Friday, September 29, 2017

The Biggest Swindle Ever

I used to think it was global warming. I was wrong. It's Obamacare. They told us it would REDUCE the cost of health care insurance; it DOUBLED it, and in some places, it TRIPLED it. And the thousand dollar deductibles made it USELESS as insurance. The "rules" made it impossible. Like the requirement to cover pre-existing conditions that took it out of the realm of insurance and made it WELFARE. Obamacare has so screwed up the medical profession, it may never recover. Dumocrats want to work with Republicans to "fix" it. They should have thought of that when they were screwing it up.

WATTS ENDS POLITICAL RUN: The mouthpiece for "MOMS Against Guns" (or something like that) spent the summer considering a run for the senate. She even moved to Boulder, CO so she could run for the seat to be vacated by Jaren Polis, who plans to run for governor, and score an easy victory over no incumbent opponent.. She says she decided her efforts to subvert the Second Amendment to the Constitution were more important. But I suspect that, more important was a certain inability to raise enough money and support in Colorado to get the job done. But anti-gun fools everywhere should not worry. Another anti-gun fool, Ken Toltz, is running for that seat, and probably win, since Dumocrats usually win in Colorado.

McAULIFFE MUST BE MAD: The court in Charleston, W VA, a close neighbor of the state of which he is governor, ruled AGAINST the prohibition to legal gun carriers bringing their guns onto some city property, anywhere (mostly). School property was excepted. That's pretty close to anti-gun Virginia. Does that show a trend in the area? Will other cases be similarly decided, and will some anti-gun laws be repealed? That'll sure make Terry mad. The City of Charleston has enforced these unconstitutional laws for the last four years while the issue made its way through the courts.

DON'T UNDERSTAND ECONOMICS: The Dumocrats just do not understand economics, and the positions they are in should REQUIRE such understanding. They just can't conceive of the idea that tax CUTS tend to INCREASE the "tax take" because such cuts INCENTIVISE people who get to keep more of their money INVEST that money in job and commerce-creating activities, thereby creating more taxable income. that's simple economics, and if I can understand it, when my eyes glaze over at the word economics, they ought to be able to do so. But they can't, and they keep making incentive killing tax laws.

SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID: A special tax on the very rich. Even Donald Trump has bought the liberal bullcrap that we should tax the rich at a higher rate than everybody else. So his new tax plan applies a SPECIFIC "surcharge" on people that EARN more than a certain amount. This completely ignores the fact that it is the rich that CREATE all the new wealth that benefits all of us. When they get to keep more of what they EARN, they invest that money in projects that create jobs and commerce, and that benefits us all. Remember, if you tax something, you INHIBIT it. So putting a surcharge on the rich takes away some of the money that have to invest in projects that benefit us all.

SHE'S REALLY STUPID: Shiela Jackson Lee joined the ranks of the stupid (again) the other day when she refused to stand when the National Anthem was played in Congress. A member of Congress who is against what the flag and the anthem stands for! For this, she should be voted OUT of Congress and banned from ever running again for ANY elective office. She proves her stupidity on a regular basis, but this takes the cake. Congress is able to punish its members for misconduct, and they should do so in her case. It shames me to have such a doofus representing me in Congress. I am glad she is not from Colorado.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

It Happened Again

A citizen with a gun stopped a mass shooter before he could kill more than one in a church in Nashville, Tenn. The citizen was a church usher, who stopped the shooter as he randomly was shooting people in the church, killing one, and wounding about 7 others. He was wounded, and stopped from killing any more people. The anti-gun fools say this never happens, but it is happening more and more as more and more people are allowed to buy and carry guns for self defense. The shooter is a Sudanese immigrant, and nobody's saying if he is a legal resident, or not.

OBSESSED WITH RACISM: The Dumocrats look at everything as it affects racism. They call anybody who disagrees with ANYTHING they propose a racist, or bigot, or something else just as damned fool. They are so obsessed with race they find racism in the most innocent words or actions, where it is NOT. If what they are looking at is not racist, they twist things to MAKE it racism. That's really funny when you consider that the Dumocrats were the AUTHORS of racism in this country. Dumocrats made all the laws that CREATED racism in the South, and elsewhere. The people and policies Martin Luther King demonstrated against, and died to oppose were Dumocrats.

INTENT vs, EFFECT: The anti-gun fools will confidently tell you that they INTEND to get rid of guns, period, and thereby "stop crime in its tracks." But they don't know how to stop CRIMINALS, who don't obey laws, from getting the guns they use to victimize the law-abiding, so they content themselves with disarming the law-abiding. The net EFFECT is to INCREASE crime by making the law-abiding people DEFENSELESS against the ILLEGAL guns held by the criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists, who have pledged to kill as many "unbelievers" as they can.

AGAINST MANDATORY MINIMUM SENTENCING: I've been telling them for years that the way to slow the criminals down in their gun use is to make using a gun in a crime much more costly for them in terms of the longer sentences that can bring. But the anti-gun fools disagree. They say that mandatory minimums are "ineffective" (I don't know how they can support that) and expensive (Sure, it costs more to keep crooks in prison longer), as well as racially discriminatory (sure, it's always racism) and unlikely to reduce recidivism (I don't think they have ANY figures to support that)." And recidivism is not the problem. It is the FIRST crime that is the problem.

THE LIE OF POLICE RACISM: Players in the NFL are refusing to stand for the National Anthem because they think America is intrinsically racist, and the cops moreso. People are being pressured to support, and admit to, a LIE. The lie that cops are intrinsically racist CANNOT be supported by facts. It's a "flight of fancy" on their part. It amounts to people who are multi-millionaires under this system protesting the "unfairness" of the system. These people who have all BENEFITTED by this system telling us this system is racist, and wrong. And if you disagree, you're a racist. That's always their play. If you disagree with ANYTHING they push, you're a racist. They can't prove it, but they confidently SAY it.

TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH: That's what liberals always bray whenever Trump (or anybody else) talks about a tax cut for EVERYBODY. They make big noise about the fact that the rich benefit more than the middle class. But the rich SHOULD benefit more, because they CONTRIBUTE more through their efforts to make more money. They create jobs and commerce that benefits all. the liberals say the rich do not pay their fair share of taxes. But the real fact is they pay MOST of the taxes paid.They pay 86% of taxes paid, and that's from the IRS. The idea that they don't pay their fair share is ludicrous. They pay MORE than their fair share.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

"Paying For" Tax Reform

Congress wants to tax retirement savings to "pay for" the tax reductions Trump is planning for tax reform. They just can't get it through their thick skulls that reducing taxes RAISES the "tax take" by letting people keep more of their money, so they have money to invest in future money-making things, which creates MORE taxable income. This has been proved every time taxes or the tax rate has been reduced. But these fools will just NOT believe it so, every time we lower taxes in one place, they just have to RAISE them in another. It's a real "whack-a-mole" job. The government just can't do with a DIME less money.

STATEMENT: "I'M STUPID!" Colin Kaepernick refused to stand up while they played the National anthem at football games to make a statement. But the only statement he was able to make is, "I'm STUPID!" I've BOUGHT all the bullcrap the liberals and racists on the left has fed me. Therefore, I think America is intrinsically racist and otherwise bigoted. It is NOT. I've put my multi-million dollar career as a football player in jeopardy with my stupidity. I've inspired other stupid players to make the same statement. My actions, and the lack of action on the part of my employers have cost my employers to LOSE $200 million dollars in revenue, and they are not going to long put up with that. They're smarter than I am.

DAMNED STUPID BUREAUCRATS! In Miami-Dade County, Florida, really STUPID bureaucrats are going around in storm-damaged areas HOURS after a major hurricane, handing out TICKETS to homeowners who have suffered one of the worst disasters in their lives. Yes, they contain no fines. They are only "advisory." But they THREATEN fines and other penalties if their properties are not "brought up to code" by a certain date, while the homeowners have no means to do so as they attempt to "dig out" of the hurricane damage. Bureaucrats can always be depended upon to do something STUPID, and these are no different. I'm sure residents are happy SOMETHING is still working.

GET UP, WALK OUT: When a football fan is in a stadium waiting for the game to start, and some of the players emulate the stupidity shown by Colin Kaepernick and refuse to stand for the National Anthem--and the team owner doesn't respond, he should stand up and walk out, right then, demanding his money back. He might not get it, but he will have made HIS statement. Like Kaepernick, he is entitled to do so without government action against him. But he should expect repercussions, as should Kaepernick. The NFL is not bound by the Constitution in this matter and should PUNISH people such as Kaepernick, or any of those who emulate him, not for his "statement," but for costing them a bundle of money.

BEING DIVISIVE: Liberals have accused President Trump of "being divisive" for his action in saying the NFL owners should FIRE those players who refuse to stand for the National Anthem, which is driving the fan base away and costing them a BUNDLE of money. What is really divisive is Kaepernick's actions. But then liberals always accuse people who disagree with them of being divisive, or racist, or something vile, when it is actually NOT. When they have nothing substantive to say, they call people NAMES. That's their way. People come to the game to watch FOOTBALL. Not to be regaled by damned fool political notions that are wrong on their face.

BOBBIES GETTING SMART: "We live in dangerous times," say London's cops, as more and more of them want to be armed. As if they didn't "live in dangerous times" before this. But it is true. with criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists being routinely armed, cops don't want to be counted among the defenseless when confronting these people--and they're smart to do so. It is the politician and bureaucrat, who doesn't have to come face-to-face with these criminals, who insist on keeping cops AND law-abiding citizens disarmed, and therefore defenseless against these criminals, who always seem to get their guns, legal or otherwise.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

"Thank You John McCain!"

These words come from socialist failed VP candidate on the Dumocrat side, Bernie Sanders. That tells me more about John McCain than anything else anybody could say or so. McCain is a socialist in hiding (but not too well). He campaigned on the PROMISE to "repeal and replace" Obamacare, and TWICE, when offered the opportunity to do so, he has refused. He's a dedicated RINO, and will not be missed when he's gone. Personally, I think his thinking has been affected by his brain tumor.

LIBERALS CELEBRATE A FOOL: Colin Kaepernick is a fool. He demonstrates it every time he refuses to stand when the Narional Anthem is played. He's too stupid to realize that he is protesting the anthem to the only thing that ALLOWS him to be stupid, the Constitution of the United States of America. He, and all those fools who celebrate his action in refusing to stand for the Anthem should get on an airplane and go to a country like Russia, or Venezuela, N. Korea, or Cuba, where they would feel more comfortable. But they'd better be ready for it if they refuse to respect THEIR flag, and anthem. If they do, they'll quickly end up in a jail cell, or maybe even before a firing squad after months of torture.

INCOMPETENT FOOL: Kim Jung Un is an incompetent fool who thinks he is God. He says Trump is the only one on a suicide mission while he continues to taunt the United States with his playing with missiles and H-bombs. He has been on HIS suicide mission for years, counting on the wimps we usually elect as president to huff and puff and do nothing. He thinks his pitiful nuclear arsenal is a match for the thousands of bombs we have, and that we can't reach him. If he does ANYTHING warlike in our direction, he will soon cease to exist, along with much of his country. It is only our unwillingness to kill innocent N. Koreans that has protected "Mighty Mouth" up to now, and that's OVER.

PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS: I know covering pre-existing conditions is a popular thing to do for socialists and liberals (a repetition, there). But to do so is to commit financial SUICIDE. You just cannot afford to allow people to get sick with an expensive thing like cancer, and THEN buy insurance. That takes it out of the realm of insurance and puts it under WELFARE. Yes, some unwise people will suffer, and I am one of those. I have never felt I could afford health insurance, and Obamacare has only made that worse. But it is only right to have a waiting period after purchase of insurance before covering pre-existing conditions. Anybody who doesn't see that can sue me. I know there are even some of my readers (even my own SON) who will disagree with that, but I promised TRUTH, and I will bring it to you in spite of hell.

THEY LAUGHED: Liberals laughed and ridiculed Trump when he said he's been wiretapped in Trump Tower. The story became a thing of comedy among liberals--but it was TRUE. It has been found out that a former Trump campaign manager was being wiretapped in his Trump Tower apartment. And there's nobody with any intelligence at all who thinks his conversations with Trump were not part of that. Yes, they did not wiretap him DIRECTLY (maybe). But Obama's fools DID wiretap people close to him so they could hear snippets of what he is thinking, and what he will do, in the future. There are many things the liberals laugh at, which are later proven to be true. But you'll never hear about most of them because the liberal media will never report it.

NOT BASED ON RELIGION: Trump's "travel ban" on people from certain countries that HAPPEN to be majority Muslim is NOT based on religion. Not to those with intelligence and the ability to understand things, anyway. It is based on the ACTIONS of a lot of the people who come from those countries, regardless of their religion. That most of them happen to be Muslims is only incidental. And it is mostly the Muslim extremists he wants to keep out of the United States, lest we have to start fighting them in the streets here, as they do in other countries that allow them in. And we don't like their "rape culture." Wherever they go, rapes increase. They just can't handle it that most women don't follow their insane dress code. So they see a little skin and go nuts.

Monday, September 25, 2017

I'm Sick of Kapernick

I'm getting sick of hearing about this Kapernick fool refusing to stand when the National Anthem is played. and no, I don't care if I spelled his name right, or not. If he doesn't like it in this country, he should find one he does like, and move there--if he can FIND one, that is. It is fools like Kapernick who screw things up royally in this country, because he cons others into supporting him, and the NFL is too cowardly to ban him from playing. Which has cost them, so far, $200 million dollars in revenue. It matters not if he is or is not a good player, He costs them too much to allow him to stay.

GUN GRABBER BUYS GUN: Camiella Williams hates guns. She had been an anti-gun fool for a long time, since she has lost several family members to gun violence. And the rhetoric put out by other fools is what she hears, all the time, so she "bought" it, and became an anti-gun fool herself. But that isn't completely true. she got her first gun at age 12 (which was illegal because she was underage), and has been a gun owner ever since. Meanwhile, she worked hard to keep everybody ELSE from having a gun for self defense. This is getting to be a pattern for anti-gun fools. Work to disarm everybody, while owning their own guns.

A PUT-UP JOB? Was the whole thing in in Charlottesville a put-up job, designed to convince us that the Dumocrats were, in fact, against slavery? The whole thing was supposed to be the nasty ol' Nazis and the racist KKK against those "nice boys" of the Antifa gang. The only problem is that the whole thing was organized by the white supremacist organizer, Jason Kessler, who is an "Obama guy" and an "Occupy Wall Street" guy. Liberal all the way. Intelligent people know that Nazis and the KKK are NOT "right-wingers," but were both created, in this country, by the liberals (Dumocrats). So why are they fighting the "Antifa gang," who are ALSO left-wingers?

WAS MANAFORT SET UP? There was no reason for a pre-dawn raid with guns drawn on the former Trump campaign manager. There was noting in his belongings that showed ANY proof of the "Russian connection" Mueller was appointed to "investigate." If there had been, they would have been "shouting it from the rooftop" by now. There was no reason for the goons who picked the locks on Manafort's door, OR to stand his wife up in her nightie and run their hands over her body. They could have just knocked, and he'd have let them in. Were they hoping he would come out with a gun in his hand so they could kill him? And searching his wife: did they think she kept an Uzi in her nightgown?

SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID: The Dumocrats not only don't know how to win elections honestly, almost everything they do, or propose doing is AGAINST what the American people wish. One of those recent campaigns was the campaign to allow MEN to enter women's rest rooms and changing rooms if they thought they were a woman today. Frankly, who the hell CARES if he has to hide the fact he has a penis when he sneaks into their restrooms? They treat it as if it were a thing of interest to MASSIVE numbers of people. But in fact, transgenders only represent .06% of the population. Nobody else CARES.

BEFUDDLED THINKING: The mayor of Milwaukee thinks passing "constitutional carry" would "flood the streets with more guns, and we don't need more guns on the streets." Wow! Just where does he think all those guns will be coming from? Passing it would simply allow the law-abiding to have guns to defend themselves against all the ILLEGAL guns out there in the hands of criminals and other bad guys. It would NOT increase the number of guns out there, only the hands in which they reside. Bad guys do not register their guns, nor do they buy them legally, as a rule.

Friday, September 22, 2017

The Party of Racism

It's the Republicans, right? WRONG! It is the DUMOCRATS! Bull Connor, the man at the forefront of the racism that Martin Luther King was fighting was a Dumocrat. The Dumocrats STARTED the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) to be their violent arm and to keep the black race down as long as they could. It is Dumocrat politicians who passed the laws that KEPT them down. They fought, "tooth and nail" AGAINST the Civil Rights Act, and even FILIBUSTERED it. The Republicans are the party of emancipation. They SHUT DOWN the Klan, and fought racism down through history.

GUN CONTROL IS STUPID! It's amazing to me that an entire group of people can remain as STUPID as are the anti-gun fools! They have to know that not a single one of their laws work, and that they even INCREASE gun crime by disarming the law-abiding and making them "sitting ducks" for those who do not obey their laws. But they use every instance of a mass shooting (or any kind of a shooting, even a NON-shooting) to advance their silly goals. If somebody takes a KNIFE, or a BAT, or any other weapon and hurts people with it, they clamor for more of the same stupid laws they KNOW don't work.

THEY DON'T REDUCE CRIME: Gun buybacks get many headlines, but do NOTHING to reduce crime. In fact, they give the "bad guys" an opportunity yo get money to buy NEW guns, by turning over old, unreliable guns to get money to buy new ones that are reliable to use in their crimes. They steal cheap guns, then sell them to the cops (or whatever gullible people are running the buyback). The cops get nice pictures of piles of guns, most of them inoperable, for the local papers, and crime continues, unabated. The cops pat themselves on the back and congratulate themselves on "getting x number of guns off the street." Meanwhile, the crooks use the money THEY provided to get new guns.

PORTLAND IS PISSED: Portland OR recently announced that they were to become lawbreakers by becoming a "sanctuary city," and the AG "called them out." Which made them mad. So the hell what? All lawbreakers who get called out get mad. If you're going to defy the law, you have to expect the law to come after you. Even if you're a local government. Especially of you're a local government. Sanctuary cities let criminals get away with their crimes by refusing to hold onto them. That gets people KILLED. They should expect retaliation.

EVERYBODY'S A RACIST: The latest accusation of racism comes from the California legislature, and guess who they're accusing? Trump, of course! They have nothing else real to accuse him of, so they content themselves with that false racism accusation. They've already tried Nazi, with no effect. Dumocrats everywhere are so vacant in the mind department, they think all they have to do is SAY somebody's a racist, and us bumpkins will believe it. I got news for them. They're making fools of themselves, and they're too stupid to realize it.

ARPAIO IS FREE: Politicians are urging the judge that "convicted" former Sheriff Joe Arpaio to ignore President Trump's pardon and order him into jail. Some groups even are suing to have it set aside as unconstitutional. I guess they just don't understand how our system works. The president's power to pardon is ABSOLUTE as long as the i's are dotted and the t's crossed. If a local judge goes against it, he/she could end up in jail, him/herself. Liberals just can't stand it when their sneaky tricks are shoved back in their faces.

STATES EMBRACE SINGLE-PAYER? The supporters of single payer health insurance say that the states support single-payer. Not a chance! Even the "bluest" states that tried, failed, due to the estimated cost. Seven states tried, and seven states failed. Even socialist Bernie Sanders' Vermont tried and failed, since the cost would have DOUBLED their state budget, which was already sky high.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

It's A Baby Tantrum!

Hillary Clinton is in the middle of a "baby tantrum." "I didn't win! I didn't win! So I'm going to lie down on the floor and kick my feet while I hold my breath until they make me president!" Her new book blames everybody but herself, including the "Russian intervention" into our election, and Trump's unproven "collusion" with it. They've spent, so far, six months since the election searching under every rock for evidence of that collusion, and have found NOTHING. But does that stop them? NO. Hillary just can't accept the fact that enough of the country wants NOTHING to do with what she would bring to the presidency, that they REJECTED her. She thinks it just HAS to be "collusion," somewhere.

TRUMP'S "REAGANESQUE SPEECH": After Trump spoke to the UN, castigating them for not effectively fighting Islamic terrorism and other major threats to the free world, Venezuea's Foreign Minister tried his best to insult Trump by calling his speech "Reaganesque." Which shows how IGNORANT he is about American politics.Calling that speech "Reaganesque" is a COMPLIMENT, and Trump should thank him for it, making him out to be the fool he actually IS. It is said, "Keep your mouth shut while people think you're a fool, or open it and confirm it." (paraphrased) Apparently, he never heard that.

IGNORANT SOCIALISTS (LIBERALS): The liberals (socialists) keep harping on a $15.00 an hour minimum wage rate, and such things as a minimum paycheck for people, whether they work or not. Ideas DESIGNED to bankrupt this nation. What the hell is wrong with them? Are they STUPID? Or just IGNORANT? To pay people only WORTH $5.00 an hour $15.00 an hour for work they have to be TAUGHT to do, even if it is the simplest job in the world, guarantees financial SUICIDE for any business that does it. It CAUSES unemployment, because NO businessperson with any intelligence can pay that much to employ inexperienced workers just entering the work force.

IRAN HATES IT: Iran's president went before the UN to say he hated President Trump's speech. But that's okay. Iran hates everything and likes nothing. The fact that they hate this speech is not a bit surprising, since they are one of the critical subjects of it. Kim Jong Un hates it, too--if he even understands it. The fools that threaten us think we should take their insults, death threats, and other jabs without response, as we did during that wimpy Obama administration. And they hate it when we do not. They're like a bunch of babies lying on the floor kicking and screaming about being punished for their sins.

THE SOCIALIST PARTY: The Dumocrat Party might as well admit it, and change their name to the Socialist Party of America. Everything they are proposing today is a socialist position. They want to FORCE private business to do something that will, if they do it, bankrupt them. They want to IMPOSE a $15.00 per hour MINIMUM wage. I remember when I aspired to that wage as a skilled worker. The people now getting minimum wage are usually just entering the work force, and have to be extensively trained to do the simplest tasks. They're not WORTH $15.00 an hour! They want to pay people for NOT working! They want to give everybody a paycheck, just for being BORN. There are many other things they want to GIVE AWAY, but I don't have the room here to list them all.

WRONG AGAIN! In Dallas County, a judge thinks if he ASKS a known wife/girlfriend abuser to turn in his guns, he'll do it. There's no way to be sure he does it, and he can ignore the judge and keep his guns. So if he wants to use them on his wife or girlfriend, he can. How many men who want to do violence OBEY the laws that say they can't do it with a gun? And how many guys who DO give up their guns use other means to hurt their women? As with other anti-gun fool laws, it DEPENDS on lawbreakers to OBEY their law. They call them lawbreakers for a REASON. They BREAK laws.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A Contradiction In Terms

A "liberal gun club." Now I've seen it all. A bunch of self-styled liberals with a gun club. Hoo, ha! A gun club goes against all things liberal. So to claim to be a "liberal gun club" is a definite contradiction in terms. I don't know what their platform is, but I suspect it, in the long run, is bad for gun ownership for self defense for the average citizen. They say they favor enforcement of current gun laws, rather than the giddy passage of new ones--to that, I agree wholeheartedly--except, of course, those laws that do NOTHING to "stem gun violence," and those are many.

SOCIALISM FLAT DOESN'T WORK! I can see why, in spite of that, socialism persists in many places. We will always have with us, people who simply want to live at the expense of others, without doing any work, themselves. People who want to "ride in the wagon" without taking a turn pushing it. Socialism is being tried, in many different places, and SEEMS to be successful--for a while, anyway. But it never lasts, as they found out in Soviet Russia, and are fast learning in Venezuela, right now. It didn't work in Cuba, which is "hanging on by its fingernails" after its chief financier, Russia's socialist system collapsed, and the money flow stopped with it. They explain such losses as "socialism not being fully implemented," but that's just backward. Socialism HAS been "fully implemented," and that's the problem.

AUSTRALIA WITHOUT GUNS: It's illegal in Australia cities to carry even a small pocket knife--unless you have a "good reason" to do so. But the "good reason" restriction there is an easy one to pass. One is that it is a "useful tool" in your life. Another is "food preparation." In America, they regularly abuse the "good reason" requirement. In Australia, they don't, much. In the "outback, knives are freely sold in many stores, and universally carried by most people. Just not in the cities, and not in schools or bars. Knives are carried in "the outback" because there is always a "good reason" to carry them, and the cops rarely stop people for a search.

AFFECTS ONLY HONEST PEOPLE: The late columnist Charlie Reese once wrote about gun laws, and he was absolutely correct when he said that "gun laws only affect honest people. Gun control is not about crime. It's about a small elite who fear and despise the common people." He couldn't have been more right. Gun control is NOT about guns. It is about CONTROL. The politicians who tell you they want to ban your guns or make you buy a license to exercise a constitutional right are telling you they don't trust you, and that is not only insulting, it is WRONG.

IS TRUMP HEADED FOR WAR? That's the question being asked by the fools who already hate Trump, as Trump RESPONDS to the nuclear prodding by N. Korea. The question should be, "Is KIM headed for war?" It is not Trump trying to be a bully, it is Kim Jung Un. He is TRYING to be a bully, but he just isn't big enough. He has been kicking at our ankles for many years, ASKING to be "slapped down," and we need to do it before he gets the capability to hit one of our cities with the nukes he insists on trying to perfect, against the wishes of the entire world, including his biggest ally, China. Nothing is ever said by the liberals in our society about KIM'S "provocations," and they are many

THESE PEOPLE ARE INSANE! They keep talking about HUNTING as a reason to allow the average, law-abiding person to own and use a gun. They don't know, or PRETEND not to know, that hunting is only a "side issue' to self defense against all oppressors, criminal, crazy, Islamic terrorists, and even GOVERNMENT. Yes, against government. Thomas Jefferson, one of the Founders actually said so. that in the final analysis, a gun may be required to defend ourselves against an oppressive government. Jefferson was very forward-looking. He could actually SEE what we are facing today; an out of control, oppressive government that is today, much worse than the British government against which we rebelled.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Unintended Message

School officials at Folsom High School (inly in California) are chastising students who chant "USA!" They say that sends an "unintended message." They say that the chants could seem intolerant and inappropriate. I guess it's okay for students at Berkeley to RIOT to keep conservative speakers quiet, and that doesn't "send an inappropriate message." Only those actions that SUPPORT our country do. THAT'S the message I can see from that chant. If that's "inappropriate," then I willingly own up to it. There are way too many "school officials" who have "bought the BS" from liberals and are teaching their students to buy it, also.

IGNORANT LIBERALS: They got Eric Bolling suspended, and several others even fired from Fox news, with phony, unprovable charges of sexual misconduct. Soon after his suspension his beloved son died, and liberals CHEERED, dancing in the streets over his death. This shows clearly the LACK of humanity in liberals, to actually cheer the death of a man who is RELATED to one of their targets. I don't have the words to tell you what that tells me about those fools. It's instructive to note that such accusations haven't surfaced about CNN personalities--only Fox people. That tells me a lot.

DRIVING THE NUMBERS DOWN: I don't usually cover the Emmys. But this is too good to pass up. The whole three hour show was devoted to a "Trump Hate-Fest" that helped their numbers achieve a record for the least number of people watching. Not much, but just a smidge less than last year, which was CONSIDERABLY the lowest at the time. The only bright spot was the appearance of Trump's first press secretary, Sean Spicer. One wonders how this known conservative got that gig. I expect it was Hollywood's attempt to make it look like Trump was a clown, just an entertainer--and that Spicer was the same.

IS IT "FERGUSON 2.0? They're rioting in St. Louis over a FORMER police officer being acquitted of murder in the death of a drug dealer who led cops on a chase and fought like hell to escape. The cop looked at what the guy was doing, and concluded he was reaching for a gun. So he shot him. A reasonable response in this day and age where cops are shot and killed from ambush (for no reason except they're cops), making them all "very nervous" as they go about their duties wearing those distinctive uniforms in those very colorful and obvious cars.

HURRICANES AND GLOBAL WARMING: Liberals do a good amount of braying about global warming, now known as "climate change," because they couldn't prove the globe WAS warming, since it wasn't. They're now blaming climate change for the unusual number of destructive hurricanes we're now seeing, that seem to TARGET the most populated centers going, kill some people, and do millions of dollars in damage. They CLAIM that man can affect the climate, yet all their scientists can't come up with a way ro divert the path of a hurricane into a less damaging one.

THE "FOX NEWS CONSPIRACY": No, I'm not talking about Fox running a conspiracy against anybody. I'm talking about the obvious conspiracy to destroy Fox at any cost. It began, for most folks, when they got the scalp of Roger Ailes with a phony sexual predator accusation, sans any kind of proof. They "lucked out" when he fell shortly after and died from his injuries. It gave him no time to fight. Then they went after their biggest ratings-getter, Bill O'Reilly, and Ailes' co-worker, Bill Shine. They went after O'Reilly, using a woman he had never met, quoting him saying things he never said. again, without a scintilla of proof--only the unsupported word of one woman who had a RECORD of such false accusations against various conservatives.