Sunday, January 3, 2016

Criticized for Logic

Donald Trump has been heavily criticized by liberals and Muslims already here for saying the logical thing, that we should STOP the immigration of Muslims into this country UNTIL this government finds out what the hell it is DOING and is able to separate the “peaceable” Muslims from the haters who want to kill as many “unbelievers” as they can. Anything that inhibits Muslims, in any way, is criticized by the MORONS who just can't understand the danger Islamic terrorists present IN America.

TRUMP FOLLOWERS RACIST”: That's what the world's worst racist, (“Calypso Louie”) Farrakhan says. Does anybody (but his personal thugs) care a whit what Louie says? He's even LESS than not important. He is a “race baiter personified.” But his racism is black against white racism, and it has made him rich after he saw to it his predecessor was killed.. White against black racism had almost disappeared in this country until people like Louie, Al, uh, Sharpton, Jesse Jerkson, led by Obama, “whipped it up.”

HILLARY CRUSH TRUMP? That's what many commentators say, both on the left and the right. But those who do are MORONS. Trump has SHOWN his winning power, winning against all the dirty tricks the Democrats, AND the Republicans have thrown at him. Hillary is just one more “dirty trick.” The only reason she leads the Democrat polls is that she has only TWO opponents(while Trump has many more to dilute the numbers), one an ADMITTED socialist, the other unknown outside of his own state. Hillary is close to being indicted for FELONIES. Unless she pulls another “dirty trick. She CAN'T win in a REAL election.

THEY'RE GETTING DESPERATE: The anti-gun fools are getting desperate in their attempts to take away out right to self-defense, and to own and use the means to that end, a gun. Nothing they've done has worked. They've been stymied at every turn. Obama himself has confessed his frustration. So now they're accusing the NRA of cheating on their taxes. They don't have anything else. So now they're “clutching at straws.” and the NRA will whip them again, and they will come up with something even more absurd.

WHY NOT ELECT TRUMP? His enemies, Even in his own party, say electing him will create a disaster. But that disaster is only for THEM, because he has PROMISED to “upset their applecarts” and destroy many little Fiefdoms. If I were them, I'd be afraid of him, too. Now he has promised to UNDO all Obama's “administrative actions,” especially those involving guns. What better reason is there TO vote for him. The idea that his election would be a disaster is horse manure, and they know it.

ONLY THE COPS”: Obama and his cronies say that, “Only the cops are competent to have guns,” which is such a STUPID thing to say it is an absurd on it's face. NOBODY with any intelligence believes that crap. Cops are no more competent to have guns than other human beings. ALL people can be competent to have guns if they obtain the proper training in safe gun handling and marksmanship. What Obama means is, “We WANT them to THINK that only cops are competent to have guns, so we can take theirs away and they will be defenseless when criminals (including those with badges) come to victimize them.

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