATE the words I may use, or what I may say, in general. Those people can go sh-t up a stump. They don't get to tell me what I can say, or write. If they try, what I'll say next, is “shut up!” If there are ANY words I don't use, it is by my own decision, for MY reasons.

HILLARY RIGHT? Now they're saying, “Hillary may have been right” when she predicted that ISIS was using Trump in a recruiting video. But she wasn't. She gave them the idea, and they acted on it, coming out with a video using Trump within two days of her LIE. he wasn't “predicting” anything. She was LYING, and ISIS made it come true. So next, ISIS will probably come out with their SUPPORT for her campaign and give her a lot of money. Which she will happily take, on the “QT.”

WILL TRUMP FAIL? Many “experts" are still predicting that, at some point, Trump is going to fail. I think they're just “whistling past the graveyard.” Being part of the GOP “kingmakers,” they WANT Trump to fail, so they keep repeating that litany, hoping against hope it will come true. But I think he's going to fool all of them and, unless they pull something really nasty and illegal to deny him the nomination, I think he's going to win, and whip the Democrat nominee into a pudding, be it Hillary, Bernie, or Whosis. Especially if it's Whosis.

GOD BLESS AMERICA!” If you ask your school students in Haddon Heights, NJ to say that, you get threatened with a lawsuit by the ACLU. This is the best evidence of the ”war against religion” (actually, the “war against Christianity”) being waged in this country today. That, and the fact that some schools are not only ALLOWING , but are REQUIRING Muslim Studies in some schools. Some schools teach the “Five Pillars of Islam” and others require their students to read the Muslim “bible,” the Koran—IN SCHOOL, where Christian studies are BANNED.

THROWING AROUND FALSE DEFINITIONS: The current Mayor of Chicago says the NRA's publishing of photos of certain lawmakers with bullets scattered around is “terrorism.” It is NOT. It is FREE SPEECH, which is guaranteed in the Constitution. Liberals have a bad habit of defining all their “enemies” as “terrorists” or otherwise lawbreakers. Some want “global warming deniers” to be imprisoned for disagreeing with their “superior opinion.” Others want them EXECUTED for not believing in their pipe dreams. Their opinion is that if they believe it, it has to be right. They believe it, don't they? They want to make laws against ANY disagreement with their opinions. That would be unconstitutional, but they don't care. I can understand their anger. Instead of bullets, they should be pictured with “dunce caps” on their heads.

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