Tuesday, June 30, 2015

10th Amendment Next

Obama and his accomplices in crime, now that they have destroyed the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution. The one that tells us that the STATES are PRE-EMINENT when it's a question of the power of either the states, or the federal government. What that means is that, on the basis of not one, but TWO constitutional amendments, their ruling about “gay marriage" is unconstitutional. Of course, as long as Obama is in charge, the “fix is in,” and no matter what the Constitution says, it'll go his way. And he and his accomplices in crime are even now coming up with their scam to discredit the Tenth Amendment.

ALL REPUBLICANS RUNNING: At least, it seems like it. With NJ Governor Chris Christie's announcement he's running, that brings the number to 14. I note the suspicious absence of Sarah Palin from that “august group.” Why? Because Democrats and Republicans alike are frightened of this woman because she speaks the entire truth, and they have worked together to discredit her. My own doctor, who is a staunch Republican, is convinced she is “unelectable,” so nobody (but people like me who live in the real world) seems to be able to understand otherwise. The same seems to be true across the spectrum of politics. But she is eminently electable, and that's what frightens Democrats, and “The Old Guard” Republicans.

PEDOPHILES UNITE! Now that gay marriage has become legal in all 50 states (illegally) pedophiles are beginning their march toward legitimacy for having sex with children. They're claiming that theirs is “just one more sexual orientation just like heterosexuality or homosexuality and that it should be “legalized.” Apparently today, there is no perversion that will not be “legalized” by this liberal Supreme Court (regardless of what the Constitution says), and I expect them to legalize pedophilia before long, and people (like me) who are against it will be labeled as bigots. Don't think so? Just wait.

THEY WANT SHARIA LAW: A new poll by the Center for Security Policy says that HALF of Muslims living in America would LIKE to be living under Sharia Law. It really amazes me that fully HALF of an entire people could be so stupid. If that's what they want, why did they emigrate to the United States, where there is NO CHANCE of Sharia Law ever becoming a legal entity? Maybe they should just go back where they came from if they want to live under this abomination of a system of law. But they mostly came here to make trouble, so they're “staying put.”

FREEDOM FROM RELIGION”: That seems to be the way liberals look at “freedom OF religion” in this country, and they work HARD to ELIMINATE religion from our life, claiming that's what the Constitution required. Of course, as with most things they preach, that's wrong. What the Constitution says is that “Congress WILL make NO LAWS (NO LAWS!) regarding religion or the practice thereof.” It does NOT say that religion should be ELIMINATED from life in America. What amazes me is that Vladmir Putrid...er, uh, Putin, Russian “big boss,” is criticizing us for “abandoning God,” when the communists and socialists in Russia have ALWAYS been against God.

HALAL MEALS FOR PRISONERS: Muslims are working assiduously for “Halal Meals” for ALL prisoners in American prisons, whether they're Muslim or not. Whether they want it or not is also ignored. They want it, so they'll probably get it, in Obama's Muslim-loving America. Bit by bit, little by little, they're “inserting themselves” into American society, like the “camel's nose”, and soon they'll be FULLY “in the tent,” and we'll be outside. And the way Obama and his accomplices treat everything they demand, soon they'll be in charge of most everything.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Get Your Guns, Israelites

The “Islamic State in Palestine” (Which is only a name. It doesn't exist as a legal entity.) has sent a message to Israelites: “Prepare for revenge.” I guess that means they mean to come and kill as many Jews as they can (So what else is new?). My advice is, “get your guns” and meet them with a hail of lead if they try it. Palestinians need to be “slapped down,” and this is the way to do it. When they come to kill you, kill as many of THEM as you can with overwhelming force.. It's the only thing they understand.

ABC IGNORES IT'S OWN POLL: The results must have not been what they wanted. “You know that the results have to really be unpleasant; they have to really stink for a major news network to run a poll, and then not bother to talk about the poll on the air. But, hey, that’s media bias for you when it comes to Obamacare. Again, the “fix is in,” and they'll never reveal the results of their poll if it doesn't say what they want it to say. Today's world is “screwed up like Hogan's goat,” and most people haven't a clue it is.. It's “going to hell in a hand-basket,” and they don't realize that, either. Washington Post told the truth, that Obamacare approval was at an “all-time low” of 39%.

SHUTTING UP DOCTORS: Dr. Paul Church, who has been on the staff of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for 30 years is being harassed by the COURTS, fergawdsakes, for telling gays about the DANGERS of gay sex! There is already one court decision against him, and he is in danger of losing his research position because he DARED to open his mouth about the dangers of gay sex. What the hell are they AFRAID of, to go after a doctor in this way for telling the truth? And since when can the First Amendment be so ignored by the courts?

ENDED IN A BETTER WAY?” The governor of New York says the hunt for those two escaped murderers “couldn't have ended in a better way.” I disagree. It would have been much better if that cop had aimed better and just killed this one, too. He was already in for life without parole for killing a cop, and then running him over with a car to make sure he was dead. The State of New York, being run by wimpy liberals, HAS no death penalty, so when cops get a chance with guys like this, for whom there is no worse punishment than they're already subjected to, should just shoot to kill, on sight,

DIVIDE AND CONQUER”: Brooke McEldowney, the artist who draws “Pibgorn” comic strip, hasn't put much work into that strip lately, but he came up with a “basic truth” this morning: “To divide and conquer is the act of an enemy. When you hear it emanating from the highest offices in the land, you know who you're dealing with.” That describes the actions of Barack Hussein Obama perfectly. Everything he does seems designed to divide this country into two groups: Gays against straights, religious people against non-religious people, etc., and as many other groups as possible. Obama is clearly an ENEMY that we need to get rid of.

STOP ME ON THE SIDEWALK”: Former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says that “People stop me on the sidewalk to thank me for Obamacare.” What an amazing imagination this fool has. That's like  Sen. Harry Reid's imaginary friends who tell him things that support his positions. Only stupid people would thank her for a program that has brought RUIN to America's heath system, DOUBLED the insurance rates while it institutes “co-pays” in the $THOUSANDS, making it completely UNAFFORDABLE, I don't know—unless they're as stupid as she is. Why ANYBODY would thank her for that is beyond me. I think it's a product of her fevered imagination.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

"It's Not Normal"

One of the latest things the global warming fools are saying is that “climate deniers” are “not normal.” Frankly, I think THEY are the ones who are “not normal.” Where the hell do THEY get off defining "normal?" They take that “phony science” that relies on “computer models” to predict disaster while soliciting money from global warming “believers" to create more lying computer models they can cite for their “flights of fancy.” Now they're resorting to demanding “deniers” be PUNISHED for denying their fool notions because they can't answer the questions they raise.

"GAY MARRIAGE IS GOD'S WILL": It amazes me how people grab onto something that is an abomination and call it “God's will.” In any case, I don't think God cares if men screw men and women screw women, or if SCOTUS affirms it by making up a rule. There is NO “God's will” involved. It's arrogance that leads people to “co-opt” God in this way. I've seen this phenomenon in other areas of politics, and it disturbs me to see it. Nobody really knows what is "God's will," even if they read the Bible carefully. The BIble was not written by God. It was written by MEN. Men with a lot less education that people have today, and a lot more superstition.

NO GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER”: In another Obama “big lie,”: he now says “Obamacare is not, and never has been, a government takeover of health care..” Man, this guy must really agree with that professor who thinks that the American people are really stupid, to believe THAT stupidity. How many times a week lately has he selected something we all know to be happening, and then assure it it is not happening when we all know it IS. For him to think we are as stupid as he seems to think we are, reflects a lot of stupidity on his part.

NOW IT'S A FLAG: After a confirmed racist shot up a church, killing nine people, including its pastor, who was so short-sighted he helped ban guns from his church, liberals have seized upon the Confederate Flag, long an icon of the DEMOCRAT Party (which most of them don't even know), to “demonize.” It's yet another attempt to divide this country into TWO CAMPS, one AGAINST taking this flag down (while leaving the Nazi flag alone), the other IN FAVOR. Again, it gives the Gullible Americans something to squabble about so they ignored Obama's many crimes. Those of us with BRAINS are not fooled.

MORE ATTACKS: In yet another attack on constitutional rights, SCOTUS warns that churches could lose their tax-free status if they oppose gay marriage. This is yet another effort to CRUSH opposition to gay marriage. It's not legal. In fact, it's patently ILLEGAL. But hey! Obama is “in charge,” so nobody cares. He's violated the Constitution so many times, in so many ways already,this is just one more instance. And until somebody with gonads speaks up, he will continue to violate it. I can't say for sure, but I think this is the same way dictators “took over” in Russia and Germany. I'll keep saying so until they yank me up by the scruff of my neck and put a stop to me.

IT'S MY HOUSE!” That was Obama's answer to a heckler during one of his interminable lie-fests the other day. I got a clue for ya, Barack: It AIN'T “YOUR HOUSE!” It's OUR HOUSE! Mine and that heckler's, as citizens of this country. You're only a time-limited GUEST in that house.. Maybe he was rude to interrupt your speech as a GUEST in OUR HOUSE, but the fact remains it's NOT “your house,” and never will be. You're a cocky SOB who thinks he OWNS America, but you're wrong. And if you try to “take it,” you're gonna get “slapped down.”

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Destroying Freedom of Religion

Barack Hussein Obama thinks he's the king. He has now told his followers to “help” people “forget” their religious convictions. It's as if the Constitution never existed. Forget their convictions? Not a chance! A “conviction” is just that. Not subject to change, even if six fools in black robes decree it at his orders. I wish I knew why somebody tried to kill Ronald Reagan. He never did ANYTHING as outrageous as Obama does, every day. I guess Joe in the next seat down is good insurance against assassination. But I think that insurance is growing thin. Obama is going WAY too far. I really fear that we might soon lose yet another president. I guess liberals are easier to incite to murder than are conservatives.

IT'S UNDER ATTACK: Freedom of religion is one of our basic human rights, recognized by the Constitution. And it's under attack. The “certification” by the Supreme Court that gay marriage was “okay” was a turning point in that attack, with the president himself telling us we need to “change our religious convictions” that a person of the same sex could not “marry” another of the same sex, and now California passing a law FORCING people who have religious convictions against vaccination to get them anyway is just one more example of ignoring our constitutionally-guaranteed religious conviction. Obama will always be known as the president who destroyed our Constitution.

WHITES DON'T CARE ABOUT BLACKS”: “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan says, “Whites don't care about blacks,” and he is one of the biggest reasons if that is true. Why should anybody care about people who go around spouting “Kill whitey!” If anybody doesn't like (certain) blacks, there's a good reason. But nobody hates blacks who don't buy Farrakhan's bullsh-t. If people don't like him and his fools, they've brought it on themselves. You just can't talk about killing people without making them mad.

GOVERNED BY SHARIA? A recent poll shows that about half of Muslim-Americans want to be governed by Shartia Law. They also think (25% of them) that violence against Americans IN America can be justified as part of the global Jihad. I think they just gave us justification for deporting ALL Muslims and refusing entry to the rest. They also think violence against Americans for “insulting the prophet” is justified. What about their insults to Jesus? Is violence against Muslims for that justified? No. Their “justified violence” is always one-sided. I think it's instructive that this “poll” was only with 600 Muslims out of the millions living here.

MISPLACED PRIORITIES (AGAIN): The world is justifiably worried about the two escaped convicts in New York. They should be. There's no telling how many innocent people those two could kill before being caught. But nobody is worried about the 30,000 convicted killers Obama caused to be RELEASED into society. That's because they're illegal aliens, who seem to be “special cases.” They've killed 121 people since then, and no telling how many since that number was released. But nobody seems to be worried about them. Nobody's even LOOKING for them. What the hell is wrong with Obama? And what's wrong with this country for putting up with his crimes?

THEY'RE IN TROUBLE: If Ted Cruz's obsession with video games is all the left has to criticize Ted Cruz about, they're in big trouble. I'm sure they're digging deep, every day, trying to find something, ANYTHING to use in derailing his bid for the presidency so he won't “upset their applecart” by taking it away from them. Maybe they should follow him into the bathroom to see if he sits down to pee. That'd be like them. Making a big thing over nothing in their quest to keep power so they can disrupt as many lives as possible. Maybe if they'd spend less time and money on that and more on governing, they'd stop being so incompetent at governing. Everywhere liberals are in charge, they're in trouble. And, of course, they deny it's their incompetence that's at fault.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Fools Support Sharia Law

Sharia Law is the ENEMY of the constitution. It suppresses freedom and makes speaking your mind (if you disagree with the government) subject you to a death sentence. It makes it a capital crime to do nothing more than draw a PICTURE of”the prophet.” It subjects women to what amounts to slavery while allowing men to do almost anything they want with regard to women. It's incomprehensible to me why many Americans like it, and would like to replace our constitution-based rule of law. I can only assume they are FOOLS.

ARE YOU HOMOPHOBIC?” That's a question being asked now all over the place. As if being against homosexuality was, somehow, a mental aberration. Just like Islamophobic says the same about being against radical Muslims. Both terms are “made-up words,” designed to limit or END any criticism of either position. I have nothing against homosexuality as long as they don't push it into my face. I DO have something against radical Islam, and that does NOT constitute a mental aberration, no matter how much they try and make it so.

SCOTUS ABANDONS JOB: Then Supreme Court has ONE job: to decide in any case, whether one side or the other follows the Constitution—NOT decide what's good or bad, based on their own prejudices. Increasingly, recently, the heavily-liberal-weighted Supreme Court has made decisions based on just that: their own prejudices, not on the meaning of what the Constitution says. That's what they did the other day, when they decided it was okay for the feds to pay for subsidies, even if the state didn't. They've been “making their own law” that way for some time, now.

NOT THEIR JOB: They said they have to figure out the INTENT of the legislature, not whether or not a thing is constitutional or not. That ISN'T in their “job description.” It's not, in any way, their job to discover “legislative intent” and rule, based on that. Anybody who thinks otherwise needs only to read the Constitution itself, with an open mind. But then, if nobody questions their decisions, how are we to “straighten them out?” Do I DARE to “instruct the Supreme Court?” Absolutely, when they perform so miserably badly. Apparently today, they're nothing but a “rubber stamp” for Obama—at least six of them are.

FOX FIRES BECKEL: It's official. Bob Beckel is no longer a part of Fox's “The Five.” I've suspected it for a long time, all the while Fox insisted he was just “on sick leave” due to back surgery. But that was just a smoke screen. Fox says they “tried to work with him,” but it became impossible. Not surprising, Beckel being an inveterate liberal and always willing to push things in his direction, talking over the others and even using nasty language. I predict Juan Williams will be his permanent replacement.

HILLARY: “ALL OF MY E-MAILS”: Hillary Clinton swears she gave the Congress ALL her e-mails, when we all know that's a LIE. There's a good reason why she summarily DELETED thousands of e-mails she CALLS “personal.” We know better. Why would she suddenly delete so many e-mails AFTER the Congress subpoenaed them unless there was something incriminating in them? Does she really expect us to believe her bullsh-t? I know Congress will, because :"the fix is in.” Even if she HAD turned them ALL over, nothing would have happened. That's the way it is when a Democrat is “in trouble.” They “go through the motions” but nothing ever comes of it.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

"It Warn't Apurpose"

That's what the IRS says about “wiping” all backup tapes after Congress asked for them. Do you believe that? Do you believe ANY of their attempts at saying there was not a “coverup” in progress? Do you believe Lois Lerner's “computer went down” AND the backup tapes got wiped “by accident?” If we used a feeble excuse like that about our tax records, we'd never see the outside of a jail again. That's the equivalent of “the dog ate my homework.” But watch, while the Congress accepts their lies and leaves the alone.

ANGRY AND FED UP”: Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson (who is black) said that is what many white people are when they hear such things as what was said by a member of “The Nation of Islam” at a rally in Charleston, SC the other day. He said, “We need to complete the mission, kill the slavemasters.” If a white man said something like that, he'd soon be in a jail cell for fomenting murder. But this was said by Malik Subu Shabazz, a patently phony name for a black troublemaker with the “Nation of Islam.” We need to start enforcing the laws against fomenting violence against people like that, as well as against white people. I judge people as INDIVIDUALS, and I judge this individual to be a troublemaker and a fool.

THEY'VE ALREADY STARTED: I predicted that the fools out there wouldn't be satisfied with the banning of the Confederate Flag, and I was right (Way before Rush Limbaugh predicted it). “Nation of Islam” leader (who murdered Malcolm X to get his position) is already calling for the banning of the AMERICAN Flag. I don't know what logic he's using (if any) in demanding this, but I'm not surprised, He's THAT stupid. Somebody needs to put this rabble-rouser in jail so he can't create more problems.

IT'S AGAINST THE LAW? This film maker (James O'Keefe) was detained by the feds “for investigating the federal government.” Is that against the law, now? I guess we've slid smoothly into a dictatorship, where investigating the federal government can target you for many problems, including keeping track of your movements and detaining you every time they get a chance. I wouldn't be surprised if soon, that included jail time, at Obama's order. Like the DHS revoking one of their investigators' gun ownership rights after transferring her to “nowhere land” for investigating THEM.

POPPING CHAMPAGNE CORKS: They're popping champagne corks in the White House today as the Supreme Court ruled, for the second time, in favor of Obama and his health care swindle that has generally DOUBLED health insurance rates and taken away our right to choose our own doctors and hospitals, after he repeatedly LIED and said it would not. Obama didn't even think the SC should even take up this question, but will probably ibe all smiles after it ruled in his favor.

TARGETING WOMEN: The Southern Poverty Law Center (SLPC), itself an extremist left-leaning organization That LIES about people to put them on their various “lists,” have effectively painted targets on the backs of 12 prominent women by putting their names on their “list” of prominent women who have spoken out against radical Islam. Ann Coulter is delighted. She says it's an “honor” to even be considered for one of their “lists.” As one who is most likely on several of their “lists,” I agree. Critics call it a “hit list” for Islamic terrorists, making it easier for the feeble minds of those fools to figure out who to kill for “saying bad things” (truth) about radical Muslims. Cathy Adams, president of Texas Eagle Forum, thinks their “list” is not nearly as important as they think it is. I agree fully.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Autopsy Report

The leaked autopsy report that inexperienced, young female “state's attorney” tried to suppress to cover up her own incompetence did tell a story. He died from “blunt force trauma” they attribute to “tough driving” on the part of the cop driving the “wagon,.” and him not being strapped in Good luck on proving that. For my part, it just proves that he was beating his head against the wall, trying to incriminate the arresting officers, planning on accusing them of “police brutality.” Any halfway decent lawyer could make that work. That still doesn't rise to second degree murder. It's an accidental death, at most, and MAYBE a violation of protocol.

DON'T BAN CONFEDERATE FLAG: There's a movement now to BAN the Confederate Flag, or any image containing it, right down to the car in that ubiquitous television show involving an orange-colored car (“Dukes of Hazard”). Don't do it. If you do, you will begin a “slippery slope” that, in today's world, will end up banning the U. S. Flag. They never banned the Nazi Flag, and the image that invokes is a lot worse. Anybody who would fly that flag today, illustrates their own feeble-mindedness, anyway. And we need something to point them out.

OBAMA MAKES IT WORSE: After RELEASING 30,000 illegal alien MURDERERS so they can murder some more people (they cooperated by killing 121 people between 2010 and 2014) and who knows how many since. Now he's directing his people when they “troll” prisons and jails to IGNORE illegal immigrant prisoners incarcerated there. What the hell's WRONG with this fool? Does he plan on figuring out reasons to release other killers from prison and turning them loose on this society? This is a FOUL CRIME and he should be punished as an accessory to EVERY MURDER committed by those he ordered released.

UP 3 TO 4 FEET: Obama is going about saying that, “In out lifetime, if we don't do something, the ocean levels are going to go up 3 to 4 feet. How much bullsh-t does he expect us to swallow? There's nothing in REAL climate science to support these lies, but he doesn't care. By the time they find out for sure he's lying, we'll ALL be dead, anyway, of old age (him, too). And he will have reaped the benefit of fooling all the idiots at which he's aiming these lies. NOAA's own data shows the world has COOLED 10 degrees in the last 10 years.

JUST LIKE I SAID: They aren't going to stop with the Confederate Flag. They're already calling for the banning of what they call the “Fascist, anti-Christian, Gay Parade Flag.” I wouldn't want to fly that flag, but, under the First amendment, I would have that right, even if people hated it. That's what freedom of expression is all about. You can't ban it just because it infuriates you.

DON'T PAY RANSOMS: The feds actually threatened prosecution of a mother who was negotiating to pay a ransom for the release of her son by Islamic terrorists. Then they changed their minds and put a “price tag” on all of us who wander into their clutches by saying it's now okay for private people who WILL pay ransom, even if they still won't. I say don't pay ANY ransoms. To do so just makes it more profitable for these CRIMINALS masquerading under a terrorist flag to increase their “take.” I know that would be hard on current kidnappees, but it will be better for possible future kidnappees if they KNEW they would never get any money.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Democrats the Racists!

Democrat liberals, including Hillary Clinton, are demanding that the Confederate Flag be brought down in South Carolina. Of course, the man who ordered it flown from the SC statehouse was a Democrat named Fritz Hollings. Hillary's husband, Bill Clinton signed a bill to raise the Confederate Flag over the Arkansas statehouse—and it remains, to this day. Talk about HYPOCRITES. What they all forget when they accuse REPUBLICANS of racism is that back during the racism upheaval, it was DEMOCRATS who were the racists. JIM CROW was a Democrat, as were many Democrat members of CONGRESS, proud racists. The Confederate Battle Flag was the flag of the Democrat Party in the South in those days. Sen. Byrd was a KKK top member.

THE FIRST TRUE THING: The first true thing I've heard Obama say, he said the other day. But I don't think he meant it in the way I took it. He said, “If you watch Fox News, you inhabit a completely different world, with different “facts” than if you read the New York Times. He's right, but it is FOX that's reporting the TRUTH, while NYT is reporting the LIES. I think he meant it the other way around, but that's Obama. A liar to the end.

DON'T DO WHAT WE DID!” The federal government is threatening to bring charges against a mother who is negotiating with her son's captors to try and get his release for her “negotiating with terrorists.” This, in spite of the fact that the federal government did exactly that to gain the release of Beau Bergdhal, releasing four bloody murderers to go back and kill more people, in exchange for a deserter. This is stupid, but with Obama in charge, it's the kind of thing I expect: Obama is saying, “Just because I did it, that doesn't mean you can do it, too.” I don't think we should EVER pay ransom, because that just encourages terrorists to kidnap Americans abroad. But to threaten a mother with retaliation if she did is typical Obama stupidity.

HILLARY'S BULL DUNG: I notice Hillary is out on the stump pontificating about racism and what a terrible thing it is. Without mentioning that she, her husband, and her political party are some of the worst practitioners of racism, and have always been. Here's just one of her quotes on race relations. She was describing a fight: "Some junior high n*gger kicked Steve's ass while he was trying to help his brothers out; junior high or sophomore in high school. Whatever it was, Steve had the n*gger down. However it was, it was Steve's fault. He had the n*gger down, he let him up. The n*gger blindsided him." Who, but an avowed racist would use the 'n' word so fluently and often in conversation?

THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND DETAILS: Bill O'Reilly got into a big argument with one of his guests about this being a “racist country.” What Bill was arguing is that America is NOT SYSTEMATICALLY racist, any more. There used to be two different drinking fountains, restrooms, and waiting rooms, etc. for blacks and whites. We are working HARD to change things and his guest just couldn't grasp that. It's odd how some people get so exercised about things they just don't understand.

RACISM NOT BAD IN AMERICA: Not nearly as bad as it was in the fifties, when it was “enshrined” by LAW. We're doing everything we can to make it better, but people like Obama and his crowd are doing everything they can to whip up black hatred for whites, hoping to get a race war started so he can use it as an excuse to declare martial law. And he's got a lot of people agreeing with him. This woman mentioned in the above item mentioned the things that are being said about Obama as being racism, which means she has BOUGHT Obama's BS that ANY disagreement with him or his policies is racism.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Global Warming Is Stupid!

So is “climate change,” its illegitimate offspring. The whole idea that a rise in global temperature of .1 degree in 100 years is a problem is irrational. And the idea that people are capable of affecting it, for good OR bad, is arrogant. People who believe in it are also stupid, and that includes Obama and the Pope—and all those pseudo-scientists who falsify scientific evidence to keep getting grants controlled by those global warming supporters pushing it. Most people not personally involved in the climate sciences who believe in it are not stupid, they're simply being CONNED.

WORRIED ABOUT NOTHING: Well, maybe not nothing. But to get all exercised over TWO escaped convicted murderers seems a little stupid when there are still 30,000 illegal alien convicted murderers RELEASED by OBAMA out there merrily murdering more and more people. And nobody's even LOOKING for them. They've killed 121 people already since their release, between 2010 and 2014. And how many more have they murdered since THEN? And we're worried about TWO escaped murderers? Let's get our priorities straight, people! Yes, go after the new ones. But do something about the 30,000, too! And punish Obama for inflicting them upon us.

BLAMING CONSERVATIVES: Now they're trying to say that conservatives are responsible for the killings in Charleston, SC because the killer had a connection to a racist web site that CALLED itself “Council of Conservative Citizens.” What they fail to tell you is that ANYBODY can CLAIM to be conservative, while really they're just RACIST. I'm not a conservative (I'm a “rational individualist”), but they are a very close to what I am, and I would never subscribe to the hateful rhetoric they put on that web site, daily. It's a feeble attempt to “tar” conservatives with the same brush as the killer. If I ever came face to face with the principle of that site, I'd slap him silly, on general principles.

SO THE HELL WHAT? Now they're pushing the idea that the shooter in Charleston, SC contributed to Republican candidates. So the hell what? We can't check out every contribution to make sure it hasn't come from such a person. It doesn't say a thing about Republicans that such a person would contribute to some of their candidates. There are fools on both sides of the aisle. Like anybody being able to CLAIM to be a conservative, anybody can contribute to anybody he/she pleases.

IT'S JUST JEALOUSY: Liberals continue to decry the wealth accumulated by some people, saying it's “not right” that some should have more than others. That's just JEALOUSY talking. They're jealous that SOME of us were smart enough to comer up with original ideas that a LOT of people want to buy (such as Bill Gates, who was NOT a billionaire when he started Microsoft in his garage) and successfully sold it to millions. They say a CEO should not make so much more than their workers, completely ignoring the fact that if the first CEO had not had his original idea that CREATED the place they worked, there wouldn't be a job for them at all.

WHO'S TO BLAME FOR IRAQ? Nobody will argue when you say Iraq is an unmitigated disaster. But not for the reasons they cite. Liberals continually say Bush didn't have to invade Iraq because they weren't directly involved in 9/11. WRONG! They WERE “directly involved,”, by dint of the fact that they helped to terrorists with money, “safe harbor,” and training. How else do you explain that old airplane fuselage in one of their training bases? It's a disaster today because OBAMA told his troops there to “cut and run,” leaving behind weapons, ammunition, and equipment for the terrorists to take over and use. He's doing the same thing in Afghanistan and the latest is that ISIS just violently attacked the Afghan PARLIAMENT.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

"Forgotten His Accomplishments"

Obama is disappointed to receive letters calling him an idiot for not attaining all his goals during his presidency and for “forgetting” all his accomplishments. Funny, In can't remember any, either. Maybe that's because what he considers “accomplishments” I consider abominations. He says the economy has “come back,” but I beg to differ. Millions are STILL unemployed, and more millions have given up on ever finding a job. He says they have forgotten how they have benefited. Maybe that's because they HAVEN'T “benefited. They don't live in the “dream world” Obama lives in. They have to face reality.

POPE JUMPS ON BANDWAGON: I don't know what was said, or who said it, to convince the POPE to jump on the global warming swindle bandwagon. If he's an honest man, he believes in it If he's not an honest man, he has no business being Pope. In any case, to people with intelligence, his promoting it should make no difference because his “buying it” can only be one of two things: either he's ignorant enough to buy into it, or he's as dishonest as all the others (including Obama) who are promoting this many-times disproved swindle. In any case, he knows less than NOTHING about the climate sciences, so he should just shut his pie hole!

MORE USELESS PAPERWORK: At least in one place, California, I think, they've created yet another new kind of a “restraining order” to “keep people from hurting others.” There's only one problem: they haven't yet invented a restraining order that HAS successfully stopped anybody from hurting the subject of the order. That's because the only way to enforce such an order is when the subject can PROVE the one the order is on had violated it. And the proof is usually the death or serious injury of the subject. The RO is usually discovered AFTER the crime. All that means is they can keep the person it's on in prison longer. The subject is not helped.

NYC'S BAIT & SWITCH: Everybody with any intelligence at all knows New York City has just about the highest tax rates in the country, along with the highest cost of living anywhere. Now they're running an ad campaign all over the country telling businesses if they move there they won't have to pay any taxes for TEN YEARS. Wow! NO taxes for TEN YEARS! Gee, golly gawrsh! Only problem with that is if they live and do business there for ten years they've put down roots, and it's hard to move, so then they'll be STUCK paying the highest tax rates in the country for the rest of their lives. And I'd bet New York puts them in a special higher tax category, then.

I CAN'T MAKE IT WORK! In a world where men want to be women and say “I identify as a woman” and make it stick, white girls “identify as black,” and make THAT stick (I don't know how), I'd like to “identify” with young men with good legs who can walk easily anywhere I want to go. Uuunnggghhh! It doesn't work! No matter how much I want it to work, it won't. I'm 77 years old, and I can barely make it to my car without a lot of pain. Why doesn't it work for me? Maybe it's because I'm not a liberal. My “flights of fancy” aren't nearly as real to me as theirs are to them.

I FORGIVE HIM”: Charleston, SC Christians give us a lesson in forgiveness, but theirs is wrong-headed. You don't forgive a man who wantonly shot and killed nine people in a CHURCH, fergawdsakes! If you're going to wantonly kill a bunch of people, a church is not the place to do it. A church is where you celebrate LIFE, not end it. A monster like Dylan 'Roof doesn't deserve forgiveness. He deserves RETRIBUTION. If it were up to me, I'd take him out back of the church where he murdered so many people and shoot him. Not in the head, where he would die instantly and with only an instant of pain, but I would “gut-shoot” him so it would be a long, and painful death for him. I would do the same to any ISIS members (or any other Islamic terrorists, whatever name or names they use) if I were in charge of dealing with them.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Left Hasn't the Answers

Everything they come up with is wrong. They HATE the rich. But without the rich there wouldn't be anything for them to steal to give to people who don't deserve it, which is their basic credo: “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each, according to his NEED.” They NEED the rich, or they'd have nothing to LOOT. Logically, that's true. But those on the left generally deny the very EXISTENCE of logic. In addition, they say “there are no absolutes,” which is self-denying. They don't even realize that in saying that, they have made a STATEMENT of an absolute. They're not really too bright, are they?

MOSBY NEEDS TO BE FIRED: Marilyn Mosby, state's attorney in Baltimore, MD, should be fired, forthwith. She not only “rushed to judgment” in indicting those six cops who were only doing their duty when they arrested Freddy Gray. Then, when the autopsy results came out,most likely showing Gray inadvertently killed HIMSELF while trying to incriminate those cops, which is a common theme, she tried her best to have it stifled so she wouldn't be found out. What Freddie didn't know is that it was way too soon after his back surgery for banging his head against a wall and for fighting cops. The cops should be released forthwith, and relieved of all charges, and the city should pay them for their trouble.

TAKE”EM OUT AND SHOOT 'EM: People like the guy in Charleston, SC, who went into a church, fergawdsake! And killed nine people, need to be taken out back and SHOT. Immediately. No “show trial,” no “observation of his rights,” no “time allowed for appeal,” no spending millions of dollars on a trial, nothing. Do to him the exact same thing he did to his victims. He didn't “observe their rights,” did he? Equal punishment for his crime. If he's convicted (IF?) and sentenced to death, he will probably outlive a lot of us as the "system" dithers and diddles about putting him to death. His bail was set at a million dollars. I can't believe bail was available to this monster.

CHINA HARD ON MUSLIMS: They force them to sell liquor in Muslim stores (do they also force Muslims to BUY liquor, and to drink it?), keep on eating during Ramadan fasting period, and to stay away from mosques.. They're going in the right direction, but, as usual, they take it a little too far. I wouldn't be surprised if they forced Muslim butchers and grocers to sell ham and bacon, and pork—and force Muslims to eat it. That's a good way to spark a real uprising and a rebellion; push them too far. But then, the Chinese have been TOTALLY in charge in communist China for so long, they think they can get away with ANYTHING. But WE'RE going too far in the OTHER direction. Our government goes out of its way to AVOID offending Muslims. That's just as wrong. Muslims see that as weakness, and push for more. And with Obama in charge, they'll get it.

OBAMA: “LET IT BE SO”: Obama has spoken. He has said, “Let trucks show better fuel economy.” And his chief acolytes, the EPA and DOT have taken up his “word,” and have made directives to make it be so. Never mind that if it were possible, the trucking companies would have done it long ago, for their own profit's sake. Obama just thinks if he orders them to do it, they'll make it happen. But that's Obama; stupid to the core.

SUICIDE WATCH”: Word is, Dylan Roof (what helluva name!), the killer in the Charleston, SC church massacre, who killed nine people for whatever stupid reason was in his “fevered brain,” is so disturbed that he had killed nine people that he wanted to commit suicide. What the hell did he THINK was going to happen when he pointed a gun at nine people and pulled the trigger? I say, forget the suicide watch. If he wants to kill himself , let him. HELP him if he needs it. It'll save SC the cost of trying him for what we all know he did, and going through all the gut-wrenching testimony that will ensue.

Friday, June 19, 2015

"It Doesn't Happen Elsewhere"

Obama says things like the SC shooting didn't happen in other countries, whose gun laws are much more strict than ours are. That's a usual Obama LIE. It DOES happen in other countries. It even happens in communist china, whose anti-gun laws are ABSOLUTE. People still get their guns if they're willing to break the law to do so. Taking guns away from law-abiding people will NEVER stop gun violence because criminals don't obey laws will ALWAYS get their guns.

ANOTHER EXAMPLE: Gun-free zones have NO EFFECT on gun violence. I've said that, many times, and every day criminals prove me right, again and again. The South Carolina church shooting has done it again. The church that fool shot up is IN a “no-gun zone.” The church itself IS a "gun-free zone." Did he care? Did he even KNOW? Doubtful. People like that don't pay attention to things like “gun-free zones” as they plan their much worse crimes within it. What's the penalty for bringing a gun into a “gun-free zone?” Probably a lot less than it is for mass MURDER.

THIS SCARES ME: It scares the hell out of me. Acknowledged SOCIALIST Bernie Sanders is making BIG inroads on Hillary and other Democrat candidates. It was okay when Bernie was an “outlander” with an ice cube's chance in hell of ever getting anywhere near the White House unless invited by the current president, but it's different when he starts gathering otherwise intelligent people who have no idea what a KNOWN socialist in the presidency means. If they don't know, watch our current president.

THEY'RE TRYING REAL HARD: Joe Biden now says, “If you don't believe in man-made global warming, you probably don't believe in gravity, either.” How STUPID is this man? There's good reason not to believe in man-made global warming. It has been DISPROVED many times, in many ways. But he thinks he can convince us of the scam's reality by falsely equating non-belief in a swindle to belief in a basic rule of NATURE. And people don't think our politicians are INCOMPETENT!

MSNBC REVEALS ITSELF: It is going to hire Brian Williams, the liar, to be an anchor at MSNBC. It has been asked, “Is MSNBC the “dumping ground” for people who have been discredited in the news business?” Maybe. They certainly will work cheaper—if you can consider a multimillion dollar salary “cheaper.” But hiring discredited people like Williams discredits MSNBC itself, if they hadn't done that, themselves, earlier.

IGNORING THE OBVIOUS: Gun control, as we know it, today, KILLS. That church in S. Carolina where one crazy kid murdered nine people was right in the middle of a “gun-free zone.” Further, the church itself was also a “gun-free zone.” The church allowed NO GUNS in their church. But did any of that dissuade that murderous kid from bringing his gun into the church and killing nine people? Yes, gun control does kill. But they'll never admit it, while more and more people die from their stupidity. How many more must die before they “get wise?”

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Moving to the Left

Liberals keep telling conservatives they must “move to the left” if we ever want to be elected, as if the left was the only moral place to be. What a LOAD! The left is not interested in conservatives getting elected. So they tell us things that guarantee we lose, like we should “move to the left.” What I can't believe is how many people BELIEVE this crap and VOTE for lefties, making it a self-fulfilling prophecy. Is there NOTHING so low that they will not go there? Apparently not.

THEY “LOST” $BILLIONS: I hear that every once in a while. Hillary personally “lost” more than $50 billion during her tenure as Sec. of State. We hear about the ”loss,” but then, we never hear anything more about it. Where does such money go? Does it just “go up in smoke? Never to be seen again? I think it goes quietly into some politician's pockets, never to be seen again. And as long as they can stall, and keep such losses “under investigation” with no results shown, while other politicians (who know they can profit similarly in the future) keep their mouths shut, the money remains “missing.” Sure evidence of INCOMPETENCE in government.

AN ICON IS CLOSING: For the first time in its history McDonald's is closing stores. The company enjoyed rapid expansion for much of its history by offering consistent food at affordable prices. It even thrived during the recession, when its Dollar Menu drew in people trying to save money and new products like McCafe coffee drove up sales. The fact that it is “slimming down” now is a testament to the effects of Obama's stifling economic policies. They're trying to attribute this failure to the rise of Chipotle and “Five Guys Burgers,” but it's worse than that. It's a signal that Obama's fiscal policies are more stifling than ever before.

SHE HAS NO RIGHT TO COMMENT: Rachel Donezal has proven herself incompetent to comment on anything. If she can't even tell what RACE she is, how can she be depended upon to know anything about anything else? She says she “started identifying with black people at age five and takes exception to people who deny she's black.” Too bad, Rachel. Your PARENTS deny you're black, and who should know better? The people who SPAWNED you? You would probably be better served if you just “disappear into the mists” and don't give your opinion on anything in the future. Your parents are very disappointed in you, and that's an awful thing to have to say.

A WOMAN FOR $10 BILL: Alexander Hamilton isn't good enough to remain on the ten dollar bill, it seems. Now they're going to pick a WOMAN whose picture will be used. Why? No reason. It's just the “politically correct” thing to do. I think they're hoping that woman will be Hillary, so as to support her bid to be our next president. (Eeeerrrp, slop! Bring the mop! Hasten Jason, bring the basin!) I have no problem with a woman's picture on our money, but only if she has done something good, which Hillary has NOT. I feel the same way about Obama getting the Nobel prize “on the come” without ever DOING anything to rate it. It makes me want to barf, thinking about how hard they're working to force her on us. As they did with Obama, to our infinite sorrow.

VICTIM BLACK, AL GOES: The victims in the S. Carolina church shooting are black, so Al Sharpie...er, uh, Sharpton is interested. He scents money to be made there by whipping up more black against white racism—something he is eminently good at. Look for a riot to ensue when his PAID demonstrators arrive in the next flight after his, paid for by a George Soros blind company. And he's being immeasurably helped by Obama's inflammatory rhetoric about it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Killing al-Qaida

We killed one of the top men in al-Qaida. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Throw him out on the garbage heap where he belongs and go on. Probably the reason why we never get to kill THE top man is he stays too well hidden. That's probably how he got to BE the top man. So now let's go and kill the top man in ISIS. Or did we? Is there really two different organizations? It's like the difference between McDonald's and Burger King. They're the same thing under different names. So let's get rid of both of 'em. They all have six different names, anyway.

WHY IS HILLARY EVEN CONSIDERED? One of thew things I've wondered is why Hillary Clinton, with all her many unresolved scandals, is not in prison. Why instead, she's considered “a front-runner” in the presidential race, on the Democrat side. That tells me a lot about the quality of candidates the Democrats can put up, and how much CRIMINAL ACTION they will not only put up with, they will HIDE. What amazes me further is that REPUBLICANS ignore her crimes and treat her as if she were “just another candidate,” never talking about her crimes.

WHY WE COULD GO COMMUNIST: Democrats talk incessantly about “income disparity.” About the “gap between rich and poor.” About the “need” to “redistribute wealth” in this country. About the need to PUNISH those capable and willing to EARN their own way, while making jobs for those who cannot, but who are at least, willing to work. They think those with NO TALENTS or abilities should make as much as those highly talented people. Accepting this kind of thinking is how communism got started in Russia. And it only lasted as long as those who were still willing to work created wealth for the government to STEAL, for the benefit of the lazy.

SOCIETAL STUPIDITY: It amazes me too, how society in general can be so stupid. How people who seem to be otherwise intelligent “buy” such bullderm swindles as global warming (or “climate change,” or whatever Gore calls his swindle now). Even OBAMA and the POPE have “jumped on the bandwagon.” I can understand how a con man like Obama can buy it, but for the POPE to buy it is really amazing. It has been DISPROVEN so many ways, even a five-year-old can understand it's a swindle. So why do so many ADULTS buy into it?

I FEEL LIKE I CAN WALK: In recent years my legs have gotten worse and worse, to the point where I can barely walk from one end of the house to another, and it's almost impossible for me to walk out to the car,. But that's okay. I “feel like” I can walk fine. If Bruce Jenner can BE a woman just because he “feels like it,” and Rachel Donezal can be black just by “identifying” with the black race, I can certainly regain my ability to walk without pain by “identifying with” people who have no trouble walking. Damn! It's not working. I still can't walk a few feet without pain! If it won't work for me, who does it work for then?

WHO STANDS WITH COPS? That's a question I saw asked recently. I only saw it in passing so I can't comment on who asked it. But it's STUPID QUESTION. Absolutely, I DO! And everybody with any sense at all does, too. If somebody tries to break into your house, who do you call? The COPS! Who else? If somebody tries to kill you, who do you call? the COPS! Absolutely. Do you call the local street gang? Probably not. It may be them attacking you. Yes, there might be a FEW cops who are, but as a rule, not. You can usually be pretty sure the cops aren't out to rob you. They're there to try and PROTECT you. Just don't become a threat to them.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Why Do They Attack Us?

Islamic Terrorists keep sending rocket bombs into Israel, every day, and only their lack of aim saves Israel from high death figures, and then when Israel; responds with attacks of their own, the terrorists rush to the press and ask, “Why are they attacking us?” As if they did nothing to provoke them. And the press dutifully asks the same question, showing the stupidity of both.

PAID DEMONSTRATORS: I've written before about “demonstrators” who were supposed to be PAID to come to Ferguson. MO and swell the ranks of “protesters” to make it look worse than it really is, but who demonstrated again when they didn't get paid. And the people they demonstrated against were an “offshoot” of ACORN. But reality is worse. There's an ongoing “cottage industry” in paid demonstrators, paid with George Soros' money to show up everywhere they can create the most chaos. Now we know how “demonstrations” become so bad.

AL-QAIDA'S NUMBER TWO: According to news reports, we killed al-Qaida's Number Two man. Hmmm... Why do we always kill the “Number Two” man, but never the Number One? Of course, al-Qaida denied it for a while, as usual. Not as long as they denied us killing bin Laden, but for a while. They just didn't want us to have a big PR victory like that, even while suffering from the loss of such a high “official” in their cult. What we need to do is go in (again) with enough force to kill ALL the Islamic terrorists. Something we did once, and were WINNING when Obama declared “surrender” and told his troops to “cut and run,” leaving all their arms and equipment, which the terrorists quickly “sucked up” to use on innocent villagers.

DAMNED FOOL LIBERAL: What do you think about a white woman “deciding” she's black and ending up leading the NAACP? Fooling everybody, including herself? Why anybody would CHOOSE to be black is beyond me, what with all the “racism” they CLAIM is out there for them. Maybe it's because of the ADVANTAGES they now enjoy, due to the ignorant actions of liberals since OBAMA got elected. Remember, he's as much white as he is black, but he CHOOSES to be black, for the benefits it gives him, and his ability to attribute ANY disagreement with his policies as racism. She was doing okay until her white parents “outed” her.

RELEASED 6 MORE KILLERS: Word is, Obama has released six more Islamic terrorists from GITMO, quietly. He didn't announce it, because he can't come up with a reasonable excuse for unleashing six more murderous fiends upon the world, except that he figures he can effectively close GITMO by letting them all go, one by one, or six-by-six. He sent the latest bunch to Oman, which is right next to Yemen, one of the “hotbeds” of terrorist activity. They tell us that Oman has agreed to keep them “in country” so they will not go back to the battlefield and continue killing innocent people. Do you believe that? If so, I have a bridge to sell you.

THERE'S STILL BENGHAZI: Hillary is still saying there are NO “scandals” about her out there. Of course, that ignores her incompetent handling of the Benghazi killings. There are many more things that I, and many others consider to be “scandals,” but she doesn't. But she doesn't get to say what are, and what are NOT “scandals,” no matter how much she may think the does. Until she addresses those scandals, they will remain scandals. And probably thereafter.

FOLKS “RUNNING AROUND WITH GUNS”: Bill Clinton (An elitist who runs around with an armed security guard detachment) thinks the major problem with gun violence is because of “concealed carry.” But he ignores the fact that “concealed carriers” have not been involved in gun violence, except as DEFENDERS against ILLEGAL guns in the hands of CRIMINALS. The truth is, gun violence is caused by CRIMINALS, who don't obey “gun laws,” anyway. And we already have “folks running around carrying guns,” ILLEGALLY. We need to counter that.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Star Speaks AGAINST Gun Control

A major star (whose name escapes me right now) just spoke out AGAINST gun control, and other stars immediately excoriated him. What he said, I, and others like me have been saying for years, but nobody noticed. But this guy, being a major star, gets noticed. I don't know if any of the meat heads in FAVOR of today's brand of gun control laws have had their minds changed (probably not), but the people who believe the laws being made today KILL people instead of save their lives, have taken notice.

KILL PAM GELLER!” ISIS (or whatever other name they go by today) has again shown their pettiness by publishing Pam Geller's home address and telling their followers to “Kill her. And some damned fool will no doubt try, and maybe even succeed. Why? What “crime did she commit? She sponsored a contest to select a cartoonist to draw a picture of the “prophet.” Which is a “no-no” for Muslims. And, as with all Muslim “no-nos,” it carries a death sentence and other Muslims are stupid enough to carry it out. Maybe we ought to publish the home addresses of the Muslim terrorists we know about and tell “good Americans” to go and kill them But no, that would put us on their level, wouldn't it? Nope. Nothing could put us that low.

TIRED OF BUSH: First of all, we don't need another Bush in the White House. That's the laziest decision there is. Hasn't he “announced his intentions, yet? I thought he had, a long time ago, the way the media has been gushing about him. He's really “stretching it out,” isn't he? I guess that makes for good publicity. But Bush represents “the old guard,” even if he hasn't been in national office. He HAS been a governor. If we're going to get a former governor, let's get Sarah Palin. She's a much better choice. The best recommendation is, the liberals are frightened of her. They proved that by really going after her after the last election.

CLINTON KICKS OUT BUREAU CHIEF: She kicked him out, she says, “because he isn't a member of the White House Press Corps.” What kind of a reason is that? Nobody who wants to be president should EVER be kicking reporters out of their events—especially not a bureau chief. This guy has a LOT bigger keyboard than do regular reporters. He can ASSIGN reporters to do “hit pieces” on her, and probably will. She will not answer reporters' questions. That's not too smart for someone who wants to be president, either. But I don't want to “advise her” on how to become president. I think she's doing just fine. Hmm, hmm.

MOB RULE: There's no law that says a bakery MUST bake a cake to celebrate something with which they disagree, on religious grounds. None. Not only with gay “weddings,” but in other cases, as well. There should be no way gays should be able to FORCE them to do so, or put them out of business. It's MOB RULE to do so. Yes, there is the thought that to refuse is bigotry. It's not. It's a time-honored constitutional right to be allowed to practice your religion, regardless. The Constitution says “Congress can make NO LAW regarding religion, or the practice thereof. Believe what you will, they have the constitutional RIGHT to refuse to do business with people whose practices are against their closely-held religious beliefs. This does not hurt these people. there are plenty of bakeries who WILL bake for them. Unless you search out those who won't, as these people have done.

ALMOST HAD AN ANYUERISM”: CNN's Jake Tapper says he “almost had an anyuerism trying to get an answer out of Hillary Clinton's spokeswoman about her position on Obama's “Trade Bill.” They went “around and around” several times as he attempted to get an answer out of her, but all he got was “her opinion would affect voters.” That's true, which is why Tapper was trying so valiantly to get an answer out of her. But to no avail. I hope he survives the effort. I hope SHE survives her effort to keep her mouth shut.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Moving Them In

Obama wants to move “po' people” into affluent neighborhoods to “make it equal” for everybody. But the “affluent” people in those neighborhoods know something Obama doesn't. That if he does it, the value of their property in those neighborhoods will go DOWN because of the kind of people who are usually “poor.” They will inevitably ruin the neighborhood. And their color doesn't matter at all. Poor people are poor for a reason. Because they never bothered to gain the talents necessary to NOT be “poor. And most of them do the kind of things that will ruin an affluent neighborhood. Especially if their being there is PAID FOR by someone else. Like the taxpayer. Maybe Obama shoulde do it the other way around: move the rich in with the poor, and see how far he gets.

CHANGING DEFINITIONS: That's a common scam among Democrats. If you can't fool people with the original definition of a word, just change it. Now Obama is trying to say “individualism” involves “shared set of values.” What a LOAD of bull dung THAT is. “Individualism” is SELF-RELIANCE. Relying upon YOURSELF, and not demanding help from others. He equates it to letting starving people starve on the street, which it does NOT. It involves helping those less fortunate because you WANT TO, not because you're FORCED to, and with YOUR OWN MONEY, not somebody else's.

HOUSE REJECTS TRADE DEAL: As it should have. NO bill should EVER be passed into law if the American people have no idea what's in it, as with Obamacare. And moreover, the Executive keeps its contents SECRET. No bill in any legislature should be kept secret from the American people. This is NOT a dictatorship, no matter how much Obama may think it is, or wish it were. It's bad enough members of Congress voluntarily refuse to read the bills they sign into law. But to keep them secret from the American people:? That's CRIMINAL!

SMALL SETBACK”: That's what Obama calls his stupendous defeat of his secretive trade bill by the House. “Just a little bump in the road,” he says, before he goes into the closet to cry his eyes out that the Congress would actually disobey his orders. He just couldn't envision the congress actually ACTIVELY disobeying his orders. Not vote, yes. To him, that's just laziness. But vote AGAINST him? Unheard of! No wonder he's crying his eyes out!

DISNEY LAYING OFF DOZENS: While forcing them, on pain of losing their severance pay, to train their REPLACEMENTS, which they're importing from India! Frankly, I'm not going to buy ANYTHING Disney in the future. And did you know Obama forced through a bill in Congress PAYING to import those workers from India, at taxpayer expense? So instead of trying to CREATE jobs, he instead creates jobs for INDIANS by taking them AWAY from Americans!

ACCUSED ME OF BEING TERRORIST”: That's what the guy who opened up on the Dallas Police station said after his terrorist attack on the cop shop. Talk about a “self-fulfilling prophecy!” He said the cops were to blame for his kid being taken from him by CPS and him being accused of terrorism. He really made their accusation come true, didn't he? And maybe cost himself his own life in the process. And here I thought his attack was in support of the current “war on cops,” as a display of disdain for cops. He certainly showed his disrespect for the cops!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Dictator Scores Again

THE DICTATOR SCORES AGAIN: One of the hallmarks of a dictator is that people don't get to say things against him with impunity. That was proven again in a Georgia school when a teacher was forced into retirement after “bad-mouthing him” in class, and parents (obviously staunch Obama supporters in their ignorance) complained. She told them that Obama was a Muslim and that anybody voting for him could not be considered a Christian. She was right, but I agree she shouldn't have been spouting her political views in her classroom. But being forced into retirement? Way too harsh a punishment. A good butt-chewing would have done nicely. I hope I don't get fired for this. Oh, wait! I don't have a job, any more. I'm too old and broken up.

GOTTA PASS IT TO KNOW WHAT'S IN IT”: Nancy Peelosi said it, and it was stupid then. It's stupid, and CRIMINAL Now it seems to be routine. Now, as Obama tells us (and Congress) it is “Sealed” until it is passed into law, it is a blatant violation of constitutional provisions. Will any of our pathetic politicians say, or DO anything about it? Or will they let him continue to “slap them around?” I really get tired of watching these outrages while NOBODY does anything about it. They accused Bush of acting like a dictator, but he never did ANYTHING like this!

KIDS BEAT CITY HALL: A couple of little girls opened up a lemonade stand to raise money to buy their dad a Father's Day present. They were doing okay until the cops (who apparently don't have anything better to do) showed up and shut them down because they didn't have a license. But they're back open now, because they don't need a license if they give it away, and just ask for donations. I'd sure hate to be the cop who was outsmarted by an eight-year-old girl! You can probably hear the giggling from the police station a block away.

WHY PEOPLE HATE COPS: It is because of cops like the ones in the above item, that people hate cops. These cops, instead of doing real police work, hassled a couple of little girls, and got their butts handed to them. Most cops do a lot better work, but only this kind of thing seems to get noticed. When a cop runs into a burning house to rescue a child, nobody notices. But if he shoots a giant thug who is bent on killing him with his bare hands, the media is all over it, and people like the Baltimore states attorney RUSH to take advantage of it. I'm tired of it.

WON'T LET IT GO AWAY”: The Clintons are still hounded by questions about their corruption and Bill is complaining that “it won't go away.” And why should it, BIll? You won't answer them, and until you do, they will not “go away,” And you should not expect them to, unless you're stupid. But we've established that, haven't we? If you really think the questions will 'go away” until they're resolved, you ARE stupid. Of course, ifn you DO address them, you'll probably go to jail, but we won't talk about that.

FIVE GENERATIONS OF COPS: Baltimore states attorney Marilyn Mosby said she “comes from five generations of cops” in defense to charges that she “has it in for cops.” But it wasn't all “sniffing the roses.” Her dad was an acknowledged (by her) crooked cop who “shook down” drug dealers, and her grandfather sued the cops for racism (nobody knows how that suit came out) after he lost an eye on duty and wasn't hired back because of it, even though four white men with one eye (each) were. She just might harbor a little hatred because of that, but she's not talking.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Cuomo Is A Damned Fool!

There will never be a shortage of fools stupid enough to think that if you just APPEASE extremists, they will leave you alone. CNN host Andrew Cuomo is one of them. He tried to make Pam Geller obey Sharia Law and stop provoking Islamic terrorists. But she wasn't havin' any. She told him to go pee up a rope, or words to that effect. By doing so, he showed he hasn't a clue about what makes people like Geller tick. If she's not afraid to offend people who want to kill her for it, she SURE ain't afraid if this wimp.

LEARNING TO BE MUSLIM: You can't teach Christianity, or any other religion in public schools. You can't even say a WORD that is used in Christian worship, in pubic schools. But you damned sure CAN do so on the MUSLIM “religion!” So much so that 50 “educators” in Lebanon, Pennsylvania attended an all day workshop on Islam, at taxpayer expense. What the hell can we do to stop the “Islamization of America” if our very SCHOOLS do such stupid things as this? With the APPROVAL of the “administrators?” Islam CLAIMS to be a “religion.” The way the Constitution is interpreted, you cannot even MENTION religion in schools. How then, can this happen without somebody being at least fired or go to jail?

PLOT AGAINST COPS: It's proven by the actions of the school authorities in McKinney, TX, who FIRED a school principle for SUPPORTING that cop who pulled his gun (not on teenagers who were just being teenagers) on a couple of young thugs who were advancing on him (one appearing to reach for a gun) as he dealt with an obstreperous teenage girl who would not obey his lawful order. The proof that “the fix is in” is that this school principle was fired just for stating the TRUTH about the situation, not the narrative that has been pushed by the “powers that be” in their efforts to discredit ALL police actions they can, and they want no disagreement.

A GOOD QUESTION: Pat Robertson got in trouble for his answer to a woman's question about “Why did God allow my baby to die? Actually, it was a good question in a world where they think God controls everything. But he does NOT. He judges what happens, but does NOT control things. He SAID so, when he “gave us free will.” I'm not a “religious fanatic,” but I am capable or READING what the Bible says, and that's what it says. People live, and people die. He does not control that. What He does control is what happens to them AFTER they die, according to the Bible—if you read it right.

WERE THEY CIGARETTES? Liberals are SO worried that a picture of Obama might be showing him holding a pack of cigarettes. Who the hell cares? In a world where ISIS runs wild, killing thousands and thousands, mostly non-Muslims, for BEING non-Muslims, the economy is “going to hell,” joblessness rates continue to rise, millions of people are not only out of work, they have GIVEN UP on ever finding work, some liberals are worried about whether or not the president is still smoking. Why do people worry about things that are just not important? To get our minds off what IS important! The same is true about people who are making a lot of noise about changing the meaning of the word “marriage.” We need to be spending more time on things that ARE important.

I'M SCARED OF MY WIFE”: Word is, Obama has stopped smoking, because his wife wants him to do so. It's a pity the most powerful man in the world (even if he doesn't know it) can't even stand up to his own wife and tell he that “If I want to smoke, I WILL smoke!" But he says he's “scared of Michelle,” and I don't blame him, I'd be scared of her too, if I had to live close to that big, loud mouth. Damn, what a WITCH she is! Smoke 'em if ya got 'em, Barack."  Tell the witch to go to hell.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Misplaced Priorities

MISPLACED PRIORITIES:In a world where members of a murderous phony religion is killing people, left and right, for not believing in their religion, where the UN is threatening to take us over with the HELP of our president, and cops are more afraid of incompetent politicians punishing them for doing their jobs than of criminals who have sworn to kill them, everybody seems to be worried about a major male athlete who wants to be a woman, or about gay couples who want to force bakers to bake the cakes for their “weddings,” even if it's against their religion.

SHOWING THEIR STUPIDITY: Politicians show their stupidity in many ways. One of them is supporting “minimum wage laws,” which shows how little they know about running a business. Employers pay as MUCH as they can AFFORD to each employee, based on his skills and abilities, and how hard he/she would be to replace. Making a law to FORCE them to pay more will not change the economics of the situation. If they can't AFFORD that wage, that person will LOSE his/her job. That's fact, not fiction.

ANOTHER WAY TO SHOW STUPIDITY: Believing that CRIMINALS, who obey NO laws, will obey a law that says they can't be armed when they commit their crimes, is yet another way incompetent politicians can show his/her stupidity then there's believing disarming honest citizens will help them defend themselves is another. Actually, the vary BASIC belief in most Democrats that socialism is the way to go, shows an abject stupidity that can't be understood by humans.

MICHELLE'S USUAL FACE: Seems like every time I see a picture of Michelle Obama, her face is “twisted up” and she's screaming at somebody. I don't think I've ever seen a more angry woman living in the White House and spending our tax money like it was hers while whining that hers is "such a hard life." Most of them just “stay in the background,” where they belong, not having been elected to ANY office. Michelle obviously feels like she HAS been elected to something, even though she hasn't, and it's her duty to “right many wrongs” in the world. This “angry female” needs to be kept hidden to keep from pissing off so many people. The damned woman offends me, if that means anything to Obama, me not being a Muslim. And her being black has nothing to do with it. She's a boob, black, white, or PURPLE.

COPS ALWAYS GET THE BLAME: Whenever anything happens, the story always gets twisted to make the cops look bad. In that “beach party” case, that cop was doing his duty exactly as he should, trying to restrain an obstreperous female (whatever her age) who just wouldn't do what he told her, and was cussing him like she was a sailor. Then he was rushed by two men, one of them looking like he was reaching for a gun. He drew his gun, causing them to flee while he holstered his gun and finished with the girl, whom he was NOT hurting unduly. The whole thing was so unnerving to him, he resigned, rather than continue to fight the “cop hate” that abounds in this country, today.

THEY'RE IN TROUBLE: Democrats will tell you what and who they're the most afraid of. It's what they work the hardest to discredit and get rid of. Like Sarah Palin and Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul. It becomes obvious who they fear, because those are the ones they work the hardest to discredit, even before an election. They fear Sarah most of all, which is why they dispensed with her a long time ago. Now they're working on Rubio, but if they can't come up with more than a few traffic tickets and the fact that he bought a yacht with money he EARNED, they're in real trouble.