Friday, February 28, 2014

Palestinians "Suffering?"

Obama says, “Nobody is suffering more than the Palestinian people.” Which is a LOAD of putrid brown stuff. How STUPID is this? Nobody speaks up for the Jews who suffer from the rockets the Palestinians send indiscriminately into Israel every day to kill people. Of course they deny it, and put labels on anybody who suggests it. But you only have to look at photos of the damage they cause and see where they come from to realize they’re LYING. If they “suffer,” they’ve brought it on themselves.

POT ADDICTION: The 9 News garden guy has a “pot addiction.” He favors blue pots. He has more than 600 large pots (filled with flowers and greens) in his yard. I’ll bet that really makes his neighbors happy! Recently, he added to that by putting some in his driveway.(“Who needs six cars parked in the driveway? So let’s put some pots there,” he says. I think he has “cornered” he “pot business” in Denver. Not the kind you smoke, the kind you put your garden items in. There are two cars in mine. That’s enough.

TERRORIST AS “FACILITATOR”: Rasmieh Yousef Odeh, a former “neighborhood organizer” in Chicago, working right along with Obama, and is a former terrorist who was CONVICTED in the bombing of several places in Israel, including a crowded food market that killed TWO people. “Officials” who hired her said they were “unaware” of those crimes and convictions. That’s not surprising, because they do not “vet” the people they hire for these positions. I wonder how many other convicted criminals we’d find among Obama’s “facilitators” if we looked? Will we ever look? Not as long as Obama is “in charge.”

“FREEDOM OF RELIGION GOES ONE WAY”: That’s what Rush Limbaugh said the other day. Gays have the “freedom” to FORCE people who don’t believe in their way of life to do business with them, but take AWAY the right of those businesses to REFUSE to do business with them because of THEIR religious beliefs. Further, they stop people from doing ANYTHING that “offends” Muslims, but IGNORE similar slights to Christians and Jews and members of other religions. Somebody’s STUPID here. “Bottom feeders” now “rule.”

The fools in Washington say that Obamacare “liberates you” from taking a job just for health insurance. What a CROCK that is! Health insurance is not, and never HAS been the reason for taking a job. EATING is the basic reason for working, not health insurance. Personally, I have never been able to afford health insurance, and until recently (I'm retired), I have ALWAYS had a job. Health insurance never entered my mind as a reason for taking a job. What a bunch of damned FOOLS they are to think we’ll believe this crap!

DEMOCRAT THREATENS LICENSES: They ran a story about a woman cancer patient whose LIFE is threatened by Obamacare and Democrat Sen. Gary Peters (from Michigan) didn’t like it. So he threatened the licenses of ALL stations that ran the ad. Like he had the power to take their licenses away for running an ad that criticized the president’s health care swindle! Frankly, I’d refuse to run this guy’s ads in future elections—or run them only when nobody is watching. They DO have that power. Maybe Sen. Peters needs to reexamine his threats.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

An "Inconvenient Fool"

AlGore came to Kansas and told them the “dust bowl” was coming back because of “climate change.” Like Obama blaming everything bad on George Bush, he attributes everything bad in weather to “climate change” (his new name for global warming), even though his swindle has been completely discredited. He will NEVER wake up to reality. We KNOW “Climate change” OR global warming” could NOT be a result of anything man could do. It is CYCLICAL. The globe warms and cools in CYCLES, and has been doing that since way before any of us were born. It is only an inflated ego that makes man think he can, in ANY WAY, affect the weather, for good, or bad.

SOME REPUBLICANS ARE STUPID! After New York Governor insulted them and told them they were “no longer welcome” in New York, they’re sponsoring a “Republicans for Cuomo day.” How much scorn and insult must be heaped on them before they realize they’re being insulted and scorned? No damned wonder Democrats are so strong in New York. There’s no opposition. Republicans in New York are ALL RINOS and proud of it. What a bunch of fools they are! The CEO of Home Depot, a Republican, says, “We need to wake up and realize what the Democrats are doing for us.” That’s about as stupid a statement I’ve ever heard coming out of an otherwise intelligent man!

ALEX BALDWIN LEAVING PUBLIC LIFE: Good for him! It’s about time he did something to make us all happy. Everybody says he’s “incredibly talented,” but I disagree.  He’s only an “average” actor and what has made him more famous is his big mouth and the crappy way he treats others, including his own daughter. But I don’t believe for minute he’s going to stay out of public notice for very long. He likes it too much, and he likes the money it brings him. He’s a damned fool who likes himself too much. And that’s ALL he is. A puffed-up damned fool who thinks he’s more important than he is.

UKRAINE PRESIDENT A FUGTIIVE: He still thinks he’s president, even though Parliament fired him. He says that’s illegal, but it IS legal. Te Parliament has that power. Worse, for him, he is now a “fugitive from justice” on a charge of mass murder for ordering his cops o kill demonstrators. Seems to me the individual cops who were willing to carry out such orders should be charged, too. But they probably won’t, since adequate records of their crimes were not kept. Watch out, folks; the same thing could happen here, and I’m sure Obama WILL consider mass murder to be legal if he orders it. His “drones” have killed many people without trial OR conviction.

ANOTHER GOVERNOR IN DENIAL: Gov. Hickenlooper of Colorado thinks his gun control support won’t be an issue in the next election. I think he’s a FOOL if he believes that. The proof is that THREE legislators are “out of a job” because of their support for gun control laws. What makes him think he will escape a similar fate? He says much of his support comes from Republicans who like a businessman in the governor’s chair. That shows me the STUPIDITY of some Republicans, but does NOT guarantee him re-election. Just because there’s an “R” after their names doesn’t make them anti-gun people and a solid vote for him.

WHAT’S WITH THE POST OFFICE? They’re today’s “buggy whip makers” and, like buggy whip makers, they’re now obsolete. Their business is dying and they’re helping by constantly meeting that reduction in business by raising their prices and reducing their service. Soon they’ll be gone and e-mail will be the only mail because people who don’t have computers are all dying of old age.. They don’t see it coming, like that yellow hand in Midas commercials that tells a guy, “high five” and gets hit in the face. They just “didn’t see that coming.”

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kerry: "Faulty Science"

Sec. Of State John Kerry says global warming deniers  “relying on faulty science.” But in reality, it is the global warming BELIEVERS who are “relying on faulty science” and FALSIFIED science. But don’t try and tell them that; they’re STUPID and one symptom of abject stupidity is the INABILITY to know how stupid you ARE. They’ve proven time and time again, that they will believe AlGore’s lies against ALL evidence to the contrary. How do you beat people like that? Especially when the president is one of them?

OBAMA DECIMATES THE MILITARY: He doesn’t admit we are at war with Islamic terrorists. That they are doing all they can to destroy us; that we need our military at full strength. So he is reducing it to post-war levels while reneging on our promises to the men and women who fought and died to keep us free. Soon we will be unable to withstand the advances of Islamic terrorists; and that’s the way he wants it. He wants a socialist country run under Islamic law. And he’s working HARD to accomplish that.

CHANGING THE CONSTITUTION: Former Supreme Court Justice Stevens thinks we should add six words to the First Amendment. Those words are, “when serving in a militia.” To make it more clear that the Founders meant that Americans should only be armed “when in a militia.” This shows his complete IGNORANCE of what they intended. They wanted us to be able to withstand even the advances of our OWN government, if necessary. And an “organized militia” was not even in existence then. So they meant ALL AMERICANS should be armed and able to be “called on” in case they were needed to defend our shores. It’s too bad when a Supreme Court Justice doesn’t understand the meaning of the Constitution.

If the populace in Venezuela (or the Ukraine) had been armed, it would be a different story when the cops opened fire on them. Soon the guns would have come out on the demonstrator’s side, and lots of cops would have been killed, as WELL as some demonstrators. As it was, only demonstrators died, mostly, because they were not armed. Had the demonstrators been armed, maybe the cops would have “thought twice” about shooting at them.

MORE BULLDERM: The New York Times (Obama’s newsletter) ran an article that says, “Obamacare won’t cause job loss; it will stop “job-lock,” which kept people in jobs they hated so they could keep their health insurance. But it HAS caused job loss for MILLIONS of Americans. Liberals (such as Fox’s Alan Colmes) say that’s not the NYT “editorial opinion,” but it IS, or they would not have run it. For liberals who say Fox lies, they’re right; but only when liberals like Colmes speak. How one man could be so stupid is beyond me, except to know he has been thoroughly indoctrinated in the liberal (socialist) way of thinking.

JASON COLLINS: GAY PLAYER: Jason Collins has “come out” and told the world he is gay. Why, I don’t know. Of what importance is it to the NBA or anybody else that he is gay? So he likes men; big deal. What’s important is, “can he play the game?” Will he still be a valuable player on ANY team? Who cares what he likes to do in private? I certainly don’t. I’m an auto-racing fan, but I couldn’t care less if every driver in NASCAR (including Danica) were gay. What’s important to me is, “can they drive a car at 200 MPH?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Worried About Gays

Politicians make a lot of new laws about gay people. Militant gays demonstrate all over the place to be “recognized.” They want the right to be “married” and have all the rights and privileges of “marriage.” I don’t begrudge them those rights and privileges, but I DO deny them the USE of the WORD “marriage.” That being said, I think there are way too many things more important for politicians to be “worried” about, and I wish they’d get to them.

KILLING JOBS: Obama knows raising the  minimum wage kills jobs for people who have no skills to offer so they can no longer get jobs and LEARN skills to increase their WORTH to potential employers later. He KNOWS that people with families typically don’t go after minimum wage jobs. But he’s determined to make the minimum wage $10.10 an hour, pricing these people out of the market. I’ve said before that everything he does is DESIGNED to kill jobs, and he proves it every time he suggests something like this. But don’t try and convince him or his thugs of this. They’re all as incompetent as he is.

FOOLING ALL THE PEOPLE: Lincoln famously said, ”You can fool all the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool ALL the people all the time. Obama fooled ALL the people the first time, and most of the people the second time. Now they’re “wise to him,” and the people he puts forward in the next election will NOT win. If they do, I give up on intelligent voters. The people who just want a “free ride” will be taking over.

REVIVING COMMUNISM IN THE UKRAINE: Putin is trying HARD to revive communism in many places, today most obviously in the Ukraine. But he has lost the people, and they have “overthrown” the “puppet president” who wanted to increase ties with Russia. He will not stop trying, but he has lost, for now. Putin says he is no longer a communist. But he IS a socialist, which is much the same. And he “rules with an iron hand,” which is not much different from when communism “ruled” in Russia and many other countries.

CALIF DROUGHT SELF-CREATED: And they still haven’t figured it out. The drought was CREATED by their water policies that allowed their water to be sent elsewhere. They’re predictably blaming everyone else but their own politicians and the drought continues—and WILL continue until California politicians “get wise” and retain their water. But it won’t happen as long as “Governor Moonbeam” is still in power. Californians were stupid enough to elect him again and I hope they find someone competent (not an actor) to replace him. Although they DID get a “gem” when they elected Ronald Reagan. I sincerely wish he was still alive, or that there was SOMEBODY like him willing to take on the presidency.

HURTING BUSINESS: I’ve said many times that everything Obama does hurts business, and that’s according to plan. They always call it something THEY think is good, like “reducing emissions,” but mainly it hurts some private business. Recently, he signed an executive order telling his thugs to raise the requirements concerning emissions in trucks. Which will cost trucking companies BILLIONS to conform. Larger customers will just pass the cost along to us, but many smaller ones will go under. Like his pledge to “bankrupt the coal industry,” he is “marching forward quickly” to destroy private enterprise.

Monday, February 24, 2014

"Unaffordable Care"

The government likes to give their unpopular laws good-sounding names to fool the voters. They did it with the “Affordable Care Act.” This law is eminently UNAFFORDABLE and should be called the “Unaffordable Care Act.” But they’ll never do that, and you can expect the next fool law they pass to have a similarly appealing name that is usually just the opposite of what it is.

CHINA GIVING US ORDERS? I knew this was coming, even if Obama is too incompetent not to know it. Communist China has given him his orders: he is NOT to meet with the Dalai Lama, as that meeting would “seriously damage American-Chinese relations.” But he’s going to, anyway, like some rebellious kid defying his parents. Only somebody to whom we owed a LOT of money would DARE attempt to give the president of the United States “orders” like that. The GOOD THING about this is that maybe Obama will lose his easiest source of money to use in pretending we aren’t broke. That’s the problem when you get in debt: you give people a “handle” on you. Doing so with communist China can be deadly.

“CAPTIVE MEDIA” REBELS (?): Obama’s “captive media may be rebelling. They are criticizing his handling of the Syrian situation and all the others, plus his complete ignoring of what’s happening in Venezuela. They’re calling it naive. Maybe that’s why Obama is now proposing putting a “monitor” into their newsrooms to “control” what they decide to cover and what not. This is so transparent, even an “old fud” like me can see it, even though politicians and Obama’s media can’t. They’ll holler like “Stuck pigs” about his “monitors,” but I suspect they won’t holler for long. They’ll “knuckle right under.”

WELFARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL: James Madison, one of our “Founding Fathers, said it. “In 1794, when Congress appropriated $15,000 for relief of French refugees who had fled from insurrection in San Domingo to Baltimore and Philadelphia, James Madison rose on the floor of the House of Representatives to object, saying, ‘I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents’.” He was right, but such a sentiment today would have gotten him “run out of town on a rail” after being “tarred and feathered.” This is how much liberals have successfully changed our thinking.

CRITICIZE OBAMA—GET INDICTED: The connection is inescapable. Dinesh D’Sousa was involved in the production of a documentary damaging to Obama and a “routine examination of campaign finance” caused him to be indicted on SEVERAL charges right after it came out. His documentary must have really hurt Obama for him to be so swiftly indicted on spurious “charges.”. Does anybody really believe this documentary had nothing to do with it? If so, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you. D’Sousa, out on half a million dollars’ bail, says, “The indictment will not intimidate me.”

DEMONSTRATIONS USUALLY DON’T WORK: One of the reasons I stay away from demonstrations is that they usually don’t work; they sometimes get people hurt, even killed, depending on who is in power. And nothing changes except individuals get huge fines (which they personally have to pay) or get hurt or killed. But in the Ukraine, it DID accomplish something. The president has been defeated in an election to which he agreed after massive demonstrations which resulted in hundreds of demonstrators being killed, and the release from prison of a pretty female former prime minister who has been in prison being abused since 2011. He is now a fugitive from mass murder charges.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Blame It On Global Warming

Obama is “reviving” global warming. There’s a lot of money for a president to “pass around” and get favors in it. Some people think man-made global warming is undeniable, although it isn’t. the globe has NOT been “warming” for more than 15 years, But they don’t know that. Or they don’t WANT to know that. They blame the drought in California on it, though the real cause is diverting water to “save the snow darters” or some such. This is how they con us out of a LOT of money and allow themselves to make many more regulations to further limit our freedom.

GLOBAL WARMING CYCLICAL: I hate to keep repeating this, but it has become necessary. Way too many people have “bought” the FICTION that global warming (or “climate change,” as they now call the swindle) IS ”man-made. They refuse to know that global warming OR climate change IS cyclical. The globe warms and cools in CYCLES, unaffected by ANYTHING man could do. They DENY it. To know it would ruin their fantasy. To think man can change climate cycles is simple vanity. Obama has diverted a billion dollars to “fight global warming.” That’s a lot of money to con us out of and "spread around" to his friends.

REGRET VOTING FOR OBAMA: So far, 76% of DEMOCRATS polled say they REGRET voting for Barack Obama and would not vote for him, again. DEMOCRATS! In some Democrat voting groups it’s as high as 80%! And he actually thinks he can keep a disaster from happening to Democrats in the next few elections. It’s like those who believe in global warming. They don’t WANT to KNOW they have LOST their voting base. They think they can convince enough people who “pay no attention to politics” that Obama did a good job to skate by. They’re in for a BIG surprise.

OBAMA “SPREADS IT AROUND”: Is there any better proof that Obama is Muslim-friendly than when he gives $1.5 BILLION to the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that has been designated a “terrorist organization” by his own government. That would buy a LOT of guns to use in killing Americans, Iraqis, Afghans, and Syrians. But then, Obama is already “running guns” to Syrian rebels (a/k/a Islamic terrorists). Obama is a Muslim terrorist SYMPATHIZER at the very LEAST. He has proven it, time and time again. Obama sure likes to “spread our money around.” (Examiner)

WHY DOES OBAMA HATE THE TEA PARTY? Because they are a DANGER to his “rule.” He wants to be unopposed, and they came into being JUST to oppose HIM. And they’re doing a good job of it. They cost Democrats hundreds of seats in Congress in the last election and are poised to cost him many more in the next. Maybe the presidency AND the Senate, tipping the “balance of power” to the Republicans, for all the good that will do. They will always tell us who they FEAR. They did so with Sarah Palin and a number of other Republicans, and they are doing so by trying to destroy the Tea Party. I think it’s TIME for another “Tea Party.”

A guy on a stolen motorcycle posted a video taken while he rode through rush hour traffic at more than 100 miles an hour. It was called, “catch me if you can.” Well, they did. For my part, I think somebody should have opened a door in front of him or just changed lanes in front of him. Apart from the damage to their own cars, it might have been a good thing to let him know how unsafe what he was doing was. Of course, it would only be known by him for a second or two before he ended up with his head about waist-level with his innards wrapped around his neck.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

"Stimulus" A Myth

There’s only one way Obama’s “stimulus” would have worked. That’s if he had a billion dollars or so just “sitting around” (that didn’t come from taxpayers) doing nothing. As long as the money he “injects” into the economy comes from taxpayers, he’s just “trading money.” He’s not creating ANY “new wealth. But we HAVE no such “stash” of money “lying around.” We’re completely BROKE (he spent it all, and more). Every dollar we spend we must BORROW or TAKE from taxpayers. Just “transferring dollars” does NOT “stimulate” the economy. But Obama is too incompetent to know that.

REAL “STIMULUS”: The only REAL “stimulus” is lowering the tax base. Kennedy did it, and increased the “tax take.” Reagan did it, and almost DOUBLED the tax take. Bush (the younger) did it and continued the longest-lasting boom in the history of the United States that was CREATED by Reagan’s actions. Then the Democrats gained power by FORCING lenders to loan money to “dead-beats,” a “recipe for bankruptcy” and blaming it on Republicans and cancelled all his good work, creating a huge recession they blamed on Republicans.

OBAMA MUST BE A HOMOSEXUAL: I can’t think of any other reason why Obama would say, “Homosexuality is one of our basic freedoms.” NO, it’s not. Yes, I have no problem with what homosexuals DO as long as they don’t “force it on” anybody else; which it seems like they’re determined to do, today. But to proclaim is “one of our basic freedoms?” And by the PRESIDENT? Damn, Obama is stupid, I know. But THIS stupid? Why would he even insert himself into the “gay situation” unless he had a personal interest? This will probably get me in trouble with militant gays, who think ANYTHING like this is “anti-gay.” But this is not. It is anti FORCED gayness!

HURTING THE TRUCKERS: Everything Obama does hurts some part of private business. Now he’s sponsoring some tough “regulations” for truckers in California. That will put a lot of smaller trucking companies out of business and make it harder, and more expensive to operate for the bigger ones. But the upshot of it is, it’s making it harder for more private businesses, and that’s what he’s after. The more trouble private business has operating, the closer we come to allowing him to BLAME them for all the problems HE created. Soon he will be able to convince gullible people who don’t pay attention to politics that socialism is necessary.

OBAMA’S PIPE DREAMS: He says he’s going to institute regulations that will DOUBLE the gas mileage in all vehicles. DOUBLE it. Scientists have been trying to make inroads on gas mileage for many years, and have failed. What makes him think he can succeed in a couple of years where the best minds have failed? Only his massive ego can make him think that. Like his other “pipe dreams’ that fueled many of his “promises” in the past, it sounds good, but is unobtainable. But he doesn’t care. He plans to be gone before we find out.

OBAMACARE RESULTS: He promised to REDUCE the cost of health care while giving you better coverage. But what he accomplished was a DOUBLING of the cost, while REDUCING the coverage (by increasing the deductions) for things you NEED while forcing you to have things you don’t need, such as pregnancy coverage for an 80-year-old MAN. Yet there are STILL politicians, who should know better, saying Obamacare is a GOOD THING when it isn’t. It is one of the most expensive SWINDLES ever, topping AlGore’s Global Warming swindle by billions of dollars.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Octogenarian Nun To Prison

They gave an 84-year-old nun what amounts to a LIFE SENTENCE in prison for trying to sabotage a nuclear site. Talk about creating a martyr! The very fact that she and two others were able to enter the facility and stay there for TWO HOURS before they were detected tells me a lot about the security in our nuclear sites. They should be CELEBRATED for showing that, not imprisoned! The “authorities” SAY they never got near any REAL fissionable material, but I don’t believe them. I think they’re just “covering their asses.” As the feds do so well when they’re “caught with their pants down.”

ALL CLUES LEAD TO SOROS: Every time we research something that aims to destroy our economy and lead us to socialism, we follow the money and it always leads back to financier George Soros. Either directly, or through organizations financed with his money. This is a man who was instrumental in destroying the economies of FIVE countries in the past, but gullible liberals in our government deny that, even while dealing with him. He has made billions from that while demeaning all the other “rich people.” But few people are even aware of his existence, and will predictably call me a “conspiracy theorist” for this item. What they don’t say is there are MANY conspiracies, some of which began before the ink was dried on the Constitution. His is but one of them.

“PUSSY POSSE” PISSES PUTIN: So they reacted in the usual Russian way; they sent a Cossak to horse-whip them on stage.” That’s how Russia treats anybody they don’t like. They don’t arrest them and imprison them (although they did that before to this group), they just horse-whip them in public. This is how they operate, even AFTER Russian communism “collapsed. (?)” Of course, if you’re paying attention, you know the SAME PEOPLE are STILL “in charge” there. They SAY they just aren’t “communist” any more (but not any LESS).

“HATEFUL MESSAGES”: Somebody has been painting pictures of Obama with a Nazi symbol in the middle of the picture. “Authorities” call these “hateful pictures.” They’re WRONG. Those pictures simply describe Obama as he IS. It’s nice to be able to just DECLARE something “hateful” if you don’t like it. Actually, this guy needs to paint more pictures and put the Swastika closer to Obama’s face where it belongs. 

“HIDDEN ISLAM”: Liberals are criticizing people who think Islamic terrorists have placed secret cells within America, hiding away, just waiting for orders to attack “soft targets” and spread fear everywhere. They think people who think this “wear tinfoil hats” and belong to the “Flat Earth Society.” But if you don’t think there ARE such cells waiting to attack, considering the incompetent managing of our borders since Obama took over, you’re lost, and probably should be their first victims.

NEXT THEY’LL MONITOR BLOGGERS: An FCC board member wrote an op-ed warning us of the government’s intent to put “monitors in all newsrooms to “monitor” what they cover, and how they cover it, with a view toward “advising” (ordering) them as to what to report, and not to report. If they get away with that, they’ll try to do it with bloggers next. And I say, “bring it on!” Just TRY to tell ME what to write about, and what to ignore. Only ONE man tells me that, and he answers to my name.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Failing Swindle

We’re witnessing a failing swindle. Obamacare DEPENDS on young, healthy people “signing up” for their con and using THEIR money to finance all the promises they made to older people who DO need health care. Where they made their mistake was in thinking those young, healthy people would sign up if they made it “mandatory.” Then they allowed those young, healthy people to stay on their parent’s plan until age 26. BIG loophole. So the whole thing is collapsing because of the lack of their participation.

“SNAKE CHARMER” PASTOR DIES: A pastor of a church that handles snakes died in his church after being bitten by a snake he was handling. One of his parishioners said “he was willing to die for his beliefs.” The pastor has said NOBODY who was “touched by God” can be killed by a snake.” I guess he was wrong. But that seems to make no difference to some of his parishioners, who say they will continue in their religion that heir pastor “gave his life for.” How stupid ARE they? He DIED of a snake bite, which he said would NEVER happen! Can’t they tell when the very BASIS of their beliefs is wrong? Or maybe he wasn’t “touched by God.”

RAY NAGIN TO PRISON: Ray (School Bus) Nagin, the New Orleans mayor who was made famous for his incompetence by the loss of many school buses that could have been used to evacuate people if he has just thought of it and used them has been sent to prison for corruption. But does New Orleans care? Not a whit. Tomorrow “Mardi Gras” begins with all the weirdos out, as if nothing happened. Maybe corrupt politicians is routine in N’walins. Remember toe congressman who had $100,000.00 in his refrigerator during the hurricane and “commandeered” some soldiers, taking them away from rescue duty to retrieve his money?

“GOOD THINGS IN IT”: Even Republicans say there “are some good things in Obamacare,” and then they go on to cite things like kids staying on their parents’ plan until 26 and not excluding people with pre-existing conditions. How STUPID IS that? They NEED those “kids” under 26 to get the money to pay for the whole thing! So they make the law to exclude them. And NOT excluding pre-existing conditions allows somebody to get cancer (or something just as expensive to treat), THEN buy insurance so they won’t have to pay for all that expensive treatment themselves, and we WILL. This is NOT “insurance,” it’s WELFARE. This kind of thing can BANKRUPT an insurance company, and is NOT a “good thing.”

“THEY’RE WORSE THAN US!” That’s going to be the theme for Democrats in the next elections. They’re going to say, The Republicans are going to make it worse! But truly, I don’t know HOW the Republicans CAN make it worse than Obama and his crowd have done. Notice their strategy IGNORES the fact that THEY made it so bad in the first place. They hope we forget that and believe the Republicans WILL “make it worse than THEY have.” And unfortunately, there are millions of ignorant people out there who PROUDLY“ pay no attention to politics” and thus are ignorant of what Obama and his crowd are doing to them until it is DONE. And they VOTE!

WHY DOES GOP HATE TED CRUZ? Because he’s “calling out” the RINOS. He isn’t “falling in line” and not ignoring the callous disregard for the Constitution in everything Obama does, He’s doing what the rest of the republicans SHOULD be doing, and they don’t like that. Not one little bit. So they’re trying to “take him down” as only they can. But they’ve “bitten off more than they can chew” with Cruz. He’s got the evidence and he isn’t afraid to use it, as they are. Democrats like to say Cruz is “hated by his own party” without saying why, that he is exposing their own shortcomings.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"I've Got A Pen and A Phone"

That’s what Obama (Odumb-o) says. But he could be saying, “I can use my pen to write funny jokes called executive orders.” Which most of them are. But he wouldn’t say that. To him, each one is like one of his kids—to be protected to the death. To him, executive orders are more important than laws because only HE is responsible for them. He CONTROLS them, and their results. Not so with laws. Those are the responsibility of the Congress, even though he must “sign them into law” after Congress votes on them. So he only enforces those parts of laws he agrees with, Even though NOT to enforce laws is ILLEGAL. But he doesn’t care about that. He controls the law so it can't seem to touch him.

FOUR O’CLOCK LAW FAILS: In Colorado, they tried to make a law giving drinkers two hours longer to get drunker before a mandatory closing hour by moving that hour to four o’clock. They SAY it’s to get rid of the problems cops faced at 2AM, which is the mandatory closing time for bars. What I want to know is what makes them think the same things won’t happen two hours later, especially after drinkers have had two more hours to get even drunker? What FOOLS we have for lawmakers!

HIT AND RUN EPIDEMIC: That’s what’s going on in Denver. Since 2010, 1300 people have been involved in hit and run accidents in the Denver area. They’re going out of their way to prevent them, but will their efforts “bear fruit?” Doubtful. These are the same politicians who think disarming innocent people will keep guns out of the hands of CRIMINALS, who don’t obey ANY laws. But, like with anti-gun fools, they will be able to say, “We DID something about it,” even though what they did had no effect.

CHILD PROTECTION LAWS: Several years back, there was a particularly distressing child death. The Lt. Governor assembled a committee to find ways to stop such things from happening, and improve the operations of the “child protectors.” I was on that committee. I came up with 40 points to make things better in child protection. I presented it and was “frozen out” of any further meetings of that committee. A year later, the committee gave its report, a few low-level people were fired, and it has been “business as usual” ever since. And several children have died, some “in the custody of the child protectors.” Nothing has changed,

At a concert, she had a character wearing a Bill Clinton mask on stage and she mimicked giving him a “Lewinsky (for those too young to know what that is, it’s oral sex).” The big problem is, they might think it’s “cool.” The reason for Clinton’s popularity is that many of the people who know about him getting a BJ in the Oval Office while a terrorist waited in the outer office to see him are too young to know about it. And the Democrats play on that, promoting him as a “great ex-president and statesman,” not mentioning he was impeached and paid a big fine (with our money) for lying to Congress about it).

“GAME OF THRONES”: I don’t know what that entails. I don’t CARE what that entails. I’m just not interested. And that got me in trouble with one guy on Facebook (Yes, I occasionally go on Facebook. I don't know how I got a Facebook page, but I sometimes find it useful.). He was disgusted with the fact I didn’t like something HE liked a lot. Like I was supposed to like it, because HE liked it. This is the problem today. Too many people getting mad at too many other people because they don’t “conform” to what everyone else likes. What a FOOL he is!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Killing Demonstrators

That’s what they’re doing in Venezuela, even though the law doesn’t allow cops to use “lethal force” on unarmed demonstrators But “non-lethal” bullets can kill, if they’re aimed at sensitive places. Like the head. They voted this communist government in, so I guess they deserve what they get. So do we, after voting our own communist government in office. Twice. You think Obama is not communist? At least in his thinking? He was born to communists, raised by communists, mentored by a communist. How could he NOT be communist in his thinking?

“VOTER FRAUD DOESN’T EXIST”: So sayeth the biggest practitioners of voter fraud, the Democrats. They rely on figures produced by themselves that SHOW no appreciable voter fraud. Of course, you aren’t going to find something when you’re not really looking—or if YOU are the ones doing it. You cover it up. Check it out for yourself. What political party is represented the MOST in election workers? Democrats. And as such they have the best opportunity to manipulate the figures, and who’s watching? Democrats, of course. I remember a situation last year where one Democrat election worker voted FIVE TIMES (for Obama, of course) using the registrations of dead people. That’s only ONE case, right? But how many did the same thing that we DIDN’T catch because they were running things? And how many other schemes were being worked?

OBAMA “BOUGHT THE BS”: He has dedicated ONE BILLION DOLLARS to “fighting global warming,” even though global warming ENDED more than 15 years ago and is a swindle from beginning to end. But NO! He’s still going to give a lot of people a lot of money to “fight it,” even if it does not exist and hasn’t for a long time. A BILLION DOLLARS to “fight” an imaginary “enemy” and have an excuse to make thousands more “regulations” in the bargain while having “plausible deniability.”  And Obama intends to milk every dollar and every regulation he can out of it.

ADD INSULT TO INJURY: Recently, Hamid Karzai released 62 bloody murderers from one of his prisons, in SPITE of an agreement with the U. S. that he wouldn’t. He says, “It’s none of America’s business.” But it is, because many of those prisoners killed Americans and cost American lives to capture. Now, 92 prisoners (also mostly Islamic terrorists) have escaped from a prison in Libya. I wonder what incompetence (or cooperation) on the part of Libyan prison employees allowed THAT to happen? Strange happenings.

BIDEN; “AMERICANS WITH US”: According to Joe, “Americans are “with us” on every issue. What part of “lowest approval rating in history for Obama” does he not understand? What part of 86% of Americans hate Obamacare does he not understand? Where has he been for the last five years? In a cave? Or does he just not remember that Obama is the LEAST popular president in history? Is he too deluded to know what’s going on? Yes, the Republicans are not doing their job of OPPOSING what Obama proposes and the media covers up his outrages. But that doesn’t mean we’re “with them.” To think we are is idiocy.

CALIFORNIA LAW SCOTCHED BY COURT: They made a law that in effect, BANNED guns outside of your house and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals said it was unconstitutional. Whodathunkit? The “Ninth Circus” actually finding an unconstitutional law unconstitutional? But don’t look for anything to change right away. Nobody expects this “most often reversed court” decision to stay. And California politicians are very HARD against citizens owning guns. Remember, Obama’s an “anti-gun fool,” too.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Obama's False Social Security Number

Now that a judge has ruled Obama’s use of a phony Social Security card from some dead guy in Connecticut, maybe somebody will actually CALL him on it. But do you believe anybody has the gonads? I don’t, I think it will just be ignored until it is forgotten about. That’s what usually happens with Obama’s crimes. Especially since he controls the means of prosecution. It will be “filed away” somewhere and nothing will ever be done about it.

“IT’S OLD NEWS”: They’re still trying to deflect any inquiry into the Monica Lewinski BJ. Hillary said Bill “tried to break it off,” but “she was adamant, and it was not a ‘power thing,’ It was consensual.” But what they never say is that the questions about it have never been answered. And her reaction is amazingly docile for a “powerful woman.” It’ll never be “old news” until the questions are answered, just like with all the other liberal scandals they try to ignore. Liberals say the Clintons can’t FART without it making big news, and they’re right. Mostly because they never answer the questions, They just deflect them. No self-respecting woman would have such an opinion.

1 IN 4 DON’T UNDERSTAND: 25% of Americans, with all their superior education, don’t understand that the sun does NOT revolve around the Earth. Which explains why so many people who should know better are taken in by AlGore’s “global warming,” now “climate change” swindle. They also don’t understand, and thus DENY that “climate change” is CYCLICAL, and not able to be changed by ANY ACTION of man. I guess they’re “educated beyond their intelligence.”

NEVER THOUGHT HE WAS A FOOL: I’ve never thought racing legend Richard Petty was a fool, but his recent comment about female driver Danica Patrick illustrates his ignorance. He may have been a good race driver, but he doesn’t know anything about female drivers. He said, “The only way Danica could win a race is if everybody else stayed home.” What he doesn’t remember is that Danica has ALREADY won one race, against some top competitors, and everybody else did NOT “stay home.” She has come close on many other occasions, just like most other drivers. The important thing is, it doesn’t matter what’s between her legs, it’s talent and determination that wins races and she has both, in large quantities. Richard, take your antiquated thinking and go home.

“SHUT DOWN BLAMED ON GOP BY PUBLIC”: That’s what liberal Fox News contributor Alan Colmes says. He’s a fool. They weren’t blamed by THE PUBLIC. They were blamed by the DEMOCRATS, and the public “bought it.” How much of a damned fool IS this guy? The very title of his book, “Thank Liberals for Saving America,” illustrates it. If you look up “ignorant liberal” in the dictionary, you’d find his picture there.

WHY SO HARD ON CHRISTIE? Democrats know Christie is a strong possible Republican candidate for president in he next election. Part of their standard operating procedure is to destroy any strong possibility, as they did with Sarah Palin. With her first speech at the GOP Convention she showed she was going to be a strong contender and they couldn’t have that. she scarfed both Democrats AND Republicans. So Republicans helped Democrats discredit her.They lied her into obscurity ad they have done with many strong possibilities so they won’t have to face her in the next election.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Killing Demonstrators

That’s what they’re doing in Venezuela, even though the law doesn’t allow cops to use “lethal force” on unarmed demonstrators But “non-lethal” bullets can kill, if they’re aimed at sensitive places. Like the head. They voted this communist government in, so I guess they deserve what they get. So do we, after voting our own communist government in office. Twice. You think Obama is not communist? At least in his thinking? He was born to communists, raised by communists, mentored by a communist. How could he NOT be communist in his thinking?

“VOTER FRAUD DOESN’T EXIST”: So sayeth the biggest practitioners of voter fraud, the Democrats. They rely on figures produced by themselves that SHOW no appreciable voter fraud. Of course, you aren’t going to find something when you’re not really looking—or if YOU are the ones doing it. You cover it up. Check it out for yourself. What political party is represented the MOST in election workers? Democrats. And as such they have the best opportunity to manipulate the figures, and who’s watching? Democrats, of course. I remember a situation last year where one Democrat election worker voted FIVE TIMES (for Obama, of course) using the registrations of dead people. That’s only ONCE, right? But how many did it that we DIDN’T catch because they were running things? And how many other schemes were being worked?

OBAMA “BOUGHT THE BS”: He has dedicated ONE BILLION DOLLARS to “fighting global warming,” even though he knows global warming ENDED more than 15 years ago and is a con from beginning to end. But NO! He’s still going to give a lot of people a lot of money to “fight it,” even if it does not exist and hasn’t for a long time. A BILLION DOLLARS to “fight” an imaginary “enemy” and have an excuse to make thousands more “regulations” in the bargain while having “plausible deniability.”  And Obama intends to milk every dollar and every regulation he can out of it.

ADD INSULT TO INJURY: Recently, Hamid Karzai released 62 bloody murderers (Islamic terrorists) from one of his prisons, in SPITE of an agreement with the U. S. that he wouldn’t. He says, “It’s none of America’s business.” But it is, because many of those prisoners killed Americans and cost American lives to capture. Now, 92 prisoners (also mostly Islamic terrorists) have escaped from a prison in Libya. I wonder what incompetence on the part of Libyan prisons allowed THAT to happen? Strange happenings.

BIDEN; “AMERICANS WITH US”: According to Joe, “Americans are “with us” on every issue. What part of “lowest approval rating in history for Obama” does he not understand? What part of 86% of Americans hate Obamacare does he not understand? Where has he been for the last five years? In a cave? Or does he (in his senility) just not remember that Obama is the LEAST appreciated president in history? Is he too deluded to know what’s going on? Yes, the Republicans are not doing their job of OPPOSING what Obama proposes and the media covers up his outrages. But that doesn’t mean we’re “with them.” To think we are is idiocy.

CALIFORNIA LAW SCOTCHED BY COURT: They made a law that in effect, BANNED guns outside of your house and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals said it was unconstitutional. Whodathunkit? The “Ninth Circus” actually finding an unconstitutional law unconstitutional? But don’t look for anything to change right away. Nobody expects this “most often reversed court” decision to stay. And California politicians are very HARD against citizens owning guns.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Sarah Palin Was Right!

They made fun of Sarah when she insisted that there would be “death panels” to decide who lived, and who died as a result of Obama’s health care swindle law. But she was right. They lied, as they did when they insisted that you could keep your doctor or hospital if you liked them. They lied through their teeth on every aspect of Obamacare, and they’re STILL lying. The key phrase is “unproductive member of society,” and “Advanced Care Planning Consultation,” which is authorized under Section 1233. What else IS that but a “death panel?”

IS THIS RACIST? Liberals attacked people for manufactured “phantom racism” THEY created by calling certain words “code words” to MEAN racism. Then racist politicians say things in REAL LANGUAGE that reveals their own racism, such as Alvin Holmes, Democrat from Montgomery AL, said in public, that he didn’t like Supreme Court Justice Thomas because he “married a white woman.” Then he defended that statement when criticized by saying Thomas “was a real Uncle Tom.” Honest, you can’t make this stuff up, folks!

THE “WAR ON CHRISTIANITY”: This war has been going on for hundreds of years. It has been “muted” in recent years in the United States but has raged on unabated in many other countries, notably those countries run by Islam. Muslims are the first to complain about the violations of “religious tolerance” committed against THEM, which are merely RETALIATION for the violations THEY commit. Their very BIBLE (The Koran) preaches this violence against ALL other religions and even against other Muslims whose beliefs are not exactly the same as are theirs. So never take them seriously when they whine about “religious intolerance.”

“EXECUTIVE ORDERS”: In 2008, then SENATOR Obama criticized then President Bush for using so many executive orders and PROMISED to put a stop to that when he became president. But he hasn’t. In fact, he has threatened to “go around Congress” on many occasions, and HAS. He says rightly that Bush did it more than he has in his eight years. But Obama has some time left, and Bush didn’t PROMISE to put an end to the use of executive orders. As Indians would say, “This man speaks with forked tongue.” Actually, his tongue is shredded.

SNOW IN 49 STATES: Of course, that’s because of “global warming,” right? WRONG! It’s not even because of “climate change,” which is what AlGore now calls his swindle, since the world has not been “warming” for more than 15 years. Of course, he will try and blame ANY excessive weather anomaly on “climate change,” and he may be right. But climate change is NOT “man-caused.” It is CYCLICAL. The world warms and cools in CYCLES, which cannot be affected by ANYTHING man can do. But try and convince him of that. He's conning us out of too much money.

NORTH POLE “TOO WARM”: Thus spake a “scientist.” He isn’t a weather scientist in any way, but CBS accepted his premise that the reason weather seems to be “going crazy” is because “the North Pole is melting. What a bunch of HOGWASH! Professor Michio Kaku, a professor of PHYSICS, not climatology, had spoken. So it must be true, according to CBS. He’s a SCIENTIST, fergawdsake! Even though his “science” has NOTHING to do with the weather.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Murderers Turned Loose

Hamid Karzai is a damned fool. Only damned fools turn murderers loose on their populace so they can kill some more. That’s what Karzai has done: turned 65 Islamic terrorists—some of their top people—loose. I don’t know what’s in his mind—there’s no fathoming the thoughts of the insane. And turning these people loose IS insane. He says, "it's none of our business." But it is, because these people killed Americans and some Americans gave up their lives to capture them. These people will go back to their “old haunts” and begin right away to plan how many more people they can kill, and every death will be OWNED by Karzai. If this doesn’t kill HIM at the polls, Afghanis are more stupid than many American voters, who elected a Muslim sympathizing Kenyan, Barack Obama—TWICE.

HOW HEARTLESS CAN YOU BE? This is a video of a man abandoning a lovable dog in freezing weather and walking away. While walking away from his dog, who no doubt loves him a lot, he “crosses” himself. I don’t know what for, because what he is doing defies every precept of Christianity. The dog doesn’t understand what’s happening, though I'm sure he knows (or will know) he has been abandoned by a man he loves more than life itself. A pox on that man’s house!

CAUSED BY GLOBAL WARMING? Sen.Mark Begich (D-Alaska) says that parts of his state are in danger of “falling into the sea” and it’s all because of “global warming.” Okay, I’ll buy that, but I don’t buy his contention that global warming (or its new name, “climate change”) are MAN-CAUSED. It’s the heights of cockiness to think that man could have ANY major effect on the climate. Climate is CYCLICAL. The globe cools, and then warms—IN CYCLES--in spite of ANYTHING man can do. And that cycle has not caused it to cool in more than 15 YEARS. That’s why AlGore had to change the name of his con. Notice, he’s a DEMOCRAT. There must be something in the WATER that causes Democrats to be so ignorant.

I don’t think he is. I think he has expended ALL his “electability” with his unconstitutional actions and his acting like a dictator and getting away with it. We don’t need another Hugo Chavez here. I think he only got re-elected by stealing the election, as Democrats often do. Mostly, an election can only be stolen if it is close, and I don’t think the next presidential election will be anywhere NEAR close enough to be stolen.

Ready for what, you puffed-up FOOL? He must have a death wish, because that’s what he’ll get if he attacks ANYTHING that belongs to, or is being protected by the United States, especially Israel. Hitler thought he was “ready.” Tojo too; and Saddam, whom we “took down” in a week, later pulled out of a hole in the ground and hanged.

In Colorado they want to move the bar closing time to 4 PM. They say the reason is to keep from having traffic jams when drinkers leave the bars. They also want to stop bar fights and such that goes along with bar closings. What makes them think the same things won’t happen 2 hours later? Further, they’ll have 2 more hours to get drunker. What’s to be gained?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Some Cops Shoot Too Quick

I watched as a cop kicked, then shot a dog within seconds of getting out of his car. He thinks the dog was threatening him, even though he was not. The dog was really trying to be friendly and the cop panicked. He could have handled the situation a lot easier if he hadn’t been so frightened of the dog, which was probably also frightened of HIM. The dog was a “service dog” and a family pet. It was shot during this man’s son’s birthday party. What a birthday gift THAT was! I think some cops are way too quick to haul out their guns and kill dogs at the slightest provocation.

TSA DISARMS “WOODY”: You’d think TSA officers would have more sense than to be worried about a toy miniature gun that could never be a danger to anybody, wouldn’t you? But NO! In just the most recent act of stupidity committed by this bunch of FOOLS, they “disarmed” a TOY cowboy from an animated movie called, “Toy Story.” What’s WRONG with these FOOLS? Maybe going to work for the government promotes insanity.

They say the GOP wants to impeach Obama because he’s black. How STUPID is THAT? Never mind he’s spent more of our money than there IS; that his NSA is spying on ALL of us; or that he refused help to our people in Benghazi and got them KILLED. Or that he violates the Constitution in a DAILY BASIS. No, there’s no other GOOD reason to impeach him other than he’s black, right? What a bunch of FOOLS in the Democrat Party! Maybe they could only HALF kill him because he’s only HALF BLACK. Dumb, DUMB!

IRAQI TERRORIST BLOWS HIMSELF UP: He was trying to teach Islamic terrorists how to make bombs. I guess he wasn’t so good at it, himself. If this is the quality of those teaching Islamic terrorists how to make bombs, we don’t have much to worry about in the future. They’ll blow themselves AND potential future bombers to flinders.

TYPICAL LIBERAL BS: Current Democrat Party chair Debbie Wassermann Schultz says the only reason the GOP attacks Hillary is because she’s a woman, and it’s yet another example of the “war on women” they IMAGINE to be going on. Too bad she’s not black, too. Then they could “play the race card,” too, like they do all the time about Obama. These people keep spouting this bullsh-t like they think we’re as dumb as they are and will believe it.

WHY IS OBAMA STILL ALIVE? He chooses to be black, and he blames all his troubles on racism. But how do white supremacists usually handle black folks who get “too uppity?” They KILL them, that’s how! Yet nobody has tried to “off” this fool or maybe they can’t figure out how to kill HALF of him and they don’t want to hurt the white side? Actually, the only person who worries about him being black is OBAMA himself. By the way: for those fools in NSA reading this, I’m not SUGGESTING he be killed. First of all, I wouldn’t want Joe as president.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Obama Is Lawless

He is “ruling” this country from the Oval Office and “going around Congress” with impunity. He gets a standing ovation (from the very congresspeople he was raping) at the “State of the Coup…er, Nation”: when he announced that was what he was going to do. In addition, he either enforces or does NOT enforce laws at his pleasure and Congress does NOTHING about it—which is why he’s getting away with it. I’m still waiting for a member of Congress to get some gonads and DO something REAL about it.

SAME SEX MARRIAGE BENEFITS: Holder is taking a page from Obama’s book and he is going to blatantly violate the law. He has announced a policy of extending marriage benefits to same-sex couples, even in states where such marriages are illegal. This is not an argument of right and wrong on the subject of same-sex marriages. I think if gays want to announce their gayness to the world, they should have that right. But to “trample on state’s rights,” as Holder is doing is UNLAWFUL and arrogant in the extreme. I’m waiting for Holder’s “partner” to come forward.

THEY THINK WE’RE FOOLS: Obama and his fools are trying to convince us that being unemployed or underemployed is a GOOD THING because the only reason to work is to get your health insurance paid for by your boss and with Obamacare now assuring it, you don’t need to work. I got a clue for them. There are OTHER reasons for working; like having money to pay the bills so we can have a place TO eat, drive around, and buy clothes. They completely ignore that. What a bunch of incompetent damned fools we’ve got in DC! Starting at Obama’s desk.

STUPID SCHOOL OFFICIALS: The principal of at least one school is complaining about a PICTURE of a gun on a sign that says, “no guns allowed.” Way to compound the stupidity of making schools “gun-free zones,” thereby INVITING shooters in to shoot them since that sign says, “There won’t be any guns here to oppose you, so come on in and kill our students.”

OBAMA: “I RESPECT THE CONSTITUTION”: In 2003 Obama said, “Unlike the current president, actually respect the Constitution.”  Er…What? The man who is working HARD to destroy the Constitution and violates it every day, “respects” the Constitution? Was he lying then or is he lying NOW? I suspect BOTH TIMES, knowing his reputation for lying every time he opens his mouth. Again, this is something that calls out for the use of the word “hypocritical.” I just can’t get away from the use of that word with today’s politicians in power.

A HYPOCRITE AGAIN: Remember the big hooraw when Sen. Diane Feinstein, one of the best-known anti-gun fools out there was found to be a licensed gun carrier? Now something worse has happened. Wayne Ferguson, an outspoken anti-gun ACTIVIST, is a licensed gun carrier and got caught carrying it into a SCHOOL. A place that is a “no-gun zone.” Even his anti-gun cohorts said “he could have helped” if he wasn’t the one with a gun they were looking for. How many more anti-gun fools will be found to be licensed carriers? Laws for us but not for THEM.

Monday, February 10, 2014

"Freedom of Religion" Under Threat

That’s what Obama says while he supports the worst practitioners of religious intolerance, the Muslims. He keeps saying these stupid things and expecting us to believe him. Maybe he thinks there are more people proudly not paying attention to politics than there are those who are. And he may be right. He did get elected TWICE. Are there really that many stupid voters out there? Seems so. We (not me) keep electing fools like him, time after time.

“ON THE TOMBSTONE OF LIBERALISM”: That’s what columnist Charles Krauthammer says about this absurdly stupid recent statement by Jay Carney, Obama’s chief liar: “Obamacare gives you the opportunity to decide if you will work or not work, And if you don’t work, those who do work will subsidize you.” I’ve said many times that liberals were incompetent when it comes to governing, and whenever they say things like this, they “set it in concrete.” What a stupid bunch this is!

WHY NOT BOTH? Recently the representatives of both sides of the creationism/evolutionism camps had a three-hour debate. I don’t know what the conclusions gained there were, but my personal opinion is this: couldn’t BOTH sides be right? Think of it: if god controls everything, why couldn’t he design a system where people and animals “evolve” to be able to live in their environment? The disagreement is really not necessary. Both sides could be right, if your mind is open enough to consider all options.

THERE ARE LIES ON FOX: Liberals like to say Fox News lies—and they’re right, in some cases, mostly when liberal “contributors” are talking. I’ve heard some outrageous lies from “The Five’s” Bob Beckel, and from “fired from NPR” Juan Williams when he speaks. Then there’s the quintessential liberal liar, Alan Colmes, author of the stupidly titled book, ”Thank Liberals for Saving America,” which could only be a tissue of lies and fact-twisting because liberals only contributed to the RUINATION of America. Now they’ve hired James Carville, who doesn’t know what truth looks, or sounds like. That’s the only time you’ll find lies on Fox. They hired these people only to debunk the liberal claims they only tell one side. the liberals side is always a lie.

BRING YOUR PICTURE ID: They’re holding a protest demonstration AGAINST voter ID and are REQUIRING picture ID to get in. How stupid is this? I should call it hypocritical, but I’ve used that word too often lately and it’s getting old. It’s too bad there are so many instances of liberals having NO LOGIC that the words I can use to describe it become so worn out I can’t use them any more. The things liberals do that are stupid it leaves me breathless and wordless.

JUST LIKE BUSH: “The problems we’re facing right now have to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not go through Congress at all. And that’s what I intend to reverse when I’m President of the United States of America.” That’s what SENATOR Barack Obama said on March 31, 2008. Isn’t that EXACTLY what he’s doing NOW? What a hypocrite! (Damn, had to use that word again!)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Obama Scores "Religious Intolerance"

He says it’s “The ultimate betrayal of God’s will.” I have to ask, “What the hell does HE know about “God’s will?” He supports Muslims who KILL people for not believing exactly the same way they do. Every time a question comes up involving Muslims,. He “rules” FOR the Muslims. He cares not for the rights of Christians for the only Christians he know are haters, too. Like “Rev.” Wright, who says, “God DAMN America!“ He is a hypocrite of the highest order.

THE “AFFLUENZA” CASE: The rich kid who got away with killing four people because he was “never taught there were consequences for his actions” needs to be at the very least put in prison for the rest of his life for murder. But the “authorities” seem bent on convincing him there are STILL no consequences for his acts because he has been spoiled all his life. I predict this kid will be heard from again when someday (soon, maybe) he murders somebody else in a fit of rage and will be surprised if they hold him accountable.

NO “SMIDGEN” OF CORRUPTION:” According to Obama, there is “no smidgen of corruption” in the IRS scandal. He really thinks we are stupid enough to believe this. If so, why did Lois Lerner “take the fifth?” Apparently SHE thought there was some corruption involved and she did not want to go to prison for it. What kind of crappy thinking allows Obama to realty think we would BUY such stupidity when it comes out of his lying mouth? Too bad protocol didn’t allow Bill O’Reilly to come right out and CALL him a liar when he told this WHOPPER.

“IF OBAMA ONLY KNEW:” That’s what many voters in the US think. There’s a “disconnect” between what Obama is doing to us and the belief in many people that HE is, in fact, CAUSING all the problems he PRETENDS to be trying to solve. He pretends to be unaware of what is going on, and that, in itself, proves his complete incompetence, if true. Then he goes out and rails against what he has caused, promising to “put a stop to it.” But he never does. And he never WILL.

“NOT A SMIDGEN”: Obama saying there’s “not a smidgen of corruption in the IRS” is like communist Chinese officials saying, “There is no prostitution in China, though some women make love for money.” Or Fidel Castro saying, “Women aren’t forced to be prostitutes. For some reason, they like it.” It’s very entertaining some of the STUPID things politicians want us to swallow, whole. Damn, I wish we could find some human beings to be politicians!

WHY DO WE DISLIKE MUSLIMS? We don't dislike ALL Muslims. Only the ones who try to kill us for not believing exactly the same way they do. The shoe bomber was a Muslim; so were the beltway snipers and the Ft. Hood shooter; and the underwear bomber. The U. S. Cole bomber was Muslim; as were the Madrid train bombers, Bali bombers and London subway bombers, Moscow theater attackers and Boston Marathon bombers. Then there was the Pan-Am flight bombers. Why do we dislike Muslims? Let me count the ways.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Obama Surrenders

He has announced that he is delaying implementing Obamacare for THREE YEARS, until not only after the next elections, but the PRESIDENTIAL elections after that, as well. He hopes we will forget about the damage Obamacare will do and allow Democrats to be elected and re-elected in SPITE of it. This is a “white flag” to the nation, but it will not work. Americans are fully aware that Obamacare will NOT reduce insurance rates, but will DOUBLE or TRIPLE them, while setting thousand dollar deductibles, making the insurance they CAN get WORTHLESS.

DROPPING THE IRS “INVESTIGATION”: When Obama said there was “not a smidgen” of corruption in the IRS, he signaled the world that he was ready to CLOSE the “investigation” into the IRS scandal without talking to a single soul affected by it. Where the hell does he get the right to “shut down” a congressional investigation into the activities of HIS IRS? Does he really think that will end it? If he does, he will need to think again. What an arrogant ass he is, to even TRY this!

OBAMA THE DICTATOR: He is again “going around Congress” and making policies that PREVENT investigation and deportation of illegal aliens, even those who have violent criminal records. Thus, the number of legally passed LAWS he has decided, UNILATERALLY, not to enforce are in the thousands. This makes him one of the biggest LAWBREAKERS in Washington. But he doesn’t care. He controls the means of prosecution and will not allow ANY investigation into his actions to go forward. It's not like he needs our vote again, huh?

THE MEDIA OBSESSION WITH HILLARY: They want to promote Hillary as the SOLID Democrat candidate, even while she has not yet declared her candidacy. Maybe so. And if they succeed, and she does become the Democrat candidate, they are DOOMED to defeat. Only Bill would be a worse candidate, and they can’t see that. They think since she did everything THEY thought was right, she SHOULD be the candidate. But the rest of America doesn’t agree.

RINGS DIDN’T OPEN: One of the Olympic rings in the Sochi opening were supposed to fully open, then become fireworks. It didn’t happen. But the Russian people never knew. Russian TV didn’t show it. They ran earlier footage taken during a rehearsal. Typical Russian government, communism or socialism (which is much the same thing). Russia is still a dingy place run by incompetents. We’re becoming the same, thanks to Obama.

Friday, February 7, 2014

"They Talk About It Cuz You Promote It"

Obama said that, and that's a lie. Fox talks about it because it HAPPENED and Fox viewers want answers: answers Obama isn't willing to GIVE them. Therefore they keep ASKING them and Fox keeps on reporting that. As usual, Obama is blaming everybody BUT himself for his problems. His problems arise from his incompetence and his lack of caring about what people think. Not from what Fox thinks they should publicize. What will Fox do when Obama is gone? Keep on asking the same questions until SOMEBODY answers them truthfully, which is not likely as long as Obama is still in office.

POOR BABIES! The morale is down at the IRS, so Obama is going to give them $46 million dollars in bonuses for their "good work." No? To raise their morale! Why do they need their morale raised? They had a lot of fun asking stupid questions of conservative organizations when those organizations asked for tax-free status, and they're still doing it. They're making Obama very happy. So why the low morale? Do they really think Americans should love them? If they do, they're stupider than I thought they were! For my part, they can drag their morale on the floor behind them.

OBAMA WANTS TO RIP YOU OFF: They’re LOOKING for you. All you young, uninsured people out there he wants to rip off to pay for the medical care old folks NEED, but you don’t. They know where you live. They can track you down and take the money out of your bank account with NO court action, at all. They want your money to prop up their unworkable health insurance swindle. Don’t think you can escape: they’ll either get your money to buy what they call ”insurance,” or they’ll fine you. And don’t think that will be the end of it. I’m sure that fine will be levied once a year, or maybe even once a MONTH. They’ll hunt you down and call you a “tax cheat” when you’re not.

LAWS FOR THEE BUT NOT FOR ME: That’s how Obama operates. He talks about “equality in pay between men and women, but he pays his female employees LESS than his male employees. He doesn’t want you to know that, but he doesn’t really care if you do. It’s not as if he NEEDS your vote again.

GOVT DECLARES “PREPPERS” MENTALLY I’LL: Must be nice to be able to arbitrarily declare your critics to be mentally ill and be able to institute procedures to put a stop to them that are “legal.” That’s one of the ways the Soviets controlled their population, by declaring people who opposed them to be insane and put them in asylums. And that’s the direction Obama is moving in. People who know what’s coming and are preparing by stocking food and other necessities MUST be insane, right? I’m not a “prepper,” because I’m too old to still be alive when America’s second revolution begins (I hope). But I can see it coming, and it WILL start especially if Obama’s schemes to stay in office past the end of this term are successful. America will NOT stand for it.

THEY THOUGHT HE’D BE EASY: He’s 84, and was a Marine. They thought it would be a “piece of cake” to rob him because he was so old. One of them said his father was a Marine, so he should have known better. There ARE no “former” Marines. This old man kicked one in the gonads and took the gun away from the other. They fled with a few items of his property, which they won’t be able to keep long because they’ve already caught one. Probably the one still running around holding his “package.”

Thursday, February 6, 2014

"Good Things" In Obamacare?

Neil Cavuto has a show called “Common Sense” where he expounds on the human condition every day on Fox. The other day he said, “There are some good things on Obamacare. One of them is coverage for pre-existing conditions.” What? Is he STUPID? To cover pre-existing conditions is to go bankrupt for any insurance company stupid enough to do it. But Obama will FORCE them to do it, and down the road will find it necessary to “subsidize” this welfare plan (with YOUR money) where you can get sick, THEN go out and buy some insurance.

PAYING PEOPLE NOT TO WORK: That’s what we’re doing. Obama is lengthening the time you get unemployment payments instead of trying to create an atmosphere where new jobs are gained, he makes it easier to not work. He increases the number of people on food Stamps and other forms of welfare while refusing to do anything to create new jobs. He steadfastly continues to refuse to allow the Keystone Pipeline, even though there is no longer any reason to block it. Everything he does makes it more and more impossible to find jobs while paying people more and more not to work. He’s going at it all wrong, but will not admit it, nor will he DO anything about it.

THE “CASH COW”: Global warming has been proven to be a hoax many times, but many people still believe in it as if it were a religion, in spite of the evidence. Why is that? Why do people insist on believing a lie, though the evidence has clearly proven it to BE a lie? AlGore has used this con to become a multi-millionaire and is still touting it, although he found it necessary to change its name to “climate change” when it was found conclusively that the globe had not been “warming” for more than 15 years. Even Obama seems to have “bought” this lie, and is predictably using it to help him gain even more power and the ability to raise even more taxes. It’s a “cash cow” that is worth billions if used right.

USING RACE CARD MORE OFTEN: Racist whore Al Sharpton wishes Obama would help him con more people out of more money by using the race card more often. I think Obama uses the race card way TOO MUCH, Racism is not nearly as widespread as Sharpton—OR Obama would have us think it is—unless you consider the racism THEY promote and THEIR racism against white people. They see white racists under every bed. But there isn’t room there with all the black racists already hiding there.

RICH PAY MOST INCOME TAXES PAID: There’s no denying that. The government itself confirms it (Congressional Budget Office). But Michelle wants to con yet another $10 out of each one of them to promote her husband’s health care swindle con. They’re never satisfied. No matter how much money they con out of us, they’re NEVER satisfied. They always want more. They’ve got people sitting in “smoke-filled rooms” 24 hours a day working on coming up with more ways to con us out of more money and power.

POWER MAD COP: A cop in California told the driver of a fire engine parked so as to protect rescuers from oncoming traffic (Something taught them in fire school) to move it or be arrested. The fireman said he’d have to check with his captain and was subsequently placed in irons and seated in the back of a squad car, completely ending his ability to help the people in the accident. This proves that some cops have an exaggerated idea of their own power and a cop who would do this needs to be FIRED and never allowed to put on a badge again. Ever. Anywhere.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Another Stupid Statement

Nancy seems determined to display her ignorance with her inane and stupid cracks. She’s done it again with this: “Waiting hours longer in the emergency room will let you meet new friends.” Since when has ANYBODY gone to an emergency room to meet new friends? Senility is definitely setting in on Nancy, and she’s now talking about running again. But will she remember come campaign time?

NAMATH DOESN’T CARE: Joe Namath, former football great, wore an expensive fur coat to the Super Bowl and got a lot of criticism for it from liberals. But I suspect, like me, he doesn’t give a tinker’s damn what liberals say about him, or anything else. P. S.: the guy who made that coat says his business has picked up a LOT since Joe was seen in his coat. Which should tell you something about how the “average American” feels about what liberals say.

WE’RE BROKE, BUT THEY KEEP SPENDING: They just passed a billion dollar farm bill, even though we have NO money. Every dime we spend, we have to borrow from China or somebody else who previously benefited from our success and is now giving SOME of it back, with strings and interest attached, or print some more "funny money.". Obama has PERSONALLY spent more money than there IS, and is now spending money that only exists on paper. When will he stop? When he’s dead, maybe.

WE’RE ALL WORRIED ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE: That’s what Mark Steyn said on Rush’s program today. But that must have been a joke because I know Mark’s a lot smarter than those fools (like AlGore and Obama) who believe there’s any possibility that MAN has anything to do with “climate change” (formerly known as global warming before Gore found out the world was NOT warming, and hadn’t been for 15 years or more). I’m not worried about it because I know climate change is CYCLICAL and the whole idea that man could change it a bit is the idea of a fool.

OBAMA’S PRIVATE ARMY: FEMA is just an agency to bring federal help to disaster areas, right? WRONG! It is Obama’s “private army,” nor accountable to the Congress, and accountable ONLY to Barack Obama. It stands ready to follow his orders, whatever they are. The Army has SAID it would not “arrest” American citizens if he ordered them to, so he has created his own “army” who will. All he has to do is “declare an emergency,” and it is only HIS judgment as to what CONSTITUTES an emergency. The laws are in place to make them a full-fledged police agency. It can be done with the slash of his pen.

OBAMA’S LYING AGAIN! He says being unemployed is a “liberating experience.”  No longer must you get up and go to work in the morning if you don’t want to. You’re free to do what you wish, all day. What he ISN’T telling you is that with no money, you HAVE no choice as to what to do with your empty day. Obama has a positive TALENT for “spinning” disaster into opportunity in the minds of those who pay no attention to what he’s doing to us every day. Damn, this world is full of stupid people!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Muslim Infiltration

If Obama isn’t a Muslim, or at least a Muslim sympathizer, why does he have SIX Muslims in the White House? Arik Alikhan, Mohammed Elibiary, Rashad Hussain, Salam al-Mariati, Imam Mohamed Magib, and Eboo Pascal. All are members of the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist group. What the HELL are they doing in the White House? Why are members of the ENEMY being appointed to high governmental offices by Obama? I think it’s because he secretly wants Islam to take over this country without  firing a shot.

LIBERALS HAVE HIGHER IQS:  An Israeli reporter thinks that liberals have higher IQs than conservatives. What an EGOTISTICAL remark! The truth is, it’s just the other way around: conservatives have higher IQs that liberals. If liberals were intelligent, they wouldn’t BE liberals. Everything they spout is ignorant. They think you can SPEND your way to prosperity! They think government, which can’t do ANYTHING right, can run your life better than you can. The very act of making that remark illustrates his ignorance. Or is it stupidity?

"DON’T START A FIGHT YOU CAN’T WIN": This is even more evidence that we should get rid of Rep. Boehner. If he believes we can’t win, he should resign and turn his office over to a more intelligent person. You can’t win a fight if you don’t “start the fight.” And he hasn’t the guts to start it, let alone win it. It’s people like Boehner who have allowed Obama to “ride roughshod” over us and IGNORE the laws. Obama has given him many reasons to start impeachment proceedings, but he refuses to do so, and discourages anybody else from doing so. The man’s a banana.

“HE’S DOING A GOOD JOB” That’s what Obama thinks, according to Bill O’Reilly, which just proves how “disconnected” he is with reality (Obama, not O’Reilly). He’s supposed to be the “smartest man on the planet,” according to many liberals, but in reality, he isn’t very smart at all, if he can’t see what he’s done to this country with his insane policies. Would that we were blessed with an INTELLIGENT president, but it isn’t going to happen until we get somebody in there who isn’t damned fool enough to believe SOCIALISM is the way to go.

Supreme court Sotomayor says “Calling illegal immigrants criminals if insulting.” Well, how about THAT? They ARE criminals! They have broken the law to come here the way they did, even if Obama’s government won’t enforce the immigration laws. Calling them what they are might be insulting, but they NEED to be “insulted.” I knew Sotomayor was ignorant when she was appointed, but now she has amply proven it. For a member of the supreme court to SUPPORT criminals by saying CALLING them criminals was "insulting, " IS insulting to us!

CLOSING SCHOOLS FOR MUSLIM HOLIDAYS: That’s what New York City’s new socialist mayor wants to do. What’s this strange fascination with observing the enemy’s holidays in our schools? Are they really this much determined to teach our children to respect this political system pretending to be a religion? Who’s paying them off? Or do they need to be paid off to teach our children that a murderous bunch of bastards should be respected?

Monday, February 3, 2014

Broncos Lose Again

The Denver Broncos are a good team. They play top grade football…until they get in the Super Bowl, apparently. Then their season is one game too long. I don’t know what it is, they play superbly UNTIL they get in the Super Bowl and then they play like a high school team that loses. I’ve seen it twice. The last time in the only football game I ever watched, another time the Broncos made it to the super Bowl. And that time too, they played like a losing high school team. Don’t tell me I shouldn’t comment on football if I don’t watch it. With the Broncos, I’ve seen enough. And I live in Denver.

WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE GOP? As Rush says, the Republicans aren’t acting much like “the opposition party” recently although a very few Republicans DO oppose Obama’s socialistic moves and are “cut down” by other Republicans. What the hell’s WRONG with these people? They’re acting more like Democrats than Democrats. Sarah Palin, among a very few others, would be good opposition candidates in the next presidential election, but Democrats AND REPUBLICANS jump on her every word whenever she speaks. Same with Alan West, Ted Cruz, and Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker and both Pauls, Rand and his father. They’re working hard to discredit Chris Christie right now. It’s like they WANT to lose and remain a “back-bench party” while the Democrats continue to rape THIS country.

“NO SMIDGEN OF CORRUPTION”: That’s what Obama tried to convince us of in his unusual interview with Bill O’Reilly. Just saying yes to an interview with a Fox News commentator is an admission of his failures. He tried to dismiss his IRS spying scandal, the NSDA scandal, the Benghazi scandal, and all the rest. Does he really think the world will believe this lie if her tells it many times? What a FOOL he is!

“REPUBLICAN QUESTIONS”: ABC is mad, accusing O’Reilly of asking only “Republican questions.” What the HELL are “Republican questions?” Questions ABCNBCCBSCNN and everybody else SHOULD have been asking all along but weren’t? They are NOT “Republican questions,” they’re questions hoping to elicit TRUTH from an inveterate LIAR. Yes, they’re questions only a non-liberal would ask. So what? Nobody expected O’Reilly to ask the same “softball questions” usually asked by the liberal media. So that’s something to CRITICIZE O’Reilly for? What damned FOOLS are running ABC? Damn, I hate the STUPIDITY that is revealed by calling it “Republican questions!”

“YOU’RE WRONG ABOUT COMMUNISM”: That’s what author Jesse Myerson seems to think. But in reality, it is Myerson who is wrong. He seems to think the millions of people murdered under communism doen’t count because we’re talking about something as “abstract” as is communism. But communism ISN’T “abstract.” It is based on STEALING from the PRODUCTIVE and GIVING to the unproductive. It's PROMOTING mediocrity That’s enough for me. Communism, and all other forms of collectivism are ALL based on that concept, and it is WRONG. Myerson doesn’t have any idea of what he’s talking about. Yet he keeps on yapping.

ANOTHER DAMNED FOOL YAPPING: Former Massachusetts education Secretary Paul Reville said about common Core critics, “To be sure, there’s always a small voice – and I think these voices get amplified in the midst of these arguments – of people who were never in favor of standards in the first place and never wanted to have any kind of testing or accountability and those voices get amplified, but those are a tiny minority” But that’s where this fool is wrong. They are a very BIG majority. People who love their kids and want the best for them. Common Core is NOT “the best.”

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sandra Flake for Congress?

If ever there was a woman who should NOT run for Congress it is Sandra Flake, whose main claim to fame is that she screws around so much she just “can’t afford her condoms,” and who is stupid enough not to make the GUY pay for them. Frankly, if I wanted to get into her pants, I’d WILLINGLY buy the condoms. But she’s too dumb to know that. Like most stupid people, she’d too stupid to know how stupid she IS. She is NOT “congressional material.’

TYPICAL POLITICAL MUD SLINGING: A man now says he “has evidence” that Governor Christie was “fully aware” of what was going on, and why, in the New Jersey “traffic controversy.” But strangely (as usual), he doesn’t come forward with his “evidence,” only talks about it. I personally think that if he really HAD any evidence, that would be all we would be hearing: the evidence. Not cryptic announcements that it exists, with no “evidence” surfacing. I think it’s yet another effort to hurt Christie without having any ACTUAL “evidence” of wrongdoing. I’m not a big Christie fan, but I can see a political smear coming a mile away.

SUPER BOWL INSANITY: Yes, that’s what it IS. And it’s in New York (not to mention everywhere else in the world), not New Jersey, where it will be HAPPENING. To look at the hooraw in New York, you’d think it was happening there! And, of course, it has taken up almost ALL the news time out there, and has given Obama cause to give a great sigh of relief because it gets in the way of news coverage of all his scandals. He can take a few days without answering “pesky” questions about what HE calls “phony scandals” that are real and which he steadfastly ignores while real people want to know the answers..

SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE! One lawyer says, “evidence exists that Christie knew all along about the closure of the Gorge Washington bridge while it was going on,” but he doesn’t PRODUCE the “evidence.” How may times in the past have Democrats ruined the reputations and careers with this scam? Claiming “the existence” of evidence of wrongdoing and never showing it. Soon the “evidence” becomes the story without every having been seen because it doesn’t exist. Christie’s numbers are going down, even now, and media canters that USED to be in his corner are having a “field day” at his expense. A Democrat swindle in progress.

BILL CLINTON’S “CRIMES”: Bill Clinton was IMPEACHED for LYING to congress. His law license was “suspended” for five years (but what ex-president needs a law license?) He (or his campaign, meaning US) paid a huge fine for it. But he is now considered to be the most popular “elder statesman” by the Democrats (certainly not the conservatives). His wife, with no qualifications at all, became Secretary of State, and accomplished nothing except the deaths of four embassy personnel by her incompetence. What’s so great about the Clintons?

IT’S GETTING OLD: Sometimes I feel like I’m in prison. Every day (at least in the dead of winter) is the same. Get up, have breakfast (at my desk in my little 8x10 room) while reading the funnies, then research, research, research; write posts for my blogs, post to the blogs, then dinner (at my desk), then bed, hoping against hope to be able to sleep all night straight through. Then get up at 5 AM and do it all again with no discernible results. I try HARD to bring as much truth to the world as I can, and I know there are people reading it. But not many comment, good or bad. AM I getting through to anybody? I don’t know. My enemies don’t even tell me.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Now They're REALLY Scared

I’ve told you that liberals will all tell you who they fear the most, and it’s true. But sometimes they will tell you INADVERTENTLY by trying to hurt them in secret. That’s what they did with Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin. They sought to create a “feud” between the three, making them less effective, by telling them about “nasty things” they were supposed to be saying about each other. And they bought it, for a while. But intelligent people they are, they “tumbled” to it and are now working closely TOGETHER, which REALLY frightens liberals.

FELONS AS “NAVIGATORS”: Sebilius ADMITTED to Congress that a background check for those charged with “helping” people through the maze of what is the Obamacare web site is NOT REQUIRED, on a federal level, although SOME states do require it. That means one in seven “navigators” are convicted felons. I wouldn’t take the chance of going there and attempting to sign up for Obama’s abortion because I figure my personal info would be “on the market” within days, maybe hours.

WHY DO ATHEISTS HATE RELIGION SO? In New Jersey, Atheists put up a huge sign, right across from the Super Bowl stadium, “knocking” religion. It says, “Hail Mary only exists in football.” I believe in God. But I don’t believe He gives a tinker’s damn if I worship Him or not. To many Christians, that makes ME an atheist, which I’m NOT. I believe in a “superior being” that orders this universe. I’d be a FOOL not to. I just don’t believe He takes the form the various religions tell me He does. I just don’t believe exactly the same way as others. But I don’t think I should EVER denigrate what others believe. We ALL have the right to believe how we wish.

NEW YORK TAX FREE? They’re running ads telling the world how “tax friendly” they are, offering companies ten years OF NO TAXES if they move there. Actually what they’re saying is that we’ll let you get committed to being in New York by deferring taxes for 10 years, then we’ll “tax you unmercifully” after that, as we do everyone else who lives here after you’ve got enough invested you can’t afford to move.”

THE “MOTHER OF ALL SCAMS”: “Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Thursday argued immigration reform that includes de facto amnesty represents the ‘mother of all scams.’ ‘If you take a body of 11, 12 million immigrants who have an average education of tenth grade and you give them access to 80 different means-tested welfare programs, including Obamacare, Soc. Security, and Medicare, who is going to pay for that? There is polling data that shows overwhelming majority of such arrivals are not here to join the Tea Party,’ Limbaugh said.” The big part of the scam is the fiction that the border will be controlled while Obama and his accomplices gain millions of Democrat voters who aren’t going to vote for the Tea Parties. (Stolen from The Blaze)

DEMOCRATS SAY, “DON’T CRITICIZE OBAMA”: And voters who pay no attention to politics until just before an election will “buy it.” So will gullible Republican politicians, who they advise that to criticize Obama will “alienate” the “middle-of-the-roaders.” I do believe there ARE still a few intelligent politicians left in DC who will understand that ANY “advice” Democrats give them is NOT something that will help them get elected to ANYTHING.