Thursday, April 26, 2018

"Morally Unfit"

Comey says Trump is "morally unfit to be president. This coming from a man who LIED to get a special counsel appointed; who LIED to get Hillary elected (failed) and was "fired for cause" as head of the FBI. He is probably the most immoral ex-FBI Director ever, possibly barring J. Edgar Hoover, himself, and he really thinks he has the right to say such a thing about the man who is fast "draining the swamp. He doesn't even realize that he is a "swamp-dweller" himself, and has no right to even be in the same room with President Trump. Comey is "morally unfit" to be anything, yet he pretends he has the right to so label President Trump, who is completely his better.

NO BOOK SOLD HERE: James Comey wrote a 276 page book, insulting President Trump and calling him "Morally unfit to be president." This from a man who ADMITTED to being "ruled" by the fact that he "lived in a world where Hillary was going to be president," and he wanted to keep his job, or maybe get a better one. He won't be selling any books to this writer, because I'm not interested in reading a litany of lies and misrepresentations--which is what this book is. Like Hillary's book, it does nothing but give him excuses for his failures. It's "sour grapes," and that's all it is. He hates being fired, and wants to "shoot back" at Trump for firing him. The only people reading his book are Trump haters, who didn't like Trump, anyway, and his book reinforces their fantasies.

THE COMEY OBSESSION: If you look at ANY television "news" show, you'll think fired former FBI Director James Comey was every bit of news there was to tell. Even Fox News is "wall-to-wall" Comey. As such, they're all contributing to making Comey a rich man through sales of his "book of lies." The book that he is promoting valiantly recently. I'm not going to go into the lies he told, because I have before. I don't want to cooperate in promoting his inane book I'm actually getting sick of the hooraw over this "tome." It's getting to the point where I have to take a Meclazine to keep from barfing all over my keyboard.

DEMOCRATS ARE CONFIDENT: They firmly believe they are going to take back control of the government in a landslide, in the next election. They think they will become the majority, and then immediately impeach Trump for the imaginary crimes they think he has committed. It doesn't matter to them that he has done nothing but good during his first year as president. They don't look upon getting rid of the corrupters in the "swamp" as being good work, because THEY are "the swamp." They BELIEVE what the liberal media tells them, as they did before Trump actually got elected--something they thought was an impossibility. It was NOT. It is not this time, either. And their "anti-Trump derangement" will only get worse, until it causes the destruction of the Dumocrat Party

IT'S A SCAM: The Stormy Daniels thing is a scam from the word "go." So she had a one-night stand with Donald Trump, a decade or more ago. Before he even thought of running for president. So what? So a man claiming to be Trump's lawyer gave her a lot of money to stay quiet about it. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. Maybe he was representing Trump, or he wasn't. There is only her UNSUPPORTED WORD that it ever happened, and if it did, SO WHAT? And what is she after now? Another payoff? What's her purpose in bringing it up--now--with an important election looming?Sounds like a setup, to me. The kind the Dumocrats are famous for.

DEMOCRAT RUINATION OF CITIES: If you want to see an example of what will result from the Dumocrats running things, just look at ANY Dumocrat-run city. Chicago, for instance. They are in "money trouble," but that's common in Dumocrat-run cities. Dumocrats just don't have any idea how to manage our money. And when they run out, they just demand more, saying too many people "don't pay their fair share." But more obvious in Chicago is their astronomical "gun crime rate," after they've passed all those tight "gun laws," some of which were so tight they were DECLARED unconstitutional.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Hospital Again

If anybody has been wondering where I've been for the last 3 days, I've been in the hospital. A severe stomach ache was the reason. At first they thought it might be pancreatitis, but their final diagnosis was that I had passed a gallstone. A lot of bother, but it's over now. Back to work tomorrow.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Trump: "Threat to Democracy"

That's what AlGore says, anyway. It amazes me how Dumocrats always accuse their opponents of what THEY are, or what they are doing. The only real threat to democracy in this picture is AlGore, himself, with his massive global warming/climate change swindle. A swindle that has made him a multi-millionaire, and continues to enrich him, and many who have followed his lead, which includes Obama. They are so desperate to be believed--or SEEM to be believed, that they now want to CRIMINALIZE those who disagree with them. Making it a CRIME to not believe in his swindle, and say so, either in person, or in print.

MUELLER'S PHONY INVESTIGATION: Robert Mueller has one purpose in his phony "investigation." That is to "get Trump," any way he can, legal or illegal. In so doing, he plays up every single thing he can, including that phony "opposition research" document that alleges that Trump hired prostitutes in Moscow to urinate on a hotel bed on which Obama once slept. He has consistently ignored proper EVIDENCE of corruption on the part of Dumocrats, especially Hillary while moving his :"investigation" far afield from its original intent, which was, itself, phony. Mueller is known to have withheld evidence of a man's INNOCENCE in a previous case in order to falsely convict him of a crime. Trump, or the Congress, needs to remove that "unlimited funding" from his witch hunt.

POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK: Bashir al Assad, bloody dictator of Syria, the criminal who used chemical weapons on non-combatant citizens--who has killed way too many innocent people in his war to stay in power, has called the leaders of America, Great Britain, and France, "criminals" for destroying some of his chemical plants. He's lucky we didn't send missiles to his own location to kill HIM. If there is any criminal here, it is Assad, and it will be a good thing when he's gone, Saddam style.

KILLED THEIR BUSINESS: "Toys 'R' Us" is going out of business. A little known fact is that they have literally run themselves out of business. They tell us their "target customer" is the child, from birth to late teens, and they've been actively killing these customers off for many years. The left has been bullying many different businesses to "support their causes," and many, including "Toys 'R' Us" have done so. One of those is Planned Parenthood, that murderous outfit that has MURDERED 60 MILLION BABIES since Roe vs. Wade. This is a big factor in the overall reduction in birth rates, by one-third. Think what would be if 60 million babies had llived, and had babies of their own, and their babies had also done so, and so on.

DEMOCRATS: PARTY OF RACISTS: The Dumocrats try their best to paint the Republicans as the party of racists, but a simple look at their history will tell you that it is the Dumocrats who ARE the party of racists. It was the Dumocrat influence that resulted in that infamous "Dred Scott Decision" in the Supreme Court, that labeled black people as "not quite a full human being." It was the Dumocrats that Martin Luther King demonstrated against in his famous march. It was a Dumocrat who almost beat a Republican to death ON the floor of the Congress because of his speech against slavery, and, due to Dumocrat finagling, was not punished, in any way. Dumocrats STARTED the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) to kill Republicans and "keep the blacks in their place."

IT TAKES ALL KINDS: "Chic-fil-A" opened a location in New York City recently, and "triggered" the liberal "snowflakes." Even though they have been selling a sandwich every six seconds and "Chic" is going to open many more NYC locations, some "snowflake liberals" say "there's no room in New York for Chic-fil-A." What the hell is wrong with these bozos is beyond me, So the owners are Christian--so what? What the hell good does it do these ignorant fools to put down a fast food franchise because of the religion of its owners? They're only showing their ignorance. But then, we knew liberals were ignorant, anyway, didn't we?

Thursday, April 19, 2018

"Character Assassination!"

Liberals are very frightened about the new movie about Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick. so the New York Times is now calling it "character assassination." That's one way to discredit true news among liberals, who never really know what's going on, since they only read liberal news sources or watch liberal television stations. But that will not work on INTELLIGENT people who look at both sides of any issue. And the truth is, Ted Kennedy is a bloody MURDERER! And his murder was covered up as long as he was alive. Powerful forces attempted to stop this movie from being made, because they know it is TRUTH, and they don't want that out there, just before a pivotal election they hope to win, to get control back in DC so they can continue to fleece America.

ENGLAND'S "KNIFE CONTROL": England thought they had "solved the gun violence problem" with their very stringent gun control laws. They took guns away from the law-abiding, and INCREASED the use of guns by those who IGNORE their damned fool gun laws. Now London is suffering higher murder rates than New York City, where guns abound (in spite of THEIR tight gun laws). And the highest number of those crimes are done with KNIVES. Guns are harder to come by, so they kill people with knives Surprise, surprise! The "bad guys" improvise, and use whatever's available! Now they propose new "knife control laws." Which won't work any better than gun control laws, but they're too stupid to know that.

IGNORANT POLITICIANS: I've used this headline before, and I'll use it again, as long as politicians do stupid things. Like London's mayor is doing in his "flailing" efforts to reduce violent crime in his city. Anti-gun politicians all over the world think that the mere PRESENCE of a gun--and now a KNIFE in someone's pocket will cause them to commit a violent crime, so they do everything they can to take away our right to self defense, and to own or use ANYTHING that will help us in this endeavor. The very wording of the "laws" this fool has fostered reveals his ignorance. It bans ANYTHING that "could be used as a deadly weapon."

THE SWAMP FIGHTS BACK: What accounts for the visceral hatred there seems to be for President Trump, in every facet of government, academia, the media, the judiciary, and every other bureaucracy in America? It's the swamp. The "swamp denizens" see their END coming if Trump is allowed to finish what he started, and promised to to. And Trump usually does exactly what he says he will do. They're frightened. They know they can't let Trump do what he has promised, so they hate him with a passion. They will do everything in their power to stop him. Mueller's "investigation" is but one part of their drive to "get rid of Trump," any way they can. If they can't do it any other way, look for there to be an assassination attempt, hopefully not successful.

THE BIAS IS OBVIOUS: There's a clear bias in DC when it comes to "investigations." Hillary was under investigation all during the time she was running for president, and the "investigators" did everything they could to keep her from being proven a corrupt fool, which she was--and IS. She orchestrated a scam to make sure her chief opposition in her own party, socialist Bernie Sanders, didn't have a chance to be the nominee by creating a "super delegate" system whereby no matter how many primaries he won, she always came away with more delegates. Then in the election itself, she only made "swipes" at campaigning, because the Dumocrats figured "it was in the bag" for her to win because of their successful voter fraud in many places. The world knows, but she doesn't care. The "fix is in."

IT'S A COMMON SCAM: Releasing a multi-thousand page bill just a few hours before it is scheduled for a vote, making it IMPOSSIBLE for lawmakers to actually READ the bill before being forced to vote on it, while being told it is imperative that they pass it, without knowing what's in it. Nancy Peelosi unwittingly made that plain when she told us, "We have to pass the bill to find out what's in it," about the Obamacare bill. If I were a lawmaker, I would vote "NO" on such bills, no matter what the "leaders" told me. I would NOT vote for a bill I was not given a chance to READ. Which is why I will never get to be a lawmaker. (Sigh!)

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

"Animal Assad"

That's the new name President Trump has assigned to Bashir al Assad, dictator of Syria, after he used poison gas, not on troops fighting him, but targeting CIVILIANS, killing many people, including many CHILDREN. It's time SOMEBODY did something about this CRIMINAL hiding behind his borders, and running rampant over his country. He has done this before, just not so brazenly. He is simply a CRIMINAL who "took over" the reins of government, and, like most dictators, commits mass murder all the time. Just ordinarily not as many dead in one day. He needs to be "overthrown" and given the Saddam Hussein treatment.

SORRY AGAIN, FOLKS! Yesterday, while I was in the act of updating my blogs, the Internet went down, and didn't come back until later that night. So there was no way I could finish. Hopefully, that doesn't happen often.

NEVER HEARD BEFORE: I understand that politics has always been poisonous, The names they called Lincoln is an example. But I haven't heard much of anything as poisonous as the irrational insults that come President Trump's way, every day. Insults that are unnecessary and even "over the top." An example is Jimmy Kimmel's dumb "gay jokes" and the "making fun of Melania's accent. He said, "I understand that the level of vitriol that comes (me and mine included). and is, in fact, harmful to this country." So why does he tell them? He failed to apologize for his insults to Melania though, and confined his apology to the Homosexual jokes he made. I guess gays are more important to him for some reason than the First Lady. He talks about "death threats" he (says) he has received, but fails again to mention those received by the president and his family, for nothing except BEING president.

ANOTHER MSNBC FOOL: MSNBC's Joy Reid fantasizes about President Trump being "dragged out of the White House" by federal marshals, even though he hasn't done ANYTHING to warrant such an action. All he has done is make progress in "draining the swamp," which infuriates liberals, because most of the "swamp-dwellers" are liberals. Never mind Barack Obama did MANY things to warrant being dragged out of the White House in chains. These liberal fools make me laugh with their foolishness. If they had enough liberal voters to unseat him, he would have never won that election they thought was "fixed" for Hillary to win in a landslide.

LIBERALS DIDN'T LIKE IT: They interviewed a survivor of the shooting at the YouTube headquarters, but he didn't say the things they expected, and wished for. He didn't rail at the NRA and Republican politicians for not banning all guns as they expected. Instead, he said that, although he didn't have his own gun, he certainly WISHED that he did. And he was speaking for most intelligent Americans when he said it. The only people who want to take guns out of the hands of law-abiding people are the liberal anti-gun fools who want desperately to go against the constitutional GUARANTEE to Americans that they would always be able to buy and use the means to self defense, a gun. And that infuriated them, It's not the answer, anyway.

OBAMA LIED TO AMERICA: He told us, in many ways, and using many of his henchmen, that Syria had sent ALL the "chemical weapons" to Russia, and Russia could be depended upon to keep them away from Assad. It was a LIE, and recent events PROVE that lie. Assad is now using poison gas on his CIVILIANS, mostly children and women. Not even restricting it to the soldiers who oppose him, which would be bad enough. Obama not only lied to us about Assad's chemical weapons, he lied to us about the nuclear weapons research being conducted by both Iran and N. Korea. He told us that research in Iran had been "reversed," and completely STOPPED in N. Korea. It has NOT.

IT'S A COMMON SCAM: Releasing a multi-thousand page bill just a few hours before it is scheduled for a vote, making it IMPOSSIBLE for lawmakers to actually READ the bill before being forced to vote on it, while being told it is imperative that they pass it, without knowing what's in it. Nancy Peelosi unwittingly made that plain when she told us, "We have to pass the bill to find out what's in it," about the Obamacare bill. If I were a lawmaker, I would vote "NO"  or would abstain on such bills, no matter what the "leaders" told me. I would NOT vote for a bill I was not given a chance to READ. Which is why I will never get to be a lawmaker (Sigh!). Not that I ever wanted to.

Monday, April 16, 2018

It's Obama, Stupid!

People are wondering why airplanes and helicopters are going down, killing so many soldiers, why ships are running into each other at sea, and why military trucks break down with such regularity. The answer is simple, which is why it escapes so many. It is the Obama campaign to DEFUND the military. As their financing ebbed, the military was not able to buy parts with which to repair their equipment, and thus, there were many squadrons with only a few aircraft able to fly because of that lack of parts--and the ones they did try to fly failed, for the same reason, killing people and costing us millions of dollars. Trucks and cars and electronic equipment broke down, and some parts failures caused deadly crashes. Ships at sea crashed into each other due to parts failure and lack of proper training for their officers.

FIXING GLOBAL WARMING: A Minnesota store is saying that, "In only two years, Trump solved global warming." Liberals, of course, are infuriated--as they usually are when somebody does something to illustrate their stupidity. Yes, Trump did "solve global warming." By recognizing the FACT that it is a scam--a scam that has made millions for its most verbal promoter, Al Gore, and lots of others who tout it, including Barack Hussein Obama, and refusing to do likewise. Many individuals, and politicians, have adopted this scam as a way of gaining more power, influence, and MONEY, in spite of the fact that the world has NOT been "warming" for almost 20 years. So they had to change the name of their swindle to "climate change" so they could attribute ANY climate abnormality, anywhere, to it.

OF COURSE, DEMOCRATS: A "coalition" of 64 Dumocrats sent a letter to President Trump to fire EPA Director Pruitt, citing "unethical behavior," "wasteful use of taxpayer money." and many other things they seem to be doing themselves, but resent when conservatives do them. And of course, it is Dumocrats who are complaining, since they are the ones who ARE "the swamp," and thus are Trump's targets while he "cleans up the swamp." Of course, they're fighting back. Every time Trump does away with another of their misguided and expensive regulations, they scream and whine like stuck pigs.

SUCH ARROGANCE, SO YOUNG! David Hogg's sister thinks young people are more wise than older people, which only shows the arrogance of youth. There is NOBODY at age 17 who is wiser than an older person. Experience "Trumps" youth and arrogance. If you've been there long enough to have seen it happen before, you're not surprised to see it happen again. Kids only THINK they're smarter than those who have been around long enough to have gained EXPERIENCE, something a boy of 17 just does not have. At age 17 I thought I knew it all, too. I did NOT. At my current age of 80, I can see all the things I wasn't able to see at 17.

CRIMINALS PROTECTED BY BORDERS: The latest chemical weapons attack in Syria again shows how criminals like Bashir al Assad commit their crimes unopposed, hiding behind their "sovereignty." Fidel Castro did it, murdering thousands, maybe millions of his "citizens" since taking over the country. Lenin, followed by Stalin, did it in Russia for 75 years, enslaving and murdering millions of HIS citizens. Other countries leave them alone, for the most part, "recognizing," and "respecting," their right to do so because they are a "sovereign nation." I'm not necessarily in favor of "random regime change," but I do believe that bloody murderers should not be allowed ro run "rough shod" over people with impunity.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: They say there's a "great similarity" between today's "Progressive socialist left," and "Islamo Fascists." They're WRONG. It's not "a similarity," they're THE SAME THING.... Michele Obama seems to think being president is the equivalent of being a "parent" to America. What a Lordly arrogance she has. I got a clue for ya, Michelle, you ain't no kinda parent to America, you're not smart enough. And we're well rid of both of you arrogant fools.... Scott Pruitt is getting a lot of flack. That must mean he's "over the target." The "swamp" doesn't like their regulations being taken away from them so they're whining, jumping up and down, and screaming, trying to get rid of him.... A NYT contributor is complaining that the new movie, "Chappaquiddick," is "being mean to Ted Kennedy." Really? so what? It's time somebody was mean to this murderer....

Friday, April 13, 2018

Oh, But There Is!

The American Medical Association says there's "no medical reason" why transgenders cannot serve in the military. But there IS a very good medical reason why transgenders should not serve in the military. It is this simple fact. Transgenders want SURGERY to make them into females, and the military would be stuck with paying for it. UNLESS the military makes rules that specifically BAR paying for such surgery, and liberals would scream bloody murder if they did. Then there's the factor of the mental aberration that comes from them WANTING to be women. There's a definite mental disability there, whether liberals recognize it, or not.

TED KENNEDY'S A KILLER: He MURDERED one of his sexual partners when she became pregnant. and his family, aided by the local cops, covered it up nicely. At least, to the extent that Kennedy didn't get ANY real punishment for his crime. They PRETENDED it was a simple accident, even though Kennedy just went home, took a shower, and went to bed, waiting 9 HOURS to report "the accident." If he had reported it immediately, they might have been able to save that girl. They CLAIM they punished him. They took away his driver's license for six months--which bothered him not a bit, since usually he has people to drive him around, while they're performing their "armed security" for him as he works to deprive other people of the same right.

WHAT'RE THEY AFRAID OF? Atheists don't believe in God. Okay. Nobody's forcing them to believe in God, so why are they so bent on forcing "believers" to abandon their beliefs? Atheists have seized on the "separation of church and state" thing to insist on ANY VESTIGE of religion to be kept far away from our schools, since it is an outgrowth of the state. Which is WRONG. Separation of church and state is NOT in the Constitution. It was only MENTIONED in a letter between two of the Founders. In any case, it only talks about FORCING religion on people, not keeping it HIDDEN from them. he only mention in the Constitution is to prohibit ANY LAW that forces ANY religion upon us. NOT the elimination of ANY religion from any government installation.

CAR DRIVES INTO CROWD: In MΓΌenster, Germany, a fool drove his van into a crowd of people, killing several, and injuring more. WE NEED TO BAN CARS! At least, we do, if we use the same muddled thinking gun-grabbers use. They seem to think that if some fool MISUSES a gun, we need to ban guns from the face of the Earth. Except for those in the hands of criminals and other "bad guys" who don't bother to obey laws, of course. I'll be surprised if the gun-grabbers don't seize upon THIS occurrence to whine and cry about banning GUNS! That's the way they think. If ANYTHING happens, using ANYTHING, ban guns! They can't think of anything to REALLY solve the problem, so they seize upon the simplest thing. They're too STUPID to think of anything else.

THEY CAN'T KEEP HIM DOWN: In spite of the almost 100% negative coverage of Donald Trump and his presidency in the liberal media, his "approval rating" among REAL human beings is still rising, and exceeds that of former president Obama art this point in his presidency. The Rasmussen Poll--the only one that regularly keeps track of presidential approval, now has Trump at 51%. And it is still rising. And that infuriates liberals and their dupes. It's all part of the "Trump Derangement " idiocy.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Meathead" (Rob Reiner) says, Roseanne's "reboot" is "A Trump megaphone for the lunatic fringe." Actually that accurately describes Meathead, and his liberal friends in Hollywood.... Kids do the stupidest things: the most recent is "snorting" a condom up their noses and pulling it out through the back of their throat. That's AFTER they started eating Tide Pods. And people want to reduce the voting age to 16. I guess they think the stupider they are, the easier they are to fool.... Liberals have all sorts of scams working to make us think everybody's a victim. Two of the current ones are "white privilege" and "Christian privilege," to make us thing that, somehow, white people AND Christians are involved in a scheme to make them better than others. It's all in their fertile imagination, folks....

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Federally Financed Murder

I can't believe the things Barack Obama was doing. He was so afraid that the states would cut off the funding for that bloody murderous gang at Planned Parenthood, that he actually had a LAW made to prevent it. Never mind that the money would go toward "doctors" sticking sharp instruments into the unborn heads of helpless infants to KILL them before they can even be born. Obama WANTED to continue those murders, and made a LAW to finance it. And Dumocrats SUPPORT him in that! Now Congress has made a law to STOP it. No Dumocrats supported it, and the vote was a tie, broken by VP Pence. Good on ya, Mike!

BLAME SHOOTING ON NRA: What the hell is WRONG with the anti-gun fools? They continue to insist on blaming the NRA for any shooting that happens--as if standing up for our RIGHT to self defense, and to own and use the means to it is responsible for fools who MISUSE a gun. The NRA is on NO WAY responsible when some fool takes a gun and kills a few people. Most often, the gun used is illegally owned, anyway. And those that ARE legally owned, only point up the fallacy of depending on somebody who plans bloody murder OBEYING a piddling law saying he (she) can't use a gun to commit mass murder. They're STUPID to expect their laws to do anything to stop it, in the first place.

ARE WE A RACIST COUNTRY? Liberals are trying desperately to present America as a "hopelessly racist country." They're wrong. But they don't mind being wrong if they can sell the story to the gullible Americans who only pay attention to politics just before an election, when the lies are flying thickly. Yes, there is SOME residual racism left in this country, but it is on the wane. Otherwise,how could we POSSIBLY elect a black man to the presidency, no matter how STUPID that black man is? How could there be so many black mayors, governors, and lawmakers, not only in the North, but in Southern states, as well?

"UNACCOMPANIED MINORS": There is no reason to reject those :"unaccompanied minors" when they enter the United States, liberals say. I'll give you a reason. A reason the liberals don't want you to know about. Many of them become gang members and embark on a life of crime and MURDER. Gangs such as MS-13, one of the most murderous street gangs going. And they are growing at an alarming rate in America, due to the large numbers of "unaccompanied minors" crossing the border and who are without parental guidance. Recently, 99 MS-13 gang members were arrested, and ALL entered this country as "unaccompanied minors." 'Nuff said.

NOT TO PROTECT YOU: Liberals insist that all their stupid, silly, ineffective gun laws are being made to "protect you." They are NOT. They know they don't protect a single soul who actually OBEYS them, and only make it easier for those fools who IGNORE them to victimize you. Their purpose is obvious to those of us who can THINK. They want law-abiding Americans to be DISARMED, so when they come after our property, they won't be opposed with a gun, or guns. They have to know their laws do NOTHING to stop, or even slow down, "gun violence," because people who wish to do violence routinely IGNORE them.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Kathy Griffin again, showing her ignorance. She now says ALL of Trump's family are psychos. But the only real psycho here is Kathie Griffith, who picked a fight she didn't need to pick with Trump, to get publicity. It backfired on her, big time. She's now a has-been comedienne, and she doesn't like it.... David Hogg is attempting to boycott Arby's, which will force me to do something I rarely, if ever do--eat at Arby's. I try to eat at Chic-Fil-A often, because anti Christians hate them.... You Tube is banning videos on gun making, but still allow videos on how to make bombs. Are they insane, or what? I can't account for the liberal mind. It just isn't rational....