Friday, April 28, 2017

It's All the Same

The judge who blocked Trump's latest executive order on sanctuary cities forgets that Obama did the SAME THING to people who refused to obey his EO about allowing men into women's restrooms and changing rooms if he “identified” as a woman that day. He threatened to withhold federal funds if they didn't “cave” and obey his directive, Where were all those who complained when Trump did it? Where were the liberal judges who BLOCKED Trump's similar action? This is clearly a liberal double standard.

TRUMP 100 DAYS A DISASTER? Liberals are calling Trump's first 100 days a “disaster” and say the White House is “in disarray.” It is NOT, and Trump's first 100 days is NOT a “disaster.” To LIBERALS it is a disaster because Trump is “chipping away”” at their power base, He's “blowing their house down, little by little, and they don't like that one little bit. It frightens them, no end. There is NO “disarray” in the White House. Trump has accomplished more in his first 100 days than any recent president. The problem, for liberals, is his accomplishments are the complete OPPOSITE to their wishes. So, to them, he has accomplished nothing.

SUDDENLY CONCERNED ABOUT SPENDING: Liberals didn't ever worry about spending while Obama spent our money like water, doubling and TRIPLING the national debt and spending more, himself, than ALL previous presidents, put together. Now Trump wants to spend one BILLION dollars in a TRILLION dollar budget, on something that, last time it was tried, almost DOUBLED the tax "take," suddenly they're “concerned” about the national debt. They've got the damnedest double standard there ever was!

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN SCAM: The Democrats are threatening to CAUSE a “government shutdown” because they're “dragging their feet” on legislation to fund the government. The government “runs out of money” soon, if a funding bill is not passed. The Republicans have requested an extension so the congresspeople can READ the bill (which they normally do NOT do). If Democrats vote against that, it will be so obvious who is at fault they won't be able to escape the blame. But they'll still try and blame the GOP and the liberal media will lie for them in their coverage.

BRIBERY MECHANISM: If you want to bribe a politician and get away with it, just invite him/her to speak before a group, and promise him/her hundreds of thousands of dollars to do so if he/she will do what you wish (quietly). Hillary and Bill have profited from this for years. It has made them multi-millionaires when they were nearly broke (according to them) when they left the presidency. Obama is the latest politician to accept a bribe with his $400,000.00 speech. There is only one reason to offer such outlandish “speaking fees” to politicians. Knowledge that they can do something to help you in your endeavors.

FOX NEWS RACIST? I wonder what took them so long? They accuse everybody else who says things they don't like of being racists, so why were they waiting with Fox? Actually, accusations of racism mean absolutely nothing these days. They've worn it out by overuse. And, of course, they have no REAL evidence they ARE racist. Of course, that has never stopped them before. They make that lying accusation and expect us to believe it. No more. They might as well just be farting through their mouths for all we care.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Same Ol' Same Ol'

I said this scam wouldn't work on Trump, but it looks like it has. He appears to have “caved” on his wish for a billion dollars for his “wall” to keep a “government shutdown” from happening. That's too bad. They finally found something that seems to be working against Trump in this scam, so you can bet it will happen again and again. It's hard to say how they always manage to blame the Republicans when this happens, but they do, even though it's the Democrats refusing to cooperate on ANYTHING Trump wants that is the cause if the government ever does “shut down.”

MORE STUPID GUN LAWS: I can't believe such STUPID politicians have been instrumental in running our country. But current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel used to be very powerful in the federal government, until he decided he wanted to be the top man in SOME governmental organization. He chose Chicago, a corrupt city that spawned Barack Hussein Obama, the scourge of the American government. In Chicago, where they have some of the tightest of stupid gun laws, the “streets run red” with the blood of the victims of ILLEGAL guns.

NO AMBIGUITY THERE: The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States says one thing and it says it well. That Americans have the inalienable right to be armed in self defense. What part of “shall not be infringed” do the anti-gun fools not understand? Their every law; every regulation and rule so far, INFRINGES on that right. They have seized upon the “militia” thing to try and fool us. But at the time the Constitution was written, there WERE no “organized militias,” and they meant ALL the people were “part of a militia” that could be called up in time of danger, bringing their own guns.

GIVE 'EM THE FINGER: Liberals and other anti-gun fools are outraged, and they should be. President Trump (Damn, I love saying that!) has just “given them the finger” by his commitment to speak at the NRA Convention. No other politician has ever been so brazen as to openly speak before the NRA people, but Trump's gonna do it. He doesn't give a tinker's damn what they think. He agrees with the Second Amendment, and he doesn't care if people know it. And that scares the diddly out of them.

OBAMA'S $400,000 BRIBE: The Clintons have made a career out of giving speeches at a ridiculous rate of $250,000.00 a pop. They call it “payment for speeches,” but actually, it is a BRIBE. They use their “speeches” as cover for their bribe-taking. Now Obama's joining the crowd, but for even bigger bribes. They know he can still affect what happens, so his “speeches” bring a $400,000.00 “bribe.” And I'm sure Congresspeople are watching, and setting up their own bribe-fests.

IT'S NOT TWO THINGS: Actor William Devane does commercials for a gold purveyor. In one he talks about “two things.” Inflation and “unstable governments printing money.” Yes, they are a problem, but they are NOT “two problems.” Inflation is CAUSED by “unstable governments printing money.” That's one thing most people don't realize. It's a way for governments to take more money from us without raising taxes. They just DILUTE the value of the money we have by printing money with nothing behind it, and spending it like it was real. That makes the money worth less, and people have to charge more for the same things.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sinking the Armada

Kim Jong Un has really gone bananas. He is now threatening to SINK the American naval ships that are steaming into Korean waters, hopefully to make Trump think twice before making a threatening move. Doesn't he know that just ONE move to attack a single American ship will result in his complete destruction? We have the ability to blow his missiles out of the air before they can even reach their target, then take out the base from which it was fired. Then take out his entire government establishment, including him. Like swatting a fly. Watching him with his cartoon generals with medals down to their knees is hilarious.

VIOLENCE AGAINST THE MAJORITY: That's what we're seeing (again) in France. The losers (the MINORITY) are rioting and destroying property because Le Pen wasn't eliminated in the most recent election. That's the same thing we saw (and are still seeing) in America after Trump's LEGAL election. The wusses are having a tantrum because they didn't win. That's what they usually do, but usually not with this amount of violence. Maybe if they figured out why America rejected them and “cleaned up their act,” they'd be winners. But they aren't that smart.

RACHEL MADDOW WRONG: As usual. She told a child that Trump was responsible for the riots in Venezuela. In the most stretchy way possible, she might be right when you consider Trump is all about the free market, and Venezuela's problems are all about SOCIALISM and it's failure there. People are rioting because they are losing most of their possessions as socialism goes “belly up,” as it always will, eventually, everywhere it is tried.

IF HE SURRENDERS: Democrats are saying Trump can avoid a “government shutdown” if he “caves” on his wall. In other words, if he SURRENDERS. That's not likely with Trump. If they shut down the government, he will go directly to the people and let them know who REALLY is responsible, and the blame will go directly to the Democrats. Their favorite scam will not work this time. Update: It DID work. Trump did 'cave" and took funding for the wall out of his budget request--for now.

JUST LIKE I PREDICTED”: A woman has accused Sean Hannity of sexual harassment—without anything like proof to back it up, of course, but her unsupported word). Even if it were true, it sounds like just a guy trying to make a date. It's way too easy for a woman to DEFINE such as sexual harassment these days. Hannity immediately branded it as false, calling her a “serial harasser” who would do anything to get noticed. She HAS filed many such accusations. She recanted within two hours. I expect this to be only the first of many false reports on Hannity.

EVIL PEOPLE DENY HOLOCAUST: During the Second World War the Nazis MURDERED six million Jews. That is undeniable. There would be six million eye witnesses If they hadn't murdered them. But somehow some escaped, and they tell the tale. Some people deny that this scourge ever happened, and they're evil. Not necessarily those who BELIEVE it and repeat the lies they're told, but those who tell the lies for their own purposes are the ones who are evil.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

What Is WITH Them?

Liberals go out of their way to protect the Islamic terrorists. When President Trump was told about the most recent terrorist attack in France, he immediately called it a terrorist attack, in complete opposition to how the previous president handled similar attacks. MSNBC went so far as to criticize Trump for that. They always go out of their way to protect the Islamic terrorists. What's with that? Do they WANT the Islamic terrorists to come out on top?

THEY HAVE NOTHING ELSE: So they make things up. Now they're claiming Trump is “dangerously mentally ill” and should be removed before he gets us all in trouble.” All without bothering to see him, personally. That sounds more like Kim Jong Un, who IS mentally ill and is trying HARD to start a war he cannot win with the United States. It's a damned shame such a fool can be in charge of nuclear arms, and the only thing that has prevented him from using them is a lack of a delivery ability. But he is rapidly gaining that ability, and when he gets his war started, liberals will predictably blame Trump IF they're still alive, that is..

SAVE FRANCE - VOTE LE PEN: Then, End Islamic Immigration; Deport Muslim Non-Citizens; Break-Up-Enclaves; Surveil Mosques; No Sharia Law.” This was Tweeted by an unnamed Tweeter. I will not name him because I don't have permission. But it's good advice. I'm not sure about Le Pen because I don't know her, but I am sure about the rest of it, because Muslim terrorists are a MAJOR threat, even if our politicians will not admit it. Muslim terrorists should be scraped off the Earth. Killed, to a man. And woman if she is a dedicated Muslim terrorist. Liberals want to coddle them, but that's a loser.

JUST CALL IT RACISM: Don't like the government enforcing the law? Just call it racism. That's what California is doing when Trump's people announced they were enforcing federal immigration laws in spite of their announcement that they were a “sanctuary state,” in VIOLATION of federal law. They have nothing else, so they call it racism to enforce federal law against their determination to DISOBEY it. What's racist about insisting you obey the law? And punishing you if you don't?

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN: Democrats are fond of causing a “government shutdown” that isn't really a government shutdown, then blaming the Republicans for it. That's one of their favorite scams, and it's usually successful. Republicans are deathly afraid of being blamed, so they cave. But that won't work with Trump. If one of their phony “government shutdowns” happens during his administration, the blame will go right where it belongs—on the Democrats. He has an ability to connect directly with Americans that other Republicans never had. Update: apparently the scam worked again because Trump "caved" on insisting on the money for the wall--at least for now.

NY “BAIT AND SWITCH”: Every so often I see ads placed by the State of New York telling people all about how great it is to be in business in New York, then offering a ten year moratorium on taxes if they'd just move their business there. That's great, for ten years, while they get there and “put down roots” that will be difficult to remove. Then they will be slammed with taxes higher than they've ever experienced. Which is routine in New York. I get a good laugh whenever I see those ads.

Monday, April 24, 2017

It's Gonna Get Worse

Anti-gun fools think “gun violence” is terrible. Out of control. And that they have to get rid of the guns for law-abiding people to solve that “problem." They're wrong, of course. They've always been wrong. Targeting the gun when they should be targeting the PEOPLE who misuse their guns is short-sighted and stupid. But don't try and tell them that. They think they're “all-knowing” and that they're right, on all things. But they're not. And there is evidence all over the place to prove it. It's only going to get worse, folks, with the entrance of millions of Islamic terrorists disguised as “refugees,” you can count on gun violence to skyrocket in the next few years, right along with the rape figures, since theirs is a “rape culture.”

WHY ONLY THE RIGHT?” That's a question asked by Rush Limbaugh after the firing of top Fox host Bill O'Reilly. Seems like NO left-wing host has such things happen to him'/her. Or if it does, the liberal media sees to it we never hear about it. I believe the reason for that is simple: it's left-wingers who are behind those “scandals.” It's their favorite (and most successful) scam to get rid of people whose ideas and opinions they don't like. Now they've gotten rid of Ailes and O'Reilly at Fox, I figure Hannity is next. You can bet some broad is going to claim HE is guilty of sexual misconduct, as usual, with no proof, only her unsupported word. Then other women will follow suit, hoping for a payday. (Update: A woman has comew out and accuased Hannity of sexual misconduct, then recanted withoin two hours.

CHELSEA'S PUBLICITY TOUR: Chelsea Clinton is on a “publicity tour.” For what? Who the hell cares about Chelsea? Besides Democrat dupes, of course. She says the majority in the country doesn't support what's going on in Washington, DC. And how would she know such a thing? Probably because her dad or mom told her so. They'd certainly like us to believe that. It sounds to me as if she wants to be the next Clinton to run for president. She's equally unqualified as is her mom, so the Democrats will probably go right along with it. Has she ever done anything REAL in her life?

ALL OVER FOR FOX: The firing of Roger Ailes, followed by the firing of Bill O'Reilly signals the end for Fox News. Especially since Murdock's son, James, is becoming more and more powerful there. James is a liberal, and he plans on changing Fox into just another liberal media outlet—which will predictably cause their ratings to go into the toilet, as have the ratings at CNN and other liberal outlets. That will no doubt be followed by its closing.

NUCLEAR WAR COMING? We thought the possibility of nuclear war was over for us with the fall of the Soviet Union. Because most of the nuclear powers didn't have the capability to get a nuke to our shores. Now we have TWO belligerents who have nukes, nearing gaining that ability. And if a nuclear war breaks out, liberals will blame Trump (those still alive, anyway), because he wants to ENFORCE the agreements these crazy dictators made, and have violated regularly. Never mind N. Korea and Iran have threatened us every day. Should we ignore that, as wimpy Obama did?

ALL ABOUT MONEY: Liberal students are whining again (still). They want free tuition as “reparation” for slavery. Of course, their wishes eliminate white students from their whining. Never mind it was the DEMOCRATS who did, and promoted ALL the racism in recent years. Jim Crowe was a Democrat. The politicians blacks demonstrated against were Democrats. The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was an arm of the Democrat Party. So why aren't DEMOCRATS being asked to pay the reparations? Besides: why should people living now be blamed for the racism of their ancestors? Seems kinda unfair, to me.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Anything to Hurt Trump

At the White House Easter egg roll, a boy gave Trump a hat to sign, which he did, with a grin. Then he threw it back to the boy, which was not easy to see on the Politico edited video. Then the Washington Post ran a story saying that, after signing it, he “threw it into the crowd,” while the boy scrambled to keep it, indicating his lack of consideration for the boy. When other sources called them to account, they “grudgingly” recanted. But this incident shows graphically that the liberal media will do whatever they can to make Trump look bad. This incident turned out okay, but you need to be alert for other incidents, so you won't unwittingly “buy the BS.”

KIM'S FAKE ARMY: I've said before that I thought many, if not all of Kim Jung Un's highly touted military arms on display in his massive parade were fake. Now it has been determined by experts that what I said is true. Many of the “missiles” shown were plainly “mock-ups,” maybe dummies for training purposes. As were many of the smaller, hand weapons they displayed. Old, out-of-date pistols, unworkable parts on the rifles carried by his “special forces” troops, and a certain lack of proper training displayed by the fact that their rifles all pointed AT the face of the man next to them. I think it's all a scam to try and intimidate Trump—which is not going to work. I know his own experts are telling him the same thing.

OUTSTANDING VICTORY!” That's what the Democrat candidate who survived against the FOUR other Democrats in the recent Georgia special election said when he “survived” to go on to another election between him and ONE Republican. Which he will probably lose, since this is “GOP country.” Democrats are putting a lot into this race, hoping to win it, so they can make a big thing of it, saying it “proves people are tired of Trump,” which will be completely FALSE. But they don't care, as long as they can make people believe it.

THEY'RE NOW AFTER HANNITY: The liberals dispensed with Roger Ailes, AND Bill O'Reilly, using their most successful scam yet, imaginary cases of sexual misconduct, for which there has been NO proof, only rumor and innuendo. Flush with success, they're now coming after Sean Hannity, one of the remaining “powerhouses” on Fox. There have yet to be any accusations of sexual misconduct on Hannity's part, but you can bet they'll be coming. And they will ALL come from liberals, whether known, or not. And, as usual, several women will come forward, looking for a payday, as they gained in both previous cases, to reduce the fallout, true or not.

BLAMING THE GOP: Liberals are twisting facts again, so they can blame the GOP for “Fast and Furious,” a completely Democrat-run, and botched plan to “track” guns THEY allowed to be sold illegally and prove (erroneously) that most of the guns used by the Mexican drug cartels came from America. Yes, the plan was originally tried in the Bush administration, but was stopped when the cartels removed the GPS units from the guns that were sold, so they couldn't be tracked. Obama resurrected it WITHOUT those GPS units.

CALIFORNIA GUN LAWS USELESS: Every day, in every way, we see more and more EVIDENCE that “tight gun laws,” as we know them now, are totally INEFFECTIVE in stopping “gun crime.” In Fresno, California, the man who shot and killed THREE random people ”because he hated white people” and who shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he did so was a felon in possession of a gun. California has ALL the anti-gun fools' silly laws in force, but none of them prevented this crazy felon from getting the gun he used to kill three random innocent people.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

"Trump's Whiplash"

Liberal media is saying Trump is causing a massive broken neck as he “does a 180” on several issues. Which is typical of the liberal media, with whom Trump can “do no right.” Everything he does is to be criticized. The truth of the matter is, Trump, unlike most politicians, is capable of LEARNING—and when he learns (gets new information), he, also unlike most politicians, isn't afraid to change his position, based on that new information, as in his new acceptance of NATO after they made some significant changes.

MAKING IT SYSTEMIC: “Talking Heads,” (even at Fox, fergawdsakes!) are trying to make Sean Spicer's MISTAKE about Hitler and the holocaust into a SYSTEMIC problem in the Trump White House. They seem to forget that they, themselves OFTEN make mistakes, for which they have to apologize. Spicer was NOT lying, he just made a mistake in his words. He MEANT that Hitler never used poison gas IN A BATTLE. He did NOT. He used it in his OVENS. That's a significant difference.

MEDIA WRONG AGAIN! And again! They keep telling us Reince Priebus, and several others, “are on the way out,” in Trump's White House. The truth is, they'd LIKE for those people to “be on the way out,” and that's part of their campaign to ruin those people. But, as with most scams normally used successfully on politicians, this one won't work on Trump. He is NOT going to “cave” to media pressure and get rid of some of his best people He did fire one man, but it was HIS decision, not that of the liberal media.

TRUMP SPENT MORE: The liberal media is all abuzz about Trump spending more on travel in his first 100 days than Obama did. What they don't mention, of course, is that Trump;s travel has paid big dividends for the government, not for his golf score, as it did for Obama. Yes, Trump occasionally plays golf. But not nearly as much as Obama does, most of the travel during his tenure at our expense. Maybe not the jet fuel, but for all the manpower that was devoted to travel for the people charged with keeping him alive, not to play golf.

MAXINE WATERS AND CORRUPTION: Maxine Waters likes to rail against Trump, accusing him of all kinds of corruption (with no proof offered), and threatening him with impeachment. Of course, she ignores the fact that she, herself, has been labeled by her own colleagues as “the most corrupt politician in DC.” She has a lot of GALL to accuse Trump of corruption. Maybe she better clean up her own act before she accuses others.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Trump Just Can't Win

As political cartoonist Gary varvel of the Indianapolis Star-News points out in a recent cartoon, Democrats were :concerned” about Trump expressing a wish to be friendly with, uh, Putin was thought to be to be dangerous. They said her was “Putin's tool.” Now he's bombing Syrian targets against Putin's wishes, and relations with Russia are “at the lowest level in years,” and they're now talking about Trump “starting WWIII.” You can't have it both ways, but apparently the Democrats think they can. This is just more proof that ANYTHING Trump does, they're gonna hate it.

RILING UP TERRORISTS”: Liberals are worried. They think what Trump is doing will “rile up” the Islamic terrorists and they will kill more people. Really—how do you “rile up” people who are determined to kill as many people who don't believe in their phony “religion” as they can? They're already “riled up,” and “wimping out” on our response isn't going to make them any less “riled.” These are the kind of people we called “Tories” during the Revolutionary War that freed us. from England. They wanted to stay under the thumb of King George and didn't want to “rile him,”

TRUMP'S “STINGING REBUKE”: They're soon to have a special election to replace Tom Price in the Senate after he was appointed to Trump's Cabinet. The Democrat main opponent (out of 18 running) says, if he gets elected it will be a “stinging rebuke” to Trump. Hey—isn't that what it was supposed to be last week in Kansas? But it didn't happen, did it? And Democrats are “crying in their beer” there—as they will soon be in Georgia. If Democrats win inb Georgia it won't be because they hate Trump, as Democrats want us to thinik, it will be because the Republicabns are so divided they fielded 17 GOP candidates.

APPROVALS VS. FUND RAISING: Democrats like to emphasize Trump's “low ratings,” but his fund raising tells a clearly different tale. Her has raised significantly more in the same time period of his presidency than Obama did—and Obama is supposed to be such a great fund raiser. Personally, I think those “approval numbers” are purposely kept low by Democrat operatives among those contemplating the numbers. But fund raising amounts cannot be so falsified. And they tell the REAL tale.

RACIST STUPIDITY: Every day liberals declare something else racist. Now they think wishing for people to arrive on time is racist. I have no idea of their logic in that, but all I do know is they HAVE no logic. The fact is, liberals deny the very EXISTENCE of logic and common sense. Today, they announced that BASEBALL was racist. Next they'll decide that RACISM itself is racist. That makes it easier for them to label everything racist. Racism is the newest scam they use.

8 IS TOO MANY: An Arkansas court has issued a restraining order to prevent the execution of 8 convicted killers in one month because it would be “cruel and unusual punishment.” How they figure that is beyond me. They brutally murdered human beings, and anything less than brutal murder is NOT “cruel or unusual." For my part, I think they should just line them up in front of a wall and shoot them. They deserve nothing more. Only wimps think bloody murderers should be put to death while asleep. I think they should FEEL the pain of death while being killed.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Trump "Escalating"

Liberals all over are outraged at Trump for actually FIGHTING the war Obama refused to fight. Obama only PRETENDED to fight the Islamic terrorists, so he could CLAIM to be doing it, while not doing it, at all. Trump is actually FIGHTING. He has given his generals complete permission to institute action WITHOUT his specific approval and micro-managing. And they have delivered. Their latest is dropping that MOAB (Mother Of All Bombs) in Afghanistan and taking out that tunnel system that allowed terrorists to move around unobserved and kill people, while helping 36 terrorists to get their 74 virgins. I actually heard somebody say today, "Trump CAUSED the problem with N. Korea!" What a FOOL said that!

LIBERALS ARE OUTRAGED (AGAIN): Trump just signed a bill into law allowing the states to defund Planned Parenthood, and liberals are outraged. They LOVE murdering helpless infants for profit, and this new law will put a stop to that. I never thought I'd ever see AMERICANS murdering infants, and politicians APPROVING it! I guess certain people can approve of ANYTHING if they're sufficiently twisted. This is our holocaust, and we will rue the day the Supreme Court liberals let it happen. We condemn the Nazis for theirs, and WE will be condemned in the future for ours, after “wiser heads prevail.”

TITS ON A BOAR”: The United Nations has again proven that they are a USELESS organization that is only in business to deride the United States and Israel, and approve of the Islamic terrorists. Why the hell we keep sending them billions of dollars, so they can thwart every effort to do what they were created to do is beyond me. Their latest outrage is voting down a measure to condemn the use of Sarin Gas in Syria, because one of their MEMBERS disapproves. If they can't even do that, of what USE are they?

"MEDIA HARDER ON DEMOCRATS?" Jennifer Palmieri says the media is harder on Democrats than Republicans. What PLANET is this bimbo living on? The media works HARD to demonize everything Republicans do, while ignoring the bad things Democrats do. That's a KNOWN FACT, and not to be denied by INTELLIGENT people. There IS a liberal bias, and there has been for a very long time. Which is going to BREAK this country, if we don't break IT.

NOW 94 ISIS DEAD: The death toll in that missile attack on an Afghanistan tunnel system that allowed terrorists to “pop out” and kill people like a “Whack-A-Mole” game has now accounted for 94 Islamic terrorists getting their 74 virgins, and that includes four top echelon leaders. Good. The more terrorists we kill, the better. That bunch will kill no more. The death toll may rise even more—hopefully. They now know they're not safe, even in their “hidey-holes.” They must be shaking in their boots –if they have any.

OBAMA'S PLAN IS WORKING: The whole plan in imposing a health care plan that was unworkable on us was to manipulate us into demanding a single payer system—and it's working. People ARE now demanding a single payer system, and some politicians are actually listening. Even Republicans. Rep. Mike Caufman (R-CO) even SAID so on Meet the Press this morning He's fallen for it because many of his constituents have, before him (as this is written). Face it—we're going to get a single payer system, and YOU'RE going to pay for it.

Friday, April 14, 2017

"MOMS" 7-Person Turnout

MOMS against guns (or something like that) had a “massive turnout” in Iowa, hoping to defeat the measure that was moving through the legislature to be called the “stand your ground” law to replace the “responsibility to run” thing. That is, if you can outrun bullets fired by criminals from their ILLEGAL guns. Their “massive turnout” included SEVEN well-paid members of “MOMS.” And it was a massive failure, as the bill passed, and was signed into law by the governor the other day, making Iowa the latest of the 35 “stand your ground” states—a majority.

WHAT'S BLOOMBERG'S PROBLEM? It seems like former (illegal) three-term mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg is determined to violate our constitutional right to own and use a gun for self defense. Apparently he believes that anti-gun fool crap that the way to self defense is to DISARM yourself and “run away” while waiting the eternal (seems like) time it takes for a cop (with his gun) to get there. He has pledged to spend another $25 million this year to take away our right to self defense and the tools to make it possible, Many politicians are right with him, criminalizing everything that possibly can become a self defense weapon, everywhere, as soon as it is discovered.

LIBERALS ARE OUTRAGED! They're always outraged when we actually DO something concrete. After 8 years of :”playing at” being at war in Afghanistan, Trump is REALLY fighting it, using the MAXIMUM of what we have, outside of nuclear arms. Obama imposed some of the most ABSURD “rules of warfare” possible so he could tell the world he was fighting the Islamic terrorists, while not really doing so. Trump means business. He means business in everything he does, and that includes whatever wars we are in, and the ones we BECOME entangled in because of the LACK of a coherent foreign policy on the part of Barack Obama.

TRUMP WAS RIGHT: He told us Obama was listening in on him during the election that elected him president. Bill Binney, a former NSA executive, says the NSA was listening in on ALL phone calls, made by ANYBODY, as well as all other electronic communications—and Trump's communications were not excluded. In fact, they were “flagged" for special notice. Maybe it's not our job to be the “world's policeman,” but SOMEBODY needs to do something about  Other former NSA people have also revealed the extent of the surveillance on ALL of us. One on national television.

50,000 TROOPS TO SYRIA? Word is, Trump is ready to send up to 50,000 troops to Syria, which is a far cry from Obama's “no boots on the ground” policy. I don't know how true that is, and I'm not criticizing him for it. I think it's high time something was done about that insane, mass murderer running the government, there, as well as the other one in N. Korea. As long as either of them still command massive armies, especially with nuclear weapons, we're all in danger. And “not escalating” and “fearing WW III” will not do it. Yes, people will die. But hopefully fewer than if those fools are left alone to grow stronger.

HILLARY ON INCOME INEQUALITY: She wore a $12,500.00 Armani jacket to a meeting to discuss “income inequality” among Americans. Which shows her complete IGNORANCE on what she espouses. And the jacket was nothing special, either. I could find something like it at the local Goodwill Store. But the point here is she is so “:tone deaf” about things as to wear such a jacket to a meeting about “income inequality.” She is the “poster child” illustrating it. And she doesn't realize it. One e-mail congratulated Armani for selling a “flour sack with sleeves” for $12,500.00 to hold 200 pounds of fertilizer.” (Posted by Dr. Eowyn on “Fellowship of the Minds)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

They Were SO Sure

Democrats predicted a landslide victory for a Democrat candidate in Kansas special election, saying it would be a repudiation of Trump. But the Republican won by 6 percentage points. So what is the big story in the liberal media today? Sean Spicer's “Hitler” faux pas. The contretemps on a United Airlines flight where a passenger was “roughed up” and dragged off an airplane so some employee could take his seat. Anything BUT the results in Kansas.

TRUMP'S SECRET SUCCESSES: They're not secret because he wants it that way. They're secret because the liberal MEDIA wants it that way. Trump has done more things in his first MONTH than Obama did in his entire 8 year tenure. But the liberal media refuses to report it, preferring to concentrate on things like his press secretary's misstatement about Hitler—or anything else they can use to fill up the news day without mentioning Trump's successes, like the field day they're having about that doctor who was DRAGGED off a United Airlines plane because he refused to leave on his own when they “bumped” him in favor of some United employees.

WW III IS ALREADY HERE! People are talking obsessively about World War III, and is Trump creating a situation that will lead to it. But the truth is, if there IS a “situation leading to it,” it's OBAMA'S fault. He was so wimpy, people have come to EXPECT it of an American president, and with Trump, they're not gonna get it! Couple that with the Islamic terrorists murdering innocent people all over the world, and World War III is already HERE! Even if people don't realize it, or just won't ADMIT it.

LETTING TERRORISTS KNOW: Trump just finished letting the Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan know what we could really do by dropping the biggest non-nuclear bomb in our arsenal, creating horrendous damage to the terrorists. No more are we going to be using the “measured response” Obama favored in dealing with the terrorists, that accomplished nothing. Our response to their atrocities in the future will be MASSIVE, and will kill many of their soldiers AND their leaders. They'd better learn that, and quit “biting at our ankles.”

LINING UP AGAINST KIM” Now he's done it. He has “stepped over the line” and he'd better be very careful in what he does next, because there are 17,000 American troops, including Seal Team 6 (of killing Osama fame) going through practice drills in S. Korea, to be nearby if needed to “take out” Kim Jong Un. He has also deployed an enhanced missile defense system designed to stop any missiles Kim might send into S. Korea. That's not to even mention the fleet he has sent into close waters to N. Korea while securing assurances from China not to interfere in any action he might take. Kim's time is coming.

ASSAD: “AH WUZ FRAMED!” He says the stories about him using chemical weapons against civilians are complete bunk. Now he's saying it is the REBELS who used chemical weapons. I don't know how true or not true that is, but he is well known to be the “mass murderer” of his own citizens, so the question is moot. There is a mass murderer running the government in Syria. So no matter what weapons he used to kill his people, he has to answer for it. He deserves no less than Saddam got, in the same way, and for the same reasons. Whether or not he used chemical weapons to kill his citizens a distinction without a difference. He is a war criminal, either way.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

David and Goliath

N. Korea's fat little dictator “warning” Trump not to try anything” or he'll “strike back horribly” reminds me of the old “David and Goliath” story, but with a little different ending. This time it will be DAVID that goes down. If Kim thinks he can significantly damage the United States with the THREE nukes in his arsenal against our HUNDREDS, He's CERTIFIABLE. But then, we already knew that about him. He's like a school bully, trying to pick a fight. But he's trying to pick a fight with somebody who can "mop the floor with him" this time.

KEEPINGT IT DEMOCRAT: Democrat Congressman Ed Pearlmutter wants to keep the Colorado Legislature in Democrat hands, so Democrats can continue to screw things up as they have been doing a lot recently, so he's one of 19 politicians with similar ideas. Former NYC Mayor Bloomberg thinks Colorado is “fertile ground” for his attempts to subvert the Constitution and disarm the honest, law-abiding populace, while criminals still have no trouble getting their guns. So he will be throwing a lot of money at Democrats, in this election.

DEMOCRATS ARE MAD! Because they got their own tactics used on them. Back when George Bush (the younger) was president, they “changed the rules” to make it impossible for Republicans to filibuster THEIR appointments to the courts, when THEY were in the majority. So now that this tactic has been used against THEM to get Gorsuch confirmed, they're wetting their panties and crying “crocodile tears,” throwing tantrums. That seems to happen to them often, because when they pull their tricks, they never think about what would happen when the GOP becomes the majority. They always think that's not possible—until it IS.

MUSLIM CHRISTIAN PERSECUTION: There is no doubt that there is a massive persecution of Christians by Muslims, worldwide. It is said that the Muslim “religion” is the fastest growing in the world. But that is mostly because they threaten people with DEATH for not “converting” to Islam, and they regularly murder Christians, everywhere. Proof? How about suicide bombers blowing up TWO Christian churches in Egypt during Palm Sunday services? Or shooting a small boy and his mom in Somalia for converting to Christianity? And those are only a few of the many examples, while Muslims regularly complain of “religious persecution” OF Muslims, which is an IMAGINARY thing with them,. Since there is good reason to dislike many Muslims, because of their many ugly practices..

NANCY'S A FOOL: Nancy Peelosi, current minority leader in the House, is now saying, “Where are the jobs?” In the first MONTH of Trump's administration! Yet new job creation is at record levels, according to Gallup. Trump has done more to increase job creation in ONE MONTH than Obama did in EIGHT YEARS in office. Actually, if he increased it by ONE JOB, he'd do better than Obama did, considering the number of new jobs we NEED, just to stay even.

TOUGH TALK, NO WALL”: More ignorant expectations. Bob Beckel, who was fired from Fox's “The Five,” and recently talked his way back on a part-time basis, made that comment just now (as this is written). Seems like liberals, all over, think Trump should be able to keep ALL his promises in the FIRST MONTH of his administration. Building a wall as long as the one he promised takes a while. Even figuring how to pay for it until the money can be gouged out of Mexico takes some time. Then there's actually BUILDING the wall, which should take years. And Beckel expects it to be built in the FIRST MONTH? Gimme a BREAK! I think firing him was a good thing for them to do. Not because he's a liberal, but because he's a FOOL.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Underestimating Trump

They underestimated Reagan, and he created the biggest, longest lasting economic BOOM in history by what?--LOWERING the tax base. Then he went on to cause the Soviet Union to fall, and the “Berlin Wall” to be torn down. Now they're underestimating Donald Trump, and have been, all along. They laughed when he “threw his hat in the ring” for president, and he “steamrollered” them. They STILL underestimate him, and it's going to cause their downfall.

CHELSEA'S BIG BRITCHES: Why do people keep interviewing this bimbo? She has never done ANYTHING real that would cause ANYBODY to be interested in what she plans to do in the future. So now she's talking about challenging Trump in the next presidential election, as if that were the most important thing in the world to us. I should remind her about 17 Republicans and 3 Democrats who tried it in the last election. Where are most of them, now? Either disappeared into the mists of history, or WORKING for Trump. She sent up a flag about running for the Senate, but that fizzled before most of America even heard about it.

WHAT ABOUT THE “RUSSIAN CONNECTION?” The Democrats are still whipping that dead horse about the “Russian Connection” and Trump's “collaboration” with them, in spite of the fact that the Russians are very angry at him for his missile attack in Syria. This is why nobody with any INTELLIGENCE would believe they would EVER try to help him become president. The IDIOCY of that whole idea is mind blowing!

WHERE ARE THE JOBS?” That's what dippy Nancy is asking. She's taking the Trump administration to task for not correcting in a month what it took the Obama administration 8 years to screw up. This bimbo continues to demonstrate her abysmal IGNORANCE in so many ways, I can't even count them, any more. Nancy Peelosi is the one, remember, who told us, “”We have to PASS the bill to find out what's IN it,” about Obamacare. As if that's how this government works. Make it into law, THEN find out what's in it.

LIBERAL HORSE MANURE: They're now saying that the only reason Susan Rice is being “targeted” is because “Trump hates black women.” What a LOAD of horse manure THAT is! They use any excuse to try and diffuse any criticism of serial liars like Rice. As to “hating black women,” where is their EVIDENCE he hates black women? If he did, it would be evident elsewhere. They also say he hates women, period. How then, do they explain Kellyanne Conway? What a bunch of LOONS the Democrats are!

TOO DUMB, I GUESS: That's what a Wisconsin undergraduate researcher thinks about black people. Her “research” has shown that black people just can't handle the intricacies of “proper English” and thus we should “embrace” Ebonics to accommodate them. In a real world, this researcher, one Erica Gallagher, would be condemned, and be called a racist. But in a world run by liberals, this “legitimizes” their “victim status,” and allows them to be “lorded over” by liberals. This is understandable, for she lives in a purely liberal world on her campus, where “looking down” on black people is common, if not advertised.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Four Million Dead People

According to Fox News' elections expert, J. Christian Adams, there are FOUR MILLION dead people registered to vote. Enough to change the possible results of any election. One person whose name is still on voter rolls died in 1944! Meanwhile, Democrats fight, “tooth and nail” to keep things just as they are. They don't want ANY impediment to their own voter fraud. Voter ID would make it more difficult for them to steal elections. Especially PHOTO ID. The article doesn't say, but I wouldn't be afraid to “bet the farm” that most of those dead voters voted Democrat.

TYPICAL ISLAMIC SPECIAL TREATMENT: In San Diego, non-Muslim students are forced to learn about Islam while they create “safe spaces” for Muslims. It's ILLEGAL for Christianity to be taught in ANY schools. Why is it not only legal, but REQUIRED to teach students about Islam? I have nothing against Muslims, per se, but I DO have something against giving them, or ANY group special treatment, in anything. And I'm seeing Muslims given special treatment all over America, which is a BIG MISTAKE. They'll take it, and demand more.

THE USUAL SUSPECTS: Iran, Syria, Russia, and maybe a few other “usual suspects” have condemned Trump's attack on a Syrian airfield, from which deadly to CHILDREN chemical weapons war crimes attacks that killed 30 CHILDREN were launched. These people are EXPECTED to condemn Trump's attack, which sent a message to the world: “You can no longer mess with us!” We're no longer the WIMPS the Obama administration was. If not for Obama's wimpiness, maybe this attack would not have been necessary.

TEMPEST IN A TEAPOT: The bimbo running Mother Jones” magazine has decided that Indians are getting pissed off at the government's use of the word, “Tomahawk” as a name for some of their missiles. It's a typical liberal whine over NOTHING, while the world is on the brink of a nuclear war with a country run by an insane tyrant. If there were ANYTHING less important than the name of a missile type, I don't know what is, but some liberal dumb-butt will find it, and make an issue of it.

ONLY AN IDIOT”: Would still think Trump and, Putin are friends. But Democrats do, which tells me a lot about their intelligence....and it should tell you something, too. When Democrats get something in their heads, no amount of logic, common sense, or FACTS will dissuade them from it. They go right on pushing it, no matter how many times it has been convincingly debunked, and insult people who try to set them straight.

Friday, April 7, 2017

It's Nothing New

Democrats want to push the idea that requiring only 51 votes to confirm a Supreme Court Justice is something historically new. That it “throws away centuries of procedure and shreds the Constitution.” It does NOT. It is a Senate Rule only, and is subject to being changed at any time by a simple majority vote in the Senate. They call it “the nuclear option,” which tries to convince you it is more important than it is. The truth is, it was changed in 2003 by the DEMOCRATS to block Bush's lower court nominations, and can be changed back at any time. And that's what the Republicans did, to the howls of anguish of the Democrats. With their usual “crocodile tears.”

GRANDSTAND PLAY FAILS: A Kentucky politician, KY House Caucus Leader Mike Stewart (Dem, of course) set up a “lemonade/gun stand” to prove how easy it is to sell a gun privately without a background check. Only problem? Nobody bought it. So his “Ah ha! Moment” was more like “uh....” Add to that the fact that he bought the gun from a private seller and had to undergo a background check, himself, which, in itself', negates his premise. Nobody bought any lemonade or cookies, either, in the 48 minutes he waited for a buyer.

LIBERAL NEWS WRONG AGAIN: They routinely call Ann Coulter racist. How then, do they account for the long friendship she has enjoyed with “Good Times” star, Jimmy Walker, who is black. What kind of racist dates a black man? This points up a fact that is rife in the liberal media. That they commonly say people are racist, who are NOT. And every once in a while, they get proven wrong, as they have in this case. It proves, once again, that what they say cannot be depended upon. Following the actions of Barack Obama, they label ANYBODY who has a different opinion than theirs, a racist.

GORSUCH CONFIRMED: Democrats “did their best” or “worst,” according to your viewpoint, to get Judge Gorsuch's appointment to the Supreme court rejected, to no avail. But they knew that, going in. They, themselves, gave the Republicans the tool to “shut them down” when THEY changed the rules so they could overcome Republican opposition to their own appointment of lower level judges to the bench, so they could “pack the court” with liberals to get done what they could not get done in Congress.

TRUMP MEANS IT”: Trump's missile attack on a Syrian airfield sends a message to all who oppose him that “there's a new sheriff in town,” who will NOT allow them to do what they wish, against international law, with impunity. Obama “drew a red line” for Syria in the past, and when it came to actually DOING something instead of “sending hard words” NOT backed up by action. Trump is telling all of them—Syria, Iran, Russia, N. Korea, and the Islamic terrorists worldwide, that we are no longer the “paper tiger” we were under that wimp, Obama.

NOW THAT'S REAL NEWS! And welcome. It's the first time I've heard of Schumer or Peelosi praising ANYTHING Trump has done. But they fully approve of his action in Syria to tell Assad he no longer will get away with murdering civilians with chemical weapons—weapons he assured everybody falsely that he no longer had. He must now realize that the world is watching, and he will no longer NOT be “called to account” when he commits war crimes and works AGAINST international law and the treaties he has signed. Trump's action has also sent a signal to other countries that Obama's “paper tiger” government is OVER.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

A Gun Is A Gun

The anti-gun fools are now saying that, since the Founding Fathers could not have even imagined an assault weapon, the constitutional protections on such guns aren't covered in the Constitution. How STUPID is that? A gun is a gun, is a gun!” when they wrote that “Americans' right to be armed WILL NOT BE INFRINGED,” they specified NO specific gun, but spoke ONLY about ARMS. So their words cover “assault weapons,” too. They ARE “arms,” and their ownership and use is PROTECTED in the Constitution, no matter what the anti-gun fools say.

FERGUSON LIBERALS OUTRAGED: TThey thought they had succeeded in “poisoning the well” in Ferguson, MO, with that phony “hands up, don't shoot” crap that no white man could ever again be elected mayor there. So when the white mayor was RE-ELECTED against a black WOMAN, they “lost their minds.” Seems like “wiser heads prevailed,” and that infuriates liberals. Still didn't help that innocent cop,who just did his job, and whose career was ruined by their lies.

DON'T GET EXCITED: Democrats have already started “impeachment proceedings” against President Trump.” For what, I don't know. But I'll bet they'll come up with something phony, like the “Russian Connection,” that they will build like a molehill into a mountain. But their efforts will be for naught, since it takes something REAL to impeach a president. There were many “impeachment proceedings” started against Obama, that never went anywhere. Sometimes even something REAL doesn't get the job of removing him from office done, as was proven with Democrat Bill Clinton.

NOW THEY'RE AFTER O'REILLY: CNN is “leading the charge” to “defund” Bill O'reilly. I guess now that a woman (or several women) have “come out of the woodwork to accuse him of sexual impropriety, they figure they can get rid of their “worst enemy,” The O'Reilly Factor.” Bill scares the hell out opf them because he not only tells it like it IS, he does it to an audience that's bigger than theirs. It's a known factor that when one woman sees a possible payday by accusing an innocent man of sexual impropriety, others follow suit, for their own paydays. It's too bad that the only thing necessary to ruin a man's reputation is the unsupported word of one woman.

DETERMINED TO COMMIT SUICIDE: Kim Jung Un, the fat little ugly dictator of North Korea is “cruisin' for a bruisin” with his continued nuclear missile tests. China is his chief backer, and even they are disturbed, because they want stability more than anything else, and he is “rocking the boat” mightily. He may even bring nuclear disaster on himself. Since he's so hard to locate, we may have to dispose of his entire country to get him, even though most of them may be against him, if they DARED to say so.

BEATING A DEAD HORSE: Democrats keep harping on the “Russian Connection,” saying Trump collaborated with the Russians to keep Hillary from being elected. In addition to there being NO EVIDENCE of this, there is the question of how helping Trump get elected would help Russia in their quest to run the world with their stupid socialist government? Why the hell would they WANT Trump in the White House? The whole idea is STUPID as well as illogical. Having Trump as president is their worst nightmare.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Susan Rice: Serial Liar

You can't even ask if Susan is a human being without her lying about it. She's the one who lied for weeks about a stupid video being responsible for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, when actually, it was the orders given by Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State that led to the attack, and the deaths. Now they're asking her if she had sensitive American names “unmasked” for political purposes after they were recorded on a wiretap of a foreign agent, and she says, “I din't do nuffing” I don't believe her lie now, any more than I did before. And neither should anybody else.

MILLIONS WITHOUT HEALTH INSURANCE: That's the argument the Democrats use when we talk about repealing Obamacare. Yes, a lot of people would lose the “health care insurance” Obamacare FORCED them to buy, sometimes at THREE TIMES what they were paying before, with deductibles in the THOUSANDS of dollars, making their “insurance” USELESS. Just how much is that kind of “insurance” worth, anyway? Hopefully, what the Republicans come up with will get rid of such things, but they need to repeal Obamacare first.

DEMOCRATS' FORLORN HOPE: They think they can stop the confirmation of Judge Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. At least, that's what they SAY. But everybody knows that the Republicans can use the very change put in place by Democrats to ruin their plans and get him confirmed over their forlorn objections. They say they want a justice that will rule according to the law, not his own prejudices. But that's what they HAVE in Gorsuch, and they won't admit it. They say if Gorsuch can't get 60 votes, Trump needs to nominate someone who can. That means a LIBERAL judge who will vote their way. Not gonna happen!

TITS ON A BOAR: Nikki Haley, the U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations, is asking a toothless paper tiger to go out and bite somebody who is responsible for the deaths of many people, including many CHILDREN. The most recent atrocity in Syria is the Syrian government using chemical weapons on its citizens against UN orders, and killing many, including more CHILDREN. She's asking an organization that has consistently failed to help “keep the peace” to go out and do what's necessary to “keep the peace.”

McAULIFFE STRIKES AGAIN! Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe recently vetoed a measure in Virginia to allow women who have a restraining order out against someone to carry a gun while waiting for a carry permit to be approved. He said, “Bypassing the concealed carry process perpetuates the dangerous fiction that victims of domestic violence will be safer by arming themselves.” Thereby exposing his dangerous STUPIDITY about guns. It's NOT “a dangerous FICTION,” it's TRUTH. And he's too STUPID to realize it.

MAKING IT UP: After the “Gun Violence Archive" saw a notice in the news about a guy who tried to steal a gun from a gun show who was held by other attendees for the cops, they added it to their list of “gun violence” reports, Yeah, right! That was “gun violence,” wasn't it? This is how they operate. Anything having ANYTHING to do with a gun, they call “gun violence.” That way they can cite bigger numbers than are real. That's how they come up with those “impressive numbers” they cite.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

"Surrounded By Wealthy People"

Democrats make a big thing about Trump being “surrounded by millionaires and billionaires,” completely ignoring the fact that ALL presidential administrations are similarly “surrounded by the rich.” They just want us to forget that. Look back at the most recent Democrat administrations, in which the president appointed many very RICH people to important offices. They just didn't tell you how much they were worth, and the Republicans didn't make an issue out of it, as they are doing.

ALL GUN LAWS UNCONSTITUTIONAL: Every one of them. The Constitution says categorically, that, “the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed.” That's simple and easy to understand language, unlike that used to make many laws. It means our right to own and use a gun “shall NOT be infringed.” Yet every law the anti-gun fools make, so far, INFRINGES on that right. They say that adding requirements to be “”allowed” to have or carry a gun is a “common sense requirement,” but in reality, it is an INFRINGEMENT. It presupposes that they have a right to limit that right. They do NOT.

MUSLIM SUPREMACY: There's a lot of talk about “white supremacy,” but it's all a fantasy. There is no su\ch thing as white supremacy. But there seems to be MUSLIM supremacy. At least to United Airlines, who recently made a woman change seats because a Muslim man refused to sit beside her. What the hell's WRONG with Muslims that they're AFRAID to even sit beside a woman without wanting to rape her? The reason many companies bend over backward for Muslims is they “work the system” by suing over the slightest "insult," real or imagined, claiming religious discrimination where none exists.

TRUMP DIDN'T WIN”: New DNC Chair Perez says “Trump Didn't win the election.” Really? Then why is he sitting in the Oval Office shredding as many things done by Obama and the rest of the Democrats as he can? Looks like Perez is just as stupid as “Wild-Haired Debbie” or “Donna the ignorant.” He just doesn't credit reality. He'd better learn, Trump DID win the election and Perez has at least four years to stay stupid. Somebody better slap him down and wake him up.

DISCOUNT THE DNC CHAIR: You can discount everything the Democrat Party Chair Perez says. He has proven himself to be a boob by his own words. Nobody, least of all him, believes the crap he's saying, today. Okay,. Maybe some Democrats do, but the ones who do are boobs, too. He said, “Trump didn't win the election,” when it's obvious that he DID. He says the Republicans “don't give a sh-t about people,” which is demonstrably false, too. If he BELIEVES those things, he's ignorant, even stupid. And he won his position against a dedicated Muslim who is an “enemy of the people.” Because he will be better at it than the Muslim. His very method of speaking shows he is a “crazy man.”

LIBERAL FREE SPEECH: Liberals always talk about freedom of speech, but that only applies to THEIR freedom of speech. If you disagree with them you can count on being called names and having them turn their backs on you at the very least. Otherwise, they're liable to assault you. If you're a conservative speaker there to make a speech, they'll RIOT to keep you from saying a word. They'll say they are only PRACTICING freedom of speech when they riot to shut conservatives up.