Friday, March 31, 2017

Liberalism Defies Logic

The things they tell us to believe are irrational and illogical. Like the idea that the rich got rich by stealing from the poor. If the poor had anything worth stealing, they aren't poor, are they? And allowing men into women's restrooms and changing rooms because a man SAYS he “identifies” as a woman. Then they make it worse by claiming that “some women have penises,” and “men can menstruate.” Then they tell us there are 57 sexes. These are IMPOSSIBLE ideas, but they try to convince us they're true, as if we were stupid enough to believe it.

ANTI-GUN STUPIDITY: In Hoke County, N. Carolina, they raise many stupid people, it seems. And many of them are working in school systems. That's why a FIVE year-old girl got suspended because she used a STICK to represent a gun while playing a game, and actually POINTED it at somebody! School “officials” said that was “dangerous” and suspended her. This is a good example of the anti-gun hysteria that abounds in schools that are run by liberal “educators.”

HER DEATH WAS “SAFER”: Anti-gun fools stupidly tell us people are safer without guns in the house. They think we're all stupid enough to shoot ourselves, instead of the bad guys. So this woman had no guns in the house when her abusive boyfriend came in one day and hacked her to death with a machete. The anti-gun fools would say “she died in safety.” Just a few minutes before he murdered her, she was on the phone with state's attorney victim advocate, discussing a restraining order she wanted to take out against him.

SENATOR MOM?” HORRORS! It's bad enough the anti-gun fools listen to this fool. But as a SENATOR? Apparently, Shannon Watts, boss of “MOMS Against Guns” (or something like that) has quietly moved from my old state, Indiana, to my new (30 years ago) home, Colorado. There are rumors that she will try to unseat Sen. Corey Gardner, senator from Colorado. It's bad enough she goes all over the country spouting her ignorant wishes to violate the Constitution's Second Amendment and make everybody who OBEYS laws defenseless against those who don't, it would be worse if she actually had the power to MAKE laws to do so.

THE FALLACY OF GUN CONTROL: there is a basic fallacy in ALL the “gun control laes” as we know them, today. That is that criminals, who OBEY no laws, will somehow obey a law saying he cannot have a gun, and has to give his name and a lot of other information about himself to the government, making him legally liable for the crimes he commits, using that gun. If you ask an anti-gun fool about that, they have no answer, so they just call you names.

LIBS CREATING COMPLAINTS: If there is ANY way to misread and misconstrue what people say to CREATE an excuse to criticize and demonstrate, sometimes even RIOT, liberals will do it. In N. Carolina, a jeweler put up a billboard that said, “It's OK to throw rocks at girls.” The message was surrounded by gems (rocks). Anybody with a modicum of INTELLIGENCE could get the double meaning. It meant it's okay to give girls gems. The liberals didn't see it that way, and they griped, whined, sniveled, and demonstrated against it.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Send "Em to Prison!

The mayors of “sanctuary cities” want to SUE the federal government for punishing them for harboring dangerous murderers, rapists, and other violent criminals if they happen to be illegal aliens. The law on the books about that says such politicians who “harbor” such criminals can be IMPRISONED. Trump only wants to take money away from them. I think he should do that, and also send the violators to PRISON for clearly violating the law.

IMBECILES REQUIRE NO ID TO VOTE: Democrats are adamant in their determination to stop all efforts to require a photo ID in order to vote. They say it's “unAmerican” to make poor people (who are their constituency, of course) get a photo ID, even though they can get one in most places for a few bucks, and some places for free. Meanwhile Democrats require photo ID just to walk into the building housing their committee offices. And ID is required for most things in life, even entering certain pay toilets. Only imbeciles are against ID to vote. Requiring ID would make it harder for Democrats to cheat.

THE REAL “PARTY OF NO”: The Democrats like to call the GOP “the party of no,” but that description is more apt when applied to THEM. Since Trump was elected president, they've been automatically against everything he has suggested, and a few things he hasn't. Even if Trump embraced the complete Democrat platform, they'd STILL be against it, and accuse him of stealing their ideas. If trump agreed to their every demand, they'd still be against him. If that's not the “party of no,” I don't know what would be.

SENATOR MOM?” HORRORS! It's bad enough the anti-gun fools listen to this fool. But as a SENATOR? Apparently, Shannon Watts, boss of “MOMS Against Guns” (or something like that) has quietly moved from my old state, Indiana, to my new (30 years ago) home, Colorado. There are rumors that she will try to unseat Sen. Corey Gardner, senator from Colorado. It's bad enough she goes all over the country spouting her ignorant wishes to violate the Constitution's Second Amendment and make everybody who OBEYS laws defenseless against those who don't, it would be worse if she actually had the power to MAKE laws to do so.

HER DEATH WAS “SAFER”: Anti-gun fools stupidly tell us people are safer without guns in the house. They think we're all stupid enough to shoot ourselves, instead of the bad guys. So this woman had no guns in the house when her abusive boyfriend came in one day and hacked her to death with a machete. The anti-gun fools would say “she died in safety.” Just a few minutes before he murdered her, she was on the phone with state's attorney victim advocate, discussing a restraining order she wanted to take out against him.

TWO IN THE CHEST: And call me in the morning (if you can). That's the prescription this fool got filled at this pharmacy. He tried to rob a pharmacy in Waynesboro, PA and a pharmacy employee gave him two bullets instead of medicine, or money. A legally armed employee who was there when the gunman started demanding money and drugs, grabbed his gun and put four in the robber. The robber was only critically injured. Too bad. If the guy had been a better shot, there'd be one less robber out there.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Deranged Democrat

Didja hear about the deranged Democrat who “went off” on a Trump voter in an expensive restaurant, making a nasty scene, and even following the guy outside and continuing to rail at him there? (I'da punched him in the pie hole) I wonder if that was anybody important? You tell me. This “deranged Democrat” was Chuckie Schumer, Majority Leader in the Senate. This is the kind of politician Democrats regularly elect. Which is why, after LOSING the last THREE elections, Democrats KEPT their top tier of politicians like Nancy Peelosi. They woulda kept Harry Reid too, but he retired. Chuckie's just as bad, if not worse.

NUNES: “I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE!” Good on ya, Devin Nunes! He gave the figurative finger to Democrats who are demanding he resign because he went to the president with his info that the president might well have BEEN caught up in surveillance of foreign operatives before telling his committee. There wasn't a THING wrong with that, except a small “breach” of protocol. And Nunes basically said, “Who cares what Democrats think? with his statement. Which is right and proper, since Democrats, being big LOSERS, have NO POWER now, except that they can usurp, which they're trying, every day.

MALE MENSTRUAL LEAVE: Women are pushing to get PAID menstrual leave every month. Menstruation is a normal cycle for women, and is only a minor discomfort, for the most part. And now they want three days off, WITH PAY. If they get it, look for MEN to soon be applying for it, since some men who think they're women, having made such a mess of women's bathrooms and changing rooms, are “feeling their oats” and are now saying “men can menstruate,” and think they can make it stick. Of course, that's a physical impossibility, since men don't have vaginas. Especially with liberals pushing such stupid ideas that there are 55 different sexes, and that some women have penises.

KOPPEL STYMIED: After Ted Koppel did a 45 minute interview of Sean Hannity and used just ten seconds of it to make Hannity look bad, he tried the same thing with Rush Limbaugh. He said he wanted to do a 45 minute interview, and Rush said no. Rush knows how such as Koppel work. He doesn't do taped interviews with them, period. That way they can't edit the tape to make him look bad, as they did with Hannity. Rush is smarter than the average bear. Apparently Koppel is on a “mission” to discredit all right wing voices. That's the only way he can stop their influence, which is hurting him with truth.

YOU MUST BE A BIGOT”: I guess I am, too, because I don't want a woman to be in the next stall to me when I'm in the bathroom “doing my thing.” And I'm sure few women want a MAN in the stall next to them while they do their business, either. There is a good reason to keep the sexes separate when they're in the bathroom or a changing room, and it has to do with SEX. Men LOVE to see naked women, some more so with YOUNG women (girls). They pay lots of money in “gentleman's clubs” to do it. There's nothing bigoted about not wanting men to ogle their naked young daughters, even if they do “think they're women." And liberals have nothing else they can say when you confront them with it. There's no real argument they can make, so they just call you names.

THEY ALWAYS GO TOO FAR: Some liberals have no concept of when they've gone too far. Such a liberal is Chris Matthews, who is comparing Ivanka Trump, who is merely an entrepreneur, with Saddam Hussein's murderous sons. How IGNORANT is that? To make that comparison between two bloody murderers and a young, pretty businesswoman, just because she's the daughter of a president he hates is not only ignorant, it's STUPID. He has just killed any residual respect I might have once had for him.

IT'S AKIN TO MONARCHY!” The California Chief Justice says Trump insisting on states obeying federal law is “akin to monarchy.” It is such ignorance on the part of judges that will contribute to the DOWNFALL of this country. How in HELL does insisting on obeying the law make Trump like a monarch, or a dictator, their other favorite word for Trump? It is judges like this who are advocating the VIOLATION of laws, and they should be REMOVED from the bench for it. There are way too many FOOLS like this on the bench throughout the country.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Democrats Wrong Again!

They're convinced that if they can keep Trump from keeping ONE promise, they can beat him in 2020. Of course, they were firmly convinced that they could beat him in 2016, too. And what happened? He “spanked” them in every way he could. He won the presidency in a landslide, the Republicans took over control of BOTH Houses of Congress, and Democrats lost 1,000 (or more) seats in legislatures and governor's offices across the nation. And they still think they can win. Hee. Hee! Har, har! Thanks, I needed a good belly laugh.

WE KEEP LISTENING: Why the hell do we keep listening to that fat-butted fool, Michael Moore, who keeps making biased “documentaries” that should be placed with the rest of the fiction? Now he's telling the Democrats (I don't know who else would be listening) to “not rest on their laurels” after the Obamacare repeal “went down in flames” and should get to work on a “single-payer system,” which is what they've always wanted. In so doing, he revealed the scheme Obama and his clowns have always been promoting.

REFUGEE WELCOME BASKETS: In Nebraska, Democrats are giving each new arrival “refugee” a “welcome basket,” that contains many “needed” items—including a voter registration card for them to fill out, so they could vote in the next election. Never mind that, as non-citizens, to vote would be ILLEGAL. Democrats don't care about that, as long as they vote Democrat. And Democrats say there is no voter fraud! They've probably already got the “Democrat” box checked, as well as the boxes next to Democrat candidates, “for their convenience.”

FEINSTEIN MISQUOTES SCALIA: She took a quote on an earlier case where he was QUOTING somebody to prove just the opposite of her contention that automatic weapons have no place in the hands of individuals and purposely MISQUOTED it to prove HER point in questioning Judge Gorsuch. Actually Scalia, in that same quote, when read entirely, affirms the fact that their mention of a “militia” meant ALL the people able to fight, so they could bring their own lawfully-owned guns with them when called up.

ONE SENTENCE REPEAL ACT: There are a few intelligent politicians left in DC, I guess. But the ones who wrote Trump's bill apparently aren't on that list. Their bill retained some of the worst things in Obamacare, to be passed under a new name. This was supposed to fool the world into thinking Obamacare was “gone,” but, as some politicians said, it was “Obamacare lite.” Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) introduced a ONE-SENTENCE bill to repeal Obamacare, and all changes mandated within. It's simple enough even members of Congress might understand it--if they read it, at all.

CNN ATTACKS FOX NEWS: Apparently yesterday was a slow news day. CNN attacked Fox News for actually having the temerity to cover a story roundly IGNORED by CNN and the other liberal news outlets—that of the young girl who was raped by an illegal alien (maybe TWO illegal aliens) in a school bathroom. Apparently, they don't like Fox covering REAL news when they ignore it. Of course, the lawyers for the defendants say their clients are innocent. Surprise, surprise! In cases like this, it's routine to CLAIM the sex was consensual, so the illegal aliens didn't rape her, even if she WAS only 14.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Peelosi's Losing It

Nancy Peelosi, who Democrats re-elected as the House Minority (formerly majority) Leader, doesn't even know that she, for the most part, is the “Boss Democrat.” Remember, this is the bimbo who declared that,”We must PASS the bill to find out what's in it,” about that singular abortion, Obamacare. As if we SHOULD pass any bill into law without knowing what's in it, before it is passed. If she doesn't even know the “Democrat Boss” is herself. What DOES she know? She screwed up royally, and LOST the majority, yet the Democrats kept her in office, Which, to me, illustrates the LACK of intelligence on the part of the democrats.

TERRORIST LEADER KILLED: This young man is a “leader” in al-Qaida, and is the “mastermind” behind many of their best-known killings, all over the world. They're finding out that, under Trump, they can't just kill at will, without consequences. If you're an Islamic terrorist, or ANY kind of terrorist, your days are numbered. Take note, terrorists. Trump isn't “easy” as was Obama.

PROMOTING TERRORISM: In Ontario, Canada, criticizing “Muslim prayer” in public schools is “racist.” Of course, CHRISTIAN prayer has no such “protection.” Only “MUSLIM prayer.” I'm getting very tired of the preference given to Muslims, all over the world, AND in the United States. Preference that is NOT given to practitioners of any other religion. I have nothing against Muslims. I DO have something against them being given rights and privileges not given to other religions.

TRUMP WAS RIGHT: There WAS surveillance on his people, and maybe himself during the campaign by which he won the presidency. Surveillance by the Obama administration. And there IS proof of it, no matter what Democrats say. Ever since Trump Tweeted that he WAS under surveillance by Obama people, the liberal media has been “ripping him a new one,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devon Nunes revealed the evidence, and was soundly slammed by the liberal media for his “process” in revealing it. At NO TIME was the intelligence questioned.

THERE'S A REASON: The Democrats complain often about the “divide” in this country, but that is what the founders PLANNED, when they wrote in three separate and equal branches of government. They KNEW that without that, somebody would just “take over.” And that's what they did not want. Debate and disagreement over the law is healthy, and leads to better laws, just as they planned, when they wrote the Constitution. And that is the very thing the Democrats hate.

BIDEN: “I COULDA WON!” Former Vice-President Biden went on TV recently and told the interviewer that he thought he should have run, and “coulda won.” He said he could have had a lot more success that Trump has had as president. Frankly, I think this is the raving of a senile old fool. He could no more have won against the “Trump freight train” than Hillary or Bernie. He's as deluded as they were. If he really thought he could win, he should have run, so Trump could have taken his pants off the way he did Hillary.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Left Cries "Racism!"

Everything is racism, according to the left. Colin Kaepernick is now an unemployed loser, and the left is whining “racism” because of it. Never mind that he made HIMSELF unemployable by giving this entire country the finger by refusing to stand for its National Anthem on specious grounds, thereby proving how effective the liberal media propaganda is on the feeble minds of some youths who haven't been ALIVE long enough to know anything real.

ANTI-GUN DAMNED FOOLS: Talk about paranoia and overreaction! A boy brought an empty bullet shell casing to pre-school, and got suspended for 7 days, CPS was “notified,” and expulsion threatened—for a bullet casing! Only a damned fool school “official” would do something stupid like that, but this one did, and his (or her) bosses probably agreed with him/her on it. But he (or she) is a damned fool, and that's a fact. And anybody agreeing, likewise. Showing complete IGNORANCE about anything guns, the school official described a .22 cal. casing as a “shotgun shell.” Only paranoid ignorant fools think “anything gun” is bad.

DOING IT ALL WRONG: Trump is doing it all wrong. Instead of trying to stop Islamic terrorists from six or seven countries from coming here, why not expand his executive order to include people from ALL countries who cannot be vetted. It is a known fact that “refugees” from many different countries can't be vetted because those countries either don't keep proper records, or falsify the information they do send. That way, he can't be accused of racism or bigotry because he won't be banning people mostly from one “religon.”

THE INSANE HATE TRUMP: Because he has promised to eliminate the INSANITY from Washington. They aren't too insane not to know who they are, and they hate Trump for it, as he goes about “draining the swamp,” as promised. Insanity is rampant in DC, and everything he does to eliminate it further infuriates those insane people left, who are the politicians, bureaucrats, lobbyists, etc.

GET USED TO IT”: The Muslim mayor of London revealed himself after the scurrilous attack by a Muslim terrorist on Parliament by saying, “Terrorist acts are all part of life in the big city. Get used to it.” Which reveals his ignorance and the fact that he has no real plans to FIGHT terrorism, as did Obama, in America, thereby giving an INVITATION to terrorists to “do their damnedest.” This is the kind of politician who ought to be “tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail,” regardless of his "religion."

THEY'RE GLEEFUL: I just watched a lineup of Democrats commenting on the failure of Trump's “replacement” for Obamacare. One of them actually said, “I think I detect a little bit of exuberance among Democrats.” Boy, is he the master of understatement! They're GLEEFUL! They LOVE it when Trump fails, and they've been working HARD to engineer that failure. And it's according to Obama's nefarious plan to get a single-payer plan in place.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Boy, Is CNN Mad!

The British are calling the attack on the Parliament Building and a bridge in the vicinity “terrorism,” and that makes CNN very mad because they think that will “help Trump,” and they can't have that. I wonder what they'll do when they find EVIDENCE that it IS a terrorist attack. They'll play it down, of course, which is one reason their ratings are “in the toilet.” Of course, the Brits are equating that to “Muslim terror,” which means THEY are making that connection.

THE “RUSSIAN CONNECTION”: Democrats are insisting (without evidence) that Trump colluded with the Russians to get elected. But more and more we are discovering that the “Russian connection” is THEIRS. Top Democrat John Podesta, whose lack of computer savvy allowed information about DEMOCRAT meddling in the election to keep Bernie out of it to be exposed, was a BOARD MEMBER of a firm that is limited to RUSSIAN investors. I think there needs to be a Podesta investigation. But there won't be; he's a DEMOCRAT, after all.

FEINSTEIN--“SUPER PRECEDENT”: I guess that means it can't be changed, even of it is found to be NOT a constitutional decision (which is should be). Actually, there is NO such thing as a constitutional action that cannot be changed by subsequent action by “wiser heads.” And she can't create one by “saying so” about Roe v. Wade. Killing defenseless babies is a “Hallmark” of the Democrat Party, and she doesn't want it to be reversed. It has already meant the DEATHS of millions of helpless infants, and she has blood on HER hands.

NO GUNS INVOLVED: There were apparently no guns involved in the attack on the Parliament building in London. At least, not in the hands of the attackers. Their chief weapons seem to have been a car and a knife. Will the Brits ban knives and cars now? That seems to be their mentality. Anybody who would not arm ALL their cops need to have their heads examined. I'm pretty sure I know of at least one cop who died today because he wasn't armed when he should have been. In France recently, the cops who responded to an Islamic terrorist attack on a newspaper could do nothing because they were unarmed. So 11 people died.

CHELSEA GETS AN AWARD: For what? For being a Clinton, of course! That's all she's really ever done in her life. She got a “Lifetime Impact” award from Variety Magazine. It wasn't “on the come” as Obama's Nobel Prize was. They claim it was for her work with a charity. But many people have worked with charities, myself included. But she IS a Clinton, so it's one way to get a free speaker with a name, I guess.
NOTHING TO BACK IT: A New York State high school is putting Trump, Mussolini, and Hitler together is a course about Fascism. What IGNORANCE that displays in our education system! There is NO EVIDENCE that Trump is a Fascist. Only the unsupported declarations of ignorant liberals (a redundancy, there). There should be laws against teaching proven LIES, but unfortunately, there aren't. So ignorant “educators” get to promote their liberal lies without a problem,, and pollute the minds of our youth

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Threatening Mass Suicide

Kim Jong Un, the fat little dictator in North Korea who likes to applaud himself, says he will deploy nukes (all 3 of 'em) “if Trump fires a single bullet at us.” He doesn't seem to understand that we have enough nukes to turn his entire country into a steaming pile of dung, within hours. His THREE nukes will be only a “feather's tickle” to us, while he and his entire population will DIE in the inferno. Truly “the mouse that roared.” He thinks it will “end civilization as we know it.” Actually, it will only end civilization as HE knows it.

FEINSTEIN: “SUPER PRECEDENT”: Liberal Sen. Feinstein says Roe V. Wade is now a “super precedent,” much like the “super delegates” Democrats used to make sure Bernie Sanders didn't have a chance in hell of being nominated, no matter how many primaries Hillary lost. It means that this “precedent” should RULE, against ANYTHING. Which is stupidly wrong. But that's to be expected with her. She's stupidly wrong on everything.

AMERICANS CLAMORING FOR CHELSEA” But they aren't. This is the way the Clintons build support for their ideas and their candidates. They put out a press release saying “the public is clamoring” for this or that, over and over, until many Democrat dupes begin to believe it, and jump on the bandwagon. Now they're pushing Chelsea Clinton for president, or some other public office. The Clintons will NEVER go away, until we have defeated them ALL. Even then, they'll keep trying to keep SOME power. To them, power is MONEY.

MAXINE WATERS, SHUT UP! Every time I hear Maxine Waters talk, I laugh. She knows so little about the law and how it works, it's hilarious, the things she says. Now she's saying to President Trump, “Get ready for impeachment.” If she has anything that would support impeachment, bring it on! Put up or SHUT UP, Maxine! Truth is, she has nothing but blather, and that's what she's best at spewing. That she keeps getting elected tells me a lot about the INTELLIGENCE of her constituents—or LACK thereof.

IT'S ALL TRUMP: A headline in the Washington Post says, “Trump bans use of cell phones on planes.” Trump/ not the airline. Not the government, generally, pushed by holdover bureaucrats who want to do ANYTHING to undermine Trump. Never mind cell phone use has been routine for years, before Trump became president. But that doesn't matter to liberals in the media. It's all Trump's fault.

THEY'LL USE ANYTHING: Anything they can to try and impeach Trump. Never mind Democrats assert that Russia helped Trump get elected WITHOUT EVIDENCE, they now want to impeach Trump for insisting (without proof--yet) that the Obama administration spied on him during the election, as if that were a “crime or misdemeanor” to make that assertion, also without evidence. They keep throwing things up against the wall, hoping something will stick. California is now planning on economically punishing anybody who helps Trump build his wall. That should be illegal, but apparently, it isn't. Not in the “People's Republic of California.”

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

She Wishes

Sen. Diane Feinstein, one of the biggest fools among Democrats (and that's saying something), says that Trump may resign. She's really getting desperate, if she thinks Trump, who wins just about everything he tries, will EVER just resign. She's proving that she's just “out there” in her thinking, although that's not unusual for ANY Democrat. They still don't believe Trump won the election honestly, although they've searched diligently and just can't find anything to prove it. But they continue to push their UNPROVEN theories.

ENORMOUS DEDUCTIBLES: In Kentucky, millions of people have health insurance under Obamacare, but some have deductibles as high as $15,000 dollars (fifteen THOUSAND dollars!), making their “insurance" totally worthless. This is how Democrats twist things to LOOK one way, when it is completely the OTHER way. Obamacare is an unspeakable horror, and should be KILLED, whether there is something to “replace” it, or not. There is nothing to replace. Yes, they have “insurance,” but it's WORTHLESS.

THE CLAPPER” CONTINUES: Kim Jong Un, the dictator who is always seen applauding himself while his generals, who have ribbons down to their knees on their uniforms, clap also or die, while our Secretary of State was in China telling him we would not tolerate any more missile tests, held yet another missile test. This guy must really have a death wish, because that's going to be the result of his “slaps in the face” to Donald Trump, who does not take them lightly, as Obama did.

ASHLEY JUDD UNHINGED: She needs to be institutionalized, for her own protection, I've heard some really stupid statements come out of her mouth, but this one takes the cake. She is now saying that “Trump's election as president is worse than being raped.” Has she ever been raped? Doubtful, if she really thinks that. I think her biggest problem is her party LOST, and lost BIG in the last election, and she just can't handle it. Maybe she should go home to her mansion and have a private tantrum, instead of the public one she is having, now.

WHAT COURT ORDER? They keep talking about the LACK of a court order to tap the phones in the Trump Tower during the election. But what about a tap that could have been performed WITHOUT a court order? They don't even CONSIDER the possibility of an ILLEGAL wiretap. Hmmmmm: I wonder why? Obama is KNOWN for his actions in VIOLATION of the law and the Constitution. So why is everybody IGNORING the possibility that he wiretapped Trump ILLEGALLY? And why hasn't Obama been held to account?

DO THEY WANT HIM DEAD? With all the stupid things the secret Service has been doing lately, one wonders if some of them really WANT him dead, so they get very sloppy in their “protection” of the president. They were so unobservant that they twice lately allowed a “fence jumper” to wander all over the White House grounds for up to 20 minutes before he was apprehended. Some of them took “selfies” of themselves with Donald Trump III while he slept, instead of manning their posts. Is this part of a scheme to rid us of the “Trump curse” once and for all?

Monday, March 20, 2017

Any Power She Can

Hillary lost the presidency—again. So now she's thinking about running for mayor of New York City, which will give her a little bit of power. Not as much as the presidency would have given her, but it's something. Maybe she can turn that into more money in her pocket, I don't know. I do know she is miserable without SOME power to reach for, and hopefully, to exercise. If she loses there, look for her to run for dog catcher.

JUST CAN'T BLAME THEMSELVES: Liberals take a tip from Obama, who NEVER accepts blame for his own failures. Rachel Maddow is a diligent student of Obamacraft, She is now blaming her viewers for the failure of her “scoop” about Trump's 2005 tax return in uncovering a scandal. She said, “They expected too much.” Really? Maybe your 20 minute breathless intro might have had something to do with that. Maybe it is YOU who expected too much, Rachel.

IT'S GETTING VERY TIRESOME: The Democrats are on the verge of demanding some kind of punishment for President trump for having the temerity to say Obama, or his friends, spied upon him in Trump tower, without proof. As if that were some kind of a crime. Meanwhile, they continue to insist that Trump “conspired” with the Russians to turn the election in his favor. Without any kind of proof. They seem to think that there's no connection between the two; that they should be able to accuse trump of ANYTHING without proof, but if he does likewise, they get righteously angry.

GOVERNMENT WASTING MONEY: Incumbent politicians seem to think it's a crime for anybody to suggest that they could do with less money. But frankly, they WASTE more money than we could ever take away from them by legislation. And when it is found out, they just shrug their shoulders, saying,”That's life,” and go right on wasting as much as they can on their various projects. One such as the current runaway rail project in Hawaii that is costing TEN BILLION DOLLARS that they say is “Too far along to stop now.”

HOLDING OBAMA ACCOUNTABLE: It is a known fact that the Obama administration was one of the most lawless in the history of presidencies. He got away with a lot of lawbreaking because he controlled the means of investigation pf scandals. One of the first scandals in his administration was the “Fast and Furious” scam, where the ATF pushed the gun-running to Mexican drug cartels, supposedly so they could track those gun sales to sources in America and thus, use that as an excuse to make more anti-gun laws.

ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT: That seems to be how a lot of younger Americans view President Trump, due to the “silent coup” the Democrats have been running since they lost the 2016 election so badly. They can't come up with a PROVABLE reason for that, but they keep preaching it, and the young people, who haven't been on this Earth long enough to know anything, swallow it, hook, line, and sinker. I hope, for their sakes, and mine, they learn better before the next election.

Friday, March 17, 2017

It's All the Same

Democrats are “crying in their beer” about Trump's accusation that Obama forces “wiretapped” his building. They're screaming, “no evidence,” as if that made any difference. Meanwhile, they're fixated on the “Russian Connection” to Trump in the election, for which there is ALSO “no evidence,” But they think in that case, lack of evidence proves it. I think Trump's accusation is his way of “playing” them, showing how ridiculous their claims are.

N. KOREA'S CARTOON GENERALS: Generals, in cartoons, are often represented by buffoons wearing uniforms with a LOT of brass, and medals down to their knees. If you look at a collection of N. Korean generals hanging around Kim Jong Un, the dictator, you'll see generals with RIBBONS down to their knees, in reality. They're hilarious—except to those who are captives in their own country, subject to the whims of a madman. And those cartoon generals are a symbol of that.

AGAINST ANYTHING TRUMP: The Democrats are “way over the top” in their opposition to ANYTHING Trump. Everything he does, they criticize, and they sometimes use the judiciary to stymie him. They've done that TWICE with his “immigration holds,” using gullible judges who don't even bother to look at the merits of the case, and “rule” on their own prejudices, instead. Even if Trump came out with a bunch of policies that agreed with everything they like, they would STILL oppose him and call him a fool, and insane.

ONLY ON BATTLEFIELDS”: Doctors say automatic weapons should only be on a battlefield, But what if your neighborhood BECOMES a battlefield? That is entirely possible, as Islamic terrorists are still coming in by the thousands, disguised as “refugees,” thanks to the ignorant rulings of a few judges blocking Trump's attempt to stop them. If I were Trump, I'd direct my people to deny entry to certain people on a case-by-case basis, based on certain guidelines, which do not require an EO and thus, are not subject to any review by a biased court.

DISARMING AMERICA: That seems to be the goal of the anti-gun fools. Every law, every regulation they propose, make Americans defenseless against the millions of ILLEGAL gun already out there in the hands of all kinds of “bad guys,” none of which wish us well. I don't know how they figure that will stop gun violence. You CAN'T stop criminals from getting guns. They usually don't get their guns legally, anyway. But every law the anti-gun fools promote make honest people defenseless, while doing NOTHING to hinder the use of guns by the “bad guys.” In fact, their laws make it easier for them to victimize honest, law-abiding people.

IT'S CALLED “TERRORIST THREATS”: Snoop dog's nephew, “Bow Wow,” says he will “enslave and pimp out Trump's wife, Melania. To him, I say, ”Go right ahead. That's the quickest way to prison.” Although I think he has already done enough to rate a prison sentence, in making a “terrorist threat” against the wife of the sitting president of the United States. I expect he will have a visit from the Secret Service soon, one from which he will not soon recover.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

"We 'Let People' Make Decisions"

I heard a politician (or a bureaucrat, I'm not sure) say, on the radio today, “The reason Colorado is so high on the list of the numbers of voters who turned out is we let them make more decisions.” where the hell does he get the idea THEY can “let them” make those decisions? It's not a matter of them, “letting” people make decisions, if it is their RIGHT to do so. Way too many politicians think it is THEIR right to “let” people do things that are none of their business.

LIMITS ON JUDGES: There are THREE judges (not counting the judges on the “ninth circus court”) who have “ruled” on two of Donald Trump's executive orders regarding the vetting of those coming in from KNOWN Islamic terrorist supporting countries. Those “rulings” are based, not on the law or the Constitution, which is what they are REQUIRED to do. But there seems to be NO such limits placed on such judges, which gives them way too much power. If this is allowed to continue. Judges will RULE this country, with no limits on their “rulings.” They may already.

INCREASINGLY DANGEROUS N. KOREA: Kim Jung Un is going bananas. He figures his THREE nukes allows him to challenge the might of the United States, which has HUNDREDS of them, and can easily blanket his pitifully small country with them, on a moment's notice. If we detect ONE missile coming in our direction, we can make a steaming pile of dung out of his country minutes later. He is courting suicide if he keeps escalating his threat. He is the real “mouse that roared.”

MICHELLE'S SCHOOL LUNCHES: One of the biggest failures of the Obama administration is Michelle's school lunch program. It is doubtful if many children ever ATE one of her lunches. They threw them in the garbage, where they belong, and ate what they brought from home. Unless that was the plan all along—to revive sack lunches in schools—but I doubt she's intelligent enough to be that devious.

IT DIDN'T WORK THE FIRST TIME: So let's do it again. That's what legislators in Australia are thinking. Their highly vaunted gun ban resulted in a 300% INCREASE in gun crime in their country. So they're going to do it again, hoping for a different result. Wait! Isn't that the definition of INSANITY? Considering the fact that ALL the anti-gun legislation so far has INCREASED gun crime all over, we have to think ALL anti-gun laws (as we know them) are insane.

FIXATED ON MUSLIM BAN: Liberals are still calling Trump's immigration ban against immigrants from certain countries KNOWN to be terrorism supporters a ":Muslim ban," because most of those so banned from entry are Muslims. Since most terrorists ARE Muslims, it's not surprising that most of those banned are Muslims. But that's only a side issue. Their religion has nothing to do with it. It's the threats Muslims have made that are at issue.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Horse Manure Spreaders

That's the best way i can think of to describe the Democrats when they open their blow-holes and say something like, “Republicans just want you to die fast when you get sick.” Everything they say about the GOP today is “over the top.” The just can't get over being whipped so badly when they thought “the fix was in” to elect Hillary. They just didn't plan on the American people waking up and dumping them.

CLIMATE CHANGE BS: That's what climate change is: horse manure, spread widely. It has made a billionaire out of AlGore, its primary spreader, and allowed Obama to raise more billions of dollars in taxes, while making more laws and regulations to better control more people, and more industries. In reality, only two groups “believe” in climate change: One, the gullible; and two, those who wish to use it to line their pockets or increase their power.

DETERMINED TO BE STUPID: Chicago's top cop, who should know better, opposes a law now under consideration to apply longer sentences” for criminals who use guns in the commission of a crime. You'd think that would be a “slam dunk, wouldn't you? Because it puts the onus squarely on the shoulders of the lawbreaker, not the law-abiding citizen, as most anti-gun laws do. He seems to think it's just another way to put black men in prison. Maybe so. But if black men use guns in a crime, they DESERVE it.

ONLY WHITES ARE RACIST”: The University of California, Davis, says that blacks can't be racist, thus proving their colossal IGNORANCE. Blacks certainly CAN be racist! Not against blacks, because that would be really stupid. But against WHITES. And that's the kind of racism PROMOTED by Barack Obama, and the “Black Lives Matter” crowd. It's being promoted by blacks wanting to discredit all cops and destroy their effectiveness, so they can't stop black crime.

IT MAY BE HIS LAST: A former N. Korean diplomat who defected last year says that the nuclear test Kim just did might be his last. He hopes to test one with a 292 kiloton yield, much more powerful than the 20-30 kiloton nuclear tests, so far. They say that, to test one so large would “break his country in two.” But I disagree. I don't think Kim's nukes have anything like that kind of power, no matter how hard he tries. He may still blow himself and the rest of his country to powder while trying, however.

GETTING STUPID OUT THERE: Some high school students came to school wearing red, white, and blue clothes, to show their patriotism. And they were promptly labeled “racist” by other students for doing so. So they “wimped out” and apologized for doing what is their RIGHT to do. It's really getting stupid out there, folks! When you can't wear the nation's colors without being ostracized, it's getting pretty bad. Maybe these students need THEIR “safe spaces” where nobody can disagree with them, as liberals have.

IT WAS A FIZZLE: Rachel Maddow, of MSNBC, spent 20 minutes hyping her “scoop” about Donald Trump's 12-year-old tax return—well, two pages of it, anyway. They thought they had “hit the motherlode,” but it turned out to be “fool's gold.” There was “no there, there.” Turns out he paid a lot bigger percent of his income than many of the liberals' top mouths, probably INCLUDING Maddow. They paid 13% to 18%, while he paid 25%! Being rich, he should have been expected to have paid a lot less, right? The least boring part of it was her “lead-in.” Her breathless asking of many inane questions she hoped it would answer, and such. As a Fox anchor said, all she broke was “wind.”

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Firing Federal Attorneys

At least one federal attorney says he was FIRED by President Trump. So the hell WHAT? That's common when a new administration comes in, to get rid of the people appointed by the former administration. Former presidents did it—some of them DEMOCRATS. But now it is happening TO Democrats, and they think it is horrible that a president would fire his enemies who remain. What's the difference? They're DEMOCRATS, and hate Trump with a passion. They will do everything they can to undermine and dismantle his administration, and he is RIGHT to get rid of them.

DESTROYING FREE SPEECH: Liberals are working HARD to destroy freedom of speech while telling us it is THEIR free speech that is responsible. They SAY it is their RIGHT to stop conservative speakers from speaking anywhere because they disagree with them. And the liberal media yawns, because it is liberal “snowflakes,” who come out of their “safe spaces” and VIOLENTLY riot to block these people from speaking. These fools need to go back to their “safe spaces” and suck their thumbs, and leave the real people alone.

WE'RE SCARED OF TRUMP”: That's what I'm hearing from liberal “snowflakes” today. Some years ago they said they were “afraid of Bush.” But actually, they're not afraid of anybody. They're saying that they disagree with him, and thus want to destroy him. In America, you should not ever be afraid to speak up, about anything. But now, people are, because of “rampaging snowflakes.” Nobody in N. Korea ever says. “We're afraid of Kim Jong Un,” because they would be promptly MURDERED. Not so here. At least, not by the government.

IT'S LIKE HERDING CATS: One of the reasons why liberals (Democrats) win so often in the long run is that they line up, in order, and blindly support the ideas their “leaders” espouse, while Republicans and conservatives do not. Each one is an independent soul, with his/her own ideas, and he/she only promotes his/her ideas. That is best demonstrated today by the fact that many Republicans are against the GOP health care plan. Democrats “lined up” to vote for theirs, even though it was simple socialism. Republicans have their own ideas how it should go, and they oppose anything else.

OBAMACARE IS SOCIALISM: Intelligent people want no part of socialism in America, because it is based on THEFT of goods, services, and money from those who EARN it, to give to those who DON'T. It produces NO new wealth, and eventually fails. Obamacare IS socialism, since it depends on forcing young, healthy people to pay for services mostly rendered to older, less healthy people, which is the same thing. And forcing coverage of pre-existing conditions turns it into WELFARE.

IT'S THE WORDS USED: In 2009, Obama “replaced” a bunch of holdover attorneys as soon as he took over the reins of government. In 2017, Trump “ousted” a bunch of holdover Obama attorneys, and the liberal media lost their minds. One attorney had to be FIRED, and they're making a big thing out of it, even though firing the last guy's people is all part of “draining the swamp,” which Trump has PROMISED to do.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Why Would They?

The Democrat claim is that Trump collaborated with the Russians to get himself elected. That whole idea is completely illogical. Why would they want to beat Hillary, who, if elected, would move this country ever closer to their “pipe dream” of socialism, while Trump would move in exactly the other direction. What the hell would they GAIN by getting Trump elected? It's this they don't understand, since they deny even the EXISTENCE of logic.

WATERS HAS LOST IT: Every time California politician Maxine Waters opens her pie hole she convinces me once again that she has “lost it.” It doesn't matter to her if what she spouts is untrue, and has even been PROVED to be untrue, she still spouts it. Now she's spouting that old, discredited story about Trump hiring a prostitute to pee on the bed Obama once slept in. They need to take her by the hand and lead her away to the loony bin. That's where she belongs.

DEMOCRATS WON'T VOTE: Nancy Peelosi tells News Max that Democrats won't vote for the GOP Health Care Plan. Surprise, surprise! Who needs 'em? It was all Democrats who voted in Obamacare, and the GOP plan is designed to supplant Obamacare. So why WOULD they vote for it, and who cares? They're in the minority, now. So their votes for or against will make no difference. Does she really think we care? Somebody needs to enlighten her—if she is capable of BEING enlightened.

DEMOCRATS NEVER LEARN: Facts bounce off them like water bounces off a duck's back. Reducing the tax burden on Americans RAISES revenue by causing more productivity. When taxes are high, it DEPRESSES productivity, and thus also tax revenue. Reagan lowered the tax base drastically, and tax revenue INCREASED 55%! Democrats whine that there were many other causes, thereby DENYING that Reagan's tax rate cut had anything to do with it But, as usual, they're WRONG.

THEY THINK IT'S BAD: New Attorney General Sessions asks for the resignation of 46 Obama-appointed attorneys, and liberals (Democrats) have a meltdown over it. They think this is “uncalled for,” and has never, ever, happened in the past. And it's unfair. But the truth is, it has happened every time a new regime takes over. Appointees are required to keep their resignation letters in their desks, so they can turn them in on demand from the new regime. It's ROUTINE. But now it's happening to Democrats, they “lose their minds.”

HYPOCRITE NANCY: The dumb butt FORMER majority leader in the House, who infamously said, “We have to pass it to find out what's in it” about the Obamacare bill, is now DEMANDING to see what's in Trump's replacement health care bill BEFORE it is passed. Do these fools really think we don't remember her stupid pronouncement when she was “in charge?” Who does she think she's fooling?

Friday, March 10, 2017

"There's No Evidence!"

Democrats insist that, even though there is not a single shred of evidence that the Russians “hacked the election” to help Trump get elected, it MUST be true, and an “investigation” is needed. However, they also insist, (with no evidence) that there is NO EVIDENCE that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower just before the election, and that should preclude ANY investigation into it. Even though Obama is known for seeing the law and the Constitution as “just advice,” and doing what he wants, anyway.

POWERFUL WOMEN: They did a list of women who had a definite effect on events in the world the other day. On that list was Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren (Pocahontas), Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and many other Democrat women. Strangely absent was Kellyanne Conway's name, and the name of any other CONSERVATIVE women. Kellyanne is the first woman to ever head a successful presidential campaign, but I guess that doesn't count. She's not a DEMOCRAT, after all.

12 MILLION MISS WORK: They missed it while observing the “Day Without Women” demonstration. I wonder how many women lost their jobs, or WILL lose their jobs for being absent without good reason, as 12 restaurant workers did on the “Day without Immigrants” day, just past. These demonstrations always sound like good things, but I suspect their employers won't see it the same way they do.

THE “MUSLIM BAN” FANTASY: The idea that Trump's “travel ban” covering immigrants from several countries KNOWN to be Islamic terrorism supporters is NOT based on their “religion.” It is based on their THREATS to kill ALL “unbelievers,” and their known actions to do so. The fact that ALL the people who threaten us are Muslims is only incidental. They use that “religious connection” to obfuscate the issue when things go against them. If it were a “religious ban,” he would be banning ALL MUSLIMS from entering. He does NOT.

OBAMA INFURIATED: He's infuriated that Trump had the temerity to accuse him of wiretapping Trump tower just before the election Trump won in convincing fashion. So who the hell CARES? Obama is infuriated any time somebody accuses him of something he did. As to whether or not he DID the wiretap, it's easy to believe he did. It sounds like him. He's well known for treating laws like “advice,” so it's not hard at all to think he violated it, again.

RELEASING THE EVIDENCE: Democrats are saying that if Trump has evidence that Obama wiretapped him, he should release it, immediately. To NOT release it says he doesn't have any. Sounds like the same advice that could be given to the Democrats about their claims about Trump, and their claims they HAVE evidence they're “saving.” Funny how they accuse Trump of things THEY are doing, and expect intelligent people not to notice.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Back To Five Days

I admit it. I'm getting old. I can no longer do seven days a week. It takes a lot of research daily to keep up with these blogs. Several years ago when I worked two days a week for Avis, it was easier. But I was younger. My biggest problem was walking. Not writing and researching. So starting this weekend, I'm reverting to a five day schedule, which might let me get a little ahead on my research with the two days gained. I need these blogs to stay alive. But not seven days a week. It's worked so far.

A FEDERAL INVESTIGATION: Democrats are insisting on a “federal investigation” of their claim that the Russians meddled in our election to get Trump elected (why, is a mystery to me), thus invalidating his presidency (they think). Frankly, that's the surest way to make sure that such accusations will “go away.” Only ONE such investigation in the past, to my knowledge, has ever done anything concrete. That was Watergate. Yes, Nixon resigned, but that was his decision because he knew his butt was cooked, and it was not compelled at the end of any investigation.

FACEBOOK CENSORSHIP: I guess it doesn't matter if it's truth OR lie. If it supports “the right,” they're going to censor it. Liberals just can't stand to read ANYTHING that disagrees with their preconceived notions, and Facebook is going to pander to them. I guess they'll just have to go to their “safe space” and suck their thumbs. But that doesn't bother me, because I don't use Facebook for anything important. I'm barely on it. Sometimes I go weeks without going there, until I have nothing better to do.

STEALING FROM THE POOR: I've never been able to figure out the logic of this, but this is what the liberals (Democrats) think. Rich people got that way by “stealing from the poor.” How the HELL do you steal something from people who have nothing? It's not logical, but liberals not only HAVE no logic, they deny the very EXISTENCE of logic and common sense! That way, they don't have to BE logical in what they do, and what they say. And common sense is completely foreign to them.

WILL THEY LET HIM GO? Is N. Carolina a “sanctuary state?” If so, will they let Maurucio go? Mauricio Funes Machado only beheaded his MOTHER with a rusty knife. If he lived in a “sanctuary city or state,” they might let the bugger go, and maybe we'd never see him again—until he kills somebody else, since he got away with it the first time (or is it the first time?). Nancy Peelosi thinks he should be given immediate citizenship.

NO WARRANTS AGAINST TRUMP”: Obama's intel director. James Clapper, who has already lied to Congress, under oath (and is not in prison, since he is a Democrat), says there were no “secret warrants” against Trump, and we are to believe that means Obama did not wiretap Trump without one. Obama is well known to treat the law as “just advice,” so it's easy to believe his minions DID wiretap Trump FOR him. We already know he wiretapped Flynn. That's how we found out he talked to the Russians.

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? When Donald Trump told Hillary he would not necessarily accept the results of the election, she was appalled. NOBODY should doubt the results of the election! That's what she, and all other liberals and Democrats said--until she LOST, against ALL predictions of the pollsters. THEN, she was, all of a sudden, worried about the possibility that the RUSSIANS had “hacked the election” and made Trump's landslide election “impure.” What changed her mind? She LOST, that's what!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Investigate Unproven Allegations

That's what Obama wants.He's talking about Trump's allegations about HIM wiretapping Trump just before the election. But not HIS unproved allegation about the Russians and Trump collaborating to beat Hillary. It's “abhorrent” if Trump does it, but perfectly logical if Obama does it. It's the seriousness of the “crime” that's important in investigating Trump, and finding no evidence REQUIRES an expensive, time-consuming investigation. But not with Obama's accusations. That's just a waste of time and money, right?

TYPICAL DC FEEDING FRENZY”: Laura Ingraham, speaking on Fox News, says the hooraw over the “Russian connection” in the recent election is “a typical feeding frenzy, based on NO evidence (my emphasis), and is feverishly overblown.” Which can be said for most of the Democrat “crises” about Trump. They insist Trump provide “evidence” of their wiretapping, then accidentally provide it, themselves, while still harping on their own “feeding frenzy without evidence.”

I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT: The Democrats are pushing the pipe dream that the Russians interfered with our election to get Trump elected. Why, in hell would they do that? Trump is as near an anti-communist as there was in the last election. BOTH Democrat candidates would have advanced their socialist dreams, if they had been elected. So WHY would they interfere to get TRUMP elected? Think about it, and use some logic.

OBSESSED WITH MUSLIM BAN: The Democrats and all their frieds are OBSESSED with trying to convince the world that Trump's travel ban is a MUSLIM ban, when it ISN'T. If it were, he'd simply ban ALL Muslims from entering the United States. He doesn't. They've seized upon ONE not-so-specific word Trump said to make us think so, when it is NOT so. And it is stupid to THINK so! Apparently, they don't mind being stupid. Stay stupid, Democrats! You're only beating yourselves.

WHAT'S HARD TO BELIEVE? Why is it so hard for people to believe Obama had surveillance on Donald Trump? He had surveillance on everybody else, so why not Trump, too? As much as he stuck his nose into everybody's business, it would be incredible to believe he didn't do so with Hillary's opponent, which was the same as HIS opponent. Obama probably stuck his nose in other people's business more than any other president in history. So why would Trump not be a subject for study? He is also known for flaunting the law, so why not wiretap Trump WITHOUT a FISA order?

FISCAL SUICIDE! Trump came out with his “replacement” for Obamacare, today, and retained the WORST possible feature that was in Obamacare. Pre-existing conditions. Forcing insurance companies to cover conditions that existed before the insurance was bought is the sure way to fiscal suicide! Frankly, I thought Trump was smarter than that, being a successful businessman. But apparently, he's not. Or he missed that in his reading of the bill.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

It's ""Hate Speech!"

Don't like criticism? Just call it “hate speech” and most of your critics will stop criticizing you. That's what some students at Georgetown University are calling ANY criticism of Sharia Law. Well, I guess I'm a “hater” then, because I will NEVER quit criticizing Sharia Law, which goes against everything America IS. We have a Constitution, and it prohibits almost everything in Sharia Law. That merits criticism, and they can call me what they want, that's FACT. And to hell with them!

FREEDOM OF SPEECH”: College students who RIOT to prevent conservative speakers from being able to speak at their schools cite THEIR “freedom of speech: in PREVENTING that conservative speaker from exercising HIS freedom of speech. They're afraid they'll hear something that doesn't agree with their preconceived notions, and they're afraid to hear it. They then need to go to their “safe spaces” where they can suck their thumbs and whimper a little. Maybe kick their feet a little.

MAD AT NOTHING: The liberals on the Internet are all aflutter at a picture of Hillary grimacing as she reads a story about VP Pence using an AOL account for state business while he was governor of Indiana. There's no comparison, but they insist there is. They say it's a classic picture of someone who lost a job interview to someone less qualified, implying (falsely) that she is more qualified to be president than Trump. Classic “sour grapes,” if you ask me. She isn't even qualified to be a housewife.

THE DOUBLE STANDARD: The liberal media is covering the Jeff Sessions phony story much more closely than they ever did Holder's “Fast and Furious” REAL story. If that isn't a clear example of their double standard, I don't know what is. If we didn't have the “alternative media,” we wouldn't have even HEARD about Holder's “Fast and Furious.” That's how they “manage the news” in this country and CONTROL what many of us think.

BUT NOT FOR THEE”: “Good for we, but not for thee!”Democrats want to not be questioned about any proof of the “Russian Connection” (there is none) and Trump and his people's involvement in it, but insist that, since Trump brought up the possible wiretapping of his office by OBAMA, he has to PROVE it, but they do not have to prove their allegations. They figure all they have to do is make the ACCUSATION, and that's enough. But not Trump. He has to bring his proof forward, RIGHT NOW.

JUST LIKE WATERGATE: In Watergate, Nixon people broke into the Democrat headquarters to get information that would help them win an election. Today, Obama is accused of wiretapping Trump headquarters just before an election for the same purpose. The same basic thing, but under new technology. Some say there was no court order to do it, but did he do it, anyway? Obama is known for his ignoring the law and the Constitution. Did he do it in this case? It would be very like him to ignore the law.