Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Insider Trading" is Legal

Did you know that it is NOT illegal for members of Congress to do “insider trading?” Yet another way for those who MAKE the laws to ignore them for themselves. They are daily privy to information they could use to enrich themselves by engaging in “insider trading.” Like “counterfeiting,” it’s only illegal if WE do it. Nobody (but people like me) even SUGGESTS they might be “stacking the deck” in their favor. No matter they’re all rich, no matter if they were poor when they came there.

OBAMA TO “GO IT ALONE:” If Congress won’t okay his stupid policies, he will institute them himself without congress, by “executive action.” Did I miss the memo? When did Obama become a dictator? Seems to me he is taking in a little more territory than he is allowed by law. That makes him a CRIMINAL subject to impeachment. But will anybody do it? Doubtful. Democrats won’t, and the Republicans don’t have the backbone.

DO TEA PARTY MEMBERS HIDE THEIR FACES? I wonder why “Occupy Wall Street” (or whatever else they can occupy) hide their faces? Tea Party members don’t, because they know they’re not breaking the law. OWS members PLAN on breaking the law so they break the law by using American flags as masks. Breaking the law is what the kind of people in the OWS “movement” do; thus, the masks.

FIRST LADY EATS UNHEALTHY: Despite her campaign to force us to “eat healthy,” she gorges herself on deep fried French fries, fried shrimp, and other fried foods. And she’s livid that Paula Dean revealed that fried shrimp was her favorite food, and on television. She hates it that she has been revealed to be a “high calorie gorger.” She thinks that, like her husband, she can tell everybody else what, how, and how much to eat (or do) while gorging herself on deep fried shrimp and “hot wings” (or do what SHE wants) .You know, “do as I say, not as I DO.”

LIBERALS HATE “BIG CORPORATIONS”: But without “big corporations” and what they produce, we could not survive. OWS demonstrators get to their demonstrations in autos, made by them; they eat food provided by them. They organize by use of cell phones, produced by them. Then they get on buses or in their cars, both of which are provided by big corporations. It is the big corporations that invest money in projects that create jobs for all of us by investing their money. They’re not like “Scrooge McDuck.” They don’t keep their money in a big warehouse and play in it all day. They USE it to make more money—for themselves, and as a by-product, for others. They’re “killing the goose that lays the golden egg.”

OBAMA IS A “CANCEROUS TUMOR”: And we need to cut him out. We have been going downhill faster and faster since he got elected and the only way to stop our downward slide is to GET RID OF OBAMA. No, I don’t mean assassinate him. He’s got too many like him right in line behind him. That’s good insurance against assassination. We just need to “cut him out” at the next opportunity, which is the 2012 election.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

SOLYNDRA Paying Off Democrats

We know already that Solyndra execs have “donated” $20,750.00 to the Democrats. Small price to pay to get a half BILLION dollars of taxpayer money. I’m sure as time goes on, we’ll find that figure getting a lot larger. Not only from Solyndra, but from the other “green energy” companies to whom Obama has given our money. This is such a transparent theft of our money it amazes me more people don’t see it.

PAYING THEM OFF: Obama’s spending programs are simply the way he pays off his “contributors.” Somebody needs to check and find out how much the owners of Solyndra and other “green energy” companies to whom Obama gave $BILLIONS contributed to his election campaigns.

ALL THE PRESIDENT’S LIARS: They made a movie about a Republican president’s undoing, and he did deserve it. He knew about, and did “sponsor” a “break-in” at the Democrat National Committee offices. There have been SEVERAL Democrat presidents who have committed corruption just as bad, or maybe even worse; but not a peep out of the liberal media about it. There should be a movie called, ‘All The President’s Liars,” about the Obama administration (and probably the Clinton presidency), but there never will be.

20% IS TOO MUCH: Rick Perry has announced his plan for a 20% flat tax, again ignoring the fact that they don’t NEED such a high rate, since EVERYBODY would be paying it, including illegal aliens and that ubiquitous 50% who pay NO income taxes. They don’t need nearly that high a percentage. They could INCREASE their “take” with less than 5%.

AFGHAN COCKINESS: The President of Afghanistan has announced that Afghanistan would “come to their aid” if Pakistan is attacked by ANYONE, including the United States. This from a country that couldn’t even fight off their own Islamic terrorists and had to depend on the United States to “bail them out.” Do they really think they would be any real help to Pakistan against US?

WHAT FOOLS WE HAVE IN GOVERNMENT: Joe Biden says “private sector jobs” are okay. It is “PUBLIC sector jobs” that need to be increased. They are NOT. Only in this guy's dim mind. This guy needs a “brain transplant,” if there is a brain in there, at all. He also says if Obama’s latest spending plan (he CALLS a “jobs program”) isn’t passed, murders and rapes will go up. I got a clue for ya, Joe; they’re going to go up, anyway. They always do. Maybe if you stop the studies of the sex lives of the Tse Tse fly instead of firing cops and firemen, it wouldn’t be so much.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Reuters Caught In the Act

They’ve been “doctoring photos” to make Israel look bad for a long time and have been caught before. This time we can show doctored and undoctored photos side-by-side. We don’t know yet what their excuse will be, but it’ll be a good one, I can assure you. They’ve long been known as supporters of the Palestinians.

LIBERALS HECKLE PEELOSI: Nancy Peelosi spoke before a bunch of LIBERALS, trying to sell Obama’s health care swindle and was heckled. It’s pretty bad when you’re heckled by your SUPPORTERS. She told them they had “made their point.” But will she be listening? I doubt it. Members of this administration have shown a positive TALENT for ignoring people who don’t agree with them.

“SHE DESERVES RESPECT”: Hugh Hewitt says Nancy “deserves respect.” He’s wrong. She only deserves respect when she actually does her job and does things the people who voted her into office wish. When she actually LISTENS to them, not just pretending to.

THE “BLAME GAME”: Obama criticizes Americans for practicing “the blame game,” but he is the biggest “blamer” of others besides himself, mostly Bush and “the last administration.” He can’t seem to open his mouth without blaming someone else for the things HE has done.

“THEY’VE LAWYERED UP”: Obama gave BP a hard time because they’ve “lawyered up” after he threatened them with criminal charges because of the oil spill. What the hell does he EXPECT them to do? Jeeze, how STUPID he is! When threatened, you “circle the wagons.”

WHY AYN RAND WAS RIGHT: Today’s liberals keep saying Ayn Rand didn’t understand Russia and collectivism (communism). This woman LIVED under collectivism all her early life. And when she finally escaped and came to this country, she saw the beginnings of the same kind of thinking that PRODUCED the Soviet Union and wanted to try and “wake up” Americans to the danger she saw. How could she NOT “understand” Russia OR communism?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Computer Down all Week

I lost the second hard drive in two weeks last Sunday (10/16/11) and haven’t been able to post until now. I’m in the process of reloading all my software on this new computer and it might be a while before I can post again. Please excuse the inconvenience. I may be able to post something tomorrow.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

"Capitalism Is Foolishness"

That’s what the left says, because they want to push collectivism (otherwise known as socialism, Fascism, communism, progressivism, and many other “isms,” ALL of which are, in one form or another, collectivism). They SAY it as if it were true, which is their “modus operandi”: repeat a lie over and over until people come to accept it as truth and will fight you if you try and correct them. Actually, it is COLLECTIVISM that is “foolishness,” not capitalism, and I CAN prove that.

THE “GREAT PRETENDER”: That word adequately describes Obama. He PRETENDS to know how to solve this nation’s problems while he works hard, behind the scenes to make it worse so he can impose SOCIALISM on us. He PRETENDS to be “confident” of re-election when he is “deathly afraid” the Tea Parties are going to unseat him. He PRETENDS to be able to “lower the sea levels” and stop the glaciers from melting. He is ALL pretense, and NO substance.

“PRICE FIXERS”: There are laws against businesses “fixing prices,” while allowing their WORKERS to “fix prices” when it comes to the wages they must pay them when unions represent them. So they’re caught between the “price fixing” unions that keep wages high and the laws that prevent them from raising their prices to compensate.

“ASKING” THEM TO PAY THE SAME: The liberals say, “Is asking the rich to pay the same amount of taxes as the poor too much?” NO, it’s not. But they’re DEMANDING they pay MORE than “the poor.” They SAY “the rich don’t pay their fair share,” but they DO. They pay MOST of the income taxes paid! The top 25 of taxpayers pay 86% of income taxes paid! But don’t quote that to a liberal. He’ll call you a liar and insult you.

TAX AND SPEND: all Obama (and other liberals) know is “tax and spend.” That’s all they can do. Tax you more and more, and spend every dime they can get their hands on. Notice that EVERY suggestion they make involves SPENDING more and more of your money. They hide that as bet they can with flowery words, but that’s all they know.

“THOSE NASTY CORPORATIONS!” Next time somebody gripes about “those nasty large corporations,” ask him/her what kind of car he/she drives. If he/she has a cell phone; or a job. Or how much gasoline he/she uses to get around; or how often he/she flies somewhere. Does he/she have a computer? Use electricity? How does he/she heat his/her house or apartment? Funny; seems like we NEED large corporations and the products/services they provide, to SURVIVE. If we got rid of them, we’d be back in the 1800s now. Funny how all those “Occupy Wall Street” protesters don’t seem to have jobs, but many have computers or Blackberries, or iPhones.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

An "Offensive Law"

The federal government is trying even now to make it illegal for me to “offend” you, or anybody else. But what CONSTITUTES “offending” someone? Liberals offend me every day by the stupidity of their statements and actions. I’m sure I offend them just as often by “calling them” on their lies to the world. Am I to be punished for it? And who decides? This is, like the sexual discrimination laws, something that is decided by the ENFORCERS, just what CONSTITUTES a violation of the law. The same act can be decided to BE, or NOT to be, “offensive,” because of the OPINIONS of the persons DEFINING it.

“OCCUPY WALL STREET” LIKE THE TEA PARTIES? Not a bit. The Tea Party people know what they want and are very specific. The OWS people do not, and are not. They’re OPPOSITE POLES” of two completely different magnets. Most of those in the Tea Parties have jobs and earn their own living besides their TP work. Most OWS do not. They live off the very government they’re demonstrating against, and at the pleasure of the very PEOPLE they criticize.

LIBERALS NEVER LEARN: Just before Solyndra declared bankruptcy, the feds were ready to AGAIN guarantee loans for MORE money for them. At the same time, and STILL, the feds are ready to guarantee yet ANOTHER loan to another “green energy” company (Solar Reserve, in Nevada—Harry Reid’s state).

NUMEROUS SCANDALS IN DC: The scandals in DC right now are so numerous they can’t even be counted, let alone be given the attention they need to be given. There’s the “Solyndra” scandal, the upcoming “Solar Reserve” scandal, the “guns walking” scandal designed to buttress Obabma’s claim that 99% of guns in Mexico came from the United States. There are so many scandals there they “fade into the atmosphere” and nobody gives them the attention they merit.

BELAFONTE SHOULD KNOW PHONIES: He is one, and hangs around with them all the time. What makes him think he is an “authority” on who has a chance to run for president? He says Herman Cain is a phony and doesn’t mean a thing he says. Bellafonte is a FOOL. He can’t even sing any more. He can’t even TALK!

THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS: Jerry Brown knows what’s the most important thing out there; it is tanning beds. He recently (as again governor of California) signed a bill into law banning children from using tanning beds. Nothing is more important to the State of California, you know. California is bankrupt, but he signs this bill causing California to spend more millions of dollars to start a bureaucracy to control children’s use of tanning beds.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Same Old Crap!

The Senate killed Obama’s newest SPENDING bill (the one he calls his “jobs bill”) and he brings out that tired, moldy old crap about m”the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.” Sometimes I wish politicians would come up with something new and stop insulting our intelligence with this kind of crap.

GOOD COMBINATION OF CHOICES: The head of the AFL-CIO says his heroes are Che Guevara and Cynthia McKinney and nobody in the media not9ices or comments. Those are good choices if you’re a “closet communist” or socialist. Both are the same kind of FOOL, but one is a former elected member of Congress. Apparently Americans in her state “woke up” to what she is, and “threw her out.” What I can’t understand is the people who want her to run for president! There are certainly a lot of STUPID PEOPLE in this country!

IRAN THREATENING TO DEPLOY THEIR NAVY OFF U. S. COAST: How arrogant ARE these fools? Do they actually think we will allow their navy ships near the United States border? Yes, if they try it, we will first warn them off, then if they persist we will blow them out of the water—and they will have it coming for their stupidity.

ACCUSING US OF WHAT THEY DO: Van Jones, self-admitted COMMUNIST, and formerly one of Obama’s “czars,” (quickly fired) says the Tea Party is “fighting to take away our civil rights.” What an amazingly STUPID statement for him to make! He has no proof of this, but proof is not required for a liberal to lie to us. They just make their lying pronouncements and expect us to believe them. Then they go on as if we did. If ANYBODY deserves to lose his credibility, this guy does.

OBAMA CAME TO DIVIDE: He talks eloquently about ”bringing us together,” but what he does every day is do everything he can to DIVIDE us. That’s his “modus operandi.” Divide us into smaller groups because we’ll be easier to control that way. Hopefully, we’re sufficiently awake to realize what he’s doing and not allow him to succeed. That way maybe, we’ll be able to get RID of him in the next election and continue in freedom.

WHAT IS COLLECTIVISM? This is at the base of most of our problems today. But it is a little-known word, not as well known as is “socialism,” which is just ONE FORM of collectivism. The liberals use different “code words” that mean collectivism to them, but, they hope, not to us. Words like Fascism and “Progressivism.” They all mean taking from EARNERS and GIVING to NON-earners. Their mantra is, “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED” and require a dictatorship.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nothing From the U. N.

Syrian rulers kill 2,000 citizens who were protesting their leadership, and not a WORD of criticism from the United Nations. I guess they’re too busy with their “dog and pony show” over the approval of the Palestinian application for membership as a “sovereign state.”

GOLLY! IT WAS AN AID SHIP! Really? Then why were the soldiers on it armed, and why did they fight when the Israelis (who were entitled, after all the Palestinian atrocities they’ve suffered) wanted to inspect the ship to make sure they were not allowing an army into Gaza. If they had not attacked the Israelis, maybe they’d have just been inspected and allowed to go on their way. We’ll never know, now. Now they’re sending yet ANOTHER ship to “run the Israeli blockade on Gaza.” Looks to me like they’re simply PROVOKING Israel, which they do routinely.

UN CONDEMNS ISRAEL: And they want us to do likewise, because of their response to the Turkish “setup” in which 9 people died after ATTACKING people who only came aboard to INSPECT their ship, as they TOLD them they would, to make sure it WAS a “help” mission, not an act of war.

NOBODY BELIEVED CHRISTIE: People just kept asking Gov. Christie if he’s going to “throw his hat in the ring” and run for president. He kept saying no. Well, maybe. Why does nobody believe him and keep asking? Because nobody believes what politicians say any more. So many have denied they were running and then ran, nobody believes them any more. Now Christie is supporting Romney, the candidate the liberals want to run against.

DIED OF STUPIDITY: Did you hear about the guy who led cops on a hundred mile and hour chase, then lit a crack pipe and threatened them with a PELLET GUN? After which he resembled a slice of Swiss cheese after about thirty cops put bullets in him. Of course, they couldn’t tell it was a pellet gun from a distance. This guy definitely died of stupidity; or “suicide by cop.”

DOESN’T EVEN KNOW THE MEANING OF WORDS HE USES: Iva Radivojevic, who created a video praising leftist demonstrations, doesn’t even know the meaning of the words he uses and tosses around so blandly. He talks about seeing Corporatism (what IS that?), Fascism, (a form of SOCIALISM), crony capitalism (what the hell is THAT? Any form of capitalism is the OPPOSITE of Fascism), while a “police state” is impossible under a capitalist (free market) system. He just chooses words that sound good to him and throws them around, meaning NOTHING.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

As Usual, A Democrat Won

Democrats ALWAYS win whenever the election is a close one. They’re experts at stealing elections that are close. So I predicted the Democrat would win in the recent election for governor in W. Virginia, and he did. So what else is new? Remember a recent Senatorial election in Minnesota where they kept “finding” more and more Democrat votes for MONTHS after the election and the Democrat comedian finally won?

“ISLOAMAPHOBE” A CON: It’s a word manufactured in an attempt to discredit ANYBODY who tells the truth about Islamic terrorists by calling them “Islamaphobe,” intimating that they are somehow “mentally deficient” and possibly bigoted by saying it. This is a con that has been used in the past many times, and used successfully because people just don’t “pay attention to politics” and thus believe the contention this word represents. It is in use by gay activists to discredit truth told by their critics who tell the truth about the scam gay activists run to teach our school children that being gay is “normal and natural.

HOLDER LIED: He lied in the face of sure proof he was lying, or he is plainly incompetent. People are calling for a “special prosecutor” to determine if he actually WAS lying, but as yet, nobody has asked for his resignation. Obama’s “press hack” belittles those calls for a special prosecutor by saying this congressman calls for one for SOMETHING every six months. Of course that doesn’t mean there IS no need for a special prosecutor, just that he has been ignored.

“WEASEL WORDS”: I really get tired of all the “weasel words” politicians use to avoid calling someone a LIAR. Words such as “disingenuous.” When politicians start using REAL words like “lied,” maybe they’ll get more attention from people who should BE “paying attention to politics.” Why are they afraid to call a liar a liar?

“HE’S A RACIST!” That’s the liberal response, ever since Obama was elected, to EVERY criticism of Democrat policies. They don’t argue on the issues—ever. They just brand you as a racist for having the temerity to (shudder) criticize Obama or any of his policies. What I can’t believe is that supposedly smart people are still actually DEBATING that issue. It’s a cheap con to avoid arguing on the issues.

STEVE JOBS IS TODAY’S THOMAS EDISON: There are few people who made as much of an impression on society as did Thomas Edison. Aside from inventing the light bulb and the record player, he held many other patents. Some say Steve Jobs’ inventions didn’t make as much of a difference as did Edison’s, but they did. He “invented and masterfully marketed gadgets that transformed everyday technology." (Paul Sakuma/AP) There is NO single person today who has had, PERSONALLY, as much effect on the way we now live our lives than Steve Jobs.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Conventional Wisdom" Usually Wrong

“Conventional wisdom has it that Attorney General Holder didn’t know about “Fast and Furious” until the last two weeks (from today, October 4, 2011). That’s a patent lie, and he was talking about it as much as a year ago.

WHOSE FAULT IS IT? Bank of America or the Dodd-Frank bill? B of A has announced it would heretofore charge debit card users $5 a month to use their cards because of the new requirements in the Dodd-Frank bill, specifically. That’s not a generality, it’s a SPECIFIC. Now Obama says it is the REASON for the Dodd-Frank bill. "Circular reasoning" if I ever saw it!

THE “RELIGION OF DEATH”: The Muslims want to paint a picture where theirs is a “religion of peace.” That’s a LIE. They will not be satisfied until everybody in the world is Muslim, or DEAD. And that’s not just the Islamic extremists; it’s in the Koran that every Muslim has a DUTY to convert everybody they can, even if they don’t want it. Also there is the order to KILL “Infidels.” Maybe all Muslims don’t follow that, but it’s in there.

WHO’S GOING TO PAY FOR IT? Liberals want to give everything away FREE. But they can’t, because they don’t own it. But they either don’t know this or just don’t care. They want to make things better for all (mostly themselves), whether or not they work for it. But SOMEBODY has to work for it, or it won’t be there for them to steal and give away.

COMMUNIST PARTY USA TO RIOT: They say they’re going to “riot” for Obama’s “jobs bill,” which is already dead. I’ll tell ya what: anything the Communist Party USA would riot FOR, I don’t want. If they think they’re helping Obama pass a socialist bill by rioting, they’ve got another think coming. NO wonder communism collapsed in Russia.

HOLDER LIED TO CONGRESS: When he said he only knew about “Fast and Furious” for a couple of weeks when they have a memo sent to him, describing it over a year ago. This is the kind of lies and obfuscations rampant in this administration. Under the rules, now he has been found to be lying he can say “I misspoke” and all is forgiven.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Who's Van Jones?

You’d think the holder of the second highest office in the land; the man who would become PRESIDENT if anything happened to Obama, would at least have an idea of just who the COMMUNIST who was appointed as the “Green” czar in Obama’s administration is. But Joe “BiteMe” hasn’t a clue. I suspect there’s a lot more about which Joe “doesn’t have a clue.”

IT ISN’T THERE! Liberals keep talking about the “separation of church and state” and insisting it is in the Constitution. It is NOT. The term was used in a letter to Thomas Jefferson by another of the “Founders” of our country, but does not appear ANYWHERE in the Constitution OR the Declaration of Independence. They like to keep up this fiction as they do with many other fictions that help their “cause.”

OBAMA “HAS NO REGRETS”: No regrets about foolishly spending $535 million of OUR dollars on Solyndra. Of COURSE he “has no regrets.” It wasn’t HIS money he lost, it was YOURS. So he just doesn’t care. I wonder how many MORE “Solyndras” there are out there that we haven’t learned about yet. Any time there is a chance to waste taxpayer money, Obama is right there.

ASSASSINATION OF OBAMA? A Muslim web site asks if that would be illegal in light of “his horrific killing of Muslims all over the world.” What about the “horrific killing of NON Muslims all over the world for not believing the right way? Do they even recognize THAT as bad? Not according to their reading of the Koran.

FILMS I’LL NEVER SEE: I’m making a list of actors and actresses whose films I will never see again. It is headed by “Hanoi Jane” and many others who have made embarrassingly STUPID statements. The latest name added is that of Sean Penn, who has popped up in Libya to support Islam. They think they can say ANYTHING without consequences. But the consequences could be immense if a lot of people make a similar list and stay away from everything they do. Forget the Constitution; I’m not the government.

HE DOESN’T DESERVE IT: A convicted murderer who happens to be MUSLIM IS suing OVER THE LACK OF “Halal meals” in prison. Well, I GOT NEWS FOR HIM. He doesn’t deserve ANY consideration for ANYTHING, religious or otherwise. He’s lucky he has lived this long. He wouldn’t have if he murdered someone (other than an “Infidel”) in a Muslim-run country.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Are You Better Off Now?

The question Ronald Reagan used to win an election is now a “referendum” on the current occupant of the White House, and Obama answered it with a lie, as usual. He said, “No, but it ain’t my fault.” But it IS his fault. It is HIS policies that have brought us to today’s point, no matter how much he tries to blame it on Bush and everyone else that came before him.

REPUBLICAN DOESN’T MEAN CONSERVATIVE: Many people think all Republicans are conservatives. They aren’t. I could give you many examples, but I’ll only give you one: Rockefeller (all of them). Rockefeller is one of the “super-rich” and always votes with the Democrats (He’s one the Democrats PRETEND to hate). He is a DECIDED liberal. There are many more like him in the Republican Party. That’s why even many Republicans hate and revile Sarah Palin. They’re AFRAID of her. They know she will “upset their applecart” if she gets elected, like she did in Alaska.

“OFFENDING” MUSLIMS: BBC now bans “Christ Centric Timestamps” and says, “It is appropriate that we use terms that do not offend non-Christians.” What about CHRISTIANS? Your country and ours are CHRISTIAN nations! I NOTICE Muslim countries aren’t squeamish about “offending Christians.” They KILL them. Who the hell cares what “offends non-Christians?” (a/k/a” Muslims) Muslims SAY they want “religious freedom” in the United States but do not extend the same thing to Christians or members of ANY other religion in countries they control.

SELF ESTEEM vs. SELF IMAGE: Liberals talk a lot about “self esteem” when they try and limit competition as much as they can. But “self-esteem” is not what we want to instill in our school children. Let’s define both terms: “self esteem” is their opinion of their talents and abilities through HIDING their deficiencies from them; “self-image” is their opinion of their talents and abilities from KNOWLEDGE of their talents and abilities. That’s why liberals want to eliminate “score-keeping” in sports.

ROSEANNE BARR: “BEHEAD THE RICH”: You know, the ones who won’t give up what they’ve EARNED to those who did NOT earn it. Okay, Roseanne, you’ll be first, and hopefully the last to lose her head because you’re rich and won’t give up what you’ve EARNED. Roseanne speaks gibberish in her interview with “Russia Today.” What else? Where else? They agree with her, except for the rich bureaucrats and politicians. In Russia, that’s the only kind there is.

EASY TO PROVE THE LIE: Why do liberals and other Democrats keep talking about “the rich paying their share” when it is so easy to prove the lie simply by citing the IRS figures that show that the top 25% of earners pay 86% of all income taxes paid? How stupid ARE these people? If you cite these numbers they just accuse you of lying while refusing to do their own research.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Crony Capitalism"

Leftists like to misuse words like “crony capitalism” while their “figurehead” and “mouthpiece,” Brrraaacckk Obama PRACTICES it. He “invested” $737 million dollars in a project that will PROFIT Nancy Peelosi, the former Democrat House leader. This is the kind of politics we can expect from Democrats on a regular basis. From Republicans occasionally. Of course, Republicans found out get prosecuted while Democrats get “hand-slaps” and remain in office.

CALL THEM ON IT: Liberals (Democrats) and even some RINOs (Republicans in name only) like to call Tea Party people racists, terrorists, homophobes, Islamaphobes, and any manner of other insulting names. Funny thing: they never come up with any EXAMPLES of whatever it is that has them convinced of this. That’s because they can’t; there isn’t any example they can cite. So when somebody who doesn’t like the Tea Parties makes such a comment, make them prove it or shut up. The Democrats can’t fight them fairly, and “name-calling” is all they’ve got.

POLITICS IS THEIR JOB! Some people, (mostly liberals) are saying to Congress, “put politics aside and do your job.” As if that’s not what they’re DOING. Obama is doing things that will DESTROY this country. His opponents (even some Democrats) are opposing him. That’s politics. It’s their JOB! To “put politics aside” would NOT be doing their job.

OVERCOME BY STUPIDITY: First it was the Pledge of Allegiance, then the words “God” or “Jesus” in their graduation speeches, and any number of other outrages. Now one teacher is BANNING the words, “God Bless You.” He says the saying is outmoded because it used to be said to “thank the sneezer for expelling the evil spirits” when he/she sneezed. So what? Does that give him the right to BAN it? Not in this country. We still have the right to say what we wish.

CUT DOWN ON THE TOUCHDOWNS: That’s what one school football player who makes a LOT of them has been told. How STUPID is that? A football player who makes a lot of touchdowns should be HONORED and paid a lot of money when he gets to the NFL. Not chided for being “too good.”

TYPICAL LIBERAL: Obama wants to BAN asthma inhalers. This is the kind of STUPID things liberals are always trying. The fact that the power to ban such things is not in the Constitution ans can cause the deaths of some people seems not to matter to them. Of course, they ignore the Constitution ANY time it conflicts with what they wish to do. We have countless unconstitutional laws on the books because to get rid of them, somebody has to come up with a lot of money to “make a federal case out of it.”