Friday, January 22, 2016

Repealing Bill of Rights

Hillary sent out a bunch of people with a petition to repeal the Bill of Rights, and most of her supporters revealed their abject STUPIDITY by happily signing it. If she thinks there's ANY chance of that ever happening, she needs her head examined. If it is tried, it will spark the new American revolution, and old or not, I'll be right in the front lines. She'll probably make hay abut the number of her people who signed it, but her entire constituency is so small as to be unnoticed, even if every one of them signed it..

THAT SOROS IMBECILE! George Soros, whose main claim to fame is “scooping up”: BILLIONS of other people's dollars by “breaking the Bank of England,” is now echoing the liberal line that Donald Trump is “doing the work of ISIS” because he is CRITICIZING them,. It's the usual line of ignorant liberals and other ISIS supporters like Obama, who probably think we should not hunt down ANY criminals, because it would “make them mad,” and they'll do more criminal acts. He also said that Hillary would win the election in a landslide, which clearly shows the effects of his senility on his intrlligence. Hillary will be lucky to win a clean cell.

NO REASONING WITH OBAMA: Like the Islamic terrorists, who want only one thing, COMPLETE CAPITULATION to their demands, and nothing less will satisfy them, Obama insists on complete capitulation with HIS ideas of “gun control,” which do nothing but disarm law-abiding people, leaving only the CRIMINALS,who don't obey laws, armed. They talk about the uselessness of “negotiating” with Islamic terrorists for that reason, but the same is true in “negotiating with OBAMA on gun control. He wants to get HIS WAY, and nothing less will make him happy.

BANNING RELOADING: How long will it be before the government BANS reloading of ammunition by individuals, and bans the manufacture and sale of equipment to do it? They can't just ban guns, they're constitutionally protected. So they ban everything required to make them work. They also make laws about “gun locks” and “gun safes” to make your guns impossible to get into action fast enough to repulse an armed criminal, who already has his gun ready to use.

HE AIN'T CONSERVATIVE”: One of the main objections the Republican “elitists” have against Trump is that “He ain't a conservative.” But what the hell difference does that make? I'm not a conservative, either. I'm a “rational individualist,” and I suspect Trump is the same, if he'd examine his views honestly. My views are much the same as conservatives, but there are places where I diverge from them. But I'm still for smaller government, lower taxes, and keeping the government out of my business. They're just afraid they can't control him.

THEY DON'T DESERVE IT: Islamic terrorists talk incessantly about “religious tolerance” whenever ANYTHING goes against them. While at the same time, they rape, behead men, women and children, and otherwise kill them for not believing the way they think they ought to believe. They are the WORST “religiously intolerant” people on the planet. Even the so-called, “peaceful Muslims” hate Christians or members of ANY other religion. They're instructed to do so by the Koran. They have forever thrown away any right to claim “religious intolerance” for themselves.

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