Sunday, January 10, 2016

ABC Can't Produce "Experts"

They cited some “experts” who connected fracking to global warming (that many times debunked “religion” started by AlGore) and now running under it's new name, “climate change,” so they can attribute ANY climate abnormality to it. But they will not produce, or even NAME their “experts.” I guess they don't want to expose them to the ridicule they so richly deserve. That's how liberals operate: tell us about non-existent “experts” who agree with them, and expect us to believe them. But this time, they got “called on it, and couldn't produce.

ISLAM SECOND LARGEST: It's the second largest religion in the world, according to the brags of Muslims. And it might be true if you get to threaten people who refuse to “convert” with death, and threaten death again if they want to leave it. And if you KILL members of any other religion who don't convert, you can frighten many people into converting, at least, on the surface. I wonder how many of their “converts” are real, and not just giving “lip service” to it, to stay alive.

OBAMA TO LEAVE EMPTY SEAT: Next to his wife at the next state of the Union speech, to represent his disdain for the Constitution and the Second Amendment thereto, which instructs him NOT to impede the right of Americans to be armed. It is well known that his biggest frustration has been his INABILITY to take away our right to self defense, and to own and use the means to that end, a gun. He has ignored the Constitution so many times, in so many ways, I don't know why he doesn't just BAN guns altogether and let the courts fight it out (after he's gone) So he can brag about “ending the gun problem,” as he has bragged about “ending two wars,” which are still raging.

MUSLIM RAPISTS PREFER BLONDS: How would they tell? They demand that their women not be seen without wearing what amounts to a TENT. Oh. I understand. It's okay for a Muslim to rape an “Infidel.” Them, they can see the color of their hair. Theirs is a “rape culture.” Rape is part and parcel of their “war effort” at any time, even if it's a war they started (which it usually is). I guess they prefer blonds because there aren't too many of them who are Muslims, and it's like getting a succulent piece of cake to rape a blond.

DEMS RAISE CITIZENSHIP ISSUE: Which is ironic, since people have raised that same issue all the last 7 or more years about Obama. And who was the FIRST to say Obama was born in Kenya? OBAMA, himself, when he applied for admittance to a college once on a “foreign citizenship” program. I guess he's what he NEEDS to be to get what he wants. Whatever Obama says, is bound NOT to be true. That's not an insult, it's a FACT. He lies just about every time he opens his mouth.

A COMPLETE TURNAROUND: At least, according to G. B. Trudeau, artist on the Doonesbury comic strip. According to him, students now want their own drinking fountains, that whites may not use. They already have their own cafeteria tables, black only dorms, black only classes. There even remain some black only colleges, in spite of the “Equal Rights Amendment.” Imagine if somebody even SUGGESTED a "white only" college! Their heads would explode. There are also some federal grant programs only available to blacks. They're moving toward COMPLETE SEGREGATION in colleges, this time with blacks on top.

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