Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Count On Jimmy

If you want a famous politician to go to a foreign dictator, “hat in hand,” and beg for somebody’s freedom, you can always count on Jimmy Carter. That’s the only thing he’s good at, besides swinging a hammer for free. He certainly isn’t good enough at it to do it for money. But he’ll go and beg a dictator for something at the drop of a hat; and he’ll even drop the hat.

MUSLIMS HATE US: New York’s mayor says the New York City bomber may have been many things: all of them right-wing. But it turns out upon further investigation that he was—wait for it—a Muslim. We don’t hate Muslims, Muslims hate US! When is Mayor Bloomberg going to get that through his thick skull? Probably never.

TEA PARTIES BRINGING FASCISM? What a LOAD that is! The liberal stooges who are saying this are showing their complete IGNORANCE of just what Fascism IS. Fascism is a form of COLLECTIVISM. As is SOCIALISM. Nothing could be further from what the Tea Parties wish for this country. How STUPID do they think we are?

OBAMA: ALWAYS SHELTERED: He has always been told how smart he is. His supporters explain away his gaffes by saying he’s so smart he forgets others aren’t as smart as he is, so he says things they don’t understand. If he did “F” level work in school, he got an “A” anyway. Much like liberals want for all school children. He really BELIEVES he’s smarter than anybody else because that’s what he’s always been told. He doesn't know any better.

HOW HE TAKES HIS COFFEE: There’s an ad on the radio intimating that we would like to know things like how Obama takes his coffee in the morning. I couldn’t care LESS about how he takes his coffee or whether he wears Boxers or briefs (a la Bill Clinton). All I want to know about him is how quick we can get rid of him and if we can emasculate him in Congress in November 2010.

“FOR WEALTHY AMERICANS: Democrats are still promoting the myth that Bush’s tax cuts were “for only the wealthiest Americans.” That’s one of their biggest LIES. Even Fox News propagates that myth. His tax cuts were for ALL Americans. They were a reduction in the base tax RATE, which affects EVERYBODY.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Selective Law Enforcement

Obama’s government enforces only those laws they wish to enforce. They don’t like the immigration laws so when local authorities turn illegal immigrants (of whatever race) over to them, they “release them on their own recognizance, even if they’re obviously Islamic terrorists. They also refuse to properly enforce the laws regarding voting in the military. What else do they ignore?

WHY PEOPLE THINK OBAMA IS MUSLIM: Every pundit and radio personality who reports on this question hastens to say “it’s a mistake to think he is a Muslim.” Why is that? They’re afraid of being called “homophobic” (that new “made-up word” designed to discredit ANYBODY who goes against Muslim interests). I can tell you why so many people think he’s a Muslim; it’s because he does everything he can to help Muslims do whatever they want to Americans. If he’s NOT a Muslim, he’s a “Muslim Fellow Traveler,” which is just as bad. And it’s his own actions that prove it.

FASTEST GROWING RELIGION: The fastest-growing religion in America is the Muslim religion. Not because it’s so great; it isn’t. Because Muslims breed like rabbits. They move here, legally and illegally and have kids. They teach them to hate America and all it stands for so when they grow up they are enemies of America and Americans. Not because we’re so bad, but because their “leaders” have lied to them their whole lives, just like the country from which they came.

USEFUL IDIOTS: Top on that list is New York City Mayor Bloomberg, who is in favor of the “slap in the face” planned by Muslims building a Mosque practically on the graves of Muslim victims at the World Trade Center. They love to build Mosques on sites where they have CONQUERED places owned by non-Muslims. They become permanent monuments to their victories. That’s what this New York Mosque is going to be: a MONUMENT to their “accidental victory” on 9/11.

ABJECT STUPIDITY OF LIBERALS: You can’t make this stuff up, folks! There’s a blog out there (really!) called “The Tall Blog,” supposedly about tall people. They recently wrote, “To all hunters who kill for food; shame on you; you ought to go to the store and buy the meat that was made there, where no animals were harmed.” Where the hell do they think the meat originally came from? Boy, are these people STUPID! Unfortunately, they vote. (Thanks to TYSK)

CRIMINALS PREFER UNARMED VICTIMS: They're easier to victimize with the illegal guns they carry. The tighter the gun laws, the easier they are to get illegally. Where guns are easier to legally obtain, the harder it is on criminals, who break laws for a living. If they can't be sure their intended victim won't be armed, maybe they'll go into a different line of work.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Another “made-up word” to make it seem like anybody who doesn’t like Muslim terrorists is somehow mentally aberrant. They took that idea from the word “homophobia,” which assumes that ANYBODY who doesn’t like gays is somehow mentally aberrant. I have nothing against gays OR Muslims when they don’t try and kill me. But I resent these efforts to make people think I am mentally aberrant by inventing words.

RELEASED ON THEIR OWN RECOGNIZANCE: Obama amazes me at the STUPIDITY of his actions. But he never surprises me. When they catch an illegal immigrant, even one from a Muslim country where many people wish to do us harm live, his government releases them on their own recognizance INSIDE THE COUNTRY. Is he HOPING for a terrorist act to rival the world Trade Center? Does he WANT someone to murder thousands MORE Americans? Maybe not. But it sure LOOKS that way. Bill Clinton complained thet HE didn't have something like 9/11 happen during his administration. How STUPID are these people?

“STOKING THE FIRES”: Muslim extremists constantly “stoke the fires” and then blame it on us, inventing words like “Islamaphobia” to intimate that there is no good REASON to watch Muslims closely. Seems to me there are a lot of Muslims bent on unreasonably killing Americans, which gives me a GOOD REASON to suspect them.

UNREASONABLE HATRED: The wife of the Muslim extremist Imam who wants to ”slap us in the face” by building a Mosque just FEET from what used to be the World Trade Center, which 19 MUSLIMS destroyed along with up to 3,000 innocent lives, says we have an ‘UNREASONABLE FEAR” of Muslims. I would not call it “unreasonable” in any way. I would call that woman STUPID for even thinking we would accept her faulty reasoning.

BUT HE’S NOT A MUSLIM! I’ve noticed that whenever ANYBODY talks about the possibility of Obama being a Muslim, they HASTEN to assure you they don’t think so. I don’t think so, either. I’ve seen no proof he is. But I HAVE seen proof he is a Muslim SYMPATHIZER. It makes no difference to me whether or not he IS a Muslim. He is doing everything he can to help the Muslim extremists destroy this country. That’s good enough for me.

ERASING OTHER RELIGIONS: Islam has been doing its best to erase references to other religions for thousands of years. One Mosque in Constantinople was built on the ruins of a Christian church after the Muslims CONQUERED the Christians. They LOVE to build Mosques on top of places where they have had a victory, to commemorate that victory for all time. That is why they want to build a Mosque just FEET from the ruins of the World Trade Center, which they destroyed, quite by accident. They were as surprised as anybody when the buildings collapsed.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

"But We Know He's Not"

I’ve noticed that every commentator I’ve heard mention the argument over whether or not Obama is a Muslim always hastens to assure us he (Obama) is not a Muslim. Methinks they doth protest too much. Why do they need to quickly assure us he “isn’t” a Muslim? Even those on the right do it. Are they afraid somebody is going to call them something?

TALKING POINTS: Every time any Democrat talks about Bush’s tax cuts (for EVERYBODY, rich or poor, except those who pay NO taxes) they add the words, “for the richest.” That has become obvious that this is one of the basic “talking points” coming right from the top, and is obviously a LIE to anybody with a modicum of intelligence.

“INTERVENING IN THE MUSLIM WORLD”: That’s what Muslim sympathizers call what we’re doing. That’s their typical twisting of reality. The MUSLIM extremists are “interfering in OUR WORLD.” If they’d stop killing innocent people, we’d “stop interfering in their world.” Not until.

MORE TWISTING OF REALITY: Muslim sympathizers say the United states has more Muslim blood on its hands than Osama bin Laden does, What a LOAD! This is yet another blatant twisting of reality by Muslims. In truth, we need to have MORE Muslim extremist blood on our hands.

“GET OVER IT”: Bob Beckel, liberal mouthpiece on Fox News, during a panel discussion about the proposed “slap in the face” Muslim Mosque they think they’re going to get to build just FEET from “Ground Zero” said, “At some point we have to get over 911.” Really? The relatives of the thousands of Americans murdered there, and the “first responders” who had to look at, and touch all the mangled bodies of the men, women, and CHILDREN killed there might not agree. I will certainly NEVER “get over it” until I am in my own grave. And I only saw it on television as it was happening.

BECKEL AN IRRITANT: Bob Beckel, the liberal mouthpiece on Fox News, continues to irritate me and others who are “thinking Americans” by his ignorant pronouncements. How does an ignorant jerk like that become a professor? I guess the liberals running universities don’t require much intelligence as long as the applicant “toes the liberal line.”

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Liberation Theology

It says you can’t be “saved” unless everybody else in the world (without exception) is “saved,” too. This is absurd! Your “sins” are those alone. Therefore, your “salvation” is ALSO yours alone. This is what Obama believes, and what he has SAID he believes. This is the “Rev. Wright” thinking that he absorbed in the 20 years he listened to it.

MUSLIMS HAVE THE RIGHT: They DO have the “right” to build a $100 million dollar Mosque within FEET of the site of the biggest Muslim-created tragedy in the history of the world. The LEGAL right. But do they have the MORAL right to “stick a finger in the eye of all Americans” by building a permanent memorial to the 18 Muslim KILLERS who MURDERED almost 3,000 innocent men, women, and CHILDREN at the World Trade Center? No; I say they’ll never get it built. Just the SUGGESTION that it will be built is insane and a “slap in the face” to all mericans.

DON’T MENTION IT: Obama’s government thugs have received orders NOT to mention the fiction (lie) Obama has told over and over that his health care swindle will NOT increase the national debt, but will, in fact, LOWER it. He’s hoping we will forget his obvious lie now his bill has become law.

SHARIA LAW: If Muslims think Americans will EVER allow Sharia Law to be enforced on real Americans (not Muslim-Americans), they are STUPID. Americans, who have known freedom, will never allow it. They say we “should not FEAR Sharia Law.” We do not FEAR it. We just will not ACCEPT it. And will FIGHT any effort to impose it upon us. We will NEVER allow a system from the fifteenth century to control our every move.

FORCING US INTO ISLAM: Islam ORDERS all Muslims to work to FORCE all “Infidels” (those not now Muslim) to become Muslims whether or not they want it. This CANNOT happen in a country whose Constitution guarantees freedom of religion as long as the Constitution is recognized as the BASIS for the “law of the land.

IT’S NOT RACISM: Muslims accuse ALL who oppose becoming Islamic of being racists. Those who do this are STUPID. I will not submit to a several thousand year old religion lost in the past because someone calls me a racist. I know what I am, and they can’t make me into a racist by calling me that.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Big Business Recovering

That’s what Obama is saying. As usual, it is a LIE. He says his most recent “jobs bill” (otherwise known as a “stimulus bill”) will not cost us ONE DIME. Now, THAT’S a lie that defies common sense. But then, Obama doesn’t care. He thinks we’re stupid enough to believe it.

DISCREDITING ARIZONA: They’re saying Phoenix “ginned up” or “exaggerated” those famous kidnapping figures despite the actual numbers being much smaller. They’re quibbling over DEFINITIONS of kidnapping and other things. Frankly, I don’t believe it, knowing the source of the accusations.

DR. LAURA QUITS: Over a “N-word flap.” Why? What she said was exactly right, and if she had “dashed” the “N-word” nobody would have said a word. But she quit at the first evidence of a controversy. Doesn’t she know she’s playing right into the hands of her enemies?

EVEN FOX NEWS: Even Fox News has “bought the bullsh-t” about Obama’s religion. They recently ran an item saying he IS a Christian. I don’t know if he is, or not. All evidence says that if he is NOT A Muslim, he certainly favors them in all things. That’s just as bad.

DOES HE EVEN HAVE PRINCIPLES? When Republicans were in power Obama said “Nobody who is not insane would make it easy to become a citizen.” Now HIS people are in charge, that’s just what he wants to do. Is he INSANE? Or just STUPID?

FAVORITE “WORD”: Nancy Peelosi says her favorite word is “The Word” (of God). But nobody is more anti-religion than Nancy. Does she really think we are STUPID enough to believe this? What a FOOL is this woman!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Daily Outrage

Every day Obama or his people do something that is an OUTRAGE to ALL Americans. How long do they think we will put up with it? How long do they think it will be before there is an armed insurrection? Do they WANT one? So they can get rid of people who oppose them?

CHARLIE’S A FOOL: Congressman/tax writer/tax cheat Charlie Wrangel is running for an umty-umpth term in Congress while at the same time fighting ethics and tax charges. Does he think the people in his state are STUPID? ARE they? Will they return him to congress so we’ll have to get rid of him in spite of it? He's counting on it.

CREATING A DEPRESSION: An ex Bank of England executive says “dumping Bush’s tax reductions will bring on a full depression. I hope he’s wrong, but unfortunately, I think he’s right. But what can we do about it? Obama has plenty of time yet to do it before we either emasculate him or get rid of him altogether. All he has to do is just “let it happen.”

RAISING TAXES IN A RECESSION: ALL economists not under Obama’s spell agree that raising taxes in a recession will only make the recession WORSE. Yet all Obama has been doing since he was elected is creating “programs” that WILL raise our taxes while telling us they will not. How STUPID does he think we are?

THE FT. HOOD KILLER: Is he going to be prosecuted effectively? I haven’t heard a single word about that in MONTHS. What’s HAPPENING in that case? Is DOJ or the military authorities working on it or are they ignoring it, hoping we’ll forget about it? We aren’t going to.

PUT HIM IN JAIL: We can’t get rid of Obama until 2012 unless he does something so odious we can impeach him. But we CAN get rid of AlGore, simply by charging him with a swindle, based on his “global warming/climate change” swindle. There is no PROOF of anything he is predicting, and he’s made himself a BILLIONAIRE with his swindle. One of his predictions said we had TEN YEARS left. That was MORE than FIFTEEN YEARS AGO.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Who Is Funding It?

The Obama administration is talking about “investigating” the funding of various “right-wing” groups. So why don’t we “investigate” organizations like “Media Matters” and others funded by “MoveOn.org.” and George Soros, who funds MOST of the left-wing organizations, including the now defunct ACORN organization, which has changed its name, since we “found them out.” I’m sure there are many more such Soros-funded organizations we don’t even know about.

“INVESTIGATED” FOR DISAGREEING: DOJ is “investigating Joe Arpaio for doing his job according to Arizona law. Nancy Peelosi wants to “trace the money” of people who oppose the building of a Mosque FEET away from the site of 9/11. what kind of FOOLS have we elected?

FREEDOM OF RELIGION: Not “freedom FROM religion.” That’s what the Constitution says. It says the government “shall make NO LAW regarding religion, or the practice thereof.” But that’s what they’ve been doing regularly since the liberals took over. What part of “NO LAW” don’t they understand?

ANYTHING EXCEPT CHRISTIANITY: You can put up ANY symbol of a religion on government property EXCEPT a Christian cross. You can teach ANY religion in school EXCEPT Christianity. This is ABSURD in a nation that was BEGUN as a “Christian nation” by the Founders’ own words.

LIES, LIES, LIES! They said they had to pass the “jobs bill” (which is another “stimulus bill under another name) IMMEDIATELY so they could hire back teachers who have been laid off. So they passed it. Now we find out the teachers aren’t going to be hired back. They’re going to put that money “aside” for “emergencies.” Typical liberal lies.

NATURALLY: The DOJ says there will be NO “special counsel” appointed to “investigate” the Sestak bribery case. With Obama controlling the means of prosecution of his own job offer to Sestak, is anybody surprised?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sharia Law?

There’s a movement afoot to impose the Muslim “Sharia Law” in America. I can’t believe they actually think Americans will ever allow that. Americans are not stupid, and they’ve known freedom. They will not allow it. Any Muslim who thinks ANY American will submit to an abomination like Sharia Law is an IMBICILE.

SACRIFICE: “Queen Michelle” tells us we need to “sacrifice.” But apparently that doesn’t apply to her or her husband. After saying that, she jumps on a 747 that is at her disposal (at taxpayer expense) and flies to Spain, where she rents 60 EXPENSIVE hotel rooms and goes out and buys some more designer dresses while BO jumps on another 747 that is at his disposal (with another trailing, just in case, also at taxpayer expense) and flies off to Chicago (land of criminal politicians, where he used to live) to play basketball with people who will let him win.

VOTER DRIVE: “Amnesty” is simply the largest “voter drive” in the history of this country. They figure (and they’re probably right) every illegal alien they “naturalize” will be a vote for Democrats. What they forget is the “backfire” from those who went by the rules to become naturalized citizens the hard way and will resent it.

DEAD GOPHERS: I see a lot of dead gophers lying beside the road every day. I also see lots of gopher holes beside the road, in “designated” gopher-protected areas. Soon they’ll put you in jail if you happen to run over and kill one who runs across the road in front of you.

IT WASN’T CLINTON: The story now is that Bill Clinton offered Sestak a job in the Obama administration if he would not run against a “favorite boy.” What a LOAD of stinky brown stuff that is! Clinton may have been the “front man,” but the offer REALLY came from Obama. Clinton by himself couldn't give a job to ANYBODY.

COMPETENCE FROM INCOMPETENCE: Bobby Jindal is a competent man. Obama is not. But when Jindal wanted to do something REAL to stop the oil spill from destroying his coastline, he had to ask permission from Obama, an INcompetent man, to do it. there’s something wrong here.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Recession Is Over!

That’s what Obama and his accomplices are telling us. They want us to BELIEVE that lie, like he wants us to believe all his other lies. Outside of Bill Clinton, this is the lyingest president I’ve seen in my lifetime. He’s leading us down the road to perdition and most of us don’t know it, and will fight you if you try and set them straight.

WE NEED MORE STORIES LIKE THIS: A thug tried to rob a man at knife-point, whereupon the intended victim pulled his gun and took the thug’s knife, wallet, cell phone, and ran him off. He stunk because he crapped his drawers at the sight of the gun. This should happen more often.

THEY HAVE A RIGHT! Yes, Muslims DO have a right to build a Mosque just FEET away from the place where 19 Muslims murdered almost 3,000 innocent people. But do they have a MORAL right to “slap us in the face” by doing so? I don’t think so, and I predict that if it ever gets built somebody will take a page out of THEIR book and blow it up. To any feds reading this, I’m not making a suggestion.

UNION MEMBERS CHASE UNION EXECS OUT OF MEETING: The government now owns General Motors and union execs are now running it. when they tried to get workers to accept less money, the workers chased them out of the building. The shoe is now on the other foot, people. Now they're talking abouty locking them out. The UNION executives!

A PLACE OF MUSLIM INFAMY: Muslims think they can slap Americans in the face by opening a Mosque within FEET of the place where Muslim extremists murdered almost 3,000 innocent Americans and opening it on the 10th anniversary of this atrocity. How STUPID are they? They can build a Mosque anywhere else they wish. Why here?

BRING WAGES DOWN: Companies are sending jobs overseas because wages are lower there! But they never suggest lowering wages here to “stop the drain.” They just want more and more money, not even CONSIDERING the effect of their demands on the workforce.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Definition Is Key

Islam IS a “religion of peace.” But Muslims have a very different DEFINITION of “peace” than we do. To them, according to the Koran (or however else they spell it today), “peace” is when everybody who ISN’T a Muslim is dead and ALL countries in the world are Muslim. And if they have to kill all those not Muslim, the Koran says that’s not only okay, that’s an order. 1

LYING IS OKAY: In the Koran, it is okay to LIE to advance the interests of Islam. Not so in the Bible or Torah. Language is also important. Imams regularly LIE to people in America, in English, then go to a country that speaks a different language (or even right here in the U. S.) and say something completely different in a language we don’t understand.

IT’S NO HIJACK: Muslim extremists who kill people in the name of Islam are NOT “hijacking” the Muslim religion. They’re carrying out the literal “orders” contained in the Koran. If you don’t believe that, READ the Koran (One you get from a trusted source). The reason “mainstream Muslims” don’t speak out against them is that these people will KILL them for doing so.

RUSH MAKES A MISTAKE! He doesn’t make many, but he did when he said the government doesn’t produce anything. He should have said the government doesn’t produce anything WORTHWHILE. Then he would have been right. The Chevrolet Volt is NOT “something worthwhile.” Yes, it IS ”something.” Taxes Are “something, but they’re not “something worthwhile.”

RECESSION IS OVER: That’s what Obama and his defenders want us to believe. But how can we believe that LIE when unemployment numbers go to the highest point in years? He touted 71,000 new jobs, but didn’t mention more than 300,000 jobs LOST during the same month. He says he “saved” many jobs, but how do you measure “saved” jobs? You can't, and that’s what he’s counting on.

IGNORING DEMOCRATS: The media regularly identified the party affiliation of people they feel are doing a “good job,” but routinely IGNORE the party affiliation of those who are found with their hands in the “cookie jar.” Such as Maxine Waters, Democrat representative from California, whose husband profited handsomely from her being in Congress; or Democrat Charlie Rangel, who was “nonplussed” that a newsman would ask him a REAL question about his ignoring of his tax obligations, those he committed between WRITING the tax code for the rest of us.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Beating A Dead Horse

Liberals are still trying to convince the country that Bush was “inept” when it came to handling Hurricaine Katrina. But it wasn’t Bush who was inept. It was the (then) Louisiana governor and the (then and current) New Orleans mayor (Ray [“Schoolbus”] Nagin who screwed the whole thing up from “day one.” After his fiasco in not using his schoolbuses to rescue people and letting them be drowned out, I’d have bet he couldn’t be elected dog catcher. I underestimated the stupidity of liberal voters.

NO DETAILS: Liberals (Democrats, mostly) make "pronouncements" over and over, but never give any details to back them up. Because they can't. There ARE no “details” to back up what they’re saying because usually what they’re saying is a lie. To win a debate with a liberal, demand details and ask “why” every so often. You’ll have them smoking from the ears.

MORE DEAD HORSE BEATING: The liberals in our media (which are a majority) are still beating the dead horse about the Gulf oil spill and oil, in the form of “tar balls” still washing up on the beach. This time it’s in the Funky Winkerbean comic strip where Mr. Montoni of Funky’s pizza parlor is on a Gulf beach cleaning birds with “tar balls” being obvious in the water. Unfortunately for them, “tar balls” are few and far between with liberals searching desperately for the oil, most of which has been “eaten” by Mother Nature. The total oil, put in perspective, is like a thimbleful of oil in a swimming pool.

IT’S NOT ABOUT A MOSQUE! It’s about people who think we “deserved” 9/11 building it in the (former) shadow of buildings that are no longer there because members of that religion flew airplanes into them and killed THOUSANDS of people, among them men, women, AND children. It’s about the “SLAP IN THE FACE” the very BUILDING of a mosque in that location BY these people represents. To allow them to build it would be a propaganda victory of stupendous proportions for the Muslim terrorists.

IT’S NOT ABOUT RELIGION: It just happens that the people who committed the atrocity of 9/11 were Muslims to a man. That they profess to “hate all Americans” for some imagined slight from years ago SAID they did it FOR Muslims; that Muslims worldwide did NOT stand up and condemn this act, and some even “danced in the streets” because of it. People who did what they did (and I don’t care if they believe in Zingo, the God of green men), it was wrong what they did and to even build a monument to their murderers (and that's what they're doing) is an affront to every American.

A SHINTO SHRINE AT PEARL HARBOR: Would we have objected if the Japanese announced plans to build a Shinto (Japan’s main religion) shrine in Pearl Harbor right after World War 2, the scene of their surprise attack that killed ANOTHER several thousand Americans? You damn betcha! What the hell is WRONG with these people who think we’re wrong to object?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Gay Bar at "Ground Zero?"

One man has decided to build a gay bar next to the Mosque a Muslim terrorist sympathizer wants to build just FEET from “Ground Zero,” where Muslim extremists murdered UP TO 3,000 INNOCENT American men, women, and CHILDREN. Muslims say their Mosque is designed to “create a dialogue” between Muslims and Americans. The gay bar guy asked the Mosque people for comments, and when they finally responded, they told him, “You aren’t going to build any dialogue with Muslims by building a gay bar next door to a Mosque.” Oh? Why? Isn't that what the Muslims want to do by "spitting in the eye" of all Americans?

WRANGLE DEFIES CONGRESS TO GET RID OF HIM: He admits to “making mistakes” (a common excuse when a liberal is caught with his pants down, sometimes literally) and tells Congress to “go ahead and do it.” Talk about defiant arrogance. He says, “I’m not going away! I’m here!”

“TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS DOESN’T WORK”: At least, that’s what liberals (Democrats) want you to believe. That’s because they want you to think “the rich” just “sit on their money,” doing nothing with it. You know, like Bill Gates did. Oh. He didn’t? His work created 4 billionaires and 12,000 millionaires. It also created countless jobs. Jobs where people actually made new money, not the kind of money made by recycling taxpayer’s money you get when the government passes a “stimulus bill” and “gives” money to selected individuals (mostly those who can help keep them in power).

TERRORIST IMAM: The man who wants to build a Muslim Mosque just FEET from the site where Muslim extremists murdered thousands of Americans, including many CHILDREN, is the same one who tried to blame Jews for that criminal act. He is also a supporter of HAMAS, which sent that “peaceful” flotilla toward Israel and brutally ATTACKED Israelis when they tried to simply INSPECT their cargo—something they ANNOUNCED they would do, and which the ship was heading for Israel as a PROVOCATION to Israel, which is fighting for its very life. Does ANYBODY really believe he is building it to “encourage a dialog?” Anybody who does is a FOOL.

RICH PAY MOST TAXES! One of the most oft-repeated lies by liberals is that “the rich don’t pay their fair share of taxes. That’s an out-and-out LIE! The rich pay 86% of ALL taxes. That’s how much that is paid by the top 25% of wage earners. The top 50% pay 97% of ALL taxes! (Source: The IRS itself)

TAX CUTS FOR THE RICHEST: Liberals, when talking about Bush’s tax cuts, always add, “for the richest people.” That’s a LOAD of stinky brown stuff; Bush’s tax cuts were (and are) for ALL Americans, not just the rich. Yes, the rich got more money back, but they PUT MORE MONEY IN! Percentage-wise, they didn’t get ANYTHING more than anybody else. That’s a common liberal scam.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What Part Don't You Understand?

Obama and his parasites just don’t seem to understand that it is their POLICIES we hate, not Obama’s “color problem.” He is as much white as he is black, so why should we be at all concerned with his “blackness?” Seems to me it is OBAMA who is mostly conscious of his “blackness.” I don’t care if he is purple with pink polka-dots. I HATE his policies, which are well on their way to destroying this country as a free nation.

60 FREAKING ROOMS! Obama’s elitist wife went to Spain over his birthday weekend and rented SIXTY ROOMS! What the hell does she need SIXTY ROOMS for? Does she think she is the “Queen of Sheba?” I think this woman has “gone off the deep end” thinking she is much better than the rest of us. I don’t care what color she is. She’s a snob and shows it every way she can.

DON’T ACCUSE ME OF RACISM: For not being in favor of Obama’s policies. If you do, I’ll slap you silly if you do it to my face. If you do it otherwise, don’t come to see me any time soon, or you’ll lose a few teeth. I may be old and barely able to walk, but I can still slap you silly if I get mine in first; and I will.

“QUEEN” MICHELLE: Michelle Obama obviously thinks she is the “queen of America,” since she acts like a queen every time she gets a chance. She has “assistants” costing taxpayers MILLIONS of dollars. Many more than any first lady before her. She goes to Spain on what—the eighth “vacation” since Barack was inaugurated and spends money like it was water, taking 60 ROOMS. Yes, she needs a lit of rooms for her extensive “queenly” entourage. But does she really NEED such an entourage?

“QUEEN MOTHER” NANCY: Nancy Peelosi also thinks she is a queen, and acts the part, demanding and GETTING her own personal airplane for her own use, and for the use of her staff. This is not something a Senator should have, at taxpayer expense. But “Queen Nancy” demands it and gets it. I’m waiting to see what happens when Nancy’s demands conflict with those of “Queen Michelle.”

OAKLAND CAN’T AFFORD POLICE: They say they can’t afford to pay the cops to “fight crime.” But I’d bet a lot they aren’t cutting their budget “for the arts.” Denver is in similar shape, but the mayor refuses to cut the “arts budget” and keeps buying those abortions they put in public parks at prices way higher than they’re worth (if they’re worth ANYTHING).

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Draining the Swamp"

Nancy is keeping her promise (somewhat). She's "draining the swamp." But what she's "dredging up" are DEMOCRATS. Like Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters. How many other Democrats are there out there conning the rest of us while the spotlight is on these two and Rangel is telling her to "crap or get off the pot."

COLLECTIVE SALVATION: It doesn’t exist. They’re trying to convince you that your own salvation depends on the salvation of others. That’s wrong. Just as the church preaching “social justice” is wrong. I’m not going to preach religion of any kind, except to tell you that since your SINS are individual, so is your salvation. That’s common sense. I’m all about common sense, not what you’re taught by the left.

OBAMA—GO PEE UP A ROPE: That’s what Missouri is telling Obama, having passed a measure that says it, with regard to his law FORCING people to buy health insurance. He doesn’t like it. This state is not the first to tell him to “go to hell.” I won’t buy it. I won’t pay their fine. They can send me to jail if they want, and feed me..

THE OIL DISASTER IS OVER: And Obama hates it. That much is obvious in his tone of voice as he announces it, taking full credit for ending it, as usual. He hates it because he has no more reason to kick BP around any more. Oh; if you want a way to figure out how big this “disaster” really was, no matter what Obama says, picture dropping a thimble full of oil into a swimming pool and watching “Mother Nature” destroy it.

WHY DRILL SO DEEP? That’s the question in my mind. Drilling that far out and that deep is silly because it is dangerous. But it is necessary because federal regulations will not allow us to drill closer in. So I guess that makes the oil spill the fault of the feds.

FEDS (OBAMA) FIGHTING NOT TO ENFORCE IMMIGRATION LAWS: Even to the point of SUING Arizona to stop THEM from doing it. What an amazingly STUPID administration this is! Obama won’t “interfere in local business” to stop Muslims from “slapping our faces” by building a Mosque just FEET from the site where Muslim terrorists massacred up to 3,000 innocent American men, women AND children. But he WILL sue Arizona to keep them from enforcing an immigration law almost a duplicate of the federal law he will NOT enforce.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

"No Bullets"

A soldier in Afghanistan called home and told her family she had no bullets for her gun because Obama’s parties and giveaways cost too much and didn’t leave enough to buy the bullets she needed. She says she bought a big knife so she’d have SOME kind of protection. Typical liberals: sending people to war without protection. Looks are more important than reality. Even if people DIE because of it.

OBAMA HATES IT: It seems the only thing wrong with the Arizona immigration law is that it disagrees with Obama’s priorities, which are to do nothing to strengthen our borders. Arizona’s law messes with that. He’s the BOSS isn’t he? How can a simple GOVERNOR tell him what to do?

CREATING OR “SAVING” JOBS: Chelsea’s wedding probably “created or saved” more jobs than all of Obama’s actions put together, especially since most of Obama’s actions have COST jobs by raising taxes in a recession and making laws favoring union bosses.

CUTTING ESSENTIALS: Politicians always threaten to cut essentials, such as police and firefighters, while keeping the budget “for the arts” intact so they can continue to buy the abortions such as the brightly painted, piled up shipping containers they were conned into thinking was “art” all over downtown Denver.

LIBERALS OUTRAGED: They’re outraged that we are actually keeping Islamic terrorists we caught in the act of killing innocents prisoner. I’m outraged that THEY’RE outraged! Personally, I think we should have shot them on sight. The terrorists, not the liberals (although I'm tempted).

“KILLING THE GOLDEN GOOSE”: That’s what Obama is doing, every day, by creating and passing into law, “programs” that will raise taxes all across the board. The more he raises taxes in the face of the recession HIS people created to get him elected, the more it “kills the golden goose.”

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Asassination Protection

VP Joe Biden (BiteMe) and Speaker of the House Nancy Peelosi right behind him in succession. Nobody with any intelligence at all would DARE assassinate him unless they could get them all together in the same place. Not that I’m suggesting anything, you understand.

IT AMAZES ME: Obama says he’s going to “create or save” jobs. How can he do that when as one of his first acts in the presidency, he engineered massive unemployment in the auto industry by closing thousands of GM dealerships? And while he forces GM to make cars nobody wants and will not buy without that $7,500 gift of taxpayer money he has promised?

“POST-PARTISAN”: To Obama, bipartisanship is abandoning your principles and agreeing with him. So to be “post-partisan,” you have to agree with him on everything. I’m sorry; I don’t agree with him on ANYTHING so I guess I’m just “post-Obama.”

TEA PARTIES RACIST: I don’t know what’s worse; being called names, or being called names by people who are constantly talking about “tolerance.” (Stolen from Mallard Fillmore) Seems to me, most of the racists in this country are the liberals who are calling US racist.

20% LAYOFFS: That’s what’s soon to happen in Cuba, one of the remaining communist (collectivist) societies in the world. 98% of Cubans work for the government, so you tell me where those laid off are going to go. Castro (Raul) is recommending “self employment.” Wait a minute! Isn’t that CAPITALISM? Golly gee gawrsh!

THE REST OF THE STORY: Obama says 90,000 American troops have come home from Iraq since he took office. He doesn’t say how many Iraqis have died because of it. He touts that as an accomplishment, as if “running for the hills” took effort.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Truth Doesn't Matter to Liberals

They want to “make their own truth” by repeating a lie over and over until their “useful idiots” who pay no attention to politics believe it. You know, those people who help them spout their lies and want to fight you if you try to set them straight?

IT MUST BE UNCONSTITUTIONAL, TOO: A (Clinton appointee) judge has ruled the Arizona immigration law unconstitutional in all important respects and blocked the enforcement of those parts of it. I guess that makes the federal law it mirrored unconstitutional, too, doesn’t it? But you’ll never hear that in the media.

WE DON’T HAVE THE RESOURCES”: That’s what ICE says about the Arizona law. “It will unduly burden the system.” Maybe we should repeal the drug laws, too. Don’t they “unduly burden the system,” too? How about the murder laws? We only solve a small percentage of the murders in this country, anyway, right?

“WE KNOW THE FREE MARKET IS A JOKE”: This is what a top official in the Obama administration said, and wants us to believe. Only problem is, without the free market, our goose is cooked. Without the free market and the taxable income it produces, there will be no money for the liberal looters to take away from us, to spend on things we hate.

CROSSED THE LINE: There is a very thin line between freedom of the press and treason. WikiLeaks has crossed it, and its owner should end up in prison.

LIBERALS HATE RICH PEOPLE: Bill Clinton loses no opportunity to tell people how rich he is now, after he looted us as president. Why do they not hate him? How about Charlie Rangel, who writes tax laws he doesn’t obey? He’s rich, like most people who have been in Congress for a while, even if they were paupers when they came there.