Saturday, January 9, 2016

Planned Parenthood Supports Hillary

Surprise, surprise! An organization of baby killers likes Hillary. It's too bad abortion wasn't legal when Hillary was born. But to support baby killing is CRIMINAL, not political. Anybody who supports infanticide doesn't deserve to be elected dog catcher, let alone PRESIDENT! She accuses people who are against her of sexism, but really, we're against INFANTICIDE. We don't want ANYBODY who favors killing babies to be president, or in any other elective (or appointive) office.

THEN WHY HAVE ARMED GUARDS? Hillary, and all the other major politicians who say guns will not protect you have their own ARMED bodyguards. What GOOD are they? If having your own guns won't protect you from the owners of ILLEGAL guns, why do they surround themselves with them? Why don't they quit spending unnecessary (taxpayer) money if having your own guns don't make you safer? It's a typical hypocritical action of politicians, mostly Democrats.

I'M IGNORING TRUMP”: That's what Hillary says she's going to do. I guess that's one way to avoid answering his questions about the sexual activities and rapes of her husband. Not to mention her own efforts to DESTROY the women he raped and assaulted, when they complained. Only in the Democrat Party can a sexual predator like Bill still be going around making expensive speeches and being taken seriously. But I have to wonder: how do you “not answer the questions” put forth by your major opponents.

JUST LIKE OBAMA! The Philly mayor is “Taking a page out of Obama's manual” when he insists that the man who ambushed a cop in his car and fired 11 (or 13, depending on who you talk to) bullets at him, point blank, still only managing to hit him three times, and still getting caught, was NOT “inspired” by Islam, even while the shooter was insisting it WAS. This fool, like Obama, thinks he can make something true, just by repeating it, over and over. Politicians like this need to learn that it is a “new day,” and they can't get away with lying to us, like they used to.

SIMPLE LOGIC: ”I don't need a gun; I have never needed a gun; I hope I never need a gun; And in all likelihood, I'll never need a gun; However, should I ever need a gun, I'd better have a gun; therefore, I have a gun; And if the government ever says you don't need a gun, that's when you need a gun.” Obama says I don't need a gun while he runs around surrounded by ARMED guards in an armored limousine, while telling me having a gun will not protect me. I found this on Twitter, posted by a woman named Mia: “shooter's wife,” and it carried a logo, “Freedom Fighters." More logic: Why are there so many laws against owning guns when the Constitution clearly states, “The right of Americans to be armed shall not be infringed."

IT'S THEIR OWN FAULT: Reince Priebus (RNC Chair) says ,”It will be tough to hold the Senate in the next election.” Really. Why do you suppose that is? Could being dead set AGAINST your own best candidate for president have something to do with it? Has the resulting mess that caused have anything to do with it? Obama gave you the best gift he could give you as he went about exceeding his authority on all fronts. Democrats should be “dead meat” in the next election. But because of your feud with Donald Trump, you can't take advantage of it.

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