Wednesday, June 20, 2018

No Posts Tomorrow

Tomorrow's the day I go in for cardiac surgery. They tell me they usually only keep you for four hours, but every once in a while you have to stay overnight. So I'm going to be ready for anything. It's minor surgery, but you never know.

A DEFINITE DETERRENT: A guy went into a Wal-Mart and tried to rob it, unsuccessfully. When he got outside, his car wouldn't start. So he decided to carjack another man in the parking lot, using a knife to threaten him. That didn't work, as the man pulled a gun on him. He ran away and decided to carjack a woman in a Starbucks drive-in line. So she pulled HER gun and ran him off--again. This just wasn't his day, I guess. He went into a local public restroom, where he was found and arrested some time later. If this kind of thing would happen to thieves more often, maybe they'd look for another way to "earn" a living.

"THERE IS NO BIAS": What a LOAD of BS that is! The Inspector General of the FBI, after detailing every "crime" committed by James Comey and other top FBI people to help Hillary win the presidency, he said, in the last paragraph of his report, that he had "found no evidence of bias on the part of the FBI." Who does he think he is kidding? The bias is so evident a five-year-old recognizes it. But not the IG of the FBI. He "didn't find bias" because he wasn't LOOKING for any. This is a typical DC "swamp" cover-up. Tell us all about what people did wrong, then tell us they didn't do anything wrong, and hope we'll believe it.

THEY CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT: Why the hell the "authorities" in DC can't figure out that the top people in Obama's FBI hate Trump with a passion and were working HARD to make sure he didn't get elected president, is a mystery to most people. It's not a mystery to INTELLIGENT people. It's a case of the criminals "investigating" each other and trying hard to cover for each other. And we're supposed to be so stupid we can't see through their scams.

FOLLOWING DEMOCRAT LAW: It's a "lose, lose situation" for Trump. The border cops are following the law made by a Dumocrat Congress in handling the children of illegal aliens trying to get into this country. Previously, under Obama's "catch and release" policy, they would catch them, then release them into the United States until their scheduled hearing. Unfortunately, many would not show up for that hearing, and could not be found. So now they're being arrested, and held in captivity until their hearings. And another law doesn't allow their children to be locked up with them, so they must be cared for elsewhere.

WHY'RE THEY STILL THERE? FBI agent Peter Strzok and his girlfriend DEMONSTRATED their bias against Donald Trump in their Tweets. But the IG "didn't find evidence of bias." Is he blind? Or just corrupt? I know, he is caught between two loyalties. One, he is bound to expose corruption when he finds it, but, two, he is torn between that loyalty and his loyalty to the rest of the swamp. So he releases his report, specifying those "crimes," then says he "didn't find evidence of bias." Thereby keeping both loyalties.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: It's a "sign of the times" that a BROTHEL owner won the primary in Nevada, and will soon be running for office. There was a time when such a person wouldn't even DREAM of running for office, and rightly so.... Nancy Peelosi wants to know why there aren't uprisings all over the country. Maybe it's because nobody but your own dupes agree with you, and the rest of the country agrees with President Trump.... Damn she has gall! Hillary is criticizing former FBI director James Comey for using a private e-mail server for government business. Is she just STUPID, or what? I can't account for her way of thinking.... Alec Badwin is really deluded. He really thinks he could beat President Trump in 2020. Truth is, Trump would "stomp him into the mud." He'd "beat him like a drum," the way he did Hillary....

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

They'll Find A Way

If somebody is contemplating a serious crime, such as murder, and they can't get a gun, they will find a way. In Nashville, KY recently, a man tried to buy a gun and was rebuffed after he failed to pass a background check. So he got an ax and buried it in his intended victim's head, killing him. Which again proves my thesis that it isn't the gun that's at fault, it is the PERSON. "[E]xperts said Micheli displayed textbooks signs of psychosis well before the attack. On his personal Facebook page, Micheli frequently calls himself the "Sun of God." Throughout dozens of long, disjointed posts he also references killing, a cosmic power and justice." But did anybody take notice and try to give him the help he was pleading for? Not a chance.

"INSPECTOR GENERAL BLEW IT!" President Trump generally agrees with the findings of the Inspector General that investigated how the FBI and James Comey handled the Hillary Clinton "investigation." There were many instances of ignoring "protocol" and regulations, maybe even LAWS that the IG detailed. But then he appended that last sentence that said, "No political bias was found." How he figured that is a mystery to intelligent people. The bias is glaringly apparent in all they did. Their whole effort was to protect Hillary and get her elected president. And Trump noted that when he said, "The IG blew it with that last sentence." And he did. That last sentence blows his credibility.

MANAFORT'S BAIL REVOKED: Mueller has succeeded in criminalizing Paul Manafort, having convinced a judge to revoke his bail and send him to jail. This on a simple "process crime" that is tenuous, at best. One of the things he used to do that is "how much money Manafort had in his bank account" even after ponying up a $10 MILLION dollar bail. Yet it is doubtful Manafort HAS much money left after paying all his lawyers. Mueller has run Manafort broke in his effort to "get" Donald Trump. That's the scam. Find someone with a tenuous connection to Trump and question him incessantly until he makes a "memory error," then charge him with "lying to the FBI," causing him to have to spend more money than he has, wearing him down so he'll plead guilty to ANYTHING, just to "make it go away."

REALLY APPLYING THE PRESSURE: Mueller's scam is finding peripheral FORMER associates of President Trump, and putting them through the wringer. Questioning them for days on end, until they don't even know what day it is. Then ask them a "trick question" at a time when their memory is, at best, spotty from exhaustion, and calling them a liar when they get a date wrong. Meanwhile, the subject of his scam is broke, having spent more money than he ever had on his attorneys. He has lost his house, his wife is divorcing him, and his kids are "drawing away." He's at the end of his rope, and willing to agree to ANYTHING, just to "make it stop." That's when Mueller pounces.

BROUGHT IT ON THEMSELVES: Liberals are giving Trump a lot of crap because children are being separated from their parents if they cross the border illegally. That's not what's happening at all, and it's NOT Trump to be blamed. It is being done under laws that existed long before Trump was president, and only happens when the parents were "caught and released" in the past until their hearing, they didn't show up. That has been a major problem in the past, and that is what has caused children to be separated from their parents when they are sent to a place where they cannot NOT show up. We can't keep the kids prisoner with them, so they are put in what amounts to foster care until then. And ONLY until then.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: The Twitter CEO ate at Chic-Fil-A and the liberals lost their minds. So he "surrendered," and apologized, which was STUPID. Where he eats is HIS business, and nobody else's. He has the right to eat where he pleases, no matter what anybody else thinks. And who the hell gives a crap what liberals think? I sure don't, and neither should any other intelligent people.... Word is, Kim Jong Stupid brought his own crapper with him to Singapore. I guess he thinks his crap is something special and should be "preserved for posterity." Or he thinks spies will "inspect it" and find out something about him he doesn't want anybody to know.... Bill Clinton is disappointed that he can't do as many things against people's will, or make them miserable in their workspace as he used to be able to do. He is just too damned stupid to realize that he just gave away his entire way of thinking. Maybe he just drank too much of his wife's Chardonnay....

Monday, June 18, 2018

It's Starting to Change

There are still many Republicans who hate Trump. But all that is slowly starting to change, as he goes about doing exactly what he said he'd do, if he got elected. The ones who aren't part of the swamp are beginning to realize the power he holds to get them re-elected, or "sent packing" if they voice their hatred of him and work against him. The recent victories of candidates who made no secret of their wish to HELP Trump "drain the swamp" are telling to many intelligent politicians.

SWAMP PROTECTS SWAMP: The Inspector General's Report is out, and it has proven one thing. That the swamp protects the swamp. Like Comey, they detailed the crimes, misdemeanors, and laws that were violated, and then said, "We found NO EVIDENCE of political bias, even though that evidence was plain to see in their report. They didn't even bother to say they found no evidence of a CRIME on the part of Comey, or anybody else. They told us the only thing they found was some violations of "protocol," mostly by people already fired.

MUELLER THE WRONG CHOICE: Special Counsel Robert Mueller is clearly the wrong choice for a "special counsel" that is supposed to search for evidence of "Russian collusion" with the Trump campaign. It seems like EVERY "associate counsel" he hires is a KNOWN "Trump hater," and works assiduously on one thing: to get rid of Trump" by any means, legal or illegal. After more than a year of searching, they have found NO EVIDENCE of a "Russian connection" in the last election. That should have been it, since that was the ostensible REASON for the investigation. But, NO! Now they're looking into Trump's business practices from YEARS before he ever thought of becoming president.

IT ALWAYS IS: This story says, "this time" the tragedy is because of the failure of gun control" because a convicted felon killed four children, shot a cop, and then killed himself. With a gun. How did he get that gun? He got it ILLEGALLY, that's how. because, as a felon, there's NO WAY he could have obtained one legally. And, of course, a judge treated him with "kid gloves" when he violated his parole and he was given "supervised parole" instead of being sent back to jail for six months. The anti-gun crowd will either ignore the reality that the rules failed yet again or will simply think more rules will somehow make it all better. It will NOT.

MOMS AGAINST GUNS ARMED: This article says that, buried way down in the article. I don't know if this is true generally, or just in Texas. Or at all. But it seems likely, in view of the fact that MANY anti-gun fools (such as Sen. Feinstein) are, themselves armed, and/or go around surrounded by armed men charged with "protecting them." Meanwhile, they promote laws that stop us from having the same rights to self defense. How they justify that, I have no idea. But they do. It is common for anti-gun fools to hire "armed security" while many go armed, themselves. It is a testament to the INEFFECTIVENESS of their "gun laws" that they feel they must have armed security while denying the rest of us the same right.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Ivanka Trump hasn't responded to the comedienne who called her a c-nt. I guess she doesn't think such stupid cracks NEED a response, and she's right. When stupid people insult you, don't bother to respond. If you do, it makes them happy. If you don't, it frustrates them. Better to frustrate them,... Word is that the Texas school shooter may actually get out of jail one day. That's WRONG! This guy should never, EVER see the sun again without a set of bars between him and it.... The Supreme Court reaffirmed a business owner's right to do business with ONLY those he wishes for any reason, or NO reason. And liberals are causing explosions as their heads explode because they can't FORCE him do do their bidding. All those gays need to do is go down the street to another bakery. But they came to this bakery because they KNEW he would refuse, so they could sue him for a big payday, and put him out of business....

Friday, June 15, 2018

Why Cops Carry Guns

And why everybody should be able to do so also. They carry guns because they realize that criminals carry guns, and use them on the cops every day. So they want to be able to defend themselves. Okay, I'll buy that. But why aren't we allowed the same right to self defense that they enjoy? It galls me to hear about yet another anti-gun politician like Senator Feinstein tell me I can't have a gun to use in defending myself, because I might "go nuts" and use it on someone for a trivial reason while going around, surrounded by ARMED "security" and carrying her own gun, just in case they aren't enough to keep her safe.

"HE REALLY WANTS IT": President Trump is saying that Kim Jong Stupid really wants to "do the right thing," will do what he says he is going to do, and really dismantle his nuclear program. But we've heard this song before. N. Korea has promised many things before, INCLUDING de-nuclearization--but, under cover, has continued it's nuclear program. Past presidents have bought his father's bullcrap, and sent N. Korea a lot of money in return, only to find out later that they have done NOTHING to carry out their promises.

WHOA! AN INTELLIGENT POLITICIAN! Steve Scalise, the politician who was shot, and almost killed while practicing for a baseball game with other politicians, is still a pro-gun advocate. Instead of having the same "knee-jerk reaction" other politicians have when somebody gets shot, he reminds us that guns aren't JUST for killing good people. they are for DEFENSE. He notes that his life was saved that fateful day, by people with guns who were "on the scene." Never mind they were cops, ASSIGNED there as security. what if they had not been there, and nobody there had been armed and able to "take down" the shooter? Scalise would be dead, along with many others.

TRUMP JR. IN TROUBLE: He had the audacity to post a picture of himself on Instagram, wearing a belt buckle that actually includes a GUN! Horrors! That's jist orful! At least that's what liberals think. They want to eliminate ANY reference to guns from public knowledge. Like they didn't exist, at all. And to make it worse, it's the president's SON! Actually, I think he did it to MAKE the liberals' heads explode. He has to know that would "trigger" a liberal better than anything else--and all liberals NEED to be "triggered." Those fools still think eliminating legal guns will make "gun crime" go away. They're STUPID, that way.

LIBS REALLY HATE TRUMP: Why is that? Because he is systematically destroying the "Obama Legacy," one thing at a time, while creating his own "legacy" by doing the same thing Reagan did, but bigger, LOWERING taxes, while the Dumocrats "jump up and down," telling us they will RAISE our taxes--take more and more of our EARNINGS, if they manage to regain their lost majority in Congress. How that is supposed to get them elected, is beyond my comprehension. Trump promised to "drain the swamp," and that's just what he's doing. He has done more GOOD things in little over ONE YEAR than have ALL former presidents, in their entire terms.

THE WORST FAKE NEWS: I've been aware for a long time that the liberal news media is corrupt. and like most liberals, it hates Donald Trump with a passion that would get it ENDED in a totalitarian country. But this picture of "caged children" that was published widely after an illegal alien reporter Tweeted it is about the worst I've seen. The only problem is, it wasn't real. The photo was part of a STAGED DEMONSTRATION during the OBAMA administration. Something they didn't bother to tell you, while attempting to blame it on President Trump. That's how the left works.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Anything He Does

When Trump recognized that a small boy beside him was clamoring for his attention as he signed a bill into law, he turned and hugged him, making his day, and probably his life. The media excoriated him for it, saying he was a child abuser in disguise. Another thing that proves again that he can do no right, in the eyes of liberals, is him being criticized for commuting the sentence of an elderly woman who has been in prison for many years for doing a lot less than robbers, murderers, and other thugs do, and they get shorter sentences. It just doesn't matter what he does, the liberal media criticizes him.

"SETTLED SCIENCE": The liberals like to pound textbooks and tout the "settled science" of global warming (or its substitute, climate change), while pushing ideas that aren't CLOSE to science. In fact, there is no such thing as "settled science." Science is a "work in progress." It was once settled science (they thought) that the Earth was flat. Some people still believe that canard. But we all know how that turned out. So whenever you hear some "holier-than-thou" liberal talking about "settled science," you'll know he/she has no idea what he/she's talking about.

IT'S NOT THE LAWS: It's the judges. Chicago's Police Commissioner scoffs at the anti-gun laws that are on the books, supposed to be the tightest in the nation. But laws are no good if you don't enforce them, He says that, for the first six months after a new law is passed, you will have a hard time finding a gun on the streets (which doesn't mean they aren't there, only that they're harder to find). Then, after a few months of the cops treating them like bargaining chips to get convictions in other crimes, and judges routinely reducing them to misdemeanors, the word goes out. Those laws don't mean anything, so you can bring your guns out again and kill more people.

ONLY IF THEY OBEY: Cops at a recent gathering of police politicians talked about that Waffle House shooting where an unarmed guy "took down" a mass shooter while he was changing magazines, saying, "If he had had 30 more bullets in his magazine, many more people would have been killed. That ASSUMES that the killer would have OBEYED a law limiting the size of his magazines when contemplating the much more serious crime of mass murder. Laws are only good if people OBEY them.

IT'S A PUBLICITY STUNT: There was a phony call recently that sent SWAT to David Hogg's house. He says it's just a "prank" and was done to distract from his "cause." I think he did it himself to get some press. This foul-mouthed brat needs to be shut down. All he's doing is "fronting" for the anti-gun fools. Why otherwise intelligent people actually LISTEN to this know-nothing child is beyond me. I know why the anti-gun fools listen to him, but not others. They think he's "helping their cause," but actually, he's hurting it with his foul mouth and stupid demands.

WHAT DOES HOGG WANT? Dumb butt anti-gun activist David Hogg made a speech before a bunch of mayors in Philadelphia the other day. Among other things, he said, “We can’t keep hosing the blood down our streets, repairing the shattered windows and bullet-riddled doors and burying our young because when we bury our young we bury our future,” Hogg said. “This has to change. This change can only happen with you.” He also marched in Boston's Gay Pride Parade, hitting all bases. Hanging it all out. But what did he accomplish? He promoted all the tired, old, INEFFECTIVE anti-gun laws that have NEVER done anything to stop, or even slow down "gun violence." He rejects the idea that self defense is NOT disarming yourself.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Stupid Politicians

Anti-gun laws never work. Anti-gun politicians have to know that. so why do they keep on insisting on making more and more of them? Whenever some fool decides to shoot up a place, especially a school, their "knee-jerk" response is to demand that more of their ineffective laws be made, while ignoring the fact that those laws make it easier for the bad guys to victimize the law-biding, who DO obey their silly, stupid laws. Why do they never learn from their mistakes? Are they STUPID, or what?

IT'S EASY TO SAY: In hindsight, it's easy for that "coward of the county" deputy in Ft. Lauderdale to say now that, "If I knew what was happening, I'd go in, in a heartbeat." But even if he just SUSPECTED that someone was killing children, a courageous man would have gone in and at least checked, and then killed the shooter before he could kill any more children--but he didn't. And that speaks volumes. Is he USING his lack of knowledge of what was actually happening to excuse his cowering behind a car while that shooter killed students and staff? The fact that he did NOT go in speaks volumes for his courage, or lack thereof.

STORMY JUST WANTS MONEY! Ever since Stormy Daniels raised her head up from her HARD work in the porn industry and CLAIMED having a "one nighter" with Donald Trump years ago, I've been wondering what she's after. So she and Donald had sex (maybe). So the hell WHAT? Who cares? She SAYS Trump's lawyer forced her to sign a "non-disclosure agreement" and gave her $130,000.00. Of course, that "agreement" conveniently does not contain Trump's signature (even she admits that), so who knows whether or not it ever happened. Frankly, I think this whole thing is Stormy's wish to salvage her flagging "career" as a porn star and make a lot of money. She's certainly doing that with her "Make America Horny Again" tour and her new perfume she calls "Truth."

BUT WILL THEY TELL YOU? There's a new Texas student group that is AGAINST gun control, but will you hear about it in the liberal media? Not likely, because that doesn't fit the narrative they are pushing. The liberal media WANTS gun control for some stupid reason, and the anti-gun fools push HARD to get their silly, INEFFECTIVE gun laws enacted. And there are way too many stupid lawmakers in office, who are willing to pass them, even though their passage INCREASES "gun violence by disarming the law-abiding, making them "easy targets" for the lawbreakers, who routinely violate them and carry their illegally-owned guns anyway, so they can victimize the law-abiding, who are unarmed.

CUZ ANTI-GUN FOOLS LIE: It's hard to win the "good guy with a gun" theory because the anti-gun fools lie, and make excuses, "cherry-picking" stories to "prove" the good guy with a gun theory is a myth. They pick stories like the guy in the waffle house shooting who attacked the shooter, but without a gun, and the story about those Oklahoma heroes being "part of government" to dismiss that story. Never mind that they were NOT "law-enforcement," and were simply bystanders at the time. There are MILLIONS of stories of a "good guy with a gun" stopping illegal shootings, but they IGNORE those, as if they didn't exist.

"U. S. A DANGEROUS PLACE": Because of gun violence, the anti-gun fools say. what they DON'T say is that most of the "gun violence" is perpetrated by those who get their guns ILLEGALLY so they can victimize the law-abiding, who OBEY their laws. That all their anti-gun laws do NOTHING to "rein in" gun violence. Gangs, shooting each other over "turf" are the largest source of "gun violence" in the big cities, and NONE of the gang members are usually even OLD ENOUGH to get a license to carry a gun. Even those old enough don't stand for a "carry" license, nor do they register the guns they usually STOLE, or bought ILLEGALLY.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Democrats Are "Leaderless?"

Some people say the Dumocrats are "leaderless." They're wrong. The Dumocrats HAVE leadership. It's just INCOMPETENT leadership. Nancy Peelosi is suffering from early onset Alzheimer's--or she's just STUPID. Like many "old gals," (and many "old guys." I'm an "old guy" so I can say that.). She doesn't know what she's doing, but nobody seems willing to do anything about it. It's dangerous leaving her in charge of Dumocrats in the House, but nobody's willing to take the lead in doing something about it. So she goes right on making such stupid statements as. "We have to pass the bill to find out what's in it," or "Trump's tax cuts are a sham that will benefit nobody but the rich." They need to get her out of there before she REALLY screws things up.

BAKER NOT BIASED: the Colorado baker who was just vindicated by the Supreme Court is NOT "biased against gays." His religion simply teaches that marriage is between two members of DIFFERENT sexes, and did not want to use his talents to make a cake celebrating gay marriage. He also says he would refuse to do so for a cake disparaging gays. People who want to do that can go somewhere else. Liberals love to attribute "ulterior motives" to anybody who refuses to "do their bidding." They want to be able to DICTATE everything people do, using THEIR wishes.

THEY JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND: Liberals have no idea what the Constitution says, or they don't care. One attorney general wants to be able to charge a person with the same crime TWICE, which violates one of the BASIC principles in the Constitution, that of "double jeopardy." New York Governor Cuomo wants teachers to be able to petition judges to seize guns. Never mind the Second Amendment. That never bothers a liberal who wants to take guns. He wants to introduce legislation to do just that. He realizes he will face "criticism from Republicans." I wonder why? He ought to face criticism from Dumocrats, too, but won't. they don't care any more about the Constitution than he does.

BERNIE BLASTS DISNEY: The Disney Company has a lot to answer for, but one of them is NOT "making money." As with most socialists/communists, Bernie Sanders thinks outfits like Disney shouldn't make money. He thinks they can pay those confiscatory taxes he envisions WITHOUT making money. He doesn't think ANYBODY but the government should ever make any money. He doesn't think things through, and he doesn't understand economics, so he just doesn't understand how outfits like Disney could PAY those taxes without making money. Like most socialists, he hasn't a clue about economics. He just listens to the bulldung Karl Marx put out, and swallows it, hook, line, and sinker.

GUTTER "JOURNALISM": We haven't seen much of Melania lately, while she recovers from her surgery. so now a Rolling Stone writer speculates, in print, that she "must be covering up Trump's abuse" by staying out of the limelight. It's a blatant example of the way the "Trump-hating" liberal media seizes upon ANYTHING they can think of to try and make Trump look bad. There is NOTHING to suggest that Trump is an abuser, but the liberal media wants to promote that idea. That they will be eventually proven wrong doesn't discourage them. They will run a TINY "correction" labeled as an "update," on page 106 below the fold, in newspapers, or at 3 AM on TV, and go right on, as if their slander didn't happen.

THEY CALL IT "PROGRESSIVE": Dumocrats have found that the term "liberal" has "lost its shine," and people are beginning to understand that being a liberal is a BAD thing, not good thing. so they've done what they always do when we start getting "onto them." They change the terms and names used so we will remain blissfully ignorant. So now they're calling themselves "progressives," which is a misnomer. There is nothing "progressive" about the Dumocrat Party. They are plainly SOCIALISTS, and there's nothing "progressive" about that. Socialism is a system that depends on THIEVERY from the producer of new wealth for the benefit of those who produce NOTHING. It's been around a long time and has eventually failed wherever it is used. As it did in Russia, and is now doing in Venezuela and Cuba.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Proved It Again!

Chicago is the "demonstration city" for people who know that gun control doesn't work. Chicago has some of the toughest anti-gun laws in the nation. Meanwhile, Chicago has some of the highest deaths by gunfire in the nation. Something's wrong here. Gun crime SHOULD be minimal, or nonexistent in Chicago, if the anti-gun fools are to be believed. But, NO! With all those tough anti-gun laws, the numbers of gun deaths are still very high. Why is that? Does this mean that lawbreakers BREAK their anti-gun laws and get their guns illegally? It sure does. Chicago is a microcosm of big cities, everywhere. The law-abiding obey their laws, and become "sitting ducks" for the "bad guys" out there.

KELLYANNE RIPS CNN'S FAKE NEWS: CNN published a picture of two children in cages like animals and falsely attributed it to the Trump administration. One little problem: that picture came from the OBAMA Administration, and they knew it when they published it. But that didn't stop the liberal media from republishing the pictures far and wide, until their falsity was discovered. Then they published a SMALL "update" that nobody read, and went on, like nothing happened. I'm getting very tired of this WILLING false news, published by the liberal media, in their efforts to derail President Trump (Damn, it feels good to write those words!). And even after their lie was known, a reporter tried to "bring it up" once more, and Kellyanne Conway shut him up with a few words, then walked away, turning her back on him.

DERANGED DEMOCRAT: A deranged Dumocrat writer says he'd rather his daughter date a murderous MS-13 member than a Republican. MS-13's "motto" is "rape, control, KILL!" Republicans are honest (for the most part), hard-working people who only want the best for themselves, and all of us--but they disagree with Dumocrats on how to do it. This imbecile would rather put his daughter into the hands of a deadly murderer who cares nothing about the rights or life of ANYBODY, much less this fool's daughter. Frankly, I'd think saying something like this would be grounds for Child Protective Services to remove his daughter from his home. They've done it for a lot less. This proves again that being a Dumocrat is a mental disease.

CARREY DESTROYING HIS CAREER: Comedian Jim Carrey is working HARD to destroy his career. He has to know most of his recent "paintings" irritate most Americans. His latest depicts the First Lady being brainwashed. He must really hate Trump, and all his associates to destroy his own career this way. I think he has gone "off the rails" himself. He can't tell you WHY he hates Trump. just that he does. I've always liked him, but I'll not be going to anything he's in, in the future. I won't call it a boycott. I don't believe in those. It's just my own decision.

MUSLIMS WANT SPECIAL TREATMENT: As usual, Muslims are demanding special treatment. Female Muslim workers at Amazon are claiming "unusually heavy and dangerous workload" during Ramadan. How it is "dangerous" is beyond me, unless they figure fasting during the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan would make them weak. Religious strictures are not something an employer must observe, unless they are observed for EVERYBODY, not just members of one "religion." This situation just shows, once again, that Muslims everywhere are there to make as much trouble as they can get away with.

CLINTON LOSES IT: He "lost it" when he was questioned about Monica Lewinsky by NBC reporter Craig Milton. He accused the networks of "only telling one side," and he's right. But it was HIS side. All except Fox, anyway. He told him that "I didn't get out of that unscathed," but he did, for the most part. He got fined $100,000, but others paid it. He lost his law license for five years, but, as an ex-president, he didn't need it because he wasn't practicing law during that time. As an ex-president, he got paid a lot of money to make speeches, and television appearances. Just as his wife, and co-conspirator did. He said, "I apologized to everybody in the world." But it wasn't a real apology. It was the usual "no apology apology" you get from most politicians who get caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

BERNIE BLASTS DISNEY: The Disney Company has a lot to answer for, but one of them is NOT "making money." As with most socialists/communists, Bernie Sanders thinks outfits like Disney shouldn't make money. He thinks they can pay those confiscatory taxes he envisions WITHOUT making money. He doesn't think ANYBODY but the government should ever make any money. He doesn't think things through, so he just doesn't understand how outfits like Disney could PAY those taxes without making money. Like most socialists, he hasn't a clue about economics. Or he wouldn't be a socialist.

FOOTBALL PLAYERS UPSET: The football team (which I will not name) whose invitation to the White House was rescinded by President Trump are upset with him because of it. So what? Who gives a damn what a bunch of millionaires whose only talent is trying to keep other millionaires from getting a ball and taking it to the end zone think? I certainly don't. If football players think they're doing something good by disrespecting our flag and our national anthem, their stupidity is their problem, not ours. He canceled to "get ahead" of that team, which was going to cancel, themselves. In typical Trump fashion, he made a WIN out of what his opponents thought would be a loss for him.