Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Usual Criticism

Liberals and the media (a repetition, there) are criticizing Trump and making fun of him for saying he would have run into that school to try and stop the shooter, even if he didn't have a gun. But they don't want you to hear of the time he saw a man with a baseball bat beating another man and stopped his limo to help. Just being who he was stopped the beater, who ran away. But he could have just as easily turned that bat on trump, who didn't even consider that. After getting help for the victim, he got in his limo and drove away, not bothering to give his name or trying for credit. But he is too well known, and the story came out.

THE REAL SOLUTION: People everywhere are searching for a REAL solution to the problem of occasional mass shootings in schools. A solution is obvious, but the anti-gun fools won't even consider it. That's even though Israel has had only TWO school shootings since the seventies by arming their teachers. And the only two were ended by a teacher killing the shooter. But even with this evidence, they are "tone deaf" to the answer. They just can't accept the fact that armed teachers and other school staff are a DETERRENT to those who want to come into a school and kill children. Yet our schools remain "no-gun zones," which is an "engraved invitation" to potential school murderers.

NO SCANDALS FOR OBAMA? Obama keeps saying there were no scandals in his White House, but that's only due to his "selective memory" of events. Just because he doesn't RECOGNIZE things like the "Fast & Furious" scandal, his sending pallets of OUR money to Iran, refusing to recognize the very real threat that Islamic terrorists represent, allowing them to proliferate and kill so many people, doesn't mean by any stretch of the imagination that they are not scandals. Some people still keep asking if he was one of the best presidents in history, but most INTELLIGENT people maintain he was the very WORST president in the history of the world. ANY world.

FALSE COURT RULING: This ruing by the 4th Circuit Court will surely be reversed when it gets to intelligent justices in a higher court, which it surely will. It is a prime example of a liberal dominated court ruling on their PREJUDICES, rather on the Constitution, as they are supposed to do. They ruled that the Second Amendment did NOT cover "assault weapons," whatever THAT is. The Second is not about a certain kind of a gun. It is about our RIGHT to be armed for self defense, whatever kind of a gun we must use to counter the ILLEGAL guns held by the thugs who wish to victimize us, be they simple criminals, crazies, Islamic terrorists, or even government agents. They may have such weapons, so we must have them too,

SMOKE AND FIRE: The liberals like to equate "smoke" with proof when they try and slander President Trump. Whenever asked if they have any EVIDENCE of that collusion, they keep saying, "there is smoke, so there must be fire." The "smoke" was CREATED by the liberals (Dumocrats). So it means NOTHING. They've spent $MILLIONS of OUR dollars trying, without success, to unearth "proof" that Trump colluded with the Russians, and there IS proof that HILLARY colluded with the Russians to hinder Trump and get HER elected. Not that anybody is going to do anything about it.

GUN CONTROL TRIVIA: There are many cases of gun control ignorance. These are some of them. It doesn't make any difference that "bump stocks" are being banned. Inventive people will have them, anyway. You can 3D print them, and they are now making a "bump stock" for a Glock handgun. And I expect there will soon be even more out there as more and more inventive people design and make new ones. Yes, they will be illegal. But what "bad guy" cares? They just get them illegally. And there are plenty of people willing, and able to make them, illegal, or not. The stories about anti-gun fools showing up at anti-gun events with ARMED security are numerous, too. Now we hear of Ellen DeGeneris showing up at an anti-gun rally with SIX armed bodyguards. At an anti-GUN rally! SIX!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Selective News "Reporting"

CNN made a big thing of USING frightened teenagers who survived the Florida school killings in Broward County Because they think that can feed their silly narrative to get rid of the Second Amendment, along with every LEGAL gun in this country. That this would leave the users of ILLEGAL guns still in possession of their guns to use to victimize the law-abiding doesn't seem to bother them. Meanwhile, they never hold a "forum" for the mothers and fathers of the victims of gang killings in Chicago, where the gun laws are so tight, and stop NO gun killings. I guess they aren't interested in promoting the TRUTH.

WE "PROMISE" PROTECTION: Liberals like to blame Trump, or the NRA for the mass shooting at that Florida school. Anything but the REAL reason. But the real blame belongs right in Obama's pocket, because he came up with the "Promise" Program that caused juvenile criminals to NOT be arrested for their "minor" crimes, Therefore, their names would NOT appear on the background check lists the "authorities" use to determine who will have the right to buy a gun. So people like the Florida killer would be able to easily pass such background checks and buy the guns they will use to kill a bunch of children LEGALLY, as Cruz did. Even after 39 visits by the cops, the MURDERS of many pets, and PUBLISHING, on his social media sites, his INTENTION to kill people.

TWO MAJOR "DEMOCRAT LIES" The first one is that Trump's tax reduction will increase the national debt. It will NOT. There has never been a time when a tax reduction increased the national debt. Another is that a tax reduction reduces the amount of the "tax take." It does NOT. There has never been a (non-targeted) tax reduction that has reduced the tax "take." when Reagan did it, the "tax tke" almost DOUBLED. When both Clinton and Bush did it, the "tax take " INCREASED because the tax reduction spurred economic activity and created more income, therefore increased "tax take."

WHY APPOINT MUELLER? The Dumocrats kept insisting on appointing a "Special Counsel" whose only job is to :"get" Trump. After the then FBI Director, James Comey, "leaked" information specifically to get one appointed, they appointed one (Mueller) whose "fingerprints" were on EVERY scandal that has ever appeared in the past, and has many "skeletons in his own closet." He couldn't deliver on his ONLY job, to "get" President Trump, so now he's "investigating" Trump's business practices from YEARS ago, long before he became a presidential candidate, and is busily "indicting" as many former Trump minor figures" (none of whom Trump even KNEW--except for his former campaign manager, whom he FIRED) for "process" crimes that were really very "small potatoes," except to those men, whom he ruined, both in their careers and finances, over really NOTHING.

WHY KEEP NANCY AROUND? Nancy Peelosi is like the "villain" in a horror movie. You think you've gotten rid of him, but he keeps "cropping back up" to kill again, when you didn't expect it. We thought we were "rid of" Peelosi when the Republicans took over the House, but the Dumocrats kept her as the MINORITY Leader, in spite of her practices COSTING them the 2016 election by her many mistakes. She keeps getting re-elected in that very liberal state (and city), California and San Francisco, so she can crop up, again and again, and stop everything she can that Trump does. Even being in the minority she remains a "thorn in the side" of America, with her IGNORANT statements, the worse being her crack about Obamacare, that, "We have to pass the bill to find out what's in it." That's about the STUPIDEST comment I've ever heard from ANY politician, and that list is long, peopled by mostly Dumocrats.

THEY WON'T GIVE UP: Mueller was supposed to find SOMETHING to use in impeaching Trump, but, after more than a year of trying, he has come up with NOTHING to prove the "Russian Connection" with the Trump campaign, to help him win. Instead, evidence has arisen (no thanks to Mueller) that there WAS Russian influence in the election, but the "collusion" was with HILLARY. Of course, they don't pursue that evidence, because that would "take down" their favorite candidate, Hillary--and they can't have that. So the "fix" is still in, this time, to keep her out of prison. Why they keep being successful at that reflects the power of the "Swamp" in DC. Fortunately, that will soon be gone, thanks to Trump.

Monday, February 26, 2018

We Love Guns

One Dumocrat (who shall remain nameless) says, "Conservatives love guns more than they love their kids." What a scurrilous crack to make! In truth, it is DUMOCRATS who love guns more than kids. For the power it can give them when they con gullible people who "pay no attention to politics" into believing their lies. We WANT our guns so WE can PROTECT our kids, rather than be DISARMED so we can't. But they twist things into saying our wish to be armed in self defense is a "love of guns." What it is, is a "love of protecting ourselves AND out kids," unlike what they want, which is the POWER to tell us we can't. What a bunch of stupid fools!

ONLY IN AMERICA: The anti-gun fools keep saying mass shootings "only happen in America" because of our "lax gun laws." How then, did the killer in a church shooting in RUSSIA get his gun? He opened fire on a bunch of parishioners, screaming "Allahu Akbar!" as they left an afternoon service, killing five, all women. A police officer and a "National Guard soldier were also injured in the attack, according to Russian media. The attacker was shot and killed, although they neglected to say how, and by whom. Was somebody else at that church armed? They don't say. In Russia, it is IMPOSSIBLE for a private citizen to get a gun, legally.

BLAMING THE NRA: As usual, anti-gun fools blame the NRA for the school shooting in Florida, as they always do. Just because the NRA supports the Second Amendment and arming the law-abiding for self defense, they think it is NOT for "defending the kids." But it is. It wants them to be defended by people already THERE, unbeknownst to the shooter. The NRA knows that it takes MINUTES for the cops to arrive when some crazy dude starts shooting up a school or other place where legal guns are not allowed. Minutes, during which the shooter can kill many people. Police politicians buy all the "gun control" horse apples. The "rank and file" do NOT. It would be different if their laws actually WORKED. They do not.

WE NEED ARMED TEACHERS! Ignorant liberals (Dumocrats, mostly) tell us confidently that if we arm teachers, THEY are more apt to become "school shooters" than anybody else. On what do they base that? Their ignorance, of course. What they don't tell us is that there are already armed people in schools. Mostly street gang members, but also kids who don't want to die at their hands. But we already know what will happen if we arm our teachers and other school staff. Nothing. But they don't want to hear that. Their minds are made up, so don't confuse them with facts. In ten states, teachers are allowed to be armed, and none of them has "gone nuts" and shot up their schools.

MUSLIMS, BUT NOT TEACHERS: Apparently the Broward County Sheriff prizes Muslims more than he does our children. One of his deputies (who is a Muslim) tells Muslims to "go armed" to defend themselves, but he PROHIBITS the school students from being similarly protected by arming their teachers and other school staff. This reflects the ignorant opinions of other anti-gun fools who think the cops can protect us (when they can't) and prohibit us from being armed to defend OURSELVES. Police politicians are often anti-gun fools, many having never been "in the trenches." But the "rank and file," who have, don't agree, and wish more law-abiding people WERE armed--not only for self defense, but often to help the cops, too. My question to Sheriff Israel is, "Why are Muslims more important to you than our children?"

FLORIDA GUN SHOW RECORD: They held a gun show in Florida, and in spite of all the anti-gun propaganda spewed by the anti-gun fools, they had record attendance. Seems most people don't fall for the horse droppings the anti-gun fools drop about making even more of their useless, ineffective "gun laws" that never work. They call these people "gun enthusiasts," but they just want to defend themselves. They want to buy guns, anyway. I guess they just want to be able to defend themselves, no matter what ignorant politicians think. Another gun show, in Ft; Lauderdale (Broward County) was canceled after deluded politicians there demanded it, "to show respect for the victims" of that school shooting.

Friday, February 23, 2018

They Think They're Qualified

Just because Trump got elected president, Oprah thinks she's qualified to run in 2020. Chelsea Handler and Jennifer Lawrence are two more actors who think that, all of a sudden, they're "political experts" and can beat Trump at his own game. Then there's George Clooney, who has his own sexual harassment problems. None of these liberals have anything to offer the electorate, but they think they do, Which is illustrative of their ignorance of just what politics is all about. There are others, but I don't think any of them can muster the support of intelligent people they would need to even get on the ballot. And then they have that Trump mountain to climb.

CONNING FRIGHTENED STUDENTS: The anti-gun fools are busy right now conning frightened students who were afraid for their lives in Broward County, Florida, telling them that the way to self defense is to DISARM yourself, and everybody else who obeys laws, while ignoring those who do NOT. The laws they come up with NEVER work, but they keep pushing them, every way they can, And those young boys and girls, who know NOTHING on their own (they haven't been alive long enough) believe them as they brainwash them. Liberals marvel at how "eloquent" and self-assured they are in speaking out, never letting on just how much they have been ":prepared" for what they're saying, by their parents and school "authorities."

FLAILING AND FAILING: That's what the anti-gun fools are doing. Within MINUTES after the shooter in Florida pulled his first trigger, they were insisting on more of the same laws that have done NOTHING to stop "gun violence." Why would they do that unless they were too ignorant to do anything else? They just can't understand that none of their laws works worth a damn. They just keep doing the same things, over and over again, hoping for a different result, which is the very DEFINITION of insanity.

TRUMP'S "LISTENING MEETING": Trump held a gathering that included survivors of the Broward County school massacre and everybody there demanded he "do something" to keep things like that from happening. Only problem is, nobody but the anti-gun fools and their dupes (which included most, if not all the students) had any idea WHAT to do. And all they could come up with was the old, tired ideas that have never worked, and they KNOW they never worked. Others had no idea what to do, but they insisted they do SOMETHING. I hear a lot about universal background checks, which MIGHT allow the cops to find the shooter AFTER he has killed a bunch of people (IF he in fact stood for one), but does NOTHING to STOP such shootings.

STOP ABRIDGING OUR RIGHTS! The students from the Florida school that was the scene of a recent mass killing by a former student went to Tallahassee and Washington, DC to demand that the politicians "do something," ANYTHING to satisfy them that they will be safe in the future. Their heads are in the right place, but the things they are demanding are ineffective and useless, based on the LIES told them by the anti-gun fools. The ONE THING that will have ANY effect on school shootings (in fact, mass shootings everywhere) nobody ever considers. In fact, they ridicule those who even suggest it. The one thing that WILL WORK is allowing the law-abiding who have "carry permits" to carry their guns everywhere, INCLUDING schools.

FAILURE UPON FAILURE": The very people who FAILED to stop numerous mass shootings, and simple armed robberies and murders now want us to believe they "know better" as the debate on "gun control" goes on, and on. The anti-gun fools have made, or caused to be made, numerous "gun laws" that have FAILED to stop, or even slow down those who wish to obtain a gun or guns for nefarious purposes. Yet they pretend to know what's best for us. They refuse to even CONSIDER arming many teachers and/or other school staff so there would be armed people THERE in the school when a mass shooter started killing students.

"POLICE WILL PROTECT YOU": "So turn in your guns." Yeah, right! They did a masterful job in that Florida school shooting. How about Scot Peterson, the armed cop on duty at that school who went and hid when he should have been killing that evil kid. Ask the victims of other mass shootings who died in the first 3 minutes while it took the cops 7 minutes to get there with their guns. Sometimes the cops can't even protect themselves. Just ask the cops in Colorado and elsewhere, who died at the hands of an ILLEGALLY armed criminal. The cops themselves will be the first to tell you that they CAN'T be everywhere at once and stop all crime.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Nelson's Deluded

Sen. BIll Nelson (Dumocrat, of course) FL) has decided, in his ignorance, that the Second Amendment ONLY protects HUNTING RIFLES. It doesn't occur to him that hunting is only the LESSER of two reasons why people want tio maintain their constitutional RIGHT to be armed. He says "An AR-15 is not for hunting. It's for killing." What the hell does he think he's doing when he shoots an animal? And I'd BET that, if somebody started shooting at him while he's doing that, he'd start using that gun to shoot back--or DIE.

TODAY WE'RE INSANE: Shannon Watts' husband says "concealed carriers have a mental condition." They're really getting desperate, folks! Yesterday, we were racists/white supremacists, and anything else nasty. They have nothing else, so they say we're racist and insane! If you ask me, the insanity and racism is on their side. They have to know everything they do is unconstitutional, but they don't care. They want to disarm all America, at whatever cost. Calling us racist, or insane is all part of their not being able to push through MOST of their silly little laws that don't work, anyway.

"COME SHOOT US!" That's what churches are telling thugs who want to kill a bunch of innocent people without much fear of being shot, themselves, by a parishioner. That's how it is in Indiana, now. But they're working to change that, and take down the "welcome sign" for mass shooters. Indiana has always had better gun laws than other states, and both my brothers and I have, at times, gone around armed. And neither of us ever shot anybody. I now live in Colorado, where the gun laws are much tighter, and I feel very "nervous" walking around. I'm now 80, and as such, I am considered an "easy target" by thugs.

CASHING IN ON SCHOOL SHOOTING: "Everytown for Gun Safety," a top anti-gun fool outfit, is "cashing in" on the school massacre in Broward County, Florida. So far, they have gotten $800,000.00 in "unsolicited contributions" since those 17 school students and several school staff died in a hail of bullets from a gun whose owner violated the law, just by HAVING that gun. This happens every time a mass shooting happens. Gullible people who think banning guns will somehow cause lawbreakers to OBEY a gun law when what they are contemplating is violating a much more serious crime. Those people are just not concerned with a piddling little law that says they can't buy or own a firearm.

THE EPITOME OF POLITICAL: The Dumocrats and other liberals have been very successful at damning up criticism of their ignorant policies by saying their protestations "are not political" while those of the NRA or the Republicans ARE. They are continuing that in sending 100 or so frightened Broward county school students to Tallahassee to lobby for gun control. These kids, who haven't been on this Earth long enough to know anything on their own have been brainwashed by liberals and anti-gun fools to really believe that the way to self defense is to DISARM yourself.

THEY'RE REALLY FRIGHTENED: Liberals are badly frightened that conservatives might actually get their message out, and they have nothing with which to oppose it, except to shut them up. So everywhere ANY conservative goes to speak on any college campus, they organize a "demonstration" that often becomes a VIOLENT demonstration to keep them from being able to speak. They have no real arguments they can make for their side, so they sponsor violent demonstrations to shut them up. They KNOW that if they are allowed to speak, many students will realize how damned fool THEIR arguments are. so they HAVE TO shut them up.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Anti-Gun Pipe Dreams

I just heard an interview with the former astronaut whose wife (Gabby Giffords) is one of the biggest anti-gun fools in the country. He acted like those "pipe dreams" they call "gun crime laws" actually WORKED to combat "gun violence," and didn't CONTRIBUTE to it by disarming the law-abiding, leaving them DEFENSELESS against the criminals and other miscreants who obey NO laws. They blame the NRA for stopping the lawmakers from making most of their useless pipe dreams into law. It would be different if their laws WORKED. But they don't, and if they have any intelligence at all, they know that. But they keep making them, and pretending that ANYBODY who opposes them is stupid.

COPS SHOT THE HERO: In Amarillo, Texas, a gunman took 100 people hostage in a church. It had all the makings of a serious mass shooting until security "took him to the ground," and a student wrestled his gun away from him. Then the cops arrived, saw that student with a gun in his hand, and shot him, Fortunately, not fatally. Their mistake was quickly discovered. But the national news media, run by liberals, failed to report that, since to report it would hinder their anti-gun narrative.

CAN'T GET IT RIGHT: It pains me that our politicians (for the most part) just can't get it right. Every time there is a major "gun crime," or just a weekend in Chicago, they whine and scream for more gun control. Never mind that none of their "gun control laws" do ANYTHING to "stem gun crime," and, instead, CONTRIBUTE to it by disarming the law-abiding, making them "easy targets" for those who don't OBEY those useless laws. They have to know those laws don't work worth a damn if they have any intelligence, at all. But either they don't, or just PRETEND they don't. Faithfully enforcing some of the laws we already have would help.

DEMOCRAT IDIOCY: The "Russian Connection" to put Trump in the White House. It's inconceivable that the Russians would WANT Donald Trump in the White House. It's much more likely they would want HILLARY to be in the White House because she is a "dedicated socialist," and socialism is just one form of COLLECTIVISM. Communism is another. they both STEAL the fruits of the production of new wealth from those producers, for the benefit of those who, for whatever reason, produce NOTHING. If Hillary had been elected. by now we would probably be an official socialist country--and Russia would love that.

GIVING COPS A BAD NAME: In Ohio, cops chased a van and used stop sticks to disable it. When it stopped, the lead cop shot and killed an unarmed father in front of his three small children and his girlfriend. Then led his girlfriend off in handcuffs, even though she had done nothing. Why the cop shot him is unknown. The cops tore the van apart, looking for anything they could use to support the killing of this unarmed, innocent man. Yes, he did refuse to stop. But did that warrant a death sentence, to be carried out immediately, in front of his children? Part of the coverup is a claim that he used his van as a weapon, but that is unsupported by reality.

CREATED THEIR SCHOOL SHOOTING: Broward County literally CREATED the shooting that killed 17 and wounded another 14. They did it by telling the cops to stop arresting students. No. really! They really told the cops to stop arresting students, no matter what they did. They did it in response to the Trevon Martin killing. It was a misguided move, and they were TOLD that it would result in something like this shooting, but, like most politicians who think they know more than anyone else, they "turned a deaf ear" to those who warned them. And the "Valentine's Day Massacre" is the result.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Now He's A Racist!

Liberals are, even now, publishing stories (based on false claims by real white supremacists, of course) that the killer of 17 mostly kids in a Broward County, Florida school was a member of a white supremacist group. Anything to inject racism, particularly the black against white racism, into it. That's their story, and they're stickin' to it. The same people who would rather crawl over broken grass than say the words, "Islamic terrorist" easily buy this story. Unfortunately, for them, the cops have a higher standard for evidence. The cops tell us they have found NO EVIDENCE that he had any connection to ANY "white supremacy" KKK-like group, and even the white supremacists are backing away. But they don't want to hear that, so they ignore it, or ridicule it.

DESPERATION MOVE: Bob Mueller, the "Special Counsel" who is "investigating" the "Russian Connection" to Trump in the 2016 election, has been diligently searching for ANY evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians in getting him elected. He has, in more than a year, found not a single shred of "evidence" of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. He's getting desperate. Dumocrats who appointed him expected him to come up with, or MANUFACTURE, something they could use to "get rid of Trump," but he has failed to do so. So now he has indicted a bunch of Russians for spending money and buying ads to support Trump, while doing the same to OPPOSE him.

IT'S NOT WRAY'S FAULT! Ignorant fools in the government and the news media are demanding "the head of Christopher Wray" because of the failure of the FBI to properly investigate the report that the guy who ended up murdering 17 CHILDREN in their school in Broward County, Florida was a potential school killer. It's a "knee-jerk" reaction for some to call for the "head guy" to resign or be fired when things like this happen. But this case never reached the director's office. It didn't even reach the office of the Agent In Charge in MIAMI! The failure was LOCAL.

GUN CONTROL NO ANSWER: The very first thing that seems to go through the minds of everybody when something like the school shooting in Florida occurs is gun control. The very thing that makes it much easier for a potential shooter to get an ILLEGAL gun to use in such atrocities. They demand of their politicians, "Why didn't you support that gun control law that was just voted down?" That's because they've been taught, every day, in the liberal media, that such laws DO "stop gun violence," but REALITY intervenes, showing that they DON'T. But that same liberal media doesn't report that. It doesn't fit their narrative.

OUTRAGEOUS CALCULATED LIES: The left is on a calculated lie campaign against a legally elected president they never thought could win--until he did. and they can't figure out WHY he won, even though it is obvious to people who can THINK, and have a modicum of INTELLIGENCE. They thought Hillary was a "shoo-in" because "the fix was in," but she was such a terrible candidate, and a socialist, too boot, and didn't even bother to campaign in some states where she thought she had them tied up. Voters were incensed at the way she and her henchmen screwed Bernie Sanders out of the nomination by creating "super delegates" to guarantee she would come away from every primary with more delegates, whether Bernie won the election, or not. And the lies continue....

"ARM EVERY TEACHER!" Somebody has to say it, and Adrian Vance, a former teacher, has done so. Of course, that's something that would be difficult to obtain, since there are anti-gun fools among the teachers, everywhere, who REFUSE to be armed in order to protect themselves AND their students. Apparently, they would rather DIE, and have their students die, rather than be armed. Fortunately, most teachers, after a school shooting such as happened in Broward County, Florida, rightly wish to be able to be armed in order to accomplish that wish. And so, more people die.

Monday, February 19, 2018

What's Happening to Us?

Before Columbine, we didn't hear much about mass shootings, let alone school shootings. But now we almost hear about such things on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. Why is that? What has happened in our society that has caused the proliferation of such things happening? Anti-gun fools will say it is the "availability of guns," but that's patently WRONG. It's not guns. It is the MINDSET of a human being that causes him to go into a school and kill a bunch of CHILDREN. Bxk in the fifties guns were everywhere. You could even buy them by mail. But nobody went in and killed school children.

JUST AS I THOUGHT: Minutes after the final shots rang out at the Douglas School in Broward County, Florida--or maybe while they were still sounding, well known anti-gun fool, Sen. Diane Feinstein (who carries her own gun in addition to the ARMED security that surrounds her everywhere she goes, while denying us that right) reminded us that she has a renewal of the "assault weapon ban" pending in Congress--as if that would have stopped this evil killer from getting the gun or guns he used to kill 17 people and wound 14 others. We still don't know (at this writing) how this shooter, who was only 19 and not allowed to buy a gun, anyway, GOT his gun or guns. Now he wants to plead guilty if they take the death penalty off the table. And they think he's insane!

IT'S NOT THE ANSWER! Immediately after (or maybe during) the school shooting in Broward County, Florida, the anti-gun fools came out of the woodwork demanding more and more gun control--as if that would do ANYTHING to stop such people from doing their dirty work. Gabby Giffords and Diane Feinstein, both well-known anti-gun fools, were among them, touting completely unrelated anti-gun laws that would have done NOTHING to stop such atrocities. Giffords speaks confidently about "peace and safety," as if her misguided laws would have done ANYTHING to have stopped this killer. This school has a "no weapons" policy, but did it help? Not a chance.

IT'S NOT A CRIME! I notice that the "talking heads" discuss ways to stop atrocities like the killings at a Florida school. They discuss "red flags," which is correct, But they have to look at their guidelines for what they're worth. They talk about that shooter being a "loner," but that's not enough to make a criminal of him. I was a loner, but I never killed anybody. I was a loner because I didn't like the way other students acted, or even talked. Yes, lonerism is ONE "red flag," but only one. The FBI "investigated" another "red flag" in what the killer (who wasn't a killer at the time) wrote on the Internet about "wanting to be a professional school shooter," but, even though he even signed his name, they couldn't seem to find him to investigate further. That's simple incompetence. They obviously didn't take it seriously.

ANTI-GUN LIES: They can't tell the truth and sell their unconstitutional laws, so they lie. And they did it again while the shooting in Florida was still going on, while kids were still dying. They started telling us that there have been 18 "school shootings" since the first of the year--and this is only February. There is only one problem with that. It's a LIE. There have been only 6 shootings that are really school shootings. They include in their numbers, suicides and gang shootings CLOSE to a school, and even one case where some kid shot a BB gun at a school bus. They use a measure where a shooting involves 4 or more people as a base definition of a mass shooting. Anti-gun laws are NOT the answer!

"BACK IN THE FIFTIES": People are noting that, back in the fifties we didn't have news of mass shootings and major gun crimes every day like we do now. They ask, "Why not then?" What, they ask, did we do differently back then that we don't do now. They ask the question, but they don't want to hear the answer. The answer is, we didn't have the ubiquitous anti-gun laws we have now. You could buy a gun anywhere, in "big box stores," small "Mom and Pop hardware stores, and even in some corner drug stores (where they sold almost everything). They didn't have people trying to ERASE the very KNOWLEDGE of guns from everybody's memory.