Thursday, April 30, 2015

Blacks Commit Most Crime

Hillary recently made a speech in which she excoriated “society” for putting so many black males in prison, ignoring completely that black males commit the MOST CRIME. If they didn't, they wouldn't BE in prison. Liberals always do this: look at the RESULT of “crime prevention” and criticize it while insisting we ignore the LACK of results in their own “programs” because they “mean well. The proof of their IGNORANCE is that they can't see the CONTRADICTIONS in their actions and their words.

DISAGREEMENT WON'T BE TOLERATED”: That's what Hillary Clinton seems to think. She sees the church's objections to being FORCED, against their religious beliefs, to perform gay weddings as something not to be tolerated. She says, “religious beliefs need to be changed.” CHANGED! For political purposes, change religious beliefs, even though the Constitution says, “NO LAW shall be made regarding religion or the practice thereof.” What part of 'NO LAW” doesn't this fool understand? And some people are actually considering her to be PRESIDENT!

THE “CLINTON MISTAKE”: The Clintons said it was a “mistake” for their foundation to accept “donations” (translation: “bribes”) from foreign sources. But the interesting thing is that they made the SAME “mistake 1.100 times! And they really think we believe this bullderm! Somebody needs to REALLY call them on such things. We know it's a LOAD, but the “powers that be” (usually Democrats) BUY their bullcrap. So does the liberal media

WHICH ONE LIES? They're asking which one is telling the truth: John Kerry or Iran? I don't think there's any question. It's BOTH of them. Iran because it's “their way” to lie in support of their agenda. For Kerry, it's routine for him to lie to support OBAMA'S agenda, whether true, or not. It's bad when you can't depend on your president to tell the truth at ANY time, but there's one thing sure with Obama. If he says it, it's a LIE. It works out that way. If you KNOW it's a lie, you KNOW just the opposite is the truth.

I KNEW IT! Freddie Gray caused HIS OWN back injury IN the “wagon” in a successful attempt to hurt himself and thus caused all the hooraw in Baltimore. That was leaked by a fellow PRISONER in the “wagon.”Which proves, again, that mobs believe what they WANT to believe, and ANYTHING that lets them “run wild and loot” honest businesses. It's an identical situation to Ferguson, MO, where some of the witnesses (who were Brown's accomplices) LIED and the others were IGNORED so they could riot and loot. Now mobs in other cities are taking up the “:hue and cry” that allows them to steal and destroy. The “cancer” is metastasizing.

THREATENED WITH ARREST: Obama is very afraid! His “common Core” scam is falling flat because so many people can see through it and are stopping their children from taking his tests. Now a group of parents in South Carolina are being threatened with “criminal accountability” (under I don't know what law unless they twist something) for refusing to allow their children to take this DICTATORIAL and IMPOSSIBLE test. Somebody needs to take Obama to the woodshed.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"Exercise Restraint"

Which means, do nothing! Now we know why the governor of Maryland waited so long before sending in the National Guard. Obama advised him against it in the early going (To do so would ruin his plans to advance his agenda, which is a black against whites race war). Apparently Obama wanted it to get a lot worse before sending in the Guard—and it did, quickly. He's probably angry that the gov DID finally send them in because nobody has yet (to our knowledge) been killed in the riots. Talk about “working behind the scenes!”

THE SUCKER WITH THE MEGAPHONE! Get him. If he's out there screaming at the crowd through a megaphone, you KNOW he's one of those “whipping up” the crowd to do their dirty work. The cops need to “scoop up” all the guys like this and charge them with “inciting to riot,” which is what they're doing. And I'll bet most of them are NOT from Baltimore, as most of those in Ferguson weren't from there, either. They're simply “trouble-makers” who rush to places like this and need to be imprisoned for a long time.

APOLOGY UNNECESSARY: The mayor of Baltimore has apologized for calling the looters “thugs.” Why is that? They ARE thugs. They do things like set drug stores on fire so they can loot them easier and steal their drugs, then they cut the fire hoses to make it harder to fight the fire. They smash their way into other stores and steal all they can, using the “honest protesters” as cover for their thuggery. If anybody objects, these thugs beat them up, and maybe kill them, That they haven't killed anybody yet doesn't mean they won't. Why apologize? That's STUPID. But then, she's a liberal, so we expect that of her.

GOP STABS US: Where? In the back, of course! They COULD have defeated the vote on Lynch for AG at several points, but McConnell fiddled with the rules on several occasions while many of the Senators who had pledged to vote against Lynch (and DID, in a vote that didn't count for anything) flipped and voted FOR her. I don't know who got to him, but it's so obvious that SOMEBODY did, it isn't even funny. But if the anti-gun fools think they've won by what they did here, they're WRONG. This is ONE BATTLE in an ongoing war in which WE have won most of the battles and will continue to do so.

UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACT: If the Supreme Court rules that gay marriage is a constitutional right—which it is NOT, any church that refuses to marry two people of the same sex stands to lose their tax exempt status, which is a violation of the law in itself. The government cannot take their tax exempt status away without just cause, and a WRONG Supreme Court “ruling” does not create “just cause.” The Supreme Court is there to INTERPRET the Constitution, not to CHANGE it, as they did in “Roe vs. Wade,” which caused the MURDER OF countless helpless infants. This is all part of Obama's “war on Christianity.” Gay marriage is not mentioned ANYWHERE in the Constitution.

MORE GUN CONTROL!” That's what the Baltimore mayor is calling for. It's almost like all her problems are caused by holders of LEGAL guns. Like crooks and gang members will OBEY the new “gun control laws” she wishes for. I got a clue for ya, mayor: it ain't agonna work! It hasn't, up to now, and it won't in the future. I really don't know why liberals insist on doing the same things over and over when they don't work. Oh. We're supposed to look at their INTENTIONS, not the results! Results be damned! We CARE!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"Don't Criticize Obama!"

That's what Obama's thugs say. They say if we go after Obama, the “independents” won't like it, (which is a LOAD of bull) and we'll lose. But it seems it's “open season” on Republicans, lies or not. Like Harry Reid's LIE that Mitt Romney didn't pay his taxes for the last ten years had no effect on Democrats. Which is true, since Romney lost. And Reid is in no way “ashamed” of his lie because Romney “lost, didn't he?” I'm getting very tired of DEMOCRATS telling me what do do. They aren't wanting a Republican to win, so why should we care what they say about how to win elections? This is a con that has worked for them for many years. “Advising us” on how to vote, and whom to criticize, to our detriment.

ILLUSTRATION OF ANGRY PEOPLE”: That's what one liberal said about the Baltimore riots. No, it's NOT. It's a bunch of thugs taking advantage of an out-of-control situation to riot and loot honest people's stores, like they did in Ferguson, MO where a cop killed a giant thug who was trying to kill him. They made a big thing out of him being unarmed, but he didn't NEED to be armed to be a definite danger to that cop's life. They want to kill cops. They want to put cops “on edge” so they WILL “shoot first and ask questions later” to make things worse. And the people doing the most damage don't even live there. They come in from all over. Just the reverse of what happens when you turn a light on a bunch of roaches.

RIGHT BACK ATYA!: If I were a Baltimore cop and a thug threw a huge rock at me, I'd pick it up and throw it right back, targeting the thug who threw it. If it kills him, nasty break. He didn't worry about killing ME when he threw it, did he? Yeah, right. You don't throw stones at criminals for rioting. But I believe in LIKE punishment for people like that. They throw a big rock at me, they're gonna get it right back, right in the face! They shoot at me, it'll be a bullet! I won't be bound by stupid “rules of engagement.” Whatever they use on me, I'm going to use on them. They try to kill me, I'm GOING to kill them.

COMMON SENSE EQUALS STUPID: Liberals call their insipid and stupid laws and regulations “common sense,” but they're NOT. They're STUPID. Like those “common sense gun laws” they keep making that only make things worse. It's getting to the point where intelligent people who hear them call something “common sense,” hear only, “stupid.” Obamacare, the way it is structured, has been called, “common sense.” But it is one of the stupidest laws that has been slipped by the Congress by lies and thuggery. It DOUBLES the price for less coverage while foisting higher co-pays and deductions on us, making it useless as well as non-affordable. And they call it, “Affordable Health Care.” It couldn't be LESS affordable!

THEY CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH”: They wanted to give a play based on the TRUE happenings in Ferguson, MO, when Mike Brown, a hulking, LARGE thug was shot and killed in self defense by a cop doing his duty. One of the things they did was eliminate the “hands up, don't shoot” narrative that didn't exist. They based the whole thing on what became the TRUE reports of what REALLY happened, which came from, among other sources, the Grand Jury findings. But the liberal actors, when they found out they did not repeat the LIES originally reported, quit. I say, “good riddance to bad rubbish.”

SPACE TO DESTROY: The mayor of Baltimore said “We gave those who wanted to destroy, space to destroy.” Now she says they INADVERTENTLY did that, and the media “mischaracterized” what she said. I don't THINK so! I think she meant exactly what she said, and now is “backing up” because she now realizes how it sounded. She's a liberal politician. She doesn't care if the demonstrators destroy people's property and injures people, especially her cops, for whom she has no liking, anyway. It's all a matter of how it looks politically to her.

Monday, April 27, 2015

"Climate Change Worst Threat"

It really amazes me the lies Obama wants us to believe! “Climate Change is the worst threat we face today?” Gimme a BREAK! I'll bet he believes in the Easter Bunny, too! That swindle has been DISCREDITED “six ways to Sunday so many times it is now the source of many “funny lines” to comedians! Never mind the Islamic terrorists who are roaming the world (mostly in the Middle East, so far) killing everybody who doesn't follow Allah the exact way they do and are spreading like wildfire. So ONE DEGREE increase in temperature in 100 years is worse, huh? How STUPID is Obama?

WAR ON CHRISTIANITY? Absolutely. Even if Obama denies it. But he's a LIAR, so who believes him? Wouldn't BANNING symbols of Christianity in Christian chapels on VA property so as not to “offend” Muslims, who are “offended” by everything, qualify? (Don't believe it? Google it!) I wonder what would happen if he asked Muslims to reciprocate in Mosques? We need to GET RID OF Obama before he “gives away the store” if he hasn't already. If this were the only evidence of this “war on Christianity,”: we might be okay. But there are actions taking place all over the country working toward these ends to convince us.

WHO MADE IT BIGOTRY? When gays run across somebody who thinks gay marriage is silly, they immediately call them “bigots.” But who gets to say what is bigotry or just a difference of opinion? Hating blacks IS bigotry because blacks can't change the color of their skin. But gays CAN change their ways. This is not to say I think their “ways” are bad. They are a CHOICE, which is not true of blacks. Gays making a contract between themselves LIKE marriage is okay by me, if they needed my permission. But usurping the WORD “marriage,” which seems to be what they really want, is NOT.

TRYING TO PISS PEOPLE OFF: That seems to be what Rosie O'Donnell wants to do. Which is why everything she does seems to do that. She is a BIG anti-gun FOOL who hires gun-toting thugs to protect the children she had to adopt because she's gay and can't get pregnant through sex with women. Every time I hear about her she's doing something to piss people off. And she's succeeding. Now she has had an ISIS tattoo put on her body. Maybe she should go to the Middle East to be with the people she seems to like. But she'd better be ready to be KILLED if she does something THERE to piss THEM off.

POLITICALLY CLUELESS”: Democrat spokesman James Carville must be getting fed up with the stupid things Democrats do. He now says “80% of Democrats are politically clueless.” And he's right. They ARE “clueless, or they wouldn't be Democrats. One of their base beliefs is that RESULTS mean nothing; it's their INTENTIONS that count. So no RESULTS means nothing if they had “good intentions.” That's an easy way out of it when people point out that their policies accomplish NOTHING. Carville has been clueless most of his life. That's why he's a Democrat.

OBAMA'S TERRORIST RELOCATION PROGRAM: Obama is “relocating” 100,000 Muslims to neighborhoods near you, against your will. And he's paying for it with YOUR money. And he's not even letting the people who decide WHICH “refugees (a/k/a “terrorists”) ASK anything about their political philosophy. So Islamic terrorists can move here and set up their “cells” on OUR NICKLE and get ready to kill more Americans with Obama's blessing.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Memorial For A Crook

In Ferguson, MO, they “planted a tree” in memory of Michael Brown, a hulking giant known for his strong-arm robberies who tried to strong-arm a cop, take his gun, and kill HIM, and was killed, himslf for his trouble. The tree, dedicated by the Black Caucus of the American Library Association, was cut down and the “memorial” that came with it taken away by one of the more honest people in Ferguson. Cops are “investigating,” but I'm not going to hold my breath until they find the “culprit.” The “Black Caucus" is a RACIST group, just as a “White Caucus” would be.

I DON'T BELIEVE IT! Hillary is gathering so many serious scandals about her she's becoming untenable as a candidate for president. Put that together with the fact that she HAS no real things to say except something like she's going to “topple the rich,” whose work is what keeps this country GOING, and they're starting to seriously consider “Ol' Joe” for the Democrat nomination. Joe! Mr. “Foot-In-Mouth!” If he's all they've got, they're in BIG TROUBLE! And that can only be good for us! I knew their ranks were thin, but I guess I didn't know HOW thin.

CLINTONS ARE HUSTLING: They're hustling to change their tax forms before the IRS charges them with a CRIME for HIDING the millions they got in bribes and kickbacks in the last few years, some of which are disguised as “speaker's fees” of up to half a million dollars. This is just ONE of their many scandals, but it's one that COULD send them to PRISON, so they're working to quickly “make things right.”

HILLARY: “CHANGE YOUR RELIGIOUS CONVICTIONS!” What an arrogant bi-ch she is! What the HELL makes her think she can force people to change their religions convictions because she says so? And she isn't even the chief executive yet—if she ever is! Whatever, she will be just as bad, maybe worse than Obama when it comes to forcing her will on us. IF she ever becomes president.

IS IT REALLY BIGOTRY? Gays call it bigotry whenever ANYBODY doesn't like them because they're gay. But it ISN'T bigotry for them to disagree on whether or not being gay is right or wrong. Disagreeing here is a matter of OPINION, to which we ALL Americans are entitled under the Constitution. The key is that “gayness” is not something you were BORN with, as is the color of your skin. “Gayness” IS a CHOICE, and NOT something you're born with and cannot change. Gays deny this because being true knocks the pins out from under their basic argument. But that doesn't make it true. Gayness IS a choice, no matter how much they deny it.

GLOBAL WARMING “FIDDLED?” Absolutely. It was started by a con man to put billions of bucks in his pockets, and it has. AlGore is a little disappointed that he had to change the name of his swindle so he could use ANY weather to be called “climate change” and keep putting bucks in his pocket. Now Obama has joined the swindle and is planning on using it to gain more power and even more billions. It has been proven to be false many times and in many way, but they keep pushing it and people keep buying it. Are the numbers “fiddled? Absolutely. Climate scientists have even ADMITTED it. But it's what people WANT to believe, so they keep on believing it.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Is the Constitution Sexist?

Now comes yet another attack on the Constitution of the United States, all because they use the term “men” to mean ALL PEOPLE, including women. It's a typical “cheap shot” by the liberals to lessen the importance of the Constitution as a factor “limiting” them in their efforts to take away ALL our rights. But it ain't gonna work. We're NOT going to scrap the Constitution as we have other things because they call it “sexist,” or “racist.” They can take that idea and stick it up their tailpipe.

PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE?” Fox's Bill O'Reilly says we ought to give the Clintons “the presumption of innocence.” What for? They're as guilty as hell. And that “presumption of innocence” is for COURT ACTION, not politics. We KNOW they're as crooked as a dog's hind leg and have used politics to make $BILLIONS for their own back pockets. If it ever goes to court, it will be proven, unless they can see to it “the fix is in” because they “know where the bodies are buried,” having probably even buried a few themselves. O'Reilly is fast discrediting himself with people of intelligence.

GOING TOO FAR: It's one thing to decide murdering innocent infants still in the womb is legal, but quite another to blatantly violate the Constitution by trying to FORCE religious organizations that are violently AGAINST abortion to PAY for it. If Obama WANTS to cause a revolution, this is how to do it. The first AMERICAN revolution was caused by Britain attempting gun control in the Colonies, (which our own government has continued ever since). Who thinks something this serious won't start another?

THERE'S NO EVIDENCE”: When Obama's chief liar, Josh Earnest, was asked about Hillary getting a bribe to help facilitate the newest scandal, Russia's attempt to “corner” the uranium market, instead of the one word answer, yes or no, he read a 50,000 word essay that boiled down to, “there's no evidence she did.” Not that she did or didn't. Which is how politicians usually get away with avoiding “prickly” questions.

MOMS” WRONG AGAIN: What would you do if “MOMS” Against Guns (or some such) had succeeded in getting Kroger Stores to ban guns on their property and you were unarmed and saw SEVEN guys beating on an old man who was, himself, unarmed? Let them beat him to death while waiting...and waiting...and waiting, for the cops to arrive? What would you be ABLE to do beyond testifying at the trial of the KILLERS of this defenseless old man after they beat him to death? “MOMS” weren't able to convince Kroger and they told them to “stick it,” so the guy in this story HAD a legal gun and was able to stop the beating. If MOMS had prevailed, he'd be DEAD.

I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND! The people pushing so-called "gun control laws" are assumed to be otherwise intelligent people. Why then, can't they seem to understand the simplest of concepts, such as, making a LAW will not stop CRIMINALS, who don't OBEY laws, from carrying, and using guns in the commission of their crimes? Or that "gun-free zones" are "open invitations" to criminals to come in and bring their guns because there are not likely to be guns here pointed at them? Why are these people so STUPID?

Friday, April 24, 2015

Clinton Foundation Is A Scam

It's how the Clintons “launder” the illegal “contributions” they get, like their $500,000.00 speeches (Bill) and their $300,000.00 speeches (Hillary). Not to mention the millions of dollars they get from foreign governments, OR the million dollar “advances” to write books nobody either reads or buys. which they can then claim are NOT contributions to their campaigns and are thus not covered by campaign finance laws. The tipoff is that 60% of the money that comes in goes for travel, wages, etc. (which is easy to manipulate), and 25% for “other,” which is not specified (and which is easier to manipulate), with only 15% going to some kind of minor charity. The “foundation” itself is merely a “cover” to “launder” large sums of money.

SPEECH FEES” A SCAM: The Clintons prove it. There is NO SPEECH worth $300,000.00 to $500,000.00. But that's what Hillary and Bill get each time they agree to spew nonsense such as “toppling the American rich,” and are paid that money BY “the American rich—the only people who HAVE that kind of money to throw around in order to “BUY” politicians. And buy politicians they do, disguising it by calling it “speech fees” they pay to politicians they think can, and WILL do them some good in the future. The Clintons have it better than most, since BOTH benefit from the thinking that Hillary may be our next president and will be able to help those companies make billions, simply by signing something into law.

PUTTIN' OUT A HIT”: Obama is like the “Capo” of a Mafia gang. He “puts out hits” on people and they send out a drone to kill them. There's no telling how many people he's killed. That's what got him in trouble recently. He “put out a hit” on some Islamic terrorists,” who really NEEDED to be dead, without knowing that there were some American hostages in the same place. So he killed them, too, without knowing it. But the whole point is, he's acting more and more like a Mafia kingpin every day as he gains confidence in taking power while nobody does anything to seriously oppose him.

DENYING THEM A “RIGHT”: Hillary is saying “Hobby Lobby” denied women the “right” to have their birth control paid for by a Christian-run organization that doesn't believe in birth control, in spite of the constitutional protection against the government denying them (Hobby Lobby) their REAL right (that DOES exist) to religious freedom, There is NO RIGHT to have their birth control paid for by an employer. Hobby Lobby is NOT “denying” them ANY right. They're just saying, “If you want it, pay for it yourself. We ain't gonna do it.”

APOLOGY DOESN'T GIT IT”: Obama has “apologized” for killing those two American citizens who were being held in the same place as a top terrorist was staying, but that doesn't help any.; They're still dead. And his apology was as hollow as was Janet Reno's after she was responsible for the deaths of almost 100 innocent people (including 14 CHILDREN) at Waco. He has committed MURDER and should be punished for it. Not the terrorists, who NEEDED killing. For the innocent Americans he carelessly killed,

A REGULAR SCAM: It's a regular scam for the Islamic terrorists (who care not about “Infidel lives”), to put innocent people in the line of fire from their enemies. It's the old “tying children to the front of their tanks scam” where if we fire on them, we can be accused of “causing civilian deaths.” That's why they commonly live in the same houses as do innocent civilians (against the will of those people, of course), so ANY fire on them will KILL civilians so they can get a PR advantage.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

"Obama-Reid Rift"

That's what I hear. Apparently Reid doesn't think Obama is liberal enough, and, since he has already resigned from the Senate, he no longer has to worry overmuch about what Obama can do to him. So he feels free ot criticize him. But he's forgetting, Obama “knows where all the bodies are buried” and can probaly STILL hurt him even more that causing him to lose an eye. Reid has (and has had) enoug cons going, I'm sure there's something Obama can use on him.

DEVOTED 17 SECONDS TO SCANDAL: Proving again they are “carrying water' for Democrats, I note that, after days since the DEA sex and drugs scandal broke, FINALLY NBC “broke the story” with a total of 17 SECONDS of air time about it. After 26 DAYS of silence on the issue, they DID report that DEA Administrator Michelle Leonhart was to retire next month, while “glossing over: the reasons why. I notice that most of the “top brass” losing their jobs over scandals are women lately. Does that mean men could do a better job? Doubtful. There are just as many stupid MEN in DC, but I'm sure somebody will raise this question. They'll say the firings are sexist, no matter what they did to merit being fired.

BLACK LIVES MATTER” White lives, apparently, don't. Not according to what some black people say. One in particular, a black female writer (a Nobel Prize winner and close confidante of Barack Obama) recently said she'd like to SEE a white cop shoot a white teenager. Maybe we need to tell black thugs (many of whom are in the 15-17 age range) to stop shooting black men and boys (also women and children and cops). It's easy to paint a picture where cops shoot and kill UNARMED blacks ONLY too often when you IGNORE black cops shooting WHITE kids. And the reasons they do it.

KISSING THE DEVIL: We thought we could depend on the Republican leadership in Congress to do what's right after they won the 2014 election in a landslide. But subsequent events show we can't. They have declared impeachment “off the table” and likewise have done so with Obamacare, which we thought we could DEPEND on them to get rid of. Now I see a picture of top REPUBLICAN (Boehner) actually KISSING Nancy Peelosi. How he managed to do that without throwing up on her chest, I don't know. But I guess he has a strong stomach, which is illustrated by some of the things he does and says.

NETWORKS IGNORE CORRUPTION: That's big news—isn't it? Then why is the liberal media ignoring it? Huh? Huh? The answer is, they're “in on the action.” They'll provide “cover” for ANYTHING that helps liberals and HIDE anything that might hurt them. Then a story that Hillary's top foundation donor may have violated Iran sanctions, while the Foundation is accepting millions of dollars in donations from FOREIGN sources comes along and they almost break their necks looking the other way. The only reason this got out, at all is that the “alternative media” that is NOT “belolden” to the liberals found it out.

WE KILLED A HOSTAGE: And Obama is “taking full responsibility,” the same way Janet Reno “took full responsibility”” for killing up to 100 people (14 of them CHILDREN) at Waco. Does anybody remember anything HAPPENING to Janet for that? I certainly don't. She was not even forced to resign. She served out her full term in Clinton's government. Obama will also suffer NO consequences for “accidentally” killing two hostages while killing some Islamic terrorists, too. And this is no surprise. They're KNOWN for “strapping hostages to the front bumpers of their tanks” (or whatever vehicles they use) as they attacked so they can claim “civilian deaths.” It's one of their basic scams.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Have You Noticed?

Hillary never answers your questions when you ask her (or her henchmen) about one of her many scandals? She never even TRIES to deny anything. She just attacks the accuser, intimating he/she has an “ulterior motive” in making the accusations. It works, mostly. People immediately go into “defensive mode,” denying they have any such notions. And mostly, people forget that she never answered the questions. It's a good scam—until people begin to catch on.

ARE ALL NOBEL WINNERS THIS STUPID? Writer Toni Morrison, a Nobel Prize Winner, said the other day, “I want to see a white cop shoot an unarmed WHITE teenager.” What a really STUPID and RACIST thing to want! And we've seen worse: a BLACK cop shooting an unarmed WHITE teenager. And even worse than that. In fact, just about every day a black teenager shoots and kills a cop! Which is what makes cops a little quicker to shoot back. But people like Toni don't even even NOTICE that. All they notice is what advances THEIR agenda. She's OFF my list of writers whose books I read, forever. And good riddance!

NOT FOR THE GANDER: That's a headline I've had to use more often than I wanted lately. It refers to something that's “good for the goose, but not for the gander.” Washington “authorities”: are “looking into” a picture of two REPUBLICAN representatives holding an INOPERABLE AR-15 in a government office for a demonstration. But where were those “authorities” when DEMOCRAT Senator Diane Feinstein waved around a LOADED automatic weapon in a crowded room? With her finger on the trigger? “A DEMOCRAT? That's different,” of course.

SARAH CAN: I just saw a new poll out, asking if any of the Republicans can beat Hillary? My answer is, “ANY of them.” But the best one is not even on their list. Sarah Palin could beat ANY Democrat AND any Republican—which is why members BOTH PARTIES cooperated in discrediting her so that even my doctor, a solid conservative, thinks she couldn't be elected. If miracles happen and she actually got on the ballot, they'd ridicule her while she beat the pants off them!

I WOULD ATTEND”: First Rubio, and now Rick Perry, have said they probably “would attend a gay wedding.” I don't know how, since there ISN'T such a thing. The DEFINITION of “marriage” is two people, of DIFFERENT SEXES, getting married. I might attend something similar—as long as they did not use the WORD, “marriage.” But that's not what they want. They want to change the MEANING of the WORD “marriage,” and I'm dead set AGAINST that. So jail me. I have nothing against what gays do in their bedrooms, but don't call it MARRIAGE.

DON'T MESS WITH GRANDMA: I just caught a story about a “grandma” who. When threatened by a man with a gun, took it away from him, stuck it in his nose, and told him to “back off or I'll blow your head off.” Since his own gun was shoved up his nose, his eyes widened, and he “ran away” from this “little old lady.” Which proves that even a “little old lady” with a gun in her hand can scare the brown out of a thug.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Let Soldiers Carry Guns!

Did you know that soldiers not on duty are not allowed to carry guns on base? I don't know how it is on bases in other countries, but this practice on ours is STUPID and dangerous. It reflects the INCOMPETENCE of the “top brass.” It would really be embarrassing if some crazy came on one of our bases and shot it up while the unarmed soldiers had to run and hide. Oh: I'm sorry. It already happened, several times, didn't it? Ft. Hood comes to mind, but that was not the only one.

COMPLETELY BANANAS! NY Mayor DeBlasio hopes to be drafted into running for president in 2016 so he can “offer a progressive alternative” to Hillary. Proving he is not only STUPID, but insane, as well. Who the hell WANTS a “progressive alternative” to ANYBODY? “Progressive” is just a new word for COMMUNISM or any other form of COLLECTIVISM. He is all those things in addition to bring ignorant. I have said I would never vote for HIllary. But should he be the only alternative, I might give her serious consideration.

SOUNDS LIKE HILLARY: The FBI is telling the Inspector General IT (the FBI) can “inspect the evidence” and “decide for itself” what to release to them in the “investigation” into the “Fast and Furious” Obama gun-running scheme, as well as other scandals.. That sounds a lot like Hillary Clinton's “releasing” those e-mails SHE determines are not of “a personal nature” while she actively DESTROYS the rest so NOBODY (other than her) can look at them and decide whether or not she's lying.

FRACKING ONLY BENEFITS MEN: That's what anti-fracking fools are saying. That the only women's jobs caused by fracking are as prostitutes or maids. Which ignores one simple fact: “The rising tide raises all ships.” So when the guys are making more money, all the supporting businesses are making more money, too. Yes, prostitutes and maids will make more too. But that's a typical “cheap shot” taken by liberals and is, as usual, not ANYWHERE near true.

EVEN IF IT DOESN'T WORK”: The president of the Cleveland (OH) City Council says “It doesn't matter that their “gun control laws”don't work. They reflect the “values of the City Council.” Which is another way of saying, “Don't look at the RESULTS, look at our INTENTIONS.” That's what liberals say about everything. “NEVER look at the RESULTS—only our INTENTIONS.” That's because there are never ANY results to their stupidity. Not the kind human beings want, anyway.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Right to Live Comfortably

That seems to be the litany screamed by those people with NO skills who DEMAND more money than they're worth for doing a job that doesn't even make the employer that much money. I fail to find ANYTHING in the Constitution to say a “comfortable living” is a RIGHT for people with NO skills.Yes, the employers make millions in the aggregate. But at CURRENT wage levels employee wages are a large part of their “payout.” At TWICE that, they could not afford to pay people to flip burgers and place lettuce on sandwiches To be forced to pay that much would force them to work harder to do it WITHOUT human employment, or go out of business because they COULDN'T charge enough to make it pay. Which would cost many unskilled BEGINNERS their jobs.

NOT GOOD FOR THE GANDER: You'd think if “Common Core” was good for all American citizens, it would be good for Obama's kids, too, wouldn't you? Not even! They go to the “Sidwell Friends” school (a private school that doesn't give those tests) and are happily able to escape that silliness. And that's not the only thing Obama forces us to endure, but makes him and his family exempt from. One of those things is Obamacare, and I won't go into all those things because I don't have enough room here. I'd still be typing for days.

INCOME INEQUALITY: I've been hearing a lot about that lately, mostly from Democrats (I don't know why they don't change their name to “Socialist Party”), and it's not surprising. It's SOCIALIST term to mean STEALING from those who CAN earn a lot and GIVING that stolen to those who CAN'T earn a lot on their own. Income equality is dependent upon EARNING ABILITY. Those who are not CAPABLE of earning more, will not—unless liberals (socialists) STEAL from those who CAN and give it to them. Apparently, income FAIRNESS doesn't mean a lot to this crowd.

SUICIDE BY COP: That's what one man tried in Denver the other night. They stopped him for something and, reaching into his pocket where he had a pellet gun, said, “I have a gun.” So they shot him dead. Or did they? They shot him with a stun gun and took him into custody. That pretty much puts the lie to those who say the cops take ANY excuse to kill people, doesn't it? I think “suicide by cop” was on this guy's mind, and his scheme didn't work because cops AREN'T “trigger happy” as activists say they are.  He's lucky to be alive.

SHE CAN'T BE “NORMAL”: Hillary wants us to think she's “jes' folks,” and a simple, “normal American,” but somehow, she just can't pull it off. Normal people can't get $300.000.00 for a single speech, or a multi-million dollar advance to write a book nobody wants to read, or buy. “Jes' folks” can't afford a multi-million dollar mansion in Chappaqua, NY, or ride around with a multi car parade and park in handicapped zones with cops right there, in her “entourage,” without getting a ticket, fergawdsakes! And we can't afford to hire people to carry our guns for us as she does, while supporting legislation to keep us from having our own guns. She's becoming a joke, and the joke's on us.

OBAMA SOLD AMERICA'S GOLD? Officials at Ft. Knox, where our gold reserves are (supposed to be) stored, REFUSE to allow an audit to see if it's still there. Why? And under what law do they get to refuse an audit of what they're supposed to be keeping safe? If he HAS sold our gold, we don't need to impeach him. Just arrest him for burglary and theft. God knows, he's stolen enough of our money, otherwise. But if this is true, he's a DIRECT thief and should be in PRISON! There can BE no law that DISALLOWS us from checking to see if they are, in fact, keeping our gold safe, or have stolen it. And the more they try, the more convinced I become there is no gold left. Not that anybody will ever LISTEN to me. I'm just an American citizen. I don't count.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

"Death Penalty Off the Table?"

That's what the father of the youngest victim of the Boston Marathon bombing wants to do. Like most liberals, he thinks “there's been enough killing.” But as with most librals, he's wrong. As long as we refrain from killing people like those bombers, they'll keep on killing—maybe not THESE killers, who will be in prison, or dead. But there are some people who just don't deserve to stay alive, and these fools are like that. The longer they (and people like them) stay alive, the more GOOD people will die. They should have done with this guy like they did for his brother: kill him on sight. Then they both would kill no more.

YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” That's one of the most famous lines from a recent movie in which a man in uniform was subjected to a courts martial and his questioner said,” “All we want is the truth.” But he could have been saying it about the Democrats when they come up with false allegations against Republicans. Like Harry Reid's allegation that Mitt Romney hadn't paid his taxes for ten years. In other cases that have proven false, they say, “Being false means nothing; the seriousness of the charge makes an investigation necessary.” What a STUPID concept THAT is! But then, they use it, all the time. It's always up to the ACCUSER to prove his charges. Otherwise, they mean NOTHING.

HOOKERS FOR HILLARY!” Whores at the famous Nevada “Bunny Ranch” have launched their own campaign to get Hillary elected president. Just as with the Communist Party USA supporting Obama (true), that should tell you a lot about Hillary. Do they just feel a “kindred soul?” Or do they need to do this to prove their loyalty to the Democrats after Harry Reid put his pressure on them? If you don't believe this is real, just Google it. And remember, according to Democrats, “The seriousness of the charges makes an investigation necessary.” They say she proved her ability as Secretary of State that she could “bend men to her will.” What? Hillary can't even bend her own HUSBAND to her will—unless she wanted to let him screw anything wearing a skirt (and maybe not) so he wouldn't draw attention to her own sexual interests.

SIGNS IN ARABIC IN MICHIGAN: I knew this was coming, when I heard that Muslims now had a majority in Dearborn, MI. Suddenly, signs went up in ARABIC, which signals to me that they have “taken over” there. Even the local cops won't “go past these signs” because it would post a danger to them. What? Cops worrying about it being “a danger to them? Sounds like there are some cops who should be wearing a yellow uniform, to me. What if teen street gangs did the same thing and the cops “backed off?” And some people don't think we need our own guns?

HALF OF AMERICANS STUPID: I read a recent article about a recent study that proved that HALF of Americans were STUPID. It came from the left, but it could be taken both ways. And there is PROOF on our side. America voted Barack Obama in office as president, TWICE. To me, that's PROOF of stupidity in half the people, most of whom don't pay attention to politics while the politicians screw them.

GIVING JETS TO TERRORISTS? Yes we're doing that, but not “directly,” as usual. We're giving them to Iraq, which is heavily infiltrated by Islamic terrorists from Iran. Anybody who thinks Islamic terrorists who have infiltrated Iraq's government will not see to it that Islamic terrorists will get some of them, is a FOOL. But there are many fools in our government, beginning with one named Obama, who REGULARLY arms the Islamic terrorists by telling his troops to “cut and run,” leaving their guns and other ordinance and equipment behind. Every day, in every way, Obama proves we need to get RID of him before he gives away the store.

Friday, April 17, 2015

GOP "Losers"

Fiture former Senator (soon) Harry Reid called all the Republicans running for president, “losers.” And he ought to know, being one of the biggest losers in politics today. But he DOESN'T know it. He's too STUPID. The other big loser in DC is Obama, but neither one of them are smart enough to know it. Harry Reid is not only a LOSER, he's a classic political CRIMINAL who has consistently used his position to line his own pockets. When he leaves, we will be well rid of this bad rubbish.

SHARPTON TO FAST: He's “organizing a fast” to pressure Congress into confirming Loretta Lynch as the new Attorney General. Or he's PRETENDING TO. He's really conning somebody ELSE into a series of ONE-DAY FASTS. Which is probably a good thing because a REAL fast for that purpose would be “interfering with Congress.” and that's a CRIME. But, as with Obama.,, uh, Sharpton doesn't care about that. He has gotten away with so many crimes that if he was convicted for them, he'd still be in prison at the end of this century, dead or alive. In any case, her confirmation has NOT been decided, and he's acting as if it has, and nobody's announcing it.

HILLARY PARKS IN HANDICAP ZONE: Her car was parked in a handicapped zone while she did her “dog and pony show” in Chipotle's. And that's only right. People say she IS handicapped—MENTALLY handicaped. That's just one more illustration that she thinks she's WAY above the law. One of the cops with her motorcade should have given her a ticket. Somebody needs to give her a “reality pill” to replace the “stupid pills" she's been taking. She's nothing more than a former president's wife, which gave her ZERO experience to be president, and she's not smart enough to know that.

THEY FOUND A WAY: It's against the law for a politician to take money from foreign governments. So Saudi Arabia and other foreign governments that abuse women by LAW contribute money to the “Clinton Foundation,” which is TECHNICALLY not “contributing to her POLITICAL campaign—yeah, riiiiggghhhhttt. She's taking a page out of Obama's book and letting them contribute to her FOUNDATION, which she CONTROLS. After the money becomes the property of the foundation, she can do with it what she wishes. Okay. They SAY she's no longer part of the foundation. You believe that?

TRUMPED UP CHARGES: The liberal news medic literally salivated when an “indictment” was handed up for former Texas Gov. Rich Perry. All three major networks gave in the neighborhood of 37 minutes to the “news,” even knowing that a prosecutor could have a ham sandwich “indicted” if he/she so wished, since the Grand Jury process is so one-sided. The prosecutor can have as many lawyers on his side as he/she wants, while the defendant can have NONE. Gov Christie's “Bridgegate” scandal was resolved in HIS favor, but they still note it as against him. Meanwhile the charges against NY Gov. Cuomo are largely IGNORED. That's how they operate.

SCHOOL BOARD “SHUTTING UP” A CONSERVATIVE: The school board member in Williamson, TN, brought up a “move to censure” Susan Curlee, a school board member in Williamson, TN. What makes him think his opinions are more important than hers is beyond me, except to say that's a standard way of thinking for liberals. They think THEIR opinions are sacrosanct and those who disagree just need to be “shut up.” It's like AlGore's current effort to PUNISH people for disagreeing on global warming. When they have nothing factual to respond with, they just want to “shut people up.” Meanwhile, they just call people who disagree with them names.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

One Tea Party Vote for Hillary?

James Webb is a “Tea Party sort.” (He says). He's “commie hating, Obama hating, lead spraying,” whatever that is. But he says he will probably vote for Hillary because he's afraid a Republican would repeal Obamacare. And he's right. Republicans who aren't “Republicans In Name Only” (RINOs) have PROMISED to repeal that abomination. Why he fears this escapes me, since it DOUBLED his premium for LESS COVERAGE while INCREASING the deductible, and began telling his doctors what they could treat and how they could treat it. Some people are just dumb, I guess. But I would call him a PHONY “Tea Partier.” This was in “Salon,” of course. I'm a "Tea Party kinds guy" and I hope they DO repeal it.

GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS”: That's what Hillary is doing. That's why Republicans and Democrats alike are saying her “rollout” was a miserable failure. So what? She doesn't care. She figures “the fix is in,” so why actually campaign? Which is one reason why she doesn't have a PROPER campaign bus to carry enough people to do the job right. At the same time it's evident she is completely INCOMPETENT, even in campaigning—which is something Democraats (liberals) are usually good at. It's GOVERNING at which they are so abysmally incompetent.

OBAMA: “NO TERRORISTS IN CUBA”: He says after looking HARD, he can no longer find any terrorists in Cuba, Therefore, he's removing Cuba from the list of terrorist-supporting countries. Meanwhile, Cuba's own well known terrorist outfit, FARC, murdered 10 soldiers and wounded 17 others in Columbia. This reminds me of Iran President Amadinijerk telling a reporter there are no gays in Iraq, and if he knew of some, give him their names and addresses (so he can have them killed). But it's different with terrorists in Cuba. They "aren't there" only because Castro and his goons (Including Obama) refuse to acknowledge they are.

ANOTHER SEX SCANDAL: The DEA is now embroiled in a sex scandal where they were provided women for sex BY the local drug cartel. What disturbs me is that, under current “rules,” there is NOTHING the director of the DEA can do about it. According to her, she can't fire them, can't even QUESTION them about it. Sen. Gowdy asks her, “If you can't fire or discipline them, what the hell CAN you do?” This is illustrative of the abysmal INCOMPETENCE on the part of the bureaucrats and politicians MAKING the “rules!”

REID LIES AGAIN! His story about how his eye got hurt has changed so many times we don't know WHAT to believe. All we know is a constantly changing story is a sure indication the subject is LYING. And since we KNOW Harry is an unrepentant LIAR (hence his LIE that Romney paid no taxes for ten years, since PROVEN to be a lie), it makes us wonder what REALLY happened. Rush thinks the mob beat him up for failing to deliver something he promised them.

WE'LL OBEY OBAMA”: When asked if she was comfortable with obeying Obama's orders, even KNOWING to do so was to violate the law, the director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) answered, “Yes.” Which tells me a LOT about the QUALITY of top executives we're getting under Obama. Obviously when they're vetted, they're asked the same question and THEN answer “Yes.” This is how Obama gets away with so much. He has filled his administration with people like this, who are fiercely loyal to HIM, not the Constitution or the law.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Christie: "Stop SS for Rich"

NJ Gov. Christie forgets one thing when he suggests ending Social Security for rich people. Social Security GIVES nothing to the rich. It's NOT “welfare.” It is merely the RETURN of money they have paid into the government at the point of a gun all their lives. The money BELONGS to them. To stop paying it to the rich is THIEVERY. But “what difference does that make?” (to quote Hillary Clinton) to the government? They STEAL from us every day, and every HOUR. How would this be different? By the way: if you don't believe that “point of a gun” thing, just try NOT paying into it.

WE DON'T WANT ANOTHER WAR!” That's what Barbara Boxer says. Sorry Barb, sometimes war is “thrust upon us” whether or not we want it. Anybody who WANTS war is a damned fool and anybody who AVOIDS war at ANY cost is just as much a fool. It's like the kid in the playground just GIVING the bully his lunch every day without doing anything to STOP that bully from bullying him. Countries like Iran are BULLIES. And if it takes war to stop them from bullying us, that's what we need. Obama has INVITED it by telling his troops to “cut and run” from TWO wars, leaving their guns and other ordinance to the enemy, which tells them we're “easy prey.”

EPIDEMIC OF TRAITORS: I can't understand what would POSSIBLY motivate somebody who lives in freedom to go willingly to a place where they will be forced to fight and kill innocent people or be killed, themselves. Women who KNOW Islam treats women badly, go willingly to not only LIVE under that regime, but to FIGHT for it. That's beyond my understanding. Even if you're a misfit in our society, how can you possibly think Islam is better? Unless you're STUPID and BELIEVE the crap they feed you?

BLACK LAWYERS FOR JUSTICE”: Isn't that racist? If somebody started an organization called “White Lawyers for Justice,” they'd be “jumping up and down” all over the place calling it racist. Why not in this case? Because they're black, that's why. They're pushing the “new racism” where it's okay to discriminate against WHITES and be very vocal about it, as if somehow it were RIGHT, which it ISN'T. Starting a “White People's College Fund” would be racist, too. But why isn't the “BLACK College Fund” racist? It's a”two-sided street, but not to liberals. That doesn't advance their agenda.

RACIST JUDGE: I've talked a lot about “today's racism,” as pushed by Obama, which is different from yesterday's racism in that it is based on “hate whitey” rather than on hating black people as it used to be. Ever since Ferguson, MO where a white cop killed a huge thug who was trying to kill HIM, Obama (and his henchmen) have been pushing hatred of WHITE people (and white cops) as something that's RIGHT. This Kentucky judge gave some black home invasion criminals PROBATION and actually had the GALL to get mad because a 3-year-old girl was frightened by black men as a result of the home invasion, Talk about twisted thinking!

OBAMA'S ACCOMPLISHMENTS”: Jesse Waters, who works for Fox's Bill O'Reilly mostly, asking simple questions on the street, stopped a number of people and asked them if they could name one of Obama's “accomplishments.” Mostly, nobody had any. One guy said, “bringing our troops back, I guess” which, as an “accomplishment,” is very questionable. One woman said, “Are you asking me this because I'm blond?” Accusing Waters of a popular bias. But the important thing is, nobody could think of any REAL accomplishments by Obama. Ya know what? I can't think of any, either.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Time for A Woman President?"

That's a question continually asked by Hillary Clinton, like if the answer is “yes,” it means we should elect HER. She couldn't be more WRONG. But she should be used to that, she has been wrong on so many occasions. But my answer is, “Yes, but NOT YOU!” Condoleeza Rice or Sarah Palin, maybe, but NOT HILLARY! Hillary should never be president. First of all, she's incompetent, having “screwed up” everything she has ever tried. Second, she's a dedicated SOCIALIST, and we've had enough of that, from Obama. She's an elitist, as is Obama, and thinks she's above the law. She isn't, but she'll never know that. It's part of her INCOMPETENCE.

SHOULDA BLAMED BUSH MORE”: What a STUPID crack THAT is! How do you do ANYTHING more than 100%? The only thing he ever blamed for anything other than Bush was RACISM, which does NOT exist. At least, not to the extent he imagines. And racism is no more responsible for Obama's mistakes than is Bush. Obama's big problem is he's INCAPABLE of accepting blame for his own mistakes. He's ALWAYS got to have a “whipping boy” to blame things on, and Bush is the only human being he steadfastly and routinely blames FALSELY for his own mistakes. But then we know Obama is PRONE to making false remarks.

NO CRITICIZING DEMOCRATS: That's what Democrats tell you, anyway. And. Like with anything ELSE a Democrat tells me, I disregard it, because it can only be a self-serving LIE. They want us to THINK that criticism of Democrats will frighten the Independents. I'm an Independent, and it doesn't frighten ME! It's simply a ploy to reduce or eliminate criticism of Democrats. You'll notice Democrats don't hesitate to criticize REPUBLICANS. Democrats are NOT interested in helping people vote for Republicans. They want everybody they meet to wind up voting Democrat. So they're not going to help people vote Republican, which makes advice like this suspect. Unfortunately, too many people who pay no attention to politics BELIEVE them.

HILLARY, LIKE IT OR NOT: That's what the Democrats say. They're going to run Hillary for president in 2015, "whether we like it or not." They'll steal votes, stuff ballot boxes, have people who are DEAD or alive vote several times, and use every nasty trick in the book to make sure “the fix is in” because it is “her turn.” She “stepped aside” in 2008 so a little-known newcomer could be elected and take over the government and act like a dictator, They PROMISED her one term as Secretary of State during his presidency, then the presidency in 2015—and they're going to give it to her, come hell or high water. And that's what it's going to take.

ANTI US SENTIMENT IN IRAN: That presents a “challenge” to a nuclear deal, says the news media. Ya think? And why is that? Years and years of conditioning by the mullahs and their puppets, the politicians, just COULD be the reason. But who cares what the reason is? It's the “rampant anti-US sentiment" among the Iran LEADERS that is making a deal “a challenge.” Especially since they never intended to make such a deal, and the whole “dog and pony show” is being held so Iran can “get better” financially by having the “sanctions” on commerce lifted, which they are insisting on, That's ALL them, BEFORE any deal is to be reached, whatever it is.

NOT ENOUGH EXPERIENCE”: That's what Democrats say about Rubio. Strange, that's what Republicans said about Obama in 2008, but he got elected, anyway. He proved them right by all the big mistakes he made in the first four years of his administration. But, again, he got RE-elected (the fix was in) and is in the process of proving them right, AGAIN as he continues his diligent work to DESTROY this country and help the Islamic terrorists and the socialists win. Fact is, there have been FEW presidents elected who HAD the kind of experience needed for a chief executive. They ALL “learn on the job”--or don't. Obama is one who did NOT, and WILL not, because he's too arrogant to understand that he has failed, and WHERE he has failed, numerous times..

Monday, April 13, 2015

Breathlessly Awaiting HIllary

At least, that's what it seems like, as they speak breathlessly about “the anointed one's" announcement of what we've known for more than eight years, that she's running for president, again (this was written yesterday). Never mind that, in an INTELLIGENT world, this incompetent fool would be DISASTER as president (in ANY kind of a world), as she was as Secretary of State. She has screwed up everything she has ever tried, although Democrats all over say she is “the most qualified candidate,” based on NOTHING. There are many better candidates, even on the Democrat side, but it's “her turn,” in 2016, so she'll probably get the nod, unless another Obama comes along, backed by the “king-makers” behind the scenes.

REMEMBER KATHLEEN WILLEY? I do. She's the woman who had a meeting with Bill Clinton to ask for a paid job, since she could no longer afford to work for nothing in her unpaid volunteer position. Instead of getting a paid job, she met with serious sexual harassment. Then after her husband committed suicide the same day, she suffered “mob-style” harassment and intimidation including a break-in at her home to steal her “memoirs” to frighten her into keeping silent about his treatment of her. All this was orchestrated by Hillary. This is how the Clintons treat women.

NOT JUST TERRORISTS: The Islamic terrorists are running out of people to kill easily. Mostly today, all that are left are people who can fight back and kill THEM. So now they're going into towns and destroying the infrastructure and even non-replaceable works of art and antiquities. Now they're playing SOCCER with severed heads. So what does this kind of action accomplish for their “cause?” Nothing. They just want to destroy things and piss people off. Maybe soon, they will meet up with more people who CAN fight back, and more of THEM will die. One can only hope. Hey, guys! When you kill Islamic terrorists, do it in the most painful way possible, and in ways that take a long, painful time to die. These fools don't deserve to breathe the same air as humans and I'd like to see them experience what they've brought on everybody else..

HILLARY WILL BE GOOD PRESIDENT”: So sayeth Barack Hussein Obama, who knows NOT what it takes to be a “good president.” When this fool says this, in an INTELLIGENT world, it would “sound the death knell” for Hillary's chances. But we live in a world where people who pay NO attention to politics and some even think KARL MARX would be a good president, can vote. That's the big weakness in our system. People are allowd to vote without a test to find out of they have any INTELLIGENCE at all.

WEALTH INEQUALITY: That's something liberals talk about all the time. They want people with NO TALENT or ability to be as wealthy as people who have not only gone to the trouble to become intelligent, but who have actually DONE SOMETHING to EARN that wealth They never mention that the people they want to REWARD for their laziness and sloth don't DESERVE to be as rich as people who have DONE SOMETHING for society. It's a typical socialist concept.

MUSLIMS AGAINST TERRORISTS: Boy, THAT'S a laugh! Muslims ARE the TERRORISTS! Yet some of them PRETEND to be against it, to try and “clean up” the image of “bomb-throwing Muslims” the world over. I needed a good laugh, and this provided it for today. They should put this in the comic strips. Do they really think Americans are stupid enough to BUY this crap? The unfortunate part of it is many Americans are just dumb enough. And that's their “target audience.” Soon some of these misfits will be trying to join them.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Proof of Stupidity

Liberals are stupid. That's my opinion, yes. But it's an opinion based on sure knowledge, gained from liberals themselves, by the things they do and say. One is denying the existence of logic; and also by denying the existence of absolutes with an “absolute statement.” Now a bunch of liberals announced their support for—wait for it—KARL MARX! The father of COMMUNISM! This in one of those ubiquitous “sidewalk interviews” of strangers. I got a big laugh out of this, but it also disturbs me to think that such people actually VOTE. If you don't know who Marx is, you'd better find out. As soon as you can.

CLUELESS FEMINISTS: Now we find that feminists can be “offended” by almost ANYTHING. Much like Muslims. But their being offended comes from ignorance, not political expediency, as it does with Muslims. Now they want to BAN “clapping” because it can “remind them of things they'd like to forget.” And they think they should have the power to BAN things they don't like, and keep the rest od the world from doing it—to make THEM “feel better.” The same is true of fools who want to ban WORDS. Like they have that right. They don't.

DEMS “EXCITED” ABOUT HILLARY: Thus proving their stupidity. With all the criminal acts and just plain silliness that can be attributed to Hillary, and the fact that she has screwed up everything she has ever touched, anybody with INTELLIGENCE would be RUNNING from her as fast as they can. But Democrats are not known for their intelligence. Else why would they have elected Jimmy Carter, Lyndon Johnson, or Barack Hussein Obama, or any number of other stupid people to “run” their governments. Look at ANY bankrupt government (like Detroit), and you'll find a Democrat administration. I just can't understand people who still support this fool, even knowing about all her “baggage.”

SPEAKING ABOUT HILLARY: There's a lot more about Hillary that has been suppressed. First of all, her treatment of the women her sex criminal husband has victimized over the years; then there's her complete mishandling of an early attempt at national health care that she oversaw. Then it's her possible hidden lesbian relationship with a woman with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, a KNOWN Islamic terrorist cover organization, Huma Abedin, wife of “Mr. Penis,” former Rep. Anthony Weiner (aptly named) who sent pictures of his penis to several woman on several occasions. This woman has been at her side for many years, in many incarnations, public and private. There is much more, but not enough room to list them. This is bad enough, but that's not enough for me. What IS, is her arrogance and dedication to SOCIALISM, along with that of most other liberals. Not only that, but I don't want (zipper down) Bill anywhere NEAR the White House again.

SHARPTON NOT IN JAIL? A California sheriff asks, “Why isn't Al Sharpton in jail for tax evasion? If any of us had done what he has done concerning his taxes, we'd be in prison with the key thrown away. Yet this “race whore” has mysteriously escaped such punishment, even though his tax records have mysteriously “burned up” on TWO occasions, both times right after the government asked him to produce them. Even though he owed MILLIONS on the fruits of his race extortion of “big business,” nothing has happened. Is it because he's close friends with Obama and other top government officials who can tell the IRS to “back off?”

GOVERNMENT-FUNDED COLLEGE: For illegal aliens. That's what Obama is proposing. He says it's their “right.” But he's wrong on this, just as he is wrong on so many other things. I'm an American citizen. Nobody ever even TALKED ABOUT paying for me to go to college, so what gives people who ILLEGALLY entered this country that right if I don't have the same “right?” No, I'm not asking for it now. I'm too old for it to do me any good. I wouldn't take it if offered, unless they made it mandatory like they did Bush's “Part D” in Medicare. I'm just asking, what gives illegal aliens “rights” AMERICANS don't have? Obama dearly loves giving away somebody else's money. That's what liberals DO. They never give away their OWN money. It's always yours and mine.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Obama Is Very Popular

In Communist Cuba, that is. He is also approved by the American Communist Party. If that doesn't tell you something about him, nothing will. 80% of Cubans like him, after being told by their government how great he is for years. They love him because of his espoused communist principles, such as “income redistribution” and “making everything equal.” He doesn't say they will be equally in poverty and under complete government control, of course. Telling them the truth just wouldn't do!

I'D JUST HAVE TO KILL SOMEBODY: If I wanted a sex change operation and couldn't afford it, as a law-abiding free man I could never afford it. So if I wanted one bad enough, I'd just have to kill someone, get sent to prison, then DEMAND it as a ”constitutional right." That's what so far, TWO judges have decided for two prisoners. I'm not sure what their reasoning is to give a “constitutional right” to PRISONER that is not extended to a free person, but apparently that seems to be “the rule of law” now, since two stupid judges ruled that way.

CONDESCENDING AND CHILDISH”: That's how one (former) friend of Obama spokesfool Marie Harf described her the other day after she got into a “screaming match” (virtual) with a “friend” on Facebook after he criticized her abilities in a Daily Caller article. I guess she, like Obama, thinks she is perfect, and shouldn't be criticized, for ANYTHING. But, not being black, she can't claim “racism,”but she COULD claim “discrimination against dumb blondes.” She certainly fits that description.

COPS PLANTING EVIDENCE: There have been many allegations of cops planting evidence in the past, and they have been mostly ignored. Rightly so, in most cases, but it HAS happened. And the actions of the cop in SC who put five bullets into a fleeing man, fleeing an arrest for non-payment of child support (a really dangerous crime, that) and the subsequent video of a bunch of cops beating a man and planting a baggie of dope in his car reminds us all of how easy it is to do. Which means maybe we shouldn't be so quick to dismiss such charges. Maybe like looking for the perp's fingerprints on the baggie to verify HE had it, and not the cop.

CASTRO LIKES OBAMA: He sees in him a “kindred soul.” A con man and a murderer. Castro and his just about done brother are murderers many times over. So is Obama, but his murders are better hidden. At least one of them was a federal officer who died when he was shot by one of Obama's “gun-running” in “Fast & Furious” guns, (which was the supplying of guns to the Mexican drug cartels). Several hundred others were Mexicans whose murders can be traced to those guns. Castro says Obama “is an honest man” by his principles, which means he is a good con man who can do him some good.

GUN-GRABBER STUPIDITY: Everything the gun-grabbers do GUARANTEES the proliferation of ILLEGAL guns. Every law they sponsor makes it harder for HONEST people to get guns for self defense against all those ILLEGAL guns already in the hands of criminals. Gun registration doesn't work. “Trigger guards” just make it harder to get a legally-owned gun in action when a criminal comes to steal what's yours. NONE do anything to punish the USE of a gun in the commission of a crime. If they made a law to REQUIRE the PROSECUTION of such laws that are now in existence, I'd be all for it. But it's never gonna happen.

WHY CAN'T PEOPLE GET ALONG? That's a statement made famous by a small-time crook who got beat up by the cops. But it applies to much more than that. For centuries Islamic militants have been raping, murdering, and beheading members of religions other than the Muslim “religion,” and nothing unusual has been done about it except to gripe. Yes, a few small wars have been waged against Islamic militants, but no “concerted effort” to exterminate these militants has been undertaken by anybody—not even the largest power in the world, the United States. In fact, under that fool, Obama, resistance to their atrocities has been REDUCED, and even “explained away.” Obama won't even Call it “Islamic terrorism!”