Thursday, November 28, 2013

Still Fighting Eye Problem

Turns out it wasn’t conjunctivitis after all. It was something in my eye, digging in. My doctor took it out after almost a week of suffering under the mistaken diagnosis reached at University Hospital—which made it better. But here is still something in there she missed (it wasn’t hard), on the other side of the eye and I can’t get to her until tomorrow. Thanksgiving, you know. The article below was written just before it struck, and was written for today so it MUST go up.

Indians Didn't Save Pilgrims

The Free Market did. Yes, the Indians may have taught them a lot of things, such as how to grow corn. But that would not have saved them under their original system, which amounted to SOCIALISM. With INCENTIVE thus eliminated, many people didn’t work because they still got s full “share” of any bounty there might have been whether or not they worked. So many didn’t, and the colony starved. Many died, including the governor’s wife. So he set out to change things and return INCENTIVE to the equation. He let them keep their plot of land, but allowed them to keep and sell (at a profit) what they grew. This gave them the INCENTIVE to work hard, and they did. They grew so much there was a surplus, which they sold, at a PROFIT. The first Thanksgiving was not to ”thank” the Indians for saving them, it was a gesture of FRIENDSHIP to their neighbors. As with the story of Robin Hood (That’s another story. Robin Hood did NOT steal from the rich to give to the poor, he stole BACK from the nobles and gave what was rightfully theirs to the peasants), this has been lied about and twisted over the years by people who wanted to reinstitute socialism and the power it gave to a few. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Can't work

Sorry to anybody who has missed my posts to my several blogs the last few days. Last Friday just before I was to update “Ray’s Shorts,” I was unable, as I could not even keep my eyes open. I had to go to the hospital. Seems I have conjunctivitis, otherwise known as “pink-eye.” Some may think that is a minor ailment, in that it’s not going to kill me. But take my word for it, it is NOT. It can be very painful and debilitating. For me, several days later, it still IS. I still mostly can’t open my right eye, and it is hard to do this work with only one eye, whose movement effects the other eye. I’m hoping it will clear up soon and I can resume my work. Until then, Aaaaccckkk!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

"Great Americans?"

Being given the “Medal of Freedom” is supposed to say you are a “great American.” Which is why Bill Clinton doesn’t deserve even this worthless “honor.” Clinton is the only president to be impeached in memory, even though he was not convicted by the Senate because he knew where the bodies were buried—and maybe even buried a few himself. That this man is considered a “great American” is a travesty. I expect Obama will get one after he is no longer in office, too (and that may be never), because they give those out like candy.

SPOCK WAS RIGHT: I don’t know if Star Trek’s Spock ever actually said this, but it is attributed to him. “Logic dictates…that if the pro-gun people were as violent as the anti-gunners say they are, there would be no anti-gunners left.” Spock was known to be extremely logical: logical to a fault. And he was right most of the time. He’s right in this instance, too.

AFGHANISTAN WANTS TO TRY AMERICANS: They want to be able to try American soldiers for “murder” of civilians in Afghanistan. At the same time they want to stop American soldiers from going into houses in Afghanistan without their approval. The very place where Islamic terrorists HIDE is in those houses. They want our help, but they want to put restrictions on us that make the job impossible. Meanwhile, the restrictions we place upon OURSELVES also work to make their job impossible. Such as giving armed terrorists “the first shot” before we can return fire. Really STUPID “rules of conduct.

WRONG! Senator (retired) Bill Richardson said, “Obama has done Jimmy Carter a favor. He’s no longer the worst president in recent history.” WRONG! It’s Bill Clinton who did him that favor. He became the SECOND worst president when Bill was elected and is now the THIRD worst president in memory. It really amazes me how they ignore Bill’s impeachment and his “skirt-chasing” while in office. This is a good example of “changing history.”

THE “HELP” OF A MARINE: It has always amused me that when a president “lays the wreath” on the tomb of the unknown soldier, there’s always a Marine holding it up, while the president only puts his hands on it. The Marine bears the weight of it. Are they afraid the president can’t bear its weight? Maybe it’s only right and proper for a Marine to “bear the weight,” since the Marines (and members of other services) are responsible for “bearing the weight” of so many presidential decisions.

“KILLING CIVILIANS” IN AFGHANISTAN: The Afghan government couldn’t survive without our help. But they are making us (Obama) apologize for “killing civilians” with his “drone strikes.” What ARE “civilians” in Afghanistan? How do you tell the difference between them and the terrorists? Maybe when they point guns at you. Or are KNOWN to have committed terrorist acts. Karzai won’t even let us go into people’s houses to find terrorists, and that’s where they hide—with those “civilians” (willingly or unwillingly) shielding them. We need to tell Karzai to either “lighten up” or “we’re gone.”

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"Collaborate" With ObamaCare?

What a fool notion that is! (snicker) But that’s what Democrats are saying about Republicans as they blame THEM for the failure of a law that is fundamentally flawed in the first place. Why the hell should we “cooperate” in promoting such an abortion? I like that impossible web site. It is stalling Obama in getting his abortion started, and that can only be good. We’re not “scaring Americans” away from Obama’s crappy web site with our rhetoric. Obama’s crappy web site is “scaring them away.” And the whole idea is “scaring ME away.”

BITING HIM ON THE BUTT: Glenn McCoy has an editorial cartoon showing Obama playing a snake-charmer flute to one snake while the other is getting ready to bite him on the butt. It shows exactly what is going on with ObamaCare. He’s still trying to sell us snake oil while the world is “going to hell” behind him. It's going to BE a failure. But don't try and convince him of that. He's "tone deaf."

WEB SITE A “GOLD MINE”: Obama’s health care swindle web site is a “gold mine” for identity thieves. It DEMANDS all your personal information BEFORE it will even let you LOOK at the plans available and has NO security. It is one of the easiest such web sites there is to hack. Entering your personal info there is like personally handing it to thieves who will steal everything you own—and I’m not just talking about identity thieves who will hack it, I’m also talking about the thieves in the White House.

“MEDAL OF FREEDOM”: This medal has been given to more than 500 people, many of whom whose only “contribution” to “freedom” is being friendly to the president. That it has been given to so many people for NOTHING makes it WORTHLESS. Obama does a “stand-up comedy routine” while naming the current people he is giving it to. While making his speech, he (predictably) brought racism into it when he honored a coach who hired the first black basketball player. It amazes me the people they give this to.

NO SHORTS? I’ve got to go with Michelle on this one. She and her daughter walked off Air Force One (what was she doing on the same plane with Obama?) with her daughter wearing shorts and is getting a lot of grief from folks who should know better, about it. I believe the first lady has the same right to wear shorts as does any woman, without criticism. I do have to say her daughter looks a lot better in shorts than she does.

GESTAPO RAIDS ON WALKER SUPPORTERS: "This kind of political witch-hunt was the hallmark of Hitler’s Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Great Terror, but it’s happening in Wisconsin today. Even worse, it’s not some stinky shadowy group that’s doing the witch-hunt. The home raids are led by supposed law men — Waukesha special prosecutor Francis Schmitz, Milwaukee assistant district attorney Bruce Landgraf, and Eau Claire County reserve Judge Gregory Peterson." This is the kind of thing we can expect to continue under a Democrat Party led by Barack Obama, who considers ANY opposition his “enemy.” (Fellowship of the Minds)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"We Knew He Lied!"

But he had to in order to fool us into accepting ObamaCare (according to one Democrat Senator), which mandated free rubbers, free birth control, free pregnancy and free abortion, which he promised NOT to cover (which I don’t need, and nor does a 90-year-old grandmother). Typically, it’s “one fits ALL” government, which we don’t need. But which we all have to pay for. And covering “pre-existing conditions” is MADNESS. But you’ll never convince a liberal, who thinks we can SPEND ourselves to prosperity with other people's money. And these incompetent fools are running things.

CRUEL & UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT: They’re in the sentencing phase of the trial of Austin Sygg, the teenager who murdered, then dismembered a small girl, Jessica Ridgeway. They’re arguing that life in prison for a teenager is “cruel and unusual punishment.” I disagree. A murderer is a murderer WHATEVER his age. To ever think of this piece of trash EVER being a free man again makes me want to consider murder. Nothing less than a DEATH sentence for such a person is good enough for this piece of crap. Death is not “cruel and unusual punishment” for somebody like him. He didn’t think it was “cruel and unusual” to do what he did. I don’t care how young he was when he murdered and dismembered that little girl. A killer is evil no matter how young.

GANG RAPING A 3-YEAR-OLD: Can you imagine being EVIL enough to gang-rape a THREE-year-old girl? I can: the “Islamic authorities” who condone such evil actions. They SAY that old men can’t “marry” anyone younger than 17, but they repealed that law after other evil Muslims protested so they could screw girls younger than that. Such people should not be allowed to LIVE, let alone run countries.

THE BRAIN DEAD LIBERAL ELITE: What’s the first thing an elite liberal does when you question them OR their “hero,” Barack Obama? They instantly fall back on that unanswerable accusation that you’re a racist. Never mind he was elected president—TWICE. Never mind he is as much white as he is black, but CHOOSES to be black for the advantage it gives him in the minds of the brain-dead liberals and their dupes. Never mind his policies have put us in great danger (from the extremist Muslims he favors at every turn); that he has caused us to be BANKRUPT by spending all the money there IS, and is in the process of counterfeiting more at the rate of $86 BILLION ever MONTH. We’re RACIST to bring that up. They can't answer our charges, and that’s all they have.

OBAMA OMITS “UNDER GOD”: He read the Gettysburg Address and omitted the words, “under God,” as all good liberals do. Of course, Obama has TWO reasons to omit God from EVERYTHING. One, he's a liberal; Two, he is a Muslim BELIEVER, whether or not he is an actual Muslim. His every action regarding Muslims proves it. You don’t have to believe me alone. Obama will tell you by his actions. Just Google “Obama” and “Muslim” and you’ll get some surprising results.

THE MOST DEPRAVED PEOPLE OUT THERE: Muslims call the West “perverted” and “evil.” But they have proven to be the most perverted and evil people on the planet. They INSIST that their adult women be covered from head to toe and let ANY man beat a woman who shows so much as an ankle in public. Children are exempt from this, and they lust after those children (See the item above about them gang-raping a 3-year-old girl). They recently made a law against sex with anybody under 17 but it was repealed after much protest from other Muslims who wanted to still be able to ‘MARRY” children as young as 3. Additionally, they have a “temporarily marriage” provision that allows them to marry a whore or even a child and get a “divorce” the next morning by simply going out and yelling, “I divorce thee!” 3 times, therefore abiding by their perverted laws. And they call US depraved! What FOOLS!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Collossal Ignorance and Arrogsnce

When you combine colossal ignorance with arrogance you describe current Attorney General Eric Holder. In response to all the attempts to remove him, he replies, “I’ll be Attorney General well into 2014.” That reveals his colossal ignorance well. All it will take to unseat him is ONE DC politician with GONADS who will file the proper charges against him. God knows, there’s enough material out there! He's already committed contempt of court, and hasn't been punished.

NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS? Why are CIA people being asked (ordered) to sign non-disclosure agreements about the Islamic terrorist attack on the embassy property in Benghazi? Can those agreements be enforced? If so, maybe robbers and murderers can get their victims and witnesses to sign similar agreements, and enforce them.  Why is the government able to order people not to tell the truth when we can’t? It must be nice to be able to legally tell people to "shut up" about your crimes.

WHY IS OBAMA STILL IN OFFICE? He has committed every kind of crime possible for a president. He has forced through congress a health care bill that NOBODY has read; He has LIED to the nation multiple times when he told them they could keep their health insurance policy if they wanted to after ObamaCare is passed, well KNOWING that’s a lie, since he fixed it so they COULDN’T. He APPROVED several ILLEGAL programs, including “Fast & Furious” and the “Grenade Walk,” both of which smuggled arms to the Mexican drug cartels. He has given $BILLIONS OF OUR DOLLARS (which we don’t have anymore after he spent it all) to Islamic TERRORISTS who use those dollars to MURDER innocent people all over the world. There’s more, but I don’t have room here.

FIRE ANTI-GUN POLITICIANS: In Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, they FIRED their mayor when he signed up to be one of Bloomberg’s anti-gun cities. He swore to UPHOLD the Constitution and the RIGHT to keep and bear arms is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT. In Colorado, we “fired” TWO anti-gun politicians and are in the process of firing another. It is no longer politically “safe” to be an “anti-gun politician.”

DREAM ON, MAYOR: Moshe Abutbul, mayor of Beit Shemesh, near Jerusalem, SAYS, “We don’t have gays in our town. It’s clean and pure.” Then he goes on to say, ”The cops should deal with them.” Which is it, Mayor? No gays, or the cops should deal with them. Like when Iran President Ahmadinijerk said “We don’t have any gays in Iran, but if you know where they live, tell me.” Unsaid is “So I can kill them.” How do such stupid people ever get into office?

OBAMA’S FOOLISHNESS: His administration requires a “picture ID’ when you go on his health care swindle web site, but still argues AGAINST the use of them in order to prove you’re who you SAY you are when you vote, and to insure you only vote ONCE. That’s because a photo ID would ruin most of his vote scams that got him elected twice in spite of his criminality in office. Doing this reveals (again) his dishonesty. I guess that makes him racist.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Only the Government

The Post Office says it has lost $5 BILLION dollars in the last year because fewer people are sending letters. So they want to raise their prices (again) to make up for it. They just don’t understand that a price of almost half a DOLLAR to deliver ONE LETTER is just too much. And that, in itself, stops people from using their service. Add to that that there are several different choices now to deliver mail, and they are the “buggy whip makers” of today. Like the buggy whip makers of old, when the car came along, they are now an OUTDATED service and will soon be OUT OF BUSINESS. On top of that, they can’t understand that RAISING prices will not bring in MORE business.

TO PEE OR NOT TO PEE: Something I saw on Facebook recently hit a nerve. It was a soliloquy about the necessity for him to take a drug test in order to EARN the money the government uses to give WELFARE to people who NEVER work, but just sit on their butts and do drugs on their welfare money, in order to GET welfare’s “free money.” While old people who can hardly walk and CANNOT work get $15 a month in Food Stamps and MINIMAL money from welfare when they truly NEED it because there’s not enough money left over in the “system.”. And like him, I also think politicians who demand it of us should take their own “pee test” before being elected.

GIVING HIM HIS “NEEDINGS”: Some fool approached former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who is no “spring chicken” and accused him of lying and cowardice for CLAIMING to have gone to the moon, and got a face full of knuckles for his trouble. He had it coming. He’ll probably want to file some charges against Aldrin or sue him, but unless he gets a fool judge that will not work for him. He should just go home and keep his fool mouth shut. All he does when he opens it is to demonstrate his stupidity.

OBAMA SUPPORT “CRACKING”: It’s not just Republicans criticizing Obama’s health care swindle law. Now Democrats, nervous as the mid-term elections approach, are also criticizing it. Even the liberal MEDIA are criticizing him and his swindle. The entire program is SOCIALIST, and involves stealing FROM YOUNG, HEALTHY people who don’t NEED health care insurance, to pay for the health care needed more often by older people. The plan doesn’t work, and he is “flailing out” in all directions, blaming OTHERS for the failure of his plan, which will not work at all. He’s now blaming FOX NEWS for “bad-mouthing” his plan, saying their criticism is responsible. What a FOOL he is!

GUIDELINES ON REPORTING: Slate advises reporters when writing about “unintentional” shootings of children to “avoid using the word accidental,” which intimates nobody is at fault. Anything to emphasize the wishes of liberal gun-haters, I guess. Reporting the facts is not enough, I guess. They want to make sure and assign BLAME in such cases to advance their agenda to disarm ALL Americans.

COLOSSAL IGNORANCE: The people who object to a woman posing holding a gun with a dead lion are “glittering jewels of colossal ignorance.” Lions are killers. They kill every day. That’s how they stay alive. To kill one shows a lot of bravery. And for a WOMAN to kill one moreso. They’re a bunch of pussies who couldn’t accomplish it themselves, so they badmouth those who can, and do.

Friday, November 15, 2013

They Call It "Substandard"

The government calls plans that don’t meet THEIR requirements “substandard” and will not allow them to be sold (unless they change their minds, of course). You know, plans that don’t allow an expensive pregnancy coverage for an 80-year-old man or –let’s see—free condoms and abortion coverage. For everybody, including that octogenarian and children six years old. “One size fits all,” I guess they call it. Then there’s that “pre-existing illness” coverage that will BANKRUPT the insurance companies. Damn, what FOOLS these politicians are!

ONE MORE ATTACK ON FIRST AMENDMENT: They’re trying to get rid of the First Amendment by causing the “death of a thousand cuts.” They can’t just get rid of it, so they do it little by little, all over, with “PC Speak.” Now they’ve told a school student not to wear a “Duck Dynasty” t-shirt because THEY considered “redneck” to be a slur. Who the hell cares what THEY think? His kid has a RIGHT to wear that t-shirt. Rednecks don't consider it a slur--they use it to describe themselves! So where do they get off saying it's a slur?

OBAMA ADMITS TO HIS LIE: And tries to “fix it.” He says, “If you can get your insurance company to cooperate you can keep your current policy.” Thus shifting the blame for cancelled policies to the insurance companies. He fails to mention that they CANNOT cover people at the same rates with all the UNNECESSARY additional coverage MANDATES he has saddled them with. Yet the “fix” he has put in place is good only for ONE YEAR. After that, you’re “on your own.”

DOESN’T COVER 80%” One of the biggest myths out there is the one that says Medicare “covers 80% of your medical costs.” It does NOT. I’m on Medicare and I get to look at my Medicare statements where in addition to all the other columns there is the one showing how much of the bill Medicare actually APPROVES for payment. It is routinely only HALF of the bill. Then they pay 80% of THAT. That’s only 40% of the original bill. This is one more LIE told you by your government. Then the doctors jack their prices up enough to collect as much as they’re entitled to for their work.

A “PRESS WATCHDOG?” The Nation, one of the most liberal, one-sided magazines going (I could write several books about the lies they tell), claims to be a “watchdog” on the press to reverse the bias there is there. What a LAUGH! They are one of  the worst practitioners of biased reporting out there, and they claim to BE the “watchdog?” It amazes me how some people can accuse others of what THEY are doing and CLAIM to be the “watchdog” to keep it from happening. And they BELIEVE that crap! But then they’re liberals and socialists. We expect that of them. That’s how they operate.
COMMUNISM IN ACTION: Liberals complain about the people who they say are just “lucky” and do better than others. They say that these people need to be punished and money taken away from them, redistributing that money to those who cannot produce new wealth.. This is merely jealousy by people who can’t equal the achievements of the people they think are just “lucky” and want to take the fruits of their superior ability from them. This “celebrates mediocrity.” This allows the mediocre to steal from their betters. That is the “core value” of socialism: LOOTING from those capable of PRODUCING new wealth and GIVING that stolen to those who cannot gain it any other way. Socialists, and those who gain by their philosophy are merely THIEVES.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Beating A Dead Horse

Liberals continue to label ALL those who oppose Obama in any way as “Racists” while that label is becoming less and less toxic due to overuse. We’re onto you, liberals! It’s time you came up with a new lie. Nobody believes you any more. Obama is a fool and we all know it now, even if you don’t. Unfortunately there are too many fools like you out there and that’s going to make it hard to get rid of you.

BODY LANGUAGE: I just watched Matt Lauer’s interview with Sarah Palin and it was instructive. She refuted every effort he made to “explain away” the problems with his health care swindle and he was pissed. She made hamburger out of him. You could tell by his “body language.” He sat there with his hand out, palm down, as if he was blocking her from saying anything more while he expounded his swill. Good on ya, Sarah! I’d like to see her as the next president, but that won’t happen because they’ve succeeded in lying her out of consideration.

NO “REPLACEMENT”: Liberals like Matt Lauer and his kind talk constantly about the Tea Parties not having a “good program” to replace Obamacare. That’s foolishness. They have presented NUMEROUS plans, only to have them rejected by Obama. But that’s not the question: there is no “replacement” needed. It is a MANUFACTURED problem, manufactured to give Obama and the liberals more power and more of our money.

NBC STILL “OUT TO LUNCH”: ABC and CBS actually noticed Obama’s miserable approval numbers and reported on it. Wonder of wonders! But NBC is still “out to lunch” on the subject. I guess they didn’t “Get the memo” about “loosening up a little” to make it LOOK like they were actually journalists. Russia used to have LAWS against their media reporting ANYTHING that made the government look bad. We don’t need such laws. The media censors itself.

“GLITCH GIRL” HATED: I can only ask, “Why?” She’s just a face on a web site. People don’t “hate” Kathleen Sebilius, when she is the REAL “face of Obamacare.” Why hate this poor girl whose face was TAKEN by Obama to illustrate his abomination of the Internet. She didn’t even get paid for their use of her image. So what’s going on? People who “hate” her are FOOLS.

STILL PUSHING THAT RACISM CRAP: Al Sharpton, who sees racism under every bed, is now accusing Sarah Palin of “a racial tinge” in something she said, for actually having the temerity to use the word “slavery” to describe what Obama is doing to this nation. It’s as if HE had a PATENT on the word “slavery.” I got news for him. Just because he’s the biggest race pimp around, he doesn’t OWN the word.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Poor Alex

Actor Alex Baldwin is now in court trying to stop a pretty young girl from “stalking him.” She claims they had a sexual relationship, which is common for stalkers; he says they did NOT, which is also common. Alex, in his usual arrogance, told a photographer, “I hope you die of cancer” as he walked by. Why ANYBODY would “stalk” this arrogant ass, I’ll never know. He is said to have “shed a tear” while on the stand, but I can’t figure out over what. It’s probably an actor’s trick, to whip up sympathy.

THEY SPEAK IN MONOTONES: I’ve noticed a pattern in “government spokesmen” these days. I don’t know if it’s always been that way, but it is, now. When “testifying” to defend Obama’s health care fiasco, they speak in a monotone as if they were reading from a prepared script that they had memorized. They probably are. I’m sure they’ve been well prepared for their “testimony.” But it’s hard to read from a prepared script WITHOUT speaking in a monotone.

ATTAINING ALL LIBERAL GOALS: Obama hopes to attain ALL liberal goals this year. Such things as gun control, health care, and such, that the liberals have been “panting after” for years. He thinks that’s going to be his “legacy.” Attaining all the liberal goals and making this into a socialist nation. And he MAY do just that, if the American people don’t start “paying attention to politics” and put a stop to him.

“NOT A LIBERAL”: They’re selling (or giving away) a bumper sticker today that says, “Not A Liberal.” But I don’t think I’ll be getting one and putting it on my car. I don’t want my car to be “egged” again by stupid, arrogant liberals who do such things to IDENTIFIED opponents. Some years ago I had one on my car that said simply, “A is A,” meaning subjective philosophy is wrong and objective philosophy is right. It was meant to get to objectivists who would understand it but some liberal who understood that, threw eggs at my car. No thanks. I won’t be making myself a “target” for such fool attacks as I drive down the road or park somewhere. Better they attack ME. Then I can retaliate.

TELL THEM TO LIE: According to NewsMax, “Videographer James O'Keefe has released a new undercover investigation that focuses on  'navigators' who are helping Americans sign up for Obamacare, releasing a video that shows government workers advising clients to lie, ignore procedures, and evade legal requirements when signing up for healthcare.” This shows you how LOW Obama has sunk to “prop up his sign-up numbers.” This is “vintage Obama” and such things can be expected of his people.

NO BACKGROUND CHECKS: Obama’s “Navigators,” the ones who “sign you up” for his health care swindle, are NOT background checked and can easily be potential “identity thieves” or people who will sell your information to identity thieves. This is not an oversight. It shows clearly the INCOMPETENCE that abounds in the Obama administration. It also shows that Obama just doesn’t CARE about the people he “signs up.” Don’t “sign up.” unless that changes.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

We Can't AFFORD It!

Obama says we can’t afford simple, inexpensive things like keeping libraries open or having Easter-Egg hunts for kids.. Then he sends $60 million dollars (or more) to Syrian rebels, (many of whom are Islamic terrorists PRETENDING to be Syrian rebels) so they can buy more guns and bombs with which to kill innocent people like CHILDREN going to school and Christian churches. This hypocrisy we can’t afford.

CRISTIE IS A FOOL: He advises Republicans like Ted Cruz to stop what he’s doing. He thinks just because he won his election in a state where he has an almost unassailable entrenchment as meaning what HE does is right, and he has the right to advise people like Cruz, who are fighting for our RIGHTS to stop what they’re doing because it has failed, so far. He is WRONG. His way is NOT the right way just because he won his election. Right is right, and right (RIGHT, not "right-wing") is ON Ted Cruz’s side, whether or not this bloated fool knows it or not.

OBAMA KNEW EVEN AS HE LIED: It’s a terrible thing to have to call the PRESIDENT a liar. But that word now applies to Barack Hussein Obama (and always has). He is not “suspected” of being a liar, he is KNOWN to be lying (and he knew he was lying) when he told the nation many times that under ObamaCare they would get to keep their insurance program if they wanted, KNOWING even as he said it he was lying. Such a lie should be grounds for impeachment and be prima facie evidence for the Senate to remove him from office.

ONLY HIS OPINION COUNTS: That’s apparently how George Clooney looks at the world. The opinions of all others (that differ with his) are “STUPID. He believes in that “global warming” crap and everybody else (who do not) are “stupid.” “Global warming” is so wrong it required a name change when it was discovered there had been NO global warming for at least fifteen years. In other words, global warming DOES NOT EXIST. But those of us who think so are “stupid.” And even if it did, it’s not man-caused. People who think it is ARE stupid.

REALLY IMPORTANT ARGUMENT: They’re arguing over who has the tallest building in the country: The tower just built at the old World Trade Center in New York, or Chicago’s Willis Tower. Since this is America, they’ll just have to “shoot it out,” according to anti-gun fools. We’ve got some REAL important questions out there, like Obama’s $15 TRILLION dollar debt and his finagling that is destroying the health insurance industry, But they’re arguing over who has the tallest building in America!. Obama loves it. While they’re arguing about that, they forget his crimes.

WHO’S THE WORST CON MAN? Bernie Madoff or Barack Hussein Obama? Bernie only conned a few people out of several $MILLION. Obama is in the process of conning the entire United States population out of $TRILLIONS of dollars. That makes HIM the worst con man in the United States according to my way of reason reasoning. But since he’s president, with all the power than entails, he will probably not be “brought to justice” for his crimes.

Monday, November 11, 2013

No Apology Apology

Obama “apologized to the nation” for lying when he said “If you like your policy you can keep your policy” when he KNEW that was a LIE. Or did he? What I heard was an apology for people losing their policies. Not for LYING when he said they could. Basically he was saying, “I’m sorry I lied, but you should have KNOWN I was lying.” So it’s YOUR fault.

JOE BIDEN "GOOD VP?" That’s what Obama has said, and in pubic, too! Which means to me he plans on DITCHING him at his first opportunity. It’s a typical political bullsh-t statement. As to being a “good VP,” he’s too ignorant to be a good ANYTHING. Anything Obama says is GOING to be a lie. So you can count on Ol’ Joe going “down the tubes.” The only thing he was good for in truth is as “insurance” against Obama getting a bullet in the brain (if there IS one in there)

CHEERLEADERS “PART OF GOVERNMENT”: What a stretch THAT is! Cheerleaders at a Kountze, TX high school wanted to put a scripture verse on that ubiquitous banner the football team runs through when they’re introduced and the “school officials” made that claim in an effort to stop them from doing it. What a bunch of BUFFOONS! They really think they can get around the Constitution with that weak excuse? Under that faulty reasoning, ALL students are “part of government,” too. What stupidity!

CANCELLATIONS PROHIBITED: Health insurance companies have sent out mass cancellations because there’s NO WAY they can keep the same rates with all the new and IMPOSSIBLE features Obama is ORDERING them to include. That is giving Obama a problem in stealing from them. So you can look for him to at least ATTEMPT to ORDER them to stop canceling policies. Good luck with that, Obama!

INFLATED OPINION: Actor Tom Cruise made a lot of people mad when he claimed that acting in action movies was as “grueling” as fighting in such places as Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes, I’m sure acting in such movies is “grueling,” but if you ask anybody who has done both, you’ll get a much different answer. At least, when you’re acting in movies, people are not trying to KILL you every day and when the day is over you get to go home to a hot shower (or bath) and clean sheets on your bed, with a fine dinner which is not often the case with soldiers in combat. Such comments on the part of pampered actors only shows their IGNORANCE.

LARRY KING BACK ON RADIO: After six decades, Larry King is returning to radio at 79 years of age. I guess “retirement” from television wasn’t sitting well with him. Radio was where he got his start a LONG time ago. His most recent “gig” was as a show host on CNN, which he left in 2010. Anybody interested in his liberal opinions can find him on fifty different radio stations or on the AARP web site.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Based On A Lie

Romney is criticizing Obama’s “selling Obamacare based on a lie.” But he still fails to use the proper descriptive word, LIE, something he should have talked about during the election, but he didn’t. So we were saddled with a second term for a criminal who has fooled  and scammed enough people to be elected TWICE. I expect him to try and stay in office when his terms are done. If he succeeds, we will have a DICTATOR we’ll never be able to rid ourselves of until he dies of old age.

LIBS PUSHING “BULLYING” AGAIN: There’s a hooraw brewing in the NFL about some “hazing of rookies” that goes on and the main individual who was supposedly “bullied” stands 6’ 5” and weighs in excess of 300 pounds. He’s arguably the LARGEST (not fat) human being in existence. How do you bully somebody like that? The arguments liberals make on ALL subjects defy logic. But that’s not surprising, since they deny the very EXISTENCE of logic and reason. What FOOLS!

PROOF OF INCOMPETENCE: They’re now uncovering a scandal in the Social Security Administration: they’ve paid out hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars to DEAD PEOPLE. I’ve always wondered about that “check box” on the envelopes in which the checks are mailed where all it takes to stop somebody’s checks until they’ve gone through all the hassle to prove to uncaring bureaucrats they ARE still alive. It appears most of the problems are at the other end: paying people who ARE dead. Competent people would have uncovered this long ago.

SLAMMED FOR OPPOSING A SWINDLE: We all know (at least those of us who have any intelligence at All) that global warming (more recently called “climate change” because the original name wasn’t working any more), is a SWINDLE picked up and pushed for years by former Democrat liberal Vice President Al Gore. A swindle that has made him a multi-millionaire. Ken Cuccinelli is being criticized by Clintonite former Democrat National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe because he tried to EXPOSE the global warming swindle, which is the centerpiece of the Democrat campaign to use the environment to impose more and more ruinous taxes on us. Only to liberals is exposing a swindle something bad.

DOUBLE NEGATIVE: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, one of the biggest liars In DC said, “Nothing Obama said about the Affordable care Act Was not true.” What an amazing example of a double negative THAT is—and is one of the biggest LIES she has told recently. EVERYTHING Obama has said about his health care insurance swindle is a LIE. She knows it. Yet she continues to tell us it is NOT. What a damned FOOL this woman is! We’ll be well rid of her when her term ends. Unfortunately we’ll probably get somebody just as bad to replace her, as we did when Terry McAuliffe’s term was over.

SHOWING THEIR CONTEMPT: HHS Secretary Sebilius, when she couldn’t deny something a senator said, says, “Whatever,” which shows her complete disinterest, arrogance, and contempt for those proceedings. Hillary likewise, when she couldn’t properly answer questions about her responsibility for the deaths in Benghazi, says, “What difference does it make?” Well, it makes LOT of difference to those MURDERED while she REFUSED to send help when she COULD have.

COLORADO GETS THEIR “POUND OF FLESH”: They passed the new “pot tax” that gives the state 25% of every pot sale. They gave the pot folks what they wanted, and now they get what THEY wanted: more money on pot sales. So instead of spending millions of dollars on pot enforcement, they now collect $millions in taxes—which was the whole point in legalizing pot. But don’t think I don’t agree with it. The laws creating the “war on drugs,” like most laws banning something, simply don’t work. All they do is create a criminal market for the item banned. People are capable of making up their own minds and those effort are better spent on education against that substance. The number of people misusing drugs is today HIGHER than it was the day the "war on drugs" started. So what's it worth?

Friday, November 8, 2013

Good and Bad

In national politics, we did good in some places and bad in others. I’m not sure electing Christie was a good thing considering some of his recent actions, but anybody is better than electing another poisonous Democrat, which they did in Virginia, where they elected a confirmed political hack, Terry McAuliffe, as governor. But the voters in Germany elected Hitler, too. It was an ignorant act, and so was this. But you can’t account for liberal voters.

OFF THE INTERNET: My router burned out yesterday and we couldn't get it fixed until today. Problems are over, I hope.

MORE REASONS NOT TO SIGN UP: There are more reasons NOT to sign up for Obama’s health care swindle than there are TO sign up. First of all, they demand ALL your personal information, UP FRONT, even before you’re allowed to BROWSE what’s available. Next, if you so much as ASK about a plan, they sign you up for it and you can’t back out. Third, the people who will READ your application have NOT been “vetted” and could well be felons looking for your personal info. They have access to ALL your personal info, can steal it and use it as they will. This is an INVITATION to “identity theft.”

HE’S AN ADMITTED LIAR: Obama LIED to America when he said you could keep your insurance if you liked it and he KNEW he was lying. But there seems to be no law against a president LYING to sell a program that will cost us TRILLIONS of dollars, much of which, I’m sure, will end up in the pockets of him and his accomplices to this swindle. One politician said, “No more excuses; Obama is a liar . . . He should resign. The first black president is a disgrace.” And he can’t call this man a racist. Allen West is more black than HE is. And a much better man.

THEY WON’T GIVE AN ANSWER TO ANYTHING: Sebilius was “testifying” before Congress recently and REFUSED to answer some questions, LIED about others, and generally obfuscated everything she could. This is what ALL of Obama’s thieves do. They’re trying to defend the indefensible. They KNOW the whole thing is a lie, and they can’t admit it. So they tell more lies on top of lies and hopefully (for them) they won’t forget which lies they’ve told.

McAULIFFE “BOUGHT” THE ELECTION: He outspent Cuccinelli by $fifteen million dollars. In the last two weeks of the election, Cuccinelli had NO PRESS. He lost because he was betrayed by his own party because he had connections to the Tea Party. The Republicans are cutting off their own noses to spite their faces when they do, but they don’t know it. And as long as they think that way, they’ll continue to lose. The Tea Parties should “go their own way” and ignore the Republicans, winning elections without them—and then ignore them some more when they “want in” later. What Republicans don’t realize is that the Tea Parties are the best friends they ever had. If they just begin to realize that and embrace them, they WILL win. Not until. You can’t win anything when you spend most of your time fighting yourself.

WHO THE HELL CARES? In an action showing just how ridiculous politics can get, a “novice lawmaker” got in a lot of trouble in Japan for simply handing a letter to the Japanese emperor, hoping to “raise consciousness” about the nuclear question. That, he accomplished—possibly at the cost of his career and being ostracized for the rest of his life. One doesn’t do that in Japan. What a “sticky wicket!”

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

He Never Mentioned Obamacare

When he went out for Terry McAuliffe to “salvage” his campaign against Ken Cuccineli. Who only led Cucinelli by 5 points. That’s not too reassuring to Obama, who NEEDS every Democrat victory he can get, by “hook or crook,” which he’s good at. His “signature legislation,” and an important part of the election in that state, he didn’t even mention. Maybe he thinks (hopes) the people of Virginia will forget it. (Apparently they did. McAuliffe won narrowly by outspending Cuccinelli by a country mile.

OFF THE INTERNET: Sorry; I was off the Internet all day yesterday because of a router breakdown occasioned by an update my provider made that was too much for my old router. Obviously, it's fixed now.

CHANGED THEIR TUNE: They’re still saying “If you like your current insurance, you can keep it.” But, reflecting reality, they now insert a few more words in there: “if it hasn’t been canceled or changed by the insurance companies,” trying to blame the insurance companies for it, since with all the needless things the law has added (such as coverage for previous maladies and allowing people’s children to remain on their parent’s insurance until age 26) causes rates to rise, they have had to cancel millions of policies (which eliminates the possibility of being “grandfathered in”). They really think we’re stupid enough to believe there is NO REASON for the rate increases.

PAID FOR RUBBERS ELIMINATED: The Supreme Court has struck down yet another of Obama’s silly mandates in his health care swindle law. One by one, they’re coming out of it. Maybe soon they’ll realize what a really silly notion letting people buy insurance AFTER learning they have cancer or some other EXPENSIVE malady is, they’ll strike that part down, too, which will seriously cripple it. Maybe they’ll REALLY get smart and realize the whole LAW is unconstitutional (because the constitution does NOT allow the government to force people to buy ANYTHING) and REALLY kill it.

CANCELS TWITTER ACCOUNT: Twitter has TWICE canceled the account of people who criticized Obama’s health care swindle. Which is a losing proposition for Twitter because there are too many other ways for these people to get their message out, and canceling such accounts will cause them to LOSE many other accounts, including mine. ANY platform that pretends  to censor me will not only lose me, but I will tell my story in many other places. What they don’t understand is, I don’t need them, they need ME.

“HE JUST MISSPOKE”: That’s what the New York Times says about Obama’s “promise” that you could keep your insurance if you liked it. Oh yeah; he “misspoke” a hundred times. He must have made that “promise” that many times, at least. That’s not “misspeaking.” That’s an OUTRIGHT LIE and NYT is trying its best to lie to us further. How STUPID are the people at the New York Times? This is an excellent example of the crappy “journalism” practiced by liberal newspapers. “Misspoke,” indeed! Somebody needs to wake the NYT up to reality. NO wonder liberal newspapers are going broke.

He knows it’s a scam. How could he NOT? So he’s not going to even ASK Congress to help him take advantage of it. He’s going to “go around them” by using executive orders for something they were NEVER intended to be used. He is committing a crime (again) by so using something meant only to instruct governmental employees, to substitute for real law. This fool NEEDS to GO! And SOON! Before he can finish ruining this country.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Obama Is Frightened

At an event supporting former Democrat Party Chairman Terry McAuliffe for governor of Virginia, he said candidly (he must have been off the teleprompter) this: “Nothing makes me more nervous than when my supporters start feeling too confident,” Obama said during the rally. “So I want to put the fear of God in all of you.” What would make his supporters feel confident, I don’t know. His approval rating is in the toilet and that means DOOM for many Democrats. He goes out of his way to “knock” the Tea Parties, which tells me they scare him more than a little.

PULLING OUT THE BIG GUNS: Obama and Bill Clinton were both speaking in support of Terry McAuliffe, so they must not be completely confident of his victory over Cuccinelli. With Obama’s approval rating in the garbage and Bill Clinton having been impeached for lying to Congress, I don’t really know how much help they can be. But they’re scared, and that’s how they win elections: use the “big guns” to try and blow strong candidates out of the water.

PURGING THE MILITARY: Obama doesn’t want what happened to Morsi in Egypt to happen to him, so he’s “purging” the military of all the top people who oppose him, in any way. What he doesn’t consider is that purging them leaves them free to “do their thing” without being traitors. They’re still there; they still disagree with him, and they can always work against him as civilians. They know the “ways of the world” and can be the END of him if they wish.

“TRUE LEADER, CAN’T BE TRIED”: Egyptians (predictably) went into the streets to defend terrorist Muslim Brotherhood (former) president, Mohammed Morsi, saying, “He’s a true leader, he can’t be tried.” But he can. And he will be. Even if the fools who believe in him march all over Egypt. Like Obama, he went too far, and Egypt’s military (unlike ours) “took him out.” This just proves that an elected criminal CAN be removed if enough people show their gonads.

THE PREMISE IS WRONG: The very PREMISE on which Obama’s health care swindle law is BASED is wrong. It’s COLLECTIVIST, which is the same as communist, socialist, Fascist, and Progressivist (another name for communist). It DEPENDS on TAKING from the young to pay for what Obama CALLS “universal health care” for older people, who need more care than do young people. Young people rightly buy less health care insurance because they KNOW they’re not going to get sick as often and that is the “pool of money” Obama wants to “tap.”

The Obama apologists are now saying “we didn’t do it, the insurance companies did it.” That’s what they say about all those policy cancellations. The reasons for those cancellations are so small, it’s obvious the government PLANNED it that way.” They KNEW those plans would be changed over time and they SET IT UP so that those changes would make them unable to continue to be “grandfathered in.” That way they could MAKE them uninsured and forced to buy Obama’s insurance, at TWICE the price.

Monday, November 4, 2013

They "Vow Revenge"

The Taliban acts like there was no reason for the drone strike that killed their leader in Pakistan. They remember NOTHING of the atrocities THEY have committed against innocent people. They think we’re WRONG to kill their “leader.” Frankly, he had it coming. He was responsible for COUNTLESS murders of innocent people, most of which were not only unarmed, but were unsuspecting (as much as they could be) as well. Any “revenge” they take will be “business as usual,” since they kill innocent people every day. You won’t be able to tell the difference.

THAT’S NOT THE ISSUE: HHS Secretary Sebilius apologizes for the failure of Obama’s web site, which is basically the ONLY portal for people to “sign up” for their bogus insurance plans. I believe her. It’s the only thing keeping the “sheeple” from signing their livelihoods away to Obama. But she didn’t apologize for Obama’s health care swindle, period, and that’s what she SHOULD have apologized for.

BUSH IS TO BLAME, RIGHT? ObamaCare is a “fool’s paradise.” And it was PLANNED to be. It’s working perfectly, even if his web site isn’t. The PURPOSE of the whole thing is to DESTROY the health insurance industry in America so as to FORCE us into a “single-payer” plan. Which is what Obama REALLY wants so he can CONTROL our health care and thus, the rest of our lives. Of course, that’s gotta be Bush’s fault, right? Hmmmmm?

TELL HIM TO “SHOVE IT” SIDEWAYS: Pakistan “summons” American ambassador to “protest” the killing of a top Taliban leader in that country. Which begs the question, “Which side are they ON? Why would an intelligent “leader” of a country that SHOULD be an enemy to all the Taliban stands for “protest” the killing of a murderous terrorist unless they were in league with him? I think the ambassador should tell them to just shut up, or we’ll take away their “welfare.”

LERNER COMMITTED A CRIME: Several, in fact. First of all, to disclose information from a tax form to ANY other agency is a violation of the tax code itself, which carries a possible FIVE YEAR jail sentence and a fine for EACH act. There are several other crimes she committed in “targeting” the Tea Parties and other right-wing organizations for a BLOCKAGE of their right to become tax exempt, and then LIED to Congress about it when she said she committed NO crimes. That, in itself, was a LIE and a crime for which no less than a president of the United States was penalized. And she said it BEFORE she cited the Fifth Amendment.

PRESS STILL LYING ABOUT GOETZ: The cops arrested Bernie Goetz, the New Yorker who shot some subway bandits the press STILL call “panhandlers” to hide the fact that they were ROBBING him when he shot them. One of the thugs sued Goetz and got a $43 million judgment, which he never collected, due to Goetz’s declaring bankruptcy. That, in itself (the suit, and his winning it) is a travesty. Criminals should NEVER be allowed to sue their VICTIMS for injuries they suffered while committing a crime on the suee and which they got while the victim was defending himself. But that’s New York City. It’s a damned fool judge that gives such a thug a judgment.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

"Cover Up Your Little Girls"

That’s what a Muslim Imam says, and he’s right. Among Muslims, little girls of 6 or 7 CAN be “sexy.” That’s because so many Muslim men are perverts and think nothing of screwing little girls, since Mohammed did it. He MARRIED a little girl at EIGHT and they say what a good man he was because he didn’t screw her until she was NINE. They have LAWS that allow screwing little girls. In other societies having sex with girls that young is perverted, and rightly so. ANYBODY who views a six-year-old girl as a sex object IS PERVERTED, and Muslims have shown themselves to BE perverted.

“HE GOT RE-ELECTED”: So shut up! That’s what Democrats keep saying when people criticize that fool, Obama. But being re-elected shows NOTHING about the intelligence of a politician. It only shows his skill in getting himself elected and re-elected. Obama was re-elected by promising his constituents (those who want a “free ride”) everything whether he could deliver it or not. George Bush was re-elected, but that didn’t stop the Democrats from criticizing him every day. THEY are the ones who should SHUT UP!

TIRED OF THE CRAP! I’m getting really tired of the crap that’s being “force-fed” us by Democrats. They “poo-poo” the shortcomings of Obama’s health care swindle and tell us all about the “good things” it’s going to bring us. But they’re never specific, because there ARE no “good things” in the future under Obamacare. They tell us we’re going to get better plans than were cancelled, and for less money. But that hasn’t proven to be the case, in practice.

ABORTION IS MURDER! I simply can’t understand the mindset of people who say that abortion is “controversial.” It is NOT. Not to intelligent people, that is. Abortion MURDERS a child before he/she even gets a chance at life, and the majority of them today are performed, not to save the life of the mother, but for the CONVENIENCE of both parents who carelessly had sex without a rubber. Only FOOLS think THAT is “controversial.”

STUPID COMMERCIALS: Some of the commercials out there are amazingly stupid. One recent example is the one where a blond-headed, long-haired man (obviously some women’s view of a perfect man) reads a LABEL and gets applause from the guests for his “reading.” That emphasizes the lack of intelligence and common sense in the American women, which is wrong. If women were really that stupid, they wouldn’t do some of the good things they do.

JAILED FOR “INSULTS”: In a Muslim country recently, a man was sentenced to jail for “insulting” something. When “insults” become crimes, I will be a criminal because what I do insults SOMEBODY every day. Especially when the “offended one” gets to DEFINE an insult himself. My daily work involves telling the truth about people who are “offended” by my telling the truth about them. It is the kind of people I “insult” that the world would be better off without. There: that’s a general enough insult for just about ANYBODY to be “offended” by it. So go ahead and come get me.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Take Away His Credit Card

The parents of a kid who spent way more than they had would RIGHTLY have his credit card taken away by his parents. Obama is blindly spending (our) money like it is water and HE should have HIS credit card taken away—instead of his parents taking an extra job to help pay the higher bills created by his “spending sprees.” There should be a way to do this. We (his parents) shouldn’t have to pay for YEARS for his excesses.

ALWAYS ANOTHER FOOL: There’s always another fool out there. This time it was a guy who hated TSA Agents and “pigs.” So he went into the Los Angeles International Airport and started shooting people, apparently targeting TSA Agents and cops. He’s reported to have asked people if they were TSA and walking on if not. But the “anti-gun fools” will still use this to give themselves impetus to pass yet more foolish laws to DISARM honest, responsible Americans, while guys like this still have no problem getting their guns.

GIVE OBAMA CREDIT: I hate to say it, but when credit is DUE, I give it. He sent a drone out and killed a top member of the Taliban. The Afghanistan “government” condemned it, saying it derailed the talks with the Taliban.” Nothing could “derail” that. ANY ‘talks with the Taliban are a SHAM designed to give them more time to kill people. They’ve already appointed a new leader. We’ll get him next.

OBAMA’S WEB SITE DOWN AGAIN: That’s a familiar headline. We see it every day. But there’s nothing bad about that. As long as that web site is down, he can’t rightly blackmail you into “signing up” for his “plans” at TWICE the cost and will have to ultimately get rid of that unconstitutional “mandate.” Personally, I will NEVER “sign up,” and I will NOT pay his “fine.” He can put me in prison if he wants. Then he has to feed me, clothe me, and give me a place to sleep.

“ASSAULT RIFLE”: They’re already saying the shooter at the LA Airport used an “assault rifle.” But I doubt it. Other reports say it was a shotgun, which the feds (and their accomplices) will ALWAYS twist into an “assault rifle.” They just want to demonize the assault rifle so they can make laws against it.

ARMING TSA AGENTS: It has been a long time coming, but the killing of one TSA Agent and the wounding of another WILL be used as an excuse to ARM the TSA Agents who riffle through our belongings and feel us up as the “price we pay” (outside the fare) to get on an airplane. They’ve WANTED to arm them from the beginning, but there was too much opposition to it. Now they can point to this occasion as an excuse to arm yet another bunch of “federal agents.”

Friday, November 1, 2013

Health Care Swindle

That’s all I can call it. It was a swindle from the word go, designed to force us into a “single-payer system,” which is what Obama wants. He LIED when he said you could keep your current system if you wished, and made part of the LAW that a change OF ANY KIND would negate that, cancel your current program, and FORCE you onto his. What insurance program do you know of that has NOT had MINOR or MAJOR changes in a year? It was PLANNED that way.

SOFTBALL QUESTIONS: HHS Secretary Sebilius finally is “testifying” before “Congress.” And she’s lying through her teeth, as is the case with most Obama connivers. Congresspeople are helping by giving her “softball questions” she answers with aplomb, telling us nothing we didn’t already know. It’s a study in foolishness on both sides and will net us nothing while costing us plenty—which is also standard operating procedure in Washington, UNLESS the person they’re questioning” is a Republican. Once in a while somebody slips in a REAL question and everybody goes insane, with wild accusations and insults.

THEY’RE AFRAID OF HIM! If you believe Obama’s insistence on so many occasions that he was not aware of certain things a president NEEDS to know so as to be exempt from responsibility for it, there has to be a reason why he is unaware of so many important things. I personally believe it’s a damned lie. Something he’s KNOWN for. But maybe there’s something else he’s known for, too—and that’s why nobody ever tells him and bad news. He is known to react so violently when given bad news that nobody is WILLING to do it. Hence, if he knows something, he has to find out on his own.

THEY’RE SHOOTING TSA AGENTS: A shooter at Los Angeles Airport is reported to have killed one TSA Agent and wounded another before being “taken down” and shot in the leg. They’re shooting TSA agents but nobody apparently hates the architect of ALL our problems, including our health care woes enough to go after him. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not SUGGESTING somebody should do so (So you NSA agents monitoring me don’t send Obama’s thugs after me). I’m just wondering why nobody HAS while they go out and shoot his AGENTS, who are simply doing what he tells them to do. It’s a strange world we live in!

IT’S NOT WORKING: The “Rush Limbaugh Theorum” is that Obama claims to “know nothing” about the scandals that arise from his fool actions so he won’t be BLAMED for the problems they cause. But it’s not working. He’s becoming so outrageous that even his friends in the liberal media are deserting him and calling him to account for his fool actions. His “approval ratings” (DISAPPROVAL ratings, actually) are in the toilet while he spins his garbage about his health care swindle law.

ACTING LIKE A DICTATOR: Obama is acting like a dictator, personally making changes in the way his health care swindle law is enforced on his own initiative (which is unlawful) and giving illegal waivers to his cronies in the unions and elsewhere. If somebody doesn’t “grow a pair” and DO something about the illegal things he has been doing, soon he will go his merry way into retirement, having screwed up the works, at our expense.