Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hastert Indicted

Former Speaker of the House Denny Hastert has been indicted on corruption charges. Maybe he's guilty, maybe he isn't. Can you guess which party he represents? If you guessed the Democrat Party, you'd be wrong. Democrats don't get indicted for their "crimes." Only Republicans—and usually not long before an election. When it comes to corruption, Bill and Hillary Clinton are the “king and queen,” but nobody has made any attempt to take them to task. Hillary is even a serious candidate for president, herself. Republicans got Bill impeached, but didn't have the votes in the Senate to rid us of him as president. If he'd have been a Republican, he'd have been “out of there,” in a flash.

LIVES ON A BUCK A DAY: Bridget Moynihan (who is a star on “Blue Bloods” and has no need to live on a buck a day) says she “lives on a buck a day (once a week, maybe) to help “make a difference” in “ending poverty.” You know, that old pipe dream. But I'll bet she doesn't include her rent in that, nor the cost of getting to and from the studio every day to film her television show (But then, somebody else pays for that). And I'll bet she doesn't refuse to eat any of the food provided there for the actors, either. It's easy to “:live on” a buck a day when somebody else provides most of what you need. Speaking of “ending poverty,” the reason that's a pipe dream is because there are just some people who make bad decisions and aren't ABLE to earn much money. And there always will be.

DIVERT FROM BENGHAZI: The Democrats themselves are pushing the “Clinton Foundation” scandal. Why? To keep your mind off Benghazi, where Clinton's indifference to human life caused the DEATHS of four good people. They figure if they can keep you diverted long enough, they can call Benghazi “old news” without ever resolving it. They're WRONG! As long as I am around, it will NEVER go away until Hillary is “brought to justice” for her crimes.

MUSLIMS WANT SHARIA! Surprise, surprise! Muslims want the establishment of Sharia Law in the United States! Was that some kind of a secret? World Net Daily ran a story recently that highlights Muslims in Minneapolis “being honest” in saying that's what they want. Have they ever DENIED it? Why is this NEWS? Cedar Riverside, Michigan, a Minneapolis suburb, has long been a “hotbed” of Islamic terrorist recruitment. It's even called, “Little Mogadushu” because of it. Kids regularly leave there to be trained in the Middle East and join various terrorist organizations. 

LET 'EM GO! In the item above it is noted that in Cedar Rapids, MI, many young people go overseas to be trained to be Islamic terrorists. The government wants to know what they should do about it. Actually, the answer is simple. Let 'em go. And don't let 'em come back. When they do that, they make their own bed. Let them SLEEP in it! They make their loyalties PLAIN. Cancel their citizenship and their passports so they CAN'T come back.

TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS ENDING: The travel restrictions on “Beau's boys,” those high-ranking Islamic terrorists who were released to facilitate the “release” of deserter Beau Bergdahl will soon be able to freely return to their former positions in Islamic terrorism, since the “travel restrictions” imposed upon them are due to end. Does ANYBODY think they haven't been running things from Cutar already, using telephones and the Internet? What difference does travel make? I say if they try to go back to their original positions, just KILL them. It was a damned fool act to release them in return for the phony release of a “turncoat.”

CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR: Many people wish for no more cops. Most notably in Ferguson, MO, Baltimore, MD, and now Cleveland, OH. And that's what they're getting—at least, in Baltimore, anyway. I haven't seen specific figures for Ferguson and Clevelamnd, but in Baltimore, murders have INCREASED 100% while arrests have REDUCED 50%! And they wonder why. Could it be that they “repudiated” their cops? So now the cops are not as effective as they used to be? You should be careful what you wish for, You might get it, as they surely are in Baltimore, Ferguson, and Cleveland. If I were a cop in any of those cities, I certainly wouldn't be working as hard as I had been before my city slandered me. Or I would stop being a cop, altogether.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

She's Certainly Pretty

If stupid. Marilyn Mosby,  the Baltimore prosecutor who is “rushing to judgment” in prosecuting six cops in the death of a man who, soon after back surgery, banged his head against the wall of the wagon on his way to jail, when she's pictured, it's behind a bunch of mikes that dwarf her, and which she can barely be seen from behind them. Actually, they threaten to engulf her, she's so tiny. We all know any prosecutor worth his (her) salt can indict a ham sandwich, so her indictment means NOTHING, except a lot of time and expense to those cops, who were only doing their jobs.

AGREED NOT TO TALK: Beau Bergdahl's closest associates have been forced to sign a “non-disclosure agreement,” agreeing not to talk about the details surrounding him “walking off” from his unit, only to be marked as “kidnapped” (not AWOL) and held for five years, then released in return for our releasing FIVE top Islamic terrorist “generals.” Now, why would this even be necessary, unless Obama knows something they could say that would put HIM in jeopardy? is it even LEGAL to force soldiers to sign such an agreement? Isn't that “interfering with a federal investigation?” Anybody else who did it would be put so far into prison, they'd never be heard from again. Why does Obama get away with it? I know. Because nobody questions it.

RACE VIOLENCE IS BACK: But it's not “your daddy's race violence,” which was white hate against blacks—and which had all but “gone away.” Now, with Obama's “fiery rhetoric” toward white people, black hatred against white people has come to the fore, and has been “given the go-ahead” by Obama's rhetoric. It seems to be “okay” to hate white people nowadays. All this is in preparation for the black against white race war Obama wants to get started, and which is well on its way to reality.

CONTROLLING PUDDLES: The way current regs are written, Obama now can control ANY “navigable waterway,” right down to that mud puddle your child loves to splash through. So the next time he does, he might be violating a federal regulation. I can't see what controlling PUDDLES does in Obama's world, but what it does is create an INSULT to every one of us. This tells me Obama is bent on controlling EVERY aspect of every life in the United States. Pretty soon, we'll need to ask permission to take a dump, or let a fart. They're already regulating cow farts.

HILLARY “RELAXED”: MSNBC'S Andrea Mitchell was worried about all the scandals that are plaguing Hillary Clinton, so Susan Page, Bureau Chief with USA Today, who has “drunk the Kool-Aid.” assures her that, “Even with the “load of trouble” she has had with the national press, she still seems to be “relaxed.” Yes, she IS “relaxed,” because she's sure “the fix is in” and she is guaranteed the nomination, since those “behind the scenes” have told her so. Remember though, they told her the same for a while in 2007, too. Before Obama crawled out from under his rock. Not a bit of concern about the substance of her “troubles with the national media.”

WHY CALL HIM “PROPHET?” Pamela Geller was having an argument with a politician the other day on television about why she wanted to display images of “The Prophet” Mohammed, even though she knew Muslims didn't like it. Then she destroyed him with just a few words. She asked: “Why does the media—and you--always refer to him as “The Prophet Muhammad,” but never refer to Jesus as “Our Lord and Saviour?” why, indeed, do they kowtow to Muslims and ignore any hint of honor to Jesus?

Friday, May 29, 2015

They Did It Again!

The Islamic terrorists “pulled the wool over Obama's eyes” again. Or did they? Is Obama really stupid enough to think that those FIVE top Islamic terrorists he released to obtain the “release” of Beau Bergdahl will not go right back to their former high-ranking positions directing the war against us? Or that they haven't ALREADY contributed to the war against us by phone and Internet? Frankly, I think Obama WANTED to release these murdering trolls and Bergdhal was just his excuse. Did he really not know Bergdahl had deserted when he made that deal? Not a chance! This saboteur is working against us, right out in the open, and nobody seems to be able to see it.

FREE COLLEGE FOR ALL: Obama has talked incessantly about making college “free for everybody” (except for the taxpayers, who have to pay for it, whether or not they want to do so). But meanwhile, he makes student loans crippling and something a student will be paying on all the rest of his/her life. But don't worry. Elect Democrat Bernie Sanders (the self-described socialist) and college WILL be “free for everybody because he'll make YOU pay for it. It's all socialism, but then, most Democrats, including Hillary and Sanders are socialists.

90% TAX IS CRIMINAL: It's COLLECTIVISM! Socialism! Any tax that high is STEALING the earnings of others! And it is an INHIBITOR of commerce. If you don't get to keep but 10% of what you EARN, there's no point in producing new wealth for society, ever. I've always said, back when we DID have a 90% tax bracket, that it was wrong. It was MORALLY wrong. It's STILL morally wrong, and those who think otherwise are stupid, and are obviously jealous of those who CAN earn enough to qualify.

GLOBAL WARMING CAUSES EVERYTHING! Now Al, uh, Sharpton is getting into the global warming act. Which is not surprising. He doesn't want another con man (Obama) getting ahead of him, and now Obama is touting this swindle. So, so is Al. Anything Al can use to con people out of money, Al will use. And if it helps him suck up to Obama, so much the better. Now he's blaming global warming for the floods in Texas. Look for him to go to Texas and “lead some uprisings” against actions that (he thinks) lead to global warming, while soliciting money.

THUG” IS RACIST? So sayeth Marilyn Mosby, the local prosecutor in Baltimore, who “rushed to judgment” in charging six cops with various levels of charges in the death of a black man who fought them soon after having back surgery, and then banged his head against the wall of “the wagon” on the way to police headquarters so he could CLAIM “police brutality,” a common charge criminals make against cops in an attempt to give cops trouble. But he went too far and killed himself. Now this (black) prosecutor is calling cops “thugs.” The very word other blacks are saying is “worse than the N-word.” Go figure.

MAKING WORDS NASTY: Black activists are “nastyizing” the word “thug” so we can't use it to describe the thugs who prey on innocent people. Thugs with badges, others with FEDERAL badges, and those without, who just prey on us. For my part, I will IGNORE this and use the word “thug” where appropriate, and to hell with the “PC Police.” They can stick it up their collective flues, for all of me.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

"I Ended Two Wars!"

That's what Obama says—as if what he did was an accomplishment. It wasn't, because the way he “ended” them was to instruct his troops to “cut and run.” Wars are easy to end by SURRENDER. Now we have ISIS taking over in Iraq, and the Taliban doing likewise in Afghanistan. Somebody needs to tell him this is NOT an accomplishment. Oh, don't bother. He won't be listening, anyway. It amazes me how Obama counts some of his worst failures as accomplishments. Some would say that's stupidity. But I say the only stupidity there is him thinking we will BELIEVE his lies.

WHERE'D IT GO? I don't know what happened to yesterday's post. I posted it, right along with my two other blog posts, and they're right there. The only thing I can think of is that my computer was acting up when I posted, and it might not have sent it.

BETTER THAN HILLARY? Many people say Bernie Sanders is better than Hillary when it comes to being the next president. How stupid ARE they? We know Hillary leans toward socialism, but Bernie is a DEDICATED socialist. Anybody who thinks socialism is a better economic model than the free market needs his/her head examined. They're not too smart. Let 'em fight it out. While they tussle, we'll elect a REAL president. Maybe. Bernie is just in there so Democrats can say Hillary isn't the only Democrat candidate. He hasn't a PRAYER of winning.

RACISM IS A SCAM: Whenever you hear somebody accuse somebody of racism, you can be sure it's an Obama scam, designed to shut up the opposition. He told us if we elected him we'd forever eradicate racism in this country. But just the opposite has happened. Racism has worsened. But not the kind we've known in the past. Now it's black racism against whites, and is designed to get a race war started so he can use it to tighten his control over us.

TRUMPED-UP CHARGES” As we speak, Iran is “trying” and American reporter for “espionage.” They're hoping we'll offer them money to drop those phony charges so he can come home. Iran is as much a terrorist outfit as is ISIS or the Taliban. And they regularly kidnap people for ransom. But, since they ARE a sovereign nation, they get to call it a ”legal action.” But the result is the same: they take the subject prisoner, and end up getting money for his release.

TOKEN CANDIDATES: Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Martin O'Malley (D-MD) are among several “token candidates” put out to supposedly oppose Hillary Clinton in the presidential race., but they are the only ones the liberal media seriously MENTION as candidates. They're put out there to make it LOOK like she's getting some opposition from Democrats. The others are the “perennial candidates” who are always out there, with NO chance of winning. These two have no chance either, but they PRETEND they do.

OURS, OR THE MUSLIMS'? Is this our country? Or does it belong to the Muslims? If it is ours, why are Muslims allowed to kneel in prayer in the middle of Madison Ave. In New York City, on a monthly basis, while Christians are not allowed to do the same? Why is ANYBODY allowed to block off a major street to traffic, to pray?. This is symptomatic of the “special treatment” given Muslims all over this country on orders from Obama. It is this kind of thing that will spell DISASTER for this country if we don't change it. Muslims will not win, we will GIVE it to them.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"Kill All White People!"

That's what Valdosta State student Eric Shepherd, who infamously stomped the American flag, says he wants to do. He says he's going to kill all those “who come after me,” which will be many cops, as they found a gun in his backpack during the famous arrest over the flag stomping incident (how did he get away?). In a long letter to a local newspaper he said he would “not go quietly and would use violence if necessary.” How stupid IS this fool? He says, he is “marked for death.” and he's right. He marked himself by his rhetoric. This is the kind of guy who could be expected to go over and join ISIS so he could kill some people with impunity Stupid, stupid!

FOX VIEWERS IGNORANT? That's what a psedo-conservative who used to work for George Bush (the elder) in the Treasury Department (which does not qualify him as a conservative) says Fox is “brainwashing” conservatives and misreporting stories. Which is a LOAD of bulldung. Bruce Bartlett, who is described as a “Top official in the Bush administration,” but who, in actuality, is a small-time bureaucrat, apparently is disgruntled and wishes to “put a kink” in Fox. But, as usual, he has no proof of his allegations, only rhetoric.

GAY SCOUT MASTERS: The courts are poised to make it legal for gay men to be scout masters, which is like putting a large piece of mean in front of a dog and asking him not to eat it. Yes, all gay men don't want sex with little boys. But enough of them do to frighten enough parents that they ought to keep their boys as far away from the BSA as possible. The question in my mind is why a gay man goes for a scoutmaster job where he gets to sleep in the same tent as little boys. This will probably spell the END of the BSA. It should.

IT CAUSES EVERYTHING! Obama has now started blaming global warming for the rise of ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Global warming is the “snake oil” he's selling, and he's doing an even better job of selling it than AlGore, the originator of the swindle ever did. Soon, global warming denial will be grounds for imprisonment, maybe even execution, if Obama has his way. He can't have people actually DENYING “his baby,” now he has taken it up.

GUNS DON'T KILL: People kill. Sometimes they USE guns. Sometimes they don't. Maybe we should ban PEOPLE because, without their intervention, a gun is just another inanimate object, which can do NOTHING on its own. Gun grabbers falsely blame the gun when it is the HUMAN BEING that should be to blame. But in their ignorance, they fail to see that, and insist on thinking that making LAWS against people having and carrying guns will solve the problem. But it won't, because criminals don't obey laws.

STUPID, STUPID! A Mississippi college suspended a student (who was a veteran) because he asked for a non-Muslim counselor. Who the hell do these people think they ARE? I certainly wouldn't accept a Muslim counselor because from where I sit, they aren't too smart if they accept the bullderm they're taught by the Muslim Imams. So they're CERTAINLY not smart enough to advise me on life's matters. This has nothing to do with racism or bigotry, but it has a LOT to do with common sense. I just don't like where they're coming from.

Monday, May 25, 2015

KKK "Endorses" Carson?

What a fool idea that is! They really like to hurt candidates they don't want to EVER be president, just “endorse” them. They know such an “endorsement” can be a “death knell” for a candidate. But look at it logically: the main thing the KKK stands for is black hatred. How is it possible that the “endorsement” of a black man would ever even be possible to such a hate group? No, the only reason they "endorsed " him was to hurt him.

IRAQ TROOPS “HAVEN'T THE WILL”: Iraq troops just do not “have the will to fight.” They RAN in the face of the enemy, even though they vastly outnumbered them. Obama made what was possibly the biggest, and furthest-reaching mistake in his administration when he told his own troops to “cut and run” without finishing the job of “mopping up” the Islamic terrorists. They're like roaches, in many ways. First, they scurry into hiding when you turn on the lights. Then it's a fact that you don't dare leave ONE of them alive. If you do, they'll “multiply” and overwhelm you before you know it, as they are doing in Iraq. You have to KILL them outright. There's no other way.

HE LET 'EM DOWN: Obama has seriously let black people down by his every action in office after saying electing him would “forever destroy racism in America.” It has done just the opposite. Race relations are worse now than ever before, with blacks openly demonstrating their HATRED of whites in many places, including Ferguson, MO, Baltimore, MD, and Cleveland, OH. Paid mobs have rioted and looted, even KILLED people in the name of BLACK racism against whites. The story I read did not say if the dead cop (In New Orleans, killed by a black man) was white or black, but I'd BET he was white, and the latest victim of Obama's rhetoric, designed to start a race war for his own purposes.

BUSH CREATED ISIS!: What an example of a STUPID statement! Obama CREATED ISIS! He created them by telling his troops to “cut and run” from Iraq without killing ALL the Islamic terrorists and, “roach-like,” they multiplied and are now taking back what American soldiers DIED to win. I don't know what reasoning that fool used when he told Jeb Bush that “His brother created ISIS,” but he probably didn't use ANY. People like that don't HAVE reasoning ability. Firstly, they deny even the EXISTENCE of reason and logic.

INCREASED GUN VIOLENCE IN BALTIMORE: One of the obvious results of the big hooraw in Baltimore, MD over the possibility that cops were responsible for the death of a criminal who most likely killed HIMSELF by accident while trying to create "evidence" that the cops assaulted him, is increased gun violence. To illustrate, Baltimore has suffered 27 shootings just this weekend, alone, which is more gun violence than Baltimnore has ever seen before in one weekend.

IT'S A “WITCH HUNT!” Julian Castro, who has been mentioned as Hillary's possible running mate IF she is nominated to run for president (again), says the inquiry over Benghazi is a “witch hunt.” Really/ Maybe it's because the witch herself will not answer questions about it, hopefully to set it to rest. But she has been “stonewalling us” ever since it happened. Which, if nothing else, leads one to believe there is more there than meets the eye. And until somebody DOES answer questions about it, we'll continue to “hunt witches.”

Sunday, May 24, 2015

That "Bullying" Lie

Liberals make a big thing of “bullying” in school, and say the most bullying is to black and Hispanics. LIE! According to a recent study by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) says those most likely to be bullied today are WHITE students. Surprise, surprise! Liberals are LYING! Whoda thunkit! Not only that, the percentage of students bullied is DOWN 6% since 2011, the latest year for which figures are available. That's the lowest figure EVER, according to the NCES.

NOT FAR FROM TREE: The “Apple doesn't fall far from the tree,” does it? Al, uh, Sharpton's daughter is suing the City of New York because of her own “fumble-footedness.” They call it, “uneven pavement,” and if she has spent very much time in NY, she ought to be used to it. But she wants $5 million dollars because she stumbled and sprained her ankle. Daddy's probably coaching her in the best way to con her way into a lot of money over a trifle.

GETTIN' A LITTLE BACK: A liberal reporter repeatedly asked Ted Cruz about his stance on gay weddings—until Ted started “interviewing” HIM, asking him why reporters like him are so OBSESSED with gay sex. The guy got very uncomfortable and didn't want to answer his questions. Maybe that's how to handle liberal reporters. Turn it around on THEM. Make them “nervous” for a change.

CAN GOP SAVE ITSELF? That's a question that's been asked lately by both sides. The left because they WANT to destroy the Republican Party; and the right because they're in the process of destroying themselves. Everything they've done lately goes right along with the Democrats, and that's the best way to destroy themselves—and they'd BETTER wake up and smell the tulips! “Knuckle under to the Democrats” much longer and watch how quick the Republican Party implodes. They've got the best majority they've had in years, and they're “throwing it away.”

MISPLACED PRIORITIES: ISIS is rampaging all over Iraq, retaking territory many of our soldiers DIED to gain, and they're threatening to “raise the ISIS flag over the White House" while streaming past our “border guards” as fast as the Mexicans and other South Americans are coming in, to set up their hidden cells and make ready to kill Americans on order, right here in America. The economy is in shambles, and we're on the brink of a race war because of Obama's incendiary rhetoric. And we're arguing over changing the definition of the word MARRIAGE? Where the hell are our BRAINS?

WHAT KIND OF FOOLS ARE THESE? Some fools want to force a pub in England that has been in existence FOREVER to change its name from “”The Fighting Cock” because the name 'OFFENDS CHICKENS! CHICKENS! Does anybody with any INTELLIGENCE at all think CHICKENS even know what a cock IS? Or that they have the intelligence to BE “offended?” And these people pretend to have the right to say what WE may say!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Third World War

That's what George Soros is telling us we're on the verge of, and he should know. He's been working HARD for a long time to get it started, so he can benefit from it, as he has done many times in the past. George Soros is one of the most insidious enemies we have, because he works “behind the scenes,and he ought to be ENDED. Not killed, just ENDED. So he can no longer manipulate things to his advantage, which is usually to our DISADVANTAGE.

MICHELLE'S SALARY? Obama thinks Michelle ought to get a salary for being “First Lady.” He equates it to “paying her less than him.” Which is, as usual, a completely wrong concept. Michelle wasn't ELECTED to ANYTHING. Therefore, she's entitled to NO PAY. She's like a barnacle on a whale. My wife never got paid for being my wife. And this doesn't mean every wife is like a barnacle on a whale. Only this one. Aren't her million dollar “vacations” at taxpayer expense enough? She acts like she's a queen, and gives orders she has no authority to give to school officials regarding what to feed YOUR kids in their school lunches. No more money for Michelle!

BIPARTISAN IS A DIRTY WORD: You hear a lot about “bipartisanship” in DC these days, mostly spouted by Democrats in an effort to get the Republicans to abandon their basic principles and agree with them. But Washington was not designed for bipartisanship. It was designed to be PARTISAN. That's why there are TWO major parties, not ONE, as it was in communist Russia and other communist countries. If everything is BI-partisan, ONE side rules everything, and that goes against everything this country was built on.

SHUTTING DOWN THE INTERNET: Make no mistake, that's what Obama is after with his “net neutrality” bulldung, He wants to be able to say when web sites like Drudge or even Fox News (and someday mine) “goes too far” in HIS OPINION, and shut them up. His words: “tamp them down.” This governmental takeover of the Internet is now “the law of the land” by DICTAT. His. No congressional action was involved. Only bureaucratic action instigated by HIM. For my part, when his thugs come to shut me up, he will get this message: “screw off!” Maybe not using THOSE exact words.

IMPERVIOUS TO REALITY: He's doing it again! Obama is out there promoting global warming (or its illegitimate child, climate change) as one of the “greatest threats to national security their is” when we all know it's AlGore's SWINDLE. One that has made him a BILLIONAIRE while he is personally one of the biggest polluters on the planet. Obama is another, when he takes three or four airplanes to carry his gas-guzzling cars on a trip to spend 20 minutes making a short blathering speech. What a damned FOOL he is!

WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?” That's Hillary's opinion about Benghazi. It's “old news” because she (and Obama) have “stonewalled” it for a long time until we all got tired of hearing about it. But it DOES “make a difference” to the families of those four people they allowed to be murdered in Benghazi “on her watch” while she refused to send help. And she really thinks she's going to get away with this indifference to the lives of her people.

Friday, May 22, 2015

"It Wuz Slavery!"

That's what Venita Gupta, head of the Department of Justice (DOJ) Civil Rights Division, says or the Ferguson, MO and Baltimore riots and looting, proving again how STUPID bureaucrats not only are, but CAN be. The REAL cause is that the criminals and thugs in both places saw an opportunity to loot and burn, based on a phony “cause.” And this was facilitated by the asinine rhetoric from Obama and his cronies, aided and abetted by the local prosecutor in Baltimore, who falsely RUSHED to accuse the cops of MURDER when it was the STUPIDITY of that criminal to fight the cops so soon after a spinal operation that caused his death.

BSA'S “PRE-EMPTIVE SURRENDER”: That's what it will be if the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) agrees to allow known child molesters to take jobs as scout masters. What better way to get close to the objects of their sexual desires than to be “leading” a troop of young, impressionable boys? And as usual, the liberals want to allow it in SPITE of the dangers to these children. Frankly, if they allow it, I'd advise ALL parents to keep their kids as far away from the BSA as possible. This could be the END of the BSA.

HONORING” DEAD THUGS: What better way to promote the whole idea of a race war than to “honor” the criminals who got “their just desserts” when they fought the cops? I'm not saying that fool in Baltimore did, as the guy in Ferguson did, but he IS responsible for his own death, not his handling by the cops. But to actually create a “memorial” to these two dead thugs is “a bit much,” but not for Obama, who will do whatever it takes to “whip up” more black hating white racism to help him gain even more power. Of course, he says and does NOTHING when a black thug kills a white policeman. Will he “honor” this cop? Not a chance!

WILL SHE BE PUNISHED? Hillary KNEW about Benghazi for TEN DAYS before it happened! So did Obama. Yet they tried to palm off that idiotic story about a VIDEO that “upset” Islam. And pushed that story for all it was worth, until it was PROVEN false, then they let the truth take over while never admitting, for a minute, it was a lie. Some people STILL insist that video was responsible. They even “took action” against the producer of that video to make it look like the story was real (It's a bi-ch when the criminals are in charge of the punishment). Will they be punished, now that we have the full proof? Not a chance. They know where the bodies are buried, and probably even buried a few, themselves.

CHELSEA'S NEW BOOK: Now they had to let her go from her cushy part-time job in the media that paid her six figures for doing little, she has a children's book out. That's IF they let her go. As for the book, I wonder who her mom paid to write it for her, and who she paid to publish it? Not the usual vanity publisher, I'm sure. She'd find a REAL publisher and promise them the WORLD after she becomes president, to publish it. That's how it works for people like her.

THEY HAVE NOTHING LEFT: Climate change has been so well discredited that Obama has nothing left but to threaten people if they deny it. That's what he's doing to the Coast Guard. He has threatened to charge anybody in the Guard who denies it with “dereliction of duty,” which seems to be anything HE says it is. When you can't prove a lie, all you have left it to threaten to punish those who tell the truth—if you've got the power. AlGore wants to be able to punish the truth-tellers,. too. We now have PROOF global warming, and it's illegitimate child, climate change, is a hoax, designed to (successfully) make him into a billionaire, so all he can do now is insist those who KNOW how phony it is, and say so, should be punished for saying so.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Osama Was A Leftist

Surprise, surprise! In his quarters, found after he was killed, were many books by leftist authors, like Noam Chomsky. Is anybody surprised that Osama was a “redistributionist?” His terrorists go around “redistributing wealth” by KILLING the owners and TAKING it, then "redistributing" it to their own pockets. This also makes it no surprise that so many people in the West want to go over and become Islamic terrorists. I have nothing against that. It lets our misfits “separate themselves” from human beings, instead of hiding amongst us, and "go away."

LIBERALS HATE POWERS: Liberal Kristen Powers now works for Fox News, where she can espouse her liberal views to conservative listeners every day. But liberals don't like that. They want their people to stay in THEIR arena. Deep down, they KNOW conservatives are too smart to “gulp down” their drivel so they want to keep in on their own sources. And with people like Powers on Fox, they can no longer claim Fox is nothing but conservatives. But they will, anyway. They like to lie.

OBAMA PUSHING CLIMATE CHANGE: It's yet another swindle, folks. Obama thinks he can use climate change (or whatever it's called now) to con us into allowing even more restrictive laws and regulations, so he has “embraced” it. And he's now telling us (foolishly, lyingly) that climate change is a worse problem than is ISIS (or whatever THEY call themselves today). How STUPID does he think the American people ARE? Granted, some of them are. At least the ones who proudly “pay no attention to politics.” But unfortunately for him, more and more intelligent people are “waking up” to his cons and swindles and hopefully will get rid of him for good, soon.

OSAMA'S PORNOGRAPHY: That's the latest out. They found a “stash” of pornography in Osama bin Laden's living quarters after they killed him. Whoop-de-do! What I want to know is what he needs with porn! All he has to do if he gets horny is have some of his thugs bring him one or two of the women he has captured so he can screw them before he has their heads cut off. Maybe he's into inflicting pain, too. That would go right along with what he does, every day. So what the hell does he need with porn? Unless he just can't “get it up” for the real thing.

LIBS INVENT NEW ILLNESS: It's the number one story on Drudge today! One woman says she gets sick from all the WiFi signals all over her apartment. And some liberals are taking this silly dingbat seriously. They'll probably mount a petition to have WiFi shut off in her building, and anywhere else somebody IMAGINES they're getting ill from WiFi. That's what liberals do. ONE PERSON makes a complaint (however damned fool it might be), and they want to take away the rights from EVERYBODY.

SNIPERS AREN'T MURDERERS: Liberals like to paint them as such, but that's stupid—as usual. Picture this: a man with a machine gun killing our troops from hiding with a “big fifty” machine gun. A sniper sneaks up behind him where he has a clear field of fire, and “takes him out,” saving innumerable lives. Yes, snipers DO sometimes go out and kill some “top dawgs” from hiding, unexpectedly. But the same thing applies. How many lives can be saved by killing a top general in the opposing “army?”

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

They KInew BEFORE Benghazi

It is now known that this government KNEW about the Benghazi atrocity a WEEK before it happened. They knew the reasons for the attack. They KNEW that “video” had nothing to do with it, and that it WAS an Islamic terrorist attack. But they told the lie anyway because they wanted to cover up Obama's “gun-running” at all costs—even the cost of four innocent lives, including an ambassador. This knowledge should END Obama—but it won't, because he's got the whole thing rigged and everybody involved (except the dead) will lie for him.

NAKED OLDSTER KILLS CROOK: A 77-year-old man had just stepped out of the shower when he encountered two “home invaders” and shot one to death. Probably the sight of him in that condition caused enough pause to give him time to get his gun, He certainly wasn't “carrying.” If that had happened to me, I wouldn't have had to shoot him. Just the sight of me would have done the job without wasting the cost of a bullet. Anti-gun nuts think this 77-year-old man should have engaged these two young men in fisticuffs instead of shooting one of them. /snerk.

BLOOD IS OBAMA'S: As ISIS goes house-to-house in Iraq killing every non-Islamic they can find, and even some of the “wrong kind of Muslims,” every drop of blood, every severed head, adult or child, should be smeared on Barack Obama's head, because he is responsible for ALL their deaths. They (and all those murdered before by ISIS) would still be alive and happy if Obama had not told his troops to “cut and run” without finishing the job and preventing ISIS from rising, at all. Add to that, all the American heroes who died to take what they are now retaking, and that's a lot of blood. I hope Obama can sleep at night, with all those souls on his conscience—if he has one.

ASK ANOTHER DUMB QUESTION: Somebody asked CNN host Ashleigh Banfield (who hosts a competing show to theirs why she didn't watch “outnumbered.?" How stupid is that for a question? She gives an answer that cuts them to the quick, but it's simpler than that: they're the COMPETITION! Why the hell should she watch the competition? I agree with her that “Outnumbered” is more of a “coffee klatch” than a real show, and it's a showcase for female legs ¾ of the way up their thighs. But her show isn't much better. She probably doesn't like “The Five,” either, even though that is just a minor “leg show.”.

BIG NEWS! HILLARY TALKS! Hillary actually answers some questions! And the news networks are falling all over themselves congratulating themselves for ASKING some! Is that what we've come to? A Democrat running for president refuses to answer questions for a long time and it's a real event when finally she does? Has our media really come to that pathetic end? Well, when they start contributing $75,000.00 to a Democrat while pretending to be “impartial” and their peers ignore that, nobody is surprised when they make no effort to learn things.

SHUT UP AND ENJOY IT!” That's what a convicted rapist told his intended victim as he was trying to rape her, but she didn't. “Go screw yourself!” she replied, and, using her knowledge of unarmed combat, knocked him cold. Now that's what Obama is telling US as he screws the whole country. And we'd better tell him the same and knock HIM cold before he rapes us again and again (as he already has). We ARE “bigger than him,” and we CAN put an END to him, if we just get together and tell him, “Go screw youirself!” Will we”? Not if we keep listening to the liberal damned fools who support him.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Steph Is Sorry

George Stephanopoulos is sorry—sorry he got caught giving a lot of money to Democrat (liberal) causes represented by the Clinton Crime Foundation while PRETENDING to be “a neutral observer” in the media. Just as he was forced to testify before Congress that he LIED to his OWN notebook a long time ago, (for which he got NO punishment) before he got that “plumb job” with the network. Yeah, he's “sorry he got caught” and gave “the righties” something (true) to complain about.

AIMING THE WRONG WAY: That's the left. They pick people who disagree with them and accuse them of “being worse than the terrorists.” Now they're saying “that skank  (Pamela Geller) with her 'draw the prophet' contests are responsible for racism.” What stupidity THAT is! The ones responsible are OBAMA and his crowd, who are actively PROMOTING racism; BLACK racism against WHITES. So he can get his race war started and tighten his grip on power using it. And the other lefties are helping every day, with such crap as this.

THE EPITOME OF A LIBERAL: Michael Moore is “fat and happy” in his palatial home paid for by his silly liberal ideas, most of which, if put into effect, would have ENDED us. Now he wants to “solve the police problem” (that we don't have) by releasing all the criminals from prison and DISARMING the cops. That would CERTAINLY cause a huge reduction in the number of LIVE cops out there. The wise ones the thugs didn't kill would go into other work, and we'd be left defenseless—unless the politicians let us carry our own guns (which ain't agonna happen any time soon) or we became criminals by carrying illegally.

CLINTON: “NO EVIDENCE”: Bill Clinton says (with a straight face) that “there is not a shred of evidence” they broke the law in amassing $25 million dollars in just a few months by pretending their inflated “speaking fees” were just that, and not disguised “influence peddling.” And they really think we believe that, like we have believed most of their lies. Not this time, Bill! Of course, that doesn't mean you and the :old woman” are gonna get punished for it—you know where too many of the bodies are buried—probably buried a few yourself. Besides, you're too good at hiding the evidence.

OBAMA RUNNING GUNS: He was running guns to the Syrian “rebels,” who are really Islamic terrorists, although he won't admit it publicly. He was running them before and after Benghazi, and that was probably the motivation behind the attack at Benghazi—which is why all the subterfuge surrounding Benghazi. I knew all this at the time. I didn't know the details, but I knew the “broad brush-strokes.” Now the press has “found out” and can no longer hide it. In a “perfect world,” this would END Obama. But this isn't a “perfect world.”

TOO MANY SCANDALS: Hillary Clinton has so many scandals plaguing her we can't even keep track of them all, much less “investigate” them. From “Whitewater” and “Bimbo Eruptions”to “E-mailgate,” there are so many she should not even be CONSIDERED to run for president. But in today's politics, if you “wait them out,” people forget about your “crimes” (unless you're a Republican) and if you wait long enough, you can claim “old news” when somebody mentions them. Which is what she does. Then all you have to do is “clam up,” which is what she's doing. She certainly doesn't need the air time. If she makes it into the Oval Office, it'll be a real triumph of evil in politics.

Monday, May 18, 2015

"Blacks Need Black Doctors"

So sayeth the venerable New York Times, that DC House Organ that fancifully calls itself, “The Newspaper of Record." One of the statistics cited by them still turns my stomach. The one that says the black infant mortality rate is TWICE that of whites. Of course, that ignores the fact that a MAJORITY of black infants are aborted (murdered in the womb). Now imagine if somebody printed a headline saying, “WHITE people need WHITE doctors.” That would be patently RACIST, wouldn't it? So why isn't it when it is said about BLACK people? I often wonder about a lot of things done for black people which, if done for white people would be racism.

CHRISTIANS “HATE GROUPS?” Boy, liberals are sure throwing around that “hate groups” crap these days. Almost as much as they accuse people who disagree with their policies of being RACISTS. That NEITHER are true doesn't seem to bother them at all. Now NBC “Face the Nation” host Bob Schiffier says that reigious groups such as “Family Research Council (FRC)” are racist groups and should be BANNED from television, and the rest of them are IGNORING it. They use as a source, that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) itself a “hate group,” has them on its “Hate Map,” and says they have been “inundated” with complaints. Two of them.

30 YEARS LEFT TO LIVE: The surviving Boston Bomber has been sentenced to DEATH for his part in bombing the finish line at the Boston Marathon, killing several people and wounding many others. I guess that means he only has thirty or so years left to live as they fight over when (or IF) to actually carry out the sentence. It's too bad we don't still operate like they did in the old West. Convict 'em in the morning, hang 'em that afternoon. But I guess they're frightened of killing the wrong person—which is a good fear, since they have killed MANY innocent people, based on somebody's LYING testimony and falsified “evidence”—like the cop who shot Mike Brown to death while Brown tried to kill HIM. Only nobody believed they lied—except for Brown's “homies,” of course.

WOULD JEB INVADE IRAQ? That's one of the top “gotcha questions” asked of Jeb Bush by the liberal media: “Would you have invaded Iraq, knowing what you know now?” Jeb misheard it and answered “Yes.” But the right answer would have been “:yes,” because Saddam, being a staunch Islamic terrorist supporter, with money, “Safe harbor,” and training facilities, was a “legitimate target.” And there WERE weapons of mass destruction there. He just shipped them to Syria. Iraq is NOW a “disaster,” because of Obama. Not because of anything Bush did.

FORCING THEIR RELIGION ON YOU: That's what some liberals are saying today about the “right.” Because they don't want others to push THEIR religions on US. At least, unlike the Muslims, we don't try to force our religion on others at the point of a gun! What the hell's WRONG with these people? There's a wealth of real targets out there, but they insist on aiming at their friends! All “the right” wants to do is reduce the size and influence of government and reduce taxes, whi9le returning to us more freedom, and for that, they think we're the bad guys. How STUPID is that?

SHARPTON AT THE WHITE HOUSE? Why? Why is Al, uh, Sharpton such a frequent guest at the White House? He's nothing but a “race whore” who makes millions by “whipping up the flames of black on white racism.” So he's welcome in this White House because it's being run by a man who WANTS a race war and Sharpie...uh, Sharpton is helping. He and Obama are the epitome of the fact that you can be judged by the company you keep.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

At Least He Answers Questions!

Jeb Bush is getting a lot of flack (mostly from Democrats) for his answer to the question about if he would do the same things as his brother did regarding the Iraq war. Missed in all the hooraw is that the question, as asked, was aboiut what he would do under “what they knew then,” not what we know now, and he answwred that he would, indeed, have invaded Iraq. But, unlike Hillary, he does at least ANSWER questions from the press.
POWER OUTAGE: Some guy flubbed his dub and ran over a roadside transformer on the freeway and took it out. It took them almost 24 hours to find another one and get it installed and working. Meanwhile we just suffered while they made numerous promises about when it would come back on, all of them wrong.The power went out at about 3 PM Friday and back on (for the last time) about 2 PM Saturday. It went on and off three times before finally coming on and staying on. The outage not only caused me not to be able to use the computer, it took me off the WiFi so I couldn't post anything.; Sorry, folks.

IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO: I maintain that invading Iraq and “taking out” Saddam was ABSOLUTELY the right thing to do, even under what we know today. They DID ultimately find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, even though Saddam had most of them shipped to Syria during the period while we dithered about whether or not to invade. The evidence was there that he helped TRAIN those who did the 9/11 atrocity, and that he gave Islamic terrorists money and a “safe harbor “between missions.”

TO BE EXPECTED: When Americans attacked an Islamic terrorist compound in Syria, they used civilians as “cover,” making us shoot them before we got to the terrorists, as usual. That this gives them a PR victory goes without saying. But in the long run it didn't do them much good, as we killed all their outer guards, as well as their top “oil production” man. They try to play his death down, saying he “wasn't such a much” in the normal scheme of things, but he was in complete charge of their oil acquisition.. Of course, since he was so unimportant, that's why the compound was surrounded with guards for us to kill.

NEVER NEUTRAL: George Stephanopoulos has always been a Democrat “aparatchick.” Never a “neutral observer.” He has always been such, since way before he testified before a Congressional committee that he “lied to his own notebook.” So why did ABC hire him as an anchor and all-around news man? That's easy. It was for the same reason NBC hired Bill Clinton's daughter Chelsea, for a PART-TIME job at a six-figure salary. To gain favor from Bill and Hillary, expecting Hillary to con herself back into the Oval Office. So it's not surprising that George not only CONTRIBUTED massive amounts of money to the Bill and Hillary Crime Foundation, but he was ACTIVE in their operations all the while PRETENDING to be “neutral.”

PROBLEMS AT INDY: They've had several major accidents in practice for the Indianapolis 500. Most notably the one involving Helio Castronevis, but also the one involving Ed Carpenter, both involving Chevrolets, which has a new “aero package” for this year. The third was Josef Newgarden, Carpenter's team mate. All hit the wall at approximately the same place. If this keeps up, those Indy drivers will have to start getting pilot's licenses. The accidents happening in roughly the same place is less important than all three being Chevys, with that new “aero package.” The speedway might ban that package. All drivers were uninjured, which speaks well of their safety precautions.

ISIS VOWS REVENGE: Ho, hum, so what? They're vowing “revenge” for the raid that killed their top oil official. Will that involve anything other than “everyday business?” They seem to think this is some kind of a FEUD, not a war. “Tit for tat.” You kill one of ours, we kill one of yours.” But it's not. They've declared all-out WAR on us, and they shouldn't be surprised at what they get. Although they're probably surprised Obana “signed off” on this raid I guess he couldn't avoid it, or be exposed as the two-faced Islamic terrorist he is.

WHAT HAVE WE GOT FOR PROSECUTORS? This is the second prosecutor in the Northeast to make an abysmally STUPID statement about a case in which she's involved. Talking about the surviving Boston Bomber, she tells us he SAID he “did it for all other Muslims," then goes on to say “it was NOT a religious crime.” What? How STUPID can she be? Just as stupid as is Obama, I'd guess. You know: the fool who won't recognize an Islamic terrorist operation if the perp got an inch from his face and shouted Allahu Akbar!” right in his face, wetting him down with his spittle.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Why All the Black Mayors?

If this country is so racist, why is it every time I see a mayor, top cop, sheriff, or governor holding a press conference about one disaster or another, he (or she) is BLACK?As is the Baltimore mayor and the prosecutor who “rushed to judgment” before all the facts were in and indicted six cops, half of which were black, are black—AND female. I'm not complaining, because I don't give a damn something as unimportant the color of the skin of a politician. What I AM calling attention to is the fact that, even in the SOUTH, where racism is supposed to be so rampant, so many top politicians are black, women, and even black women! How is that even POSSIBLE unless the PEOPLE voted them into office?

IT'S WHAT HE DOES! Obama is criticizing “the rich” who send their children to private schools, while HE sends HIS kids to private schools. He thinks we don't notice things like that. Everything he criticizes others for doing, HE is doing. I can't think of a more “two-faced liar politician” today. He criticizes “the rich,” while HE is “filthy rich,” himself, most of which was gained AFTER he became president—which should tell you something. Like the Clintons, who were “:broke” upon leaving the White House (Hillary SAYS), but are worth hundreds of millions now.

IT'S GOP'S FAULT: Democrats, who have been running things for decades in Philly, are blaming the Republicans for the train crash there. They say Republicans have BLOCKED spending any money on infrastructure, while DEMOCRATS block new money for the railroads to use in installing automatic braking on such lines as this. In the city itself, Democrats have been running things there, too. But whenever anything bad happens, they blame the Republicans, even though Republicans can't even get NOTICED there.

FIRE STEPHANOPOULOS: However the hell he spells it. We knew George Stephanopoulos was a Democrat plant when he was hired by ABC, just as we knew Bill Clinton's daughter Chelsea was hired as a BRIBE so ABC could get preferential treatment if Hillary was ever elected president. Now it is learned that Stephanoupolos “contributed” $75,000.00 to the “Clinton Crime Family Foundation” (This “foundation” is well known as a “money laundering outfit” for the Clintons). How many other things has he done during his stint as an ABC anchor to benefit the Clintons and other Democrats? We all know he is corrupt. We found it out when he testified that he LIED to his own notebook during one appearance before Congress.

SHOULD “BOSTON BOMBER” GET DEATH PENALTY? Absolutely. He wasn't worried about how many people HE killed when he helped set off those bombs. He should have been SHOT when found, as was his brother and co-conspirator. Not given free “room and board” for a long time while the courts decided what we already knew, he is GUILTY. This is not a case where the “evidence” is only “circumstantial” and hinges on a simple lab test. The bombs were traced DIRECTLY to him and his brother. Equal punishment under the law DEMANDS his death. He has said he's “sorry.” He should have thought of that BEFORE setting off those bombs.

SMALL CHANGE” IN FIRST AMENDMENT: Obama is making a “small change” in the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Now, in paperwork to accompany citizenship applications, it is now described as “freedom of worship,” not “freedom of religion,” as it has always been, which means outside of the confines of the church, we have no protection. What makes him think he can do that is beyond me. But he has never let constitutional prohibitions inhibit him in the past, why should he now? Obama should be IMPRISONED for multiple violations of the Constitution. That should be the punishment for willful constitutional violations. Unfortunately, the founders neglected to do that.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Predcise Military Attack

The former head of the CIA is still promoting the MYTH that the attack on the embassy buildings in Benghazi was just a bunch of looters, much like those in Baltimore and Ferguson, who just wanted to steal what they could. But his story is belied by the fact that they had the exact coordinates of the building or buildings they wanted to breach and used them to guide mortar attacks. They knew exactly where the ambassador was. It was executed with military efficiency. Personally, I think they had “inside help.” The very fact that Obama and his Secretary of State REFUSED to send help tells me the SOURCE of that help.

FOX LIES ALL THE TIME”: That's what Obama says. But HE'S the one LYING He keeps saying this, but he presents NO evidence—because there IS none. He's been trying to discredit Fox News ever since he crawled out from under his rock in 2007 and started his run for president. His problem with Fox is that they continue to tell the TRUTH about his crimes and violations of the Constitution. He HATES that. So he trumps up the idea that they LIE, when it's HIM who lies all the time. How do you tell when he's lying? His mouth is open and sounds are coming out. Or he writes something down.

DEMS BLAME REPUBLICANS: Republicans blame Democrats. Libertarians blame both for that Philly train crash. All before the facts are known. There's nothing new about this. The same people blame the same people for ALL disasters. Mostly so they won't be blamed, themselves, and so that they won't feel like they have to DO anything. Meanwhile, who are the first people to rush in and help? The COPS, of course. The most maligned helpers in history. And who among those “rushing in” have to “watch their backs” so that criminals will not shoot them while their backs are turned?

THEY WERE THE WRONG KIND”: Muslims killed 43 innocent people on a bus in Karache, Pakistan because they “were the wrong kind of Muslims.” this is what passes for “religious understanding” in the Muslim religion. A little known fact is that there are TWO kinds of Muslims: Shiite and Sunni. They are constantly fighting for power between themselves. This is even before they kill “Infidels” (non-believers in Islam itself). There are many further subdivisions between members of the two major groups. Too many to count, really. And the reason for some of those divisions might be a difference in opinion over the definition of a single word.

SOCIETY'S “LOTTERY WINNERS”: This is what Obama and his fools call those who are rich. Those who are rich by their own work, not those who INHERITED their riches from their ancestors, most of whom are fellow liberals. These people DISCOUNT the whole idea that these people may have EARNED their riches. To liberals, FAILURE is something to be PROUD of. And if you're rich, you'd BETTER have inherited it. They don't believe it's possible to EARN riches honestly. They must be going by their own personal experience in how THEY became rich.

RACISM? AGAIN?”: “Is racism raising its ugly head again?” This is a question some people are asking, as if racism “went away” and is just now “coming back” with the advent of the election of a black man as president (which completely ignores the fact that a white majority ELECTED him, TWICE). It completely ignores the fact that that very black man is PROMOTING black hatred against WHITE people. He desperately wants a race war so he can use it, both to stay in power beyond 2016 and “tighten his grip” on power. There IS no “racism AGAIN.” There is a different KIND of racism being promoted today PROMOTED by Obama.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Michelle Blasts Conservative Racism!

She “went off” on it, as if only BLACK people are entitled to be racist, as in what she and her con man husband are promoting today. Yes, there IS some racism left among BOTH conservatives AND liberals, The liberal racism she ignores, in favor of making it SEEM like only conservatives are racist. What a damned FOOL she is! She talks incessantly about WHITE racism while IGNORING the BLACK against white racism she and her fool husband are PROMOTING today!

GELLER “GOT TWO MEN KILLED”: That's what some people, liberals all,and probably some Muslims, too, are saying about the shooting outside of the “Draw the Prophet” contest building. How STUPID are these people? Those men got THEMSELVES killed by coming there to kill others and encountering cops who were good at their jobs, and were ready. Geller had nothing to do with it. She has the RIGHT to hold such an event, and they did NOT have the right to shoot the place up because of it.

MANY LIES TOLD: One of the factors that infuriates me is the lies told by so-called “witnesses” to police shootings where violent criminals are killed, telling such lies as that one who said the guy was “shot in the back” when he was NOT. The most recent instance of that happened in Baltimore, and added to the problems there. It was a main “testimony” in Ferguson, MO, where his “homies” lied incessantly and their lies were “swallowed, hook, line, and sinker” by the liberal media. In Ferguson, that cop, who was only protecting his life and doing his job, has had his life ruined forever by those lies. In Baltimore, SIX cops likewise (half of them black), even if they're not “indicted.”

WAS GELLER RIGHT? They're still arguing over whether Pamela Geller was within her rights to hold a contest she KNEW would lead to violence. SHE WAS. She was illustrating the simple fact that Muslims are insane and would KILL over such trivialities as publishing a picture of their “prophet.” Yes, it got two people killed—but these were the RIGHT people. People who CAME to kill, and who did not have the right to breathe the air on this Earth. Some people complain about that, but they're STUPID.

FOX LET HER TALK”: So Fox gets the blame. The rest of the liberal media lets people like her talk all the time, and does not go back and correct the record when her lies are found out. At least Fox had the grace to reverse themselves and apologize for letting her mislead everybody and maybe get a lot of people hurt to support Obama's drive to get a race war started. There have been 50 shootings in Baltimore, since the riots “ended,” but nobody in the media noticed.

FAITH CRIMES”: All over the world, Christians are murdered, tortured, beheaded, raped, kidnapped and sold into slavery. Overseas, it is all being done by Muslims. But a lesser form of it is being practiced by liberals in the United States, itself under the GUISE of “gay marriage.” Another way to discriminate against Christians is to stop allowing SYMBOLS of Christianity to be displayed, after a complaint from ONE person, usually a gay or a Muslim. The main problem here is that Christians ARE a “peaceful religion,” and bear the violence that comes from Muslims with peace, which just empowers Muslims to more violence.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Who the Hell CARES?

We (not me) go out of our way to avoid “offending” Muslims. Why? What do we care what Muslims think? We IGNORE Muslim-owned bakeries refusing to bake cakes for Christians generally and gays especially while RUINING Christians who do the same, for the same reasons. And it's all because Muslims don't like it. Who cares? They certainly don't care if they offend US in the countries they control! They make LAWS against the things we hold dear, and prohibit us from even practicing our religion there.

SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN HIS CAR”: That's what the family of the killer of one cop said about him getting killed by their family member. Which tells me the entire family are thugs, as much as the killer is. “Should have stayed in his car?” What a STUPID statement THAT is! Staying in his car would not be doing his job, and that fool should not have killed him. If HE hadn't been committing a crime, the cop wouldn't have pursued him. That works both way, fools!

WAS BIN LADEN MURDERED? I don't know, and I don't care. However he died, it was a good thing. This man was at the top of the list of worse than animals who didn't have the right to breathe the air on this Earth. Seymour Hersh is now saying there was “no firefight,” and they went in with the intent to kill bin Laden, and just SHOT him. I don't know if that's true or not, but it makes no difference to me. Considering the thousands—maybe MILLIONS of innocent people whose deaths he is responsible for, he doesn't DESERVE to live.

WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? No, I'm not channeling Hillary Clinton. I'm merely commenting on the mother of the thug who killed two cops in Mississippi saying her son was a “drug addict” as an “excuse” for shooting and killing those two cops. Being a drug addict is NOT a defense to such a crime. I believe he felt “motivated” by the rhetoric of Obama and other cop-hating politicians. She also says he “has mental problems” since being hit in the head with a pipe a few years ago. I guess she's trying to keep him from getting the death penalty, a fate to which he is definitely entitled.

SORRY FOR THE VICTIMS: The mother of the surviving Boston Bomber says he's “sorry for the victims” of his bombings. Really? Maybe he should have thought of that BEFORE he bombed them, huh? Frankly, I don't think he's sorry for a MINUTE about the victims. I think he's sorry he's now facing the death penalty or life in prison for his crime. He's only SAYING he “feels sorry for the victims” to get sympathy and maybe avoid being put to death himself. It really amazes me when such as him tries to get sympathy from the stupid liberals out there.

THUGS ARE COMPLAINING: There is only $25 mllion dollars' worth of property for us to destroy in the next riot. It's like the thugs in Ferguson, MO, complaining that people they burned out haven't rebuilt so they could burn them out AGAIN! What? do they think people are STUPID as they are? They'll rebuild (if they're able) after these stupid thugs are gone. They're getting tired of the CRIMINALS running things where they live and they're going to “wait them out.”

Monday, May 11, 2015

Absolutely! Yes!

They're still asking if I would go to a restaurant where they allow guns. My answer is, I would NOT patronize a restaurant that had declared itself a “gun-free zone” because that would be one of the most dangerous environments around. “Free shooters” SEEK OUT “gun-free zones” where they can be pretty sure there will be no guns to be used against them while they're shooting the restaurant up. I wouldn't want to be there when it happened, so I stay away.

WON'T BE THERE”: The new Saudi king has told Obma he “won't be there” when Obama holds his “Camp David Meeting” on American-Arab relations because he just doesn't trust him. So there's no reason to be there. And kings don't have to “bow down” to “King Obama.” This new king is showing signs of much intelligence. So Obama better watch out. He won't be easily conned.

MICHELLE IS NASTY! Every time I see a picture of her, she's snarling. It think she's letting her position as “First Lady” go to her head. As a black woman, she got used to being a “second class citizen” in her youth and now she's older, she thinks being the president's wife puts her above others, black AND white, She shows it by her efforts to control the lives of so many people and by displaying her anti-white racism. Her demeanor, and what she does, would not be tolerated in a black or white “First Lady.”

WHITE ONLY” GUY CAVES” The guy who was going to sponsor a “White Appreciation Day” in his restaurant by giving white people a 10% discount has “caved” to black pressure, as I predicted he would. Now somebody needs to do the same for blacks and watch as NOTHING happens. That's the way it is in America, today. Anything special for white people drops with a thump because of pressure. Something special for black people never makes a ripple. That's what today's racism amounts to. Discrimination against WHITE people.

INVADING IRAQ: Liberals call it an “unnecessary war” because “The Iraqis had nothing to do with 9/11.” They didn't? How stupid ARE people to ignore the “airplane fuselage mockup” in Iraq that was used to TRAIN people in how to use an airplane the way the 9/11 terrorists did? Or the millions of dollars Saddam gave to terrorists to finance their depredations while giving them “safe harbor” for training and resting between “missions?” No, Iraq wasn't DIRECTLY involved in 9/11. But it was VERY MUCH INVOLVED, INDIRECTLY. Anybody who can't see that is not too bright.

AM I A RACIST? Because of a couple of items above, some (most) liberals will twist what I said to make believe I am a racist, in a futile attempt to reduce the effectiveness of my words. Nothing could be further from the truth. I judge people as INDIVIDUALS, and I judge BOTH Obamas as “anti-white racists.” Not because of their color, but because of what they SAY about white people, and DO to them. She has used her new-found power to do all she can to make life difficult for white people while ACCUSING white people of racism at every opportunity. Obama himself is doing his level best to START an anti-white race war for his own purposes.