Saturday, April 30, 2016

They're Really Scared!

Liberals are really frightened of Donald Trump. They're pulling out all the stops to keep him from speaking to as many people as possible, knowing what he says will ultimately destroy them, especially if he is actually elected president. They're not depending on the election process to defeat him because they know he is probably the ONLY candidate who can beat Hillary OR Bernie, and that makes them wet their skivvies. So they use professional demonstrators to stage riots at his rallies, and work hard to keep him from being able to deliver his message.

TARGET STOCK DOWN: Surprise, surprise! Target stock “took a nose dive” after they announced their stupid policy to allow MEN in women's restrooms and changing rooms. Those rooms have always been separate for a GOOD, and logical reason: man and women are different, and BOTH (whether or not you know it) like to dress and undress without members of the opposite sex looking at them and ogling them—unless they're about to have sex—which doesn't apply here. Their action cost them about $2.5 BILLION! A lot of money for a little social experimentation.

HOW STUPID IT'S BECOME: I wonder how many Americans are so stupid as to not see how stupid the things Democrats want to do ARE. Things like letting MEN into women's , restrooms, letting gays change the very definition of the WORD “:marriage, legalize the use of marijuana (as if we didn't have enough legal intoxicants, already), making self defense illegal, in spite of constitutional guaranteed for it, and many other things INTELLIGENT people revere. It was liberals who wanted to punish an Army sergeant for “confronting” a Muslim pervert who was screwing a little boy on a regular basis, and who beat his mother unmercifully for objecting. Fortunately, “wiser heads” intervened and that sergeant will not be separated

MORE STUPIDITY: The whole anti-gun movement is pursued by fools who believe that CRIMINALS, who obey NO LAWS, will obey a law that says they can't be armed, or that they won't bring their guns into various places that put up SIGNS saying, “no guns allowed.” They've made many laws, in many places, to that effect, and NONE of them have worked to reduce gun violence because gun violence is not committed by law-abiding people. Criminals just get their guns illegally, and take them where they want. They don't carry them unloaded, as some laws require, either. They don't obey ANY laws.

HE GOT SMART: Will Ferrell has withdrawn his participation in a film that mocked the Alzheimer's Disease suffered in his later years by a national hero, Ronald Reagan. I know Reagan isn't as much of a hero to liberals, but liberals are in the MINORITY in the United States, and don't count. He must have been made to understand that, and the effect participating in such a project would have on his career. Ferrell has done some dumb movies, including his parody of other American heroes, NASCAR drivers, without much damage to his career. But to mock Reagan's Alzheimer's? That's pure stupidity!

VIDEO SHOWS REAL ISIS: A recent video that came out showed graphically that ISIS “fighters” aren't the “polished,” competent fighters they are portrayed as by ISIS propagandists. They're disorganized, and afraid. In this video. They couldn't even keep track of their guns or ammunition. The guy whose camera was filming the action was killed, and left the video behind, to be found by Americans later and released, to show how inept they were. They tell us how they will RULE us, but they're barely holding on, by mostly attacking only “soft targets.,” most of whom are UNARMED, and defenseless.

Fighting Back

I wrote the other day about a bakery fighting back against gay activists “searching them out” because they KNEW they would refuse to bake a cake for their “gay wedding,” then suing them for big bucks, but counter-suing the activists, proving that BOTH SIDES could sue. Now a new gun store in Arlington, Virginia, is fighting back against a “conspiracy” to keep them from opening the ONLY gun store with a storefront in Arlington, by making scurrilous claims in letters to their landlord in an effort to get their lease canceled, They're SUING the 64 people involved in the conspiracy, which included members of the legislature, the leader of which is a Democrat, of course. It's about time somebody fought back against the “bullying tactics” of the left. We can sue, too, and force them to spend their money to fight OUR suits. (Patriot Outdoor News)

Friday, April 29, 2016

"Negatives?" BS!

The Republican establishment is making a big thing of Trump's “negatives.” They say his negatives are higher than ever before in history. But they're not. However, that's immaterial. Nixon had extremely high negatives, but his second term was won by a huge landslide. I think his “negatives” are gained, simply by polling ONLY Republican establishment people. How else does he win primary after primary if he really has such high negatives among VOTERS? How did he win every county in FIVE STATES recently (on the same day!) if he really had such high negatives? I think that's just a politician's way to make things look bad for somebody they don't like, but which the voters DO.

NO CHARGES FILED: There are not going to be any “hate crime” charges filed in the case of the drawing of a noose and the word, “nigger” at Salisbury University. Why is that? Why, it's because the drawings were made by a BLACK MAN, in an effort to “pony up” a “hate crime” scandal. I guess they figure since a black man did it, it couldn't be a “hate crime.” But, as usual, they're wrong. It's just as much of a hate crime for blacks trying to “whip up” racism as it would be if a white person had done it. But liberals don't see it that way. They're dumb that way.

WOMEN FOR THE DRAFT? I remember a time when women would not even be considered for a combat position in the military. This wasn't consideration for their femininity, it was the sure knowledge a woman was NOT as strong as a man as a rule, and had NO BUSINESS in combat. That the men would be more interested in protecting them than doing what they were there for. Now, many years after “signing up for the draft” became moot because we no longer drafted people, they want to force WOMEN to sign up for the draft. Another way to get their names on a “list” and "flex their muscles."

HILLARY: “GANGS ARE LIKE FAMILIES”: A more foolish remark has never been made. If there were, Obama would make it, and dare us not to believe it. They may be a LITTLE like a family in that there is a certain camaraderie, but just barely. Their purpose is usually to intimidate the people in “their turf” and sometimes to make a lot of money selling drugs while they kill everybody who disagrees with them, or enters their “turf” without permission. Hillary, every day shows her stupidity and the fact that she doesn't have the INTELLIGENCE to be president.

TRUMP VIOLENCE”: More violence broke out at a Trump rally. Committed by anti-Trump professional protesters in an effort to make it look like it's Trump's fault. The media “gulps it down,” hook, line, and sinker,” as usual, and blames Trump for it. This is so obviously a Democrat scam to make Trump look bad it's funny. But the media laps it up like a puppy with a dropped ice cream cone. You'll notice that there's almost NO violence at Democrat rallies. Hmmmmm....wonder why? Maybe it's just that nobody cares about Hillary or Bernie. Or maybe Republicans don't HIRE protesters to disrupt Democrat rallies like Democrats do to Republican rallies.

IT'S NOT DISCRIMINATION: They call it discrimination when people object to the “bullying” of the “LGBT movement.” They're not against being gay, itself, they're against the gay activists trying to push it onto THEM. Gay activists are not satisfied with just being left alone in their bedroom practices, they are now so “puffed up” with their success they are demanding to be allowed in women's restrooms and changing rooms. And people are taking them seriously, putting others in danger. If we object we're called “:bigots” and worse.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Premature, Wot?

Ted Cruz, in spite of being far behind Trump in the delegate count, even before the Indiana vote, which could DOOM his chances, has picked his running mate. Dontcha think that's a little premature, Ted? Actually, to me, that's a “grandstand” action. Something to get some free press, something you don't get very much of, with Trump sucking up all the oxygen. But it is pretty silly to pick a running mate if you don't get the nomination, isn't it? It would be very embarrassing to Carly if she had nothing to run for, wouldn't it?

COMMON SENSE GUN LAWS”: What a stupid way to describe the gun laws they always seem to make after every mass shooting, usually committed by somebody with an ILLEGAL or stolen gun. They always call their USELESS laws “common sense gun laws” when they're ANYTHING BUT “common sense.” They just DISARM honest people and leave them defenseless against the illegal guns held by the criminals, who always seem able to get them, regardless of the laws. We tell them and tell them, but they don't listen.

TIRED OF THE NONSENSE”: Target customers are simply getting tired of the Target Stores “knuckling under” to the liberals in their policies. From making their stores into potential shooting galleries by their “no guns here” policy to their opening women's restrooms and changing rooms to MEN, it's just becoming too much. That's why there are over 800,000 signatures on a petition to BOYCOTT your stores. That's gonna cost Target a lot of money. You can't keep on walking on people's rights the way they're doing, without a reaction. I hope for their sake this does not cause the bankruptcy of yet another “big box” store.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT KILLERS: If you don't believe Obama is releasing illegal alien killers, look at this: he released 86,000 illegal aliens between 2013-2015 and 196 of them were convicted of homicide in 2015. That pretty much proves the contention that Mexico is sending us their WORST, not their best. That's 196 dead people who would not have died of Obama had not released these killers. What kind of FOOL is Obama? Does he not even CARE how many people DIE because of his stupid decisions?

TARGET WARNS WOMEN: Proof that they knew of the dangers inherent in allowing MEN in women's restrooms and changing rooms, they posted a sign in the women's room advising women of the decision, and warned them against hidden cameras, loitering or peeping Toms, and using “good judgment” in sending children into the rooms alone (of course, the word “judgment” is misspelled). If that doesn't reveal their knowledge of the dangers in which they're placing their customers, I don't know what would. Which is why the boycott is a good thing. And I'm not a “boycotter.”

WE CAN ONLY BE ONE SEX: Liberals want us to believe that people have the right to decide for themselves what sex they are. WRONG!!! God endowed each one of us with male OR female sex organs and we're stuck with them. Sure, you can have surgery done to make a penis into something RESEMBLING a vagina, but that's very unusual. But you can't go the other way and make a vagina into a penis. I wish you could. That would mean you could ask for one bigger than one you got at birth. But you are the sex DICTATED by your sex organ, and it is a PERVERSION to want to use your sex organ in a restroom labeled for the opposite sex. Call me a bigot for saying this, but that doesn't MAKE me one. If you have a penis, you have no business in a woman's restroom or changing room.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Another Stupid Obama Statement

Yesterday, I wondered if Obama stayed up nights concocting his delusional statements, and this one doesn't change my mind a bit. He now says that “America is the second largest source of pollution in the world.” which flies in the face of the fact that we have done more to reduce pollution than any other nation, and that communist China has more pollution than SEVERAL countries, put together.

PUSHING THEIR IDEAS ON US: Talk about “bullying!” Gays seek out bakers who will refuse to bake cakes for their “weddings” so they can sue them before ignorant judges who award them outrageous settlements. Liberals insist that MEN can be allowed to enter women's restrooms of changing rooms where they can ogle the naked or near-naked women, as long as they SAY they “identify” as a woman. It's typical subjective reasoning where what they WANT things to be, instead of what things ARE. It's not enough for us to just “leave them alone.” they want to FORCE us to APPROVE of their perversions, or suffer.

BOTH SIDES OF HER MOUTH: Politics ain't like it used to be. You can't tell one group one thing, and tell another group just the opposite (like Hillary did), and get away with it. Today, everything a politician says is recorded by somebody. So if you tell one group you “can't ignore the Second Amendment,” and then tell a different group you “pledge to go after the gun lobby” with, of course, the intent to “ignore the Second Amendment," soon, both comments are in the public domain, and voters know you're lying.

OUT OF CONTROL: Portland, Oregon says “crime is out of control” there. That “everybody has guns.” But what they fail to say is that almost ALL of the illegal guns are carried by gang members, which disturbs even the Crips and Bloods that younger gang members have so many guns (without mentioning the illegal guns THEY carry). Open carry is legal there, but the gun must be unloaded, which, as usual, makes the gun USELESS in an emergency. That's how they get around the Constitutional prohibition on BANNING guns altogether.

CALL IT “DISCRIMINATION”:They call it “discrimination” when people object to a man standing, holding his “equipment,” doing his business, right in front of a little girl in a woman's restroom. But it's NOT “discrimination.” It's COMMON SENSE, something liberals know nothing about, because they have none. It opens up the possibilities for men who wish to abuse women sexually, by allowing them in women's restrooms. I haven't heard of any controversy about allowing WOMEN in a MAN'S restroom. I guess that's because women aren't that STUPID.

EVOLUTION VS. RELIGION: Has anybody ever thought about the idea that MAYBE, just maybe, evolution and religion might NOT be complete opposites, but opposite sides of the same coin? Who says God didn't CREATE evolution as yet another complicated mechanism in running this world? That's the only argument you'll ever get out of me on the subject of religion. Mostly because religious theory is ALL “faith,” not reality. I know there is a God—or at least a superior intelligence that orders this universe. I'd be a fool to deny it. But what form He/She/It takes, I don't know. I admit it. Not like most purveyors of religion, who are all MEN, who don't really know themselves, but won't admit it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

"Crusader" Controversy

A Christian school in the Denver area is “caving” to the fools who are “offended” (after all these years) over the “Crusaders” nickname for a school team. The Crusades, you'll remember (if you were ever taught real history) were a series of “wars” between Christians and Muslims, mostly because of Muslim outrages. But today, that doesn't matter. Just the USE of the name “Crusaders” can only mean one thing to Muslims. That war. Never mind it could simply mean the team “crusades” in their efforts win. And naturally, the school has surrendered. That's what they do, today.

HILLARY'LL BEAT HIM! That's what Cruz keeps saying, over and over, hoping it will come true. He says, “A vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary!” What loco reasoning he uses to come to that conclusion, I have no idea. Like Democrats, he never gives any reason for thinking that. Mostly because there aren't any. They're only in his fevered imagination, and he thinks if he keeps repeating that, it will BECOME true. But there is NO EVIDENCE that Hillary can beat ANY Republican, much less Trump. I don't think she can even beat BERNIE, without help.

WANNA PISS OFF OBAMA? It's easy! Buy a gun. That's what a sign in a small southern town said. And when some wag took a pic and posted it on the Internet, it “went viral.” Obama is “pissed off” mightily these days, because there have been 100 million guns sold in America, just since he took office, making him the best “gun salesman” ever. A designation he wishes he did not have, and why he has signaled that a gun ban is his prime target in the waning days of his presidency. I doubt if he will make it.

MODERATE MUSLIMS”: Turkey is supposed to be a “moderate Muslim nation,” but they just recently seized some Christian churches. That's not what “moderate” Muslims do. That's what RADICAL Muslims do. They're widely considered the “most moderate” Muslim nation while they seize Christian churches while, at the same time, demanding entry into the EU. If they're moderate,” I'd hate to see some RADICAL Muslims. Their demand represents a wish to be granted “carte blanche” entry into any of their countries, which would enhance the Muslim hordes infiltrating Europe.

IT'S ABOUT TIME: The baker facing a suit by a gay “couple” for refusing to bake a cake for their “nuptials” is fighting back, as nobody seems to have done before. These people who seek to force their views on others through suing them forget that both sides can sue. And now these fools are BEING sued, and are going to have to support their views, in court, just as the baker did. I have nothing against gays, but I still resent these bakers being FORCED to do business with these people, whatever the reason. A business owner has the right to REFUSE to do business with ANYBODY, for ANY reason. These fools also have rights. The right to go elsewhere to get their cake.

THE “RULES” ARE CHEATING! Rush Limbaugh (whom I respect mostly) is wrong in this instance. He's right that Cruz isn't “cheating” by exploiting “the rules.” But the fact is, the RULES are cheating! The very rules the Republicans have set in place (and which have been known for years) are, themselves, “cheating.” They allow the Republican “establishment” to choose the candidate THEY want, not the people! And that goes against the very GRAIN of a republic, since it does not allow the PEOPLE to decide.

MOST PEACEFUL ERA?” Obama says we “are living in the most peaceful era in history.” Does this fool stay up nights figuring out another STUPID statement to make tomorrow? I've given up asking what he's smoking. Such delusions are not the result of smoking pot or another drug. They're the result of STUPIDITY! Or they're the result of thinking WE'RE stupid, I don't know which. All I know is that most of his recent public statements defy reality.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Dem Gov. Creates Liberal Voters

Terry McAuliffe, former DNC Chair, now Virginia governor (who else?) Has magically “created” about 200,000 plus DEMOCRAT voters by “rehabilitating” felons after they get out of prison. This same bunch ILLEGALY voted previously. But who cares? They're DEMOCRATS, aren't they? One hand washes the other, but only if they're Democrats. McAuliffe is one of the most corrupt governors, ever. But what can you expect? He's a Democrat, after all. Well, maybe not the MOST corrupt. There are a lot of Democrat governors.

LETTING FELONS VOTE: Terry McAuliffe (Virginia governor), former DNC Chair, has signed to allow FELONS to vote when they finish their imprisonment and parole. This will inevitably mean 200,000 votes for Hillary. He denies vehemently that this was his purpose. He maintains that Hillary doesn't need such a thing. That she's going to win the nomination and beat Trump, neither one of which is a “given.” She may, in fact, end up in prison, herself. Maybe he's trying to preserve HER right to vote. In any case, it's a common Democrat ploy to make an outrageous statement that isn't so, and DEFY anyone to oppose it.

EVERYTHING IS RACISM: Everything liberals don't like, that is. Now they're saying “good grammar” is racist! I can hardly wait for tomorrow to see what other stupid thing they're going to decide is racist. I could agree with them if the things they “judge” as racism weren't so STUPID. Black people have found a “hook” to use in pillorying white people. Just call them racist. The only problem here is that the rising racism these days is racism by blacks against white people. The proof is “Black Lives Matter” fools getting mad when people correct them to say, “ALL Lives Matter.: They'll say I'm racist for saying this TRUTH.

OBAMA SAVED THE WORLD? That's what he says, anyway. Like most Democrats, he makes outrageous statements that have no support in fact, and defies anybody to call him a liar. He said he corrected the “irresponsible behavior” of the financial institutions, which was FORCED on them by Democrats in the “Financial Responsibility Act” of 1976 that REQUIRED them to loan money to people they KNEW could not repay it, or suffer the wrath of the government. What a deluded fool Obama is. And always has been.

DESPERATION CITY: Cruz and Kasich are rivals. They've been “taking potshots” at each other for months. But they're so far behind, they see they're going to have a hard time keeping Trump from getting the nomination. So in desperation, they're “teaming up” to deny him as many delegates as possible by not competing with each other, leaving more delegates “open.” How that's going to help, I don't know. But they're desperate to stop the Trump “steamroller,” and will do just about anything to slow it down. But I don't think it's going to work. I think this is their “last gasp” before dropping out.

PERMIT FOR EVERYTHING: That's what it's coming to, today. You need a permit to take a DUMP. You need a permit to ask for a permit! This gives every petty bureaucrat the power to tell you “no.” It serves to give them the power they so desperately want. Many of them don't have much, in the way of authority, and this gives them something to use to lord it over us “lesser mortals.” They use permits to lessen your rights. They can't just BAN certain things because of that “pesky Constitution,” so they make you get a permit. And the power to issue a permit gives them the power to say “no.” They can use the permit process to deny your rights on a “case by case” basis.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

He Just Can't Understand

George Stephanopolous, a former Hillary employee (you remember, the one who lied to his own diary), just can't understand why so many people distrust Hillary (Of course, he doesn't understand much of anything), when he does, completely. I got a clue for ya, Georgie baby: she LIES; and she commits crimes, not caring about the rules. She thinks the rules and laws are “just suggestions,” to her. She's the most dishonest candidate ever to run for president. The most dishonest one we KNOW about, that is. Naturally, you don't understand it, since you're just as bad.

MENTALLY ILL,” HUH? Alec Baldwin thinks “climate change deniers” are mentally ill.” Of course, Alec. Anybody who disagrees with you on ANYTHING is “mentally ill.” You ignore statistics that PROVE “climate change” is not only wrong, but it doesn't MATTER. You actually want to PROSECUTE people for disagreeing with you, right or wrong. The truth is, the “globe” has NOT been “warming” for almost 20 years. That doesn't jibe with your swindle, so you ignore it. Frankly, the only “mental aberration” in this scenario is YOURS, Alec.

WHAT A MEGA DOOFUS! Chelsea Clinton exults in the fact that Antonin Scala is dead. “Golly! Now we can pass more gun control” and get rid of the Second Amendment. Yeah, right! You couldn't violate the Constitution so easily when he was alive to “nip you in the bud.” Now he's dead, especially if you can con the nation into allowing Obama to pack the Court with liberals, then you can violate it at will, and The Court, which will be a “rubber stamp” for your perversions, will go right along with it.

ISIS IS DESPERATE: According to the media, anyway. They tell us that Isis is killing it's own wounded and selling their organs on the black market to make money. Is there ANY depravity to which they won't sink? Next, they'll be setting up clinics, killing innocent people (like the communist Chinese do), and selling THEIR organs. Oh, God! I hope I haven't just given them an idea! It's too bad WE are doing worse, murdering infants and selling THEIR organs. I guess we don't have any room to talk.

MICHELLE EATS DIFFERENTLY: Michelle Obama insists on DICTATING what little children must eat in their school lunches, and getting all bent out of shape when they throw her food in the trash and go elsewhere to eat. But her own favorite meal is pizza and French fries. Talk about a “double standard!” I guess that's typical when you are GIVEN a bit of power as a “hanger-on” to a bigwig. You DEMAND acceptance, get mad when the “serfs” rebel, and eat what you want, not what you tell us is “healthy.”

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Obama Flexing His Muscles

He knows he can't run again, so he proposes changes that should not be his to make. Like “throwing out the last president who eliminated the national debt” and replacing him on the $20 bill with a black woman. He didn't have to do that. He could have done it by creating a new bill entirely, like the $25 bill that has been proposed, or by reissuing a $2 bill. He didn't have to get rid of an esteemed predecessor to honor this conservative, gun-supporting woman who richly deserves honoring. It's like he WANTS controversy.

SAN FRANCISCO. (WHERE ELSE): In San Francisco, they are sponsoring an “open air urinal,” which is even more stupid that letting MEN in women's bathrooms and locker rooms if they “identify” as a woman. But liberals are hard at work to destroy our logical rules and institute their STUPID ones. Personally, I would never use such a urinal. It's like peeing on a wall in Times Square, and I just wouldn't do it.

WAS HE REALLY SCREWED? That's what “Grassfire” is asking about Trump losing delegates in states where NO VOTE is held, and only the Republican establishment gets to vote. Can't they see how WE are being screwed? When the PEOPLE vote, Trump wins. That should tell them something. When the GOP bigwigs vote, he LOSES. That tells ME something. I think he's going to win, in spite of the GOP “dirty tricks.” Or he's going to “burn their house down.”

NOT JUST IN CHICAGO: Gun deaths have spiked in ALL cities with liberal anti-gun laws. It's not unexpected, at least by people with intelligence, but not by liberals (Democrats). Liberals will never learn this important lesson, and as long as they are in power all over the place, having CONNED their way into office, we will be saddled with their imbecilic “gun laws” while Americans DIE, from the ILLEGAL guns wielded by criminals, who don't obey their laws.

STATE DEPT. HIDES FILES: The State Dept. moved the files regarding Benghazi to another department and marked them for “archiving” shortly after receiving a subpoena for them. so they can claim they can't find them. Anybody else who did that would be so far behind prison walls we wouldn't be able to find THEM. But the government regularly gets away with such subterfuge. It now knows what they did, and NOTHING has happened.

COWBOYS” WANT THEIR GUNS: Liberals are wondering why “cowboys” are so concerned about having their guns. As usual, they're completely wrong on that, and being very insulting. It's NOT “just cowboys” who want their guns, it is EVERYBODY (who aren't liberals) who sees the COMMON SENSE in being able to defend themselves against the ILLEGAL guns in the hands of criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists (being imported by the hundreds of thousands by Obama). Liberals always put us down and ridicule our LOGICAL wishes, and they can't see the logic. That's natural, since they deny the very EXISTENCE of logic and common sense, They're that stupid.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Making Stupidity the Law

Democrats are going ahead with the really stupid laws DEMANDING that men be allowed to urinate beside women in woman's restrooms, and walk naked through their locker rooms. Which, of course, will result in a large “uptick” in sexual harassment, and sexual assaults when men who CLAIM they “think they're women” take advantage (which they will).  It's already happening. I saw such a sexual attack in a woman's bathroom report just yesterday. Such laws could not be more stupid, but they call those who disagree “bigots.” Calling names is their way of responding to ANY criticism of their stupidities.

ALLEN WEST, VP? Alan West is being asked if he would accept if asked to run for Vice-President. I don't know what his answer was, but I'd bet it it was, in any way positive, it will depend on “who's asking.” That would certainly be true if it were me they were asking. I wouldn't want to be VP to just anybody. For instance: I certainly wouldn't want to be OBAMA'S VP. That would stain me with the same brush as this stupid president.

QUEEN ELIZABETH TURNS 90: Today's her birthday (as this is written). Prince Charles musty really be wondering if she will EVER die. He hopes it will be before he dies, or becomes so feeble-minded, he can't enjoy being king. I'd certainly hate being in the queen's position, with so many people just waiting for me to die, so they can take her place, or benefit by Charles being king.

PRINCE IS DEAD: No, not a real prince. The singer Prince, who is most famous for the song, “Purple Rain.” His people say he was battling the Flu, but a rumor has surfaced that he was addicted to Percoset. He was 57. Damn, I hope I don't get the flu. I'm 22 years older than he was. Oh well, I'm still a little younger than Queen Elizabeth, and she's still going strong, much to the dismay of Charles and his people. RIP, Prince.

NOT THE SECOND AMENDMENT: NY Senator Kirsten Hillibrand says the controversy over gun control has nothing to do with the Second Amendment. It's a “woman's issue.” Damn, the logic (or lack thereof) of Democrats is stupefying! Whatever she's smoking, I would want some if I was a doper. It's not a “woman's issue,” Kirsten, it's an EVERYBODY issue! And it IS about the Second Amendment! It cannot be otherwise! If you can't see that, you have no business being in ANY elective office that might affect our constitutionally guaranteed right to be armed!

LEFT TO BE KILLED: A Chicago man was “sucker punched” by a man loitering outside a Chicago 7-11. That punch knocked him cold in the street. Immediately two thugs robbed him, and left him for dead on the street. Many bystanders ignored him, and a taxi, turning right from the wrong lane, drove over his body, killing him. Talk about lack of concern for your fellow man! They kill you in many ways in Chicago. Not just with guns.

3 JUDGE PANEL LEGALIZES FOOL RULES: Three-judge panel has legalized men walking into women's restrooms or locker rooms if they “identify” as women, which is STUPID. Liberals have won most of their battles regarding gays, so they now have nothing to argue about. So now they move on to the LGBT fiasco and demand STUPID things like letting MEN in women's bathrooms or locker rooms, where the women USED to feel safe from sexual attacks. No more. Three APPOINTED men have “ruled” otherwise.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Why Does He Keep Winning?

WHY DOES HE KEEP WINNING? Ted Cruz, and other Republican “establishment” members keep saying MOST Republicans don't want Trump to win. Why then, does he keep on winning Republican primaries by large margins? At least, the ones in which the PEOPLE get to vote, not in Colorado, where only the Republican establishment bigwigs voted. The fact is, the PEOPLE want Trump. The Republican establishment doesn't. So they spread the LIE, hoping by repeating it over and over, to make it come true. When the PEOPLE vote, he wins.

TOO MANY GUNS: Hillary says, “We have too many guns in our homes.” That's right. It makes it that much more dangerous for the thugs to use THEIR guns to rob and murder us. I can't believe people like that can even THINK about getting elected in a country that GUARANTEES us the right to be armed, and to defend ourselves. Bernie feels much the same, in addition to being a socialist/communist. Would-be dictators all want to disarm us. The easier to subjugate us.

STOSSEL HAS LUNG CANCER: Damn! We need MORE people like him reporting and commenting on the news in this country, not less. I hope he can beat it. I was distressed after another Fox news commentator/White House Press Secretary died of Cancer, and this just makes things worse. The liberals will make snarky comments about this. They have no respect for ANYBODY who disagrees with their “flights of fancy” they call “policies.”

REQUIRING A CONVICTION: I've always thought the RICO laws that did NOT require a conviction for any crime to allow the cops to confiscate (steal) people's property was against the Constitution, and left things open for the cops to be corrupt, taking what they wanted, without even having to convict people of a crime. The very idea under which it operated, to “deprive rich drug dealers of the money required for a decent defense) is unconstitutional. People are ENTITLED to a DECENT defense, not the wimpy defense offered by many government-appointed lawyers, who didn't want the case, anyway. So Nebraska's new law REQUIRING conviction before “civil forfeiture is a “drop of fresh water.”

I'LL COMMIT SUICIDE!” That's what Congressman Peter King says he'll do if Trump is elected president. Boy! Promises, promises! It's too bad there is no way to make such a promise binding. They never carry out such promises. For instance, all those fools who say they'll “leave the country” if certain things happen, are still here, still making trouble for us human beings. They never DO what they promise. That's too bad. It's one way to get rid of a few fools.

HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS”: The House has passed a motion to “investigate” Obama for “high crimes and misdemeanors,” the first step in going for impeachment. Does anybody believe that will go any further in today's political scene? I certainly don't. Not with the Republican Party “bowing” before Obama''s every wish while trying to sabotage the best candidate they've ever had. Their stupidity amazes me!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Here We Go Again!

Tuesday morning at about 3AM, our power went off. It took them the better part of two days to get here, then they fixed it in about two hours. Somewhere during the outage our Internet box got turned off. I thought I had turned it back on, but apparently I did something wrong, and the people who know what that might be are not here, as this is written. You will know when we get the problem solved. You will then be able to read this message. I'll get us up and running as soon as I can. I have a lot of work to do before I'm ready to post.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

"Drops" Christmas Holiday

Nepal, which is a “Hindu state,” has “dropped” Christmas as a government-recognized holiday, to the consternation of the Christians who live there. Makes one wonder why they specifically chose Christmas to “drop?” Why didn't they drop any HINDU holidays to “reduce the number of 'official' holidays,” as they claim? Methinks that's just the “excuse” they are using to get rid of one more Christian holiday.

LIBERAL MINDS WILL EXPLODE! They've come up with a—wait for it--FOAM bullet proof vest that actually destroys rounds fired into it. Of course, this will infuriate liberals, who hate ANYTHING that makes shooting safer. They figure if shooting is not safe, it makes it easier for them to condemn guns. It's a “knee-jerk reaction” on their part. Anything to make life more difficult for shooters.

GUNS IN CHURCHES: In Mississippi, there is now a law allowing guns in churches as “security” by parishioners. Training is required, which will involve NRA, which is the best known training outfit. Potential church shooters should stay away—if they want to stay alive. It's a good idea, and should be emulated, everywhere. Then maybe there would be fewer mass shootings in churches.

YA CAN'T BAN GUNS: So make them so expensive nobody can afford to buy one—except the rich, of course, who can buy anything they want. Obama has found a way to make life more difficult for gun buyers. At least, in this small Island that is an American “territory.” In the Northern Mariana Islands, there is now a $1,000.00 tax on every gun purchase. I assume that's on new AND used guns. That'll surely make for fewer gun purchases there. And you can BET it will come here before long.

OBSCENE AMOUNT OF MONEY”: George Clooney (with whom I seldom agree) is absolutely right on this. The amount of money required to get elected to ANY office these days is “obscene.”” It costs BILLIONS to get the presidency, which only pays $400,000.00 (including $200,000.00 expense money, which is not taxed). Why do they do it? To obtain the power to amass a lot more money “on the side,” of course. And “the POWER,” period. I wouldn't want the job, but everybody to his own thing.

STARVING THE MILITARY: The people wouldn't like it if Obama reduced the size of the military sharply when everybody BUT Obama sees us heading into the Third World War, so he tried to minimize the “shrinkage.” Instead, he “starves” them for money so they can't do anything. I saw a report about a bunch of airplane mechanics bemoaning lack of parts for their planes. They talked about having something like 23 planes, and only TWO of them able to fly, while their pilots only got 4 hours air time. This worries me, and a lot of others who pay attention. But Obama continues to spend MILLIONS for air travel for vacations and golf trips, all over the world. You can travel a lot for golf trips if someone else (like the taxpayers) is paying most of the bills.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Bigots of Music

Ringo Starr is the latest “music giant” to “boycott” S. Carolina because they won't let men be in bathrooms and locker rooms with little girls while they “do their business.;” Bruce Springsteen last week announced HE would not perform in S. Carolina because they won't let men who PRETEND to be women ogle those little girls. Like we care. If they don't want to perform there, so what? If they want to throw away the money they could make there, who cares? Letting men into the same restrooms as women and girls is SEX ABUSE. And those who ALLOW it are sex abusers. So are those who SUPPORT it.

ROSIE SPEAKS OUT: Rosie O'Donnell opens her yap again and insults Trump. She says he's a “misogynist, a serial liar, and an uneducated bully.” Where she gets that crap mystifies me. Why do fools like her accuse others of the very things THEY are? Rosie isn't too intelligent. I wonder who wrote out all those insults for her? And who taught her how to read it? Did she spell it right? This is the fool who rails against guns while hiring gun-wielding “security” to protect her kids. She probably carries her own gun, too.

POLITICAL PRISONERS: America likes to brag that they don't have political prisoners—until now. Now we have one we all know about. His name is Cliven Bundy. He protested the feds stealing part of his ranch on spurious “charges,” and would up in prison—so far, without any kind of a trial. There'd be TWO political prisoners for much the same reason, except the other fought back while holding guns. They didn't use them, but the feds used that as an excuse to KILL one of the demonstrators. And this isn't the first time. Think Ruby Ridge and Waco.

KILLS NINE BABIES: This woman, who shall remain nameless here, because she'll probably sue me for revealing the truth about her, has MURDERED 9 babies (NINE BABIES!), and keeps on having unprotected sex. She says she “feels nothing” about killing her children and will continue to do it. Seems to me this woman is not only a MASS MURDERER, she is STUPID, too! She could avoid the pain and notoriety of all her killings of her children if she (or her accomplice in these murders) would just buy a RUBBER. But that'd be too much bother. She'd rather kill her children.

NOT ENOUGH TO KILL”: “Being stupid and annoying is not enough to die for,” says the Navy, talking about those stupid Russian pilots who “buzzed” a Naval ship. I recommended warning Putrid—er, uh, Putin, be warned that the next Russian jet to “buzz” an American ship would be shot down, and then to DO IT, if they did. They're right. The pilot shouldn't die for doing what he was ORDERED to do by his fool boss. So shoot to DISABLE the plane. And when he ejects, pick him up, and be nice to him. Much nicer than we could expect Russia to be in a similar situation.


ONE MAN'S OPINION: Riots whichever way we go. Trump says if he loses the nomination through chicanery or dirty tricks, there'll be riots in the streets. Black Lives Matter says if he wins it, THEY'LL riot. So we'll get riots either way so we might as well vote for Trump....Did Valerie Jarrett order a hit on LaVoy Finicum? I wouldn't be surprised with such as Obama in charge....Anti-Trump protesters blocking the road into Trump events now. If they think that'll keep Trump out of the race, they got another think coming. It will just give him more free publicity....Washington, DC has the highest employment rate of any city in the U. S. Whoda thunkit?

Friday, April 15, 2016

RNC: "Don't Blame Us!"

A Republican campaign official says, “We don't want the impression that we are “manipulating the process.” That was said as the RNC was set to have a meeting where they “manipulated the process” by making more new rules to inhibit Donald Trump's candidacy. My question is, “If you don't want anybody to think you're “manipulating the process, why do you keep manipulating the process?” You people make me SICK!

NO PROSECUTION FOR HIM: They aren't going to prosecute Trump's campaign manager for “assault” on that female reporter who LIED about the incident, and was, herself as guilty of “assault” (on Trump, since she grabbed HIS arm) as he was, if the story is true, in any way. Video evidence she didn't know existed when she lied proves she lied. The prosecutor knew there was no way he'd ever be convicted, so why spend the money to prosecute him? Anti-Trumpers will scream and whine anout “favoritism,” but that was the only INTELLIGENT decision.

HE HASN'T SPENT ENOUGH!” That's what they're whining now about Donald Trump. Just this morning on Fox News, gergawdsakes, I listened in amazement as they extolled the BILLIONS other candidates have spent, and the small amount Trump has spent out of his own pocket. In fact, a politician accomplishing much WITHOUT spending a lot of money is what we want. They keep saying, “Trump will not be the Republican nominee” without giving any REAL reasons, because there AREN'T any.

CAN'T OVERTAKE HER!” Political “experts” are telling us there's “no way” Bernie can overtake Hillary in the number of delegates each has. Why is that, do you suppose? Because the “game is fixed!” Bernie has WON many elections, but has come away with fewer delegates than Hillary. That's “the fix.” One of those “super delegates” is her HUSBAND! How do you win against crap like that? This is the most corrupt election there has ever BEEN. On both sides. I'm not a Bernie fan, but I don't want Hillary, either.

RELEASING A MURDERER: That seems to be the “norm” these days. Obama has released many Islamic terrorists who are KNOWN murderers. Now he's beginning to release the Manson murderers. The parole board has recommended the release of the youngest Manson murderer, Leslie Van Houten, who is now an “old lady..” And don't believe Obama's influence isn't behind it. I think that “old bag” should die in prison. But who listens to me?

UNPOPULAR PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE?" That's what they're now saying about Trump. They're taking surveys and their “findings” are that 67% of Americans wouldn't vote for Trump. Why then, does he win primary after primary, when people are allowed to vote (unlike in Colorado)? They said pretty much the same things about Ronald Reagan, and he won in a landslide. TWICE! And he turned out to be one of the most effective presidents, inheriting a Democrat MESS and getting the figures back to normal. Which infuriated Democrats. They're “pulling out all the stops” to defeat him, as they always do when a REAL candidate, who threatens to “upset their little fiefdoms” comes along.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hillary Wants Your Money

Hillary was recently asked by a newspaper, preparatory to their picking her, “How much will all your giveaway programs cost?” And she replied: “About a TRILLION dollars.” That's “about a TRILLION dollars out of YOUR pocket, if you earn money. If you work and earn money, YOU are going to have to pay for her giveaway programs. She has no money to give away (She has plenty, but she's not giving any of it away). So she gives away YOUR money to the “drones” of society.

PLAYING A DANGEROUS GAME: Russian “boss man” Vladmir Putrid—er, uh, Putin, is playing a dangerous game as he directs his fighter jets to “buzz” American Naval vessels and disrupt their operations (TELL me those pilots do it without orders from their government!). Yes, I know, we're not “technically” at war with Russia at this time, but that could change at any moment. We weren't “technically” at war with Japan when they bombed Pearl Harbor. Obama should send Putrid—uh, Putin a message that the next time a Russian plane buzzes an American ship we will shoot it down. And if one does, SHOOT it down. That will either put an end to his “games,” or start the war he is trying to instigate. He says he "doesn't understand" America's concern. If that's true, he's stupider than I thought.

JUDGE SENDS HIM TO JAIL: Adult court Judge sends the “Affluenza Kid” to prison for TWO YEARS for killing those four innocent people in a drunken crash. He thought being a spoiled brat would save him from meaningful punishment for his crime. Then he and mom ran away to Mexico. But when he gets out, he'll WISH he had stayed and accepted his short probation. I hope, for his sake, they put him in his own cell. He's “too purty” to do very well in the general population in an adult prison.

MYTH OF BLACK ON BLACK CRIME”: The fool leading the “Black Lives Matter” bunch of thugs gave a speech about the “myth” of black on black crime. Hey, dumb butt, it's not a myth! All you have to do is look at the FBI statistics to see that. And no, the FBI isn't LYING. They have no reason to. You DO. Dumb butts like you think that all you have to do is claim something and it's true (you learned that from the liberals). But it ain't gonna work. We're smarter that you are, which you've just proven if you think we'll believe that BS.

SEASAME STREET CAPITULATES: Muslims are pressuring lots of organizations to “recognize” Islam, and many are “falling right into line,” tugging their forelock and capitulating to them. Sesame Street, a favorite kid's show, is one of the latest do do so by adding a dark-skinned female wearing a Hijab to their cast, therefore legitimizing (in the minds of impressionable children) Islam in their minds. What they ought to do is add another character, wearing Muslim garb, who is headless, commemorating their tendency to behead CHILDREN.

MAKE BEHEADING LAWFUL: Beheading has long been unlawful as an execution method in America, although all the other methods of execution leave the criminal just as dead, though sparing them from the pain of beheading or firing squads in their deaths. I think they should keep the “other methods” in the case of common criminals, but bring back beheading as a punishment for KNOWN Islamic terrorists, since they seem to like to behead innocent people. They should be forced to suffer it, themselves.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Cruz Didn't Cheat

Colorado cheated. At least, the Colorado politicians cheated. Colorado RESIDENTS were the ones BEING cheated. They were disenfranchised. Their right to vote was usurped by the “rules” made last summer that eliminated any primary election so that the “party bigwigs” got to choose the state's “winner” without a single vote being cast, or counted (other than theirs). That's where the “cheating” was. That's even worse than the Democrat “super delegate” scam that's letting Bernie LOSE, even though he's WINNING. I'm not in Bernie's corner, but I resent him being screwed by the system.

I'M GETTING SICK OF IT: Every day, I see something else liberals don't like being labeled “racist” or “bigoted.” They never give a reason why they say this, they just declare it, and expect us to go along with it. And if we do, we're STUPID. It all began with Obama calling ALL opposition to his fool policies racism because he CHOOSES to be black, for the benefit if gives him. Other politicians took notice, and “jumped on the bandwagon.” UCSD Police are now investigating “racist” chalk messages found on campus. And that's only the second thing in the last few days labeled “racist. I'm getting sick of this scam.

ARE WE TERRORISTS? Hillary thinks we are, if we have, or want to have guns for self defense. This is a typical liberal way to assign false images to her opponents—and we ARE her opponents, in this issue, and many others. But I have never murdered anybody. I have not beheaded any children to make a point. Nor have I ever raped anybody or done the other things terrorists do. I RESENT the implications of her portrayal of me, just because I don't want to be defenseless if a thug or real terrorist confronts me with HIS gun. This opinion, on her part, is but one more reason why she should never be allowed NEAR the Oval Office. Not even as a visitor. Somebody needs to slap this fool down (figuratively speaking, of course, for you feds looking for “key words.”).

NEVER IN HANDCUFFS”: Hillary says, “You'll never see me in handcuffs!” What, Hillary, do you have a way of concealing them when they appear after they indict you for a few felonies? I think she's “whistling past the graveyard” because she knows “the fix is in,” hoping against hope what she says is true. Never before have we had a person who was facing several felony investigations running for president, and being taken seriously. And that's because the Democrat “establishment” has CHOSEN her, and will do whatever they have to, legal or ILLEGAL, to get her elected.

THEY'RE REALLY DESPERATE! The global warming religion acolytes are really desperate. We've proven time and time again, that their pipe dreams are just that. They can't answer ANY of our questions with facts, so they just LIE. And when that isn't enough, they want to PROSECUTE us for disagreeing with their lies They want to do the same in the abortion fight. If they manage to get it done, you can throw the Constitution in the dumper, because it will no longer apply. We will be slaves, a la “The Soviet Union.”

VALUES OF NEW YORK”: Hillary says, “I believe the values of New York, as criticized by Ted Cruz, are the values of America.” Not a chance, Hillary! They are LIBERAL values, and those are NOT “the values of America.” Yes, New Yorkers are not ALL liberals. But a majority of them ARE. And we will NOT have those “values” foisted upon the rest of the country. Ted was exactly right when he criticized those “values.” They are not “values,” at all.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

That's No Way to Win!

Obama says, “Nobody has taken more terrorists off the field than me.” and he's probably right. Bush didn't have as long to do it as he. But no matter. “Taking a few terrorists off the field” is not the way to WIN a war—which is what we're in now. The way to win is to DESTROY them ALL. Which he is not even trying to do. He still will not even call them what they are: “ISLAMIC terrorists.” And recognizing the enemy is the first step in beating them.

NO POLITICAL INFLUENCE”: Obama says, “I guarantee you, there is no political influence in any DOJ investigation.” If it needs to be said, it is a LIE. If Obama says it, it's a LIE. Everything that comes out of his blow hole is a LIE. We all know he'd rather lie than tell the truth, even if the truth would serve better.”:He seems to have a habit of making statements like that, when anybody with any intelligence (which leaves out Democrats) know he's LYING.

GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS: A manager for a “fast food” restaurant called in some of his employees and said, “I have good news, and bad news. The good news is you're now making $15.00 an hour.” “Yay! Said the employees in unison. What's the bad news?” “You're all fired. We can't afford to pay you that much for such a menial job.” Unfortunately, that's the inevitable result of raising the minimum wage that much. The minimum wage itself is stupid, but raising it that much is completely imbecilic. But they do it, anyway.

IS TRUMP “WHINING?” After learning that Cruz “won Colorado” without a single vote being cast, and was the choice only of the political elites (mostly Democrats) in the state, he “cried foul.” But is it “whining” to cry foul when the voting rights of an entire state are usurped? The voters of Colorado should be “crying foul,” too. Yes, they have used this scam for a long time, and everybody (but Trump) knew it. But that doesn't make it right. Nor is it right for the LOSER in a state primary to get more delegates than the WINNER. Both techniques are STEALING the election.

TIRED OF HEARING IT!” The New Orleans Saints reporter who wrote an article in which he called for more “gun control” after a criminal who had already been punished for ILLEGALLY carrying a gun before, KILLED a former Saints player after a “fender bender." Such laws are made because of the MYTH that criminals and others who want to commit major crimes will OBEY a law that says they can't They don't obey laws, so why should they obey this one? In his article, he wrote, “I'm tired of hearing, 'guns don't kill people, people kill people'.” Why is that? Because it's TRUE, and he has no answer for it?

THEY SHOULD SHUT UP! That's what the CEO of Planned Parenthood says about anti-abortionists who criticize this murderous bunch for murdering babies, dismembering them, and selling them for parts. Well, I got a clue for her. We ain't gonna shut up as long as you keep up your INFANTICIDE. Other kinds of murderers would like their critics to “shut up,” too. She says she's “tired of them telling us what to do.” Funny. Isn't that what laws are for?

Monday, April 11, 2016

"The Fix Is In"

In Wyoming, Bernie won by 12 points. But again, Hillary walked away with more delegates. The “fix is in” on both sides. On the Democrat side it's the “super delegates,” who can vote any way they wish, and that lets the “establishment” decide who gets the nomination, no matter who WE vote for. On the Republican side, it's the practice of “moving the goal posts” by changing the rules, mid campaign, that apply to THIS campaign, to allow them to make rules that will exclude candidates they don't like. It's a MYTH that WE get to elect ANYBODY!

HILLARY QUALIFIED? Bernie says Hillary is not qualified to be president. What he does not say is, neither is he! Especially him! The Democrat Minority Leader in the Senate (former Majority Leader before they lost the majority) Reid says she is as qualified as the Founding Fathers were. But she is NOT. They WROTE the Constitution she and other Democrats (including Bernie) want to get rid of. And we have sent plenty of dumb butts to the white House before, so she's as qualified as any of them. Any dumb butt who runs is “qualified.” Qualified, but not wanted.

KENNEDY A CONSERVATIVE? Some dumb butts out there are now asking if ex President John Kennedy is a “conservative Republican?” The answer is NO. He's nothing, any more. He's dead. But I know what they're getting at. I was there when he backed out of the invasion of Cuba to reverse Castro's takeover for communism, leaving some to die, and others to be captured, and be returned after we paid Castro off in tractors—which he denied. He would be considered a “moderate” (far left) Republican under today's conditions.

LIBERALS CELEBRATE PROMISCUITY: They call us “prudes” when we call attention to the fact that unprotected sex, especially the “rear end” variety, most often caused “STDs,” commonly known as the clap. And they CELEBRATE promiscuity, on both sides of the sexual scene. Even Obama celebrates “LGBT Awareness Month,” and not “STD Awareness Month.” Which means he and his cronies and acolytes are celebrating promiscuous sex. Which I'm not surprised at. If that's “prudish,” I'm guilty.

SYRIAN “REFUGEES”: There have been 1,070 “Syrian refugees” admitted into the United States (so far) and 4 OF THEM were Christians. Wanta guess what “religion” the rest of them claim? I put that “religion” in quotes because Islam is NOT a religion. It's a political movement DISGUISED as a religion to exploit a weakness in our system. A real religion does not direct it's followers to KILL “unbelievers.” Islam does. It's in the Koran.

IT IS “DANGEROUS”: Obama calls the Senate's refusal to consider his latest appointment to the Supreme Court “dangerous.” And it is—to Democrats, who fervently WANT him to “stack the Court” in their favor for generations to come. Of course, they did the same thing when they were in the majority, and it was okay with them. But the shoe is on the other foot, now. And they deplore it. But nothing says the Senate has to vote on his nominee on HIS SCHEDULE. They'll vote when they get around to it. And still "do their jobs."

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Islamic Terrorism IS World War III

That's what former Congressman Frank Wolf says, and what ANYBODY with brains realizes. And we'd better realize it pretty soon, and start more than a “feeble effort” to fight it. No, we're not “at war with Islam.” We're DEFENDING against a war STARTED by Islamic terrorists that's rapidly going world wide. If Obama doesn't wake up and admit it soon, we're goners. But I don't think he will. I think he's a “closet Muslim” who WANTS them to win. He's a TRAITOR to his county (I THINK it's his country).

WHO WANTS BERNIE? There's only one reason why ANYBODY would want Bernie Sanders, an ADMITTED socialist (thief) as president. Either they're stupid and have been thoroughly brainwashed, or they “want a free ride” at the expense of somebody else. The government (under Bernie) promises MANY “free rides,” and that appeals to them. They don't think that through enough to understand that people like Bernie want to be a dictator, and will work HARD to accomplish that. Socialism means slavery.

THE “RIGHT TO CHOOSE”: That's what pro-abortion fools say about KILLING infants before they even get a CHANCE at life. They cry that “it's a woman's right to choose what happens to her body.” If that were true, they'd legalize prostitution. What it is, is MURDERING a child for the CONVENIENCE of the parents, who had unprotected sex and want to KILL the result, so they won't have to raise it. Abortion may be an option in extreme cases where it's birth would mean the DEATH of the mother. But in no other case. ADOPTION is a viable option in rape cases. Anybody who insists otherwise condones MURDER.

HEALTH CARE WORKERS QUIT: And where do they go? McDonald's! Because they can make more money there. Contrary to usual belief, they can make up to $14 an hour there, while falling Medicare reimbursement in Texas makes it almost impossible to pay them enough to work at long-time care facilities. Which also tends to reduce the quality of care at those facilities, which can mean DEATH for their patients. As a man “pushing 80,” that concerns me very much. If it's happening in Texas, how long before it happens elsewhere?

WHY WON'T HILLARY GO? Fox News has a standing invitation to Hillary Clinton to come onto Fox News. But her campaign consistently refuses. Why? Is she scared they'll ask a REAL question that she can't answer? I notice Obama just went on there, and he got out alive. What is she frightened of? I think she just wants to stick with her liberal media members, that she can depend on, for the most part, to only ask her “softball”” questions and not embarrass her.

PRESIDENT KASICH? The Huffington Post predicts that John Kasich, the candidate who couldn't (so far) win but one state (his own) will be the GOP nominee. I don't know how they can predict that, unless they know “the fix is in” to exclude Trump and Cruz, the long time front runners. It's only through chicanery that he could get the nomination, but maybe they know something we don't know. Many people have predicted Trump's failure, time and time again. They've all been wrong every time.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

"Victories Mean Nothing"

They're now saying that Trump's primary victories MEAN NOTHING. Oh? If that's true, why did they spend $billions and all that wasted time HOLDING the primaries? They'll do ANYTHING, say anything to “set the stage” for the screwing they intend for Trump. I'm not a big Trump fan, but I'm getting sick and tired of watching the GOP commit political suicide in their effort to “get rid of” a candidate they can't control. Even to the extent of guaranteeing a Democrat victory.

BILL DOING THE UNSPEAKABLE: Bill Clinton told the truth at a Democrat rally. He gave the “Black Lives Matter” gang hell for ignoring “black on black crime.” He didn't get into the fact that the whole “Black on Black” bunch are PROMOTING the drive to kill cops from ambush. But that's what arises out of the BLM movement. The “Black Lives Matter bunch denies the existence of “black on black crime,” like good liberals when we can SEE it DOES exist, and it's obvious.

NO KIDDING! The EU now admits that millions of Islamic terrorists are emigrating to Europe in the guise of “Syrian refugees.” Isn't it nice that the EU now admits what we've been telling them for months? And what they've been ignoring, while those terrorists harass truck drivers on the road, rape many, females AND males (they'll screw anything that moves—and some that DON'T move—and they call US corrupt) and cause as much trouble as they can, both legal and illegal.

WHITE LIVES DON'T MATTER”: Not to the “Black Lives Matter” fools, anyway. Which is why they react violently any time anybody suggests that ALL lives matter. Now they're actively PROMOTING killing whites. I've said it before: the “new racism” is black hating white racism, and is much more virulent than the old racism. They're trying to get as many white people killed as possible, and cops, too, of whatever color.

SUSPENDING THE ELECTION”? A rumor is going around that Obama is going to “suspend” the 2016 election. Frankly, I don't think he has the power to do that. And if he tries—or TAKES it--he should be immediately arrested for treason. If he does, and nobody does anything about it, there WILL be a revolution. To do that is declaring he IS a dictator and nobody can remove him from office. That will CALL for a revolution. I only hope the Constitution specifically prohibits him from doing it, and somebody who can, does something about it. So we can avoid a second American revolution, this time against our own president.

HILLARY'S “SPECIAL”: They're making a big laugh out of her having to try FIVE TIMES to swipe her card to get on the subway in New York City while IGNORING the fact that she broke the law when she got on the train while campaigning all the way to her destination, which is ILLEGAL. And which she did in full view of the local politicians, and the cops, who were there to “protect” her from all those illegal gun-wielding criminals. Oh, I forgot. There are LAWS against criminals having guns in NYC. Surely none of them would disobey them, right? But for Hillary, laws and regs are only “suggestions,” right? She's “speshul!” In her own mind, at least.

COMMUNISM AND CAPITALISM THE SAME”: At least, that's what our illustrious president thinks. Which shows his COMPLETE IGNORANCE of what a president needs to know in order to do his job. Communism is based on STEALING from the producer of new wealth for the benefit of the “drones” of society who produce NOTHING. Capitalism is based on those producing new wealth being able to PROFIT from their ideas and labors without the drones stealing any of it. If he doesn't know that, he has no business being president.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Would They Save Jesus?

The liberal damfools are now saying that stricter gun laws might have saved the life of Jesus. They're always coming out with stupidity like that and expecting us to be stupid enough to believe it. The problem is, there are so many people who “pay no attention to politics” who will. I don't know what their “reasoning” is here, and I don't care. The whole idea is so preposterous it doesn't matter. There were NO GUNS at the time of Jesus and his death, so how could gun laws POSSIBLY save his life? Sheesh!

OFFENDED BY AMERICAN FLAG”: Word is, some Harvard students are “offended” by the American flag. Any American citizen who expresses him/herself to be “offended” by our flag should have his/her citizenship revoked, and be deported. Anybody who is “offended" by our flag has no business claiming American citizenship. If he/she doesn't like this country send him/her elsewhere, and revoke their citizenship. The same should apply to people who walk on the flag. They're not worth being citizens. They're too stupid.

BONUS FOR FAILURE: TSA failed to detect guns in 95% of test cases, and let the guns by and on the plane. In one case, they failed to detect a fake bomb, even though it set off a warning device. You'd think somebody would be fired over this, wouldn't you? But NO! They got $70,000.00 in bonuses, just at ONE airport, in SPITE of these failures. 95% FAILURE! But this is government. They're used to rewarding failure.

NRA FIRES BACK: They call that article (that we alluded to the other day) saying “old folks” (which they don't define) shouldn't be allowed to own guns because they're “too weak” to properly handle them. They called it “outrageous claptrap” and gave many good suggestions on how people with less than full hand strength can properly handle guns. Aiming and firing at an intruder is not one of the problems. As usual, the NRA is very big on proper instruction on proper gun handling.

ASHAMED TO BE A HOOSIER: I was born in Indiana and spent most of my early years there. But I disown the students at Indiana University in Bloomington who reacted to “the KKK member walking around their campus carrying a whip” who turned out to be a Catholic priest out looking for frozen custard. The “whip” was probably either his Rosary or his brown belt. Talk about hysteria! These students are so well conditioned that they see KKK members everywhere, including under their beds! Even if it WAS a KKK member, to be FRIGHTENED of ONE man is a liberal thing and the result of the liberal conditioning in college.

THE FBI IS STALLING: How difficult is it to find out whether or not Hillary sent or received classified e-mails (whether so marked or not) during her tenure as Secretary of State, over an unsecured PRIVATE service? The evidence (either way) is so obvious there should be no mystery. Yet they're taking an inordinate amount of time to figure out whether or not she committed the indictable crime of not safeguarding secret communications? The only conclusion I can see is that they're STALLING until after the election so as not to hinder her chance to be elected, which would change everything. They claim their stalling is NOT “politics as usual,” as usual, when we can see it IS.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

"Didn't Work. Let's Do It again!

It didn't work when we did it in 1976. In fact, is CREATED a massive financial screwup that caused lots of people to lose a lot of money. So let's do it again! That's what Obama is saying now. Following his process to do everything he can to screw up this country, he wants to FORCE lenders (again) to loan money to people with weak, or NO credit. Something that created an economic disaster—and he's either too stupid to know it, or he WANTS to screw up the economy—again. You decide. Lenders should refuse, (It's their money) and dare him to take action against them—under WHAT laws?

FROM JAWS OF VICTORY: The Republicans had the best chance ever to win this pivotal election and keep the Democrats from ruining this country for generations to come with their fool notions of what's right. But they're “throwing it away” by fighting amongst themselves, not for their front-running candidates, but to make sure THEY control who gets nominated, not the people. If there's any way to keep Trump OR Cruz away from the nomination, legal or illegal, they're going to do it, even if it guarantees a Democrat victory. Which will DESTROY this nation as a free market country.

HE DISAGREES! FIRE HIM! Like most liberals, they just can't stand opposition, of any kind. Richard Jurgena, recently appointed to the board that gets to decide who may be allowed to “concealed carry,” thinks the requirement that an applicant have “good reason” to need to carry a gun is unconstitutional—which it is—should be removed from the board, They say they want to make sure their board members are not “philosophically opposed” to what they do. Meaning they want them to be “philosophically BIASED” in FAVOR of what they do.

SHEEN THREATENED HER LIFE: So his girlfriend got a “protection order” against him, so if he kills her, he'll have to serve an extra year or so (maybe 90 days) in prison, on top of what he gets for killing her. Big f---ing deal! This all started when he paid her not to reveal his HIV status, and she wanted more. So he threatened to kill her, and the threat is on tape—which he's trying HARD to suppress.” I'm thinking Sheen is a confirmed criminal and thinks he can get away with anything. His lawyers will protect him. He ruined his own career and lost his job in a top-rated sitcom. I'm surprised he didn't sue them for that.

THEY REALLY HATE IT: When we take action to protect ourselves from militant Muslim terrorists. Now the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has filed TWO federal lawsuits alleging that terrorist watch lists violate the rights of the people on them. What they don't understand is that if they're not American citizens, they HAVE no rights under the Constitution. And to include them on such a list makes it harder for those so disposed to kill Americans for not believing the way they think we should. As I have said before, they're using our own system against us.

COMING TO COLORADO: “Ol' Joe” is coming to Colorado. Big whoop! Who cares if Joe Biden comes to Colorado? Democrats? They'd be happy if a snake came to Colorado if he was a Democrat. I was distressed when the Democrats held their convention here and predictably nominated Obama because it brought all the top Democrats here, including him. I tried to stay at home as much as I could while they were here, so I wouldn't run into any of them. There's nothing worse than a preponderance of Democrats close to where I live.