Thursday, February 22, 2018

Nelson's Deluded

Sen. BIll Nelson (Dumocrat, of course) FL) has decided, in his ignorance, that the Second Amendment ONLY protects HUNTING RIFLES. It doesn't occur to him that hunting is only the LESSER of two reasons why people want tio maintain their constitutional RIGHT to be armed. He says "An AR-15 is not for hunting. It's for killing." What the hell does he think he's doing when he shoots an animal? And I'd BET that, if somebody started shooting at him while he's doing that, he'd start using that gun to shoot back--or DIE.

TODAY WE'RE INSANE: Shannon Watts' husband says "concealed carriers have a mental condition." They're really getting desperate, folks! Yesterday, we were racists/white supremacists, and anything else nasty. They have nothing else, so they say we're racist and insane! If you ask me, the insanity and racism is on their side. They have to know everything they do is unconstitutional, but they don't care. They want to disarm all America, at whatever cost. Calling us racist, or insane is all part of their not being able to push through MOST of their silly little laws that don't work, anyway.

"COME SHOOT US!" That's what churches are telling thugs who want to kill a bunch of innocent people without much fear of being shot, themselves, by a parishioner. That's how it is in Indiana, now. But they're working to change that, and take down the "welcome sign" for mass shooters. Indiana has always had better gun laws than other states, and both my brothers and I have, at times, gone around armed. And neither of us ever shot anybody. I now live in Colorado, where the gun laws are much tighter, and I feel very "nervous" walking around. I'm now 80, and as such, I am considered an "easy target" by thugs.

CASHING IN ON SCHOOL SHOOTING: "Everytown for Gun Safety," a top anti-gun fool outfit, is "cashing in" on the school massacre in Broward County, Florida. So far, they have gotten $800,000.00 in "unsolicited contributions" since those 17 school students and several school staff died in a hail of bullets from a gun whose owner violated the law, just by HAVING that gun. This happens every time a mass shooting happens. Gullible people who think banning guns will somehow cause lawbreakers to OBEY a gun law when what they are contemplating is violating a much more serious crime. Those people are just not concerned with a piddling little law that says they can't buy or own a firearm.

THE EPITOME OF POLITICAL: The Dumocrats and other liberals have been very successful at damning up criticism of their ignorant policies by saying their protestations "are not political" while those of the NRA or the Republicans ARE. They are continuing that in sending 100 or so frightened Broward county school students to Tallahassee to lobby for gun control. These kids, who haven't been on this Earth long enough to know anything on their own have been brainwashed by liberals and anti-gun fools to really believe that the way to self defense is to DISARM yourself.

THEY'RE REALLY FRIGHTENED: Liberals are badly frightened that conservatives might actually get their message out, and they have nothing with which to oppose it, except to shut them up. So everywhere ANY conservative goes to speak on any college campus, they organize a "demonstration" that often becomes a VIOLENT demonstration to keep them from being able to speak. They have no real arguments they can make for their side, so they sponsor violent demonstrations to shut them up. They KNOW that if they are allowed to speak, many students will realize how damned fool THEIR arguments are. so they HAVE TO shut them up.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Anti-Gun Pipe Dreams

I just heard an interview with the former astronaut whose wife (Gabby Giffords) is one of the biggest anti-gun fools in the country. He acted like those "pipe dreams" they call "gun crime laws" actually WORKED to combat "gun violence," and didn't CONTRIBUTE to it by disarming the law-abiding, leaving them DEFENSELESS against the criminals and other miscreants who obey NO laws. They blame the NRA for stopping the lawmakers from making most of their useless pipe dreams into law. It would be different if their laws WORKED. But they don't, and if they have any intelligence at all, they know that. But they keep making them, and pretending that ANYBODY who opposes them is stupid.

COPS SHOT THE HERO: In Amarillo, Texas, a gunman took 100 people hostage in a church. It had all the makings of a serious mass shooting until security "took him to the ground," and a student wrestled his gun away from him. Then the cops arrived, saw that student with a gun in his hand, and shot him, Fortunately, not fatally. Their mistake was quickly discovered. But the national news media, run by liberals, failed to report that, since to report it would hinder their anti-gun narrative.

CAN'T GET IT RIGHT: It pains me that our politicians (for the most part) just can't get it right. Every time there is a major "gun crime," or just a weekend in Chicago, they whine and scream for more gun control. Never mind that none of their "gun control laws" do ANYTHING to "stem gun crime," and, instead, CONTRIBUTE to it by disarming the law-abiding, making them "easy targets" for those who don't OBEY those useless laws. They have to know those laws don't work worth a damn if they have any intelligence, at all. But either they don't, or just PRETEND they don't. Faithfully enforcing some of the laws we already have would help.

DEMOCRAT IDIOCY: The "Russian Connection" to put Trump in the White House. It's inconceivable that the Russians would WANT Donald Trump in the White House. It's much more likely they would want HILLARY to be in the White House because she is a "dedicated socialist," and socialism is just one form of COLLECTIVISM. Communism is another. they both STEAL the fruits of the production of new wealth from those producers, for the benefit of those who, for whatever reason, produce NOTHING. If Hillary had been elected. by now we would probably be an official socialist country--and Russia would love that.

GIVING COPS A BAD NAME: In Ohio, cops chased a van and used stop sticks to disable it. When it stopped, the lead cop shot and killed an unarmed father in front of his three small children and his girlfriend. Then led his girlfriend off in handcuffs, even though she had done nothing. Why the cop shot him is unknown. The cops tore the van apart, looking for anything they could use to support the killing of this unarmed, innocent man. Yes, he did refuse to stop. But did that warrant a death sentence, to be carried out immediately, in front of his children? Part of the coverup is a claim that he used his van as a weapon, but that is unsupported by reality.

CREATED THEIR SCHOOL SHOOTING: Broward County literally CREATED the shooting that killed 17 and wounded another 14. They did it by telling the cops to stop arresting students. No. really! They really told the cops to stop arresting students, no matter what they did. They did it in response to the Trevon Martin killing. It was a misguided move, and they were TOLD that it would result in something like this shooting, but, like most politicians who think they know more than anyone else, they "turned a deaf ear" to those who warned them. And the "Valentine's Day Massacre" is the result.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Now He's A Racist!

Liberals are, even now, publishing stories (based on false claims by real white supremacists, of course) that the killer of 17 mostly kids in a Broward County, Florida school was a member of a white supremacist group. Anything to inject racism, particularly the black against white racism, into it. That's their story, and they're stickin' to it. The same people who would rather crawl over broken grass than say the words, "Islamic terrorist" easily buy this story. Unfortunately, for them, the cops have a higher standard for evidence. The cops tell us they have found NO EVIDENCE that he had any connection to ANY "white supremacy" KKK-like group, and even the white supremacists are backing away. But they don't want to hear that, so they ignore it, or ridicule it.

DESPERATION MOVE: Bob Mueller, the "Special Counsel" who is "investigating" the "Russian Connection" to Trump in the 2016 election, has been diligently searching for ANY evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians in getting him elected. He has, in more than a year, found not a single shred of "evidence" of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. He's getting desperate. Dumocrats who appointed him expected him to come up with, or MANUFACTURE, something they could use to "get rid of Trump," but he has failed to do so. So now he has indicted a bunch of Russians for spending money and buying ads to support Trump, while doing the same to OPPOSE him.

IT'S NOT WRAY'S FAULT! Ignorant fools in the government and the news media are demanding "the head of Christopher Wray" because of the failure of the FBI to properly investigate the report that the guy who ended up murdering 17 CHILDREN in their school in Broward County, Florida was a potential school killer. It's a "knee-jerk" reaction for some to call for the "head guy" to resign or be fired when things like this happen. But this case never reached the director's office. It didn't even reach the office of the Agent In Charge in MIAMI! The failure was LOCAL.

GUN CONTROL NO ANSWER: The very first thing that seems to go through the minds of everybody when something like the school shooting in Florida occurs is gun control. The very thing that makes it much easier for a potential shooter to get an ILLEGAL gun to use in such atrocities. They demand of their politicians, "Why didn't you support that gun control law that was just voted down?" That's because they've been taught, every day, in the liberal media, that such laws DO "stop gun violence," but REALITY intervenes, showing that they DON'T. But that same liberal media doesn't report that. It doesn't fit their narrative.

OUTRAGEOUS CALCULATED LIES: The left is on a calculated lie campaign against a legally elected president they never thought could win--until he did. and they can't figure out WHY he won, even though it is obvious to people who can THINK, and have a modicum of INTELLIGENCE. They thought Hillary was a "shoo-in" because "the fix was in," but she was such a terrible candidate, and a socialist, too boot, and didn't even bother to campaign in some states where she thought she had them tied up. Voters were incensed at the way she and her henchmen screwed Bernie Sanders out of the nomination by creating "super delegates" to guarantee she would come away from every primary with more delegates, whether Bernie won the election, or not. And the lies continue....

"ARM EVERY TEACHER!" Somebody has to say it, and Adrian Vance, a former teacher, has done so. Of course, that's something that would be difficult to obtain, since there are anti-gun fools among the teachers, everywhere, who REFUSE to be armed in order to protect themselves AND their students. Apparently, they would rather DIE, and have their students die, rather than be armed. Fortunately, most teachers, after a school shooting such as happened in Broward County, Florida, rightly wish to be able to be armed in order to accomplish that wish. And so, more people die.

Monday, February 19, 2018

What's Happening to Us?

Before Columbine, we didn't hear much about mass shootings, let alone school shootings. But now we almost hear about such things on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. Why is that? What has happened in our society that has caused the proliferation of such things happening? Anti-gun fools will say it is the "availability of guns," but that's patently WRONG. It's not guns. It is the MINDSET of a human being that causes him to go into a school and kill a bunch of CHILDREN. Bxk in the fifties guns were everywhere. You could even buy them by mail. But nobody went in and killed school children.

JUST AS I THOUGHT: Minutes after the final shots rang out at the Douglas School in Broward County, Florida--or maybe while they were still sounding, well known anti-gun fool, Sen. Diane Feinstein (who carries her own gun in addition to the ARMED security that surrounds her everywhere she goes, while denying us that right) reminded us that she has a renewal of the "assault weapon ban" pending in Congress--as if that would have stopped this evil killer from getting the gun or guns he used to kill 17 people and wound 14 others. We still don't know (at this writing) how this shooter, who was only 19 and not allowed to buy a gun, anyway, GOT his gun or guns. Now he wants to plead guilty if they take the death penalty off the table. And they think he's insane!

IT'S NOT THE ANSWER! Immediately after (or maybe during) the school shooting in Broward County, Florida, the anti-gun fools came out of the woodwork demanding more and more gun control--as if that would do ANYTHING to stop such people from doing their dirty work. Gabby Giffords and Diane Feinstein, both well-known anti-gun fools, were among them, touting completely unrelated anti-gun laws that would have done NOTHING to stop such atrocities. Giffords speaks confidently about "peace and safety," as if her misguided laws would have done ANYTHING to have stopped this killer. This school has a "no weapons" policy, but did it help? Not a chance.

IT'S NOT A CRIME! I notice that the "talking heads" discuss ways to stop atrocities like the killings at a Florida school. They discuss "red flags," which is correct, But they have to look at their guidelines for what they're worth. They talk about that shooter being a "loner," but that's not enough to make a criminal of him. I was a loner, but I never killed anybody. I was a loner because I didn't like the way other students acted, or even talked. Yes, lonerism is ONE "red flag," but only one. The FBI "investigated" another "red flag" in what the killer (who wasn't a killer at the time) wrote on the Internet about "wanting to be a professional school shooter," but, even though he even signed his name, they couldn't seem to find him to investigate further. That's simple incompetence. They obviously didn't take it seriously.

ANTI-GUN LIES: They can't tell the truth and sell their unconstitutional laws, so they lie. And they did it again while the shooting in Florida was still going on, while kids were still dying. They started telling us that there have been 18 "school shootings" since the first of the year--and this is only February. There is only one problem with that. It's a LIE. There have been only 6 shootings that are really school shootings. They include in their numbers, suicides and gang shootings CLOSE to a school, and even one case where some kid shot a BB gun at a school bus. They use a measure where a shooting involves 4 or more people as a base definition of a mass shooting. Anti-gun laws are NOT the answer!

"BACK IN THE FIFTIES": People are noting that, back in the fifties we didn't have news of mass shootings and major gun crimes every day like we do now. They ask, "Why not then?" What, they ask, did we do differently back then that we don't do now. They ask the question, but they don't want to hear the answer. The answer is, we didn't have the ubiquitous anti-gun laws we have now. You could buy a gun anywhere, in "big box stores," small "Mom and Pop hardware stores, and even in some corner drug stores (where they sold almost everything). They didn't have people trying to ERASE the very KNOWLEDGE of guns from everybody's memory.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Anything to Gripe About

Liberals will carp about anything. They don't have anything really important to gripe about, so they gripe about a MOVIE "disrespecting" people who have food allergies because, in one scene, Peter Rabbit is seen throwing blueberries at his "arch nemisis." Maybe they need to find another hobby, besides carping about piddling things. Nobody, except other liberals listen to them, anyway, and rightly so. It's a waste of their time. But most of them have a lot of time to waste, being on welfare or other giveaway programs.

SHUTTING DOWN 60 MINUTES: 60 Minutes recently ran a 20 minute segment on national reciprocity that was patently an anti-gun propaganda piece, and soon were handed their heads by people a little smarter than they are. One of the more obvious drawbacks is the identity of the person who was asked to comment on the Second Amendment. It was a staffer for "MOMS Against Guns (or something like that)." Could they be more obvious? She told them that the Second only covered owning guns AT HOME, and didn't mean being able to carry guns on your person OUTSIDE the home. WRONG! The Second says we have the unalienable right to be armed for SELF DEFENSE. It says NOTHING about WHERE we can be armed for self defense.

IT'S MOSTLY A CON: Muslims come here and refuse to "assimilate" to our culture. Instead, they DEMAND that we CHANGE our way of doing things to "accommodate" their "religion." They have DEMONSTRATED, even RIOTED to force restaurants to serve "Halal meat," and to allow Sharia Law in the United States. "Only for Muslims" now, but like the camel who wanted to put his nose in the tent, and ended up all the way in the tent in the morning with the Arab OUTSIDE the tent, for ALL PEOPLE later. They come into bakeries and insist that the Christian bakers bake cakes "honoring" Islam, and when they refuse, they sue them into bankruptcy, assisted by liberal judges that are carefully selected for their liberal judgments.

ABOUT THE NATIONAL DEBT: Dumocrats are crying and whining about Trump's tax cuts significantly increasing the national debt, when it will do no such thing. Every time there has been a significant reduction in the tax rate, the "tax take" has INCREASED. And has NEVER added to the national debt. Meanwhile, Dumocrats uttered not a peep while OBAMA DOUBLED the national debt, spending more money than ALL presidents before him, put together. Dumocrats think we don't notice things like this, and those who pay no attention to politics until voting time comes do not. But those of us with INTELLIGENCE notice, and our numbers are growing since Trump was elected, or he was elected because we notice.

POLITICAL JUDGES: A federal judge (an Obama appointee, I suppose) has ruled against Trump's ending of the DACA program, saying the Attorney General was "in error" when he declared the program unconstitutional. I don't know where this fool gets that, Since DACA was INSTITUTED by Obama himself, with the "stroke of a pen," which is PATENTLY illegal, as such a program MUST be created by a vote of CONGRESS. That judge must know that, if he (or she) is any kind of a lawyer. It is his/her judgment that IS "erroneous." Furthermore, a judge, who is APPOINTED by the president, CANNOT overrule a president.

LIKE A HORROR MOVIE: You've seen horror movies where the "monster" keeps getting killed, and keeps "coming back," time after time? It's the same way with gun control. We keep killing it, and it keeps coming back. But this time, I think it's really dead, with the advent of 3D printing being able to "print" a working gun that can kill you. The government has attempted to stop online instructions for making 3D printed guns, but they have nonetheless proliferated. There are now "clubs" whose members work HARD to prefect them and come up with new designs that are more and more stable.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Too Much for A Liberal

Suing a baker for refusing business was even too much for a liberal judge, in California, fergawdsakes! Kern County Superior Court Judge David Lampe ruled in favor of the bakers, who have the RIGHT, under the Constitution, to refuse to do business with ANYBODY, for ANY reason, or NO reason at all. But in this case it was a fight between religious rights, and the "right" of gays to "marry" each other, which is a phony "right." He'll probably be reversed if it goes to the "Ninth Circus Court of Appeals," but they will be reversed (again), since they are the most reversed court in the land.

SLANDERING THE NRA: Liberals hate the NRA almost as much as they hate Trump. Now they're trying valiantly to push their false narrative about the Russians "colluding" with Trump to get him elected. They SAY that Russia contributed a lot of money to be "cleaned" through the NRA to the Trump campaign, hoping to put into question every dollar the NRA contributed. Of course, they can't prove it, but that's true of everything else in the push to convince America that Trump is "an unfit president." Now they're saying the NRA is "sounding more like the Russian kind of propaganda" than a simple anti-gun outfit. They talk about a fictional Russian push for "gun rights," which we all know is impossible, since Russia has no Second Amendment, and having a gun in Russia is a prison offense, unless you work for the government.

STAY OUT OF POLICE STATES: Like NY, NJ, CA, etc., if you want to carry your legally-owned and carried gun in your home state. They'll arrest you, fine you, sometimes JAIL you, even if your gun is properly stored for travel. They don't care about you. They'll let you just "rot in jail" forever, if they can."In any state dominated by Democrats (like NY), gun-owners, local and out-of-state, will be mercilessly harassed, even thrown in jail, at every opportunity, and based on the most feeble of excuses.

SILLY QUESTION: There's a "poll" going on right now, asking, "Should President Trump resign right now to avoid the embarrassment of a possible impeachment?" What a silly question! There is NO REASON for him to be impeached. Impeachment for him is simply a Dumocrat pipe dream. They hope to regain the majority in the Congress and THEN file "articles of impeachment" against him they HOPE will work. That's a mighty big hurdle for a party that is so IGNORANT on what the American people really want. It is that ignorance that got Trump elected, in the first place, and he has done NOTHING to warrant impeachment.

SCAM DIDN'T WORK: "Pencil Neck" Sen. Adam Schiff laid a trap for President Trump when he sent in his "memo" to be approved or disapproved. He purposely included a lot of "sensitive" if not SECRET information, hoping Trump would have his "memo" heavily redacted. But Trump didn't fall for the scam and merely sent it back for SCHIFF to remove that "sensitive" material, so he couldn't claim Trump was "hiding something" with his redactions. But that didn't stop Shiff from claiming it. "Phony facts" never stopped a Dumocrat from lying before, and it hasn't now.

MISSING THE POINT: As usual, the anti-gun fools miss the point, entirely. After an ex USAF man murdered two dozen people in a Texas church, the military has rushed to add 4,000 dishonorably discharged airmen to the "no-gun list." As if those who wish to kill a bunch of innocent people even NOTICE that their names are on a "no-gun list" when they go out to get the guns they use to kill them. Yes, the Air Force screwed up when they didn't add this killer's name to such a list, which "contributed" to the problem. But do people not right in the had ever consider such things? Why don't they look into the mental problems those people have? Why don't they give them the help they may need? Why don't they keep better track of what they're doing?

IGNORE THEIR MURDERS: The media is mad at Mike Pence, because he refused to ignore the atrocities committed by Kim Jong Stupid, and gave the barest notice to Kim's sister at the Olympics. I guess he's supposed to ignore the fact that N. Korea MURDERED a young college student for "stealing" a POSTER, then sending him home to die a few days later. Only in places like N. Korea does stealing a poster result in a death sentence. He's supposed to treat her as if her brother isn't a mass murderer who kills his own people with missiles, and has his brother MURDERED, so he won't have any competition for "leadership." The S. Koreans might be falling for Kim's overtures, but we aren't.

LIBERAL STUPIDITY: It never changes. Liberals have always "bellied up" to our enemies and justified (for themselves) their goals and atrocities. In the 1700s, we called them "Tories." But they are the same kind of people we today call liberals, or "the left." Tories wanted to remain slaves of the King of England, and they tried valiantly to justify HIS atrocities. Fortunately, they lost, and we created this great nation. They expressed their admiration for Fidel Castro and extolled the "excellence" of the national health care system he set up. You know, the one that was so good for Fidel and his associates, and other government people, yet so miserable for the rest of the Cuban people. Same with Hitler and Stalin, murderers all. And where did he go when HE needed superior medical help?

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Irrational Gun Fright

A WWE star, no less, found a gun in his rental car, and was "afraid for his life." Like the gun was a living thing, and would shoot him without anybody touching it, This is completely irrational thinking, which is rife among gun-haters, nationwide. This big, bad, wrestling star was frightened at the very sight of a gun, though it might be said (by some people, anyway) that he had good reason to be afraid, with "Black Lives Matter" spreading the lies that cops automatically want to kill a black man within reach of a gun. But he did the right thing. He called the cops and explained things. they came and got the gun, and praised him for his proper action. Not nearly like the BLM fools think.

GUN CONTROL MYTHS: Whenever anybody is hurt or killed and a gun is involved, the gun gets blamed. They call It "gun violence." But when somebody gets stabbed or beaten to death, they don't call it, "knife crime" or "blunt instrument violence." Nor do they call it "car violence" when somebody is killed in an auto accident. Why then, do they insist on calling it "gun violence" when somebody is injured or killed and a gun is involved, in any way? The answer is, the anti-gun fools want to EMPHASIZE any connection with a gun in violent crime to promote their drive to disarm law-abiding Americans to make it easier for the law BREAKERS to victimize them.

PUSHING PHONY RACISM: The liberals want us to believe that this country is irrevocably racist and was BUILT on "white privilege." But the facts deny that. Why is it, in a "racist country," the chief TV star (and a multi millionaire) is an overweight, black female who cries a lot and gives away cars? Why is it that there are so many black mayors, governors, and such in the south that they are uncountable? Why is it that what is expected to be one of the TOP grossing movies, so far, expected to earn $170 MILLION dollars in its opening week, is about a black country, and a black super hero (There aren't enough black people in this country to accomplish that, so lots of white people are seeing, and liking it)?

VERY SUSPICIOUS: The latest in a long string of untimely deaths for people scheduled to testify against Hillary, Bill, and other Dumocrats, is a small plane crash in Russia, where two Russians, who were to testify in a couple of days died. Of course, now they won't testify. This could be ruled a "coincidence" if it were not that this instance wasn't just one of a long string of such deaths of people who are scheduled to testify against Hillary or one of her henchmen. There are actually two lists--one for her and one for Bill, whose list shows about 50 people who have died just before they were to make damaging testimony against him.

I'M GETTING SICK OF IT: Every time a mass shooting occurs, MINUTES later the anti-gun fools are blaming the guns, and demanding more and more of their USELESS gun laws to be made. Laws that do NOTHING to put an end to these things. Today I'm watching news coverage of the Broward County, Florida school shooting, in which supposedly (we don't know yet at this writing, since I'm writing this while events arre still unfolding) large numbers of people have been killed or injured when a "troubled" former student came in and started shooting at everybody in sight. One local politician was heard to whine about a recent bill to stop TERRORISTS from being able to buy guns being voted down, as if that was something that would have stopped this former student from shooting up that school.

SCHOOL SHOOTINGS: WHAT'S CAUSING THEM? There have been (so far, as this is written) 25 school shootings (to the best of my knowledge) since that which occurred at Columbine High School in Colorado. I remember that day dimly, as I was in shock, along with almost everybody closeby. and I was. I was a security guard at another school that day, and I wondered how long it would be before such violence came to my school. As an UNARMED security guard, what could I do to stop it from happening? They need to stop looking at the guns when this happens, and start trying to find the underlying reasons.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

$10 Million for 4 Pages

Word is that the "Steele Memo" otherwise known as the "Trump Dossier," cost the Dumocrats $10 million bucks! Boy, Steel really saw them coming! Why anybody would pay that kind of money for a guy to write FOUR PAGES of tripe, I can't imagine. I guess the DNC is run by people that stupid. I'm a writer. I sure wish I could find such a sucker to pay ME that kind of money for a bunch of horse apples! I could use a few million. And they are suckers if they would pay than kind of money for four pages of BS. Maybe the extra was "shut up money." Why no action has been taken against Steele for WRITING such a memo and presenting it as truth, I can't imagine. I guess he's just covered by the usual DNC coverup system.

"OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY": Liberals (Dumocrats) love giving away other people's money. Never their own. So in one of the most liberal states in the union, California, one of their liberal-run cities, Stockton, is "investigating" giving "selected" people $500.00 a month of other people's money to see if that helps them. Who gets to "select" the recipients? Currently, the money used is private money (they say), but how long will it be before tax money is used? Giving people money whether or not they do anything to EARN it will result in them soon deciding it's "their due" and making a nuisance of themselves if it gets taken away. That's undeniable, but liberals deny it. California never saw a giveaway program it didn't love.

SHANNON WATTS IS DELUDED: She recently put out a statement, extolling all the gains her "MOMS Against Guns" organization (or something like that) has "scored" in overcoming the Second Amendment that GUARANTEES our right to be armed for self defense. She talked about the number of states that have passed gun control measures, and how much they have reduced gun violence. Of course, she ignores the fact that MOST of the gun control initiatives have FAILED, because nobody but the "intelligence impaired" want them. She says, "If Hillary had been elected, gun control would benefit," and she's right. Thank God for Donald Trump! She also ignores the fact that every gun control laws they have passed have done NOTHING to ":stem gun violence." That's a fact that can't be ignored, but she ignores it.

AN ABSOLUTE CONTRADICTION: A Kentucky legislator is trying HARD to enact gun control laws after a major school shooting, and he's doing it while surrounded by ARMED marshals. Doesn't that contradict what he's trying to do? The shooting itself would have been less deadly but for several things. One of them is that the cops took 45 minutes to appear on the scene. During that time the shooter had all the time he needed to leisurely shoot people down. Another factor is that the shooter, being only 15, could not buy gun legally, anyway, So what law would have stopped him from getting it ILLEGALLY?

BLABBERMOUTH PELOSI: Nancy Peelosi spent 8 hours haranguing the house in favor of her "Dreamers" problem. Yet she still persists in blocking other important legislation to hold up Congress to do it. She actually set a length record with this "speech" (filibuster). She really thinks that will change things in her favor. It won't. Nobody but her "acolytes" want to listen to her blab. I noticed the people around her changed in different feeds from her "speech," as people got enough and walked out. As to me, I can't stand to listen to her say even one sentence, because it's usually a lie, or a misrepresentation.

OBAMA IS A SABOTEUR: Barack Obama is a saboteur. He was sent there to screw up this government in every way he could, and he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. He spent more of our money than ALL former presidents, put together. All without a peep out of the same Dumocrats who are "so worried" that Trump will spend too much money on his wall. Obama raised the National Debt to amazing levels. He REFUSED to accept the unmistakable FACT that the Islamic terrorists are a major danger, and worked to make ANY criticism of Muslims something to be punished.