Thursday, February 28, 2019

The Latest "Deal"

Dumocrats come up with new names for their thievery scams on a regular basis, but all of them seem to involve the word “deal” in their names. “New Deal,” “Fair Deal,” Peelosi’s “Better Deal,” and now AOC’s “Green New Deal.” Back to “New Deal,” huh? I guess they ran out of names that included the word “deal” and went back to the old one, adding “Green.” But one thing remains the same in all these scams. It’s socialism. Up to now, they have denied to their dying day their scams are socialism. But today, they freely admit they are promoting socialism, after many years of brainwashing school kids that “sharing” is the way to go. “Sharing” is a “code word” for socialism.

THE TRUMP “DISEASE”: Dumocrats have made it a fatal disease to be “associated” with Donald Trump, in any way, even peripherally. That has been proven by the fact that a pastry chef has come under pressure because she works in a building owned by Donald Trump. Nothing else. She has probably never even spoken to President Trump, nor even thought about him owning the building in which she works. “If the pastry chef were involved in the Trump campaign or other politics, perhaps there would be some news value. But there is nothing in the newsletter or The Daily Beast article that indicates that the pastry chef played such a role. She’s not a political staffer or involved in policy

THEY WANT DUMBER VOTERS: Oregon can’t get enough voters to agree with their anti-gun fool policies, so now they want to reduce the voting age to 16 to get more ignorant voters. This is not a slam to those 16 years of age, it’s just a realization of reality, that kids that have only been ALIVE for 16 years haven’t learned enough to really know what’s going on. I know at 16 I didn’t, and I can tell you honestly that others at 16 aren’t fully aware of all the important things—such as NO gun control laws have EVER done anything to limit, or stop “gun crime,” so why vote in even more of them?

CAN’T TALK ABOUT GUNS: Isn’t this supposed to be a free country with a First Amendment to protect our right to speak about ANYTHING, and express ANY opinion, even if it is opposite to someone else’s? Apparently they don’t think so in New Jersey, where they’re trying to pass a law to stop anybody from talking about, writing about, or publishing anything relating to 3D printed guns. That sounds like a law they’d have passed in communist Russia! Not in the United States of America. I find it hard to believe that legislators there are so arrogant that hey can blithely pass a law that is in complete contravention to the Constitution, to which ALL LAWS must conform.

COPS CAN PROTECT YOU”: “So turn in your guns. You don’t need them.” WRONG! At least, in Detroit, where the cops can take from 12 minutes to DAYS to respond. Meanwhile, you’re on your own. So either get a gun, or run and hide—if you can. The bad guys don’t have any trouble getting the guns they use to victimize you. And Detroit is not the only city with horrible response times for the cops to come when called. It’s a growing problem, nationwide. Maybe not as bad (yet) as in Detroit, but even a few minutes can make all the difference to people who are disarmed, for the most part, by their government—IF they are law-abiding, and actually OBEY laws.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: AOC should keep her mouth shut. Most people think she’s stupid, and then she opens her mouth and confirms it… Today’s Racism Accusation: Seems like every day, liberals come up with something new they have decided is racism. Today, it’s a student wearing a cowboy costume at Wake forest University. They mistook his lasso for a noose, which makes them about as stupid as there is. This is yet another example of their “hyper-vigilance” for anything that even resembles racism. And, of course, these “peace-loving” liberals threatened him with violenceThe Berkeley cops have identified the fool who clocked a conservative recruiter without warning, and without cause, but they haven’t released his name, nor have they arrested him. What the hell are they waiting on? For hell to freeze over? They’ll probably “discover” this was a set-up. A la Jussie Smollett, even though there is a video of this incident…

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Tipping Their Hand

HR8 destroys ANY transfer of ownership of a gun without the knowledge and APPROVAL of the government. It criminalizes private sales, giving a gun to someone, even LOANING a gun to someone without their knowledge and approval. Nancy Peelosi says a future Dumocrat president could declare a national emergency over “gun crime,” and “Pocahontas” piled on, saying when she’s president (a real long shot, that) she would definitely declare a national emergency about “gun crime. Another good reason NOT to vote for her, to add to the plethora of other reasons.

I’M JUST WAITING: For the cops to arrest and charge the fool leftist who slugged a conservative student on the Berkeley campus, for no reason other than he disagreed with his politics. It may yet happen, but it does seem to me it is taking an inordinate amount of time, since the whole episode was recorded. Hayden Williams, a student at Berkeley, was helping “Turning Point USA, a conservative group, when a yet-to-be-identified man walked up and began hassling him, ending by punching him in the face, then walking away. One university employee tweeted his approval, saying he hoped the attacker wouldn’t get in “too much trouble” for his (my words) unwarranted attack.

ABYSMALLY IGNORANT POLITICIANS: That’s the only way I can describe the politicians who bite on the bull droppings fed them by the anti-gun fools who think “controlling gun violence” is as simple as making laws that ban or hinder people from getting and/or using guns in self defense against the millions of ILLEGAL guns out there in the hands of the “bad guys.” There is plenty of history to prove that NONE of their laws do a damned thing to limit, or “stop gun violence,” but they keep making them, and celebrating the fact that they have been made, as if they will do anything about “the problem.” They just can’t seem to get it through their thick skulls that all their laws are USELESS to accomplish their goals.

TAXING IT WON’T WORK: In California, they’re considering putting on a special tax on guns and ammunition. They don’t know that taxing it won’t work, either. Although it will bring millions of dollars into the California state coffers—which, I’m convinced, is their only purpose. None. Not a single one of their anti-gun laws has done a single thing to limit, or stop “gun violence,” so now they’’re going on a different, completely predictable direction. “If you can’t stop it, tax it.” Can anybody tell me how much effect a tax on LEGAL guns and ammunition will have on the purchase and use of ILLEGAL guns in California?

IT’S RACISM, DAMMIT!” Leftists can’t find enough racism to suit their purposes, so they go out and CREATE it. Now newly-minted Rep. Rashid Tlaib (a Muslim) curses out Detroit Taco Eating Bar Crawl: as racist. Nowadays, all you have to do is utter the word “black” to be accused of racism. Meanwhile, leftists PROMOTE racism against white people, even having “symposiums” in colleges about “White Privilege.” Next, just BEING white will be labeled racist, if it hasn’t already been.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Pencil Neck Adam Schiff has been saying, since even before the Mueller “investigation,” that he has “evidence of Trump’s collusion with the Russians.” But he has never even made an attempt to make it pubic, because it doesn’t exist. If he really had any, it would have long ago been released, or leaked. He’s full of bull droppings… Word is, Dumocrats hate it that President Trump “called them out” for being socialists. Awww, poor babies! Anything Dumocrats hate is okay with me… The University of Iowa has canceled its “Understanding Your Whiteness” event, claiming “It was misconstrued.” No, they’re canceling it because it was exposed as racist… The girl who says Lt. Gov. Fairfax “forced her to perform oral sex on him” could have defeated that easily, if she really wanted to. Just bite it off. Her failure to do that implies a certain willingness… Virginia politicians better watch out, or they’ll end up with a dog catcher’s janitor as governor…

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

$1,000 A Month "Dividend?"

One fortunately obscure presidential candidate promises us a $1,000 a month “dividend,” whether we worked or not. He says, “These are good times, so we can afford it.” Of course, he doesn’t even mention that it is the Republican president, and the free market that CAUSED it to be “the good times,” (not the socialism he visualizes) and if what he promises is put in force, it will reverse all that. Guys like this don’t ever think it out. First, if people got $1,000 a month without working, how many of them WOULD work? Second, with few people working, how would they GET the money to PAY $1,000 a month to millions of people?

GETTING TRUMP’S WALL: I’ve figured out how President Trump can finally get his wall on our southern border. Just make an announcement that he has changed his mind, and no longer wants a wall down there. The Dumocrats will instantly reverse themselves and budget sufficient money to build a wall everywhere. They will then be FOR a wall because President Trump is against it. Dumocrats are as predictable as “death and taxes. Anything Trump is for, they are against. Anything Trump is against, they are for. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if President Trump adopted this strategy. If I could think of it, so could he. He’s a pretty smart guy.

EMBARRASSMENT OF RICHES”: When it comes to evidence against Jussie Smollett, according to the Chicago cops. Smollett’s going down. Whether or not he spends time in prison is still in question, but it is evident that his acting career is over—unless some stupid producer thinks he is a good fit because of his notoriety. There is one thing he has gained, if that’s any consolation to him. More people (including me, who had never even heard of him, much less knew how to spell his name) now know how to spell his name, and his name is a “household word” all over the country, and even the world, whatever THAT’S worth.

CREATING RACISM: Liberals are working hard to CREATE racism against white people. Liberals in colleges are creating “symposiums” like the one at University of Buffalo titled, “Whiteness of American Architecture,” labeling innocuous things as racism, and blaming it on “whiteness.” Imaging the backlash we’d suffer if we did something similar with a title like, “Blackness of American Architecture.” We’d never hear the end of it. The liberal media would “pile on,” and it would become a cause celebré. They know racism against blacks is not nearly what it used to be, so they’re trying to CREATE racism against white people.

THE VIOLENT LEFT: A conservative went to the UC Berkeley campus to hopefully find some conservatives there. Instead, he found a “fair-minded” leftist, who slugged him in the face and hit him several other times—because he disagreed with him. Other leftists “piled on,” saying he “went there to incite,” thus “blaming the victim” for the violence demonstrated by that stupid leftist. That’s why I don’t wear a “MAGA Hat,” even though I sympathize wholly with what President Trump is doing, because I’m an old man and I don’t want to get punched by some stupid leftist. I demonstrate my loyalty to those policies in other ways. It’s one thing to “respectfully disagree,” and quite another to punch someone in the mouth because you disagree with them.

THEY FINALLY FOUND ONE! Liberals have been trying mightily to find a REAL pro-Trump person who planned some violence. And they finally found one in that Coast Guard officer who they THINK was planning some attacks on Dumocrats. He collected many guns and ammunition. The motion for pretrial detention revealed horrific details like how intended “to murder innocent civilians on a scale rarely seen in this country.” Adding this, “The federal prosecutors described him as a “domestic terrorist” and “white nationalist” who kept a hit list of journalists and Democratic lawmakers.” Hoo, boy! That really breaks it!

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Virginia Lt. Governor Fairfax wears “blackface” every day. Why isn’t he in trouble for that? Oh right; he can’t take it off… So what’s the problem with people “wearing blackface” in Virginia? They don’t seem to differentiate between people wearing it to lampoon blacks and those who wore it to HONOR a black person, as in the case of their governor wearing it to honor Michael Jackson… President Trump made it very clear that this country would never be a socialist country. And you can see by the sour faces” of the socialists in the audience that’s not popular with Dumocrats… They’re asking what Melania has done to deserve such hate? The answer is simple: she married Donald Trump… I read where one anti-gun fool says that 12,000 people were killed with guns. Not mentioned is that the majority of them were guns owned illegally, people shot in self defense by citizens, or the cops, defending themselves against those illegally-owned guns. What the hell is a law going to do about that? I doubt they know, or even care. They just want to get rid of all guns, for whatever reason, they don’t care how

Monday, February 25, 2019

Ruining Dairy Farmers

If you’re a California dairy farmer, you’re dead. You will be required to buy a “cow manure digester” that could cost you millions of dollars. It has been said, “All Things Begin In California.” And if that’s true, it will spell DOOM for the entire dairy industry as state after state imitates California’s stupidity by passing similar laws. And I’ll guarantee you that there’s millions of dollars in GRAFT available to the politicians in “awarding contracts” to the makers of these “digesters.” Of course, you will then be able to sell the result of the “digesting” of their poop to power companies to make electricity—IF you can find a buyer, and IF they will pay you enough to make it worth your while.

IT FRIGHTENS ME! And I’m not scared of anything! What is scaring the hell out of me is the fact that so many people who USED to be intelligent are showing so much STUPIDITY these days, and that stupidity will, in time, affect me greatly. I refer, of course, to the growing popularity of socialism today. The fact that an anchient, ADMITTED “proud socialist” can announce his second try to become president, and be able to raise $6 million dollars in one day! And the fact that an addle-brained female with NO EXPERIENCE in anything, and who shows her lack of knowledge or judgment every time she opens her mouth. I refer, of course, to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also known as AOC.

THE EVIDENCE MOUNTS: Gun control is fruitless. The evidence keeps piling up, yet the anti-gun fools routinely ignore it and go right on making their stupid, useless, anti-gun laws they have to know are unconstitutional on their face, and do not work. Strongarm thugs attack what they consider to be “easy targets” like the 79-year-old woman in Atlanta, who successfully held off a 20-year-old criminal until the cops finally arrived more than ten minutes later. He ran from his original entry point after the first time she shot at him, and went to the second floor, ransacking as he went. She could have killed him, but she just scared him to death.

HE’S CLUELESS: The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee says a “Democrat president could declare a ‘gun crime’ emergency and take your guns away. Apparently, this member of Congress doesn’t know the Second Amendment exists, and any president who tried would be stopped. that’s the major difference between what President Trump did, and a future Dumocrat president “taking away our guns” using the same thing. There is a specific law ALLOWING Trump to do what he did, that does NOT exist to allow a future president to “take away our guns” the same way. The Second Amendment gets in the way.

WHAT “COMMON SENSE?” The anti-gun fools like to call their unenforceable, useless, anti-gun laws “common sense laws.” But ARE they common sense? Or are they just “wishful thinking” from people who have no idea how to stop “gun crime” and want to do SOMETHING, even if it doesn’t work, that they can CLAIM is to “stop gun violence” and make themselves feel better. “Gun-free zones” are an “engraved invitation” to would-be shooters since they can be pretty sure the law-abiding there will not be armed. All their other laws are similarly unenforceable and therefore useless.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Dumocrats are well-known as the party of racism, but they’re not that, anymore. At least, that’s what they want us to think. They ARE the “party of infanticide.” They love to kill little babies… Looting the rich. They call it “taxing the rich,” but it is actually “LOOTING those who can earn, to give to those who don’t. All those who want tax the rich at confiscatory rates are not lawmakers, they are THIEVES who want to loot the rich, against whom they are jealous… The inmates are definitely running the asylum today. Students at the University of Texas at San Antonio are demanding the disciplining of their professor. Because she insisted on a “respectful attitude” in class, including no feet on the furniture… Joe Biden whines, saying “All Trump is doing is undoing all Obama has done. Damn! You noticed! Isn’t that the whole point of his presidency? That’s why he was elected. And why he will be re-elected…

Friday, February 22, 2019

A Set-Up "Attack"

Well, it now appears Jusse Smollett went to great lengths to con a couple of Nigerian immigrants into “attacking” him so he could CLAIM he was “viciously attacked” by men wearing “MAGA hats.” But the red hats the men wore were NOT Trump “MAGA” hats, but were simply red hats paid for (by Smollett) at a beauty supply store. He even gave them the money to buy the rope they supposedly used on him! But he apparently didn’t tell them they were supposed to be arrested and serve time for the “crime,” so they told the cops all about the plot. Jesse is obviously a “Trump hater” and wanted to do something to make Trump supporters look bad.

WHAT GOOD IS IT? What the hell good was the “background check” law in Illinois when a KNOWN FELON brought a gun he shouldn’t have even been allowed to own to work when he was pretty sure he was going to be fired. Then he shot and killed several people, including the plant manager and the Human resources manager—who obviously had a hand in firing him. Then he hid in the plant, while the cops “tracked him down” and killed him as he shot it out with them, wounding four cops. All this with a gun he passed their background check to buy, while being a felon.

DO AS WE DO; IT WORKS”: That’s what Chicago says. But it does NOT work. They have some of the tightest “anti-gun laws” in the country, coupled with one of the highest, if not THE highest gun killing rate in the nation. THIS is “what we do is working?” The people who insist on this must be having an “opium high,” because nothing could be further from the truth. And one of the “mayor hopefuls” says the way to success is to somehow FORCE the sovereign states of Indiana and Wisconsin to institute the Illinois/Chicago “victim disarmament laws” upon their citizens, even suing them, if necessary. As if one state suing another sovereign state will work.

BOGUS “GUN RESEARCH”: At one point, anti-gun fools in the liberal media “reported” that, “There is a shooting at hundreds of schools, almost one a week.” Which was a lie. NPR reporters looked into 235 “shootings reported by the U. S. Department of Education, and were able to confirm just 11 of them. They included fist fights on school grounds, shootings in nearby neighborhoods, and just distant gunshot-sounds as “instances of gun violence in schools.” This is how they arrived at their frightening figures. In some cases, they called it a “school shooting” when someone told someone at a school that he thought there had been a shooting somewhere. That’s the kind of “research” they do.

GUN CONTROL FOOLS: What the hell is WITH them? Anti-gun fools spend all their time trying to come up with more and better ways to take away a cherished constitutional right; the right to be armed for self defense. What drives these people is unknown. It can’t be “gun safety” because there isn’t a single one of their highly touted laws and regulations that does ANYTHING to limit gun violence. They have to know that, but they keep making them, anyway, and gun violence continues, unabated. The only thing I can think of is that they simply want to be able to tell us what we can or can’t do. Everything Dumocrats do is geared toward telling us what we can, or cannot do, and this is just one area.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: A female (Muslim) protester was at a demonstration holding a sign that said, “Immigrants are welcome. Change my mind.” But when somebody tried to change her mind, she said she didn’t debate racists. I guess a racist is anybody who doesn’t agree with you if you’re a liberal… Fired Up Pundit asks which is the better First Lady: Michelle Obama or Melania Trump? The answer is simple: anybody would be better than Michelle. A BAT would be better than Michelle… Tea Party USA asks if wearing a MAGA hat is racist or hateful. The answer is no. But the very fact liberals say it is tells me they hate it. So keep wearing them. Anything that “triggers” a liberal has got to be good. But be ready to fight the next ignorant leftist who wants to punch you in the mouth for disagreeing with him… Man with Down Syndrome wants to make abortion “unthinkable.” Too late. Abortion has always BEEN unthinkable. Some people are just too stupid to know it…

Thursday, February 21, 2019

"Temper Tantrums"

Dumocrats like to accuse President Trump of “having a temperature tantrum” every time he “gets a run on them and puts them into the wall,” as he is wont to do, on a regular basis. But it has become obvious to me (and anybody else with intelligence) that it is the Dumocrats who have been engaged in a “temper tantrum” that has lasted for now for two years, and is likely to last for EIGHT years. The only way it will end is through term limits, when President Trump can no longer run again. Frankly, every time I hear a Dumocrat accuse Trump of a temper Tantrum I have to giggle because that’s a sure indication he’s won again.

TWO DIFFERENT APPROACHES: Second Amendment advocates and gun control advocates each have a different approach to reducing gun violence, according to the Daily Caller. Second Amendment advocates want to find ways to PREVENT gun violence, while gun control fools simply want more and worse gun violence they can take advantage of to coin more bucks out of, while working to take away one of the most cherished constitutional right we have. Which is why they always jump right on every possible instance of gun violence, even before the echos of the gunshots have dissipated.

FAKE NEWS IN RACING: I keep seeing these stories about how something or other destroyed NASCAR, or something. Then I look at today’s (as this is written) Daytona 500 with 101,000 attendees and 40 cars, with untold amounts of money available to win, and I say to myself, “If this is a destroyed institution, I’ll take it” There’s always somebody out there predicting failure, and that’s no more true than when they confidently predict that President Trump will fail at something. And when he WINS (and he wins most of the time), they don’t admit they were wrong, they just ignore it and go on to make more wrong predictions. Like they do about NASCAR.

CANCER GROWING IN AMERICA: There is a cancer growing in America, as I noted I my first book, What’s Wrong IN America. (Available on Amazon) And that cancer is metastasizing, as Dumocrats cease to hide their promotion of that cancer. That cancer is SOCIALISM. A system that has NEVER WORKED, whenever it has been tried. It has failed, or will fail, when they run out of other people’s money, as they predictably will when the producers of new wealth realize that, no matter how much they earn, the government will find a way to take away as much of it as they can.

THE “CRIME” OF SLEEPING: Adventures in the media trying their best to convince the world that cops go out with the goal to shoot and kill some black man. In this case, some headlines read, “Six cops shoot man sleeping in his car.” Not mentioned is the fact the cops were going to simply wake him up when he grabbed the gun in his lap and turned it on the cops. Of course, out of six cops, some are bound to be black, but that is not mentioned. Fools like this don’t care about that. Cops are racist killers, period. NO matter what race they happen to be. The black man (who happened to be an aspiring rapper) was NOT shot while sleeping in his car. He was shot while shooting at police. But that is the false narrative the liberal media wanted to push.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: In Florida, they kept an innocent man in jail for 41 days after a deputy falsely claimed a bunch of detergent was heroin… Knee-jerk reaction. CNN initially “identified” Virginia Dumocrat governor Ralph Northam as Republican when other Dumocrats went after him for an old picture of a man in black face they claimed was him. Which pretty much demonstrates the bias of CNN… Dumocrats are calling Trump’s “MAGA” hats “offensive,” completely forgetting their “p-ssy hats”… Seems like it’s okay with Dumocrats and other liberals to murder your offspring, but only as long as you don’t do it in black face. Hillary was absolutely silent about the Virginia governor’s approval of infanticide, but immediately called for his resignation when it was “thought” he once appeared in black face for a photo, many years ago… I’m surprised Dumocrats haven’t yet “phonied-up” a picture of President Trump supposedly wearing black face, or wearing a KKK uniform. Oh, no! I just gave them an idea…

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Beating A Dead Horse

Anti-gun fools are “beating a dead horse” with all their USELESS laws, limiting gun ownership for the law-abiding, and making guns useless with all their “safe storage” laws. They just can’t seem to understand the simple fact that none of their anti-gun laws do ANYTHING to reduce “gun violence.” I’ve become convinced that they aren’t after controlling guns because their laws only apply to the law-abiding, who DO obey laws, while the criminals just ignore them and get their guns illegally. These people aren’t stupid. They have to know their laws are USELESS to “reduce gun violence,” but they keep on making them. And all they do is make it easier for the criminals to victimize the law-abiding.

WORRIED ABOUT BLACKFACE: In Virginia, they’re oh, so worried about their politicians once appearing in blackface many many years ago. Meanwhile, their politicians, led by their current governor, are legalizing the MURDER of helpless, innocent BABIES. Infanticide! We call them on that, and they ignore us, then go out and CELEBRATE legalizing bloody MURDER! I watched a video the other day, of a “successful abortion” where the child was delivered, all but it’s head. Then the doctor stabbed it in the skull, piercing the brain, then cut the umbilical cord, and roughly jerked the dead baby out of the womb, and threw it into the trash can. Made me physically ill. We have to put a stop to this madness!

OCASIO-CORTEZ IS IGNORANT: That this ignorant bimbo actually got herself elected to an important office is tragic, and shows a certain weakness in our system that allows people as ignorant as she is to gain important offices. Candidates for certain offices should have to take an intelligence and knowledge test to prove they are competent, if they are elected, to perform in that office. But politicians, especially the stupid ones, jump all over that, saying it’s just a way to limit participation in government. This bimbo is not only ignorant about economics, she doesn’t even know such basic things as how many branches of government there are, even though she is now a MEMBER of one of them. Every word that comes out of her mouth confirms her ignorance in all cases.

DEMS ARE SABOTEURS: They recently voted NOT to notify ICE when an ILLEGAL ALIEN failed to pass a background check so he could buy a gun legally, relieving him of the need to find a guy in a back alley somewhere, from which to buy his gun ILLEGALLY. This is not the kind of thing a RESPONSIBLE political party does: to decide to do something (or NOT do something) that can result in many killings and much crime. These are the people who are supposed to be in the business of STOPPING crime, not PROMOTING it, as they are doing, here.

ANOTHER KNOW-NOTHING SPEAKS: Chelsea Clinton, who knows NOTHING about guns, comes out (again) in favor of gun control after the Aurora, Illinois shooting spree that killed five, and wounded four cops. Who the hell is Chelsea to make such comments and be taken seriously, anyway? Her only “qualification” to be heard is she is the misbegotten offspring of a former president who was impeached for lying about his sexual escapades in the White House with a young, impressionable intern, and his unindicted felon wife. If America was smart, they would never take such ignorant people seriously.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: They say 75% of our people support limitations on abortion. Why only 75% favor “limiting” baby killing? And why do 25% APPROVE baby murder? I never thought I’d see the day when MURDER would be something to approve or disapprove among intelligent human beings. At least, I THINK they appear to be otherwise intelligent… If you want to talk about “Jack-Booted Thug tactics,” just look at that recent dawn raid by 29 FBI “agents” carrying automatic weapons, forcing a hearing challenged lady to come outside in bare feet, wearing only a night gown over what is essentially a “traffic ticket.” All that is, is “intimidation tactics” by a man who has spent more than $20 million (taxpayer) dollars in a fruitless quest to “bring down” a legally-elected president. It’s disgusting… And they say WE’RE violent? An ANTIFA member was shot by the cops, who later found explosives hidden outside their HQ. How do Dumocrats get away with accusing us of what THEY do? It’s a mystery…

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Federal Gun Registry

“Democrats Express Openness to National Gun Registry.” No kidding. that’s what they’ve been after all along, no matter what lies they’ve told. “Democratic House Caucus Chairman Hakeem Jeffries defended his party’s push for a universal background check bill Wednesday, claiming that any enforcement of the legislation — including federal firearm registration — will be left to the Department of Justice to decide.” And you can BET they will decide in favor of a national gun registry, even though they already have one. If anybody believes the names of people who buy a gun are not put into a database that is then “shared” with the feds, I’ve got a beautiful bridge in Brooklyn for sale.

YOU MAY BE DISAPPOINTED”: That’s what the ABC thinks, anyway. They recently published an article with that title. Which says the American PEOPLE will be disappointed that none of the “snipe hunts” aimed at “getting rid of” President Trump have unearthed NO EVIDENCE of him colluding with the Russians to get elected. Really? Actually, the only people who will be disappointed they didn’t find any evidence are liberals, Dumocrats, and other Trump haters who hoped against hope they would find something, ANYTHING, they could use to boot President Trump out of the Oval Office, hopefully being “perp-walked” in handcuffs, off to jail, before he is able to "drain the swamp.".

JUST CAN’T STOP IT: Since the moment it was known that Donald Trump had won the 2016 election and was then the legally-elected President of the United States, the Dumocrats have been “investigating” him. There have been 17 “investigations,” so far, including one for each chamber of Congress, plus Bobby Mueller’s “snipe hunt,” and after more than 2 years of searching under every rock and crevice, not a single shred of evidence that President Trump did anything wrong has been found. So they’re “wrapping up” some of them while others continue. And now they’re opening yet more NEW “investigations,” still hoping to find something, ANYTHING they can use to unseat President Trump. The latest “investigation” is being pushed by a disgraced former assistant director of the FBI, whom Trump FIRED. He wants revenge.

CREATING AN INSULT: That’s what liberals do best. Create a situation, in which they can claim to be “insulted,” and demand “reparations” of some sort for it. That’s what that old Indian did when he boldly walked up to a bunch of young attendees at a pro-life demonstration and started beating his “war drum” in their faces, shouting racist insults, expecting them to react, maybe violently. When the one he was standing in front of, and in whose face he was beating his drum did nothing but smile at him, he called THAT an insult, and “went bananas.” Frankly, I’d have slapped that drum out of his hand and told him to “get out of my face!” But that’s me.

SHUT REP. SCALISE UP”: Dumocrats refused to hear what Republican Rep. Steve Scalise had to say about HR 8 to the House Committee, that this law, like all the others, would NOT have stopped him from being shot by that left-wing fool. Their favorite “disqualifier” when people talk against gun control is, “You’ve never been shot, so shut up!” They knew Scalise didn’t fit that picture. He got shot, and he is STILL against their useless laws against gun ownership for the law-abiding. He knows, as do all intelligent people, that no amount of laws banning guns will do ANYTHING to reduce gun violence, and would have testified to that, as, HIMSELF a victim of gun violence. And they couldn’t have the truth being told at their sham “hearing,” so they blocked him from testifying.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Kathy Tran, Dumocrat member of Virginia House of Delegates, is “surprised” at the opposition to her baby-murder bill. Can she really BE that stupid? Yeah, why would anybody be against murdering babies? What a stupid bi...witch… Judge is considering a gag order against Roger Stone because he’s going around saying he’s not guilty. Funny: I thought we were entitled to do that. If the government can say we’re guilty, we should be able to say we’re NOT guilty in the same place… Dumocrats have finally found someone they could hate worse than President Trump. It’s Howard Schultz, a (former) Dumocrat who wants to run against Dumocrats as an independent. They’re afraid he’ll “take the wind out of their sails.” And he probably will, but he won’t be “helping Trump win re-election.” It’s almost pre-ordained for Trump to win re-election, whether Schultz runs, or not, because of all his accomplishments, unless the liberal media is successful in covering it up… 

Monday, February 18, 2019

They Don't Understand

Liberals just can’t understand how President Trump can stay as popular as he is, after all they’ve done to “bring him down.” He brings 10 to 20 thousand to his rallies, while Dumocrats struggle to get crowds, using “close-up” shots to make their crowds LOOK like they’re big. They’ve tried and tried to get his “approval numbers” down to the thirties, at which time they would go for the impeachment scam with NOTHING to support it. But he fooled them again with his current 51% approval rate, and they just can’t handle that. They think he’s “as dumb as a rock,” but he continues to whip them every time they try something against him. Yes, he’s having trouble getting his wall, but he WILL prevail, in the end. Count on it.

MICHELLE TO RUN? The Dumocrat field of 2020 presidential candidates is a “mile wide and an inch deep,” and Michelle Obama is a “front-runner,” even if she (claims) she doesn’t want to be. She appeared by surprise on stage at the Grammys (why'd she do that?) and the crowd of liberal Dumocrats from Hollywood predictably went wild. They predictably took that to mean that she had a chance to beat President Trump in 2020. She doesn’t. She doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of beating Trump. There isn’t a single Dumocrat who does, and that includes their “throwaway candidate,” Michelle. The mere fact that she is even being considered is evidence that, to Dumocrats, NOBODY who is a politician wants to go up against President Trump and get “whupped.”

PUSHING A LIE: That’s what the anti-gun fools DO. They recently posted a “study” that “determined” that there was a school shooting (nearly) once a week. Of course, they included fist fights in the playground, or NEAR it. They also included shootings OUTSIDE the school grounds but within earshot. And they based their “findings” on the “school year,” not the real 12-month year. This is ample evidence of how they get their “bad-sounding” statistics. They LIE, include things that are NOT shootings, and happen not even ON school grounds, but NEAR the school. They don’t have any REAL statistics to report, so they just make it up.

NO EVIDENCE FOUND: Two, count ‘em, TWO congressional committees have spent two years looking under every rock and in every crevice for evidence that President Trump collaborated with the Russians to win the 2016 election, and BOTH committees have found NOTHING. And that doesn’t even count the Mueller bunch of Trump-haters, who have yet to issue a “report,” and may never do so, because they have ALSO found nothing on President Trump. The number of millions of dollars that have been spent on these bogus “investigations” is countless. We know Mueller has spent at least $20 million, and I’d bet these two congressional committees have spent a similar amount—EACH, in their repetitious “investigations.”

MORE DEMOCRAT BULL DROPPINGS: Andrew McCabe, who was instrumental in the “Russian Collusion” for HILLARY in the 2016 election, is dissatisfied with the TWO congressional committees that found NO EVIDENCE of wrongdoing on Trump’s part, and is now going to start his own “snipe hunt,” hoping against hope that those two committees, with their many “investigators,” missed something, or maybe that he can manufacture something that might work. We need to put a stop to all these extraneous “investigations,” that are no more than thinly disguised efforts at a coup.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Liberals like to say, “Trump is not qualified to be president.” Which begs the question: What makes THEM qualified to judge his qualifications? Obama certainly was not qualified to be president, a fact made obvious by his actions and policies… A book listing what Kamala Harris doesn’t know about guns would fill a thousand (or more) pages. Pretty much like with any other anti-gun fool… “Don’t like it? BAN it!” That’s the formula liberals use, thinking anybody will pay attention to that if they don’t obey any laws… (Fill in the blank), Dumocrat, is has announced he (she) is running for president in 2020. This time it’s Corey Booker. He is joining the LEAST restrictive club in America… Liberals love to tell us that the “average household income” is going down. What they don’t tell you is that, now the economy is booming, there are fewer households with TWO incomes, which has produced those numbers…

Friday, February 15, 2019

"Sauce for the Goose"

“Is sauce for the gander.” Virginia Lt. Governor (Dumocrat) Justin Fairfax is asking us not to “rush to judgment” on the sexual abuse accusations against him. Something the Dumocrats did not extend to Republicans under similar (unproven) accusations. Most notably in the case of now Justice Kavanaugh whom they very nearly derailed in the effort to approve him for membership in the Supreme Court. There was no call for an FBI investigation into the ACCUSERS in that case, only the ASSUMPTION that he was guilty. I don’t know if Fairfax is guilty of sexual assault, or not. Only time will tell—I hope. But it is very interesting how Dumocrats don’t worry about PROVING such things when the subject is a Republican, but it’s a very different story when it’s THEIR butts that are in the sling.

MUSLIMS ARE ANTI-JEW: Get used to it. They are, and have always been, AS A GROUP, anti-Jew. I don’t normally like to talk about “groups” in such cases, but Muslims have been taught, by their governments, and their religion, to hate Jews. And hate them, they do, which is no surprise to anybody with intelligence. Newly minted Rep. Ilhan Omar is a Muslim. She is anti-Jew. A repetition, there. Did Minnestoans know that when they stupidly elected her? Probably not. She probably went out of her way to PRETEND she was NOT anti-Jew to get elected. Politicians do that: lie to get elected, and then show their true colors AFTER they get the job.

THE FART TAX SCAM: It started with cow farts. This is one of the most ingenious cons ever regarding taxes. I hope the person who came up with it got a big bonus, because it’s a billion dollar idea. Every living being farts. Cows fart; horses fart; so do pigs, sheep, dogs, cats, even BUGS fart. So far, they’ve limited it to cow farts. They’ve assigned a “fee” (tax) for every cow a farmer or rancher owns, assuming a certain number of farts per day, and per year, putting a “fee” for each assumed fart, that the farmer or rancher has to pay. It’s yet another tax scam, and it’s “just beginning.” As Dumocrats (liberals) are fond of saying, “It’s a good start.”

GUN SEIZURES SPIKE: Anti-gun fools are “concerned” about mass shootings. So what do they do? They seize as many legally-held guns as they can, completely ignoring the millions of ILLEGAL guns there are out there. That this makes it easier for a potential mass killer to “do his work,” doesn’t seem to occur to them. They think taking legal guns away from people will solve their problem. WRONG! It just makes it worse. It leaves the field wide open for the would-be mass shooters. One of the sure solutions to this problem is to ALLOW teachers that already have concealed carry permits to bring their guns to school, but they dismiss that, out of hand. Maybe we need to get some people who have some common sense into the ranks of the anti-gun fools, because they don’t seem to have any.

ROB LOWE’S JOKE: Liberals have again showed that they have no sense of humor. No wonder late-night comedians have forsaken funny in favor of political criticism, usually of conservatives, but most often of President Trump. Thinly-disguised criticism masquerading as comedy. Now what somebody makes a real joke, but on the actions of a liberal Dumocrat, those easily offended jerks “go bananas” and force an apology. I refer to Rob Lowe’s joke, lampooning “Pokahontas” Elizabeth Warren’s propensity to claim (falsely) American Indian heritage (Sorry, PC Police, I don’t use PC terms). The joke was: “Elizabeth Warren would bring a whole new meaning to the term, commander in chief.” Funny. But not to liberals. They just can’t stand ANYTHING that calls attention to their foolishness, and they “went bananas,” so Rob ended up deleting the Tweet in which it appeared, and apologized. WRONG!

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Liberals all over are talking about “being triggered” by Trump’s “MAGA” hats. Tough twaddle. I’m triggered by the headgear worn my Muslim women, which is demanded by Muslim men. Nobody should be empowered to DEMAND another person wear things they direct. Of course, nobody cares what triggers me, any more than I give a damn about them being triggered by a “MAGA” hat… One thing you’ll notice whenever you see a picture of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is the whites of her eyes, and her open mouth, showing all her “pearly white” teeth. That is evidence of her overreaching madness. She’s out of control, and it’s obvious… If you don’t like it, call it racist. Liberals are now calling “MAGA” hats a “symbol of white privilege.” Which is “code” for “racist.” Without any sort of proof, as usual…

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Democrats Are Angry

Are they ever NOT angry since President Trump got elected in spite of all the “dirty tricks” they played? Now they’re angry because he’s in good health. They’ve been being told that he is “just hanging onto life” and will probably die in office—soon. But. Like most things liberals tell people, this is a lie. According to his doctor, he is “in good health” and is in no danger of dying in office—and that “triggered” liberals. They’d love it if he keeled over and died, hopefully in public, so they could crow over his death. The fact that isn’t going to happen “sends them over the edge.”

IT WASN’T A TRUMP ATTACK: Jesse Smolett was attacked. By somebody, and robbed. He was also beaten. Of that, I have no doubt. And it may well be a hate crime, since he is gay, and was probably in an area frequented by other gays. Gay people do that, searching for someone with whom to have sex. But I seriously doubt that any of his attackers were wearing a Trump “MAGA” hat. Nor do I believe one of them shouted, “This is Trump territory.” That is, I have no doubt, a figment of his imagination, and an effort to discredit President Trump. Chicago police agree.

WHY VOTE DEMOCRAT? I can’t figure out why anybody with any intelligence at all would vote Dumocrat. Dumocrats stand for higher taxes, open borders, killing innocent babies, gun control, revenge politics, identity politics, election fraud, and socialism, which only those who want to live without working, at the expense of others, would want. Socialism is a system BASED on the THEFT of the fruits of the production of new wealth, to be GIVEN to those who simply “want to ride in the wagon while others work to push it.” You know: the LAZY people of society. It’s a system that only benefits the lazy, while punishing achievement.

MEXICO MURDER 5 TIMES HIGHER: Mexico doesn’t have a second Amendment. Which means the only way to get a gun if you don’t work for the government, or don’t have “political pull,” is to get it ILLEGALLY. According to the anti-gun fools, they should have a crime-free society, right? WRONG! Mexico’s murder rate alone is FIVE TIMES that of the United States. If you were intelligent, that would tell you something. But the anti-gun fools apparently aren’t too bright, because they either don’t notice, or they deny the fact that it us an important thing.

NON-GUN SELF DEFENSE: I’m an old man on Social Security. As such, according to the anti-gun fools in our government, I cannot own a gun for self defense. That’s how they decide just who they will “allow” to have the means for self defense. At my age, and in my physical condition, I’m a “prime target” for those fools who just wish to “strong-arm” an “easy target” and take what is not theirs. So I have to “make do” in the weapons department. Actually, there are weapons all around you, and they can be very effective, even in the hands of an “old duffer” like me. One I like is a “page holder” you can buy in a book store that looks very much like a “sap,” and can be used the same way. It’s a piece of leather with a lead weight at each end. Hit somebody with it, and he’s “going down.” A bar of soap in a sock is a good club, too.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: In Virginia now, they want to disarm the cops sent to schools to be “resource officers.” How stupid it that? A cop without a gun is a useless cop when some fool comes in to kill a bunch of people. So why pay to have him there? Just more effort to ban self defense… Nathan Phillips is still playing the victim on TV. Funny. I didn’t think victims confronted school children, beating a drum in their faces, making racist remarks… One man Tweeted: “The time will come when evil will be called good.” That has already happened. Planned Parenthood extols the virtues of murdering helpless infants in the womb in the name of “women’s rights.” What about “baby rights to live?” That sounds good to me… A
Shawnee State professor is “under fire” for using the wrong pronouns. So the hell WHAT? There are only TWO SEXES. To deny that is demented, and that describes those from whom that professor is “under fire.” If they are allowed to prevail, that shows the stupidity of those “crowding” him for recognizing reality… Liberals constantly claim that Trump is incompetent to be president, but they can’t explain the many successes he has enjoyed, so they just ignore them and go on braying…

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

"We'd Rather Teachers Die"

That’s what they seem to be telling us with their most recent effort at making a law that might actually WORK to keep mass shooters out of their schools in Florida. They don’t want to ALLOW any teacher to bring their gun to school, so they could protect themselves and their students in case some crazy comes in to kill a few children. They think there should be NO guns carried in schools, except those carried by school resource officers (who can be easily located and “dealt with” before the killing of the children begins). School resource officers are human beings. Teachers are human beings. What is different between the two?

NO GUN, KILLED ANYWAY: This guy didn’t have a gun to use in his mass killing spree, so he stabbed eight people to death before he was stopped. At least we think he was stopped. This happened in China, where NO citizens are allowed to have guns unless they work for the government, or have an “in” with a politician. They SAY he was “arrested,” but no further details are coming out. This situation shows graphically what I’ve been saying for a long time: if a killer can’t get a gun, he’ll use something else. As this guy did. And eight people are dead because he thought his wife has cheated on him, so he got drunk and killed eight innocent people with a KNIFE.

DEMOCRAT SNIPE HUNT: Well, Dumocrat (of course) Congressman Al Green is taking things to a new level. He is blaming the Dumocrat blackface and sexual impropriety accusations in Virginia on President Trump. In his twisted mind, he thinks President Trump convinced those Dumocrats that you could just ignore those accusations, refuse to resign, and continue in office. Boy! Talk about twisting the facts! Those accusations against those Dumocrats are no more PROVED than are the ones against President Trump. And the ones against President Trump are a “snipe hunt.” They have been called a “witch hunt” because they are no more based on reality than were the Salem Witch Hunts.

PACKING THE COURT: FDR tried to pack the Supreme Court by increasing the number of Justices so he could get to appoint several more liberals to the Court, and failed. For good reason. Now Dumocrats are trying (again) to increase the number of Justices because President Trump has already been able to appoint TWO new Justices, and, with Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s health problems, may well get to appoint another, making THREE possibly non-liberal Justices on the Court. That scares liberals to death. Liberals are always trying to “move the goal posts” when they lose. And they have lost big, with Donald Trump in the White House and holding onto the Senate.

NRA TEACHINGS WORK: Two young boys (age 9) found a gun frozen in the snow while waiting for a school bus and never touched it. They told their school bus driver, who held it until the police arrived, and took possession of it. This is exactly what the NRA teaches kids to do, although this article doesn’t mention the NRA. Those teachings may have saved the life of one or more of those kids, if they had done the “kid thing” and started playing with it, thinking it was a toy. The gun was probably dropped by a criminal the cops arrested the night before. This is what the anti-gun fools don’t talk about: a child being saved by the teachings of the NRA. To them, the NRA is just obstructing their efforts to get rid of the Second Amendment, one detail at a time. Nothing else. And they hate the NRA for that.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Peelosi thinks she won something when she told Trump not to give the State of the Union speech in the House. But he is free to do so anywhere, even in the Senate. She can be invited to attend, and when she refuses, she reveals a lot about herself, not about Trump… Trump took away Peelosi’s abuse of the military transport for her junkets after she told him not to give the State of the Union, but he should have done it much sooner so he could not be accused of a “tit for tat” response. She has been abusing that system for way too long… Liberals say those students that Indian harassed should not have been wearing “MAGA” hats to that demonstration. Why? Under the First Amendment, they are entitled to wear any damned thing they wish, to any gathering, anywhere. It’s called a constitutional right. Maybe they’re just too stupid to realize thatNathan Phillips and other protesters storm DC Basilica, demanding punishment for Covington boys. For WHAT? For “standing there and taking their crap?” How stupid are they? This is typical liberal bull droppings…