Friday, January 15, 2016

"Just Call 'Em Liars!"

That's the way Democrats handle the people who were THERE who say there WAS a “stand down order” from the Sec. of State to potential rescuers who WERE there and could have saved those four victims in Benghazi, including an AMBASSADOR. Seems funny to me that people who HEARD the order are called “liars” when they tell the world that the politicians in DC ORDERED them NOT to rescue those people. And one of those politicians is now running to become president, in her own right. Sending that 'stand down” order in itself should disqualify her forever from running for ANY elective OR appointive office, even if the FBI doesn't have the GUTS to charge her with crimes in the “e-mail fiasco.”

WHAT'S HE SMOKIN'?” Whatever he's smokin', I want some! That is, I would, if I was dumb enough to smoke that crap Obama puts out.. He must be using something powerful if he's stupid enough to think the economy is good, or that we'll BELIEVE it is, just because he says it is. If it were, why are MILLIONS of Americans out of work, and have been so for long enough that they've GIVEN UP on ever finding another job in their lifetime? He must think we're as stupid as HE is, if he thinks we'll believe this WHOPPER!

OBAMA RELEASES MURDERER: He has released TEN more Islamic terrorists from GITMO. On what basis except that he wants to close GITMO, and to do so he has to empty it out, first, so he can claim it's “too expensive. Meanwhile, ten more killers go back home to resume their murderous ways. Every dead body these ten create, will be on Obama's conscience—IF he even has one.

MURDERER SUES: Planned Parenthood is now SUING their accuser for exposing their killings and sale of their body parts to pay for their high-priced cars and other high-priced items. They just filed a federal lawsuit against the Center for Medical Progress for exposing their gloating over murdering millions of defenseless babies. And in today's liberal-run courts, they'll probably win, even though they aren't entitled to win. Have you ever seen a killer sue the cop who arrested him and win? This is a screwed-up world we live in, today.

THE STUPID COUNTRY: Trump stands by his wish to stop allowing Islamic terrorists in our country disguised as “Syrian refugees” to kill us here, rather than in their own screwed up countries, until the feds come up with a REAL way to separate the real ones from the terrorists  Actually, Germany has so far proven to be the “stupid country,” as their “refugees” had a rape and murder spree within DAYS of being allowed in. And they're still allowing more to come in.

RAISE WAGES, CUT HOURS: Wal-Mart responded to the exhortations of liberals and raised the beginning wages of new employees, and had to close 154 stores in the U. S. to do it. The other wages were already higher than in other “big-box” stores. But then a corresponding reduction in working hours mandated by Obama's new “rules” wiped those increases out. Liberals can only shake their heads at that contradiction. But liberals have never BEEN logical. They don't even know the meaning of the word! Many liberals even deny the EXISTENCE of logic and common sense, much less practice it.

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