Sunday, September 30, 2012

No Posts for a Couple of Days

We're in the middle of a move and just don't have the time to do it until we get the move completed. Whatta mess!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Banks Did NOT "Crater the Economy!"

Obama is fond of saying that “banks cratered the economy,” which is a bald-faced LIE. Banks did NOT do it. Obama’s people did it when they passed that infamous law in 1976 that FORCED lenders (banks) to loan money to people who could never repay it in order to “create a crisis” to get Obama (or whoever the Democrat candidates were in 2008) and others elected.

“MISSPOKE” CODE WORD FOR “LIED”: Whenever a politician says he “misspoke,” he means he LIED and got caught (that is, unless he just ignores it like it didn’t happen, which is what most Democrats do). You have to learn these “code words” so you can interpret what politicians are saying.

REPUBLICAN POLITICS DID NOT DO IT: The Democrats keep saying “We don’t want a return to the Republican politics that got us into this mess,” but that’s a LIE, too. It was DEMOCRAT politics that got us into this mess, and it was PLANNED so as to be able to elect a bunch of ignorant Democrats to office. It worked, until we saw through the plan and sent many of them (67 in the 2010 election) packing. We’ll send the rest of them home in 2012, including Obama.

OBAMA DOESN’T UNDERSTAND: He doesn’t understand how the world works. That’s why he does such stupid things as “punishing achievement” with his discriminatory laws against “the rich.” Without “the rich,” there would BE no economy because it is their investments that create the projects that create the jobs and profits that FINANCE the economy. They already pay MOST of the income taxes paid (25% pay 86% of the taxes). It’s unfair and STUPID to charge them more. But Obama doesn’t know any better. His communist tutors taught him otherwise.

“NO GAYS IN IRAN!”  That’s what Iranian president (dictator) Ahmadinijerk says, and with assurance. That’s because they “rooted them out” and killed them. When people in the audience scoffed at this lie, he said, “Do you know of one? What is his address?” So they could find him and kill him, I guess.

LIBERALS ARE PARASITES: Parasites who feed on our productivity while condemning that very productivity that keeps them afloat. Meanwhile they do everything they can to STOP that productivity and vilify those who have been successful in life as “the rich,” who should be hated and taxed more because they, SOMEHOW, injured YOU while they GOT rich. Which is a lie, but that has never stopped liberals before, why should it now? They THINK we’ll continue to be   productive always, in spite of their efforts to destroy that productivity.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

50,000 Word Essay

 That’s what we got the other day when Obama was asked, point-blank, WHY out embassy in Libya wasn’t better protected. Why it was such an easy terrorist target (no matter what he says). He immediately launched into a 50,000 word verbal essay that, when he was finished, hadn’t come NEAR to answering the question asked.

ARE WE STUPID, OR WHAT? When the bill to kill foreign aid ($billions of dollars sent to people who hate us and riot against us and murder our diplomats) for the Middle East countries who hate us the most DIED in the Congress, 84 to 10. Why do we keep giving $billions to people who dis us and burn our flag? Sheesh!

MAD AT RIOTERS? Go on your own riot. That’s what people in Libya did. Apparently, one of the easiest things to do there is raise a bunch of people for a riot, for ANYTHING. They apparently don’t care about the subject they just want to riot. And if they get to kill somebody, so much the better. Killing is what they do for fun over there.

AMERICA’S CHIEF COUNTERFEITER: Treasury Secretary (and tax cheater) Timothy Geitner counterfeits more money (with the able assistance of the “Fed”) than any other counterfeiter the cops want to put in prison for “diluting” the American dollar, but nobody will ever try and put him in prison because he works for the government, and when the government does it, it seems not to be against the law.

GETTING RID OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT: Islamists and their dupes all over the world think we should junk the First Amendment where it concerns Muslims. Why the HELL do we GO OUT OF OUR WAY to pander to Muslims, who are killing our people every day? I think it’s the Muslims who have worked their way into positions of power within our government, just as communists did years ago while nobody believed it.

HATE SPEECH: The liberals AND the Muslim extremists have gone far in their efforts to brand ANYTHING criticizing them as “hate speech. But if criticizing liberals OR Muslim extremists becomes “hate speech” in law, I will be guilty of “hate speech” because I intend to keep telling the truth about them both.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Don't Tell Us What to Do!

The Islamic terrorists who are killing innocent people every day hope to bluff us into BANNING that stupid anti-Muslim video made by an idiot by claiming it is to blame for the current crop of terrorist murders. Any FOOL knows better. They’re just doing their regular daily schedule of killings and BLAMING IT on that video hoping to get that FOOL in the White House to “do their bidding.”

ARM OUR MARINES! It is STUPID to assign our fighting men to “guard” our embassies and not allow them to be armed with loaded weapons. We need to increase their number, and make sure they’re armed with loaded weapons, then signal that ANY attack on the embassy will be met with deadly force. Then carry it out if we ARE attacked. They’d soon stop.

EGYPT IS NOW OUR ENEMY: The Muslim extremists have “taken over” in Egypt and they are now our ENEMY. Even though Obama and his crowd won’t admit it, no more than they will admit that they are AT WAR with us. We need to cut off ALL foreign aid to Egypt and all other Muslim-run countries who “give us a hard time” until they “wake up” and stop.

BUILDING A MOB: Why do Muslims never have any trouble building a mob to “protest” a real or imagined slight? Probably because of the high unemployment rate in Muslim countries that is CAUSED by them spending their time in such mobs and which is BLAMED on us. Other causes are them teaching mostly hatred for non-Muslims in their schools while ignoring academics. That means their people are ignorant.

WHY CLINTON LIKES OBAMA: Until Obama was elected, he was the second worst president in the history of the country (right behind Jimmy Carter). Now that we know about Obama, Clinton has been “bounced” to the third spot while remaining popular among gullible Democrats. So he likes Obama; a lot.

“BITTER CLINGERS”: Obama’s “government” is “bitterly clinging” to its imaginary theory that Islamic terrorists raided several embassies and killed several people over a “video” that may not even exist (nobody’s seen it, anyway, up to now). Everybody with any intelligence at all knows that “outrage” over a video doesn’t get people with automatic weapons and even ROCKET launchers together to attack multiple targets.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Phony Hooraw

Democrats and the liberal media are making a big thing out of some “off-the-cuff-remarks” made by Romney caught by a hidden camera. I heard those remarks and he said NOTHING wrong. He says they were “off-the-cuff” and inelegantly stated, but true. It’s all a “tempest in a teapot” designed to take our attention off Obama’s LACK of anything substantive to be able to say.

OFFENDING HALF THE POPULATION: Obama is criticizing Romney for “offending half the U. S. population, which he has NOT. Meanwhile, OBAMA has “written off half the population.” Where the hell does he think he has the right to talk?

ROMNEY: “BE SELF-SUFFICIENT”: Obama is making a big thing about the fact Romney is saying people should be “self-sufficient,” and not depend on government to send their kids to college as Obama wants it to do. Obama WANTS all of us to DEPEND on government so he can give the orders” and control us.

SHUT THE HELL UP! That’s what I want to tell all the politicians who are running those lying ads against each other. I know we need to have this discourse, but does it have to last FOREVER?

“OBAMA TREATS US LIKE WE’RE HIS ENEMY”: And we ARE Obama’s enemy. At least I am, mostly because of the things he has done to this society in his effort to change this from a free market society to a socialist society. We need to FIRE this fool!

SPENDING OUR MONEY LIKE WATER: I wish we had all the money he and his spendthrift wife have spent on their lavish vacations, just this year, never mind all four years of his administration. We could balance the budget and have a surplus. She still thinks she’s the queen and he’s the king. Wonder what kinds of vacations they’d have if he weren’t president.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Never the Top Man

A report has come out “clearing” AG Holder of any wrongdoing in the “Fast & Furious investigation.” Are you surprised that an “investigation” done by people working for AG Holder didn’t find him guilty of any wrongdoing? Naturally, a bunch of LOW LEVEL employees were found guilty.

THE “BUFFETT LAW”: Warren Buffett whines about the rich not paying enough taxes (when they pay 86% of income taxes paid while they re 25% of population) so the House has passed a law making it easier for them to pay more taxes. Like it was hard before! Damn it’s funny what politicians come up with.

DON’T CALL HIM “SIR”: I’ve noticed the tendency of many people, when criticizing Obama, still call him “sir.” As in, “You spent too much money, sir.” This is wrong. Obama has frittered away any right to be called “sir.” I won’t even refer to him as “President Obama.” When I speak of him it will be “Barack” or just “Obama.” And as far as I’m concerned, the sooner he loses the honorific, “president,” the better.

INTERNATIONAL LAW AGAINST INSULTING RELIGIONS: That’s what one Islamic organization (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) is pushing for. They mean, THEIR religion only. They say, “Americans should stop hiding behind their freedom of speech.” I got a clue for him; it’s THE LAW in this country, and no amount of “international laws” are going to change that. I’ll say this: when Muslims observe tolerance for OTHER religions, I MIGHT tolerate theirs.

OBAMA’S HAPPY: The number of  able bodied adults on food stamps has DOUBLED in the few weeks since he eliminated the “work requirement “administratively.” This is what he wants: more and more people dependent on government largesse. It helps move us ever closer to socialism.

ISLAM HAS LOST ITS HONOR: Islamic demonstrators in Pakistan are sporting sighs that say, “Our Prophet, Our Honor.” I got news for them. If they don’t “rein in” their extremists, they will have LOST their “honor.” Actually, they already have.

NO BULLETS ALLOWED: We now know that those imposing looking Marines that guard our embassies are “toothless.” They’re not allowed to have BULLETS in their guns. No wonder they lost in such a fashion when the Libyan embassy was attacked. You can’t defend an embassy without bullets and the will to use them.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Socialism vs. the Free Market

This next election gives us a clear choice between socialism (collectivism, communism, Fascism, Progressivism) and the free market that has made this country the envy of everybody who wishes to better themselves while collectivism has FAILED every time it has been tried, while KILLING many people. What’s YOUR choice? A vote for Obama is a vote for socialism.

COLLEGE ISN’T NECESSARY: Politicians (mostly liberal Democrats) talk about making it less expensive for kids to go to college. That a college education is absolutely necessary. It is NOT. Most people are not college educated and they get along fine. I am not college educated, but except for certain specific subjects, I’m as knowledgeable as most college graduates in the things I need to know. I don’t need to spend buckets of money to learn things liberal professors try and beat into my skull.

GEORGE WASN’T AS BAD AS DEMS TELL US: George Bush's Economic policies SET A RECORD of 52 STRAIGHT MONTHS of JOB GROWTH. The economic slowdown was CEATED by Democrats in 1976 when they passed a law forcing lenders to loan money to people who couldn’t repay it, in order to buy more votes. An "exercise in stupidity."

REDUCING TAXES INCREASES  “TAX TAKE”: Democrats ridicule this idea, but if you look at the NUMBERS, you’ll see that every time taxes have been reduced, “revenues” went up. When Reagan did it, it
doubled the "tax take" and created one of the biggest, longest lasting booms this country has ever seen. Whenever taxes go up, the “tax take” goes DOWN. They can’t argue with these numbers so they just ignore them and won’t even discuss it. We should FORCE them to discuss it.

ONE NEW JOB TO FOUR LOST: That’s the important number to notice when you look as the unemployment figures. There is an average of ONE new job created to FOUR lost. Obama and his crowd won’t even APPROACH this, nor will they talk about it because they know it is a LOST CAUSE for them ONE out of SIX Americans. Is out of work, underemployed, or has just “given up.”

“TOTAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE”: Rush Limbaugh predicts “total economic collapse” if Obama is re-elected. That’s because that’s what Obama WANTS so he can blame it in capitalism and move us ever closer to socialism, just as Vladmir Lenin did in Russia. That socialism FAILED in Russia is well known, but is poo-pooed by socialist promoters.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Let's Ban Corporate Profits"

That’s what’s being said at the Democrat National Convention by some delegates. I guess that’s okay of you want to commit economic suicide. This is an example of the abysmal stupidity of some Democrats. Too many of them, if you want to know the truth. Profit is the grease that makes this society run. Without it, we would die a horrible death economically. But they’re too stupid to know that.

IT’S NOT THE “FRINGE”: In the item above, these answers were elicited by a reporter going around and talking to various anti-corporate activists. They went out of their way to avoid talking to the “Occupy” protesters outside. So it’s not “the fringe” saying this—it’s the “mainstream.” And they call the “Tea Party” extreme?

This from the Palm Beach Democrat chairman Mark Alan Siegel. And they call the “Tea Party” extreme! The only people who want the Jews slaughtered are Muslims. But Democrats don’t recognize that. They’re not smart enough.

TOM BROKAW HOSPITALIZED: Out of an abundance of caution when he said he felt “lightheaded.” What I want to know is how anybody could tell any difference from normal. Tom Brokaw being “lightheaded” is a normal thing. He says he took some Ambien and that was the result. I think it was a result of him being Tom Brokaw.

WASSERMAN SHULTZ CAUGHT IN A LIE: She tells so many it’s a wonder some enterprising reporter hasn’t caught her before now. I guess it’s because most of them are “on her side’ and ignore it. She told a lie to reporter Phillip Klein of the Washington Examiner and he produced an audiotape of her saying what she said she didn’t say. But did she apologize? Not a chance. Debbie just ignores it and goes on when she’s caught in a lie.

BLOOMBERG STRIKES AGAIN! He is now suggesting a new law forcing kids to wear uniforms rather than their own choices. It might even be a good idea, but he has no POWER to order parents to do so, and he is “Taking in a little more territory” than he is entitled to.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fewer People Still Looking

That’s the only reason unemployment numbers are going down. Fewer people are LOOKING today. They’ve just given up. And BECAUSE they’ve given up and stopped looking, Obama’s administration has stopped counting them, making the NUMBER of people STILL LOOKING smaller number of the whole. This is how Obama “fiddles the numbers” to make himself look better.

THEY’RE FOOLS: Democrats are FOOLS if they really think Romney’s “off-the-cuff” remarks made before supporters and secretly taped by a member of the audience will SINK his campaign. Unlike Democrats who forget the microphone is on and say what they REALLY think (which is usually the opposite of what they tell us) what he said was what he has always said, though, as he said, “not as elegantly stated” as usual.

WHAT’S KEEPING OBAMA’S NUMBERS UP? Mostly his own imagination and the willingness of the liberal media to “buy it” when HIS PEOPLE come out with a new “survey” taken in the lobby of the New York Times or at the headquarters of the DNC. NYT has long known to be the “newsletter of the Democrat National Committee.” There’s NO WAY in the “real world” a president who has done the things he has done could maintain such numbers unless his people are “fiddling” them.

AFGHAN DEATHS DOUBLE: “In yet another sin of omission, the national press corps has failed to report that more than twice as many U.S. military service people were killed in Afghanistan in the less than 4 years since Obama took office than in six and a half years of the Bush administration.” Just one more negative for Obama that his “captive media” ignores. This man is DEADLY to Americans! Get RID of him! (Quote from the American Thinker)

HOW MUCH DID THEY GET? Democrats have an ad running about how much money Romney got from “Big Oil,” saying he is “in the tank” for “Big Oil.” Which brings up the question, “How much money have the DEMOCRATS gotten in donations from “Big Oil?” We all know these people always donate to BOTH SIDES. It’s kinda “protection money” to keep whoever wins off their backs (although that’s futile with the Democrats since they HATE “Big Oil”).” In any case, what can Romney do for them? Bring oil prices down? Since when is that a bad thing?

MEDIA: “ROMNEY TILTS RIGHT”: So? What’s your point? I thought Romney was SUPPOSED to be “on the right.” If he isn’t, I don’t WANT him. A lot of people out there say he is “too liberal.” They're FOOLS. But ANYBODY is better than Obama; ANYBODY. Bugs Bunny is better.

OBAMA IS A FOOL: He says, “The war with Islamic terrorists is over.” How STUPID is that? We need to kill ALL “species” of Islamic terrorists before that is true. That’s about the stupidest remarks I’ve heard from this administration since Nancy Peelosi said,” We have to pass this bill to find out what’s in it.”

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Obama Still Blaming Bush

He says the economy was a lot worse than even HE realized when he took office. That’s a LOAD of BULLSH-T and we all know it if we have any intelligence at all. It began with the Democrat law FORCING lenders to loan money without regard to the customer’s ability to repay. An “exercise in insanity,” as we all now know.

NOTHING GOOD TO SAY: Obama cannot say anything good about his own “accomplishments,” so he continues to blame Bush and the Republicans for problems HE created with bad policies. Just look at the “theme” of his negative ads and you’ll see that. His big criticism is that Romney is “rich” and has an overseas account. He doesn’t mention that he is, too, and does also. More than one. While he plays with trillions of dollars of OUR money.

MONEY FROM “BIG OIL”: That’s another “big thing” in Obama’s negative ad campaign against Romney. That he has gotten money from “big oil.” Sure he has; and so has Obama. It’s well known that businessmen give money to BOTH parties so they’ll leave them alone. It’s like the “protection racket” on steroids. What can Romney do for “big oil? ”Make it easier to bring gas prices down. I’ll go for that.

STAKES TOO BIG: Senate Majority Leader Reid says, “This is too important to let partisanship get in the way.” He’s right. It IS “too big,” but he is on the BAD SIDE of the issue and partisanship is the only way to stop him. If filibustering is all we have until the election, we’re gonna use it until we can get rid of the “Reid Obstacle” to reality.

MILLIONAIRES NEED TO PAY MORE TAXES! That’s what Warren Buffet says, but maybe we’d pay more attention to him if he paid HIS taxes. He has been fighting to keep from paying his taxes for almost a decade. He has been “short-changing” the government for a long time and that “all-powerful” IRS can’t seem to do anything meaningful about it. Meanwhile Obama goes on and on about the Koch Brothers, who seem to be on “the other side” from him.

“NOTHING TO HIDE”: Mark Hannah. Democrat political consultant, says, “Obama has nothing to hide.” Why then, won’t he release his REAL birth certificate, his school records, and many other papers involving his past? I think he has a LOT to hide. That’s why he keeps them secret.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

"How Did This Happrn?

That’s what a woman asked when she arrived at her destination hundreds of miles away from home to find her cat inside her bag, It’s also what liberals asked when Islamic terrorists burned our embassy and killed four people, including our ambassador. Pur liberal politicians think just because we helped them get rid of Khaddaffi, they should love us. They have no idea how those people think. This attack is just the beginning. Wake UP, Obama! Muslim extremists ARE at war with us!

STRAW MAN: Democrats love to lie about what Republicans want, then criticize them for it. That’s the only way they can find anything TO criticize them for. They certainly can’t tout anything good about themselves.. So all they can do is “knock” Republicans on imaginary issues. Things like a “war on women” that doesn’t exist or all the jobs they CLAIM to have created, but didn’t.

REID CALLS TEA PARTIES “EXTREMISTS” (AGAIN): “We must stop the Tea Party before the United States Senate falls into the hands of extremists and ideologues,” Sen. Reid said. What a FOOL this man is. The Tea Parties want their country back from the extremists and ideologues who are NOW in charge. If that’s extremism, I confess. I’m an extremist.

MICHELLE TELLS TRUTH AT CONVENTION: In her speech at the Democrat Lie-Fest (otherwise known as the Democrat National Convention) she said this: “Being president doesn’t change who you are, it REVEALS who you are.” And it certainly has revealed that Obama is a collectivist (socialist, communist, Fascist, Progressivist) believer who is trying valiantly to impose his beliefs on us. Otherwise, it was a “tissue of lies,” as are (and will be) ALL the speeches at this convention.

PERFECT TIMING: On the second day of the Democrat Lie-Fest, the National Debt officially rose to OVER $16 TRILLION dollars. Nine of it all belongs to Obama. The rest of it belongs to ALL the former presidents. That’s right: Obama has spent MORE than ALL the presidents who preceded him. And he really expects to be re-elected?

COST OF FOOD STAMPS DOUBLED! Yes, DOUBLED: Obama’s forces claim they’re out to “help the poor,” but not it costs the poor TWICE what it used to cost them to get their food stamps. That’s in money now worth HALF what it used to be worth. And THIS is HELPING the poor? I don’t THINK so!

OBAMA: "WE BELONG TO THE GOVERNMENT": What a LOAD of BS! The government belongs to US! Not the other way around. It’s typical of Obama and his crowd to think WE belong to THEM: more evidence that we need to GET RID OF THEM, as soon as we can.

OBAMA IS A COMPLETE PHONY: And so is his wife. Unlike most “first ladies,” she is not merely an “adjunct” to the president. She is an integral part of the scheme to fool us about who he is and WHAT he is. And she’s good at it. In her speech at the convention she was using a teleprompter, but you wouldn’t know it. To those of us who pay attention and can see it, it was obvious she didn’t believe a single word she was saying, but she said it anyway.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Fair Share" Is A Lie!

Every time I hear Obama say “the rich should pay their fair share,” I shudder. The rich ARE paying their “fair share,” and then some! The top 25% of wage earners pay 86% of ALL income taxes paid! Democrats don’t believe that, even though my source is the IRS itself. Like many things they don’t believe, it is true.

OBAMA’S NEVADA TRIP: After our embassies were attacked in several countries, Obama APOLOGIZES for “allowing” a movie that “hurt the religious feelings” of Muslims to be made in America, where you don’t get to “allow” such things. (Americans have the RIGHT to do such things) Then, instead of staying in Washington and making plans to stop such things from happening in the future, he goes off to Las Vegas to raise more money.

WORKING ACROSS THE ISLE: That’s something Obama has NEVER done. In fact, he has “frozen out” the Republicans whenever an important decision was to be made. The whole idea of him “working across the aisle” is a lie, like most of his concepts.

6.000 TEACHERS COULD LOSE THEIR JOBS: That’s the reason the teacher’s union says why they are striking, among others. That’s because real teacher evaluation is part of the school’s wishes. If “evaluating” teachers on their performance will cause 6,000 teachers to lose their jobs, those teachers NEED to lose their jobs if it is realized even now that they are incompetent.

THERE IS NO RADICAL ISLAM: Ignoring reality, professor Bill Warner has made a video claiming there IS no radical Islam. What a FOOL he is!!. He says “talking about radical Islam is like talking about unicorns. Meanwhile radical Islamists are daily murdering people for not believing the same way they do. This guy is an excellent example of why you should never accept what a “professor” says about such things because he knows nothing and thinks he knows everything.

“A GREAT RELIGION”: That’s what Hillary calls the Muslim religion in spite of evidence that it is NOT “a great religion,” but merely a political movement MASQUERADING as a religion. Not only that, the very TENETS of this “religion” show it to be a sham. Like that which lays a DEATH SENTENCE on its believers who move on to a different religion, as well as others. People who accept this “religion” aren’t too smart. Muslim governments make sure of that.

“TWO PARTS PANDERING”: Hillary’s statement about the Muslim extremist attacks on our embassies are “two parts pandering and one part outrage” according to one Fox News commentator. Apparently she somewhat agrees with Obama that Muslim extremists are not at war with us. They are, whether this government believes it or not, and we will not begin to defeat them until our own president admits it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Muslims "Disappointed"

They’re “disappointed” that Americans “go out of their way” to hurt the feelings” of Muslims. That’s what they said after they had a tantrum and destroyed the American embassy in Libya and, getting location directions from the Libyan government, MURDERED our ambassador and “carried him through the streets” half naked while thousands cheered. They wonder WHY we “go out of our way to hurt the feelings of Muslims.” How stupid ARE they?

ROMNEY SHOULD SHUT UP: He's not president yet (if ever) and so should keep his mouth shut about the embassy attack that killed four people, including the American ambassador. Muslim extremists were "in a snit," having a tantrum over "insults" from Americans. What the hell do they EXPECT when they wantonly murder our people every day, then go and hide so we can't punish them? I think Romney is absolutely right to comment. It's Obama who should shut up.

SCHULTZ “IN AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE”: Anderson Cooper (no conservative he) says, “Debbie Wasserman Schultz is living in an alternate universe regarding the Democrat platform change about the very mention of the word, “God” and of “Jerusalem” being the Israeli capital. I think she just “lives in an alternate universe,” period.

OBAMA AND MICHELLE HAVE SAME STUTTER: People think it’s an accident. I think it’s on purpose. I think it’s written into their speeches (by the same person) and practiced for hours. How else do they have the exact SAME stutter in their speeches? This is another example of the phoniness involved with these people.

“EXTRORDINARY PRESIDENT” Nancy Peelosi says, “We are determined to re-elect an extraordinary president.” Actually, Obama is an “extraordinarily stupid” president and should be thrown out with the other garbage. But then we expect such stupidity from Nancy.

IT NEEDED TWO VOTES: When they voted on allowing the word “God” (and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel) into their Democrat platform, the vote so surprised the chairman (twice) he stopped and did it again. It didn’t help. It still got a positive vote and those things were left in.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

They Think They're Winning!

Muslims who murdered 3,000 innocent people at the world Trade Center in 2001 think they’re winning because we haven’t yet been able to stop their constant “picking” at us with their incessant bombings and other atrocities. But they’re wrong. By their actions they have caused the DEATH of their religion as a major world-wide religion because we now know who and what they are. They’re hard to find. They’re good at “hitting and running,” mostly running and hiding. But we’ll eventually find them ALL and kill them, as we did with Osama bin Laden and, over the years, several of his successors. Muslims wanting to go to war with America is like an ANT crawling up an elephant’s leg with rape on its mind. They think the Crusades were bad for them, just wait. We killed another the other day and we’ll kill them as they’re replaced, every time.

OBAMA’S PROMISES KEPT: None. None that I want to see, anyway. The only promises I can see that Obama has kept are the ones that move us closer to collectivism (socialism). This is a negative. The things Obama claims as positives are negatives to anybody with any amount of intelligence. C’mon, folks! We don’t need a Vladmir Lenin!

GETTING TIRED OF FOOLS: I’m getting really tired of hearing those Democrat fools extolling the “virtues” of a man who HAS no virtues, trying to get him re-elected so he can finish the job of screwing the nation. They keep saying he “inherited” a mess from Bush. But that “mess” was caused by a 1976 Democrat-passed law forcing lenders to loan money to people who they KNEW could not repay it. They laugh when you point that out, but they never refute it because they can’t.

MOVING THE GOAL POSTS: Obama said, in 2008, “If I can’t fix this mess in 4 years, it’s going to be a one-term proposition.” Now, 4 years later, having made “this mess” a LOT worse, he says, NOBODY could have fixed it in 4 years. I need another 4 years to do it.” He was right in 2008. HIS people CREATED “this mess” with a 1976 law and it was more than they figured it would be. So get rid of him and the rest of his gang.

“NO DISCORD”: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, in her typical lying fashion, says the “disagreement” on the floor of the convention over the words “God” and “Jerusalem” for the Israeli capital, called it a simple “policy disagreement such as they have every day in the Congress. That woman lies every time she opens her mouth. Of course, the “vote” was fixed.

IT’S GETTING PRETTY BAD OUT THERE: In a news report on “Bare Naked Islam about a Muslim woman’s dead body being covered with bacon in Britain, there were TWO misspellings. One, the word “morge” and the other “liew.” Yes, nobody’s perfect, and I don’t know whether the misspellings came from “Bare Naked Islam” or from the British source, but it seems to me we’ve been suffering from bad spelling a lot more lately due to lack of good schooling, both here and abroad.

“I WOULD LIKE TO KILL HIM”: A DNC delegate said about Mitt Romney, “I would like to kill him.” Why? Because he disagrees with you? That shows the level of intellect and reason that abounds at the Democrat National Convention. For my part, you don’t kill people because you disagree with him. Only liberals do that.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Getting A Perverted View

That’s what Obama is getting when he goes out into the “hinterlands” on a quest for money. The only people who BOTHER to go to his rallies are those who are already DEDICATED liberal Democrats and don’t care WHAT he does; they’re “with him.” He thinks all America is that way. He couldn’t be more wrong, and he’ll find out in November.

DON’T ELECT LENIN: The Russian people freely elected Vladimir Lenin (because they liked his “give-away” message) and that was the last free election they had for 75 years. Lenin brought COMMUNISM to them and he and his cronies RULED them from then on until “other people’s money” ran out, as it always will eventually under any form of collectivism. Don’t re-elect our own Lenin (Obama) in November.

OBAMA’S GOT A PROBLEM: He CONTROLS the polls and can make them say what he wants to, to a point, and he can’t do much better than a 50-50 tie while “sampling” mostly Democrats and ignoring Republicans and anybody he can’t identify as a Democrat supporter.

JOE’S GOT A LOT OF GALL: He says Romney won’t let you see his tax returns and criticizes him for that. But he completely ignores the fact that Obama will not let you see ANYTHING pertaining to his early life; not his birth certificate, his school records, nor anything else.

ARE YOU BETTER OFF NOW? ARE you better off now than you were 4 years ago? Not if you have a grain of intelligence. We’re $16 TRILLION dollars in debt, most of which spent by THIS president. We have been at 9% unemployment for his entire administration (reign) with no sign of it reducing soon. He has “declared war” on private enterprise, trying to “regulate” them out of existence. ARE you better off? I don’t think so!

: Or maybe a whole spoonful of salt. They can be swayed in one direction or another too many ways to take them seriously. They can “oversample” one side or another or ask questions that elicit answers that say what the pollsters wish. The only way I can see for Obama, with his miserable record, to be “even” in the polls is to falsify them.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Nothing to Believe In

Obama says we need to continue to “believe in me!” But there’s nothing to believe in! He has looted this government’s treasury to the tune of TRILLIONS of dollars, which he has funneled, under various disguises (like bailouts and “investments” in “green energy that predictably fail while the principles disappear with the money) to his friends and donors. He has done many other things like that, and we should believe in him?” Not EVEN!

NEED SHORTER “LAME DUCK” SESSION: We need to significantly shorten the “lame-duck session” for a president who has been voted out of office. A “lame-duck” president like Obama is going to be after November should never be given until January 20 to do us as much damage as he can. And Obama could do us a LOT of damage in that amount of time. Knowing how vindictive he is, I’m sure he will. In France, it is ONE WEEK.

END HIS POWER: If Obama gets beaten in November (as I fervently hope he will) his power to sign bills into law and do other things he can still do as a beaten president until January 20, should be stopped so this vindictive man cannot do us a lot more damage.

“TEA PARTY SUBVERSIVE?” What’s “subversive about wanting smaller government and lower taxes? About keeping the freedom we’ve fought wars to keep? About getting rid of a president who wants to move us toward that discredited (Russia, Cuba) system of collectivism? They insult us by calling us “tea-baggers” (referring to the gay practice of one man taking the other’s testicles in his mouth), rather than arguing on the issues, because they know they cannot win in such an argument.

CREATING THE PROBLEM: Democrats themselves cut student interest rates in half many years ago with one specific purpose in mind: causing an argument that would come up in this election year. They’re making a “big thing” about those rates DOUBLING now, as if that would affect CURRENT students, which it will NOT. Only the Democrats can stop it from happening, and that will look good in the election, won’t it? So you can bet they’ll do it while saying the Republicans are against it.

“UP TO” 80%: The government makes a lot of noise about them paying “up to 80% of your medical and hospital costs, but if you look closely, it is NOT TRUE. They’re LYING. I recently looked at one of my hospital bills and saw this: Amount: $1,000.00. Submitted to the government, $800.00. Approved amount, $500.00. Paid by government, $400. that’s NOT 80% of the bill. The “key words here” are “up to.”

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Historic Moment

In 2008 we elected the first black man president (Sorry PC folks; I don’t use your dictated words). We (not me) thought we did good. We didn’t. By electing him, we initiated four years of incredible oppression on Americans. We started four years of increased racism in this country, fomented BY that black man, while he equated ANY opposition to racism. Too bad we chose a real a-hole when we finally broke down that barrier.

WHAT DID OBAMA DO? In his first two years, when he had a clear majority, he didn’t really do anything. The second two years, he spent raising money and playing golf (more than 100 times). He DID con the Congress into passing his health care swindle, which will be THE biggest tax increase and power grab, EVER. And he’s still blaming his failures on Bush.

“IT DEPENDS ON WHAT HE SAYS”: Fox News says whether or not Obama gets re-elected, depends on what he says in his nomination acceptance speech at the Democrat National Convention. WRONG! It depends on whether or not voters BELIEVE the lies he will tell in that speech and elsewhere. They will be lies because there is no truth he can tell about his record, and he LOVES to lie.

"OBAMA KNOWS ABOUT THE MIDDLE CLASS: Because he lived it." That’s a lie. He has always been in “the elite” while he was being “groomed” to be president by the rest of the elite. He has no idea what the middle class is like. He’s trying to convince us he had a “tough job” recovering from what Bush left him. But that was caused by a law passed by Democrats in 1976 forcing lenders to loan money to people who could not repay it.

RICH NEED TO PAY “THEIR FAIR SHARE”: What a load of bullsh-t THAT is. The rich pay MOST of the federal income taxes paid; period. And they have been doing it for a long time. The top 25% earners pay 86% of ALL income taxes, PLUS what they pay on top of that in capital gains taxes. That they don’t is a MYTH created BY the liberal Democrats.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Is Government Smarter Than You Are?

The government will tell you it is, but the truth is, it is NOT. The people in office are just “average joes” and are not any smarter than anybody else. They just want you to THINK they are. Don’t buy that BS about people like Obama being “the smartest man in the country.” He is NOT. His steadfast belief in collectivism illustrates that.

“ROMNEY DUPED ME”: That’s what a woman in an Obama ad says, but she’s wrong. It’s OBAMA that duped her, and the rest of the country, too. I hear people all the time griping about the conditions in this country, but few of them connect that with Obama’s policies. That tells me THEY’RE duped. I hope enough are “waking up” to get rid of this “blight” on the presidency. I’ve seen some bad presidents. But none as bad as this one.

OSAMA CAN VOTE! More dead people have voted for Democrats in this country than anybody else. So I guess Osama bin Laden (or his lookalike) are now qualified. Democrats SAY that there is NOT a “big problem” with fraudulent voting in this country, trying to mask the fact that they have seen to that by making sure nobody can be properly vetted when voting. That’s what the big fight about voter ID is all about. The Democrat’s wish to make it more difficult to keep track of just WHO voted.

DEMOCRATS REQUIRE PHOTO ID 3 TIMES: The Democrats, who hate the very IDEA of a photo ID for voters, are REQUIRING a photo ID to get into the Democrat Convention. They’re even SELLING a “birth certificate coffee cup” and you have to show a photo ID to BUY it. What a bunch of fools! They really think we don’t NOTICE stuff like this.

MUSLIMS SAY THEY DISCOVERED AMERICA: We used to laugh over Russian claims to have “invented” just about everything there is. Now we get to laugh at Muslims trying to change their own ghastly history. They think we’ll believe their BS if they repeat it over and over. Oh, well. I’d rather they claim things like that than try to kill us for not believing exactly the same way they do.

CHRIS MATTHEWS A POLITICAL ADVOCATE: Not a newsman. Newsmen aren’t supposed to be on one side or another, but Matthews has proven he is a liberal activist in every way he can; from that “thrill up my leg when Obama speaks” to his claims that Republicans are racist (when facts prove it is DEMOCRATS who have been the racists down through history). What a FOOL and simpleton, If his bosses were any smarter than he is (which I doubt) they’ll get rid of this embarrassment to journalism.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Calling the Kettle Black

Obama’s fools (Axelrod) giving Romney a hard time because he didn’t go into minute detail about his plans at the Republican Convention when Obama has NEVER gone into detail about his plans. Not even to pass his “Landmark Law,” the health care swindle. Remember Nancy’s silly line, “We have to pass the law to find out what’s in it.”?

“RAISING THE OCEAN LEVELS”: Instead of giving us concrete promises, Obama has always been happy to give us crap like “raising the ocean’s levels;” something he cannot do, and we KNOW her can’t do it. Crap like “hope and change.” What the hell does THAT mean? He never gave us any details, but HIS “hope and change” involves socialism.

“RAMBLING ON”: That’s how they described the speech given by 84-year-old Clint Eastwood (who is STILL a superlative actor) at the Republican Convention. That’s how they deal with intelligent people who really get under their skin. They don’t argue against what is said, they merely pretend the speaker doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I thought Eastwood’s presenting Obama as “an empty chair” was especially good. I think he’s an “empty suit,” as well.

LISTEN TO PEOPLE WHO DID IT:  We hear a lot about the so-called “right way to do it” from professors who have never DONE it, and don’t know how. The old adage about “If you can do it, do it; if you can’t, teach it” is so true in many places. College professors who preach things like Keynesian economics where you’re advised to “spend money to get out of debt” are a good example It doesn’t work, it has NEVER worked, and WILL never work But some professors still teach it to gullible liberals like Obama and they lap it up like a hungry puppy.

FIND SOMETHING AND ASK ME: Many people think I don’t know what I’m talking about, but they can’t, for the life of them, tell me WHERE I’m wrong. Like most liberals, they just ignore what I’m saying and call me names. If I criticize Obama (our worst president EVER) they call me a racist. They can’t prove it, but that has never stopped them yet. Truth doesn’t mean much to a real liberal and their dupes don’t even NOTICE their lies.

ENFORCING OUR LAWS: That’s something Obama is not only not good at, it’s something he doesn’t want anybody else to do, either. In Arizona, he actually SUED the state to keep them from FORCING him to enforce illegal alien laws while illegal aliens overran Arizona. He sued Alabama, and now S. Carolina. And he’s looking into suing several other states for the same thing. What president SUES states to PREVENT them from enforcing the law? This one. But he’s not only ignorant, he’s stupid.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

What's A "Birther?"

It’s a word “made-up” by Obama and his people that he uses to ridicule anybody who so much as HINTS he isn’t an American citizen and is therefore NOT ELIGIBLE to be President of the United States. The lengths to which he has gone to DEFLECT, not disprove that question (including spending millions of our dollars) tells me a lot.

RNC ATTENDEES EJECTED: The story is, they “threw food at a black CNN camerawoman saying, this is how we feed animals.” It’ probably true, and I’ll bet those who did it were not Republicans, but Democrats in disguise. This smacks of a typical Democrat stunt to convince America that Republicans are racists, when events and statistics show the biggest, and best-known racists are, and have been, in the Democrat Party. You should note, those people were instantly thrown out, as they should have been.

ROMNEY/RYAN NOMINATED!: Surprise, surprise! Is there ANYBODY in this country surprised by this “official nomination?” The whole world knew he was the Republican nominee to run for president and have for months. Why was it necessary to spend so much money to make a “circus” of his nomination? Likewise the DNC convention to be held next week. We all know Obama will be their nominee, so why the “dog-and-pony-show?” Politics as usual, don’tcha know? It's all a non-paid commercial for the candidate.

“INFILTRATING” THE GOP: Some liberal (and even some GOP) news outlets are asking “How much have the Tea Parties ‘infiltrated’ the GOP?” The Tea Parties don’t NEED to “infiltrate” the GOP. They ARE the GOP. At least, the REAL GOP. The GOP is SUPPOSED to be the OPPOSITION to the Democrats. Why would they NEED to “infiltrate” the GOP? Unless the GOP is violating their basic principles.

THE POT CALLS THE KETTLE BLACK: Obama is accusing Republicans of “telling lies.” He should recognize a lie, because he is the most skilled and blatant liar out there. He would rather tell a lie than the truth, when the truth would serve better. The press hasn’t yet “marveled” at his abilities as a liar as they did for Clinton, but it’s coming.

THE “BIG LIPSTICK CAPER”: Condoleeza Rice had lipstick on her teeth as she made her stirring speech at the Republican National Convention. Oh, HORRORS! The liberals “went nuts” over that. Which shows me they have NOTHING ELSE to cry about and they just want to divert people’s attention from that without having to answer any uncomfortable questions.