Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Indiana Governor Surrenders

I'm listening to him even now say he wants to change his “religious freedom law” so it is NOT “religious freedom.” He says he wants it changed to say it does NOT give businesses the “right” to refuse business to ANYONE, for any reason. Which cancels the entire effect of the law. But the law never DID “give them that right.” The CONSTITUTION gives them that right. What he does not say is there IS no “right” to DEMAND somebody accept business that is against their religious beliefs. What he's doing makes the law say they have religious liberty EXCEPT for refusing to do business with gays, which puts gays in a “special place” never intended in law.

WHY WAS THAT LAW NECESSARY? The question I ask about the Indiana “religious liberty law” is this: “Why was such a law necessary in the first place?” Religious liberty is ALREADY assured in FEDERAL law. Why did Indiana think a state law was necessary?” I have no problem with gays and what they do except when they demand “rights” that are not in the Constitution. The odd thing here is that when the federal law concerning religious freedom was passed and signed by Bill Clinton, the very people who are screaming “foul” about this praised it then. Obama (then a senator) voted FOR it.

NO RIGHT TO DENY SERVICES: Indiana Gov. Mike Pence now says, “This law doesn't give ANYONE the right to deny services to ANYONE. No, it doesn't. The CONSTITUTION does! I. As a business owner, I have the “right” to refuse to do business with ANYBODY, and not have to even GIVE a reason. And I will do so. That doesn't mean I will not do business with gays. I have no “religious exception” to what they do or what they are. But I DO reserve the right to not provide a stun gun to a KNOWN CRIMINAL, and I HAVE that right. I don't HAVE TO do business with ANYBODY. Why we waste time on this crap when Islamic terrorists are beheading little girls, I don't know!

RIGHT IN OUR MIDST! Proud terrorists are right in our midst! In Florida, Barry University officials APPROVED a “pro-ISIS group on their campus, just making them change their name “Because technically, we're at war with them.” “Technically?” We're about as much at war with them as we have ever been with ANYBODY, including the Japanese and the Nazis in WWII. And they APPROVED this “club?” Who “only want to HELP OUR enemies?” These people are TRAITORS! They should be IMPRISONED! This kind of thing is not allowed as “freedom of speech.” Americans are not allowed to support our ENEMIES! Let alone do it publicly.

IN A “NEW PHASE”: According to Secretary of State John Dumbo, the “discussions” on the Iran nuclear problem “will continue in a 'new phase' since the original deadline has passed.” Which means they are IGNORING their SELF-IMPOSED deadline and going right on with the “dog and pony show” designed to get SOME KIND OF an “agreement” for Iran to ignore so Obama can say he “got an agreement with Iran.” We all know they WILL ignore it. They always do. It's in their “rule book” that it's OKAY to LIE to advance Islam.

WE SUPPORT NUKE DEAL? Obama has put out the word that “A majority of Americans support Obama's Iran nuke deal.” There are two little problems: One, nobody knows what's IN the deal. And we don't have to approve it to see what's in it like Peelosi thinks is true with our own laws. Second, we DON'T approve it. No way! If we did, it would be presented to Congress for IT'S approval, according to law. But it has not, and never WILL be. Obama is only saying this to make fools think it is approved by a majority so they'll “knuckle under.”

Monday, March 30, 2015

Not About Discrimination

The new law in Indiana that says businesses do not have to accept business that violates their religious beliefs, is not about discrimination. It IS about whether a so-called “right” NOT recognized by the Constitution should trump a right that IS recognized. Religious rights ARE recognized as “sacrosanct” in the Constitution, “Gay rights” and the right to DEMAND people do business with you for ANY reason are NOT. People who demand acceptance of their business are demanding a “right” that does not exist. They DO have the right to take their business elsewhere.

THATCHER: “APPALLED AT OBAMA”: They put this headline out as if it was a surprise to anybody that a woman whose whole life was based on truth and honesty would be “appalled” by a criminal like Obama. Margaret Thatcher is the BEST reason to have a female chief executive. Hillary Clinton is the best reason NOT to have a female in that spot. Hillary says, “Wouldn't you like a female president one day?” My answer is, “Yes. But not you! Never you! Condoleeza Rice or Sarah Palin, maybe, but NEVER Hillary Clinton. We don't need the scandals.” We have enough with Obama.

THAT SETTLES IT: Salon Magazine says, “All white people are racists.” So that settles it. Everybody at Salon Magazine is STUPID. Only a liberal would make such a stupid statement as that. I think a majority of BLACK people are racist, and they're not afraid to express it because they think they're right. It's a position strengthened by the opinion of their half-white, half-black president, who has been pushing the race issue for all it's worth, ever since he emerged from under his rock to push Hillary aside. There are many black people who are NOT racist, but they're almost afraid to express their opinion today. Of course, they'll CALL me racist for this. That's their “fall-back position” when they can't answer criticism.

GUN LAWS DON'T WORK: Reality intrudes, time after time. In Boston, a felon who had just finished a stretch in prison for shooting at two cops 14 years ago, was stopped by a cop with a .357 Mag in his car. He knew that meant yet another stretch, so he shot the cop in the face. Now he's facing attempted murder charges and another long stretch in prison. It didn't take him long to ignore the law that said a felon couldn't have a gun. All criminals do. The cop may die because of the useless law that says a felon can't be armed, and neither can an honest person, too.

IS KERRY “REALITY-FREE?” Many say he is because of the things he is agreeing to in his “negotiations” with Iran. But I don't think he is. I think he's just stupid and will agree to ANYTHING Obama tells him to agree to. And since Obama WANTS Islamic terrorists to win, and Iran is one of the biggest promoters of Islamic terrorists in the Middle East, his actions are not unexpected. Many people don't believe me when I tell them Obama is IN FAVOR of Islamic extremists and WANTS them to succeed. But the proof is there, if they'll just open their eyes and SEE it. It's all in what he DOES with regard to them.

STUPID NAPTOWN MAYOR: The current mayor of Indianapolis, Indiana, is not the first stupid mayor they've ever had. He's criticizing the governor for signing a law reinforcing religious freedom rather than the IMAGINARY “gay right” to force bakers to bake them a wedding cake. I worked for Mayor “Tricky Dicky” Lugar (now Senator Lugar) who really screwed things up there with his robin's egg blue and beige cop cars and his turquoise fireplugs Some of the things he did defied reason. Thank God it wasn't a career for me. It was just volunteer work.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

"What Difference Does It Make?

That's probably what Hillary is going to say when Congress asks her why she summarily DELETED the e-mails they subpoenaed. That seems to be her stock answer when somebody asks her why she did something stupid or got somebody killed. It shows just how LITTLE she cares about what people think about the stupid and/or illegal things she does. She's “entitled,” you see. She's a CLINTON, fergwdsake! But her multiplicity of blunders is going to hurt her in the long run. Maybe Gowdy will let her get away with her latest CRIME, but I don't think the American people will.

OBAMA-REID BEST: “The Obama-Reid team is the best ever in the nation.” That was said by—Harry Reid, of course. Nobody but Harry would be so stupid as to say that—something EVERYBODY with INTELLIGENCE knows is wrong. Like I say, ignorant people are too ignorant to know how ignorant they are, and think they're the smartest around. Yeah, Reid is the best. That's why he left more than 300 House-passed bills on his desk, refusing to bring them to a vote, so he could LIE and say this is a “do-nothing Congress.” That's why he lost the majority in the Senate and just BARELY got re-elected. Boy, how STUPID is this FOOL!

SURRENDERING TO IRAN: Iran has threatened to destroy America. It's like a flea crawling up an elephant's leg with rape on its mind. But Obama is about to sign the WORST agreement ever, in the history of the world, since the British, under Lord Chamberlain, tried to appease Hitler, which signaled the beginning of World War II Will this signal the beginning of WWIII? Probably not, because that war is already in progress, and our “leaders” don't seem to realize it. We're going to LOSE, with “leadership” like we have. I hope I don't live long enough to see the flea raping the elephant.

TRIPPING ON RACISM”: How can an 18-month old BABY be racist? It can't. It knows NOTHING about the difference between black and white people. But Indiana Democrat Rep. Vanessa summers reacted to this baby's crying at meeting her as “bring afraid of black people.” How STUPID is that? But then, she's a Democrat, so stupidity is to be expected. A REAL Democrat, not a Democrat dupe, of the kind who voted Obama in, TWICE. Calling everything racist is so deeply ingrained in Democrats, there's no telling what they're going to call racism next.

HIRING CRIMINALS AS COPS: I never would have believed it, but as screwed up as things have become today, I'm not a bit surprised that some “cop shops” are hiring illegal aliens to be cops! Somebody once said, “Nothing is so good it could not be better and nothing is so bad it could not be worse.” A very profound statement. Any other time in history I would not have believed this. But the way things are so screwed up due to liberal meddling, I am not surprised.

WHEN ARE THEY GONNA LEARN?” Anti-gun fools are very slow to learn from experience. VERY slow, in fact. So slow that you can't notice anything amiss. Or more amiss They keep passing the same old laws, over and over, while they don't work, and even make the problem WORSE. But they don't care. They think they're right, even if facts prove them wrong. That have no new ideas, even wrong ones. They just keep making the same mistakes, over and over, while people die because of their mistakes.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Put HIllary Away

We need to charge Hillary with a crime. She showed bad judgment by just using a purely private e-mail system that SHE owned, lock, stock, and barrel so she could CONTROL, absolutely, what is “released” in case a congressional committee ever demanded to see them. It did. So first she “released” a FEW selected e-mails, claiming everything else was “personal.” But Congress wanted more, so she WIPED the rest so they could never see them. That should be a CRIME, and this criminal should NEVER even be CONSIDERED as a presidential candidate. But she's a DEMOCRAT, so “all will be forgiven.”

IS HE STUPID. OR WHAT? Juan Williams, who seems to have replaced Bob Beckel on Fox's “The Five,” was “nonplussed” by the fact Obama's name was not on the recently published list of the “Top Leaders in America.” What? Obama is NO KIND OF A LEADER. He has screwed up everything he tried, except getting elected, and that's because somebody else engineered that con. When it comes to running the United States government, Obama is as “dumb as a box of rocks.” And Williams is surprised his name is not on that list? Damn! I guess liberals will now (again) call me racist, because he's black. Black or white, he isn't too bright.

CONGRESS PUSHES “REAL ID”: It's an ID card Obama and members of Congress want to FORCE all Americans to carry, which includes ALL information on the carrier, in “biometric” form. They've been trying to attain a “national ID card” for years, and this time they might succeed, if we aren't alert. When they come to me for mine, they can stick it in their “brown hole,” sidewise. I won't carry one. Ever.

I'D MAKE A POOR DIPLOMAT: It's probably a good thing will never ask me to join the Diplomatic Corps (Obama probably calls it the “corpse.”) I just don't have the talent for shaking the hand of bloody mass murderers like Vladmir Putrid...er, uh, Putin. I have a built-in INABILITY to be phony I can't stand people like him, and I'm UNABLE not to show it in my demeanor. They'd be FOOLS to appoint me to ANY diplomatic post. Not that members of this government are NOT fools.

WAS CO-PILOT A MUSLIM CONVERT? I'm not stating this as a matter of fact. I am, however, commenting on what a German news source has said: that they found “evidence” in the co-pilot's apartment that he was a recent convert to Islam. Which would explain a lot. The illness that has been attributed to him and his mental state is a factor, also. This situation shows a need for the pilot to have an unblockable device on his person that will allow him to get into the cockpit in all cases, or a small bathroom built INSIDE the cockpit sohe will not have to leavfe it for any reason during a flight. It also shows that there needs to be tighter restrictions on pilots and co-pilots that make it harder to hide medical and mental issues.

GUN-FREE ZONE DANGEROUS PLACE: There are “gun-free zones” all over. And each and every one of them is a dangerous place to be because criminals and crazies walk right by the signs telling them how they'll be prosecuted for bringing their guns in and count on that to give them an assurance there most likely will NOT be anybody there to oppose them with their own—except maybe a UNIFORMED security officer who can be “taken out” FIRST. Target Stores is such a place and has had two (count'em), TWO shooting incidents lately in their parking lots. All but TWO mass shootings have happened in “gun-free zones.”

Friday, March 27, 2015

Intentional Mass Murder

When the pilot left the cockpit to go to the bathroom, the co-pilot took over, locking the cockpit door to keep everybody out, and quietly set the airplane on a downward course, impacting a mountainside at full speed, causing the plane, with all abord (165 persons plus the crew) to disintegrate, with not a single piece larger than a small car to remain, and KILLING all aboard. This was not SUPPOSED to happen. There were SUPPOSED to be at least TWO people in the cockpit, at all times. But that rule was ignored. Is this terrorism? There needs to be a system to make this IMPOSSIBLE, to “let the horse out after the door was left open."

WILL HE GO QUIETLY? “That's a silly question. He HAS to “go quietly.” He is constitutionaslly prohibited from running again. You're going too far.” -J.R., Tulsa, OK writes. Not at all. It isn't the first time he has ignored the Constitution and gotten away with it, because of Congress' refusal to stop him. Every time he gets away with it, he gets more brazen. In New York City, Mayor Bloomberg ignored the state Constitution and ran for one more term, and HE got away with it, It all depends on the determination of Congress or the legislature to stop him, and this Congress has shown it doesn't have the balls to do so. -RT

JUST PASS A LAW: This is something I've always wondered about. What makes politicians think they can stop criminals from doing something by passing a law? Don't they know criminals break the law for a living?” -Bill P. Indianapolis, IN. You're right. They should really know better, but they don't. They just keep passing their useless anti-gun laws that do nothing but disarm honest poeople and provide unarmed victims for the criminals. They're too STUPID to know better.

REID IS QUITTING: He says he “wants to go out at the top of his game.” But he is NOT “at the top of his game. The Patriot Post says it's “The end of an error.” The Democrats congratulate him on pushing the Obama plan against stiff Repulican opposition. But in fact, that was what caused him to LOSE control of the Senate. He just BARELY got re-elected last time, and against a “B-List candidate,” even though he had a billionaire's money behind him. He just doesn't want to have the PEOPLE “retire” him so he can LIE about why he “retired.” My comment is, “Good riddance to bad rubbish.”

MAKE HIS EARS BIGGER: Obama likes to whine and scream about editorial cartoonists depicting him with big, floppy ears. Good. Let's do it some more. Make his ears “dumbo big,” and show him flying, using his ears as wings. Anything that makes Obama so mad can only be a GOOD thing. Hopefully, he won't be with us much longer—unless he does his usual thing and defies the Constitution, running for a prohibited third term, and manages to steal another election. Frankly, if he does that, I think the revolution will be on! If I were a little younger and had good legs, I'd LEAD it!

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: That's what the new law about to be signed by the Indiana governor is, and George Takai doesn't like it. He wants the freedom to be gay, but not the freedom of people to choose their own customers. He wants to be able to FORCE people to do business with him by not allowing them to refuse. Personally, I don't give a damn if he likes men instead of women. He's free to do that. But if people have religious antipathy to SUPPORTING what he does, they should have that right. And he should have the right to go elsewhere—but he refuses, in favor of FORCING them to do business with him when he KNOWS they don't want to. He thinks his wishes should supercede those of others.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bergdahl A Deserter

It only took the Army—how long?-- to decide what people who pay attention already knew; he was a deserter and probably still working with the Islamic terrorists. He DID manage to engineer the release of FIVE—count 'em-- FIVE bloody murderers who should have been shot on sight when they were captured, so they could go back and kill many more innocent people in their quest to make the whole world Muslim--or dead. Obama worked HARD to stop the Army from declaring him a deserter but he failed. Somebody there had GONADS.

SUSPICIONS CONFIRMED: In Seattle, Washington, the minimum wage is $15 an hour to employ beginners who have no skills, and have to be taught the most basic things in order to be worth anything to an employer. And restaurants are closing in droves because they can't afford to pay them that much and have to spend extra time and effort to teach them how to wait tables. We've told the incompetent politicians who think paying kids too much to LEARN how to be worth any money this will cost jobs, and it is happening, just as we said it would, there. And that doesn't even look at other businesses who employ youngsters with little or NO talents or abilities. Watch for this to happen all over the country if DC passes such a  federal law.

STRINGS ATTACHED FUNDING”: That's what Washington, DC has become. They offer funding for local interests, people get used to getting the money, then Washington “lowers the boom,” telling them what to do while threatening to stop giving them the money if they don't “knuckle under,” and the locals DO. It's a common scam DC uses to gain control over local actions. They've been doing it for years, and Obama is taking full advantage of it.

ALREADY OBSOLETE: One of my new Twitter followers has a post up telling about how slow the government is, noting that the FAA is so slow, the delivery drone they recently approved is obsolete. That's funny. But it has been the same in the road-building and maintenance business forever. They start a project to improve the roads and by the time it is finished, it is obsolete and that road needs ANOTHER improvement project. And NO politician would approve the money to build a road BEYOND current needs to “get ahead of the game.”

HIDING EVERYTHING: Hillary wants to CONTROL what e-mails she allows the government to see, which is why she uses her OWN private system. A system SHE owns. And therefore can CONTROL what e-mails she releases for a subpoena, and destroy those SHE deems to be “personal,” keeping the government OUT of the process of deciding what is personal and what is government business. This is obviously what she planned, from the beginning.

FORGETTING ONE THING: Nothing is FREE. Somebody has to pay for it, and if it is free to YOU, somebody ELSE has to pay for it. Liberals said EVERYBODY has the “right” to his own home, FREE. Which caused the economy to TANK. Not having learned their lesson, liberals (led by Obama) are now saying “Everybody has a RIGHT to a college education, FREE. Again forgetting that SOMEBODY has to pay for those buildings in which they learn, the land on which they sit, the professors who teach, the staff who maintain the buildings, and all the other COSTS of keeping a college going, WITHOUT which, there would BE no colleges.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Today's "Buggy Whip Maker"

That's the Post Office. It's going out of style, with e-mail making the inroads it has made in private message traffic, coupled with the massive increases in the cost of sending a single letter. I wouldn't THINK of sending a letter today if there was ANY possibility of corresponding by e-mail. E-mail has become THE method of communication, today. The Post Office can't understand that, and they just keep raising the cost to send a letter sky high, so people can no longer afford to send a letter. Like the “buggy whip makers” of yore,they think they can survive in a world where people no longer send letters. They think just raising prices will make the difference. It will, but not in the way they think. They'll keep thinking that way until ALL their business dries up.

OBVIOUS DOUBLE STANDARD: When Bibi Netanyahu said there was “no chance for a two-state solution,” he was “called to account for it” by White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, who demanded he apologize. But when Iran dictator “Hominy” said, “Death to Americans!” he was just “saying what he had to say to satisfy the folks at home” and didn't really mean it. Which, of course, ignores the fact he is a DICTATOR, and dictators don't give a DAMN what their people think They just don't want to ADMIT he means it with all his stupid heart.

BIBI JUST RECOGNIZED TRUTH: When Bibi Netanyahu said “there's no chance of a two-state solution," he didn't mean HE was against it, he meant the Palestinians were against it. They CLAIM to want it, but every time an agreement on the stated terms nears, they “back out” and demand something else they KNOW nobody else will agree to. That way, they can PRETEND to be “negotiating” it, when they're only USING the negotiations to “buy time” to rocket bomb Israel some more.

FACTS DON'T MATTER: One liberal politician once said, “It doesn't matter if the facts don't prove it, it's the seriousness of the charges that count.” And they're still going by that blasphemy today. In the matter of the PHONY “Rolling Stones” story about rape on campus that proved to be false, made up out of whole cloth. They say now, “It doesn't matter if this story is false. We know rape is a problem on campus. In other words, “Don't confuse me with facts. My mind is made up.”

HIS CONSTANT LYING? Liberals are quick to jump on the bandwagon in attempting to discredit a GOOD presidential candidate. Now they say “His biggest drawback is his constant lying.” which, of course, is a lie itself. But even if it were true, if constant lying was something to discredit somebody, why does Obama get away with his hourly lying with nobody (but people like me) noticing? Now they're going back to 1964, asking why they're (again) choosing the furthest right candidate? Forgetting entirely that Reagan made them look even more stupid than they are, and he was an unabashed conservative.

UGLY, AND UGLIER: I've always thought Michelle Obama was pretty ugly. But now she's made it worse. I don't know how Barack Ostupid can bear to look at her in the morning as he gets out of bed and prepares to screw us some more. Why she shaved her head, I don't know. Maybe she just figured she wasn't ugly enough and decided to make it worse. Like the way she has ruined lunchtime for kids with her silly “dietary restrictions” that they ignore by throwing her recommended food away, she has now made herself even harder to take, visually. And her color has nothing to do with it. That woman would be ugly if she were PURPLE. Couple that with her IGNORANCE and insensitivity, and you have REAL ugly. Actually, she didn't actually “snatch herself baldheaded.” She had her hair slicked back so tightly it must have pulled her tiny brain into a knot. If I didn't already know she was stupid, I'd be afraid for her intelligence. But I know she has none to lose.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

No Teleprompter For Cruz

The fact that Ted Cruz didn't use a teleprompter in the speech accompanying his announcement of his run for president has become “big news.” Why? What's the big deal? If they don't have more than that'; they're in big doo-doo. That only shows that he is a “believer” in what he is saying, unlike Obama, who has a teleprompter in his back pocket wherever he goes so he will not put a word wrong. He doesn't believe a word he's saying when he speaks, because he knows it will be a lie, and he doesn't want to forget which lie he's telling. Not so with Cruz. He KNOWS what he's saying, and says it true.

JERRY BROWN: “CRUZ UNFIT”: California Governor, Democrat Jerry Brown (“Governor Moonbeam”) says Ted Cruz is “unfit to run for president.” Boy! He really frightened them, didn't he? They bring out the “:big guns” right away after he announced his impending run for president. I expect to see a lot more of that from top Democrats in their attempts to discredit Cruz because the very idea of him sitting in the Oval Office makes them pee their drawers. He probably can't win though, because there are too many people out there who “pay no attention to politics,” and they vote. Obama being elected TWICE proves that.

LEGITIMIZING” THE ENEMY: Obama is slowly “legitimizing” the Islamic terrorists by removing the names of their various organizations, one by one, from the list of terrorist organizations. The latest to be removed are Hezbolla and Iran, itself, one of the worst sponsors of terrorism in the world. We thought we'd done something to limit their “places of refuge” by “taking down” Saddam, but, NO: Obama undid all that. Maybe he couldn't bring Saddam back, but he has created an atmosphere where something worse, ISIS, has come into being and murdered thousands while other murderers flocked to Iran for rest and relaxation” between murder rampages.

ALREADY SLANDERING TED CRUZ: And I'm not talking about just liberals. The liberals, as usual, are “pulling out ALL the stops,” but even conservatives are trying to put him down. Because they're ALL afraid of him. The Daily Caller says he's more like Obama than Ronald Reagan—of course, without facts cited, only assertions. Conversely, others are saying he needs to learn how to speak better. Never mind his announcement speech SPELLBOUND his audience. Expect much more of this from BOTH sides in the coming weeks and months as they try and DERAIL his attempt.

GUN GRABBERS GETTING PEOPLE DEAD: They're calling the cops and falsely reporting armed robberies when they spot a legal gun carrier in a store, sparking an “armed response” from the cops, who sometimes predictably shoot and KILL this innocent person as he leaves the store. In one case, in a Las Vegas COSTCO store, a “rent-a-cop,” who KNEW his manager had given PERMISSION for the man to stay, called the cops with a false report, and he was MURDERED by the cops as he left the store.

CAN'T KEEP HIS PROMISES: Obama can't even keep his promises to Islamic terrorists! He PROMISED to get his troops out of Afghanistan by a “date certain,” and they were making their plans to murder more people after that date, without opposition from anybody, much less the Afghan military, which has proven itself to be impotent to oppose them. Now they have to delay killing a lot more people because Obama has gone back on that promise, too.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Importing Enemy Agents

Obama is embarking on a path toward IMPORTING Muslims. You name it, and if it's the STUPID thing to do, Obama will do it. This is like importing Nazi soldiers during WWII. Or importing N. Korean soldiers during the Korean war. These people mostly are sneaking in the same way as Mexican illegal aliens come here: slipping through Obama's “porous” Southern border. Now he's going to make it even easier for them to come here to set up their “secret cells” and wait for word to start killing Americans. More proof he is on their side. Obama is going to be the death of many of us.

HATE RADIO”: That's what they call Rush Limbaiugh for telling the truth about how liberals are screwing us every day. They brag about getting 16,000 signatures on a petition to get Rush off the air. That's against Rush's 25 MILLION listeners. They claim many advertisers left Limbaugh during their last campaign, which is a LIE (maybe a couple, but they came back). They believe in “free speech” unless they don't like what is said. Calling it “hate speech” is just the latest ploy in their efforts to shut up opposition. They call what he says “hate speech,” but the only “hate speech” here is theirs. I don't agree with all his OPINIONS, but I've never caught him in a LIE.

WE GAVE THEM WEAPONS AGAIN: Obama is working HARD to arm the Islamic terrorists, and he succeeds every time he orders his troops to LEAVE, rather than fight them, and “leave their weapons.” The latest instance of this is in Yemen where his troops FLED (on his orders) as Islamic terrorists again took over yet another city. And they were (again) ordered to leave their weapons. $500 MILLION dollars' worth of weaponry and military equipment that the terrorists seized as our people FLED. Obama couldn't be doing a better job of providing weapons and equipment for our enemies if he just did it directly without phony excuses.

FINDING OUT FAST: Starbucks has ended their campaign to “talk about race” with customers standing in line to order coffee (as if it didn't take long enough, now they have to wait while the servers harangue other customers about the phony “race issue”). They must have noticed how much longer it took for people to get their coffee and figured out how much it was costing them to delay these lines, so they ended the campaign within two days. Another liberal idea gone wrong.

GUNFIGHT IN THE WAL-MART CORRAL”: And here I was led to think there would never, ever, be a gun problem in a Wal-Mart parking lot after their decree that it was a “gun-free zone.” So how is it POSSIBLE that there have been gun fights in Wal-Mart parking lots TWICE, just this week? In the most recent “gun fight in the Wal-Mart parking lot,” civilians actually shot at responding police officers! You'd think they'd figure it out that their silly “no gun zones” are USELESS and only INVITE gun-play there. One of these gun-fights was in my own, personal Wal-Mart lot.

OBAMA ANNOUNCES HIS CRIMINALITY: Obama has now made it official: he IS a “crook” and intends to advance his agenda by “hook or crook.” That means he will do it LEGALLY, or ILLEGALLY. Something we who pay attention already knew, but now he has made it official that he intends to do what HE wants, even if he has to do it ILLEGALLY. This is the first time I've ever heard a president ANNOUNCE that he is going to do things ILLEGALLY, if necessary, But the only thing that surprises me is that he ANNOUNCED it.

JIHADISTS ATTACK SYNAGOG: They were “fought off” by worshipers using mops, chairs, and other makeshift clubs. They'll probably report it in the Muslim news sources as a “Jewish attack on innocent Muslims.” That's how they advance their position: by LYING through their teeth (but that's okay, since they're ALLOWED to lie in support of Islam). But think on this: what “religion of peace” attacks a place of worship of another religion? This “religion of peace” falsity needs to be addressed in the news media, instead of being ignored as it is, today.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

"Punish Non-Believers!"

No, we're not talking about Muslims. We're talking about our former vice president, AlGore, who is becoming frustrated that we're making too many inroads into the SWINDLE that has made him a BILLIONAIRE on the basis of an easily disproved LIE that MAN is responsible for all “climate change (his new name for his swindle).” The fact that there has been NO “global warming,” (his original name for his swindle) for at least FIFTEEN YEARS doesn't phase him. He can't answer our facts, so now he just wants laws made to shut us up.

ISIS POSTS “KILL LIST”: It purports to be a list of current and former military people they're going to kill. They might find killing them a little harder than it is to kill unsuspecting people with no military training that they usually target. Maybe we should post a list of their top people and then go out and kill them, by whatever means necessary. All they understand is death and torture, so maybe we need to inflict their own tactics on them.

STARBUCKS KILLING THEIR OWN BUSINESS: I don't know what their CEO thinks he's accomplishing by ordering his coffee servers to “whip up racism” among their customers, but he's deceiving himself if he thinks he can slow his lines down even more by attempting to TALK to people who “just want a cup of coffee, dammit!” without losing business. I think he'll find this just slows his coffee business down considerably and will no doubt cause his board to fire him.

INCITING TO VIOLENCE: I'd bet money that if I were to advise my readers to go out and kill people I'd soon be in prison. Not so with the “Black Panthers.” Politicians are too afraid of being called racist to do the normal thing and ARREST those members who paraded, armed, down the street, CALLING for people to KILL COPS! Why they don't take action if they're NOT afraid is beyond me. These fools are getting more and more “out of control” by the day. And I'd take odds on them starting to shoot people before long, while politicians hem and haw about the “political correctness” of putting them in prison.

COMMON SENSE GUN LAW”: The gun grabbers call their useless non-working anti-gun laws “”common sense laws,” but they aren't anything like common sense. Common sense tells me that disarming HONEST people while DISHONEST people have no trouble getting their guns in the closest back alley out of another criminal's car trunk is NOT “common sense.” So now comes a REAL “common sense gun law” to make it easier to get a “concealed carry permit” if you're HONEST and RELIABLE and they pee their pants at the very thought.

UN IS SIMPLY STUPID: Ignoring the way Muslims treat their women everywhere, and BY LAW in countries they control while accusing ISRAEL of being the “worse country in the world in their treatment of women" IS not only stupid, it's CRIMINAL. Where the hell do they think they have the right to do such a thing when the whole world knows that MUSLIMS are the worst, when it comes to their treatment of women? They really think the world will BELIEVE their bullsh-t, and that's what makes them STUPID.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

"Race Baiters " Accuse Bibi

Democrats are the worst “race-baiters” going, but now they're calling Netanyahu a “race-baiter” for TRUTHFULLY noting that Obama is appealing to Arabs to come out and vote in big numbers so as to defeat him. Never mind Obama has no business interfering in the election of an Israeli leader and his people (at taxpayer expense, I might add) should not even BE there. Obama LOST that election and is now “stamping his foot” and “jumping up and down” like a little girl who has been frustrated in her wishes. Too bad, Barack.

FOX FIRES”JUDGE NAP”: There's a You tube video going around now claiming Judge Napitolitano was fired from Fox Business Network because of a “five minute diatribe” that I watched without hearing a single thing that was not true. Funny. There doesn't seem to be anything in the news about that anywhere but in this video. And “Judge Nap” seems to be still with Fox as their “Senior Legal Analyst.” Sounds like something made up by a liberal to me. I have a query in to the judge. I'll let you know when I hear back. I suspect there are other reasons why his show was cancelled (if it was). Maybe Fox has better things in mind for him and the show had to go to make room (Like replacing Bob Beckel on “The Five?)?

OBAMA SURRENDERS TO IRAN: That's what he has in mind, anyway. He wants to “make an agreement he can” with Iran that ALLOWS them to continue their “nuclear enrichment work.” Isn't that what those talks were supposed to PREVENT? Obama, for some reason, WANTS global Islamic terrorists to WIN (I've got the proof), and he does everything he can to make that happen. This is just ONE PLACE where Obama wants to “surrender' to them. Another is Israel, where he INSISTS on a “two-state solution” to their problems, which even the PALESTINIANS don't want. Else why would they sabotage every effort when an agreement seems near?

IT TAKES A MAN: Or it takes a woman. Gay “marriage” is a SHAM. It is a phony arrangement that hurts the children who have to live in such an arrangement. They are taught that they “don't need a man” in their lives (or on the other side, that they don't need a woman) when, somewhere, they DO. That child could not have come into being without contributions from both man AND woman, somewhere down the line That's why I say it is a phony arrangement. Yes, they don't need the opposite sex for HAVING sex. But for creating LIFE, they do, somewhere along the line. Maybe they just adopt, or allow themselves to be “impregnated” by what they call a “sperm donor” to get pregnant. Which, in itself, shows that gay marriage is a “phony experiment” and it hurts those children, who should never have been allowed to BE adopted by gay parents.

NO STARBUCKS IN FERGUSON: The CEO of Starbucks wants his coffee servers to “start a conversation” about racism with their customers ("whipping up" racism"), completely forgetting it takes TIME to talk about it; time that should be devoted to getting coffee for their other customers. In Ferguson, MO, there ARE no Starbucks stores. Why is that? Is Starbucks racist, or does their research tell them blacks (which are in the majority there) don't buy high-priced, battery acid-tasting coffee. Maybe black people are smarter than white people.

NY A “GUN-FREE ZONE”: Predictably, violent crime is UP 21%. And frankly, the way they “fudge” figures in NYC, I wouldn't be surprised if the number was much higher. Of course, liberals everywhere (and the people running things there ARE mostly liberals). Fact is, we can't depend on ANY figures given us by liberals because they ALL mostly “massage” the numbers to hide their incompetence. One place this is PROVEN is in Obama's employment numbers. He has recently “crowed” because the unemployment percentage, as a part of the work force, have been going down. But not because people are finding work. They go down because of people GIVING UP on EVER finding work and leave the work force. What that happens, they stop counting them and the PERCENTAGE of those REPORTED out of woirk goes down, right along with it.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Nobody--for Anything!

Obama's latest dictatorial idea is to make it MANDATORY (that's his favorite word) to VOTE. As far as I'm concerned, he can stick it up his whosis. I will NOT be told to vote as long as I have to vote for one or the other. Often, BOTH CANDIDATES are bad, and I wouldn't vote for either. When they start having a choice of “nobody—for anything,” I'll let them tell me I MUST vote. Forcing me to vote is the act of a DICTATOR, which Obama THINKS he is. Somebody should “set him straight” on that. Obama is supposedly a “constitutional scholar,” but he knows less about the Constitution than the most IGNORANT person around. He proves that every time he comes up with a stupid idea like this.

JUST $19 A MONTH: There are starting to be so many charities out there asking for “Just $19 a month,” I'm getting tired of hearing that phrase. Many are good charities as far as I know. But there are so many of them it would be impossible to send each of them $19 a month, so I don't send ANY of them any money because I can't decide which ones deserve it more. So ALL of them lose out. And if I feel that way, I know a lot of people feel that way, and I feel sorry for them. But not enough to send them ALL $19 a month.

CAMPS FOR ADULTS”: Speaking before the National Camping Association (surprise, surprise!), Hillary Clinton said, “We need camps for adults. We have a huge fun deficit.” And why do we? Because liberals want to take all the fun out of life, and she's one of the biggest liberals I know. Of course, like everything else liberals suggest, it's always “voluntary” at first. Then at some point, it will become MANDATORY, which is their favorite word. I'd like to see them try to force ME into a “camp for adults” where they tell me what I HAVE to do. Where there is “organized fun--for ALL.” Fireworks would ensue.

WHIPPING UP” RACISM: I don't know whose idea it was, but the CEO of Starbucks apparently approved of the whole idea of his coffee servers handwriting little notes on coffee cups and engaging customers in conversation about racism. What a STUPID idea THAT is! In the first place, I understand there are usually long lines of people waiting to get their coffee and they don't need to be made to wait while some bozo who knows NOTHING flaps his lip about race relations. Second, it's bad enough there IS some racism left (of the old kind, where whites discriminate against blacks). We don't need people wasting time gabbing about the NEW racism, where blacks discriminate against WHITES while customers wait.

RACISM: THEIR COMMON LIE: Democrats have used the “race card” so often the accusation has become meaningless. But they're not intelligent enough to realize it. They keep calling ALL their “opposition” racist, not having a clue that when they do, they reveal the fact that they have NO coherent arguments for their position so it's “name-calling time. I've been called a racist so many times I've lost count, and there isn't a racist bone in my body. I judge people as INDIVIDUALS, and I “judge” these individuals to be FOOLS. Now Democrat Dick Durbin has said ALL Republicans are racists, not realizing how STUPID that makes HIM sound.

NO “TWO-STATE SOLUTION”: Why is that? Because the Palestinians don't want it. That's true, and is provable because every time we near an agreement on a “two-state solution,” they sabotage it by demanding something NEW they KNOW the Israelis will not allow. This allows them to rationalize rocket bombing Israeli “soft targets” as they've been doing for years. They and ALL Islamic terrorists rarely attack STRONG targets because they're LAZY. They don't want to have to fight too hard so they go after targets where people usually will not be armed and be able to shoot back. Targets who are SURPRISED to be attacked.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

"It's Race, Of Course!"

Obama is having trouble dealing with the trouble Loretta Lynch is in when it comes to getting okayed by the Congress to become his new “chief criminal” and replace Eric Holder in that position so he can continue to flout the Constitution and the law in what he does without opposition from Justice. So, of course, blame it on racism, which is the “fall-back position” any time his wishes are successfully opposed. He probably wishes Jen Psaki was black too, so he could blame all the pressure on her to tell the truth about Hillary not signing that “exit document” on racism, too.

NO FOIA FOR US!' Obama is “more than equal” when it comes to “owning up” to things. So he's now going to arbitrarily EXEMPT himself and his White House from the terms of this law. Of course, that's breaking the law, but Obama doesn't care—he's “the boss” and nobody is going to call him on it. All presidents obeyed that law until it became “politically inconvenient” for Obama to do so. So he's getting rid of it for himself and his personal staff. Watch for him to expand that if it ever becomes “politically inconvenient” for other government agencies to obey. Remember, this was to be the “most transparent administration” in history.

STARBUCKS WILL HURT THEMSELVES: They've started a campaign (at Obama's “suggestion”--orders?) to “raise consciousness” about racism by handwriting messages about it on their coffee cups and attempting to engage customers in a conversation about it. What a way to cause yourself trouble with your customers! I wouldn't mind their “handwritten messages” on my coffee cup, I can ignore that. But the first one who starts “taking me to task” over racism will get my coffee on his/her shirt before I walk out the door. Of course, that isn't going to happen, since I've never BEEN a Starbucks customer (except one time when they were the only place in a mountain town to GET a cup of coffee and the person I was with insisted). Their coffee tastes like battery acid and I don't drink it.

STUPID QUESTIONS: They're asking a rhetorical question these days: “Would you go into a restaurant that allows guns?” Yes! Absolutely! I would feel much safer in a restaurant that allowed guns to be brought in. That way if somebody ignored their rules and brought a gun in to shoot up the place, there'd be somebody there to put a couple in him. And maybe I'd be the one to do it. A restaurant that's a “gun-free zone” is a dangerous place to be. Target Stores are “gun-free zones,” and at least TWICE recently people have been shot there. Once in the Target I go to regularly. Yesterday.

MONITORING” HOTEL RESTROOMS: “Big Brother” is here! The feds are now “entertaining” the idea of forcing hotels to install monitoring systems (at their own expense, of course) to monitor how long you spend in the shower, so they can use the date gained to “educate” you on using less water. I wonder how long it will be before they force them to put CAMERAS in to make sure you “do your business efficiently.” Is there NOTHING they won't stick their noses into? Even in the BATHROOM?

OBAMA'S CRYING: He's lying on the floor, kicking his feet like the “spoiled child” he is. The reason? Bibi Netanyahu won his re-election. Everybody knows Obama didn't want him to win, so how did he do it? Obama even sent his henchmen to Israel (at taxpayer expense, of course) to keep him from being re-elected—and still he was re-elected. Obama is “whining like a baby,” stomping his foot, and threatening to REMOVE the sanctions we have on Iran and put them on Israel, our staunchest ALLY in the Middle East—or at least it WAS, until Obama had his temper tantrum.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Chaplain Punished For His Faith

Lt. Commander Wes Modder, who was recently recommended for early promotion because of exemplary performance, has been relieved of his duties and is set to go before a “board of inquiry,” at which he COULD be given a “less than honorable discharge.” His “CRIME?” Giving advice expressing Biblical views on homosexuality and sexual morality when advising an officer. How did the ”homosexual lobby” get so powerful? This kind of thing MUST STOP. There's a quiet WAR against Christianity going on, and it's GOT to stop! I'm not big on “organized religion,” but people MUST have the right to CHOOSE it.

WHERE'S THE APPEAL? They're catching way too many misfits who are trying to join ISIS or one of the other Islamic terrorist outfits. Among them are some women, who apparently don't believe the stories about how they treat women. One of the latest is a former Air Force member. One wonders how they got to him. I don't think he's stupid enough to believe their bullderm—or is he? The problem is, there are way too many misfits around, who view the world as “owing them something” and not knowing how to get it. Many are recruited from PRISON, where misfits are KNOWN to live.

SCRAPING THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL: When I heard that the Democrats were considering running AlGore again, I laughed myself sick. When I heard him praised by no less than a FOX NEWS reporter for his “work” on global warming, I almost threw up on my keyboard. It's not an “accomplishment,” it's a SWINDLE, fergawdsake! One that has made him a billionaire while he flies around in his huge airplane polluting the atmosphere while criticizing others for doing the same. Meanwhile he uses a LOT of energy to power his HUGE house while driving around in his gas-guzzling SUVs. If he's all they've got to replace Hillary, they're in real trouble. When are Democrats going to “wise up” to this con man?

BARNEY FRANK'S A FOOL: I just watched him pontificate for five minutes to Bill O'Reilly on how Obama has helped the economy, and helped Afghanistan win out against Islamic terrorism. How he helped race relations and that they're “better now” than before. This man is a FOOL! He opens his eyes but cannot SEE! He sees only what he WANTS to see, in the way he wants to SEE it. He sees disaster and calls it victory! I'm glad to see he is no longer part of our lawmaking body. He is one of the worst DISASTERS to ever happen to us when he was able to make laws between BJs (that's not an insult, it's just recognizing the obvious).

OBAMA LOST AN ELECTION: He lost an election in Israel, not the United States, dammit! He wanted badly for Netanyahu to LOSE his election. He even sent “spoilers” to Israel (at our expense, of course) to make SURE he lost—but he didn't. He won, and now has another term in which to bedevil Obama's wish to help the Palestinians and their wish to “push Israel into the sea.” Obama just doesn't LIKE Netanyahu because he won't “knuckle under” to his wishes. So he wants to be rid of him—and he LOST. He probably thinks it's because he wasn't able to go there himself and take a hand in things.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Denver In Trouble

Chicago-style trouble. We know that Chicago has some of the tightest anti-gun laws in the nation, coupled with the highest gun violence rate in the nation, as well. Now Denver, Colorado is in the same kind of trouble. Chicago had 5 shootings over the weekend (now 6), and so did Denver. Denver was lucky in that it had fewer good shots, and thus fewer injured in those shootings. They refuse to believe that their current gun laws PROMOTE gun violence and get people killed. Maybe one day they'll get smart. I'm not holding my breath because turning blue doesn't appeal to me.

BORROWING TOO MUCH: What would you do if you had a brother-in-law who spent money like it was WATER, and kept coming to you to borrow more every year? You'd cut him off, wouldn't you? You would if you were intelligent, that's what. So why do we keep increasing the debt limit for the federal government when THEY “spend money like it was water,” and print more when the supply gets short”? And when their “borrowing limit” gets short, they come to you, hat in hand, asking for more. No, DEMANDING more. They talk about the HORRORS of them not being able to pay their bills. Actually, it's the HORROR of spending more money than there IS!

BUREAUCRATS WATCHING PORN?” On OUR time. They claim they do it because they're “bored.” Why are they bored? Because they don't have enough work to do. And that's good, because when bureaucrats do some work, we all seem to suffer because what they do is usually bad for the rest of us. So let them watch porn, for whatever reason. Just let them leave us alone. Or you could fire them if there's not enough work for them to do, rather than pay them to watch porn on our time. Or you could not hire so many that they become bored for lack of work to do. But then, their bosses aren't smart enough to think of that.

LET 'EM GO”: That's what Secret Service executives told the Secret Service members who were holding two TOP Secret service operatives who, in a “drunken stupor,“ drove straight through a Secret Service roadblock set up for a bomb investigation. The Secret Service “bosses,” told them to “let them go without a drunkenness test” so there would not be one on their records. With “leadership” like that, is there anybody who wonders why the Secret Service is so “out of control?” I think they just don't like Obama and hope somebody will “get to him” through their “studied incompetence.”

DEALING WITH WHISTLEBLOWERS: In the Obama administration, they deal with “whistleblowers” very simply: they accuse them of SPYING, whether they are, or not. They accused one person of spying for telling something about Korea to FOX NEWS, fergawdsakes! And it's not confined solely to the Obama administration. They have done it for years, through several presidents. They have found that this has a “chilling effect” on whistleblowers, which, under that label, can't be messed with. But if they're SPIES, now. . .

ALGORE GETTING DESPERATE: There's not enough money now flowing into his pocket through his global warming (whatever he calls it now) SWINDLE. Now he wants to PUNISH those who DENY that it is “settled science” like gravity. That's a fool notion on it's face. That the Earth was FLAT was once “settled science.” Until they found out it wasn't. Global warming has been PROVEN false six ways to Sunday and he still is pushing that “dead horse” and making money from it. But the flow has slowed, and he's afraid it will stop.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Obama Blocking 840,000 Jobs

Last I heard, Obama is supposed to be doing all he can to “create” jobs. We all know he can't do that, except for GOVERNMENT jobs, But what he CAN do, is create an atmosphere in which jobs are created—and that he has consistently NOT done. One of the ways he has not done it is to block “offshore oil drilling” in the Gulf of Mexico. Another is blocking the Keystone Oil Pipeline (15,000 jobs). There are countless Obama policies that keep new jobs from being created, including doing everything he can to hinder coal production. He has even PROMISED top “bankrupt the coal industry.” You name it, he does it.

HOW STUPID THEY ARE! The liberals in our government are working HARD to connect the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting and the Boston bombing, to the “Tea Parties.” Anybody with ANY common sense or INTELLIGENCE knows the “Tea Parties” are not an organization. It is an IDEA, representing those who wish a return to smaller government, with less government interference in our lives, lower taxes, less government WASTE of our money, and the free market. All these things are inimical to the aims of the liberals, so they try everything they can to discredit the “right wingers.” They'll SAY anything, DO anything to discredit the “Tea Parties.” But it won't work, because they have NO PROOF of ANY of their lies about us.

IT'S A CRIME! It's a crime for a legislator NOT to read a bill before he/she votes it into law. It's “dereliction of duty,” but Congresspeople, and legislators all over the country do it all the time. They SAY they have staff to read it and advise them. But who “gets the big bucks” to be a legislator? Them, or their “staff?” Who has the legal requirement to read them? They say they “don't have time” to read all the bills they make into laws, but what else do they have to do? Outside of raising money to get re-elected, that is. If they don't READ these bills, what USE are they?

HILLARY IS CLUELESS: It has been said that she is “clueless” on the economy. But in actuality, she is clueless on EVERYTHING. Yet she BELIEVES that crap about her being “the smartest woman in the land.” Judging by what she does, she's probably the most IGNORANT woman in the land—the proof is that she thinks she has the “right” to be president, and that the election is “just a formality.” The only way she can win in 2016 is if “the fix is in,” as it was when Obama “elbowed her aside” in 2008. One of her stupidities is her claim that her people “read every e-mail” before deleting those they deemed “personal.” Physically impossible in the time allotted.

PUTIN IS NOT DEAD: Damn it! He was just seen in public for the first time in ten days. Where has he been? What has he been doing? And is that our business? Yes. Absolutely. He's running a country that has expansionist aims we THOUGHT we had ended when the “collapse” of communism in Russia was announced. Of course, they're STILL a socialist country, which is only one form of collectivism, while communism is another, with only cosmetic differences, and with the SAME PEOPLE still “in charge.”

RESTAURANTS SHUT DOWN: High class restaurants that have been successfully in business for many years are shutting down because of their new $15.00 an hour minimum wage law. They just can't afford it. That's the trouble with liberals, who have never been in business, never had to “make a payroll,” making laws to increase costs for businesses without regard to whether or not those businesses can afford to obey their laws. So now the Washington restaurant business is suffering, and the liberals just make excuses, saying their stupid law caused nothing.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


That's what Obama promised, and he's KEEPING that promise, whether he knows it or not. Proof of that is his inviting tax cheat race whore Al Sharpton to the White House and allowing him to “sit in” on discussions on how to “end” racism, when Sharpton's very financial health DEPENDS on racism flourishing. Add to that his appointing at least SIX (so far) Muslim terrorist-connected men to join the White House staff, and it has become OBVIOUS that he IS a saboteur planning our demise. Sharpton is “under the gun” on his taxes, and CLAIMS his tax records (again) have burned up in a fire. Nobody believes that, but Obama is acting on the ASSUMPTION it's true so he doesn't have to put this fool in prison.

OFFENDING” MIUSLIM TERRORISTS? Obama's people say the reason he will not name Islamic terrorists for what they are is that he's afraid of “offending” them by naming them. Who the hell cares if the Islamic terrorists are “offended?” I certainly don't. When they BEHEAD adults after raping them (men and women) in FRONT of their children, then rape and behead the children, too, I see “red.” When they “do what they do” every day, killing and maiming human beings for not believing the exact way they think they should, I'M offended. I'm offended by them breathing the air of this world every day and I want that to stop. So why should I care if he “offends” them?

IS PUTIN ILL? I've hesitated to report on this, because it smacks of a political “conspiracy theory.” It's based on Putrid...er, uh, Putin not being seen for a while, which may be simply him “keeping on the down-low” for a while. But, knowing the Russian propensity for hiding things like their “top man” being deathly ill until they HAVE TO reveal it (usually because he's dead), I probably should mention it, even if I AM still skeptical. I'd say “We can only hope,” but I know there is a host of people just as bad “waiting in the wings” for him to die so THEY can “take over.”

BLOODTHIRSTY?” I've been accused of “being bloodthirsty” because of comments like the one above, and the comment above that. But think about it: there ARE people alive on this Earth whose lives have cost a lot of good people their lives and “fortunes,” simply by BEING alive. Better for them to NOT be alive. Some people cause trouble just by being alive. And I'm not going to be quiet about that. I wouldn't go out and SHOOT them, but I AM entitled to my opinion (so far, anyway).

BILL MORE POPULAR: According to some sources, Bill Clinton is more popular than Hillary. I'm not surprised at that. But I AM surprised he is still popular at all, considering the fact that he was IMPEACHED, although he did escape being removed from office by the Senate because he “knew where the bodies were buried" (and probably even buried a few, himself). Apparently, there are still enough FOOLS voting in these polls to maintain his “popularity.” Which frightens me no end, since the same people will be voting in the next election. I can only hope enough Republicans “come out of the woodwork” to outnumber them.

LOSS OF CREDIBILITY: The “loss of credibility” of the police forces in the Ferguson, MO area is responsible for the current situation where two of their cops have been shot from ambush, according to demonstrators. But that's a LOAD. The CAUSE is the fact that the PRESIDENT has taken advantage of the CRIMINAL movement to “target” the cops and make it harder for them to do their jobs, based on an event they LIED about from the word “go.” And Obama (in the person of Eric Holder) continues to “beat the drums” of racism for their own purposes. Holder, for instance, couldn't come up with PROVABLE charges against that cop who was forced to shoot a deadly thug, so he uses “massaged stats” to “indict” his police force instead, to keep the unbrest going.

BECAUSE OF GITMO?” Obama thinks the Islamic terrorists hate us because of GITMO. No, he doesn't. That's just one of his latest attempts to fool us. Islamic terrorism has been going on for many years BEFORE the Guantanamo Bay prison was opened. GITMO is in RESPONSE to Islamic terrorist atrocities. It brings up the old question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?: And he wants us to BELIEVE this crap. I'm getting really tired of him insulting my intelligence with his easily provable LIES.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Is Our Gold Gone?

Federal “authorities” in charge of our gold reserves in Ft. Knox persist in their REFUSAL to allow an audit of their stewardship of our gold resources there since the Eisenhower administration. Is there any gold left? Has somebody stolen it all? Are they covering that up? What law ALLOWS them to refuse to be audited when they are in charge of the very BASIS of our monetary health? Why don't the U. S. Marshals go in with “guns blazing” if necessary to FIND OUT the answers to these questions? Must we allow them to continue to stymie our efforts to find out of the gold is gone?

CLINTONS ENRICH THEMSELVES FROM POLITICS: When they left the White House she says they were “broke.” They STOLE $190,000.00 worth of china, flatware, rugs and furniture as they moved out. Then they went out and bought a million dollar house in Chappaqua (with WHAT if they were so broke?) and both wrote books with multi-million dollar advances. They continue to enrich themselves, with BOTH making expensive speeches to drooling audiences, with Hillary making the most ($300,000 per speech). They continue to collect political contributions, some from foreign sources, on the promise that Hillary will soon be president, a promise they couldn't fulfill in 2008 and hopefuly will not be able to accomplish in 2016.

GRUBER DID IT AGAIN: He helped Obama rip off a nation (America, with Obamacare), now he's trying to rip off a state (Vermont) by inappropriately billing them for $100.00 an hour for giving them advice on THEIR single-payer health plan. How did he do it? He billed them for 500 HOURS each for TWO MONTHS and he has only ONE RESEARCHER. It would be impossible for him and one other employee to put in that many hours. This fool has more GALL than a gall bladder! I guess he told them to LIE about it, too. He's certainly an expert at that!

DEMOCRATS RUN FERGUSON: That's a fact that the liberal media always ignores. In fact, wherever there is a problem that comes from incompetence in government, you'll find the Democrats in charge. It's something the media NEVER takes note of. Democrats screw things up ANY TIME they're in charge, and the media hides it. But those of us who pay attention notice things like that, and we tell you about it. For that, people like Obama and Holder call us “terrorists” and “racists.”

UNBELIEVABLE STUPIDITY: I just can't believe the STUPIDITY of certain residents of Ferguson, MO, for whom facts just don't matter. They already have their minds made up. Even though the Attorney General himself (who is one of the co-conspirators in the attempt to start a race war on the backs of Ferguson residents) said the cop was in the RIGHT when he shot and killed Michael Brown, and that he NEVER raised his hands and said, “don't shoot”, a story that is SUPPORTED by witnesses who are not criminals, themselves, people answer confidently that he DID when asked. They don't care a WHIT about the FACTS. All they want to tell us is what they WANT us to believe. I should ask them: “Who do you call when YOU are threatened by such goons as Michael Brown?”

EXPENSIVE TRAVEL: Obama and his wife went to the same place, at the same time, to appear on two different television shows. Obama spent $200,000.00 to go on Air Force One, she spent another $200,000.00 to go on a DIFFERENT plane, just as big. They SAY it's because Obama wanted to stop by a VA hospital in Arizona and she didn't. So instead of a dutiful wife spending a few minutes going along while he conducted business, she spent $200,000.00 to go ALONE in a multi-passenger jet. This is how the Obamas “SAVE” money and “save the planet” by using less fuel and spewing fewer pollutants..

Friday, March 13, 2015

ARE There Bad Cops?

The upheaval in Ferguson, MO, is created for the purpose of making “targets” out of cops all over. ARE there cops who are racist? Yes, certainly. But painting ALL cops with the same brush is the same as painting all black people as BAD. Good cops need to be complimented on doing a thankless job well for the most part, as good black people need to be recognized. Bad cops have to be “rooted out” and expelled from police forces when they do racist things. Bad black folks need to be “rooted out” and imprisoned. That's what we have cops for. You can't “solve” what little racism survives in this country by randomly killing cops, as the promoters of the “unrest” in Ferguson and elsewhere tell you.

TEA PARTY “RACIST”: I wondered what took them so long. They've tried every other way they could to discredit a good organization that came into being to oppose their tries at enslaving us and get good people elected to return this country to the freedom it enjoyed in the past. They can't come up with anything REAL to accuse them of, so out comes the “racist” card. They're scared to death of the Tea Parties because there is no “organization” for them to penetrate and subvert. The “Tea Party” is an IDEA, born of the need to DESTROY everything liberals push—and they're being successful. Thus, the “racist” accusation—with NO PROOF, of course.

MORE IMPORTANT THAN PROFITS: “Apple CEO says that “Fighting climate change is more important than making profits.” This, from the CEO of one of the TOP profit-making companies in existence. It's like most things with liberals—make a lot of money, then decry money making for others. Keeps the competition down, that way. Never mind that “climate change,” and it's parent, “global warming” are a farce—a SWINDLE thought up by former VP AlGore to line his pockets with gold—and has made him a BILLIONAIRE while being DISCRETED many ways. Everybody wants in on on the act if they can make more money from it.

TERRORISTS ARE COMING: The Congressional Terrorist Task Force chair, Robert Pittenger, is telling us to “be prepared to defend ourselves because the Islamic terrorists are “coming.” I guess we need to give this guy a nickname. “Captain Obvious” seems likely to be proper because he's telling us what we ALL should know: the Islamic terrorists badly want to hurt America in her own homeland and are plotting ways to do that, every day. Why do we need a DC politician to tell us that? It's one of the most obvious things there is.

ONE THUG, TWO COPS: A good cop shot and killed one thug, and then thugs shot and killed two cops from ambush in Brooklyn (who were themselves, minorities), and now two cops in Ferguson, itself, have been shot from ambush in Obama's drive to get a good “race war” started to help him make even more limiting laws and “regulations.” I predict: more people (some of them cops) are going to die for Obama's campaign to start a race war. But not ALL cops. Such a campaign's effect WILL include some “collateral damage” as innocent people are killed in the “crossfire.” A lot of thugs will go too, as cops “shoot first and ask questions later” in self-defense.

METHINKS THEY DOTH PROTEST TOO MUCH: Secretary of State (chief criminal) John Kerry says, “Climate change is as solid a science as is gravity.” Now he's saying, “Global warming is evolutionary truth.” All this in an effort to convince us that AlGore's SWINDLE is something to worry about, even though it has been discredited six ways to Sunday. It's not just a MINOR problem, it doesn't even EXIST! The “globe” hasn't been warming for more than 15 years while Gore collects $BILLIONS of dollars to support his pollution-spewing private jets and his HUGE house, and all his SUVs.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Secret Service (Again)

In case anybody is wondering why the Secret Service is in so much trouble, just look at the latest scandal they're embroiled in. Two TOP secret service EXECUTIVES were DRUNK and ran their car into a White House barrier. The secret service scandal started (we think) when a number of secret service agents were exposed in a sex and drinking scandal in a foreign country (or maybe before that when two uninvited people got close to Obama when they were not invited), and went through several embarrassing White House entry scandals that caused it's head to lose her job. She was fired, when it was these two men who SHOULD have been fired. And Axelrod says there are NO scandals in the last six years! What PLANET was he living on?

SENATORS ARE GOVERNMENT: There's a law against private citizens corresponding with foreign governments and interfering in government business. They're SAYING the 47 Members of Congress who signed that letter to Iran telling them they are AGAINST the “agreement” Obama was negotiating is NOT correspondence BY a “government entity” with Iraq. Congress is an EQUAL PARTNER with the president in governing this country so this CANNOT be “treason.”

SUSPICIOUS FIRES” Both times somebody got close to indicting Al Sharpton for something, his files “caught on fire” and were thus unavailable. Let's face it. He's just not as good at hiding things as is Hillary and Bill Clinton and some other politicians I could name. I could buy a fire deleting his records ONE time, but TWICE? Both times just before somebody subpoenaed them? Shades of Hillary's “Rose Law firm files!” And Lois Lerner's “computer crash.” What'll they come up with next? “The dog ate my files?”

RACISM REVERSAL: They're claiming racism in Ferguson, MO, and they're right. But not in the way they intend. The racism is on the BLACK side, claiming it is on the white side, which is a LIE. The whole thing was started by criminals, who just want to be rid of the cops. So they USE racism that does not exist in as much quantity as they say to “whip up” hate for cops, who do a thankless job, mostly well. Eric Holder (chief crook) joins in the scam, declaring that, even if the cop who killed that giant thug who was trying to kill HIM didn't do anything wrong, “statistics proved' that the Ferguson police department WAS racist. But the truth is, the racism today in Ferguson is BLACK hatred against WHITES, and specifically on COPS, black, white, Chinese, Indian, or anything else.

A BAD IDEA FROM GO: A man carried a rifle openly PAST a school where guns are prohibited. This forced them to put the school on “”lock-down” and disrupted the kids' education. The cops “politely” confronted him and he “not so politely” cussed them out. Yes, he has a right to do this, but “taunting” cops any time is not a good idea. They can ALWAYS find SOMETHING to arrest you for. In this case, “disturbing the peace.” If you're a pro-gun person, DON'T do anything like this. You'll set the gun rights issue back. Responsible people in favor of being able to have guns for self defense will NOT support you.

WHY PRIVATE E-MAILS? All government officials know they're supposed to use government-provided e-mail services while in official office. Why did Hillary Clinton NOT? The answer is simple. She's “better than the rest of us,” and is a “privileged person.” She is “allowed” to do things the rest of us are not allowed to do. What was her reasoning? CONTROL; she wanted to be able to CONTROL what was released when Congress came calling with a subpoena for her e-mail records. The key word here is CONTROL. Using a government service ceded CONTROL to the government, and she didn't want that. So she used her “privileged position” to get around the rules, knowing the Democrat Party criminals would not punish her for it. They'd just howl..