Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Another No-Account Clinton

Hillary's pulling out all the stops. She really needed SOMETHING other than her “zipper down” husband. So—enter Chelsea, who has done nothing in her life except go to work for a few TV networks doing little or nothing for a huge salary so her mother will help them stay solvent while others are failing. Oh, yeah—she had a kid. That must have been really hard , since so few women do it, ya know.

WHAT'S WRONG WITH PARTISANSHIP? Obama and all the other Democrats criticize all the “partisanship” in DC. But what's wrong with that? Partisanship was BUILT INTO the process when they created a “three equal branch” government. They WANTED partisanship, to “rein in” people like Obama, who wishes he was a dictator and acts like he is. Partisanship is the whole reason for the “two-party system.” To keep a president or one party from “running roughshod” over everybody. Obama and the Democrats (liberals) just don't want any opposition.

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IS CENSORSHIP: Pure and simple. It is the liberal attempt to CONTROL the message. The gyrations they go to in order to keep you from using certain words is hilarious—or would be, if it were not so serious. I really have to laugh out loud when they ban the use of the word, “Jesus” in CHURCH! And some of the “substitute words” they suggest are really funny. Of course, they can't make it “official,” so they use pressure.. If you use any of their “forbidden words,” liberals everywhere criticize you. But that doesn'twork on me. I couldn't give less of a damn what liberals think or say.

COMPARING CARS AND GUNS: The New York Times is comparing cars and guns. They say that since cars kill more people than guns and are a universally recognized “privilege,” and are “regulated,” we should similarly regulate guns. That might be okay if their “regulation” did ANYTHING to reduce gun deaths. In any case, owning and using cars is not a RIGHT guaranteed by the Constitution, as are guns. Therefore, the reasoning is a lot different between them.

PEDDLING FICTION”: That's what Obama says about people who say America's economy is  “in decline.” I know he'd like that to be true, but tell that to all the people who will have to pay higher taxes to pay off the TRILLION DOLLARS he added to the national debt. Or the MILLIONS of good people who are unemployed, with no hope of ever having a job again. Or the people who have GIVEN UP looking for work that he is no longer counting in the unemployment numbers, so as to keep the numbers lower than they really are. How about all the people who have lost their jobs or businesses because of his “$15.00 minimum wage” pipe dream.

WILL HILLARY BE NOMINATED? It's beginning to look like Hillary will be in prison before she can con the Democrat Party into nominating her for president because “it's her turn.” with the DOJ finding THOUSANDS of classified e-mails sent by her and her staff (under orders from her) that, while they may not have been MARKED “classified” (often because she ordered her flunkies not to MARK them as such) and all the millions people who would benefit by her actions as Secretary of State gave to the Clinton Foundation, including from foreign sources. If the FBI ever gets off their butts and CHARGE her with the crimes they've found, she may end up in prison, rather than the Oval Office.

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