Thursday, August 16, 2018

It's A "Media Circus!"

A Republican representative was indicted on “insider trading,” and a “media circus" ensued He couldn’t go anywhere without a crowd of “reporters” and cameras following him everywhere he went, getting in his way and falling all over themselves. Under our laws, he is not guilty until PROVEN so, but the liberal media treats him as if he has already been convicted. Compare that with the liberal media’s treatment of a DUMOCRAT who was charged with a crime. Not so much. The media just wasn’t mush interested in a crooked DUMOCRAT. But if a Republican gets into trouble, and they POUNCE! If that doesn’t tell you where their sympathies lie, you’re just brain dead.

SOCIALISM IS STUPID: Anybody who believes socialism is the right economic theory is either stupid or badly misinformed. Socialism (which is just one form of collectivism) has been proven a failure many times, as it seems to work for a while, then, when it runs out of other people’s money, it fails, as it did famously in Soviet Russia. The basic problem with socialism is that it creates NO new wealth, only surviving by LOOTING from those who DO produce new wealth for the benefit of those who do NOT. The very MOTTO of collectivism tells the story. It is, “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED,” Making NEED a DEMAND upon the earnings of the producers of new wealth. Soon those producers figure out that they are being looted, and they either earn less or just stop earning.

IT’S A DEMOCRAT THING: It’s almost a “litmus test.” to be a Dumocrat you MUST be in favor of “gun control,” abortion, and same sex marriage, among other stupid things. A FEW Dumocrats don’t fit this bill, but it is VERY few. Arizona Dumocrat Anne Kirkpatrick made a lot of noise about her high NRA rating in 2010, but not this year. She says she “gave away” the guns she inherited from her grandfather and is now “no longer a proud gun owner.” She succumbed to pressure from the Party and now supports such USELESS laws as background checks and bump-stock bans. Other than that, nothing has changed. Dumocrats generally support ALL the useless, unenforceable gun laws the bad guys ignore.

AGAINST SELF DEFENSE! That’s the only reason I can think of as to why the anti-gun fools exist. They do not want Americans to be able to defend themselves against criminals and other “bad guys” like Islamic terrorists (who seem to be a “protected class” these days) and, one day, the anti-gun fools in government. They see a day when the government will come to take the property of all Americans, and they don’t want their thugs to be met with a gun when they do. It worked in Nazi Germany during WWII. Hitler disarmed all Germans, then began systematically MURDERING millions of Germans, who happened to be Jewish.

THE NINTH STRIKES AGAIN! A three judge panel on the Ninth Circuit (9th Circus) Court of Appeals, one of the most liberal courts in the land, has decided that the Second Amendment doesn’t apply to California. That states can override the Constitution in its control of the law. Never mind that the Constitution is the very BASIS for ALL LAWS made in the United states. And so far, California is STILL part of the United States, and thus the Constitution still RULES there, no matter what a few liberal judges think they have to say to the contrary. The second DOES apply there, no matter what a few liberal judges may think. Their opinion doesn’t count, because all a lower court can do is affirm or deny the constitutionality of a law that is presented for a ruling.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: California Governor “Moonbeam” slaps the feds in the face every time he gets a chance, then asks for federal help when he gets in trouble… MSNBC is living in a fantasy world. They just thanked Obama for Trump’s economy. Do they expect us to believe them, or our “lying eyes?”… Liberals say Trump has “shot himself in the foot often.” Not true. He speaks TRUTH, and LIBERALS “shoot him in the foot” and claim he did it himself That’s how they operate… Banafort’s former partner has testified that he and Banafort “colluded” to commit bank fraud. As usual, with NO PROOF other than his unsupported word, which has been bought and paid for by Mueller… Liberals will take any excuse to call Trump (or anybody else) a racist. In this case Trump called Don Lemon “the dumbest man on TV.” He’s wrong. Lemon is one of the dumbest men on the planet who HAPPENS to be black. Being black doesn’t prevent you from being dumb. Now they’ll call me a racist (again)

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

An Old Story

The man who shot and seriously wounded a Colorado Springs, CO cop was an immigrant from Iraq who had been in many (9) brushes with the law in the last five years and was “scheduled” to be deported. He has been involved in many crimes, from DUI to attempted murder, but has still been allowed to stay in America. One of his brushes was for being found with an ILLEGAL gun. He was charged with being a felon in possession of a gun at the time, which apparently didn’t slow him down a bit. Yes, he was a LEGAL immigrant. But the question is, why all the delay in getting him sent home? He was a known troublemaker who WOULD, if not deported, kill someone someday. And he almost did it, in this case. It was only dumb luck this cop didn’t die, making him a murderer.

COW FARTS TAXED: They call it a “maintenance fee,” because cow farts contain methane, which they consider a cause of problems in global arming. But it is a TAX. What is a tax? Any money the government REQUIRES you to pay, for some silly reason or other—and that’s just what those “cow fart fees” are. Silly. Yes, cows fart. They have always farted. Every living being farts. They do many times every day. To get rid of the buildup of methane gas in their body. It was always thus, and only semi-recently have politicians seized upon them to scam more money out of farmers, charging a “fee” for every cow they own.

WE CAN BAN ANYTHING” As long as it isn’t a gun. So let’s ban GUN PARTS. And BULLETS. Things guns must have to be used, so as to make the guns people have USELESS, without banning guns, which are constitutionally protected. That’s what they say in Charleston, NC (No, not all that. Just that they can ban anything that is NOT a gun. I added the rest to make their scheme more clear.). In this way, they figure they can “ban guns” without banning guns. They are now out in the open with their goals, and that is to BAN SELF DEFENSE by banning the means to that end. They’re doing everything they can to “get around” that constitutional protection for all Americans' right to be armed.

JUNK SCIENCE ON GUNS: The “Violence Policy Center,” which has been caught “phony upping figures” before, has come out with a “study” that links licensed gun owners to a large number of gun killings. The truth? Licensed gun owners are 15 times LESS LIKELY to commit gun crimes. But that figure comes from a non-suspect source. That is according to the government, itself, which would have no reason to lie in favor of gun owners. VPC ignores 30 years of accumulated figures while “cherry picking” two states where those figures do happen to be higher than usual. This is a typical example of the fraud that is prevalent in the figures offered up by anti-gun fools. They have no figures to offer to support their position, so they give us FALSE figures.

MORE VOTERS THAN RESIDENTS: This happens much more often than you’d imagine, and the election officials take no notice of it because they’re Dumocrats, and those extra voters usually vote Dumocrat. This is the kind of vote fraud that should be instantly detectable, but there is no system in place to detect it before, or during an election. Dumocrats have made sure they are “in charge” of the voting in most areas, and that’s one way they can CONTROL voting by IGNORING things like more voters in one area than there are residents.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Big cities are suing Trump for “sabotaging Obamacare.” Really. If ANYTHING ever NEEDED sabotaging, it is Obamacare, which TRIPLES the cost of premiums and makes the care, itself, more expensive, while imposing more and more unnecessary red tape on doctors, which makes it necessary to hire and pay more people, just to handle the red tape… Obama reveals himself by the names he includes in his “endorsements.” Among them are “AD The Voice,” a former rapper who regularly spewed hateful lyrics. Who hates capitalism and everything America IS. Whose favorite word is “Nigga.” Who really thinks he can be elected. Maybe he can, if he’s running for dogcatcher… Liberals are spreading the fiction that Trump supporters are “getting tired of Trump policies.” Not a chance! Trump’s policies are to keep his campaign promises to “drain the swamp.” Only Dumocrats are “tired of Trump policies” because they’re part of “the swamp” and don’t want to be “drained.”…

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

It's The College, Stupid!

I’ve figured out why I’m not a liberal, and never was. Early in my life I tried to accomplish what now are apparent to me were liberal ideas, but at the time, I knew NOTHING about politics, OR philosophy. So I didn’t know that. I learned better. The reason liberalism wasn’t a big part of my life is COLLEGE. I didn’t go to college, so I wasn’t the victim of years of socialist indoctrination by liberal college professors who, themselves, were victims of the same thing, and are teaching it as fact. I didn’t go to college, so I didn’t fall for their crap.

DEMS THINK THEY’RE ROYALTY: They think they’re ENTITLED to “rule the roost” in DC, and any effort to keep them from doing it is an ”insurrection.” They’re firmly convinced Trump’s stunning victory in 2016 is a COUP! Because they think they are like America’s ROYALTY, with an inherent right to rule. They resent any effort to stop them from running things to the extent that they look upon someone like Trump as a “traitor” for stopping their schemes and scams to fleece America. They think he’s “circumventing 1,000 years of established power structure.” Never mind it has been a structure of failure, propped up by violence.

DON’T USE FACEBOOK: In communist China, the government completely controls the Internet. In order to operate there, Google and other Internet platforms have to agree to let the communist China government control it, and censor it in any fashion they wish. In America, liberals are trying to fix it so the government can control the Internet in the same way. Facebook, Google, and Twitter are their current targets, because they are ORGANIZED. They have the ABILITY to censor their users in any way they wish—just like in communist China. The solution is simple. Just don’t use them.

DEMOCRAT CORRUPTION: Remember the Dumocrat congressman who grabbed one of the military units sent to New Orleans after that massive hurricane, to help survivors, so as to retrieve some of his ill-gotten gains he had hidden in his refrigerator? He was sentenced to 13 years in prison, one of the longest terms ever given to a former congressman. But he took advantage of a court ruling and was released until the case was adjudicated. When it was, he took a plea bargain and was sentenced to “time served.” Which means he mostly got away with his corruption, and gave a bad name to black elected officials in the South. Even so, he is in disgrace, and will be so for the rest of his life. But, due to an oversight by the Founders, that will not stop him, if he wants to run for office,again.

THEY HAVE NO ANSWER: Liberals have nothing logical they can say to answer the logical arguments of non-liberals. I say non liberals because not all non-liberals are conservative. I am not a conservative. I am a “rational individualist” who likes MOST of what conservatives say and do, but who does have some basic differences with them. The liberals, since they HAVE no answers, are beginning to resort to violence and intimidation. Antifa is their violent arm and they put on their masks and attack Christians and other non liberals when they gather. They blow whistles so they can’t speak, and cause RIOTS to keep them from making speeches.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: CNN’s April Ryan says Jim Acosta was “in danger for his life” at a Trump rally. How funny that is. Trump people don’t resort to violence, as liberals (Dumocrats) do… A judge has proven him(her?)self insane by “ordering” the federal government to stop enforcing the law. Seems to me if that judge doesn’t like the law, he or she should try and get CONGRESS to change it. Judges just do not have the power to do what this judge has tried… Liberals are saying we should “let Mueller’s ‘investigation’ run its course.” Actually, it HAS “run its course.” Long ago. Mueller is now just flailing around trying to find SOMETHING to justify it… Washington Post says, “No one said choke Sarah Sanders. They said “wring her neck.” Which is WORSE than choking her. I find it disgusting that Sarah should require armed security because of the violence promised by Dumocrats… 

Monday, August 13, 2018

They Just Don't Know

People who make laws must know about the things they’re making laws against, wouldn’t you think? Not a chance. And I’ve seen way too many examples of how lawmakers know NOTHING about guns, yet they pretend to know about them. Dumocrat Sen. Richard Blumenthal, of Connecticut, when he holds up a picture of an “AR-15 style rifle” and tells you it is an “undetectable gun,” since it might have some 3D printed plastic PARTS in it. Have you ever seen a RIFLE that was “undetectable?”

TRUMP’S HATE MOVEMENT?” The media is calling the jeering and heckling of CNN’s Jim Acosta “the beginning of a hate movement by he Trump people.” These fools have a positive TALENT for MISLABELING their own excesses. Jim Acosta is KNOWN for his excesses, which are ALWAYS labeled as an excess on the part of the Trump person he is heckling. Meanwhile, some of the people the left has been oppressing are begging to fight back, and they’re calling that “starting a war.” They say Trump is telling his people to “hate the press,” as if they had to be told, and there were no reasons not to like the way the press is automatically finding fault with ANYTHING Trump or his people do.

ANTI-GUN FOOLS CELEBRATE: New York Governor Cuomo has cost the NRA tens of millions of dollars, and that has threatened their very existence—according to a court filing recently, anyway. Cuomo “offers thoughts and prayers” to the NRA as if he wasn’t responsible for threatening the very existence of an organization that promotes COMMON SENSE in approaching the “gun crime problem.” The things people like Cuomo propose certainly don’t. Not a single one of their highly touted laws had done ONE THING to reduce gun violence. Many of the things the NRA has done, HAVE. But fools like Cuomo don’t realize that, Their one concern is the foolishness they CALL “gun safety laws” that do no such thing.

CHICAGO DEATH TOLL: This weekend alone in Chicago, 12 people were KILLED and a total of 66 were shot. The mayor says they have reduced shooting stats 17%, and STILL their death toll is as high as it has been elsewhere in WAR ZONES. He can’t tell you the reason for such high shooting numbers, but he says “we’re working on it.” that’s “code” for we don’t have any idea of what to do. And they don’t. Every anti-gun law in existence (except those that have been found to be unconstitutional) is in effect there, but have not made a DENT in the number of gun crimes. Yes, the numbers are down slightly, but they are still way too high. They say SOME of the shootings come from gang activity, but I say MOST came from gang activity.

ATTENTION HOGG NOT THERE: Teenager and attention hogg David Hogg isn’t interested, so he stays away. Him and his ARMED escort (paid for by whom?). Why isn’t he interested? Because finding out that the killer in Ft. Lauderdale was REFUSED HELP when he asked for it, long before he MURDERED a bunch of people is not in his interest. He asked for help in being returned to school, and was refused. This, found out in a heavily redacted report commissioned by the Broward County School District. Heavily redacted to cover up their mistakes, but the Sun-Sentinel got hold of an unredacted version which is what told the story.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: The DNC promises they will “take to the streets” if Mueller gets fired. Okay. Bring it on! Mueller NEEDS to be fired, after almost 2 years of spending millions in taxpayer money to frame Trump with no resultsOsama bin Laden’s son is going to Afghanistan to “avenge his father.” For what? Getting himself killed in revenge for the 3,000 Americans his thugs murdered on 9/11? He doesn’t deserve “avenging.” He was just a thug who got a lot of fools to kill for him… Whoopi Goldberg says she tries never to become hysterical on “The View,” right after she had a “hissy fit” because she couldn’t answer “Judge Janine” Pirro’s comments. Sounded a lot like hysteria, to me… Google has declared Angela Merkel “the leader of the free world.” Ridiculous! She runs a small European country we defeated in WWII, while also, at the same time, defeating Japan. Also, she is in danger of being thrown out of that office…

Friday, August 10, 2018

They're too Effective!

Dumocrats want to abolish ICE. Why? Because they are so effective at their job, in spite of the opposition of “sanctuary cities” and the blocks they present. Those cities are against them enforcing the law. They know that, if the law is enforced as written, they are going to lose a lot of cheap labor and voted for Dumocrats, and they don’t want that. The Dumocrats need a permanent underclass, and if the law is enforced, they will lose it. In California, one city has already “legalized” illegal aliens to vote, and nobody has done anything about it except to whine and moan. They can’t seem to stop ICE from doing their job, so they now want to ABOLISH them.

LEFT A BROWN TRAIL: This punk brazenly kicked in the door of a house belonging to a woman who had some children with her in her house, then immediately turned tail and ran away at the sight of the shotgun in her hand, looking fearfully back to make sure she wasn’t going to shoot him in the back. This is yet another example of why the government should NOT prevent people like this woman from having a gun with which to protect themselves and theirs. Not a shot was fired, on either side, but this punk took her unspoken advice and “got gone,” and in a hurry. He probably didn’t know he could run that fast. He's probably still running.

ANTIFA SAYS “BRING GUNS”: The liberals try their best to convince us that right wingers roam around, carrying guns, looking for liberals to kill. In fact, it is the LIBERALS who foment ALL the violence that abounds today in politics. Historically, Dumocrats CREATED the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) to “keep the black race in their place.” They deny it vehemently, but the proof is undeniable. All the “Jim Crow Laws” that were made, principally in the south, were made by Dumocrats. All the water hoses that were used on black demonstrators were wielded by Dumocrats. Martin Luther King was demonstrating against Dumocrat practices. Antifa is today’s regeneration of the KKK. The only difference is that Antifa INCLUDES blacks in its “membership.”

PUT UP OR SHUT UP” That’s what Rudy Giuliani is telling Mueller. Mueller’s been messing around for almost two years now, spending untold millions of taxpayer dollars in his attempt to frame Trump for something, ANYTHING he can use to “get rid of him.” His very APPOINTMENT as “special counsel” (or whatever they’re calling it now) was false. There is supposed to be a CRIME to be investigated, and there was admittedly NO CRIME here. “Collusion” with the Russians might be unethical, but it is NOT a “CRIME.” He has found a few minor things to get indictments for, but nothing even APPROACHING Trump being in “collusion” with the Russians.

THEY HAVE NO RIGHTS: Liberals seem to think illegal aliens have the same constitutional rights as do American citizens. They do NOT. When they are arrested for a crime, cops do not have to read them their rights, because they have none, although they sometimes do, out of habit. And, even though I am a Second Amendment supporter, that also means they have no rights under the Second Amendment. They do not have the right to be armed, for self defense, or for any other reason. The same with Islamic terrorists who slip into the country to do their mischief. I’m sorry if that disappoints the liberals, but that’s the way it is. You have to be an American to have constitutional rights. Either natural born, or MADE a citizen by following the law. The key here is “following the law.”

ONE MAN’S OPINION: LeBron James blames Trump for “bringing politics to football,” but it is Kaepernick who did that when first he “kneeled” when the National Anthem was played… Whoopi Goldberg talks about “Trump’s war on Christmas,” which is stupid. It is the liberals who are doing that… You take your life in your hands when you evidence ANY kind of trump support because liberals are deadly violent… Antifa is today’s version of the KKK. Bought and paid for by the Dumocrats. They have advised their “members” to bring guns to Trump rallies… The biggest racist in this country is “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan, and he tells his followers to use violence… CNN’s Jim Acosta is “concerned” that Trump would call the media “the enemy of the people,” even though he’s one of the worst examples of it… If the media doesn’t like being called “the enemy of the people,” they should stop BEING the enemy of the people…

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Mueller's Credibility

He has none. He threw that away right after being appointed, when he hired 13 KNOWN anti-Trump Dumocrats to be his staff. One that attended Hillary’s “victory party” before she realized she had been whupped. Another was an FBI man who was having an affair with another anti-Trumper, both of who were unalterably OPPOSED to anything Donald Trump ever did. Then there were all the other people, some of whom had worked on Hillary’s campaign, or the campaigns of other Dumocrats. Just about every one of them had reasons to want to FRAME Trump for anything they could. The bias of every member of his staff is not in question to anybody but other Dumocrats.

RUSSIANS ARE MEDDLING: They have been meddling in our elections forever, starting when it became technologicly possible for them to do so. And they continue, to this day, and will continue to do so well into the future, until we find a way to put a stop to it. But that has NOTHING to do with President Trump. They did "collude" with Hillary. But nobody's interested in that. The Dumocrats refuse to admit it, but they had nothing to do with him being elected president. The American PEOPLE did. They voted for him in numbers Dumocrats could not believe. The Dumocrats CLAIM she won the popular vote, and that might be true, since she was able to phony up millions of votes. But that’s not how we elect presidents, and it has been that way from the beginning, to stop the very things she, and her crew did.

ISSUE OF THE WEEK: Recently it was “bump stocks.” Now it’s “3D printed guns.” Today’s issue is, as usual, all over the liberal media. The anti-gun fools wouldn’t know what to do with themselves without the “issue of the week.” At one time it was “gun-free zones.” Then they got a bunch of them authorized by gullible politicians and then moved on to something else. Like making people pass background checks to buy BULLETS. Or putting tiny numbers on all gun parts. Never mind that’s almost impossible to do. They make laws to REQUIRE it be done. They never listen to reason. Liberals have gone on record as saying logic and reason do not exist. That way, they do not have to USE logic, OR reason in what they do.

WORLD RENOWNED GUN EXPERT”: CNN interviews world renowned gun expert, teenage BS artist David Hogg. How did he get to be an expert? The anti-gun fools painted him that way because he happened to end up close to where some of his student friends were being killed by a mass shooter. He CLAIMS to have been right there, dodging bullets. But that’s doubtful. I think he just seized upon that to get his “fifteen minutes of fame.” Well, he got it. Bought and paid for by the anti-gun fools, so they could use a “bona-fide victim” as a spokesman. Never mind everything he says is wrong.

DEMOCRAT FOR MASS MURDER: Apparently Bobby Smith, a Kentucky politician, figures the best way to win political arguments is to hang all those who disagree with you. His party? Surprise, surprise! He’s a Dumocrat! He is stupid enough to come right out and say what all Dumocrats think, but won’t admit. He’s running for a judgeship, and is apparently supporting the lynching of all those he calls “good ol’ boys,” those who disagree with him. This is the kind of politician we need to permanently retire. Unfortunately most of them HIDE their tendencies toward mass murder for their opponents AND their wish to disarm ALL Americans.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Headline: “Democrats Start Name Calling.” That’s not news. A political argument with a Dumocrat only lasts about 30 seconds before he starts calling you names, instead of trying to answer your arguments logically. That’s how they win… Good luck on that. 85 year old Justice Ginsberg says she’s going to hang on until after Trump is (hopefully) out of office and a Dumocrat has replaced him. I got a clue for ya, Ginsy. Odds are against that… “Mad Max(ine)” Waters is “the face of the Dumocrat Party. They deny it every time it is brought up. But they can’t avoid it, so good luck with that… Anti Trump damned foolishness: A woman rammed her car into a SUV because it displayed a Trump sticker. Now tell me anti-Trumpism isn’t a sickness… CNN’s Acosta whines to Sarah Sanders about Trump calling the liberal media “the enemy of the people.” Yet it is people like Acosta who MAKE it that…

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Hey! A REAL Justice!

If Trump’s latest appointee to the Supreme Court is affirmed, it’s good news for those who wish the Supreme Court would just do what they are SUPPOSED to do: figure out if a law follows the constitution, or not. Lately, the Court has not done that. It has “made it’s own law.” It has ruled, based on FOREIGN LAW. Everything BUT the Constitution of the United States of America, which it is MANDATED to do. It is supposed to be a “last resort” to keep ignorant politicians from violating the Constitution with their many stupid laws. And that is the most noticeable on gun control. Each and every “gun control law” now in force is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Why? Because they are an ABRIDGMENT on the Second Amendment right that says “the right to be armed shall not be abridged."

TAX BREAK FOR THE RICH: That’s the favorite mantra (LIE) of the Dumocrats whenever taxes are reduced by a Republican. Never mind the many people who benefit from such reductions—and I’m not talking about “the rich.” They just can’t admit that tax breaks are for EVERYBODY, including the rich, who PRODUCE most of the riches, anyway, by their ideas and industry. They CREATE more economic greatness than anybody. Without the rich, there are NO JOBS. Another Dumocrat mantra is that “the rich don’t pay their fair share” of taxes. Yet the government’s own figures (IRS) show that the rich pay MOST taxes paid, period. What would be their “fair share?” 100% of all taxes paid?

ARE THE REMAINS REAL? I just watched VP Pence receive what is claimed to be the remains of 55 American heroes from the Korean War. I’m glad to see that the UN flags have been replaced by the proper American Flags on their containers, which are not proper caskets. To have them returned (if, they are indeed, American soldiers in those boxes) under UN flags is an INSULT. Yes, they fought under that flag, but they died under the AMERICAN flag, and they deserve to be buried under an American Flag. Frankly, I wouldn’t put it past Kim Jong Stupid to send us random Korean dead, for which he is responsible, while laughing up his sleeve at how he fooled us.

BECOMING THE NORM”: That’s what the Colorado Springs police chief said, after yet another cop was shot. And he’s right. Way too many holders of ILLEGAL guns are shooting, and sometimes KILLING cops, who are just doing their jobs, trying to keep the rest of us safe. You can thank such as the “Black Lives Matter” crowd, who CLAIM that cops shoot too many black men. Something they can’t prove, because there are no stats to prove it, and it's not true. You can also thank those who BUY, and spew the fiction that cops go out each day, trying to see how many black men they can kill. The fact is, just about ALL the black men the cops kill are shooting at them, or are just about to.

UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES: Obama hates it, but he became the best gun salesman on the planet when he did his best to DISARM all Americans. Now lawmakers all over are trying to ban 3D printed guns, which will make them irresistible and promote more and more sales to people who otherwise might not even want one. That is the “unintended consequence” of all their efforts to make it impossible for law-abiding Americans to have the means for self defense. Bad for them, good for us. And they don’t even realize it. Anti-gun fools flail and flail around and try valiantly to disarm us—and largely, they fail.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Obama lies and says there wasn’t a single scandal during his administration. All that means is that he didn’t RECOGNIZE any of them as scandals… The Philadelphia mayor has stopped giving ICE access to “real time” arrest records. Won’t provide them with information so they can do their jobs and enforce the law… It is said that the Muslim “religion” is the fastest growing. It’s not hard to grow when you tell people, “convert or die,” as they’re doing in Iraq… Giuliani said Trump’s former lawyer was honorable, until he found out just how DIShonorable he was… They’re saying it’s time to debunk the claims that Obama was tough on terror. Hell, he didn’t even know there WAS terror, or terrorists!… Hollywood liberals are saying, “We’re tired of the character assassination!” Then why in hell don’t they STOP it? They are the biggest character assassins…

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

"Thank God for Murder!"

That’s what they’re saying in New York City in the LGBTQ(XYZ) parade. Actually, the signs read, “Thank God for Abortion!” I never thought I’d see a parade float celebrating the MURDER of unborn, defenseless BABIES! But that’s exactly what this is. Liberals accused returning soldiers from Viet Nam of being “baby killers,” when they were NOT. Now they ARE the “baby killers,” and unashamedly so. They’re even CELEBRATING the MURDER of millions of babies! One participant (whose name I will not mention) even had her own float, to celebrate the number of defenseless babies she has MURDERED. This is the kind of thing Germany suffered from during WWII, but that was under Nazi rule. If they disagreed, they would DIE.

DECLARING HIS STUPIDITY: The best way to get rid of the gun control foolishness is to stop electing anti-gun fools. It’s easy to do, usually, because the fools who want to take away our constitutional right to self defense, and to own and use the means to that end, a gun, really think the whole country is behind them. So they willingly ANNOUNCE it. Very few anti-gun fools HIDE their intentions. In Minneapolis, a mayoral candidate wants to disarm the COPS! The people who have to go up against the holders of ILLEGAL guns, daily. The people who will die first if that ever happens. If it ever happens, all the cops should resign.

CIVIL FORFEITURE IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Cops can TAKE your car if you commit a small crime like having an ounce of pot in it. Or take your HOUSE if your KIDS are found to have coke in it. The whole concept of civil forfeiture was begun when they passed the RICO laws, to take away the money drug dealers, who had a lot of it, could use to defend themselves when arrested. The “authorities freely admit that, apparently not knowing that action effectively took away any chance those drug dealers had to defend themselves against the charges. The Constitution GUARANTEES the right of every citizen to be “secure in their person and their possessions. This law VIOLATES that, in every way.

THE LIBERALS’ DOWNFALL: They think Trump and all his supporters are stupid, while he (and they) run rings around them at every turn. And they’re not even smart enough to understand that. They think he wanders the halls of the White House muttering to himself, and spends too much time watching television. Every time he “steals a march” on them, they belittle it, and believe their belittling. By so doing, they concede the field TO him, whether or not they know it. They really believe they are going to win back control of Congress in the next election because all their friends (all liberals) seem to agree with them.

MEDICARE FOR ALL: That’s one of the stupidest ideas I’ve ever heard. It’s PURE socialism (collectivisim). Who gets to pay for it? The producer of new wealth, of course. Who benefits? Those who produce NO new wealth. The “drones” of society. Medicare for all would cost the government $32 TRILLION dollars, and require taxes so high nobody could pay them and have any money left to pay their own bills—and that’s what socialists want. They want all people DEPENDENT upon the government, so they can “make rules” to CONTROL them. It’s all about CONTROL, using other people’s money. That’s what socialism is all about: using other people’s money to control everybody, INCLUDING those who pay the bills.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was asked how she’s going to pay for all that “free stuff” she is promising, and her answer was simple: “higher taxes for producers.” A typical way for socialists to pay for their promises. Steal from the producer to give to the NON-producer… Socialists like Ocasio-Cortez always talk about “the rich paying their fair share,” completely ignoring the unalterable FACT that the rich pay MOST of the taxes paid… A former top Obama official has taken a look at the recent GDP (under Trump) and said that “Obama led us out of the great recession.” Never mind Obama was the first, and ONLY president under which there was NEVER a year with as much as a 3% GDP. They really think we will believe this crap. These people are really ignorant… 

Monday, August 6, 2018

"Nobody Can Do It!"

But Trump did it. Obama threw up his hands and told Trump he was crazy when he said his goal was 4% growth in his first year. Obama proved (AGAIN) HIS INCOMPETENCE when he told us 1% growth was “the new normal,” and that there was NO WAY we’d ever hit 4% growth. So Trump went out and did it. He even EXCEEDED it, making it 4.1%! Obama’s incompetence almost caused this country to go bankrupt, and he was WRONG! As usual. He tried to reduce expectations, so his replacement (Hillary, he thought) wouldn’t have to work any harder than he had.

RACIST IT IS NOT: The liberals have a new favorite epithet to throw at anyone who doesn’t agree with their silly ideas. It is “racist!” They will twist anything into knots to make it LOOK like racism. A good example is something that happened recently. A scholar used the word “niggardly” in one of his theses, and the liberals went insane, claiming “he used the “N” word! Never mind the word “niggardly” has nothing to do with race. It is a word used for a long time to describe someone who is extremely parsimonious, and cheap to a fault. That was a tactic made famous by Barack Obama, who promised that if we elected him we would END racism for all time. Then he proceeded to accuse everyone who disagreed with him of racism.

GUN CONTROL DOESN’T WORK: I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, as many times as it takes for the fools who want to control access to guns for the law-abiding while ignoring it for the law BREAKERS to become intelligent enough to understand. Gun control only makes it easier for lawbreakers to victimize the law-abiding. Criminals and other miscreants love gun control laws because they understand that those laws ONLY apply to the law-abiding, and they can “do their business” without fear (for the most part) that the law-abiding (who usually aren’t the problem) will not be armed, and able to defend against them.

NEXT: PLASTIC BOX CUTTERS: The anti-gun fools are, as usual, thrashing around, doing the wrong thing. They’re so afraid somebody’s going to get something up on them, they focus on “the issue of the month,” which in this case is 3D printed plastic guns, completely ignoring everything else. While the bad guys concentrate on everything else. Whatever they ban, the bad guys come up with something else for them to ban, next, And so on, and so on, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Meanwhile, people die because the bad guys seem always to be one step ahead of their bans.

DEFENSIVE GUN USE RISES: The anti-gun fools will paint it as a bad thing, as more and more law-abiding LEGAL gun owners shoot the bad guys who try and victimize them with their ILLEGAL guns. They’ll call it, “more gun violence,” as more and more people defend themselves against the bad guys with their own LEGAL guns. They just can’t tell the difference between honest people defending themselves and the bad guys victimizing them. Or they just don’t want to. Every time a gun sends a bullet down the barrel is a “gun crime” to them, and they use it to improve their phony numbers.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Mad Max(ine) Waters s unhinged. She’s plainly INSANE, and should be hauled off the public stage in a strait jacket. Every day she comes out with more and more unhinged pronouncements. Her latest is that Trump is using racist tactics he got from Putin. Of course, she cites no basis for that because there isn’t any. Now she says, “God sent me to get Trump.” Which tells us a lot bout HER…  Nancy Peelosi tends to reduce things that get in her way to trivialities. Just as she reduced 9/11 to an “incident” the other day. I guess 3,000 innocent dead weren’t very important to her… Word is Trump’s former lawyer, who illicitly recorded his conversations, is going to lose his law license. That’s long overdue… In California, apparently they don’t have enough real crime to fight, so they JAIL people for having plastic straws…