Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Buying The Judge

A federal judge has declared Obama’s NSA spying to be legal when it is not. I’m sure this is not the first instance of somebody “buying the judge.” And with Obama having access to trillions of dollars, I don’t see why he hasn’t “bought the judge” in many different cases. Or maybe he has, and we don’t know it. Would Obama do such a thing? I think YES; a resounding yes. Obama doesn’t care how many laws he breaks if he gets his way.

TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT IT: Frankly, I’m tired of hearing about Obama’s health care swindle law, about which the media has been obsessing for MONTHS. It’s a con; a swindle, that has cost us many billions of dollars and has screwed up the health insurance, AND the medical business for years to come. It has cost many people a LOT of money and created a lot of uncertainty by the way it has been MISmanaged. I wouldn’t “sign up” for it if they shot me.

DEAN LOOKS LIKE HE’S IN PAIN: I saw former presidential candidate Howard dean in a debate over Obamacare on Fox the other day and a more stiff individual I have ever to see. He looked like he was sitting on a barbed spear and was afraid to move. Maybe he was. Maybe it isn’t the firs time. Something has to account for that scream that lost him the election.

NEW YORK TIMES LYING: They recently put out a “report” going right back to Obama’s first lie about Benghazi, saying there was NO evidence of al-Qaida involvement and that the whole thing was some Muslims angry about that obscure video critical of Islam that nobody had ever, up to that time, ever seen. Talk about making a liar out of yourself and announcing it to the world! NYT has added to the reasons why they should go out of business, and soon.

PEELOSI: “EXTEND UNEMPLOYMENT”: House MINORITY Leader Nancy Peelosi has opened her ubiquitous yap again and made another stupid statement. This bimbo is the QUEEN of the stupid statement. She says the first thing we need to do when Congress reconvenes is to extend the unemployment benefits. Mostly because of Obama’s fool policies that have resulted in millions of people being out of work for a long time.

NEVER KNOWN MSNBC TO HAVE SENSE: MSNBC host Joy Reid (filling in for Ed Schultz) mocked Sarah Palin for having a Christmas tree—in a country where EVERYBODY has a Christmas tree. That is, except for stupid television personalities who have no more sense than to work for MSNBC, that is. I don’t know where they FIND these people! Of course, since she’s black, they’ll call me racist for this when it is not her color, but her stupid MOUTH I’m criticizing.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Stupid People...SHUT UP!

“What are they smoking?” I don’t know what it is with liberal newspeople and liberal politicians these days, but it seems to me they fall all over each other to say stupid things; like MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who criticized Sarah Palin for—wait for it—having a Christmas tree! Meanwhile, Nancy Peelosi chimes in again, saying the first thing we need to do this upcoming year is to extend unemployment yet again. Remember, she's the one who said, "We must pass the act to find out what's IN it," about Obamacare. And many others, too numerous to list here.

I’M NOT COMPLAINING, MIND YOU: Seems to me every time they use a female in an advertisement, or on TV she’s half naked, while men are fully dressed. I just saw an ad for selling machine guns showing a half naked woman firing one. Why is it necessary to take women’s clothes off whenever they’re shown in an ad? Same for women in other places, like those women who tell you what round it is in a boxing match; or the female “talking heads” on the news programs who wear skirts so short they almost end where their hips turn into legs. I’m not complaining, mind you. I’m just remarking.

FOX NEWS ALERT! “Nothing’s happening!” With Fox News, a commercial break is a “Fox News Alert!” If somebody FARTS it’s a “Fox News Break! Maybe they need to take a course on just what IS a “News Break!” People are getting wise to that and do not pay much attention any more when Fox “goes bananas” over something very unexciting and calls it a “News Break!”

NO INSURANCE AT ALL: People who thought they had “signed up” for one of Obama’s double priced insurance policies under ObamaCare may soon find out they have no insurance at all, even if they PAID a premium. There are so many things involved, it’s impossible to know ANYTHING. Even if they TELL YOU that you have insurance, when you go to use it, you find you that you don’t. And even if you do, you may have a policy that has a $5,000.00 deductible, which is as good as no insurance at all. The upshot is, ObamaCare is a con!

GLOBAL WARMING SHIP STUCK IN ICE: Didja hear about that “cruise ship” stuck in the ice in the Antarctic? Alert the irony police! It’s not just any “cruise ship.” It’s carrying a bunch of “global warming scientists” who set out to “document the effects of global warming on Antarctica.”  Well, they found out, in spades! They’re stuck in the frozen tundra and can’t get out because the ice is too thick; and as this is written, several “ice breaker” ships have not been able to get them out. I guess that’s the “effect” of global warming on Antarctica. (giggle, giggle!)

TERRORISTS SABOTAGING OLYMPICS: Does anybody wonder why Islamic terrorists are now blowing things up in Russia? The want to sabotage the Olympics to be held there, of course. Their entire purpose, all over the world, is to disrupt things and kill people who do not believe the exact same way they do. One of their recent campaigns was to disrupt as many Christian events as possible.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

"False Controversy"

That’s what Susan Rice is calling the controversy over the NSA spying on all Americans. And the president calls ALL the controversies surrounding him (none of which have been answered) to be “false controversies.” Do they really think declaring them to be “false” will make their controversies go away? Not likely. That only angers the people who still want ANSWERS and are not getting any. And who are NOT “going away.”

THEY GOT WISE: Mostly, the young are so gullible they’ll buy just about anything. That’s because they haven’t been ALIVE long enough to see through all the scams out there to steal their money. But when Obamacare came around, they got a little smarter (finally). They won’t buy insurance they don’t need to support Obama’s collectivist scheme to make them PAY for the insurance for us older folks, which will ultimately make Obama’s swindle fail. And good riddance!

GOING IN THE BIZ: Colorado is going into the pot business. Now we can see the best reason for legalizing pot in Colorado. They’ve applied a 25% tax on TOP of the state sales tax. Which means the State of Colorado will make the biggest percentage of PROFIT from pot sales without the bother of having to grow it, stock it, and merchandise it. Damn it must be good to be government!

OBAMA: “TALK ABOUT OBAMACARE THIS CHRISTMAS”: What a damned FOOL this guy is. He still thinks there’s still something there to sell and he wants to intrude on our Christmas with his swindle. By the time this appears, Christmas will be over and I won’t have mentioned Obamacare ONCE. What an arrogant FOOL Obama is! As if we’d waste time talking about his stupid health care swindle! He must think Americans are complete idiots!

TYPICAL GOVT RESPONSE: When people stop using a service in private business, they lower the price or improve the service. Not so in government. People stopped using mail because unless they needed to enclose something, they could use e-mail and private services like UPS and FedEx have taken over large segments of the shipping business, so they’re losing money. So what do they do? Raise prices, of course, and make their service even MORE likely not to be used. What FOOLS these bureaucrats are! It just is not worth 49 cents to send one letter when you can do it for FREE by e-mail. But they’re too dumb to realize that. And too dumb to realize how dumb they are.

Islam likes to use threats of being called racist to force people who aren’t interested in Islam to go to their indoctrination centers, as they did to some 8-year-olds recently. They told them if they didn’t go to an Islamic event, they’d be CALLED racist. Which scares the hell out of 8-year-olds who know no better. Islam is NOT a RACE. It is a CHOICE, usually made under duress and threat of death. You are NOT racist if you don’t do what Muslims tell you to do because they’re NOT a race. They get their way by BULLYING people.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Health Care Doubling Act

Obama calls his law the “Affordable Care Act.” That’s another of his LIES. It DOES NOT make health care “affordable.” It has, so far, routinely DOUBLED health care costs for all Americans that were already too high. And that’s by design. He purposely ADDED so many UNNECESSARY things to the “bottom line” of ALL plans that there is NO WAY insurers can deliver what he DEMANDS at the same price. You know, things like free condoms, abortion coverage, and birth coverage for 96-year-old MEN.

HIGHER DEDUCTIBLES: Higher deductibles mandated by Obama’s health care swindle law make the so-called “insurance” delivered under his plan WORTHLESS. Plans are common that have THOUSAND DOLLAR deductibles. Which means that, for everyday health care, you have NO insurance and they’re charging you a lot more money UP FRONT for it. Meanwhile, doctors and hospitals are charging impossible rates for everything to everybody, to make up for the losses they suffer when an “insured patient” has insurance that does not pay off.

JESSE HORNING IN: As usual, Jesse Jerkson is horning in on whatever is making news today. That’s how he makes his money. He’s now saying Phil Robertson, Cracker Barrel, and others involved should come to one of his “charities” and meet at their office: The “Rainbow Coalition,” or whatever he calls it. And I’m sure he will make it plain that if they give him a “donation,” he won’t call them racists.

ARAFAT: NATURAL DEATH: Palestinians have long accused Israel of radiation poisoning in the death of Yasser Arafat, one of the main leaders in their death campaign against Israel. But it has now been established that Arafat’s death was a natural death, and he was not poisoned. Actually, that sounds more like what the Palestinians would do. Terrorists are good at accusing their enemies of the very things THEY do.

OUTLAW MUSLIM EXREMIST ORGS.: Egypt has done the right thing: it has OUTLAWED the “Muslim Brotherhood,” making holding a top position in that outfit a death sentence offense. This ought to happen to Muslim extremists all over the world, making it harder for them to infiltrate the governments of many countries, including ours. They call us “racists” and “Islamaphobes” (a made-up word with no real meaning) for criticizing them, but they are NOT a “religion,” NOR a “race.” They need to be outlawed and their leaders imprisoned or killed.

‘ “TIS GOOD FOR US, NOT FOR YOU”: There’s a picture of Santa Claus being punched in the face by an obvious Muslim thug making the rounds. So what? We know they hate everything we love. But if you posted a similar picture of Mohammed being punched in the face by Santa, somebody would be killed. But then, who asked me? Another good idea is that Muslim lying unconscious on the ground with many reindeer prints going over him and sleigh prints running over him. they don't worry about "dissing" our icons, but want to kill you if you dis one of theirs.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Obama's "Successes"

Liberals claim that Obama has had any number of “successes” in his administration, and they’re right. IF you’re a liberal and think laws that “redistribute (other people’s) wealth” are successes. I’m not that stupid. I can’t think of a SINGLE measure Obama has had passed that I would consider anything but an ABOMINATION. His biggest “Success” is Obamacare, which is a “train wreck” that is going to be the RUINATION of this country.

“MOST FASCINATING WOMAN? ”BabaWawa (Barbara Walters) thinks Hillary Clinton is the most fascinating woman there is. It amazes me when ignorant people like BabaWawa advertise their stupidity like this. Doesn’t she even KNOW about the people Hillary helped Islamic terrorists KILL in Benghazi? In her latest interview with Hillary, she didn’t even ASK about that. I guess helping terrorists kill ambassadors doesn’t bother Barbara.

WOUNDED WARRIOR: There’s a lot to be said about “wounded warriors,” and I agree with all of it. But I wonder about “wounded warriors” like me. I was never in any war, though I did my turn in the military. I was “between wars.” But I was severely injured TWICE just trying to stay alive. Once in a traffic accident (not of my making) and once trying to save the life of a 9-day-old baby (I succeeded). Today because of that, I can just barely walk and nobody cares. I’m not talking about this for myself, but for all the other people like me who were seriously injured, but not in the military and about whom nobody seems to care.

“NO MORE FAT?” One actress (Jennifer Lawrence) thinks nobody should be allowed to call somebody else “fat.” (A typical liberal) Of course, she is not fat, by any measure. But to attempt to limit ANYBODY’S ability to say what they mean is CRIMINAL. Fat is fat, even if it hurts. For some, they just can’t seem to control their weight, and I sympathize. But for many others, they just eat too much and exercise too little. I have no sympathy for them. The point is, don’t EVER come to me and tell me there are certain words I can’t use. You will get jack-slapped.

TOLERANT LIBERALS: Liberals are tolerant of ALL ideas and opinions . . .unless they disagree with them, in which case they want to eradicate them. Which is demonstrated yet again with their treatment of Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” for expressing his Christian values, which they consider to be “hate speech.” I wonder where they get the right to define what IS “hate speech?” They’ve also proven again there is no logic in liberal land. Of course, it’s good publicity. You can’t BUY all the attention “Duck Dynasty” is getting out of this.

IT'S FITTING: Jesus was a bearded, unkempt man who effectively told the king to “go to hell. Phil Robertson was likewise a bearded, unkempt man who told today’s “king,” Obama to go to hell and he has suffered for it. That is, if the whole thing is not a very effective publicity stunt. Example: what are we all talking about today? Phil, or Christmas?

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Suzie Lies Again

Look for former UN Ambassador, now National Security Adviser Susan Rice to get another promotion soon. She has proven herself a reliable LIAR for the Obama regime. First, she told, and supported Obama’s BIG LIE about the unknown video that was supposed to have caused the Benghazi killings. Now she’s LYING about the NSA and their spying on all Americans. They might even give her Joe’s job as a reward. If she keeps on lying for him, Obama won’t have any higher paying jobs to give her, except maybe his own.

“CONTROVERSIAL” COMMENTS? I remember a time when homosexuality and homosexual acts were illegal. People could go to PRISON if they were caught engaging in same sex activities (which didn't make it right). But today, even to SAY that homosexuality is wrong will get YOU in trouble. That’s obvious when you look at the Phil Robertson story. I have nothing against gay people. What they do in their bedrooms is their business. But to cost a man his JOB and demonize him for saying what the Bible teaches him is the work of fools. He can’t hurt them, but they CERTAINLY hurt him—if it’s real. I personally think it’s just a publicity stunt by A&E. The evidence? What are we spending time talking about ad infinitum, ad nauseum, right now?

OBAMA “SIGNING UP” What the hell FOR? As president, he has one of the most complete medical coverage in the world as part of the perks of his job; and they won’t stop when (if) he stops being president. He has his own personal, full-time doctor who travels with him and is ready to leap into action any time he gets sick. And you can bet he is never billed for that. The government pays for it. So why’s he “signing up” for Obamaare? Publicity. A “photo op.” And people who "pey no attention to politics until just before an election" buy it.

WHO’S  BEST SEC OF STATE? They’re asking if Hillary or John Kerry is the best Secretary of State. But the question is wrong: neither is “best.” The question should be, “Which is the WORST Secretary of State? John isn’t much good, but Hillary was worse. Neither have any qualifications for the job. But who has? All they can do is what the president tells them to do, anyway. And most PRESIDENTS wouldn't be qualified to be Secretary of State.

A&E RUNNING “DUCKATHON”: If A&E is so angry about Phil Robertson’s comments about gays, why are they rushing to do a “Duckathon” this weekend? Why are they continuing to run shows with Robertson in them? (They have almost the whole next season already “in the can.”) It’s like I said: it’s just a publicity stunt and they’re rushing to take advantage of it. And we’re still talking about it.

“STICKER SHOCK”: They’re talking about the “sticker shock” people will find in the FUTURE about Obamacare when they finally are able to “sign up.” But I say people are ALREADY suffering from sticker shock as they learn that they have to buy a policy that’s loaded with things they neither need, nor want (such as pregnancy coverage for 90 year old men) that’s going to cost them TWICE or more what their old coverage cost them.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

Dear Reader:

No posts today or tomorrow. We're celebrating Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Monday, December 23, 2013

There's NO Security

According to a computer security expert, Obama’s web site you’re FORCED to use to “sign up” for the health insurance you’re FORCED to use or be FORCED to pay a fine does not meet even the MINIMUM standards required by web sites in private enterprise to protect customers’ private information. Yet ANOTHER reason to STAY AWAY from it. At ALL costs. The whole thing is a fraud, anyway.

MUZZLING STATES: The State of Oregon has been given its “marching orders” from the Obama regime; They have been given $BILLIONS to promote Obamacare in their state while being told that ANY word against Obamacare would result in them being “cut off” from that money. I don’t expect this to be the last time Obama’s “regime” does this. Obama wants NO negative comments from ANYONE about his “landmark” health care SWINDLE.

TYPICAL ACTOR STUPIDITY: Leonardo DiCaprio recently played a (Hollywood version) of a “big businessman” in a movie, from which he made “many bucks.” Then he goes out and “bad-mouths” big business, saying the kind of man he played in this movie (produced by big business) demonstrates “everything that is wrong with this country.” Of course, he forgets entirely that it is big business that is the reason why HE is “filthy rich” today. Actually, “big business” is what’s RIGHT with this country but he’s too damned dumb to know that.

“AFFLUENZA” DEFENSE STUPID: It’s about the stupidest defense I have ever seen an ignorant judge buy.. A “privileged kid” who was never taught there are CONSEQUENCES for his acts gets that teaching reinforced in COURT after he negligently KILLS four people. A spoiled brat whose parents never taught him to take responsibility for his actions is STILL not taught that when the court “gives him a pass” because of it. He should be heading for PRISON but he will only have to go to see a probation officer once a week for ten years. That judge should be hung by the heels or any other convenient appendage.

BUREAUCRATIC INCOMPETENCE: One federal employee fooled his bosses for TEN YEARS, making them think he worked or the CIA one day a week, so they gave him that day off, WITH PAY., paid for his vacations, and even allowed him to stay away from work one time for SIX MONTHS, while paying him. It took them TEN YEARS to find him out. This is incompetence of the highest order on the part of his bosses and THEY should be fired for stupidity.

YOU GOTTA BE A LIBERAL: People like Martin Bashir, an ultra-liberal (former) personality on ultra-liberal MSNBC network said somebody ought to crap in Sarah Palin’s (conservative) mouth and nobody but conservatives even NOTICED. He only got forced to resign because he went a little too far and almost cost them their last two viewers. Russell Brand (liberal) advocates STEALING money from the rich and giving it to him and nobody (but conservatives) said a word. Which clearly shows the double-standard of the left. Which they will deny to their dying breath. Why do I call him a liberal? Because only liberals say such STUPID things.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Obama's "Dog & Pony Show"

Obama says he will “sign up” himself and his family for Obamacare. What a belly laugh THAT is! Obama and his family are covered by a medical plan we couldn’t hope to have. He has a full-time doctor at his beck and call every day, even traveling with him wherever he goes. And can you imagine a hospital that would “send the president of the United States away” because his policy wasn’t “in plan?” But the idea of him “signing up” will probably resonate with most ignorant people who pay no attention to politics.

YOU CAN TRUST POLITICIANS: To be politicians. Especially local politicians, because they’re “your neighbors,” think you’ll “give them a pass” on the things they do. Like in New York City. Where they had to borrow money to pay the cops—they want now to make a new city ordinance to give city employees FREE medical care after five years of city employment. No matter what their medical condition or age. They already get lavish retirement benefits—and we pay for it, even if we can’t find a job. But they forget, if we don’t have jobs, we can’t finance their employee largesse to each other. It’s a self-correcting problem, but we are the ones who suffer until it solves itself.

ANOTHER SCHOOL SHOOTING: This time in Trinidad, Colorado, and more calls for useless, restrictive gun laws. Laws that restrict the right of honest Americans to carry guns for self-protection while criminals get their ILLEGAL guns easily. It’s easier for a criminal to get a gun where gun laws are the tightest because criminal gun sellers flock to places where gun laws are the tightest. They know the local criminals will need many more guns to victimize those honest people who OBEY the laws that say they can’t be armed.

“FINALLY AGREED ON A BUDGET”: Obama is now saying, “I’m happy Congress finally agreed on a budget.” What? HE’S happy THEY agreed on a budget when he has not PRESENTED a budget to Congress in the six years (so far) he’s been in office). Boy, this fool is slick. He violates the law by not presenting a budget to Congress in six years and, when Congress takes it upon itself to pass a budget, he is “happy” THEY agreed on a budget. Wowzi!

PATTERNS EMERGE: Patterns emerge every time you look at things. You can lie about them all you want (as Obama does), but patterns of actual events will prove the lie. In the case of Obamacare, for instance: Obama says it’s “working fine” but it is NOT (not by our standards, at least). The pattern is first, a certain inability to get beyond that ubiquitously not working web site; next, if you get beyond that, after your insurance (that you were perfectly happy with) is cancelled The new policy that you are FORCED to buy costs twice or more as much as the old one  This is the undeniable pattern emerging.

CUTTING OFF YOUR NOSE: To spite your face. That’s what A&E is doing if they persist in “suspending” Phil Robertson, of “Duck Dynasty.” This program is their biggest moneymaker currently and Robertson’s family has indicated that they will ALL quit if Phil is not in the show, which will kill the show. If it’s just a publicity stunt, as I think it is, it goes way too far and they have offended every Christian out there, not to mention those of other religious persuasions (except Muslims, of course) who see the bias against religion, period, in their action. Even when they reinstate him, that offense remains and the show might not survive because people might just stop watching it.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Desperately Searching

Obama is getting so desperate to make his health care swindle work that he is now recruiting BARTENDERS to “talk it up to drunks” who no longer are able to think. He’s asking preachers to push it on their pulpits, taxi drivers to “talk it up” to their captive audiences in their back seats, even radio hosts to do so to their audiences (which is unlikely to increase that already being pushed by liberal hosts, but is unlikely to see any by conservative hosts, who are a little smarter). Meanwhile his mouthpieces are telling us there IS no PR push to help Obamacare. Bullcrap.

ORDERING THE WORLD AROUND: Barack Hussein Obama seems to have a strange idea of what the authority of the president allows him to do when he attempts to ORDER flags all over the United States to lower their flags to half-staff in honor of that murdering terrorist, Nelson Mandela. One county sheriff in South Carolina told him to “go to hell.” Well, maybe not in so many words, but he DID refuse the “order.” I don’t know what arrogance makes Obama think he can “order” state officials around, but somebody needs to straighten him out.

TWO-TIER MEDICINE: Yes, Cuba does have one of the finest medical systems going—but it isn’t available to the average Cuban. It’s only available to Castro, his friends, certain world leaders, and others who have MONEY. Apparently that’s the kind of medical system we’re heading for in America, according to Ezekiel Emanuel, one of the “architects” of Obamacare. He says, “Yes, you can keep the doctor you want, if you can PAY for it. Obamacare was supposed to make it BETTER. Apparently it’s making it WORSE while empowering Obama and his cronies.

COMMUNISM PERSONIFIED: I know; the very mention of communism makes most people’s eyes “glaze over.” They think communism died when it failed in Russia. It did NOT. There are yet MANY communist (collectivist) regimes left, best known is Cuba, where communism is propped up by other communist regimes, such as Argentina’s. And there are numerous fools who want to push collectivism (communism, socialism, Fascism, Progressivism) on us. Obama for one. His “signature cause,” Obamacare, is PURE COMMUNISM. It relies on the money from FORCING young people, who don’t need health care as a rule, to finance the insurance for older people, who do. Why people whose opinions count don’t realize this and SAY so, is beyond me. I guess “the fix is in.

SANTA-CLAUSIFICATION OF MANDELA: Nelson Mandela is the SECOND deadly bloody terrorist to have gotten the Nobel Peace Prize. Yasser Arafat came before him, though there was never as much of a world-wide effort to deify him as there is with Mandela.” Maybe because he was so ugly. This quote came from Cornel West. I hate to quote him, but he’s right. Mandela is responsible for many bloody deaths, by his followers and “believers,” following his example. He spent almost 30 years in the clink for his atrocities, not for his opinions, but how he expressed them. They want us to believe he’s a saint. I’m not nearly that much of a fool.

WHERE THE HELL DOES DISNEY GET OFF? A customer tried to access the “Clash Daily” web site, which is a decidedly “right wing” web site, saying it is a “questionable” web site, according to them, and they BLOCKED access. Where the hell do they get off deciding which web sites are “questionable?” That raises the question, “In whose opinion? And, “Who has a RIGHT to express that opinion by blocking access to a web site that champions freedom, the free market, smaller government, and many other things that intelligent people ought to champion?” If I were that person, I’d “flip Disney off” and do no more business with them.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Why Do Christians "Offend" Atheists?

Some atheists, I should say. People who believe in God and Jesus, Bhudda, Baa’l, etc., if they don’t harm non-believers (for being non-believers) as Muslims do, are not “offended” by those who do not. Some would call ME an “atheist” because, while I believe in a superior being that orders this complicated universe (I’d be a FOOL not to), I may not believe he/she takes the same form as they do. Somebody who believes otherwise does NOT “offend” me just by not believing the same way I do and that should work both ways.

TURNING THE TABLES: A black man walked up to what he thought was an easy target in a mall and took a swing at a black woman—who chased him down and beat hell out of him. So much so he got the sympathy of many in the crowd. It’s about time this happened. But I didn’t expect it to be a WOMAN who “turned the tables” on these fools who punch people out on the street. Good onya, girl!

12-YEAR-OLD KILLERS: Islamic terrorists make a big thing about it when somebody as young as 12 gets hurt or killed in the areas they’re attacking. What they aren’t telling you is those 12-year-olds (and younger) are “enemy combatants” and need to be killed to keep our soldiers alive. Like the 12-year-olds who throw hand grenades at our troops. Many miss. But some do not, and then we see some more dead soldiers because they hesitate or just discount kids so young as enemy combatants—and die for it.

OBAMACARE WORKING FINE: What? I know that sounds strange coming from me, but it’s true. Obamacare is doing exactly what Obama planned for it to do: destroy the medical and health care insurance professions, both at once, while putting the “reins” to both in his hands. It’s not successful in accomplishing anything he SAID it was for, but for his purposes (the socialization of America), it’s working perfectly.

BOY DIES FROM OBAMACARE: No, Obamacare hasn’t totally taken over yet, but school bureaucrats are acting in ANTICIPATION of it by doing things like locking an asthmatic boy’s inhaler in the office while he dies. This is the kind of thing we can EXPECT when uncaring bureaucrats take over medicine. But I won’t be around to see most of it. Obama’s bureaucrats will see to it as a matter of routine.

IT HAPPENED AGAIN: Remember the time a “school official” labeled a six-year-old kid as a “sexual predator” for kissing a classmate? Stupid, wasn’t it? Well, it has happened again. Apparently these people don’t learn from their stupid mistakes. They’ve named yet another kid a sexual predator for kissing a classmate on the cheek. Where do we go to FIND these fools?

Thursday, December 19, 2013

I Use Proper Words

I get criticized a lot by liberals for being “too graphic” and for using terms like “stupid,” “ignorant,” and “fool” too often. Well, I’m sorry. I see no need to use “weasel words” when I talk about the stupidity of the human condition today. I do not subscribe to the “politically correct” practice of allowing others to tell me what words I may use. I call a “spade a spade,” and that has nothing to do with black people, no matter how much the PC Police may whine. As far as I am concerned, they can go pee up a rope.

WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE FREE MARKET? Capitalism has been given a bad name by people who understand NOTHING about economics. They’re merely repeating what they’ve been told by collectivists (socialists, communists, etc.) Collectivism, under all its aliases, is a system of THIEVERY from those who PRODUCE new wealth, for the benefit of those who DO NOT produce new wealth. It’s as simple as that, and even people who are a “little slow” can understand it.

CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS: Liberals are trying HARD to eliminate Christ from the celebration if HIS birthday. It’s absurd to have a celebration of a man’s birthday without him. What the HELL are they THINKING? As usual, there’s no logic in what they do, OR what they think. And the biggest absurdity is the number of people who go along with them. Religion aside, removing a man's name from the celebration of HIS birthday is absurd and stupid.

OBAMACARE IS OBAMACARE: Suddenly there has been a shift: Obamacare is no longer being called Obamacare by Obama and his fools. They’re “rebranding” Obama’s signature legislation because the name has become a NEGATIVE. As with AlGore’s swindle, which became “climate change” when they discovered the globe was no longer “warming,” they’re changing its name to make it more complicated and to fool us some more.

This is a common con in government swindles. When a certain swindle becomes known, they change the name of it and, using “political correctness,” insist that everybody call it by its new name until people forget the old name and swindle. Two notable such swindles and “rebranding” are AlGore’s “global warming” to “Climate change,” and Obama’s “Obamacare” to “Affordable Care Act.” Do they really think we’re so STUPID as to buy that crap? Then we have ACORN, which is still around, under a variety of DIFFERENT names.

SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE: They talk about this as if it were a part of the Constitution; it’s NOT. The only mention of “separation between church and state” was in a LETTER from one Founder to another. It is NO PART of the Constitution. And all it means is that the STATE cannot establish ONE religion. NOT that there can be NO CONNECTION between church and state. It does not mean there can BE no religious activity on state property. It really means ALL religions should have access to government property. But it’s not practiced that way.

REGISTERING BB GUNS: Talk about taking in more territ6ory than they’re entitled to, the government now wants to “register” BB guns. I guess they figure BB guns do not fall under the Second Amendment, so they can require such “registrations.” What FOOLS they are. They’re actually threatening BB gun owners with JAIL if they don’t register them. What a LOAD of brown, stinky stuff!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Obama Tells the Truth

He doesn’t plan it that way, but it works out that way. One thing I know about Obama is that he always LIES. So every time he says anything, I know just the opposite is the truth. Ergo, I can depend on the OPPOSITE to what he says it the real truth. Therefore, he is inadvertently telling me the truth whether he wants to, or not.

OBAMA BANS PHOTOGRAPHS: Nobody, but the “official” White House photographer may take photos anywhere inside the white House, and that includes the grounds. That’s because Obama wants to CONTROL every image there is of him in the White House or its environs. Just another example of the COMPLETE CONTROL Obama wants to exert on ANYTHING regarding him and what he does.

House Leader John Baynor is a fool. He has, in effect, told the Tea Parties to “go to hell.” He must think that’s going to work to his favor. What he doesn’t know is that the Tea Parties are a lot more powerful than he thinks they are and they will see to it HE gets to hell before they do The leadership of the Republican Party is dead-set against the Tea Parties because they see them as a threat to themselves. They would be wrong about that if they SUPPORTED the Tea Parties but, since they’re opposed to them, they’re going to lose in the next election.

PRISON FOR REFUSING BUSINESS: The “gay crowd” has become so powerful now that a baker who refused to make a cake for a gay wedding is now being threatened with PRISON for not making that cake for them. Last I heard, businesspeople still had the inalienable right to REFUSE business from ANYBODY, for any reason. Now, I have nothing against gays, but this seems a bit much and a miscarriage of justice. As for those gays, there are any number of bakeries that are willing. They don’t need to FORCE themselves on this one. That’s just STUPID.

VIOLENT CRIMINAL ALLOWED NEXT TO OBAMA: That black man who stood next to Obama in South Africa at Mandela’s funeral? He wasn’t “signing” for the deaf. He was signing gibberish, and has a long criminal record including murder and mayhem. How did he get to stand next to Obama? Maybe he was planted by somebody who thought he might just “do away” with Obama and he screwed it up. Whaddya think?

S. AFRICA DANGEROUS PLACE: In addition to a violent criminal standing next to Obama in S. Africa, there’s also the story about Desmond Tutu’s home being burglarized in his absence while he attended Mandela’s funeral. Sure sounds like a bad place to be to me, especially to “honor” a communist terrorist.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Twisting It Around

Obama says, “Isn’t it funny the Republicans spend all their time telling Americans not to buy health insurance.” But that’s not what they are doing, at all. The enemies of Obamacare are telling people not to buy Obama’s “pig in a poke.” That has nothing to do with advising them to not BUY health care insurance. It has everything to do with telling them not to be conned by Obama’s swindle.

OBAMA’S GETTING DESPERATE: He’s hiring people to go out and preach Obamacare to the crowds of people who stand in line for days to buy something like the new iPhone. You know, people who aren’t too bright. Talk about a “captive audience!” The only way to escape the braying of such people is to leave the line, which they don’t want to do. Well, you gotta say Obama IS “creating jobs.” But only to promote HIS wishes. REAL jobs, forget it! He couldn’t care less. He sends more and more jobs overseas every day.

WHO BANS DOORKNOBS? Vancouver, BC does. In a demonstration of stupidity, the fool politicians in Vancouver have banned doorknobs and mandated he use of “lever handles.” They also have now required electric car plugins in every house. They don’t care how much it costs their citizens, just DO it. I didn’t see anywhere their reasoning for this, but then there isn’t much reason OR logic in what liberals (in or outside the United States) do. If they decide they don’t like something, they just BAN it. If they decide (in their “wisdom”) something is “good for us,” they don’t allow us to make a decision to do or not do it, they just make a law to FORCE us to do it.

HE JUST LIES ABOUT IT: If Obama wants anything, he just LIES about it. Today he’s saying “Raising the minimum wage CREATES jobs,” just as if it were true. But history proves that’s a LIE. And we all know ANYTHING that comes out of this fool’s mouth IS a lie, by definition: it came out of Obama’s mouth. His chief liar in the House (in his first term), Nancy Peelosi, says, about his health care swindle act, “We must pass it to find out what’s in it.” What a FOOL statement THAT is! But that’s the level of intelligence in DC today.

SCHOOL SHOOTER COMMUNIST: The latest school shooter in Colorado was a strong believer in COMMUNISM. And he hated guns. So much for logic. But that’s something you’ll never hear in the liberal media unless they can no longer keep it a secret. Upon digging, EVERY mass killer but one recently has been found to be a LEFTIST; some form of collectivism, though the liberal (leftist) media tries its best to make it look otherwise.

BANKS DEBIT YOUR ACCOUNT: In Washington State, banks are debiting people’s bank accounts without their knowledge or approval (WITH Obama’s approval). This is because people have tied to sign up for Obamacare and failed. But having been FORCED to reveal their bank information just to find out what’s available, they have left themselves vulnerable to this THEFT by the government, which has told those banks it will be legal (or at least not prosecuted). More reasons NOT to try to sign up for Obama’s health care swindle.

MAKING PIERS MORGAN LOOK FOOLISH: This item in “Eagle Rising” notes that Pastor Rick Warren made Piers Morgan look foolish. That’s wrong; Piers MORGAN made Piers Morgan look foolish every time he opened his pie-hole. He doesn’t need Warren to accomplish that. Of course, I’m looking for Morgan to “land on his feet” soon with a new job in another liberal news organization; his “reward” for being a fool.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Unions Outdated

When unions began they were necessary. Big companies (and small) were walking right over their employees because they COULD. Unions provided the ORGANIZATION that allowed those employees to have a “living wage” and they did an admirable job of that. They did it so well that they made their job largely unnecessary it today’s workplace. Rarely do you find a job with pay that is “starvation wages” in today’s economy. Now unions just cause trouble and create strife. So instead of workers trying to make themselves better to be worth more money they just use their unions to DEMAND more money whether or not they deserve it.

The Arctic Sea Ice has reached a 35-year record, leaving AlGore’s “global warming (or climate change)” or whatever he calls it now, high and dry. But I’m sure he’ll push right on, changing his swindle’s name as needed, collecting lots of money from gullible people including Barack Obama, and spreading his fool message to the world. There are lots of suckers left out there and he means to drain all the money he can from all of them.

REBRAND IT: It’s about time for that old political trick of “rebranding” something when the people “get onto you.” ObamaCare isn’t doing so pretty good, so now they’re talking about changing its name to fool us some more. They haven’t yet come up with a new name for it, as AlGore did with global warming. But they’re workin’ on it, you betcha.

ANYTHING TO PROVE RACISM: Liberals are now circulating a “study” showing that people will buy things quicker if it is held in a white hand as opposed to a black hand on the Internet. Ergo: the Internet is racist. What a load of brown stuff THAT is! Liberals work HARD  to “prove” racism is rampant when it is NOT. The only reason it gets so much press now is that Obama and all the other “race whores” out there are pushing it—hard! They search every nook and cranny for examples of “racism,” at least in their opinion. But the cry if “racism” is wearing thin, due to overuse.

WHAT’S WRONG WITH WAL-MART? Wal-Mart pays its workers more than most other “big box” stores like Target and even Amazon, which ship[s millions of packages daily and has never made a profit because their “margin” is so miniscule. People don’t understand that outfits like Wal-Mart and Amazon aren’t just “sitting on” vast amounts of cash. Rich people, Wal-Mart, and poor people have the same money problems: only the figures differ.  The payouts always threaten to overtake the income. So why do people hate Wal-Mart, but not Target or Amazon? The answer is simple: Wal-Mart spouts CONSERVATIVE principles while the others are, for the most part, liberal. Therefore, liberals want to “demonize” them as much as possible.

PEOPLE IN GEORGIA ARE FOOLS! In Georgia, they’re confiscating Christmas cards from children because they contain “offensive words” like “Merry Christmas. How STUPID do people have to be before they’re forever removed from ANY position where they can control what children think? Next they’ll be putting people in jail for saying, “Thank you.” They’re already punishing people for saying things like, “Bless you” to people who sneeze. How stupid is THAT?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Proving the Truth

The State of Vermont does not require a permit to carry a gun. That means honest people, as well as criminals, can carry guns. That doesn’t mean much to criminal because they carry guns anyway. It just cuts the number of unarmed victims. Consequently, Vermont has the lowest crime rate in the nation. Fancy that! And the criminals hate it because it makes their job harder.

PUTTING THEMSELVES OUT OF BUSINESS: Have you heard about that group of “burger flippers” who are going on strike to get $15 an hour for their talentless job? Do they think Burger King and MacDonald’s are going to PAY them that much? Ever? BK and MickeyD’s aren’t just “sitting on” a big “stash” of money. They pay them what they can AFFORD. They’re not WORTH $15 an hour to flip burgers and use cash registers that tell them how much change to give the customer. If they win this, their jobs are GONE. Live with it.

“SOMEBODY SHOULD BE FIRED”: The ObamaCare “rollout” has been one of the biggest fiascos (trainwercks) ever in government. MILLIONS of people have lost their health insurance and are faced with the probability that they must pay TWICE as much, or more, for the same coverage, PLUS what Obama has “ordained (which they never wanted, anyhow).” People hate it with a passion. Now they’re talking in the White House about who should be fired. I recommend ALL of them, starting with Obama.

 ECONOMIC JACKASS: That’s what Rush Limbaugh calls Obama when he cited the “welfare state” and the “economic safety net” for the boom economy we had until his people screwed it up to get elected. And that describes him perfectly; him and all the other socialist believers now in our government. People who are driving our government into collectivism (socialism, communism, Fascism, Progressivism and such), a system that has, or WILL fail wherever it has been tried. Cuba, for instance, is called a success. A place where the average age of cars on the streets is 1958 because nobody can afford better; a place where the infrastructure is crumbling because Castro and his friends are LOOTING it for their own comfort.

USING FAILURE TO TOUT SUCCESS: Obama is now out there telling people who have had their health insurance cancelled that the way out of their problems is ObamaCare (or whatever else he calls it when he “rebrands” it to confuse us further). What he doesn’t tell them is the only REASON they have been cancelled is OBAMACARE. Without all the unnecessary “benefits” (like pregnancy coverage for 84-year-old women) Obama has MANDATED, they MIGHT have been able to keep them but as is it, they can’t. Obamacare is DESIGNED to destroy the health insurance industry, and  is well on its way to doing so.

NEVER WIN WITHOUT DEMOCRAT PRINCIPLES: Obama and other socialists have been saying for years that Republicans are never going to win another election without “moving toward the middle.” Which means we have to move toward THEIR position to win. What a damned fool idea that is! First of all, Democrats don’t care if we EVER win another election, much less be willing to give us advice on how to do it. In fact, ANY “advice” they give us is, by definition, designed to make us LOSE.

"IT'S THE LAW OF THE LAND!" So what? Liberals like to repeat that old saw about Obamacare.  SLAVERY used to be "the law of the land," and so did prohibition. Both have been repealed as stupid ideas, and so will this one. So why should we obey a stupid law just because Congress (in its "wisdom") passed it without bothering to read it?

Saturday, December 14, 2013

"Replace" Obamacare?

Everybody seems to think that Republicans need to come up with their own plan to “replace” Obamacare in order to fight it. What a LOAD of stinky brown stuff THAT is! Obamacare is COMMUNISM! It is “redistribution of (your) wealth.” It is STEALING what you EARN and giving that stolen to non-earners, and thus should NOT be allowed to continue, in ANY form. We don’t NEED to “replace” it with ANYTHING. Maybe there can be some “tweaking” of laws pertaining to health insurance to make it better, but it does NOT need to be REPLACED.

EQUALITY GAP WIDENING: That’s what Obama says, and he should know. He’s working HARD to make it so. He’s doing everything he can to destroy the free market so he can get on his podium and say “the free market has failed,” and institute more and more socialist ideas to make it even worse while all the time blaming it on the free market. Obama is a “Hitler wannabe” in America. He will only be happy when America is reduced to being “Soviet Socialist America” with him in charge.

It only masks ignorance.” This was said by Greg Gutfield, one of “The Five” on Fox. I don’t want anybody to think I tried to steal it because I rate Gutfield at the TOP of the five people who make up “The Five,” and I wouldn’t want to take anything away from him, even if I could. He was talking about the ignorance of youth, who are usually totally unaware of how confused they are about how the world works. They just haven’t been around long enough to know anything, and they don’t realize it. They think they’re smarter than their parents or grandparents, who HAVE been around long enough.

LIBERALISM DESTROYED DETROIT: Detroit was once the fifth largest city in the United States until the unions destroyed it by demanding too much of the auto industry, which was WHY Detroit was that big. Pension obligations have forced Detroit to seek bankruptcy protection so they can renege on those promises made to those unions. People like Bob Beckel (the flaming liberal also on “The Five”) are constitutionally unable to see that, and poo-pooh any suggestion that those excessive pension demands had anything to do with it. But as usual, he can’t cite a rational alternative cause.

PHONY HATE CRIME INDUSTRY: It’s Greg Gutfield again. That “sage” from “The Five” who is onto things that escape most people, complains about people who are IN THE BUSINESS of phonying-up hate crime incidents to make it SEEM like the world is full of hate. They think that their actions are justified because, “even if that didn’t happen, something similar is happening somewhere.” That is the thinking of FOOLS. And it reduces the effectiveness of REAL reports of hate crimes just as Obama and his cronies’ continued abuse of the “racism” charge makes an accusation of racism become useless.

GUNS INCREASED, MURDER FELL: Congress has noticed that guns have increased from 192 million in 1994 to 319 million in 2009 while violent crime fell sharply. This “bothers” them, and they’re now doing a “study” about it. Why don’t they just accept it and do what it takes to continue the tend? That’s not what they DO! They can’t just accept a natural reaction to something, particularly with guns. They just have to figure out a way to make a LAW to do it.

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Truth Is Out

The whole Obama health care swindle DEPENDS on collecting money from young people who don’t NEED health care to pay for the health care for old folks who do. In other words. Take money from young people by FORCING them to sign up or fining them and use it to pay for health care for others. That IS collectivism (socialism, communism, etc.). The truth is OUT! They can no longer deny it because it has been ANNOUNCED! I don’t know about you, but I want NO PART of socialism, in ANY form.

SORRY ABOUT YESTERDAY: I had way too much to do and simply didn't get it all done. Thus, no new posts. That happens sometimes. I had appointments with TWO doctors; one my regular doctor's regular appointment, and the other with my eye doctor who is trying valiantly (with only partial success, I might add) to solve my eye problem. At least I can keep the right eye open (mostly) without much pain. Hopefully soon those problems will be over.

LET HIM DO IT: Remember when Toronto Mayor Ford “went after” somebody in the gallery who said something he didn’t like? He was stopped by “cooler heads” after he knocked a woman over as he “steamed” toward that person. They should have let him go and really do something stupid. He’s have either committed a felony or gotten himself knocked on his butt. Doesn’t matter which. He’d be in “deep doo-doo” either way. This is a good example of the low-class. Low quality people running things today. Yes, this is in Canada. But our local politicians are just as corrupt, though not as outspoken. Example: Obama, who doesn’t “go after them.” He just sends the IRS after them later.

WHAT A BUNCH OF DAMNED FOOLS! As if they didn’t have enough REAL things to complain about, people are now complaining about Santa’s fighter jet escort we’re pretending he has. What about N. Korea’s nuclear bomb? How about Iran’s? Or Obama spending more money than there IS while fighting to REMOVE completely any limits on his ability to spend more? What about his “gun-running” activities in Mexico and Syria? Damn, they do a good job of diverting our attention from his crimes! And we (not me) cooperate readily.

ANOTHER ATROCITY IN LIBYA: A well-known and well-liked teacher in Libya; who called himself “Libya’s best friend,” was shot and killed in a “drive-by shooting” on the street the other day, which should be a signal to other Americans to GET OUT of that country. NOW. They CLAIM to be our friends, but that would come as a surprise to this latest victim of Libyan thuggery and to the four embassy people killed there in Benghazi with the help of our president, Secretary of State, and the government of Libya.

CONVINCED NOT TO GET INSURANCE: Obama’s ridiculing organizations that want to keep young people from getting health care insurance. But, as usual, he’s twisting it. They’re not trying to keep them from getting insurance, they’re trying to get them to be able to make up their OWN minds about who to buy it from while he wants EVERYBODY to buy it from HIM. What part of “your insurance is CRAP” and a CON don’t you understand, Barack?

KILLING JOBS: Everything Obama does kills jobs. The recent push to raise wages for hamburger flippers and French fry boilers to $15 an hour is way behind Obama’s plans. He has already made it impossible to hire ANYONE without it costing $10.50 an hour, no matter what they do. He is doing everything POSSIBLE to inhibit hiring while PRETENDING to be a “job-creator.” Who does he think he’s fooling? People who pay no attention to politics, of course!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What The Hell?

Liberals are giving Rush Limbaugh a hard time for “attacking the Pope.” So what? Rush has the right to attack ANYBODY when he (or she) promotes collectivism. As usual, they accuse HIM of attacking the Pope by challenging him on his stand about, ”unfettered capitalism,” which he never said anything about. Reuters SAID he talked about “unfettered capitalism” in their translation of what he said. But, whatever; Rush has the “unfettered RIGHT” to criticize ANYBODY who preaches collectivism, (or socialism, or any of its other aliases). You people who think he hasn’t, can go to hell.

“UNFETTERED CAPITALISM”: In any case, where does the left get off CRITICIZING “unfettered capitalism.” It is capitalism, in spite of the HINDRANCE of fetters, that has caused the United states, in less than 300 years, to “sweep by” countries that have been around for THOUSANDS of years. It has allowed it to become the economic powerhouse it was before the liberals got hold of it and ruined everything with their lies and twisting of facts. When they say such things as “Food Stamps grow the economy” in their ignorance they’re doing everything to FETTER capitalism as much as they can.

THEIR LATEST OBSESSION: Nelson Mandela has died. So the news media is gearing up to report every last fact or rumor about his life, praising him to the skies, even though he was a dedicated COMMUNIST and bloody terrorist. They WERE obsessing about Obama’s health care swindle law, and then they were presented with a “gift from God” in Mandela’s death, which allowed them to further ignore Obama’s “ripping off” of the nation.

HILLARY MURDERED THE BENGHAZI VICTIMS: I don’t know if she KNEW that attack was coming, but one month before the attack, she ordered the security on their embassy cut, then let them die, covered it up, lied to congress, and is STILL lying about everything. Yet imbeciles in DC are STILL touting her for PRESIDENT. How stupid ARE they? Is it stupidity, or is it simply that they couldn’t care less how many people she killed, as long as they can put a DEMOCRAT back in the White House?

LYING AGAIN AND AGAIN: With all the hooraw about ObamaCare, you would think Kathleen Sebilius, HHS Secretary, would visit Obama in the White House at least ONCE. But NO! She was not known to have talked to Obama face-to-face ONE TIME. They’re trying to cover it up by saying “Cabinet secretaries visits do not go on the “visitor’s log.” They’re in and out all the time and she has visited many times.” Bull dung! Every other cabinet secretary has been listed on the visitor’s log when a visit occurred, why not this one? Because she was never there!

KILL AS MANY AS YOU WANT: That’s what Obama has told wind farm operators whose fans kill many bald eagles, the symbol of America. If you ACCIDENTALLY shoot and kill a bald eagle you can go to PRISON,. But if your wind farm does, “all is forgiven.” It has been that way for years in theory, but now it there in FACT. I guess anything that hurts the “environmental initiative” toward “renewable energy” is okay, including killing bald eagles. What a damnable administration this is!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It Still Ain't Fixed

Obama said the web site you MUST go to in order to “sign up” for ObamaCare (you know, the thing you must do or be fined) is STILL screwing up. Now many people who DID “sign up” and thought they were covered, are not. And many will be fined because they don’t have it, come the first of the year when they bought it and paid for it and don’t have it. What a “tangled mess” this is! And Obama says “it’s working.” He's deluding himself. Not us.

AN OLD SONG: Kim Jong Il is using an ages-old playbook and, just as he held up an old 3-1/2” disc and said, “With this technology we will destroy you,” he kidnapped an innocent man, imprisoned him, tortured him, and forced a phony “confession” to “war crimes” out of him, then released him, claiming that his age and infirmity demanded it. This is a common tactic of the old communists in N. Korea and we’re falling for it again. You’d think we’d learn.

YOU’D THINK THEY’D LEARN: Fast food workers are going on strike for $15 an hour for their unskilled work. They forget it’s that kind of pay that allows them to work at all without any kind of skills. They think when it’s all over they’ll still have a job. They’re wrong. They’re pricing themselves out of the market. Rush Limbaugh used to joke about raising the minimum wage to $10 an hour and we all thought it would never happen. Now Obama is talking about making a LAW to set the minimum at $10 an hour. Reality follows comedy.

FOOLS AND LIARS: Obama wants to raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour. Historically, every time the minimum wage has been raised, especially when it is raised significantly, it costs the lowest level of workers many jobs because they have no talent and are easy to replace. He SWEARS that “there is NO EVIDENCE raising the minimum wage kills jobs.” He KNOWS that’s a lie; he knows we KNOW it is a lie. He doesn’t care. He lies anyway. It’s his way.

WE HAVE OUR NEVILLE: Neville Chamberlain is well known to have advanced Russia’s war goals by his agreement with Stalin at the “Big Three Summit” about WWII. Now we have John (Ketsup) Kerry, who performed the same service to Iran with his recent “agreement” that allowed Iran to continue what they were doing, while we removed most of our sanctions and sent them $millions to help them do it.

FOX PUSHING COMMUNISM: I couldn’t believe my ears when  I heard a Fox News commentator speak the words, :”He needs the funding from the young and healthy to finance the treatment for the older people” as if she agreed with that. If even THEY are being “taken in” by his fool rhetoric, what chance do we have to keep this country a free market country? The pushers of communism and other forms of collectivism (socialism, Fascism, Progressivism) are nothing if not subtle and their crap is hard to resist for people who are not AWAKE to their subterfuge and just want a "free ride."

Monday, December 9, 2013

Treaties Can't Do It

Obama thinks he can “override” the Constitution by signing the United Nations Anti-Gun Treaty. He can’t. NO treaty can be instituted that violates the Constitution. He thinks he can “get around” the Constitution’s provisions about gun ownership by signing that treaty. To attempt to do so is unlawful and he should be forcefully reminded of that. Too bad there is no PENALTY for violating the Constitution.

SUDDEN ATTACKS: There have been a rash of sudden attacks on strangers recently. So far, mostly in New York City, that involves walking up on a man (or woman) on the street and “punching him out.” These attacks have been known to be fatal. And those doing it say they’re “doing it for fun.” (For FUN!) One of these guys needs to run into someone with quick reflexes who “punches HIM out.” This is another example of today’s complete LACK of reverence for human life that began with the legalizing of the murder of innocent children in the womb.

ANOTHER LIE: The Obama administration KNEW when they promised it that they could NOT “fix” the ObamaCare web site by the 30th of November. But he promised it, anyway. Anybody with INTELLIGENCE knew it would be impossible to meet such a deadline, but apparently our president, who is “all-knowing, all seeing,” didn’t know it—or was LYING about it. My money is on the latter, knowing his predisposition to LIE about everything and blame somebody else for his problems..

WHAT REPUBLICANS COULD WIN THE PRESIDENCY? There are at least THREE in my mind, but they’ll have to do it without the help of the Republican Party because these people FRIGHTEN them. They think they are unelectable because the Democrats have them completely demonized. This is because they are the only Republicans willing to tell the TRUTH. Those three are Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, and Ted Cruz. My favorite is Palin. But I’d happily accept either of the others.

I DON’T UNDERSTAND: Why people object to the Pope being personal friends with a Jewish Rabbi. Pope Francis was a good friend to Rabbi Abraham Skorka. They have worked together for years on interfaith communication. The Pope does many things other Catholics don’t like. Such as not always wearing red shoes and praying with Skorka in a synagogue. But why? All that is, is man’s rules, not God’s. In any case, the Pope makes God’s rules in the Catholic church. I still don’t understand people’s enmity for members of a different church. Everybody has the right to worship as he wishes without criticism from others. Even Muslims.. That’s as it should be, and people who criticize people, especially the Pope, for it are fools.

WHY THEN, DO I DISS ISLAM? Because I do not believe Islam is a religion. They’ll HATE me for that, and want to kill me for having the temerity to SAY it. And that’s the main thing I hold against them. I would have nothing against them if they didn’t want to KILL people who didn’t believe the exact same way they do. That’s not religion, it’s politics. I believe Islam is a political system masquerading as a religion so they can claim certain rights available to ALL religions. Men of God (under whatever name) do not kill innocent people in the name of their Lord (Allah). Religious people don’t KILL people who leave their religion. Do I worry about Muslims wanting to kill me for what I say? No; I’m 76. If they did, they’d just be rushing the inevitable and wasting their time.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snatching Defeat From Jaws of Victory

The Republican National Committee failed utterly to support two important Republicans in their races against well-financed (by anti-gun forces) opponents. Ken Cuccinelli was outspent by as much as ten to one in the final days of the campaign. In fact, the Cuccinelli campaign went completely dark in the final days, while the Democrats were telling many lies against him that he couldn’t answer for lack of money. Both pro-gun Republican candidates lost.

MORE REPUBLICAN FOOLISHNESS: There are at least three possible REPUBLICAN candidates for president in 2014 that the GOP will NOT support. Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, and Allen West. Why? Because they aren’t backbone-less fools like they usually run—and lose with. These candidates are not afraid to speak the truth, which frightens the GOP elite. They’re afraid of losing their own power. So they will not support them, and will, in fact, OPPOSE them, which makes it a lot easier for the Democrats to steal another election.

RULES IS NOT RULES: Not according to the Democrats, in the person of Harry Reid. They didn’t like the way the Senate “rules” held them back, so, in spite of being very eloquent in opposition when the Republicans tried it when they were in the majority, voted to “suspend the rules” to stop filibusters of their nominees. People are constantly saying, “rules are rules” when it suits their purpose. But “rules are NOT rules” when they can be changed at will, and only when THEY are still in power, which is what they did. It was a TEMPORARY thing, to END when Republicans are again in charge.

OBAMA’S  “VICTORY LAP”: His Justice Dept. got a $15 BILLION dollar fine out of J. P. Morgan to use in supporting outfits like ACORN (under whatever names they exist now) in doing Obama’s bidding (nobody ever asks what they do with such money). This is vengeance for J. P. Morgan refusing his “bailout money” and rejecting his “help.” It seems funny to me that they would go after J. P. Morgan for financial fraud at the same time Obama is working an even BIGGER fraud on the American public with his health care swindle. But of course, Obama and his goons are shameless. They don’t care what you think.

LOTSA DAMNED FOOLS OUT THERE: A man came up to John Stossel the other day and said, “Are you John Stossel?” When John said he was, the guy said, “I hope you die soon,” and walked away. If you don’t know who John Stossel is, Google him. He is a Fox newsman and has written several books that tell the truth about what’s going on. My favorite is “Lies, Lies, More Lies, and Stupidity” or something like that. Some people just can’t HANDLE the truth. And liberals SAY we're the violent ones.

REPUBLICANS DO HAVE BETTER PLANS: Obama keeps repeating the lie that Republicans don’t have anything better to offer. Nothing could be further from the truth. Republicans have offered plan after plan, only to have them rejected out of hand, sometimes without even the bother of reading them. Obama “covers his own ass” when he says this and Republicans (mostly) don’t call him on it, so it “sticks” and becomes “common knowledge.” What a major LOAD that is!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christianity Extinct?

Top Christians say Christianity may be “one generation from extinction.” That churches are largely empty these days, and the only way they’re going to reverse that is to try and appeal to the young, who are going to be the adults and “old people” in church one day if the church lasts. I think they’re right, but it’s not quite that bad. Maybe two or three generations. But it IS time they started a better “outreach” to young people, who have been taught to ignore Christianity in today’s schools, right along with schools deifying socialism as a replacement for Christianity. Couple that with Muslims threatening to KILL them for not believing the exact same way they do, and there’s heavy pressure out there.

FOOLED US AGAIN! Iran has successfully conned America and other nations into THINKING they have agreed to s plan that will stop them from getting a nuclear bomb. They’re even going to let “inspectors” into Iran to verify it. They’ll let them look at the abandoned FORMER sites where they worked on it. Meanwhile work on getting their nukes will proceed apace in OTHER locations far away that we don’t know about, some even in other countries. At the same time we will get rid of many of the sanctions we had placed on them, as they planned.

DISTURBINGLY IGNORANT ABOUT FRACKING: There’s a new study out that says this. But why do we need a “study” to know this? The Obama administration is “disturbingly ignorant” about EVERYTHING. I don’t believe I’ve seen an administration (at least since Jimmy Carter) that is MORE ignorant than this one. It is GROUNDED on ignorance.

Abraham Lincoln’s killer was a slavery supporting Democrat; Garfield’s killer was an escaped mental patient; McKinley’s killer? An anarchist/socialist; John Kennedy’s killer? An avowed communist; Robert Kennedy’s killer? A Palestinian Muslim; Martin Luther King’s killer was a lifelong DEMOCRAT. Now tell me again how the conservatives and “Tea Party” types are the dangerous ones.

STUPID SOCIALISTS: In Seattle, they want the “workers” to take over Boeing (never mind they don’t have the money OR the know-how to operate such a business). They forget one thing when they say they can run it as well as the executives and so don’t need the executives. The executives have the ability to see the whole picture and come up with the ideas that make the plant POSSIBLE. Yes, the machinists can DO the work, after the executives tell them how and what to do with it. What FOOLS these people are!

“REPUBLICANS ARE AN IMPEDIMENT TO GOVERNING”: That’s what Obama says, and that’s a typical Obama LIE. The only thing Republicans are an “impediment” to are Obama’s swindle schemes. They are the only thing that has stopped a COMPLETE socialist takeover of this government, which IS Obama’s main goal. Things like ObamaCare and his other swindles are merely MINOR goals on the way this main one. Obama is a FOOL if he thinks we’ll believe this one. But then, we already know he IS a fool.

Friday, December 6, 2013

I Hate to Hear Politicians' Rants

When I hear such as Barack Obama say something like, “Republicans are an impediment to governing” I wand to vomit. Mostly because a large segment of our citizens (the ones who only want a “free ride” at someone else’s expense) will believe this crap—and they vote, without the benefit of knowing (or caring about) the TRUTH about things (If that would make a difference to these fools), only the LIES fed them by such as Obama. There should be an INTELLIGENCE test before such people are ALLOWED to vote. But the same people, PLUS the Democrats (liberals) will whine about that being an effort to stifle the “right to vote,” while all it is, is an effort to limit the right to vote to people who have SOME idea what’s going on so they won’t vote us into becoming “Soviet Socialist America.”

CONNED US AGAIN: Iran, after many years of refusing to “negotiate,” suddenly agreed to a “non-agreement” the other day. One that requires them to “not do” something they CANNOT do anyway; a “temporary” agreement that will give them time to further solidify their nuclear plans, while we lift many of the sanctions that were slowing them down. As part of the “agreement,” we’re giving them a LOT of money” (what else?) they can use, not only for their nuclear plans, but to help Islamic terrorists kill American soldiers and other innocent people all over the world. Israel calls it a “historic mistake” and they're right.

ANGOLA BANS ISLAM: It has become the first country in the world to (properly) ban Islam as a phony “religion.” Which, of course, the way Islam operates, will make them a prime target for Islamic violence. Islam has no tolerance for ANYBODY who believes differently than they do, nor for anybody who would block them from infiltrating and eventually “taking over.” So their next move will be to move into Angola and start killing innocent people as they usually do to make their evil points. I sincerely hope Angola is up to combating this.

IT SCREWED EVERYTHING UP! ObamaCare should be scrapped. For one reason: it has screwed everything in the medial care and health care insurance businesses up, royally, as only a government can do! The whole thing has become so complicated and self-contradictory that it is unworkable. It will NEVER work! It CANNOT ever work. No matter how much finagling Obama and his fools do. It is not going to work and he should “cut bait.”

WHY IS BASHIR GETTING A PASS? Why is Martin Bashir getting a pass after suggesting somebody needs to crap in Sarah Palin’s mouth? That’s an easy one: he’s drawing a bunch of publicity to MSNBC. That’s pretty much all they’re interested in, except for gays. Don’t mess with gays. MSNBC will GUT you! Gays are their favorite group. I have nothing against gays, but I think they’re getting way too much attention these days (Update: that was apparently too much even for MSNBC. They fired him.).

WHY IS THAT? Sheriff Joe Arpaio says he has been treated shabbily by Obma’s Department of Justice for his insistence on enforcing immigration law when Obama doesn’t want to. Another factor, he thinks, is his exposure of Obama’s perfidy in making it all but impossible to learn the actual place of his birth. Why is that, do you suppose? If there were NOT something very fishy about Obama’s birthplace, why is it so dangerous for such a man as Arpaio to delve into it? Something smells very fishy there.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Happy Turkey Day!

This was supposed to go up on thanksgiving, but I couldn't do it. so it will go up now. Now let’s get rid of some turkeys. Obama should head the list; followed soon after by Hilary, Eric Holder, Kathleen Sebilius, many senators, headed by Arizona Senator John McCain, who pretends to be a Republican but is more Democrat than anything else. Then there’s Susan Rice, who dutifully LIED for Obama to help cover up his incompetent handling (I hope) of the Benghazi scandal and now is National Security Adviser. Then there’s Nancy Peelosi, Jesse Jerkson, Al Sharpie…er…uh, Sharpton, without whom we would have little or no racism (oops! I forgot Obama). Damn! The list is endless, but these are the main turkeys.

INDIANS DIDN’T SAVE PILGRIMS: The Free Market did. Yes, the Indians may have taught them a lot of things, such as how to grow corn. But that would not have saved them under their original system, which amounted to SOCIALISM. With INCENTIVE thus eliminated, many people didn’t work because they still got s full “share” of any bounty there might have been whether or not they worked. So many didn’t, and the colony starved. Many died, including the governor’s wife. So he set out to change things and return INCENTIVE to the equation. He let them keep their plot of land, but allowed them to keep and sell (at a profit) what they grew. This gave them the INCENTIVE to work hard, and they did. They grew so much there was a surplus, which they sold, at a PROFIT. The first Thanksgiving was not to ”thank” the Indians for saving them, it was a gesture of FRIENDSHIP to their neighbors. As with the story of Robin Hood (That’s another story. Robin Hood did NOT steal from the rich to give to the poor, he stole BACK from the nobles who stole the money and property and gave what was rightfully theirs to the peasants), this has been lied about and twisted over the years by people who wanted to reinstitute socialism and the power it gave to a few.

GOT RID OF ANOTHER ANTI-GUN FOOL: Colorado Senator Edie Hudak, under the gun for sponsoring anti-gun legislation, and seeing two of her  colleagues recalled for the same reason, has resigned, effective immediately, saving Jefferson County the cost of a special election to recall her. She’s wiser than the other two. She “saw the writing on the wall” and “jumped ship” so there would be no recall on her political record. I hope this sends a message to other anti-gun fools.

OBAMA’S SELF-DELUSION: He really thinks he has “solved” the health care “problem” in America. That’s just one of his self-delusions. Another is the idea that he killed bin Laden, who has been dead since Bush bombed him in one of his caves years ago. But the thing here is, if things don’t go the way he wants them to, he thinks they did, anyway. He’s telling people that only a “small minority” of Republicans don’t want his health care swindle law, completely ignoring the fact that a MAJORITY of Americans want nothing to do with it, and it has screwed up the medical profession beyond belief already.

ALTERNATIVE SONG TITLE: “Screw Obama, um, um, um!” That’s a good title to add to the song his minions are teaching school children: “Barack Hussein Obama! Um, um, um!” He just doesn’t realize how low he has gone in the esteem of others. Those who once “sung his praises” are now criticizing his every move, And it goes right by him. He still claims this health care swindle is moving along nicely when it is not. And it is this “fooling himself” like most dictator wannabes that will DOOM him.

IT COULD NEVER HAPPEN: Obama not only KNEW we would not be able to keep the same plans we liked when the law was written. You can’t stuff a ten pound turkey with 25 pounds of stuffing, which is what he’s trying to do. He’s saying it’s the “insurance company’s fault,” but it’s not. They CANNOT offer their policies with Obama’s MANDATES added without raising their prices. He knew that and KNOWS that, no matter how much he LIES about it.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It doesn't Make Sense

IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE: That could be said for many things (mostly unnecessary) about Obama’s health care swindle law. One, how do you squeeze all the new things DEMANDED by ObamaCare into your old plan without a huge rate hike?  That’s like trying to squeeze ten pounds of toothpaste into a one pound tube. Then there’s his plan to get as many young and healthy people as possible into the scam to bring enough money to pay for the older people. Then he allows youngsters to stay on the parent's plan until age 26! Thereby cutting in HALF the number of young, healthy people in the plan. Not the best planning, is it? But this is GOVERNMENT, remember?

WAL-MART PROPAGANDA ABOUNDS: Now they’re saying Wal-Mart’s taking up a “food campaign” for its own employees, which suggests they don’t pay them enough. But that’s a LOAD! Wal-Mart pays its workers a lot more than other comparable stores, while it has the lowest sales prices. What they hate is that Wal-Mart WORKERS routinely reject unionization. They SAY it’s the COMPANY that rejects unions. But paying their people more WITHOUT unions is key. What do you need a union for to leech off your employees when you pay them better without it?

BETTER TREATMENT” LOWER COST? BS: That's what Obama is promising, but just TRY and go to the Mayo Clinic or another “top of the line” hospital and see what happens. Getting it done will he harder than a stone. They SAY there are “no death panels” and there are not, per se. But there are bureaucrats everywhere that get between you and your doctor, telling him want he can prescribe and what he can’t, what hospitals you may or may not visit what treatments he may use, etc. Such decisions may or may not mean DEATH for you, but they don’t care. It’s not themselves they’re dooming.

PHOTO OP: There’s a “news item” about Obama “dropping in” to a well-known (in Washington) bookstore with his two daughters and making a few purchases. You KNOW that’s a lie; the president doesn’t “drop in” anywhere. The Secret Service has probably been preparing for this “visit” for a week and so have the people manning the cameras to make Obama look like “just one of the guys” out shopping with his daughters.

AN OLD COMMIE TRICK: To create a political statement: Scoop up some schmuck off the street (one who wasn’t smart enough to stay out of that country), preferably one so old he can’t withstand torture very much, and get him to make a detailed “confession” (in your words) in front of the cameras in “court,” as you “sentence” him to long years in prison. Then later (maybe) you let him go in a “gesture of good faith” to America (if he’s still alive, that is). They really think they’re fooling someone, just as the old commies did.

THE KRAUTHAMMER DOCTRINE: Celebrated columnist Charles Krauthammer is the author of the “Reagan Doctrine” that said to Russia, “Just because you took the country in battle, doesn’t mean you get to keep it.” His own “doctrine” is, “If the treatment you are giving is killing the patient, stop the treatment.” As a doctor, he ought to know. But apparently Obama doesn’t. The treatment he is giving America is killing America, but he will not only not stop it, he “doubles down.” When the patient dies, he will say, “My fault? No, it’s Bush’s fault.

Monday, December 2, 2013


Oscar Wilde said this: “Selfishness is not in living your life the way you want to live it, but demanding that other live theirs the way YOU want them to.” Oscar was pretty smart in some ways, wasn’t he? A simple truth, spoken as an aside, to FOOLS who think others should live their lives the way THEY wanted them to. Liberals think selfishness is thinking only of yourself. In reality, selfishness is on wanting what belongs to others, as liberals do.

BACK TO WORK: Well, it’s been a hassle, but I think most of my eye problems (for now) are over. There’s still a definite “presence” there, but for the most part, no more pain. I can open both eyes and (except for the cataract, which was already there), I can see relatively well without pain. That means I can do some work, which I could not do before Thank God there ARE some doctors out there who don’t jump to conclusions as did those at University Hospital. If they had given me the right medicine the first time, I’d have been back at work a week earlier.

“QUIT PRAYING”: The “Duck Dynasty was told to “quit praying” to avoid “offending” Muslims. Who cares about Offending Muslims? They certainly don’t care about offending Christians or any other religion, so why should we give a tinker’s damn about offending them with OUR prayers. What a bunch of FOOLS they are to try and stop Christians from praying to THEIR God, as Muslims do to their God five times a day. Muslims with their butts in the air offend ME! Mostly because me praying offends THEM.

THE “PUNCH ‘EM GAME”: Have you heard about the “punch ‘em” game? Mostly practiced by black youth (and that’s not racism, it’s fact, backed up by numbers) because they’re “bored. Because they’re BORED. They go out and “sucker punch” people, sometimes people who are so old and infirm they couldn’t defend themselves in the first place. Sometimes it kills them. (They’re BORED!) How heroic! But sometimes it turns out the wrong way (according to their opinion). In Lansing, Michigan, a black kid started to punch a man out and got two bullets for his trouble. The lesson to be learned here? Don’t punch innocent people and you won’t get hurt. Viva Treyvon! …Not.

WILL OBAMA’S WEB SITE WORK THIS TIME? Doubtful. The figures they cite as “success” are so far BELOW industry standards as to be laughable. Amazon handles 100 times the number of maximum customers able to be handled at once by this site every day, yet they “dance in the streets” hollering “Eureka!” And there are STILL the “security questions” where you dare not give your personal information for fear of becoming a victim of identity theft.

WHAT’S WRONG WITH OBAMACARE? Many things; first of all, it’s MANDATORY. Obama does NOT have the power to tell you that you MUST BUY something or pay a fine. That’s the idea of a fool. In the private sector if a company can’t deliver a product at an affordable price they make it better. In government if they can’t deliver a product at an affordable price, they make a law to FORCE you to buy it, anyway I recommend NOBODY buy it and that they resist paying his “fine (tax)” with all fervor. They can’t “go after” millions of people and they don't have enough prison cells.

WILL THE IRAN “DEAL” WORK? Not a bit of it. What it requires of Iran is piddling, while we are removing most of the sanctions. All this “agreement” does is give Iran more time to realize their plans while getting many of the sanctions removed. It does NOTHING to INHIBIT them from working to get a nuclear bomb. They’re “playing us,” as usual, and as N. Korea did, successfully. Meanwhile, our incompetent “officials” fall for it AGAIN. I’m waiting for the first bomb to drop from N. Korea. It will, when the baby dictator gets mad enough for a tantrum.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Still Fighting Eye Problem

Turns out it wasn’t conjunctivitis after all. It was something in my eye, digging in. My doctor took it out after almost a week of suffering under the mistaken diagnosis reached at University Hospital—which made it better. But here is still something in there she missed (it wasn’t hard), on the other side of the eye and I can’t get to her until tomorrow. Thanksgiving, you know. The article below was written just before it struck, and was written for today so it MUST go up.

Indians Didn't Save Pilgrims

The Free Market did. Yes, the Indians may have taught them a lot of things, such as how to grow corn. But that would not have saved them under their original system, which amounted to SOCIALISM. With INCENTIVE thus eliminated, many people didn’t work because they still got s full “share” of any bounty there might have been whether or not they worked. So many didn’t, and the colony starved. Many died, including the governor’s wife. So he set out to change things and return INCENTIVE to the equation. He let them keep their plot of land, but allowed them to keep and sell (at a profit) what they grew. This gave them the INCENTIVE to work hard, and they did. They grew so much there was a surplus, which they sold, at a PROFIT. The first Thanksgiving was not to ”thank” the Indians for saving them, it was a gesture of FRIENDSHIP to their neighbors. As with the story of Robin Hood (That’s another story. Robin Hood did NOT steal from the rich to give to the poor, he stole BACK from the nobles and gave what was rightfully theirs to the peasants), this has been lied about and twisted over the years by people who wanted to reinstitute socialism and the power it gave to a few. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Can't work

Sorry to anybody who has missed my posts to my several blogs the last few days. Last Friday just before I was to update “Ray’s Shorts,” I was unable, as I could not even keep my eyes open. I had to go to the hospital. Seems I have conjunctivitis, otherwise known as “pink-eye.” Some may think that is a minor ailment, in that it’s not going to kill me. But take my word for it, it is NOT. It can be very painful and debilitating. For me, several days later, it still IS. I still mostly can’t open my right eye, and it is hard to do this work with only one eye, whose movement effects the other eye. I’m hoping it will clear up soon and I can resume my work. Until then, Aaaaccckkk!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

"Great Americans?"

Being given the “Medal of Freedom” is supposed to say you are a “great American.” Which is why Bill Clinton doesn’t deserve even this worthless “honor.” Clinton is the only president to be impeached in memory, even though he was not convicted by the Senate because he knew where the bodies were buried—and maybe even buried a few himself. That this man is considered a “great American” is a travesty. I expect Obama will get one after he is no longer in office, too (and that may be never), because they give those out like candy.

SPOCK WAS RIGHT: I don’t know if Star Trek’s Spock ever actually said this, but it is attributed to him. “Logic dictates…that if the pro-gun people were as violent as the anti-gunners say they are, there would be no anti-gunners left.” Spock was known to be extremely logical: logical to a fault. And he was right most of the time. He’s right in this instance, too.

AFGHANISTAN WANTS TO TRY AMERICANS: They want to be able to try American soldiers for “murder” of civilians in Afghanistan. At the same time they want to stop American soldiers from going into houses in Afghanistan without their approval. The very place where Islamic terrorists HIDE is in those houses. They want our help, but they want to put restrictions on us that make the job impossible. Meanwhile, the restrictions we place upon OURSELVES also work to make their job impossible. Such as giving armed terrorists “the first shot” before we can return fire. Really STUPID “rules of conduct.

WRONG! Senator (retired) Bill Richardson said, “Obama has done Jimmy Carter a favor. He’s no longer the worst president in recent history.” WRONG! It’s Bill Clinton who did him that favor. He became the SECOND worst president when Bill was elected and is now the THIRD worst president in memory. It really amazes me how they ignore Bill’s impeachment and his “skirt-chasing” while in office. This is a good example of “changing history.”

THE “HELP” OF A MARINE: It has always amused me that when a president “lays the wreath” on the tomb of the unknown soldier, there’s always a Marine holding it up, while the president only puts his hands on it. The Marine bears the weight of it. Are they afraid the president can’t bear its weight? Maybe it’s only right and proper for a Marine to “bear the weight,” since the Marines (and members of other services) are responsible for “bearing the weight” of so many presidential decisions.

“KILLING CIVILIANS” IN AFGHANISTAN: The Afghan government couldn’t survive without our help. But they are making us (Obama) apologize for “killing civilians” with his “drone strikes.” What ARE “civilians” in Afghanistan? How do you tell the difference between them and the terrorists? Maybe when they point guns at you. Or are KNOWN to have committed terrorist acts. Karzai won’t even let us go into people’s houses to find terrorists, and that’s where they hide—with those “civilians” (willingly or unwillingly) shielding them. We need to tell Karzai to either “lighten up” or “we’re gone.”

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"Collaborate" With ObamaCare?

What a fool notion that is! (snicker) But that’s what Democrats are saying about Republicans as they blame THEM for the failure of a law that is fundamentally flawed in the first place. Why the hell should we “cooperate” in promoting such an abortion? I like that impossible web site. It is stalling Obama in getting his abortion started, and that can only be good. We’re not “scaring Americans” away from Obama’s crappy web site with our rhetoric. Obama’s crappy web site is “scaring them away.” And the whole idea is “scaring ME away.”

BITING HIM ON THE BUTT: Glenn McCoy has an editorial cartoon showing Obama playing a snake-charmer flute to one snake while the other is getting ready to bite him on the butt. It shows exactly what is going on with ObamaCare. He’s still trying to sell us snake oil while the world is “going to hell” behind him. It's going to BE a failure. But don't try and convince him of that. He's "tone deaf."

WEB SITE A “GOLD MINE”: Obama’s health care swindle web site is a “gold mine” for identity thieves. It DEMANDS all your personal information BEFORE it will even let you LOOK at the plans available and has NO security. It is one of the easiest such web sites there is to hack. Entering your personal info there is like personally handing it to thieves who will steal everything you own—and I’m not just talking about identity thieves who will hack it, I’m also talking about the thieves in the White House.

“MEDAL OF FREEDOM”: This medal has been given to more than 500 people, many of whom whose only “contribution” to “freedom” is being friendly to the president. That it has been given to so many people for NOTHING makes it WORTHLESS. Obama does a “stand-up comedy routine” while naming the current people he is giving it to. While making his speech, he (predictably) brought racism into it when he honored a coach who hired the first black basketball player. It amazes me the people they give this to.

NO SHORTS? I’ve got to go with Michelle on this one. She and her daughter walked off Air Force One (what was she doing on the same plane with Obama?) with her daughter wearing shorts and is getting a lot of grief from folks who should know better, about it. I believe the first lady has the same right to wear shorts as does any woman, without criticism. I do have to say her daughter looks a lot better in shorts than she does.

GESTAPO RAIDS ON WALKER SUPPORTERS: "This kind of political witch-hunt was the hallmark of Hitler’s Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Great Terror, but it’s happening in Wisconsin today. Even worse, it’s not some stinky shadowy group that’s doing the witch-hunt. The home raids are led by supposed law men — Waukesha special prosecutor Francis Schmitz, Milwaukee assistant district attorney Bruce Landgraf, and Eau Claire County reserve Judge Gregory Peterson." This is the kind of thing we can expect to continue under a Democrat Party led by Barack Obama, who considers ANY opposition his “enemy.” (Fellowship of the Minds)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"We Knew He Lied!"

But he had to in order to fool us into accepting ObamaCare (according to one Democrat Senator), which mandated free rubbers, free birth control, free pregnancy and free abortion, which he promised NOT to cover (which I don’t need, and nor does a 90-year-old grandmother). Typically, it’s “one fits ALL” government, which we don’t need. But which we all have to pay for. And covering “pre-existing conditions” is MADNESS. But you’ll never convince a liberal, who thinks we can SPEND ourselves to prosperity with other people's money. And these incompetent fools are running things.

CRUEL & UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT: They’re in the sentencing phase of the trial of Austin Sygg, the teenager who murdered, then dismembered a small girl, Jessica Ridgeway. They’re arguing that life in prison for a teenager is “cruel and unusual punishment.” I disagree. A murderer is a murderer WHATEVER his age. To ever think of this piece of trash EVER being a free man again makes me want to consider murder. Nothing less than a DEATH sentence for such a person is good enough for this piece of crap. Death is not “cruel and unusual punishment” for somebody like him. He didn’t think it was “cruel and unusual” to do what he did. I don’t care how young he was when he murdered and dismembered that little girl. A killer is evil no matter how young.

GANG RAPING A 3-YEAR-OLD: Can you imagine being EVIL enough to gang-rape a THREE-year-old girl? I can: the “Islamic authorities” who condone such evil actions. They SAY that old men can’t “marry” anyone younger than 17, but they repealed that law after other evil Muslims protested so they could screw girls younger than that. Such people should not be allowed to LIVE, let alone run countries.

THE BRAIN DEAD LIBERAL ELITE: What’s the first thing an elite liberal does when you question them OR their “hero,” Barack Obama? They instantly fall back on that unanswerable accusation that you’re a racist. Never mind he was elected president—TWICE. Never mind he is as much white as he is black, but CHOOSES to be black for the advantage it gives him in the minds of the brain-dead liberals and their dupes. Never mind his policies have put us in great danger (from the extremist Muslims he favors at every turn); that he has caused us to be BANKRUPT by spending all the money there IS, and is in the process of counterfeiting more at the rate of $86 BILLION ever MONTH. We’re RACIST to bring that up. They can't answer our charges, and that’s all they have.

OBAMA OMITS “UNDER GOD”: He read the Gettysburg Address and omitted the words, “under God,” as all good liberals do. Of course, Obama has TWO reasons to omit God from EVERYTHING. One, he's a liberal; Two, he is a Muslim BELIEVER, whether or not he is an actual Muslim. His every action regarding Muslims proves it. You don’t have to believe me alone. Obama will tell you by his actions. Just Google “Obama” and “Muslim” and you’ll get some surprising results.

THE MOST DEPRAVED PEOPLE OUT THERE: Muslims call the West “perverted” and “evil.” But they have proven to be the most perverted and evil people on the planet. They INSIST that their adult women be covered from head to toe and let ANY man beat a woman who shows so much as an ankle in public. Children are exempt from this, and they lust after those children (See the item above about them gang-raping a 3-year-old girl). They recently made a law against sex with anybody under 17 but it was repealed after much protest from other Muslims who wanted to still be able to ‘MARRY” children as young as 3. Additionally, they have a “temporarily marriage” provision that allows them to marry a whore or even a child and get a “divorce” the next morning by simply going out and yelling, “I divorce thee!” 3 times, therefore abiding by their perverted laws. And they call US depraved! What FOOLS!