Friday, October 19, 2018

"Everybody I Know"

Gabby Giffords (a well-known anti-gun fool) asked a bunch of kids from the West side of Chicago, where there are some of the toughest anti-gun laws known to man, if they knew anybody who had been shot, she said every child (some as old as 19) raised their hands. What she didn’t ask is, “How many of the guns used in these shootings were legally-owned?” That’s a question never asked in such cases, and these fools “cherry-pick” the areas in which they ask such silly questions to get such answers. If you ask those questions in most areas you’ll get a very different answer. The point here is that ALL their highly touted “gun laws” are in effect in Chicago, but the number of gun deaths and injuries remains high.

MORE LIKELY TO BE SHOT”: A recent “study” showed that if you lived in states with looser gun laws, you were more likely to be shot by the cops. “The study, from researchers at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Northeastern University found that people were 3.6 times more likely to be involved in fatal police shootings if they lived in the 10 states with the most guns — Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisian, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, South Carolina and West Virginia — than if they lived in the five states with the least — Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York.” I’d say, “Not if you don’t try and commit a crime with your gun, or point it at a cop.”

JUST LIE ABOUT IT: Dumocrat Sen. Claire McCaskill is an anti-gun fool. But does she tell her voters? Of course not! They’d never re-elect her if they knew. She has spent the last 12 years supporting anti-gun measures, but she continues to tell her constituents she is pro-gun. She says, “They can’t know.” And you can bet there are other politicians that hide their anti-gun stance when campaigning for office. Then, when nobody’s looking (they think) they push every misguided anti-gun measure that comes down the pike. That’s how we get so many anti-gun fools in office. They lie about it, and work hard to keep us from knowing. Until they get elected. They claim that all they’re doing is “working for gun safety.” But their idea of “gun safety” is nobody, except for “government agents and cops” have guns—legally.

L. A.’S YELLOW BADGE LAW”: In Nazi Germany, “authorities” required Jews to wear the “Star of David” so they could be “easily identified.” Wearing it became a death sentence for six million Jews. Now the Los Angeles City Council wants those with ties to the NRA to “disclose their connection to the NRA” so they can be “identified.” That also means they can be banned (under the table) from receiving city contracts, or required to obey rules not forced upon those without such a connection. And maybe later targeted for gun confiscation. Who knows what’s in the minds of some politicians? They do nothing to make it harder on criminals who use ILLEGAL guns to victimize the law-abiding, and even routinely drop gun charges to get confessions to other crimes.

THEY KEEP LOSING”: So why do they keep trying? Dumocrats have thrown many things up against the wall in their quest to get rid of Trump, and they have all failed: Kavanaugh slander; Trump slander by “Stormy”; Pocahontas failure, and many more. They keep trying to come up with something, ANYTHING they can use to reverse the effect of the 2016 election, that put Trump in the White House. What amazes me is that the “Go Fund Me” account for Christine Ford is still coining money, sent them by the deluded idiots who think they’re liberals. They can’t find anything real, so they keep making things up, and fail, every time.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: I just don’t understand the dolts who think Che Guevara was a “good guy.” He was one of the worst, most murderous, of Castro’s goons, who racked up an amazing list of corpses for which he was responsible. I know liberal dupes will say I’m wrong, but a simple look at REAL history will prove me right… “Don’t call our mobs mobs! That’s what the Dumocrats are whining and crying about. They just can’t stand being called what they are… The left now hates Kayne West because he went against them. They think he’s insane and demands he “get help.” Frankly, I think it’s the liberals who need to get help… Will Hillary ever go away? Like the monster in horror flicks that you kill, time and time again, and he still comes back, Hillary just won’t go away. She needs to be retired, for good, whether or not she likes it… 

Thursday, October 18, 2018

"Gun Nuts Are Terrorists"

That’s what one (Dumocrat, of course) anti-gun fool in Tennessee says, anyway. He’s referring to those of us who wish to retain the constitutional RIGHT to own and use a gun for self defense, against those who IGNORE all their short-sighted laws that only make life easier for criminals to victimize the law-abiding. He says nothing about those who routinely IGNORE their silly laws and get their guns ILLEGALLY. Those are the ones who are closer to being “terrorists,” not the law-abiding, who OBEY their stupid laws. This wildly “out there” politician is trying to paint himself as a “moderate,” something that most Dumocrats do, and then they work to pass some of the most extreme laws ever while still claiming to be “moderate.” And they think we believe that crap.

SHOW ME THE PROOF”: Melania Trump shut down the assumption that accusations, unsupported by evidence, is all liberals need to cite about Trump’s supposed “infidelity.” She also shot down all the Kavanaugh accusers with the same comment: “If you want to accuse, show the evidence.” It’s a simple comment, but goes to the core of the liberal scheme of accusing their enemies of foul, dastardly deeds, with NO KIND OF PROOF. Then they cite those accusations as if the mere accusation was evidence of guilt. This is one of their most recent scams, and they almost succeeded with now Justice Kavanaugh.

BOO HOO! POOR LIBERALS! Liberals loved Kayne West when he “knocked” President Bush, and spouted their phony lines. But now that he has expressed admiration for their “arch enemy,” President Trump, they hate him, and they have responded with the most hateful rhetoric possible. Rhetoric that would be called racist if anybody but a liberal spouted it. They say that, “Like most Negroes, he doesn’t read,” without any knowledge of his reading habits. And they called him “The token negro of the Trump administration.” All because he revealed opinions with which they do not agree.

SELECTIVE MEMORY: At least it seems that way when Dumocrats talk about how the Republican leadership “broke the Senate.” They seem to forget all the times THEY “broke the Senate” I the past—or they fervently hope YOU will forget all their LIES in the past, present, and future. The former aide to former Senate Majority leader (at the time) Harry Reid wrote an Op-Ed saying current Majority Leader Mitch McConnell “broke the Senate and hurt the country.” Which completely ignores what Reid did when we tried to get a latino judge confirmed.

CRIMINALIZE ANTIFA: The outfit that calls itself ANTIFA is a local terrorist group, not unlike the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). In fact, it smacks of the same things the Klan was known for, 100 years (or so) ago. Violence in support of Dumocrat policies to create violence upon anybody who disagrees with the Dumocrat platform. ANTIFA is today’s KKK. The only difference is that is commits violence on ANYBODY, black or white, who disagrees with Dumocrats. Liberals leap to their defense, saying they are just “human beings” who disagree with the “status quo.” But I say they are an organized mob, specifically to commit violence in order to intimidate non-liberals into accepting the liberal BS. Their very actions make them criminals.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Hillary says “All women should be believed” when they accuse a man of sexual impropriety—UNLESS they are accusing Bill. In that case, they’re just prevaricating floozies, likely put up to it by some member of the vast right-wing conspiracy… London Deputy Police Commissioner watched a fellow officer get stabbed to death, and did nothing. Because he, and the two other cops in his car, were UNARMED. Which again points up the fallacy of even HAVING unarmed cops, who can do nothing against armed criminals. They are as useless at tits on a boarHillary says “You can’t be civil with a party that wants to destroy everything you believe in.” Well, why do you and your party keep on doing it, then? I can’t believe she said that about the GOP, when the Dumocrats are the ones doing it the most… Hillary says the accusations against Bill are “nothing like those against Kavanaugh.” She’s right. The ones against Bill have PROOF, while those against Kavanaugh do NOT…

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Trump Wins Again!

Remember that American pastor who was imprisoned on trumped-up charges in Turkey, that Obama couldn’t do anything about because the Turkish government had no respect for his government? Well, he has been released, after Trump put significant pressure on the Turkish government for him to be released. So they held a mock trial, where they found him guilty of treason, but sentenced him to only “time served.” Thus paving the way for him to be released, while not embarrassing the Turkish government. Gettin’ tired of winning yet, folks?

STOCK MARKET LOSSES: The economy is “singing.” Unemployment has reached record levels downward, while manufacturing jobs have also reached record levels upward, as has employment, generally. The stock market has risen to record level over and over again. No longer does a man who loses his job feel like he will never again be gainfully employed. There is actually a SHORTAGE of workers. Yes, the stock market took a “steep dive” recently, which will make liberals very happy. They can now knock Trump’s government. But the Market goes up and down all the time, but the trend is always upward. It will go up again. Count on it. And it is high enough that we can withstand any losses this time, as it rises, later.

WHAT DON’T YOU GET?” I have to ask, every day, of anti-gun fools in government, and those anti-gun fools out of government who spend all their time and a lot of Bloomberg’s money trying to “get around” the Second Amendment, this question: “What part of “The right of all Americans to keep and bear arms shall not be abridged” do you not understand? Anti-gun fools MUST be stupid. They KNOW the Second Amendment PROHIBITS the making of ANY LAW that “abridges” the right to be armed, but they insist on making more and more of them, every day.

DEMOCRATS ARE A MOB! One CNN “talking head” got very upset at a guest for referring to the actions of Dumocrats as “being a mob.” She shook her head and said, “We don’t call these people a mob!” Of course CNN doesn’t call this mob a mob. They want to hide the fact that the Dumocrat Party is now advising their people to BE violent; to demonstrate, to harass Trump people wherever they find them, to create RIOTS to keep conservatives from ever being able to speak. It that is not a mob, I don’t know what is! They have no answers to our charges, so they don’t even try. They just call us names, and often just commit violence upon us if we have the audacity to disagree with their stupid ideas.

UNLICENSED GUN DEALER”: It really amazes me the way politicians “dance around” to keep from calling something what it is. In this case they call the CRIMINAL who sold the gun that killed a cop an “unlicensed gun dealer.” One of the guns he sold was a Glock 26 9 mm handgun, that ended up in the hands of a four-time felon who used it in February to kill Chicago police Cmdr. Paul Bauer in a shocking daylight shooting in the heart of the Loop, according to recently filed federal documents. It’s the same thing when they insist we call an “illegal alien” an “undocumented immigrant,” thus DEcriminalizing (they hope) the crime that illegal alien committed in entering this country illegally.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Barbara Streisand has proven (again) that she has gone completely insane. She is now criticizing Trump because he doesn’t have a dog! If that’s all she’s got, she’d better crawl back into the woodwork, from whence she came… Ocasio-Cortez, the socialist bi... er, witch, wants to END the Electoral College because it is an impediment to her gaining more power. Which ain’t gonna happen since that’s the way we’ve elected presidents since the beginning… Corrupt former Attorney General Eric Holder is questioning the legitimacy of the Supreme Court, now that Kavanaugh has been confirmed. I question the legitimacy of this corrupt former AG… I read the comics every morning with my coffee, and I marvel at the complete cluelessness of some of the commenters who inject politics into their comments. I have no problem with stupid people who speak up, though. That helps me identify them… Kavanaugh appointed four women clerks to his staff, leading Dumocrats to say he “wanted his personal tail close by”… 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Who Do They Call?

The anti-gun fools say we don’t need guns with which to defend ourselves. But what do they call for when they, themselves, feel threatened? Gun-toting “security men,” that’s who. Or they get a license and carry their own gun, while denying us the same right to own and use the means to self defense, a gun. One good example of this is Sen. Diane Feinstein, one of the most vocal of anti-gun fools, who not only has armed security everywhere she goes, she also has a “carry permit” and carries her own gun. Most anti-gun fools aren’t that blatant in their irony. They just HIRE their guns so they feel like they don’t have to carry their own.

COPS KEEP YOU SAFE: That’s if they ever get there. I realize the situation here, where the cops took FOUR DAYS to respond to a call for help, is unusual. But even a few minutes can seem like hours, or days. But the point remains the same. The cops can only protect you if they’re “on the scene” when a bad guy who is ILLEGALLY armed, comes to victimize you. Usually, they’re MINUTES away. And in those minutes, the bad guy can do a lot of damage. Yes, maybe the cops can find and convict him later of your murder, if they can find him. But you’re still dead. And that’s only if he bought his gun legally and passed a background check, which is unlikely. People who want to commit crimes with their guns rarely submit to background checks.

AND THEY WONDER WHY: I remember a few years ago when I was very surprised when my car got “egged” because it wore a pro-Ayn Rand sticker that said, “A is A.” I’m surprised today that the “egger” even knew the meaning of that sticker. He/she was obviously ill-informed, and at least ignorant, probably stupid. But today I don’t put stickers on my car because the left has become very violent, and I can’t afford to lose a car to the stupid. Today, the left doesn’t “egg” people’s cars if they don’t agree with them, they BOMB them, as they did with one truck that carried a Trump sticker.

WHY LEFT IS UNHINGED: The left is becoming unhinged. They’re really going buzzoid over current events, and people with intelligence know why. America is WINNING! Trump said we’d “get tired of winning,” and he’s right. Some people have already started “bad-mouthing” Trump, and all he is doing to make things better for all of us, liberals included. But then, there are some people who will only see the negative in everything they see. For years, liberals told us that a bad economy was “the new normal” so they wouldn’t have to do anything about it—until Trump came along and showed the world that a bad economy was NOT “the new normal,” and that we COULD have a booming economy, the like of which we have not seen since Ronald Reagan left office and the liberal influence on our government took over.

WHAT DON’T YOU GET?” I have to ask, every day, of anti-gun fools in government, and those anti-gun fools out of government who spend all their time and a lot of Bloomberg’s money trying to “get around” the Second Amendment, this question: “What part of “The right of all Americans to keep and bear arms shall not be abridged” do you not understand? Anti-gun fools MUST be stupid. They KNOW the Second Amendment PROHIBITS the making of ANY LAW that “abridges” the right to be armed, but they insist on making more and more of them, every day.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Now they’re asking, “Should Kaepernick meet Trump?” The answer is “NO.” Kaepernick isn’t important enough to be able to take up the president’s time… Oh, that’s really turribl! Orful! This person disagreed with the “creepy porn lawyer,” so now that “creepy porn lawyer” is gonna to sue. At least, he SAYS he is… “Hate speech.” That’s the latest liberal gimmick they use to silence ANY criticism. In Liverpool, a pro woman billboard was taken down after somebody complained it contained “hate speech.” The “hate speech” to which they objected was the dictionary definition of “woman” it contained… Now they’re asking, “Did Trump ridicule Ford?” Yes, he did. And she had it coming. She is not a “charmed object” that you cannot ridicule or criticize… Dumocrats are saying that if Kavanaugh is confirmed, he will go to the Court “with a dark cloud over his head.” Yes. One completely CREATED out of whole cloth and continued by Dumocrats, which means nothing…

Monday, October 15, 2018

"The End is Near!" (Again)

Many years ago, AlGore, the “father of the global warming swindle” told us, “We have only ten years until the world ends, because of global warming.” And when that fateful ten years passed, and the world didn’t end, he either made excuses for a faulty prediction, or just ignored it, and made another false “prediction.” Others have made similar “predictions” from time to time, with estimates ranging fro ten years to fifty. And when that time passes and nothing happens, they ignore it and go right on as if they had not made those silly “sky is falling!” predictions. Then some even went on to make MORE predictions, as the United Nations is doing, right now. This time the prediction is “12 years.”

BANNED GUNS: KNIFE VIOLENCE RAGES: In Great Britain, there is an almost complete gun ban for its citizens—and even most of its cops. So “knife crime” is on the upswing, proving (again) what I’ve been saying for years, that if there were no guns, the bad guys would find something else, and continue their violence. So now the UK is also working toward a ban on KNIVES! Something that will be just as USELESS as is their gun ban. They keep referring to “youths” as the attackers. Which means, of course, gang members, who are engaged in a “war that dares not speak its name.”

STUPID LIBERAL DUPES: Employee at a T-Mobile store told a cop who entered their store to disarm, or they would not serve him. Then they told him to leave after he refused. It’s stupid to even THINK about demanding a uniformed COP disarm himself, in order to do business in your store. There are way too many other stores able, and willing to have his business if you don’t want it. I’m sure this is not T-Mobile’s corporate policy, and they will soon “come down” on these employees for sending business away for a foolish reason. Cops will NEVER disarm themselves while in uniform. People like this have to learn it, though they probably never will. (Update: T-Mobile fired that employee and apologized to that cop)

RADICAL POLITICS: Dumocrats are getting ever more hysterical in their opposition to President Trump. They think their rioting and violent actions will advance their narrative and make them winners in the November election. They couldn’t be more wrong—but they will never know that—they’re too stupid. They think their tactic of finding, and harassing, everybody who supports Trump and his policies is the way to go, and they will be very surprised when it doesn’t, and the “blue wave” they’ve been predicting never materializes. They’ll cry “foul,” and imagine they’re “been robbed!” They’ll whine and blubber, and stomp their feet, and hold their breath as long as they can without killing themselves. And think that will make a difference.

OBAMA: BEST PRESIDENT? There are a few polls out, asking if Barack Obama was the best president we’ve ever had. I maintain these polls are “tongue in cheek” or, if not, resulting from faulty thinking. The evidence that Obama was the WORST president, ever, is out there. Everything that should have gone down or remained level went UP sharply, while those that should have gone up or remained constant, went DOWN sharply. In most presidencies, some numbers go the wrong way. It’s inevitable. But for this many numbers going in the wrong direction shows one of two things: incompetence, or willful sabotage of everything the president can affect.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: There’s a new survey out now. It asks, “Where does Obama rank among our greatest presidents?” The answer is simple: NOWHERE. He is at the forefront of the WORST presidents… Now, that’s really funny! Barack Obama “warning” against racial politics when he was (and is) the worst practitioner of it… Palestinians are demanding that the UN revoke the movement of our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem—as if the UN had that kind of power… “Professor” Ford LIED when she said she was afraid of flying so as to delay her “testimony” before Congress. Was she also lying when she said she was 100% certain Kavanaugh (almost) raped her? That’s the real question… Do some women LIE when they accuse men of rape? Apparently the girl who accused California Dumocrat Gil Cisneros of sexual impropriety was, since she has now withdrawn her accusation… Ford’s accusation is suspect because she LIED about being afraid to fly. Selective fear…

Friday, October 12, 2018

Up Against the Wall!

The anti-gun fools are throwing everything they can think of “up against the wall to see if it will stick.” ANYTHING to limit your right to own and use a gun for self defense. Now, in Washington state, they want a “literacy test” you have to pass in order to buy a gun (Don't liberals hate literacy tests?). That’s IN ADDITION to all the other limitations that state has put on those who simply want to have a gun to use against the MILLIONS of ILLEGAL guns already out there in the hands of criminals and other bad guys. Different states have come up with many ideas to limit access and usage of guns, without actually BANNING them, since that is prohibited in the Constitution, the basis for ALL our laws.

WATER IS WET”: That might as well be a headline in the news. Another would be, “Getting Shot Hurts!” It damned sure DOES! But some people just need to be shown, by experience. Which is why some people actually allow themselves to be shot, just to find out for themselves. Usually while wearing a bullet-proof vest, but it still hurts—a lot. Which is why cops who get shot while wearing one still get taken to the hospital. Their injuries are not as bad as they would be without that vest, but they will be bad enough. Broken bones, and deep tissue damage, for instance. It is people like those who allow themselves to be shot to prove a point that give the anti-gun fools fodder for their claims that law-abiding gun owners are stupid, and, if allowed to carry a gun, will “go bananas” and “shoot up the landscape.”

PROVING YOUR GUILT: Dumocrats think that not only does an UNPROVEN accusation of sexual impropriety by a woman need to be believed, in spite of the fact that there have been many cases, proven, where women have claimed sexual impropriety to “get back at” a man for some slight, real or imagined. Accusations of sexual impropriety have become a WEAPON to be used against men, by women, and by politicians, BECAUSE no proof seems to be required. Additionally, Dumocrats seem to think that DEFENDING YOURSELF against such attacks “proves your guilt!” Which is what they have said about former judge, now Justice Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh has won that fight, but the Dumocrats will never stop “accusing” him of “dastardly deeds,” hoping something will stick. Then they hope to impeach him.

STILL FOR IMPEACHMENT: Dumocrats have signaled their intention to pursue impeachment for newly minted Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh. For WHAT? Based on that scurrilous “accusation” WITHOUT PROOF of any kind that he (almost) raped a young girl when he was 17? An accusation the accuser herself is not sure of, even though she claims she IS sure it was him. She isn’t sure of anything else, but she claims she is “crystal clear” that it was Kavanaugh who (almost) raped her that fateful night. I think she has been PAID to accuse him, and that the incident she claims never happened. The timing of the accusation was just too convenient. Too pat. And with NO PROOF, definitely NOT grounds for impeachment of a Supreme Court Justice.

NRA TAKES VICTORY LAP: The NRA congratulates Kavanaugh on his successful appointment to the Supreme Court. This can only be a good thing for “gun control,” which is a misnomer. There is no “controlling guns.” Only LEGAL guns. The laws the anti-gun fools have made only apply to the law-abiding, and NEVER to the lawbreakers, who ARE the problem. Kavanaugh will always rule, based on the Constitution, not on his own personal views and opinions, and especially not on his political views. That will be a disaster for liberals, most of whom are anti-gun fools, who keep insisting on making USELESS laws that accomplish NOTHING.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Mad Max(ine) Waters thinks it is okay to harass Trump staffers and other people like senators who agree with him. So I guess it’s time to start harassing HER whenever she goes to a public restaurant. See how she likes it… I thought the Dumocrats had reached the bottom of the barrel. Until I heard about the new accuser’s claim that Kavanaugh was present at “rape room” parties where women were fed raw alcohol to make them drunk so the guys could screw them. Again with NO PROOFI notice the timing of each “accusation” in the Kavanaugh case comes closer and closer to the scheduled vote on Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court. While Dumocrats scream for the vote to be put off “until the latest accusation can be investigated. But we won, and they lost… Lying again, I see. Christine Ford has an extensive history of air flight, yet one of her excuses was a “fear of flying.” that’s a lie, like all the others she has told, beginning with the “fact” she is “100% certain it was Kavanaugh who (almost) raped me,” even if she was blind drunk at the time… 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Damned, Subversive Democrats

 it’s not just that I disagree with them, or that they disagree with me. It’s that they treat ANY disagreement with them as a “sin” requiring a violent response. One of the most common headlines is, “Democrats Infuriated At (fill in the blank).” They get “infuriated” easily. All you have to do to “infuriate” them is disagree with them, and state that disagreement publicly. That will predictably send them into a “meltdown.” And they do many things that merit criticism and disagreement. The recent media circus against the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, for instance. They pulled every evil, dirty trick they could think of on him. And, predictably, failed.

GUILTY WITHOUT EVIDENCE: One of the cherished rights enjoyed by Americans is the right to be considered innocent until PROVEN guilty, which is the reverse of how it is done in almost (maybe ALL) other countries. There, if the government (or anybody else) accuses you, you are “guilty until proven innocent.” But here, for most of our existence, the need, on the part of the government, to PROVE us guilty has BEEN the “rule of law.” UNTIL Dumocrat politicians want your scalp. Then they accuse you (WITHOUT proof) of sexual impropriety, and treat that accusation as Gospel, as they are now doing with our most recent Supreme Court Justice. The problem is, with ANY “accusation” of sexual impropriety, no proof is required. Just the accusation is enough to ruin a person’s life.

NRA APPLAUDS CONFIRMATION: They applauded the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Which will, of course, mean a lot of useless whining and crying from the left because the NRA disagrees with them (something they ought to know, anyway). They whine and cry, and stomp their feet in tantrums every time somebody (even those known to be on the other side) disagrees with them, thinking that all the world should agree with their silly policies. One thing I like about the NRA is that they just don’t give a “tinker’s damn” about what the left thinks, about anything—and they aren’t afraid to show it. They “flip the left off” with their every act, and I love that.

SUBVERTING DUE PROCESS: Liberals don’t like due process—unless it helps them get out of trouble. One of their latest attempts is to allow accusers to appeal cases that go against them, which violates the “double jeopardy” clause in the Constitution, allowing a defendant who was found not guilty to be subsequently found guilty on the same evidence. “It was the Obama administration that demanded schools judge cases of alleged sexual assaults under a "clear and convincing evidence" standard rather than on a "preponderance of evidence" standard.” And they want laws that allow punishment BEFORE a guilty verdict is reached, especially in gun cases. And further, before the investigation into the charges.

GUN CONTROL NO ISSUE: At least, it shouldn’t be an issue. The right of all Americans to be armed for self defense is GUARANTEED in the Constitution, to which ALL LAWS must adhere. If they don’t, they can be declared unconstitutional and made null and void. The Second Amendment clearly states: the right of all Americans to bear arms “SHALL NOT BE ABRIDGED.” Yet slimy politicians continue to make laws to limit or control gun ownership, and each one IS an ABRIDGMENT. Thus, they are unconstitutional.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Somebody’s taking a poll, asking: “Should Trump resign?” What kind of a damned fool would even ASK such a question, with all the good things he has been able to do? It doesn’t matter what he does, the left will find fault with it… Liberals are now saying “Bert and Ernie” of Sesame Street are gay. How stupid is that? But liberals don’t know, or care when their ideas are stupid. Puppets can’t be gay. They don’t have the plumbing for it. Just another way to make waves… Michelle Obama has a new book coming out. they’re asking what the title should be. I recommend, “Nothing Of Interest Here”… I keep getting e-mails telling me Michelle put out a picture of herself posing in a bathrobe, asking, “Do you miss her?” Yes. I miss her, every chance I get… Whenever you’re able to stop liberals with inescapable logic, they change the rules without telling you until it’s too late. For instance, they say “If it saves one life, it’s worth it. Now they’re saying, “If concealed carry saves one life, it’s NOT worth itDumocrats in Colorado are running ads criticizing Mike Kaufman for having a NRA rating of “A”. Okay, so I’ll vote for Kaufman…

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Kavanaugh Is Human

The liberals accused him of being a would-be rapist, of running “rape rooms,” of being a drunkard, and of everything else they could “throw up against the wall to see if it will stick,” and when he proved he was a human being and “hit back,” they criticized him for that. Like he should have been able to withstand all the “slings and arrows” and still maintain a “poker face” and not get mad. After all the inhuman things of which he has been accused (without evidence, I might add), he has a RIGHT to be angry, judge, or not. Judges are human.

A “DIVIDED COUNTRY”: There are many who say we are a “divided country.” And they’re right. We are. The Founders INTENDED it to be that way. They designed this government to BE a “divisive force” where opposing ideas can be said, out loud, where such ideas are STIFLED, in other countries. They WANTED there to be “division.” There will always be opinions that differ from ours, and they wanted us to be able to express those ideas freely, without fear of government action against the dissenters. We have always been a “divided country,” and that is a GOOD THING. Healthy disagreement is good.

ACCUSED EQUALS GUILT”: This country is the only one in the world (to my knowledge) in which the “rule of law” is, “innocent until proven guilty.” In just about all other countries, if the government accuses you of a crime, you are “guilty until proven innocent.” That’s wrong. The government should not be able to “criminalize” you by simply ACCUSING you of a crime, and then force you to prove your innocence, something that is often impossible. You cannot prove a negative. I have always been proud of this difference between ours, and other countries. But recently, we seem to have abandoned that, at least, where politics is involved.

THE CIRCUS ENDS: Maybe. We’ve spent the best part of the last two weeks—and more watching the “dog and pony show” they called an “investigation” of why Brent Kavanaugh should not be confirmed to the Supreme Court. Not whether he should or should not be confirmed. Why he should NOT. His guilt was already decided by everybody on the Dumocrat side, and their decision was irrevocable. Kavanaugh’s nomination was to be defeated, at all costs. Whatever they had to do, legal or illegal, true or lie, that’s what they would do. Then they lost, and called "foul," again.

DEMOCRATS WILL WHINE: They will cry, and they will stamp their feet and hold their breath, as they continue their tantrum after Brett Kavanaugh was finally confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice—a lifetime appointment. They could no longer hurt him, unless he committed some foul deed, which he is not likely to do, even though they accused him (without any kind of proof) of many foul deeds in their tantrum to keep him off the Court. They will use many hankies as they blubber for a long time. They will continue their tantrum for many years.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Former Sec. Of State Kerry might be telling Iran to, ”just wait, we’ll have more flexibility after the election.” He’s right. Nobody will care what he and his cronies think or say after they LOSE it, and are thrown into the “dustbin of history” with the rest of the trash… Colorado Dumocrats are running ads saying Jared Polis didn’t pay taxes for 10 years (where have I heard that before?). It has already been proven false, but they keep running that ad. And he’s a Dumocrat… I really get tired of all the lying political ads running right now—on both sides. I hope my BS meter survives the pressureAnything to delay confirmation… In Venezuela, they have a major “gun crime” problem. So they made some more anti-gun laws to combat it. And ALL crime increased… 

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Doesn't Work: Do It

An anti-gun fool “researcher” found, in his “research,” that background checks don’t work. Then he says we need more and better background checks. This is typical of anti-gun fools. Take the results of “research,” and then deny those results. He basically told us, “Just because background checks don’t work, don’t think we don’t need to use them in our efforts to deny our citizens the constitutional right to be armed for self defense.” He didn’t put it exactly that way, but that’s what he was actually saying. This is a good example of a “researcher” who, when his research refutes his favorite pipe dream, he just refutes his refutation and goes right on with his attempts to fool us with his “research.”

TO BAN SELF DEFENSE: It has become increasingly apparent to me that the government doesn’t just want to “get rid of guns.” They want to get rid of the very CONCEPT of self defense. Even if they ever do manage to get rid of all the legal guns in the world, there will still be other items capable of allowing us to use them in self defense. And whenever they discover them, they ban them, too. A good example of this is their efforts to ban stun guns, one of the best non-gun self defense weapons. They can’t kill, but are effective to use in self defense. As they discover other effective self defense weapons, they will ban them, too.

NO PRO DEMONSTRATORS: I just listened to a news reporter on a “friendly” cable news station (Which shall remain nameless. “Foxy,” huh?) where the reporter was impressed by the fact that there wasn’t a single “pro-Kavanaugh” demonstrator there. Obviously, she didn’t consider the fact that the anti-Kavanaugh demonstrators are all liberals, who tend to be violent—and they don’t want to get “beat up.” There’s another reason why pro-Kavanaugh demonstrators are not there—non-liberals don’t usually demonstrate much, and we have won, so far. So they don’t NEED to demonstrate for anything. So it doesn’t really mean anything that there are no “pro Kavanaugh” demonstrators there.

CAN HE DO IT? There is a movement asking, “Can Trump fulfill ALL his campaign promises?” Which makes me ask, “Has ANY politician EVER fulfilled ALL his/her campaign promises?” And then I notice that he has fulfilled way more of his campaign promises, already, than have any other politicians, in the history of politics. CAN he fulfill ALL of his campaign promises? The answer is, “yes.” If anybody can do it, Trump can. He has proven his critics wrong, in every way possible, and he continues to do it. Getting tired of winning, America?

RESISTANCE IS FUTILE! That’s what we need to tell Facebook and Twitter. Twitter has “suspended” ten more “conservative accounts” without stating a reason. But we know what the reason is: they don’t agree with the things those conservatives are saying, and they think, by muzzling them on their platform, they can stop ALL criticism of liberals. They cannot. There are too many other platforms out there they DON’T control. So the ideas they abhor WILL “get out,” in spite of their feeble attempts at censorship. In Soviet Russia, the government did the censoring. In America, they don’t need to. American citizens are doing it for them.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Colorado hasn’t put a criminal to death in a long time, and that’s a mistake, causing many deadly criminals to move here to commit their murders, hoping to escape the death penalty. But if there ever was a justification for the death penalty is it in the case of Chris Watts, who murdered his wife, their two children, and their unborn baby. Some people just don’t deserve to breathe the same air as human beings, and this guy is one of them… The congressional approval of Judge Brett Kavanaugh was in danger, because of the UNSUPPORTED word of a Dumocrat operative, who wore a “vagina hat” in a recent pro-abortion gathering. That, alone, disqualifies her to me as a truth-teller. He won, anyway… If he denies it, he must be guilty. That’s what liberals are saying about Judge Kavanaugh’s vehement denials of those “attempted rape” accusations. So I guess now if you try and defend yourself against false accusations, that makes you guilty…

Monday, October 8, 2018

They Know It: Doesn't Matter

The TSA (Tough Sh-t Agency) knew these items were not dangerous, but they LOOKED like they MIGHT be, so they banned them, anyway, forcing people who had them to enclose them in a “checked bag” in order to take them on an airplane. They are used to keep drinks colder, longer. Completely innocuous. But they LOOK LIKE bullets, so they treat them in STUPID ways. Of course, bullets without guns to fire them are just as innocuous. But that doesn’t matter to the bureaucrats running things, these days.

REALLY STUPID ACLU: The ACLU is running an ad comparing Judge Kavanaugh (who is only ACCUSED of sexual misconduct by women who can’t even say for sure it was him, but who ASSUME it was) with two KNOWN sexual abusers, against whom their sexual misconduct was PROVEN, Bill Clinton, and Bill Cosby. It’s like that Hawaiian senator, who says "Judge Kavanaugh is not entitled to be considered innocent until proven guilty because he is a conservative." They say we should not have “any doubt.” Which flies in the face of our “rule of law” where ALL accused are considered innocent until proven guilty. ANYBODY can “accuse,” if proof is not required, which is apparently the case with Supreme Court appointees appointed by President Trump.

IMPOSSIBLE TO USE: When an armed criminal with an illegally-owned gun comes at you, SECONDS count. So if the gun you own for self defense is locked in a safe, what do you do, call a “time out” while you go and work the combination so you can get your gun into operation to save your life? This “safe storage” law is like most anti-gun fool laws, in that is makes life a lot easier for the holder of ILLEGAL guns to victimize the law-abiding, who DO obey laws, and which criminals do NOT. That this makes your gun USELESS doesn't bother them.

THE POT, DAUGHTER, AND KETTLE: Talk about the “pot calling the kettle black,” once removed! Chelsea Clinton (daughter of the best known sexual predator in the country) is lecturing the nation on sex. What the hell does she think she knows about sexual predators that she didn’t learn by watching her father in action? And she pretends to lecture US on “sexual predators.” She ought to know: she lives (or lived) with one!

SERIOUS ACCUSATIONS”: The Dumocrats talk about the accusations made by Christine Ford and some other women as being “serious accusations,” as if just the accusations meant Judge Kavanaugh was guilty, just because he has been ACCUSED. Well, ANYBODY can make an accusation, so long as no proof is required, as seems to be the case, here. Yes, many women HAVE been sexually abused, and don’t have any proof. That doesn’t mean a man, about whom there has NEVER been any CREDIBLE accusations in his 36 years since Christine Ford’s accusations, MUST be guilty, just because she has accused him.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Puerto Rican “authorities” originally claimed just 64 deaths from a hurricane. Now suddenly, they claim 3,000 deaths, but no bodies. Looks like some of them want to paint Trump badly. But more than anything, it shows their own incompetence… Everybody (mostly liberals) are saying that, “The Manafort deal” is “bad news” for Trump, without knowing even what he will, or CAN say to Mueller, as usual. Create a narrative, and HOPE it gets proven. I don’t think Manafort can say ANYTHING detrimental to Trump, unless he lies to gain an advantage… Why is John Kerry not in prison? If I did what he has done, I would definitely be in prison. Private citizens are not allowed to “negotiate” about government policy with foreign governments… The fools still promoting Obamacare keep saying getting rid of that monstrosity would “kick millions off health care.” Actually, the only ones taken off health care would be the ones who WANT to get off Obamacare because it’s way too expensive and provides almost NOTHING… 

Friday, October 5, 2018

Sorry Again

You’re probably wondering where I’ve been lately. I’ve been in the hospital because of increased heartbeat early Wednesday morning. My heart was beating at twice the usual rate, which was very uncomfortable and a bit frightening. But turned out to be not as dangerous as we originally thought. All is well, now, but everybody’s worried, considering my age. But I seem to be okay now, and it will soon be “business as usual.”

BLAMING THE NRA: The favorite “whipping boy” of the anti-gun fools is the NRA. In doing so, they assume that the people responsible for “gun crime” are those who follow the law and register their guns. They are NOT. The people responsible for “gun crime” are CRIMINALS. They don’t obey laws. So how can the anti-gun fools assume that they will obey their silly, stupid, USELESS gun laws? They do NOT. So how can they, in all conscience, blame the NRA for sticking up for the Constitutional right of all Americans who are NOT criminals, to own and use a gun for self defense against those who do not obey ANY laws, much less the ones that say they cannot use a gun in committing their other crimes?

GIVING UP THEIR GUNS: The Huffington Post says, “Some people want to give up their guns” but it’s so hard to get rid of them. Where the hell did they find some fool to say that? One such person says, “Needing a gun sucks. If everyone was a decent human being, it wouldn’t be necessary.” This guy lives alone with his “licensed comfort dog” in Eugene, Oregon. Obviously a liberal. Only liberals think that way. What he will never realize is that everybody is NOT a “decent human being,” and never will be. He will always need a gun for protection against them. That’s something liberals always deny.

REPORT OFFENSIVE COMMENTS: In Great Britain, the cops are asking citizens to “report insulting or offensive comments.” Why, I can’t fathom, Surely there can’t be LAWS against them, even in the UK, where they don’t have a First Amendment. Even if there are, they are so subjective as to be amenable to ANYBODY’S definition of “offensive and insulting.” As such, they are UNENFORCEABLE if you take common sense into consideration. If it ever happens here (and liberals are pushing for them), we’re in deep doo-doo.

INCOMPREHENSIBLE FOOL: A senator from Hawaii says Judge Kavanaugh is not entitled to be considered “innocent until proven guilty” as are the foulest criminals, buy law, because he is a conservative. This from a person of the same lineage as the people who attacked us at Pearl Harbor, who lives in the state where it happened. Apparently, we (not me) regularly elect such fools to positions where they are able to affect the laws that are made, which is why we have so many STUPID laws in force. Somebody needs to start a list of stupid lawmakers so we can work to eliminate them from any position where they can affect our laws.

IT’S NOT WORKING: DO MORE OF IT: IN Chicago, it appears that the politicians aren’t the only dumb people. Now some citizens are suing them to get even more “gun laws” made, saying the ones in force aren’t working. They say 40% of the guns used in crime are sold by a specific number of “named” gun stores outside Chicago, but in the near vicinity. Not mentioned is whether or not those guns were sold legally to non-felons or “under the table” to felons. That distinction is never made when anti-gun fools want to make laws that violate our constitutional right to own and use the means to self defense, a gun.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: When the cops start asking the public to “report offensive or insulting comments,” as they’re actually doing in the UK, we’re in bog trouble. My only reply to that is definitely insulting and offensive, to the cops… They ought to dunk Kavanaugh in water to see if he’s guilty. If he drowns, he’s innocent. If he survives, he’s guilty. That’s the “rule of law” they used in the first “witch hunt” in Salem… The very fact that the FBI has “restricted access” to the conclusions in the SEVENTH “investigation” of Kavanaugh tells me that there is something wrong here… Shouldn’t the fact that Kavanaugh is only (supposed) to have sexually assaulted ONLY “far left, radical feminists?” Never any “conservative women? I think so… Well, Susan Collins and Joe Manchin both have signified they will vote “yes” on Kavanaugh, meaning he will be confirmed, if others’ votes remain as they promised. Collins confirmed that after what seemed like a three hour speech I though was unnecessary, since all she really had to do was confirm her vote…

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The Wrong Way

“Gun crime” is out of control. So the anti-gun fools keep making laws that do NOTHING to stop, or even slow down gun crime. To the contrary: they make it worse by DISARMING the law-abiding, while the law breakers go right on buying their guns ILLEGALLY, or just stealing them. Researchers put out all kinds of figures they want us to think back up their stories. But there is one glaring error in those figures. None of them take into consideration the LEGALITY of the ownership of the guns used in victimizing the law-abiding. Nobody seems interested in whether or not the guns used in crime are legally owned, or not. It is rarely mentioned.

HER OWN MEDICINE: “Mad Max(ine)” Waters likes to tell her “supporters” to harass members of the Trump administration, and we’ve seen them do it. Coming up to them while they are eating dinner in a restaurant, or just going into their homes. Or “cornering” people in elevators and screaming at them with inanities. She needs to get a dose of her own medicine. I’m sure she goes out to eat often, so somebody needs to go up to her and harass her the same way her acolytes do to Trump people. Find her walking on the street and chase her down the street screaming inanities at her, the way her dupes are doing to Trump people. She may think she is immune to such harassment. She is NOT.

GUN CONTROL NOT POSSIBLE”: Anti-gun fools keep arguing that the Second Amendment is an outmoded concept, written hundreds of years ago by men who feared the British. What they never mention is that the Second Amendment RECOGNIZES one very basic human RIGHT. The right to self defense against all comers, even if they are “government agents.” And that will NEVER be “outmoded.” This article details many reasons why “gun control is no longer possible.” What it fails to mention is that gun control has NEVER been possible. There is not a single “gun control law” now in force, or envisioned by short-sighted anti-gun fools that will ever do ANYTHING to reduce, or eliminate “gun crime.”

IT HAS NEVER WORKED: Gun buybacks are a popular “cure” for gun violence, that does not “cure” anything. And that is on record! But anti-gun fools keep devoting a lot of resources and money to gun buybacks. As with all their other anti-gun laws, gun buybacks have proven to be completely ineffective at stopping, or even slowing down gun violence. Gun buybacks needlessly expend resources in a futile attempt to reduce gun crime, but you can’t convince today’s anti-gun fools of that. They march right along, sponsoring them, even though there is ample evidence that they are completely useless. If they ever came up with something that would WORK, I’d be right beside them promoting it.

DOING THE UNTHINKABLE: Gullible doctors are performing IRREVERSIBLE surgery on CHILDREN because those children (average age 13) suddenly decide they don’t like their sex and want to be the other. In the case of girls, they perform a double mastectomy to let those girls IMAGINE they are a boy because they no longer have breasts. But there’s still one little problem: they haven’t yet figured out how to give them a penis. And without a penis, they are NOT a boy, no matter how much they wish to be one. I don’t know if they’re cutting off boy’s penises yet, but I’m sure that will come soon, if not already.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: I have to laugh at the political ads where a candidate gripes about his opponent’s “negative ads” in HIS negative ads…Another real funny ad is the one where a candidate thinks his opponent voting with Trump 96% of the time is a winning criticism. On the contrary. That means many people like me who can see reality also vote with Trump… Another political ad whines about a politician “criticizing a real war hero.” As if being a “war hero” means he cannot be criticized, in any way… Omarosa is going to release yet another tape. Ho, hum, who cares? I certainly don’t… Another ho, hum. Former VP Joe Biden says he’s going to run for president against Trump. What a way to guarantee Trump a second term… Dumocrats are trying HARD to take credit for the very good economy for which Trump’s policies are responsible. They really think we’re stupid enough to believe them… Jimmie Carter says he would change all the policies Trump has initiated. Which doesn’t surprise me, given that Jimmie was one of the most INCOMPETENT presidents in recent history…

Monday, October 1, 2018

"Serious Allegations"

Dumocrats talk about Kavanaugh having “serious allegations against him,” and that this, alone, should cause them to “bend over backward” to investigate (which they did, six times). One congressman even asked a newswoman, “Would you have preferred that she not come forward?” (The Kavanaugh case) My answer would be, no. I would have preferred she come forward with something besides her unsupported word to back up her allegations. Anybody can “allegate,” if he/she is not required to provide PROOF of his/her allegations.

ACTIONS & CONSEQUENCES: Liberals are criticizing Brett Kavanaugh for getting mad, after they have “raked him over the coals” for something that probably never happened when he was a teenager. Actions have consequences. You can’t do that to a man without pissing him off. I think his reaction to the committee was quite reasoned. Most human beings would have “gone off” a lot more than that. I certainly would have. I’d have been jumping up and down on their desks, leaving my footprints on their papers. You just can’t libel a man without making him mad. And a judge is still a man.

GUN CONTROL “GHOST TOWN”: Five million members? I don’t think so! MOMS Against Guns (or something like that) claims to have five million members, but their recent chapter meeting looked like a “ghost town.” If you can’t even draw more than a trickle to your meetings, there is no way you have five million paid members. One new member says she got involved after the Sandy Hook killings. And I believe her. But what she got involved in has no chance in reducing “gun violence” because all they do is make laws that the bad guys routinely ignore.

IT JUST DOESN’T WORK! Gun control, as we know it, has a clear history of doing NOTHING to reduce gun violence. And Dumocrat politicians never hesitate to LIE to promote their wish to disarm all law-abiding citizens, even if the Constitution prohibits it. Dumocrat Elizabeth Warren (the presidential hopeful) tells us confidently that Massachusetts, which is a BIG anti-gun state, Has the lowest gun crime rate in the nation (at least she tried). Only one little problem with that. It’s not true. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (hardly a pro-gun outfit), Massachusetts has NEVER been the lowest, when it came to gun deaths.

DEMS’ 30 MINUTE MONEY GRAB: It took some Dumocrats just 30 minutes to start pleading for more money on the strength of Christine Ford’s testimony, alleging that, somehow, she was (almost) raped, and that Judge Kavanaugh (both then a teenager) was responsible. She even painted a picture of not only a rapist, but a possible murderer, as well. All without a BIT of real evidence, only her UNSUPPORTED WORD. Last time I looked, that was not enough to convict anybody in court. But not in “the court of public opinion,” it seems. The likelihood of the FBI “uncovering” anything new in a 30-year-old ALLEGED (almost) rape is unlikely. Unless something is PLANTED by the Dumocrats.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Woodward’s book says, “Trump’s plan to eliminate the federal debt is to “print money.” Seems to me that was OBAMA’S plan. He gave it that good-sounding name, “quantitative easing,” whatever in the hell THAT was… Don’t like it? Just declare it “hate speech.” That’s what Facebook is doing about that "horrible atrocity," children’s prayer… Liberals say “We have a right to violence” against those we disagree with, while calling it the GOP’s fault… Chelsea Clinton says it is “unChristian” to end legal abortion. What? UnChristian to stop murdering infants in (and out of) the womb? That’s about as believable as saying her father is “a good man”… Former NYC Mayor Bloomberg is actually going to run for president! He really thinks he has a chance in hell of winning just because one billionaire did it. Never mind things are entirely different between the two of them. He is a well known anti-gun fool and that’s a big negative…