Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Does Gun Control Work?

Mexico doesn’t have a Second Amendment. So the government can ban guns at its discretion—and it does. A legal gun is almost impossible to get in Mexico, but there is no shortage of guns there. They just get them illegally. You know that. I know that. But politicians, who have the responsibility to make laws that protect the rest of us—do NOT know that. Else they would not make so many useless, unenforceable laws that only stop the law-abiding from getting guns with which to defend themselves against the bad guys, who have no trouble getting their guns illegally. That fact was never so obvious as it was in a bar in Veracruz, Mexico, where a bunch of thugs came in looking for a specific person to kill, and wound up killing seven men, five women, and a CHILD.

HOW LOW WE’VE COME: It is a shame how low we’ve gone in recent years, fueled by the liberal ideas that have become popular to those who wish to live at somebody else’s expense. They have found that they cannot answer the logical questions we ask when they spout nonsense and call it fact. It is illustrated by students being incensed at Williams College when it tries to adopt a “free speech policy.” They know they just can’t handle it when people are allowed to speak freely and say things with which they do not agree, and they think their ideas should take precedence over those of others.

HILLARY SHOULD BE ARRESTED: The liberals (Dumocrats) are crying about how President Trump should be arrested and imprisoned for the “crimes” they claim he has committed, but they haven’t been able, after two years of trying, to prove one single “crime” of which he is guilty. Meanwhile, the woman who HAS committed all the crimes of which they accuse President Trump is saying publicly that Trump ought to go to prison, while moaning that he “seems to be above the law.” There is PROVABLE evidence of her crimes, but “the fix is in,” and should not be.

DESPERATELY PUSHING GUN CONTROL: Bloomberg’s minions are running out of lies to tell you to convince you that gun control should be imposed on this country’s citizens. Now they’re saying that wanting to be armed for self defense “makes you an evil person.” Right! This is not parody. They mean it. They really believe it! They’re really getting desperate if they think we’ll buy those bulldroppings. President Trump went to speak before the NRA’s national convention in Indianapolis and they are INCENSED that he would so clearly show his approval of their aim to preserve the Second Amendment of the Constitution. They get angry ant time he does ANYTHING, especially when he actually tries to enforce the law as written.

REHABILITATING THE NRA? Who the hell thinks the NRA needs “rehabilitating? Only the people the NRA was created to oppose, those who want to violate the Second amendment, which guarantees our right to “bear arms. The NRA does not NEED to be “rehabilitated.” Only the ignorant think they do. They talk about the “financial difficulties” they are facing, as if that were the most important thing in the world. It is not. Any large organization will occasionally have “financial difficulties,” and the NRA is no different. They will solve them, and still be the implacable enemy of those who want to disarm America.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Muslim Rep. Omar whines about critics of Muslims, even while she criticizes Israel and Jews. If she is successful in getting criticism of Muslims criminalized, that same law can, and will be extended to critics of Israel But any such law will be unconstitutional on its face, and will be reversed… It’s that “Islamophobia” crap. “Rep.” Rashida Tlaib said Steve Scalise criticizing her antisemitic remarks is “Islamophobia.” That’s the phony, made-up term that Muslim extremists use to blunt ALL criticism… Charlotte Clymer wrote of those criticizing AOC’s “Green New Deal,” “If you have something better, bring it.” Which assumes that if you can’t bring something better to combat an IMAGINARY problem, just “shut up.” But we don’t need “something better” to combat an IMAGINARY “problem” like global warming…

Monday, April 29, 2019

Killed 'Em Dead

A restaurant that announced that they would charge men 18% more than women for the same things has since gone out of business. Apparently there weren’t enough feminist women to support them. You can take anything too far, and they did that in this instance. You just can’t announce that you’re going to discriminate against a large portion of your potential customers and NOT expect to fail. I applaud all the men who “stayed away” from this restaurant to prove where a lot of their revenue came from.

NOT SOCIALIST LIKE VENEZUELA”: America’s socialists are “running away” from Venezuela, where socialism is failing spectacularly, and “Crazy Bernie” Sanders is no exception. He says his socialism “is not like that in Venezuela.” WRONG! Socialism is socialism, and you can’t escape the fact it is THEFT from the producer of new wealth for the benefit of those who produce NOTHING. Reduced to its essentials, socialism, in all its forms, is simply that. Its very Marxist motto reveals it: “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED,” making need a demand upon the EARNINGS of those capable and willing to earn their own way. That’s THEFT in any man’s language.

LIBERALS RUNNING CITIES: If you want to see the real evidence of what happens when liberals run a city, go to San Francisco. But when you do, wear boots, because San Francisco is physically “hip-deep” in crap. Or you could go to Chicago, or any other liberal-run city, where “gun crime” is out of control, in spite of all the anti-gun fool laws they have in force. Couple that with the fact that liberal-run cities are constantly BROKE, and have to demand more and more money from their citizens, and there you have it. They promise much, but they deliver nothing. Worse yet, they make things worse because they have no idea what they’re doing.

OL’ JOE” ENTERS RACE: For several days now, the “anticipation” of Joe Biden “throwing his hat in the ring” and running (again) for president, has been growing in the media-- the whole media, not just the liberal media, but for different reasons. The liberal media is in breathless anticipation because they think he can “whip Trump,” better than the rest of the numerous Dumocrat candidates—but they’re wrong. The voters rejected him twice, but like Hillary, he thinks a “third time is going to be a charm” that will propel him into the white House. It ain’t agonna happen, Joe. They told you no twice, and they’re gonna tell you no a third time, as President Trump dances back into the White House for his second term.

VOTING ON SEX: Many women voted for Hillary Clinton for one reason: she is a woman. They say, “For all these years this country has been run by men, and it’s our turn.” Many others voted for Obama just because he’s black. Neither is a good reason to vote for a president. They need to look into what they STAND FOR. What they want to impose on us. Both Hillary, AND Obama are “closeted socialists,” and socialism, if enabled, will destroy this country, as it has Venezuela, where they are now rioting for toilet paper and robbing graves for valuables buried with loved ones, so they can sell them and buy food.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Swamp Dwellers are not hard to identify. They’re the loudest among “Trump haters” opposing everything President Trump tries to do And I’m convinced the people who commit violence against Trump supporters are “encouraged” (with money?) by the Dumocrats. I believe the ANTIFA goon squads are “bought and paid for” by the DumocratsR. Kelly almost had me believing him after his “crying jag,” bit he sunk himself when he said those girls’ mothers “sold them” to him. If true, nobody who “buys a young girl deserves pity… Dumocrats are pushing for laws to punish ANY criticism of Muslims in a country where such criticism is LAWFUL. They want punishment even if the criticism is TRUTHFUL… Rep. Omar (Muslim) says there is “too much ‘allegiance’ to a foreign country.” Supporting one of our principal allies is NOT “allegiance,” it is merely SUPPORT… I’m beginning to think there is an ADDICTION to coffee in DC. Every time I see a senator or representative, he/she has a cup of coffee in his/her hand…

Friday, April 26, 2019

A Definite Trend

Local officials are “wising up” and allowing teachers to bring their legally-carried guns to school with them, so that a potential mass shooter will not be able to locate and dispense with (kill) the uniformed “resource officer” at that school, first thing, before their killing spree. They will have no way of knowing which teachers are armed, and that will have a “chilling effect” on mass shooters who want to kill innocent children. Most politicians remain stupid, trying their best to make all attendees at schools defenseless when a murderer comes calling. I’ve been saying this is the way to go for a long time, and I guess even stupid politicians sometimes “wise up,” under pressure from their constituents.

THEY DON’T LIKE TRUTH: Dumocrats and the liberal media are squirming under Jared Kushner’s blast against the “Mueller Report.” He called it truthfully what it is: “A bunch of partisan hacks who can’t admit they lost in the 2016 election and want desperately to reverse the result (paraphrased). The liberal media and the Dumocrats are whining. “How could he SAY that?” they ask. And call him all kinds of names. That’s what they do when a Trump associate (or anybody else with whom they don’t agree) tells the truth about them publicly. They reveal their bias when they make comments like, “I won’t be satisfied until I see Trump led off in handcuffs. Unfortunately, for them, they can’t come up with a provable offense to allow it.

PUNISHING THE POOR: The new New Jersey governor wants to make gun ownership too expensive for as many as possible to afford, especially the poor. Is that an “infringement” on their constitutional right to be armed? YES! Currently, a firearm identification costs $5, a permit to own a gun $2, and a permit to carry a gun costs just $20. Murphy wants to raise that to $100 for the ID, $50 to own a gun and $400 to carry. In addition, Murphy wants to slap a 10% excise tax on ammunition and a 2.5% firearms excise tax. All of which are an infringement on a constitutional right. You should not have to get a license or permit to exercise a constitutional right. Nor should you have to buy a “card” that “allows” you to exercise a constitutional right.

A WISH AND A LIE”: That is what all anti-gun fools do, because they have no truth to tell us about what they do. And ex President Bill Clinton is no different. He’s now telling us that since Columbine, mass shootings have increased in America. That’s a LIE. But then, Bill baby is KNOWN for his lies. The liberal media oohed and ahhed over his ability to tell a convincing lie without criticizing the reasons WHY. He also intimates that gun control is politically popular in this country, which is also a LIE. If it were, the anti-gun fools would not be complaining that even more of their unenforceable, useless anti-gun laws have been passed.

DINOSAUR DEMOCRATS: Dumocrats like to say the Republican Party is made up of “old, white men.” Then who are their own “front-runners” in the 2020 presidential race, so far? Two “old white men.” One so old he’d most likely die in office if he ever managed to get elected, and the other an admitted “proud socialist” who wants to give the moochers everything he can steal from the producers of new wealth. Most of the rest of their “candidates” are socialists, also, many of which deny they ARE socialists, while vying amongst themselves to give the moochers more than the others. The only people who vote Dumocrat are those who pay no attention to politics and thus buy their bulldroppings, and the moochers, who just want to live at the expense of others.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: There is no longer a Democrat Party. It is now the “Democratic SOCIALIST Party, even though they haven’t changed their name, though they have “changed their game”… After Hillary said she wasn’t running this time, Glenn Beck said, “Finally Hillary has had enough,” believing her. But Hillary is like the monster in horror movies. Kill her dead, and soon she’s back again, trying to kill you. I’ve never believed a word that came out of her mouth, and I don’t intend to start now… The Obamas want to create “a million more Baracks and Micheles” to stop the progress President Trump has made, and return us to the hopelessness many felt during the last of the “Obama years”… An (alleged) illegal alien shouted “Fu-k you!” at a border control agent and tried to kill her with a deadly weapon. Was she alone? My question is, why is he still alive? If she had a partner, he should have shot him immediately… Dumocrats have told “Fox News” they can’t host the Dumocrat Dog and Pony Show called the “Candidate’s Debates.” If I were Fox, I’d tell the Dumocrats, “Bite me!”…

Thursday, April 25, 2019

What A Surprise!

Four armed men burst into this man’s house and demanded money. The homeowner said, “Okay,” and reached for the money—or so they thought. What he WAS reaching for was his AR-15, which he pulled from under his couch and instantly killed one of them. They fled in a hail of gunfire, and their car crashed, not far away. One man was found dead, inside, and the other taken to the hospital, where he died. One survived and was wounded. He was found later being treated in a hospital. This is the kind of thing that more thugs should run into, as they go about their nefarious schemes to victimize honest people, and take things away from the people who have earned them, much like the government does with taxes.

FISHING EXPEDITION CONTINUES: They threw their lure, and the fishing expedition called “The Muller Investigation” continued for almost two years, and came up with nothing. Frustrating to go fishing for that long and not catch a single fish. You’d think they’d pack up their fishing tackle and go home, wouldn’t you? Not this bunch. They’re determined to “catch a fish,” if they have to set off a bomb in the lake. The Mueller Report is out, and Dumocrats disdained it, before they even got a chance to read it. Mueller, who was their “glory boy” when he was appointed, a man of such honor that to have the temerity criticize him should be a crime, bearing a stay in prison, is now called a “colluder.” Not with the Russians, but with President Trump. Now they want Trump’s tax records, back to the beginning of the world.

IMPEACHING FOR NOTHING: The Dumocrats are still pursuing their efforts to impeach President Trump, in spite of the fact that a two-year “investigation” (fishing expedition) failed to find ANY evidence of “collusion with the Russians,” or “obstruction of justice” when he fired that “dirty cop,” James Comey, or anything else. Of course, firing Comey was his RIGHT under the Constitution, and did NOT “obstruct justice,” since a new FBI Director was quickly appointed, while the “investigation” continued, and it would have, even if he had fired Mueller, which is also within his power, as president. There WAS “collusion with Russia” in the 2016 campaign, but it was NOT by Donald Trump. But nobody’s looking at that.

BACKGROUND CHECK FALLACY: The idea that a “full background check” will “stop gun violence” is a “pipe dream.” In the first place, all that background check does is (maybe) help the cops find, and prosecute a shooter IF—he bought his gun legally and stood for such a background check. It does NOTHING to PREVENT such shootings. Secondly, it has done NOTHING to stop, or even slow down “gun violence. The FBI itself says, “The National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, is all about saving lives and protecting people from harm—by not letting guns fall into the wrong hands. It does no such thing if the gun is gotten illegally, and criminals don’t usually buy their guns from licensed dealers.

JUST MAKE IT UP: If the law doesn’t agree with what you’re trying to do, just misdirect the citizens by lying to them. That’s what Dumocrat presidential candidate Pete Buttface...er, Buttigieg is doing to the Second amendment, and it’s working with some of the people who think he should end up at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., in DC, because they’re ignorant, and he wants to keep them that way. He is now telling them that his anti-gun fool proposals all “are compatible” with the Second Amendment. Nothing could be further from the truth. He wants all of Bloomberg’s atrocities, plus he wants to ban completely what he calls “weapons of war” like the AR-15, because such weapons “have no business in our neighborhoods.” Why then, are there so many of them that were sold ILLEGALLY, already in our neighborhoods?

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Mad Max(ine)” Waters says “The American people will force Peelosi to impeach President Trump.” How ignorant is that? The “people” are the ones who elected Trump so he could “drain the swamp,” and he’s doing a good job of that, while improving the economy to levels Obama told us we’d never achieve, again… Joe Biden is like Hillary. The voters of America rejected him twice, but he still thinks he has a chance at the Oval Office. If he’s the best they’ve got, they’re gonna lose, big, again… “Ol’ Joe Biden “announced” his third run for president, today, and the world didn’t change. He says “If Trump gets a second term he will fundamentally change this country.” Yes, he will; for the better. Meanwhile the thousands...er, 19 other candidates are trying to “out-Bernie” Bernie on socialism, which will “fundamentally change this nation” for the worse…

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

"Plan'll Be Born Dead"

Once again demonstrating that they have absolutely no interest in peace with Israel, the “newly appointed Palestinian Authority (PA) Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh said in an interview with the Associated Press earlier this week that the much-anticipated United States peace plan to be presented in the coming months will be “born dead.” Which is, in effect, a repeat of the time before when Arafat rejected a plan that gave him everything he had professed to want, from the beginning. As with most terrorists, they will never discuss their differences honestly, and only engage in “talks” to gain time and to make themselves look good. It’s a tactic to confuse their enemies.

OVERDOING IT: California “Attorney General” Xavier Bacerra (a Dumocrat, of course) says those who want to have guns for self defense (a constitutional RIGHT) are “mass murderers,” just by wanting to own a gun. Talk about going “way over the top!” He’s pushing one of the anti-gun fools’ favorite things, a ban on magazines that hold more than ten rounds, and is meeting opposition from citizens, who apparently aren’t anti-gun fools like he is. So now he’s “lashing out” at them. Unfortunately, he is in an elected position, so he can’t be fired for stupidity. And what he is promoting IS stupidity, considering the fact that it will not stop a single fool from getting a gun, even with a high-capacity magazine, and killing a bunch of innocent people.

NRA IN DEADLY DANGER: The NRA is chartered in New York. Bad idea. I don’t know why they put their charter in New York, which is run, on many levels, by anti-gun fools. But there it is. They’re right now having some “trouble in the ranks,” causing them to have to spend more than usually necessary, which has put a lot of pressure on them. The State of New York COULD, if they can come up with some good-sounding excuse, sue them out of business. They could sue them, causing them to have to spend millions more in self defense, then shut them down for “lack of fiduciary responsibility. The way the law is written, that could happen. I don’t know why it hasn’t happened before this.

WAS IT AN ACCIDENT? “Authorities” were quick to say that massive fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral was an accident. They first said it “could be” a slip by construction workers. Then is was “maybe” a short circuit. Then it was a “probably" a computer glitch. Not even on the list was terrorism, even while Muslim extremists giggled and joked about it, and cheered “whoever did it.” Muslims say is is “punishment” for the Catholics’ “past crimes against Islam.” All of which is a big pile of brown stinky stuff when you look at the instances of “church burnings” all over the world. There have been 800 or more known church burnings, world wide, 400 in Sri Lanka, alone. In America the hundreds of church burnings are blamed on racism, since many are on “historically black” churches.

NO WEAPONS OF WAR”: Pete Butthead...er, Buttigieg, former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, is running for president, And he is an anti-gun fool. What is there about taking away a constitutional right that is so popular among mostly Dumocrats? Tell me, what is a “weapon of war?” And how does taking them away from the law-abiding stop, or even slow down “gun crime?” When we know that will only disarm the law-abiding, who are NOT the problem, while law breakers will simply ignore that law, along with all the others that have been passed by gun-hating fools? The Second Amendment mentions NO specific weapons, and only speaks of citizens “being ARMED,” and that this right “shall not be infringed.”

ONE MAN’S OPINION: There needs to be some control over what is required before an “investigation,” especially in a duly elected president by the opposition party. The pathetic Dumocrats are badly abusing their “congressional investigation powers” when they request documents from 89 different sources for an investigation that has NO “probable cause” of anything, and is so obviously merely a “witch hunt” to find ANYTHING they can use against President Trump… AOC is now in big trouble for diverting one million dollars from her campaign funds. But go easy on her, folks. She’s new at this political thievery. Not like New York Mayor DiBlasio’s wife, who made off with $850 million. She’ll get better at it as time goes on… The world knows that Hillary, not Trump, “colluded with the Russians” in the 2016 election. Why has nothing ever come of it? Because he’s Dumocrat, of course, and they aren’t willing to investigate their own, for real, that is…

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

To Destroy Self Defense

I’ve been trying, for some time, to figure what the real purpose of gun control is, since none of their efforts have done a single thing to stop, or even slow down, “gun crime.” Yet they keep insisting on making more and more of their useless, unenforceable anti-gun laws that do nothing except make “easy targets” of law abiding people who obey laws, while criminals and other miscreants just ignore them and get their guns illegally. After much thought and consideration, I have come to a conclusion; that they aren’t after “gun control,” they’re after PEOPLE control.

SELECTIVE CONCERN”: The liberal media never showed much concern about the safety of Rep. Scalise, who was the actual victim of a left-leaning gunman who opened fire on many government officials who were taking part in a charity baseball game. But now they’re oh, so worried about “death threats” to Muslim Rep Ilhan Omar after President Trump criticized her for her insensitive cracks after she attempted to minimize the effect of the 3,000 innocent deaths on 9/11, an atrocity perpetrated BY Muslims. That goes right along with the tendency of the liberal media to push Muslims, while holding other Americans back. I’m still trying to figure out their motive.

UNREACHABLE GOAL: The Dumocrats have embarked on a fruitless endeavor in their endless efforts to reverse the results of the 2016 election, in which Donald Trump whipped their hand-picked candidate handily. Yes, she may have gotten more “popular votes” than he, but that’s because of a huge number of illegal votes that were counted. The electoral College was instituted to prevent that very thing, and it did its job. So they have spent two years, and $30 million dollars of taxpayer (your) money in their endless “investigations” that come up with nothing that would prove any wrongdoing by this president. It seems like every Dumocrat in DC is holding an “investigation” of Donald Trump and spending millions of your dollars to do it.

CLOWNS ON PARADE: Dumocrats again have proven themselves to be the clowns of politics. The Muller Report is out, and did not uphold their forlorn hope that it would give them something for which to impeach President Trump, and “get rid of him.” They want desperately to reverse the result of the 2016 election and put one of their pre-selected people into power so they could continue the “fleecing of America” that they have been working on for years. Their line is, “So Mueller couldn’t find evidence of wrongdoing, but that doesn’t make Trump innocent, They just couldn’t find it.” In other words, Trump MUST be guilty, of SOMETHING, they just couldn’t find the evidence. To me, it seems that, if 13 “Trump-hating Dumocrats” couldn’t find SOMETHING they could twist into anything they could use, there is not anything to BE found.

KELLYANNE IS A GEM: She’s one of the best things there is in the Trump administration. All the reporters and all the yes men couldn’t put the liberal reporter back together again after Kellyanne “answered his question” truly, and not in the way the reporter wished. I’ve seen her do this on many different occasions, and I’m sure I haven’t seen all of them. Many reporters have tried to “corner her,” and have failed. You’d think they’d learn their lesson. But they’re liberals. Which is prima facie evidence of ignorance. So it’s not surprising that they would be ignorant, otherwise.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: The liberals are making a “big thing” out of the smaller refunds by IRS, completely ignoring the fact that when you put IN less money, you’re going to get less money “refunded,” and that’s what’s happening… One of these days a Dumocrat will call a press conference to announce he/she is NOT running for president in 2020. And that will make big news in the real media… AOC is in trouble (again) for mentioning that she does have “black staff” but finds no need to talk about it. Frankly, I find myself in a really different position, in that I have to defend her on that. You either have black staff or not, depending on who is the best man/woman for the job, and nobody has the right to question you on that unless your hiring policies are blatantly racist… Transgenders competing as women is wrong. A “woman” with a penis is not a woman. It is a MAN pretending to be a woman, and should be BANNED from competing with women…

Monday, April 22, 2019

It's A Perfect Fit!

Those politicians declaring their cities, counties, even states to be “sanctuaries” for illegal aliens (I refuse to use their silly “undocumented immigrants" description), who will be welcomed, provided for, and “protected from those nasty feds.” President President Trump offered to send them as many illegal aliens as they wanted, and it turns out they don’t want them! They’re howling as loudly as ever, proving, yet again, that even if what Trump suggests is something they profess to want, as soon as Trump offers it, they don’t want it, any more.

ANTI-GUN HYPOCRITES: Dumocrat Kamala Harris has ADMITTED to owning a gun “for personal safety” while working hard to deny the rest of us that same right, which is guaranteed by the Constitution, the very BASIS for all our laws. And she’s not the only hypocrite among anti-gun Dumocrats. One noted anti-gun Dumocrat is Senator Diane Feinstein, who carries her own gun (or at least used to, before we discovered it) in addition to the “armed security” thugs that surround her, everywhere she goes. Most anti-gun politicians similarly have their thugs to surround them, “protecting them” from angry constituents. How many carry their own guns, I don’t know.

OUR “CRAZY PRESIDENT”: Liberals refer to President trump as “our “crazy president.” But they can’t come up with any REAL illustrations as to how he is “crazy.” They just SAY it and hope we’ll believe it because they say it so often and so many liberals repeat the lie. They also say he’s a racist. But again, they can’t give us any REAL illustrations to prove it. They talk about his criticism of Muslims, as if Muslim was a race. It is not. And criticizing Muslims is not racism. Too many Muslims (or those who SAY they’re Muslims) have done many things for which they rate criticism. Or they cite things he said as being “Islamophobic.” A made-up word to blunt ANY criticism of Muslims, any time.

THEY NEVER CHANGE: The anti-gun fools never change their fool claims. They’re now giving a hard time to those who rushed to buy high-capacity magazines during the week’s moratorium on enforcement of the California ban on such magazines. As usual, they’re predicting “a wild west atmosphere” that never happens. And the next time they lose, they’ll AGAIN predict a “wild west atmosphere,” and it won’t happen then, either. They hate it that a judge made keeping those high-capacity magazines legal, even after the ban went back into effect. That’s not supposed to happen in “LaLa Land.” Liberal judges are supposed to uphold all their illegal, unconstitutional laws and regulations so they can “tell us no.”

ORGANIZED INVASION: The very number of “immigrants” claiming “asylum” in the United States indicates real organization. They come by train. They come by busload. Who organizes and pays for those buses and trains? Who allows them to pass through Mexico and even other countries on their way to the U. S.? Why must they be sent past several countries on their way here? They could get asylum in Mexico or the first country they encounter if they’re really facing danger in their own countries. In one recent case, a bus pulled up to an area where there is no “fence” or other way to stop illegal aliens and hundreds of people got out and just walked over the border.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: They now say the “Cohen ‘testimony’ takeaway” is that now they are concentrating on Trump’s business practices, way before he even CONSIDERED running for president. Actually, they’ll take ANYTHING that will allow them to unseat President Trump. But I don’t think that’s going to happen until 2024… NYC Mayor DiBlasio’s wife “can’t account for” (stole) $850 million dollars of taxpayer money he gave her for a “project.” Will she, or DiBlasio be punished? Probably not. They’re Dumocrats, after all… Being a known Marxist used to be political DEATH for a politician. That, for some strange reason, seems to have changed. As witness AOC’s strange rise in the Dumocrat (socialist) Party. There are obviously many more ignorant people out there, and they approve of that socialist crap. I hope they don’t prevail. More stupid politicians, we don’t need…

Friday, April 19, 2019

Get Rich Selling Socialism

That’s what “Crazy Bernie” Sanders is doing, and A. F. Branco brought that home to me with his cartoon about Bernie writing a new book, “How to Get Rich Selling Socialism to Idiots.” And that’s what Bernie is doing: selling socialism to gullible Americans and getting rich by doing so. Liberals are mad at him for BEING rich. They want to penalize achievement, and Bernie “achieved” great wealth by selling socialism to the moochers out there who want to live at the expense of others. “Riding IN the wagon, as it were, while others pushed it.” Nothing is said about who PAYS for those who live at the expense of others.

BACKGROUND CHECKS DON’T WORK: Like most of the laws made by the anti-gun fools, background checks do nothing to stop, or even slow down “gun violence.” Why? Because people who intend to use their guns for ill usually don’t stand for background checks because they get their guns ILLEGALLY, which bypasses background checks. Background checks ONLY apply to this who get their guns LEGALLY, and those are NOT the people who create the problem with “gun crime,” for the most part. This is the problem with ALL their anti-gun laws. They only apply to the law-abiding, who, as a rule, are not the problem.

DISCREDITING THEMSELVES: Every time I hear a Dumocrat denigrating President Trump I want to say, “prove it.” They call him ignorant, lazy, self-occupied, and unfit to be president, among other insults. They say he’s a racist, but there is no evidence he IS a racist. They say he spends most of his time watching Fox News, again with no evidence. Fox News might be on the TV in the white House, but that doesn’t mean he is “slavishly watching” it. I have Fox on all the time too, but for the most part it is only “background noise” while I work, so I can know if anything important happens, immediately. So far, it is the only news source I trust. All the rest of them only give me “fake news.”

GREG CRAIG RAID: Did you see the armed, pre-dawn raid on Greg Craig’s house before he was indicted? I didn’t, either. And I was so looking forward to it, forgetting that they don’t treat Dumocrats the same way they treat conservatives, especially Trump associates. Those, they want to make look as bad as possible. They might have to indict a Dumocrat, but they aren’t going to “put him through the wringer” as the do conservatives or Trump associates, however peripheral. What is the difference? Greg is a Dumocrat, of course. So they will do the very least bad for him they can get away with.

DEMOCRATS AREN’T SOCIALISTS? That’s what they say. They rush to the microphones to tell us they are NOT socialists (except, of course, for “Crazy Bernie”). Then in the next breath they promote socialist “programs” such as “single payer health insurance,” “free tuition to college for all,” “a minimum ‘salary’ for all Americans (and some illegal aliens) whether they work, or not,” “government supported jobs for all” who want them, AOC’s “Green New Deal,” and many other socialist “programs.” All these “programs” appeal to those who wish to live at the expense of others, and Dumocrats think those people are in the majority, so they pander to them. But they aren’t in the majority, which is why Trump got elected, and why he will be re-elected in 2020. Swamp dwellers beware.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Now former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has declared America a “sanctuary country.” WTF? Does he think he’s president? Liberals are really stupid… Now THAT’S funny! Liberals are asking Hillary for suggestions on how to beat President Trump… Dumocrats have so far raised $43 million to finance their 2020 election campaigns. Some “doom-sayers” talk about that, forgetting entirely how much money has been raised for the Trump campaign, as well as how much money Trump himself has to invest… “Crazy Bernie” Sanders is hard at work on his next best-seller. Working title: “Make Millions Selling Socialism to Idiots.” (Apologies to A. F. Branco cartoons)… It is sure proof that socialism is bad for us when its acolytes are mad at Bernie for being rich. Socialism condemns achievement…

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Islamophobia Is Phony

It’s a “made-up word” to intimate that there is something medically or mentally wrong with anybody who criticizes a Muslim, in any way. It was coined by a Muslim to blunt any criticism of Muslims, anywhere. Even those Muslims who wantonly KILL anybody who does not convert to their so-called “religion.” I don’t think it IS a religion, I think it is a CULT. Cults strive to control every facet of the lives of their followers, as does Islam. Even to the point of telling Muslim women how to squat in public and pee on the ground without “being immodest.” That’s because, in areas controlled by Muslims, there often is no place where a woman can “answer the call of nature.”

BASED ON NOTHING: Some students are demanding Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh be fired as a “visiting professor” because he is an “accused rapist” back in his high school days. What a LOAD of stinky brown stuff that is! Those charges were not only disproved, they were debunked, and the worst ones were brought by a crooked lawyer now under indictment himself in 36 cases of bilking his clients of millions of dollars in settlement money. We have a strange requirement in this country, that such charges must be PROVED. In this case, they were NOT proved.

IT’S TOO LOOSE: Colorado’s new “Red Flag Law” is so loosely written that if I had a grudge against a neighbor, all I had to do is tell the cops I think (think!) he is dangerous to himself, me, or others, and the cops will willingly come and take any guns he might have. All without any kind of “probable cause,” or court action to speak of. Certainly none in which he has a say. That is a clear violation of the Constitution, since it is a clear INFRINGEMENT on his right to self defense, and to own and use the means to that, a gun. The Constitution bans any “infringement” on an American’s right to “bear arms.” what is there about that which politicians do not understand?

CREDIBLY ACCUSED": The campaign to get Supreme Court Justice fired from his “summer job” as a “visiting professor” at George Mason University is predictably being led by former Hillary Clinton staff member Brian Fallon, who was press secretary in her failed presidential campaign. He says Kavanaugh’s actions during his confirmation hearings prove he has no business being a Supreme Court Justice, on temperament, alone. I say that he was ENTITLED to show the disrespect the senators had EARNED, and if people had said the things about me they did about him, I’d have done a lot more than scowl at them and talk back. They say he was “credibly accused” of sexual misconduct. He was NOT. Those accusations are just that: accusations, led by a lawyer who is now facing 36 charges himself, in court. That is NOT PROOF. And they were NOT “credible.” That’s why he is now a “sitting Justice.”

LAW OF SELF DEFENSE: They’re asking if that old man (“security guard?”) at a MacDonald’s was justified in drawing his gun while being beat up by two thugs. I say YES! Absolutely! It stopped them from ganging up on him and he only showed it to them. If he had fired and hit them as they were running away, THEN the answer would be no. Liberals are far too quick to judge without being subjected to the same situation. And they don’t like ANY self defense use of a gun, even if not a single shot is fired. I’d like to ask them how they would have stopped those thugs from beating THEM up? I doubt if they would have an answer.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Facebook, Google Censorship

One of the biggest stories lately is how Google and Facebook, and other social media sites CENSOR conservatives on their platform. Frankly, I don’t know what all the hooraw is about. All they have to do is not use any of those platforms, and the problem goes away. People who rely on them are giving them the right to censor them. I keep seeing a TV commercial for a new news service and their theme is to NOT just listen to news with which you agree. That’s certainly not what I do. I watch news sources I can depend on to tell both sides of a story and not tell me only the liberal side, while denigrating anything else.

AOC: CARTOON POLITICIAN: Alexandra Occasio-Cortez is very full of herself after knocking off an old politician everybody (except those who voted for her) thought was unbeatable. What not many people talk about is that that old politician “had the goods on her” but refused to use it, to his own dismay after the voting was over. She danced off to DC and has not shut her blow hole since. If there is anything the country sees as normal she can’t disparage, she hasn’t found it, yet. She opens her mouth every day and says something stupid, each time exposing herself as woefully uneducated about this country and how it works. As a lawmaker, she ought to know the law, but she does not. And all her braying reveals her ignorance. Maybe those who voted for her will realize their mistake in the next election and vote her out.A lot of people think she's ignorant, then she opens her mouth and confirms it.

SANCTUARY CITIES: Dumocrats are incensed that President Trump would actually take them up on their word that they LOVE the illegal aliens (I refuse to use the terminology they want me to use, and call them “undocumented immigrants”) and want them to come there. He has offered to send the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who hope to overwhelm our resources to those “sanctuary cities,” and they whine and howl about how mean and nasty he is to even consider such a thing. I guess all they want from those illegal aliens is their votes. Nothing else.

WE’RE NOT SOCIALISTS!: That’s what most Dumocrats are crying, as they announce the socialist giveaway programs they want to impose on the rest of us. They SAY they are not socialists, and then go on to promise many socialist promises, such as free tuition to college, “medicare for all,” and many other things somebody else has to pay for. Not them. They want to use “other people’s money.” Socialism doesn’t have the stigma it used to have, when people were thinking logically, mostly because of the “success” that “Crazy Bernie” Sanders had winning primaries, only to have them taken away from him by use of “special delegates.” People don’t understand what socialism is, believing the false promises socialists give them, after years of brainwashing in schools by liberal socialists.

LIB ACTOR STILL DELUDED: Robert DeNiro seems to think that Bob Mueller could “still put Trump away,” even though Mueller, himself said that, after two years and $30 million taxpayer dollars spent, he couldn’t find ANY EVIDENCE of “Russian collusion with Trump” to get him elected. Dumocrats will just not let go of this “dead horse.” and will not stop beating it, hoping it will move again. They’re determined to “find” something, ANYTHING, they can use to unseat him and reverse the effect of the 2016 election. They will not.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Some abortion supporters are comparing those against abortion to Nazis, saying, “Hitler spoke against abortion.” So just because he was right there, we are wrong now? Hitler was all for killing people, maybe just not babies before birth. Just ask the Jews… Elija Cummings write to Trump to get his cooperation in their “snipe hunt.” He says, “this is the last time.” Oh goody! Promise? Lordy… Dumocrat Nancy Peelosi tells President Trump:”Do America a favor. Don’t run for re-election.” Actually him not running would only be a big favor to HER and the Dumocrat Party… AOC unwittingly tells us what will be in store for us if she ever gets elected (or appointed) to an office that will allow her to do things by herself. Every time she opens her blow hole she tells us she (and her party) want to control us TOTALLY. Now she has revealed the fact that she wants a communist China style LIMIT on how many children we can have, because “pregnancy advances global warming/climate change”…

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

"Somebody Did Something"

Newly minted Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar says, “Somebody did something” on 9/11, an effort to minimize it. I hope to God we realize “somebody did something” on 9/11! Those “somebodies” were ALL Muslims, and they murdered more than 3,000 people, if you include the many first responders” in that total. Omar is a “Muslim believer” who doesn’t think it is wrong to kill “unbelievers,” as the Koran directs, which she has made more than clear. Which is why I say we shouldn’t elect a Muslim to ANYTHING because of the way Muslims THINK, not because they are Muslims.

MOST DANGEROUS WEAPONS”: Eric Swalwell wants to get rid of “the most dangerous weapons” out there. Oh? Does he mean weapons that fire bullets? I don’t really see how you can define what weapons are the “most dangerous.” All fire bullets, and it seems to me that’s about as dangerous as it gets. The anti-gun fools like to paint people who demand their constitutional gun rights as being “gun nuts” who just use guns for target shooting, mostly. There’s no other use for a gun in the hands of the law-abiding, right? WRONG! The main use for a gun is to defend against the millions of ILLEGAL guns out there, in the hands of criminals, who use them to victimize the law-abiding, when they’re not shooting each other without a care about innocent bystanders who may get in the way of their bullets.

FORMERLY RICH MAN: This is the story of a formerly rich man who has been destroyed by Mueller’s goons because he will NOT lie, and “plead guilty” to something he did not do to stop it from destroying him further. They got what they wanted out of Trump’s former lawyer when he lied to get his “punishment” minimized, but Roger Stone refused to lie AGAINST President Trump, and Mueller’s goons ruined him. He is now broke. He had to move out of his home into a small apartment, which is now all he can barely afford. He couldn’t afford a moving company, so he and his wife did all the moving of their possessions into their new apartment. While so doing, his wife broke her ankle in a freak accident while doing something better left to the pros.

RACISM AS PHONY DEFENSE: A Muslim woman who scammed her way into the Congress made an exceedingly stupid remark about one of the worse atrocities in America’s recent history that was PERPETRATED by a bunch of Muslims and rightly got criticized for it. So then yet another Muslim member of Congress spoke up and used the usual phony claim of racism to explain that rightful criticism, but forgot one thing: Muslim is NOT a race. It is a political entity masquerading as a race or a religion, whichever serves their purpose better, falsely using race or religion to attempt to blunt ANY criticism of what they say, or what they do, or have done.

PROVING THE LIE: The anti-gun fools tell us that most Americans support their anti-gun laws. California tells us they support their high-capacity magazine ban, but that’s a lie. How do we know? Because the court in California “suspended” the ban for a week, and Californians bought more than a million high-capacity magazines during that week. That pretty well proves that lie. Customers stood 20 deep in ammo stores, buying magazines, while the clerk fielded dozens of phone calls wanting more. The judge ruled that those who had them when the ban went back into effect, could keep them.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: They’re asking if we’d allow Obama a third term. My answer is an emphatic NO! We don’t need to give this INCOMPETENT former president yet another chance to destroy our economy and bring us closer to socialism… AOC wants to control everything, including telling you what you can, and can’t eat. She’s against eating “red meat,” but has no problem with her chief of staff eating a hamburger when she had dinner with him. I guess it’s the usual liberal “do what I say, not what I do” thing… Dumocrats are “making a list, and checking it twice,” of those Dumocrats who don’t “toe the party line” in their voting. And they are targeting these members for destruction, as only they do so well… Kim Jong Stupid told Trump he “didn’t know about Otto Warmbier until later. I believe him, too. But it is his policies that led his minions to think what they did to Otto was okay, and they wouldn’t be punished—unless it was politically advantageous to Kim…

Monday, April 15, 2019

Making Moochers Happy

That’s what the Dumocrat Party is all about, these days. We now have 18 (so far, at this writing) Dumocrats who think they can beat President Trump in 2020, most of which are spouting simple socialism, which is almost indistinguishable from communism, the system that failed miserably in Russia, is now failing in Venezuela and is causing riots over garbage. People are robbing graves to get valuables buried with loved ones to sell to buy food (if there is any to be found). They are having to strip leaves off trees because there isn’t any toilet paper. Yet Dumocrats are promoting socialism as the “savior of America,” even though America needs no “saving,” and socialism would BURY America.

SOCIALISM IS GOVERNMENT THEFT: It’s as simple as that. It is “legally” STEALING the fruits of the production of new wealth for the benefit of those who produce NOTHING. Should I repeat that? Or are my readers intelligent enough to realize the truth of that statement? I think they are. Socialism is but ONE KIND OF COLLECTIVISM. Communism is another. As is Fascism, Nazism, Progressivism, and the many other names they use to confuse people and fool them into accepting socialism without knowing it. Today, Dumocrats are no longer bashful about embracing socialism, since they’ve spent so long fooling the public about it, and they are now accepting it without knowing what it is. Lying about it is the only way they can sell it, so they lie.

PROPAGANDA? OR TRUTH? The left is calling the movie, “Unplanned,” propaganda, in their effort to discredit a truthful rendition of the fact that abortion is MURDER, because it stills a beating heart. It is their desperate attempt to protect a million dollar industry, that of the wanton MURDER of defenseless infants, before they get even a minute of life. It began with abortions in the first trimester, and slid its nose into the tent, but-by-bit, until now it is legal to actually deliver a live baby and leave it waiting on a shelf for the mother to tell them whether or not to MURDER it in some states. Killing babies is MURDER, and those practicing it should be in prison, and maybe even be facing execution. It is one of the foulest of crimes going, even if hack politicians defend it. I can’t believe so many people accept it. It’s our holocaust.

IT’S NOT MY PROBLEM: Amazon’s “Alexa” is snooping on your conversations and has thousands of Amazon employees writing down what you’re saying, ostensibly to bring you more things you really want to buy. That’s what they tell you, anyway. But are they only selling that information to merchandisers? Or do they even care to whom they sell your most personal, private information? I don’t like that. Not for me, because I don’t feel the need to have an electronic gadget running my household. But for all the others who do, I’m concerned.

DON’T LISTEN TO PENCIL NECK: “Pencil Neck” AdamSchiff keeps saying that he has ample evidence that President Trump colluded with Russia to get elected, but he never SHOWS his “evidence.” That’s because he’s LYING. He doesn’t have ANY evidence of such collusion. He just wants you to THINK he does, and he thinks if he repeats it often enough, you’ll come to believe it. And he’s right, with many Americans who don’t pay much attention to the news, only what they hear, and the headlines they read, without actually reading the story. And they vote. And he makes sure they HEAR his lies, often.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: AOC’s “Green New Deal” will cost taxpayers $93 TRILLION DOLLARS! That’s WAY more than we could EVER afford! It’s $650,000.00 for EVERY household. I certainly can’t afford that, and I know you can’t either. You ask her about the cost, and she “shuts you down” by saying, “It doesn’t MATTER how much it costs, since we ‘badly need’ it! But we DON’T “badly need it,” at all. The only person who thinks so is HER, and her fellow socialists… As yet another indication of how deluded AOC is, she is now saying, “I’m the boss!” She’s only WEEKS into her new job as a Representative in Congress and she thinks she’s the boss? How deluded is that? You can’t be much more deluded than that… The Russian public does not view Trump favorably. I wonder why? Maybe because their state-controlled press constantly lies about him? You really can’t go by how the “Russian people” think when they’re bombarded with lies every day (like we are by a willing liberal media)…