Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Congress Voting to Vote

It amazes me the gyrations the Congress goes through to actually get to a vote on anything. Today, they're going to vote on whether or not to bring the president's health care bill to an actual VOTE. Why the hell do they need to do that? Why don't they just vote on the BILL? I think it's just a way to delay actually having their votes for, or against the bill on record.

ALGORE'S NEW LIE: Algore lied through his teeth to become a billionaire, playing to the ignorance of SOME of the American public with his global warming/climate change swindle. He wrote a “book of lies” and produced a movie that was the same. Now he's reviving his swindle with more lies. And there are way too many people who “pay no attention to politics” who will believe his lies. He CLAIMS that a MAJORITY of climate scientists agree with him, but THAT'S a lie. Even if it were true, it wouldn't matter. Science is NOT a matter of a majority vote. What IS is, and global warming/climate change is NOT.

SUPPORTING THE BIG LIE: Supporters of Obamacare are running ads all over the place saying that Trump's health care law, if passed, will take away health care insurance from millions of people. But the only health care “insurance” these millions have is what they were FORCED to buy, at the point of a gun. And if you don't believe that gun part, just TRY not to buy his insurance and refuse to pay the fine. Fact is, Obamacare has KILLED a lot of people and left others UNABLE to afford his “insurance.”

THE BIGGEST “HATE GROUP”: The biggest hate group in the United states at the moment is the Dumocrat Party. They just can't accept the fact that they LOST the 2016 election due to an incompetent, ineffective Dumocrat candidate who ran a completely ineffective campaign. Ever since, they have OPPOSED everything he has proposed, and tried everything they can think of to hamstring Trump. They say if he fires Sessions OR Mueller, it will cause a “constitutional crisis” that rises to the level of impeachment—which is another LIE.

SAVING HIS BUTT”: Dumocrats say the biggest reason Trump is displeased with AG Jeff Sessions recusing himself is that he was “counting on him to save his butt” in the “Russian collusion investigation.” What a LOAD of stinky brown stuff THAT is! He doesn't NEED to have his butt protected from an “investigation” in an IMAGINARY scandal that has NO EVIDENCE to support it. The whole “Russian thing” was INVENTED by the Dumocrats in their effort to make it LOOK like Trump is an illegitimate president.

DUMOCRAT'S “BETTER DEAL”: I listened the other day to Schumer detailing all the giveaways of other people's money they plan, and what they CALL a “Better Deal.” which is just the old “New Deal,” gussied up a bit to make it look good to those who want a “free ride.” And since it is those people Dumocrats depend on to remain in power, it just MIGHT work. Everything I heard in that infamous speech was socialism personified. I still think they should change the name of their party to “The Socialist Party.”

Monday, July 24, 2017

Aptly Named "Warship"

The Navy just commissioned a new aircraft carrier, named for Gerald Ford, a president who was never elected, and was best known for being a klutz. But this mighty warship is not the one this item is about. It's about the “littoral combat ship” (whatever THAT means) that was named after a well-known anti-gun fool, Gabrielle Giffords, which is an UNARMED Navy ship. Which is apt, because Giffords wants to keep us ALL unarmed in the face of all the ILLEGALLY-armed bad guys out there.

NO MEDICARE CUTS! They arrested a bunch of handicapped people recently, at Sen. Corey Gardener's Denver office,who were protesting “Medicare cuts” in Trump's “replacement” for the silly, stupid, Obamacare law. Sad. They say the cuts will eliminate many services they need, every day. Only one problem: there ARE no cuts in Medicare in the bill. Dumocrats are using an old, tired, scam on them. The scam is, if any reductions in the INCREASE are planned, they CALL them cuts, to fool you into supporting their position. That's what is operating here. Those handicapped people are NOT going to lose a single service!

THEY GOT DEBBIE'S COMPUTERS: Debbie Wasserman Schultz has consistently refused to turn over the computer hard drives demanded by the FBI, probably because they contain incriminating information about the way she, and other Dumocrats conspired to get Hillary Clinton elected president. But now the FBI has the hard drives used by her IT guy, and some of her own, in a RAID on the home of her IT guy, who has “disappeared” and says he is “homeless,” after renting out his home. This began as a CRIMINAL investigation by the Capitol Police, and the FBI recently entered the investigation. The hard drives were “trashed,” and kept HIDDEN in the garage of her IT guys, who are Pakistani immigrants.

THE MSNBC MYTH: They say the “majority of people killed by police are people of color.” what they don't tell you is that “people of color” commit MOST of the crimes! If you can't do the time, don't do the crime,” is the advice I'd give them. This is the typical way liberals try and intimidate the cops. Tell one part of the story while hiding the other. Yes, MOST of the people killed by the cops are “people of color.” That's because they commit most of the crimes, and are, more often shooting at the cops when shot.

HE'S BAAACK! AlGore, the former vice president who LIED to us to get rich with his global warming swindle has come out with a new lie: the sequel to his first lie, the “Inconvenient (un)Truth. This is the guy, you'll remember, who has made many false “predictions,” including the one that says “The arctic will have no ice by 2013.” That most of his false predictions have NOT come true doesn't seem to bother him. He just goes right on, as if it didn't happen, depending on the NEW gullible believers who DENY the original predictions even happened. He even changed the name of his swindle to “climate change,” because “global warming” wasn't working, any more.

GUN CONTROL LIES: One of the most misleading is their claim that “gun control saves lives.” It does NOT. What it does is INCREASE deaths caused by users of ILLEGAL guns by making honest, law-abiding people DEFENSELESS against their ILLEGAL guns. Such laws DEPEND on LAWBREAKERS obeying their ill-conceived laws. Do you know ANY lawbreakers who will OBEY a law saying they can't be using guns to commit their crimes? I didn't think so. But the anti-gun fools think they will—and that's the basic FLAW in all their “gun control.” But you can't convince them of this. Their feeble minds just can't comprehend it.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Rumors, Stories and Lies

There's a rumor out that OJ Simpson was caught masturbating in his cell, which seems to be against prison policy. Why, I can't understand. With prisoners being mostly denied feminine companionship for YEARS unless they're married, what other outlet does a normal man have, except masturbation? To use this in an effort to deny him parole is stupid and absurd. But there are stupid people everywhere. And even the rumor is denied, since the prison NEVER releases to the public, details of disciplinary action, so even the rumors are phony.

EVIDENCE OF RUSSIAN COLLUSION: Dumocrats have been desperately trying, ever since Trump was elected president, upsetting all their applecarts, to find “evidence” of Russian collusion in the 2016 election that elected Trump president. And finally, they actually found some—but it is evidence of DUMOCRAT collusion with the Russians. Not quite what they wanted. The Special Prosecutor witch hunt will have to take a new turn that the Dumocrats will not like.

WHY NEED A BAN? The U. S. Government is looking at a BAN on traveling to N. Korea after a college student was misused so badly there that he fell into a coma and died shortly after he was released. My question is this: “Why do we need a ban on traveling to N. Korea?” Why would any intelligent person go there any more? Going to N. Korea is a way to cull the ignorant from our society, as only ignorant people would go there after what happened to that college student.

TOO MUCH TERRITORY: Special Counsel Mueller has “expanded” his witch hunt to include Trump's business dealings. That's a clear violation of the regulations regarding his appointment, which first of all, require an actual CRIME to be investigated, which this one does not. It also LIMITS his ability to widen an investigation without APPROVAL from the Deputy Attorney General. This is becoming a real farce, and needs to be ENDED.

WATERS DELUDED: Maxine Waters, she of the big mouth and no brains, says, “I'll run for president if the millennials want me.” She really thinks this will “strike fear in the hearts of Trump supporters.” How DAFT is this bimbo? She keeps getting re-elected by the FOOLS in her district, but the truth will emerge if she ever tries to get votes outside of her little bubble. The rest of the electorate is not as ignorant as are her supporters, and if she tries to run for president, she'll find that out, quickly.

SUPREME STUPIDITY: Baltimore, MD politicians think “asking criminals not to kill people” will stop them from doing it. This is the place where they tried to put six good cops in jail for doing their jobs, and failed, remember. So they've displayed their abysmal ignorance before, recently. Now they want to make it worse by “asking criminals not to kill people” and really thinking that will do something, Liberals tend to elect really ignorant, and sometimes stupid politicians, but this really “takes the cake.” I can't believe how STUPID politicians are, and still get elected. Sheesh!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Most Unproductive Congress

That may be true, and the Dumocrats are trying to blame Trump for it, but intelligent human beings know that it is the fault of the “establishment” Dumocrats, who will will vote against ANYTHING Trump proposes. Meanwhile, there are too many Republicans who ride in the same boat. They're the “establishment Republicans” and their bosses tell them to do so. It is the fault of the “establishment,” who regard Trump as an “interloper” and want to be rid of him. They think if they can keep this up, he will not be re-elected in 2020.

DREAM ON, BABE! Shannon Watts, boss of “MOMS Against Guns” (or something like that) says, “I sense momentum in the push for gun safety in state regulation.” Really, Shannon? What about all the states passing concealed carry laws? A MAJORITY of states now have such laws in force. Actually, I sense momentum in gun RIGHTS at state level. They call their silly laws, “gun safety,” but they are ANYTHING but that. They make law-abiding people HELPLESS against the ILLEGAL guns held by criminals and other “bad guys.”

CREEPING STUPIDITY: Great Britain, having already made the fool mistake of almost banning ALL guns and finding that doesn't “solve the gun problem,” are now poised to make an even bigger mistake—banning all knives. What's next? Banning stones? Having mostly banned all guns, they now say “Knife crime is now a scourge on our society.” They call even self defense with a knife a “knife crime.” In England, as here, the anti-gunners are more interested in eliminating all means of self defense for the citizens—unless, of course, you work for the government. So remains government superiority over the “serfs.”

NOTHING IS “FREE”: Students think college should be free. Other young people think entertainment should be free, while others think their ubiquitous cell phones should be free. Then others think “the arts” should be free. There is no end to the things they think should be free. The government is even considering a “universal minimum income” law, giving every American a stipend, just for being alive; which will END any notion of INCENTIVE to do ANYTHING. What they don't realize is, NOTHING is free. It might be free for them,. But SOMEBODY has to pay for it. Universal minimum income, for instance; with nobody working, who's going to work, earn money, and pay for it? Dumb, Dumb!

LIBERALS ARE AGAINST NATURE: Everything the liberals propose goes against human nature. Allowing MEN in women's bathrooms, for instance. That's against the nature of most people, especially our young women, who are often NAKED in there, and don't want a MAN, who thinks he's a woman today, watching them undress and shower. Changing the definition of “marriage” is one of their basic wishes. I have no problem with gays having sex with each other and forming “unions” similar to marriage. That's their business. But when they demand to use the word MARRIAGE to describe their “unions,” that's MY business, and I will have none of it. They promote many other things that are simply AGAINST human nature, but they con people into agreeing with them.

LEFT HATES TRUMP TWEETING: And they want to stop it, because it's so effective. Trump doesn't need their leftist media to get to the American people, after they have “filtered” it through their censorship. He can speak directly to the American people, BYPASSING the liberal media. BECAUSE it's such an effective tool for him to use, they want to take it away from him. Every American has the right to “Tweet” what they want, under the first Amendment. and so does the president. They hate that because it gives him an advantage.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Gun-Grabber's Ignorance

“Letting female victims of their men's beatings have guns for self defense is bad, because it adds the possibility of deadly action to the equation.” That's what this “gun-grabber” who writes for Huffington Post thinks, anyway Maybe she should find an abusive boyfriend. Maybe her opinion might change, but that's doubtful. Anti-gun fools aren't smart enough to recognize reality. She really thinks abuse victims should have NO WAY to avoid serious injury, or even death at the hands of their abusers. Does she have a better answer? No. She just tells people what to do or not to do and is willing to take the risk--for other people.

CREEPING STUPIDITY: Great Britain, having already made the fool mistake of almost banning ALL guns and finding that doesn't “solve the gun problem,” are now poised to make an even bigger mistake—banning all knives. What's next? Banning stones? Having mostly banned all guns, they now say “Knife crime is now a scourge on our society.” In England, as here, the anti-gunners are more interested in eliminating all means of self defense for the citizens—unless, of course, you work for the government, then, of course, you need to have the means to defend yourself from all those wascally ILLEGAL guns—and to oppress those who have none.

STUDENTS LOVE SOCIALISM: But they can't say why, for real, and they can't define it. They SAY “If it is to help people, I'm all for it.” What they don't know is where all the money to SUPPORT socialism in America is going to come from. Where it will come from is from THEM. As they earn a living, a large part of what they earn will be taken from them by the government, to pay for “helping” others. They say we use the word “socialism" to frighten them. Okay, what word SHOULD we use to describe socialism?

COMMON SENSE GUN CONTROL”: Anti-gun fool activists are asking, “Will Trump's new FBI Director support common sense gun control? Good question. When will they come up with some? They certainly haven't yet. Every “gun control “ measure they have come up- with so far does NOTHING to stop, or even slow down “gun crime.” In fact, all they do is make it worse by making honest, law-abiding people who actually OBEY laws defenseless in the face of all the NON-law-abiding people who do NOT.

THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT: This is the most ill-labeled legislation ever. This makes health care ANYTHING BUT “affordable.” The first thing it did was cancel the insurance coverage people HAD, and FORCED them to buy policies at costs that DOUBLED, even TRIPLED their premiums, or pay a fine. They made one mistake, though; the fines weren't high enough to keep people from just paying the fine and not buying their crap. It's collapsing, right before our eyes, and the Dumocrats are trying to blame Trump for that, without much success.

ASSET FORFEITURE: It's unconstitutional on it's face. They make no bones about the fact that it deprives “certain people” of the right to defend themselves against the government. People the government DECIDES are lawbreakers. I have no brief for drug dealers and other organized criminals. But even THEY are entitled to “their day in court,” and “civil asset forfeiture” denies them that right. Especially the part where the government can TAKE their property and money WITHOUT convicting them of a crime. Only on the OPINION of the government that they are lawbreakers, without any kind of “due process.”

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

They Want WHAT?

The House of Representatives is now controlled by Republicans, and now they want the American taxpayers to pay for “gender reassignment surgery” for “military men.” WHAT? They're CONSERVATIVES, and that's a LIBERAL jerkwater thing! Why the hell would they want that? Damn! This is a good example of acting one way to get elected, then betraying their constituency, which does NOT want to spend money on such ignorant, and UNIMPORTANT things as “gender reassignment surgery.” There are few LESS important things to spend other people's money on than that.

NOT RUSSIAN COLLUSION: The liberal media wants you to think that Trump Jr's meeting with a RUSSIAN lawyer is proof of the “Russian collusion” pipe dream. What they don't tell you is that she was only IN the United States by “special parole” given her by the Obama administration and has close connections to the origin of a PROVEN anti-Trump hoax in the past (the prostitute peeing on a bed hoax). It was a Dumocrat set-up, planned and orchestrated by Barack Obama. That's a fact they will never admit.

THE BLACK KKK: There is one main outfit CREATING a new brand of racism. The “Black Lives Matter” movement. What they're promoting is white against black racism, and they're getting a lot of response from blacks who are still smarting from PAST treatment by white against black racists, most of the practitioners of which don't even exist any more. They're also promoting hatred of cops, completely forgetting that if cops didn't exist, they would be in danger as much as the rest of us. The only thing standing in the way of mass murder and unopposed crime is the cops. But they're too ignorant to figure that out for themselves. Or they plan on BEING the criminals and want no opposition.

LIBERALS ARE AMAZINGLY STUPID! They tell us amazingly stupid things and expect us to believe them. They're also racist. They are constantly thinking of ways to bring race into the political discourse. That's an amazing combination, and there is a group of people (Dumocrats) who DO sadly believe them—and they vote. Now they're telling us (again) that “Republicans want to repeal Obamacare only because Obama Is black.” Never mind the fact that Obamacare is a miserable mess and they PROMISED to repeal it to get elected. They attribute ANYTHING they don't agree with to being racist. Dumocrats spend most of their days (and nights) thinking about race—and that's what RACISTS do.

JUST TOO SUSPICIOUS: I've made mention several times about the long list of people who are about to, or have revealed something the Clintons didn't want known turning up dead in suspicious circumstances. And I've heard of THREE instances of that in just the last couple of days. The latest is the Haiti official who “exposed” the Clinton Foundation turning up dead. This is beginning to enter the realm of something happening too often to ignore. What I want to know is, is ANYBODY going to investigate this? Or are they too afraid of becoming the next “suicide?”

MAKING A BIG THING: Dumocrats are making a big thing out of Trump's low poll numbers, mostly engineered by them. But what they're mostly hiding from you are Hillary's poll numbers, which are lower than his—without their help. But, in spite of their best efforts, word has come out, that Hillary's numbers are worse than Trump's. Which is no surprise to those of us who know what's up out there. She claims to have won the “popular vote,” but fails to mention that ALL the votes she got more than Trump came from liberal “strongholds,” such as California, where millions of illegal aliens were allowed to vote.

Monday, July 17, 2017

It's A "Brain Fart"

Liberals blame Bush for the rise of ISIS, because he invaded Iraq and caused “regime change.” That's a “brain fart.” What really caused it is the fact that Obama pulled out of Iraq before the job was done, creating a vacuum, in which ISIS rose to power. In any case, what the hell does it matter what the name is? They're all Islamic terrorists, under whatever name they operate. ISIS, al-Qaida, Boko Haram, whatever. They're all the same ignorant, and vile people who kill innocent people for not believing in their drivel.

EXAGGERATION, EXAGGERATION: Thy name is Dumocrat. Socialist Bernie Sanders says if the Republican health care bill is enacted, 28,000 people will DIE every year, which is NINE TIMES worse than 9/11! Other Dumocrats say MILLIONS of people will die. What they don't mention is the number of people who DID DIE as a result of Obamacare! I'm getting very tired of them LYING and exaggerating everything. They say Trump is INSANE, without giving us ANY evidence of just HOW he is insane. There's never any evidence, only ignorant pronouncements and predictions that couldn't possibly come true.

WE KNOW FOR A FACT”: I just heard someone (I don't know who) say on Fox News, that “We know for a FACT that the Russians interfered in the 2016 election.” We do NOT “know that for a fact.” We ASSUME they did, because that's what they DO. But assuming something does not rise to the level of knowing it for a FACT. There are far too many people in a position to influence lawmakers who THINK what they ASSUME is fact. It is NOT.

ASK A STUPID QUESTION! They're running a question and answer campaign on the Internet. The question they ask is, “Is CNN biased against Trump? Wow! What a stupid question! But I can't say it is the stupidest. That “honor” falls to another campaign that asked, “Is Obama the best president ever?” Obama is unquestionably the WORST president in my memory, and my memory goes back a LOOOONG way. To even ask that question reveals a certain IGNORANCE. FDR was ONE of the worst, but liberals everywhere still “lionize” him. And so do even some conservatives!

ADD IT TO THE LIST: There's a long list of people who have died under very suspicious circumstances, with their deaths never being properly investigated, while “authorities” made very suspicious “rulings” regarding them. Like the one man who “committed suicide” by shooting himself TWICE in the head. Republican operative Peter W. Smith was trying to unearth Hillary's 30,000 “lost” e-mails when he “committed suicide” because of “ill health.” No, there's no EVIDENCE of foul play, But the sheer NUMBER of people who DIED just before they were to reveal something a Clinton didn't want known makes me suspicious.

SUSPICIONS CONFIRMED: Judicial Watch just received copies of lots of Hillary's e-mails, most “redacted” (“redacted” meaning all incriminating information blacked out), but some important info remained, showing Hillary's propensity for receiving money for favors such as visas for “important people” and cushy ambassador jobs for contributors. Plus, evidence of almost 500 emails containing classified info were found. I'll be interested to see if ANY criminal charges are filed, even if she “didn't MEAN to do anything wrong.”

Friday, July 14, 2017

"Rookie Mistake"

That's what Donald Trump, Jr. calls his meeting with that Russian lawyer to get (he thought) a little bit of “opposition research.” Yes, it should not have happened, but it does NOT rise to the level of “treason,” as some Dumocrats are saying, and does NOT constitute “collusion” with the Russians. Dumocrats are building this into a mountain when it is a molehill, desperately trying to make this that elusive “evidence” of collusion by Trump people with the Russians to get him elected. Nice try, but no cigar, people.

SEARCHING FOR CRITICISM: Self-identified liberal Joan Walsh (MSNBC) criticized Ivanka Trump's choice of a dress when she “sat in” for her father in a meeting while he attended to other important business. She called the dress “girly.” So the hell WHAT? She IS a girl. Liberals are searching HARD for things to criticize regarding Trump, his family, or his associates and friends. If this is all they can come up with, they're in big trouble. Every time they criticize something like this, they make FOOLS of themselves.

IT'S ALL OVER! That's what the liberal media wants us to think, now that a Dumocrat has started articles of impeachment against President Trump, citing “high crimes and misdemeanors.” I don't know what he has cited, but I don't think they ARE “high crimes and misdemeanors.” They're “whistling past the graveyard” and 'throwing crap up against the wall, hoping it will stick.” And he's got the liberal media pissing in their boots, hoping. I can't count the number of articles of impeachment that have been filed against various presidents that have come to nothing.

WISHFUL THINKING: Dumocrats everywhere are ecstatic. A Dumocrat has filed “articles of impeachment” against Donald Trump. Hoopa hoopa! I wonder how many times an opposition party has conned one of their members into filing articles of impeachment against the opposition party standard bearer? And how many times has it come to anything? ONCE in recent years, and because of proven LYING by a president—and they STILL couldn't remove him from office. Do they really think they are gonna succeed this time?

GUN CONTROL IS RACIST”: That's what a writer at Salon thinks, anyway. She talks about Trump's “heavy handed” enforcement of gun laws, which is completely non-existent. She compared gun violence reports to the old “red line” policies of the past (80 years ago), and found similarities. Thus, she determined that gun control was racist. I really get tired of liberals always coming out with new things that are “racist,” based on the thinnest “evidence” possible, and which stretch the definition of racism to the limit.

TAX CUTS FOR RICH: Liberals, when they want to con people out of more money, they start talking about passing a new tax on the rich. They spread the bulldung that “the rich” got that way by “stealing from the poor.” Tell me—how do you steal from people who HAVE nothing, and by so doing, become rich? It doesn't make sense. But then, nothing said or done by liberals make sense to intelligent people. The richer these people become, the more jobs for the rest of us they create, making the economy ever better. I get really tired of that old liberal refrain any time there is a reduction in taxes, that “most of it goes to the rich.” Yep, it does. And they are entitled, because they put more into the economy than anybody else. A 10% tax for ALL of us results in more money for the rich than it does for, say, me, since they put a lot more into it than I did—and that's only right.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

"Trump Is Isolated"

And therefore knows NOTHING, according to the liberal misfits. They're stupid that way. They claim that's the reason he pulled us out of the Paris Accords, among other things. Well, I submit that the ones who are isolated are those fool liberals who actually BELIEVE in the fairy tale of global warming. Liberals “buy into” the fairy tales the other liberals continually feed them, because they know no better, since they've been taught, from kindergarten, only what liberals want them to think.

ELECTRIC CARS: Some time soon, we all may be driving electric cars. Not because that's the best thing to do, but because that's what the government wants us to do, whether it's a good thing, or not. They SAY that electric cars are “good for the environment.” But just think about the sudden INCREASE in coal use when there is a spike in electricity use, as there WILL be when we all start driving electric cars. What environmentalists won't tell us is that, to make electricity, they have to use coal-fired generators. There is no other type of generator as efficient and cost effective than coal so they won't stop using it to produce electricity very soon.

CUZ' THEY WANT IT! We all wonder why the Dumocrat fixation on Trump's imagined “collusion” with the Russians to get elected just will not die. Even after months of “investigation” by many different organizations, and spending millions of dollars to do it, they can't find ANY evidence of Trump's collusion with the Russians to get elected, but they just won't give it up, because to do so would be to admit their own failure. They think he's guilty because they WANT him to be guilty and they'll go to their graves, still looking for evidence.

DAT'S JIST ORFUL! Donald trump, Jr., took a meeting with a woman lawyer from Russia to do a little “opposition research” on Hillary. It turns out the meeting got NOTHING, because the woman HAD nothing for him. The Dumocrats regularly search for “dirt” on their opponents, but when Republicans do it, especially Trump or any of his people do it, they try to make a big thing of it, to gain support for their “fairy tale” about Trump “collaborating” with the Russians during the 2016 election. There's nothing there, but what they MAKE of it, publicly, in the liberal media.

PERLMUTTER QUITS: Dumocrat Congressman Ed Perlmutter was a front-runner in the Colorado race for governor, one of 24 candidates. But he suddenly announced he was “pulling out.” Not only that, he was not going to run for re-election as a congressman. What happened in his life to prompt this action? I don't know, but I suspect somebody has something on him and told him he'd better get out of politics or they'd make it public. That may, or may not be the case, but his action is very suspicious.

THEY'RE REALLY DESPERATE: Dumocrats must be really desperate for something, ANYTHING to support their “fairy tale” that Trump or some of his people “colluded” with the Russians in the 2016 election. They've been spending MILLIONS in taxpayer dollars, over many months, to find SOMETHING to support their claims of Trump's “collusion” with the Russians, and found NOTHING. So they find this innocuous meeting with a Russian lawyer with connections to the Russian government, and built it into something it is NOT. This was simply “opposition research,” something the Dumocrats do all the time. But when Republicans do it, they whine and cry about it.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Trump Just Can't Win!

It doesn't matter what he does, he will be criticized by the liberal media for SOMETHING. If he suddenly found a sure cure for cancer, the media would immediately take him to task for “putting many cancer surgeons out of work.” They hate his guts because he told them he was going to reverse as many liberal damfool policies as he could, and he's doing just that—and most newspeople being liberals, that didn't sit well with them, so they're trying their best to “take him down,” but they aren't going to make it because he has the American people behind him—those that haven't “bought the liberal BS,” that is.

THE “RUSSIAN FACTOR”: The Dumocrats (Obama) KNEW the Russians were meddling in our election during the 2016 presidential elections. The Russians always do that, in ours, and others all over the world. But they did NOTHING, because they thought they were aiding Hillary and they didn't want to stop that. But when they lost, suddenly the Russians were being “aided” by Trump, making his winning the election fraudulent. Putrid....er, uh, Putin denied it, but you know how much we can depend on his word. There is not now, and never has been, any EVIDENCE that Trump “colluded” with the Russians to get elected, but Dumocrats just won't shut up on the subject. They hope to be able to impeach Trump, for all the good it'll do them. If Trump is impeached, Hillary will STILL not become the president. Get used to it, Dumocrats!

THE MARXIST POPE: Catholics think the Pope cannot be wrong, but that's only on religious, or Catholic things. This one is certainly wrong in his outlook on the world when he says, “America has a distorted vision of the world.” In reality, it is this Pope who has a “distorted vision of the world, if he believes in that Marxist crap, which it seems he does. Catholics, don't send me nasty letters for telling the truth. Muslims want to KILL me for the same thing. I never let little things like that get in the way of the truth. I tell the truth, no matter what.

THE NEXT FOX VICTIM: Looks like the liberals have toppled a new victim at Fox News. Charles Payne, a top economist with his own show, has been “suspended” because of CLAIMS (with no evidence) of sexual misconduct. I don't know if they're true, or not. But I do notice that the only accusations of sexual misconduct seem to be leveled at FOX people, never at CNN, HLN, or any of the other LIBERAL-oriented networks. ONLY at the single popular CONSERVATIVE network. Accusations of sexual misconduct seem to be working, so they keep making them—on CONSERVATIVES. That seems a little suspicious, doesn't it?

CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE”: Howard Dean, the screamer, says the Trump administration is a “criminal enterprise.” Wow! It is very easy for a CRIMINAL to accuse others of being criminals, to distract attention from their own criminality. That looks like what Dean is doing. He IS a Dumocrat, after all, and that's how they have gained what pre-eminence they have attained. Their pre-eminence has been mostly gained by vote buying, ballot box stuffing, voting dead people, allowing illegal aliens to vote in our elections and all kinds of other criminal actions.

MORE LIKE A DICTATOR”: Maxine Waters says Trump is “looking more like a dictator than a president.” But Waters is looking more like a FOOL than a member of Congress. Maybe she should learn to shut her bazoo rather than confirm her status as a damned fool. She seems to be trying HARD to maintain that status. It really amazes me the fools the Dumocrats run for public office, and Dumocrat voters elect them. They're all just dumb, I guess. I think stupidity is a requirement to be a Dumocrat.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Searching for Racism

That liberal-minded people search constantly for things they can classify as racism is obvious. In baseball. A “K” is used to indicate a strike. Now one liberal is demanding they eliminate the “K” to indicate strikes, because the three”Ks” (indicating 3 strikes) looks like the Ku Klux Klan. That the racism is only in her mind is obvious. As a liberal, she searches daily for anything she can twist into racism, so she jumped on this—and the baseball “powers that be” will probably surrender and eliminate the “Ks.”

DELUDING THEMSELVES: Dumocrats are now searching around for possible successors to Minority Leader (formerly MAJORITY Leader) Nancy Peelosi, who presided over the loss of 1,000 Democrat elective offices nationwide, plus losing all three houses in the government. The GOP likes her so much, they're saying that she should NOT retire, because she's such a good target. Dumocrats lost FOUR elections they again thought were “shoo-ins” in traditionally GOP districts. By all measures, she's an abject failure. But liberals LOVE failures, so she's still in place and probably will be for some time.

OBAMA DID NOTHING: He found out in August before the 2016 election that the Russians were meddling in our election process—NOT that they were “colluding” with Trump or any of his people, just that they were messing around, trying to subvert our election process—and did NOTHING. Why did he do nothing? Because he thought they were trying to help Hillary, and he didn't want to stop that, They logically thought Russia would WANT Hillary as president (one of the liberals' few logical moments), since she was as much of a socialist as Obama was, and they'd love having another socialist as president.

NANCY'S THE PROBLEM: The Dumocrats keep electing Nancy Peelosi as their “leader” in the House, while she is the major reason why they have lost several presidential elections in a row, and MANY state and local elections, too. They picked special elections they expected to win in FOUR states, saying their wins there would show us how unpopular Trump was—one small problem—they LOST those elections and now, many Dumocrats want to dispense with Nancy. Good thinking, but probably won't happen. Most Dumcrats are too stupid.

SOLUTION: MORE GUN LAWS: A man was attacked by a racist black woman with a HAMMER. So what's the “solution” demanded? More anti-gun fool laws. Anti-gun fools will use ANYTHING in their quest to disarm ALL Americans, and make them DEFENSELESS against the millions of ILLEGAL guns out there in the hands of criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists. They'll deny it to their dying day, but it is obvious that they don't want to “stop gun violence,” they want to make Americans DEFENSELESS, and make it easier for bad guys to victimize us.

STARBUCKS WILL REGRET IT: Starbucks have pledged to hire 10,000 Muslims to work in their coffee stores. Bad idea. Muslims have shown themselves to be bad employees, for anybody. I remember the bunch of Muslims who hired on to haul BEER, and then refused to do their jobs because it involved going against their religion, which bans alcohol for them. The fact that they knew that going in doesn't seem to matter. And the stories about Muslims suing their employers for things they KNEW were part of the job are rife—and they're collecting BIG paydays from liberal judges. And they will want to pray five times a day, right in the way of their customers—and will sue if they are not allowed to do it.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Promoting Rape

Rape has become a major problem in the military, and no wonder, when the “powers that be” tell female recruits that they should just “suck it up” when transgenders (men) shower right beside them. The politicians who promote such things think transgenders are all gay, so they won't be sexually excited by the sight of a naked woman in the shower. Many will want to have sex with them, and when they refuse, the men often just force themselves on them.And some "full-blooded (non gay) men" PRETEND that they see themselves as women so they can go into those places and look at our young girls.

WHAT IS “BIGOTED?” Whatever they decide it is, according to the left, I guess. Anything that disagrees with their preconceived notions is called “bigoted” or “racist.” that's their primary scam in their efforts to SILENCE criticism of their positions. Some liberals are even pushing to make disagreement with their “flights of fancy” a CRIMINAL offense, to be punished by l;aw, and the judgment will be on their opinion of what is “bigoted” or not. They have me listed on several of their “racist” lists because I tell the truth about black people, gay activists, and Muslim terrorists. Ask me if I give a damn.

PHONY NRA MEMBERS: Although there are really just 5 MILLION NRA members, 14 million people SAY they're NRA members. Why, I don't know. Maybe it's just wishful thinking of people who may have ONCE been members and feel like they still are, and maybe many of them only claim membership so pollsters will ask their opinion AS a NRA member. The NRA never gives out member information, so there's NO WAY pollsters can get that information except to ask the NRA itself to poll their members, which they regularly do.

NO GENDER REGULATIONS: The Olympic Committee has announced “no gender regulations” for the Olympic games. Which means people who are physically MEN can compete with WOMEN to win the gold. That this is ABSURD goes without saying. Men are bigger and stronger than most women, so these men who THINK they are women today have an unfair advantage. This will DESTROY the Olympic games, by injecting politics into them. But the liberals on this committee are not sufficiently INTELLIGENT to know it.

PAVING ROADS IS RACIST: According to the left, anyway. They think only “rich white people” drive on paved roads, thus paving them is racist. This is typical left-wing lunacy. A way to extend the label of racism to everybody. I'm certainly not rich, though I AM a “white man,” and I drive on paved roads, every day I go out. Their contention that ONLY “rich white men” drive on paved roads” is RACIST. They attribute white against black racism to everything, even if they have to twist reality severely, which is their way to advance their own racism against white people.

INSIPID RACIST PROFESSOR: A professor who teaches “African American Studies” (definition, studies promoting racism) at Emory University, says Congressman Steve Scalise, who was shot (almost fatally) at baseball practice for a charity game, better be glad the Republican health care plan has not yet been passed after he was readmitted to the ICU with further problems, ASSUMING the GOP plan is a bad one, which is not true. What she doesn't say is that Scalise is not dependent on Obamacare, OR the Republican substitute. Like all members of Congress, he has his own (congressional) health care plan, which is far better than ANYTHING Congress will come up with.

Friday, July 7, 2017

March for Impeachment

Liberals (Dumocrats) have failed every time in every effort to get rid of Trump, so now they're taking a new tack: “Impeachment Marches.” They actually think a bunch of fools “marching” will get Trump impeached. Sad. What they seem not to know is that certain things are REQUIRED to happen before a president can be impeached, and that's what has defeated their previous efforts. They're “throwing everything against the wall” in hopes SOMETHING will stick. This is one more thing, and it's not going to stick, either.

SURPRISE. SURPRISE! All of 24 Dumocrats support a bill to remove Trump for mental incapacity. There's only one small problem—there is not a single bit of evidence to support such a notion. They've thrown everything else up against the wall without any success. Of course, that hasn't stopped their continuing narrative that Trump colluded with the Russians, looking for evidence of which they have spent MILLIONS of dollars in taxpayer money, while finding NOTHING, which is just what they will find when they look for evidence that Trump doesn't have all his marbles.

NO SENSE OF HUMOR” Dumocrats have NO sense of humor. President Trump decided to have a joke at the expense of CNN, and published a Tweet showing him throwing a man down and punching the man, who had a CNN square for a head. Dumocrats, and other liberals predictably had a kitten, saying, “It's a sad day when the president of the United States threatens reporters with violence.” (Doing that is something onoly THEY have a right to do, according to them) But that's not what he was doing, at all, but they're too dumb to realize it. Meanwhile, reporters are not in the hospital after being shot by a liberal Republican hater. Republicans are.

WE'RE TOO PATRIOTIC”: That's what FORMER President Obama thinks, and he took the opportunity of a July Fourth speech to tell us that. But, as usual. This fool is WRONG. You CANNOT be “too patriotic,” unless you're NOT patriotic, which he obviously is. He proved it time after time while he was president, by approving policies that were clearly AGAINST America's best interests. We are well rid of him—at least in a position to CREATE such policies. Now all he can do is carp and whine about Trump's policies.

STAY AWAY FROM CHICAGO! If you want to stay alive, that is. Thugs killed 15 people and wounded a total of 101 people (and counting), just over the July Fourth weekend. In spite of all their very tight “gun laws.” What has to happen for the anti-gun fools in Chicago to learn their lesson? That all their silly laws not only do NOT stop, or even slow down the fool gang members killing one another and others? Telling them this is like throwing a glass of water into a lake. It just “doesn't compute.” They're not intelligent enough to “tumble” to that fact.

WHAT ARE THEY THINKING? Liberals have been getting their way in a lot of ways lately. They now have same sex marriage, MEN in women's bathrooms and changing rooms if they “think” they are women, today, and in other ludicrous ways have scammed the American people. Now they have the first baby born without sex noted on their birth certificate. What their purpose is, outside of “flexing their muscles,” I don't know. I do know their ideas are ludicrous and, no matter how much they protest, are NOT “mainstream.” They want us to think they are “mainstream,” and we are “on the fringe,” but, in reality, it is the LIBERALS who are “way out there.”

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Not Used To It

The Left is grousing about President Trump REPLYING in kind to the things Mika Brzinsky and Joe Scarborough say about him. He didn't start this, as he didn't start it when other leftists “rake him over the coals” with spurious comments. They say “It's not presidential.” So, the hell WHAT? It;s not how a couple of low quality television performers ought to perform, either. But they just are not used to us “firing back,” and they don't know how to handle it. If they don't like what trump says about them, they should quit saying he's insane and stupid.

TAX BREAKS FOR THE RICH”: I get so tired of hearing this tired, sad, old refrain, but the Dumocrats insist on dusting it off and bringing it out every time a Republican does ANYTHING. What they DON'T say is that most of THEM are “rich.” And every law THEY pass, they exempt themselves from it. The whole point of this is that the rich are the ones who keep us in jobs, and their investments “make the world go around.” So why SHOULDN'T they get some tax breaks? People with less money always get breaks right along with the rich, but the left ignores that.

GOT WHAT HE WANTED: Kim Jung Un has talked for years about the possibility of the United States attacking him, while we were looking the other way. Now he's got it. We are actively deploying assets close to his country to make him think twice about his rhetoric. He should be careful what he wishes for. He might not like it if he gets it. He's been using the possibility of an American attack to tighten up his controls on his countrymen (and women), and he's still doing it.

DRAINING THE SWAMP”: The Dumocrats are getting exactly what Trump promised them as he goes about “draining the swamp” in DC, and they hate it. Now they're starting a system to “officially” question Trump's SANITY. But the lack of sanity in DC belongs to the Dumocrats, as they continue their campaign of poisonous pronouncements (without any kind of proof, of course) against him, his family, and all his people. He said he'd get rid of their many little fiefdoms, and he's doing just that—and it's scaring them to death.

9 SEPARATE INVESTIGATIONS: And still not a single shred of evidence of Trump's “collusion” with the Russians to get elected. The liberals (Dumocrats) have spent MILLIONS of dollars of OUR money in their silly quest to prove their LIE. And they continue to do so. They announce a new “investigation” every day, it seems. The latest is an attempt to “prove” Trump to be insane. Maybe they ought to try going back to governing, rather than trying to advance their vendetta against President Trump. They're making fools of themselves, and they don't even know it.

MAXINE WATERS' LUDICROUS CLAIM: She's making a fool of herself, as she does every day. Now she says that, “700 BILLION people will DIE if Trump's health care plan is passed. What a stupid FOOL this bimbo is! She can't count to FIVE, yet she's talking about billions of people! Dumocrats like to make up numbers, but this bimbo is the worst of the lot (outside of Nancy Peelosi). It's too bad the voters in her district aren't smart enough to send her into retirement, where she belongs.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Democrats and Bipartisanship

The Democrats talk a lot about “bipartisanship” since they lost the election and, with it, their power in DC. They NEVER talked about bipartisanship when THEY were in the majority, because that would allow the Republicans to have PART of their own way. NOW they want “bipartisanship” so they can “worm their way into” the decision-making in DC without having a majority. When they were on top, they never ALLOWED any “bipartisanship.” It was “their way or the highway.”

HEAT FOR A TWEET”: Seems like every day Trump gets “heat for a Tweet.” Now they're whining about Trump's comment about Mika Brzezinsky's face bleeding being “beneath the dignity of a president.” Of course, they never mentioned some of the low comments that were made by then President Clinton, or Obama. They can say anything, and it's okay with the liberal media. What about that Dumocrat ad showing a Republican leader "pushing Granny off a cliff?" Maybe one day they'll learn that all they're doing is calling more attention to his Tweets. If they'd just shut up about it, it'd maybe go away. He's GONNA Tweet. They can't stop it, so they should just “get used to it” and quit amplifying the effect of his Tweets.

BENEATH THE DIGNITY”: Liberals all over, and even a few Republicans are saying Trump's Tweets lambasting the “Morning Joe” duo are “beneath the dignity of the office.” What about that duo's comments about Trump's sanity and calling him a “thug?” Is that “beneath the dignity of a TV show host?” Was the clearly nasty lies Clinton told about his special counsel “beneath a president's dignity? It is beneath their dignity for all Dumocrats who say (without proof of anything) that Trump's health care bill will “kill millions of people?” While Obama's health care law already HAS.

FUTILE PRESIDENTIAL RUNS: There are many people telling us they are planning to run for president against Trump in the next election. They include Eric Holder and and Mark Zukerberg. I think the DNC is grooming Chelsea Clinton for a run, too. Boy, these people are certainly good at deluding themselves! They really think running those people against Trump will “strike terror into Trump's heart.” Actually, if they want to waste more of the money their gullible supporters send them, it's okay with me, and I'm sure it is with Trump, too. These people don't have a snowball's chance in hell of beating him. And they don't even know what FOOLS they're making of themselves.

BERNIE SEZ, “IT'S POLITICAL”: Bernie Sanders says the bank fraud allegations against his wife are just “political backlash.” wait....isn't that what ALL politicians say when they get accused of a crime? Sometimes it's even true. He says his wife made that college better, but they're now in bankruptcy because of the DEBT she incurred in their name by inflating the “donations” she expected to use to pay it off. Of course, the “investigation” will probably come to nothing. They ARE Dumocrats, you know. And. Guilty or not, they never do get convicted of anything, as a rule. And even if they do, they're still treated as heroes.

COMEY LIES, IT BACKFIRES: Comey told the “Gang of Eight,” which included Sen. Schumer, that Trump was NOT under investigation. But Schumer continued to LIE and say he was. He even used the spectre of that investigation to suggest that Trump should not appoint a Supreme Court judge to a lifetime appointment while he, himself, was “under a cloud.” Comey repeated the lie in public, even though he had told the “gang of eight” it WAS a lie, and so he got fired. Backfire city.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

"May the Fourth Be With You!"

RAHM EMANUEL IS FOS!* If you don't know what FOS means, it means, “*full of sh-t.” He's now telling people that Trump's base WANTS Obamacare. Dumocrats have a way of deluding themselves, and others, and this fool has just confirmed it. The sad part is that this idiot actually BELIEVES what he's saying. He's just stupid enough to believe it. And he is running one of the biggest cities in America! And he's the former (thank goodness!) Chief of Staff to a PRESIDENT! People wonder why this country is going to hell in a handbasket, Organic stupidity is the reason. That's why Trump was elected, to correct that. And he is doing just that.

BERNIE SANDERS UNDER INVESTIGATION: He and his wife are under investigation for bank fraud. SOCIALIST Bernie Sanders is suspected of bank fraud! How priceless is that? The guy who thinks every single rich person (except himself, of course) should have their money taken away from them and given to people who neither deserve it, nor have earned it, is suspected of trying to con people out of money so he can become even richer than he is! You know Bernie is, himself, very rich, don't you? He doesn't even equate himself to those he thinks should be stripped of their money and property, which shows that he is as stupid as Rahm Emanuel.

NEVER A DUMOCRAT: Did you know that at least 30 REPUBLICAN congressmen have been threatened recently? Just since we elected Donald Trump president. They're really frightened, folks! They KNOW Trump is going to “take away their toys,” and that scares the hell out of them, hence all the hatred they've been spewing. And not a SINGLE Dumocrat has been threatened—that should tell you something. They criticize Republicans for "hate speech," but THEY are guilty of the worst kind of hate speech.

GOP SHOULD STOP HATE SPEECH? MSNBC's Elsie Jordan compared Trump to a suicide bomber. And WE should stop the “hate speech?” Seems to me most of the real hate speech is coming from Dumocrats and other leftists. But then, that's not surprising; they always condemn US for the very things THEY are doing. They go out and say the nastiest things about women, then go out and criticize US for what they call “our war on women.” And they don't think intelligent people notice that.

TOTAL INCOMPETENCE: The collision between a freighter and the U. S, Navy's USS Firzgerald off Japan was a combination of incompetence on both sides. There was nobody on the bridge of the freighter to monitor the autopilot that was sailing the ship, and the systems on the Fitzgerald did not notice the approach of the freighter, as they should have. All Navy ships have Radar to detect approaching shipping, but nobody apparently noticed, apparently, somebody was asleep on duty. Many heads will roll on both sides over this collision. Or should.

THAT'S WHAT RACISTS DO: I'm constantly seeing news of new things liberals are designating as “racist,” so they can call people who are NOT racists, racists. One of the latest is their assertion that BEING white is racist, which is absurd, because being white does NOT make you a racist, automatically. They've got me listed as a racist in many liberal places, because I simply tell the TRUTH about what some black people do—such as the FACT that most of the shooters in Chicago are black. Constantly worrying about whether someone is black or white IS racist. That's what racists DO. I do NOT.