Thursday, January 7, 2016

They Bought It!

Obama “shed a tear” the other day as he announced his new ILLEGAL gun rules (produced no doubt by the onion he rubbed on his wrist just before entering the room and rubbed his eye with). Now the news media is talking about his being “so brave” as to “shed a tear” and show how much these “illegal gun regulations” mean to him, and not about the illegality of his actions. Obama and the boys must be hurting their sides laughing at it. Not many of his scams have worked quite that well.

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? Hillary was asked if she could describe the difference between Democrats and socialists, and she couldn't. Because there isn't any. She denies it, but there it is. She can't describe the difference because there ISN'T any difference. Everything she demands is a socialist “wet dream.” One of her recent demands is for college educations to be FREE. But she doesn't say who will be FORCED to pay for it. That'll be you and me, as part of her proposed new taxes. She's in favor of an increased minimum, wage too, which will ALSO have to be financed by you and me. Especially when it results in massive unemployment among people who aren't WORTH any more than that.

IT'S NOT PROPER!” Hillary and her gang say it's “not proper” to ask about Bill Clinton's sexual offenses against women. Why the hell NOT? Because they say so? Bill Clinton is a “mass rapist.” He used his position as governor of Arkansas, then as president of the United States to screw as many women as he could, both consensual and by force if he couldn't get them to agree, as with Monica, who was just angling for a better job and more money. It is manifestly proper to ask about his “zipper down” policy, which persists to this day, even if he needs to use “boner pills.” Candidates don't get to dictate what questions may be asked.

OBAMA WON'T TAKE YOUR GUNS: How do we know? He SAID so, that's how! Whaddya mean, that means he WILL? Because when he tells you something, just the OPPOSITE is usually true? Unless it's something HE wants? Wow! I guess nobody has any confidence in him. They DO? What? Confidence that he will LIE every time he opens his mouth or writes something down. That you can ALWAYS count on.

STATE DEPT. GAVE INCORRECT INFO: It was about Hillary's e-mail, and answered by the State Dept.. The Washington Post says a 2012 request contained “errors” and said they had NO e-mails except those to Hillary's address. That's even because one of her staffers, a female, was using a male “alias” address and knew of her using a personal address. Their answer referred only to her “official” address, which she did not use. And they knew that. One guy named on Twitter, “John Rock,” says, “Who cares?” Probably a Democrat. To them, Hillary or Obama can do no wrong.

CHIPOTLE TAKES ANOTHER HIT: I don't think Chipotle is going to make it. Every time they turn around there's another “hit.” An “eatery” just can't take so many hits and still survive. There have been many cases where people have gotten sick from eating in their restaurants, and now there's a CRIMINAL investigation being opened into them, People are afraid to eat there. Yes, some people like them, but it's too much of a chance to take, and their “bottom line” is showing it. They're down 15% already, and it can only get worse.

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