Friday, October 31, 2014

Carville: "Proud Democrat"

He doesn’t even realize that, to BE a Democrat shows your LACK of intelligence. To proclaim it is worse than stupid. He proclaims his being PROUD to be a Democrat, like we didn’t know it, already. His very OPINIONS scream STUPIDITY! So he HAS to be a Democrat! It is his lack of intelligence that makes him think being a Democrat is something to be proud of. It’s like saying, “I’m PROUD to have syphilis!”

DEMOCRAT BILLIONAIRES: Liberal Democrats like to talk about the Koch Brothers, as if they didn’t have their own billionaires supporting their insipid politics. People like George Soros and Tom Steyer, who has pledged $50 million to defeat Republicans. Soros now, has spent a lot more. His fingerprints can be found on almost ANYTHING that is designed to hurt us. Democrats are good at demonizing Republicans doing the same thihngs THEY do, good or bad,

ISLAMIC THREAT: In England, they’re letting Muslims get away with way too much. Their laws are just not up to the scams run by the Muslims. Now the law is telling a Christian school it MUST allow a Muslim Imam to “preside over an assembly.” What? This is being done in the name of “tolerance.” Intolerance? They’re demanding tolerance for a representative of the most religiously INTOLETRANT “religion” in the world! When Muslims start allowing Christians to come and speak in schools THEY control, I MIGHT consider this. Not before.

BUT IT DOESN’T CHANGE ANYTHING: Television news is “blacking out” references to the “ bad news” for Democrats in the news. But what they don’t think about is that hiding it won’t change anything. If the news they’re hiding means Democrat losses, they’ll lose, anyway. They can’t change a loss into a win by hiding the information about the bad numbers.

JON STEWART CALLS CHRISTIE A D-CK: And he ought to know, being one, himself. You can always recognize people like yourself. Christie lost his patience at a heckler and told him he’d be happy to debate him in private, but for now, just “shut up.” It’s something every politician wants to tell hecklers, but is afraid to. To me, that illustrates that Christie has more guts than most politicians. I’m not too happy with him otherwise, but I respect that.

FINALLY LOST THEIR MINDS: That’s what Denver conservative columnist and radio personality (850 KOA) Mike Rosen says of people who are now claiming that to be against bringing Ebola patients here are RACIST. Apparently, they think, because most Ebola patients are from Africa, which is MOSTLY black, that qualifies it as racist. Like the way they gripe about black men being in the majority in prisons, they IGNORE the fact that more black men commit crimes than do white men. That’s not racism, that’s FACT. Same here: Most people in Africa are black. That eliminates any “racism” on the part of objectors.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Voter Fraud DOES Exist

Liberals will gaily tell you that “voter fraud does not exist” while they are stealing votes, right and left. And they expect you to believe this BS while, in Chicago, they counted Obama’s vote 27 times! There’s a good reason why there isn’t much proof of voter fraud. And it’s not because it doesn’t exist. It’s because the way the laws are written, there’s little chance for us to catch what is going on, while liberals fight, “tooth and nail” against ANY attempt to make laws that would help us uncover their voter fraud. That’s why they hate “voter ID” laws requiring picture ID in order to vote for spurious reasons, like “the poor can’t afford it.”

EXPERTS” ALWAYS “SURPRISED”: Didja ever notice that whenever anything unusual happens, the “experts” are always surprised? Funny; if they’re “experts,” they should have seen it coming. How can they call themselves “experts if they’re always surprised by what happens in the world? Example: “Experts are “nonplussed” at how much ISIS has advanced toward taking over Iraq. Funny: I have known that for a long time—long before they got their new name. And I’m no “expert.”

MUSLIM CHILD MOLESTER: One of the popular Muslim figures in Ferguson, MO, is a convicted child molester. Molesting children is against the law in America, but is not only allowed to a Muslim, it is shown as RECOMMENDED by the Koran (however they spell it today), since to do so is to follow the teachings of their PROPHET, who “married” a SIX-YEAR-OLD GIRL and started screwing her at the age of 9! Yes, I know; ALL Muslims are NOT child molesters. But child molestation is APPROVED by Islam’s PROPHET.

POLITICIANS “MORE EQUAL”: Former NY Mayor Bloomberg, whose “hobby” is “gun control for the rest of us,” doesn’t think that applies to him, or other politicians. He thinks we have no need for armed security, either provided by ourselves, or others. But like Sen. Feinstein (the outspoken anti-gun fool who has her own “carry permit”),he thinks that doesn’t apply to people like him, who HIRE armed security. “Everybody is equal, but politicians are more equal than others.”

BLAME IT ON THE GUNS: It’s as expected as night is expected to follow day. The anti-gun fools are blaming the shooting in the Canadian Parliament on the Lack of gun control there. Yes, gun control isn’t nearly as tight as it is in America, but they neglect to mention that gun violence has GONE DOWN lately there. And they fail to remind you that EVERY mass shooting in America is done where GUNS ARE PROHIBITED. Yes, would-be mass shooters IGNORE “gun-free zones.” Which is logical. If they’re bent on mass murder, why the HELL would they worry about violating a piddling little anti-gun law? Their logic escapes me. Maybe because they have none. They don’t even know what it MEANS!

BEN AFFLECK LOVES MUSLIMS: He has so stated publicly. He needs to have his citizenship revoked for professing his love for our ENEMIES. People known for rape, murder, and beheading CHILDREN who don't believe like they do. He absolutely shouldn’t be allowed to work any more in movies, so he can make oodles of money while he hates America. We should buy him a ticket to Iraq, where he can be with his friends—and ban him from ever returning. But, of course, the liberals will never allow that, and they have conned their way into many powerful positions to make it stick.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Totally Stupid Liberals

Have you ever SEEN so many stupid people? Islamic terrorists are killing, maiming, raping adults, even beheading innocent CHILDREN. But liberals still love them. Bill Maher is a “certified liberal.” I hate almost everything he says. Almost. Recently, he spoke out against Islamic terrorists, and all his friends are shunning him and giving him hell. Islamic terrorists are the lowest form of life. Note, I didn’t say, HUMAN life, because people who do such things are NOT human. Yet the liberals still love them. And they will be the first KILLED if, and when Obama allows them to “take over” here. If that doesn’t show their abysmal stupidity, nothing ever will.

MORE VOTING MACHINE “MISCALIBRATION”: This time in Maryland. The machines involved changed Republican votes to—guess what? DEMOCRAT votes. Frankly, I think this is happening all over the country, and Democrats have been doing a pretty good job of hiding it—except in a couple of places. I think ALL voting machines should be “recalibrated,” under Republican AND Democrat supervision. And they should be continually inspected during the election to make sure they don’t get “calibrated” back to vote-stealing mode Democrats put there, in the first place. It’s a “calibration issue.” Sure. Democrats calibrated it to steal votes.

WHAT’S IT FOR? The question has been asked: “If “gun control” doesn’t reduce violent crime, what is its purpose? If the asker can’t figure it out, maybe I can help. It’s to keep guns out of the hands of most HONEST people so the government won’t meet as many guns when they come to take your property, and your rights. They’ve been trying to disarm the populace since before the ink dried on the signing of the Constitution. If they come for my guns, I’ll give them to them—one bullet at a time.

AUTOMATING ORDERING: McDonald’s is “taking action” to minimize the effect of the new minimum wage law on their business by instituting “digital ordering,” So you can get your order in without ever talking to an employee. Which means LOTS fewer employees and lower costs. The Jack-In-The-Box in Denver is already doing that, and has been, for some time. As predicted, companies are hiring fewer unskilled, just entering the workforce people than ever before, meaning there will be a SHORTAGE of such jobs soon. And it’s those beginners who will suffer. Better to get paid a little less when you know nothing than nothing at all when you can’t find a job.

“NO NEGATIVE ADS”: That’s what Colorado Governor Hickenlooper claims, while running all kinds of “negative ads” against his opponent, and threatening to commute the sentence of a “mass killer” before he leaves office if he isn’t re-elected. This is “no negativity?” What a LOAD of stinky brown stuff! I used to like Hickenlooper, before he demonstrated his REAL persona after he got elected governor. He’s a “tax and spend Democrat” like all the others, and worse than most. I favor sending him back to make more beer.

MICHELLE GRIPES ABOUT NOT BEING PAID: And being First Lady is such an awfully hard job! Yeah, million dollar “vacations” around the world, staying in $3,000.00 a night hotel rooms, billed to the taxpayer if she makes one speech, and having her own personal chef. Getting driven around like royalty amid armed security while she joins her husband in trying to disarm the nation. It’s really HARD! How many wives do you know who get paid for being their husband’s wife? What the hell makes her think being the president’s wife is any different? Yeah, she DOES spend a lot of time meddling in our children’s eating habits, something she decided to do, on her own.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"Honest" Criminals

There are two kinds of criminals: the HONEST ones, who just put a gun in your face and demand money and property you worked for while not claiming NOT to be a criminal. Then there are the politicians and bureaucrats, who pretend they’re “doing something good” when they take your money and property—and your rights. I don’t mind paying reasonable taxes. But the tax bill we’re required to pay today is far from being “reasonable,” and if we refuse to pay it, they call us “tax cheats” while people like Lois Lerner use the tax laws to block people from exposing the tricks of politicians from doing business by treating THEM like criminals and making them wait to get the tax-free status to which they’re entitled, which costs them a lot of money.

LOSING CONFIDENCE IN OBAMA: That’s what they’re saying about his false assurances about Ebola. But that’s a LOAD. Obama HAS no credibility, about ANYTHING, due to the fact that ANY time he says ANYTHING, it has been a lie.  That's provable. His biggest ;lies have come to support his “trademark robbery,” Obamacare. He would rather lie than tell the truth, even when the truth would serve better. Most politicians LIE, sometimes. Obama lies ALL the time. The truth is just not in this fool.

HILLARY “WALKING IT BACK”: She now knows her crack about corporations NOT creating jobs is so patently false that even people who don’t pay attention to politics know it’s a lie. So now she’s trying to “walk it back” by saying what she was saying is something entirely different; yet another lie. These people are so brazen, nobody even expects them to tell the truth, any more. That may be a good thing. Now you can find out the truth by seeing what they said, and knowing the truth is just the opposite. It’s as clear and dependable as night following day.

VOTING MACHINES RIGGED FOR DEMOCRATS: Why is it that every time we find a voting machine rigged to favor one party over the other, the party it favors is the DEMOCRAT Party? That’s an easy one: the Democrats are the ones who RIG them! They tell us there IS no “voter fraud,” citing the lack of reports of it. They fail to mention that they oppose ANY effort to create ways to FIND voter fraud to make sure they can keep on doing it. Example: “picture ID required for voting.” They fight this, tooth and nail so they can keep on having their people vote many times.

PRIORITIES SKEWED: ISIS is rampaging in Iraq, murdering, raping, beheading CHILDREN and adults; selling young women into sex slavery. America’s finances are is the toilet; our credit rating is slipping; our president has committed us to things that have spent more money than there IS, while he gaily prints more—trillions of dollars with nothing behind it. He has RUINED the health insurance industry with Obamacare. Taxes are higher than ever before, much higher than that for which we went to war, and the government is working night and day to INCREASE them even more. Obama is fast LOSING the war we WON in Iraq, and what are politicians fighting over? Changing the name of a sports team and allowing men to “marry” men while women “marry” women. This world is “going to hell in a handbasket” and THAT’S what they’re arguing about?

TEA PARTY SCARES THEM TO DEATH: Have you been wondering why liberals (Democrats) work so hard to discredit the “Tea Parties? Why they LIE about them and try to blame them for everything that is wrong in the world, today? Why they try and make us think they’re worse than Islamic terrorists? That’s easy for people who pay attention: they’re frightened. They see all the gains the Tea Parties are making in getting rid of Democrats and other liberals and it has them dirtying their drawers. They can’t tell the truth about them and get rid of them, so they do what they usually do: they “make it up.” They LIE about them and DARE you to disbelieve them.

Monday, October 27, 2014

"You Violated Our Religion!"

That’s what the fools being held in Gitmo whine about us starting to use women (whom they consider slaves and second class citizens) to move them around. They say they won't come out of their cells if a woman who is not a relative touches them. They think. After they get a few bruises, they may change their minds--or be put in "the hole." Aawwww. . .poor BABIES!  They’re prisoners because of their willful violations of OUR religion, and they’re mad because we violate theirs. Tough. I think we ought to feed them ham and pork, and tell them “That’s the menu. You don’t like it, starve.” No Halal food. NO Muslim headgear. No prayer rugs, and no special times and places to pray. They take advantage of that, anyway. No little arrows pointing to Mecca. And no beards.

ISIS USES CHEMICAL WEAPONS? There’s a report coming out that says ISIS is using chemical weapons. So what? Isn’t what they do every day bad enough for them to be condemned by the world? Do they have to use chemical weapons for that? Personally, I think mass executions, beheadings of adults AND children, routinely raping women and selling them into sexual slavery is quite enough for the world to condemn them and cooperate in the war for their demise, killing them as they find them. NO imprisonment. No trials. Just execution, right there on the battlefield.

SHE LOVED IT! CNN “infobabe” Carol Costello, supposedly a feminist, laughed like hell at Bristol Palin being attacked and knocked down by a bunch of drunken guys. Now this b-tch would condemn it if she was a liberal being attacked by conservative men. When this story originally came out, it was reported as a “Palin drunken brawl,” the intimation being that the Palins STARTED it, which, of course, was a complete twisting of the facts, which is common when the liberal media reports ANYTHING involving the Palins. What a dumb broad this Costello babe is! But that’s what it takes to work for CNN, the "news outlet" that nobody watches.

WHAT FOOLS THEY ARE: I’ve always said when a fool wants to display the fact that he (she) IS a fool, you should get out of the way and let him/her do it. Well, that happened recently with Hillary Clinton, the Democrats’ favorite to run for president next time. She came right out and said that “Corporations DO NOT “create jobs.” Now that’s the height of STUPIDITY. Where the hell does she think the money Democrats (and Republicans) want to control so badly comes from? Taxes? Where do taxes come from? From American citizens, many of whom work for CORPORATIONS, of course. She thinks GOVERNMENT “creates jobs,” not corporations. What a damned fool she is!

“YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT”: Obama recently said that, in the usual liberal attempt to take credit for things others accomplished, while PUNISHING achievement otherwise. They have no skills, except that of CONNING themselves into credit for the achievements of others. They seem to think that since you had to use the accomplishments of others to be able to achieve something, that “others” are responsible for YOUR achievements. They fail to understand that those ARE the achievements of others, and they don’t give those people credit for yours. If your achievements weren’t there, those roads and bridges would still be there. They want to take credit for things without the bother of working for it. There were roads and bridges before there was a big government.

OBAMA FINALLY BEAT BUSH: He beat him at SOMETHING, though what he beat him at is not something at which he would LIKE to beat him. According to a recent Gallup poll, 32% of people who voted for him are now indicating a wish to “send him a message” by voting AGAINST him, vs. 31% of people sending BUSH a message the same way amid the Democrats’ unending efforts to make Bush unpopular by lying about him.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lying To Us Now "The Norm"

Our government routinely lies to us. Obama lied to us when he told us if Obamacare passed, it would REDUCE health insurance costs and lower our deductibles. Also when he told us he knew nothing about the guns he was “running” to the Mexican drug cartels and that there was nothing he could do to stop the terrorists in Benghazi from murdering our people, including our ambassador. He lied when he said it was NOT terrorism, and he lies when he calls things like the Ft. Hood shooting “workplace violence. So why should we believe him when he tells us in that “earnest” tone of voice of his, not to worry. “We’ve got it covered. Ebola will NOT come here?" What kind of a FOOL is he?

REGULATING DRUDGE: The liberals don’t like the Drudge Report. That’s a given. He was the one who “outed” Bill Clinton and his “cocksman” ways. Now they think they can “shut him up” by making an unconstitutional rule. They think they can disguise it as a rule to control “internet-based campaigning,” but we, who pay attention, know it is designed to shut up Drudge and others who keep track of, and report the truth. What the hell makes them think they can control things on the Internet mystifies me. Their job is control of the AIRWAVES, on the fiction that the “airwaves belong to everybody.” And they don’t do a very good job of that.

AX ATTACK MEANS MORE GUN CONTROL: I’ll make this prediction right now (at 2 PM, Oct. 24, 2014) that the anti-gun fools will find some way to twist that axe attack into propaganda for more gun control. That’s how they operate. ANYTHING that happens, even if no guns were even thought of (except in the hands of the cops) is an excuse for more gun control. The anti-gun fools will use ANYTHING as an excuse to make more of their useless gun laws that KILL people. They’re “single-minded.” They can’t see beyond their wish to take guns away from EVERYBODY but the cops and federal agents.

HOW DO YOU STEAL FROM THE POOR? They don’t have anything worth stealing. But that’s the favorite refrain from liberals; that the “rich” stole their riches from the “poor.” The lack of logic there is inescapable to people who pay attention and ARE logical. But then, you can expect that kind of stupidity from liberals. Their entire philosophy is illogical. They even deny the EXISTENCE of logic, unwittingly saying, “It’s LOGICAL that there is no logic.”

ANOTHER LIBERAL FALLACY: It is that you won’t destroy entry-level jobs by forcing employers to pay young workers just entering the workforce with NO talents, or abilities, more that they’re worth. Part of that fallacy is the belief that people with three or four kids after years of work still need to work at minimum-wage jobs. I don’t think I EVER worked at a minimum-wage job, even when I WAS a beginner. It is only those who failed to learn anything in school who NEED to work at a minimum wage job. Everything the liberals think is wrong. They think businesses should not have to make a PROFIT. That their only purpose is to provide jobs. That’s PATENTLY wrong, ans STUPID. There is no other reason to BE in business!

LIBERALS CREATED “LONE WOLF TERRORISTS”: They did it by seeing to it that kids are taught from kindergarten and before, the fiction that this country was STARTED in a corrupt fashion. That, somehow, people STOLE their riches from people who had nothing to steal, “the poor.” They keep hitting them, over and over with that claptrap, and they’re too young and innocent to know any better, so they “buy it,” and get mad. Thus, a “lone-wolf terrorist” is born. Islamists take full advantage of that in their recruitment efforts, and they also go into prisons, where many of the “misfits” who blame society for the troubles they brought on themselves, are. They’re prime candidates. They're STUPID.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Obama Ain't Gonna Like That!

A man attacked four police officers with an axe and was, of course, killed. New York says it IS Islamic terrorism. But I’m predicting that Obama will not. He will call it something else, so he won’t have to admit that Islamic terrorism is coming here, “on his watch.” He will no doubt criticize New York cops. This is all part of America “going crazy,” below, but would not fit in that item. Obama is fast proving that HE is an Islamic terrorist, too, and since he has conned his way into the presidency, he will use that job to PROMOTE Islamic terrorism.

THE WORLD IS GOING CRAZY: The president refuses to admit we are at war with Islamic terrorism while the terrorists go about, gaily murdering, raping, and beheading CHILDREN while threatening to “raise the terrorist flag over the White House. Children and football teams for children are FINED for scoring too many points; the news media helps a CRIMINAL become president, then helps to hide his crimes while he's in office; the Congress has no backbone and lets him get away with his crimes and atrocities while the Supreme Court makes his crimes legal; he won’t control our borders while terrorists sneak in easily, to kill Americans later. And he is making it easier for Ebola to come here and kill us. There’s more, but I don’t have enough room her to list it all.

CANCELLING HALLOWE’EN: It’s all part of liberalism. There are a FEW people in America who don’t like Hallowe’en so they want to cancel it for all those who do. That's the liberal way: if they don't like it, they want to stop EVERYBODY from doing it. In many places, if ONE PERSON doesn’t like something, they cancel it, to keep from hurting someone’s feelings.” This is the height of damned foolishness, but never try to tell a liberal this. It will bounce off him like a tennis ball off a concrete wall. They're impervious to truth.

“CORPORATIONS DON’T CREATE JOBS?” Hillary Clinton says “Corporations don’t create jobs,” Who the hell does she THINK creates jobs?” Damned sure not the GOVERNMENT! Without the trillions in taxes paid by the corporations, the government HAS no jobs TO “create.” Corporations are the BACKBONE of this nation. Without them, we would be NOTHING. How does one so STUPID get so close to becoming president? Probably because those who MAKE presidents are just as stupid, and stupidity becomes the norm.

STILL OBSESSING: As this is written, it has been three hours since that school shooting in Washington State, and all that is being shown on the television is a picture of the “suspect” running along a white building with red doors, checking each door as he went. I’ve seen this clip about 40 times (now up to 55 times, an hour after this was first written), and I’d bet I’ll see it many times more today, and in the next few days as the “talking heads” vamp, trying to come up with something new to say about the shooting.

A BREAK IN COVERAGE: There has been a break in the coverage of the Washington State school shooting because of a press conference about yesterday’s “axe attack” on some police officers in New York. They’re calling it a “weaponized axe,” whatever THAT means (He’s using it as a weapon, so it must be “weaponized.”). Politicians are rushing to assure us his attack was NOT terrorism, even though he is a “converted Muslim.” I don’t believe that for a minute. In any case, he’s nothing now, because he’s dead. IN any case the cops, who should know, are saying it IS terrorism.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Send 'Em Back, NOW!

The best way to scotch the scheme to inundate our borders with underage illegal immigrants is to refuse to accept them. Send them back home, as soon as they are identified. And let their own country sort them out. As long as this fool in the White House keeps telling them they can stay, they’ll keep coming. And we just cannot handle them all. That’s a fact, and one they don’t understand. But intelligent people do.

HE’S A MUSLIM: The shooter in the Canadian Parliament was a recently-converted to Islam Muslim, and the Canadians admit it. But don’t look for Obama or any of his accomplices in his scam to take over this government and make himself into a dictator a la Adolph Hitler to admit it. I predict that he, or oue or more of his mouthpieces will go out and DENY this act was terrorism, OR that the shooter was Muslim.

BE AFRAID—VERY AFRAID: If you go by the history of politicians telling you not to worry about something, and subsequently getting it, take note: NY Mayor DiBlasio is telling New Yorkers “not to worry” about Ebola spreading here after a doctor who was recently treating Ebola patients got it after riding the NY subways. If there was ever a “kiss of death,” that’s it didn’t Obama say7 not to worry about ANYBODY getting it here?.

JUDGE REMOVAL: This is why we need to have a system for the removal of judges who make patently WRONG (illegal) decisions. It seems like if a judge decrees it, it happens—illegal or not. A judge’s decision can MAKE it legal, even if it is plainly ILLEGAL under law. And this decision will affect future decisions by other judges. In this case, the judge ruled AGAINST the plaintiff in the suit against the IRS fort putting roadblocks in the way of conservative organizations. He says that since their problems are now over, there’s no reason to rule in their favor. What about the years of stalling, delay, and the money it cost them? This judge has been BOUGHT.

WHY SO EASY? Why is it so easy for Islamics to “radicalize” and recruit Americans, who live in the best country in the world, to go over and suffer hardships and maybe get killed fighting for Islam’s goals? That’s easy: they’re told, from kindergarten, that America was BUILT on corruption, that everything we have was STOLEN from people who had nothing to begin with. They’re young enough to believe that crap and, with other Islamists “reinforcing” it and attributing it to being Christian, one day they wake up and think Islam is the way to go, and find they have a need to KILL to make things right (since they've been told that, over and over, since they were small children). The fact that many of them are “no-accounts” anyway, with no prospects, just makes it easier to fool them.

OBAMA’S PROMOTING TERRORISM: Don’t believe it? Put it together. He REFUSES  to control our borders when he KNOWS that’s where Islamic terrorists will come in, to form their illicit cells from which to kill people in the future. He sends guns and money to Islamic terrorists in Syria, saying he’s just “helping the rebels,” who ARE the terrorists. He “cuts and runs” from Iraq, “accidentally” leaving billions of dollars’ worth of munitions and equipment for the terrorists to steal. He’s a “closet Islamic” himself, no matter how much he denies it. He continually minimizes what the terrorists are doing, and REFUSES to call the terrorist attacks in this country what they are. He won’t even USE the term, “Islamic terrorists.” You decide.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Anti-Gun Fool Arrested

Carrying a gun, of course. She has introduced, and supported several anti-gun measures in the Missouri legislature to keep US from being armed in self-defense, but when she was arrested demonstrating in favor of a legal lynching of a cop in Ferguson, MO, she was armed, with extra ammo. Like Senator Feinstein, another anti-gun fool, she has her own “carry permit.” (she says, but she couldn't show it) What’s good for us, apparently is not good for the elite (our betters), I guess.

CANADA HAS STRONG GUN LAWS: The entire country is, in effect, a “no-gun zone.” But that didn’t stop the shooters who are even now (as this is written) shooting up the Canadian Parliament Building. The Ottowa hospital has, so far, received three patients and one of the shooters is reported dead, shot by the “Sergeant-At-Arms.” Yet more evidence that “no-gun zones” have NO EFFECT on possible mass shooters, who CHOOSE “no-gun zones,”  in which to do their dirty work.

OBAMA: “I’M DOING PRETTY GOOD”: Oh. The president said he’s doing pretty good as president. I guess that settles it, then. Never mind even DEMOCRATS think he’s doing a lousy job and are running as fast as they can in the opposite direction when he approaches. Most of them refuse to answer the question, “Did you vote for Obama?” They tell him to “stay away” from their functions. So he thinks he’s “doing okay?” Doesn’t that show his ignorance? Again? Or is he like the kid “whistling past the graveyard,” thinking if he says it often enough, people will believe it?

HOW MANY MORE TIMES? How many more times must potential shootings be minimized by one “good person with a gun” who is not afraid to use it, before the anti-gun fools “wise up?” From the time a small girl (who probably didn't weigh 90 pounds soaking wet) in a Colorado Springs church stopped a potential mass shooter who had already killed in his tracks by shooting him, to the Canadian Sergeant At Arms who shot and killed the man who had already shot and killed one man at the Canadian Parliament building, there’s ample evidence that disarming ourselves is NOT the way to go toward self-defense. So will they ever learn? Probably not. They don’t care about facts. They just want to disarm America.

“PEOPLE’S STATE OF CALIFORNIA”: In a SLAP to all religions (except Islam, of course), the “People’s State of California” has now ordered that CHURCHES pay for abortions. CHURCHES! Makes no difference that they are unalterably AGAINST murdering the result of sex without a rubber or any other kind of protection. Never mind the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion. They don’t care about that. Gov. Moonbeam’s in charge and he dictates it.

REPUBLICAN CATCHES ELECTION FRAUD: This GOP candidate voted for himself and the machine he used cast his vote for his OPPONENT. This is just ONE WAY Democrats steal elections. This is how they stay in power so long. These machines need to be controlled by people OTHER than “election officials.” People who are, in no way, partisan. Although, how we’re going to accomplish that, I don’t know, except to mandate PUBLIC, DAILY checking of these machines. Or by stopping their use, altogether. So there’s no voter fraud, huh, Democrats?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Everything is Racism

If you disagree with ANYTHING Obama proposes, that is. Or if you oppose ANYTHING the Democrats think is “hunky-dory.” It’s the “drop-kick response” Democrats use to put a stop to ANY opposition, right or wrong, before it can even get started. But it’s beginning to unravel. They’ve used it so often, nobody CARES about being so labeled any more. They find many ways to do it, including the “code word” scam, describing certain words as “code words” for “hidden racism. What a bunch of FOOLS!

THERE IS NO WAR ON WOMEN! Not unless you consider the one the DEMOCRATS are waging against every female politician EXCEPT Hillary Clinton, their “chosen one” to be the next president. The only “war on” anything right now is the “war on Christianity” being waged by the Islamic terrorists and the Democrats (a redundancy, there?). That war has become obvious by the fact that there are so many actions AGAINST Christians being taken by many different factions, just about all of them liberals.

LYNCHINGS COMING BACK? Typical Democrat fear mongering. Now they’re saying if the Republicans win, lynchings will come back. Is that a threat? The only people that would apply to are Democrats, and making a threat like that is a felony. Unless, of course, you’re a politician, and there are no rules for the lies you tell. And Democrats tell the most lies, so they’re not hard to spot.

DEATH OF RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: In a Christian nation, giving schools ORDERS to have Muslim imams lead assemblies is against the law. But politicians don’t care about that. They do what they do, and if nobody displays a backbone, they get away with it. Of course, this is happening in England, where they have no “Bill of Rights.” But how long will it be before it comes here with the stupid politicians we have in office today. Imams will push Islam to the students, but that’s Obama’s goal.

“PRE-CRIME GUN CONFISCATION”: That’s what will happen in New York State if a law being considered passes into law. This law allows the state to take away guns from anybody they “DEEM” to be a “danger to himself or others.” It’s similar to a law now in effect in Governor Moonbeam’s California and is a big step toward general gun confiscation. What controls the REASONS guns can be taken with no crime being committed?

OBAMA PREPARING TO LEGALIZE ILLEGALS: He has ordered 4 MILLION “green cards” for use AFTER THE ELECTION. Apparently, he plans to “legalize” at least that many illegal aliens right after the election while he is still president. He is doing many onerous things “after the election.” This makes it even more important not to allow “lame duck” politicians to make important decisions and dictates when they KNOW they will be out of office soon.

DON’T THEY HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO? They’re still trying to change the name of the “Redskins” team. Where the hell are their priorities? Terrorists are running wild all over the world, killing “non-believers. Obama is spending money like water and growing the government like nobody’s business while doing everything he can to HELP the terrorists and is using OUR tax money to FINANCE their murderous operations. He has more scandals than I can name, and they’re worried about forcing a change to the name of a sports team? Damn!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Throwing Them Under the Bus

Obama doesn’t like it much that many Democrats (most of them, actually) are turning their backs on him. Some even walked out on one of his speeches. So he threw them under the bus. In a recent speech he told everybody, “They’re the people who made my wishes happen. They’re the ones who voted for the things I proposed, and now they’re going the other way and hurting my feelings.” Basically what he’s saying is that they’re “traitors” To ME. That everybody who now shuns him helped everything we hate come into being. So don’t vote for them. I don’t care about anybody but me.

LOSING THE WAR ON PURPOSE: That’s what Obama is doing. Some of us wonder (I don’t) why he does the things he does. He PROMISES the terrorists he will not have any “boots on the ground in Iraq” to do a REAL job on them. He conducts a few air raids on lonely pickup trucks out running around by themselves while hundreds of pickup trucks full of armed fools attack cities and murder people with abandon. He made his troops “cut and run” so they’d have no problem taking back what we took from them under Bush. He gave them $billions under the guise of “humanitari aid.” Everything he does is HELPING them. Why? Because he IS a Muslim, even if he does deny it. But he's a congenital liar and fraud, so don't believe his lies.

NO VOTER FRAUD? Gimme a break! Imagine a GOP candidate in Chicago (where else?) voting for himself, only to discover the machine registered his vote for his OPPONENT! That actually happened to Republican State Representative Jim Moynihan in Chicago. To say it “undermined his confidence in the voting machine” goes without saying, but he shouldn’t be surprised; especially not in Rahm Emmanuel’s (by proxy Obama’s) Chicago; home of the BEST in political thieves.

BLAMING CLINTON: Who gave Bill Clinton oral sex in the White House while a terrorist waited in the outer office? Monica Lewinsky. She did everything she could to “get next to” Clinton so she could do it. She even masturbated with one of his cigars while he watched. She created a word that MEANT oral sex using her name. And NOW she says Clinton “ruined her life.” That she now has nightmares about it. What a LOAD of BS! Nobody forced her to do it, nor to keep “the evidence” on that famous blue dress.

HIDING JIHAD IN AMERICA: That’s what the press is doing in America. There have been a number of Islamic terrorist atrocities in Australia, I guess to “bring Australia to its knees,” and the Australian media dutifully reported them. The same has been happening here, but our media has HIDDEN it. I don’t understand why, unless they’re just “afraid to cause panic.” They apparently have no confidence in the American people to act responsibly—or they’re just following the “orders” of their “Dear Leader,” Barack Obama, who says Islamic terrorism will never come here because HE has beaten it. So he will not allow any news reports of it or calls it something else when it happens here. Meanwhile Islamic terrorists (who no doubt came in via our Southern border) are committing atrocities while the government ignores it.

BALLOT STUFFING; “There’s no election fraud,” huh? There is a video showing a man walking into a polling place (in Arizona, this time, not Chicago) and stuffing the ballot box with hundreds of phony ballots, unimpeded. An election official asked him what he was doing and was told to “Go Screw yourself.” Apparently there were no cops there nor any election officials with gonads enough to oppose him. He spent about ten minutes stuffing the ballot box as others walked by and looked, but with nobody doing anything to stop him. How many places in the country do things like this happen that you never heard of? Is there NO “security” in these places? No election fraud my butt!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Children Can Kill Their Children

Children can have abortions without having to ask for parental “permission” to murder their child. A Democrat candidate for governor in Arizona says girls as young as 14 (who can’t have sex legally anyway) should have the right to have an abortion without asking for her parent’s permission. Along with that, I presume, goes the right not to tell her parents she had illicit sex and murdered the result. This is what we get when we elect a DEMOCRAT to office. They impose their stupid ideas on the rest of us.

YOUR DRIVING RECORD PUBLIC: For everyone—except YOU, that is. They take pictures of you driving all over, and will tell anyone what you’ve been doing—except you. They say you’re driving on public roads, and therefore have no expectation of privacy, even after The supreme Court said otherwise in U. S. v. Jones in 2012. Big Brother is here! He’s not something to be seen in the FUTURE; his face looks suspiciously like Obama, whose ugly mug is plastered EVERYWHERE. Again, Obama doesn’t have to do it personally, as long as his “minions” are just following his example--or his orders. That’s what’s happening in Monroe County, NY.

OBAMA NAMES “EBOLA CZAR”: Whatever that is. Maybe Obama will fill him in on what he has to do, since he is completely INEXPERIENCED with regard to Ebola. He is a simple “political operative” (hack) who used to be an aide to VP Joe Bitme--er, uh, BIden. Of course, that presumes OBAMA knows what to do. Of course, if he has been named only for “:political cover” of Obama’s INCOMPETENCE about Ebola (and everything else), I understand.

FORMER WA/PO CHIEF WARNS: Robert Kaiser, former chief editor of the Washington Post warns that newspapers will go “belly-up” when advertisers realize they’re wasting money in a “dying enterprise” while the place to go is “digital.” As usual, they’re wrong. They WILL go “belly-up,”  but because people are getting tired of their liberal LIES, published as “news” and “truth.” They’re “voting with their feet,” leaving in droves. I quit reading the only newspaper left in Denver several years ago, the day they doubled their single-issue price on the same day they cut their number of pages in half.

DICTATOR'S WARNING: The feds are getting “fed up” with Google and Apple’s encrypting their phones so the NSA can’t spy on people through them. They’ve warned them that if they don’t get rid of the encryption, “they will do it for them.” Not that they have the legal right to do so, but in Obama’s government, that no longer is an impediment to their “hob-nailed boots” actions.; They’ve become so cocky about spying on us that they not only no longer try and hide it, they openly THREATEN people who come up with ways to block them, and do it publicly.

CHICAGO’S GOVERNMENT CON: If it can happen, it’s going to happen in Chicago, Obama’s “home town.” The elected and appointed criminals there are better at conning the citizens than most everywhere else (except possibly DC). Now they’ve quietly shortened the appearance of yellow lights on their stop lights by one-tenth of a second and, by so doing, increased their “take” by $8 million dollars. This, under Obama’s former chief of staff, now Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. Hmmmm—I wonder how much of that made its way into his pocket?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Obama "Downplaying" Ebola Deaths

What is WRONG with this man! He’s not only not telling us just how many people have DIED of Ebola in Africa, he’s bringing known Ebola patients HERE so they can infect Americans. It has already happened in Texas. One man flew here while showing symptoms and was sent home, only to come back, and DIE while infecting (that we know of) TWO nurses who cared for him. What is Obama up to? Or is he just STUPID?

ARE THEY TAKING STUPID PILLS? Thirty students (I assume college students) were asked to sign an “Ebola equality” petition and 17 of them indicated a willingness to bring Ebola patients into their own homes. I know college kids aren’t too smart, but this is ABYSMAL stupidity. It sometimes amazes me how such people live to become adults. And if they DO allow Ebola patients into their homes, they won’t

DEMANDING FACEBOOK PASSWORD: Did you know that the cops in Watervliet, NJ, demand access to applicants’ Facebook password when they make an application for a gun?. Whatever made them think they had the RIGHT to make such a demand, I don’t know. In any case, some local “officials” have no idea what they’re doing, and not only have never read the Constitution, but disdain it. Candidates for such offices should be MADE to read the Constitution, and also take a “comprehension test” on it before being ALLOWED to to run for office.

SOME BUREAUCRAT’S WORD: That’s all it takes under Obama to make you into a terrorist. No evidence; no proof of ANYTHING. Just the OPINION of ONE PERSON. A cop, a bureaucrat, a politician who has decided he doesn’t like you, nothing else. You get no chance to contest it, and your life is ruined. And there’s no way to get your name off Obama’s “terrorist list.” You will forever be stained with the words, “on the terrorist list.” Whenever you apply for a job, or anything else, it will come up, true or not.

PHONY WARRANT: Fed thugs raided the home of a man who criticized Obama and couldn’t get in, even though they waved a phony “warrant” in his face. He “ran them off” with a legally-owned gun in his hand (he’s lucky to be alive). They went to the local cops and told them there was a “man with a gun,” not saying he was in his own home, his gun was legal, and they were trying to illegally enter. Nashville cops declined to kill him and help them ILLEGALLY enter his home. They complained to DC and got a big YAWN. This is “America today.”

IT’S LIKE THE MAFIA: Think about what it would be like if the Mafia took over in Washington. If a Mafia capo got elected president. What would your life be like? Well, that’s pretty much what we have now. A bunch of gangsters running our government, and plotting how to keep ON running it. They’ve already stolen TRILLIONS of dollars of our money while printing more trillions in counterfeit money to cover it up. They’re “making their own laws” while ignoring Congress, which is too cowed to object. Wake up, people! We’ve been “taken over” by CRIMINALS! It’s time we admitted it, and DID something about it!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

What I'd Prefer

Liberals make a big thing about higher minimum wages, but never even consider what I’d prefer: lower payroll taxes. Liberals tell you they worry about those who have less than we do, but only when what they push doesn’t take money away from the government. Lowering taxes generally would give a much bigger advantage to the “average man” than higher minimum wage, but they won’t even think of that, because it would take money away from them and the “giveaway programs” that buy them votes from those who just want the “goodies” to keep coming.

MICHELLE WANTS TO SHUT UP THE PRESS: She must really think her sh-t doesn’t stink. While working with at least one reporter on a Democrat campaign, she “ordered” that reporter “not to talk to people” and, by so doing, “creeped that reporter out.” And that reporter spoke about it in Tweets and Facebook words. She also addressed it in her story. The Obamas think they are “the elite” and can “command” people to do what they want, even if it is against their will. They’re wrong. Michelle is going to find out she can’t even DICTATE what school children eat, even if she sees to it they lose money because of it. If the kids won’t eat it, forget it.

“POWER CORRUPTS, ABSOLUTELY”: Someone once said, “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts, absolutely.” Michelle and Barack Obama are subject to this, even though they don’t know it. The power Barack has stolen has given his wife, a woman who might, without the power he stole, be a good person, the idea she can “order people about,” as the above item shows. I'd like for her to try and give me an order. Obama himself thinks he “doesn’t need Congress,” which is an EQUAL PARTNER in government; that he can make laws himself with a stroke of his pen (which he can't, under the Constitution). He needs to find out otherwise. Is there ANYBODY in DC who has the GONADS to do anything about it?

PHONY WARRANT: This is an example of the underhanded tricks Obama’s people use to stop criticism. In this case, when the subject refused to let them in, they claimed it was a “man with a gun” to the locals, who fortunately knew he was licensed to have that gun and they were lying about having a warrant. They refused to go in and kill the subject, and complained to DC, meeting a big yawn. This whole thing disturbs me, and makes me wonder if I’ll get such a visit. This is how Obama’s thugs operate.

BRINGING THEM TO AMERICA: Not satisfied with sending thoudands of part-time troops to Ebola-stricken countries, thus putting them at risk to be infected, Obama is now wishing to bring more Ebola patients to America so they can infect more medical personnel, who will infect others, and create an Ebola epidemic here.. I think he WANTS Ebola to become a big problem here, to get our minds off his many scandals. He couldn’t care less how many people die as a result. He has shown that. We really need to get rid of this fool before he gets us ALL killed.

SHOWING THEIR WARES: I just went through 64 pictures of cheerleaders showing what they had between their legs, and a few who showed what was in their bras to the crowds. Most of them looked very happy with what they were showing, and one even had her tongue licking her lips to make it obvious she knew exactly what she was doing, and loved it. And some of the designs of their uniforms! Absolutely minimal coverage, some OUTLINING important parts, guaranteeing lecherous guys in the stands something to remember. Not that I’m complaining. I like looking at such things as much as the next guy. I’m just sayin’.  I wouldn’t let my daughter ever be a cheerleader.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Removing Obama

So he doesn’t kill us. It almost seems like that is what he is out to do. He won’t close our Southern border, even though he KNOWS that’s where Muslim terrorists enter to set up their secret cells dedicated to killing Americans. To maintain the fiction that to close the borders will ANGER Mexico, he also refuses to close them to possible Ebola patients from Africa to avoid the spread of that deadly disease. Already we have had THREE Ebola patients, traceable to ONE patient from Africa who died of it. Like that first drop of rain, does this signify only the BEGINNING of the spread of this deadly disease to America?

MORE CZARS THAN SOVIETS: The Soviet Union was known for its czars, and now Obama’s America is similarly known for the people Obama has appointed (extra-constitutionally, without vetting by Congress) to do things he already has people to do. Is this just his way of rewarding his friends with cushy jobs that don’t require a lot of work, or is it a major power grab? It’s hard to tell with Obama. It might be a way of putting people in place to “take over” certain things when he makes himself a dictator.

SENDING THEM TO THEIR DEATHS? Obama won’t send “boots on the ground” to Iraq to do what they do best, kill Islamic terrorists. But he does “call up” a bunch of “citizen soldiers” who have NO expertise in handling Ebola patients, to go where Ebola is rampant, maybe to contract this 67% deadly disease themselves, while being away from their families and jobs. What kind of incompetent stupidity is this? Frankly, I’d refuse to go, and DAMN the consequences!

SHE WENT TOO FAR: The Houston, Texas mayor who “subpoenaed” pastors to force them to “turn over” their sermons and sermon notes before delivering them so she could “check them out” to see if they contained anything “homophobic” needs to be removed from office; immediately, for abusing her power Mayors don’t have such powers, and any Grand Jury that would offer such a subpoena should be depaneled and its members jailed.

NO “WMDS” IN IRAQ? In their DREAMS! Liberals made a “big thing” over no WMDs being found in Iraq. But as usual, it was a LIE. WMDs were found in Iraq, but we were never told. That’s what happens when liberals are proven wrong. They cover it up if they can, and call us liars if they can’t.

“WHO’S IN CHARGE?” Many times Obama’s government has been askd, “Who’s in charge” of the handling of the Ebola epidemic. And, even though the head of the CDC makes many incompetent speeches and Obama has even appointed an “Ebola Czar,” they can’t tell us who’s in charge. It’s a big “Keystone Kops” show with NOBODY in charge. Just like the rest of Obama’s government.

DEMOCRATS RUNNING FROM OBAMA: Democrat politicians are running as fast as they can from Barack Obama. They won’t even admit they voted for him. They tell him NOT to come and campaign for them because they know that's the "kiss of death." I watched one Democrat candidate dance around he question for three minutes while trying to avoid a reporter’s question about whether she did, or didn’t vote for him. Too bad for Democrat candidates.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Not "Outnumbered"

The new show on Fox involving four beautiful young women and ONE man called, “Outnumbered” should be renamed, “LEGS,” because that’s all that can be seen in the many “long shots” that are so common, letting viewers see all those beautiful long legs revealed by the short skirts these women always wear (I think it's a dress code"). It’s not that I’m complaining; I like looking at women’s legs as much as any man. I just think this show is misnamed.

OBAMACARE A “HUGE SUCCESS?” Really? Barbara Boxer (D-CA) says it is, ignoring facts. Facts like it has DOUBLED rates, or MORE. It had caused more people to be WITHOUT health insurance than have it. What "evidence" allows her to say “proves” it? Nobody knows, least of all, her. Like most Democrats, she tries to fool us into thinking Obama himself is a “big success,” even though his approval numbers are at an all-time LOW. But Democrats ignore such things if they might prove them wrong. How people like Boxer get, and keep their jobs after showing such ignorance would be beyond me if I didn’t know where she came from.

EBOLA’S THIRD VICTIM: It is a nurse that cared for the first victim until his death. And she is known to have flown across country (twice) and “possibly” infected hundreds of passengers on the same airplanes. Obama says we are NOT going to see an Ebola outbreak in this country, but the CDC is still mandating Ebola treatment centers, with special restrictions, at least ONE in every state. If there isn’t going to be an “Ebola outbreak,” why are these needed? Obama said it, so it’s got to be FALSE. Watch for an “outbreak” in your town, soon.

GROUNDS FOR REMOVAL: In Houston, Texas, the mayor, who is gay, has told local preachers to “turn over” their sermons, sermon notes, and any other paperwork related to sermons to her so she can “evaluate” them and decide if they are “homophobic.” Now she denies that, blaming it in “staffers,” backing away. I don’t know about that, but just THINKING that way is “grounds for removal from office” for any politician who thinks it. She has backed WAY off from it after the outcry.

THIS WEEK’S OBSESSION: Every week the news media (including Fox) obsesses over something, and goes “wall-to-wall” with it. This week it’s Ebola. I’m getting tired of hearing the word “Ebola.” The top story on EVERY news source is Ebola. They’re now onto congressional HEARINGS on Ebola and the INEFFICIENCY with which our government has handled it. Yes, I know Ebola and its spread is important. But not so important that Ebola should be the ONLY story in the news. A couple of weeks ago it was that legless athlete who shot and killed his “girlfriend” through the door of his bathroom and claimed it was an accident and his trial, where he escaped any real punishment. They looked at it from every possible angle, including an anal exam. This is how they operate. Anything worth doing is worth OVERDOING.

CLOSING THE BORDER: That’s the big debate today: “Should we close the border to people from Ebola-afflicted countries?” To keep them from coming here and spreading it here? Yes; we’ve only had three cases here, based on ONE man who CAME from Africa. But a rainstorm begins with ONE DROP of rain and becomes a deluge. Closing the border is the COMPETENT thing to do, and for that reason, Obama will NOT do it. They SAY “containing it” in Africa by this means will SPREAD it. Talk about INANITY! I really wish we had some COMPETENT people in our government.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

CDC Gets Big Increase

The liberals are going around blaming the NRA and Republicans for the Ebola danger because of “budget cuts” to CDC. Only problem is, that’s a BIG LIE. The CDC got $300 million dollars MORE than they asked for. This is the kind of DISHONESTY liberals are KNOWN FOR. Only in this case, there wasn’t even a “reduction in INCREASE” that is usually used to claim a “budget cut. This is how the liberals (and even some non-liberals) FOOL the people who “pay no attention to politics” (A MAJORITY of Americans) into voting their way.

PANETTA SAYS, “OBAMA KNEW”: And he oughtta know. He says Obama knew from the first minutes that Benghazi was a terrorist attack and refused to admit it, for fear of destroying his pitiful story that terrorism was defeated. Former UN Ambassador Rice aside, the Secretary of Defense SHOULD KNOW if Obama was aware Benghazi was a bona-fide terrorist attack. But I believe Obama is “in cahoots” with the terrorists and WANTS them to win!

FRACKING WOULD SPELL THE END: The end to Obama’s plans to make this into a socialist country, that is. As in Ayn Rand’s “masterwork,” Atlas shrugged, shale oil is rapidly improving the economy. We now have more recoverable oil resources than the Arabs and boom conditions where it's happening, But the liberal media will NOT report it. And the liberals are working night and day to come up with a way to STOP “fracking” for that reason.

PERFIDIOUS AND DISHONEST: The Obama administration is the most perfidious and dishonest one in recent years. Obama lies every time he communicates with anybody, whether he writes it or speaks it, it’s a lie. Some people say the same thing about George Bush. But THAT’S a lie. Obama would rather lie than tell the truth, even when the truth would serve better. That means you can depend on Obama to tell you what’s going on, by listening to what he says and believing just the opposite. It’s very dependable.

A METHOD TO HIS MADNESS: Many people say Obama is stupid and incompetent for not only not allowing “boots on the ground” in Iraq, but announcing the policy to our enemies. I think he’s incompetent only in his belief in socialism and his wish to impose it on us. He is very competent in deceiving people, and that’s what he’s doing. He’s a consummate con man. I think he is “in cahoots with” the enemy and this is his way to “throw” the war against Islamic terrorism by PRETENDING to fight it, while doing so in such an incompetent manner.

REPORTER THREATENED  BY HICKENLOOPER: Well, not (Colorado Governor) Hickenlooper himself, but one of his staff. Reporter Arthur Kane asked to see Hick’s tax returns, which should be available, since, as governor, he should be willing, and able to provide. He DID provide it to other reporters but he pretends he has the right to decide what outlets are "legitimate." Campaign spokesman Eddie Stern told him to “get lost,” and threatened to call the cops if he didn’t. Reminds me of my own encounter with the “press flack” of the (now) former Denver mayor (Wellington Webb) when I once asked for a comment from him. He told me if I kept trying to talk to the mayor, he’d have me cited for “spam.” I asked him if he knew the difference between spam and personal correspondence. He didn't answer.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Blaming Republicans

The Democrats have come out with a series of ads blaming the spread of Ebola in the U. S. on the Republicans, due to the “budget cuts” they’re supposedly responsible for. Only problem is, there have BEEN no budget cuts. Yes. Republicans do call for budget cuts in some places, but the Democrats never allow them. Then they take money AWAY from Ebola research and use it for their “giveaway programs” and “voter turnout” programs. ”outreach” and “community organizing.” Only about 6% of the budget INCREASES given the CDC, for instance, have gone for things that are important to keeping us healthy. The rest goes to the “favorite programs” of the democrats—while they blame Republican “budget cuts” that are non-existent.

KRUGMAN INCREDIBLY STUPID: Paul Krugman says Obama is a “consequential president, rating him ABOVE Ronald Reagan. Looks to me as if he’s as GENERALLY stupid as he is FINANCIALLY stupid. They call him an “economist” because he believes the same (phony) way liberals do. But the last thing he should be considered to be is an economist, If he was in charge of our economy, we would soon be bankrupt, as we will be anyway, with Obama running things. Krugman won a Nobel Prize (as did Obama, for doing nothing), which is “unemployment insurance for a liberal,” as Greg Gutfield of “The Five” said.

HOUSTON WANTS “OVERSIGHT” OF SERMONS: What is it that causes such STUPIDITY? Have these people not heard about the First Amendment, which FORBIDS any laws limiting the practice of religion? Which also forbids limiting free speech in any way? What kind of fools are these politicians? At least one is gay, which isn’t a problem, to me. But it does seem to be a problem to HER; and since she is MAYOR of Houston, she has to power to force her views on her fellow Houstoners. There should be laws against such people (gay or not) trying to force their single issue views on other people. If she wants to be gay, let her be gay. It’s not our business who she sees sexually. But she should not be allowed to force her views on others BECAUSE she’s gay.

SEX SLAVERY OK FOR MUSLIMS: They regularly “take” young women and sell them into sexual slavery after “using them” themselves to “avoid sin.” It’s a “sin” for a Muslim to have sex outside of marriage UNLESS they have sex with a WHORE. When they “take” these women, they DECLARE them to be “whores” so their men can screw them without “committing a sin.” Damn, what a twisted “religion” this is!

JUST LIKE IN “ATLAS SHRUGGED”: In Ayn Rand’s masterwork, “Atlas Shrugged,” the economy was in the process of being saved by shale oil—until the government made it impossible to do it. In America today, shale oil is trying its best to get us away from dependence on foreign oil while creating a boom” where it is being done. It’s happening in a slightly different place than in “Atlas,” but it’s happening. They’re calling it “fracking,” but it IS “shale oil. And, like in “Atlas,” the liberals in our government hate it, and are doing everything they can to prevent it, BECAUSE it will, if allowed to continue, SAVE this economy, and liberals don’t want that. That would ruin their plans to change this into yet another collectivist (socialist) country.

WHAT’S SO SPECIAL ABOUT AMERICA? That’s the question asked by our president—a man who SHOULD be smart enough to know the answer, but apparently isn’t—or thinks his politics is more important. It’s special because we SURPASSED countries that have been in existence for THOUSANDS of years, and in just about 300 years, or less. We are the “destination of choice” for people from all over the world that want to improve themselves. We are the “world leader” naturally since people from other countries look UP to us because our system has outstripped theirs in every way. So anybody who denies it is stupid—and that describes Obama.

Monday, October 13, 2014

"Fear Mongers"

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews sneers that,” Worries about ISIS come from “political hucksters” pushing the “fear button.” What? Does Matthews get a daily (or even hourly) STUPID shot? Doesn’t he know about ISIS taking over most of Iraq while raping all the good-looking women and beheading the rest? Or about them beheading little girls after raping them? How about their penchant for murdering everybody who doesn’t believe EXACTLY the same way they do? How about their threats to “raise the ISIS flag over the White House? And the many Islamic terrorists who are coming in via Obama’s “porous border?” Matthews will be among the first people killed when they take over if we adopt his attitude. And it will be good riddance to bad rubbish.

DO COPS SHOOT THE MOST BLACKS? Not according to REAL research. When you take REAL numbers, the cops shot people (some blacks) just 8 times, compared to 172 MURDERS *many black on black) in the St..Louis area, just this year. That kinda takes the wind out of the sails of those who try to say cops shoot blacks way to often. As usual, it’s not true. The demonstrators in Ferguson are all shook up about a “problem” that doesn’t exist. It’s something that’s been “whipped up” by race whores like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

MSNBC FLOUNDERING: And they can’t figure out why, mostly because they won’t admit that being as “far left” as they are, they’re “putting off” most of their viewers. They’re now running behind CNN in the ratings. And that’s BAD.CNN is similarly in trouble because of their liberal slant. Rachel Maddow and “Morning Joe” are suffering greatly in the numbers. Chris Matthews, their best-known mouthpiece, just barely topped 100,000 viewers; so far behind the lowest rated Fox show they don’t even know his show exists. Except that his stupid statements always make news. (American Thinker)

IS CASTRO STILL ALIVE? Just barely. There are conflicting stories about him, including the one about him being kept alive on an oxygen machine in the basement of a hidden building to the “word” that he is actually dead and they’re keeping it from the Cuban people. "More than half a century of building socialism; billions of dollars in aid, first from the Soviet Union and later Venezuela; decades of repression in the name of socialist idealism. Yet Cuba is still such a mess that tens of thousands are risking their lives to get out." (NYT) The only thing that kept it alive this long is the billions of dollars sent there to “prop him up” first by Russia, later by Venezuela. The fact is, he took a once thriving country and ruined it, making it the place nobody wants to live.

TO REBUILD PALESTINIAN TUNNELS: Obama is sending $212 billion to Palestinians. They SAY it’s to help rebuild the homes and infrastructure destroyed in the recent 7-week war between Israel and Gaza, which destroyed a lot of homes and infrastructure while killing a LOT of Palestinians. The money will no doubt go toward rebuilding the tunnels Hamas uses to get closer to Israel with their rocket bombs, Of course, Israel gets the blame, even though what they did was in RETALIATION for all the damage done by the rocket bombing every day by Palestinians in Gaza.