Monday, January 22, 2018

Durbin's Lie and Reality

Senator "Dick" Durbin told a lie, and the liberal media swore to it. So did other Dumocrats. As a result, they (Dumocrats) called Trump a racist, without ANY evidence it's true. Now they're saying that, to "prove he's not a racist," he needs to SURRENDER and allow passage of the Dumocrat program on those "poor children" brought here by their parents without their consent (DACA). It's such an obvious ploy, it's ridiculous. But politicians in the past have fallen for it, but Trump will NOT. For my part, "Dickie" can go straight to hell. And I think Trump would agree. I think his first name describes him perfectly.

THE ONLY ONE: From what I've been hearing lately, maybe Trump was the only one in that room NOT using foul language. Maybe there was so much cursing going on that he IMAGINED hearing Trump saying "sh-thole country." Maybe someone sitting close to Trump said it. It's funny though, how he's getting all exercised over somebody saying what HE said before, and almost the same thing OBAMA said about Africa. Is OBAMA a racist (Yes, but against WHITES, not blacks)? If he is worried about people saying "poop," he ought to go to San Francisco, where people poop and pee in the streets so much they now have an online CHART showing where it is the worst, so they can avoid the crap piles.

WILL OBAMA BE IMPRISONED? It's common for a new president to eschew criminal charges against a former president. But Obama's crimes are too severe to keep that tradition, and AG Sessions has just opened an investigation into what is generally known: that Obama ALLOWED drug smuggling by Hezbolla to protect his "precious" deal with Iran. If it can be proved that he did, he might well end up in prison, and good riddance. He's still working 18 hours a day (or more) to subvert Trump's administration, and this is the best way to stop that.

WHY CRAP IN THE STREET? Because the cops in liberal-run cities won't arrest you for it, even if they catch you squatted down over a brown pile with your pants down. They have signaled their intention NOT to enforce "victimless crimes," and they figure crapping in the street to BE a "victimless crime." And I'm sure they check first, to see if you're an illegal alien so they can wipe your butt for you so you won't have to suffer the indignity of doing it yourself (they let American citizens wipe their own butts). This is what you get with liberals running things, folks. That and fiscal disaster. Liberal run San Francisco , like other liberal run cities, is in financial trouble, even with some of the highest taxes in the nation. Politicians always seem to find things to spend money on so they spend more than they ever take in.

OF COURSE, "HE'S LYING": Just as I suspected, the liberals are calling Trump's doctor, who declared him physically and mentally healthy, a liar. That he "withheld some of the damning data." That's all they CAN do, since his findings blew all their claims of his "ill health" and "mental instability" out of the water. So now they will promote the idea that Trump's doctor is "in on the scam" to make the world think Trump is physically and mentally healthy "when he really isn't." They're hanging on by their fingernails, people!

SHUT THE HELL UP! That's what I wanted to yell at the fool Dumocrats in Congress who spent most of the day Jan. 16 asking the Homeland Security Secretary, one after the other, ad infinitum, ad nauseum, about Trump's (imaginary) use of a common cuss word they CLAIM they have never heard anybody utter before. I will say truthfully that I have used it many times, and everybody I know has used it. And if those fools tell you they have not, they are LYING. No questions about anything else. What a silly display of STUPIDITY! The same is true of all the "talking heads" who "diagnose" him as mentally deficient without ANY credentials to do so. Just shut the hell UP, damn it!

ONE MAN'S OPINION: The "psychiatrist at Yale who "diagnosed" Trump as "dangerously mentally ill is a fraud. Her license expired in 2015, and to "diagnose" someone without ever speaking to him or personally examining him is unethical.... Former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe says, "If Trump comes near me, you'll have to pick him up off the floor." Really, Terry? I think it would be YOU they'd have to scrape off the floor. Trump would use you as a floor mop....Dumocrat Dick Durbin seems to be the only one who "heard" Trump's "nasty, racist comment." But Durbin has a history of "made-up stories."So who, outside of another Dumocrat will beieve him?.... Reality offends leftists. If you don't think there are some "Sh-thole countries" in the world, you need to wake up. And Haiti is one of them whether they like it, or not, and the predominant color of it's citizens makes no difference.... 

Friday, January 19, 2018

The Big Problem

The big problem with the growing "#me too" movement is that it's based on a fallacy. They've found that women need NO PROOF in order to be able to ruin a man's life by a simple accusation. That accusation alone can scar a man for life. There are many men today whose life has been ruined by such unproven accusations. Judge Roy Moore comes to mind. There are others, too. People whose names we might not recognize, but who are just as ruined. Our society is BASED on an "innocent until PROVEN guilty" ideal. The way sexual misconduct accusations are handled, is a complete reversal of that and should be avoided, at all costs.

LIFE BASED ON LIE: "Chelsea" Manning (whose real name is Bradley Manning), the guy who thinks he is a woman, and hopes to be one as soon as he can get rid of that pesky thing hanging between his legs, is running for the Senate, after spending 7 years in prison for TREASON. They take away many rights for people convicted of felonies. Like the constitutional right to own a gun, for instance. But apparently they didn't think of banning the right to tun for office when you're a felon. Maybe that's why we have so many (pre-felon) crooks in DC. Obama commuted his sentence (surprise, surprise!) to "time served." But he's still a felon, and shouldn't be allowed to run for ANY office, including dogcatcher.

LIES, LIES, AND DAMNED LIES: The anti-cop fools continue to lie to get cops in trouble for doing their jobs, as they did in Ferguson, MO, where a cop shot and killed a giant thug while that thug was trying his best to kill him. That "hands up, don't shoot" crap they spouted was proven to be a lie, perpetrated by his thug friends. While it didn't get the cop jailed, it did cost him his job, and for what? For doing his job and protecting his own life. In North Little Rock, AR a cop shot a man who was clearly pulling a gun. This is the latest of many lies told to get cops in trouble, where they accused them of "executing" this thug. But unfortunately, for the liars, there was dash cam footage to PROVE them liars. It was a routine traffic stop with three subjects, one of which was clearly shown pulling a gun on the dash cam video when shot.

IT'S ALL THEY WANT: One thing you can count on in DC today is that Trump will NEVER get the credit he deserves for the good he's doing. The Dumocrats want one thing: to be RID of Trump and his determination to "drain the swamp." Since most of them ARE "the swamp," They want to get rid of him before he gets to them. They've tried everything they could think of to discredit him so he can't "get them." They say he's crazy. That he's a racist, an imbecile, not competent to BE president. That his health is failing and probably will die before his term is up. Meanwhile, he is fast "draining the swamp," as he has promised to do.

DURBIN IS A LIAR! The only person in a roomful of people who heard the "sh-thole country" comment is Dick Durbin, who is a KNOWN liar. He is KNOWN to make things up, just like the former Senate minority leader (Harry Reid) has done, on many occasions. Reid successfully said Romney hadn't paid his taxes in ten years, which helped turn the election against him. It was proven to be a lie later, but all he cared about was "it worked." Making unprovable lies up and insisting they're true is a regular part of the Dumocrat playbook. Then they insist the victim of their lies prove them wrong, which is difficult, since you can't prove a negative.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: It's a real moneymaking idea! The IRS has enlisted the aid of private credit collection agencies to collect taxes. They paid them $20 million dollars to collect $6 million dollars in taxes. Real profitable, that.... Peelosi thinks the thousand dollar bonuses are "pathetic." Maybe so, for a millionaire like her, but for us "middle classers," not so much. Somebody ought to teach her something about the value of money to those (unlike her) who don't have more of it than they can spend.... "Selective hearing." That's what caused Dumocrats to "hear" President Trump say a nasty word they (not surprisingly) call racist in a meeting. No Republican seems to have heard it, though. That smacks to me of a "made-ip" controversy. Something the Dumocrats definitely have in their quiver,,,,

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Rush Is Right

As usual. He notes that while Bill Clinton was getting oral sex in the Oval Office anteroom, and screwing everything in skirts (and maybe even pants), somehow Ken Starr became a "sex pervert." That's only because the Clinton Lie Machine was so successful in demonizing him, to blunt the effect of his investigation, so he wouldn't be removed from office. It didn't stop him from being impeached, but knowing where all the bodies were buried (and maybe burying a few himself) came in handy in the Senate.

WHY DO THEY HATE TRUMP? Many uninformed people are asking, "Why do liberals hate Trump so much?" The answer is obvious to intelligent, informed people. He's "draining the swamp," as promised. And they fear for their own little fiefdoms because they ARE the swamp. Those who whine the loudest are the very people we need to get rid of. They don't think we know that, mostly because they live in their own little corner of the world, where they don't have to face opposing viewpoints, lest they be "triggered" by it, and only hear "news" that comes through the "filter" of the liberal news media, which is the only news they hear.

"JUST BLAME TRUMP": It doesn't matter what goes wrong, and whose mistake it was. Blame Trump. That's the "default action," any time something bad happens. At the same time, Trump is having more success WITHOUT the cooperation of Congress than ALL former presidents ever had in their first year in office, and the liberal media yawns. They just aren't interested. Trump gets no credit for the good things. Trump had nothing to do with the incompetence in Hawaii. Likely he didn't even know that their system was so flawed. But that doesn't matter to the liberal media. They blame him, anyway. Likely the same system was in place while Obama was president. But was he blamed? No. Not their "fair-haired boy." Their other "default" is, "nothing bad is ever to be said about Obama."

BBC: IS IT TRANSPHOBIC?" Is it transphobic not to date transgenders? What a STUPID question! If you like giving oral sex to a MAN, or getting screwed in the rear, why not date a transgender? There's nothing "phobic" about refusing to date a MAN in women's clothing. If you're gay, why not? If you're not gay, why? Liberals spend all their time trying to screw with our minds and bodies. Don't let them. In any case, "transphobic" is just another made-up word liberals promote to prevent criticism for a bunch or screwed up people. It's like the word. "Islamaphobic," which is designed to impute mental deficiency to ANYBODY criticizing Muslims, for any reason, true or not. They hope it effectively blunts all criticism.

"DON'T WANT WOMEN AROUND": Condoleeza Rice is right. The "#me too" movement if "uplifting," and takes away the stigma that has been attached to exposing sexual misconduct on the part of the men in their lives. She's also right when she says she's afraid men will decide maybe they don't WANT women around, and the female unemployment figures go through the roof. Meanwhile, women who want to date men might soon find dates hard to come by for the same reason. It just ain't worth it.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Dumocrats are amazing. They still insist that Judge Roy Moore is a pedophile while, as with Trump, there isn't a single bit of real evidence he is. While countless Dumocrats are PROVABLE sexual perverts.... "Oprah could win!" That's what so-called "experts" are saying. What FOOLS they are! Oprah hasn't a chance in hell or winning the presidency and it would be a disaster if she did.... "National Review" editor Rich Lowery has been a "never Trumper" for a long time. But now, he says he thinks "Trump has done a lot for the country"....Antifa members say they're "against Fascism," but they can't DEFINE it. They don't even know what it IS....

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Dems' Exciting New Hope

The Dumocrats are really scraping the bottom of the barrel in their quest to find someone, ANYONE to be their "standard bearer" in the 2020 elections. After Oprah Winfrey made a "stirring speech" about the success of the sexual misconduct thing in Hollywood, instantly, Dumocrats seized upon Oprah to be a presidential candidate. Problem is, we know NOTHING about her political views, except they seem to be in line with the rest of the Hollywood liberals. And she also supports the liberal anti-gun fool laws that do NOTHING to limit gun violence. They must really be desperate if they think Oprah has a "snowball's chance in hell" of beating President Trump.

TAPING ALL HE SAYS: Nixon got into trouble because he taped what went on in the Oval Office. But maybe Trump should start doing it in self defense, to keep Dumocrats like Dick Durbin from LYING about what he said and getting away with it. The liberal media seems to want to "parse" his every word, and call him on words he didn't say, or which have been said by previous Dumocrats. But in the absence of a record, the Dumocrats get away with LYING about what he says, making a big thing of it in the liberal, Trump-hating media. As with many of those ubiquitous sexual misconduct accusations, proof is not needed to cause him trouble. Taping everything is simply a good defense against the fools.

WAY TOO COMMON: It's becoming way too common for an illegal alien to keep coming back after he has been deported several times, to commit crimes. It came to our tragic notice in San Francisco, when an illegal alien who came back FIVE TIMES killed a young girl, and was "given a pass" by those liberal "sanctuary city" fools. Now another "five-time loser" has returned many ties and hijacked a bus, taking a bunch of passengers on a frightening ride. Fortunately, no one was hurt, this time.Will he be deported again, to come back again and commit more crimes?

GETTING TIRED OF IT: I'm really getting tired of the media's obsession with that unfortunate "false alarm" in Hawaii, where they were told falsely that a missile was coming their way, aimed at them. Yes, it's an important story. But every news anchor on Fox News repeated it for two days, and I'm sure the rest of the media did, as well. Yes, we know all about it. It doesn't need repeating, over and over, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. They're doing the same thig with what Trump is supposed to have said in a private meeting, "revealed" by a KNOWN liar, Dumocrat Senator Dick Durbin. His first name pretty well describes him.

HE'S BEING REASSIGNED: The Hawaiian "official" who was responsible for the false alert (still unnamed) is NOT being fired. He's "being welcomed back to work" and given a new job. They're "punting." He's getting a "lateral shift." I think he should be FIRED for incompetence. And those above him who set up the system that was so easily screwed up by one incompetent person should be fired, too. Somebody neglected to make sure that one person could not initiate such an alarm, all by himself. To not do so is also incompetence. And of course, liberals are blaming Trump, when he has done NOTHING to merit such an accusation. But that's routine.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: KEEP IT UP DUMOCRATS! Keep on showing your extremism and your socialist ideas. DNC Asst. Chair Keith Ellison praises the subversive org Antifa, Peelosi condemns giving people more of their own money, while Dumocrats want to pay for all college tuition. Keep telling us about your unfitness to govern.... I can't believe these liberals. They want to run OPRAH for president in 2020? And they want us to take them seriously? Come ON!.... Oprah's always good for a laugh. Now she's talking about a run for president, and all those gullible Dumocrats, who have nobody better, are "endorsing" her. Now that's funny.... A California federal judge who seems to think he can "order" the president NOT to enforce the law has "ordered" him to keep DACA, which was imposed ILLEGALLY by Obama. ILLEGALLY! He simply wants Congress to make it legal....

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

"Capturing the Essence"

One of the candidates for the Illinois Attorney General's office went into Chicago with a camera crew to "capture the essence of the city." And DID he! He was robbed at gunpoint and his camera crew lost their cameras, sound equipment, their cell phones, and all their money. I can say, without fear of contradiction by intelligent people that being a victim of gun violence is definitely "the essence of Chicago." Can you say "irony?" A politician learned, first hand, that all their stringent gun laws do NOTHING to reduce gun violence.

GITMO PRISONERS SUING US: They say Trump's dislike of Muslims is why they have been there so long. As if Trump, and every victim of Muslim extremist violence do not have a good reason not to like, at least SOME, Muslims. Actually it is their raping and murderous ways that have caused them to be there, even if they can't be CALLED prisoners of war. And like other prisoners of war, they will stay there until hostilities cease. That's their own fault. The judge that allows their suit to go forward should be removed from the bench and impeached. They have NO RIGHTS under the Constitution if they are not American citizens.

WHY NOT HILLARY? There has been an indictment in the "Uranium One" case. A low-level former government employee has been indicted for bribing a Russian official. Meanwhile, a deal was made, just six months after the Clinton (Crime) Foundation received a half million dollars from--somebody. Nobody will tell us who. The government has been "investigating" the Clinton Foundation for a long time, with NO results. Hmmm.... I wonder why? Could it be that "the fix is in." and it hasn't been cracked yet? How many people must die before the Clintons are ever indicted, much less convicted, of anything? Their crimes are legion, but nobody seems able to "get the goods" on them."

"ENEMY OF THE STATE": Actor and all around FOOL Sean Penn, great friend of dictators and mass murderers, recently said that Trump was "an enemy of the state." Who the HELL is he to criticize our president with his own record of subversive activity? Like most liberals, he accuses Trump of what he, himself, is. Maybe he should go back to acting for money, and quit doing it for nothing in politics.

I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND: Every year there is a new crop of anti-gun fools going to Congress and proposing new versions of all the old, tired, USELESS gun laws that do NOTHING to "curb gun violence." None of them ever come up with something new, and especially nothing EFFECTIVE. They have to know none of their fool laws work, but they keep making them. It doesn't matter how many times their fool laws are PROVEN to be useless, they insist on continuing to make new ones that can't be told from the old ones.

TYPICAL ANTI-GUN IGNORANCE: They're having a bake sale in Dan Diego and many other places, "to end gun violence." Like that's going to be any more effective than their "common sense gun laws" that do NOTHING to reduce gun violence, and instead INCREASE it by disarming law-biding people so they'll be "easy targets" for those ILLEGAL gun holders who want to victimize them. It's sponsored by "MOMS Against Guns" (or something like that), and they really think that will actually DO something to reduce gun violence.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: They're asking if Kim Jong Stupid has "seen the light" and wants to really talk, or does he have an ulterior motive? He has an ulterior motive, just as the Japanese did when they were "talking" while their planes were attacking Pearl Harbor.... Emily McCombs, editor of the Huffington Post, says we should "kill all men." We should include bigoted women who think they're better than others--like her--on that list.... Untrained liberal fools are saying Trump is mentally deficient and should be impeached because of it. They are the ones who are mentally deficient....Michael Wolf says his credibility is being questioned by a man who has less credibility than anybody. What the hell gives him the right to judge the credibility of a president? He is the one with little credibility. He has a history of lying in print....

Monday, January 15, 2018

Democrats' Regular Scam

The Dumocrats have a common scam they use in many areas. Make an UNPROVEN accusation, keep repeating it from several different (all liberal) viewpoints, insisting it is true, in SPITE of the lack of any kind of proof. A good example is the latest, accusing Trump of not only using profanity to refer to the Haitians, and calling Haiti a "Sh-t country." They say everybody in the room heard him say it, but strangely, in this age of cell phones recording us, nobody seemed to be recording, and nobody else heard it but a KNOWN liar. So all we have is the WORD of a Dumocrat in the room, and maybe a few Trump-hating Republicans.

WHY CLOSE GITMO? They're back at it again. Dumocrats are whining about closing GITMO again. Never mind they have had sixteen years (Clinton and Obama) running things in DC while promising to do it, themselves--and DIDN'T. Never mind Obama released many GITMO prisoners, who went right back to killing innocent people. What's the big deal about closing GITMO? Most of the inmates there have murdered any number of innocent people. That's their whole reason for being--to kill innocent people to "make a point." If we release them all, you can count on them murdering even MORE innocent people.

PROFILING IS GOOD: Liberals hate profiling--any kind of profiling. they whine that the cops profile only black males, because they're black. They think ANY kind of profiling should be banned. Profiling, if used right, is a valuable tool for the cops. It allows them to notice things that tell them a person is carrying a gun, which is probable cause to search them to be sure. And if they find one, and the subject has no "carry permit," to arrest him/her. Any cop can walk down the street and KNOW who the "bad guys" are, just by their actions. Such as immediately turning away when they spot a cop. That's called a "suspicious action." Criminals want to ban profiling because it IS so effective in scotching their plans.

BACKFIRED, BIG TIME: The Dumocrats are constantly trying to accuse Republicans of sexual misconduct, because it seem no actual PROOF is required to destroy a person's (mostly men's) reputation, as with Judge Roy Moore in Alabama. The ACCUSATION by itself cost him the election and put one more Dumocrat in Congress. What they didn't count on is that TWO can play at that game, and the "filthy underbelly" in Hollywood (a liberal stronghold) was discovered. They've only been able to destroy a few Republicans this way, while MANY liberals in Hollywood, and elsewhere, have been exposed--WITH proof. Some of the best known liberals have been utterly destroyed by these accusations. Which they couldn't have expected.

PSYCHIATRIST A FAKE: Brandy Lee, an anti-Trump "psychiatrist," who "diagnosed" Trump as mentally ill, and dangerously so, without so much as one personal examination, has been found to be a fake. She is not even licensed in her Connecticut, and what credentials she did have expired in 2015. It is completely unethical to diagnose someone you have never even met, or spoken to, but that doesn't seem to bother her, OR Yale, which surprisingly employs her (so far). A look at other "psychiatrists" with similar uninformed opinions is also in order. Licensed or not, to "diagnose" someone as mentally ill without ever meeting him or speaking to him/her is UNETHICAL.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Button measuring contest. Kim Jong Stupid says he has a "nuclear button" and Trump responds with, "My button is bigger." Kim thinks he's king because he may be able to reach the US with a nuclear bomb--just barely. But we can reach him with MANY nuclear bombs. If he fires ONE bomb at us, he will cease to exist very soon--before his little bomb can reach us, along with many of his innocent citizens.... Awful employment problem! They can't find enough qualified workers in Indiana! What an awful problem to have! But better than under that willfully incompetent putz, Obama.... Author Michael Wolf says Trump is a "moron and an idiot." Why then, does he keep making his enemies look like the fools they are? Wolf if the "moron and idiot" here....

Friday, January 12, 2018

Democrats Lying to America

President Trump managed to pass the biggest tax reduction bill into law, ever. And without a SINGLE Dumocrat vote. It has prompted those "mean, nasty large corporations" to issue thousand dollar bonuses to millions of employees, raise their wages (without Dumocrat prompting), and generally make life better for their employees. These are what Dumocrats call "those wascally horrible big corporations that don't care about their employees." And the money to support these actions does not diminish their profits (nasty word) a whit. They are merely diverting money that would have been sent to DC to their employees.

TEACHER ARRESTED FOR SPEAKING OUT: In Louisiana, I guess they just don't want ANYBODY speaking out against the government's practices. This teacher came to a School Board meeting to protest the hefty raise the superintendent got, while he refuses to raise the pay of teachers. Rather than listen to her, whether they acted on her complaints or not, they had a cop throw her down, handcuff her, and drag her out of the building. No "charges" were filed, and they released her outside. But the upshot of it is she was humiliated in front of her peers and possibly injured by the high-handed behavior of the cop, and her complaints were given short shrift. That cop shou;d be punished. The "supe" is "hurt" because a majority all over the country are on her side.

READING IT WRONG: Vladmir Putrid--er. uh, Putin is now saying Kim Jong Stupid is "shrewd and mature" and "won this round against the US." I don't know where he gets that, except from his own stupidity and bias, but Kim is ANYTHING but shrewd OR mature. He is very child-like, and if he keeps on "picking away" with his fat little mouth, he's going to regret it. I don't know what Putri....Putin thinks he won, but all he's doing is trying to drive a wedge between the South and the US by his sudden willingness to "talk." He has not agreed to anything, and probably won't.

SECOND LARGEST RELIGION: By 2040, Muslims are expected to become the second largest religion in the US. That's certainly possible, in a country ruled by ideas completely contrary to theirs, since they're the only religion who want KILL you if you don't at least ACT like you're joining. It's easy to "convert" and "go through the motions" to stay alive, and I'd bet that accounts for a lot of their growth in the US. Nobody with any intelligence in America wants them, but some are just too afraid to oppose them. It's easy to grow when yhou offer to KILL those who don't convert.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Liberals everywhere are telling Trump he should "tone it down." They'd love that, if he did it. They hate it because his rhetoric is so very EFFECTIVE. They want him to STOP being so effective.... So Hillary, Huma, and Podesta were all hacked, and gave up the goods--and it's Trump who is being investigated.... Many Muslims are insensitive fools. Especially the ones who think of female Muslim breast cancer survivors as "half women." They're not even supposed to THINK about women's breasts, so how can they figure that? Are Muslim testicular cancer survivors thought of as "half men?" Doubtful. They have a big double standard where men are king....