Friday, August 31, 2018

Banning Gun-Free Zones

It has always amazed me how the whole idea of “gun-free zones” has survived, over the years, when it is obvious to those with INTELLIGENCE that keeping the law-abiding from bringing their guns there, even if they have “carry permits” just gives the bad guys an assurance that most law-abiding gun owners will not bring their guns there, so they can kill as many people there with their ILLEGAL guns as they want, without opposition—until the cops FINALLY arrive, with their guns. Each and EVERY “mass shooting” has happened IN a “gun-free zone.” That is an unalterable fact.

HIGHWAY ROBBERY: In California recently, bandits stopped a man who happened to have $500,000.00 in cash in his car. The bandits stole all that cash. The bandits wore uniforms, and badges. They were “sworn officers” who saw a lot of money, couldn’t prove this guy got it illegally, but stole it, anyway, with NO CHARGES being filed. Cops probably got a cut. The very idea of allowing the cops to just “confiscate” any money they find in the possession of an American citizen is really crappy, and unconstitutional. The RICO Laws, that were clearly passed in order to DENY drug dealers the money they needed to defend themselves if arrested, are unconstitutional on their face, because of the fact that no charges and no convictions for any crime are required for the “authorities” to take their money and spend it as THEY wish, IS unconstitutional.

IT’S EMBARRASSING: The way Dumocrats flail around trying to convince the world that Obama “started” the things that resulted in a booming economy, thus taking credit for Trump’s accomplishments, when all Obama did was try to convince us that a lagging economy was “the new normal” so he could blame “fate” for his own shortcomings, which were many. Another Obama “flight of fancy” is the one where he tries to convince us there were no scandals during his administration. There were many, but he refuses to believe it, just as he thought there was not a real Islamic terrorist danger by ignoring it. He really believes, in his ignorance, that if he says it often enough, we will believe it.

DICK’S JUST WON’T LEARN: Dick’s is on its way down, but they won’t admit it. They stopped selling guns and their sales immediately went on a “downward spiral.” But they learn nothing from that, and now they’re going to stop selling anything related to hunting. Never mind that once hunting was the only way to put food on the table, since there were no “supermarkets” within miles of where you lived 100 years ago. The reduction is only a “small percentage,” but it indicates the dislike of their customers for their policy. And if they continue on that course, their sales are going to go down, even more. That “small reduction” is millions of dollars they’ve lost by their silly policy.

GOVERNOR SIGNS DEATH WARRANT: His own. Politically, at least. Maybe not in New York maybe, where the stupid reign supreme when it come to electing stupid people to high office. He really thinks calling ICE Agents “thugs” will add to his “political capital,” and he might be right—in New York, anyway. But he has designs on the Oval Office, and such stupid remarks will guarantee that he will never get there, except maybe as a visitor. Crazy liberals will never get there when the electorate realizes what they are.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Headline says: “Democrats Expected to Cheat in the 2018 Elections.” That’s news? From what I’ve seen, they have cheated in every election they have ever been in… Teenage bigmouth David Hogg says he wants to run for Congress when he’s 25. Good. He needs to be “slapped down” again… “Hate Speech.” The liberals’ new cover for their efforts to ELIMINATE any criticism of anything they don’t want us to criticize. WHO gets to decide what constitutes “hate speech?” They do, of course… Teenage anti-gun bigmouth David Hogg also has a big ego. He has announced that he will one day run for Congress and, I’m sure later run for president. Well, that’s a good way to give him the whipping he so richly deserves. He really thinks he has a chance… Mueller finally broke Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, after ILLEGALLY raiding his office and stealing info protected by lawyer confidentiality, and running him broke, threatening him with the rest of his life in prison on trumped-up charges, finally, he SAYS Trump “ordered” him to break the law. Do you believe that? I don’t (Update: Turns out it was a lie)…

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Political Double-Talk

This is happening in Canada, where they have no Second Amendment. But the same thing is happening here, too. Politicians tell us they don’t want to take away our right to own and use the major tool for self defense, a gun, while they go about doing just that. In Canada, Trudeau wants a complete ban on guns “while not impeding the lawful use of firearms by Canadians.” Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Right. I’ve heard many liberal politicians saying much the same thing, except they actually refer to the Second Amendment as an “archaic” thing. Politicians always tell you they’re not doing what they’re doing, and way too many fools believe them.

OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY: California governor candidate Gavin Newsom wants to give illegal aliens “universal health care” at taxpayer expense. That means giving money to CRIMINALS while STEALING the money from American citizens through excessive taxes. This is a typical position of a liberal politician. Giving away money that belongs to somebody else. Never their own, and giving no consideration to how they are going to pay for it. Universal health care, even if it is just for illegal aliens, will COST TRILLIONS. California is already in money trouble, because of past giveaway programs, and now they want yet another. At least Gavin Newsom does.

UNRELIABLE SOURCES: One of the biggest SCAMS in today’s liberal media is the “anonymous source.” It allows them to MAKE UP stories, BASED on a “source that is unnamed, and reported as gospel. The best recent example of this is the “media explosion” that Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, was going to testify to information that would “implicate Trump” in criminal activity! Based, of course, on an “unnamed source.” Which turns out to be false, given them by Lanny Davis, Cohen’s lawyer.

IT’S WAY TOO MUCH: I realize that John McCain was many things, to many people. And I appreciate that even more people want it to SEEM like they liked, and respected him, even though they may have disagreed with him on many issues and hated his guts. I respected him as a man who was “up front” in all things, and made no “bones” about it. I also believe it was tragic, the way he died. But no more. I won’t pretend that I “revered” him, as many do. That being said, I think the news media, including Fox, are making way too much of the “outpouring of sympathy” at his passing.

DON’T UNDERSTAND SOCIALISM: I saw a comment to a comic strip today, that supported socialism and said other people don’t understand that socialism is “people cooperating together” to accomplish things. That shows an abysmal IGNORANCE about socialism. Socialism is, in NO WAY “people cooperating together.” It is the government STEALING the fruits of the production of those who PRODUCE new wealth, so they can give it, UNEARNED, to those who produce little, or nothing.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Senate Dumocrats have published a memo saying they want to take over the Internet, and CENSOR all conservative speech. Dumocrats are quick to accuse President Trump of being a “wanna-be dictator,” while themselves proposing dictatorial powers for themselves. They promote such things on the PRETENSE of “protecting us from ourselves… Dumocrat Senator Mark Warner has filed a suit to stop Trump from doing what he has the power to do: take away security clearances from people no longer in government, and so have no real need for them except to be able to command more money. Just like one stupid judge tried when he “ordered” him not to enforce immigration law, which will not hold up when it reaches a higher court… New study shows guys don’t want to date transgenders, and they call that “proof of discrimination.” I certainly wouldn’t want to date, or have sex with someone with a penis. Calling it discrimination makes it look like there is no good reason NOT to date them. Only gay or bi men would want to date them because they don’t have the right “equipment”

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

"A Good Republican"

“Is a dead Republican.” At least that’s how it seems while so many of Sen. McCain’s most critical opponents—those who have said the most insulting things about him—are now “singing his praises." That usually happens every time a Republican dies (Dumocrats, too). The very people who have roundly insulted him when he was alive, now “sing his praises.” The only exception up to now was Ronald Reagan. They still hate him, as they will when Trump’s time comes to die. They would never be caught “singing the praises” of a man they hated so hard.

ANTI-GUN FOOLS IGNORANT: They do stupid things, and demand stupid things. Anti-gun fool teen David Hogg is demanding that Smith & Wesson donate $5 million bucks to anti-gun fools, “or be destroyed.” How that’s going to happen he has no idea. That they should donate a lot of money to a movement that is out to destroy them, anyway. Stupid. Something a teenager, who knows nothing, would come up with. And, of course, the London Daily Mail freaked out because the killer in Jacksonville had a laser sight on his gun—as if the absence of that laser sight would have made any difference. And now one anti-gun fool Dumocrat wants to drop the voting age to 16 because “young people like gun control.” They’re dumb enough to agree with him, so let them vote. Ignorance personified.

FAILURE OF ANTI-GUN LAWS: The killer at the Jacksonville, Florida gamer gathering bought his guns LEGALLY, in spite of the fact that he had had previous “mental health issues.” He had been hospitalized TWICE because of his “mental issues.” He was on (or should have been on) anti-psychotic and anti-depressant medications, according to the Associated Press. The killer bought his guns from a licensed dealer a month before the killings. Which means he PASSED a background check, in spite of his KNOWN mental issues. In his defense, his parents blame that on their “nasty divorce,” although killing people after losing in a tournament brings that into question. But the salient fact here is that he should NOT have passed that background check with that on his record.

A NEW WRINKLE: Has any federal judge before tried to block a president from enforcing his executive orders? More importantly, has it happened more than once in a short time? NO. But it has happened more than once since Trump was elected president. Local judges think they know better and have the power to block an elected president. Which puts each and every one of these judges solidly in the swamp. They are working HARD to prevent Trump from keeping his promise to “drain the swamp,” and should be reassigned to “animal issues” court, so they can no longer try to circumvent the “draining” of the swamp.

OUR (GUN) VIOLENCE IS DOWN”: In Great Britain, they’re gloating because their “gun violence is down,” even though its level is three times higher than it should be, or ever was. What they don’t mention is that KNIFE violence is up, to an alarming level, so now they’re banning knives. In 1999, the number of violent acts per 100,000 people was at under 500. Then it rose to a level of over 1900 per 100,000 people in 2005. Now it’s down from that level to just under 1500. Which is “down,” but still way too high. Now they have stiff “knife laws” after knife violence rose tremendously in the absence of legal guns for the law-abiding.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Disgraced former CIA head Brennan says Trump “took away my security clearance to cover up the Russian connection.” Sounds a bit like “sour grapes” to me. I think it should have been done long ago… Lotta tapin’ goin’ on these days. Omarosa just released a secret audio of her conversation with Lara Trump. Looks like she recorded everything. I would NOT want to have an affair with herLiberals try hard to paint Nazis as “right wingers.” But there is nothing further from the truth than that. Nazi stands for “National SOCIALISM.” That is NOT “right wing”… Politicians (mostly Dumocrats) really have some silly ideas. One Arizona candidate for governor says CHILDREN should be able to get abortions without their parent’s consent. Abortion is bad, but this is worse…

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Climate Change Is Real

Global warming is NOT. Global warming fools keep trying to claim things are “the result” of “climate change” (name changed from global warming because that term didn’t work any longer) when that is a silly claim. Yes, “climate change” is real. But it is NOT the result of anything man did. Climate change is CYCLICAL. At times the globe warms. At other times it cools. That’s a given. Nothing man can do is going to change that, no matter how much greedy politicians want to USE it to con more money out of taxpayers for specious excuses. Global warming is not because the globe has NOT been warming, for almost 20 years. All the time global warming fools want to convince you it is.

YET ANOTHER ABRIDGMENT: In Pennsylvania, one Dumocrat (of course) lawmaker wants to make a law requiring people who want to buy a gun to BUY a “license” before they can even THINK about buying one. The ability to “license” is the ability to “say no.” And NOBODY should have the ability to say no to an American citizen who is not a felon when he/she wants to buy a gun to be able to defend him/herself. The Constitution clearly states that there shall be NO ABRIDGMENT on the right to be armed. This is yet one more abridgment being placed upon those wishing to exercise a constitutional RIGHT.

THE IMAGINARY “PROBLEM”: Dumocrats are filing an “emergency measure” to prevent Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos from “arming teachers.” There is only one little problem. Nobody is even THINKING about “arming teachers” but liberals, Dumocrats, and other anti-gun fools. This measure is a waste of taxpayer money and time, and is just a “grandstand play” to get attention and PRETEND they are “doing something” about “gun crime.” Teachers should be ALLOWED to be armed, if they WANT to be. NOBODY wants to FORCE them to be armed.

MORE STUPID GUN LAWS: Billionaire anti-gun fool Michael Bloomberg has spent $MILLIONS to take away our right to be armed, so we can DEFEND against such people like the fool who shot up a “gamer’s gathering” in Jacksonville, Florida. Within MINUTES of the news of the shooting, Shannon Watts, boss of the Blooberg-paid for anti-gun fool organization, “MOMS Demand Action” on gun control, LEAPED into action, demanding more of those USELESS gun laws that do NOTHING to stop, or even slow down “gun crime.”

MIGHT” SHOOT STUDENTS: Every argument of the anti-gun fools depends on a “MIGHT.” They say “Teachers MIGHT shoot students” if allowed to be armed. Or ANYBODY who is allowed to carry a gun “MIGHT” shoot somebody over a parking spot or a fender bender. Never mind people are even now doing that, now. In spite of their highly-touted gun laws that don’t work. They’re afraid of something that “MIGHT” never happen, but it sounds good to their ears. They have nothing else, so they push their IMAGINARY scenarios. Never mind there are already MILLIONS of illegal guns, already out there, in the hands of people who just want to victimize us, and they are the biggest supporters of gun control there are, because they know that reduces the chances of their intended victims being armed, and able to defend themselves.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Nancy Peelosi says, “Maxine Waters strikes fear in the heart of Donald Trump. Not even! Even if she were important, he couldn’t care less about this silly, stupid, witch… Obama claims,”not a smidgen of corruption” in his administration.” Why then, did the IRS have to pay $350 million to Tea Party Groups? That seems a little like a corruption scandal, to me. I think his biggest problem is his blindness on several issues, including this one… They just proved it. They SAY Trump accused them of “collusion” in trying to get rid of him, and they just proved him right with their decision to have at least 100 newspapers run much the same editorials, savaging Trump… People who believe the BS the liberal elites put out are IGNORANT. They just don’t know what they’re talking about, due to the fact that they’ve been subjected to the “liberal line” most of their lives, in the media and in school… 

Monday, August 27, 2018

"Come From Other States"

That’s what NJ Governor Murphy says about the illegal guns that are so proliferant in New Jersey, in spite of their tight anti-gun laws that do NOTHING to limit gun violence, and never will. Which, of course, is an EXCUSE to divert attention from the fact that he has NO IDEA of what to do to “combat gun crime.” Yes. Many come from other states. But many come from New Jersey, too. Criminals get their ILLEGAL guns wherever they can, In New Jersey, or out. For him to use that as an excuse just showcases his incompetence as governor. ALL guns not manufactured in New Jersey come from other states, whether they’re legal, or illegal. That’s a given.

I’DA BAKED A CAKE: Riddle me this: If banks and other corporate entities have the right to refuse to do business with anybody who is in favor of owning a gun or self defense, or who actually OWNS a gun, how is that different, in any way, from the bakers who refuse to do business with gays or Islamic terrorists? Gays who go into a bakery and DEMAND the baker bake a special cake, CELEBRATING their lifestyle, even when the baker is diametrically OPPOSED to their lifestyle on religious grounds can and have SUED those bakers into bankruptcy for refusing. Meanwhile, corporate entities GET AWAY with doing the same thing to anybody involved with guns, in any way.

OPPOSING THE SOLUTION: Anybody with any degree of INTELLIGENCE knows that ALL the anti-gun laws now in force don’t work. They only make a bad problem worse by DISARMING the law-abiding, making them “easy targets” for the bad guys. The ONLY real solution is to let the “good guys” be armed, in order to be able to defend themselves from the bad guys, who can’t be bothered to obey ANY laws, much less ones that say they can’t be armed when they commit their crimes. Mass killings in schools (a “gun-free zone”) have become a major problem since Columbine, and the solution is to ALLOW, not force, teachers and other school staff to be armed, in order to defend themselves and their children from the fools who think it is fun to shoot up their schools. Sen. Feinstein doesn’t agree.

LONDON GUN "BLOODBATH": In London, England, guns are literally nonexistent. (Not). Because the laws make them so. (Not). The anti-gun laws in England make it impossible (mostly) to get a gun legally, unless you’re a cop or other government employee (Of course, the government always reserves the things they prohibit for their citizens for themselves). Why then, were there TWO SHOOTINGS in London, in the same night? Two shooters, who could not get a gun legally, yet still had them, and used them. Yes, Chicago is much worse, but the point is, bad guys get their guns anyway, no matter how tight gun laws are. And those laws make everybody who OBEYS laws, “easy targets” for those who do NOT.

ONLY IN AMERICA: Could a known anti-Trump “member of the swamp” like Robert Mueller be allowed “free rein” to spend $millions in taxpayer dollars to “get” a sitting president. To be able to appoint (at government expense, of course) 13 other anti-Trumpers to his staff, with orders to get anything they can to “dump Trump?” Be allowed to select former Trump employees and subject them to months, even YEARS of intense pressure, even prosecute them for crimes they were supposed to have committed many years BEFORE they even knew Trump, and use those “crimes” as more intense pressure to get them to say anything they could to get their “sentences” reduced, even to LIE to accomplish that aim. And don't forget bankrupting them, paying lawyers.

THE DAILY DIN: The liberal media tells us daily how bad things are, and continue to be. Unfortunately, that's a LIE. They call Trump’s tax reductions “small change,” and fail to report all the GOOD THINGS he has done toward “draining the swamp.” They pick at him daily, and find fault with everything he does, and the liberal media “prints it.” Lies, or not. They tell us all about how many “investigations” he has “over his head,” without telling us every one of them are BOGUS, and Dumocrat-fostered, with no basis in fact, in order to reverse the results of the last presidential election. They find “reasons” why his tax reductions are actually BAD for us, rather than the good thing they really are. When the weather is bad, they blame him. If somebody FARTS they blame him. They really believe that CRAP about a “blue wave.”

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Bernie Sanders says socialism is “mainstream” today. Which is the worst that could happen to the United States, which was built on the free market, and became the “destination of choice” for those wishing to better themselves, because of it. Going socialist is the worst possible thing we could do, with the possible exception of going communist, both of which are different forms of collectivism. Russia did it, and suffered 75 years of misery until it predictably failed, and collapsed. Socialism, is even now collapsing in Venezuela, with riots and other forms of violenceRobyn Gritz, a former FBI agent, was found dead in his hotel room, supposedly of a “seizure.” He is the latest of a long list of people who die while investigating Clinton “crimes,” or who are scheduled to testify against one of them. Autopsy pending… 

Friday, August 24, 2018

Typical Democrat

That’s Alcee Hastings, that “stalwart champion of law and order,” who was IMPEACHED from his judgeship as a Federal District Judge, and subsequently somehow got himself elected to Congress. Being impeached because he took a $150,000 bribe in return for a lenient sentence and a return of assets for Frank and Thomas Romano, and because of his own perjury in the case didn’t seem to matter to the Dumocrats when he ran AS a Dumocrat for Congress, taking advantage of the oversight made by the Founders when they did not specifically PROHIBIT such people from running for office later.

COMMON SENSE” GUN CONTROL: The anti-gun fools call the laws they make “common sense.” But they are ANYTHING but common sense. They create a situation where criminals and other “bad guys” can be pretty sure their intended victims will not be armed, and able to oppose them. Their “common sense” laws make it EASY for holders of ILLEGAL guns to victimize the law-abiding, who DO obey their silly, USELESS laws. Gun-free zones,” for instance. All these laws do is make it an almost sue thing a law-abiding person will not be armed there when they come in, IGNORING the law, to kill people—UNLESS those “law-abiding people” are breaking the law and bringing their guns, too.

MUELLER GOT ANOTHER SCALP: Barely. Out of 18 “charges,” Manafort was found guilty on 8, and got a mistrial on the other TEN. After YEARS of effort, Mueller now has his second “scalp,” neither having ANYTHING to do with Trump, OR “Russian collusion” in the 2016 election. Next on his list is Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, who might or might not be able to provide some “concrete proof” that Trump did something wrong—but maybe not. I’d take odds that he has NO such “evidence” to give. If he did, Mueller would have long since shouted it from the rooftops.

FINALLY WORE COHEN DOWN: Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, resisted Mueller’s intense pressure as long a he could, and when he saw Manafort convicted on 8 of 18 “charges,” he finally broke. He saw the handwriting on the wall, and has pleaded guilty to some of the charges Mueller laid against him to get his “cooperation” so he might not spend the rest of his life in prison, and has indicated that he was “ordered” to commit a crime by “candidate in an election,” pointedly NOT naming Trump, but INTIMATING that the politician was Trump. There will predictably be no real proof of anything, beyond his unsupported word, but that will be good enough for Mueller.

BURGLARY AS AN EXCUSE: Using “improper storage” as an excuse, a New York sheriff essentially put a gun store out of business, by “confiscating” (stealing) its entire inventory “temporarily.” Yes, there have been an inordinate number of burglaries at this store, and the sheriff says it’s the gun store’s fault for not having good enough “security.” So they took all his guns “for safekeeping.” They apparently think their storage is more secure than his. Sheriff Todd Baxter said they have “tried to work with the store to improve security, but his failure to properly secure his store has resulted in a serious threat.” Thus blaming the victim, instead of the burglars. Which is as usual.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Omarosa says President Trump “has no respect for women.” What about all those other women he has put in important positions, who adore him… Deranged left claims that, “only white people can be racist,” even as their “leaders” call for the KILLING of white people… How do you get rid of Peter Strzok? The FBI fired him, but he is still working for the CIA and is “playing the victim,” raising money with a “Go Fund Me” page while still working for the CIAChicago is so broke under their liberal government that they have to give lottery winners IOUs instead of cash. But now they want to fund a “basic minimum income” for ALL PEOPLE. Now we know why they’re broke, and will get broker… See the handwriting on the wall. Trump’s picks win the primaries, but the Dumocrats will not admit it is an indication of what is to come… 

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Next We Ban Cars

In Great Britain they never learned that banning the tools bad people use to kill other people never stops them. They had several major mass shootings. They don’t have a Second Amendment, so they banned guns. Then the bad guys started killing people with knives, so they banned knives. Then people started killing people with cars. Now the mayor of London wants to ban cars. They just don’t get it, no more than our own stupid politicians don’t get it. Banning the TOOLS bad guys use to victimize the law abiding NEVER stops them. They just use something else, or IGNORE your laws and use those tools, anyway.

GUN RESEARCH WITHOUT POLITICS”: That’s what they promise with new “research” being conducted at Arizona State University, using a $5 million dollar grant from the National Institutes of Health, one of the most anti-gun fool outfits there are. Do you think their results won’t be used politically? If you do, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn that can be yours at a song. Gun research without politics. Now THAT’S funny! Since when have you seen ANY “gun research,” on either side, that didn’t end up with politics? No matter which side the research comes down on, one side supports it, and the other side opposes it. That’s the very DEFINITION of politics.

POLITICIANS NEVER LEARN! Chicago is one of the worst cities to live in if you value your life, because, in spite of draconian anti-gun laws, they have one of the highest numbers of people shot in the nation. People (mostly gang members) routinely IGNORE their “gun laws” and continue to shoot one another with abandon. So Dumocrat Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to make more of them. Never mind they don’t work worth a damn. I hate to say a politician is STUPID, but I can think of no better way to describe such stupidity as this. In just one weekend recently, 70 PEOPLE were shot, and 12 KILLED. There are WAR ZONES with fewer such reports!

THEY JUST WANT POWER: “Gun control” is just the vehicle. The excuse. For politicians who merely want the power to tell you than you CAN’T have, or use a gun for self defense. I’ve said a few times, they are “against self defense.” And that might be true, to an extent. But the real thing they’re after is the POWER to tell us we can’t have, or use a gun, for ANY reason. Look at all the silly laws they get passed. Each one of them tells us that. “Gun-free zones,” for instance, tell us we CAN’T bring a gun into that “zone,” while criminals and terrorists do so, at will, in spite of the law, which they IGNORE.

IT’S ALL ABOUT POWER: Liberal politicians simply want the POWER. Power to tell you whether you can, or cannot do something. Anything. Like in California, where they want to tell you that you CAN’T use plastic straws, using the silly excuse that they are “bad for the environment,” ignoring the fact that PAPER straws were once part of a tree. All the gun laws that limit your ability to defend yourself from fools with their ILLEGAL guns. Now California wants to tell CHILDREN they can’t drink anything but milk or water. Do they really think the children will obey? They’re dreaming! They just want the POWER.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: They make it all up. Trump haters have nothing REAL against President Trump, so they make things up. Omarosa, for instance. She CLAIMS to have “heard” Trump making racist comments on tape. But mysteriously, she can’t produce those tapes, and she is a KNOWN liar, having been “caught in the act” before… NY Governor Cuomo admits to a federal crime in pubic. Will he be prosecuted the same way as you or I in similar circumstances? Doubtful. He’s a Dumocrat politician, after all… Omarosa says Trump “has no respect for women” because he called her a “dog.” Actually, he has no respect for LIARS, which she is known to be, and that was a nice way of calling her a SOB… When liberals have nothing else, they attack Trump’s use of words. Words such as “dog.” Which he has a perfect right to use…

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Armed Civilian Saves Cop

I just wrote an item about a convicted felon shooting someone to death, then later wounding three cops when they went to apprehend him. In it, I noted (again) that if ONE civilian had been there with his own gun and the proper training in using it, maybe that victim would not have to die. In this case, that’s exactly what happened. A simple traffic stop turned deadly as one man began beating the cop who stopped him and tried to get his gun. A passerby saw this and used his legally owned gun to shoot the attacker, saving that cop’s life. He will not be charged with a crime for shooting that would-be killer to save that cop’s life., Surprise, surprise! Had this armed civilian not been there, that cop may be dead, today.

SHANNAN WATTS MURDERED: No, it’s not our Shannon Watts, the anti-gun fool. It’s a different woman, married to a monster, who it seems was dissatisfied with his marriage and decided to end it by MURDERING this beautiful woman and her two beautiful daughters. This is not the kind of thing I usually write about, because such stories do not usually involve politics or philosophy. But this one does. When this monster murdered these people, he inadvertently also murdered the baby his wife was carrying. She was 15 weeks pregnant. Colorado does not recognize a fetus as being a live human being, so, although he will face murder charges in the deaths of the others, he will face NO kind of murder charges in the death of this baby. Seems a PARENT cannot murder a child as long as it I still in the womb.

JUST MAKING IT WORSE: Outfits like “Black Lives Matter” preach hatred for the cops. They CLAIM that cops shoot black men 21 times more than whites, which is a phony number, not backed up by facts. They say cops are way too “trigger happy” and should be called to account for that. But what they are pushing—killing cops from ambush” is doing nothing but making the “problem” worse, by making ALL cops “very nervous” as they go about in their distinctive cars, wearing their easily identifiable uniforms, doing their duty to protect us all. they’re doing that by turning a simple traffic stop into a killing, with the cop being the victim. They’re making cops “look over their shoulder” all the time, since every time they go around a corner there might be some fool with an ILLEGAL gun, ready to shoot and kill them.

NO CRIME, TAKE GUNS: In Arizona the governor is pushing for a law that allows them to confiscate (steal) guns from legal owners if a judge “deems them” to be “dangerous,” or if they are incarcerated “on suspicion” of a crime for 21 days or have been on a “mental health incarceration” to SEE if they are mentally deficient. Conviction of a crime or a mental condition not required. Even if no such condition is found. The incarceration is sufficient. This is like the RICO laws. Under RICO, which was PASSED to deprive “rich drug barons” of the right to a proper defense by taking away their money, is now being used to “confiscate” (steal) CARS because of the most minor of crimes, suspicions only.

BRITAIN: “GUN CONTROL UTOPIA”: Guns are effectively prohibited, even for most cops, in London, so there should be no crime, no violence, right? WRONG! Recently, in South London, in what APPEARS to be, but may not be a “gang fight,” four young teens were stabbed, one of them disemboweled, with maybe only an 8% chance of living, according to one person. Even knives are “controlled” in London, so how did these CHILDREN get their knives? The same way other criminals get their guns, of course. They IGNORE anti-gun laws (and anti-knife laws) routinely there, just like they do here.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: A communist calling Nazis bad. That’s really rich! Known Communist Van Jones says “There’s no difference between Nazi rhetoric and conservative media.” Why anybody takes Van Jones seriously about anything is a mystery. Truth is, it’s LIBERAL media that is Nazi-like. They provably want to stifle ANY opposition… Antifa is now calling for the overthrow of the U. S. government. Which makes them a subversive organization whose leaders need to be imprisoned for treason… Omarosa is a fool. She thinks she can take Trump on, and win. She is a PROVEN liar, and everybody knows it… Antifa promises “bullets for their opposition.” Is that a surprise? I don’t think so, since they were CREATED to be violent by the Dumocrats. When they start killing people, it will be just like the KKK. They are the RENAMED KKK… Strzok (Smirk) gets the boot—FINALLY. It is only due to the recent corruption in the FBI that he kept his job as long as he did… 

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Ocasio-Cortez Afraid to Debate

Sher refuses to debate because she knows she cannot win, and wants to be able to win without having to debate. So she relies on that “old saw” of Dumocrats when they want to win without having to argue on the merits, name-calling. When Ben Shapiro tried, she likened his request to that of “cat-calling” of women as they walk by construction zones. Since then, others have asked her to debate, and she has “ducked” every one. Sometimes giving a silly excuse, sometimes just IGNORING it.

DOESN’T FIT THEIR NARRATIVE: In New Mexico, the son of an Islamic Imam was training CHILDREN to become school shooters and KILL children. One would expect the anti-gun fools to be all over that, but they’re not. Why is that? The answer is simple: this situation doesn’t fit their narrative. Yes, guns are involved, but this is obviously Islamic terrorism, which is a little “out of their territory.” If this fool had been successful, and one or more of his “students” had invaded a school and killed a few children, maybe they’d get interested, even though there is NO WAY those children could ever get a gun, legally.

WATCH OUT FOR THE KIDS!” When you’re choking and threatening to kill your girlfriend and everyone else in the house, watch out for the kids. Don’t discount their presence, and ability to change things, as these children did. This man, who was a felon and had MANY GUNS, often carrying one, was strangling his girlfriend and threatening to kill her and all her children, when the fifteen-year-old daughter was handed a gun by her younger brother, and used it to kill the guy before he could finish carrying out his threat.

SOCIALISM NEEDS CAPITALISM! Socialism (one form of collectivism) could not survive without capitalism, otherwise known s “the free market.” There are basically three kinds of people in the world: producers, looters, and moochers. Anything else is just a subgroup of one of the three. Under socialism, the looters (usually the government) STEAL the fruits of production from the producer, and give it, UNEARNED, to the moocher. Without the production of new wealth by the producer, there is nothing to give the moochers. Socialism produces NOTHING. They only “redistribute” what they have STOLEN to the moochers whose votes keep them in office.

INCOMPETENT POLICING: Convicted felons can’t legally buy guns. Right? Then why did Marlin Mack, a convicted felon, PASS a background check so he could legally buy the gun he used to kill a “graduate student” during an attempted restaurant robbery? Cops found him at a “swanky hotel” later, and three cops were shot apprehending him. All with a gun he bought LEGALLY while being a convicted felon. Mack was killed in that gunfight, which is the best way to handle such people. One cop said, “He needs to be warehoused until he is old and decrepit. WRONG! Had he lived, he should have been given the death penalty. Some people just don’t deserve to be alive. Mack is one of them. Anti-gun fools say “background checks save lives.” Did they save these lives? Obviously not, as the dead bodies piled up attest.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: PEW Research Center says “One in five Trump voters have ‘soured’ on him and will not vote for him in the future.” What a solid effort in trying to change people’s thinking. I’m a Trump supporter and I still am. As long as he makes things so much better, I’m with him, even if he makes dumb statements once in a while… Ocasio-Cortez won’t debate Shapiro, not because he’s sexist, but because SHE is. And she’s very frightened that she can’t win a debate with him so she uses ANY excuse to avoid one… Chicago police superintendent says the Constitution is “hindering” their efforts to stop gun violence. This is a typically ignorant response from a politician who hasn’t a clue as to what he's doing. Violating people’s rights is not permitted, Eddie, and that’s what the Constitution does: stop fools like you from violating people’s rights…

Monday, August 20, 2018

Anti-Cops Are Stupid

There are only two reasons to be anti-cop. You must be STUPID, or just a criminal, who thinks if he can get rid of the cops he can have a “free hand” at victimizing people. There isn’t anything else. Yes, many of those who have bought into the anti-cop “movement” are not crooks. And if not, they MUST be stupid to buy that crap. If there were not cops, there would be chaos, as the bad guys “go wild” victimizing the law-abiding. What their reasoning is, is a mystery to intelligent people.

WISER HEADS PREVAILED: Well, almost. Remember that guy who got pushed to the ground by a man that he had threatened in the past because he was hassling a woman who illegally parked in a handicapped zone? The guy who then drew his gun and killed the guy who pushed him down, as he was leaving? The local “authorities” called it a “stand your ground” situation and said they were not going to file charges against him for murder. WRONG! Under “stand your ground,” you MUST be “afraid for your life,” and this guy was NOT. The guy who pushed him down was turning to leave when shot. No threat, there.

GUN GRABBER KILLS MAN: In 2017, running as a Dumocrat, Kellie Collins was a proud anti-gun fool. Fortunately, she didn’t win. We don’t need one more anti-gun fool in a lawmaking body. Recently, the man who was her campaign treasurer, was found dead of a gunshot wound after lying dead four days before he was found. She dropped out of that race, citing “personal reasons.” Considering who the victim was, the “personal reasons” might be something this treasurer did to make her mad. The story does not go into motive, although I’m sure the cops did. She has been charged with larceny AND murder. This again proves that anti-gun fools only hate guns when it suits them.

GUN CONTROL DEFIES LOGIC: And all those anti-gun fools who make all those USELESS laws that do NOTHING to stop, or even SLOW DOWN “gun crime” have to know that. It’s not necessarily the laws that make no sense, it is the very idea that you can stop “gun crime” by making laws against it. People who want to kill people will just IGNORE your laws, or just use something else. Like the “box cutters” the Islamic terrorists used to hijack the four airplanes they used to kill 3,000 people in the World Trade Center. “Gun-free zones,” for example. Has there ever BEEN a single mass shooting that happened OUTSIDE of a gun-free zone? Criminals freely tell us they SEEK OUT such zones in which to do their “dirty work,” just BECAUSE they can be pretty sure nobody who OBEYS laws will be armed, and able to stop him from killing people—until the cops finally get there with their guns. Other laws are just as USELESS.

THE MUSLIM DANGER: Muslims know their “terrorist arm” can’t win in any war with America, so they’re working very hard to do it as politicians, from within. Muslims are running for political office all over the country, and several have already made it. Like the man who is the Number Two in the Dumocrat Party, and others who have quietly won elections, while other politicians cover for them by trying to make it ILLEGAL to criticize ANY Muslim, for ANYTHING. They even want to make laws that CRIMINALIZE Muslim criticism, true, or not. They call it “Islamaphobia,” and want to make it ILLEGAL to BE an “Islamaphobe.” Politicians cover up the atrocities committed by Muslims, all over the world. They have no idea how dangerous that is. As Jesus Christ is said to have said, “Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: They’re asking, “What will the Miss America Pageant look like in #MeToo America. The answer is, NOTHING. It will cease to exist because nobody will ever go to see it… Republican Congressman is charged with insider trading. Look for some Dumocrats to say, “Why does this only happen in that party?” When it happens more often in the Dumocrat Party but they just ignore it… The Pope has come out against the death penalty in any case. But there are some people who don’t deserve to keep living, so he’s WRONG. Catholics say the Pope CAN’T be wrong, but that’s only in matters of religion… Liberals keep saying Trump’s a racist, but if he is, why does he give high praise to a black combat vet? And why does he hire so many black people for his staff? That doesn’t sound like a racist, to me. But try and convince a Dumocrat of that…

Friday, August 17, 2018

Can't Beat It, Ban It

That’s the regular liberal mantra. If they can’t beat you, they ban you! That’s why they banned Alex Jones on Facebook. He was so successful in scotching their plans and letting the world know what they were doing, they HAD TO get him banned, so he would not be quite so successful in ruining their plans. That big mouthed teenager, David Hogg tried to shut Laura Ingraham up, but he failed. TWICE. Facebook is trying to silence every conservative voice they can, and so is Twitter. Which makes me glad I don’t use either of their platforms as a main outlet. I don't necessarily agree with Alex on most things, but he still has the right of free speech, whatever liberals think.

ASK THEM TO STOP: That’s Rahm Emanuel’s solution to his serious gun crime problem in Chicago. Ask the gangs who are doing most of the shooting to stop murdering each other. That’s even worse than the solution used in one California city, to PAY them to stop killing each other. This is the action of a politician who is out of ideas, and is desperate. He doesn’t have a clue as to what to do, so he’s BEGGING the criminals not to commit these crimes. The real solution is to allow the law-abiding to have, and use guns for self defense. Yes, shootings will increase for a time, as the law-abiding kill most of the people who try to kill them with their ILLEGAL guns.

THE RACISM SCAM: Any time anybody refuses to adhere to the liberal “inclusive” swindle, they call him/her a racist. that’s what they do ANY TIME anybody disagrees with their silly policies publicly. It’s a scam. So they won’t have to try and answer criticism with facts, of which they have NONE. After Obama promised that if we elected him we’d forever END racism, and then went on to call ANY OPPOSITION racism, his fool followers started doing the same. Now you don’t even have to disagree with their fool policies. They call you a racist at the drop of a hat, and sometimes they drop the hat. “Racist” is their preferred epithet, whether true, or not.

RALLY TO SUPPORT RACISM: That‘s what they had in DC recently. It was to be a counter demonstration against “white supremacy,” but only a few of the people supposedly in favor of “white supremacy” showed up, while THOUSANDS of those AGAINST it showed up, making it a demonstration in favor of racism against white people. This shows plainly that there IS no such thing as “white supremacy.” It’s only in the “fevered brains” of liberals. It’s just another MANUFACTURED “PROBLEM” they use to maintain or increase their power. Liberals are in the process of CREATING racism, against WHITES. They’re even teaching it in college courses, and in the lower schools where liberals teach, which are most of them. Soon we’re going to have two drinking fountains and restrooms, with the better ones being for “black only.”

GUN CONTROL IS USELESS: It is inarguable that gun control does NOT work. But anti-gun fools such as New York Governor Cuomo and California Senator Diane Feinstein continue to support it, while “demonizing” those of us with INTELLIGENCE who point this out. We have pointed it out countless times, and they IGNORE us, just like the bad guys ignore their laws, and continue to kill people. Like the 70 people who were killed in ONE WEEKEND in Chicago and the ten people shot in Manchester, England, which, not having a Second amendment, has some of the toughest anti-gun laws in the world.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: After a Republican politician resigned after sending nude pics of hes then girlfriend to others, hoping to get them into sexual conversations, a liberal Tweeted, “Why is it members of only one party have this happens?” Apparently he is blind to the many times this happens to Dumocrats… Headline: “Democrats Want to Raise Taxes.” That’s news? Every Dumocrat I know of wants to raise taxes to pay for their giveaway programs… Former comedienne Rosie O’Donnell says, “People will be rejoicing all over the world when Donald Trump is impeached.” WRONG! First, he will NOT be impeached unless Dumocrats phony up something IF they win in November (which is not likely). And the only people who will be happy is liberal fools like Rosie… 

Thursday, August 16, 2018

It's A "Media Circus!"

A Republican representative was indicted on “insider trading,” and a “media circus" ensued He couldn’t go anywhere without a crowd of “reporters” and cameras following him everywhere he went, getting in his way and falling all over themselves. Under our laws, he is not guilty until PROVEN so, but the liberal media treats him as if he has already been convicted. Compare that with the liberal media’s treatment of a DUMOCRAT who was charged with a crime. Not so much. The media just wasn’t mush interested in a crooked DUMOCRAT. But if a Republican gets into trouble, and they POUNCE! If that doesn’t tell you where their sympathies lie, you’re just brain dead.

SOCIALISM IS STUPID: Anybody who believes socialism is the right economic theory is either stupid or badly misinformed. Socialism (which is just one form of collectivism) has been proven a failure many times, as it seems to work for a while, then, when it runs out of other people’s money, it fails, as it did famously in Soviet Russia. The basic problem with socialism is that it creates NO new wealth, only surviving by LOOTING from those who DO produce new wealth for the benefit of those who do NOT. The very MOTTO of collectivism tells the story. It is, “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED,” Making NEED a DEMAND upon the earnings of the producers of new wealth. Soon those producers figure out that they are being looted, and they either earn less or just stop earning.

IT’S A DEMOCRAT THING: It’s almost a “litmus test.” to be a Dumocrat you MUST be in favor of “gun control,” abortion, and same sex marriage, among other stupid things. A FEW Dumocrats don’t fit this bill, but it is VERY few. Arizona Dumocrat Anne Kirkpatrick made a lot of noise about her high NRA rating in 2010, but not this year. She says she “gave away” the guns she inherited from her grandfather and is now “no longer a proud gun owner.” She succumbed to pressure from the Party and now supports such USELESS laws as background checks and bump-stock bans. Other than that, nothing has changed. Dumocrats generally support ALL the useless, unenforceable gun laws the bad guys ignore.

AGAINST SELF DEFENSE! That’s the only reason I can think of as to why the anti-gun fools exist. They do not want Americans to be able to defend themselves against criminals and other “bad guys” like Islamic terrorists (who seem to be a “protected class” these days) and, one day, the anti-gun fools in government. They see a day when the government will come to take the property of all Americans, and they don’t want their thugs to be met with a gun when they do. It worked in Nazi Germany during WWII. Hitler disarmed all Germans, then began systematically MURDERING millions of Germans, who happened to be Jewish.

THE NINTH STRIKES AGAIN! A three judge panel on the Ninth Circuit (9th Circus) Court of Appeals, one of the most liberal courts in the land, has decided that the Second Amendment doesn’t apply to California. That states can override the Constitution in its control of the law. Never mind that the Constitution is the very BASIS for ALL LAWS made in the United states. And so far, California is STILL part of the United States, and thus the Constitution still RULES there, no matter what a few liberal judges think they have to say to the contrary. The second DOES apply there, no matter what a few liberal judges may think. Their opinion doesn’t count, because all a lower court can do is affirm or deny the constitutionality of a law that is presented for a ruling.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: California Governor “Moonbeam” slaps the feds in the face every time he gets a chance, then asks for federal help when he gets in trouble… MSNBC is living in a fantasy world. They just thanked Obama for Trump’s economy. Do they expect us to believe them, or our “lying eyes?”… Liberals say Trump has “shot himself in the foot often.” Not true. He speaks TRUTH, and LIBERALS “shoot him in the foot” and claim he did it himself That’s how they operate… Banafort’s former partner has testified that he and Banafort “colluded” to commit bank fraud. As usual, with NO PROOF other than his unsupported word, which has been bought and paid for by Mueller… Liberals will take any excuse to call Trump (or anybody else) a racist. In this case Trump called Don Lemon “the dumbest man on TV.” He’s wrong. Lemon is one of the dumbest men on the planet who HAPPENS to be black. Being black doesn’t prevent you from being dumb. Now they’ll call me a racist (again)

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

An Old Story

The man who shot and seriously wounded a Colorado Springs, CO cop was an immigrant from Iraq who had been in many (9) brushes with the law in the last five years and was “scheduled” to be deported. He has been involved in many crimes, from DUI to attempted murder, but has still been allowed to stay in America. One of his brushes was for being found with an ILLEGAL gun. He was charged with being a felon in possession of a gun at the time, which apparently didn’t slow him down a bit. Yes, he was a LEGAL immigrant. But the question is, why all the delay in getting him sent home? He was a known troublemaker who WOULD, if not deported, kill someone someday. And he almost did it, in this case. It was only dumb luck this cop didn’t die, making him a murderer.

COW FARTS TAXED: They call it a “maintenance fee,” because cow farts contain methane, which they consider a cause of problems in global arming. But it is a TAX. What is a tax? Any money the government REQUIRES you to pay, for some silly reason or other—and that’s just what those “cow fart fees” are. Silly. Yes, cows fart. They have always farted. Every living being farts. They do many times every day. To get rid of the buildup of methane gas in their body. It was always thus, and only semi-recently have politicians seized upon them to scam more money out of farmers, charging a “fee” for every cow they own.

WE CAN BAN ANYTHING” As long as it isn’t a gun. So let’s ban GUN PARTS. And BULLETS. Things guns must have to be used, so as to make the guns people have USELESS, without banning guns, which are constitutionally protected. That’s what they say in Charleston, NC (No, not all that. Just that they can ban anything that is NOT a gun. I added the rest to make their scheme more clear.). In this way, they figure they can “ban guns” without banning guns. They are now out in the open with their goals, and that is to BAN SELF DEFENSE by banning the means to that end. They’re doing everything they can to “get around” that constitutional protection for all Americans' right to be armed.

JUNK SCIENCE ON GUNS: The “Violence Policy Center,” which has been caught “phony upping figures” before, has come out with a “study” that links licensed gun owners to a large number of gun killings. The truth? Licensed gun owners are 15 times LESS LIKELY to commit gun crimes. But that figure comes from a non-suspect source. That is according to the government, itself, which would have no reason to lie in favor of gun owners. VPC ignores 30 years of accumulated figures while “cherry picking” two states where those figures do happen to be higher than usual. This is a typical example of the fraud that is prevalent in the figures offered up by anti-gun fools. They have no figures to offer to support their position, so they give us FALSE figures.

MORE VOTERS THAN RESIDENTS: This happens much more often than you’d imagine, and the election officials take no notice of it because they’re Dumocrats, and those extra voters usually vote Dumocrat. This is the kind of vote fraud that should be instantly detectable, but there is no system in place to detect it before, or during an election. Dumocrats have made sure they are “in charge” of the voting in most areas, and that’s one way they can CONTROL voting by IGNORING things like more voters in one area than there are residents.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Big cities are suing Trump for “sabotaging Obamacare.” Really. If ANYTHING ever NEEDED sabotaging, it is Obamacare, which TRIPLES the cost of premiums and makes the care, itself, more expensive, while imposing more and more unnecessary red tape on doctors, which makes it necessary to hire and pay more people, just to handle the red tape… Obama reveals himself by the names he includes in his “endorsements.” Among them are “AD The Voice,” a former rapper who regularly spewed hateful lyrics. Who hates capitalism and everything America IS. Whose favorite word is “Nigga.” Who really thinks he can be elected. Maybe he can, if he’s running for dogcatcher… Liberals are spreading the fiction that Trump supporters are “getting tired of Trump policies.” Not a chance! Trump’s policies are to keep his campaign promises to “drain the swamp.” Only Dumocrats are “tired of Trump policies” because they’re part of “the swamp” and don’t want to be “drained.”…