Sunday, June 30, 2013


There’s testimony that Trevon Martin called Zimmerman a “cracker” just before being killed. What’s the difference between a black man calling a white man a cracker and a white man calling a black man a “N” word (a word the PC Police won't even let us say). And why can blacks get away with the black EQUIVALENT of the “N” word while we’re not allowed to use the “N” word even when it is NOT being used as a racial slur? That’s a “double standard” and is common when liberals want to control other people's words.

FALSELY REPORTED BY MUSLIMS: There’s now a campaign going on by radical Muslims to “punish” Facebook members for saying things Muslims don’t like. They “report them for sexual content” and the machines that run Facebook make their pages disappear WITHOUT even investigating to see it they really DID post something of a sexual nature. This is an OUTRAGE, but will Facebook put a stop to it? Probably not.

JUSTICE KENNEDY IS A FOOL: He put, right in the “official decision” on the gay marriage issue language that said that HALF of America are bigots and there is “no rational reason” why we would oppose “gay marriage.” But there is; I do. Not because I’m against gays getting contracts exactly LIKE marriage (I don't care what they do to themselves in their bedrooms--or in public restrooms), but because I think they should NOT be able to CALL IT “marriage.” To use the WORD “MARRIAGE” is to redefine (falsely) the very WORD “marriage.” THAT'S what I object to.

OBAMA IS SUCCEEDING: Rush Limbaugh got in a lot of trouble (like he cares; the more liberals squirm the more he figures he's doing his job)) when he said he hopes Obama fails because liberals twisted it to mean he hoped Obama failed as president, when what he meant that Obama wants to make this into a socialist country and he hoped he failed at THAT. He has been the most successful president in history when it comes to attaining HIS goals. But his goals are inimical to all Americans so I hope he fails, too.

WIENER LEADING THE POLLS: Anthony Weiner (well named), who sent a picture of his “wiener” to a woman and lost his political office because of it, is now running for a mayoral position and is LEADING. If that doesn’t tell you a lot about the intelligence of the people in his district, nothing ever will. Maybe he'll send a picture of his wiener to his voters if he wins.

“JESUS IS WEEPING WITH JOY”? Commentator Andrew Sullivan said that “Jesus is weeping with joy” about the recent Supreme Court judgment on gay marriage. I don’t think so. I agree with former Arkansas Governor Huckabee when he said, “Jesus is weeping with sorrow” if He’s weeping at all. Jesus is damn well NOT in favor of gay marriage and If he has any feelings at all about it is in the FUTILITY of that ruling. My advice to Sullivan is, “Don’t bring Jesus into this.” You can’t dictate what His opinion will be, and his opinion doesn't matter, anyway. Only Christians care IF Sullivan was empowered to speak FOR Him.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Using the "N" Word

It’s okay for black people to “use the “N” word amongst themselves, but it’s apparently a crime, punishable by the “PC Police” for a white person to use it in ANY context. WTF? Why is it okay for black people to use that word but not white people? Because they figure that ANY use by a white person HAS TO BE racism. That’s an ASSUMPTION. It’s SUBJECTIVE. And it's RACIST.

A friend of Trevon Martin testified she heard a “grass sound” after talking to Travon. What the HELL is a “grass sound?” How do you define it? Can you reliably testify that what you heard is a “grass sound?” Does this mean that Trevon was “on the ground?” NO. It could have been him on top of Zimmerman OR Zimmerman on top of him. It means nothing. Trying to get this into evidence is more evidence that their case is very weak.

SUPREMES SAY WE’RE BIGOTS: I’ve been called a racist or a bigot by fools so may times it doesn’t even mean anything any more. But most it’s liberal politicians who do it to keep from having to answer tough questions about their outrages or stupidities. Surprisingly, the Supreme Court made their decision on the gay marriage question and said, right in their decision, which numbered several hundred pages, that ANYBODY who disagreed with them was a bigot. I always though the Supremes were above that sort of crap. I guess they’re learning from Obama and his “gang of thieves.”

DO WE “DESPAIR?” Some people say people who are against gay marriage are “in despair” today. I’m against it only because it usurps the meaning of the WORD “marriage,. I’m not “in despair,” because I just don’t CARE about such things. I’m too busy with IMPORTANT things like our country being bankrupt with its president still spending money like it was water while refusing to admit we are at war with Islamic terrorists. Should gay people be allowed to marry? Who cares? Just don’t let them call it “marriage.”

EMPLOYER HELD CAPTIVE: In China, an “employer” was “held captive” by his own employees. They stationed themselves at every exit and would not allow him to leave for six days (for what reason, I don't know). They finally did let him go after six days. If I were him, I’d FIRE everybody who was involved in that stupidity and start carrying a gun. That’d make it a little more difficult for them do hold him prisoner in the future.

FOX NEWS MISNOMER: An “immigration attorney” says there is no such thing as “illegal immigration because it’s a “civil violation.” Those sleazy lawyers are always coming up with ways to minimize the crimes of their clients. She says this is a “misnomer created by Fox News.” Hey lady! Have you ever heard about that new invention called, “the law/” Under the LAW, they are here ILLEGALLY. No amount of fudging will change that.

“WE HATE EVERYBODY!” That’s now the IRS’s excuse for targeting conservative groups for excessive questioning and delays in their applications for tax exempt status. Yes, they DID target A FEW liberal organizations for some extra questioning and delays. But those left-wing outfits are only ONE PERCENT of those “examined.” Seems like they did it ONLY so they could SAY that. Employees there are “tasked” with deciding who is OVER political. Who gets to decide who is “over political,” and how do they decide? DEFINE “over political!

When they vote on that bill, will ANYBODY have READ it? The way they do things in Congress, probably not. The Democrats, who control most everything right now, ROUTINELY write bills containing THOUSANDS of pages and give the members of Congress maybe ONE DAY to read them Congresspeople cooperate by not bothering to read the bills they pass into law so the Democrats (and Republicans when they’re in power) can slip just about ANYTHING they wish into the bill and be confident it will not be found until it comes time to ENFORCE it on an unsuspecting public. The system being used this way is RIFE with corruption and they like it that way (on both sides).

Friday, June 28, 2013

Selling Us Down the River

I can't believe the American people are so STUPID as to allow their incompetent politicians to “sell them down the river” the way they are! They pass important bills into law WITHOUT READING THEM, and then go home for ANOTHER vacation at our expense. They spend money like water then tell us that’s the way to prosperity (“Good is bad and bad is good!). They’re fast making this country into a “socialist paradise,” and we’re (not me) letting them do it. How STUPID are we? I don’t believe otherwise intelligent people are ALLOWING this! I can see what they’re doing, why can’t others?

WHAT’S WRONG HERE? The economy is down and millions are out of work. Meanwhile, people are waiting in line for DAYS to buy $180 shoes in Atlanta. Maybe they’re “drug sales rich.” I don’t know. But with the economy so bad, I wouldn’t even BUY $180 shoes, even if I was rich, and DEFINITELY would not wait in line for DAYS to do it.

IT’S NOT THE COST: It’s the TIMING of the trip. Yes, presidential trips ALWAYS cost a lot of money. Which means to take so many and throw money around like water at a time when millions of people are out of work is just STUPID and “in your face,” which Obama does all the time. He just doesn’t CARE what we think. He’s going to spend money like water while claiming that MINISCULE “sequester” reduction in INCREASES gets the blame, falsely. But that’s typical Obama. People whine, but nobody has the gonads to do anything about it; so he gets away with it.

IF IT SAVES ONE LIFE . . .: Liberals like to use this platitude to push their fool notions into law, but in the case of abortion, they say nothing. They talk about taking away our right to self defense “saving one life,” but their pushing of abortion has killed MILLIONS of babies. And they don’t care about that contradiction. The only GOOD thing about abortion is that it kills mostly liberals and will ultimately significantly reduce the number of liberal voters.

MUSLIM EXTREMISTS CARE ABOUT HUMANELY KILLING ANIMALS: But they don’t care about “humanely” killing humans. They want to make it as humane as possible when butchering animals, but when they butcher humans, they do it slowly most of the time, sawing off their heads with a rusty knife or shooting them in the back of the head while they KNOW they’re about to be murdered “in the name of Allah.” That’s what “Halal food” is all about, other than it must be “allowed” by the Koran (however they spell it today)

TWINKIES TO RETURN: The company who bought the brand after Hostess.went “belly-up” when the unions got too greedy and put them out of business, thus making ALL of its employees jobless, is planning to return the specialty to the shelves soon. So I guess “all will be right with the world” then. Forget all the Islamic terrorists who want to kill you for not being THEIR KIND of Muslim. Forget America is not only broke, but is $14 TRILLION “behind the eight-ball.That’s unimportant when Twinkies returns, of course. Not.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

You Need ID to Get A Library Card

And to do almost everything else in this country except for one of the most important things you do—vote. For some reason (I know what it is) the liberals don’t want to require citizens to PROVE they’re citizens to vote. Not requiring photo ID lets people vote many times if they desire—and that’s what Obama and his “gang of thieves” wants because he figures most of those who DO vote many times will vote Democrat.

OBAMA KEEPING A PROMISE: Isn’t that SPECIAL? He promised to BANKRUPT the coal industry and he is working hard to do it. He didn’t say it out loud for the energy industry, but he’s working hard on that, too. We haven’t built a new refinery in 30 years because the red tape makes it too expensive; and he’s making it just as expensive to UPGRADE the old ones. Soon we will have no new refineries (actually, we already do) and that’s what he wants.

DESTROYING THEMSELVES: Everything I write about is common sense if you pay attention to what your incompetent (mostly) politicians are doing to you. Everything they do moves us closer to failure as a free nation (liberals, mostly) and I tell them about it, as much as I can. But most people aren’t listening. And others just want “a free ride” and don’t care what the end result will be as long as that “free ride” lasts as long as they live. So they vote for every “freebie” they see, not caring that they are DESTROYING their country, making it into a socialist country like Russia.

FIRE THEM FOR TAKING THE FIFTH: There’s a move afoot to FIRE people like Lois Lerner (IRS official who ran the office that originated the move to use the IRS to hassle conservative organizations asking for tax-free status while “fast-tracking” liberal ones, including the one run by Obama’s brother) who refuse to testify and “take the Fifth” to avoid it. But I doubt such a law will ever be passed by the politicians in this country, who all know someday it might “save” them when THEY get “caught.”

“WHAT PART OF CAN’T AFFORD IT DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND? That’s a question I want to ask of Obama who seems to think making a LAW forcing Americans to buy health insurance or face a fine is the way to go in a supposedly free country like America. If you can’t afford health insurance, what earthly good does a LAW do? And adding further insult to this injury is giving people who simply cannot afford to buy something a fine for not doing what they can’t afford is an OUTRAGE. If they can’t afford to buy it, they damn sure can’t afford to pay a damned fine!

WORRIED ABOUT THEIR TWINKIES: The world is going bankrupt because of the FOOL decisions made by our incompetent politicians; Obama is set to make this country into the “Socialist Wonderland” that betook Russia for 70 years until they ran out of other people’s money and it collapsed. Life, as we used to know it will soon be OVER; and all people are worried about is “when will Twinkies come back?” and “what’s Kim Kardashian doing today? Damn, are they STUPID! It’s Vladmir Lenin and the Soviet SOCIALIST Union all over again, but this time it is US! This is making sure I won’t be sorry when my time is up. I won’t have to live through the results.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Laws Should Apply to All

The Supreme Court recently ruled on an old law designed to stop some states (mostly Southern states) to create bars to black voting by making them pass certain tests before they’d be allowed to vote. I think a law should be made to force ALL citizens to pass an INTELLIGENCE TEST before being allowed to vote. I think that would be constitutional if applied to EVERYBODY. Then ignorant people would not be allowed to elect and re-elect people such as Barack Obama. Most of those who did so are either ignorant or only want a “free ride,” or both.

MUSLIMS KILLING EACH OTHER: They can’t seem to kill enough of us, so now they’re killing each other. In Egypt, Sunnis are killing Shias and Obama wants to send in help for ONE SIDE. I think we should just stay out of it. It’s not our fight, it’s theirs. We’ve stuck our noses in way too many Muslim fights and gotten our nose “bloodied” for it. I think we should just let them fight it out amongst themselves without our money OR troops. But Obama has sent money and now wants to send troops to die for Islam.

KILLED THE ABORTION BILL: I can’t understand people who scram and jump up And down because the court rejected the law that says you can’t murder the result of unprotected sex instead of using a rubber when you have sex. But they did. Maybe the next step is to legalize murder. They get mad when anti-abortion people show them pictures of what their actions cause because they can’t face the truth that abortion causes innocent babies to be ripped apart or have sharp objects shoved into their brains while they still live. Damn! These people make me physically ILL!

SUPREMES LEGALIZE GAY MARRIAGE: Never mind we have many much more important things in the world, they rejected Prop. 8 in California, a law banning gay marriage. America is broke, and its irresponsible, incompetent president goes right on spending our money like it was water; making irresponsible cuts in military spending, calling them “common sense,” along with many other STUPID things while gay people can make a mockery of the word “marriage.”

REDEFINING MARRIAGE: Gay people should not mistake me; I have nothing against gay people being able to make a contract between themselves that is EXACTLY like marriage, but I believe they CANNOT use the word “marriage” for their contracts. Don’t attempt to call me “against gays,” for I am NOT. To say so is STUPID. If all you want is to redefine the word ”marriage,” I’m against you.

THE LIMIT SHOULD BE ONE: Sen. Feinstein says she can’t remember how many DUIs somebody can get and still be legalized under the immigration bill. I think it should be ONE and done. People who drink and drive are undesirables and should be sent home. We don’t need them here. People with no better judgment than that need to stay at home and kill their neighbors there, not here. But then, Feinstein isn’t the “sharpest knife in the drawer,” is she?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Conservative vs. Liberal

Why do we use only TWO descriptions to describe the differences between voters and political operatives? Actually, that’s a false description. I’m closer to conservative than liberal (that goes without saying), but I’m NOT a conservative. There are some things involved with “conservatism” with which I do NOT agree. The prevalence of ULTRA religionism is one. But if I claim to be a conservative, I get “painted with the same brush,” even though I am not overly religious. I am a “rational individualist” (coined by me), which I believe is much more REAL than conservative.

IGNORANT LIBERAL NOTIONS: The abysmal IGNORANCE of the opinions of liberals would never cease to amuse me (If those opinions didn’t hurt me, along with everybody else). Their notion that the rich stole their money from the “poor,” for instance; how do you steal from somebody who has NOTHING? Another ignorant notion is that it is not necessary to make a profit to stay in business (unless your business is government, where you can steal the profit from private business and use it to your own advantage). I could go on and on listing them, but I won’t. I just don’t have room here.

SNOWDEN IS SAFE FROM EXTRADITION: He knows things the communist Chinese would KILL to learn, so don’t expect him to be extradited from a place they control. Even if they do allow it, it will be after they have “wrung him” of everything he knows. Remember, they don’t have anything against torture there, or the use of truth serum. If they want to know it, they’re GOING TO get it. Bet on it.

LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH: I’m not going to quote figures on how many innocent unborn infants are MURDERED every day in the United States, because it goes up every minute. But it is in the millions. Liberals LOVE to murder babies and have somehow made it legal. It is the leading cause of death in America. Liberals love to say, “If it saves one life, it’s worth it.” To push their other illogical promotions while murdering millions of unborn infants. It’s our own Holocaust. What if they murdered ONE Einstein before he had a chance at life? The only GOOD THING about Abortion is that it happens mostly to liberals.

If you want to know the very DEFINITION of evil, check out the story of the 14-year-old boy Islamic extremists KILLED just for saying, “If Mohammed himself came down from Heaven, I still would not believe,” two reasons for these fools to kill him, and they DID; right in front of his mother. If I were in a Muslim country, they'd want to kill me just for reporting this. If any Muslim extremists read this, they might even do it. For three reasons: 1.: I'm not a Muslim; 2. I mentioned their precious Muhhamed's name; and 3. I told a story that made them look bad, notwithstanding the fact that it's TRUE.. They are about as "bad" as there IS.

TRYING HARD TO RAILROAD ZIMMERMAN: They’re trying the “racism card” and even bringing in “voice identification experts” (do those even EXIST?) to testify if the “screaming” heard on tape was Trevon or Zimmerman. That shows what a feeble case they have. They NEED to take Zimmerman down because of pressure from liberals so they’re using everything they can think of to “get him.”

Monday, June 24, 2013

"Lead With The Down Side"

The media treated Obama as if he was a “Messiah” until just recently. They got him elected, and they got him re-elected by “leading with the upside” in all their coverage of him and his actions, no matter how stupid or ignorant while “leading with the downside” in their coverage of Bush and ALL Republicans. Even with the recent rise of the “alternative media,” this has had an effect. He’s losing them now, after beginning to spy on them. But I think it’s going to be “too little, too late.”

SHOWING HIS TRUE COLORS: Snowden revealed his true colors when he said, “Being called a traitor by Dick Chaney is the highest honor a man can receive.” Well, he might be right if you include human beings in that lot. But that may be true ONLY among traitorous liberals who are running this government today. Not among INTELLIGENT people.

“IN YOUR FACE” GOVERNING: Lately Obama has been doing a number of things I call “in your face governing.” Recently, he appointed Susan Rice (the liar of Benghazi) to be his National Security Advisor (a position not requiring Congressional approval because he knew he’d never get it), sending $billions worth of guns to Islamic terrorists who have taken over the rebellion in Syria, sending troops to be “under the command of the Muslim Brotherhood” in Egypt. I don’t know what he thinks he’s doing, but such “in your face” governing can’t help his “cause.”

BAD DECISION: Maine governor LePage has decided he will no longer talk to the press. He’s taken a page out of Obama’s press flack’s notebook and started answering everything with a “no comment. But it’s not very smart to pick a fight with people who buy ink and paper by the ton. He only has the “bully pulpit” when they give it to him. They have it every day. That’s what they DO.

PELLY LIES ABOUT COVERAGE: CBS commentator Scott Pelley tried to minimize Fox’s coverage by saying they only had about 200,000 viewers at “any given time.” Maybe at 3AM on a Sunday. But he, himself only has about 6 million viewers, while on average while Fox has 7 MILLION most times of the day. Maybe Pelley flunked math in school—if he actually WENT there. If the “mainstream media” doesn’t start realizing how much the “alternative media” has gained on them, they’re going to “shrivel and die.”

LOADED WITH LIBERALS: There is a television show about the news media running today and there is a long list of “media advisors” to the show and ALL are liberals. Not a conservative among them. I guess the media wants to make sure the show only tells the LIBERAL side of things. This is not at all unusual. They have lost most of their power, but they haven’t realized it yet. But they still do everything they can to keep the news slanted in a liberal direction—even if it KILLS them. But they don’t care what we think. They still think THEY “mold” our opinion. But whatever they do to America’s opinion, it’s “moldy.”

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Another Democrat Sex Scandal

Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) “took a romantic rendezvous” with a married newspaper publisher (they didn't say if it was male or female) according to The Blaze. The New York Post reported on it, but will it be reported by other liberal media? Of COURSE not, unless they are FORCED into it. They report on as few such stories about Democrats as possible, while going “wall-to-wall” if it’s a Republican.

PUSHING HILLARY: They’re sure “talking up” Hillary for president in 2016. The “word” is that a “female president would send the right message.” I have nothing against a female president (Sarah Palin would be nice but they’ve lied enough about her to make even some Republicans hate her) but not THIS woman. There is NOTHING in her past to recommend her, and a LOT to DISQUALIFY her, with the biggest thing being that she’s a “flaming liberal.” If you don’t know what that means, you’d better find out, and quickly.

IT’S HILLARY’S TURN! That’s the “official word” in Washington. Everybody thought it was “her turn” in 2008 until an unknown (possibly foreign born)  junior Senator from Chicago (“thug city”) came out of nowhere and “tore up the landscape,” conning everybody into thinking he was “the Messiah” that could lower the ocean levels and “elbowed her aside.” I presume they told her she’d get it in 2016 after Obama had wrung everything out of the presidency that he could.” But I think what Obama has done will keep Democrats (socialists) out of the WH for many years to come, and that’s a GOOD thing.

OBAMA SURRENDERING EVERYWHERE: He has set a date for ALL troops to leave Aghanistan. They’ve already mostly left Iraq. He has begun the era of wars being “won” by just declaring it so and pulling the troops out unilaterally. The Islamic terrorists love that. Except for the ones in the countries (like Syria and Egypt) where he thinks we SHOULD expend America’s young lives for HIS purposes. Admittedly he’s killed a few terrorists with his drones, but that’s only so he can claim he’s really TRYING to win. They’re his “sacrifices.”

YAHOO NEWS REALLY SCREWS UP: They said Kenya was “Obama’s birthplace.”  Then the “sh-tstorm began.” It was so big they got brown all over them and quickly apologized for telling the truth so he wouldn’t “hurt” them. I guess they let me get away with it because I’m too small yet to be anything but a “flea on their butts.” But the good thing is that every little thing helps in the over all. Of course, if they go after me, I’m dead. But that’s the price you pay for telling the truth today. Telling the truth today is subversive.

“IN YOUR FACE VACATION”: Why would Obama take a “vacation” costing taxpayers $100 million dollars at a time when he won’t even keep the WH tours going because of “the sequester” (a big con to restrict ALL government cuts in the future) and while millions of people are out of work, mostly because of his policies? Because he doesn’t care what we think. He’s shot his wad as far as questionable elections are concerned. He figures his next step is a “behind the scenes” puppetry. Or maybe Sec. Gen. Of the UN where he can slip another few billion into his pocket.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

What FOOLS Do They Think We Are?

The Taliban says it’s willing to release ONE American if we release FIVE terrorists. Do they think we’re FOOLS? Do they think five terrorists are worth the release of even ONE American so they can go back home and keep killing innocents? I wonder how many more American dead we will be able to put on their list if we fall for this? The better question is, “What kind of FOOLS are THEY?

HOMELAND SECURITY POLICE: They’ve been “monitoring” Tea Party events all over the country as if the Tea Parties were “subversive.” Notice there were only a few locals “monitoring” the recent LIBERAL demonstrations (the “Occupiers”). Only FOOLS think the Tea Parties represent a threat. They only want the REST of us to think so. If you went up to one of those “police” and asked them where they get their “authority, they’ll phony-up something to arrest you for, just for asking. Bet on it. They’ll probably come after me for this item.

IS SNOWDEN A CHINESE SPY? That’s the only reason why he would flee to a Chinese protectorate in my opinion, knowing they are mostly our enemies and are, themselves, spying on us. Frankly, he is a “treasure trove” or American secrets for them. Why would they extradite him until after they’ve gotten all the secrets he has out of him? He’s either a Chinese spy or a fool. One or the other.

IRS GETS $70 MILLION BONUSES: If a governmental agency gets itself in trouble, as the IRS has, what do you do? Give them $70 million in bonuses. That’s the kind of “in your face” governing Obama does. He gave the woman in charge of the unit that was harassing Tea Party and other conservative organizations a PROMOTION and the other got a “paid vacation” WITHOUT taking her computer rights away, too. Holder will probably get a medal.

Obama is sending troops to Egypt to “assist” the Muslim Brotherhood to put down anti-Muslim riots. In other words, help protect the Muslim Brotherhood “government” of Egypt stay in power. If ever there was an “in your face” act, this is it. Can’t he understand they are the ENEMY? I still think they are NOT, to him. He does way too many things to HELP them to suit me.

MORE BLUE STATES? I don’t know why they started calling states where Republicans get more votes than Democrats, “blue states (should have been red.),” but it is well established, so I guess I’ll have to go with it. But somebody on Fox said there are more blue states than red. Where did he get that? Not only are red states more numerous than blue states, they make more money. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because liberals think you don’t need to make a profit to survive in business (unless your business is government).

Friday, June 21, 2013

"Taking It Without Vaseline"

Maine Governor LePage (Tea Party backed) is known for his “potty mouth,” which sometimes irritates Democrats when he makes comments such as his one about, “taking it without Vaseline.” They use that to try to discredit him and divert attention from their thievery while they pick the pockets of Maine people. I don’t really think it’s important how he describes what is going on, if it is going on. LePage is trying to reduce “red tape” and lower taxes, and that irritates liberal Democrats more than his apt descriptions of what they do. He once told the NAACP to “kiss my butt,” but maybe Democrats looked at that as an invitation. Maybe we need more politicians who refuse to use “wishy-washy language” and say what’s on their minds.

THE SUPREMACY CLAUSE: They’ve been trying or years to establish the supremacy of the federal government over the states. The original Constitution made it clear that the states were supreme. But politicians found a way around that and passed the “Supremacy Clause,” making the feds “supreme” in CERTAIN cases, creating a BONANZA for constitutional lawyers. Lately, several states have made laws that allow federal agents to be ARRESTED for enforcing certain federal laws within their states, principally in the case of anti-gun laws. They really need to resolve this issue so the confusion can’t ruin the lives of federal agents who are only doing their jobs, or of people who are doing what is LEGAL under state law, but not under federal law.

“DOESN’T CARE ABOUT POLITICS”: That’s what Obama says about his new FBI Director. I don’t know about you, but I think people who “don’t care about politics” are easily led by charlatans like Obama, and aren’t really very smart. Everybody should “care about politics” because politics will care abut you. Frankly, I don’t want such a man in charge of the most powerful law enforcement agency in America (until the "Homeland Security Police take over). The way Obama uses people like that, and IRS agents, it won’t be long before an FBI agent is on my doorstep asking me about my blogs, followed  or preceded by the IRS. Or vice-versa.

WASHINGTON DOESN’T WANT TO STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: It’s a simple matter of fact to intelligent people. They think most of the illegal aliens (sorry, PC Police, I say what I think, not what somebody else tells me to say) will vote Democrat, and they hope “legalizing” illegals will help them keep control in Washington.

FAITH OR HYPOCRISY? Nancy Peelosi claims to be a Catholic. But she pushes abortion, saying, “Abortion is a sacred thing.” I think the Catholic church is right in insisting she either change her opinion on abortion or leave the faith. We all know she’s a hypocrite, and I think if she ignores them, they should excommunicate her.

TED CRUZ IS RIGHT: He says, “Don’t give guns to people who hate us.” That’s a little like shipping guns to the Nazis during WWII. Is Obama a FOOL? Yes. He is. We know that. But I never thought he’d be that big a fool. Maybe he does it because he’s an Islamic terrorist in disguise. It certainly seems like it, considering his policies toward them. It’s hard to win a war against somebody when your own PRESIDENT is one of them in disguise. I don’t KNOW he is, but I’d bet on it.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Cardiac Arrest"

As a “cause of death,” it sounds good, doesn’t it? But the words, translated into human speak, mean simply :”the heart stopped beating.” EVERYBODY dies of “cardiac arrest.” But what CAUSED that “cardiac arrest?” When a doctor puts down “cardiac arrest” as a “cause of death,” he/she’s saying, “I don’t know what this person died of. but I need to act like I do” We need to start forcing these doctors to tell the truth instead of using good sounding “medical speak” to avoid saying, “I don’t know what killed him/her.”

FOOLS HIDING BEHIND”RELIGION”: The New York Times is honoring the Muslim Imam who “counseled” the 9/11 killers, the Ft. Hood killer, and many other Muslim killers while PRETENDING to be a simple “moderate Muslim” we could go to, to learn more about Islam. What’s wrong with this guy? He openly says “apostates” (people who convert from Islam to other “religions” ought to be killed—in the United States. If this is “moderate,” I’ll eat a large hot dog shaped piece of brown stuff.

MULTIPLICITY OF OUTRAGES: When I started doing this before the turn of the century, I thought it would be hard to come up with enough material for the one blog I had then. I thought I’d have to work HARD to find the kind of stupidity and outrage I needed to find for my one little blog. Turns out there is more material, every day, than I could possibly write about, if I were able to write 24 hours a day. I’ve got almost 150 items “backed up,” waiting to be posted in the three main blogs I have today. Damn! It has gotten WORSE since I started! I can’t keep up with it.

Obama thinks it’s right for him and his family to live like royalty on our money while MILLIONS of people are out of work. He PRETENDS he can’t afford to keep the White House tours (which are not even paid for by the government) going (blaming it on that tiny smidgen of reductions in increases represented by the sequester) while sending $250 BILLION (Monopoly money) to Egyptian terrorists and taking million dollar “vacations” at taxpayer expense several times a year. He spends money like water while criticizing “the rich,” who pay MOST of the income taxes for “not paying their fair share,” and insulting our intelligence by expecting us to believe that LIE.

That’s what current Attorney General Holder said 18 years ago when he was a simple federal attorney, that we must “brainwash” people, especially kids, into thinking carrying guns was “not cool.” That we must “lay it on, day after day, every day” and “brainwash them.”

ANTI-GUNNERS GROUP ALL GUN VICTIMS TOGETHER!: This is how they twist the figures. (NY) Mayor Blunderberg’s anti-gun group recently put out a list of names of “gun victims” and included the name of the Boston Marathon bombers as a “gun victims.” Which tells me they include MANY criminals' (shot by cops) names on their “lists” to bolster their figures to push a lie. Somebody needs to write a book listing all the scams and schemes liberals use to make you think a lie. But not me. I can’t even keep track of all of their scams, let alone make a list.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Can't Pay for WH Tours

While at the same time the IRS is wasting money teaching their agents how to “line dance” and Obama takes million dollar "vacations" several times a year. Meanwhile he is ORDERING specific cuts that are DESIGNED to “hurt us” while FALSELY blaming them on the “chump change” reductions in INCREASES contained in the sequester. This president is the worst con man ever to sit in the Oval Office.

ENOUGH! There comes a time when you have to say, “enough!” We’re coming to that time now, with all Obama’s work to move us ever closer to socialism. He says private enterprise doesn’t need to make a profit. That’s about as STUPID a thought as there is. If not for profit, what’s the use of going into business? To hire people and pay them unnecessarily high wages for the EMPLOYEE’S benefit? I don’t THINK so! Does all money belong to the government? Not a chance! It belongs to the person who EARNED it!

THEY TELL US AND WE DON’T LISTEN: The people surrounding Obama are communists, socialists, Progressivists (another name for communism) and Fascists. They openly say they admire people like Mao Tse-Tung, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, and other communist murderers and we (not me) don’t say a word. What kind of FOOLS are most Americans?

RUSH IS NOT RACIST: Because he disagrees with them, liberals all over call Rush Limbaugh a racist, as they do ALL those who disagree with them and aren’t afraid to say so. But ANYBODY who has actually LISTENED to Rush knows there isn’t a racist bone in his body. Only those who are TOLD what he says think that. Calling those who disagree with Obama (and all liberals) a racist is "wearing thin" and the whole thing is losing its effect.

“RULES OF ENGAGEMENT”: Talk about “tying the hands” of our troops! The “rules of engagement” for our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq are that you can’t shoot at even OBVIOUS Islamic terrorists until they shoot at you. Which might be okay if they were ALL lousy shots. But all it takes is ONE good shot among them to get some of our men killed when we “give them the first shot.” They know that, and take advantage of it. Nobody keeps count of the number of our soldiers who have been killed that way, so I don’t know how much blood Obama has on his hands from that.

Muslims in Afghanistan hate us. In Iraq, too. So with the fool “rules of engagement” Obama has put on them making their jobs more difficult and causing many more deaths, why do we bother? Let them fight their own battles, as they’ve been doing for years, while periodically suckering other countries into sending their people to die in a Muslim war.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Taking Over Industries

Obama is taking over industries, one by one, while trying to destroy others. He actually TOLD US he was going to do it! And he’s doing it! He has PROMISED to “bankrupt the coal industry,” notwithstanding it is one of the BASE industries upon which we DEPEND. He KNOWS there is NOTHING to replace it, but he goes right on making policies that WILL destroy it. And we (not me) just sit back and LET HIM do it. What the HELL is wrong with America?

STILL CALLING US “RACIST”: Obama and his “gang of thieves” are STILL calling ANYBODY who so much as DISAGREES with him a “racist.” Isn’t it Obama who said if we voted for him we would forever END RACISM in this country? Yet no one has done more to ADVANCE RACISM than him, and he is only HALF BLACK.  But he  CHOOSES to emphasize his “blackness” so he can use it to his advantage.

ACCEPT MUSLIMS? Never! I know some Muslims don’t believe in things like murdering your own daughter because she’s too pretty and MIGHT “dishonor” the family. But it is written in their BIBLE to do that! Any Muslim who openly disagrees with that and openly SAYS so is subject to murder, themselves. Just as it is a DEATH PENALTY offense to convert from Islam to any other religion.

“THANK LIBERALS FOR SAVING AMERICA!” That’s the title of a book written by Alan Colmes, a Fox “token” liberal, and its very theme is STUPID! Liberals are in the process of DESTROYING America and he ought to know that. It takes real twisting of facts to think that liberals “saved” America in any way; ever. But like most liberals, he is STUPID. You have to be stupid to BE a liberal to begin with, and to be such a “flaming liberal” as he is takes real stupidity and he has to WORK at it.

INCOMPETENT “AUTHORITIES” STRIKE AGAIN! In Clyde, New York, Jesse  Daniels found a number of children vandalizing his father-in-law’s house, so he put them in a closet until the cops (eventually) came. So the cops arrested HIM for “endangering the welfare of children.” Notwithstanding the fact they weren’t hurt, in any way, and had to be “corralled” to wait for the (eventual) arrival of the cops. Then they took the lids in and locked them up. Isn't that "endangering the welfare of those kids just as much as being locked in a closet? The very name of the town reveals to me the quality of law enforcement there.

CBS EQUATES TEA PARTY TO MUSLIMS: Talk about “announcing” your own stupidity! CBS is supposed to be intelligent enough to know that there’s NO COMPARISON to Muslims and the Tea Parties. One wants to KILL us for not believing the same way they do (Islamic extremists/Muslims). The other simply wants our incompetent politicians to obey their oath and support (and go by) the Constitution and not make more and more laws to enslave us while taxing us unmercifully. These people are STUPID!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Insulting Our Intelligence

Obama insults your intelligence every day by the things he wants you to believe. Such as that Islamic terrorism is largely beaten, while it flourishes all over the world with Obama and his crowd calling its attacks by a different name. Like Ft. Hood being called “workplace violence” when the shooter “made no bones” about being Muslim, shouted “Allahu Akbar!” as he was killing people, insisted on growing a beard for his court appearances, as “all good Muslims do” while insisting he killed those people to “help Islam.” Yet Obama STILL calls it “workplace violence.” What a FOOL we (not me) elected president!

WASHINGTON SYSTEMATICALLY LIES TO YOU: Example, “baseline budgeting.” Under “baseline budgeting, each department get an automatic 10% INCREASE every year. So if that increase is reduced, say, to 7%, they CALL IT a 3% CUT. Both parties have done it for a long time, and it IS a “systematic lie.”

MORE THAN HALF “ON THE DOLE”: One big reason why Obama was re-elected in spite of his policies that are ruining this country is that more than HALF the voters are “on the dole” and will vote for him or anybody else who promises to “keep the goodies coming.” They don’t want to “upset the applecart” by voting for someone who might cut them off.

BIGGEST LIE OF ALL: Remember when, during the last election, Obama said, “We tried MY ideas and they worked. And we tried Romney’s ideas and they did not. This is the biggest lie of all. Obama’s ideas have only worked to move us closer to socialism; and we NEVER tried Romney’s ideas—ever. And the people who “paid no attention to politics” believed it.

“LETTING OLD PEOPLE DIE”: Obama said, during the last election, “Romney wants to let old people die.” But it is OBAMA who WILL “let old people die.” Remember the guy who asked him about “approving” needed life-saving” actions for his 93-year-old mother because of her “will to live?” And Obama said, “just give her a pain pill?” Hypocrite is such an overused word, but it FITS Obama so well I have to use it here.

LYING ABOUT EVERYTHING: Obama and his “gang of thieves’ would rather LIE than tell the truth, even when the truth would serve better. I said that before about Bill Clinton; it was true. Clinton was an expert liar, but he isn’t anywhere close to Obama’s class as a liar. Obama will look you right in the eye and lie to you, KNOWING you know the truth, and DEFY you to call him a liar. Then he goes on and makes policy BASED on that lie as if it were NOT a lie.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

"Volunteer" DNA Collection

In two counties in Alabama, they used “off-duty cops” (were they being paid, and if so, by whom?) to set up roadblocks and when people were stopped, they were asked if they wanted to “voluntarily” give a DNA and a blood sample. The use of armed cops (off-duty or not) IMPLY force, and would be much more successful than if a bunch of “white-coated scientists” were manning the roadblocks. That situation stretches the definition of “voluntary” way out of shape. If they stop me, I’ll tell them to “stick it up their tailpipes.” Oh, by the way: these roadblocks were approved by the GOVERNOR of Alabama.

GUN-FREE ZONES: One of the most useless inventions ever! What a “gun-free zone” does is tell a potential mass murderer that there will most likely be no guns there to oppose him so he can go there and kill at will with impunity. Mass murderer wannabes don’t go to cop conventions or gun stores because there WILL be others there who are armed and willing to shoot him the second he starts killing people such as happened in a gun store in Indianapolis. Yet our incompetent politicians keep on creating them.

Muslims are pushing for the new Pope to lie to the world and declare Islam a “religion of peace.” It ain’t agonna happen. Not even if hell freezes over. Muslims can keep on waiting and putting on pressure. They’re so stupid they expect it will happen eventually if they keep it up long enough. This is one reason they will NEVER prevail. They think too many STUPID things and act on them. Their killing proves otherwise and the Pope doesn’t deal in lies like they do.

CARTER DENIES REPRISALS FOR IRAN: Remember those diplomatic employees that Iran held hostage for so long? Jimmy Carter had a law made disallowing the victims from collecting ANY reparations from Iran for the hostage-taking. What the hell was Jimmy THINKING? Talk about a WIMP in office! He thought the only way to get them back was to capitulate to Iran’s demands. It wasn’t. He could have authorized a military strike on Iran (one that worked) to get them back and killed some of the kidnappers while they were at it, like was done in at least one other case that I know of. Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA) has sponsored a bill to repeal that law, and it’s high time someone with GONADS did something in Washington about this.

NAVY BANS PINUPS: They don’t SAY it’s to keep from “offending Muslims,” but I suspect it is. Why we bother, I don’t know. Maybe Obama has “put out the word” not to “offend” Muslims. Or his officers just know he would approve. Pinups have been almost “standard issue” for military people who are FORCED to be away from their loved ones and they enjoy just looking at them. To take that away from them is a CRIME, in my estimation. It’s time we got some gonads and forgot about “recognizing the wishes” of our enemy. Who, in the REAL WORLD cares about what Muslims think? We don’t insist they do what WE do.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

It's Not About Dog Poop

Wayne Benett, CEO of Team Worx, made an eloquent plea for gun control on by using the problem of owners picking up their dog’s poop in a park to argue for more “gun control.” Of course, he used the fact that Chicago had more people killed by guns than in a “war zone” as an example, completely ignoring the fact that Chicago has some of the most intrusive and restrictive gun laws in the nation, which have made NO DIFFERENCE in the number of gun deaths, except to INCREASE them. As usual, the arguments from anti-gun fools are specious.

GOVERNMENT SPYING: I think it’s very instructive to know that our government is actively spying on US, but NOT the Islamics. Obama has implied, in all his “pronouncements,” that the Islamic terrorist” question has been solved, even though it has NOT. For some reason he seems to want us to be blind to the fact that Islamic terrorists are killing us on a regular basis—us and every other non-Muslim. They say they are “peaceful,” but “peaceful,” to them, means that all non-Muslims are either dead or converted to Islam.

“WITCH HUNT?”: Democrats say all the “scandals” that are plaguing the Obama administration are Republican “witch hunts.” But that doesn’t alter the fact that four people are dead in Benghazi, and Obama took NO action except to tell the survivors to “keep their mouths shut” while hiding their identities from us; that the IRS did harass right-wingers who applied for tax-free status, and his government IS forcing phone companies to turn over their records without warrants. Other “scandals” are just as real, no matter how much Democrats deny them or try to minimize them

Why? Because the doctors (under orders from Obama’s dictatorship)in (where else?) New England asked him “the gun question” and he told them to “go to hell.” This is what we can expect from now on, with the government in charge of our medical care. I’m waiting for a doctor to ask ME the “gun question.” I will tell them it’s “none of your damned business” and the chips will fall where they may and they can “stick it in their tailpipe.”

“PEOPLE SHOULDN’T OWN GUNS”: Our very own president says, in spite of the Second Amendment to our Constitution guaranteeing gun ownership, even to repulse government attackers, that, “People shouldn’t have the right to own guns.” What a FOOL he is! Just because HE thinks people shouldn’t have the right to own guns doesn’t mean he’s right. We need to GET RID OF this fool before he makes this country into a TRUE dictatorship where he can act on his ideas, regardless of a Constitution!

OBAMA’S GOING TO AFRICA! On another of his “vacations” he CALLS “working trips” where his wife and children (and their security details) take over entire floors in hotels) and “party” while he attends one or two meetings to discuss unimportant things that could have been discussed over the telephone without spending $100 MILLION dollars then goes out and plays golf, then joins the party.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Clear Constitutional Violation

They’re trying to make a law in one state (New Jersey, where else?) to allow the cops to demand to look at your cell phone (witho9ut a warrant) if you get into an accident to see if you were texting or even talking on it. This is a CLEAR VIOLATION of the Fifth Amendment against forcing you to INCRIMINATE YOURSELF, and the attempt to make such a law should be punishable by a long prison sentence. To pass it into law should earn the legislator an even longer sentence. But there’s no punishment specified for violating the Constitution, so they get away with such things.

LIBS TELL US WHO SCARES THEM: You can always tell who it is that scares liberals the most. It is the person they work the hardest to destroy. As they did to Sarah Palin even before she left the podium of the Republican Convention where she was named a VP candidate; and as they did to a number of other Republican candidates, among them Herman Cain, a black man who had nothing in his background they could use, so they made some up (and they call US racist). They’re working on Marco Rubio today and have even some Republicans bad-mouthing him. So I figure he’s a good man.

“INSTANT DEMOCRATS”: One reason why Obama and his crowd are working so hard to “legalize” illegal aliens (Sorry, PC Police, I say what I want, not what you tell me to say). He’s creating millions of new Democrats to keep his cronies in power after he is forced to leave the presidency (if he doesn’t figure out a way to stay after 2016, that is). Otherwise the Republicans will take what he has done apart, board-by-board if they get the majority (hopefully).

NAZI WAR CRIMINAL FOUND IN MINNESOTA: He was the commanding officer of a Nazi unit that murdered many people, going into various villages and machine-gunning everybody to death, one time to “avenge” the killing of a Nazi soldier. He even wrote and published his memoirs, which was his undoing. He must have been really confident of the stupidity of the Americans looking for Nazi war criminals to do that.

“ABORTION IS SACRED GROUND”: That’s what Nancy Peelosi says; she even “invoked” her Catholocism in support of it. But her comments reinforce her abject stupidity—again. She seems to be trying to top her “Pass the bill to find out what’s in it” pathetic crack. I put it down to ignorance among California voters that she is even still in Congress. Abortion in place of a rubber is MURDER. It's that simple.

VALEDICTORIAN CENSORED: In Joshua, Texas, Remington Reimer, had his microphone cut off when he departed from his “school-written valedictorian speech” and mentioned the Constitution and God. But when the principal (Mick Cochran) threatened to write to his next school (The Naval Academy) and tell them what he did he filed suit.. That letter might backfire if there is anybody of any intelligence who might receive that letter and count his actions as being patriotic and gutty.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

ACLU On the Right Side (for a change)

For a change, they’re on the “right side.” They have filed suit against the GOVERNMENT for a “gross violation of our civil rights” in the “collecting phone information” case. I guess they just couldn’t find any outrages to go after and didn’t have a lot to do. Even so, I’m glad to see them joining us. Obama won’t be able to call them “right-wing extremists” because they are KNOWN to be a “left-wing” outfit.

SIBELIUS GETS A PASS: Kathleen Sibelius got a pass in the news because it was discovered that she solicited money from the people she was “regulating” because it came out amid all the OTHER scandals plaguing the Obama administration; so it didn’t get much press, even in the “alternative media” that normally reports EVERYTHING, including that which might hurt Obama and his agenda.

RESPECT FOR OBAMA: Megan Kelly of Fox says former President Bush has been “very respectful” of Obama. But has Obama been “respectful” of HIM? In NO WAY has Obama been respectful of George Bush (the younger). He blames EVERYTHING BAD on him and the Republicans and has since before he was inaugurated. Even when it was IMPOSSIBLE for him to be at fault, Obama blames him. When they were forced to be together, as at the unveiling of Bush’s portrait or that gathering of ALL presidents, past and current, he worked very hard to overcome his well known antipathy for him.

MY GOD, I HOPE NOT! Obama is “considering” resettling Syrian refugees” among whom I KNOW will be many Islamic terrorists in disguise IN the United States (if the UN requests it). What better way for Islamic terrorists (which we KNOW are among the Syrian rebels) to come here and settle, to do their “dirty work” later while making as much trouble as they can in the interim when people object to how they treat their women, etc.

SO MANY SCANDALS: There are so many scandals cropping up in the Obama administration, I can’t even keep TRACK of them! Benghazi, IRS, NRA spying on our phone calls; heads of departments soliciting money from those they “regulated.” Hillary STOPPING “investigations” into corruption, what else? How many scandals are there that we haven’t even learned about yet? I think this is the most corrupt administration we have ever had. Some people may say Nixon’s was the most corrupt, but I don’t think so. Yes, he knew about, and supported breaking into the Democrat headquarters, but I think his corruption was mostly limited to that and his “enemies list.”

SAVED BY THE NUMBERS: There is no possible way that the government can listen to ALL our phone calls. There are just too many of them. All they can do is run them through a computer “key word” program to see if we use certain words that reveal subversive notions. And even THOSE phone calls are too numerous, which means there won’t be much chance they will learn much about YOU. They will be too busy checking out REAL terrorist calls. Add to that the usual incompetence among government workers (not ALL, I realize, but enough) and it won’t hurt us TOO much.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Spying Edifice In Utah

They just opened it simultaneously with the revelations about spying on American citizens by Obama’s government. Does Obama really think we don’t notice these things? They’re collecting our phone records, “willi-nilly” (Without warrants) and who knows what else they’re “collecting?” They open a new data center to store these records, and think we won’t suspect they’re doing more? What FOOLS they are!

TAKES THE ONUS OFF OBAMA: Some liberals are saying the current spying spree was started by George Bush, and that takes the onus off Obama. But I doubt it. Bush may have put the machinery in place to fight Islamic terrorism (something Obama DENIES even EXISTS), but I don’t think he envisioned what Obama has done with it. Obama has taken advantage of it for his own purposes and expanded it beyond Bush’s wildest dreams (claiming it's to "fight terrorism," which he claims doesn't even exist).

COP KILLS CHILD IN FRONT OF GRANDMOTHER: They were on a “raiding spree” supposedly to find a murder suspect and he was one of many “Swat Team-style” cops who threw a “flash-bang grenade” into their apartment, then rushed in with guns blazing. This cop was the lead cop in and shot this child immediately upon entering. He SAYS it was an accident from someone “bumping him.” But the question remains, why did they come in this apartment with guns  blazing after throwing a “flash-bang” grenade in THIS apartment? Bad intel, or incompetence. I think they do this way too much.

They tell us they briefed members of Congress on the “spy scandal” before it broke. But they didn’t. Now they say, “Briefings were available, but some members of congress didn’t ask for them.” The questions here is, were the members of Congress TOLD there were briefings available? This is a typical political “weaseling” when “caught out.” Sounds good, doesn’t it?

CUMMINGS SAYS, “SCANDAL SOLVED”: “Let’s move on.” Issa rips him a new one: “It’s NOT over!” What is Rep. Elija Cummings (D-MD) is afraid will come out? Like Issa, I think the idea of “moving on” is way premature. The targeting of people on the opposing side by Democrats (and Republicans) has been going on a lot longer than anybody thinks so far. And we need to dig a LOT deeper to find the truth, Cummings (of the claim that “sharks still swim the ‘slave routes’ in hopes of being fed”) notwithstanding. This fool should not be anywhere NEAR the “reins of power.”

ALWAYS ISLAMICS INVOLVED: Seems like every time there is a revolution (mostly in the Middle East now, but it will spread to other parts of the world), Muslim extremists are involved. They didn’t start it, but they took it over (or are in the process of doing so). Like the riots now going on in Turkey and the fighting between government and rebels (now with Islamic extremists among them and, in some places, running things). In Israel, Palestinians (Muslim extremists) were in it from the beginning.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Coup D' Etat'

Rush Limbaugh says Obama and his “gang of thieves” are running a “coup d’ etat’ to take over this country. Is he right? It certainly LOOKS like it. He’s making all kinds of unconstitutional laws with seeming impunity; he’s using the IRS to punish his enemies. He allowed FOUR federal employees to be MURDERED while he went to bed. He’s spying on all Americans. He is making “in your face” appointments to high office (such as Susan Rice, who went on the Sunday TV shows and lied for him and he KNOWS the American people do not approve, but he does it anyway). These are things a DICTATOR does. Things he KNOWS the people don’t like, but he does it anyway.

SHORTAGE OF BULLETS: This government bought up as many bullets as it could, hoping to make bullets “hard to come by” therefore making the guns out there useless. That succeeded. Now most of the bullets are “missing,” while our government GIVES a billion dollars in bullets to the Afghan government. Can you put 2+2 together? Obama would rather help kill Islamic militants than let his own people have bullets for their guns.

NOT DRUNK, ARRESTED ANYWAY: Jesse Thornton has been swimming and had “bloodshot eyes” when he got pulled over by the Sunrise, Arizona cops and, even though he “blew ..000 on the Breathalyzer, the cop arrested him for DUI anyway and told him to “quit whining” when he asked her to move her seat forward (he had recently had hip surgery and could not sit comfortably) When retested at the station they STILL found no evidence of impairment, but STOLE his car, anyway. I say STOLE because without evidence of him breaking a law they had no right to take his car. (I think taking his car for a minor e=offense like that is "cruel and unusual punishment," anyway) I think he got caught in a “speed trap” and a “revenue enhancement” scheme. In this case, the cops were the bandits and crooks.

BAD ECONOMY BLAMED ON SEQUESTER: The man who SHOULD know better, Alan Krueger, chairman of the white House Council of Economic Advisers, says the economy would be a lot better were it not for the Sequester (which represents about one hundredth of one percent of the total economy). Does Obama PURPOSELY hire fools and dumbbells, or do they all LIE for him on command? The sequester is a TINY bit of the economy and shouldn’t even AFFECT the economy as a whole. But they still blame everything on it and order UNNECESSARY CUTS so they can be BLAMED on it.

BOULDER FIGHTS OVER “SISTER CITY”: Boulder, Colorado (who else?) is having a fight over naming the Palestinian City of Nablus as a “sister city.” Aside from he fact that Palestinians are mostly Muslim extremists and as such are our enemies, isn’t there ANYTHING a little more important than this to fight over? Damn! It amazes me what politicians fight over; particularly LIBERAL politicians, which describes most politicians in Boulder.

“CARBON TAX”: Those who want to impose “carbon taxes” on the rest of us are FOOLS who are advancing AlGore’s “global warming” swindle. This swindle has made him and others BILLIONS and he is now richer than even Bill Gates from it after selling his failing TV network to an unsuspecting al-Jazeera (another swindle). This swindle is probably the biggest ever (second only to Obama’s) and even top government officials are “buying” it. If they come to me to pay a “carbon tax,” I will tell them to “blow it out of their tailpipe!”

Monday, June 10, 2013

Another Reason to Stay Out of NY State

The New York State legislature has passed a bill (S 2402) which, if signed into law by the governor, will make it a FELONY to “be disrespectful” to a police officer. What about when a police officer is disrespectful to a citizen? Will he be punished for that? No, I didn’t think so. Seems like a violation of the First Amendment, to me. Talk about discouraging tourism. I thought their high taxes did that well enough. Maybe not.

THE RUMOR MILL: After a soldier was told not to read Hannity, Palin, or Limbaugh, the rumors rise that the military is BANNING soldiers from reading ANY stories about Obama’s outrages and failures. I don’t know whether or not it’s true, but it DOES sound like something Obama would order. We should soon know if it’s true; you can’t keep something like that a secret. And if true, that’s the next scandal about our DICTATOR.

TEEN KILLED FOR “CURSING THE PROPHET”: This is how they handle “unbelievers” in Aleppo, Syria. This boy said, “I don’t care if Mohammed himself comes down from Heaven, I still won’t embrace Islam.” And with that, he signed his own death warrant. The Syrian rebels around him shot him to death, right in front of his parents. These are the kind of people Obama wants to support with our tax money. I think we should just leave them alone to fight it out amongst themselves.

“WE SHOULD MOVE ON”: Rep. Elija Cummings (D-MD), has again demonstrated his abysmal ignorance by saying, “The IRS scandal is solved. So let’s move on.” Move on? Without anybody being “brought to justice” for it? Not likely! He’s the one, remember, who said, “Sharks still patrol the slave routes in hopes of being fed from slave ships.” Greater stupidity has no man demonstrated. What is he afraid will be found out?

NANCY IS SENILE: She can’t even remember her promises. Unfortunately, we have her ON TAPE making them. It used to be that politicians like her could get away with claiming they “don’t remember” making various statements. But today, with a digital camera in the hands of everybody who has a cell phone, that era has passed. So people like Nancy Pelosi can no longer lie to us and get away with it.

WHY SHOULD COURTS EVEN BE INVOLVED? I’m reading about the court “approving” the sale of PART of the Kings to Vivek Ranadive. Why? Why should the court evenb be involved in what is simply a business decision and transaction? The government has involved itself in way too many things in which it has no business being involved. They make way too many “regulations” supposedly to help to enforce a law that was way too vague, to begin with.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

They're Ready Now

One school didn’t know what to do when a Valedictorian tore up his speech and recited the Lord’s Prayer, so they just “let it happen” with no action against him so they could not be criticized. But another school was ready when another student started talking about the Constitution. They turned his microphone off. It happened so quickly they must have stationed someone with his/her hand on the switch, just in case.

WAS IT TRAYVON? Audio “experts” are trying to determine whether it was Trayvon or Zimmerman screaming for help over the phone. As Hillary so famously asked, “What difference does it make?” Zimmerman was obviously being “beat up” by a guy who promised to KILL him. Someone screaming for help means NOTHING. Treyvan could be screaming for help from his buddies while beating hell out of Zimmerman. Or when Zimmerman was gaining the advantage for a while. We don't know at what point in the fight the screaming happened.

OBAMA WANTS TO KNOW: We now know Obama (and previous administrations) have been spying on us for years. So Obama wants to know who the “whistleblower” is so he can punish him/her. So now he’s “opening an investigation” into just who it was. If you don’t believe he/she will be punished, if found, you’re a fool.

“DIGITAL TATOO”: Motorola is working on a “digital tattoo” to help you remember your computer passwords. Do you believe that? That might be MOTOROLA’S purpose and Obama's "cover story"), but wait until they perfect it. Obama and his “gang of thieves” will quickly take it over so they can “mark” every American with a mark they can use to tell everything about them.  And I’d bet Motorola is doing the work on a federal grant. If you don’t believe the government will take it over, you’re a fool.

SHOULD HE GO TO JAIL? A baker refused to make a cake for the “wedding” of a gay couple and now they want to put him in jail for it. Should he be sent to jail for that? Not even! He was just expressing his “freedom of speech.” Even though it Was not “Politically Correct,” he still has that right under the American Constitution. The gay couple also have rights; the right to go elsewhere to get their cake, for one.

OBAMA’S NEVER DONE ANYTHING WRONG! That’s what Chris Matthews says: “MSNBC’s Chris Matthews declared Wednesday that he’s ‘got to believe’ opposition to President Obama is ‘ethnic in nature, since the president has “never done anything wrong in his life — legally, ethically, whatever.” I can’t believe Matthews is THAT stupid! I think he’s taking money from the Obama camp. NOBODY could be that stupid! He lost his credibility with me when he made that crack about “a thrill running up my leg when Obama speaks,” a long time ago. But this reveals a stupidity that surpassed all understanding! Damn, what abysmal stupidity!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Terrorism Is Beaten

That’s what Obama wants us to believe while, at the same time,  he uses the “war on terrorism” as his excuse for demanding (and getting) ALL the phone records from Verizon and ALL other phone providers. He lied about the Benghazi killings to keep his lie about the death of terrorism alive, and he’s now using terrorism as an excuse for spying on ALL of us. This guy can’t even keep track of his own lies!

SOLDIER HASSLED BECAUSE OF HIS READING HABITS: That’s right; the military doesn’t like him reading Sean Hannity and others of the “same stripe.” So they’re hassling him. I’m just waiting for somebody to criticize me because of what I read. They’ll be WEEKS digging out from the pile of sh-t I’ll unload on them. I read what I want! Nobody gets to criticize me for that! Somebody tries it I’ll slap him so silly he won’t be able to think for a week!

NOBODY CALLED HIM: Juan Williams, sitting in for the absent liberal member of “The Five” on Fox, in an aside, made a comment about all the “phony scandals you’ve been pushing” and NOBODY “called him on it.” I think he should have been forced to NAME the “phony scandals” and tell us WHY he figures they’re phony. What a FOOL! There is not a SINGLE “phony scandal” being discussed.

Against HIM. Even Democrats are outraged at some of the things he’s doing. He damaged his relations with the liberal media by “going after” members of the media (even though the people they went after were with Fox, the only one that tells the truth, which they hate). Then they went after a liberal “anchor”—AP. Spying on the phone calls of ALL Americans makes EVERYBODY mad—even liberals. Obama thinks he doesn’t have to care about angering people any more as he goes about violating the Constitution willy-nilly.

“DON’T INSULT ISRAEL’S INTELLIGENCE!” That’s what one governor said to Obama recently, but I don’t know why not; he insults OUR intelligence every time he opens his mouth. Why should Israel be any different? Of course, he CAN’T insult MY intelligence because I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CANTER RACIST: They don’t hesitate to call anybody else racist; these days mostly those who disagree, in any way, with Obama. They’re about the most loyal liberal fools on the planet. And the most racist. I’m sure I’m on at least one of their racist lists because I don’t hesitate to criticize Obama when he does yet another outrage. But then, I KNOW I’m on OBAMA’S “racist list” because, even though I judge people as INDIVIDUALS, I judge HIM to be a butthole.

Friday, June 7, 2013

"It's Bush's Fault!"

That’s what’s coming out now about the massive “taking” of data from ALL the cell phone companies (not just Verizon, but ALL of them, according to the Guardian (not the U. S. papers; they don’t care). They’re now saying that if the “Patriot Act” hadn’t been passed in the “Bush era,” they wouldn’t be doing this now. Of course that assumes they wouldn’t have passed a similar law themselves, in preparation for this usurpation of privacy (The Patriot Act was to be a specifically limited thing, designed ONLY to look at what KNOWN TERRORISTS were doing. But Obama has used it to spy on EVERYBODY..

IT’S GETTING WORSE, FOLKS! I just saw it in the news. Cops are right now investigating a shooting and car jacking of (what I saw on the news) a 14-year-old car—the same year car I drive). They don't just hijack new cars any more. If the driver had had his own gun, maybe it wouldn’t have happened. People dismiss an old man like me when I say things like “It’s all going to hell, people!” But it IS! Obama’s ignoring of the Constitution, and therefore the law, has emboldened criminals, who are committing more and more serious crimes. You people BETTER wake up!

THE MUTE BUTTON IS ON! Obama is on my television right now, hosting a “lie-fest” about his health care swindle law. I listened for a while (which I normally don’t do when the speaker is Obama) until I couldn’t stand it any longer. I think he’s been blabbing for an hour, now; shades of Cuba's communist dictator Fidel Castro and his three-hour-long speeches to the “masses.” He’s repeating every lie he’s ever told about it.

YOU’VE MADE ENOUGH MONEY! That’s what Obama wants to tell the American citizens when they EARN over a certain amount he wants to set. And he wants to be able to TAKE everything above that amount for himself. What the hell makes that arrogant ass think he has the right to do that? Some people think it will never happen. But I think Obama is already putting the process in effect to allow him to do just such a thing, whether or not he will ever achieve it. This is the kind of FOOL we have running this country today.

IF YOU CAN’T TRUST US: We’ve got problems. That’s what Obama says, and he’s right. We DON’T trust him, or anybody in his gang of thieves. So we DO have “problems.” And they’re not “down the road,” they’re RIGHT NOW. We’ve elected a GANGSTER as president, and now we’re suffering for it. Damn, are we (not me) stupid! We’d better wake up and get rid of this mobster Chicago politician (who came out of nowhere and elbowed Hillary aside) before he owns ALL of what we thought we had earned.

THEY LIED: Newt Gingrich said, “The administration lied; then they lied about lying; now they’re lying about people telling the truth. Do they have no shame?” The answer to that is, “NO.” They have no shame. They will say and do ANYTHING that advances their agenda. And they will criticize us for disagreeing with them, calling us racists. The real racists are those calling US racists. Believe it!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Afraid of Being Called Bigot

A judge recently allowed the guy who KILLED several people at Ft. Hood to keep his Muslim beard, and another judge allowed him to be his own defense attorney so he could spout his Islamic terrorist crap to the world while cross-examining the very people he TRIED to kill while killing others—and the people on “The Five” on fox figure they did it because they were “afraid of being called bigots” by Muslims. Why should ANYBODY care about what Muslims say?

THAT’S WHAT YOU GET: When you LIE for the president. I don’t know if it’s a PROMOTION, but Susan Rice, the UN Ambassador who LIED repeatedly for Obama, telling the world the LIE that four people were dead because of a silly video that nobody had even yet seen was the cause of the Benghazi killings when it WAS a terrorist action, which Obama didn’t want us to know, is now his National Security Adviser. I guess she proved her value to the “liar-in-chief.”

He talks about their ideas being “controversial” as if that were a BAD thing. They’re only “controversial” to HIM. What about HIS ideas? Are they “controversial?” Not to him, apparently, but DEFINITELY to me; and those IRS victims. He doesn’t care about LIBERAL applicants, whose applications went through QUICKLY. He says we ought to tell the IRS what questions are proper and which aren’t. If we did that, they’d “come down us like a ton of bricks.” From some of the questions I heard, they should KNOW which questions are inappropriate without us “instructing” them.

CHRYSLER REFUSES RECALL: Some unnamed bureaucrat in the government decided, in his “wisdom,” that Chrysler should recall millions of vehicles because of a supposed tendency to catch on fire. Which they haven’t proved. Chrysler should SUE the government for libel. But that won’t happen. When an unnamed bureaucrat decided something, that’s IT, according to the government, and they’ll spend millions to MAKE you do what they order, then fine you as much as it cost them to force you, to pay for it. IN any case, it’s going to cost you BIG BUCKS to fight it. (Update: Today, the very next day, Chrysler announced the very recalls they REFUSED yesterday. I guess Obama's thugs "made them an offer they couldn't refuse.)

THEY ARE SO F. O. S.: (“Full of Sh-t). The “climate change” fools have a new slogan, reacting to the news that the climate hasn’t changed for years. They don’t even slow down. They just say, ”Looks like we’re been given a second chance to save the world.” I swear to God, these people are experts at the “con art.” Whatever happens or doesn’t happen, they’ve got the answer. And AlGore is the worst of them. He doesn’t believe it, but he thought it would be a good con and it has been: it has made BILLIONS for him, and many other people. And ignorant people buy their bull.

GETTING TIRED OF IT: I’m getting really tired of getting up each morning and having to report on Obama’s latest outrage. Today it’s forcing Verizon to turn over the telephone records of its customers. What’ll it be tomorrow? Obama is CLEARLY setting himself up to be the DICTATOR of America—and nobody seems to have the gonads to do something REAL about it. Lindsey Vaughn (who hasn’t been near a ski slope in months, was suddenly “escorted” off the “red carpet” at an awards ceremony, humiliating her, and made to pee in a cup while somebody watched her. Sheesh!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jim McDermott (D-WA) Blames Conservatives

But it doesn’t matter if these organizations (unquestionably) were VERY political, and therefore WERE TO BLAME themselves for what the IRS did to them. How STUPID is this? It’s wrong because they ONLY “went after” those on the RIGHT! He says Republicans are “looking for a scandal.” So what? If they were looking for one, they certainly FOUND one. Since when is the fact of them LOOKING for a scandal make them FINDING one wrong?

A PETITION DEMONSTRATING STUPID: I’m ashamed of my state. In Colorado, they passed a petition CONGRATULATING the IRS for harassing right-wing organizations and actually got a lot of signatures. They might have named the petition, ”A PETITION SHOWING YOUR OWN STUPIDITY.” Talk about “low-information voters!” (Rush Limbaugh put that into the language. I call them “Those who don’t pay attention.”) I can’t imagine being so ill informed as to sign that petition. But then, I pay attention.

LAWMAKERS FACE RECALL VOTE: In Colorado, all the legislators who voted FOR the new tight gun control laws are facing a recall vote. They needed something like 1700 signatures to force it (who created that level of difficulty). They came up with TWICE as many as needed. This tends to restore my respect for MOST Colorado voters.

LOIS DEMANDED HE GET OUT OF POLITICS: The routine actions of the IRS in using their position to hurt people who they considered opponents has been going on a lot longer than when they harassed the Tea Parties. Lois Lerner (then in charge of designating tax exempt organizations) demanded that the opponent of Chuck Schumer in an election “get out of politics” and “stay out as long as he lives” and they’ll drop the tax investigation they started into him (and she refused to put it in writing). Schumer was elected while the IRS kept his opponent busy (and they were never able to get anything against his opponent) and is STILL in Congress. This is one way Democrats get elected and stay in power; and not just recently.

TELL HIM TO “GO TO HELL!” John Kerry (current Sec. Of state) says Obama will sign the U. N. Arms Treaty. For him so sign that treaty is UNCONSTITUTIONAL because it VIOLATES our Constitution in its very face. If ANYBODY comes to my house wishing to “enforce” ANY provision in that treaty, I will tell him to “stick it up his tailpipe, sideways.” The United Nations can “bend over forward” and take what comes, as far as I’m concerned.

The people targeted by the IRS are now testifying before Congress about their treatment by the IRS when they applied for tax-exempt status. They’re telling the government that it has “forgotten its place” as our EMPLOYEES, not our “ruler.” That seems to be a problem for politicians: they think they are “the boss” while it is WE who ARE “the boss.” They have TRULY “forgotten their place.”

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Orders Came From DC

Investigators have asked many questions of many people in the IRS and have discovered (among other things) that the orders to harass conservative groups requesting tax-free status came directly from Washington. There the trail stops. But we also know that it was not just a few cases, but involved 90 cases, coming from all over the country. Not just a couple of “rogue agents” in Cincinnati. And it has been going on forever until they got too cocky. Their attempt to throw those “low-level employees” under the bus has failed.

DARREL ISSA AN ARSONIST? The “character assassination is beginning, folks. Just as Clinton and his gang did it to Ken Starr when he was the “independent prosecutor” who investigated him, they’re now doing it to Darrel Issa, who is investigating Obama. They’re now telling us Issa is an “arsonist,” based on an UNSUBSTANTIATED case from the seventies. Apparently Issa has had character assassination attempts on him before.

HIS WIFE WITH LIBERAL GROUP: The wife of the then sitting IRS Commissioner (Douglas Schulman, who must have the worst memory in Washington) was a high-ranking official with a LEFT-leaning group (that “fights campaign spending by right-wingers,” who else?) at the time the IRS was known to be harassing groups with words in their names indicating they were conservative. Like an onion, this IRS scandal is revealing more and more as you “peel it back.” I think this scandal will SINK Obama, and it is well deserved. We're now hearing from their conservative victims way back in the seventies.

AS LONG AS WE PAY FOR IT: There’s a commercial running these days with a kid griping because he can’t get his own apartment. I’ve got an answer for him; there’s nothing against you getting your own apartment. Go right out and do it just as soon as you’re able to PAY for it. As long as you depend on your parents for your “apartment” and the food you put in your mouth, the clothes you wear, and everything else it takes to keep you alive, you’ll have to just stay at home, I guess. Currently, they’re SUPPORTING YOU while you LEARN HOW to be able to afford it.

“PAID LIAR?” Darrel Issa called Obama’s “press flack” a “paid liar” and got in trouble for it. Why? He IS a “paid liar.” It must be a hard job to remember everybody’s lies so he can back them up. Of course, Carney went on to lie about Issa, saying he was an “arsonist” and an “insurance fraud,” ignoring the fact that these were UNPROVEN accusations from a long time ago when somebody ELSE wanted to assassinate his character. That just tells me he has been fighting criminal politicians for a long time.

BECKEL DEFIES US: (One of "The Five" on Fox) To prove the recession was caused by Obama. He’s right; that would be hard because the roots of the “Bush recession” were planted in 1976 (by Democrats) with the passage of the “Community Reinvestment Act,” forcing banks to loan money to people who could not repay it, which CAUSED the real estate collapse, which CAUSED the “Bush Recession.” Since it “came to a head” during the Bush presidency, he got the blame, and STILL gets the blame. But I DEFY Beckel to PROVE Bush CAUSED the recession!

HOLDER’S LATEST LIE: He now says that since he and his department never, ever planned to prosecute James Rosen, that he didn’t lie. Which begs the question: why then, did he LIE to the judge when he (not just his department, HE) asked for the ability to spy on a news reporter for Fox News, a KNOWN opposition news source to Obama and claim that “since he was s flight risk,” they should not tell him?

Monday, June 3, 2013

"Parsing His Words"

That’s how people like Attorney General Holder lie to Congress without actually lying. He told Congress he had never HEARD of anything like what he is accused of APPROVING yet he personally signed off on an application to get a warrant to do it. Does he just SIGN every paper a staffer pushes under his considerable schnozz without reading it (much like members of Congress pass laws?) If he does, he should be FIRED for that, alone.

HIDING BAD LAW: One way the government gets bad law passed is to HIDE IT in other laws that are MUST PASS LAWS. The number of laws they have passed that way are limitless, and, once passed, are LAW. And WILL be enforced. In this manner will we be enslaved, little by little. We need to pass a law stating that ALL additions to this law MUST be related to the subject of this law. But since this is how the charlatans now in office con us, it will never happen until we get some HONEST people in Congress, and I’m not holding my breath until that happens.

MOVING THE DECK CHAIRS AROUND: That’s what they are attempting whenever we ask about what they’re doing about the “Benghazi Incident” and the IRS scandal. They tell us all about how “four people (who remain nameless) have been relieved of their duties” over it. But they never tell us WHO, or what their disposition is. Were they just quietly transferred to other (sometimes better paying) government jobs? That’s what usually happens?

REPUBLICAN UNDER FIRE: So what? Liberals hate E. W. Jackson in Virginia (black Lt. Gov. nominee) for saying Planned Parenthood is “like the KKK.” So what? They’re WORSE than the KKK and have probably murdered more black babies than the KKK. Besides: who cares about what liberals say about a Republican? The more they whine, the more I believe what he says.

CHRIS MATTHEWS IS A FOOL: He described Ted Cruz as “representing the unsmiling, contemptuous face of the wild, nasty right-wing fringe of the Republican Party.” Matthews represents the unintelligent, stupid LEFT-wing fringe of the DEMOCRAT Party. How’s that, you stupid FOOL? You’re supposed to be smart, but you illustrate your ignorance every time you comment on politics. The only thing that keeps you working is your bosses are just as ignorant.

ONE LESS DEMOCRAT: Sen. Frank Lautenberg, Democrat Senator from New Jersey, has died. He was (currently) the oldest senator remaining. He will be replaced by somebody appointed by NJ Gov, Chris Christie, a Republican. Does anybody think Christie will appoint a Republican to replace him? Not a chance. Christie is one of the best known RINOS out there.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Conquering Us--Economically

Looks like China has accomplished with money what they could not do militarily during the Korean war. They’re “conquered” us. They now own more than 50% of our debt and have now been given DIRECT ACCESS to our auctions. They may now bypass Wall Street and purchase our Treasury Bills without placing any bids through primary dealers. This was NOT “announced” publicly. This is not illegal, but it is disturbing. Has our government given our sovereignty to China, quietly? Never in our history have we done such a thing. China now OWNS US, lock, stock, and barrel. They order, and we obey.

WHY DO PEOPLE LIVE IN OKLAHOMA? They know they are going to be “attacked by nature” every once in a while; sometimes twice or more in a row within days by deadly tornadoes that will KILL many people and destroy millions of dollars in property at the least. Why do they STAY? Why don’t they move elsewhere? Are they STUPID? I don’t think so. I think they just think it will never happen to them, even if it DOES happen to the guy next door. They’re a “hardy breed” as they go about life with “The Sword of Damocles” hanging over their heads, unconcerned.

IRS DANCES WHILE NATION “STARVES”: Washington is AWASH in money, but they’re PRETENDING they’re broke. Somebody ought to clue the IRS in on that, because while Obama is ORDERING all kinds of unnecessary cuts to make it LOOK LIKE the sequester is hurting his administration, the IRS is spending unnecessary money making various videos of their people line dancing and doing spoofs of Star Trek and Gilligan’s Island. I realize that their spending is “pocket change,” but so is the money Obama “saves” with his phony “cuts,” that he blames on the Sequester.

ASK THE IRS—NO ANSWER: If you ask the IRS to tell you something, such as why they are “targeting” conservative groups, they NEVER ANSWER. They ignore you. When they send you a letter demanding answers to a hundred PERSONAL questions to which they have no right to know the answers, and give you two weeks to answer or they PUNISH you. Typical government: do as we say, not as we DO. “We have the power, you don’t. So we’ll NEVER answer your legitimate questions, but you have to answer our ILLEGITIMATE questions on OUR schedule or we PUNISH you.

ONE CONSERVATIVE SPEAKER: Research has shown that ONE conservative speaker has been invited to speak at a university commencement and been allowed to speak. Several have been INVITED, but were DISINVITED when the students shouted them down. Which makes it obvious that the effort to DEMONIZE conservatives in colleges has been eminently SUCCESSFUL. Ann Coulter has been BANNED by the Canadian GOVERNMENT from speaking anywhere in Canada!

HOLDER IN CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS: That’s for LYING to Congress. But what does that MEAN to him? So far he has gone on with “business as usual” as if Congress doesn’t exist. Clinton had to have his campaign pay a big fine for the same thing (which didn’t bother him). But what will Holder have to do? Is there ANY penalty that will be applied to him for his contempt? Doubtful, as long as he is working for Obama.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sequester Is A Con

And anybody who believes that it is the cause of all those obvious and irritating “cuts” and “furloughs” is  a fool. The Sequester is NOT any CUTS at all. It is a SMALL number of reductions in INCREASE and has NO EFFECT on what’s already in place. So Obama ORDERS huge cuts that HURT people and CLAIM it’s because of the TINY reductions in INCREASE because of the Sequester. He wants to frighten us so we won’t support ANY cuts. What a CON MAN! This guy has been conning us since he conned his way into the presidency with the help of the liberal (compliant) media and the socialist Democrat Party.

BLOOMBERG: “I FEEL SAFE”: It’s not often a politician willfully shows his ignorance though it does happen every once in a while. But for Bloomberg to come out right after being sent a Ricin-containing letter, that statement is completely STUPID.  But then, we already knew that about him. He’s already an ILLEGAL MAYOR, having run for a third term AGAINST THE LAW, so maybe he’ll even run for a FOURTH term.

TOO MANY WILLING: What really disturbs me is not that just the fact the IRS “targeted” conservatives—or even that previous presidents also used the IRS to target their political enemies and “dry up” their donations. What REALLY disturbs me is that there have always been people in the IRS willing to do this, even after people have been caught at it in the past; and that those doing it have never been properly punished for it. Which is probably why there's never a shortage of people willing to do it.

TOO MANY OUTRAGES: Some people complain that we don’t cover each and every outrage there is. There’s a good reason for that. This is a one-man operation and that one man is 74-years-old. I have only so many hours of work on this computer in me each day and I have to choose very carefully which of the many outrages I see every day to call your attention to. There are just too many outrages for me to cover every one, though I try to cover as many as I can.

LAST NIGHT I HAD A NIGHTMARE: I was 74 years old, could just barely walk because both my legs had been destroyed during my life and they were in the process of “giving out” as I got older. My inadequate Social Security was just barely letting me “get by,” and any major expense would really hurt. I had recently had to quit a job I’d had for 6 plus years because of the problems with my legs. I spend most of the money I DO get on medicine. I’m in pain most of the time and my system doesn’t work right any more. I can’t go out and actually DO anything to break the monotony of life or get any exercise. Then I woke up, and it wasn’t a dream; it was TRUE. This was my life.