Friday, December 14, 2018

Why Is It allowed?

The Dumocrats are actively, and openly engaged in an overt attempt to overthrow a legally-elected president of the United States, and they’re using taxpayer money to do it. $17 million dollars, so far, and more spending to come. Mueller puts enormous pressure on anybody he can to force to plead guilty to things of which they are NOT guilty, to avoid his threats of more punishment, and “make it stop.” Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen, for instance. He is now saying things that seem to implicate Trump in various crimes, based only on his unsupported word, and so got his potential 75 year sentence reduced to 3 years. Can’t the “powers that be” see what’s happening, and take action to put a stop to it? What’s happening in DC is CRIMINAL, and is being done right put in the open with nobody doing anything about it.

BIG SURPRISE! “People are saying that,”The stigma of being a conservative is worse than of being gay.” What? I thought criticizing being gay was a “no-no.” In reality, there can BE no “stigma” attached to being conservative, as that is simply how the opposition to the liberals is described, and the only people who think there is, are the liberals, themselves. I think the only “queer” people in this are the liberals. And that does not refer to their sexual preference. They think if they wish it, the entire country is “with them,” and that is not the case. They are in the minority, but they have the biggest, and loudest mouths.

THEY JUST DON’T KNOW: They don’t know ANYTHING. They’re just “following orders” like sheep. Some college students were asked why they want the new Justice Thomas building to be renamed, and they didn’t know. They were obviously blindly following the liberal line. It is this way with many people who think of themselves as liberals. They have no ideas of their own. They just listen to the liberal elites, and do what they’re told, think what they’re told to think, and make things LOOK like liberals are in the majority, when they are clearly in the minority. And many people think they are in the majority because they have the biggest mouths out there. Too bad almost everything that comes out of those loud mouths is wrong.

THEY DON’T WANT TRANSPARENCY: That recent “meeting” (brawl) in the white House with President Trump on one side, vs. Nancy Peelosi and Chuckie Schumer on the other, illustrated plainly that the Dumocrats, contrary to their usual insistence that they want “transparency in government,” don’t want that at all. They only want it for the Republicans, and not for Dumocrats. It was shown plainly when they objected to the TV cameras being in the room while they had their tantrums they CALLED a “Trump tantrum.” They know that they can’t make the country believe it is a “Trump tantrum” if the country can watch them whine and cry because they don’t get their way.

THE SECRET DEMOCRAT PLOT: Their secret plot is to make potential Trump appointees refuse to be appointed to fill important government positions because they will know that, eventually, the Dumocrats will put them through the “anal examination” that has been given to former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, Justice Kavanaugh, and many others who used to work in the Trump government. They know they can’t “get” them on something important, so they just ruin them financially and, if possible, make “jailbirds” out of them, if their jail sentences only last two weeks.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Do you want respect and admiration from the liberal media if you’re not a liberal? The way to get it is to DIE, I guess. They’ve spent most of the recent couple of days extolling the virtues they refused to acknowledge when George H. W. Bush was in office… Creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti just announced that he WON’T be running for president in 2020. Who the hell cares? I won’t be running either, but I won’t be announcing it to the world, either, because nobody cares… Well, it’s been almost 2 years, and not a single shred of evidence of Trump colluding with the Russians has even been hinted at, while Mueller has ruined several good men over nothing. When are they going to learn, and quit spending millions of taxpayer dollars on a futile errand? Because that’s what it is… Pencil Neck Adam Schiff says, “Trump is compromised by Russian ties, puts country at risk.” Only one problem. After 2 years searching, no evidence had been found to back that up. Maybe he ought to shut the hell up until, or unless some evidence shows up…

Thursday, December 13, 2018

The "Oval Office Brawl"

There was a “brawl” in the Oval Office the other day, between President Trump vs. Nancy Peelosi and Chuckie Schumer. Nancy and Chuckie came in thinking “this is gonna be easy,” that they held all the cards. But then they ran into the “brick wall” with the orange hair. “This is not going the way it’s supposed to go!” they thought. The president is supposed to “crumble” under the “onslaught of the Democrat Party!” But he didn’t. Not only did he NOT “crumble,” he “took them to school,” and “laid down the law” as to how things are going to be. In their frustration, they came out of the meeting and accused Trump of “having a tantrum.” And Trump is gonna get his wall, if he has to have the military build it. And we give Mexico enough money he can cancel to make them pay for it, in the long run.

TRUMP’S DAYS ARE NUMBERED”: That’s what the Dumocrats want you to think, anyway. They think they “have the goods on him,” and it’s going to be an “easy thing” to get rid of him. They come out every day and tell us it’s only a matter of time until Mueller releases his results, and “Trump will be finished.” They've told us that over and over. But it ain’t gonna happen. If Mueller actually had anything on Trump, it would have been leaked, a long time ago. They started this whole witch hunt because they thought Trump collaborated with the Russians to get elected. After almost TWO YEARS of searching under every rock, they haven’t been able to even find anything they can TWIST into something they can use against Trump.

TWISTING THE LAW: Mueller and his goods are trying hard to twist the law to “get rid of President Trump.” They’re CLAIMING that the money paid to two women with whom he was SUPPOSED to have had sexual relations with was a “campaign donation in kind” to keep their mouths shut. Trump maintains that, even if he did pay them, it was a “private transaction” done way BEFORE there even WAS a campaign, and was NOT illegal. And he’s right. People are entitled to enter into whatever kinds of contracts they wish, and that’s what these were—if they ever actually happened. I still haven’t actually SEEN the contracts.

WHAT ABOUT OBAMA? They’re trying very hard to convince America, and the courts, that those fabled payments to two women to keep their mouths shut about a sexual assignation was a “political contribution in kind,” even though if they happened at all, it was BEFORE there even WAS a campaign. But Obama was FINED $375,000.00 for his campaign violations, and nothing was said in then liberal media about it. The world didn’t even know it happened, because they didn’t cover it the way they cover every fart Trump blows, claiming he’s “polluting the atmosphere.”

HIS UNSUPPORTED WORD: The liberals are making a big thing about Michael Cohen’s “testimony” before the Mueller gang, and that is “implicated” President Trump in wrongdoing. What we must remember is that Cohen is a certified liar. Are we then to believe his unsupported claims about Trump? That’s all Mueller has. Cohen’s UNSUPPORTED word that Trump “ordered” him to do certain things. If he lied before, is he lying now? They couldn’t prove he “collaborated with the Russians” after almost 2 years digging under every rock, so now they’re trying to manufacture a crime to tie him to.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Sheryl Sandberg, once a liberal “heroine,” has faced calls for her resignation after saying George Soros should be investigated. I guess she stepped on the “third rail” of politics by suggesting Soros wasn’t “pure and generous.” and above being investigated… “Melania gets bashed for—fill in the blanks.” This time it’s her choice of Christmas decorations… Liberals keep telling Melania how ugly she is. They need to get their glasses checked. She’s one of the best-looking First Ladies we’ve ever hadBrenda Snipes refuses now to resign after the governor suspended her, and vows to fight her suspension. Does she really think she can win, with her record? The governor should have her escorted from her office while the locks are being changed… What a surprise! Dumocrats find ONE “uncounted ballot” to tip a tied election on Alaska in their favor. Seems like Dumocrats often “find” just enough votes to swing elections in their favor. It’s uncanny… Special Counsel Mueller is known for keeping exculpatory information from the court, as he has done in the case of Trump’s one-time attorney, Michael Cohen, who tried to contact, uh, Putin, but failed. What Mueller regards as lying is a simple memory failure about a date many years ago… 

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Another Gun Control Failure

In California, where some of the stiffest anti-gun laws in the country are in force, gun crime should be almost non-existent, right? WRONG! Gun crime in California is UP 18%! No longer is Chicago, and other liberal-run cities our only “showcases” for gun control failure. This proves, yet again, that those “tight anti-gun laws” do NOTHING to stop, or even slow down “gun crime,” and in fact, INCREASE it by disarming honest people so the criminals, with their illegal guns, can more easily victimize them. As they say in this article, this provides a “target-rich environment” for criminals who want to be pretty sure nobody will be able to shoot back when they attack.

TRUMP HAD A TEMPER TANTRUM”: That’s what the Dumocrats who attended a meeting in the Oval Office said as they left the office. What ACTUALLY happened is that President Trump “took them to school” about border control and national security. The ideas they presented would do NOTHING to improve either border security or national security, while Trump insisted on his ideas that are PROVEN winners. That’s what they define as “having a tantrum.” They weren’t too happy that President Trump opened the meeting to television cameras because that made it harder for them to twist things in their favor. They walked in there, expecting Trump to surrender. It didn’t happen. He laid out what was going to happen, whether or not they agreed.

IGNORING THE GOOD: The Washington Post ran a story headlined.”Trump condemned China over hacking and economic espionage, escalating tensions between superpowers.” Meanwhile I couldn’t find a single mention of the fact that China “blinked” in the so-called, “tariff war” by reducing their tariff on automobiles from 40% to 15%. They might mention it later, but I guarantee they will “play it down.” They don’t want to publicize ANY trump success, anywhere. Cutting tariffs on automobiles is a major concession, which we got, in spite of the “tensions between superpowers.” Trump has had many successes in all his negotiations, with everybody. But did you hear about them? Doubtful.

THE SECOND DOESN’T APPLY”: The National Association of Colored People” (NAACP) says, “Events show the Second Amendment doesn’t apply to colored people.” Really! People have tried, many times, to say the Second Amendment doesn’t apply to this, or that group, but it doesn’t alter the fact that the Constitution itself, does not mention whether or not people can be excluded from coverage on the basis of the color of their skin. It says, “ALL the people.” All the people INCLUDED those whose skin is a darker color. Yes, it has been shown that the largest number of shooting deaths are black men, killed by back men. That does not mean that ALL black men should be excluded fro being armed for self defense, under the Constitution.

IT’S ABOUT CONTROL: The Anti-gun fools keep saying that “gun control is all about gun safety.” It is NOT. It’s about CONTROL. The ability for a nameless, faceless bureaucrat you don’t know, and may never meet, to say you can, or cannot buy and use a gun for self defense against the millions of ILLEGAL guns that are out there, in the hands of criminals and other miscreants. The power to CONTROL who may have a gun is the power to say “NO.” And more often than not, that’s what they say, while people are dying because they have no defense against those illegally-held guns. I have become convinced that the ultimate purpose of the anti-gun fools is the abolition of self defense as a human right.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Students at the University of Southern California (USC) were asked what they thought of the United States. They said they didn’t like it, and one said she was just waiting for it to be “burned down.” Maybe we should deport such fools to the “other country” of their choice, and see how they like it. Especially since there is no better country out there. None that have progressed as much as America has, in a relatively short time… Voter fraud in N. Carolina has put the election of Republican Mark Harris “in limbo.” Hmmm—why is that this never happens when it’s a Dumocrat? Even when voter fraud is proven. It’s a wonder… Michele Obama just can’t understand why people elected a “misogynist” over Hillary, who was “eminently qualified.” First of all, Trump is only a misogynist in her fevered mind. Second, Hillary is no more “eminently qualified” to be president than is Michele. Neither are qualified, just by being the wives of failed presidents… Yes, Hillary was a senator and secretary of state (both “given” her to “groom” her for her presidential run) but as Benghazi shows, she was an incompetent, in at least one of those positions, probably in both, if you examine her record as senator…

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

"Suspicions Remain"

Dumocrats can’t say their “suspicions” are true, but they want the world to think that, just because they “suspect” something, there has to be something to it. They “suspect” that Trump “might” have colluded with the Russians to win the election, even though facts alone deny that would be true. The Russians would clearly prefer Hillary over Trump because she is a socialist, a system of which they approve. They would not prefer Trump because he is a dedicated free marketer (that they call a “capitalist” in an insulting manner) and is the furthest from their ideal imaginable.

THE GERMANS GET IT: Word is, applications for gun carry permits have increased 130% in Germany since Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the borders and allowed just anybody to come in. “Following the mass sexual assaults on women in Cologne and other German cities on the 2015 New Year’s Eve, many Germans have lost their faith in the state and law enforcement when it comes to tackling migrant crime. ‘Rising perceptions of insecurity have been cited as a key factor in the increase in issued licenses,’ the broadcaster reported.” Hmmm...Germans have “lost confidence” in the cops to protect them.

HE SAYS HE PAID: President Trump’s former attorney said he paid two women a total of $280,000.00 to “keep their mouths shut about a sexual liaison they are supposed to have had with Trump. Given Cohen’s propensity for lying, and the heavy pressure Mueller is known to use to pry out any sort of testimony he can use against Trump, true, or not, I sincerely doubt it ever happened that way. He now swears Trump told him to pay them. But all he has is his unsupported word, pretty much like all the rest of the “charges” against Trump, and other Republicans. After what Bill Clinton did, one wonders why Dumocrats would be “upset over a fabled “affair by yet another president.

HIS OWN MONEY: If President Trump’s one-time attorney isn’t lying (again), at least President Trump didn’t gig the taxpayers for the money to pay off two women Cohen says he was “directed” to pay. He used his own money. Dumocrats who are accused of similar things paid off their accusers with taxpayer’s money, from a $17 million dollar “slush fund” they set up for that purpose. That Mueller got this “admission” from that lawyer isn’t surprising, since he puts his “victims” under intense pressure and tries to get them to LIE so as to implicate Trump. They want to intimate criminal misconduct on Trump for exactly what Bill Clinton actually did. And it was proven.

IGNORING LIBERAL CORRUPTION: If President Trump farts, there is an “investigation,” and Dumocrats try and try to criminalize it. If a Dumocrat illegally spends money from an illegal taxpayer funded “slush fund” to pay off women so they won’t press their “charges” of sexual trysts, and someone finds out about it and talks, he or she is IGNORED. If a government official sets up her own e-mail server and uses it for government business in contravention of the law, they say that even though she broke the law, “Since she didn’t mean it,” she won’t be prosecuted. Meanwhile, if a non-liberal does the very same thing, they want to hang him. I really get tired of liberals (Dumocrats) getting away with things because nobody does anything about their crimes.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: I guess we’ll get to see the true Mueller as Jerome Corsi reveals that Mueller tried to force him to LIE to avoid being prosecuted on trumped-up charges (pun intended) Will Mueller ever face charges for that? Doubtful, as long as Dumocrats have any power… Black students at Groucher College say, “White Supremacists are getting pretty bold now, with Donald Trump as president.” Actually, it’s the other way around, after 8 years with Obama as president. This was right after a “minority” (black?)student was found to be behind the “racist message” that was posted there. This just goes to prove that when you plant an idea, true or false, it festers, and growsSwastikas were painted outside the office of a Jewish prof at Columbia University. I wonder if this is another instance of a “”minority” student trying to make “white people” look bad… Brenda Snipes now figures she hasn’t caused enough trouble, and has rescinded her resignation after being “fired” by the governor. Good. Maybe that will give them a way to deny her that $130,000.00 a year pension…

Monday, December 10, 2018

Passed A Background Check

Not being a felon at the time, he had no trouble passing. Then he took his newly-purchased (legally) gun, and went out and killed a bunch of people with it. Another man couldn’t hope to pass a background check because he was either a felon, or had exhibited some mental health shortcomings, so he went out and found another felon in a back alley selling guns out of his trunk, and bought what he needed. Buying guns on the black market requires no background check. Then he took his newly-purchased gun and killed a bunch of people with it. Now I ask you: “What earthly good is a gun law if it doesn’t stop such things?” And the unalterable fact is, none do.

ARNOLD TELLS ANOTHER LIE: Like all other anti-gun fools, actor Tom Arnold, famous for being dumb enough to have married Rosanne Barr, and has ONE successful movie on his list, tells us, “80% of gun owners shoot themselves.” Now, anybody of even modest intelligence knows that is a lie, but apparently he does not. He is anti-gun, and he doesn’t care if he has to lie to support that. Somebody ought to tell this fool that nobody cares what he says, and never have. He “piggy-backed” on another celebrity, and it won him ONE role that made him “successful,” and then a string of flops. He still rides the notoriety of that ONE role, to this day. He hasn’t done anything else of note, but he can’t figure out why.

CASE AGAINST SELF DEFENSE: What liberals call the “gun controversy” is actually something else. It is the “self defense controversy.” Anti-gun fools want to “get rid of all guns” as a means to destroy self defense as a human right—for everybody except themselves, of course. They will retain their “right” to hire armed thugs to defend them while denying the rest of us the same right—if they can. They can afford it, because WE are paying for it, for the most part. Their armed thugs are paid for with taxpayer money. Some even go so far as to carry their own guns. But it is becoming increasingly obvious that liberals want to make the very concept of self defense illegal. They want to punish people who defend themselves against an attack. Every time we come up with something that helps us defend ourselves that is not a gun, they want to ban it, too.

GUN CONTROL A PIPE DREAM: There is no way in HELL they can get rid of ALL guns—which is the goal of all anti-gun fools. It’s a pipe dream--something that was conceived in an opium den after hours of smoking dope. They might be able to get rid of all LEGAL guns, but they will never be able to stop criminals from both selling and buying guns ILLEGALLY. Or stealing them. There isn’t a single law now on the books that has ever done a single thing to limit the use of guns for illegal purposes. All their laws do is make it easier for those criminals to victimize those who obey laws and are thus disarmed, and “easy targets” for their “gun violence.”

IS TRUTH RACIST? I guarantee you, liberals will call racist the recent study by the “Centers for Disease Control” that showed that black males were twice as likely to die by gun violence perpetrated by other black males, than white males. That’s how liberals “tamp down” criticism of their policies. Call it racism if it involves blacks in any way. The truth can hurt, and it is constantly hurting the anti-gun fools because theirs is a losing battle to disarm ALL Americans. Something that is PROHIBITED by the U. S. Constitution, the document to which ALL laws must conform, or they are in no way laws. What is a racist opinion? Anything that disagrees with the “cherished opinions” of a liberal.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Joy Behar of “The View” says Trump should resign today. Amazing how stupid people can be on daily television. I guess that’s because their bosses are just as stupid. There is no earthly reason for Trump to resign, but there are many for Joy… Florida Governor (now Senator) Rick Scott finally takes action against corrupt election screwup Brenda Snipes. But is it enough to stop her from getting a lavish $130,000.00 a year retirement? It did screw up her effort to deny Scott to be able to name her successor. But her getting that much money every year is a crime after her lousy performance. She should have been charged with malfeasance and her pension blocked. My question is, why did he wait so long? He should have done this long agoOn that silly comedy “Murphy Brown,” they had a show about one of their reporters getting beat up by a “sea of Trump supporters.” Something that has never happened in real life, while Trump supporters HAVE been beaten up by liberal ANTIFA members. It was fiction, but some people will believe it actually happened…

Friday, December 7, 2018

Taking the Credit

Barack Obama was about the WORST president we have ever had (to my knowledge). His policies caused, or increased the slide toward bankruptcy this country was on under liberal leadership. He spent more of our money than all the previous presidents, COMBINED. He told us that “prosperity was gone.” That we might as well get used to it, that those millions of jobs that were lost under his presidency were GONE, and would never be back. But they HAVE come back, and Trump is the reason, no matter how much Obama wants to twist the facts to convince us he was responsible. History will show him for the fool he was, and always has been. Obama’s “legacy” is a “house of cards.” And it is collapsing.

GUN GRABBERS HATE IT: They tell us every day that “gun crime is rising,” and we just need more anti-gun laws to cure it. But then reality steps in. Gun crime is DOWN. The gun murder rate is the lowest it has been since 1961. And in states where legal carry is allowed, it has gone down even more. Some states with intelligent lawmakers even allow non-felons and non mentally disturbed people to carry without the necessity of buying a license. What’s our data source for this? The FBI. Not the most conservative of sources. What’s responsible? Certainly not the anti-gun laws liberals seem bent on passing. More concealed carry IS. Gun control has always been more about CONTROL than about guns. Politicians want the power to tell you that you CAN’T.

DON’T ENFORCE THE LAW!” The AG in NJ has issued an order for the cops not to cooperate with ICE (Is that legal?). In response, ICE has announced increased activity in NJ, and that there will likely be more immigration raids in NJ. I note that the AG is a Sikh. I wonder if that makes a difference in his intelligence, because for the AG to issue such an order reflects a certain LACK of intelligence. The AG says his action is “to build trust between the cops and immigrants.” In reality, it will do nothing of the sort. It will embolden illegal immigrants to the detriment of people who follow the rules and do it legally. The deputy director of ICE, Matthew Albence, slammed Grewal, saying his directive “undermines public safety and hinders ICE from performing its federally-mandated mission.” And crime will predictably increase in NJ.

MUELLER’S GUILTY PLEAS: They aren’t worth the paper they’re written on, because he uses a “sledge hammer” on his “victims” to get them to "admit" to things they never even considered doing. In the end, he hopes to con one of them into making a statement that will “bring Trump down.” The cartoon linked here displays graphically his methods. His only reason for living these days is to “bring Trump down,” and he’s using taxpayer money (unlimited) to do it. His funding should be cut off immediately. Not by Trump, but by Congress. (A. F. Branco Cartoons)

WHY, INDEED? Whoopi Goldberg, that well-known expert on everything who knows nothing asked Steve Scalise why he, after being shot, does not support gun control. In response, Scalise, a consummate politician, gave a 50,000 word essay in answer that didn’t really say much. But I suspect a real answer would have been, “Since gun control never works, why bother?” Not one single gun control law has EVER stopped a would-be shooter from getting his guns, but if it had happened, he would have just used something else. Scalise is intelligent enough to know that, but apparently Whoopi is not.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: It really frosts me the way the liberal media twists the news. Like the way they go all blubbery about Trump using tear gas on attacking hordes of “migrants” while completely ignoring, or even THANKING Obama for doing the same thing to a less dangerous bunch… Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is really funny. Every time I see a picture of her her eyes are wide open as if somebody had just goosed her. And, of course, her mouth is wide open with idiocies spilling out… Well, the Clintons kicked off their highly-touted tour and the entire audience cheered—both of them… Reporters talk tough, but will they defy the new press conference rules? They’d better, or they will ALL be out. They have to learn not to tug on Superman’s cape...

Thursday, December 6, 2018

It Can't Be Done!

Governments everywhere try and restrict gun ownership and use to “government agents” of one kind or another, with the main purpose being to restrict opposition to what the government is doing. But in reality, it can’t be done. Everywhere the anti-gun laws are the tightest, illicit gun sales abound, while others just make their own guns, outside of the view of the government. Australia and Great Britain, for instance, do not have such a thing as the Second Amendment, and thus have almost completely eliminated legal gun ownership for their “subjects.” Meanwhile, “gun crime” abounds in both places, since their “draconian laws” seem to be unable to do anything about the thriving black market in guns.

AND WE’RE THE VIOLENT ONES? Dumocrats like to talk about the “violent rhetoric” put out by Republicans. But some of the most vitriolic rhetoric ever comes out of the mouths of Dumocrats. Like Dumocrat Rep. Stephanie Kifowit, in Illinois; she wants to brew up some deadly poison and feed it to her opposition and their families, including the kids. All because they disagree with her on some legislation. She has no cogent arguments to offer, so she just wants to KILL her opposition. And this is the kind of person Dumocrats regularly elect to office. And they accuse US of “violent rhetoric!”

HOW BRAZEN CAN THEY GET? The FBI, under a Clinton/Obama goon as an assistant director, raided a “protected” government “whistleblower” and “confiscated” information he had already intended to GIVE to the government, as if he was some kind of a criminal, to be raided and “evidence” taken from him. He is the one who had information about HILLARY’S “Russian Connection, which is probably what got him raided, and treated like a criminal. Just more evidence that “the fix is in” to keep Hillary and Bill out of trouble, no matter how many crimes they commit. His attorney said this was a “brazen and outrageous disregard of whistleblower protections.” And he's "right on."

MUELLER’S TRICKERY: Jerome Corsi has filed an action against Special Counsel Bob Mueller for trying to force him to LIE to make his case against President Trump. Will Mueller ever be called to account for that? Doubtful, since Dumocrats still wield a lot of power in DC and he is doing their dirty work for them while financially ruining many Trump people while ruining their reputations. Even sending some of them to jail, if it’s even for a couple of weeks, for the “crime” of not having a perfect memory. If something happened in March, and a faulty memory caused the victim to testify it happened in May, that is called a lie, and the victim is duly punished. Mueller needs to be stopped, in any way possible, before he ruins any more innocent people. He's getting away with political murder.

MISGENDERING” A CRIME? Misgendering. Hmmm, that’s a new word, among many new words coined by w liberals (Dumocrats) as they campaign to make us believe lies. “Misgendering” is simply recognizing the truth, that there are only TWO SEXES, no matter how much liberals try to force us to believe that lie. And to support that lie, they make it a “crime” to call a person by their real gender, rather than the false gender they THINK they are. Fact: if they have a penis, they are MALE. A vagina, a FEMALE. It’s as simple as that, but they want to force us to think otherwise, or face the consequences.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: There are middle Eastern terrorists hiding among the “peaceful members” of that “migrant caravan.” Are you surprised? I’m certainly not… Jorge Ramos says, “The U. S. has a responsibility to absorb the “caravan migrants.” Not under duress while they try and “jump the line,” we don’t. If they follow the rules we will take them. If not, we will NOT… Mueller says Manafort lied on several occasions, but has not, as yet, detailed the lies—and probably never will, because what he’s saying is part of the rest of the “smoke and mirrors” he is promotingBeto O’rourke (who?) is considering a run for president in 2020. Good. He will join the others on the “junk heap of politicians” after Trump whips him, too… All fools gathered: many people on the left, and even some on the right (RINOS) think they can beat a sitting president who is responsible for bringing back the prosperity Obama told us was forever gone, and that we should “get used to it.”

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Total Ignorance

I just read a comment on a comic strip, in which the writer (whose name I will not say) said that conservatives were “afraid of their own shadow” and “fearful of anything they’re not used to.” Actually, that description best fits LIBERALS, but you’ll never get them to admit it. The proof is, we don’t need “safety rooms” where a disagreement with liberal idea is not allowed to be heard, lest it “trigger” the liberals there. And you’ll never see a conservative screaming at the sky over something a liberal did. Laughing, maybe. They do such stupid things.

FREEDOM FROM SPEECH: Williams College is considering a “free speech” policy and some liberal students are mad about it. They want “freedom FROM speech.” A petition signed by many students accuses the faculty of wanting to “enact reckless and dangerous policies” that will “imperil marginalized students,” and amount to “discursive violence.” What terrible thing is the faculty considering? Free Speech! Allowing ideas that do not agree with those of the liberal students to be heard, so they can be discussed. But those liberal “snowflakes” just can’t stand that. Throwing a different idea at them is like throwing a rock at a Border Control Agent.

SNIPES GETS A BONUS: Outgoing elections supervisor Brenda Snipes is quitting. Not! She should have been fired many times over, but wimp politicians never did it, and their “birds came home to roost” in the 2018 election. When she retires to escape prosecution for her corruption, she will get $130,000.00 in pensions. This is an example of how they handle any corrupt Dumocrat. Sometimes they get fired, or have to resign, but they still get lavish pensions when they do. Maybe this time it will not happen, since she reversed her resignation after she was suspended by the governor, who should have fired her, long ago.

DICK’S GOING DOWN: Dick’s Sporting Goods announced it would no longer sell “assault-style” firearms or high-capacity magazines after being appalled to learn that the killer at the Parkland High School shooting was found to have LEGALLY bought one of his many guns (but not one used in the shooting) in one of their stores. Immediately their sales began to slide, costing them millions, if not billions of dollars. Dick’s executives have said, “We expected the reaction might be less than positive,” showing that they are the masters of understatement.

A PERFECT CARTOON: If there’s anything more lovable about A.F. Branco, it is that he can come up with a cartoon that, in one picture, tells the tale, where others only try. The cartoon linked here does that admirably. Branco is but one person who realizes just what Mueller is doing; subjecting former Trump people to unspeakable damage and torture, to get them to say what he wants to hear, so he can use it to “get rid of” Trump.

USING A CHILD: There are many cases of adults using their children to promote their own political ideas, and this is one of the worst. A mother, who apparently has bought the transgender crap, insists that her 6-year-old boy “identifies” as a girl, and dresses him as a girl when at home. The father, who is separated from her, allows him to happily dress as a boy when he visits (which should tell you something), something she is working to eliminate with a custody battle, where she is trying to remove his parental rights. The mother, who is a pediatrician, plans to cause this boy to go through the agony of “sexual reassignment” when he is eight. Nobody has asked the boy what HE wants.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Chic-Fil-A is being removed from meal consideration for its students by Rider University because of “conflicting values.” How crass! Some say it’s because fried chicken is “not healthy food.” But in reality it is because of their religious stance. Since when, in a Christian country, is dedicated Christianity a “conflicting value? Those students should take that school off THEIR list “because of conflicting values” and go there, anyway. A school has no right to dictate where its students can eat, anyway. This is still a (mostly) free country, still, isn’t it? If I were a student there, I’d get a bunch of students and go there every week. If they threw us out for that, it would save us the trouble of quitting their damned school, and we’d get our tuition money back, even if we had to sue to get itMueller voids his “plea agreement” with Paul Manafort because he “lied” after making it. Why? Did he refuse to make up a story to get President Trump in trouble? That’s what it looks like, to me… The best-known “capitalist” and a billionaire in one country has been revealed as a communist. He lives in communist China. Surprise, surprise!…

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Bankrupting America

Today’s politicians (on the left) want to make the government into Santa Claus all year. They want to pay for college tuition for all, give everybody a minimum wage whether or not they work, guaranteeing most of them will NOT work, and so will not create the new wealth the socialists require to pay for their “flights of fancy.” They hate the free market, which is the very thing that caused this country to outstrip nations that have been around for thousands of years, in about 300 years. The free market, which the left insultingly refers to as “capitalism,” is the reason America is the “destination of choice” for millions from all over the world. So much so that we have to use extraordinary methods to keep some from overrunning our borders.

ACCUSER STOPS FUND RAISING: Christine Blasey Ford has finally stopped trying to suck more and more money out of her false accusations about now Justice Brett Kavanaugh. She couldn’t remember anything else, but somehow she said she remembered clearly that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her 40 years ago. She had parlayed that through a “Go Fund Me” page into hundreds of thousands of dollars, which she has finally stopped. What I wonder is what is there about falsely accusing someone of something that allows her to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars? I think that whole thing was a scam, set up and run by the Dumocrats, and the money she scammed out of gullible people was a payoff for her failed attempt.

CRIMINALS WILL LOVE IT: The federal government is “on the cusp” of passing a “red flag” gun law allowing them to confiscate guns from legal gun owners on somebody’s WORD that they “might be a danger” to themselves or others. No anti-gun law passed so far does nothing but make life easier for the holders of ILLEGAL guns. It makes it much more likely that, when a criminal comes at a law-abiding American to victimize him/her their victim will not be armed, and will thus be defenseless. All their anti-gun laws only disarm the honest, while helping the dishonest.

THE ELECTRIC CAR SCAM: That’s what it is. A scam, designed to make you invest your money in something that does NOT do what they claim it will do. They tell you the electric car used NO fossil fuel, and will eventually eliminate the fossil fuel industry while the cars themselves spew NO EXHAUST therefore do not add to the “greenhouse gas effect” that is “ruining the planet. What they don’t tell you is that, while the cars don’t spew exhaust, they have to be charged, about every 100 miles. And the charge itself uses fossil fuels to create the charge. More, in fact, than the car would use if it used gasoline. That’s the basis for the scam.

JUST THROW ROCKS”: Or hockey pucks. Maybe he won’t shoot you while you throw them. Oakland University is equipping and training its professors to throw hockey pucks at a shooter. I can’t think of a more STUPID idea! But then, most universities are run by liberals, who “ain’t too bright” to begin with. The funny thing is, that admits a need for self defense, but refuses to admit that the BEST defense is a gun in the has of a teacher or some other staff member. And in a college, maybe a student. But the very thought gives liberals the fan-tods.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Washington Post claims that “right-wing violence is surging.” Where the hell do they get that? It’s LEFT-wing violence that is surging, and being BLAMED on the right… Liberals are whining about the U. S. using tear gas on children at the Southern border. Nobody talks about the fact that the riot’s organizers are putting women and children IN FRONT of the charge, so they can get those juicy pictures to run in the liberal news media. Maybe if parents didn’t ALLOW that to happen, or didn’t bring children with them in the first place when they know they were going to charge the border, it wouldn’t happen… Ocasio-Cortez is the “master of overstatement” as she compares the “migrant caravan” to Jews fleeing the Nazis in Germany. One slight difference; the migrant caravan” is NOT “fleeing their country,” they are fleeing TO America. For JOBS… It was a “game-changer” when the militant immigrants started throwing rocks, which can be deadly weapons, and will be met with what violence is needed to send them packing...

Monday, December 3, 2018

What Kind of Parent?

What kind of parent would subject their young, innocent children to tear gas and other discomforts, such as experienced by those women in the “migrant caravan” that is “invading” the United States on our Southern border? What kind of parent would put their children, unescorted, on a train to travel a thousand miles to the U. S. border? Knowing there is a high possibility of sexual assault, injury, maybe even death? The liberals blame the United States when they get tear gassed after they try and overwhelm our border defenses, when the blame rests solely on those parents, and the fools who conned them into it.

FREE MONEY! FREE MONEY! That’s what Corey (Sparticus) Booker and Kamilla Harris want. They don’t care that a “basic salary” for everybody would destroy the economy because NOBODY would then work, and soon there would be no money left to give to those on the list to get the money. They just want to be the ones giving away “other people’s money” in an effort to buy more votes from those who just want to live at the expense of others. This is socialism, people, and it does NOT work!

CARRYING IT TOO FAR: The Border Control agents were violently attacked by rock and bottle-wielding ILLEGAL aliens who wanted to overwhelm our border, and were repulsed, using normal crowd-control methods, including tear gas. Senator Brian Schatz (Dumocrat, of course), from Hawaii, accused the Border Patrol of “war crimes.” That was a gross misuse of terms. Tear gas is NOT, repeat, NOT one of the “banned chemicals” whose use would be a “war crime.” Shame on Schatz! Somebody needs to instruct him on just what DOES constitute a war crime. Apparently he has no idea what that is.

WHAT SHOULD WE USE? When our legally constituted Border Control were VIOLENTLY attacked by rock and bottle-throwing ILLEGAL aliens, they used tear gas to repulse their violent attack. Dumocrat Senator Schatz (HI) accused them of “war crimes” for using tear gas, which was the very LEAST we could use to defend both our borders and our border control agents. What would they have us do? Shoot them? How many more IGNORANT charges will we suffer before Dumocrats admit their loss? Probably a lot more. Dumocrats are a “gang of thugs” masquerading as a political party.

CHRONICLES IN GULLIBILITY: The Dumocrat Party is about as gullible as a bunch of insane politicians can be. They idolized Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Obama, and are now idolizing Alexandra Ocasio’s shoes! This fool has proven that she knows NOTHING about anything she champions. She’s an admitted “proud socialist” who hasn’t a clue what socialism is. She thinks we ought to pay every citizen a minimum wage, whether or not they work, guaranteeing they will NOT work, which will destroy this country economically. She can’t name the three branches of government, which any grade school kid can do.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Liberal idiocy: Eastern Michigan University decides not to present the “Vagina Monologues” because “all women don’t have vaginas. How STUPID is that? If a “woman” has anything BUT a vagina, he is a MALE. Liberals are always trying to get human beings to believe the impossible. There has never been a person born without either a penis or a vagina. If a penis, it’s male. If a vagina, female. That’s reality, not a liberal “flight of fancy.” Next, they’ll tell us not all dead people are dead, and try to force us to believe it, or call us namesRussia fired on several Ukranian ships. They think they can get away with that after what they did under Obama. They have sorely underestimated President Trump and his response, which will not be the same as it was under Obama… The Left is having a cow about Trump doing the exact same thing they said nothing about when Obama did it. They don’t even care that their double standard is becoming painfully obvious .…

Friday, November 30, 2018

Whitaker's Recusal?

Liberals are in a panic. They got what they wanted, but they didn’t want it. They knew Trump was irritated over the recusal of his most recent Attorney General from controlling Mueller’s witch hunt, and they knew he was going to eventually fire him. So they mounted pressure for that to happen. It happened, and Whitaker was appointed as interim AG and they knew he had publicly criticized that “investigation.” They were deathly afraid he would fire Mueller and there would go their “growing fainter with every hour” hopes of impeaching Trump on some “trumped up” charge (pun intended). They see their main plan unraveling and that frightens them no end.

NOT OBAMA OR BUSH: Chief Justice Roberts is angry with President Trump for having the temerity to speak the truth. He told us the judge that stopped him from enforcing the law was an “Obama-appointed judge” and, therefore should be ignored. Justice Roberts said there are no such things as “Obama judges” or “Bush judges.” But there are. Not by name, but by political bias. There are LIBERAL judges, and CONSERVATIVE judges The Ninth Circuit is the “proof of the pudding.” Whenever liberals want a judgment against all reason, but what liberals want, they file suit in an area covered by the Ninth Circuit, which can usually be counted on to render a verdict that will allow the liberals to do what they couldn’t do by legislation. It’s predictable as the sun coming up in the morning and going down at night.

PRESS CORPS REBELS? They’re telling Trump they “don’t agree” with his new rules for press conferences—like they get a say in it. Guardian reporter says: “Frankly, I don’t think that anyone has agreed to the rules because there’s no reason for the White House to dictate the terms about how reporters do their jobs” The White House is not attempting to tell reporters how to do their jobs. They are making rules for DECORUM in the press conference room, which they have the right to do. The reporters don’t get to agree or disagree. Either they obey the rules, or they’re gone. It’s as simple as that. They are there at the INVITATION of the president. He can remove that invitation at any time.

CARAVAN” REVEALS ITSELF: They are an “invading army” determined to undermine our ability to say who and HOW immigrants may enter our country. The first contingent actually tried to FORCE their way into our country and were repulsed. If they try again, and begin using personal violence to do so, they can expect to get hurt, and they will have it coming. We will do what is necessary to maintain our borders. They “rushed the border,” throwing rocks, which can be deadly missiles, and using children as protection from retaliation. That kind of action can only end in them getting hurt. They think they can overwhelm our defenses, but the military, which has been stationed there, will use what force is required to stop them. They need to be warned. Meanwhile, liberals can bray what they wish, and be damned to them.

LYNCH, COMEY TO TESTIFY: Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and former FBI Director James Comey, will testify before a government committee, hopefully in public, so we can all see how they do. Comey says he will only testify in public. As if he has a choice. He will testify under the conditions dictated by the committee, or he will suffer the consequences. The most important questions should be to determine WHY both he, and Lynch, ignored the law when it pleased Obama. We’ll see if they’re really serious at getting to the bottom of that, or if this is just another “dog and pony show” to fool us into thinking they really want to get something done.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Obama got in another jab when he said that global warming scam hadn’t been solved because of racism. Put that one on the list of things he has attributed to racism. And this fool was president? Gimme a break! Many people think he’s a fool, but every time he opens his mouth he removes all doubtPoor little snowflakes! In the UK, teachers are warned not to use all caps because that might frighten their poor little students. That’s yet another good way to avoid getting those students ready for life in the real world, where other people aren’t worried about frightening them. If seeing upper-case letters frightens them, they’re in big trouble already… A Christian Student Senator at Berkeley refuses to vote on the LGBT vote, so they want her to resign. I’d advise her to tell them to go pee up a rope… 

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Whitaker Frightens Liberals

When he was given the job of “Acting” Attorney General, they again “lost their minds.” They “found” things to cite, such as the fact he is a “Bible-believing Christian (as if that’s a bad thing). They’re deathly afraid he will fire Mueller, since he has previously criticized Mueller’s “witch hunt,” as what it is. But he will not do that, because Whitaker and Trump both know Mueller has nothing—not even a MANUFACTURED charge, to lodge against President Trump, and they’re willing to let Mueller “finish” his work, if he ever does. Dumocrats are “making a mountain out of a molehill,” but that’s what they do best. What I personally hate is Mueller is spending taxpayer dollars like it’s water, while ruining many good people.

STRETCHING REALITY: us District Judge William Young made a big mistake when he ruled that the AR-15 was NOT COVERED by the Second Amendment, since it did not exist at the time the Amendment was written. What he failed to do was to READ the Amendment, which says NOTHING about what kind of “arms” it covered. It asserts, and recognizes the concept of SELF-DEFENSE, and the right to be ARMED to facilitate it. It said NOTHING about covering or not covering a certain KIND of firearm. That’s where the “twist” comes in.

HILLARY CALLS TRUMP RACIST: Again. She cites instances where President Trump enforced the law, and made some comments about lawbreakers, comments that she DECIDED were racist. He has a habit of giving “nicknames” to ALL his enemies, and illegal aliens should be no different. Illegal aliens are NOT a “race,” because there are people from all over the world among them, including Muslim terrorists. He is NOT a racist, no matter how many times liberals SAY he is while citing his enforcing the law as racism.

FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION: An American judge just made it legal in the United States. Surgery that is tantamount to cutting off a man’s penis, but for women, and is common in backward countries, has been made “legal” by a JUDGE. Not the Congress. NO law has been passed, only the OPINION of one judge. And usually, the woman has no say in the matter. Her fate is decided by the MEN in her life. FGM involves removing that little nub (the clitoris) on the vagina that is, for a woman, the same as a penis for a man, so she can no longer enjoy the sex act. It is felt that by doing this, she will remain faithful to her man while he enjoys himself on her. I suspect men would “lose their minds” if a judge made cutting off their penis legal.

MICHELE THE FRONT RUNNER: “Even if she doesn’t want to be.” That’s the song the liberal media is singing, anyway. And it might even be true—among Dumocrats, anyway. But that doesn’t make her a winner, as Hillary proved in 2016. Everybody, especially the liberal media had her the winner, right up to 8 PM on election night. Then reality began to sink in, and being a favorite among Dumocrats just wasn’t enough to supplant the “Trump Wave.” No amount of “rule changing,” vote buying, ballot stuffing, or “finding votes” where none were could save her. Neither Hillary nor Michele are qualified to be president. Being the wife of a president doesn’t make her qualified, but Dumocrats don’t seem to know that. So fine. Nominate her, and she’ll go down to defeat like Hillary did.

DIVIDED COUNTRY: I hear a lot of grousing in the news about the “divided nature” of this country today—as if things have changed. What has changed is the NATURE of the divide. It’s all Trump hatred, and that’s almost all on the part of the Dumocrats. A few of the Republicans have joined them, because they see themselves as becoming a victim of Trump’s “draining the swamp.” Almost all those who hate Trump are corrupt, and they figure Trump will get to them before long, and they want to “get rid of him” before that can happen. With the GOP it is a smaller bunch, but with the Dumocrats, it’s almost 100%, as far as I can see. But the Founders DESIGNED our political system so there WOULD be division. And they designed it well.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Liberals are absolutely insane. At UC Berkeley, they harassed a Christian student for saying the obvious: that there were only TWO sexes. These fool liberals are constantly trying to reject reality… Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is mad. Mad because we recognize that she is abysmally ignorant on just about everything, and we say so… Stormy Daniels says her “fight” with Trump to be let out of the “non-disclosure agreement” she says she signed after receiving $130,000.00 has ruined her career in pornography. Somebody oughta tell her she didn’t have to start this fight, and that her “career” was already ruined, by time. She’s getting a little “long in the tooth” to be screwing for money for others to see… Barack Obama thinks he’s better than anybody he has ever worked with. Boy, nobody likes Obama like Obama does. This fool is arrogance personified…

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Gun Control: No Change

Proof again that their anti-gun laws don’t work the way they say they do. In California, after ten years of tight gun control, there have been no changes in “gun crime” figures, at all. A study performed gave us these figures. “The study, which posted online Oct. 12 as in press at the journal Annals of Epidemiology, was conducted by the Violence Prevention Research Program (VPRP) at UC Davis and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. It compared observed annual firearm homicide and suicide rates in California over 10 years following enactment of comprehensive background check and misdemeanor violence prohibition policies in 1991 with expected rates based on data from 32 control states that did not have these policies and did not implement other major firearm policies during the same time.” Once again, gun control has proven useless.

HORRORS! IVANKA A HILLARY CLONE! At least that’s what the left thinks. She sent and received a few e-mails about government business over a private e-mail system. She didn’t even have her own server in her bathroom or broom closet! She never tried to “take out” her computer so she wouldn’t get “found out” by taking a sledge hammer to it. She didn’t even “acid wash” her hard drive! What she did isn’t even in Hillary’s LEAGUE! Yet the left wants to pillory her for (they think) doing the same things Hillary did and got a pass on before the FBI even had read the report on her “investigation.”

TODAY'S GUN SAVE: Anti-gun fools say it never happens. They say concealed carriers are more likely to shoot themselves than anybody else. They say that the average person carrying a gun NEVER is able to stop violence from being committed. They're WRONG, as usual. And today's “gun save” proves it, yet again. In Alabama, an armed police officer was shopping at the “Riverchase Galleria,” and saw a man shoot a couple of people. He immediately “engaged” the shooter and shot him to death before he could shoot any more people. Yes, he was a police officer, but at the time, he was just a citizen, doing some shopping. His presence was not expected by the shooter, and it made all the difference in the world, contrary to what anti-gun fools tell you. As usual.

DISMANTLING THE CONSTITUTION: A new bill in Congress would do just that. While the Amendments would remain, they would be made toothless by Senate Bill 9191, a bill introduced by, guess who? A Dumocrat, of course! Dumocrat State Senator Kevin Parker basically requires anybody applying for a “carry permit” or just the right to POSSESS a firearm to submit to the government studying their Facebook or other “social media” posts as yet one more impediment to having and using a gun for self defense. Which is just one more thing they can use to DENY you that right. That’s in addition to all the other impediments that already are in force, the idea is to establish that you must conform to their ideas in order to exercise a constitutional right.

STOCK MARKET DOWN: Dumocrats are making a “big thing” about the stock market being down in a major way—like that’s Trump’s fault (everything is Trump’s fault if it is bad, according to Dumocrats). What they don’t tell you is that the stock market always goes up and down, sometimes in a major way. Recently, the Dumocrats took back control of the House, and the market immediately went South, and has continued a long slide (up and down) that has “wiped out” all last year’s gains. Again what they don’t tell you is that we are STILL in positive territory, based on the market under Obama and, before him, Bill Clinton, and the trend, if you look at the right chart, is ALWAYS UP. Always has been.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Senator Nelson asked the court to toss out the “unfair Florida recount. I guess he wanted more time to “find” more votes. Look in the trunk of your car, senator… Stormy’s “Creepy Porn Lawyer” Avenatti has been arrested for domestic abuse. Not surprised. He’s always struck me as that kind of guy… Question: How do Dumocrats define a “stolen election?” Answer: Any election in which the Dumocrats lose… Ah, the last refuge of a loser: claim racism. The Broward County, Florida elections boss says the reason people are against her is racism. Forget all the boo-boos and corruption under her administration. It has to be racism, because she is black. Never mind a black woman was appointed to that position by a white man, and kept on by another white man, in spite of all her mistakes and corruption in the past… The best solution to the Acosta situation is to give him his own microphone. Just don’t hook it up to anything, and allow him no questions