Saturday, October 31, 2009

No Place to Run

One nice thing about living in Cuba or other totalitarian states is that you can always run to the United states when it gets to be “too much.” Where do we “run” when it gets to be “too much” here? There is no other country where it is better than it has been for a long time here. All we can do is STOP a dictatorship from rising here.

PHONY NUMBERS: Doctors are now told that any time ANYONE comes in with “flu-like symptoms,” they WILL diagnose it as “Swine Flu.” Whether or NOT he/she is sure. This is just the beginning of the government giving doctors orders.

1,900 PAGES: With one week to read and digest it before voting on it. IF this is the “final bill.” Nancy Pelosi has released the “super-secret” (in a “free and open administration”) 1,900 page health care bill and has scheduled a vote on it next week. This is not how you run a free country. This is how you run a dictatorship. Present bills that are so complicated and long that NO ONE understands them and demand that Congress vote on it within a week. Do they really think we are that stupid?

MADE-UP NUMBERS: The Obama administration has said they have “created or saved” thousands of jobs. How do you count “saved jobs?” that sounds like a “made-up number” from the beginning. You MIGHT be able to count CREATED jobs if your definitions are VERY loose. One small contractor claimed to have created 1.7 MILLION jobs, by himself! I don’t believe ANY figures Obama (or his administration) come up with. He has proven himself a congenital liar.

TAX INCREASES IN A RECESSION: This is insanity! Yet that’s what the Democrats, under Obama, are working feverishly to do. How stupid ARE they? Unless they WANT to destroy our economy (which I think they do), it’s not something you want to do. But they’re doing it. They have even promised to let Bush’s tax rate cut “expire,” which will create one of the biggest tax increases EVER. Remember, the tax cuts that created a “booming economy?”

CUTTING DOWN TREES: Environmentalists are very hard on people who use a lot of paper because we have to cut down more trees to provide it. So why are they not screaming to high heavens about Pelosi’s 1,900 page bill that was just released to Congress? I look at that stack of paper (a FOOT high) representing ONE copy of a bill that is sent to ALL congresspeople and ALL Senators, and everybody else that wants one. That’s THOUSANDS of copies! Just THINK of how many trees they’ll have to cut down to make that amount of paper!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Cash for Clunkers

It was a “big success,” according to liberals. But in actuality, it was a colossal failure, since they didn’t foresee that if they offered “free money” people would line up around several blocks to get it. so they cut it off early and, while auto sales “went through the roof” while it was on, as soon as it stopped, they “nose-dived,” and have not recovered since. And won’t for a while, since people who were going to buy cars anyway, took advantage, and thus won’t buy now.

OVERSTATED BY 5,000: The government “overstated” the number of jobs “created or saved” by 5,000. Associated Press says, “There is no evidence they did it on purpose to make their numbers seem better.” No? Here’s one example: in one case, one company used the stimulus money they got, not to hire new people, but to give raises to current employees. In another case they hired a bunch of people to field calls about the government-provided digital TV converters. Do you BELIEVE this crap?

IMPUGNING YOUR MOTIVES: The IRS can disallow ANY deduction by simply saying they don’t believe your motives are pure. And you don’t get to argue about it. How can they do this? We’re under a DICTATORSHIP now. It happened the same way here as it did in Germany under Hitler.

FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION: Obama says, “We are fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” From what, TO what? America has surpassed societies thousands of years old in less than 300 years with individualism and capitalism! We don’t NEED to be “transformed!” What he’s doing is making us into a socialist nation. And if you don’t know what socialism is, you’d better find out, and quickly.

DESTROYING THE INSURANCE BUSINESS: Obama SAYS he’s simply trying to create a “level playing field” in the insurance business by creating a “public option” that pits the government against them. The government does NOT need to make a profit. Insurance companies DO. That alone destroys any idea of a “level playing field.” It will run them all out of business. There are already THOUSANDS of insurance companies. Why do we need one more that does not need to make a profit?

DIGGING UP DIRT: It is said that Nixon tried his best to “dig up dirt” on John Kennedy. Knowing Kennedy, it’s amazing to me he did not succeed! enough people have since he died.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Thought Criminals"

What are those? They’re people some bureaucrat has DECLARED to be committing “hate crimes.” Did gay man Matthew Shepard (murdered by gay-haters) care if his killers got the chair once, or twice because his murder was a “hate crime?” Punishment is already there for such people. We don’t need a way for a bureaucrat to punish people MORE for what they’re THINKING.

CRIMINALS TO JAIL: Swindlers go to jail. Bernie Madeoff did for only bilking people out of billions. But other swindlers, who have bilked people out of TRILLIONS of dollars, such as Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and Barack Obama, have not. Why? Because they did it while holding elective office in Washington, DC. That makes then somewhat “untouchable.” Mostly because THEY control the means of prosecution.

“WE VOTE”: I see bumper stickers every once in a while that say, “I’m . . . . . and I vote.” Fill in the blank with any group of people you want. Truth is, some voters scare the hell out of me because they “pay no attention to politics” and thus, have NO knowledge of what or who the candidate is; what he/she stands for. That’s how we got Obama, the furthest left-leaning president since FDR. One that will, if he isn’t stopped, lead us into socialism and make of us, the “new Soviet Union.”

CREATED RECESSION: Liberals (Democrats) CREATED the recession we’re now enduring by forcing lenders to loan to people who would/could not repay it. They did it to “take over the government.” Now they’re there, they’re telling us “the recession is over,” even though unemployment is still rising (nearing 10%) and showing no signs of getting better. Other indicators are also down. They want us to ignore that and just listen to what they say. If you want to know how that got them elected, just ask.

ECONOMIC JUSTICE: That’s a typical liberal “code word” meaning guaranteeing the OUTCOME. This is not what the founders intended. They only intended to guarantee the OPPORTUNITY. What happens after that is up to the individual. This has created a society that has surpassed societies that have been around for THOUSANDS of years in less than 300 years.

DEFUNDING ACORN: After they got caught with” their hands in the cookie jar,” so to speak, Congress voted to defund them—for one month. But they didn’t tell you that. This is a typical political scam.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

That’s unconstitutional. But when they “confiscate” a car co-owned by a man and his ex-wife because he was caught getting oral sex in the back seat IS “cruel and unusual punishment.” That might represent a $5,000 fine for a small thing (no pun intended). Under the RICO laws, they can take your property for almost ANYTHING without even having to take the trouble to PROVE you’re a lawbreaker.

COPS AS CRIMINALS: The RICO laws allow cops to stop you on the street and STEAL (“confiscate”) any cash you might have on your person by simply SAYING ”it is ‘probably’ drug money. You CAN get it back after you post a bond (at your expense if you have any money left) promising to pay THEIR expenses, win or lose. They don’t even have to PROVE it is. And they now have a device they can use to “scan” your pockets (using that microscopic “line” that broadcasts its existence and denomination in every new bill) to see if you have enough to make it worth while to mug you. In many areas, the cops get a “cut” of the loot.

START WITH NON-VIOLENT DRUG USERS: They’re releasing many prisoners early. Even VIOLENT criminals, to “save space” because they’ve got more prisoners than they can afford to keep jailed. This is wrong. Release a violent criminal and it’s only a matter of time before you have to arrest him again, and maybe somebody is dead (research Willy Horton). The prisons are FULL of non-violent drug users who have committed no crime except to hurt themselves by using drugs. Let them go and suddenly you have loads of room in our prisons and you save billions of dollars.

SURPRISED? New York is surprised that people are leaving New York in droves to escape paying their record high taxes. They say “the rich” are doing it, but it is EVERYBODY who can afford it. Mostly those who CREATE the wealth New York wants to steal. Yes, “the rich” are abandoning New York in droves. But so are other people who don’t want to support losers with money they have EARNED.

WHY LISTEN TO BARNEY FRANK? Every time he says anything he slobbers all over the microphone,and does not make sense. How does this half-wit jerk get re-elected? He and Chris Dodd CREATED the economic downturn by FORCING lenders to loan money to people who were NOT “creditworthy” and would never repay it (a recipe for disaster). But he’s STILL blaming Bush for it. Yes, he’s gay. But that’s as irrelevant as he would be if people quit listening to his drivel. If you can PROVE me wrong on this, I’d appreciate it.

GOVT. OPTION ISN’T FREE: That’s how they’re trying to sell it to you, but that’s a typical liberal lie. It will cost the taxpayers (YOU) trillions of dollars. But the Obama crowd doesn’t care. It’s not THEIR money. They gaily spend YOUR money with abandon. But notice they never spend THEIR money.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Let's Create A Crisis"

That’s what Obama is doing with the “Swine Flu” crisis. Guaranteed: the first few minutes of any newscast is devoted to “whipping up” panic about the “Swine Flu pandemic that does not exist. Doctors are told that if ANYBODY comes in with ANY kind of symptoms that MIGHT resemble ANY kind of flu, they are to attribute it to “Swine Flu.” Nothing like lying about it to make the numbers look better.

MAKING IT TRUE: Obama and his cronies have long said the war in Afghanistan “cannot be won.” And they are now in the process of “making it true” by having Obama play golf instead of making a simple decision about sending more troops at the request of the generals in the field. Soldiers are dying while he vacillates, but that doesn’t matter to him.

“LEVEL PLAYING FIELD”: That’s what Obama always says about his health care swindle. But it’s NOT a “level playing field” he is creating when he pits the GOVERNMENT (which does NOT have to make a profit) against private insurance companies, which DO. The goal is to run them out of business, which this will do, if it is passed.

INTERSTATE INSURANCE: Currently, it is illegal to buy insurance from a company in another state than the one in which you live. This stifles the insurance industry and its profits. They won’t even ENTERTAIN the idea of a change in this system.

A SIMPLE SOLUTION: The way to stop our dependence on foreign oil is to allow drilling for oil in our own country, or in areas WE control. But they won’t do that. They won’t even talk about it. Can anybody see how they are RUINING us?

WHY DO THEY DO IT? Why do people keep on building and rebuilding IN THE SAME PLACE after maybe the FIFTH time they have been hit with hurricanes, fires, floods, or earthquakes? Are they stupid, or what?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Biggest Tax Increase Ever

That’s what we’re going to get if Obama carries out his threat to let Bush’s tax rate reduction expire in 2010. Aside from the fact that RAISING taxes in a recession is INSANITY, letting those reductions (which IS a major tax INCREASE) “go away” is ALSO insanity. Those cuts were responsible for the economy being the best it has ever been, until the Democrat “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976” was triggered just before the election to ensure the election of as many Democrats as possible and it DESTROYED the economy.

GOVERNMENT LIES: swine flu deaths; problems Bush left Obama; 47,000,000 deaths from smoking; stun gun deaths. All of these things are “put-up jobs” based on attributing things to them that are NOT due to them. Like attributing any fire they can’t find the cause of to “careless smoking.” Thus, they have falsely made “careless smoking” into an ogre.

IT’S ALL ABOUT POWER: Everything Obama does is a scheme to increase the power over the rest of us that he, and other democrats (liberals) have. It’s not about the money, except to pay for his grandiose schemes that make us all more dependent upon him and his henchmen.

IF IT MOVES, TAX IT: If it doesn’t move, tax it anyway. The liberal (Democrat) method is to find any excuse to increase taxes, even if to do so will destroy the economy. They don’t care. The effect of their knavery will not show itself until after they’re gone.

“ARE YOU LISTENING?” I can’t help answering the woman in the ad asking, “Washington, are you listening?” by saying, NO! They’re NOT listening. If you disagree with them, you’re misinformed, or a racist. They’ll label you whatever they need to, to keep you from derailing their efforts to take you over.

SOME DAYS: Some days, I wasn’t too thrilled with Bush. But EVERY DAY Obama does something that ENRAGES me. Why do some people still like this jerk? He needs to be impeached and removed from office for violating the Constitution every day he is “in charge.”

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Contemptuous Indifference

That describes Obama's response to ANY opposition to his plans. He calls ANY opposition “racism” and “misinformation.” But he provides NO proof it is either. He cannot. There is none. He does what he wishes, regardless of the constitutionality of his actions. He does it by force. If anybody opposes his men who come to steal their property, they shoot and kill them with no more concern than they’d use swatting a fly. These are actions of a DICTATOR. He is not yet a dictator, but he thinks he is. He thinks he can do ANYTHING he wishes, to ANYBODY, with NO consequences. We need to disabuse him of this notion.

AIN’T HE SWEET? Obama wants to send us “old folks” a $250 gift instead of the cost of living increase that has been promised, and which is in the law. He thinks that will make up for the thousands of dollars we will NOT be getting to offset the “money drain” (inflation) HE is causing by spending our money by the TRILLIONS. Money we don’t have, so he is merrily printing money out of thin air, making ALL money in existence worth less.

ONE MORE REASON: I’ve never had a credit card. I’ve always felt they got you in more credit trouble than they were worth. Now they can get you in trouble even (especially) if you keep your balance low and always pay right on time. CitiBank and other financial institutions are now arbitrarily closing many accounts, without warning. They close the accounts, THEN send the customer a letter, which usually gets there AFTER they’ve been embarrassed while trying to use the card, and lying about the reason for closing the account. If that ever happened to me, that bank would never see another penny of my money (such as it is).

RAISING TAXES IN A RECESSION: That’s INSANITY! Taking more money away from people when they’re fighting, just to stay afloat financially, is STUPID. But don’t expect Democrats (who are in charge) to be intelligent enough to know that. They’ll call this “misinformation” and me a “racist” for writing it.

“SLEIGHT-OF-HAND”: Obama’s fight with Fox News is simply “sleight-of-hand” to take our attention off how he is ruining our economy, moving us ever closer to collectivism (socialism, fascism), while stealing more and more money to make us pay for it.

TAXING BUSINESS: Obama constantly talks about “taxing business” to steal some of their profits to pay for his grandiose schemes (He does not use those words. Like most con-men, he puts it in words that make it sound like he’s doing us a favor so we won’t feel his hand in our pockets while he steals our wallets. The truth is, EVERY tax he puts on business will be “passed on” to us through higher prices charged for their products or services.). We end up paying that tax.

“FLU DEATHS”: like in most cases where they want to “demonize” something, they “attribute” deaths to it which are NOT due to whatever they’re demonizing at the moment. They used that same modus operandi to demonize smoking and they’re using it to promote their “flu scam.”

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Medicare Fraud is Easy

It’s so easy the Mafia is doing it. It’s easier than dealing drugs, and it makes them more money, getting caught is almost nonexistent, and punishment if caught is less. Those “watching for it” are incompetent. So it’s a “preferred crime” for “organized crime.”

INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE: It amazes me the things our politicians and bureaucrats expect us to believe. Yet they do. Their “pronouncements” are made arrogantly and we’re expected to believe them, even though anybody with a modicum of intelligence would know better. But people believe them because they “don’t pay attention to politics” until just before an election. Thus, they’re ignorant of the issues, the people, and how they STAND on the issues.

IRAN PULLING OUR LEG (AGAIN): They’ve been doing it for a long time. Long enough to have come close to building a nuclear bomb before we can do anything about it. Israel is “quaking in its boots” and will, if we don’t do something, “take out” Iran’s nuclear plants (again). They’re just waiting to see what we’ll do. If they (Iran) get a nuke, it won’t be long before the Islamic terrorists have it.

THIRD PARTY? Many people talk about a “third party” as being the answer to all our problems, but that’s wrong. All a third party does is DILUTE our influence as conservatives. Every vote for a third party winds up as a vote for the Democrats. The way to do it is to “infiltrate” the Republican Party, take it over, and get the support of a majority of the people, mostly by getting them to “pay attention to politics” so they will SEE what the Democrats are doing to them.

WHY DON’T PEOPLE LISTEN? Obama says he doesn’t want to win the war in Afghanistan (and presumably Iraq) and only a few of us (who are paying attention) say anything. He announces his determination to BANKRUPT the coal industry, one that is absolutely essential to our well-being. And nothing happens. He TELLS us he is going to destroy America but we do nothing. We ignore it. How long are we going to ignore what he is telling us? Until it is too late? Somebody ANSWER me!

WHY DO I BOTHER? I rail and rail about the damage Obama is doing to this country, and nobody listens. A woman I THOUGHT was my friend the other day told me, “I LIKE Obama and I don’t want to hear anything against him.” What IGNORANCE that shows! He’s destroying this country in many ways and she doesn’t want to hear anything against him! Should I just shut down my blogs, take my books off the market, and retire to my basement “hidey hole” and drink coffee until I die? Not a chance! I’ll keep telling the truth until my time comes, and hope I may have influenced somebody else to follow in my footsteps. It’s what keeps me alive. And I hope it keeps me alive for a long time while I continue to try and be a thorn in Obama’s side.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Promise It, But Stall

That’s Obama’s “modus operandi.” He promised to close Gitmo, but isn’t any closer to that now than when he promised it (not that this was unexpected, of course). Now he’s promising to get rid of the ban on gays serving in the military. I’m not holding my breath until it happens (not that this is something I’m promoting). My point is, that Obama is prone to promise many things, but never delivers. What he DOES deliver is anything that moves us closer to collectivism (socialism, fascism).

OBAMA STALLING: His top general in Afghanistan personally PLEADED with him on Air Force One coming back from his “farce in Copenhagen” for more troops. Troops he NEEDED desperately to win the war in Afghanistan. But Obama is stalling on sending them because winning “is not a goal” to him. He doesn’t care how many Americans (and Afghans) are killed in the process.

GETTING RID OF TALK RADIO: The liberals (Democrats) want to get rid of talk radio (CONSERVATIVE talk radio) because it is EFFECTIVE. There can be no other reason than that conservative talk radio is ruining many of Obama’s plans by telling the truth about his plans and cons.

I WON'T READ THE BILL: One Democrat Senator actually TOLD us publicly that he would not read Obama’s “health care bill” because it was too “confusing.” He actually scoffed at the whole idea that he should. Seems to me, that’s what he was voted into office to DO. If he votes for it without reading it he is in dereliction of duty” and should be removed from office.

SANK LIKE A STONE: Chicago Mayor Daly sent Obama to Copenhagen to “walk on water” but he “sank like a stone.” Giving the Olympics to the city with a murder rate higher than that of the entire United states was simply a “slap in the face” to America.

NO ACORN: The reason why Obama couldn’t influence the voting in Copenhagen on where to hold the Olympics is that he could not involve ACORN in the voting process. Therefore, the vote did not go his way (he couldn't rig it) and he was humiliated.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No Snow in Moscow

There’s usually a thick blanket of snow in Moscow from November to March. But the mayor of Moscow wants to drop a chemical on snow clouds before they reach the city and force them to drop their loads of snow outside Moscow. Shades of AlGore pronouncements on global warming! I’ll be watching to see if it works.

SUBSIDIZING THE “FRIENDLY SKIES”: All over the country, airplanes with room for at least 19 are taking off with one or two passengers and YOU are “footing the bill” because the feds are subsidizing these “short flights” from or to out-of-the-way places. Many are a short drive from a major airport, but they spend YOUR money, anyway. Is it any wonder we were ALREADY bankrupt when Obama started “spreading your money around?”

LIBERAL THINKING: They blame the American consumer for the “drug problem,” then turn around and blame “fast-food” companies for the “overweight problem.” I guess they think they can have it both ways.

“SOUP LINES”: If you believe the liberals, America is “rife” with “soup lines.” But if you look at the people IN the phony “soup lines” they show on TV, more than half of them are overweight. Some of them grossly so. How do you sell a “hungry American problem” when most people on welfare are grossly overweight?

OBAMA SAYS, “WE’RE GOING TO DO THIS:” Even though a majority of Americans want nothing to do with it. He’s speaking about his health care swindle. He’s going to FORCE it on us whether we want it or not.

THREE-CARD MONTE: The “health care swindle” is simply a game of “three-card Monte.” They SAY it will be “deficit neutral,” but it won’t. They’re even going to start charging for it six years BEFORE they spend a nickel on it so they can SAY it cost a lot less than it will in the NEXT ten years, when ALL the costs kick in.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

"I Set the Rules!"

Baron Hill (D-IN) told a young journalism student, “I set the rules. . . .and, you are not going to tell me how to run my congressional office.” Oh? People like that student voted you INTO office, and can just as easily vote you OUT. You’d BETTER start listening to what they say.

“TEA PARTIES” JUST A PREVIEW: What Democrats don’t want to realize—don’t want to KNOW, is that the “Tea Parties” are inspiring millions of Americans who have yet to “speak up” to do so. They’d BETTER start listening if they want to stay in office.

GIVING COVER: Olympia Snowe gave the Democrats much-wanted “cover” by voting for that abominable Baucus “health care swindle” bait and switch bill. They didn’t need her vote, but it weakened an already weak Republican (formerly) united stand against Obama’s swindle. We need to get her out of there. Let her run next time as a Democrat. The party she REALLY ought to be in.

NOBEL MEANS NOTHING: Since they gave it to Yasser Arafat, one of the world’s best-known bloody terrorists, I have had no respect for it. Then they gave it to AlGore, author of the global warming swindle, the biggest swindle ever (outside of the one Obama is running). Gads, these people are STUPID!

OBAMA INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE: Everything he does is both unconstitutional and stupid. But what he says is insulting to everybody. He insults our intelligence with his every word. He’s taking away our rights and property very quickly. He thinks we don’t notice. He is so arrogant he thinks nobody will notice his lies because we’re too stupid. Hopefully, Americans will “wake up” soon.

THEY WANT TO KILL US: That’s the ONLY thing they want, and will not “settle” for anything less. So why do our incompetent politicians still think we can “reason” with them? Why do they suggest letting the Taliban have a “voice in government?" This is the heights of folly. To do so would give these murderers an unheard of victory. There would be “dancing in the streets” by Islamic terrorists and soon they would be in our cities gaily murdering innocent people HERE, instead of in Afghanistan. Some say the war in Afghanistan is “somebody else’s war,” revealing an appalling stupidity about what’s going on in the world.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Obama Wants TOTAL Control

Every unconstitutional thing he is doing is in aid of his taking COMPLETE control over what we do. He wants to make ALL our decisions FOR us, through his bureaucracy, by making all the rules we will be FORCED to follow. He’s already taken over the auto-making AND selling business and the banking and lending business, and now he’s after the health care business.

“SUCCEEDED BEYOND HIS WILDEST DREAMS”: That’s what Vice-President Joe Biden says about the “stimulus program” where the government has spent TRILLIONS, hoping to improve the economy. But it has NOT been “successful” by OUR definition. By HIS definition, however, it has. Under his definition, he and Obama CONTROL absolutely, several industries (which was their objective). But jobless numbers are still approaching 9.8%. The stock market is still afraid, and those now working are very nervous about their jobs. We’ve LOST nearly 3 MILLION jobs since they STARTED the “stimulus plans.” So where is “success” by OUR definition?

LIBERALS ARE INCENSED: We’re using the same tactics against THEM that they have always used against US.

CONSERVATIVE TALK RADIO: It’s a “thorn in Obama’s side.” He talks about “talk radio” in general, but we know he means CONSERVATIVE talk radio. LIBERAL talk radio, like the liberal mass media, is “in his pocket. He just wants to “shut up” people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and others who are hurting his “programs” by telling the truth about them. Then he can lie to you in peace (he thinks). He forgets the “blogosphere,” his next “target.” But the blogosphere is just too big and too widespread for him to get rid of. Oh, he’ll try. Bet on it. He’ll probably try and force the Internet suppliers to “regulate” us. It won’t work. There are always other suppliers that pop up quicker than he can close them down.

PROPPING UP REPUBLICANS: It’s people like me that “prop up” the Republican Party by telling the truth about what liberals (Democrats) are doing. Too many Republicans want Democrats to like them and are acting like Democrats to attain it. Without us, they would cease to exist.

BIGGEST PROBLEM, ISRAEL: The UN thinks the “biggest problem” in the Middle East is Israel. But the only people they’re a “problem” for is the Islamic terrorists (the Palestinian variety who daily kill Jews with suicide bombings, some of which use CHILDREN to carry the bombs into crowded places). They are simply trying to stay alive in an area where many people want to “push them off the face of the Earth.” If that’s “a problem,” I’M a “problem,” too.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


There were times when I was not too thrilled with things Bush did, and that’s okay. You can’t agree with EVERYTHING somebody does. But Obama does something EVERY DAY that infuriates me. Like forcing me to pay for abortions in the health care swindle NOBODY wants, but which he intends to FORCE us to accept. Some liberals say he shouldn’t even bother to have a vote, just “push us in that direction.” He HAS enough votes, even without that turncoat, Olympia Snowe’s vote. Obama is pushing us to the breaking point. I predict a new “American Revolution” soon, if he keeps it up.

WHAT DON’T THEY UNDERSTAND? What is so hard to understand about the goals of Iran’s Ahmadinijerk? He wants to create nukes that he controls, so first, he can “nuke” Israel, and second, sell to Islamic terrorists so they can use them on us. No amount of “diplomacy” is going to deter him from these goals; they are BASIC to him. Being insane, he just doesn’t understand that the first nuke unleashed, ANYWHERE, will mean his death and the deaths of millions of Iranians. We’d like to save their lives, but Obama doesn’t care.

ON THE BACKS OF THE AGED: Obama is balancing the budget “on the backs of the aged.” We PAID to receive Social Security at the point of a gun, all our lives (if you don’t believe that bit about guns, just try and not pay into it and see how quick the guns come out), and one of the promises the government made was to give a “cost of living” increase” every year to keep the amount received enough to live on when government-caused inflation made our money worth less. Obama is breaking that promise, as he has many other “solemn promises” made by government. Does anybody care?

JAPANESE HEALTH CARE: It’s said it’s the best in the world. It covers EVERYBODY. But there are still long waits, limited Emergency Room hours, and a shortage of certain specialists. This is something there will ALWAYS be with a government-run health care system run by uncaring bureaucrats.

ECONOMIC RECOVERY: "If this president would simply get out of everyone's way and turn the people who make this country work loose, we'd have a vibrant recovery faster than you can snap your fingers." (Rush Limbaugh)

RECORD COLD TEMPS: There are “record cold temperatures” all over the world, countering the rhetoric of AlGore, the ”Pope” of the Global Warming” religion. Of course, Gore could not be reached for comment. The news anchor who tried to get one got his mike turned off.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"No Pre-Existing Conditions"

If Obama’s basic goal was the destruction of the health insurance industry, he couldn’t do more to accomplish it than to FORCE insurance companies to insure people WITH pre-existing conditions. He SAYS you “can keep your insurance” and your doctor if you want to. But that presupposes private insurance will still be around after a few years of “Obamacare.” His insurance does not have to make a profit. Private insurance does. That, alone, will run them out of business. Then force them to insure people with pre-existing conditions,” and see what happens if any are left.

“WINDFALL PROFITS TAX”: Obama is talking about a “windfall profits tax” on the health insurance industry after forcing them to accept people with “pre-existing conditions bankrupts them. I don’t know where they’re going to FIND “windfall profits” after they bankrupt the industry. Of course, they want one on the oil industry, too, while doing everything they can to bankrupt THEM. Obama has also promised to “bankrupt the coal industry, yet another essential industry. This man is a FOOL! He’s “killing the golden goose” every day.

NOBODY CARES: ABC Poll shows “man-made global warming” is important to NOBODY except maybe AlGore and his dupes. Of course, his dupes have made him a billionaire and a Nobel Laureate. Meanwhile, his accomplices just shut off the microphone and hustle out of the hall anybody who has the temerity to ask him a REAL question.

AMERICAN FLAG “OFFENSIVE?” An apartment manager is banning American flags ANYWHERE within the complex because it “would “offend” some people. His city says they can’t do anything because this is private property. Banning the American flag offends ME. And I’m sure he doesn’t care about that. This is OUR country, and it’s OUR flag. You can bet they won’t ban THEIR flags in other countries (particularly those under Sharia Law) because it might “offend” us.

NOT BIPARTISAN: Senator Olympia Snowe voting for Obama’s “health care swindle” is NOT “bipartisan vote.” Snowe is a Democrat wearing Republican clothing. She has voted with the Democrats on many things that are an anathema to all thinking Americans. She should do what Arlen Specter did and move over to the Democrat Party. That would be the HONEST thing to do. But I don’t ever expect her to do the HONEST thing.

OBAMA HATES FOX NEWS: Obama pretends Fox News doesn’t exist because they won’t “knuckle under” to him like all the others do. The question has been asked: “Can Obama and Fox News ever find “common ground?” The answer is NO. Fox tells the truth, and Obama can’t have that. He wants ALL news outlets to tout his policies. They don’t, so he wants them GONE.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Obama is Our Enemy!

Yes, we elected him. But the most of the people who did had no idea the monster they were electing. I knew before he was in the race a week after hearing some of his ideas. People who pay no attention to politics elected him even though his relations with Bill Ayers (a “home-grown terrorist), Rev. Wright (a white-hating extremist preacher who has made Obama and his wife white-hating racists) should have told them what kind of a white-hating racist and friend of terrorists they were electing. We need to GET RID of Obama before he finishes destroying this country.

STIMULUS” WORKING? That’s what Democrats say. But if it’s working so great, where are the jobs? Why is Wall Street still way below what it should be? Why are manufactured goods dwindling? Why are millions and millions of jobs NOW disappearing? I think it’s just a “dog and pony show” to keep us fooled.

RELIGION OF PEACE: That’s what everyone (who doesn’t know) says about Islam. Then why do they need to threaten anyone who converts to ANY other religion with DEATH? Why is a seventeen-year-old girl so afraid to be returned to her parents after she ran away, fearing an “honor killing” by her own PARENTS because she converted to Christianity? Why do they want to KILL a cartoonist in Denmark for drawing a PICTURE of Mohammed?

WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? Between roast beef and pea soup? A: Anybody can roast beef. Where do you find a dog with no legs? A: Right where you left him. Don’t blame me, My sister sent me these and a lot more.

RUSH IS CONTROVERSIAL: “"If I'm controversial, it's because I say things everybody thinks but doesn't have the guts to say. Political correctness is like a vise grip around all our throats." (Rush Limbaugh)

RUSH ANSWERS SHARPTON: I CAN’T THINK OF anybody LESS qualified to oppose Rush buying a piece of a football team, but he tries it anyway.” "Rev. Sharpton wants to meet with the NFL commissioner to oppose my buying the Rams. This saddens and disappoints me. I know Sharpton. He's better than this. You know, I believe in freedom and second chances. I don't discriminate. I didn't judge his fitness to be in radio when he wanted to earn an honest living for once, given his role in the Tawana Brawley hoax." (Rush Limbaugh)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Global Warming is Gone

It’s kinda hard to sell a “global warming swindle” today, since the globe hasn’t been “warming” since 1998, so AlGore, the “Pope” of the global warming swindle has changed its name to “climate change” because that pesky climate hasn’t been cooperating. Of course, you can still buy (from him) the “right” to continue to pollute.

CARBON DIOXIDE NO POLLUTANT: “Pope” AlGore and his acolytes must really think we’re stupid (and many of us are). He thinks we will BELIEVE that a substance that is NECESSARY to our survival (plants take it in and breathe out oxygen, which we must have to survive) is a pollutant. Don’t confuse carbon dioxide with carbon MONoxide, which IS a pollutant.

EVEN OBAMA BUYS IT: Obama, who is a significant con man, himself, has “bought” Gore’s swindle and is pushing "green laws." This only proves his ignorance—or his willingness to “go along” with it if it brings more money into his control.

OBAMA GETS “PEACE PRIZE”: He got it for “saying” he wants a “nuclear-free world (forget that every president in the nuclear age has said the same thing).” I spit coffee all over my keyboard when I first saw this, but I shouldn’t be surprised. They were stupid enough to give one to Yasser Arafat, leader of the Palestinian terrorists, one of the most dangerous terrorist groups in the Middle East, weren’t they?

“SOMEBODY ELSE’S WAR?” That’s what many people say about Afghanistan and Iraq, amply showing their ignorance. Keeping the terrorists busy elsewhere is very important so they don’t have the time or resources to attack us again in America. Many say that’s an “old argument, but they’ve never been able to answer it. Meanwhile the terrorists keep on trying while Obama tries to minimize their effect.

ARPAIO ATTACKED BY FEDS: Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is working hard to do the work the feds SHOULD be doing, is being “muzzled” (they think) by the feds. They think they are stopping him from arresting and imprisoning illegals, but he promises to INCREASE his efforts. He’s the elected sheriff in his area and is enforcing STATE laws, not federal laws.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

More Vitriolic

People have accused me of becoming “more vitriolic” lately, and they’re right. I have, because I’ve been telling them the truth about what their own government has been doing to them for years and they’ve been ignoring me. That’s frustrating. Maybe “more vitriol” will make them notice what I’m saying and DO something about what they’re doing to them. Maybe. Probably not, in this world where nobody “pays attention to politics.”

TALIBAN ALMOST NONEXISTENT: The Obama administration is saying that the Taliban is beaten in Afghanistan. How there is not more than 100 of them left in the whole country and those not organized enough to give us a problem. At the same time we’re hearing about the huge attack on one of our bases there where 17 Americans were killed, with not a peep about the number of terrorists that were killed at the same time.

OBAMA’S NUMBERS RISING: Word is, Obama’s approval numbers are “rising.” How? Unemployment is still nearing 10%. People are ”lining up” in Detroit (and elsewhere) for the “free money” Obama is giving away to “the homeless” (bums). The stock market is still way below anything like a “recovery.” But Obama’s numbers are rising? I don’t believe it. I think he has “cooked the figures” yet again, the way he usually does when he wants to see better headlines in his “state-controlled media.”

WHEN DID MEDICINE GET HIJACKED BY POLITICS? Health Care Kingpin Kathleen Sebelius (who taught us how to sneeze) is worried about Rush Limbaugh because he will not take a flu shot, and she asked this question. Does she not know that OBAMA has “hijacked medicine” with his “health care swindle?” This woman needs to go back home and coddle her grandchildren instead of trying to coddle Americans. She’s not intelligent enough to be a high officeholder.

WE’RE INCAPABLE: We don’t know what’s good for us. We NEED the government to tell us how to live our lives. The liberals in Washington (and elsewhere) think they’re smarter than the rest of us. The government can’t even efficiently run the Post Office, but they think they can efficiently run our lives for us. What ARROGANCE!

ARROGANCE COUPLED WITH IGNORANCE: That’s one of the most dangerous combinations there is, but it’s running Washington. People who think they know what’s best for us, but can’t even run what they DO have. Yet these people, who think we’re stupid, pretend to tell us what they do to us is “for our own good.” By whose definition?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Don't Call It A "Stimulus"

They’re about to introduce yet another “stimulus bill,” but they don’t want anybody to CALL it a “stimulus.” Previous stimulus bills didn’t work, and the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I’ll call it what it IS, not what the government dictates.

MURDER CAPITAL OF THE WORLD: The International Olympic Committee (IOC), in their haste to “bitch-slap” Obama, approved the city that has more murders in a year than the ENTIRE United States to hold their games. Go there for the Olympics at your peril.

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: Isn’t it odd that Muslims cry the loudest about “religious freedom” while building “super mosques” all over the Western world and banning Christian churches (and other places of non-Muslim worship) anywhere Muslims rule.

AMAZED AND REPULSED: Obama is giving away money in Detroit (and I’m sure in other places), and those lining up around the block to get it have no idea where Obama is getting it, and don’t care. They just want “their share.” They’ll stand in line for hours to avoid working for a living. This amazes me and repulses me. Actually, it doesn’t “amaze” me. I’ve been predicting this since before Obama was elected.

WHERE IN THE CONSTITUTION? Where in the Constitution does it give Obama the authority to give away millions of dollars’ worth of YOUR money? It’s bad enough he gives it away in monthly checks to those who will not work, and stand on street corners selling dope. But now he is asking people to just come in and fill out a form and he’ll give them money. Everything he has done as president is unconstitutional, but that has never stopped him, nor any other politician before him because nobody “calls them” on it. Or the Supreme Court allows it.

WILL NO ONE “REIN HIM IN?” Obama goes about daily spending YOUR money on everything he can that will buy him votes for himself and other Democrats in the next election (he thinks). Everything he does is illegal. Why does nobody call him on it? I guess because he makes it easier for them to steal your money, too.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The "Religion of Peace"

“The Koran. It may be the most controversial book in the world. Some see it as a paean to peace, others call it a violent mandate for worldwide Islamic supremacy. How can one book lead to such dramatically different conclusions? The truth is, not many Westerners know what’s in the Koran, since so few have actually read it—even among the legions of politicians, diplomats, analysts, and editorial writers who vehemently insist that the Koran preaches tolerance.” (The Patriot Depot) Meanwhile, Islamic extremists use it as their “source” for instructions to KILL “Infidels.” All those who don’t believe the same way they do.

POLANSKI A RAPIST: When Roman Polanski was recently arrested in the rape of a 13-year-old girl he did 30 years ago, his “friends” at the awards ceremony that he was forced to miss (being in jail) said this was a “decades-old case” that was all-but dead, except for “one technicality.” That “technicality” is that he is GUILTY, and fled to escape his punishment. I am amazed at the fools there are in “Holeywood.”

“PROTECT HIS BROTHER”: In one of his books (probably written by william Ayers, a "home-grown terrorist who bombed government buildings), Obama said, “If a man can’t protect his brother, he isn’t worth a damn.” Then why does HIS brother live in a HUT in Africa on one dollar a month? That tells us a lot about Obama, doesn’t it?

WE DID IT, SO NOW WHAT? Obama said if we didn’t pass his “stimulus package,” unemployment would go above (shudder) 8.5% so it passed, and now the unemployment rate is 9.8%! Almost 10%! It hasn’t been that high since (Democrat) Jimmy Carter’s administration (something quickly fixed by Reagan after he whipped Jimmy’s butt soundly). Which brings back memories of another Democrat, Lyndon Johnson, who said, “Elect Goldwater and we’ll be fully involved in Viet Nam in six months.” So we elected Johnson and we were fully involved in Viet Nam in six months.

OBAMA AND THE 150 DOCTORS: Recently, Obama showed up with what APPEARED to be “150 doctors,” (.0001% of all doctors) all of whom “approved” of his health care swindle. If they didn’t show up with their white coats, he provided them. Do we KNOW these people were doctors? No more than we know Obama is a citizen of the country he heads, and for the same reason. He will not offer proof. We are supposed to accept it without it. He IS, after all, “The Obama.” But considering his record of lying to the country, I doubt it.

IS OBAMA RACIST? He criticized a black man (Kenya West), calling him a “jackass.” I know, I know. Obama is “black,” so he gets to criticize a black man. But which side of him is criticizing a black man? His black side, or his white side?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rush A "Has-Been Loser"

That’s how the Democrats view Rush Limbaugh, whose radio show keeps gaining listeners every day while the liberal media “bleeds viewers” at the same time. Funny how he makes more millions of dollars every year while the liberal media is constantly “bleeding listeners.” Funny how one ad on that show can make international sales leaders of small companies (think: “Snapple”). Funny how Democrats find it necessary to daily do everything they can to discredit him (without success). Funny how not a single Democrat will ever go ON his radio show because they KNOW they will not be able to answer his REAL questions (not the “softballs they get on liberal media shows). And they have the temerity to say he is a “has-been loser?” What FOOLS these Democrats be! And they think they have what it takes to run our lives! Sheesh! I think THEY are the “has-been losers."

CHICAGO GUN BAN UNCONSTITUTIONAL: Like most of today’s laws (made mostly by liberals), this law is patently unconstitutional. But since the liberals are well ensconced in all aspects of our society (including the courts), nothing is either being done, or WILL be done about it. The big flaw in the Constitution is that somebody has to file an action (which is very expensive) before we can stop any government from enforcing unconstitutional laws.

GOOD WORK OR NOT: Government workers get rewarded. VA workers got rewarded recently for their “good work, even though they recently allowed millions of vet’s credit card numbers to be made public.

PALIN’S BOOK ALREADY ON TOP: Her new book is already at the top of the Amazon, and several other book sales lists, and it hasn’t even been printed yet. Book industry spokespeople say they’ve never SEEN a book get that much interest even before it is printed. Ted Kennedy’s book sold a very small amount when it came out, and other liberal writers books likewise. This INCENSES them that ANY conservative writer can sell more books even before the book is printed than they can, period. They asked Limbaugh how he’d like it if hers sold more than his, and he said he’d be delighted. Then he went on to tell people how to get it. Talk about calling their bluff!

CARTER DENIES SAYING OBJECTORS ARE RACISTS: He now says he meant “the fringe” who make “vituperative attacks” on Obama are racists. But he said what he said. I heard him say it. Now he’s trying to change it. He’s lying. It’s no wonder they call him “the national hemorrhoid.”

DAN RATHER’S SUIT AGAINST ABC “THROWN OUT”: So he’s appealing. He’s still sticking to his story that the story about Bush “evading the draft” was true. He just couldn’t prove it. Why then, did he even RUN the story? And why did he falsify the paperwork?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

"A Revolutionary Act"

In his prophetic book, “1984,” George Orwell says this: “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” This is a revolutionary act I do every day. So does Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and others. That’s why liberals hate us so badly. Them more than me, since they haven’t discovered me yet.

“DON’T INVESTIGATE US”: “We’re not the story.” Thus, media figures escape investigation when they do “hidden camera” stories. Then a ”free media” member does it (to one of their “favored organizations) and they think HE should be “investigated.”. Now ACORN is suing. Was anybody able to successfully sue the newspeople who went into some grocery chain stores in Denver to reveal their lousy handling of meat? I don’t think so.

IRAN TO CON US AGAIN: They think we’re stupid, just as N. Korea did when they promised Clinton many things they had no intention of doing. And they’re right, as long as it is Obama and his henchmen they’re dealing with. Obama couldn’t find his butt if he was sitting on his hands.

OBAMA STALLING: His military commanders in the field (who should know) say they need many more “boots on the ground” in Afghanistan. But he tells them to wait until he can “take his time” in making a decision, while other soldiers are dying for lack of backup

PEOPLE ARE DYING! While American politicians are endlessly talking about Pakistan and American interests “being intertwined,” and trying to decide what our goals are, people are dying because there are too few of them there and nobody knows what to do.

NOT ENOUGH MONEY NOW: So why is Obama trying to take over even more “programs” that are going to cost us even more billions of dollars? We’re bankrupt, now. How is he going to pay for it all? Answer: he is not. Our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will pay for his excesses.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bill's Imaginary "Right-Wing Conspiracy"

"The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is Back -- and This Time It's Racist, Too. Bill Clinton invokes the conspiracy that forced Lewinsky upon him." (Rush Limbaugh) “Forced? Seems to me, the only thing that was “forced” on him was a reckoning that led to his impeachment for lying to Congress, even though he was able to manage a negative vote on removal from office. Nobody had to “force” him to have oral sex with her in the White House.

WHO SAID IT FIRST? Obama and his henchmen are accusing Rush and other “right-wingers” of comparing him to Hitler. But it seems to me, the “Hitler comparisons” started (most recently) with Democrats showing pictures of George Bush with a “Hitler-style” mustache. Who do they think they’re kidding?

SAY ANYTHING, DELIVER NOTHING: That’s the Democrats (some Republicans, too). They’ll tell you anything to get their legislation passed, but when it comes time to deliver, they, for some reason, can’t remember their promise. Obama is telling us his “health care swindle” won’t cost us a penny. How stupid does he think we are?

DOUBLE-DIGIT UNEMPLOYMENT: That’s what’s coming soon. It’s already here in some parts of the country (notably Michigan, where the victims of Obama’s destruction of the auto industry live). Meanwhile the “Fed Head” says the recession will soon be over. What is his definition of “soon?”

“IT’S GETTING BETTER”: We “only” lost 200,000 jobs last month. That’s what Obama’s goons are saying about the economy. Apparently, they still think Americans are abysmally stupid.

MORE ANTI-SMOKING LIES: The “anti-smoking fanatics” just don’t know what truth is. Now they’re saying smoking makes you forgetful. Again, something they can’t prove, but which they spout, anyway. Like most of their lies.

WHY CAN’T THEY JUST LEAVE US ALONE? Politicians just want to “mess with us.” Why can’t they just do their jobs, spending our money, without doing things that make us mad? Obama wants to eliminate the “summer vacation” for school children (which will cost more than $27 million dollars, which is “pocket change” to him). They tax us if we eat fattening foods, and force us to use mal-designed lap and chest safety belts that will snap our necks if we ever hit anything. They want to force many things on us that should be none of their business and tax us every time we fart. Politicians, I’d rather do it myself!