Friday, January 8, 2016

Congress Censures Obama

His recent actions on gun control have brought him a censure resolution for “abuse of power.” Like that's going to slow him down. Obama is completely ignoring the Constitution and getting away with it. Why should he worry about Congress censuring him? He'll just ignore it, while taking actions to punish its sponsors, and all the members who voted for it. Many people accuse him of being a dictator. But in his mind, he IS a dictator and no amount of censure resolutions are going to bother him. Watch for him to trump up a reason to declare martial law and put off the elections, “for security reasons.” Or try.

NO CLASSIFIED E-MAILS”: Hillary has said that confidently, many times. And she's right. The messages she sent were NOT classified--at the time. Because she ordered one of her staffers to strip the “classified” label off her e-mails and send them on her private server. That staffer should have refused, and resigned because she was committing a felony to follow those ILLEGAL orders. And Hillary knew they were illegal orders when she made them. She, AND that staffer should be prosecuted, and go to prison.

RAPISTS ASYLUM-SEEKERS: You think many of those Muslim “refugees” are not dangerous? Look again. Dozens of women in Cologne, Germany were attacked and robbed—and more than HALF of the robbers were “Muslim asylum seekers.” Muslim “refugees.” Many of the women were RAPED by those “Muslim refugees.” But then, Islam is a “rape culture.” Rape is a “cultural thing," to them (little boys, little girls, and big girls, too). It's no wonder they want to keep their own women completely covered so as not to “tempt” other Muslims to rape them while they blame the WOMEN for “dishonoring” their families.

PULLING OUT BILL: Hillary is “pulling out” her husband to campaign for her. And that will work only among the “brain dead Democrats” who think she and Bill can do no wrong. Anybody with a lick of common sense will see through her ploy to introduce this rapist with his pants down into her campaign. I guess she isn't smart enough to know how he is viewed by most of the voters. She listens only to the “brain dead Democrats,” who have no brains. Bringing Bill into it is the biggest gift she could have given to the Republicans. They can crush her on that point, alone.

NO “PLOT” TO TAKE YOUR GUNS: Obama got very excited when somebody (in his mind, at least) accused him of a “plot” to take our gun rights away. He made a big thing out of poo-pooing the idea of a “plot.” and he's right. It's not a plot, it's a POLICY put forth by Obama and worked for by his fools. That's not a plot. That's a PLAN. Obama simply wants to take away our right to self defense, and to own and use the means to that end, a gun.

WILL A FEMALE PRESIDENT WORK? That's the question Hillary asks every time she gets a chance. The answer is, “yes.” But not her! She asks the question as if she were the only woman running. She's not. She accuses people who are against her of being “anti woman,” as if that were the only reason not to vote for her. But there are MANY reasons not to vote for her. Chief among them is her pursuit of socialism, which is based on THEFT from the producer of new wealth for the benefit of those who produce NOTHING. That, by itself. Is reason enough to reject her.

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