Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pro-Gun Not Extreme

It’s a standard scam liberals use to “marginalize” anybody who disagrees with them on any issue. Paint them as “extremists.” That’s what they do in the gun dispute, the dispute over gay “marriage,” etc. Outside of calling their critics “racist,” that’s one of their favorite scams. One of the first political pamphlets I ever wrote was entitled. “I Am An Extremist!” A parody of what liberals of the day considered “extreme,” in that I was “extremely” disturbed by Kennedy selling jets to the enemy, for instance. With that as an indicator, I guess I AM an “extremist.” Even today, considering what liberals are doing to us.

BOXER DIDN’T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE: She tried valiantly to make a “cultural reference” and failed miserably, not knowing that “50 Cent” was NOT a “musical group,” but a single individual rapper. This is a problem that plagues ALL liberals, who try and make laws about things they know NOTHING about. Just as Obama has made a law allowing him to “take over” the medical business, when he knows NOTHING about it. That's why liberals screw up everything they try, because they're incompetent at anything except conning their way into office.

DO LIKE REAGAN DID: The situation is similar. Jimmy Carter had so messed things up that we were using the term, “Misery Index” to describe life in America under him. Reagan took advantage of that and went after the DEMOCRAT vote, knowing the Republicans were then (like now) in the minority (which is usual when we're in misery). He won, BIG; twice, and changed the country (and the world) for the better, no matter how much liberals disagree. The very fact liberals disagree tells me (if I needed confirmation) he was right.

REAGAN WAS A GOOD PRESIDENT: Liberals disagree, which is not surprising. He set back their socialist plans for years. They labeled him as an old, weak president who couldn’t stay awake at important meetings, and who couldn’t remember doing awful (in their minds) things. They picked on him in every way they could, while he brought the unemployment rate down from double figures to under 4%, and destroyed the Soviet Union (a feat liberals deny, to this day). They jumped up and down and stomped their feet at every one of his moves, but they were the RIGHT moves, which is why they angered them.

ARMING THE ENEMY: Why does Obama send billions of our tax dollars, and many guns and ammunition to the Islamic terrorists, who use them to kill Americans, along with everybody else? If a Republican did something like this, he would be impeached, immediately; before the sun went down. But not Obama. It doesn’t even make a ripple in the liberal media that he is “giving aid and comfort (and arms and money) to the ENEMY.” What’s WRONG with these people? Do they WANT the Islamic terrorists to win? Do they WANT to live under Sharia Law? With Obama, I think simply that HE is a Muslim, no matter how much he denies it. He is also a communist who was BORN to communists, raised by them, mentored by them, and communists and terrorists are his closest friends Is it any wonder this is how he thinks?

AND ANOTHER THING: Obama CLAIMS to be against Vladmir Putin’s  “taking over” in several different countries that USED to be Soviet countries before communism “collapsed” in Russia. But strangely, his feeble efforts do NOTHING to deter Putin. Is he in favor of Russia enlarging their “sphere of influence,” too? Is he PURPOSELY making only feeble little efforts to stop him that have no effect whatsoever? I think we have a bona-fide enemy in the White House, and we need to get him out of there as soon as possible.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

George Clooney "Off the Market"

Who cares? What is there about this guy that makes women go “ga-ga” over him? And in this world, how important IS that, compared to what’s happening in this world? I get very tired about good (and bad) news agencies wasting time on such unimportant things as whether one handsome (if stupid) man is engaged instead of just sleeping around. Damn! They’re being “set up” to spend time on such piffles instead of spending time on things Obama would rather we not talk about, and they don’t even think about it.

LURCH WARNS ISRAEL: As if Israel is the aggressor in the war between Islam and Israel, U. S. Secretary of State Kerry is “warning Israel” that they’d better “make peace” soon or risk becoming an “apartheid state.” How STUPID is Lurch? Does he not know there are more Muslims in Israel than Jews? When are people like Kerry going to learn it is NOT Israel’s fault Muslims are being killed (along with the Jews Muslims are killing)? You’d think somebody in his position would KNOW this. But obviously he doesn’t

AH DON’ NOW WHUT IT IS BUT A’M AGIN’ IT: That’s the answer one reporter got when he asked a man on the street about global warming. This shows the level of intelligence of most people who are for or against global warming without knowing anything about it—which describes most of them. Ah know what it is, and ah don’t believe a word of it. When are we going to get rid of this farce? Maybe when AlGore dies, along with all his acolytes.

KERRY “WON’T ALLOW IT”: “I will not allow my commitment to Israel to be questioned by anyone, particularly for partisan, political purposes, so I want to be crystal clear about what I believe and what I don't believe, Kerry said in a statement released by the State Department.” Well, I’M questioning it. What’s he gonna do, jail me? That fool couldn’t even get THAT done. Somebody needs to take him off his high horse. Before it throws him into the garbage where he belongs.

KERRY STILL DELUSIONAL: He still thinks Israel is the aggressor in the Israel/Palestinian fight, and that it is up to ISRAEL to “surrender.” It isn’t Israel that sends uncontrolled rocket bombs into Palestinian territory, it’s the other way around. If Canada did that to us, Canada would cease to exist after the first one. And so it should go for Palestinians. One Israel politician described Kerry as “experienced and knowledgeable.” Is HE delusional, too?

POLITICKING FOR MURDER: In Colorado, they’re “politicking” in FAVOR of killing babies for the “convenience” or the parents, who had sex WITHOUT a rubber. They’re “going after” Corey Garnder for being in FAVOR of a law to make baby killing a felony. And they think this is okay! What FOOLS they are! There’s nothing wrong with abortion to save lives, but not murder as a substitute for birth control. As to the product of rape or incest, ADOPTION doesn’t still a beating heart.

IS IT REALLY THAT IMPORTANT? Maybe Donald Sterling IS a racist. I don’t know. But who cares, really? Why should it be a subject for every TV show on cable AND broadcast TV? And every issue of print media? I, for one, am getting very TIRED of hearing about it. Maybe he is, and maybe he isn’t. The answer is just not important to me, and I wish they’d get off it. Same with that “ponied-up” Bundy racist charge.

Monday, April 28, 2014

He Can Go Straight to Hell

A Muslim IMAM, one Yasir Qadhi, a beneficiary of American education, said that it’s okay to steal the property and the lives of people who do not believe the exact same way HE does. By doing so, he reveals the basic reason behind the entire Muslim war on all other religions but Islam. For my part, somebody ought to stick a spear up his backside and twist it. Islam is NOT a religion. It IS a political system PRETENDING to be a religion for the benefits that gives them. People like him show their ignorance with such statements.

OBAMA WON’T SALUTE THE FLAG: Any president who won’t salute the flag of his own country should be removed immediately from office and barred from EVER running for elective office, OR being APPOINTED to any office in the future. What a FOOL we’ve been saddled with for eight years! There is NO WAY such a damned fool could have been elected except to STEAL both elections! But then, nobody has the gonads to do anything about him.

SOUNDS LIKE A LIBERAL: Walgreen’s hired a guy who REFUSES to sell their products. What should they do? As far as I’m concerned, FIRE him. When I hire a man, I expect him to follow my orders. If he doesn’t, he’s GONE before another minute goes by. Liberals don’t agree. They think I hire him for HIS benefit. WRONG!  If I hire ANYBODY, it’s for MY benefit. If he doesn’t do what I tell him, I don’t want him around, so he’s gone. Bye, bye! This happens a lot with Muslims. That’s a good reason not to hire Muslims. That’s not racism, it’s good sense. They’re more trouble than they’re worth.

DO I “HATE” OBAMA? I am asked today if I “hate” Obama as well as his policies. My answer is, “no.” I don’t “hate” Obama, I just have no use for him, OR his policies. His policies are destroying this country as I knew it in my lifetime. He is making of it a “Soviet style” collectivist country, and that infuriates me, so I will do everything in my limited power to stop him. But hate him? No. He’s not worth the effort to “hate” him.

THIS IS WHAT WE’RE FACING: This child attempted to read her Bible during a “free reading period” in her school, and her teacher took it away (confiscated it), thinking it “violated the “separation” principle. Teachers these days think that means NOTHING regarding religion should be ALLOWED in our schools. In actuality, it means the GOVERNMENT can make NO LAWS regarding religion or the practice thereof. How stupid ARE these teachers? They ALLOW the teaching about Islam, saying it’s “multiculturalism,” and can’t see the difference.

“END OPPRESSION OF MUSLIMS”: That’s what one Imam said to Obama while he was in Malaysia recently. I cannot BELIEVE the incredible STUPIDITY of Muslims to even SAY such a thing while their people are murdering, blowing up, and beheading so many people, many of them Americans! Muslims have a lot of GALL to even mouth such idiocy! Obama replied, “Pray for me.” Equal stupidity to ask a PHONY “holy man” to “pray for him.” If Muslim terrorists would stop murdering Americans, we’d stop “oppressing” them.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Iran On Human Rights Committee

Talk about bullcrap! Iran has one of the worst records for human rights excesses in the WORLD. But they’re now on the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations? The UN has done many things to discredit themselves in the world arena, but this like of thing is one of the worst things they can do. It’s like they want to “give the finger’ to nations who DO recognize and observe human rights.

HOW VA TREATS VETS: At least one VA hospital (and probably more) has two patient lists: one to publicize, making it LOOK like they have amazingly short waiting times (and on the basis of which people at the VA get BONUSES) and the other (secret list that reflects the REAL number of vets who are WAITING to see a doctor, some of which DIE while waiting. This is a top-down government-run medical service and you can SEE the future of the medical profession in America when Obama’s pipe dream (Obamacare) is fully in command.

TO PROTECT YOURSELF: A former Seal Team member tells us one of the BASIC things we need to know in order to protect ourselves. Dom Raso, who has killed many “bad guys,” puts it simply: “Get your nose out of your phone.” But it’s a little wider than that. It’s “spacial awareness.” Knowing what’s going on around you. Not everybody runs into power poles while walking and looking at their tiny screens while the crooks line up on them. But most people still pay no attention to what’s happening around them and are thus surprised when they’re accosted by criminals and robbed, beaten, and sometimes killed.

IT’S FUNNY TO ME: It seems funny to me that the owner of the Clippers, whose star players are ALL black, is a racist. But I don’t see how the liberal media could have “edited” the clip of him telling his then girlfriend he didn’t want her to bring any black people to his games. Maybe he just wants her to stay away from black guys. But naturally, the liberal media is going to use this to the hilt, to paint all America as racist. That’s their “thing.” It’s “fashionable” now to call as many people as possible racist, true or not.

PROFESSOR DESTROYS ANTI-GUN ARGUMENTS: In one fell swoop, he destroyed the anti-gun freaks’ arguments to keep school staff unarmed as a means to stop school shootings. Eric Diet, former homeland Security Director for Indiana, now a professor at Purdue found that just 10% of school staff and ONE armed security guard would significantly reduce the victims from school shootings. Time is of the most importance, and a shooter can kill many people while the cops are “on the way.”  But with armed staff, his time to kill before somebody shoots HIM is very limited. But will they listen? NO. They’ll ignore it.

AND OBAMA’S HELPING! Muslim terrorists are trying to create a Muslim-run political party in the United States so they can “have a say” in the working of their ENEMY’S government. And the PRESIDENT of that government is helping! What would you have thought if the Nazis had tried to start a political party in the United States during the Second World war? That’s in effect, what Obama is doing. Helping the ENEMY. That should be an IMPEACHABLE offense. But nobody is going to try it. Nobody has the guts.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sorry, Folks

I had to bury my wife of 40 plus years yesterday and I was sick all day in the bargain, starting at 3 AM. I just didn’t feel up to working.

WHY DO WE DO IT? The other day, THREE American doctors who went over to Afghanistan as VOLUNTEERS to help the Afghan people were shot and killed by one of their GUARDS, who were employed to PROTECT them. That raises the question: why do we bother? The Afghan people don’t seem to appreciate our efforts in the first place, and their very GUARDS murder them while they’re trying to help. So why do we BOTHER? You simply can’t trust a Muslim, so why try to help them in any way?

BUNDY NOW FIGHTING RACISM LABEL: They couldn’t take his land away by a frontal attack so now they’re coming at him from behind. The so-called “quote” disparaging blacks that was printed in the New York Times was made up out of whole cloth (Done so by "cherry picking" what he DID say). He said something that sounded similar, commiserating with those who are “slaves” to the welfare system, black or white. Nobody heard it but that one “reporter.” And it’s working. Bundy is now devoting his time to denying racism while the government is still working “behind the scenes” to rip him off while he has his attention diverted fighting the racism label. And now they’ve even gotten to his supporters. It’s a scam that never fails.

PEELOSI WANTS POWER: She was urged by her mother to become a nun, but she refused because nuns have no POWER and priests do. If she could have, she would have become a priest. But church rules prohibited it, so she went into politics instead. Next best thing. Now she’s the MINORITY leader in the House, which just doesn’t suit her. She has tasted the power that goes with being the MAJORITY leader and she wants it back, no matter what she has to do or how many lies she must tell to get there.

PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS: I know it doesn’t seem fair to people who want to live at the expense of others, but forcing insurance carriers to cover you for a condition you already have is WELFARE, not insurance, and is a guarantor of failure for them. Picture this: your doctor diagnoses you with incurable cancer. You have no health insurance for that. So you go out and buy some, and all those expensive treatments you will require are paid for—by someone else. To those who realize they won’t be able to cover such things forever and stay in business, that’s common sense and logic. To those who just want a “free ride,” it’s something they think they're OWED.

DYNASTY AGAINST DYNASTY: The 2016 election is shaping up to be a fight between the Bush dynasty and the Clinton dynasty. So no matter who wins, we lose, anyway. Each family has produced many successful politicians and on the Clinton side, they have all been liberals and socialist-leaning all the way.  On the Bush side, not so much, but they AREN’T conservatives; not by a long shot. So either way, the American people are the losers in the game. Unless we can find a Republican OR a Democrat who is NOT leaning towards socialism and a “New World Order,” as the (now) senior Bush once promoted. If we could just overcome the liberal efforts to discredit our best people, such as Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, Allan West, and a few others, maybe we could get something done to carry us further from the cliff edge.

THEY DON’T PAY THEIR OWN TAXES! The IRS has paid millions of dollars in “bonuses” to IRS employees, many of whom haven’t paid their OWN taxes, much like their boss, the Secretary of the Treasury (Tim Geithner). I guess that’s the rule, now. If you’re in the business of taking money away from citizens, they don’t look too hard at YOUR tax returns—if you do, indeed, file any). Geithner “apologized” for not paying his taxes, but that didn’t stop him from being confirmed as Treasury Secretary, nor was he ever punished for it.. Just as non-payment of their taxes didn’t stop many IRS employees from getting their “bonuses” for just “showing up.”

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Rats Leaving A Sinking Ship

Democrats are running from Obama as hard as they can. 67% of Democrats oppose Obamacare. They’re trying as best they can to DIVORCE themselves from Obama and all his works for a good reason. Standing beside Obama will get them hit by whatever hits Obama. They will be collateral damage” and they want to minimize that as much as possible. So they try and minimize their connection with him. someties by saying Obamacare is not what they voted for, today. But that isn't enough. They need to divorce themselves from EVERYTHING he has done to destroy America.

MUSLIMS DENOUNCE 9/11 MEMORIAL: And its ACCURATE portrayal of what happened. So what? Who the hell cares what the Muslims think? They CREATED the 9/11 atrocity and we should listen to their appraisal of our description of it? Boy, these Muslim terrorists have a lot of GALL! Maybe we should just shoot the ones who complain. Then they wouldn’t complain any more. That’s what they’d do to us in a country THEY control if we complained about ANYTHING. Or they’d behead us.

CLOONEY LOVES OBAMA: And he won’t “sit at the same table with someone who insults him.” That’s what he said when he threw a “hissy fit” over hotel tycoon Steven Wynn calling Obama an “a-shole.” He ended up “dropping an ‘F bomb’ as he left.” Real classy guy. But who cares what a fool like Clooney thinks? Obviously, he has his “rose-colored glasses” firmly in place when he looks in Obama’s direction. He can’t see how Obama is WRECKING this country. Or if he does, he doesn’t care; in which case, he’s a fool. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t watch ANYTHING he’s in.

YOU CAN’T TRUST A MUSLIM: To be anything but a Muslim. In Afghanistan, they hire Muslims for their security services who are SUPPOSED to protect people. But then one turns out to be a terrorist and it is too late for THREE DOCTORS whom he kills. Doctors he is supposed to be PROTECTING. Somebody should have shot and killed HIM as soon as he did it. It’s the only thing Muslim terrorists understand. There’s a prominent sign saying “No Guns” in two languages at the entrance to that hospital, but that, as usual, didn’t stop the shooting because the gun was in the hand of those PROTECTING the doctors.

WHY KEEP CALLING US RACISTS? Liberals call us racists rather than answer the very REAL questions we ask. That’s their way of ignoring the problems they have created and which we ask them about. The fact is, Democrats have ALWAYS been the racists. They CREATED the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) to stop blacks and Jews from being able to vote. They OPPOSED the “Civil Rights Act,” which was a REPUBLICAN measure. Top DEMOCRATS in Congress have been former KKK high-ranking members. Martin Luther King battled DEMOCRATS in his marches. “Jim Crow” was a Democrat. And they DARE to call US racists!

WHY DOES GOD ALLOW BAD THINGS TO HAPPEN? A lot of people ask that question, and I know the answer. I am not big on organized religion, but in my early years is DID read a Bible in my study of ALL religions to find SOMETHING that runs through all of them. If people would actually READ the Bible instead of just "scanning" it to find something to support wehat they do, they might know this. What I found was that God does NOT “control” what happens here. He’s like the cops. He “cleans up afterwards.” He gave us “free will” and that includes being able to do bad things as well as good. I believe in a “superior intelligence” that organizes this complicated universe. I’d be a fool not to. But my idea of what form it takes might not be the same as yours.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Obama To Bail Out Detroit?

I predicted it, and I was right. Obama wants to give Detroit $100 million dollars to “bail them out.” Just like a previous president did to bail out New York City, another Democrat-run city that went bankrupt. You’d think they’d learn, but they don’t, as long as other Democrats still have (or can print) some money. This is how it works. They spend all the money, go bankrupt, and other liberals give them a bunch of OUR money to bail them out, and they go right on spending more and more money to prop up fools who don’t want to work for a living.

“HATERS”: That’s what liberals call anyone who disagrees with ANY of their “giveaway” policies. If we object to our money being taken to provide for people who have been on welfare for several generations, they call us ”racists” because a majority of those people are black or Hispanic. If we don’t want to support women who have many babies because each one is worth a lot of welfare money to them, they call us “sexist,” and “woman-haters.” And it works—with many people. But not with me. I call it what it is, and to hell with the “PC Police.” They can go pound sand.

FAILURE—RAISING TAXES: Continuously raising taxes sends a message the liberals don’t want to send. It says, “We’re incompetent to spend your money wisely, so we need more of it.” So they spend ALL their time trying to figure out how to take more and more money away from us to give to people who refuse to support themselves and depend on the government for the money to live. This is how socialism works: “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED,” making “need” a DEMAND on YOUR earnings.

ARE WE DUMB, OR WHAT? We (not me) keep electing people like Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Peelosi, and Bill Clinton to high office. Now Hillary Clinton is said to have a GOOD chance to become president in the next election. I guess it’s because the “drones” of society have become a MAJORITY, and each one has a vote, which they use to “keep the goodies” coming. One day the “goodies” will run out, and society will die until some intelligent people become the majority and elect some COMPETENT people to office. Then they can start it all over again.

ANIMALS MORE IMPORTANT THAN PEOPLE? That seems to be true today as out government displaces PEOPLE in favor of a “snail darter” or an “endangered turtle.” They can put you in JAIL for accidentally running over a “jumping mouse” while plowing your fields. Who put such people in charge? We did (not me). As long as we keep putting such people in charge, we will continue to suffer under such stupidity. There’s even a name for them. We call them LIBERALS and we need to get RID of every one of them.

DAMN, I HOPE SO!  Roll Call’s Stu Rothenberg predicted that Mark Udall would LOSE to Corey Gardner in the next election. I certainly HOPE so. I’ve been watching the scurrilous ads he has been running against Gardner while IGNORING the FACTS provided by Gardner against HIM. One ad in particular involved a pretty girl and made some serious charges. His response? Tell us she was an ACTRESS (ignoring the actresses in his own ads) while IGNORING the facts she raised. Not to mention the fact he said categorically he would vote AGAIN for Obamacare. Which should LOSE him the election tight there.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Islam--Fastest-Growing "Religion?"

What? Islam isn’t even a religion! It’s a political system PRETENDING to be a religion for the benefits it gives them. It’s growing only by the violence with which it threatens people in the “Third World” who don’t know any better. They seek out simple people who will be susceptible to their preposterous teachings. In countries they control, they do everything they can to KEEP people ignorant because the ignorant are their best recruits. They threaten (and sometimes KILL) ANYBODY who tells the truth about them. They attack and MURDER Christians and members of other religions. When elections occur that might go against them, they bomb polling places and murder voters.

GORE’S GETTING DESPERATE:  He sees his income from his swindle diminishing. He’s now calling his critics names. That’s the usual liberal fallback when they’re questioned and can’t answer the questions. Just call the questioners names and ignore the questions. Now he calls “global warming deniers” Immoral, unethical, and despicable. He can’t answer what they say, so he merely calls them names. Global warming (and its new name, climate change, given it because the old one didn’t work any more) has been DIS-proven so many ways you’d think he’d just “fold his tent and go home.” But he’s not smart enough.

CLIMATE CHANGE MEANS NOTHING: AlGore continues to cite “strange” changes in the weather as proof that he is right. But those “changes” actually mean NOTHING to his swindle. Yes, there ARE some “strange happenings” in the weather these days. But MAN has NOTHING to do with it. It’s an “ego trip” to even THINK man could do ANYTHING about it, for good OR bad. Man cannot change the weather, for good OR evil. He’s just collecting the bucks by insisting man CAN do something to change the weather.

IGNORE HARRY REID: He’s not worth worrying about. Whenever he gets in a “tight spot,” he just “makes it up.” He LIES. And when his lies are shown to BE lies, he just goes right on as if it never happened. Sometimes he even “doubles down” and repeats the lie, with embellishments, and DARES anybody to disbelieve him. A lot like Obama does, but not as well. People are “onto him” and know not to believe anything he says, so his lies don’t do him any good, any more.

DEM CHAIR IS LOONEY: Democrat Party Chairman Debbie Wasseran Schultz says this mid-term election will NOT be about Obama. As usual, nobody will tell us what she’s been smoking. She’s so obviously out of touch with America we can’t depend on Anything she says to be anything but a LIE. The main reason Ovomit keeps her in that job is that she never minds telling such absolutely STUPID lies. Maybe she believes them, I don't know. she is THAT stupid.

COMEDY RELIEF: Maybe we’re trying to divert Putin’s attention from his “takeover” of the Ukraine with comedy. That’s what it is whenever we send “Ol’ Joe” into a conflict. People are soon so out of breath from laughter at his antics and stupid gaffes they forget what they’re doing. Yeah, that must be it. I can’t think of any other reason to send this fool into what amounts to a “war zone.” Maybe Obama thinks he can get rid of him that way.

Monday, April 21, 2014

"Most Transparent"

Jay Carney, Obama’s chief of coverup operations, actually SAID, “This is the most transparent administration ever.” Does he really expect intelligent people to believe that crap? It’s like looking at a turd and saying ?”That floor is clean.” I can’t believe he actually SAID that when he KNOWS this is the most SECRETIVE administration in the history of the country. He must think we are a bunch of fools, and that makes HIM the worst fool around.

REID: THEY’RE TERRORISTS: That’s how he refers to the “friends and neighbors” of the Bundy family, who forced his thugs to “back off” on THEIR terrorism in Nevada. Harry’s son stands to profit handsomely from the “sun power sites” he plans on building on Bundy’s grazing land. The REAL terrorists in the plot are the BLM. They came in and ran his cattle off, killing many of them and burying them in huge, unmarked graves that will be found later. they also killed a bunch of the turtles they SAY they are "defending." THAT”S terrorism. Defending your land is NOT. Harry has again shown himself to be a fool.

LAW AGAINST CRITICISM: In Sweden, you soon will no longer be able to criticize politicians for being incompetent, or even stupid. “A new law will come into effect in Sweden after Christmas 2014, that will allow people to be prosecuted for criticizing immigration or politician’s unwillingness to tackle the issue.” Can prohibition of criticism of Islam be far away in a country that is ALMOST an “Islamic Republic?” And the people allowed it. Can a generalized law against ANY kind of criticism of a government employee be far behind? I’m sure Obama is eying a similar law in America, in spite of our Constitution. He ignores it every day, anyway.

GOVT HIRED HIT MEN: According to former Arizona Sheriff Mack, who was THERE, there were “private contractors” there working for the government, who were SNIPERS. Luckily, the government didn’t give them permission to “take the shot” and kill any of the demonstrators, who were there to protect the property of that rancher in the face of a concerted attack by his government. They had a better idea: back off for now and come at him later, when all those good people were gone.

WILL OBAMA APPROVE KEYSTONE? Doubtful. He doesn’t want ANYTHING to happen that might make us less dependent on foreign oil. And the Keystone Pipeline wound not only do that, it will create thousands of jobs in the bargain—something else he doesn’t want. If that happened, he couldn’t claim so many “hungry people” as his excuse to enslave you. Keystone is NOT an “environmental disaster,” as 85,000 environmental extremists are ready to demonstrate against it say if he approves it.

75,000 PAGE TAX CODE: Does ANYBODY understand it? Even the people tasked with enforcing it? I don’t think so. Especially since 53% of the answers taxpayers get on asking them of the IRS itself. And the IRS won’t even NOT punish a taxpayer who gets in trouble by BELIEVING them. Going on the WORD of an IRS person is NOT a “stay out of jail free card” if you accept his/her word.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Patriots: "Domestic Terrorists"

Senate Majority Leader (for a while, yet) Harry Reid calls the people who came to Nevada to help defend Bundy against the terrorism of the federal government over some unpaid grazing fees they SAY he owes, “domestic terrorists.” Harry seems not to know what a terrorist IS. A terrorist is one who kills innocent people to make a political point. That perfectly describes the federal government of the United States in this case—NOT Bundy’s supporters. And the CHIEF terrorist is Harry Reid, himself. Harry should shut his mouth because every time he opens it, a lot of crap comes tumbling out. Only by the grace of God did the feds not kill anybody--yet.

“DOMESTIC TERRORISTS”: It must be nice to be so cocky you can send armed federal agents onto a ranch and rustle a man’s cattle, CLAIMING he owes you money, then calling him and his friends who rush to his defense “domestic terrorists.” Who the hell does Harry Reid think he is? It is HIS PEOPLE who are the “domestic terrorists” in this scene. Bundy and his people are merely defending his property from thugs with badges. Obama is just as bad. He calls people ”racists” just for disagreeing with him. That's about as cocky as it gets. It must be nice to think you have the right to label people.

WHO KILLED OUR SPACE PROGRAM? Who gave the order for NASA to stop sending rocket ships into space?  Then we went out of the space business and now we depend on Russia and NSA is now in the “global warming swindle” business. What the hell?  Russia got there first, but just barely. We got there later, but our ships were smaller and better. Their ships were big and blocky. Ours were small and sleek. They learned from us  and theirs became smaller and sleeker, while we went out of the space business. Who's responsible for that idiocy?

SLAP IN THE FACE: In Istanbul, Pakistan, Muslims have renamed a library for Osama bin Laden. They say, “To us, he was a hero of Islam.” And these are NOT Islamic terrorists speaking. It is “mainstream Muslims.” He is a “hero of Islam” for masterminding the murder of 3,000 innocent Americans at the World Trade Center in New York City. Which means they APPROVE of his terrorism. To me, that means ALL Muslims are suspect, and are to be scorned and watched carefully everywhere they go.

CONTROLLING YOUR WORDS: Liberals want to be able to control your every word in the future (tomorrow and beyond) because everything you say is “hate speech” of SOME kind. For instance: just mentioning that Hillary Clinton is going to be a grandmother is “ageist” and “sexist” because she’s getting old and she's a woman. Never mind it is the truth, you’re not allowed to SAY it. And this is only ONE place where they want to control what you can say. Calling it “hate speech” is their con. And it’s only gonna get worse. For my part, it’s a bunch of baloney and I won’t participate. I will say what I think is right, and the PC Police be damned.

WRONG WAY TO DO IT: Yes, Bundy may have refused to pay his grazing fees to the feds because he thinks they should be paid to the STATE. He could be right, and he could be wrong. But that’s no reason to send militarily armed men onto his range to rustle his cattle and threaten him and his friends with DEATH if they object. The legal way to do it is to take him to COURT. But the feds like to BULLY people. Unfortunately for them, this time THEY got bullied.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

15,000 New IRS Agents

What does Obamacare mean to you? A complete breakdown of the medical profession AND the health insurance profession. And it means 15,000 NEW IRS agents to hound you if you neither buy Obama’s “pig in a poke” insurance nor have paid the FINE for not doing so. And does anybody think those 15,000 people will confine their efforts to collecting that fine? If you do, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you.

THESE ARE OBAMA’S “PEACEFUL” MUSLIMS: These are the “rebels” in Syria Obama is supporting with YOUR tax dollars. The people he claims are only trying to take their country back. But they’re going around the country killing and beheading people, carrying around their “trophies” in their cars or laying the bodies out with a bunch of severed heads alongside them. This is what it means to be “targeted” by extremist Muslims. And YOUR PRESIDENT is paying for it all!

MUSLIMS WANT PROTECTION AGAINST THEMSELVES: They’re applying for grants from DHS for “security against terrorists.” But who are the ONLY terrorists out there? “The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is urging mosques and Islamic institutions nationwide to consider applying for funds available through the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS)  (NSGP). The program is designed to assist nonprofit organizations that are vulnerable to terrorist attacks with procuring and installing security equipment to enhance safety.” And with the fools we have in DC now, they’ll probably get it.

ISLAMAPHOBIA: THE PHONY MALADY: There’s an easy way to kill all criticism of you or your crimes. Just create a word (like Islamaphobia) and make it popular by repeated use. Just use it every time somebody criticizes your crimes or stupid moves and soon people will FEAR criticizing you so they won’t be accused of it, whatever it is. That’s what Muslim terrorists are doing. Calling ANY criticism of their murders and beheadings “Islamaphobia” so those pesky people will stop telling the TRUTH about them. The same works for Obama. Anybody who criticizes him, in any way, for anything, gets labeled a “racist.”

YOU’RE CHRISTIAN—YOU CAN’T COME IN: That’s almost what happened to a pro-family Christian speaker who speaks on abortion issues AGAINST ABORTION when he tried to enter Canada to make a speech. It took them several hours to go through his laptop and all of his luggage before FINALLY allowing him to enter the country. It seems it’s very suspicious for ANYBODY to be against baby murder in Canada. And they don’t have a First Amendment like we do. They can put you in PRISON for speaking your mind, even if true. Don’t EVER go there! (WND)

THE HATE SPEECH SCAM: Obama wants to be able to shut people up like they do in Canada, but he is restricted by the Constitution, specifically the First Amendment. A ban on “hate speech” would create a SUBJECTIVE law, depending on the law enforcement person involved as to just what CONSTITUTES “hate speech.” For instance: if you say ANYTHING against gays and the enforcer is in favor of gays, you’re guilty. Same if you speak against Muslim terrorism. To a Muslim THAT is “hate speech.” They get the laws made to punish people who speak the truth about them by CALLING it hate speech.

THERE IS NO RECOVERY: Democrats like to insist there IS a “recovery,” however slow it might be. But the numbers don’t back them up. Unemployment numbers are still high, even though they DO “seem to” be coming down a BIT, through no longer counting those who have “given up” ever finding a job and have LEFT the job market. The Stock Exchange is “going great guns” because Obama is counterfeiting BILLIONS of dollars and investing in the stock market, which “props it up” and makes it SEEM like it is prospering.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Reid's "Hate Speech"

Liberals like to decry what they regard as “hate speech (which us usually telling the truth about them),” but tend to ignore the real thing when it is spouted by their own leaders. Like Senate Majority Leader (for a little while, yet) Harry Reid saying that the defenders at the Bundy Ranch were “terrorists” while the REAL terrorists on the scene are all wearing badges of some kind. They really think that all they have to do is CALL us “terrorists” and people will believe it and react as if it were true. What FOOL this guy is. He needs to be sent back to Nevada with his tail between his legs. We’ll let him keep the millions he has conned out of people using his position.

BLOOMBERG’S PIPE DREAM: He’s spending $50 million dollars to start an organization he hopes will “crush” the NRA (National Rifle Association). He’s a FOOL. His outfit is based on the FALLACY that you can reduce gn violence by DISARMING the entire populace. But such laws as he envisions only disarm HONEST people who DO obey laws. Not CRIMINALS, who do NOT.

LIBERALS HATE TORTURE: Liberals think we shouldn’t use ANY sort of torture on captured terrorists. Not even that mildly discomfort-providing form called “waterboarding.”. But why? If Islamic terrorists capture an American, he’ll be lucky to escape with his head still on his shoulders. At the very least he’ll lose his fingernails and probably his toenails and be crippled for life after they get finished with him. If it's a woman, she'll be raped by all and sundry present. But liberals still think we should treat these savages with “kid gloves” because they could use it as a “recruiting tool.” Frankly, I don’t care how many recruits they get. That just means we need more bullets to kill them with.

HOLDER’S RACIST OPERATIONS: He recently brought charges against a white man who killed an old black man with one punch in a :knockout game attack while IGNORING a multitude of “black-on-white” attacks that are similar because they “are my people.” This is racism personified, and the media ignores it. Just as Congress has done nothing about his contempt charge.

THE NEXT CLINTON PRESIDENT CANDIDATE: He /she hasn’t even been born yet, but I predict he/she will be put forward as a presidential candidate when he/she gets old enough (unless they change the Constitution so he/she can run earlier). They hope they can continue the Clinton dynasty that long. I’m thankful I will not live long enough to see it. Just remember

THE DEBATE IS OVER! GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL! What a damned fool statement to have come out of the mouth of a president of the United States. The debate is NOT over! Global warming is NOT real! It has been disproved in so many ways I’m surprised he even ATTEMPTS to promote it. But then he’s so stupid, he doesn’t realize how stupid that sounds coming from him. But he lies every day so nobody’s surprised.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hunger In America

HUNGER IN AMERICA: There are two Basic causes of “hunger in America.” One, people using drugs and making themselves unemployable, therefore unable to buy food; and two, Obama’s policies causing massive unemployment. If you aren’t working, you don’t have money; thus, you go hungry. It’s as simple as that. In the most prosperous country in the world, there should NOT be ANY hunger. But this government has CREATED a hunger problem by its misguided, incompetent and stupid policies. But liberal politicians WANT there to be hunger in America so they can create even more policies to “cure the problem” THEY created, but which only make it worse.

“SAVE OUR SOLDIERS”: Rep Steve Stockman, a Republican from Texas (Who else and where else? The Democrats would never think of this) has introduced H. R. 3139, “The Safe Military Bases Act,” a law to reverse Clinton’s misguided order to disarm soldiers on military bases and make them easy targets for crazy killers. This bill should be passed without delay to save our heroes from fools with guns.

WHEN DID RUSTLING BECOME LEGAL? When the government started doing it. They CLAIM they’re just taking the cattle to defray the money Bundy hadn’t paid for “grazing rights” in recent years. WITHOUT a court order. That’s rustling, pure and simple. Ranchers used to handle that with a rope and a tree. But now the government is doing it, it becomes a little more complicated. You can't lynch federal agents without trouble.

BLOOMBERG THINKS HE’S RIGHT: He’s ready to spend $50 million dollars to make anti-gun laws that don’t work. He says he simply wants to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them. How does he think he can do that with criminals selling guns out of the trunks of their cars in a back alley somewhere? It’s an exercise in futility. Punish USE of guns in crime. Not people who need them for defending themselves while you go around in a “bubble” of gun-toting thugs surrounding you while you deny us the same right to self-defense.

IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN: Only this time it’s not the Nazis doing it. It’s the Russians. The communists. And let no one tell you Russia today is NOT communist. “Communism collapsing” in Russia is a MYTH. Putin is one of the old communists and is running things there the same way as the communists did, He is now in the act of “annexing” (otherwise known as “taking over”) the Ukraine, and let no one tell you he isn’t. And now the “Ukrainian (interim) government” is telling Jews they must “register” as Jews or face deportation. Is this the first move in a new holocaust?

WHAT’S NEXT FOR BUNDY? The feds want us to THINK they have “given up” on collecting the million dollars THEY SAY Bundy owes them for grazing rights. They want us to think they have abandoned that “endangered” turtle” (The same scam they used in Russia with that phony “collapse” of communism that put us to sleep). Harry Reid STILL wants the land for his sun power stations so his son can make more millions. They LEFT, to make the Bundy neighbors and others who came to help “give up and go home.” Then they’ll come back and do a “pre-dawn raid” on the ranch house (while they hold military superiority) and either take Bundy into “custody” to hold for ransom, or KILL him if he resists. Then they’ll go to court and STILL collect from his widow.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Biden: Comedy Relief

I don’t know why they ever let Joe Biden make a speech. He so often says STUPID things and the liberal media yawns. Maybe it’s because they know we need a laugh that they put him out there to say all those stupid things. Maybe it’s just to draw attention to his gaffes and keep our minds off of Obama’s bungles and crimes. Whatever, he makes Dan Quayle look like a paragon of intelligence.

WHY ARE THEY ARMED? The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and members of The Forest Service are armed like cops or even soldiers. Why? I guess it’s just preparation to take over private property by FORCE as they ATTEMPTED to do on the Bundy ranch where they actually RUSTLED his cattle, right before many eyes. But they were ARMED federal agents. 100 years ago they’d have been “rounded up” themselves, and HUNG on the spot. But today, they’re “federal agents” so stopping them from STEALING a man’s cattle would get you a long prison sentence. they failed at that.But they'll be back after the neighbors are gone with a dawn raid and maybe kill Bundy.

BACKGROUND CHECKS “RACIST”: What a bunch of damned FOOLS these Democrat politicians are! How they figure that is beyond any kind of imagining. They just SAY it. They can’t prove it, but that makes no difference to them; they figure if they say it often enough, people will believe it. But they forget one thing: the term, “racist” has been so overused, it is MEANINGLESS now. People just laugh at them when they make that claim.

AMERICANS: “99% POOR, 1% RICH: What a LOAD of bullsh-t THAT is! It completely ignores the “normal,” hard-working people who have enough money to live their lives the way they want to. People who have homes, cars (sometimes several),television sets, (sometimes several), and many of the other things “poor people” just don’t have. Indeed, our “poor” would be considered RICH in most REALLY poor countries. Such as the one where Obama’s brother lives in a hut on a dollar a day.

TOUGH SH-T! The New York Times commiserates with the surviving Boston bomber having to live separated from everybody else, where he can not even PRAY with others. Sorry about that! He should have thought of that before he blew up the Boston Marathon. Does he (and the New York Times) think we really CARE about how he suffers? Poor baby! Maybe if he hadn’t killed and injured a bunch of innocent people for his own purposes, he might even still be free. Maybe he should have thought about that BEFOREhand.

OBAMACARE NOT LOGICAL: I don’t know what Obama and his accomplices are thinking. He says what he’s doing is to “help people who CAN’T AFFORD IT get health insurance at a lower cost.” So he makes a plan that is “one size fits all,” benefits many who don’t need that, costs the insured TWICE to THREE TIMES as much as their old plan with a multi-thousand dollar deductible making it USELESS, and FORCES them to “sign up” for it or pay a FINE if they don’t. What part of “can’t afford it” does he not understand? If they can’t afford what they HAVE, how can they afford HIS plan? OR pay a fine without even GETTING health care insurance? This is not logical. But then, when has ANY liberal EVER BEEN LOGICAL?

SIGNAL: “WE LOST”: You can always tell when a politician cannot say anything more in his own defense when he says, “Let’s put this behind us.” That’s what they always say when they’ve been caught with their hand in the cookie jar and can’t answer the “uncomfortable questions” that arise from it. A secondary meaning is, “We just hope you’ll ignore our scandal.” Or they can use the Obama model: “These are just a bunch of phony scandals.”

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Both Ends of the Horse

Race whore Al Sharpton has been “outed” as an FBI “snitch.” Why is anybody surprised? He is known to be a confidante of mobsters, who helped him extort lots of money from innocent corporations who were threatened with accusations of racism if they didn’t “contribute” to his “charities,” which he controls, absolutely. The mob may put a horse’s head in his bed in retaliation, which is proper. That way there’ll be both ends of the horse there; him being the other end.

WHAT PART DON’T THEY UNDERSTAND? What part of “We need their oil” don’t oil haters understand? Liberals just aren’t logical. They think they should destroy the oil industry without ever THINKING about what would come next WITHOUT oil. Without oil, most of civilization (which has become used to oil) would collapse. We would go back to the 1800s, where we used Conestoga wagons and lots of horses, including their droppings for transportation and the roads we confidently drive on with the cars that would become nonexistent, would crumble. We would have to go back to using whale oil (oil?) to even have light at night. We eliminated many fires by no longer having to use open flames for light, which would come back and destroy property and kill people.

“THOSE RACIST REPUBLICANS!” That’s a common theme among Democrats, completely IGNORING the fact that, historically, DEMOCRATS have been the racists. They opposed the “civil rights act.” It was a DEMOCRAT named “Jim Crow” that was the nemesis for Martin Luther King and his marches. Many Democrats in CONGRESS, like Sen. Robert Byrd and Albert Gore Sr., among others, are ALL Democrats. I guess it’s the Nazi PR man’s system of “telling a lie and telling it often” at work, here. I’m waiting for a Democrat to call ME a racist. I’ll slap him down before he can get it out of his pie hole.

PROCLAIMING YOUR OWN STUPIDITY: "I'd do it again!" That’s what Colorado Senator Mark Udall said when asked if he regretted voting for Obama’s health care swindle law, “The Affordable Care Act,” better known as “Obamacare,” or “Obama’s folly.” Some people just NEVER learn. I predict that will be the statement that ruins any career he might have had, having infamously voted for that abortion.

HILLARY IS VERY COMPETENT: She is so competent that she LOST $6 BILLION dollars during her tenure as Secretary of State. Gone! Poof! Never to be found! That’s in addition to presiding over the MURDERS of four embassy people in Bengazi, Libya while Holder was “running guns” to Mexican bandits (drug cartels) and Obama was doing the same to Syrian terrorists/rebels. They say she accomplished nothing, but they’re wrong. She accomplished much, but all of it was BAD for America. And they want her for PRESIDENT? Stupid people abound. All Democrats.

STUPID PEOPLE: Aside from many voters, there are many other stupid people in this world. Like the guy who shot up TWO Jewish centers and wasn’t able to kill any Jewish people. Then there are the TWO people who shot up a military base (Ft, Hood).  Then there’s the guy who tried to open the door of an airplane mid-flight, which would have been instant death for him, and maybe for everybody on the plane. The problem with stupid people is, they have no idea they ARE stupid, and most think they’re the smartest people around. They’re that cocky. A lot of them are politicians. Mostly Democrats, but many of them “limousine liberal” Republicans.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Selective "News"

What’s most important to the three major news sources, ABC, NBC, CBS? Hillary’s six-year-old answer to a question about how she wanted to be addressed when she was president. Meanwhile, Congress referring Lois Lerner for a felony contempt citation to DOJ was ignored entirely, except for Fox, which devoted an entire story to it. And they say Fox lies, while THEY are the only ones who tell the truth. Yeah, right! MAYBE the liberal media tells the truth, IF they cover it at all! Meanwhile, ABC “doubles down” on a Republican scandal while ignoring Democrat scandals completely. Go figure. Did someone say, “dishonest coverage?”

THE PAYOFF DIDN’T WORK: Obama has been dangling a big payoff in the faces of educators nationally to accept and use “Common Core,” which represents a federal takeover of our schools—which is unconstitutional. But as people become aware of just what Common Core really is, they start “picking it apart” and telling him that, in spite of the bribe he's offering, they want no part of it. And the trend is becoming more and more prevalent as time goes along. Of course, once you take the money, it becomes harder and harder to get out of it, which means there’s going to be a BIG fight about it, and soon. It’s a brainwashing plan and nobody (who knows what it’s about) wants anything to do with it.

THE FOX “INVESTIGATES” THE HEN HOUSE: Congress just sent a referral to the Department of “Justice”  (DOJ) for contempt of Congress against Lois Lerner for her actions in ordering harassment and delays for all conservative organizations seeking tax-free status and refusing to answer questions about it.. The IRS is under the DOJ in the first place, so that means they are “investigating” THEMSELVES. Do you think they will EVER come back with a meaningful finding against Lerner?

TIME AFTER TIME: A man who has numerous arrests for DUI caused an accident that KILLED a least one child in a day care center in Florida. Why was this man still allowed to drive? Why wasn’t he in prison as a “serial offender?” It’s an old story, and one I’ve seen happen TWICE in recent years, just in the Denver area. This is a problem that needs solving, but will our politicians solve it? Doubtful.

JAILING CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS: Some of the people pushing climate change (formerly called global warming before they discovered the globe wasn’t warming) want to put “climate change deniers” in PRISON. I guess they think it’s a crime to disagree with their pipe dreams. They have no more arguments to use without repeating their lies, so now they just want to “shut us up.” Liberals are that way. When they run out of arguments (usually in the first 30 seconds) they just want to get rid of us, the quickest way they can.

THE “FINAL SCORE”: Ovomit says Sebilius is the reason that, after a “rocky start,” they now have the “final score” on Obamacare. But do we? And IS she responsible? Obama said so, so it’s doubtful. And we haven’t seen the “final score” yet. Not even CLOSE. The “final score” will be seen when Obamacare is just a “distant memory,” one we will want to forget. He thinks 7.5 million people “signed up” (if they did) because they LIKED Obamacare. They didn’t; they signed up because they didn’t want to get fined for NOT signing up.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Iowa Gets A Tank

This is how Obama is making an army out of local cops. This vehicle, given by the feds to a city of 1500 people in Iowa, not the most “crime-ridden” place in the country, is literally a TANK. What the HELL does a tiny town like that need with such equipment? Just the cost of UPKEEP would be more than their yearly budget for equipment. They probably have two cop cars. Just imagine what kind of ordinance they’re giving Chicago!

KISSING WIFE OF FRIEND: Louisiana Republicans are calling for the resignation of Rep. Vance McAllister because he was seen kissing the wife of a friend. So what? Should we demand Obama’s resignation because he was seen today kissing TWO “wives of friends? He kissed BOTH Kathleen Sebilius and her replacement at the press conference to announce her “resignation” AND the appointment of her successor. So what’s the big deal in Louisiana? Oh, right: he’s a Republican.

WHO CARES WHAT BERTHA THINKS? Bertha Lewis, former CEO of the now defunct and discredited “ACORN” organization (now broken up and re-established under a hundred different names), says that Republicans and other amnesty supporters want “apartheid” in America. And why should we believe anything she says? She was CEO of an organization we KNOW was faking votes for Obama, among other things. So her saying ANYTHING is like hearing the wind in the trees. It means NOTHING.

GOP: “TEA PARTY NOT HELPING US”: Surprise, surprise! Isn’t that the whole thing? The Tea Party was started as a direct RESULT of the Republicans “not helping’ Americans put a stop to Obama’s crap. NOT to “help Republicans,” who weren’t doing anything worthwhile. To REPLACE them and get something DONE.  What disturbs “limousine Republicans” is that they ARE getting things done while THEY (GOP) aren’t.

"TRUST" THE IRS? They SAY people “trust” the IRS and that trust becomes lost in the Lois Lerner controversy. What a bunch of poppycock! NOBODY “trusts” the IRS. They FEAR them because they seem to have no constitutional limits on what they can do. If they figure you owe something to them, they can TAKE your money out of your bank account with NO court intervention. If you don’t like that, you can go into the “IRS Court,” which THEY control, absolutely—AFTER you pay what they SAY you owe. If you lose there (and you will) THEN you can go to a regular court, if you have enough money left after they’ve taken it all. And even if you win (doubtful), it'll take an act of Congress to get paid the money back.

LOIS LERNER HELD IN CONTEMPT: So let’s see how much that affects her life. I’d bet not much, if Eric Holder has anything to do with it. She says she has a Fifth Amendment right, but she WAIVED THAT RIGHT by testifying before she invoked that right. She SAID she was innocent, but wants IMMUNITY before testifying. But if she IS “innocent,” why should she NEED immunity? She needs to end up behind bars, but that ain’t agonna happen. Whatever happens, her career at the IRS is over. But they’ll probably quietly give her an equal or better job elsewhere after the publicity dies down. Or separation with a BIG payday.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Global Warming Is A LIE!

And the proof is out there. NASA itself has announced that this year’s Antarctic ice was the biggest on record. Meanwhile the polar bears are growing apace. There are more polar bears now than ever before. But do the global warming fools take notice of things like that? Not a chance. Like the anti-gun fools they ignore facts that prove them wrong and “cherry-pick” the ones that don’t seem to. Meanwhile other fools send them a LOT of money to promote lies.

DEARBORNISTAN: Muslim parents in Detroit are enraged over an “Easter egg hunt” for children. Why they think they can change our customs when they NEVER give an inch about us “observing” their customs in their countries, I don’t know. They can’t beat us in battle, so I guess they’re going to concentrate on “infiltrating” this country and changing things. For my part, I am NOT going to let that happen. They need to learn they can’t beat us and should just stay away. They are a murderous bunch and should be BANNED from entering the United States so they can’t weaken us from within.

RUNNING AWAY: Obama claims he “ended” two wars, but he didn’t. “Running away” without a clear win is NOT something to be proud of, and that’s what he did in Iraq, and is in the process of doing so in Afghanistan. The Taliban will call that a “stunning victory over America,” and they will be right. But not because of anything THEY did. It will be because of the stupid actions of this president. Obama is a Muslim sympathizer at the very least. I think he IS a MUSLIM but I can’t prove it. But the evidence of how he treats interaction with the Muslims PROVES he is a sympathizer.

WE’RE HIDDEN RACIST BIGOTS: That’s according to liberal propaganda. That’s the only way they can “marginalize” us and make “low information voters” (who pay no attention to politics) think we’re lying when we expose the truth about them. There’s a TV ad running in Denver where a petty girl lays out the REAL reasons Obamacare is a “trainwreck” and tells us we must repeal it. They don’t even ATTEMPT to refute the truth she’s saying (they can’t), but make a big thing about her being an “actress (as if those in THEIR ads aren’t actors!).” Then they go on to tell us how AWFUL her opponent is, without, of course, going into any detail, because there’s no detail to go into. Meanwhile, they STILL can't refute her words.

AW, POOR BABIES! Muslims are again whining about how they’re treated in this country. CAIR is whining about the “bullying” they’re getting from Florida Republicans. Like we care about that. Maybe if they didn’t spend all their time trying to kill us for not believing the exact same way they do, we might be less inclined to “bully” them. In any case, who cares what Muslims think? They’re NOT  “religion.” They’re a political system PRETENDING to be a religion for the benefits it gives them. Just tell them to shut up and go away. We’re not interested in their whining complaints.

CALLING THE POT BLACK: That’s what liberals do every time. They HATE us, so they say we hate them; they’re the worst racists around, but they call us racist at the smallest provocation, or even disagreeing with them on ANYTHING. Liberals want to put “deniers” on global warming in PRISON. Some want us executed. These are the very people who SAY they favor “free speech” while doing everything they can to SHUT UP those who disagree with them. I’m sick of it. They can go to hell.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Typical Government Lie

They SAY Medicare covers 80% of your medical bills, but it DOESN’T. It covers ONLY 80% of what they decide your medical bill is. If the bill is $200, they authorize payment of 80% of 100!. That’s only 40% of what the provider BILLED. And that’s ALL they’ll pay. Then we get billed for the rest. Creditors bug us unmercifully for the rest and, even if we had perfect credit before, it’s RUINED by the part of the bill we get billed for, but CAN’T pay because we aren’t working any more, being retired, and on an income a lot SMALLER than before. This is not the biggest con run on the American people, but it’s right up there.

WHY WASTE A GOOD SHOE? Like former president George bush, Hillary was the target of a thrown shoe. What for? She isn’t ANYTHING. She was a failed First Lady whose husband screwed around with every woman he could, except her; she was elected senator as a “place holder” until they could move her into presidential politics—until their plans changed and they ran Ovomit, instead; as a “booby prize,” Ovomit appointed her sec. of state; she was a failed secretary of state, whose major “accomplishment” was to get four embassy staffers killed through her incompetence, inaction, or WILLFUL lack of action. Now she’s nothing, while she waits to be “appointed” presidential candidate again—unless they change their plans again. So why waste a good shoe?

GRUMPY OLD MAN: Many people call me a “grumpy old man.” Guilty as charged. But just as being paranoid doesn’t mean people AREN’T after you, being a “grumpy old man” doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m talking about. I now know WHY there are so many “grumpy old men” out there. They’ve been around long enough to see the mistakes made years ago being repeated today and they don’t like it. That’s why I’m “grumpy,” anyway.

ELLEN LIED!: Ellen Degeneres lied about her age! For YEARS! Who cares? Why are they making such a big thing about it? To sell an “anti-aging cream,” of course. Would you believe she has a CONTRACT with “Cover Girl” Magazine to keep her mouth shut about what she REALLY uses so they can sell their line of cosmetics? But she IS free to use what she wants. That’s where they made their mistake. She DOES look terrific, and I don’t care if she’s gay. That’s her business.. She’s actually 67 (almost my age, fergawdsake!) but looks a LOT younger. I’m not going to help sell her product by naming it, but I will say it’s working. She looks better now than in 1999.

OBAMA LYING AGAIN: But is that news? Obama talked about his new HHS Secretary as “being a rock” even when she was BARRED from her office (at the OMB) when the government was FORCED to shut down recently (It WASN’T. It was shut down as a POLITICAL MOVE by Obama to bully Congress into accepting his new spending limits) then he says she was ALLOWED to return to her office after it was all over. That’s a big LOAD of stinky brown stuff (You know what THAT is!) But then that’s what you EXPECT from Obama.

WHO WILL TAKE OVER OMB? The new HHS Secretary leaves a big hole at OMB. But who will fill that hole? Somebody who agrees with Obama’s efforts to make this into a socialist country and doesn’t mind him spending more money than there IS, of course Maybe That’s where Joe will go, to get him out of the way for Obama to select a new VP for the next (he hopes) Democrat presidential administration (Dream on, Barry!).

WHY SO MUCH RIOTING? They’re asking why chaos is becoming so commonplace at America’s universities now. In the sixties it was caused by the socialists and communists who wanted IN to the government. But now that those socialists and communists ARE in the government, it’s now being promoted and facilitated by the Muslim element infiltrating our schools. Look at what they demonstrate FOR and you can SEE the Muslim influence. They’re working HARD to take us over so they can impose their “Sharia Law” and their “religion” on us. They can’t beat us militarily, so they infiltrate us and work for our destruction from within.

ONE DAY LATER: This just proves that the government CAN act quickly if it WANTS to. ONE DAY after Kathleen Sebilius “resigns,” Ovomit names her replacement. Does that mean he has been expecting this “resignation” for a long time and thus had her replacement already picked out when she “made it official?” Probably. The pressure has been intensifying for a long time to get rid of this incompetent woman—and that has NOTHING to do with her sex, so they can shut up about that. I’d bet it won’t be long before we know who will be the new budget director, too. IF that suits Obama's fancy.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

"Muslim Regognition Day"

Talk about pandering to Muslims!  Muslims represent just .003794% or the population of  Iowa, but Governor Terry Branstad signed the law designating that day in Iowa whether or not Iowa residents agreed with him “Representatives of several Muslim communities from around Iowa gathered under the rotunda to educate and share information about Islam and its presence in Iowa. Muslims served food and mingled in the statehouse beginning at noon.” Of course, it was all Muslim-approved food. None of that Infidel stuff there! They’re feeding the crocodile, hoping he’ll eat them last,” folks.

50 IN THREE DAYS: "(Breitbart) – During a three-day span the first week of April, 50 criminal illegal immigrants were apprehended by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), according to a press release. The individuals were previously convicted of various charges including rape, sexual assault, possession of drugs, robbery, criminal trespassing, assault, and driving under the influence. Nine of the captured aliens had previously been deported from the United States. Re-entry is a felony that can result in 20 year in federal prison sentence, according to ICE. One 56-year-old Mexican national arrested in San Antonio was previously convicted of sex crimes involving a child.“ Of course, according to Obama’s “guidelines,” they’ll probably all be released.

MUSLIMS CREATING US POLITICAL PARTY: It is well known that Muslims are working feverishly to “take over” in America, and now they’re “coming out of hiding” and forming their own political party. Do they really think a majority of American voters will EVER vote for one of their candidates? I knew they were stupid, but I didn’t think they were THAT stupid. Yes, they elected ONE Muslim to Congress, in ONE place. Maybe that was an accident. Maybe him being a Muslim was hidden from voters But to think it will work on a national basis defies logic. But nobody ever accused a Muslim of being logical, or of even knowing what that means.

ARROGANCE PERSONIFIED: AG Holder told congressman Louie Gomert, “You don’t want to go there, buddy,” when he mentioned the vote that made Holder in contempt of Congress. Talk about LACK of respect! To which Gomert replied, “I don’t need instruction from you!”  What makes him think he can "instruct" a member of Congress on what to ask, I don't know. Maybe it's just his arrogance. This thug in cop’s clothing needs to be fired, arrested, and imprisoned! What an arrogant fool he is! Yet Obama is completely satisfied with his “performance.” That tells me a lot about Obama.

THAT’S JIST ORFUL! Apparently, Attorney General Holder doesn’t think much of the Congress’  attitude toward an AG who has been cited in Contempt of Congress. He thought that was “jist orful!” That Congress would treat an Attorney General that way! Tsk, tsk! He even tried to call a Congress member down for his questioning, and got shut down himself. That really pissed him off. Somebody ought to tell him the Congress has the right to do that to an incompetent AG who has many crimes to be laid at his door and has “investigated” many scandals and come up with NOTHING. Then he played the race card later at an Al Sharpton scam meeting..

OBAMA SWORE TO UNITE US: And he has—against HIM. Everything he does hurts a lot of Americans, topped off by his health care swindle law known as Obamacare. But there are still some stupid people out there who have no idea how he has weakened us on the international AND national stage, spent more money than there IS, and moved us ever closer to socialism. Or they just don’t give a damn. I saw a fool woman the other day wearing a short with his picture on it and below it, it read, “Yes, we did!” What was the question? Was it, “Did we swindle America?” If so, the answer is correct.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lucky to Be Alive

A shooter who walked into a police station and started shooting was shot several times by other cops. But he’s still alive, and lucky to be so. Most would-be mass shooters go where they can be pretty sure there won’t be anybody there with their own guns and well able to do something about him. But like that fool in Indianapolis last year who tried to shoot up a GUN STORE, he now resembles a wedge of Swiss cheese. Obviously it’s not a good idea to try and shoot up a police station.

MUSLIMS AFRAID: They’re so afraid we’ll convert their fools to Christianity they protest even such innocent activities as Easter egg hunts. Meanwhile they work as hard as they can to convert us to Islam. Apparently, they FEAR any attempt to convince other Muslims of the silliness of their so-called “religion.” It IS true that one of the reasons they want to keep their people ignorant in countries is that they control is that only the ignorant will succumb to the silliness of Islam. In this country, they can’t keep all Muslims ignorant, especially the women, so they try and get laws made to STOP any effort to convert Muslims to any other religion.

A disgruntled man walked into a police substation and started shooting. He managed to wound at least one cop seven times but that cop is still alive. The cop shot him and wounded him. Which pretty much tells us the cops were better shots than he was. Of course, that shows the stupidity of going into a place where everybody has a gun is on his hip and knows how to shoot it. And that if you want to do so, you’d better know how it’s done.

WHITE HOUSE INNOCENT? Obama talks endlessly about the “pay difference” between men and women but in his own White House, women only get 86 cents per dollar paid men. When questioned, they say the difference is because of the difference in schooling, experience, ability, etc. But he doesn’t mention such things in his “bad-mouthing” of private enterprise for that “income disparity,” only mentioning the gross figures. I guess that just shows that “If you live in a glass house, you shouldn’t throw stones.

ARROGANT PRESIDENT: Have you ever noticed the way Obama struts as he walks up to the podium to give a speech or hold a press conference? Or how he is always looking down his nose whenever he is photographed? How about those ubiquitous pictures with his circular logo behind his head making it look like there is a halo there? What a damned fool buffoon he is! And his sycophants will never notice.”

“MODERATELY WELL PREPARED”: Didja hear about the California man who was put on a 72-hour psychiatric evaluation when it was discovered he had 100 guns and 100,000 rounds of ammunition? In Michigan, he’d be “the last man alive In Detroit.” In Utah, he’d be called, “moderately well-prepared.” In Alabama, a “likely gubernatorial candidate”; and in Texas and Oklahoma, he’d just be “Bubba, who’s a little short on ammo.” It’s all in how you define it, I guess.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

You Can't Make This Up!

Every time I think of something weird to use to ridicule liberals, they do it; and it’s real. Like taxing cow farts or forcing people to use “trigger warnings” on everything they put out or be censored. I could name many more instances of the idiocy they do that I could have used as evidence of their insanity while laughing at them, except they did it before I could. I guess bureaucrats have so much time on their hands as they get paid huge salaries to do nothing; they vie with each other to come up with stupid things to tax us for.

CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS: Former (?) IRS employee Lois Lerner GAVE TESTIMONY before Congress before she first cited her Fifth Amendment rights, which NEGATED her right to the Fifth. You can’t give testimony and then say you have a right NOT to give testimony. She SAYS she did nothing wrong; ad then cites her right against self-incrimination. If she did nothing wrong, why won’t she testify? I guess SHE knows she did something wrong and doesn’t want to be punished for it.  Funny: this is a right the IRS does NOT extend to Americans.

OBAMA: “DEBATE IS OVER”: What kind of fools does Obama take us for? He SAYS Obamacare is working, while we know it is NOT, and never will. Does he think if he keeps repeating that LIE over and over we will come to believe it? Maybe those who pay no attention to politics and are thus ill- or UN-informed will, but NEVER people of INTELLIGENCE who DO pay attention. I guess he’s a serious student of Hitler’s PR man.

PUTIN: “RYAN BUDGET A “JOKE”: So what? Who cares what Putin says? He has proven his incompetence by being a communist. Does ANYBODY expect a COMMUNIST to understand economics? If he did, he wouldn’t BE a communist. But the American liberal media “Gobbles it up” like it was Gospel. That only shows THEIR stupidity. Frankly, it’s PUTIN who is a joke. Or would be if economics were not so important.

“WORKPLACE VIOLENCE”: There’s more to it than just Obama’s refusal to admit the truth so as not to disturb his previous lie that al Qaida was “beaten.”  Al Qaida has proven itself to be definitely NOT “beaten.” The victims of this atrocity, committed by a radicalized Muslim member of the Army who shouted “Allahu Akbar!” before opening fire did not get the money nor the awards that go to people wounded or killed in “action.” Obama needs to “come clean” and ADMIT he LIED when calling this terrorist attack “workplace violence.” It is NOT! I know he knows that, but for his own reasons he will not admit it, while denying those injured and killed the things they DESERVE. That’s about as LOW as it goes! But then, we knew that about Obama. He is a crappy excuse for a president.

Nancy Peelosi said, the 194,000 new jobs created this last month was not nearly enough to counter the losses under the BUSH administration! Under BUSH? Bush’s unemployment numbers were FINE. There was NO “bad figures” under Bush. She must think we’re really STUPID if she thinks we will believe that crap. Or SHE’S the stupid one; or both. I should start a new blog: “The Stupid Things Nancy Said Today.” I’d have plenty of material.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Harry Reid Is Subversive

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is a fool who thinks the Koch Bros. Are “un-American because they don’t believe in his un-American policies. I guess with the CRIMINAL organization running this country right now, that’s what it takes to be, in his eyes, “un-American.” Where the hell does THIS criminal get off calling good people “un-American? Somebody needs to cut this fool off at the knees. I guess he got tired of calling us liars and racists and needs some new material.

MUSLIMS MISTREAT THEIR WOMEN: They force them to go about wearing what amounts to a “ome-person TENT because they are so fearful of their own ability to keep their women if someone else sees their beauty; they publicly BEAT them if they show so much as an ankle. They forbid them from going about without a male family member accompanying them. Now an Imam is asking homeless women in Syria to submit themselves as “sex slaves” to “sex-deprived men.” They APPROVE of sex with CHILDREN. Yet they SAY we’re “depraved!”

MY CRITICISM IS DESERVED: Some people accuse me of being “overly criticizing” of people, and they would be right except for one thing: the things many politicians do EARNS such criticism, and the amount of criticism I give them is not nearly enough. I can’t possibly make up some of the stupid things they do. My mind isn’t that depraved. My criticism is NOTHING compared to what they have EARNED. They accuse me of a certain “lack of respect.” But respect must be EARNED, and they do everything they can NOT to earn my respect.

LIBERALS ALL FOR FREE SPEECH: Unless it disagrees with their preconceived notions. They yammer on all the time about “free speech” until they run into someone who doesn’t agree with them; then they want to just “get rid of them.” Like the CEO of  Mozilla, who expressed his support for “traditional marriage” over the PARODY of marriage supported by gay activists, who has now resigned over this. I have nothing against gays. But I REFUSE to allow them to usurp the WORD :”marriage.” Will they try and get me fired? Can’t be done. I work for MYSELF and I will NOT fire me. Those fools can go to hell.

TALIBAN HATES ELECTIONS: Because elections mean FREEDOM and they’re against that—for anybody but themselves. So they try every foul tactic they can to “derail” elections. In Afghanistan they blow up polling places and kill people for the act of voting. But they can’t stop the people. More people than ever before have turned out to vote in SPITE of their drastic violence. Maybe they’ll figure out, after a while, that their violence doesn’t work. But probably not; they’re too stupid.

FT. HOOD DEFENSE: Major Hasan shot up a military base and killed many soldiers. Soldiers who SHOULD have been able to deal with such as him easily, except Bill Clinton decreed they be UNARMED while on their military base. What his reasoning was, I don’t know. But liberals are not known for their logic. All such shootings have happened in paces where guns are PROHIBITED. Criminals and crazies do not obey laws. That’s an INVITATION to crazy people to come in and kill people. In one case, a shooter ran into a small female in a CHURCH, who was legally armed, and “took him down” immediately. We need to hear about more such cases.

CONGRESS UNDERPAID? What a JOKE! Congress members underpaid? Each one gets more than $100,000.00 a year, more often up to $200,000.00 a year. For doing what? Lazing around while paid “assistants’ read and “summarize” (hopefully correctly) the bills they pass into law without ever reading? I wish I could be so “underpaid” as they are. They make a lot of noise about “greed,” but are the most greedy fools around. And that $100 grand isn’t all they get; graft amounts to even more than that. They come to DC broke, and leave multi-millionaires. They should just shut up and start READING the bills they pass into law.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Astronauts Must Be worried

Since we no longer have a "space program," we have been relying (expensively) on Russia to transport our astronauts to the space station while Russia keeps taking over more countries in their region. We object and add more and more sanctions on Russia. Could they possibly think that will not be hurtful to the American astronauts that have to be carried into space by RUSSIAN space ships? They’re dreaming. And another thing: why are we depending on the RUSSIANS to get our astronauts into space? Why do we depend on people who HATE us for so much? And that includes oil and money from communist China.

SORRY ABOUT YESTERDAY: No update. I'm sorry, but it just became too late and I just ran out of energy.

NASA ON GLOBAL WARMING: The main reason NASA no longer has a “space program,” the thing that was their ONLY concern for years, is now tasked with promoting global warming and the “regulations” it has spawned. What the hell business it environmentalism of NASA? If they were so stupid as to shut down our space program and rely (expensively) on RUSSIA to get our astronauts into space, why didn’t they just SHUT DOWN NASA? The answer is simple: ANYTHING once started by government will NEVER be shut down. When its function is obsolete, it will just be “repurposed” and continue to suck up tax money.

CAN’T ENFORCE SUCH AN ORDER: In Carroll County, MD, lawmakers are defying a judge’s order not to mention Jesus in their official meetings. What makes atheists (a religion in itself) think they have the right to STOP Christians from praying or invoking Jesus’ name? They say the commissioners “broke the law twice.” WHAT law? ANY law that is contrary to the Constitution is “no law at all and doesn’t have to be obeyed.” That from the Supreme Court itself, in Marbry v. Madison. The “American Humanist Association” wants the court to FINE the county $30,000 per “violation” and give the money to them. Which reveals the real reason for this action: money.

WAR AGAINST RELIGION? More like a war against CHRISTIANITY with schools BANNING ANY MENTION OF Christianity or Christ while FORCING children to go to Muslim meetings or be called racist. And teaching about Islam while banning Christianity and all other religions. You think there isn’t a “war against Christianity” in this country? Now after a County Council in Maryland is fined for just MENTIONING Jesus, a CHILD has his BIBLE “confiscated” by “officials” and told he could not read it in the school, whether in class or not. There’s a basic misunderstanding about the Constitution. It does NOT forbid ANY MENTION of religion on state-owned property. It forbids the making of ANY LAW regarding religion, anywhere. That’s ALL.

POLITICIANS CAN’T BE TRUSTED: Seal Team 6, according to legend, killed Osama bin Laden (or one of his lookalike doubles) and Vice President Joe Biden told the world they did it, naming that formerly little known organization. Since then, after Blabbernouth Biden spoke, many Seal Team members have been attacked, and many killed. Every death of Seal Team members now can be put right at the feet of that blabbemouth. I still think Osama has been dead for years, killed in the bombing of one of his caves by George Bush, They’ve been trying to convince us he was still alive ever since.

“TRIGGER WARNINGS”: Students all over the country are in a drive to force everybody, including their professors to include “trigger warnings” on everything they put out. This is yet another form of censorship by the “PC Police,” and should be ignored by everybody with intelligence. I can’t count the number of times I have been told, “You can’t say that” by fools who think they can control my speech. I don’t respond to that kind of intimidation; actually, I don’t respond to ANY kind of intimidation. If you want to intimidate me, just screw off. You just can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Friday, April 4, 2014

CAIR Boycotts the Truth

They say it’s “Islamaphobia.” Is that right? Is it “Islamaphobic” to tell the TRUTH about Islam? They ENSLAVE their women. They force them to go around wearing what amounts to a tent because they’re frightened that someone will see what they look like and like it—and they’re not MAN enough to keep their women. They allow just ANY man to WHIP a woman on the street without repercussion if he feels like she did something to “dishonor” her family. But who cares what CAIR boycotts? We don’t want their business, anyway. A Muslim once wrote a book criticizing Jesus. Is that “Jesusophobia?” They talk incessantly about “religious tolerance,” but they are the most INTOLERANT religion ever.

ANOTHER FT. HOOD SHOOTING: The reports say one suspected shooter is dead, but nobody will say who killed him. The question in my mind is, was anybody (but gate guards) armed after the earlier shooting? Did they learn ANYTHING from that? Probably not. Obama was briefed on the shooting and promptly went to bed. That’s what he does when faced by the “comeback” from his fool policies. (Update: They now say four dead, including the shooter, who was KNOWN to have mental problems)

“OH NO; NOT AGAIN!” That’s what Alan West said about the shootings at Ft. Hood, which was the scene of TWO mass shootings recently. Apparently the people at Ft. Hood learned nothing from the first shooting because it appeared only the gate guards and military police were armed—and a soldier without a gun is nothing to a shooter, but a victim. The shooter here was KNOWN to have mental problems, but nobody did anything about him. And he bought that gun LEGALLY at the same store the earlier shooter bought his.

“GUN-FREE ZONES”: Anti-gun fools never learn from experience. Ft. Hood, a military base, is a “gun-free zone,” like all other military bases in America. Schools, too. Is it any wonder schools and military bases are the “prime targets” for people who want to shoot up a place—any place? Notice they never try to shoot up gun shows or gun shops. Because they know they would resemble Swiss cheese soon after (A guy tried it in a gun shop in Indianapolis recently and that’s what happened to him). When are these “anti-gun fools” going to “wise up?” Probably never.

CLAIMS OF DISCRIMINATION: Angela Martin, a senior enforcement attorney with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), which is tasked with investigating claims  of discrimination, says they didn’t have to to look very far. She is complaining of—wait for it—discrimination in their own ranks. What kind of a world is it when the very people tasked with stopping discrimination are, themselves, guilty of discrimination? Damn!

SOLDIERS CAN’T BE TRUSTED WITH GUNS? That’s what one retired general said on Fox. He said that’s why personnel on military bases weren’t trusted to carry or have guns in their possession on military bases. Mygawd, how bad is it when we can’t trust our SOLDIERS with guns on base? Is their treatment of soldiers with PTSD so bad that soldiers are so badly damaged they won’t let them near a gun ever again? Do we need a special unit tasked with stopping mass shootings on military bases?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

EPA Taxing Cow Farts

The “National Journal” says the EPA is looking to apply a tax on each cow a person owns because it is ASSUMED every cow farts. And the methane gas released when they do contributes to global pollution so they want to profit from it. Nothing is being said about farts coming from other animals, or even man, but I’m sure that’s coming, as they begin to realize what a moneymaker this is. Every living thing farts, and if they can tax everybody for that, they con us out of a LOT of money.

WRONG AGAIN: Charlie Rose said, in 1984, that we only had about 20 years before “the end” if something is not done. That was THIRTY years ago and, like with most global warming predictions, it was wrong. AlGore himself, the “messenger” of global warming said, MANY years ago, that we only had about 15 years. I don’t know exactly how long ago he said that, but it was a LOT more than 15 years. All these “sky is falling” fools have been wrong, but “believers” never “call them” on it, and the predictors never acknowledge or apologize. It’s like a religion. If you’re not a “believer,” you’re pressured to keep your mouth shut so you won’t be shunned by your “friends.”

OBAMA’S VICTORY LAP: He went on television recently and touted the number of “sign-ups” he got on the last day of his sign-up period. He said than maybe the act didn’t “cure” all then health care insurance issues yet, but it will. Oh? Just because you threatened seven million sheep into “signing up” for your con doesn’t change ANYTHING about it, EXCEPT for the number of SUCKERS who have “bought” your “pig-in-a-poke.” He says it is now “repeal-proof.” What a damned fool statement THAT is! NO law is EVER “repeal-proof.” The law enabling slavery is a good example.

SHOULD BE EXECUTED: Rabble-rouser Michael Moore thinks GM’s CEO should be imprisoned and executed. The Saudis just made a law condemning “unbelievers” as terrorists. I guess it’s common for people who want to run everything to wish for DEATH for people who disagree with them. And these are the people who are SUPPOSED to be against the death penalty.

“DEBBIE LIED”: The Washington post fact checkers said Debbie Wassermann Schultz lied when she said “60% of women use birth control for other than family planning.” No sh-t. Why don’t they “fact check” her on other things she says? Like most fervent Obama supporters, she lies every day. There’s nothing surprising about it. She’s an accomplished liar. She HAS to be in order to cover up all Obama’s crimes. Bear in mind this is the Washington POST, not a “conservative mouthpiece.”

“WHY DIDN’T YOU CORRECT THE RECORD?” That’s the question asked in the House hearing on the Benghazi murders about former UN Ambassador Susan Rice going on numerous talk shows the Sunday after four American embassy workers were murdered there by terrorist murderers after it was found (according to the government) NOT to be a heretofore unknown video at fault. The CIA agent (former CiS Director) being questioned didn’t understand the question.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"Manchurian Candidate?"

The Aspen Times asks, “Is Obama the Manchurian Candidate from Russia? I don’t think so. Russia, as a communist nation, is passé. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a threat. It just means it isn’t the BIGGEST threat. I believe Obama is the “Manchurian Candidate” for COLLECTIVISM. Communism is just ONE form of collectivism and it is still going strong. Much stronger than before, since Obama “took over.”

CAIR WANTS AN APOLOGY: They want one from Megyn Kelly after she slammed their efforts to stop the movie, “Honor Diaries” from being shown on college campuses. And why should she? Their efforts are illegal and unconstitutional and in line with their nefarious purposes. They can't understand Americans are protected from such as them. Besides, who cares what they think? Period. Their attempts to stop the showing of ANY movie are absurd and uncalled for. That would be like Nazis demanding an apology for criticism laid on them during WWII. Megyn told them to “Go pound sand,” as she should have.

FOUNDERS HATED “JOB LOCK”: What? The Founding Fathers didn’t even know the MEANING of “job lock” and neither did we until Nancy (Stupid) Peelosi coined the word to make people who didn’t pay attention to politics think the ONLY reason for working is health insurance. What has this woman been SMOKING? What about paying the rent or mortgage, buying food and the other things that are necessary to stay alive? Damn, this woman is STUPID! But that’s apparently a job requirement to work in government these days.

BOOK OF INTELLIGENT DEMOCRATS: I thought about writing a book that listed all the intelligent Democrats out there, but I couldn’t FIND any. It’s like that book I once saw about the “Accomplishments of Liberals.” Its pages were BLANK. There are a lot of subjects like that out there, but not much for the writer. I wanted to write one on intelligent Republicans, but I didn’t find enough of them for a book, either. Maybe half a page, but Democrats have discredited most of them by lying about them.

THEY WANT US TO BE LIKE THEM: Liberals (Democrats) are miserable, and they want us to be like them. They think if they don’t like something, we shouldn’t be ALLOWED to like it. Like the pleasures to be found in a big, comfortable car. I can’t think of a car I more enjoyed driving than an Oldsmobile 88 I once owned. But they got rid of that kind of a car by CLAIMING it was “poisoning the atmosphere.” Whether or not it was, is debatable. But they won the debate by their usual method: twisting the facts. If people like me don’t like something, we simply stop doing it. If they don’t like something, they make LAWS to stop EVERYBODY from doing it.

DEMOCRATS HATE IT: The Supreme Court just removed the “caps” on what people can contribute through political parties or PACs. The Democrats hate it, because that means Republicans can get more money to use in opposing them so all their dishonest fund raising will be worth less to them. They know they can always get money “under the table” and think Republicans can’t. Wake up, people!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Greed and Jealousy

 The whole idea of making “the rich” pay more taxes is simply greed and jealousy. Greed because “the rich: have more money than those wishing for them to pay more taxes, and jealousy because they don’t have as much money as the rich and they figure if they (the rich) pay more taxes, maybe some of it will come their way. The fact is, “the rich (those who EARN their riches)” ALREADY pay 86% of income taxes paid. How much more can be taken from them?

ABSURD CHARGES: You can always tell who it is that frightens liberals the most. They are the ones they file the most phony “ethics” charges against, and lie about the most. Sarah Palin is the best example today. Those phony ethics charges against her were the reason she resigned as governor of Alaska. Then they used her very resignation against her, claiming she was “just a quitter” when she resigned to keep the State of Alaska from having to spend a lot of money defending her.

THEY CAN’T EVEN BUILD A WEB SITE: Then how can they be expected to run the medical business when they have absolutely NO education on medical issues? The same goes for the health insurance industry. Insurance companies have numerous people whose only job is to figure out WHAT needs to be covered in each policy and how much to charge. But now Obama gets to DICTATE what they cover in an incompetent “one size fits all” plan that costs people a lot more because it included things people do NOT need—such as birth coverage for 80-year-old MEN. And it has deductibles in the multi-thousand dollar range, which makes it USELESS as an insurance policy unless you have a catastrophic problem.

“FOX NEWS ALERT”: I’ve talked before about the overuse of the “breaking news” banner by Fox News. Right now they have a “Fox News Alert” announcing Obama meeting with the World Series winning team. That, to me, is NOT an “alert.” That’s mundane, every day news. What is there at Fox that is NOT a “Fox News Alert?” Talk about “the sky is falling” approach to the news! The use of that banner is supposed to get your attention and make you listen. It has the opposite effect on me, and I’m sure many others. Fox has “shouted wolf” way too often.

PLUGGING A STORY, THEN NOTHING: Just before a commercial break, Fox, AND every other news source plugs A story. But when they come back, move on to something else, leaving us “in the lurch” wondering about that story. Of course, they cover it some time later, but maybe I’m paying attention to something else then. That’s irritating. They just plugged a story about a “tragedy” in NASCAR champion Jimmy Johnson’s life (at about 10AM) and they’re back on Obama meeting with the Red Sox. It’s now several hours later and we’ve gone through several other shows and nothing about Jimmy Johnson. (Update: 5 PM and nothing yet.)

IRAN KIDNAPPER AS EMBASSY “INTERPRETER”: Iran is now sending one of the KIDNAPPERS of those embassy people in Iran as an “interpreter” for Iran.  It’s bad enough that one of those kidnappers was their PRESIDENT. Now they want to send one HERE as an embassy employee. I predict that he will be found to be a SPY sent under the COVER of an interpreter. Damn, they think were STUPID. And as long as Obama is in charge, we ARE. We should have made a trash pile of iran when it happened.