Friday, July 31, 2015

Obama Is Stupid As Peelosi

He says the IRS scandal never existed. Funny; he thinks he can make it “go away” buy saying so. He can't. The investigation into that scandal WILL continue, no matter how many roadblocks he throws in their way. Damn, I hate having an “organized crime” member as president. He thinks he can get away with ANYTHING, just by saying the “scandal doesn't exist.” And Nancy is following his lead with her own stupid cracks. How incompetent ARE these fools?

OBAMA “FIFTH BEST PRESIDENT”: What have these people been SMOKING? It must be a bunch of liberal fools voting at Texas A&M. Only liberal idiots would think Obama is anywhere NEAR being one of the best presidents in history. In reality (which is something liberals can't understand), he is not one of the WORST presidents, he is ALL ALONE as THE worst president of all time, knocking Jimmy Carter off that (low-slung) pinnacle. This is yet another example of liberals thinking they can make something so by SAYING it.

AYATOLLA'S CHEAP SHOT: He Tweeted a picture of Obama with a shadow of a gun pointed at his head. Yet Obama still thinks he can “reason” with this fool. This picture is a threat he will never, EVER be able to carry out, but he'd too STUPID to realize it. If he tries, we'll make a parking lot out of his country before he can wipe his nose. Or any other part of his ignorant body. He just doesn't know he's up against the biggest (still), finest, fighting machine on the planet. The only wars we've lost were lost by stupid politicians sticking their noses in where they don't belong.

JUMPING ON THE BANDWAGON: Hillary Clinton has “jumped on the global warming bandwagon.” I guess it's a requirement to declare your stupidity for Democrats to run for president, or ANY office. The “globe” has NOT been “warming” for almost 20 years, now. That fact led to AlGore's having to change the name of his swindle to a more “neutral” name like, “climate change,” so he could attribute (falsely) just about ANYTHING to his swindle. I expect him to start demanding a “fart tax” for HUMANS soon. There's already one for cows, claiming they put too much methane into the air. I once sarcastically said a “fart tax” was a possibility, and he must have heard me and made it so.

WHY VISIT KENYA? Just what can Kenya do for us that's worth spending a BILLION dollars for air fare and security to go there? This is a typical example of the Obamas taking useless trips and spending money we don't have on unimportant things. Like Michelle's trips, where she pays for entire floors of hotels and spends money like it was hers. She's going to go through “Travel withdrawal” after January, 2016, when that money is no longer available. And, of course, he introduces one of his own useless ideas (gay marriage and gay “rights”) into his discussions with Kenya's president. Their president's response is priceless: “Gay rights aren't important, here.” They aren't important here, either, except to gays. We have many more important concerns.

SILENCING IRAN CRITICS: Well, wants to SILENCE critics of the Iran deal. I got news for them—we WON'T be silenced. This government is BOUND by the Constitution of the United States of America, which recognizes, and GUARANTEES us the right to say what we damn well please, without government action against us. Any taken would be ILLEGAL. I know that's a hard concept to recognize for people used to living under Sharia Law in a dictatorship, but that's how it is. Sorry, al-Jazeera. Nasty break!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Press Twists Trump's Words

Of course, this is not news to people who actually PAY ATTENTION to politics. But that's how the liberal media portrays it. “Trump thinks all Mexicans are criminals and murderers.” In actuality, he's only referring to the criminals, rapists, and murderers the Mexican GOVERNMENT are sending here as ILLEGAL aliens, to “get rid of them.” And the crime figures that show that MOST of the violent crime these days is committed by ILLEGAL ALIENS. Some of which are only still here because ICE has been instructed NOT to arrest them. So when the cops do, for the crimes they commit here, ICE lets them go. One result of this is the killing of that pretty girl in San Francisco by a five-time returnee and a multi-time felon.

I'M NOT GOING TO HIDE!” That's the response from a Marine to Obama's order for military people NOT to wear their uniforms, for their own safety. Marine John McCall said, “I didn't hide from the enemy in Afghanistan, why the HELL would I hide in my own country?” He also said, “The day Marines run and hide from the enemy is the day this country will fall. We won't EVER let that happen. We will continue to wear our uniform with pride.” That sounds like a REAL Marine, and it is a response I expected.

CONTRADICTION IN TERMS: “Christian homosexuals” plot church's transformation. In other words, they want to change the church's opinion about being gay, which they have always taught was a sin. You don't “change their minds” on doctrine. Doctrine is “set in stone,” and will NOT change. I have nothing against what gays do in their bedrooms, but according to doctrine it IS a sin. That will NEVER change, and there can be no such thing as a “Christian homosexual.” No matter how mu\ch they may disagree. They might CALL themselves Christians, but does not make it so.

CAUSE YOU SAID I CAN'T!”: I'm not a big supporter of the Confederate flag, mostly because it has always before been the flag of the Democrat Party—until the Democrats decided it was a “racist flag,” hoping we'd forget it used to be theirs. But I have nothing against it, either. I don't care one way or the other. But when I'm told I “can't fly it,” I'm sorely tempted to do so, BECAUSE they told me I can't. Anybody who tells me I can't do something, I'm immediately determined to DO it.

NANCY STUPID AGAIN: Nancy (Stupid) Peelosi has again come out with a really STUPID crack. She says the “Planned Parenthood controversy doesn't exist.” Why then, does she think so many Americans are OUTRAGED about it? It may not exist to DEMOCRATS, but it is very REAL to human beings. She can't “sweep in under the rug” by saying it doesn't exist. She's announcing her own stupidity—again. Remember, this is the bimbo who said about the Obamacare bill, “We must pass the bill to find out what's in it.” That's not supposed to be how we do things, Nancy, and you, of all people, should know better. But you don't.

CLOSING GITMO: For some reason or other, Obama is DETERMINED to close the Guantanamo Bay prison for Islamic terrorists. There can be no reason for that unless he is on their side and wants to release all of them so they can go back and kill more people, including a lot of Americans, and that we will have no place to imprison these rapists, beheaders, and murderers. We need to get rid of this fool before he gives this war away-- a war he SWEARS (in his ignorance) does not exist.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"I've Said Repeatedly!"

Just because she has said it doesn't mean it's true. Just the opposite, actually. Hillary says we “must be affected by the heat” to keep demanding she turn over ALL her e-mails. Instead, she turned over SELECTED e-mails and DELETED others without allowing DOJ to see them. There must really be something incriminating in those e-mails. She says she has said REPEATEDLY that she will answer their questions, but she has not, and WILL not. This bimbo is the second worst liar out there right now. We all know who is the worst.

KILLING THE MESSENGER: The Center for Medical Progress (or something like that) videoed a Planned Parenthood doctor crowing over how much money she could make killing babies and selling their body parts that she wanted a Lamborghini and now THEY are being “investigated.” Never mind PP is MURDERING BABIES every day and profiting from it. They're more worried about how they were CAUGHT. Are the priorities in this country badly misplaced, or what? It's really bad when people discount BABY MURDER and want to charge those who are revealing it! How STUPID ARE we?

HATE SPEECH” IS ANYTHING: Anything that indicates disagreement with their position, anyway. Anything they say it is. Militant gays are now saying just using the words, “husband and wife” is “hate speech.” Are we so stupid as to accept this definition from known partisans? How STUPID are we if we do? This is “political correctness run amok.” And it should be IGNORED by intelligent people. As with ALL the new definitions designed to “incriminate” plain speaking and the right to say what you wish, which is GUARANTEED by the Constitution, the very term, “hate speech” to me is “hate speech.”

FREE SPEECH AT AN END? Seems so in Kentucky. Just weeks after their stupid ruling that gay “marriage” is legal in all 50 states (Obama thinks it's 57 states), pastors in Kentucky are being FORCED to sign a promise NOT to say being gay is a sin (Good luck with THAT!). That this violates the Constitution in SEVERAL ways goes without saying. First of all, it violates the Amendment that says, “NO LAW shall be made regarding religion or the practice thereof,” and it also violates the First Amendment guaranteeing freedom of speech. (WND)

THEY'RE REALLY AFRAID: Atheists are really frightened when a county sheriff puts something like “In God We Trust” on his patrol cars. This action doesn't hurt atheists when Christians declare their faith, as does the actions of atheists in demanding such declaration NOT appear, anywhere. People who are REALLY faithful; to their “religion” don't worry about what others do to declare their faith (Take note, Muslims and atheists). But since atheism is a PHONY religion, they feel obligated to complain.

WHY CHURCHES, NOT NRA: There is a question out there as to why would-be shooters attack churches, schools, and theaters, but never a NRA meeting? The answer is simple to a thinking person: you can probably expect some of the people in the audience at an NRA meeting to be armed, and just the opposite at a church, school, or a theater, all of which are “no-gun zones.” Such people seek out “no-gun zones” to do their mass murder because they figure there won't be anybody there to put a couple in THEIR heads as soon as they start shooting. They want to kill a bunch of people before somebody kills them.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

"Wondering About the Wisdom"

Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby, in her attempt to stop the defense from revealing exculpatory evidence, because it would make people “wonder about the wisdom of bringing charges against those six cops” she is trying to jail for killing Freddy Gray, who accidentally killed HIMSELF. Frankly, I”ve been “wondering about the wisdom” of Marilyn Mosby in EVERYTHING. This bimbo must have bought that office from some other crooked politician. She certainly doesn't have the INTELLIGENCE to hold such an office. She looks pretty good, but that doesn't qualify her for that office. I seem to remember SOMETHING in law about the prosecution not being able to withhold "exculpatory evidence."

INVESTIGATE THE ACCUSERS: Nancy Peelosi says we need to “investigate” the Center for Medical Progress for their "PHONY" videos damning Planned Parenthood doctors for revealing their dastardly acts. If she has any PROOF those videos are phony, she should come out with it. Otherwise, this bimbo should shut her pie hole. Nobody really cares what she says, any more. She's “yesterday's news.” Every time she opens her trap, she again shows her abysmal stupidity. Why they keep her around, I don't know.

SECURITY THREAT: Obama and his goons are treating “armed citizens” as a security threat. And they're right to do so, so long as Obama and his accomplices work so hard to fleece Americans. But they're only a “security threat" TO THEM, not to the government, at large. There's a good reason why Obama FEARS armed citizens. He knows what he's doing may well lead to an insurrection, and he wants to take as many guns away from possible rebels as he can. The British tried to take guns away from us and suffered for it. So will he.

THEY'LL NEVER TRUST US”: John Kerry says if the Congress doesn't approve his “deal” with Iran, “they'll never trust us again.” Who the hell cares? I don't give a horse's patootie what the Iranians think of us. We can certainly trust THEM to do us as much damage as they can—which isn't much. If they try anything, we'll make a steaming pile of dung out of their country, post haste. If the Mullahs want to commit mass suicide, we'll happily help them.

FACING THE WRONG DIRECTION: People are saying the armed vets standing in front of recruiting stations frighten them, and they're afraid they will keep people from coming in there. What damned foolishness is that? Those people are there for PROTECTION. The only people who are in danger from them are those who would come in and shoot the place up. This is a typical case of liberals blaming the GUN instead of the PERSON. That gun can't (and won't) do ANYTHING without a human finger on the trigger. Some people are REALLY stupid!

LIBERALS WILL ALWAYS TELL YOU: They'll always tell you who they FEAR the most. It used tp be Sarah Palin. But they're thoroughly discredited her to the point where even CONSERVATIVES think she's unelectable. They do it by the intensity of their complaints against them. We should use that intensity as an indicator as to just who is the best Republican candidate. I think today that's Sarah as president, and Trump as vice-president (or vice versa). Everybody BUT Democrats/liberals love them both.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Iran: "We'll Trample On America"

Talk about chutzpa! Iran says, “We will trample on America!” I think the U. S. Army might have something to say about that. Maybe to the extent of “trampling on Iran.” This puts me in mind of a flea crawling up an elephant's leg with rape on its mind. Iran seems to have gonads as big as bowling balls, but not much else. If they ever try anything like what they're threatening, they will simply cease to exist They will be one big parking lot for all eternity. They think they're the “cock of the walk,” but in reality, they're only “the walk,” and we will walk on them.

PEELOSI DEFENDS PLANNED PARENTHOOD: She says, “I'm not sure Planned Parenthood did anything wrong, but I'm not so sure about the “Center for Medical Progress.” I think Nancy goes out of her way to make outrageous statements. Or she's just plain loony. Remember, she's the one who said about Obamacare, “We must pass the bill to find out what's in it,” revealing a depth of ignorance I didn't even know she possessed. Apparently, to a Democrat, murdering babies and selling their organs isn't “something wrong,” but revealing it IS.

POPE IS INSANE! Pope Francis is insane! He says the Koran is the EQUAL of The Bible! And I don't care if I make Catholics mad. That's an insane statement. The Bible is a manual for Christians, and does not say anything about KILLING “unbelievers.” The Koran is FULL of admonitions for “good Muslims” to hate, lie to, and kill “unbelievers.” How ANYBODY could truthfully say they are the same is totally stupid. I can't believe the Pope is that stupid, so he must be INSANE, to make such a statement. I've also heard he has condemned capitalism. I believe he's been “taken in” by liberals, who have been poisoning his mind, and he should be removed because of mental instability. He's going against everything Catholics have stood for, for centuries.

BANNING CROSS-DRESSING: They banned cross-dressers from a Gay Pride event because it “might offend transgenders.” Oh, yeah? Who the hell CARES? They don't seem to care how much they “offend” straight people. Militant gays SEEK OUT bakers and other businesspeople who will refuse to do business with them so they can RUIN them. That would certainly “offend” ME! I don't give a damn what they do to each other behind closed doors. I DO give a damn when they DEMAND I not only NOT disapprove, but that I actively APPROVE. What I approve or disapprove is none of their damned business.

CONTROVERSY DOESN'T EXIST”: That's what Nancy Peelosi says. What's WRONG with this bimbo? Can't she see what's right in front of her face? Planned Parenthood is MURDERING BABIES! If that's not a “controversy, I don't know what WOULD be! But I expect such stupidity from anybody who thinks we “have to pass a bill into law in order to find out what's IN it!” The only thing that allowed this stupid bimbo to get into office is that stupidity is a REQUIREMENT to be a Democrat, and she's about the stupidest. And don't give me that “hate women” jazz. I'd say the same about a MAN who said the same things.

IMMACULATE, PERFECT”: That's what MSNBC's Chris Matthews says about Obama. What is this fool SMOKING? If there were ANY president LESS “immaculate” OR “perfect, Obama is it! He has spent us into bankruptcy, having spent more money than ALL former presidents, put together. He has managed to make a mockery of our “respect” in the world, and then claimed to have created MORE of it. He has moved this country ever closer to socialism—closer than any previous president. He has done all he could to HELP our ENEMIES kill as many people as possible, and move ever closer to coming here and killing US. Perfect? NO WAY!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

"Show Your Support!"

Planned Parenthood wants you to “show your support” for them murdering babies and selling their organs. Next, people will want you to show your support for simple MURDER. Golly! Can't execute any more murderers while PP is murdering babies on a daily basis, can we? Damn! People have been on a steady diet of “stupid pills,” haven't they? To not be OUTRAGED by Planned Parenthood's scam. I'M damned sure outraged, and it's a good thing I'm not a violent man or PP's offices would be doomed! They're really “round the bend” to think that people WOULD “show their support” for their baby-killing activities. Anybody who DOES is displaying their abject STUPIDITY.

DON'T HIT “EM WITH A HAMMER”: ICE Director says, “we don't want to hit sanctuary cities over the head with a hammer.” What? They need to be “hit over the head” with SOMETHING! Their policies are KILLING people! So we need to “hit them over the head” with something even bigger than a hammer to wake them up to reality. Letting murderers go free because they're illegal aliens is really STUPID, and the authors of “sanctuary cities” are too stupid to be in charge of ANYTHING. And I LIVE in a "sanctuary city!"

DINNER WITH HILLARY? What a SNOOZE prize! Why would ANYBODY but a Democrat FOOL want to have dinner with Hillary? That's their latest scam. A RIGGED “contest” to “win” a “dinner with Hillary. Reading the fine print, I see that there are many ways to ensure ANY “winner” would have the same opinions on everything as she does. If I were a winner in this “contest (not a chance!), I would not go. The very thought of seeing Hillary across the table from me would ruin my appetite and make me nauseous. Of course, there's no chance I would EVER be considered to “win” this “contest.” I don't “think right.”

$15 AN HOUR, STUPID! Whatever gave politicians, who have never run a business or had to make a payroll, think they have the right to ORDER businesses to pay beginning workers with NO SKILLS or abilities TWICE what they're worth? Where in the Constitution does it say politicians can control wages? Businesses pay their workers as much as they can AFFORD, based on their talents, abilities, and training. If they're FORCED to pay more, by short-sighted politicians who have no idea what they're doing, they'll have to raise their prices sky high or go out of business, with the appropriate effect on the economy. We're the ones who will suffer.

$15 AN HOUR TOO MUCH: Many people who got a raise to $15 an hour hate it. Because the new wage scale causes them to lose financial help they're getting that amounts to MORE than they can earn at the increased rate. I fully understand that, as a friend of mine who worked for a car rental company (the same one I used to work for) got a 50 cent raise and lost a $100 subsidy to his Social Security that was based on his salary. It just wasn't worth it. Politicians do a lot of things without considering the unforeseen consequences of their acts, and then make no changes after they find out. They just don't care.

MAYOR IS AN IMBECILE: Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, mayor of Baltimore, MD, is not only incompetent, she is a complete idiot. Dumb as a box of rocks. She thinks the riots after Freddie Gray accidentally killed himself only lasted “a few hours,” due to her “good work.” Talk about delusional! Truth is, they're STILL going on, weeks later! Now murder and other violence is increasing apace, and she has fired the police commissioner for her own failings. She's way over her head and needs to let somebody COMPETENT take over, at least for a while. She probably thinks this is a racist item, as do most black politicians these days, following Obama's lead of attributing ANY opposition to racism.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Blame "Climate Change"

Where do these stupid ideas COME from? Martin O'Malley, Democrat candidate for president (a futile effort, that) now says “climate change is responsible for the rise of ISIS.” Really? I always say let liberals speak their minds and they'll always show their ignorance or stupidity, as O'Malley has done, here. He says the rise of ISIS can be traced back to a drought in Syria, which LED to the rise of ISIS. Boy, Democrats blame EVERYTHING on global warming, don't they? (Excuse me: I forgot, they now call it climate change because the globe hasn't BEEN warming for 20 years, now, so that swindle doesn't work, any more). I guess next they'll blame male pattern baldness, or excess flatulence on climate change. Others in the Obama administration blame it on “unemployment,” which is just as stupid.

WHO GETS TO DECIDE? Former General Wesley Clark says “All 'radicalized' Americans should be 'rounded up' and 'interned'.' And who gets to DEFINE “radicalization?” Him, of course. Or that's what he hopes. Isn't it Clark who once declared himself “in charge” in the federal government? This is how liberals THINK. They're so smart, they get to “intern” people for thinking differently than they do. Naturally, anybody who disagrees with them are WRONG. They think that goes without saying.

IT WAS A BIG MISTAKE! Gen. Raymond Odierneo, Army chief of staff says “Pulling out of Iraq was a big mistake, and led to the rise of ISIS." Not to mention the maiming, raping, beheading, and otherwise KILLING of millions of helpless people.Obama's also responsible for the millions of BABIES murdered by Planned Parenthood during his tenure, because his government gave BILLIONS of dollars to them, and of the many other deaths that result from his policies. Obama has the blood of all those people on his hands. How he does paperwork within his hands so smeared with blood is beyond me. Damn, what a “blood-smeared” president!

PLANNED PARENTHOOD RESPONDS: Planned Parenthood has responded to recent criticism of their baby murdering efforts by saying these “attacks” are just part of a long-running “bashing” of their organization by their enemies. Not a word about their “enemies” being right;  people who are OUTRAGED by them MURDERING babies and selling their organs to unscrupulous buyers. I think all the people involved in murdering these babies and selling their organs should be IMPRISONED, and some of them executed for murder. That includes Obama, who has given them BILLIONS of dollars to keep killing babies.

OBAMA WITHHOLDING DOCUMENTS”: Word is, Obama is withholding documents on his Iran “agreement” from Congress. Are you surprised? I'm certainly not. It's the only way he's going to get it by them (Gotta pass it into law to find out what's in it. -Nancy Peelosi). The entire “Obama Experience” is a phony. A sham. A con. From the cons he used to gain the presidency to the cons he used to get Obamacare passed, he's been conning us. He will still be conning us to the day he dies—if his very DEATH is not a con. This guy is a consummate con man who cares not how many people DIE from his cons.

CON DIES WAITING: A con waiting for execution under the law has died, beating the executioner. The average time spent in prison after being sentenced to death is 15 years. We need to simplify the appeal system to keep it from taking so long. When somebody is sentenced to death, it shouldn't mean he/she has 15 years yet to live. I like it the way it was in the old West, convict him in the morning, and hang him before sundown. Maybe not THAT quick, but a lot quicker. Even so, we need to make it harder to CONVICT in death sentence cases.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Any Voters Left?

As of now (July 21, 2015) the number of Republican presidential candidates is at 16. Boy, talk about “diluting” the turnout! Only a couple of Democrats have timidly declared their candidacy because they know that without the support of the people “behind the scenes” (the ones that “elbowed Hillary aside”before and she thinks are behind her now), there isn't much chance for any of them, though Bernie Sanders (an ADMITTED socialist), has made some inroads. on her. We all know they won't last, unless those “behind the scenes” manipulators decide so). We all know that, unless yet another Obama “comes out of the woodwork” with their support, Hillary will be the Democrat candidate, though a monkey could beat her on the Republican side (I hope). I just hope there are enough voters left after the GOP candidates are counted.

MARINES ARE AFRAID: At least, the people in charge of the Marines are afraid, though I doubt if the Marines themselves are as afraid as they are. They have told Marine recruiters not to wear their uniforms in public right now, since they seem to be “targets.” Not so for cops. They have to wear their distinctive uniforms with that big, shiny target on their chest, and ride around in those distinctively-decorated police squad cars, and HOPE nobody shoots them as they drive by. Frankly, I think it's all Obama's idea to deny the Marines the right to “give the finger” to those who want to intimidate them. Obama is the biggest coward in this plot.

THAT'S NOT HOW MARINES RESPOND”: That's the response to Obama from Marcus Luttrell, hero Marine sniper, when he heard about the order coming down not to wear their uniforms for a while. He further added that letting them have GUNS at their recruiting offices would guarantee no more Marines or Navy Gobs would die in such a shooting. Anybody trying it would die in an instant. Obama, DON'T disarm our military. In military institutions, or ANYWHERE. Don't disarm Americans. Like Tojo thought, one of the best defenses for America is “a gun behind every blade of grass.”

YOU'RE EMBARRASSING YOURSELF”: You're embarrassing yourself, and your supporters.” That's what liberals tell Donald Trump, just as if that were true for Republicans, as well as Democrats. The truth is, Trump scares the HELL out of liberals/Democrats, because they KNOW he can “upset their little apple-cart” if he gets elected. And nobody is as aware as are liberals/Democrats when he shot to the TOP of the Republican charts the same day he announced. And he STAYED up there (second) after the McCain flap. And that frightens them, even more.

UN MORE IMPORTANT? Secretary of State John Kerry thinks the United Nations is more important than the American Congress. He's going to submit his Iran “agreement” to them, before to our own Congress. Wait....what? Where in the Constitution (which is the BASIS for ALL of our laws) does it say that the United Nations has a say in our treaties with ANYBODY? They don't Kerry should be FIRED for even THINKING of “running the Iran “agreement” by the UN before Congress. I knew Kerry was stupid, but not THAT stupid. I guess he is.

NO RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS? Obama says the former military and the disabled have no right to bear arms. What? Can he be that stupid? Where in the Constitution does it say that every citizen BUT former military and disabled have the right to bear arms? NO. It says “EVERY CITIZEN” has the right to be armed. NO EXCEPTIONS. Any exceptions he makes in his “executive actions” DON'T COUNT. They can be ignored. He has made a lot of “laws” without Congress, and none of them constitute a law. They are NOT enforceable, except by force of arms, and THAT is against the REAL law.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

"Gun-Free Environment"

On the window of the Naval Recruitment Center with 32 bullet holes in the glass, there's a sign that says, “This is a federal establishment. No guns allowed on these premises.” What the bloody HELL did this stupid sign do to prevent this Islamic terrorist (Whatever Obama says) from shooting up the place and killing SIX people? When are these FOOLS going to figure out that laws will NEVER do anything about crazies who want to shoot up such places? How many people must DIE before they figure out that SIGNS saying. “no guns allowed” will NOT deter these fools for a MINUTE? Damn! There are way too many fools making laws for us!

WAS IT ISLAMIC TERRORISM?” Or was it not? The shooting at that Naval installation in Chattanooga WAS Islamic terrorism! The feds are still trying to figure out what people with INTELLIGENCE already know. IT WAS! He SAID so on his web page, and I quote: “We must make the world better for Islam.” Is that not clear enough for these damned fools running this “investigation?” Is it so hard for them to say, “Islamic terrorism?” To many people, Obama's refusal to NAME it for what it is, is inexplicable. But not to me. He will not name it because he is a PART of it. He is a “closet Muslim” and he wants them to WIN, and has been doing everything he can to HELP. Only people who are INTELLIGENT can see this. If we lose this war it will be because our president ENGINEERED the loss. They'd better figure this out before it's too late.

A “RACIAL DATABASE”: Obama is compiling a database BASED on racism that will “outlast his administration” and form the basis for harassment of people THEY DEFINE as racists. This, from a president who promised us that electing him would END racism forever. He's setting up a database that will FACILITATE black against white racism for a long time, until “wiser heads” destroy it. Every day liberals define something new that “is racism.” They're defining EVERYTHING as racism (even the “American Dream” is racist, now), and that's what they will use as harassment against the people THEY define as racists. Which will probably reach YOU sometime soon if you're white.

KHAMENEI SPEAKS HOLDING GUN: Iran's “Supreme Leader,” Imam Khamenei spoke, while holding a gun, and said “We have no negotiations with America,” even while such negotiations are going on. I guess Obama isn't the only blatant liar, although I don't think he would speak while HOLDING a gun. Nor would any other American politician. They're too wimpy. Not only that, liberals would go BANANAS. They're so afraid of guns, if they saw one in the hands of another politician they'd wet their pants.

TRUMP'S A “JUNKYARD DOG” But that's what we need in this election, to cow that fool in the White House and his fool accomplices. They've all got big mouths, and all are lying. Trump is telling the truth. Maybe he was a little strong about McCain, but he was right about a lot of things concerning McCain. And remember, McCain STARTED it by saying the THOUSANDS of supporters who showed up in Arizona were “crazy.” Nobody seems to remember that. And McCain has gotten a lot of political mileage out of being a former POW. Just as Obama has done with being (half) black. And Trump is STILL second among Republicans. The flap hasn't hurt him among people who COUNT.

OBAMA FLIPPING US OFF? Is Obama flipping us off? Is he TRYING to push us into throwing him out of office? 
It seems like he just doesn't care what we think. Every day, it seems, he does something else GUARANTEED to outrage us. I'm getting tired of being mad at him, I NEED for him to be GONE. It seems like no amount of vast criticism fazes him. He just goes right ahead with his vile schemes and to hell with the BODIES that result from them. I certainly hope that, someday soon, we have a president in office that cares about AMERICA, not the Islamic terrorists and our other enemies. It seems like if it's good for us, Obama will do something else.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Why Do We Care?

DO we care? Bruce Jenner (now calling himself “Caitland” Jenner thinks we should “Show more respect” for transgenders. What the HELL for? Do we “show respect” for other forms of insanity? No; we simply “treat” them, and if it is serious enough we put them behind walls while we “treat” them so they can hurt neither themselves or others. Jenner doesn't seem to realize this. I think this guy is just gay and doesn't want to admit it. He thinks if he can “become” a woman it will be okay to have sex with another man. I think it's ludicrous.

SHOULD BE IN PRISON: That asinine female spokeswoman for “Planned Parenthood” (which should be called, “Murder Incorporated”) should be in PRISON, not being quoted in newspapers and on television all over the world. The whole organization is a bunch of baby murderers and should ALL be in prison. You thought Dachau was bad. But at least they didn't crush baby's heads (spefically). Somebody needs to wake up to reality and make baby killing illegal again. What kind of damned FOOLS agree we should be able to KILL babies? For our own convenience?

PRIORITY OVER CONGRESS?” What the hell's wrong with that fool Kerry? He says the “UN has priority over Congress.” NOBODY “has priority over Congress!” Not even the PRESIDENT can “overrule Congress.” He may THINK he can, but he can't. All he can do is veto a bill the congress passed. He CANNOT wantonly “overrule” Congress in all things. Obama is NOT a king or a dictator, no matter how much he may think he is. We need to put this fool on the dungheap, where he belongs! What a PARODY of a president he is!

IS McCAIN UNTOUCHABLE? He is doing NOTHING about our border problems, and he lives in a state where he COULD, if he actually DID anything.. He is virtually USELESS as a United States senator. That is NOT mitigated by the fact that he IS a genuine American hero. He has been using that for years as a “shield” from criticism. Much like Obama is using his “black half” to call ALL his critics racists for disagreeing with him. It's a handy thing to be able to use. But it is fast wearing out, and it will soon similarly wear out with McCain.

ALL LIVES DO MATTER! Even if liberal fools disagree. The only reason they disagree is that saying ALL lives matter hurts their contention that ONLY black lives matter. Which is a FOOL contention on it's face. Martin O'Malley, blogger and presidential candidate, is getting a lot of flack for actually SAYING so. It really amazes me at what those liberal fools can be made to protest. The idea that ALL lives matter is so simple and TRUE, it doesn't even need justifying, except to the ignorant, which includes most liberals.

ISIS DOES SICK THINGS: Many people think ISIS wants to be the government. Not so. They want to be able to do things so terrible NOBODY would accept them as a government, and they can use that as an excuse to kill them in the worst way possible. Anybody who would send a CHILD to behead somebody is not just cruel, he is SICK. So sick that no amount of psychological treatment would BE a help. The only thing to do with such a person is to KILL them, in the most painful and long-lasting way possible. Forget hanging or deadly drugs. Gut shoot them and leave them on the trash heap where they belong to die slowly and in the most pain possible.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What's Wrong With "All Lives Matter?"

Martin O'Malley got in trouble for including "white lives matter" in a statement about ALL lives mattering. They DO! No matter what racist blacks say, that's “erasure, not inclusion.” I can't agree. To me that's being just TOO touchy, and THAT'S racist. It's the “new racism,” racism of blacks against whites. If white lives don't matter, neither do any other lives matter. Blacks don't get “special treatment” because they're black, nor should whites. It's a twisted way of thinking, and is inherently racist. Damn! Why are people so ignorant that they can't see that? And don't try and boycott me for this. I'm not getting paid for this, so you can't hurt me.

WAR ON DRUGS FAILED”: Well, I guess I haven't made enough enemies today from telling the truth, so I'll try again. Gov. Christie said “The war on drugs has failed,” if you accept the reasons the government gives you for pursuing it. It's simple: there are more people abusing drugs today than there were before the “drug war” started. To me, that's FAILURE. If you go by the REAL reason, it's a resounding success. That's because the real reason is, it gives the “authorities” plausible reasons to make laws they couldn't make otherwise, and “confiscate” (steal) what they want under the “RICO Laws,” without ever having to file charges.

SAVAGING” TRUMP”: The media finally got what they wanted: a reason to “savage” Donald Trump, a candidate who frightens them no end, since they are so biased in favor of liberals/Democrats. Oh, horrors! He insulted a WAR HERO! Can't do that, for ANY reason! Just like you can't criticize Obama for ANY reason because he's (half) black! Both have used things like that to keep criticism of them to a minimum, and very successfully, in my opinion. An example is the (fair) question Major Garrett asked Obama and got “scolded” for it, and is still being excoriated in the “captive” liberal media for it.

ATTACKED FOR THE TRUTH: Small-time Democrat presidential candidate (and blogger) Martin O'Malley is being scorned by liberals (and some conservatives) for saying “black lives matter.” What the hell's wrong with that? I think what they're really mad at him over is his also saying, “WHITE lives matter,” too. That just doesn't fit their narrative so they're trying to tear him down. I never thought I'd be defending a Democrat, but when you're right, you're right. Even if you aren't ON “the right.”

AURORA MEMORIAL: Somebody has set up a memorial to the 12 people murdered by the Aurora (Colorado) theater shooter three years ago. It is 12 crosses lined up at the intersection of Alameda and Sable in Aurora. Each year, every police car in Aurora passes by this memorial with their lights flashing at the exact time the shooting occurred. This is the first time I've heard of this, or that it has made the news (that I know of). Watch for an atheist a—hole to protest the use of crosses because he hates religion—that is, all except the ATHEIST religion.

IS SHE DELUSIONAL? That's the question being asked about the Baltimore mayor after she said “The Freddy Gray riots were over in hours, and many cities would like to boast that record.” And one of them is Baltimore. I seem to remember them lasting for days. This broad has been delusional from the beginning, when the said. “Let the rioters get it off their chests.” How this buffoon ever got to be mayor, I'll never know. She MUST be a Democrat. They're the ones who have a REQUIREMENT for stupidity in their members.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Speak Spanish In Jails

The DOJ is telling Sheriff Joe Arpaio his deputies mush be able to speak Spanish in his jail. Whatever happened to jail as PUNISHMENT? Will we now be required to cater to every prisoner's whims? What's next? Will they be required to speak MUSLIM languages when Islamic terrorists are incarcerated in his jail? Will his deputies have to be able to speak EVERY language spoken by his prisoners? This is yet ANOTHER stupid thing that DOJ is pursuing.

WE NEED TO ESTABLISH ISLAM IN THE WORLD”: That's what was written on the Chattanooga shooter's web site. But the feds are still wondering “what his motivation was.” They REFUSE to admit this is Islamic terrorism because they can't find DIRECT evidence of his connection to Islamic terrorism. Never mind he went to the Middle East several times and stayed for months while they couldn't find out what he DID there. Are these people STUPID, or just “bought off” or ORDERED to be this dense by that “closeted Muslim,” Barack Obama?

WE DON'T SELL DEAD BABY PARTS”: “We just 'donate them' and 'accept reimbursement'.” That's what Planned Parenthood says. And they really think we'll accept that as an excuse? Damn, what a bunch of loser scumbags! They also say they don't make a profit. “Although we try and make a little more than what we spend.” If that isn't “making a profit,” I'll kiss a part of you that isn't normally a target for kissing, right up in the brown. The fact is, Planned Parenthood DOES “make a profit,” including the tax money they get. They DO “sell dead baby body parts.” They've murdered more BLACK babies than any other, and their FOUNDER was a RACIST who wanted to use that organization to “make a better world” by killing black babies. And that's not just my opinion. It's FACT.

FLAGS AT HALF STAFF? There are questions about Obama not ordering flags on federal property to half staff in honor of the six Navy men who were killed in Chattanooga. I know the reason. They're part of the military. Obama, like most liberals, has no respect for the military. Thus, he would more likely lower the flags for that giant thug killed by a cop in Ferguson, MO, or for Trayvon Martin, but not for Navy personnel.

ALL LIVES MATTER!” One blogger got in trouble for telling the truth. He said, “Black lives matter, white lives matter, ALL lives matter.” I guess the source of the outrage is when he said, “WHITE lives matter.” I guess in this world today, saying “WHITE lives matter,” in any context, creates controversy. To me, the people who treat this as a “controversial statement” are damned racist fools, and should be IGNORED. There! I said it. So I guess they can come after me now too, for telling the truth.

FALSE OUTRAGE: Liberals (and some conservatives, too, are making a “big thing” out of Trump's remarks about former prisoner of war and now Senator John McCain. I don't know that I agree with him, but I just don't think it's such a “big thing” to say, “I like heroes who were not captured.” But it seems McCain is UNTOUCHABLE, since he WAS a prisoner of war. Like Obama is untouchable because he is (half) black. Thus rendering ANYBODY who criticizes them as “nasty.” It's a good scam, and one Democrats (and sometimes Republicans) use regularly. I think McCain uses that to his advantage, just like Obama does. That's why he's been around so long. Nobody (except Trump) dares criticize him.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

"America: The BIggest Muslim country"

While Muslim terrorists are wantonly KILLING people all over the globe, Obama MANIPULATES figures to say, “America is the biggest Muslim country on Earth.” But NOTHING could be further form the truth (as usual, when Obama says something). Muslims are still GUESTS in this CHRISTIAN country. It BEGAN as a Christian country, and REMAINS a Christian country by CHOICE, no matter what this “hidden Muslim” may say. He remains a FOOL if he thinks the amount of Muslim interlopers there are living here and trying to interfere with our basic ways of living, that make us a “Muslim country.” It does not, and anybody who thinks so should be deported to a REAL “Muslim country” where he'll feel more comfortable, president, of not.

THE 'STRAW MAN”: The problem is crazies who shoot up churches, schools, and other places where innocent people gather. Liberals (Democrats). Of course, don't blame the right people. They blame an inanimate object, the Confederate Flag, (or a gun) which was once THEIR OWN SYMBOL and create a lot of “sound and fury” in an effort to get it BANNED. Meanwhile, the crazies are still out there, getting their guns, legally or illegally, and shooting up crowds of innocent people while their phony “sound and fury” over the Confederate flag covers up their political crimes and keeps people “stirred up” over trifles, not what's important.

SYSTEMATIC MURDER FOR PROFIT: Planned Parenthood is “Murder, Incorporated.” They KILL BABIES so they can sell their body parts. They do it SYSTEMATICALLY by visually with Ultra Sound, locating the organs they want to sell and CRUSHING parts around those organs (You know like the head, or the rest of the body while the baby is still clinically ALIVE). They tell us they “don't profit” from sales of these body parts. They only “Are reimbursed for their time in killing these babies and the cost of shipping the organs to the buyers.” Yeah, right! They're a “ “non-profit,” right? Bullsh-t! They're “baby-killers for profit.” Simple as that.

JUST JOBS”: That's what administration mouthpiece Marie Harf says about Islamic terrorism. “The Islamic terrorists are going about killing masses of Christians, Jews, and anyone else who don't believe EXACTLY the way they think they should because of a “shortage of jobs” in Islamic countries. All it would take is to “create some jobs” to make them stop it. What a damned FOOL this broad is! MILLIONS are out of work HERE, and they're not out killing, raping, and beheading people! Obama needs to figure out how stupid she is, and find somebody with some small amount of INTELIGENCE to speak for him. If HE'S smart enough.

THE BIG LIE: The president and Congress continually tell the “big lie” that federal law TRUMPS state law. It does NOT. The Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States says this: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” That means the feds only have the powers GIVEN them by the STATES, or the PEOPLE. Therefore, federal laws DO NOT “trump” state laws in any way, no matter how much they protest. If the state objects to ANY federal law, according to the Tenth Amendment, they MUST prevail. What part of that do they not understand? They continually twist the meaning of this to their own purposes, but in reality, it just is NOT so.

ISLAMIC TERRORIST: Everything points inexorably to the fact that the shooter in Chatanooga was a firmly dedicated MUSLIM and that is what was the MOTIVE for his killing at least (for now, anyway) SIX people in his rampage before the cops killed HIM. But STILL, the Feds “don't know” what his motivation was. They're too stupid to figure out what any fool can see about this fool, on orders from our (closeted) Muslim president. Obama really needs to “come out” as a Muslim. Everybody knows it, and he's the only one who won't admit it (outside of his accomplices, that is.).

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Trump's "Controversial" Comments

There's only one problem Americans, they're what THEY are thinking. And no amount of “boycotting” of Trump's products and events is going to shut him up. Trump could “buy and sell” all these fools and never notice it. What they can't figure out is that Trump is the biggest danger they have ever faced to their “rule.” He can END them. And WILL if he gets elected. They're afraid of that, but they don't understand how inevitable it is. Even liberal Republicans are frightened of Trump since he decided to get serious about it..

LET THE SURVIVORS DO IT: They're trying to figure out right now what to do with that fool who wandered into a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado and killed a bunch of innocent people. They're choosing between life in prison or the death penalty. I say they should put him and the survivors and their family members who want to participate in a room just big enough for all of them and tell them to “do what you want to him.” I'm sure the result will be eminently satisfying, except to him and HIS family. But he richly deserves it.

HEY, HEY! WHADDYA KNOW! “Americans view Hillary as more extreme than Republicans.” What damned fool notion came up with that, I don't know. I only know it wasn't a conservative who came up with it, Hillary is so OBVIOUSLY more extreme than ANY Republican, it doesn't even need to be discussed. Hillary is a DEDICATED SOCIALIST! Electing her would result in Obama's THIRD TERM, or WORSE. More extreme than a Republican? STUPID! Republicans are in NO WAY extreme. Unless you consider wanting less money taken away in taxes, smaller government, and less government interference in our lives, as well as LIVING by the Constitution instead of just giving it “lip service” while violating it every day to be “extreme,” that is.

COSBY IS GUILTY! At least, in the minds of those who WISH him to be guilty, that is. To them, the Democrat opinion that "Proof is not necessary, it's the seriousness of the charges that counts.” The charges against Cosby are “serious,” so no proof is available, or needed. That's the way liberals convict their enemies, and Cosby has more than once excoriated liberals and their positions. I don't know if he's guilty or not. But I haven't seen any PROOF, only the unsupported word of what appear to be opportunistic women who may be out to loot somebody with “deep pockets.” Bring on the proof, people!

NO GUNS ON BASE: Liberals are making a “big thing” about so many Marines being killed in that Chattanooga attack, but they're not mentioning the reason why that is: they're not allowed to carry weapons in any military base unless their duty requires it. Which reduces the possibility for them to effectively fight back. What this does is effectively make any military base into a “gun-free zone,” which is an OPEN INVITATION to anybody who wants to shoot them up. It makes our military people “sitting ducks” for people like that.

DOMESTIC TERRORISM”: That's what Obama and his fools call it in the Chattanooga shooting deaths at a military base. Completely ignoring the Islamic roots of the shooter. But this is normal for this fool and his fellow fools. They refuse to admit the roots of our enemies, while equating fighting Islamic terrorism with fighting ISLAM, itself. Which is a stupidity beyond measure. And these people are RUNNING things in this country and nobody is doing anything about them. Obama thinks if he can keep DENYING Islamic terrorism, America will not “wake up” to his cooperating WITH them.

Friday, July 17, 2015

"No, No, Not Allowed!

CBS's Major Garrett asked Obama a pointed question about those Iran-held prisoners and why he ignores them and “visibly upset him. Awwww.....poor baby! CNN says he “crossed a line” by asking that question. WHAT line? There shouldn't BE “a line” in questioning the president about why he ignores falsely imprisoned citizens. Obama is NOT a king. He does NOT get to tell reporters what questions they CAN ask. He thinks he does, but, as usual, he's wrong.

SELLING DEAD BABY PARTS: I've always thought Planned Parenthood was evil, because their biggest industry was KILLING BABIES. They keep saying their biggest industry is “advising women about abortion.” But their advice is USUALLY to HAVE the abortion so they can get their hands on the baby and steal their body parts, which are worth a lot of money on the dead baby market. They kill their babies in very painful ways (to the baby, not the killer) so as not to harm the organs they want to sell. Returning vets from Vietnam were falsely called, “baby killers.” But Planned Parenthood are REAL baby killers, and in the business of selling the body parts thereby “harvested.” And make no mistake, they ARE a profit-making outfit.

BILLIONS TO TERRORISTS: The Iran “agreement” not only guarantees Iran will get their nuclear capability, but it gives them (one of the biggest state-based financiers of Islamic terrorism) billions of dollars to use in financing more Islamic terrorism. I know the Islamic terrorists don't like me calling it that (what it IS), but I couldn't care less what they want. This is just one more example of how Obama is doing everything he can to HELP the Islamic terrorists kill innocent people. When are the people who can DO something about this traitorous fool going to wake up and “smell the gunpowder?”

NOT REAL REPORTERS”: When a Fox News reporter attempted to get the answer to some questions from a San Francisco bureaucrat, he was told, “I only answer questions from REAL reporters.” Meaning, of course, LIBERAL reporters in the liberal media. This pretty well shows the ARROGANCE of liberal politicians (a repetition, there) in San Francisco, which is echoed by liberal politicians everywhere.

TRADE FOR NEWER MODEL:If my body was a car it would be time to trade for a newer model. I've got scratches, bumps and dents in my finish and my paint job is getting dull. That's not the worst of it. My headlights are out of focus and its hard to see things close up,far off or at night. My traction is not as good as it once was. I slip and slide and skid and bump into things even in the best of weather. My white walls are stained with varicose veins. It takes hours to reach my maximum speed. My fuel burns inefficiently. And here's the worst part. Every time I sneeze or cough either my radiator leaks or my exhaust back fires (I got this on “One Political Plaza.” I don't know who the original author was, but he/she's probably just like me)

BE STILL MY BEATING HEART: It started to beat faster when I read a headline saying, “Obama to go to prison....” until I read the rest of the headline: “For a fairer justice system.” Then I remembered Obama was going to a prison to talk to the criminals he was going to PARDON for drug crimes while drug deaths increased and I "calmed down. The media (mostly the alternative media), as the liberal media ignores it or extols his praises for “releasing non-violent offenders.” Like selling drugs to kids is “non-violent.”

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Why They Hate Trump

“They” being the liberals and the Democrat Party (which is actually a repetition, there). They hate him precisely because he scares them to death. They'll always tell you who they fear the most. They don't want to take ANY possible chance that he may actually be elected president. America has already told them it could happen since they moved him instantly to the TOP of the list of fifteen possible Republican candidates. So they screech LOUD and long to try and discredit him as they did Sarah Palin, whom they also fear. The thing is, he's right, in most things he says, and won't back down. That scares them more than anything.

THAT'S DIFFERENT! The liberals are incensed that a bakery would actually bake a cake with a Confederate flag motif in spite of their “orders” not to. What's the difference between that and refusing to bake a cake for a “gay wedding?” Why, they AGREE with gay weddings, that's what's different. So if a bakery refuses to bake it, they should be run out of business and completely ruined, financially. That's how it works today. If the liberals want it, it's as good (or better) than if it were law.

HYPOCRISY ALERT: Gay-owned bakeries refuse to bake cakes for Christian events, and they think that's okay, while their extremists financially RUIN anybody who won't bake one for a gay “wedding.” That seems a bit hypocritical to me. No! It seems a LOT hypocritical. They have no more reason for refusing than do the ones who refusing to bake a cake for Christians. What they're doing shows plainly the “one-sidedness” of their position.

OBAMA TO VISIT PRISON: Why? Maybe to see where he will live after they finally get onto his crimes? Save time and money. When he walks into a cell, lock the door and don't let him out. He'll be where he should be. If I were Obama, I wouldn't go NEAR a prison, for fear they'd do just that. It's what he richly deserve.

THEY ALWAYS GO OVERBOARD: Even when they're wrong, the liberals “shoot for the sky” in everything they do. They're working HARD to make the Confederate flag the culprit in the S. Carolina church killings and they are having some success. Now they're so “puffed up” with that success that one liberal “professor” is now calling for those who refuse to NOT “obey orders” and pull it down be charged with a “hate crime.” Is that STUPID, or what? But I expect such stupidity from liberals.

WE DON'T MAKE MONEY FROM ABORTION”: That's what Planned Parenthood says, and they're right. They don't make money from the abortion itself (mostly), but they still DO make money from the dead baby body parts they sell in wholesale quantities. Which is an example of the veracity (truth-telling) of Planned Parenthood. They CLAIM they “make no money” from killing babies, while making money in secret. I'm not a bit surprised, considering the character of the people involved. People called soldiers returning from Vietnam “baby-killers,” but they were wrong. Now we have some REAL “baby killers.”

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Seen on Twitter

In America, you're free to live as you wish, unless you're white, straight, Republican, a gun owner or southern.” That pretty well sums it up, according to liberals, who subscribe to that sentiment, wholly. They say, “freedom for everyone!” except..... people with whom they disagree. Those people should be imprisoned, and sometimes put to death. That's how liberals THINK. Which is why I think liberals STINK. Conservatives need a more worthy opposition. One which tells the truth and doesn't try and financially RUIN people with whom they disagree.

IT'S THE RIGHT-WING CONSPIRACY”: That's what Hillary attributes all the criticism she gets, which is plenty. But what does she expect? Where is it going to COME from? Her “friends?” And it's in no way a “conspiracy.” It's right out in the open, as all such opposition will be. She can't “rightly” attribute her criticism to a “conspiracy,” but she does. Intimating there's something “sinister” about her opposition. WRONG! It's simply her OPPOSITION. Which she's going to have, no matter which side she's on. It's typical Clinton misdirection, to blunt criticism.

NANCY: “MORAL OBLIGATION:” Good ol' Nancy Peelosi displays her stupidity again with this one: “Americans have a moral obligation to support gun control.” But, of course, she says nothing about border control or deporting illegal aliens. No Nancy, we DON'T HAVE an “obligation” to support the stupid, useless gun laws they're passing these days. All they do is disarm HONEST PEOPLE and DO NOTHING to keep guns out of the hands of CRIMINALS, who don't obey laws.

GOP RINOS PANIC: Trump takes over as the LEADER in the race for the Republican presidential nomination because Americans LOVE his brashness and refusal to back down to anything liberals screech about him. For me, he's the only one left in the race who tells the WHOLE truth. Sarah did, and the liberals destroyed her chances by lying BIG about her—which they're going to do about him, too. But I don't think it will work with him. His megaphone is too big. And he's in no way afraid to use it. I still think Sarah would make a good candidate for EITHER position, VP if Trump will let her speak her mind—which I think he would.

BLAMING EVERYTHING BUT THE SHOOTER: Liberals blame everything but what is responsible for the S. Carolina killings. One FORMER professor is now saying that the CONSTITUTION is responsible because of EARLY Amendments that have already been removed by later Amendments. Next, they'll blame GOD. And they'll have a good reason (to them) for doing so. What a bunch of putzes!

ISIS MEMBER LEAVES ISIS: Joins al-Qaida. So what. That's like getting out of one Yellow Cab and getting into another Yellow Cab. They're all the same. They're all Islamic terrorists, Obama notwithstanding. We need to kill as many as we can, no matter what name they're using. They all have five or six names, anyway. Pretty soon, they're going to have more names than they have members

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

A female professor in Memphis who is well known for her racist tweets has done it again! She now blames her MENSTRUAL PROBLEMS on “white people.” This is an example of the quality of people universities hire to “educate” our children. I'm beginning to think that STUPIDITY is a requirement for hiring professors these days. And her brand of racism fits right in with the black against white racimt Obama is pushing.

WE'LL END UP FIGHTING IRAN: I've seen it before with Japan. Until they bombed Pearl Harbor we were “negotiating” with them. We were still “negotiating” with them as the bombs first began to drop. We “negotiated” with Hitler and Germany, until his actions became too much. Then we “negotiated” with N. Korea until that war started, then with Vietnam until we had to start fighting them. Now we're “negotiating” with Iran. How long until we are forced to go to war against them? AFTER this criminal regime gains nuclear power and is able to kill more of us before we make a parking lot of their country?

NO TELEPROMPTER: Didja notice? When Scott Walker made his speech announcing his candidacy for president, there was one item missing. And item that is not only usually present, but is ubiquitous in Obama's speeches. He needs it even when he goes to visit a school and talk to kids. That is the teleprompter to tell him what to say. Teleprompters do not always mean what a politician says is phony. They DO say he is not as sure of what he is saying as he might be and needs help remembering. They were not necessary for Walker because he BELIEVES what he was saying, and MEANT it emphatically. Therefore, he didn't need a teleprompter to remind him of what he wanted to say. That's the kind of president we need.

A HATEFUL SMEAR: That's what the Confederate flag has turned into in the hands of the liberals. Yet previously it was the symbol of the DEMOCRAT PARTY. Bill Clinton even “wove it into” his campaign material with a button showing his and AlGore's face superimposed on a Confederate flag symbol. But today, they're turned its meaning completely around, turning it into a “hateful smear campaign” against all things Southern. Liberals CLAIM to be the most “accepting” people around, but in reality they are the most bigoted. And they insist EVERYBODY be as bigoted as they are. Or else.

LEAVE BYRD OUT OF IT! Liberals are making a “big thing” of painting the Republicans as racist boobs without telling you that the biggest racist boobs have always been the DEMOCRATS. They make a big effort to destroy symbols of what they want us to believe are symbols of racism, but completely ignore the racist background in their own party. Remember the riots of the sixties? Jim Crow and all that? Jim Crow and the people they were rioting against as bigots were DEMOCRATS. Many of the people demonstrating on the “bigot side” later went on to be members of Congress. The best known of those was Robert (Sheets) Byrd (a former high-ranking KKK member), whose name is attached to just about every edifice in Virginia. There were many others, and most of them were Democrats.

IRAN “FINES” AMERICA! What a bunch of damned fools they are to think they could actually COLLECT on the $50 billion “fine” an Iranian judge decreed against America for “harming” the people of Iran and their “friends (one being Saddam Hussein).” This “judge” needs to be put in a “rubber room” with all the rest of the delusional fools in that regime. This, more than anything else, proves the futility of even TRYING to “negotiate with this delusional regime. Damn! Why can't our delusional politicians see that?

Monday, July 13, 2015

"No Evidence? So What?"

NO EVIDENCE? SO WHAT!: It's the seriousness of the charges that count!” That's what liberals say when they try to dump mud on a conservative. There's no real evidence Bill Cosby raped ANYBODY. Only the unsupported word of a few women. But almost everybody thinks he's guilty, to the extent they're working together to ruin him financially. There's no evidence Hillary did anything wrong, either. But NOBODY (except people with intelligence) believes she DID do anything wrong. What's the difference? She's a liberal. And she's currently “in favor” with the “elite.”

NOT SURPRISING: They're finding numerous homicides and other crimes committed by illegal aliens, and it's not a bit surprising, since Obama ordered 30,000 (30,000!) illegal alien MURDERERS released. Some people will say I'm obsessed with this, and maybe I am. But I have a right to be obsessed with a president who let 30,000 CONVICTED murderers loose upon society, just because they're illegal aliens, and he supports illegal aliens in all things. With these people out there running free, you can count on the crime statistics to rise precipitously, and especially the MURDER statistics, since these people are KNOWN murderers. But Obama apparently doesn't care about that. How he works with all that blood on his hands, I don't know.

NO GREAT LOSS: Word is that numerous young people are being “recruited” by ISIS (and organizations like it) to become Islamic terrorists. The females who buy their bull dung will probably be instantly raped, then brainwashed to think that's a good thing. Maybe the guys, too. But having people stupid enough to buy that BS is not a great loss to us. Just “write 'em off. I know their parents will hate that advice, but if they're THAT stupid, we don't need 'em. Sorry Mom and Dad.

TRUMP MUST REALLY SCARE LIBS: They're pulling out every possible stop to hurt him. They're conning many of his business associates into abandoning him, and getting many different sponsors to disown him. They're even conning NASCAR into “banning” him (Didn't work. NASCAR fans actually have minds of their own). Now even FAA is getting into the act. They have long used Trump based names for certain “coordination points" in Florida and they've just announced they're going to rename them. But Trump doesn't care, and he won't “back off.” That's what we need in a presidential candidate.

NC HAS OWN MIND, TOO: The Dept. of Motor Vehicles is still selling Confederate flag plates in spite of what their neighbor state just did, in taking the Confederate flag down and largely BANNING that symbol in all other areas, in a futile attempt at reducing gun violence. And they're selling out. They'll have to soon reprint them. Citizens in N. Carolina have shown that they think for themselves and don't fall for Eastern liberal bull dung.

PRESS FREEDOM: GONE: A gay man has filed a $70 million suit against Bible publishers because the Bible says homosexuality is a sin. I guess if you have an opinion against homosexuality today, you lose your First Amendment rights. I don't really care what homosexuals do in the privacy of their bedrooms. It doesn't bother me. But when they pressure me to not only NOT disapprove of their actions, but LOVE it or be punished, I get up on my hind legs and tell them “screw off.” I don't let ANYBODY tell me what I MUST like.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Stupid Theories

Not based on fact, but based on “flights of fancy.” She thinks Trump is a “mole,” who jumped into the fray to “suck up all the air” so nobody'd hear what other candidates are saying. Which is silly. How then, would we let Democrats show their stupidity? Then she says, “It's “interesting” that the illegal ALIEN who killed that girl in SF “randomly found the gun,” which, in itself, is a “pipe dream.” She actually BELIEVES that. In reality, he bought or stole the gun and is LYING about it. It's all part of his plan.

AN IMAGINARY RACIST: They're finding racists under every bed. Now they've unearthed (probably from under a bed) the “fact” that Atticus Finch, from the “Too Kill A Mockingbird” prequel, “Go Set A Watchman,” was a racist “who once went to a (gasp!) Klan meeting. Isn't it amazing how they can “make hay” with a FICTIONAL character in a book probably written by a liberal? Next, they'll find “evidence” that Martin Luther King was a racist. They're now saying the New Orleans symbol, the Fleur de Lis is racist. What amazing imaginations they have!

BUREAUCRATIC INCOMPETENCE: That's what accounts for the guy who killed nine people in that S. Carolina church being able to buy his gun from a gun store, LEGALLY. They ”went through the motions, but in the end. Allowed the sale. Which relieved him of the necessity of STEALING a gun. Somebody “dropped the ball” because of “too much paperwork.” Damn! Blame it on the paperwork, which is the “life blood” of the bureaucrat.

TRUMP'S VIEW TELLS US SOMETHING: His views on illegal immigration have rocketed him to the top of the list of the many Republican candidates for president. Shouldn't that tell us something about the opinion of a majority of AMERICANS? The only people who are objecting to him and his candidacy are LIBERALS. Which should also be instructive. The liberals think they can change people's opinions by their screeching against what frightens them (and Trump frightens them badly), but it SHOULD serve to tell us what is good and RIGHT. (The louder they screech, the more we should support what they're screeching about),

TRUMP MOVED TO LARGER VENUE: In Phoenix, Trump's rally had to be moved to a larger venue because requests for tickets exceeded their wildest dreams. Republicans and Democrats alike have criticized Trump for that. But if the GOP refuses to nominate him, they'll be going against a MAJORITY of the American people, which they have DEMONSTRATED by their actions. If they don't they will just be a “roadblock” to what America wants.

COMING FROM THE RIGHT: That's what Hillary says about all the criticism she is facing, as if. that discredits it. But I have to ask, “Where ELSE is it going to come from?” From her FRIENDS on the liberal side? Damn, this broad is STUPID. And she thinks we are just as stupid—and she's right, if you consider those who “pay no attention to politics.” Which I hope are not numerous enough to get her elected.