Wednesday, January 27, 2016

They'll Call You A Bigot

That's the “knee-jerk reaction” to ANY criticism of Islamic terrorist actions. And that extends to their “rape culture.” Never mind they say that “Christian women have only one purpose. To be raped by Muslim men." If you criticize that, you're a bigot. That's how they deflect ANY criticism, by calling it “bigotry.” But in reality, they have lost ANY right to label people who criticize them by such statements, and by ACTING on them. They not only rape Christian women, they rape their OWN women, as well. And MEN; and CHILDREN, male and female. They'll screw anything they can, including goats and other animals.And they think they can stifle criticism by calling us “bigots” for revealing it.

DREAM ON, BERNIE: Bernie Sanders says he'll "beat Trump, and beat him badly." Flushed with success after beating Hillary in the polls for a while, he thinks he can not only BEAT Trump, but beat him badly. He's going to be sadly disappointed if he actually wins the Democrat nomination and goes up against Trump's powerhouse without nine other Republicans diluting Trump's support. Bernie is a cocky SOB, I'll give him that. But he's DOOMED to failure. The Puritans tried socialism right after Plymouth Rock, and many of them starved until they invented the free market. Bernie's an ADMITTED socialist, and has NO CHANCE if winning.

WHY TAKE BERNIE SERIOUSLY? For that matter, why take HILLARY seriously. They both promise many new socialist give-away programs we're all going to have to pay for. Bernie PROMISES to raise our taxes significantly. His supporters don't think that's going to affect them—only US. Boy, are they gonna be surprised! Surprised when he institutes socialist “flights of fancy” all over the place while solidifying his power—IF he ever gets a chance. There may be a bunch of FOOLS out there who buy his horse manure, but I think there are enough INTELLIGENT people out there to send him packing, never to be heard from again, outside of confirmed SOCIALIST North East.

HILLARY'S SUCCESSES: She likes to tout her “successes” as Secretary of State, but what she counts as “success,” intelligent people count as OUTRAGES. Just like with Obama, her “successes” will have to be reversed when an INTELLIGENT administration finally takes over—IF it isn't too late by then. Successes to a liberal Democrat is abomination to an INTELLIGENT person. But she doesn't know any better. She says Benghazi is only still an issue because Republicans want it to STAY an issue. I think the relatives of the people she abandoned to be MURDERED by Islamic terrorists might have something to say about that, too.

DENYING US SELF DEFENSE: Every law they make is DESIGNED to make it harder for honest people to defend themselves against ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. Frankly, I think that's their PURPOSE in making all those laws and regulations that force us to make our guns harder to get into action when faced by an illegal gun-toting criminal, crazy, or Islamic terrorist, who Obama is importing by the hundreds of thousands, using OUR tax money to pay their way. It's becoming more and more obvious that Obama and his crowd (including gun-grabbers) WANT us to remain helpless, and are working tirelessly to make it happen.

FREE BABY KILLING: Obama wants to offer free baby murder for “poor women” who thought nothing about screwing around without protection and now have to deal with the consequences. But instead of having the baby and raising it as a human being, she decided to kill it, and swindle the rest of us (with Hillary's help) into paying for the killing. The baby murders are free for those women, but guess who is going to have to pay for it. You and I, of course, whether we want to, or not, if she becomes president and is able to use taxpayer money to hire the “hit men (women)” to murder those babies..

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