Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Insulting Our Intelligence

Obama and his crowd (and many Republicans) are frankly insulting our intelligence with the things they want us to believe. Obama says he can “take over” and run the health care business and it won’t cost us a dime. How STUPID is that? And that’s only ONE stupid thing He wants us to believe. There are many more. Why do we “buy” his lies? ARE we as stupid as he thinks we are?

OBAMA’S “SAFE SCHOOL CZAR”: Advised a teenage school student on how to do underage gay sex. He advised him to use rubbers, and how to troll for an older “partner.” This is the kind of people Obama appoints to be his all-powerful, unvetted by Congress czars. That’s AFTER his admitted communist czar quit under pressure.

TALKING ABOUT “BEING KIND”: The liberals talk about Justice Thomas’ wife feeding him lots of bacon and eggs so his cholesterol will rise and he will die. And then they pretend to advise us on “being nice” in politics. They say Republicans WANT old people to die, when it is in the DEMOCRAT plan that they will be denying grandma surgery or other treatment required to keep her alive. Obama himself said, “Just give her an aspirin and send her home to die.

WOODY ALLEN “INCENSED”: He wants Roman Polanski (who doped and had sex with a 13-year-old child) released. I guess you could expect that of a man who MARRIED his stepdaughter when she was VERY young. Do these people really think their opinion MEANS anything to real people?

OUTRAGEOUS LIES: That’s how Obama and his cronies “sell” us his “flights of fancy” he calls “programs.” He says he can “take over and run” the health care business without it costing us a dime. How STUPID is that?

HURRY, HURRY! QUICK, QUICK! That’s what Obama wants to do in passing things like “nationalizing” health care so we can’t possibly know what’s in the bill until it becomes law and it’s too late.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"They Don't Know ANYTHING!"

That’s what rookie Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is saying about the generals in the field, who say we need MORE TROOPS on the ground in Afghanistan. What the hell makes this fool think she knows more than those generals?

“ARGUING WITH IDIOTS” #1: Glenn Beck’s latest book has been out less than a week and is number one on the Amazon list. Maybe that’s because he’s telling the truth the media is keeping from us and people want to know it.

LOWBALLING: That’s what a car dealer does to get his customers interested in buying a car at a much higher price. Then he slowly adds things to it (as they dicker) until the price ends up as high, or higher than the price he wants to get. Politicians typically “lowball” us every time they want to “sell” us another new “government program” that will cost us a LOT of money.

LISTEN TO MARK TWAIN: He said, “"It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress." He was really a “wise prophet.”

SOON YOU’RE TALKING REAL MONEY: Barney Frank once said, “Talk about millions, and billions of dollars. And soon you’re talking about REAL money.” Just what IS “real money” to Barney and the rest of the congressmen in Washington? Oh, I forgot; there are congressWOMEN there, too. My bad. Is a million dollars “real money” to you? It is to me. But then I’m not a congressman (Oops, goofed again!)

FOOLS IN CHARGE: Obama is a fool. And the people he appoints to “advise” him are fools. People like that admitted communist he appointed as his “green czar.” Or the guy he reappointed to run the Fed, who is now going out of his way to AGREE with Obama that the recession is over, when even the “average American” KNOWS it is NOT.

DICTATORS RANT AND RAVE: Ahmadinijerk and Khaddafi (however he spells it today) spoke before the UN recently, and both “ranted and raved” against America, their host. Would anybody DARE to go into either one of their countries and say the kind of things they said about this one? Oh, Amadinijerk even said Obama AGREES with him (the only truth he told)! What a fool!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Eliminating Nuclear Weapons

That’s Obama’s most recent scam. And as with anti-gun laws, all that will do is eliminate them in the hands of responsible people, but not in the hands of criminals (Islamic terrorists and insane dictators) who do not obey laws. If he succeeds, only the criminals will have nuclear weapons and he’ll wonder how it happened when they use them on Washington (If he is still alive).

INCOMPETENT LEADERS: Former president Jimmy Carter (one of the LEAST competent leaders we’ve had recently with the possible exception of Barack Obama) says Americans think Obama is incompetent because he’s black. No; he’s incompetent because he’s incompetent. He would still be incompetent if he was white (even though he’s as much white as he is black).

JUST TOO FAR: It’s not enough, I guess, to see Obama’s ugly mug on every television set, every magazine cover, every newspaper, and everywhere your eyes fall, one really ignorant starlet wore a dress to the Emmies with pictures of Obama plastered all over it. That’s just going WAY too far and demonstrating, for all to see, her abysmal ignorance.

ANY EXCUSE IS BETTER THAN NONE: Senate Leader Harry Reid says Congress is “too busy” to “investigate” ACORN. But not to “investigate” CIA interrogators and every Republican they can get something on.

THROWING GOOD MONEY AFTER BAD: One definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” Obama is now working to create yet ANOTHER “bailout” program, spending billions more dollars we don’t have. Why? Because the ones that came before didn’t work.

IRAN TO ALLOW NUCLEAR PLANT INSPECTION: They say they will allow them “as soon as scheduling can be arranged. What that actually means is, as soon as they can “hide the evidence” of nuclear weapons research and development.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Khadaffi: We Need Freedom!

KHADDAFFI SAYS WE NEED FREEDOM: Except, of course, in his country, for his citizens. He says other countries should leave his alone. Let him continue to murder his enemies (and other Libyan citizens) and kill indiscriminately anywhere in the world (Such as Lockerbie, Scotland) without being bothered to have to explain himself to others. He wants the freedom to do what he wishes while denying that right to his people.

BOMBS ON 4-YEAR-OLDS: That’s what Islamic terrorists do. They send four-year-olds into crowded places and detonate them remotely (because who suspects a four-year-old?). But our idiot liberals are “worried” about how we treat them in captivity. I don’t think we should TAKE them captive. I think we should shoot them where they stand when we catch them in the act of killing innocents. They don’t deserve anything better.

OBAMA IS INSANE! We think Ahmadinijerk is insane, because of the stupid things he says. But Obama says things just as stupid whenever he speaks. The things he says have convinced me he is as insane as are many of the so-called “leaders” in the Middle East. Just listen to the things he says with a critical ear, and you’ll agree. The only thing he hasn’t done is kidnap diplomats from other countries, as Ahmadinijerk has.

OBAMA ISN’T AGAINST PROFITS: Unless it isn’t him who is making them. He wants to take ANY profits made by someone else and make sure HE has the power to spend the money. He talks down profits, apparently not realizing it is the PROFITS made in the “private sector” that support his “flights of fancy.” Without people making profits, there’s nothing there for him to steal.

THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER: Jimmy Carter still has that dubious honor. He presided over the destruction of our economy and Bill Clinton tried his best to make it worse. But several successive Republican administrations mostly rescued us while the Democrats were demonizing them and working like beavers to undermine them. Now Obama is trying his best to wrest that dubious title from Jimmy, while Jimmy tries his best to retain it, accusing everybody who disagrees with Obama, in any way, of being “racist.”

IT FIGURES: A long-time Kennedy staffer and confidant has been appointed by the governor of New York as a “placeholder” to keep Kennedy’s seat, vacated by his welcome (to me) death, from falling into the hands of a Republican (fat chance in Massachusetts). They did pass that (expected) law to go back to the old way from the earlier law (also designed to keep this seat out of Republican hands), so they could subvert the election process. This is common in Democrat/liberal-dominated Massachusetts.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lying to Our Faces

Obama was on EVERY Sunday Talk Show in both the last two weeks, except for Fox. He’s afraid of fox because they will ask him “hard questions. George Stephanopolous asked him a “hard question” on ABC, so I guess he’ll mark ABC off his list, too. The question forced him (Obama) to deny reality and say the dictionary definition of a tax was wrong. Obama is capable of telling the truth, but it’s hard for him. He’d rather lie when the truth would serve better, just as would Bill Clinton.

OBAMA’S AFRAID OF FOX: Obama will not go on Fox. Ever. And for a good reason. He’s afraid of the “hard questions” Fox will ask him. So he’s “marking off” two million viewers because he’s afraid of them. His thugs also stay away from Fox for the same reason. They’re afraid of it. Obama’s a better liar than they are, but he’s afraid of it, too.2

KHADDAFFI ON FOX: He spoke for what seemed like hours, telling us all about how stupid he is. He followed Obama, who did the same. The only difference is, Obama’s stupidity effects US, and Khaddaffi’s doesn’t--unless Obama allows it to. I didn’t think there was anybody uglier than Obama, but Khaddaffi is. The CIA thinks he is “borderline insane,” but I disagree. I think he’s simply totally insane.

WHATEVER HAPPENS: It’s global warming. In Atlanta, which has been in the throes of a drought, they now suffer from an abundance of water, which has flooded them out. I have heard environmentalists say the drought is because of global warming. When the floods came, they said THAT was because of global warming, too.

OBAMA—IT’S NOT A TAX: If it’s “good for you.” George Stephanopolous demanded he respond when he pointed out the “mandate” for Americans in the “health care swindle” WAS a tax. Sounds like a typical collectivist response, to me. Talk about denying the truth!

I AGREE WITH KHADDAFI: Obama should keep his nose out of the business of another country, namely Israel. No, he didn’t say that. His words were for people who might interfere in the business of HIS country. But he is right in the forefront of those who want to interfere in Israel’s business.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Con Men In Charge

The average person will just not believe that they have elected a “master con man” as president. Obama is a consummate collectivist (socialist, Fascist, etc.), but he has convinced American dupes he is not. That the excesses he is in the process of doing will NOT move us closer to collectivism. I pay attention, so I don’t buy his bull. Don’t YOU buy it, either.

OBAMA WANTS CONTROL OF INTERNET: Relying on his usual con, “neutrality,” he wants to allow the FCC to control the Internet. He SAYS it’s to keep AOL and other providers from limiting what their subscribers can say, but it’s to allow the FCC “their foot in the door” to control the Internet the way they do the “airwaves.” But the Internet is different. There is no limitation on the “amount of space” available on the Internet as there is on “the airwaves.” But he will not let that stop him as he mounts his campaign to take over control of the Internet.

HARDENING THEIR HEARTS: Obama thinks that since he has a majority in Congress (now), he can do anything he wants to do and get away with it. But since he is scaring the hell out of Americans, I think (I hope) they will vote his majority out of office in 2010, and him in 2012. People who used to be practically “licking his boots” are today questioning his excesses. Which can only be a good thing.

THE “MISERY INDEX” IS BACK: Under Carter, we had “The Misery Index,” where they combined all the things that frightened them and came up with a number that represented an “Index of Misery.” It’s back. The “captive news media” hasn’t spoken of it, but you can bet the “alternative media” is doing so. People who were once very happy Obama got elected are now in misery and he’s making it worse every day.

HAPPY KHADDAFY IS HERE: Khaddafy is here for a UN meeting, and he had to stay in a “shelter” because nobody else would take him or allow him to be there. “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan is happy about him being here.He doesn’t mention Khaddafy’s killings, which include sending his people to bomb an airplane full of people over Lockerbie, Scotland, and welcoming the guilty person home as a “hero” after he conned the Scottish authorities into releasing him. Personally, I think we should have refused him a visa. Ahmadanijerk, too.

THEY’RE “WELL FINANCED”: That’s what Obama says about those opposing his health care swindle. Oh, how I wish that were true! Truth is, it is HIS people who are “well financed,” using OUR money. And using the free airtime he can get as president to “sell” his swindles.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Joe Wilson $2 Million Richer

His campaign for re-election has received $2 million in donations since his “You lie!” shout to Obama, in spite of the liberals hacking his web site and shutting it down for five hours inhibiting many peoples’ attempts to donate. Sounds like he hit a “golden note.”

VAN JONES BACK AT SOROS: You didn’t think this self-described communist is “out” of Obama’s bunch, did you? The day after he resigned as Obama’s “Green Czar,” he was back at Soros’ “Center for American Progress.” He will continue to be a “strong voice” in everything Obama does, even if he IS “behind the scenes.”

SENATE ASKS DODD TO INVESTIGATE ACORN: what the hell FOR? Dodd is himself “part of the problem,” and shouldn’t be allowed anywhere NEAR any “investigation” into ACORN. It’s like asking the fox to “investigate” the henhouse looting.

CONGRESSIONAL WHITE CAUCUS: Why is there no such organization? There’s a “Congressional BLACK Caucus." I guess that’s because they’re made “special conditions” for black people in the Congress. Such “special consideration” for white people would be “inappropriate. I guess that makes me a racist.

PELOSI DIDN’T KNOW: The Congress DEFUNDED ACORN the other day (they say) and Nancy Pelosi, supposedly the LEADER of the Democrats in Congress, says she didn’t know about it. She says, “I don’t know WHAT they passed.” Does ANYBODY believe this lie?

IT’S UNCONSTITUTIONAL! But who cares? Everything Obama has done since his election has been unconstitutional, but nobody has “called him” on it, so he gets away with it. Actually, most of what has been done by government since the inception of this country has also been unconstitutional, but for the same reason, they get away with it. The only difference with Obama is EVERYTHING he does is unconstitutional.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sinking Dodd

Sen. Christopher Dodd thought he would be, like his “waitress sandwich buddy,” Sen. Kennedy, “senator for life.” But that was before he was caught using his position as chairman of the Senate Banking Committee to get special favors and there came about a Republican politician who wasn’t scared to run against him. He may never be prosecuted for this (he is, after all, a Democrat), but this may spell the end of his “illustrious” career. An election is something the Democrats can’t fully control.

WHAT IF JOE WILSON HAD BEEN A DEMOCRAT?: And the president had been a Republican? Will the Dems punish Pelosi for calling Bush a Nazi after they “censure” Joe Wilson for publicly calling Obama a “liar,” interrupting his “litany of lies?” How about the Murtha, who called our troops in Iraq “murderers?” What a bunch of hypocrites these jerks (Democrats) are! They want to “lynch” Republicans for doing the very same things they have done in the past.

YOU LIE! That’s what Sen. Jim Wilson yelled to Obama as he laid out his litany of lies to a joint Congress session. It was the truth. But I guess telling the truth is an “offense” when the Democrats are “in charge.” The Senate is now threatening a “censure,” which is what Democrat Barney Frank got for allowing his boyfriend to run a gay whorehouse out of his (Barney’s) apartment, which means nothing except to “stain” a person’s reputation.

“MY DOOR IS OPEN”: That’s what Obama says. He keeps saying, “I’ll listen to anybody who has a good idea,” but he hasn’t listened to ANYBODY with a “good idea” yet. People who have tried to get to see him with a “good idea” have been rebuffed. This is like everything else Obama has said; it’s a lie. I’d be interested to hear from ANYBODY with whom he has actually discussed “a good idea.”

“FOR A WHILE”: Obama says, “I intend to be president for a while.” I guess that means he intends to change the law to allow himself to be “president for life.” I intend him to be a “one-term president” if I can pull it off. He’s helping me by scaring Americans to death with all his overspending and promising a lot more than he can ever hope to deliver.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Logical Thinking

According to Time Magazine, only white children are BORN racist. Also, according to liberals, gays are BORN gay, too. For that reason, being gay is "acceptable." So why isn’t racism “acceptable” for the same reason? No, I don’t want racism to be acceptable. But isn’t this “muddy thinking?” If this is how our LEADERS are thinking, how can they BE leaders?

WHY NOT PUNISH STARK? Pete Stark (D-CA) said insulting things about a Republican ON THE FLOOR of the Congress, That’s a “freebie.” A Republican “insulting” a Democrat president, even with truth, apparently is not. The critical factor is whether either is a Democrat or a Republican. A Democrat “gets a pass.” A Republican does not.

CARTER CALLS WILSON A RACIST: Further proving my prediction that electing Obama president will NOT “destroy racism in this country forever,” but in fact would allow Obama and his henchmen (including Carter) to accuse ANYBODY who disagrees with him of being a racist. What’s the “big deal” about him being black, anyway? He’s as much white as he is black.

LIBERALS ARE THE RACISTS: Conservatives do nothing based on the color of someone’s skin, their religion (except for those who want to kill ALL who don’t believe the way they do) or any other difference. It’s the LIBERALS (Democrats) who are so “concerned” about “race relations” that they make laws FORCING people to give SPECIAL TREATMENT to certain people based on those “differences.”

TYPICAL DOUBLE STANDARD: Obama calls a hard-working cop “stupid” for doing his job and arresting a man (who just HAPPENED to be a professor) who was making an unnecessary scene while demanding an apology from a congressman who had “had enough of Obama’s lies” and (truthfully) called him a liar. Is this a double standard, or what?

OBAMA DOES ALL THE “SUNDAY SHOWS”: Except Fox. Is he afraid of Fox, or what? That’s the message I get out of that. Obama and other elite liberals do not DARE to go on Fox because they know Fox will ask them “uncomfortable questions” they’d rather not answer.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Reagan Simplified Taxes

He simplified the tax code in the eighties. Since then, rabid tax-increasing politicians (mostly Democrats, but some Republicans, too) have re-complicated it 15,000 times.

TOO MUCH PRESSURE: Rep. Joe Wilson’s “outburst” in that joint meeting of Congress, where Obama laid out his litany of lies about the health care swindle (does ANYBODY believe him any more?), and shouted, “You LIE!” was probably the result of his having to sit by and listen to Obama’s lies for too long. It was just too much for him.

“ANGRY MOBS”: Obama calls the groups of people who come out in opposition to his “socialized medicine swindle” “angry mobs.” He may be right; these people are CERTAINLY angry, and their groups might even be called, “mobs.” But they have a RIGHT to be “angry” and, frankly, how are they any different from the “angry mobs” Obama has CREATED in the past in SUPPORT of his flights of fancy? These people are Americans who are fed up.

TYPICAL LIBERAL REACTION: Hackers have caused Rep. Joe Wilson’s web site to shut down for five hours, causing people who wanted to contribute to his campaign to not be able to contribute. This is a typical thing for them to do to ANYBODY whose actions or words they don’t like.

SUDDEN DEATH ANSWER: “Does this dress make my butt look big? “No. Your big butt makes your butt look big.”

I DIDN’T KNOW! Charlie Gibson, a noted liberal news anchor, when asked why he hasn’t covered the major news story about ACORN employees advising a purported whorehouse madam on how to avoid taxes, and he replied, “I didn’t KNOW!” How is it possible he DIDN’T know? He’s a part of the liberal news media where the story has been studiously IGNORED. “Didn’t know.” Gimme a break!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We Can't Afford It!

So why is Obama trying to impose socialized medicine on us, whether or not we want it? He SAYS he will “sign no bill that increases the deficit.” That’s a LOAD! How is this POSSIBLE? Anything he proposes will increase the deficit. He has spent so much money ALREADY that there isn’t enough money in the WORLD to pay for it all. His promise obviously is a promise to increase TAXES enough to pay for it, which is impossible.

“NOT DRIVEN BY PROFIT”: Obama says he and his government “are not driven by profit.” How STUPID is this? Without profit there will be no money for him or his minions to steal and use to pay for his impossible promises? He talks about “reducing unemployment,” but hopes you forget that without employers making a PROFIT, unemployment will continue to rise. Profit is what makes this world “go around.” The Soviet Union collapsed because there was no profit, and ALL socialist governments will collapse for the same reason when there are no longer any NEW socialist nations left to “prop them up.” Even communist China must make a profit in its dealings with other governments.

INSULTING: Rich people who have never had to earn a buck in their lives are condescending and insulting when they do things like “give heating oil to the poor” while talking about “squeezing the profits” of “the rich” who have EARNED their riches. This is insulting to everybody who EARNS his/her own way, rich or not.

FOR A HUNDRED YEARS: Obama says, “Since Teddy Roosevelt,” presidents have been trying to impose socialized medicine on us without success (the description is my words). You’d think they’d get the hint. We want no part of it!

WE WILL CALL THEM OUT! Obama says, when people spread (what he calls) “misinformation” (but which is actually truth) about my health care plan “I’m going to call them out.” Great. I’m one of those “spreaders of truth" (which he calls misinformation). So “call me out.” If he doesn’t, I’m calling HIM out. I have PROOF of my statements, he does NOT.

PROFITS EQUAL INNOVATION: Obama is constantly talking about “squeezing the profits” of somebody or other that we are supposed to hate and blame for all our problems. But without profits, we have no innovation. Without the possibility of profits, nobody is going to invent ANYTHING. Profits are responsible for EVERY new product that makes our lives easier that has ever been invented. How can Obama keep talking about “squeezing profits” and be taken seriously? To do so only shows his ignorance and his thinking that WE are as ignorant as HE is.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Just Didn't Realize

Former Obama “Green Czar” Van Jones says he “didn’t know what he was signing when he signed a document accusing Bush of “fomenting” the 9/11 disaster for his own ends. That tells me he does not have good judgment, and that’s something we should INSIST on in people that close to the president.

NO PROOF OFFERED: Liberals continually say Fox News is “an arm of the Republican Party, with no proof offered, completely ignoring the fact that all other major news sources are “arms of the Democrat Party.” The proof is before us every day in what they cover, and how they "spin" it.

IT’S GONE: The day has gone when the New York Times could kill a story by ignoring it to death and they hate it. They call the Internet, where Americans can go to go around their former monopoly on the news “a vast wasteland and trash pile.”

NO PROFIT NEEDED: Obama’s insistence that you would be able to keep your insurance if you liked it is not logical in view of the fact that the “competition” he’s going to offer to private insurance companies, which MUST make a profit to survive, does NOT have to make a profit. That means your insurance companies will soon go out of business and all that will be LEFT is Obama’s “public option.”

ACCUSING US OF THEIR ACTIONS: That’s a “time-honored” scam used forever by politicians on both sides. Obama slams “pressure groups” while pandering to his own “pressure groups,” of which unions are a good example and the biggest.

STOSSEL DESTROYS SOCIALIZED MEDICINE: His recent “20-20” special does just that, showing the shortcomings of the Canadian and British systems, which Obama wants to bring here. He shows the long waiting lines and a video of Obama lying about his intentions. He also shows heads of state coming HERE for medical treatment. I don’t know how he stays on ABC with its obvious liberal bent.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Surrounded By Extremists

Obama says to see who surrounds a person to find out how he thinks. So Van Jones, an avowed communist, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a radical black supremacist, Bill Ayers, a well-known domestic terrorist bomber, Rashid Khalidi, Jeff Jones, The Apollo Alliance, ACORN, SEIU, Cass Sunstein, John Holdren should tell you about him. Think about it. There are more radicals surrounding this president than anything else.

IT’S NOT HIS BUSINESS! Lecturing our children on ANYTHING is not the business of the president of the United States. So why is Obama lecturing our children, telling them things that should be told them by their parents? I don’t care about the CONTENT of his speech. It is the CONCEPT I don’t like.

EVERYTHING IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL: Everything our government does today is unconstitutional, and has been for some time. It has gotten worse since Obama and his “gang of thieves” descended upon Washington (many of the same thieves that came there with Clinton). They get away with it because nobody with any power to do anything about it cares.

SMALL BUSINESS BEING SQUEEZED OUT: “Big Business is “too big to fail,” so Obama is giving them BILLIONS of our dollars while taking over control. Meanwhile, small; business can’t get credit and many are simply going out of business because of “negative cash flow” caused by the liberal (Democrat) meddling with the economy to win the election. What they don’t realize is that small business is the SOURCE of almost all the jobs.

“SMEAR CAMPAIGN? Avowed communist and former “Green Czar” for Obama Van Jones says he’s resigning because of a “smear campaign” led by Glenn Beck. Since when is playing the tapes of HIS OWN statements a “smear campaign? Actually, the White House just “swept him out with the other trash.”

DESPERATELY KNOCKING THE OPPOSITION: Obama and the liberal media, especially in the person of CBS, are desperate. There has been so much natural opposition to his policies, especially his health care swindle, that he can’t answer them. So they call them “an angry mob.” What’s the difference between “an angry mob” and a group of people who support HIS policies? It is the fact that they OPPOSE him that makes them “angry mob.”

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Knee-Jerk Reaction

Democrats quickly attributed the breaking of many windows at their Colorado State Democrat office to conservatives and Republicans until they found out the “perp” was a Democrat cross-dresser.” They’re STILL trying to blame it on us, saying, it wouldn’t have happened if conservatives weren’t “creating hate” over the health care (socialized medicine) debate. Like they’ve never “created hate” to support their positions. Gawd, what a bunch of stupid people they are!

OBAMA LIES (AGAIN): In 2003, at a union meeting, Obama said he WAS in favor of a “single-payer” health care system. He didn’t expect that video to ever come out after he became president, and is now DENYING that’s what he wants. He also said “it may take ten or fifteen years to do it” because they have to do it incrementally in order to get it done without us noticing.

BILL MAHER AGAIN: “On Conan last night, Bill Maher said a lot of ridiculous things including that President Obama should just ram healthcare down America's throat because people are 'too stupid' to get it. Glenn actually appreciates the honesty -- because at least he's not hiding his views. Most progressives pretend to be one thing, while working for the 'progressive' cause of the day. At least Maher is open and honest about what he believes -- even if what he believes is completely insane.” (Glenn Beck) What gives Maher the idea he is smarter than the rest of us? Besides arrogance coupled with ignorance?

“PROGRESSIVE” VS. LIBERAL: Liberals don’t want us to call them liberals any more, because we’ve come to realize that “liberal” means socialist, and they can’t fool us any more. So they want to be called “progressives.” Which means, “progress” toward socialism.

OBVIOUS PREDICTION: Rush Limbaugh predicted several times that the liberals would name Obama’s socialized medicine swindle law after Teddy Kennedy several times in the past. And it was such an obvious prediction that even the liberals agree. Of course, liberals are always obvious in what they do.

“EXPLOITING” KENNEDY’S DEATH: They want to name the socialized medicine scam after Ted Kennedy and are demanding Congress pass it “in memory” of him. They’re mad at Rush for saying that. They always get mad when Rush says the truth and “scores.”

“TRUTH IS REVOLUTIONARY”: According to George Orwell, author of the prophetic book, “1984,” telling the truth is a “revolutionary act.” He says, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Monday, September 7, 2009

Congressman vs. Thief

"I prefer a thief to a Congressman. A thief will take your money and be on his way, but a Congressman will stand there and bore you with the reasons why he took it." (Dr Walter E. Williams)

LOGICAL COMPARISON: "If Obama wanted to take on the cost of food in the same way they're taking on health care, he'd say that he's going to drive down the profits of the greedy farmers and squeeze the profits of the shipping industry. Then he'd attack the food stores." [There isn’t ANYTHING he could do that would be worse for America. -RT] (Quote from Rush Limbaugh)

“PLAYING THE RACE CARD”: This seems to be the standard approach to their pathetic attempts to deflect ANY opposition to anything Obama wants to do. They said electing a black president would “end racism for all time in the U. S.” It didn’t. It just allowed all Democrats to call ANYBODY who opposed his ideas a racist. It will soon “wear thin.”

BARNEY LIES AGAIN: Barney Frank says Teddy Kennedy’s brothers were killed by their “opponents.” But Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan (to whom Obama’s buddy Bill Ayres, the domestic terrorist dedicated one of his books) were BOTH leftists. Oswald was a freaking COMMUNIST, for crying out loud! But Barney wants us to think they were killed by OPPONENTS, meaning conservatives and/or Republicans. Does he really think we’re stupid enough to believe this crap? (Rush Limbaugh)

NOT BY SHOUTING: Glenn Beck says, “[Y]ou can win debates not by yelling or bullying, but with the facts.” But only by shouting to be heard over the shouting of the PRO-socialized medicine jerks.

COMMUNIST QUITS: Van Jones, who thought the Bush administration was complicit in the 9/11 tragedy (he now denies it, though I heard him say it) and is an ADMITTED (proud) communist (I heard him say that, too, though some people think he had to resign just because of his radical views), has now resigned as Obama’s “Green Czar.” He never should have been appointed. He is WAY too radical, though apparently not for Obama.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Teddy Kennedy is Dead

Good riddance. He was responsible for some of the most reprehensible laws ever passed, and the unnecessary death of his pregnant girlfriend when he swam away from the submerged car that he’d driven off a bridge, to go take a shower and go to bed. They say you shouldn’t “speak ill of the dead,” but if you’re a criminal jerk alive, you’re still one dead. I, for one, am glad to see him go.

THE BIPARTISANSHIP SCAM: Liberals are constantly whining about the Republicans not being “bipartisan.” But their definition of “bipartisanship” is dumping your own principles and going along with what THEY’RE (the Democrats) doing. This is not “bipartisanship,” it is SURRENDER.

WHY LIBERALS? People ask me why I am always complaining about liberals. The answer is simple: liberals are the people who want to control us all, and it doesn’t matter how many people get killed or ruined in the process. And the liberals are IN CHARGE in Washington, our schools, the bureaucracy, and elsewhere. We need to get them out of there.

WANTS TO STAY IN JERSEY: Mohmmar Khaddafy (However he spells it this week) is coming to the United Nations after giving a tumultuous “hero’s welcome” to the terrorist convicted in the murder of 270 airplane passengers in Lockerbie, Scotland. Has HE got nerve. Talk about “flipping us off!” He has the GALL to want to stay among the citizens of the one state with the MOST dead victims from that disaster, which HE fomented. I wouldn't be surprised if somebody kills him.

WHITETAIL, MONTANA: Population 71. It sees THREE people pass into Canada in one day; sometimes. So it gets $15 million dollars from the Obama administration to “facilitate border control,” while crossings that have THOUSANDS of daily crossings get nothing. How is THIS helping the “border control problem OR the economy?

GLOBAL GOVERNANCE: AlGore’s “global warming” swindle WILL lead to “global governance” if we allow him to continue conning us. They say this right out loud, and Americans are not paying attention to it, as they pay no attention to ANYTHING politicians do as a rule. We’ve been able to “wake them up” somewhat about liberals’ socialized medicine plans, but they’re still asleep on most other things, This is one of them, and if they don’t “wake up,” the Constitution will be gone and we will be living under a socialist dictatorship run by the United Nations.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Obama Kills "Snitch Site"

First he says he doesn’t HAVE a “snitch site,” then he announces he has “killed it.” What he has actually done is submerge it into another web site. But its purpose is the same. To get ignorant Americans to “snitch” on their friends. Isn’t that what the Soviets used to do”? (Without the Internet, of course)

“ASTROTURF”: That’s the new word (other than “wee-weeing”) the liberals have brought us. It means MANUFACTURED dissent. You know, the kind THEY usually do. Now they’re accusing us of what THEY do (as usual). They just will not admit that Americans, for the MOST part, want NO PART of what they’re selling and are angry that they’re determined to impose it on us whether we like it or not.

SHOUTING THEM DOWN: Yes, conservatives shout at those “town hall” meetings. Mostly to be heard over the shouting by those congresspeople who are being asked REAL questions, rather than those “wishy-washy” questions the liberal media asks them and the union thugs sent there by Obama. Democrat congressman Barney Frank, the architect of the “economic slowdown,” is worse than the rest. He’s always got his mouth open. Sometimes for purposes other than shouting, however.

BIG MISTAKE: This is how the government manages your medical profession: More than 1500 vets were told they had an inoperable and deadly disease and should just “go home and die.” But it was a “clerical error” and was not true. “Oops! They didn’t even tell them personally. They told them by LETTER. They didn’t even have the press get the truth out until Fox got hold of it. Then they tried to cover it up until Fox broke the story.

FED “TAX TAKE GOING DOWN”: There are millions fewer people working, and thus fewer taxes being paid, and the liberals are “surprised” that "tax increases” and “giveaways” haven’t UPPED the “tax take. Gawd, are these people STUPID!

REAPPOINTING BERNANKE: I guess Ben Bernanke was willing to go against his principles to keep his job as the head of the Federal Reserve. Some of the statements he’s made have actually embarrassed me, and I’m not even an economist. I just believe in logic. But Obama likes his “loyalty” (his willingness to accept Obama’s lies) and has appointed him for another term.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Computer Died

If you're a regular reader you've probably wondered why there has been no update lately. That's because my computer died and an effort to put the contents of my old hard disc failed and the new computer died, too. It is now undergoing a "heart transplant." (or better should be called a "brain transplant." I hope to get it up and working today, but failing that, soon after.