Saturday, January 2, 2016

"It Was Cuz of Anti-Muslim Violence"

The Muslim who set his mosque on fire says he did it because of “escalating anti-Muslim violence.” So I guess he decided to join in. His thinking wasn't too logical, however. But then, there is no logic in ANY Muslim thinking where non-Muslims are concerned. He did it to frame non-Muslims for it, but he got caught. So now he's flailing around trying to find a plausible excuse, and not finding one. But he's apparently not intelligent enough to know that. He proved that by what he did.

OBAMA'S RESOLUTION: Take away the constitutional right of Americans to be armed in self-defense. He doesn't put it like that, but that's what it amounts to. He SAYS he just wants to “stop gun violence.” But the laws he wants to pass do nothing of the sort. All they do is deny Americans the right to defend themselves against all criminals, even those wearing badges. It was the ones wearing badges the founders had in mind when they attached the Second Amendment to the Constitution. And that's what liberal politicians don't like about it. They want to “run roughshod” over us, and they can't as long as the Constitution exists, so they're trying HARD to discredit it.

WOMAN MADE FROM PENIS BONE: That's what “scholars” are saying, today. That because of a simple mistranslation of the word to mean “rib,” woman was created from Adam's “penis bone.” Word is, all male animals but man have a “penis bone,” and that's what happened to it. So they're expected to survive without it. I've heard some real “out there” theories, but this takes the cake, and is a massive INSULT to women.

COMPARING TRUMP TO NAZIS: An ACLU member recently compared Trump to Goebbels, and other Nazis, and then threatened to KILL people who voted for him. That pretty much sums up the caliber of those who are against Donald Trump. They know he is going to get rid of many little “fiefdoms,” and they're afraid theirs is going to be one of them. He speaks the truth and that scares the hell out of them. There's NOBODY who is more of an “outsider” and LESS of a politician—and that frightens them, too.

PROFESSIONAL POLITICAL CLASS: One of the loudest criticisms of Donald Trump is that he is not a politician. So the hell WHAT? The founders of this country—the writers of our treasured Constitution, WANTED it that way. But that has been corrupted by the many “professional politicians” who have invaded this government. Several I know of have been in Congress until they were 90 or more! And they DIED in office! Some went into office right out of school and stayed there until they DIED! That's not how it was planned. This was to be a "citizen government."

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