Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Redistribution of (Your) Wealth

That’s what Obama and his “fellow travelers” are advocating They’re not talking about their own wealth and they’re careful to EXEMPT themselves from the bills they scam into law. It’s YOUR wealth they’re after, and the longer these people are ”in power,” the more of it will belong to THEM, and not to YOU. They’ll say I’m lying, but they won’t be able to prove it.

YOU SHOULD BE SILENT: They’re “demonizing” the people who are speaking out against Obama’s socialist policies by claiming they’re racist. All without a shred of proof. No matter how much we prove they’re lying, they continue to lie, using Hitler’s PR man’s policies of telling a lie as often as possible until it is accepted as truth, and people will fight you if you try and “wake them up.”

OBAMA’S A SMOKER: Even though he smokes, he wants to take away your right to smoke. It’s standard operating procedure to exempt themselves from what they demand of you, and this is one BIG example of that. It’s part of liberalism to want to control what YOU do while making sure any laws made, or rules posted do not effect THEM.

BRINGING IT CRASHING DOWN: There’s an ad on the radio that asks if you’re afraid of the banks and corporations “bringing the whole thing crashing down.” Logic tells us the banks and corporations will not bring ANYTHING “crashing down” because it's not to their advantage-- unless they’re obeying a law the GOVERNMENT made—such as the “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976,” REQUIRING lenders to loan money to people who would NEVER pay it back, because they “need” it. I’m afraid of the GOVERNMENT “bringing it all crashing down.”

SHARPTON NOT BELIEVABLE: But he keeps on with his intimidation of “big business,” demanding they “contribute” to his “charities” (which he controls, absolutely) or he’ll sue them, accusing them of racism. It’s a similar scam to the one run by Jesse Jackson, another well known race whore. But Sharpton has discredited himself by his own actions. He was never very believable, but is even less believable today.

LARRY KING LOSES 50% OF HIS AUDIENCE: He is one of the worse liberal whores there is on television, and Americans are getting “wise” to him and going elsewhere for what he pretends to provide. Maybe he’ll demand the government FORCE more people to watch his show. That’s what liberals do.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pass The Bill

So we can see what’s IN it. That’s what Nancy Peelosi said about Obama’s health care swindle bill, which is now “the law of the land,” and we STILL don’t know what’s in it, though things are “dribbling out” as to what’s in it. And so far, NOBODY likes the things “dribbling out.” Obama promised federal funding for abortion (baby-killing in the womb) would NOT be in it. But like with ALL things Obama has promised, it is a LIE. It IS there. They talk about “sharing the wealth.” But they mean YOUR wealth, if you earn your own way, so those who DON’T earn their own way can benefit from YOUR work. How stupid does she think we ARE?

IS THIS WHERE WE ARE NOW? Having to make a new law costing us TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS, just so we can see what’s in IT? How STUPID! If you don’t stand up on your hind legs and GET RID of this woman (and Obama), you deserve what you get! The 2010 election will come soon, and most Democrats in Congress are up for re-election. Show them what we do to people who screw them like they’ve done to us!

THE CENSUS: All you’re REQUIRED to do is tell the census HOW MANY people live in your house. Nothing else! Do not allow them to intimidate you into giving them more information than that.

SOCIALISM NOW NOT A “DIRTY WORD”: Many people don’t even know what socialism MEANS. That included my own sister until I described it for her. Many others have no idea how BAD it is, and thus don’t react when their “leaders” reveal their socialistic leanings, so they do. They’re now “right up front” about being socialists and nobody cares.

DO RESEARCH: With the Internet, research is now easy. All you have to do is Google the word “socialism” to learn what it is. But be careful who you ask. If they talk about how you should “share” with others, RUN away. If they talk about “giving back,” go elsewhere. They’re talking about sharing YOUR wealth and “giving back” to people to whom you owe NOTHING.

DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT! Your “leaders” are lying to you, every day, in every way. I saw an ad today that said you now would get the SAME medical care as Congress does. That’s a flat-out LIE. The day you get the SAME medical care as government employees, specifically congresspeople, I’ll have a heart attack and die. The things they push on YOU are NEVER the same as what THEY get, and never WILL be. The laws they pass to apply to YOU, are carefully written to EXEMPT them.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

What Is "Hate Speech?"

Ann Coulter was “warned” about “hate speech” before she was not allowed to speak at a recent event at a Canadian college (Ottowa). As usual, nobody mentioned exactly WHAT “hate speech” they were talking about; because they can’t. They have DEFINED everything someone like Coulter says as “hate speech,” while they go about spewing their own “hate speech” all over the place. Can anybody DEFINE “hate speech?” Nobody has even TRIED. It’s just a “throwaway line” they use to describe anything with which they disagree.

HOW DO THEY GET AWAY WITH IT? How do today’s politicians (once radical hippies) get away with their excesses? First, they control the means of prosecution so they can never be prosecuted for most of their crimes. Second, there’s nobody paying attention. Most Americans are too busy earning a living to study what they do as I do since I’ve been retired. Those who aren’t earning a living are likely in “their corner,” wishing to obtain as many “freebies” as they can. People today read only the headlines, which often tell a story completely opposite to reality.

OBAMA’S ISRAEL TREATMENT UNCONSCIONABLE: Israel is one of our staunchest supporters in the Middle East. What earthly gain do we have by criticizing them about purely INSIDE Israel actions? The Palestinians don’t own a single foot of Israel. Yet they want to take a section of land from them for an independent state. Hell, Israel has ALREADY given back some of the land they won. Where do they get the idea they can take land they LOST in a war for their own uses?

ASSASSINS LEFTISTS: Most of the well known assassins recently (and not so recently) have been leftists. When was the last time you heard of a conservative riot (for real, not a liberal invention)? The liberals like to talk about violence from the right, but so far, all of the violence has been from those on the left. I’m sure liberals will “jump up and down” about that. They hate it when we tell the truth about them. They like to call that “hate speech” while they talk about “killing Bush” and make movies about assassinating him.

“HATE SPEECH” DEFINED: Obama wants “hate speech” to be defined as “anything said or written that is contrary to what Obama wants. That’s how he intends to shut up his critics. This is how would-be dictators usually shut their critics up. Make a “reasonable-sounding” law and enforce it specifically against your enemies, but not your friends.

CAPITALISM BEING KILLED? Is it dying on its own, or is being killed by the incompetent policies of liberals? It is the latter, though the liberals want you to think it is the former. Capitalism is in trouble because the liberals passed a law in 1976 (The “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act) to FORCE lenders to loan money to people who could not, would not, repay it. A “recipe for disaster” designed to let liberals take over the government, which it did. Now everything they do is designed to make the economy worse, while they claim only they can make things better. Hoping you won’t “tumble to” their scam.

IGNORANCE IS BLISS: Besides being the "working title" of my next book, it is the condition under which a lot of people operate. Like the woman who recently told me she liked Obama and didn't want to hear anything against him. She doesn't want to hear the truth apparently, if it would destroy her religious-like faith that Obama "knows all."6

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Obama--Er, Osama threatens U. S. Troops

He’s threatening to kill American troops if we DARE to kill his murdering thugs we now have in custody. Tell me: how is this different from what his people do every day? Does he (if he’s still alive and kicking) really think we will just “let them go” if he threatens to do what he does every day?: What a fool he has running his organization!

CONSTRUCTION UNEMPLOYMENT: Now at 27%. In spite of all the “stimulus programs” Obama is putting out and all the taxpayer money he’s spending. Then there are all those “shovel-ready” projects he said he’d be financing. His bills are becoming law NOW, and the taxes begin NOW, but "benefits" won’t be “kicking in” for four years, just before the next presidential election (surprise, surprise!)..

LIES ABOUT REAGAN: Liberals like to talk about how Reagan “hurt a lot of people.” He did not. Unless you consider those who won’t work. He lowered the base tax rate from the (liberal-passed) 70% range to 28%, creating one of the biggest, longest lasting economic booms that ever happened. Kennedy also lowered the tax rate and created a boom, but not as big because Congress was liberal. Bush lowered the tax rate yet again, and caused the boom to continue until the liberal scam to win the 2008 election “kicked in" in late 2008, causing an “economic slowdown” that got him the presidency.

CHILDREN BEATING UP ADULTS: In New York, bands of children are beating up on random people and the ”authorities” are upset about it and want to “hold the parents responsible.” The “child protectors” will PUT YOU IN PRISON if you so much as “raise your hand” to your children, and when they predictably get in trouble, they want to hold YOU responsible I think the “child protection services” (no matter what name they go under) should be held responsible for making it impossible to control your children.

CONGRESS THREATENED: This is the first time I’ve ever heard about members of the Senate and House being threatened—really threatened—because of something they voted for. At least, not in this country. That ought to tell them something they should have known BEFORE they voted in this monstrosity of a health care swindle. But I don’t think the people opposed to it are doing it. I think their own people are doing it so they can blame it on conservatives and Republicans in an continuing effort to discredit them.

WHAT, EXACTLY ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT? Liberals like to talk about how Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, and other non-0liberal pundits are “fomenting violence when they tell the truth about what THEY’RE doing. But they never give us SPECIFICS about what they’re saying because they can’t. These people are saying NOTHING that would, by any intelligent person, be considered “hate speech. So they complain about what they’re saying, GENERALLY, knowing those who pay no attention will believe them.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Free Publicity, Anybody?

Strange: Cokie Roberts said Glenn Beck is a “traitor to the country he claims to love” just before the release of her new book. James Coburn called Beck a “F—king A—hole” just before the release of HIS book. Wonder why? These are the people who whine about “being nice.” Hmmmmm. Maybe if I called Cokie a b--ch, I might get some free publicity for MY latest book—or maybe the one I’m writing now. Probably not. They only do that for their own books.

BOYCOTTING BECK: Obama's organizing a "boycott Glen Beck" campaign. And I didn't know until Beck told me. Nice to know he's "drawing blood." Funny he’s not trying to do the same to Limbaugh. Maybe he’s afraid of him.

NEW HOME SALES DOWN: You may have heard stories about how the “recession is lessening.” Not so, if you’re a new home builder. Didya know Obama is continuing the practice of forcing lenders to loan money to those unable to repay them? The same thing that CREATED the recession in the first place? Is anybody listening? Knock, knock. Hey!

COVERING EVERYTHING: Lotsa snow is “evidence of climate change” (AlGore’s new name for “global warming”). No snow is “evidence of climate change.” Hot weather in summer is “evidence of climate change.” This is AlGore’s “all-encompassing” name for his swindle. Don’t fall for it and send money. It has made him a billionaire and a Nobel Laureate, already.

INCOMPETENCE: Obama said kids would not be cut out of his health care swindle. But, surprise, surprise! There’s nothing in the bill they passed into law that says kids are covered. They’re now scrambling to cover them. What is this but incompetence on the part of those writing the bill?

DEATH THREATS: Obama, Peelosi, Reed, et al, are claiming they get “death threats.” Everybody who writes or says ANYTHING in the political arena gets death threats. Limbaugh does. Glenn Beck does. I do. But do we whine about it? No. That’s part of what we’re doing. But liberals USE those “death threats” to show “how bad we are.”

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm Expecting the Worst

I’m sure I haven’t yet come to the attention of our dictator yet, but I probably will soon, after he destroys all those ahead of me in line for destruction for having the audacity to oppose anything he does, If I just ”disappear,” you’ll know it happened. I’ve seen some bad presidents, but never one this bad. People have SAID that previous presidents have schemes in the works to stay in office forever. This is the first one from whom I fear this is true.

MAKING ME PHYSICALLY ILL: I’ve seen some bad presidents, but none (until now) who made me physically ILL to hear him speak or see his picture everywhere I go. Yes, I know presidents get a lot of coverage. But the coverage this one (Obama) gets is excessive. His people say he gets a lot of opposition. They’re right. He’s now even getting opposition from his previous FRIENDS because they can see how he is DESTROYING this country with his insane policies. But the media (who can’t see it) is still pushing him, against all odds. I hope I live long enough to see him ousted in 2012.

“DEEMING” IT PASSED: Talk about arrogance! They don’t even CARE if we know exactly how they’re swindling us. There is NOTHING in the Constitution saying an administration may “deem” a bill passed into law without a vote. Therefore Obama’s (former) planned method to pass his health care swindle into law if he cannot even get a majority of DEMOCRATS to vote for it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and you don’t even need to be a “constitutional scholar” to see it. Thus, it’s ILLEGAL, and can be ignored--if you want to be shot or imprisoned illegally. Update: he didn't get to "deem" it passed, but he bought enough votes to get it done, so we got raped, anyway.

A FLAT-OUT LIE: They say Obama’s health care swindle law will “reduce the national debt by $900 BILLION dollars." Does ANYBODY believe this crap outside of the liberal media? What a major SWINDLE is being run on us! It really amazes me that we have so many people living in this country who have no idea what Obama is doing to us because they REFUSE to pay attention to the “details” of what he’s doing!

INSURANCE COMPETITION: If Obama really wants to make the insurance companies compete, he’ll repeal the law that disallows interstate selling of insurance. This law, PROTECTING insurance companies from competition, is the major reason why rates are so high today, but nobody will admit it. They won’t even talk about it.

NO GUN NECESSARY: A man walked into a school in China and murdered eight (count ‘em) EIGHT children. There were no armed people in that school able to stop him. In a country with STIFF anti-gun laws, you’d think there would BE no violence. But cops there are grappling with a real increase in violent crime.

TEA PARTY VIOLENCE! I’ve just received word that somebody at the most recent Tea Party meeting was doing violence. He was “brandishing a placard” saying, “Kill the Bill!” This is how Democrats define “violence” when talking about people who disagree with them, Tea Partiers, or otherwise. But they don’t often tell us what, specifically, WAS the "violence.”

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Obama: you can screw us six ways to Sunday, take what we own, put us in prison if we object, fine us if we refuse your unconstitutional orders, but one day (soon) we’re going to say, “enough!” and put you, and your accomplices in this swindle, “out to pasture.” I think that’s going to come in 2010 and 2012.

IF YOU HAVE A GUN: If you’re a liberal, you’re ignored. If you’re not a liberal (whatever you are), the cops are called to make sure you have a permit to carry that gun. Violence, today, is whatever a liberal THINKS it is. It’s the same way they define “sexual harassment.” It is anything the person “being harassed” does not enjoy. Which means it is a SUBJECTIVE thing, subject to the WHIM of the person defining it.

Obama issued (or promised to issue) an Executive Order banning any DIRECT use of federal money to support abortion. It is meaningless because of that one word, “directly.” There are many ways to INDIRECTLY support abortion with federal money. Obama bought Stupek’s vote with a meaningless Executive Order.

BUYING A “PIG IN A POKE”: That’s what Peelosi wants us to do, and we did it. We “passed the bill” to find out what’s IN IT! Since when do we need to make a law without knowing what we’re making? How stupid does she think we are?” Looks like we ARE as stupid (some of us) as she thinks we are (most of them in Congress).

ENEMIES OF THE REPUBLIC: Democrats are “enemies of the republic” and Barack Obama is “enemy number one,” after signing the unconstitutional health care swindle he scammed into passage into law, against the Constitution. He doesn’t care that it’s unconstitutional, even that many states are mounting constitutional actions against him. He is so arrogant, he says he “expects those actions to fail.” Does that mean he has such a “strangle-hold” on the courts that they can’t win?4 If that’s true, he is now a DICTATOR.

“THESE ARE THE TIMES THAT TRY MEN’S SOULS”: This is one of the most famous statements from the Revolutionary War times, and it applies again today. Obama and his forces are “trying our souls,” and if he keeps it up, I predict that there WILL be another revolution, to get rid of him. Bureaucrats, notice: I’m not SUGGESTING this, I’m merely predicting it.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

What's WRONG with Obama?

This country is trying to tell him we REJECT his health care swindle, but he isn’t hearing us. He is trying every filthy trick in the book and some that aren’t in the book to pass this bill into law AGAINST the American people’s wishes. What does he hope to gain? Does he hope he can postpone or eliminate the 2012 election and stay in office for the rest of his life? If he does, I can PROMISE him a revolution that will get rid of him forever. Americans will NOT allow him to become a dictator.

THE SAME DEAL: Obama refuses to answer the question about why Congress gets a much better deal on health care than do “average Americans.” That’s because he can’t answer the question without hurting his “cause.” They also get a MUCH better deal on their retirement plan, but nobody (including Obama) wants to talk about that.

READ UP ON IT: If you want to know what’s really going on, read “What’s Wrong IN America” or “Pay ATTENTION to Politics,” both available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. They go into detail and name names and places on just how your own government is scamming you and you don’t know it if you aren’t “paying attention.”

ARROGANCE AND IGNORANCE: House members are saying “we are GOING to pass this bill, no matter WHAT the American people want.” That is the heights of arrogance, and I condemn it. All these arrogant politicians are going to be “sent home” in the 2010 election, and Obama will be sent back to Chicago in 2012.

HOW TO TELL WHEN OBAMA LIES: His mouth is moving and sounds are coming out, or he is writing something; or one of his stooges, after he winds him up, does the same. They’re running an ad right now that tells all the lies about Obama’s health care swindle, just before the “non-vote.”

WHY I’M AFRAID TO WASH MY CAR: A lot of people ask me why I don’t wash my car. This cartoon is the best illustration of my answer.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Obama Waves His Scepter

And his health care swindle is law. That’s what’s going to happen if the House successfully “deems” it to have been passed. Only it will be actually “Queen Peelosi” who “waves HER scepter” and “deems” it passed. This is what we’ve come to with Obama in the “driver’s seat.” Fortunately, so far, we still have the Supreme Court to declare it unconstitutional—unless Obama can get to them, too.

THE REAL ISSUE: In health care, the REAL issue is, “who decides?” Who decides whether you’re too old for life-saving surgery or life-saving medication? You, or some unnamed, faceless bureaucrat somewhere whose only care is the cost and if it will benefit you long enough? Who makes your medical decisions, YOU, or someone else? Will YOU be condemned to death because you “probably won’t live much longer anyway?” I’m 73 years old. Is that a good reason for someone I don’t even know to condemn me to death?

“TURN $50G INTO $5G: That’s what Obama is telling businesspeople. It costs a lot of money to hire even ONE new employee if you don’t need him/her. So offering a $5,000 “bounty” for each new hire who stays there a while is futile, and he will not get many takers because businesspeople tend to be more intelligent than politicians. The only people who will claim that bounty are those who would have hired someone anyway.

THE BIGGEST LIE: Obama is telling a lot of lies to pass his health care swindle, but the biggest lie is the one that taking over 1/7 of the economy will not increase the debt. That it will be “revenue neutral.” How he expects ANYBODY with any degree of intelligence to buy that crap simply shows HIS ignorance.

JUST SHOOT HIM: Attorney General Holder says Osama “will not be taken alive.” Is that Osama’s choice, or that of those mythical people “capturing” him? I agree, either way, with Bush. If he’s still alive (which I doubt) and they find him, just shoot him in the place where he will die a most painful death. He deserves nothing less.

“MAKE OR BREAK ISSUE”: Obama says the health care swindle is a “make or break issue” for his administration. For a change, he’s telling the truth. It will “break” his administration whether it passes or not. After November 2010, his majority in Congress will be gone. After 2012, HE will be gone. And America can heave a sigh of relief and begin repairing the damage he has done.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"So-Called Pre-Existing Conditions"

That’s what a Democrat congressman called it. Congressman, they’re NOT “so-called.” They ARE. I shouldn’t have to pay for treating YOUR cancer, nor should you have to pay for mine. That’s not “so-called,” it’s an absolute. And don’t give me that crap that there are no absolutes. There ARE; that’s an absolute.

“DEEM IT PASSED”: The Democrats don’t have even enough DEMOCRAT votes to pass Obama’s health care swindle, so they want to now “deem it passed” WITHOUT a vote. There is nothing in the Constitution allowing this kind of swindle so ANYTHING they pass this way WILL be unconstitutional and thus, illegal. But they don’t care, so long as it gets “passed.”

OBAMA IS AGAINST ISRAEL: Thus, his opposition to Israel building more housing for its residents on land the Palestinians want for a future “homeland.” Now, the Palestinians LOST that land in a war, so it BELONGS to Israel and Palestinians have no claim on it except in their own minds.

STUPID THINKING: Obama thinks Republicans are against ANY kind of spending, for anything. Which is stupid. But then, those of us who actually “pay attention to politics” expect this kind of thinking from him.

OBAMA DOESN’T UNDERSTAND: He can’t figure out why Americans are AGAINST his “efforts” to improve the economy.” That’s because his Keynesian efforts will NOT make things better, and will only make things worse, as did those of FDR.

TROTSKY MARVELED: Trotsky, who lived in New York City for a time, marveled at the things the “average worker” in America had, such as running water, their own homes, and many other things they would not have in Russia. He didn’t understand it was CAPITALISM that allowed them to have such amenities.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Having It Both Ways

Democrats are giving Massa a hard time about being gay. One thing they hold against him is that he has lunch with a man on a regular basis. So what? Most of Washington does that. Barney Frank is as gay as they come, and corrupt, as well. But nobody says anything. I don’t know if Massa is gay or not. I don’t care what people do at home. But Democrats want it both ways, and they can’t do that. What a bunch of FOOLS they be!

I FEEL HELPLESS: If someone comes at me with a gun (which could happen any time in today’s world, gun laws notwithstanding), I am completely defenseless if I don’t have my own gun with which to defend myself. Unlike the stereotype the “anti-gun zealots” want to paint, I’m no more likely to go off on a shooting spree at the slightest provocation than is that cop you see with the big gun on his hip.

CODE WORDS: “Social Justice” and “Economic Justice.” These are the words liberals commonly use when ripping us off. They’re now using them to TAKE land that is owned by private owners, when the previous owners die. They do it to “protect” certain species or groups of people (that's their excuse). But their actions do not “protect” anything but their own goals and pocketbooks. Don’t fall for their swindles.

LICENSING YOU: The federal government is putting more and more things that should be our rights under federal licensing laws. The power to license is the power to REFUSE to license, therefore telling you that you cannot do a thing. Various businesses are the current targets of attempts to force people to buy an expensive license in order to be able to go into that business. This cannot be! If a business involves life or death matters, such as becoming a doctor, that’s one thing. That must be controlled because the expertise of the operator can be a life or death requirement. But what about someone who wants to go into the sign business? There’s no NEED for such a license.

NO SALT: New York State wants to BAN the very USE of salt in cooking ANYTHING for public consumption. They say they want to “change the eating habits of New Yorkers.” What the hell gives them the right to decide what’s good or bad for other people than themselves? What the hell gives them the right to change ANYBODY’S eating habits? I make such decisions for myself. I don’t allow some nameless, faceless bureaucrat somewhere to decide whether or not I can eat salt. It’s not their business!

KEEP PUSHING IT, OBAMA! Every time you go out of your way to push your health care swindle your numbers go down. That should tell you something, but it obviously does not. Keep pushing it, Obama! We’ll get rid of you in 2012 yet, even if we run Mickey Mouse against you.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Obama Has Created Many Jobs!

The only problem is, they’re all GOVERNMENT jobs, mostly in the IRS. This onerous agency has collected a record amount of “delinquent” taxes since Obama was elected. Obama is quickly reducing the number of people who CAN contribute to the “tax take” by doing everything he can to cause unemployment to rise as quickly as possible, so he has to find a way to increase it. Hence, the increase in the number of IRS agents to audit you and squeeze as much money out of you as they can.

STUPID ASSUMPTION: The “anti-smoking Nazis now say “smoking leads to smoking pot.” How stupid is that? I smoked for 45 years and NEVER was tempted to smoke pot. I may be one of the few people left who doesn’t know what pot tastes like. Although with eighteen years as a paramedic, I do know what it SMELLS like. I scraped many pot smokers off the sidewalk and streets, along with the drunks.

MOVING THE TERRORISTS: I’ve been using the word “stupid” a lot lately because that’s the only proper word to use to describe what our currently elected politicians are. The latest stupidity is moving the trial of the terrorist who masterminded 9/11 out of New York City, but keeping it in the United States, which still gives him rights to which he is NOT entitled. He needs to be moved OUTSIDE the United States and tried in a military court, along with other foreign nationals who attacked us.

DESTROYING PRIVATE INSURANCE: The way they’ve got it set up, it’s cheaper to pay the government for not having health insurance because the fine is about 25% of the cost of that insurance. If you get caught breaking the law and you run into a tree while escaping, giving yourself major brain damage, all your family needs to do is buy some insurance AFTER THE INJURY, and the insurance company MUST cover it because they cannot refuse to cover pre-existing conditions. This is GUARANTEED to destroy the health insurance industry in a few years while insuring a lot more money for the government. It’s also cheaper for your employer to pay the fine for not offering you insurance, so they’ll drop your insurance.

THE INSURANCE SCAM: When they get the health insurance swindle in “full swing,” look for them to take over other forms of insurance, too, while making it easier and less expensive to pay the fine, rather than actually carry the insurance. Especially since they will not be allowed to refuse to cover something that was in existence before you bought the insurance.

“JIHAD JANE”: They arrested an American woman for planning an atrocity in support of the Islamic terrorists in the United States. They call her “Jihad Jane,” and her arrest has sparked fears of “homegrown terrorists” in the United States. Why? What stupidity would cause an otherwise intelligent woman to embrace the ignorant ways of Islamic terrorists? Is she gay? Does she want her “74 virgins” in the afterlife? Or will they have male virgins just for her? People who believe that silly promise of “74 virgins” aren’t too bright in the first place.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Peelosi's Ignorance

This woman must think we’re FOOLS! She says, “We have to pass the [health care] bill so that you can find out what's in it. What? "Typical Peelosi. So why not just let us SEE what’s in it? Does she think we’re so stupid we’d vote it into law just so we can SEE what we’ve done to our country? Gawd, how STUPID is this woman? It pains me to think we (not me) actually ELECTED this stupid woman to represent us, then actually put her in charge of the House! Damn! I wish more voters would pay attention!

USING FELONS AS WITNESSES: The judge in Denver’s Willie Clark case criticized the prosecution for using so many witnesses who, themselves, were felons and were given shorter sentences for their testimony in the trial over the killing of football player Darrent Williams. But maybe they should ask, who ELSE? Prosecutors don’t get to “pick and choose” their witnesses. Those who have evidence to give don’t always have “squeaky-clean” records themselves. Some might have even taken part in the crime. If we completely reject their testimony, many criminals would go free for lack of witnesses.

OBAMA “BLEEDING US DRY”: He’s doing it with new taxes. He doesn’t CALL them new taxes. He calls them “new investments in our future,” hoping we’ll buy his bullsh-t. The health care swindle alone will be one of the biggest tax increases ever, in spite of his lie that it will be “revenue neutral.” He must take us all for FOOLS!

MAKING MORE UNEMPLOYMENT: Colorado is putting a new tax on soda pop, right when new taxes should NOT be imposed, and WILL cause more unemployment. Not among soda pop drinkers, but among their bottlers and their suppliers, plus a “domino effect” on the market. What stupidity!

HAVE YOUR OWN GUN: The shooting in Washington at the Pentagon, where a gunman opened up on some security guards, who shot him to death, just shows that if there is someone there with his own gun and the will to use it, the death toll from such shooters can be minimized. The “anti-gun Nazis” say we can’t allow everybody to be armed. Why not? Criminals and crazies have no trouble getting guns, so why should WE remain unarmed and helpless?

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: That’s what Obama promised. Then he DOUBLED the national debt and TRIPLED the budget in his first year! This is “fiscal responsibility?” Gimme a break! How stupid does he think we are? Damn!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Turn Off The Ignition, Dammit!

People are being killed because they cannot figure out the simplest of things. Toyota cars are accelerating uncontrollably and they can’t figure out to TURN OFF THE IGNITION! Or put it in neutral, THEN turn off the ignition. Don’t do all the complicated things Obama’s government tells you, such as hit the brake and emergency brake simultaneously. That doesn’t work. It just divides your consciousness. Turn it OFF! Then park it and call for help. That’ll keep you alive.

WHY GET RID OF DEALERS? The way to make your company better is NOT to get rid of your customers. GM’s dealers are their only DIRECT customers. GM does not sell directly to the public. The more dealers they have, the more sales they make. So why is Obama forcing them to kill off thousands of their dealers and CAUSING higher unemployment in the process? I’ve asked everywhere and get no answer. Can anybody logically answer that question? Please tell me if you can.

THEY’RE FRIGHTENED: The Islamic terrorists in Iraq are deathly afraid of the Iraqi government becoming strong and powerful. Which is why they’re trying their best to stop the Iraqi elections from happening. They’re killing people for voting, and blowing up voting places. Anything to frighten people away from the voting places and make them afraid to vote.

“PLAYING THE NUMBERS”: Playing the numbers has always been illegal—until the government started doing it, “muscling out” the mafia and other mobster organizations. Now the Same people who used to keep the mob in business are supporting the government.

GOVERNMENT-HATERS: The guy who shot up the Pentagon and got himself killed was mad at the government. So naturally Obama’s gangsters are trying to blame his attack on the Tea Parties.

OBAMA AND THE OLYMPICS: Many say they should take the Gold Medal away from the American who won it and give it to Barack Obama, who clearly has “gone downhill” faster than anyone else in American history. But of course, he never entered, feeling he didn’t need to enter any contests, since he’s so perfect at everything.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Amaazon to Colorado: "Go to Hell"

The State of Colorado has passed a law to force Internet vendors to become their “tax collectors” on Internet sales. Amazon has told them to “go to hell” and has cut off their affiliates in Colorado. The governor says their action is “uncalled for.” I disagree. The State of Colorado’s action is what is “uncalled for.” Amazon’s is “self-defense.”

“SHUTTING OUT” THE PUBLIC: Obama has now closed the doors to his speeches on his health care swindle, talking only to people he can count on to applaud him when he speaks, and are not likely to oppose him. This, from the jerk who promised a “transparent government” to the ignorant people who elected him, and who will UNelect him in 2012, after unelecting his Democrat majority in the Congress in 2010. He’s not only destroying this country’s economy, he’s destroying the Democrat Party, too.

SCANDALS: Look for anybody, Democrat or Republican, who opposes Obama’s health care swindle, to be accused of a scandal. That’s how the Democrats always handle any opposition to their plans. Congressman Massa is just one of their recent victims.

WITH US OR DESTROYED: With Democrats, you either vote THEIR way, or they destroy you. First, they’ll try and bribe you, as they did with several members who opposed them until they got billions of dollars in aid for their states, and if you don’t “buy in,” they’ll go to their “scandal book,” the book where they keep all the incriminating information about ALL congresspeople, and destroy you.

LOW EXPECTATIONS: Hollywood says they aren’t racist, but they are. They hide it well, but it takes the form of “low expectations” for actors who are black, foreign, or in any other way “different.” Like the way they treated the young, overweight, black actress who starred in an Oscar-Winning movie.

“SCARING PEOPLE”: The Democrats are whining about the Republicans’ attempts to “scare people,” as if scaring people wasn’t the basis for everything they do to get elected, and laws passed. What a bunch of transparent fools. And they don’t think people who pay attention see this. Maybe they're counting on that number not being too big, and they could be right. How did they get elected in the first place?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Isn't It Great?

We “only” lost 36,000 jobs last month! That’s what Senate Majority Leader Harry Ried thinks. He’s right. It could have been a lot worse, and if Obama has his way, it will be. Everything he does, and everything he PLANS to do will make this recession (that his people CREATED to get him elected) worse. Every new tax he lays on us will have that effect, and he has a LOT of new taxes he wants to lay on us.

“LIVING LEGENDS”: Jeremiah Wright and “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan are “living legends” in the mind of Wright, and he plans a big event to “make it so.” When you proclaim YOURSELF a “living legend,” does it count? Wright AND Farrakhan are as loony as they come. And this proves it.

JUST TELL ME WHY: Why has the cost of tuition for colleges more than DOUBLED in the last ten years? Has the value of the education kids get doubled, as well? I don’t think do.

CAPITALISM DOESN’T WORK: That’s what colleges all over the country are teaching their charges. Yet colleges themselves are some of the biggest capitalist organizations there are--and they don’t pay any taxes. How do they equate this to their phony teachings?

THEY’RE IN CHARGE: The loony demonstrators (such as the SDS, or “Students for a Democratic Society”, some of the most violent and “way out there” extremists) are now “in office” in Washington and are working hard to make their extremist views into the “law of the land.”

“FEARING VIOLENCE”: Nancy Peelosi is whining about her “fear of violence,” which she wants to attribute to the Tea Party people. But to date, the only violence out there has been from HER people, trying to INCITE the Tea Partiers to violence, and when they can’t, doing violence themselves.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

"We Want Obama Dead?"

“Calypso Louie” Farrakhan says the conservatives are conspiring to kill Obama because he’s black, and has been elected president. What a stupid thing to even THINK, much less SAY it in a speech, even to his “mind-numbed robots.” Every night I kneel down (As best I can) and PRAY for the life of Barack Obama because if he dies in office we get Joe Stupid as president, or Nancy Peelosi. I think Obama’s in deadly danger from the LIBERALS as long as he insists they vote for his health care swindle—which is going to get a lot of them voted out of office. How STUPID is this man?

ISN’T IT STRANGE…? If you look at the land the federal government has just taken “for the wild horse range,” is almost the same boundaries of the land where there are shale oil deposits. Billions, maybe trillions of dollars’ worth. Funny, isn’t it? How the federal government can disguise the taking of future valuable land by claiming to do it for “a good purpose.” And it’s more prevalent when Democrats are in charge. Hmmmm.

FANNIE AND FREDDIE: They’re still buying up those “bad loans” brought on by the Democrats’ “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976”, created to FORCE lenders to make loans to people who could not repay them, ever, to create pressure on the economy that could be “tripped” at will to guarantee a Democrat victory in an election. That’s because, now that Democrats are “in control,” having “tripped” their “pressure cooker” just before the 2008 elections to guarantee a Democrat victory and a “bloodless coup” to take over the U. S. government. They want to make sure (with OUR money) that those “bad loans” won’t scuttle their own administration.

“KEEPING THEM HONEST”: To whom does Anderson Cooper (on CNN) refer when he says he “keeps them honest.” That gives rise, in his case, to the question: How do you keep ANYBODY honest until you’re honest yourself? Anderson Cooper is one of the most DIShonest “journalists” I’ve seen lately (and there are many). He ignores stories that would put to question the liberal ideas, and distorts or lies about the ones he DOES cover. How does that equate to “keeping us honest?”

60 VOTES REQUIRED FOR THE OTHER SIDE: Obama whined many times when he was just a liberal senator from Chicago (and the Republicans were in power) about the “non-necessity” of doing the important things by a 60-vote margin. That was then, and this is now. He’s president, and he’s having trouble getting his own party to go along with his health care swindle. So now he’s whining about the “necessity” of having that majority to pass his law to take over 1/7 of the entire economy.

“MY FELLOW COMMUNISTS”: Obama constantly refers to “my fellow progressives.” “Progressive” is today’s “code word” for collectivist (socialist, communist, fascist, etc.). How plain can he be that he IS a collectivist?” He tells us who he is every day, in every way, but we (most of us) don’t understand what he’s telling us because we (most of us) “don’t pay attention to politics.”

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Don't Raise Taxes in a Recession!

Obama and his crowd doesn’t seem to be smart enough to realize that raising taxes in a recession is NOT the way to make things better. Instead, LOWER the “tax base” as three presidents (including one Democrat) did successfully in the past, creating INCENTIVE to invest in moneymaking projects, thus CREATING profits for many people, as well as jobs. But Obama isn’t that smart.

“SEES NO REASON TO REMOVE HIM”: That’s what Nancy Peelosi says about demands for the removal of Congressman Rangel because of all the ethics complaints against him, most of which are obviously true and important. Not like the ones Democrats have filed against Sarah Palin, which are picayune and, even if they were true, not worth anyone’s time. Obviously Peelosi isn’t smart enough to see what everybody (non-liberal) can see.

CREATED EVERYTHING GLOBAL: Except global government. Andy Stern says we “forgot to create global government.” No, we didn’t forget. We’re AGAINST global government! What the hell’s WRONG with you, Andy? He knows about as much about what’s good for us as Obama does, and that’s zilch. Zero; nothing!

“REDISTRIBUTING WEALTH”: Stern also talks about “redistributing wealth,” which is a collectivist (socialist, communist, fascist, progressivist) term meaning STEALING money from people capable of EARNING it and GIVING it to those who DON’T. If anybody tries to “redistribute” MY wealth (what there is of it), they’re going to be in trouble. How obvious do these people have to BE before we realize it’s OUR wealth they want to steal?

REDISTRIBUTING WEALTH AGAIN: I remember a time when a politician in America wouldn’t DARE use that term for fear of being run out of town on a rail, trailing tar and feathers. Not so today. They’ve got most of us (not me) so “sensitized” we don’t even realize they’re talking about TAKING what is OURS and giving it to someone else who didn’t, couldn’t, or WOULDN’T earn it for themselves. Gawd, what idiots we’ve become (most of us)!

TAKING OUR LAND: Now they’re just TAKING land by declaring it a “national monument.” Obama’s forces just recently stole another 10,000 acres of land this way. What’ll they do with it? Probably nothing. But maybe they’ll sell it without giving anything to the original owners. Or maybe they’ll take whatever goodies there are, there. Such as shale oil.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Faulting Us for Afghanistan

What is WRONG with the FOOLS who continually fault US for fighting terrorists in Afghanistan, completely ignoring the fact that if we DON’T fight them there, we’ll soon be fighting them in the streets of your city. They worry incessantly about how WE “treat” Islamic terrorists when we capture them, completely ignoring how THEY treat US when they capture our people, plus the fact that their “stock-in-trade” is killing innocent people (including women and children) who are just trying to go about their lives and not threatening them in any way. I don’t think these murderous fools DESERVE any consideration. They should be killed when caught in the act without mercy.

“FAILING TO GET OUR MESSAGE OUT”: This is what Obama thinks is behind his difficulty to get the law to “beat us over the head and take everything we own” passed. His problem is actually that he HAS “gotten his message out” and the American people want no part of it. He’s not smart enough to realize we aren’t as stupid as he thinks we are.

HATING JIM BUNNIG: For insisting Congress follow the rules. The liberal media and even his own party members hate him for doing that. What’s WRONG with following the rules? For Democrats, and many Republicans, that means they can’t do what they want to do in spite of ”the rules.” They think they’re ABOVE the rules and when someone like Bunning stands up and insists they actually FOLLOW the rules, they get mad. We need more people in the Congress like Bunning to insist they FOLLOW the rules instead of flouting them.

GOOD OLD KING GEORGE: If you want to know what to expect in the near future, think of this: King George didn’t listen to us, either. What did he get? A revolution that cost him a lot of money and lives, and he lost America as a colony. He didn’t think we could do anything about his excesses, but we did. Obama doesn’t think we can do anything about HIS excesses either, but we can. Once we pass the point where we won’t take it any more. And we’re getting closer and closer to that point, every day.

OUR FOOL POLITICIANS: They go after US for the way we treat Islamic terrorists, but utter nary a word about how the terrorists treat the people (Us) they capture. Why do they do that? Are they stupid (Probably)? Ignorant? Why don’t they worry similarly about how the terrorists go about killing innocent people on a daily basis, put innocent people in front of themselves when they attack us so those civilians WILL be killed and they can blame those killings on us? They just can’t see that.

THE ELECTION IS OVER: Obama kept telling McCain that “the election is over” with the implicit meaning of “I won.” Meanwhile, he kept campaigning for re-election throughout the “health care summit” dog and pony show. Yes, he won. And for a time he is “in charge.” But if he doesn’t wake up and stop governing AGAINST what the American people want, that time is going to be shorter than he may realize.