Monday, August 31, 2015

Hillary's Orange Jump Suit

It looks a lot like the orange jumpsuit prisoners wear in the clink. Maybe she's getting a “head start” on what she'll be wearing soon? I figure it won't be long before she is wearing orange on a regular basis, unless Obama comes to her rescue with a pardon “for all crimes past and future,” like Ford did for Nixon, which is all that kept HIM out of prison after he resigned from the presidency. I may be dreaming, but it's nice to contemplate Hillary wearing a prison orange jumpsuit.

DON'T INSTILL CHRISTIANITY”: Atheists are telling football coaches “not to instill Christianity in the minds of vulnerable young men.” Who the hell do they think they are to be giving orders to football coaches? What makes them think their atheist religion is better than Christianity? What the hell makes them think they can “give orders” to Christians not to spread their religion? Atheists are certainly trying hard to spread their manure. Coaches, just tell them to “screw off.”

SATANISTS SUPPORT PLANNED PARENTHOOD: Not surprising. Satanists will support an organization that kills babies because one is both just as evil as the other. The fact that Satanists support Planned Parenthood tells me something about PP. Planned Parenthood people CAN'T be Christians (for real) although they might CLAIM to be. They're stupid that way. Satanists and atheists ought to put their religions together. They're both evil and arrogant. Not to mention stupid.

VACATION CRITICISM: Obama is on ….what? His 50th “vacation” this year at the expense of the taxpayers? Not to mention all the OTHER “vacations” his wife has taken, where she reserves entire FLOORS of $1,000.00 a night per room hotels, and flies in a different plane from Obama. I guess she doesn't like his company if she is not forced to suffer it. Oh, well. I guess she can just text somebody while the Pledge of Allegiance is being recited, as usual. Anyway, while he is ON vacation, he is criticizing Congress for taking a vacation. Doesn't he know what that looks like? Or does he even CARE?

WITH NINE MAGAZINES? Somebody said the guy in the train station in France wasn't there to “Shoot up the place.” He was “just” going to ROB the train. What a load of manure! You don't go in with an automatic weapon and NINE loaded magazines, a handgun, and a knife for a simple robbery. This guy was “loaded for bear.” Only the speed and surprise of the guys who “took him down,” plus his lack of martial skill avoided a bloodbath. The guy is a KNOWN Muslim extremist that the “authorities” knew about and were “tracking,”, but had yet to even approach. Watch Obama say it was “NOT a terrorist act.”

PROUD MURDERER: The CEO of “StemExpress” brags that Planned Parenthood provides lots of “intact fetuses.” Translation, the killer provides lots of complete dead babies. They try very hard to make it look like just a business, like any other. But it is a “murder factory,” and our own holocaust. Instead of killing Jews, adults and children, as Hitler did (Margaret Sanger, their founder and a proud racist in a world where racism was accepted, proudly proclaimed her organization could “help cleanse this nation:” by killing lots of black babies), we just kill black babies (and some white babies, too) What kind of crud does it take to ACCEPT such a thing, I don't know. I just know I wouldn't want to associate with such evil. Obama and Hillary both approve. Throw both on the trash heap where they belong.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

"Cutting Cow Farts"

This government is making a big thing out of “cutting methane emissions.” Translation, "tax cow farts." They now have a tax on farmers that constitutes a fee for each cow they own, using cow farts as an excuse, estimating the number of times that cow farts and “emits methane gas.” We once talked about this as a joke. But, like with many of our jokes, liberals have made it REAL. It's a really damned fool way to increase taxation, but “fool's money” spends as well as any other kind. And much of what they lay on us is “fool's taxes.” Of course, this does nothing to “cut cow farts.” It just lets them PROFIT on each one.

HILLARY INSULTS OUR INTELLIGENCE: She says, “Nothing I did was illegal.” I can't believe she's so STUPID as to BELIEVE that! Now her “sycophants” are saying, “If she broke the law, those laws are stupid. Both she AND these people are too dumb to know how stupid they sound. This may finally destroy any possibility of her EVER becoming president, as it should. Anybody with no more intelligence than she has should ever be president. It completely amazes me to think she thinks we will believe that in 4 years as Secretary of State, she didn't send, or receive ONE “classified e-mail” on her personal service. And she didn't HAVE another--at least, she SAYS she didn't.

NOT A CRIME? Everett Mitchell, of The University of Wisconsin thinks stealing from stores like Wal-Mart should not be prosecuted because they have insurance. I got a clue for this FOOL. Stealing is still stealing, even if they do have insurance. If nobody stole from them they could KEEP the money they spend on insurance, and the insurance company wouldn't have to pay them for it, so the thieves have a share of stealing that money, too. And this guy is a lawyer! He needs to be disbarred for giving phony legal advice. And he can't even speak in proper English. “....them places!" Really! Damn, there are some really STUPID people in “high places!”

HILLARY'S SECOND SERVER? Now they're saying HIllary may have had a second server, which she used for her classified messages. She SAYS she didn't. But I've always thought she may have had one, so she could “turn over her server” without giving them anything. There is nobody more devious than this, witch, so I'm not a bit surprised. They'd better quit giving her the “kid glove” treatment and really go after her.

DIED OF NATURAL CAUSES: An illegal alien shot a cop who pulled him over on a traffic charge. When the cops found him later hiding in the woods, he fired on them, and they put 68 bullets in him. When a liberal reporter asked why they shot “this poor 'undocumented immigrant' 68 times,” the sheriff told him because that's all the bullets they had. The coroner said he “died of natural causes.” When asked to clarify how that is, he replied, “With 68 bullets in you, it's natural that you die.” That's my kind of sheriff, and my kind of coroner.

LEFT-WING DINGBATS: This is a little long, but I couldn't resist it: After Diane Feinstein said that returning veterans are ALL “insane,” the LA Times wrote this: "Frankly, I don't know what it is about California , but we seem to have a strange urge to elect really obnoxious women to high office. I'm not bragging, you understand, but no other state, including Maine, even comes close. When it comes to sending left-wing dingbats to Washington, we're number one. There's no getting around the fact that the last time anyone saw the likes of Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Maxine Waters, And Nancy Pelosi , they were stirring a cauldron when the curtain went up on ' Macbeth '. The four of them are like jackasses who happen to possess the gift of blab. You don't know if you should condemn them for their stupidity or simply marvel at their ability to form words." -Columnist Burt Prelutsky,

HILLARY BUSTS A MOVE”: Oh, WOW! Hillary acting like a human being, and the media goes nuts! She's on the dance floor with hubby Bill going back and forth from one foot to the other with no sign of any kind of dancing talent. It's like watching a loop do the same thing, over and over. She's wearing what appears to be a tent, over her pants. Does this woman OWN a skirt? She looks like fat Mao with long hair. The media CALLS what she's doing, “bustin' a move.” I call it, “no talent jumping back and forth.” Very repetitious. I notice Bill is “dancing” closer to the other woman. Surprise!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Forced to Go to Mosque?

They're trying that in Tulsa. They told the police chief that, since no cops “volunteered” to go to a Mosque and “learn” (be conditioned) about Islam, he should make it mandatory. He refused, and was fired. Today it's the cops. Tomorrow it's you and I. I got a clue for them. Don't try it on me. They'll find out just how Americans can be INDIVIDUALISTS. If they try and FORCE me to go to a mosque and “learn” about Islam, they can go 1to HELL! They'll "learn" all about a fist to the nose." They can take it and stick it right where they sit! Sideways

HATE THE TRUTH? Liberals say “conservatives hate the truth.” What a bunch of stinky brown stuff THAT is! We don't “hate the truth,” we hate the liberal's version of the “truth,” which is usually a LIE. They really think they can turn a lie into the truth by SAYING it is truth. But intelligent people (who tend to be conservative) know the difference, and reject it. Like Obama's TV campaign to make us THINK his Iran deal is a good one. We know better, so it's money wasted. Our money, of course, He never spends his own.

ROCKETS TO FALL ON TEL AVIV”: Obama told a bunch of Israelis the other day that if his Iran Agreement is rejected, “rockets will fall on Tel Aviv.” So what else is new? Rockets fall on Israel every day, and the world's press ignores it, preferring to concentrate on what Israel does in response, calling it “unwarranted attacks.” If rocket bombing Israel makes it “unprovoked”, I'll be damned. Muslims called the Crusades “unprovoked,” but they weren't. Like Israel's responses, it was a RESPONSE to Muslim outrages.

TOO DESCRIPTIVE: Liberals don't like the term, “anchor babies” because it's too descriptive. They prefer, “anchor fetuses” which dehumanizes the babies they kill. They feel they have to “dehumanize” the babies they kill to avoid the punishment that should ultimately be meted out to the murderers in and out of Planned Parenthood. They like to call the babies they murder “fetuses,” or “tissue samples,” etc. To avoid the “sight picture” of small dead babies being cut up like cows in a butcher shop and their parts sold for profit.

ALL LIVES MATTER! Was there ever a question about that among INTELLIGENT people? Some of those “black lives matter” folks get mad whenever someone says that ALL lives matter. What their reasoning is, I don't know. But, of course, the people screaming “Black lives matter” aren't known for their logic. Some of them have even been known to deny the very EXISTENCE of logic AND reason. But then, we also know that “black lives matter” is just a front for people who think COP lives should be forfeit. They're mostly thugs and criminals, but who's counting?

INVESTIGATE” THE WHISTLEBLOWER!” Planned Parenthood is murdering babies by the THOUSANDS, every day, and selling their body parts, for profit. They're even cutting into babie's heads while their hearts are still beating so they can “get a healthy brain.” But are they being investigated by the government? Not even! This government is SUPPORTING them and giving them $BILLIONS of out pockets, and have opened an “investigation” into their ACCUSERS! Is this a CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT, or what?

Friday, August 28, 2015

Michelle for President?

Obama thinks he has found a “legal” way to stay in the White House. Just run his wife for president with him pulling the strings from the back room. What he doesn't know—or just won't admit, is that the electorate, which is a lot smarter about him now, after almost eight years of his lawlessness, most likely won't elect ANY Democrat, at least, in this election cycle. You can't use the old “Southern method” George Wallace used to “get around” election laws when he ran his wife as an “interim” governor until he could run again without “succeeding himself.” ANYBODY who would vote for Michelle is “dumb as a stump,” and shouldn't be allowed to vote for either side. I think if Michelle thought she could get away with it, she would, because she doesn't want to lose the “Air Force One” lifestyle to which she has become accustomed.

DIA DOESN'T WANT THEM: Denver International Airport has refused the application of Chick-fil-A to put a restaurant out there because they're against gay marriage. And they have the GALL to openly say this is the reason for the refusal. Their position on a political issue with which the “powers that be” at DIA don't agree. Boy, we “live in interesting times,” don't we? People used to use other excuses to obfuscate their reasons for such decisions. Now they're “right out front” with their illegal reasons. It's too bad DIA is owned by the City of Denver so that politicians can make such decisions, based only on POLITICS, and think they can get away with it, as long as liberal Democrats are still "in charge."

BUILT ON A LIE”: Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark (himself a black man) says the “Black Lives Matter” movement is based on a LIE. And he is SO right! That lie his fellow criminals told in Ferguson, MO, told about when Mike Brown was killed while trying his best to kill a white cop, that he “had his hands up- and was shouting 'don't shoot, don't shoot!' “ They TESTIFIED to this in court, but were not punished when it turned out to BE a lie because the police politicians were so afraid of the black rioters they wanted to do everything they could to mollify them. It has turned into a “vote-getting” organization for black people who are gullible and are already cop-haters.

BYPASSING CONGRESS”: Obama is “Tired of having to deal with Congress” and says many people want him to just “bypass Congress.” He actually talked about that in public. Well, before a bunch of “progressive liberals,” that is. Of course, we know liberals are all mostly socialists, and progressives are communists (both of which are different forms of collectivism). But “bypassing Congress” is in violation of the Constitution, which is the BASIS for ALL our laws. Congress is his EQUAL. It is NOT subservient to him. He CANNOT legally “bypass Congress” in making laws. That is a “high crime” and subjects him to the danger of being IMPEACHED. And it should.

TO HELL WITH 'EM: Reporters seem to be uniformly giving presidential candidates hell over use of the term, “anchor babies,” and several of them are telling them to “go to hell.” Trump frankly said, “I'll use those words if I think it's appropriate!” Jeb Bush told the reporter, “If you can find a better term, I'll use it. Until then, I'll use what I feel appropriate” (or words to that effect). These fools still think they can control the words people use, but they seem to be losing traction on that “PC thing.” For my part, I don't recognize their “dictated words.” I use words I consider appropriate, and political correctness be damned.

LIBERAL PHONINESS: In at least TWO cases, “black leaders” have been shown to be whites, PRETENDING to be black. Which tells me we should check on the “bona-fides” or ALL “liberal leaders.” Not just the supposed black ones. Look into Al Sharpton's background and see if he isn't a white man in black face. Then Jesse Jackson and “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan. Check further into Obama's claims to be an American citizen and thus QUALIFIED to be president. If he's not, can we reverse all the socialist policies he has set in motion while “bypassing Congress?” And maybe send him to prison for swindling the nation? I doubt it'll ever happen, but we can hope, can't we?

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Why Vote For Biden?

The Democrats are in big trouble if they're putting up Joe Biden as the “non-Hillary choice.” If they have nobody better than that, they're LOST. The thing Biden is best known fort is his gaffes. I Doubt if, in the long run, he could win an election for dog catcher now that we know him. I know, he won a Senate seat in the past, and he DID win the vice-presidency on Obama's coat-tails. But the more we get to know him, the less we want his “shaky hand” on the nuclear trigger OR the policy switch. If he's the best they've got, it'll take a lot of stupidity for the Republicans to lose.

ONLY IN BALTIMORE: Fox 5 reporter Emily Miller was told by the Baltimore Police Chief that the reason for the extremely high murder rate since their “war on the cops” started is “high capacity magazines.” I don't know where they find these FOOLS to put in high-ranking positions in Baltimore, but they can't be LESS intelligent than this. I'd mention that most of those fools in various high offices there are women, but then they'd fall back on the “sexist” scam. It makes you wonder. But I have to ask, “What's she SMOKING?” If I were a druggie, I'd want some. It's because of the “war on cops,” stupid! Is it something in the AIR in the North East?

THE “CORPSE FLOWER”: This is the second day Denver Channel 9 has had a reporter concentrate ALL her time on the blooming of the stinking “corpse flower” to the complete exclusion of all other news. And she's still there, interviewing people who have lined up around the block to see it and SMELL it. It's named “corpse flower” because that's what it's supposed to smell like (ick!). Why people WANT to smell it is beyond me. But then, I'm an INTELLIGENT person. Now they're talking about “micro breweries in Indianapolis.” Boy! Channel 9 is really on top of the news! (sic)

SHOULD WE JAIL HILLARY?” Trump says they should, and he's right. Even if you hate him (and most Democrats, and some elite Republicans do), he's STILL right. But will they? Doubtful. They're already treating her “with kid gloves” by the way they TOOK her server (IF they really got more than an empty box that never contained any of her e-mails). If it were ME, they'd have raided me with guns drawn, handcuffed me, and take ALL my computer equipment, and I'd never get it back. That's even if they CAN'T charge me with anything. But with her, they go to her, with hat in hand, and say, “Please, Hillary, ma'am, would you give us your server, pretty please, huh?” As long as Obama or somebody like him is in power, there'll be no “charges.”

DID SHE WIPE IT? Hillary “shrugs off” the question, asked by a Fox reporter with a joke about “wiping her server off with a rag"—as if she didn't know what he was asking. To me, that's a “YES” answer, just as clearly as if she had SAID “yes.” The very fact she wouldn't answer tells me she doesn't want to register a “yes” answer or a lying “no.” So I guess they'll have to find some scam to avoid actually charging her with a crime. She's a DEMOCRAT, after all.

DISRESPECTING” HILLARY: Some liberals (Democrats) are saying that Fox News reporter “disrespected” Hillary when he asked her if she “wiped” her e-mail server. Of course, that's common Democrat scam in action. Instead of answering the question, attack the questioner. Nobody is “disrespecting” ANYBODY by asking a question she rightly should have answered long ago, but didn't. It's the media's RESPONSIBILITY to ask such questions, and get ANSWERS. And it's Hillary's responsibility to ANSWER the questions, not make jokes about it while avoiding the questions.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Typical Government Incompetence

The toxic spill on the Animus River in Colorado is a typical example of government incompetence. Most governmental incompetence is covered up, but there's no way to cover up an entire yellow river that'll kill you if you drink any of its water. They came in to help stop a SMALL leakage into the river from an old mine, and incompetently created a major disaster. They DID admit their culpability though, it would be impossible to HIDE it in this case. But it does make you wonder about how many other areas are there in which their incompetence causes, rather than stems bad things?

AMERICAN WAKE-UP CALL: The popularity of Donald Trump should be a “wake-up call” to politicians, everywhere. Even Ben Carson can't pass him by and his popularity (second) should also wake us up. In many other elections, both these men would be relegated to the status of “also rans.” But not in today's atmosphere. We're tired of “politics as usual” and go for such people because they REALLY ARE “outsiders.” Trump is a PROVEN leader who made for himself a massive fortune by his skill in management of large organizations. Liberals hate that, which should tell us it's what we WANT. Carson proved his guts by what he said with Obama right at the table to his right. These are the kind of people we WANT to run this country.

MAKING YOUR OWN SYMBOLS: Now liberals are saying the POW/MIA flag is racist. “This week, Newsweek published an opinion claiming that the POW/MIA flag is a 'racist flag' that 'spreads a pernicious myth' and "is useful only to venal right-wing politicians who wish to exploit hatred by calling it heritage." They forget they're free to print such drivel BECAUSE of the people represented by that flag. Otherwise, their every word would have to be APPROVED by the government. It's nice to think you have the right to DEFINE things as “racist.” But that doesn't make it so.

HATING HILLARY: Some people say I HATE Hillary. But I don't. I just have no use for her, or her socialist positions, or her criminal actions, which she is stonewalling right now. Turning over an EMPTY server and CLAIMING it is the server that she used for her private e-mail, used while she was Secretary of State is her latest criminal act, and she is rightly under a CRIMINAL investigation by the FBI, even while she is running for president. And that investigation is NOT “politics as usual,” it is predicated on her criminal ACTIONS, right along, turning over this EMPTY server box is just the latest.

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? Liberals are now asking “What's the difference between the Oath Keepers and ISIS?” Because four heavily armed men identifying themselves as members of the Oath Keepers came to Ferguson, MO, saying they're “determined to protect the Constitution.” The answer is simple: the Oath Keepers have not beheaded anybody. They haven't raped or KILLED anybody. They haven't taken over any territory by force of arms. What part of that don't liberals UNDERSTAND? Damn there are really some STUPID liberals. Most of them, actually.

NY GOV CUOMO DEFENDS PP: NY Governor Cuomo says, “leave Planned Parenthood alone.” A better way to ensure he will not be re-elected (nor elected to ANY office in the future) I cannot see, except to defend a bunch of serial killers whose targets are unborn (and some BORN) infants who can't defend themselves, and who never even get a CHANCE at life. Most of them black, of course, since their founder was a racist who wanted to kill as many black babies as possible to “clean up America.” Don't just "defund" Planned Parenthood. Raid them, arrest them, put them in PRISON and execute as many of them as can be proved to have a personal hand in killing those babies.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Why Won't She Answer?

Hillary just WON'T answer questions about “wiping” her e-mail server. She even got into a shouting match with a Fox reporter over it, and even tried a lame joke about “wiping the server with a rag” (like she was stupid) to avoid answering. There's a good reason for not answering. If she answers and lies, it will come back to haunt her, later. And if she tells the truth, she may convict herself of a crime. She's ultimately going to be convicted, but she hopes not. She hopes Obama will do like Ford did for Nixon, and pardon her for “all and sundry crimes,” known or unknown. She might not go to prison, but her political career will be over.

ABORTIONIST IMPRISONED: Kermit Gosnell was imprisoned for life for killing babies that survived an abortion attempt. Planned Parenthood has done the same thing (many times), and are being SUPPORTED by many liberals (and some conservatives, too) by none other than the the PRESIDENT, and at least ONE would-be president, Hillary Clinton. Since when is condoning infant MURDER something a would-be president OR A “SITTING” president should do? That makes BOTH of them criminals—guilty before AND after the fact.

OBAMA HATES FRACKING: Because it is threatening to improve the economy—and Obama doesn't want that—it would mess up his efforts to make this into a socialist nation. He could no longer blame “capitalism” for the economic failure HE created by spending more money than there IS, and borrowing to the hilt from one of our ENEMIES, communist China. So he has written a “flurry” of EPA “regulations” that, if enacted, will destroy any economic advantage fracking can create. This guy is POISON for this country, and he MUST be stopped, whatever (legally) it takes. His policies are responsible for the market problems we are now suffering.

INCRIMINATING MILITIAS: The FBI, soon after the Garland, Texas Islamic Muslim attack on a bunch of cartoonists for drawing pictures of “The Prophet,” circulated an “advisory” alerting the locals to the “fact” that “home-grown right-wing militias” were planning attacks on mosques and other Muslim installations and institutions, and even individual Muslims. A bald-faced attempt to incriminate “right-wingers,” who are contemplating no such thing). It's a typical liberal attempt to incriminate their critics by innuendo, and WITHOUT any kind of PROOF of anything that they can, or HAVE provided. They even “limited” distribution of this “advisory” to keep “outsiders” from knowing. But it leaked.

SENDING TROOPS AGAINST ISIS? They're making a “big thing” about GOP candidates “waffling” about sending “ground troops” against ISIS (or any Islamic terrorists, under whatever name they operate). Why is that? The answer should be simple to INTELLIGENT people. Send in as many “ground troops” as it takes to completely WIPE OUT Islamic terrorism, wherever it raises its ugly head. Chop it off, like they do to OUR people. Obama doesn't have the guts, so at least ONE of the Republicans (probably trump) MUST have enough.

WHY CLOSE GITMO? So far, Obama has not given us a REAL reason why he should close GITMO and OPEN a site in which to keep terrorists we capture in the act of killing Americans all over the world. But he's going ahead with it, anyway. If they are brought here for imprisonment, they gain “rights” they have no right to have, and many of them will end up being released IN the United States, to kill more Americans. Why? So Obama can keep an INSANE campaign promise to his liberals allies. Meanwhile, Americans die. But he doesn't care.

IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN: The “Minuteman Review” is asking “What would you do if Hillary (if she became president) banned your version of the Bible because she deemed it to be a 'threat' to her control?” And if she put out an “approved” version for you to read? It ain't gonna happen. If she TRIED, there'd be a revolution before morning. She would be unseated, imprisoned, maybe even executed. There are some things you don't mess with in America, and the government has already TRIED to mess with religious freedom. I'm waiting for the upheaval. King James might have done it in the past, but there was no Constitution, then.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Replacing Obamacare

Every politician talks about “replacing Obamacare. What the hell FOR? Why do we need to REPLACE Obamacare? Why does the GOVERNMENT have to [pay for health insurance for individuals? That's the “upshot” of it. Obama promised it. Her promised that Obamacare would REDUCE health care insurance costs by HALF. In reality, it INCREASED health care insurance rates by DOUBLE, and deductibles increased so much (thousands of dollars) as to make the insurance WORTHLESS. What the hell GOOD is it?

YOU CAN PREDICT THIS STUFF: I predicted that the FBI would “resurrect” what had been on Hillary's server (IF that was actually THE server and not just some derelict old “server” masquerading as her server) and the FBI has announced that, “yes, they CAN “resurrect” it. Anybody who has even a rudimentary knowledge of computers (which is about my level of knowledge of computers) knows it's very hard to TOTALLY wipe a hard drive—ever. Not for the really computer savvy. But then, I doubt her e-mails were ever on this particular “server” so they're not going to find anything, and she'll just CLAIM they just couldn't bring any of her e-mails up.

IT AIN'T REALLY FREE: Socialist politicians have learned that the best way to get votes is to promise something “free,” even if you know you can't provide it. Usually, nobody finds out it ain't really free until AFTER you've been elected, and then you can always obfuscate the issue. With Hillary, it's “free tuition” for their kids. But it ain't free for everybody, of course. In New Hampshire alone, increased taxes will hit 23,000 families, and her “plan” is the most complicated scheme, ever. So nobody can really say it's phony and prove it. That's how it always is. Make it as complicated as possible so nobody can understand it.

IT'S STILL ILLEGAL: Hillary may have thought she'd get away with “wiping” the server she had hidden in a bathroom, so nobody could ever get anything off it. WRONG! Nothing ever goes COMPLETELY away in the computer world. But it was a futile effort, anyway, as attempting to “wipe” information from a server under subpoena is still a CRIME, punishable by imprisonment (and it's not your decision whether or not the messages are private). And if that IS the real server she used, there WILL be data still available. But I'm sure there isn't. Knowing Hillary, it's just a “stand-in” for the real one, which was probably burned up or BLOWN up, out in the woods, somewhere—which is the only way to COMPLETELY “wipe it.”

IT DEPENDS ON THE DEFINITION OF “WIPED”: Hillary tried valiantly to deflect questions about whether or not she “wiped” her e-mail server by “playing dumb.” When asked about “wiping” the server, she asked, “What? You mean with a cloth or something?” Like she had no idea what was meant by the question. Clue: she IS “dumb,” but not about computers, only about what constitutes a CRIME. That's how corrupt politicians have deflected questions abut their “crimes” from “time immemorial.” Just “play dumb” and “change the definition” of the words. She learned that from Bill—or he learned it from her.

TARGET DOERS STUPID THING: They “bowed to their bosses (liberals) and tugged at their forelocks when they spoke, then eliminated reference to sex in their stores because they didn't want children to be worried about their “sexual identity.” Never mind their customers are either make or female. That can't be changed, naturally. It can either be accepted or denied. And denying it doesn't change a thing. They're STILL either male or female, even if they ACT like the other sex. Why those “sex deniers” don't just ADMIT they're gay and want to create a REASON to have sex with someone of their own sex, I don't know, in this day and age where being gay gives them power over us heterosexuals.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Wrong Definituion

Some idiot on “One Political Plaza” says “conservatives are dangerous” and cites a “dictionary definition” of conservatives that's WRONG. Their definition is, “Favoring traditional views and values; tending to oppose change.” First, they don't favor “traditional values.” They merely want less governmental interference in their lives, lower taxes. And simply to be able to make their own decisions. As to “opposing change,” that's wrong, too, and comes directly from the phony liberal definition of conservatism, which is insulting. But then, neither of us cares about insulting the other.

BETTER UNDER DEMOCRATS? Another fool on “One Political Plaza” says that America prospers better under Democrat administrations, and shows a chart that SEEMS to back that up. Even if that chart were true, maybe Republicans were having a lot of trouble overcoming the INCOMPETENCE of the previous Democrat administration. But, having lived through just about all these periods, I KNOW this chart is NOT true. It's apparently a typical; example of political manipulation of figures to make a phony point. Mostly by Democrats. Another thing that tells me this chart is phony is that it shows Obama improving the economic picture. I personally KNOW Obama has brought us to the brink of bankruptcy after spending more money than we have, or even that there IS.. There is NO WAY he has improved the economic picture in ANY way. That's a myth.

TRUMP FOR JURY DUTY: What an exercise in futility THAT was. If I were an attorney, for either side, I'd reject him for “cause.” “Cause” he's Donald Trump. During any trial, regardless of the subject of the trial, every eye would be on Trump. He would be such a distraction we'd never get anything done in the trial. Further, his very PRESENCE would constitute a reason for a mistrial and retrial of the case. When it was announced that he was called, and he said he'd appear, because he was “jes' folks,” and would show up, I'd have BET he would never get a jury assignment. They';d figure out a reason—ANY reason, to reject him—and they did.

REPUBLICANS GOT A PROBLEM: The “elites”--the “king makers,” who decide who we get to vote for, HATE him. They're AFRAID of him because they know they can't control him. Because he has no need of the money the Republican Party can give him—he could buy and sell ALL of them. So they figure they have to “get rid of him” before the convention, so there will be NO CHANCE of his being nominated by acclimation. That's because the “rank and file” Republicans LOVE him. Which gives them a BIG problem. If they DO manage to exclude him from the nomination, he is probably the ONLY candidate who could blow BOTH parties out of the water in the general election AS an independent, and that would cause the GOP to go the way of the Whigs, into political history.

HILLARY'S DONE: Unless Obama pardons her, as Ford did Nixon. That may well happen. Obama doesn't give a “tinker's damn” about what the American people think, so he probably will, when it gets to the point where it looks like she might be convicted of a felony and sent to prison. She might escape the LEGAL consequences of her crimes, but she will not escape the POLITICAL consequences. If it becomes necessary for him to pardon her, she can say “bye, bye” to any chance of ever becoming president, now, or in the future.

CAN'T TALK ABOUT GOD? I don't know who is saying that, but that's a LOAD of stinky brown stuff like that horses leave behind when they march in parades. Nobody—but NOBODY gets to tell me what I can, or can't talk about! Those who try risk a broken nose. Don't ever try it if you are in fist range of me—any time. You'll go home on a stretcher after your visit to the hospital.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

So What the Hell?

So they finally got a picture of Hillary eating a “pork chop on a stick” at the Iowa state Fair. So what? People EAT. Even politicians. Though I'm surprised any of them can stop braying long enough to use their mouths for anything but fooling the public. So what's the big deal about catching Hillary with something in her mouth besides a LIE? Damn, the things the media thinks are important! It's so common for them to paint something entirely natural into a shameful thing, it shouldn't even be a “newsmaker,” any more. But it will always be, because of the large number of stupid people in the media.

WHAT WAS SHE DOING? Hillary claims she never sent, or received an e-mail containing classified material on her private server. NO kidding! She was Secretary of State! She didn't HAVE another e-mail account (she claims). So what was she DOING all the time? Having fun globe-trotting and socializing with world leaders while accomplishing NOTHING? There are many unanswered questions about her stint as Secretary of State. This is one of them. Was she she in that office only to divert attention from where the REAL business was being conducted? More misdirection from Obama?

NOBODY TALKS ABOUT IT”: Hillary is puzzled after being asked about her “e-mail scandal” at the Iowa State Fair, which is not a closed Democrat political meeting where everything it tightly controlled, even the questioning. She says, “nobody ever asks me about this, so I wonder about the interest here.” NOBODY asks her about it? I'm not surprised in her “self-contained environment.” I don't think she ever pays attention to the REAL news because nobody ever tells her about it. And the subpoenas and demands for her server? Probably handled by her lawyers without them ever mentioning it to her. She's as ignorant of the news as is Obama.

BIDEN TO SEEK ONE TERM? Ol' Joe is sending signals that he might just run for president in his own right. And only stay for one term. He says that's all he'll need to "fix" DC. Yeah, right. I guess it's because the Democrats are in “panic mode” because of all Hillary's scandals, and the “king makers” in the Democrat Party want him to run, and if he wins, stay there just long enough to “elbow Hillary aside” one more time. She'll be too old to run next time, so they'll have dispensed with her. They're afraid her “baggage” is just going to be “too heavy” and she may even end up in prison on a corruption charge. IF Obama doesn't pardon her in advance like Ford did for Nixon. That's how crooked politicians do things.

OBAMA VOWS VETO: He says if Congress votes not to approve the Iran deal, he'll veto it. He just doesn't understand it doesn't work that way. If Congress votes not to approve that deal, he doesn't GET to veto that. Their APPROVAL is REQUIRED for any such deal to go through, and he can't “veto” that. If they reject it, it is rejected. Period. Obama is so steeped in his own power, he thinks it is limitless. He needs to learn it is NOT. Vetoes are only for LAWS being made, not Congress's approval or disapproval of a treaty.

FIORINA: “GOVT. BIGGEST THREAT”: Carly Fiorina says 'it's ludicrous for Obama to say that global warming (whatever they call it today) “is the biggest problem facing us today.” And she's right. The biggest problem facing us today is Islamic terrorism, because Obama is actively HELPING them to come here to kill as many of us as they can. He is bringing them in by the thousands, maybe even HUNDREDS of thousands, soon to be MILLIONS without any kind of “vetting” to see if they're terrorist sympathizers. He is ARMING them by leaving our expensive guns, ammunition, and equipment when he orders his troops to “cut and run” from the battlefield. Global warming is a “made-up threat.”

Friday, August 21, 2015

Making Cops Hesitate

All the recent hubbub over “black deaths” at the hands of police (a put-up job) caused a cop in Alabama to “hesitate to use deadly force” in a situation where it was called for, which almost cost him his life. The “perp” grabbed his gun and pistol whipped him, and he's lucky the guy didn't just KILL him. Many cops will be more apt to just “shoot first and ask questions later” if anybody is left alive. But this one hesitated, which is what this guy took advantage of. What this means is more people killed, both cops and “perps.”

WON'T GET DOWN IN THE MUD”: Hillary blames her problems on, guess what? The same imaginary “vast right-wing conspiracy” she used to excuse her husband's screwing around. Never mind the allegations against her were true, and resulted in his impeachment, even if his knowledge of “where the bodies were buried” kept the Senate from kicking him out of office. As they were then, they are true, now. And no amount of joking about an account that deletes itself will deflect the investigation. Whether or not Obama allows it to go “all the way” is the question. She says she “won't get down in the mud with them.” But she's already there, and has been for a long time.

IS BERNIE ALL THEY HAVE? If Bernie Sanders, the self-described socialist is all the Democrats have to thrown up against Hillary, they're in REAL trouble. He's an ADMITTED socialist. Hillary is an UNADMITTED socialist. Voting for either one of them will get us a socialist in office, which will be no different from what we've got, now. The only difference is that neither of them have shown any tendency to HELP Islamic terrorists kill as many people as they can, as Obama has done. Actually, any Democrat who runs will be a socialist, because Democrats are the “socialist party.” Don't believe it? Just look at what they promote, such as “income redistribution” and “sharing,” whether you want to, or not.

CAN THEY KICK TRUMP OUT? The question has been asked, “Can the GOP kick Trump out of the debates?” The answer is, “maybe.” But that would be the biggest mistake they ever made. If they did, they would FORCE Trump to go the “:independent” route, which, win or lose for him, would be the DEATH of the Republican Party. They would go the way of the Whigs. And, worse case scenario, we might end up with another SOCIALIST in the White House. Talk about ”cutting off your nose to spite your face!! I've never seen a whole political party go stupid, before (to my knowledge).

WHY GOP HATES TRUMP: The answer is simple. He's not “one of them.” He's not a member of the clique. He's not a “politician” according to their definition of the word. Therefore, the “king-makers” want to be rid of him because if he gets elected, he won't follow their orders. He doesn't need their money, therefore they have no “hold” over him. Most of them are rich, as are most of the Democrats. Politicians have a way of GETTING rich while in office. But he's already “filthy rich.” They'll do anything, try any trick, to get rid of him. But frankly, I think he can “send them packing," run as an independent, and win, anyway. That REALLY frightens them.

ONE E-MAIL ACCOUNT?” Hillary claimed she only had “one device,” and only ONE e-mail account. Which is an outright LIE. I think she had MULTIPLE e-mail accounts, and ALL of them ran through her ONE private server (which is NOT the empty one she turned over). I've never been the most “computer savvy” guy in the world, and I personally have TWO e-mail accounts right now, and have had as high as SIX, all at the same time—and all on ONE DEVICE. Her claims that she didn't want to carry “two devices” are silly. She didn't NEED a separate device for each e-mail account. She may be “computer stupid” enough to believe that, but I'm sure there are people around her who are NOT.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

"This Kind of Nonsense"

Hillary Clinton says of all the numerous scandals plaguing her, “This kind of nonsense goes along with running for president.” Just one little problem. It isn't “nonsense.” It is very real scandals that she has yet to address. And until she does, it will continue to come up, time and time again, until, or unless, she answers questions about them, or she is punished for them. I don't think I've ever seen a presidential candidate with more scandals in her wake than Hillary.

FIRESTORM OVER TRUMP'S BIBLE”: It's an indication of the loss of morals of American voters that Trump saying his favorite book is the Bible would create such a “firestorm.” What they don't mention is that the people who are griping are all liberals, whose religion is either liberalism or global warming—or both. They show their ignorance when they cry about this. They claim to be “God-fearing folks,” but they're all atheists, every one of them. Or this would not make them mad.

THE SERVER IS BLANK: Surprise, surprise! Hillary has “turned over” an empty box in response to the Congress demanding her e-mail server. ALL files have been deleted. It will remain for the computer experts to find out of she overwrote the files, making it impossible to recover ANY files. Unless she is completely computer incompetent, they will be. It is that, on which will depend her future, either as president, or a castaway in the world of politics, or maybe even a prisoner. But it's hard to say what will come of it, in any case, as long as Obama or somebody like him is in charge. “The fix is in.” Obama will never convict a liberal of wrongdoing in politics, even if he hates her. What she does is too much like what he, himself, does.

HILLARY'S REALLY DUMB! She thinks she can make us believe she “turned in” her REAL “server” in response to the Congressional demand, when all she “turned in” is an old, empty “server” with nothing on it. So from now on she'll LIE and claim she really “turned in her server” when all she “turned in” was an empty box a server might have USED TO have been in. And she'll expect us to believe it. But unfortunately for her, we're not that stupid. Nor is Congress. That “server” is like Hillary: who is an “empty pantsuit.”

ALGORE FOR PRESIDENT? What a fool idea! If he hadn't proven his stupidity while he was vice-president, he showed what a con man he was when he started that “global warming” scam. If Al ever gets CLOSE to the White House again, we're ALL in big doo-doo! It's bad enough that he got elected to the most useless political office in the land, but if Americans are STUPID enough to elect him to the PRESIDENCY, it's the END for us. Just THINKING about letting Gore run again shows just how DESPERATE the Democrats are for SOMEBODY (other than HIllary) with at least some NAME recognition to run.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Attacking the Exposer

Hillary is attacking Judicial Watch, claiming they are a “partisan group” who have been attacking her for twenty years. And that's true. They HAVE been trying to “bring her to justice” for twenty years or more, and have not had much luck, since she is so good at lying and “fending off” all accusations without answering a single question. As to being “a partisan group,” ANY outfit that disagrees with her is, to her, “a partisan group.” Maybe if she “came clean,” she wouldn't have to worry about “partisan groups” trying to “bring her to justice.” But I don't look for that to happen any time soon.

DEAD WHITE COPS DON'T MAKE NEWS: Every time a white cop kills a black kid (who was trying to kill HIM) it makes big news, with liberals trying their best to incriminate the cops. But when a couple of black kids (gang members) kills a couple of cops, it's “ho, hum” in the media. They don't care if a black kid kills a cop. That doesn't “advance their agenda” of cop-hating” and thus, they're not interested. I'm getting very tired of this double standard, which is the basic reason behind ALL my blogging efforts. The very first book I ever bought on politics was about how the media “twisted the news” to suit their preconceived notions. It was a revelation, at the time. Now it's “old news” to me.

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR: You might get it. The “black lives matter” crowd SAY all they want is for white cops to stop killing black kids. But what they really want is to destroy the institution of police, altogether. But I have to ask them: who do you call when YOU are victimized? You certainly don't call the local gangs, because they (or somebody in their membership) are probably the ones who victimized you. The whole thing is, police kill black kids because black kids kill so many people, some of them, even cops. When black kids stop killing people, cops will stop killing them. Count on it.

AND THEY CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHY: Baltimore, MD, “declared war” on their cops, and their murder rate went up—and they can't figure out why that is. This, more than anything else, points out their abysmal INCOMPETENCE to run the government in Baltimore, or anywhere else. And who are they? DEMOCRATS, of course! Everywhere they run things, they're going broke, but nobody either notices, or says anything. They keep on electing Democrats because they know the Democrats will “keep the goodies coming.” They don't even think about the long-range consequences of the acts these socialist/Deocrats put in place. Like “income redistribution,” which means STEALING from those who EARN and GIVING to those who don't.

WE NEED TO KILL 'EM ALL: A former cop on fox's “Outnumbered” (which should be called, “Legs,” because that's what most men remember most about the show), said, “We need to kill them all,” about the Islamic terrorists. He says Obama's policy of not sending in ground troops is IGNORANT and INCOMPETENT. And he's right. The only thing these people understand is DEATH. Theirs, or ours. And it's up to us to make sure it's THEIRS. They all want to be killed in battle so they can get their 72 virgins. We should be ready and willing to help them attain that goal. These people have “thrown away” their right to live.

ONE WAY ONLY: The pushers of the “black lives matter” movement shout down anybody who says ALL LIVES MATTER! They don't want anything to interfere with their racist rants. Not even truth. And their rant IS racist, because it tolerates NO consideration that any but BLACK lives matter. For that, they are rightly labeled “racist.” And should be repudiated. People who push TRUTH, will tell you that LIFE MATTERS. Not just black, or white, or Hispanic, or Asian, or any others. ALL lives. If they disagree with that, they are phonies.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

"Shouldn't Use Plainclothes Cops"

Some of the fools in Ferguson say the cops who got shot at by a “demonstrator” were at fault, themselves. “They shouldn't have used plain-clothes cops who aren't as easy to identify as cops.” I guess what that means is that cops should always be in uniform while the crooks aren't, and can easily identify them and shoot them, using that shiny “bull's eye” on their chests as a target. What a damned fool idea THAT is! But then, we know the people demonstrating in Ferguson, MO aren't too bright.

POOR BERNIE: Apparently, Bernie Sanders can't afford much in the way of security. That has become obvious when a bunch of black protesters pushing that “Black Lives Matter” scam (it's a scam because they screamed when somebody had the nerve to say, “White lives matter, too!” came on stage and “took over” his campaign stop, and he couldn't do anything, so he just left it to them.Where the hell was his security? Does anybody think that would happen to Trump, or any of the other Republican candidates? I guess those “Black Lives Matter” fools agree, because they don't even try. Trump would BURY them—DEEP!

ONLY IN CALIFORNIA: California is the first state to agree to fund the sex change operation for a convicted murderer. I guess they figure convicted murderers should have more rights than people who did not kill anybody. If I wanted a sex change operation, they'd laugh at me if I even asked. What's so special about a convicted murderer that we should pay for a sex change operation? Nothing at all. Unless you're an incompetent politician who has no sense, at all. And California is FULL of them.

DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD: That's what everybody is saying. But I think that's only the beginning. They should not only defund them, they should put that bunch of murderers in PRISON for the rest of their lives! That's what they'd do to other serial killers, so why not do it to them? They're just as guilty of murder—maybe even MORE! Don't tell me that's different. It isn't. Killing people is MURDER, even if they're still in the womb.

BOTH ARE SOCIALIST: Bernie Sanders and Hillary are in agreement on at least one thing: make taxpayers pay for college tuition. They SAY it's going to be free, but SOMEBODY has to pay for it, and that's going to be you and me. The whole idea of taxing others to pay for somebody's tuition, or ANYTHING is COLLECTIVISM, which is the basic system that is called by many names, including socialism, communism, Fascism, Nazism. Progressivism, etc. Both are in agreement about “redistribution of wealth,” too, which is another collectivist pipe dream. Collectivism, in all its forms IS a “pipe dream.”

BIGGEST BIGOTS IN DC: The biggest bigots in DC are those who accuse everybody else of bigotry. They revealed themselves when they called Schumer a “hidden Jew” when he signaled his opposition to Obama's “signature legislation,” Obamacare, which is an uncalled for insult. He's an Obama friend in all other ways. Obama himself is a bigot for calling ANYBODY who opposed any of his policies racist. But then, that's to be expected from Obama. That's how he lessens criticism, because people don't want to be called racist. For my part, I don't care. They've used that scam so often since he was elected, they've worn it out. It means NOTHING, any more.

Monday, August 17, 2015

"No There There"

That's what Hillary's supporters are saying about the investigation into Hillary's DELETING a bunch of e-mails after Congress demanded to see them, SAYING those are “personal e-mails.” But nobody will ever know if they WERE “personal e-mails,” which is why she so precipitously deleted them—so nobody would ever know. If they were REALLY personal e-mails, Congress would quickly disregard them. But they will never get a chance to make that decision since she ILLEGALLY deleted a bunch of them, which probably contain incriminating information. Like Nixon's “eighteen minutes of tape” that “mysteriously” got deleted, this is EVIDENCE of her wrongdoing, and her attempts to cover it up. There IS “there there,” but they hope it will not come out.

CALIFORNIA POLITICIANS ARE STUPID: Not just incompetent, STUPID! Incompetent is bad enough, but insisting on “protecting” illegal aliens regardless of their crimes and REFUSING to cooperate in getting them deported, while making no effort to keep them out of the country is not only stupid, it is MURDEROUS. How may innocent people have DIED because of it, I don't know. But I DO know about HUNDREDS of innocent people who have died at the hands of illegal aliens OBAMA has ordered released. We need to get ALL these FOOLS out of office, starting with Obama and the governor of California and all the other stupid politicians who have had a hand in releasing murderers.

TRUMP “BLEEDS SUPPORT”: Oh, yeah? Who is it spreading this lie? It's his enemies in both parties, all of whom are so frightened of him they dribble spit as they sputter about him. Meanwhile, he remains at the FRONT of all lists of Republican candidates for president. The really smart people don't put a lot of importance on him “hurting the girl” by his RETURN comments after Megyn Kelly tried her best to derail his candidacy at the debate. They know there are way too many IMPORTANT issues to be decided to waste time on non-essentials.

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? They asked Debbie "Waddleman" Schultz, DNC Chair, if she could describe the difference between Democrats and socialists. She couldn't. Because there IS no difference between Democrats and socialists. If they were honest, they would change their name to the Socialist Party because everything they stand for is a socialist (collectivist) plank. Like income redistribution, income inequality, raising the minimum wage, thus paying people with NO skills as well as those who have LEARNED their jobs, making “the rich” pay more taxes, even though they pay MOST of the taxes paid, already, something the Democrats deny.

WAS THE FERGUSON “PROTESTERS” LOCAL? The Ferguson “protester” who shot at the cops and was himself shot down was an import. He was a “professional demonstrator” and had no business even BEING in Ferguson, much less shooting at cops. He got what he had coming to him, as did Michael Brown, that “giant thug” who didn't NEED a gun to be armed and tried to intimidate the wrong guy and also got shot for his trouble. But Wilson was a better shot than these cops. This guy was actually bailed out on other charges, elsewhere, by  KNOWN Soros worker.

WHILE WE WORRIED ABOUT CECIL: Obama pushed through a measure in The House that allows him (or his thugs) to arbitrarily (without our ability to object) refuse to issue, or confiscate our passports for any reason, or NO reason. Now why did he do that? So we couldn't “vote with our feet” if things under his control became too much for us. We would have no choice but to stay, unless we wanted to “slip out,” a la the Cubans from Cuba “illegally.” It has yet to be “rubber stamped” by the Senate, but in today's world, I have no doubt it will pass—quietly--with nothing in the liberal media. Then the only hurdle is Obama's veto—and who thinks THAT is going to happen? I guess the GOP controlling Congress makes no difference. “The fix is in.”

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Trump HUrt Hillary's Feelings

That's jist orful! It's really important to a Republican what Hillary thinks of you (not!) Who cares if Hillary gets her little feelings hurt. Frankly, I go out of my way to hurt her feelings (and that of ALL liberals) every day. So who cares if Trump hurts her feelings a little bit. She needs to have her feelings hurt a lot more. Besides; he hurts a lot of people's feelings. Mostly those who attack him, whom he hits with an atom bomb.

DISRESPECTING WOMEN”: Donald Trump has been accused of “disrespecting women” by the “intelligentsia.” Because he came back at a pretty Fox anchor when she disrespected HIM at the debates. Seems to me to be a bit “one-sided.” People can disrespect TRUMP all they want, but when he comes back at them, he's a “bully.” All the news media has been “disrespecting: Trump ever since he announced his run for president. Isn't he allowed to defend himself? I like Megyn, but she DID come at him pretty hard, just as if she were one of his opponents. She earned whatever Trump said. She's a news anchor. She ought to be able to “take the arrows” she earns by her criticism. Being a woman doesn't give her special privileges, to me. Anybody remember the general laughter when she farted on the air? That's just as much disrespection, isn't it? Another thing; what about when that other candidate called Trump an a—hole? And nobody said a word. Sounds like uneven outrage to me.

CELEBRATION OF A THUG'S DEATH: People in Ferguson (the usual suspects) demonstrated to “remember Mike Brown” the other day. What the HELL for? Brown was nothing but a huge thug who used his size to intimidate people his entire (short) life, and that life is best forgotten by honest people. He was a petty thief who just TOOK what he wanted and intimidated anybody who objected—until he ran into a cop who wouldn't be intimidated, and who shot him when he tried to take his gun and shoot him with it. There may even be a murder in his background, too. The way he operated, that could easily be true. But certain elements in Ferguson “celebrate” this petty crook. Shows how easy it is to “raise a mob” when so many people are unemployed (93 million plus). They have nothing better to do.

DUE DILIGENCE: This story is a strange one, and it an excellent example of the INCOMPETENCE of government bureaucrats. They wanted to fire Geoffery Tolliver after he didn't show up for work for a long time. So they held a meeting to make it official, and Tolliver didn't even bother to show up. Which meant to them, in their ignorance, that Tolliver just didn't care. They were right. Tolliver was beyond caring. He was dead. He died of cancer. A little detail they could have found out by a simple visit (or even a phone call) to his family if they had bothered. Real people do EVERYTHING they can to resolve such a “problem.” Bureaucrats merely sit on their fat butts and shuffle papers and consequently know nothing.

LIBERAL MEDIA PRAISES FOX: Well, that's certainly something new: the liberal media is now praising Fox News. Why? Because Fox has now joined their efforts to destroy Donald Trump for “hurting the girl,” after he referred to “blood coming out her whatever” when she asked him an unfair question as “moderator” in the first Republican debate. Never mind one of the (male) candidates called Trump an “a—hole” before, without a soul saying anything. Frankly, I'm getting tired of hearing about this.

WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? The question now being raised is, “is the 'holy day' Saturday or Sunday?” And are those worshiping on Sunday (or Saturday) wrong? Who cares? As long as they worship THEIR God? Yeah, I know, one religion claims the other is wrong. But in each religion, the day they worship IS right—for them. What DAY they do their worshiping on is immaterial. They SHOULD be worshiping EVERY DAY, according to the Bible (or whatever IS their “bible.”) People place way too much importance on DETAILS like this and forget what's REAL in their religion. And don't write me and tell me about your religion. I have my own ideas, and you aren't going to change them.

QUIBBLING OVER TRIVIALITIES: Red state “disinvited” Donald Trump from their recent conclave over his remarks about Megyn Kelly. This is the typical quibbling over trivialities that permeates political campaigns. Trump says the guy who runs Red State is unimportant, and this action is just that. He's playing right into the hands of Democrats, who are so frightened of Trump, they'll do ANYTHING, say anything to put him in a bad light.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Is Hillary Bound To Win?

That's what the Daily Caller thinks, anyway—at least enough to say so in order to raise more money to use to defeat her. They say “The Fix Is In.” At least, as far as the Democrats are concerned. The “king-makers” have spoken. She WILL be president in 2016 if we don't do something. I think that something is Donald Trump. The only guy who could defeat her as an independent, and by so doing, make the Republicans go the way of the Whigs. The “king makers of the Republican Party have spoken, but I think Trump has a much louder voice than they do. And the money to bring it off—without their help. He can buy and sell them.

HOLMES GETS LIFE: James Holmes, killer of 12 people in that Aurora, CO theater, will get guaranteed room and board, not to mention probably better medical care than we honest non-murderers will get, for the rest of his life. Equal punishment under the law should allow us (if possible) to kill him 12 times by shooting him in the gut and allowing him to die in pain after a long time as he did his victims. But the “people of Colorado” decided we couldn't even kill him once. We could only support him for the rest of his life and wait for him to die.

OUR POLITICIANS INCOMPETENT: I've said it before, and I'll say it again: our politicians—the people RUNNING this Country—are INCOMPETENT. And every day, in every way, they confirm it. The only thing they're good at is conning themselves into office. They confirmed it when they announced (in their “wisdom”) that the reason why Islamic terrorists want to kill us is the lack of jobs in “La-La Land.” Now they want to send Islamic terrorists to COUNSELING to change their tiny minds about killing us. Anybody with ANY degree of INTELLIGENCE knows the ONLY reason they want to kill us is their “bible” (The Koran) commands them to kill ALL “unbelievers.” They've SAID so, many times. That's INGRAINED into their psyche. But the fools running things in DC are still hunting for the “reason." That's PURE incompetence. And they're too damned dumb to notice.

ILLUSTRATION OF STUPIDITY: In Virginia, somebody called 9/11 on a guy who was doing nothing except walking down the street carrying a Confederate flag. What unmitigated STUPIDITY! Yes, there are a lot of fools who regard just carrying this flag to be a major crime, but to actually call the COPS on this guy is the heights of stupidity. Personally, I think zeroing in on this flag instead of the REAL issues isn't too smart in the first place. Further, I think people who revere the NAZI flag aren't too bright, either. But carrying either down the street does not rise to the level of an arrestable crime. And to call the cops on this man is typical liberal stupidity.

IT DOESN'T HAPPEN”: Obama says requiring photo ID in order to vote is silly and unnecessary. "Voting in somebody else's name doesn't happen.” How naive that is! If he really BELIEVES it, that is. I don't think for a MINUTE he believes that. He just wants US to believe it so he can go on sending his people out to vote several times for him. His people not only vote in somebody else's name, they steal names from the dead for their votes. That's a regular thing where (in the U. S., anyway) he's from. At least, where the rock he crawled out from under is.

GETTING RID OF WMDS: Obama CLAIMS to have “eliminated” the WMDs in Syria. You know, the ones Saddam sent there so we wouldn't find any in his country so liberals could call Bush a liar about them as a reason to invade Iraq. He said he did it in a “transparent and verifiable manner.” HAW, HAW! HEE, HEE! I needed a good laugh! Like most of what Obama says, this is also a LIE. He didn't get rid of ANYTHING. They're just in hiding, and Obama isn't looking very hard to find them.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

They Called Him A Bully

Trump came through the debates in fine style. Because he speaks his mind and doesn't abide “political correctness” and makes them all look silly. They vowed to “take him out,” but couldn't. They wanted to get him to swear he wouldn't run as an independent, but couldn't. He didn't promise not to, but didn't say he would, either—which makes them leery of “shutting him out” through underhanded methods that unfairly deny him the nomination, even if he has more delegate votes than anyone else, which sounds like what they had in mind. To do so would give them the “green light” to do it, and he's too smart to do that. The “king makers” were thwarted.

I GOT DISTRACTED: I got distracted by what was happening in my home yesterday (a tornado warning right where I was--specifically) and thus, yesterday's post wasn't posted until this morning. Therefore it is the second post to carry today's date. It was all ready and edited, in my computer. For some reason, the computer didn't get turned off last night, and it appeared as soon as I sat down, so I posted it. Sorry about that. I'm an old man. I forget things. So sue me.

ACCOMMODATING MUSLIMS: Obama is doing everything he can to make life in the United States easier for Muslims. Now he has changed the oath new citizens must take to allow them to ELIMINATE the part about swearing to take part in defending this country or serving as a non-combatant if necessary. In other words, Muslims don't have to lift a finger to defend this country. Obama is a definite Muslim sympathizer and is doing everything he can to make sure Muslims prevail over human beings. Christians have predicted the “coming of a false prophet,” and Mohammed is it. Christians or no, he is about as false a prophet as there can be. To prove that, he wants to KILL all who disagree with him. His bullderm can't stand up to intelligent scrutiny, so that includes everybody with intelligence.

TRUMP RIGHT ABOUT RAPE: He says Hispanic illegal immigrants contain rapists and murderers. Considering the 30,000 CONVICTED murderers Obama ordered released, and who have killed more than 100 Americans since, plus the fact that child rape seems to be a “cultural practice” among Mexicans, if not other Hispanics, he is right, even if the PC crowd won't admit it. Don't believe it? Google it. It's not just my opinion, and his. It's FACT.

HARD TO FIND CANDIDATES: Timed to coincide with the Republican debate, the Democrats announced their six debates planned, so as to take some attention off the Republican debates. They were hoping for a few more candidates than the six (mostly unknowns except locally) who have spoken up. That's because any candidate but Hillary is doomed to failure because the “king-makers” have promised Hillary the spot (at least for now, until Joe joins the fray). And nobody wants to lose going in. It still pains me how the “king makers” decide who we MAY vote for.

YET ANOTHER VACATION: This time, both of the Obamas  are going to Martha's Vineyard (probably in different planes, since they don't care about the cost--it's not their money), a favorite vacation spot of the first Bush president. They plan on staying two weeks. It would be nice if that meant Obama wouldn't be able to take action that horrifies human beings for two weeks, but even while he is “on vacation,” he can still sign bills into law, and issue executive orders, each time costing us a lot more money and taking away more of our freedoms, after spending all the money we have, and then some. All it does is cost us a LOT of money to “assure his safety” (hers, too) outside the White House. Meanwhile, he still works to make life better for Muslims in the U. S. I look for him to make his wife start wearing a Burkha “to respect Muslims,” soon. Unless she “slaps him down” when he tries it.

STATES SMARTER THAN FEDS: So far, three states have defunded or “cut ties” with that blatant murder outfit, Planned Parenthood, an action that the fed refuses to take. A recent refusal by Congress to defund them is an action at point. Why Obama and his gang can't see that what PP stands for is BABY MURDER is beyond me. But then, the LOGIC of liberals (or the lack of it) is obvious to anybody who THINKS. They SAY PP “funds women's medical care,” but what they do best is kill babies—and there are other places for women to go for non-murder medical care help.