Monday, October 31, 2016

"FBI Cleared Her"

That’s the narrative the Democrats are putting out after the FBI reopened their “investigation” into Hillary’s crimes. But he didn’t. He listed all her crimes and said he wasn’t going to pursue charges “because she didn’t mean it.” But now 600,000 PLUS e-mails that were NOT turned over have been discovered. More than have ever been found before, on a system the Congress wouldn’t have discovered if they weren’t investigating the husband of her closest aide, and his sleazy sex texts. Of course, she never told them about those, and I’m sure she knew they were there, but kept them hidden.

A COUNTRY WITHOUT GUNS: Without LEGAL guns, anyway—except for cops and government agents. That describes Venezuela, where it is a CRIME for a private citizen to have a gun. So they kill cops and steal THEIR guns. You can bet there are plenty of ILLEGAL guns there, but they don’t help the 80% who want President Nicholas Maduro OUT. But they can’t do anything to make that happen as long as he controls “the men with guns.” That’s what our politicians fervently wish for here, which is why they try so hard to DISARM us.

3,000 SHOT IN CHICAGO: Just this year. 19 of them just since early last weekend. Why, oh why is Chicago one of the most dangerous places in the country to live, since they have such tight gun laws? That’s a question being asked by many anti-gun fools who just can’t figure out that if you disarm honest people, the criminals “run wild.” And that’s what all Chicago’s “tight gun laws” do. Law-abiding people obey their laws, while criminals do NOT. They call them CRIMINALS for a reason.

PUT ‘EM IN PRISON: Like Mexico does. In Mexico, if people they deport return, they give them a stiff prison sentence before deporting them, again. They’re pretty tough on returners, but we’re not. No wonder we have so many deportees who have been deported many times, come back and commit more crimes. Like that guy in San Francisco who murdered that defenseless girl, right in front of her father. He was deported FIVE TIMES. Many others see our border as a “revolving door.” So when are we going to do something about it? (AFTER Obama's gone, IF Hillary doesn't get elected)/

DID COMEY BREAK THE LAW? I guess the best defense is an offense. Which is why Hillary is accusing FBI Director Comey of violating the Hatch Act by releasing an announcement about reopening the investigation into Hillary’s crimes, just before the election. Maybe his best next move is to have her INDICTED before the election. I’d hate for her to be elected and have to resign. There’d still be a Democrat in office to replace her. And we don’t want that. You can bet they’ll pick the most dedicated socialist.

TRUMP ONE POINT BEHIND: Donald Trump is now just ONE POINT behind Hillary in “the polls.” In spite of all they did to twist the polls to help Democrats demoralize potential Republican voters, so they wouldn’t vote for Trump. He still overpowered them. The only poll that counts is the one on Nov, 8, and if Trump overpowers them there, Democrats lose. And that possibility makes them wet their jammies.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

"It's Not A Right!"

That’s what they say in England about gun ownership. They say it’s a “privilege.” Which means it can be given or taken away by the politicians. Of course, they don’t have a Second Amendment in England, so they know NOTHING about a human right to self defense, and to own and use the means to it, a gun. They say “the NRA is always coming up with new ways to be nasty,” completely ignoring the fact that the NRA is protecting a right GUARANTEED by the Constitution, which is the BASIS for all our laws.

CREATING A CRIME WAVE: It’s becoming more and more clear that Obama wants to do as much DAMAGE to this country as he can, as long as he can. So he’s releasing as many criminals from prison on specious reasons, as he can. Earlier this month he released 102 criminals, many of them with gun convictions. Then just the other day he released another 98 , and 19.8% of them had gun convictions. This action GUARANTEES a significant rise in the crime rate, especially the GUN crime rate, as those “career criminals” continue to ply their trade.

OUR DELUSIONAL PRESIDENT: Obama is “taking victory laps” because he thinks he has “saved the economy.” If increasing the national debt to almost $20 TRILLION is “saving the economy,” please STOP “saving the economy,” Barack! Many millions of unemployed, many of whom have given up on EVER finding another job is NOT ”saving the economy,” I don’t want it. And when the new applications for unemployment rise to 260,000, I don’t want that, either. Every indicator I’ve seen shows that Obama is LYING and trying to convince the country of something that’s just NOT TRUE. And he wants Hillary to “continue his work.”

LOTTA DRINKIN’ GOIN’ ON: Did you know that, during Hillary’s stint as Sec. Of State, the State Dept. spent $5.4 million dollars on “crystal stem ware?” And they tell us the “rich,” who pay 86% of all income taxes paid, “don’t pay their fair share!” What the hell do they THINK is their “fair share?” 100%? They’ve almost got the entire country believing that LIE, through repetition, but not those of us who pay attention. Maybe if our politicians stopped boozin’ they could get something good done. Naaah! The ones we’ve got now aren’t smart enough.

PAYBACK CITY: Hillary says something like the FBI reopening the criminal investigation against her just before the election is “unprecedented.” Maybe in her addled state she can’t remember the late accusations against George Bush (the elder) she caused to happen that cost Bush re-election 24 years ago. Poor Hillary. It’s bad when somebody as old as she is forgets things. But her lack of memory is so TIMELY! I think it’s just her “selective memory” in all things that could hurt her.

ADD IT TO THE PILE: Todd Starnes reports that somebody dumped a load of manure in front of an Ohio Democrat headquarters. WTF? You’re supposed to dump it on the piles out back! You know, the crap they throw at their opponents, especially Donald Trump. Now they have to send a DEMOCRAT out to clean it up and take it out back. Must have been a Republican dropped it, if he didn’t know where it went.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

"It Doesn't Happen!"

That’s what the anti-gun fools tell us. They desperately want us to believe that defensive use of guns doesn’t happen. That the only thing guns are used for is to create “gun violence,” or for kids to kill themselves, or others, through ignorance. But then a respected organization like the "National Academy of Sciences” (NAS) comes out with the fact that there are 500,000 to 3 MILLION defensive uses of guns, in SPITE of the restrictive gun laws all over the country, and the LIES of our politicians.

TEACHING OUR KIDS: This is the kind of thing they teach our kids in schools these days. The question, “Do guns have a place in our society today?” gives you an idea how IGNORANT are the people deciding on the curriculum. Guns DO “have a place in our society!” LEGAL guns, to oppose all the ILLEGAL guns that are already out there in the hands of the “bad guys.” If (legal) guns were removed from society (even if that were possible), those with ILLEGAL guns would simply “take over.”

MOST QUALIFIED CANDIDATE”: Michelle Obama said Hillary is “the most qualified candidate for president in our lifetime,” which is completely WRONG! She isn’t qualified to be DOGCATCHER! Bill put her in charge of a massive health care plan and she failed. Obama appointed her Sec. Of State. She failed at that! She got four American heroes killed in Benghazi, and then LIED about it, until she was “found out.” Her and Obama's policies helped make ISIS possible. This is “qualifications? If they have to SAY it, it’s not true!

CRIMINALS LIKE GUN CONTROL: They like it because, first, they don't obey ANY laws, and second, gun control makes their jobs easier, by DISARMING honest people so the criminals won't run into people with their own guns and the knowledge of how to use them, so often. So they're naturally in favor of gun control. And gun control gets people killed, because they have no means of self defense, even though it is constitutionally guaranteed.

THE ALTERNATIVE: Gun control advocates can't just BAN guns because the Constitution protects our right to self defense, and to own and use the means to it, a gun. They KNOW there are MILLIONS of ILLEGALLY-held guns out there, in the hands of criminals, crazies, and even Islamic terrorists, who are coming here by the hundreds of thousands under the guise of "refugees."

LYNCH "TAKES THE FIFTH": AG Loretta Lynch "took the fifth" when asked by Congress to come and talk about Obama giving Iran $BILLIONS of OUR dollars. That is an effective "taking of the fifth." Lynch is supposed to be ENFORCING the law, not breaking it. Her "taking the fifth" indicates she was somehow involved in breaking the law, so she won't testify for fear of being sent to prison for lying to Congress.

Friday, October 28, 2016

"Nail the Furnoture Down!"

Word is, the Clintons may be back in the White House, soon. So you’d better send out the maintenance men to nail the furniture down so they don’t steal it, as they did when they left, the last time they were there. Better nail down everything else, too. I hear they’ll steal ANYTHING that isn’t nailed down. And if something is nailed down, they’ll steal what it’s nailed to, too!

WIKILEAKS LEADER FOUND DEAD: The top man in the Wikileaks organization besides Julian Assange has been found dead. Is he another to add to the Clinton “death list?” No, he wasn’t going to testify against a Clinton, but he was responsible for the release of much “evidence” showing Bill and Hillary’s crimes (about which nothing was ever done). They haven’t said what killed him. One wonders why? And I’m afraid that, if Assange wasn’t out of the Clinton’s reach, he would suffer the same fate.

IT’S VOTER ERROR”: That’s what election officials claim when a voting machine changes a Republican vote to a Democrat vote. Yes, they WILL change it back, if you demand it. But they say it’s either a faultily-calibrated machine or “voter error.” Blaming the victim, as usual. If you don’t check, you can unwittingly vote for Hillary while thinking you’re voting for Trump. It’s funny that, whenever this happens, it’s ALWAYS the DEMOCRATS who benefit—never the Republicans. That tells me something.

DEMOCRAT VIOLENCE: There are reports of gangs of college students committing violence on Trump supporters, then the Democrat Party blames Trump’s rhetoric for the violence. Now, if that’s true, why is the violence ALWAYS directed at Republicans, and particularly Trump supporters? NEVER at a Democrat? Gangs even damage cars carrying a Trump sticker. I think those attacks are PAID FOR by the Democrats, in order to try and incriminate Trump, by twisting the facts. WAKE UP, America! You’re being PLAYED!

SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL?” That’s what the Georgia State Attorney General is telling a pastor to do. Maybe somebody ought to tell this DOLT about the Constitution. Apparently its existence, and its place in law is completely unknown to him. It’s unknown to way too many people, and even some who should be aware of it, since they’re lawyers. It’s people like this AG that give lawyers a bad name. That pastor should tell him to “stick it,’ and let him go ahead and “take action,” so he’ll “get his comeuppance in court (if the JUDGE knows about the Constitution).

SHUT ‘EM DOWN! For the 100th anniversary of Planned Parenthood, the criminal running for president took time off from her campaign to send messages of congratulations to the current criminals running it. Actually, they have MURDERED 59 million babies, still in the womb, just since 1973. She said she plans to continue “fighting for a woman’s right to decide what happens to her own body.” What the hell about that baby’s right to LIVE? And not be MURDERED before he/she even gets a chance at life? The people running PP should go to PRISON for murder. And some ought to be executed. And so should Hillary as an “accessory after the fact.”

Thursday, October 27, 2016

"Big Whoop!"

That’s how Trump greets VP “Biteme’s” wish to “take him behind the gym and beat some sense into him.”Trump would welcome that, and he would beat Biteme’s head in. Biteme thinks he’s a “tough guy,” but he’s not even close. Trump IS a “tough guy, and Biteme would emerge from behind the gym on a stretcher if he tried. Somebody needs to educate Democrats on how STUPID all their ideas are. And encourage them to change their name to “The Socialist Party,” which would be more truthful than calling them “The Democratic Party,” when there’s nothing “democratic” about their party.

WORSE THAN THEY THOUGHT? Liberals and other gun-grabbers tell us there are about 300 million guns in the U. S., and they’re WRONG, as usual, mostly due to lack of proper research, of course. There are NOT 300 million, there are at least 412 million, and maybe up to 600 million. Boy! That must make Sen. Feinstein and Gabby Giffords cringe! And most of those guns are ILLEGALLY-owned, which are usually the only ones used to do “gun violence” while all their “laws” only apply to LEGAL gun owners, who are not the problem, at all.

NOTHING’S EVER DONE: Every day we hear about a new crime committed by Hillary. Like her using an unsecured e-mail server as Sec. of State, and Clinton Foundation donors getting a “gun deal” after a big donation. But nothing ever gets done about them. Whenever I hear about a new crime, I wait “impatiently” for somebody (anybody) to do something about it, and—NOTHING. FBI Director Comey LISTED her crimes, and then told us he wouldn’t recommend prosecution because “she didn’t mean it.” And AG Lynch rushed to confirm no action. It’s like she has a “charmed life.” And she does, as long as a Democrat administration is in power.

MEDIA COVERAGE RIGGED”: Trump is saying that “the election is not rigged, but the media coverage is.” WRONG! The election IS rigged, as it has been for the last 50 years, at least, according to one of their own (former) operatives, whose JOB was to rig elections. Somebody needs to show Trump the evidence, so he can “go to work” to fix it, or suffer the consequences if the election is, in any way, close.

JUDGED BY HER FRIENDS: You can judge Hillary by the people who endorse her. Most recently she has been endorsed by the Cuban communist dictator, Fidel Castro. And Vladmir Putin has spoken well of her in the past. Not only that, a KNOWN communist who was actually appointed to a powerful DC office, and got fired the next day after a LOT of criticism of Obama for the appointment, has also endorsed her. That’s probably because the communists see her as the best person to move us closer to collectivism (communism, socialism).

HILLARY’S RALLIES IN THE DUMP: Hillary can’t even “raise a stink.” Especially not a crowd. At a recent Hillary rally, THIRTY PEOPLE showed up. They’ll probably spin it, saying, “people expected the crowds to be so big, they stayed home to avoid them.” Then you look at a typical Trump rally, with many thousands of attendees. And “the polls” say Trump doesn’t have a chance? What are these people SMOKING? If I were a druggie, I’d want some! All evidence points to a Hillary loss, and she WILL lose, unless she successfully rigs the election—which she’s trying HARD to do.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Spendthrift Obama

Obama let it be known that he wanted to play a round of golf with Tiger Woods. I guess he really likes men who cheat on their wives and have suffered for it. So he gets his wish, and spends $3.6 MILLION to o it. Another example of how he spends our money like water for his own enjoyment, not for government business. You say he needs all that security and communications gear to be with him at all times? You’d think he’d take that into account. But he doesn’t care. He (and his wife) is “on the gravy train” and they’re going to play it for all it’s worth, as long as he can.

FLAWED REASONING: The whole anti-gun narrative is based on many cases of flawed reasoning. First off, the idea that “Getting rid of guns will end crime.” Crime didn’t begin with the invention of the gun, and eliminating them (if that were even possible) , CANNOT “end crime.” Then the idea that passing a LAW will make CRIMINALS, who don’t obey laws, by definition, will somehow obey this one. That’s pure fantasy! Then there’s the idea that they CAN “get rid of guns.” How are they going to get rid of the MILLIONS of illegal guns already out there? There are many more examples of their flawed thinking, but I just don’t have room here to list them all.

PHONY GLOBAL WARMING: Obama has “invested” $billions of dollars of OUR money (not his) in global warming (Oh, I forgot. They now call it “climate change” because the “globe” hasn’t been warming for almost 20 years, so they could attribute ANY weather anomaly to it.) Global warming/climate change has been debunked many times, in many ways, but they keep on pushing this phony narrative and spending OUR money on it, hoping for a return of MORE money to their coffers, some of which, I’m sure, will find its way into their pockets. Global warming is one of the biggest, and most successful CONS ever, and has made AlGore a BILLIONAIRE. Now Obama is pushing it, hoping to also cash in.

SPIKE IN ILLEGALS: There has been a spike in the number of illegal aliens coming into this country, “just in time” to vote in the election, for a Democrat. And guess which Democrat they’re going to vote for, for president? Hillary, of course! The Democrats are working very hard to make sure as many of them vote as possible. From opposing requiring a picture ID to vote, on specious reasons, to showing them how to vote in several districts, under different names.

NOWHERE TO GO: Russians could emigrate to America to escape communism (socialism). Cuba could also come here. But if we lose to socialism, there’s nowhere else to go. The subtle “siren song” of socialism is so strong for gullible people (including politicians) that it is the form of government in use in almost ALL countries, BUT America (yet). I don’t know of ANY country that has a better system of government than we still have (mostly). So if we lose it because of the gullibility of our young people (and many older ones, too), where do we go?

CAN’T UNDERSTAND: The State Department just can’t understand why Iran would think we’d pay ransom for the freeing of some hostages. Why, indeed? Maybe that pallet full of money ($400 BILLION in CASH)  we PAID for the release of four hostages might have had something to do with it. Actually, I think state doesn’t WANT to understand, so they don’t have to answer to the American people for DOING it. Now it’s known we WILL pay ransom, we can count on an “uptick” in American citizens being “taken hostage” by other “rogue nations” besides Iran, as well as Iran. That’s a prediction.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Keeping A Promise

Obama is known for not keeping his promises. He promised that Obamacare would REDUCE premiums by 25%. But it actually DOUBLED and TRIPLED them, while adding thousand dollar deductibles, making the insurance WORTHLESS. He promised that, if you liked your doctor or your hospital, you could keep them, which predictably proved to be another LIE. Now he’s promising that those premiums WILL DOUBLE, or more. That’s a promise he can keep.

NO TRAINING FOR CHILDREN: Shannon Watts, boss of “Moms For No Guns (or some such),” one of the best known anti-gun fool outfit scoffs at the idea of teaching children gun safety. She says, “We teach gun safety to ADULTS.” Of course, this discounts entirely the FACT that if children KNEW something about guns (how dangerous they are, that they’re not playthings, and they can KILL you), they might be less likely to play with the guns in their home and maybe kill themselves or somebody else.

NO GUNS IN RESTAURANTS: The usually short-sighted anti-gun fools are asking, “Why would you need a gun in a restaurant?” Why, indeed? Maybe they should ask the woman in Texas who had to leave her legally-carried gun in the car because the restaurant she was going to with her parents was a “gun-free zone,” and had to watch while some fool came in and shot up the restaurant and KILLED her parents. Or the employees of a Waffle House that was recently held up at gunpoint.

THE FIFTH 90 TIMES! Hillary’s top techie when she was Sec. Of State was called to Congress to answer questions about how she handled her e-mails while secretary. So he came. And he “took the fifth” 90 TIMES! If all was on the “up and up,” don’t you think he would have answered their questions honestly and without a problem? But NO! There MUST have been some “hanky-panky” during her tenure. Why else would he refuse to answer “on grounds of self incrimination?” There MUST be something there to incriminate him!

SUICIDE YES, CHEMO, NO! That’s what this woman’s insurance company is telling her. That’s what you get when you put your life in the hands of a bureaucrat—the death penalty. California now has an “assisted suicide law,” and her insurance company will pay for her to kill herself. But they won’t pay for the chemo that MIGHT keep her alive! Initially, they were going to pay for the chemo, but right after California passed the assisted suicide law, they changed their minds and refused to cover it. Assisted suicide laws create an opportunity for insurance companies to “get rid of” terminally ill patients, so they do.

VOTING FOR HILLARY: Many self-styled “conservatives” have indicated that they will vote for Hillary. If they do, they’re really STUPID! They’ll be voting for the ENEMY! I can’t think of ANY reason for an INTELLIGENT conservative to vote for Hillary, unless they WANT to commit political SUICIDE. That’s what voting for this harradian would be. She will finish Obama’s job of screwing up this country like “Hogan’s goat.” Nothing Trump would EVER do would make them voting for Hillary right. They’re only PRETENDING to be conservative.

Monday, October 24, 2016

L, A, Times Is Stupid!

They’re suggesting the government BAN all guns! Second Amendment notwithstanding. Are they STUPID, Or what? Do they really think the government can get away with ignoring such a CLEAR provision in the Constitution, which is the BASIS for ALL our laws? Or do they, like most liberals, just not care? I can’t believe they’re that abysmally STUPID, so they must just not care a hoot about it.

A GOOD IDEA: The parents of a six-year-old killed in the Townville school shooting want more armed officers in all schools. Hopefully non-uniformed, so a potential shooter can’t “pick them off” FIRST. Better still, do as Florida is trying to do, and Ohio IS doing, allow licensed and TRAINED teachers with guns to being them to school so a potential shooter CAN’T know which are armed.

DEMOCRATS ARE STUPID! They want to ban a Donald Duck mascot because his first name is “Donald.” They say the name is too similar to Donald Trump, and they want to do away with him. I guess we can add him to the “Clinton Kill List.” The Clintons (both of them) have long lists of people who have died under suspicious circumstances just before they were to testify against them.

HOPE HE’S RIGHT AGAIN: The professor who correctly predicted the last FIVE presidential election results has said that Trump has an 87% chance of winning this election. It’s diametrically opposed to all the “polls” that say HILLARY has a 97% chance of winning! I don’t believe ANY of them. I think they’re just trying to disillusion Trump supporters so they’ll not vote for him in desperation. Or they’re “whistling past the graveyard,” hoping they’re right.

SOROS VOTING MACHINES: There are 16 states using Soros-provided voting machines. Some have already been shown to convert Republican votes to Democrat candidates. Are ALL of them set up that way? If George Soros provided them it’s certainly possible, and it’s enough to completely change the results of an election. This is something that needs to be looked into, and quickly!

OBAMA: “NO MAJOR SCANDALS”: He says we have not had a major scandal in his administration, and he’s right. We’ve had a LOT of them. Mostly when he ignored the Constitution and did what he wanted, in SPITE of the constitutional limits on his powers, which he had just violated. Then there’s all the scandals in the Hillary camp, which WAS during his administration. This is typical Obama: make a wild statement that’s false, even though we KNOW it’s false, and defy us to say it’s false.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

No Voter Fraud!

Reuters says, “There is no voter fraud, and to say so makes you a Russian agent.” I guess that's one way to cover up a crime: just accuse everybody who calls them on it a “Russian spy, or something else nasty.” Way too many UNINFORMED voters will believe it. Another method they're using is to make even TALKING about something (like Islamic terrorism) a “crime.” Then people are afraid to even TALK about it. It's unconstitutional as hell, but Obama has shown he cares not about constitutional prohibitions on his actions.

AFRAID FOR HIS LIFE: Kim Jong Un is reportedly in fear for his life, as rumors of an assassination attempt run around. Frankly, I'm surprised it hasn't happened before; to him, AND Obama, considering what they do on a regular basis. There's talk of a coup in the United States to unseat Obama, and I'm also surprised it took people this long to even TALK about it, considering that he's been “riding roughshod” over the whole country. (Source: CNN. So take it with a huge grain of salt)

TWISTING THE FACTS: The anti-gun fools make a “big thing” about America being the TOP country in gun ownership. But they omit the next stat. The one that says we aren't even the TOP TEN in gun deaths! That's another way they twist the facts to make us believe what is, essentially, a LIE. America only ranks ELEVENTH in terms of gun deaths. At the top of the list of gun death countries is Honduras, with several Latin-Ameican countries making up most of the rest of the top ten. The stats noted in the Telegraph article come from The Small Arms Survey and the 2012 Congressional Research Service Report.

HMMM....FUNNY! Isn't it funny that the very same people who are telling us Trump would be a bad president are the SAME PEOPLE who told us Obama would be a good president? Seems to me they're Democrats, trying to mess with our minds, and demoralize us. They're hoping they can CON us into voting for Hillary, who IS a TERRIBLE choice for president. Unless, of course, you WANT to lose your freedom and live under a communist-like system—until it collapses, as it WILL. But probably not in your lifetime. They're good at sucking money from other socialist countries that haven't yet collapsed, to stay in business a while longer.

IT'S NOT LEFT OR RIGHT: Not the kind of “left or right” they want you to believe it is, anyway. They want you to believe Naziism is the ultimate far right. it is NOT. Nazis are SOCIALISTS! It is recognized in the words Nazi stands for: “National SOCIALISM!” Actually, if you insist on the left-right narrative, there is something BAD at both ends. On the left, it's collectivism (socialism, communism), where you don't own ANYTHING, and are told what you can, and cannot do, every day. On the right is ANARCHY, where any “warlord” can “take over” if he's strong enough, and many innocent people DIE in the process. ISIS is such a “warlord” outfit. Do you want either of those?

95% CHANCE OF WINNING: That's what Reuters says abut Hillary. Frankly, I think they're just “whistling past the graveyard.” They're so afraid she's going to lose, they're wetting their pants. And they're putting out BS like this in hopes of demoralizing some of Trump's followers by making them think Trump has little chance of winning, so why vote for him? Meanwhile, Trump still fills stadiums with supporters, while Hillary has to PAY people to attend her rallies so she can make it LOOK like there are more people there than there are.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

"Scare Rhetoric"

Hillary calls Trump's talking abut “ripping babies from the womb” nothing but “scare rhetoric.” Of course, she is in favor of all sorts of baby murder. It's not just “scare rhetoric.” It's an accurate description of what happens to the baby in a “late-term abortion.” Not so with the anti-gun fools running ads showing babies with their hand on a gun. Other kinds of abortion involve piercing the baby's skull to kill it, then “ripping it apart” to get it out of the womb. Then selling the parts for more money. They never let the mother see the pile of baby parts, so she won't have an image in her brain of her child, “ripped to pieces.”

THE CON GOES WELL: Obama “has been able to circumvent Congress on climate change,” according to Kerry. They're both obviously “in it” up to their necks. They CAN'T be dumb enough to believe that bullsh-t, so they've got to be running another con to extort more money out of us and gain even more power. In many ways, “wiser heads have prevailed.” Except that Obama “was able to circumvent them.”

JUST AS PREDICTED: I, an many others, predicted that when On=bama sent Iran a big bundle of cash to obtain the release of their captives, he was “opening the door” to further extortion attempts. And right on schedule, Iran is DEMANDING $billions for the release of others of their captives.Can other “rogue regimes” be far behind? Of course, Obama says that's “just a coincidence.” He will NEVER admit his incompetence is at fault.

BITE ME'S PISSED! VP “Biteme” thinks he would “Take Trump behind the gym” if he was in charge. Right—and he'd get his butt whipped, too. I think he has no idea what he's dealing with, with Trump. Trump isn't going to stand by and let it happen. He's going to fight back, and he usually wins. So “Biteme” better start keeping his pie hole shut. Or Trump is going to shut it for him. This isn't some “schoolyard scuffle.” mess with Trump and you're going to suffer, one way or the other.

ALWAYS A PHONY EXCUSE: Nancy Peelosi says, Trump supporters are only supporting him because they “don't want to pay their 'fair share' in taxes.” What a phony this broad is! She just can't (or don't want to)understand that his supporters are TIRED of what the Democrats have given them and want something different. Trump promises that, so they'll vote for him. And it has nothing to do with taxes, most of which are paid by “the rich,” anyway.

WHY NEVER REPUBLICANS? A “calibration error” converted GOP votes to Democrat votes. Imagine his surprise when Republican state Rep. candidate Jim Moynihan cast a vote for himself in Schaumberg, IL, and the machine cast the vote for his opponent. Then it continued to happen when other Republicans voted.. This is a very simple election fraud, and I'll bet it's going on, all over the country. Republicans would be well-advised to look very closely at their local voting places to make sure this is not happening there: My question is this: why, when this kind of fraud is found, is it always the DEMOCRATS who benefit? I think you know the answer. They're behind it. This is just one way they steal elections. (Source: Minuteman News)

Friday, October 21, 2016

Wrong Agin and Again

The pundits gave been uniformly wrong about Trump, from the moment he announced his run for the presidency. All during the primaries they prdicted his demise as a candidate. Time and time again they “reported” that he has “screwed up” and was going to drop out for one reason or the other. Meanwhile he continued to draw multi thousands of supporters to his rallies Now they're saying (again) that his strongest supporters are “dumping him” in gross numbers. And again, they're wrong. As usual.

TRUMP TO CONTEST ELECTION? He made big news when he refused to say he would concede if Hillary was elected. But it's unfair to ask him to concede a FIXED election—if it is fixed. He should be allowed to reserve his options if Clinton forces steal the election, which they are KNOWN to do. They say it has never happened, but did they forget AlGore's suit when Bush whipped his butt? Democrats are proven to have “selective memories.”

MEDIA WILL IGNORE IT: Bill Clinton's illegitimate son (one of them, anyway) has filed a paternity suit, but you'd never know it from the (non) coverage the liberal media gave it. Hmmmm.... I wonder if a bunch of his “woods colts” will come forward now, for their “15 minutes of fame,” as all those women did with Trump and Bill Cosby, all without a scintilla of PROOF. The only reason I know about it is that the conservative media DID cover it. And it's NOT a “pipe dream, it's in court.

AN EXCUSE FOR RACISM: A high school teacher is now saying, “To be white is to be racist,” which is about as STUPID a statement as he/she could make. Not every white person is a racist. It's only in the imagination of stupid people like this it's “true.” I guarantee you this teacher is black. No white person would make such a stupid assertion. They wouldn't even say it about ALL black people. This is not to say that only black people are stupid enough to say this. I'm saying only THIS person is stupid enough. If this teacher is white, he's DOUBLY stupid!

TOTALLY IGNORANT LIBERAL: CNN's Brooke Baldwin (related maybe, to the Baldwin brothers?) says there are ALREADY “term limits” on Congress. Maybe somebody ought to have told members of Congress who died in office after being there for 70 ears or more. Maybe that's what she means: term limited by death from old age. She doesn't give any details as to her reasoning, but that's not unusual, Liberals never do. They just make broad statements and expect us to believe them, without proof.

THE “PUBLIC OPTION” SCAM: Right on schedule, the Obama forces have introduced their “public option” plan. “Public Option” is “code” for a single-payer plan, which is what he wanted, all along. Doubling and tripling insurance rates and appending thousand dollar deductibles that made their insurance WORTHLESS was all part of the scam. Now he's “offering” people the “option” of the “public option plan,” which was what he wanted, all along. It's how he PLANNED to impose a single-payer plan upon us, and it's working like a charm. Obama is a con man par excellence.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

"Out of Touch Candidate"

A candidate for Congress in Colorado is running ads detailing what she thinks is WRONG about the Republican candidates. Top on her list is they “oppose Planned Parenthood.” Next, that they oppose Obamacare. There's more, but these two are TELLING. Anybody who opposes murdering babies, I'm FOR. Same with those who oppose Obama's abortion,. Obamacare. And every other thing she noted is just as bad.

IT SHOULDN'T MATTER”: VP “Biteme” has “run off at the mouth” again. He says, “Bill Clinton's indiscretions shouldn't matter because he 'paid a price' for them.” WRONG! They keep trying to say we're talking just about Bill's sexual abuses, but we're NOT. We're talking about Hillary's reaction to them, her efforts to destroy those who accused him, as evidence of her complete INABILITY to reason. Of course, that's because they can't answer questions about that, and they want to divert our attention away from it.

DESTROY THE GUN INDUSTRY? That's what Hillary wants to do. Not a chance! There are MILLIONS, if not BILLIONS of guns, already in the United States, most of which will disappear if she ever tried—until time came to use them, that is. The knife industry would thrive, also the club and sap industry, and all kinds of other industries making weapons. The cops won't have guns because they MUST obey even stupid laws, so the “bad guys” would reign supreme, while those same politicians would still have their armed security, getting their guns from foreign sources, like the criminals do.

DADS DEMAND GUNS”: Who is it that must investigate that “strange noise” heard in the middle of the night by the woman of the house? Nor her. HE will have to go out and risk his life with his golf club or baseball bat in hand, while if it's a burglar, he may have a gun. So Dad wants his own gun. And he is guaranteed the RIGHT to have it. It is that right stupid politicians want to take away from us while retaining it for themselves. What drives these fools to do that, besides stupidity? I don't know. They THINK they're making it harder for criminals, while they're actually making it EASIER for them to intimidate us, since all their laws only DISARM law-abiding people.

JUST ASK THEIR FAMILIES: Hillary Clinton just doesn't care about the lives lost in Benghazi, or anywhere else, due to her INCOMPETENCE. When asked about her indifference the night four brave Americans were brutally murdered in Benghazi, Libya, she infamously “got her back up” and said, “What DIFFERENCE does it make?” Therefore revealing her complete INDIFFERENCE to their deaths. Which makes a LOT of difference to those murdered, and their families. She may not care, but millions of Americans do. And she's going to find out, the hard way, in November.

IS COMEY HONEST? FBI Director Comey has a reputation for being “painfully honest” while he spends his time in a “den of thieves (not the FBI, Washington, DC)” But his recent actions show he is VERY susceptible to either intimidation, or bribing from political sources. He went out in public and recited a litany of CRIMES, of which Hillary Clinton is guilty, then announced that he will not recommend she be prosecuted for them, because “she didn't mean it.” Of course, the AG went right along with it, after a short visit from Bill Clinton. When has that ever mattered, when crimes were committed? Only to the corrupt, apparently. Those in the FBI who did the “investigation” are INCENSED at his refusal to hold her responsible for her CRIMES and a “revolution” there is brewing.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Incredible Stupidity

After the Republicans suffered a bombing at one of Trump's HQ, the Democrats blamed his “violence condoning speeches” for it. How stupid is that? It can only be Hillary supporters who did the bombing, since Trump supporters would be much more likely to bomb a HILLARY HQ than one of his—that is, if they were as prone to violence as “the left” seems to be. Remember, those guilty of assassinating or attempting to assassinate presidents were ALL “left-leaning” fools. Violence just comes naturally to liberals.

EQUIPMENT FAILURE: Sorry about yesterday. I was just getting ready to start posting when my computer was “taken over” by someone PRETENDING to be Microsoft, who, of course, wanted me to call a certain phone number, at which I suppose I would be asked for money to get my computer released. I couldn't get rid of the block. So I got rid of the computer, instead, and I've spent most of the day today getting the new one set up. It's already been tried again on this computer, but it came with malware killer software so I was able to clean it up.

THEY GOTTA BE STUPID! The Patriot Tribune ran a story that says, “50% of “millennials” would vote for a socialist government.” How stupid IS that? Maybe not stupid, just IGNORANT. Stupid people know the truth, but push the wrong ideas, anyway. Ignorant people are just suffering from a lack of information. Which they've “gained” by all those years in liberal-run schools (usually at a high price), being taught the LIE that socialism is the way to go, because it gives them all those delicious “free things.” They don't tell them that, as they grow older, they will be expected to PAY for those “freebies” given to others. Meanwhile, their lives will be CONTROLLED by the top liberals.

AFRAID OF THE LIES: A female Chicago cop who was brutally beaten by an obvious gang member was AFRAID to pull her gun and kill him, because she feared what the media, and “Black Lives Matter” would accuse her of. So she simply allowed herself to be beaten up, because of that fear. This is what I predicted. Cops HESITATING to shoot “bad guys” because they feared what the media would say. It's only a happenstance that he didn't kill her, and soon, somebody WILL kill a cop, when he/she hesitates to shoot them for fear of the consequences to his/her career.

STOP WHINING, DONALD! Obama says Trump should “stop whining and go prove your case to get votes.” That “there is NO election fraud, and he doesn't know of any former presidential candidate who has made such a claim.” And he may be right about that, because no former candidate has ever had the GUTS to bring it out. But there IS a lot of election fraud going on, and it's ALL the Democrats doing it, with the HELP of the liberal media. He tries to deny it, but it has been PROVEN in may places. I personally watched one man (A Democrat) walking into a polling place with a boxful of signed absentee ballots, not signed by those they were sent to. All voted for Democrats. He showed no concern for being seen.

HILLARY'S WORKING RELATIONSHIP”: Bill Clinton brags about Hillary's “working relationship” with the Muslim Brotherhood (a KNOWN terrorist organization everywhere but where Obama and his dumb butts run things). Which is pretty naive on both their parts. Anybody of “presidential caliber” should know that you can't have a “working relationship” with people whose only wish is to KILL all those who don't “bend to their will” and accept their damned fool “religion.” You can't reason with them, and that has been proved, over and over, down through the centuries. They USE “negotiations” for their own purposes, and never give you the satisfaction of a real “deal” in the final analysis.

WHINING BEFORE IT'S OVER”: Obama says Trump is “whining before it's over,” meaning he should wait until their voter fraud is a ”fait accompli” and he has been screwed in the election before he “breaks the news” that he has being screwed out of the election. Not a chance, Barack! Trump isn't going to “knuckle under” like most politicians do when “chided” by the president. He doesn't give a damn what you say, or DO, Barack. You notice I call you by your first name, which shows the lack of respect I have for you. He doesn't respect you, either.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Many Accusations Proof?

Democrats insist that the sheer NUMBER of accusers of Trump's sexual abuses is proof they are true. That's silly. What it IS, is a calculated attempt, on the part of the Democrats withe help of the liberal media, to destroy the Republican candidate, finding as many women as they can willing to falsely accuse him for whatever reason: their “15 minutes of fame,” money, promises of well-paid positions in a Democrat-run government, whatever. They can't win on the issues, so they come up with this kind of “bottom-feeder” tactics, hoping to obscure references to their candidate's crimes or shortcomings. It happens every 4 years.

HILLARY'S MENTAL PROBLEMS? She answered 25 questions under oath, as required by the court, and answered 20 QUESTIONS of the 25 asked with an “I don't recall.” which tells me she has definite memory problems such as that of someone with beginning Alzheimer's, or she is just LYING to cover up her crimes. Or maybe she's using drugs, as Trump suggests, to bolster her “response time” in the debate. Or maybe just to “escape” her many troubles. In any of those cases, she should not be allowed NEAR the Oval Office, even as a visitor.

NRA “UNREASONABLE”: Apparently, anybody who doesn't abandon their principles and “come around” to Hillary's way of thinking is “unreasonable.” That's what she calls the NRA for opposing her gun control foolishness. She doesn't even think about the fact that she and the NRA have COMPLETELY opposing positions. Hers are to VIOLATE the Constitution while that of the NRA is to OBEY the Constitution. There is NO ROOM for compromise, there, but she doesn't see it.

PROTECTING GUN RIGHTS: “BULLYING?” That's what Democrat Elanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) thinks. But it seems to me that attempting to take away our gun rights is more like bullying. She objected to attempts to return gun rights to DC residents put forth by two Republicans, suggesting that ANY attempt to champion gun rights is “bullying.” What part of RIGHTS does she not understand? This is the kind of fool Democrats elect, and there are too many of them in office. We need to get rid of them.

MINIMUM WAGE “GOOD?” Colorado Governor Hooperdink is pushing raising the minimum wage to $12.00 an hour in increments. He calls this “responsible,” and says minimum wage workers will spend more, making things better for Colorado business. What he fails to realize is that, with the small profit margins in most businesses, such an increase in labor costs will cause them to have to FIRE many workers, and some to just go out of business. Where then, will their FORMER employees get “more money” to spend?

LIBERAL LUNACY: They're now saying, “science must be scrapped.” The very thing that tells us the TRUTH about things must be eliminated! Riiiight! They can't seem to face reality, so we must eliminate reality. That's how liberals “think,” if you can call that “thinking.” That's just one more reason to get these fools OUT of politics. When they get the power to INSTITUTE their fool ideas, they do it, and we all suffer.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Strange Timing

They SAY the only thing Bill Clinton and Attorney General Lynch talked about on her plane at an Arizona airport after a golf game that doesn't seem to have happened. Strangely, just a few days later FBI Director Comey announced, against the advice of every investigator in the FBI who investigated the case, NOT to prosecute Hillary Clinton, after reciting a litany of her crimes. Hmmm.... if Lynch was a little less frumpy, I might suspect an assignation, but I don't think Bill is that desperate, yet.

EVERY FOUR YEARS: You'd think the American people—or at least, their politicians, would “tumble” to the scam, but they don't. they “fall for it” every time the Democrats come out with an un-provable allegation of sexual impropriety on the part of the Republican candidate. This happens every four years, within WEEKS of the presidential election. And, right on time, they “dig up” an OLD tape of the current GOP candidate saying nasty things, and again, right on time, a bunch of women come “out of the woodwork” and claim such crude, gross, and base things it's impossible to believe ANY man as intelligent as Trump would do.

INCREASE IN VOTING IMMIGRANTS: There has been a significant increase in “permanent resident” immigrants being “naturalized,” just in time to vote for Hillary in the presidential election. Yes, their votes will be legal, since they ARE now citizens. But the upsurge in approvals just before this election, with a majority of them saying they WILL vote for Hillary, is very suspicious. Newly minted citizens should not be allowed to vote in the first election held after their “naturalization” to guard against this indirect voter fraud.

NO “LOST” LAW LICENSE: An AP “fact check” says Trump LIED when he said Clinton “LOST his law license” because he lied to Congress about his sexual escapades. And they're right (mostly). Clinton didn't “lose” his law license, it was TAKEN from him. This is the kind of twisting of the facts you can depend on by the liberal media. Look for more of it as the days go on.

NOT ONE PENNY”: Word is, Hillary won't add “one penny to the national debt." If you believe that, you need your head examined. Hillary is KNOWN for her LIES, and this is one of them. If she is elected, and when she does, she will, like Bill, say, “I tried real hard, but I couldn't do it” when she raises the national debt by a few more $trillions. This is a typical Democrat LIE. A “promise” that you can DEPEND on will not be kept.

TRUMP'S NOT STUPID: To commit the crude sexual abuses several women describe would be STUPID for a man in his position. And Trump is NOT stupid. He has proved that all his life. He has made money at times when others were going broke. That's not stupidity. Additionally, Trump is rich enough that he could have as much sex as he wanted, any time. I'm sure there are many women who would go with him, any time he nodded his head. And that includes some of those who have accused him of sexual misconduct. Many of which might have been refused in THEIR advances and are now twisting it.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Scarborough "Loses It"

He had just pressed Ben Carson on what he said about discussing Judeo-Christian values in an election when Carson started to ask him about “Why you people in the press....” What they do will be lost in the mists of history, because Scarborough “lost it,” and said, “Stop saying, 'you people!' ” I guess Joe wasn't happy he wasn't able to “break” Carson and make him say Judeo-Christian values just weren't important, period, when what he was saying was that an election campaign was not the place for it. Frankly, I think Joe is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

MISDIRECTING THE WORLD: Liberals are misdirecting us by pretending any talk about Bill Clinton's sexual atrocities is about BILL, saying, “he's not running.” When it is actually about Hillary's HANDLING of his “indiscretions.” Instead of being angry about them, she set out to destroy every woman who claimed Bill sexually abused her, even coining the term, “bimbo eruptions.” Which goes to her reasoning ability, which is nil.

READING A SCRIPT: I just listened to a stilted recital, so obviously from a prepared script that she didn't even raise her eyes while reading it. She went into really unnecessary detail,and even, at points, stumbled her words, as if she didn't even understand what she was reading. It sounded like a page from a love novel. At one point, she actually turned the page. Frankly, I don't believe a word of it. I still say they need to look at the background of these women to find out how many have a connection to the Democrat Party. I think all of them do. These so-called “sexual assaults” are so crude, I don't believe for a minute that a man of Trump's intelligence, wealth, and celebrity would DARE do the things they claim for fear of just what is happening, now. Not to mention common sense.

FLOTUS HATE SPEECH” Michelle Obama made a speech the other day, and that speech was FILLED with HATE. She spewed hate with abandon, trying her best to get Hillary elected, so she can continue Barak's nefarious policies and push this country further into socialism, while making it easier for Muslim terrorists to move here and KILL Americans. One of the basic themes was that Trump was INCOMPETENT to be president, ignoring completely the INCOMPETENCE shown by her own husband in that job. PURPOSEFUL incompetence.

CHICAGO STILL CRIME CAPITAL: It was found, the other day, that Chicago has more ILLEGAL guns on the street than Los Angeles AND New York City, COMBINED, in spite of having some of the tightest “gun laws” in the nation. Which proves again, that all the laws made up to now by the anti-gun fools are USELESS in “stemming gun violence.” But will the anti-gun fools take notice? Not a chance. They just aren't smart enough, which is illustrated by their firm belief that they CAN eliminate guns, entirely, and that a LAW will make CRIMINALS obey it.

GUN-GRABBER'S UNFLAMMATORY HEADLINES: A headline in the NY Post says, “The Terrifying Rate of Children Killing Themselves Dead!” Meanwhile, the actual figure is 0.0003%. Not so “terrifying,” huh?” Yes, it's a tragedy when a child kills himself or others by accident, through the ignorance of the adults leaving guns unsafely stored. The anti-gun fools need to stop “demonizing” the NRA and start pushing their “gun safety” classes. Then more KNOWLEDGE would reduce such occurrences.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Was Scalia Murdered?

Justice Scalia's death came at a most propitious time for Democrats who wanted “free rein” in making unconstitutional gun laws and getting them declared constitutional by the Supreme Court. The way his death was handled, with the inquest held on the PHONE and certified by a justice of the peace, instead of a real judge, was very suspicious. Also suspicious was the fact that he was found dead with a pillow over his face. I would say his death should be investigated by more powerful people if I thought there were any left in DC.

NO GUN LICENSE! The guy who (allegedly) shot and wounder two cops in Boston before he was killed, himself, Had no license to own a gun, but he had one, anyway. The same is true of a man who shot and KILLED two cops in Palm Springs, in California, where their laws are as tight as those in Chicago, the “murder capital” of the states. He was a felon, and thus barred from owning guns. But he had one, anyway. Which means ALL their laws do not work. Do you think the anti-gun fools will take notice? Doubtful. They're not smart enough.

MUSLIM SUPREMACY: Have you ever heard of a law or “rule” criminalizing saying ANYTHING against a Christian or any Christian institution? Or even against the Christian God? Not likely, huh? We've got a Constitution that assures us the right to say anything we want, for or against ANYBODY, right? Then how are they making “rules” and laws making speaking out against Islamic terrorists and terrorism, or just Muslims a “criminal offense?” How does ANY group get enough power to get such laws and rules made? Of course, they'll call this item evidence of religious intolerance.” That's their scam. That's how they stifle criticism.

CLOWN ERUPTION”: The timing is very interesting. Just weeks before the presidential election, the time on the news media is taken up reporting the “clown eruption” that wasn't there before. All of a sudden, it's “erupting” all over the country. Just in time to keep reporters from getting the space to speculate on Hillary's crimes. At the same time, they “dug up” an eleven-year-old intemperate statement made by her opposing candidate while ignoring her efforts to rebuff similar accusations against her husband, and her response. And cooperative (Democrat) women all over “chimed in” and accused him of outrageous advances. All with NO PROOF, of course.

FIRING ON OUR NAVY: Pretty stupid, huh? But the Iranian-backed rebels have done it twice, in international waters. The first time, we didn't do anything except to say some “hard words” to the Iranians. But this time, we destroyed a missile site in rebel-held territory. Should they try it again, somebody's going to DIE. Maybe they already have. And they can complain as much as they want. When you fire on a U. S, Navy vessel, especially in international waters, you risk DEATH. And the “rules of war” are with us when we do it. Be warned, Iranians! But the Iranians aren't too smart. Especially if they think they can win a war with America.

WRONG ON SECOND AMENDMENT? Hillary says the Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment. What a damned fool she is! They're the only group who have been consistently RIGHT on the Second Amendment! She needs to learn that you can't make something true by just saying it. The Second Amendment is one of the shortest and most CLEAR parts of the Constitution, and the least susceptible to liberals twisting its meaning. But that doesn't sit well with her efforts to disarm Americans (except for her, of course!).

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Supreme Court Justices

The next president is probably going to get to appoint up to 4 Supreme Court Justices, which will affect the populace for the next 20 to 40 years or more. If Hillary is elected, her choices will be a singular disaster for this country. If Trump is elected, we may get four more conservatives on the court, which is a good thing, and will keep the liberals from “packing the Court” with liberals for the foreseeable future. Liberals have screwed up this country like Hogan's goat, and we don't need any more of it. They keep saying trump is bad for the country, but they can't say why. Because there IS no “why.”

ABORTION IS A “RIGHT?” That's what Hillary and the other liberals think. Since when has murdering babies for the “convenience” of the parents been a “right?” I know, since “Roe v, Wade,” which was one of the worst mistakes the court has ever made, and should be reversed, forthwith. It has been responsible for the deaths of millions of helpless, innocent infants. They say it's “about a woman's right to choose what happens to her own body.” It is NOT. If it was, prostitution would be legal. Really, it IS about that baby's right to LIVE.

PILING ON: There's never a shortage of willing women to “pile on” whenever a celebrity is accused of anything sexual. Women who haven't said a WORD for years (apparently) after the supposed event. So naturally, after the “scandal” of trump allegedly saying nasty things about women, “out of the woodwork” comes woman after woman claiming he sexually abused them, long ago. Nobody, apparently, from RECENTLY seem to :come forward,” though. In the case of Clinton though, he is a KNOWN sex freak, which makes their claims much more believable.

FREE COLLEGE COURSE: Something REALLY for free! Nobody will ever sell your contact information OR try to sell you something if you contact the Hillsdale College to take their online FREE course on the Constitution. They know that many people have no idea what the Constitution says, even though it is the very BASIS for ALL our laws. A law can't be made that doesn't conform to it, and the Supreme Court is there for one purpose, and one purpose only: to make sure the laws conform to the Constitution. Schools no longer teach our kids about the Constitution, since the liberals took complete control over everything. I don't need to give you a link. Just Google “free constitution course” and you can find it.

COPS BREAKING THE LAW: After many years of police politicians HIDING their “gun confiscation” efforts by calling it by a different name, they've now started coming right out and dedicating entire UNITS to gun confiscation. Some even have squad cars MARKED “gun confiscation unit.” That their very confiscation efforts are UNCONSTITUTIONAL doesn't seem to matter to them. They do it, anyway. And they apparently no longer care if we know it.

NEVER HEARD IT”: Michelle Obama “piles on,” saying she “Never heard anybody saying the things Trump is accused of saying as 'locker room talk,' and to say so is an insult to every man.” Apparently Michelle has led a VERY “sheltered life” and has never heard some of the things just the 'rap stars” she invites to the White House have said, in PUBLIC, and in the words to their “:songs.” I'm a man, and I'VE heard such talk, many times. She's LYING to make Trump look worse. But that's to be expected of a Democrat.

TO THE GUTTER”: That's priceless! This is really funny! You can't make this stuff up, folks! Hillary is worried about Trump “taking the campaign to the gutter” after SHE already took it to the gutter. It's yet another example of Democrats accusing their opponents of what they, themselves, are doing. It's something they do, all the time. But usually not at the same time they're DOING it. They're getting really cocky, folks. They seem to no longer care if we see through their tactics and scams.