Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No Provocations At All

The “Arab World says Israel “attacked a Palestinian ship with “no provocation whatsoever.” Who do they think they’re fooling? On ANY given day, at ANY given time, Israel has a “provocation” to kill Palestinians after all the unprovoked attacks the Palestinians have made on Israel. Do they really think the rest of the world are fools?

EXAMPLE OF THE TWIST: Rush Limbaugh famously said, “I want Obama to fail.” The liberals twisted that to have him saying, “I want the country to fail.” This is how they twist what we say and then criticize us for saying it. What Limbaugh actually wants is for OBAMA to fail in his quest to socialize this country and take over permanent leadership of it, which will cause the COUNTRY to fail. To want OBAMA to fail is a GOOD thing, since everything he wants to do is BAD for this country.

GOLLY! IT WAS AN AID SHIP! Really? Then why were the soldiers on it armed, and why did they fight when the Israelis (who were entitled, after all the Palestinian atrocities they’ve suffered) wanted to inspect the ship to make sure they were not allowing an army and more weapons into Gaza. If they had not attacked the Israelis, maybe they’d have just been inspected and allowed to go on their way IF they had nothing contraband. We’ll never know, now. Now they’re sending yet ANOTHER ship to “run the Israeli blockade on Gaza.” Looks to me like they’re simply PROVOKING Israel, which they do routinely.

ALGORE AND WIFE SPLITTING: And of course, the bullderm preceding the announcement was longer than the announcement itself. When is Al going to learn that the length of his pronouncements doesn’t make them more believable. This one is probably more believable than anything else he has come up with recently. Later on, we heard of a "probable" sex scandal involving Al. No proof, just a woman's word. But I wonder...

TAKING OVER BP? Some liberals are suggesting Obama “take over” BP. First of all, this is not possible without breaking the law. Of course, that does not bother Obama. Second, BP is not an American company. To attempt to take it over would be futile without creating an international incident. Third, what the hell does Obama know that BP doesn’t, when it comes to plugging that leak? Nothing. So if he takes them over, it becomes HIS problem. He doesn’t want that. It would make it plain he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

UN CONDEMNS ISRAEL: And we agreed to it. This was their response to the Turkish “setup” in which 9 people died after ATTACKING people who only came aboard to INSPECT their ship, as they TOLD them they would, to make sure it WAS a “help” mission, not an act of war. That will put the cap on Obama’s losses in 2010 and 2012.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Senator Byrd is Dead

Good riddance to bad rubbish. This monster does not deserve the usual respect given to the dead. He was a top officer in the KKK, filibustered AGAINST the Civil rights Act and voted against it when it came up. He "changed his tune in later years when it became convenient. But I submit, once a racist bigot, always a racist bigot. W. Virginia has a lot to answer for in inflicting this monster on us for so long. I make no apologies for saying these things about this jerk.

DO IT ANYWAY, BOBBY! Bobby Jindal, Republican governor of Louisiana, has a plan to protect his beaches. Democrat president Obama won’t let him do it. Where does HE get the right to tell the chief executive of Louisiana he can’t do something to save his own beaches? Do it anyway, Bobby. What’s Obama going to do, come at you with guns? Then when you succeed where Obama failed, and you run on a ticket with Sarah Palin for president in 2012, you’ll then outrank Obama, who will be an ex-president.

NO DETAILS: Obama talks about all HE has done to plug the hole in the Gulf of Mexico, but he never goes into detail about what he has done. That’s a politician’s way: make a pronouncement without giving details, and the “headline readers” will gulp it down, hook, line, and sinker. They’ll never know they’ve been “hooked” until Obama’s people start pulling on the line.

CASS SUNSTEIN’S POWER: The “Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs” (what a “Soviet-style title!). With it, he can screw over people like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and even me. When he was told about it, his eyes got very big and he groaned as if he was having an orgasm because he knows how much power that gives him. Power is an aphrodisiac to liberals and his reaction proves it. I may be committing literary (maybe literal) suicide by writing this item.

OBAMA SEES DEAD PEOPLE: At a recent ceremony to honor America’s “fallen,” Obama said he “saw some of them here today. How is that possible unless he can see dead people? Does this guy ever READ what’s going to be on his teleprompter before he gives yet another speech? What a JOKE this idiot is!

THERE “FROM DAY ONE”: That’s what Obama says about the Gulf oil spill. Maybe he’s right. But if he was, it was only to get in the way. There is no reason he should be ALLOWED to say “yea or nay” to those who are trying to stop this leak. He doesn’t KNOW which action is right.

FIGHTING CONSERVATIVE MISINFORMATION: That’s right at the top of the “Media Matters” home page on their web site. My question here is, who fights MEDIA MATTERS (liberal) misinformation, which involves just about everything they publish? To hear them tell it, the only place there IS “misinformation” is from conservatives. From what I can see, ALL the misinformation is coming from LIBERAL sources, Media Matters included. In the forefront, in fact.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Obama Innocent!

He had nothing to do with the attempt to bribe Sestak to keep him from running against Arlen Specter. Or so sayeth liberals, who still think Nixon was the first through the door himself on the Democrat Party office break-in that destroyed his presidency. What a load of stinky brown stuff! The things these liberals expect us to believe! The bad thing is, people who “pay no attention to politics” WILL believe them. (Thanks to the Florida Cracker on Twitter for the suggestion)

NO DETAILS: Sestak claims the White House made him a job offer to keep him from running against Arlen Specter (Something I wouldn’t put past this White House) but, just like with most politicians, usually liberals, he gives no details. The details will have to be screwed out of him with a huge wine bottle opener.

SHE DIDN’T CROSS HER LEGS! They’re crying about the fact that Elena Kagan didn’t cross her legs while being interviewed. If that’s all the liberals have against Elena Kagan, she’ll be confirmed in five minutes (Maybe that’s why they’re doing it; to divert our attention.). There are way too many IMPORTANT things for which to criticize her, making this silly. I never thought I’d be defending Kagan, but I think this is stupid! And it IS sexist. Especially after the liberal press made so much of the airbrushed “package” displayed by AlGore (and another by Bill Clinton) in a magazine. How stupid ARE these people”?

LIMITING POLITICAL ADS: Democrats are working hard to do this because if their opponents cannot advertise, it makes it a lot easier for them to keep their jobs. McCain-Feingold, a law I call “The Incumbent Protection Act,” was an unconstitutional mistake, and it was John McCain’s mistake. As a Republican, he should be retired for that, alone.

THE “USUAL SUSPECTS”: I get really tired of hearing about the “usual suspects” being mentioned as possible presidential candidates in 2012. In a recent issue of News Max there was a letter to the editor asking “Can Mitt Romney Save the Country?” The answer is a resounding NO! If he could, he would have already done it. The best prospect, in my mind, is Sarah Palin, who stayed with John McCain (as she promised to do) even though she was very critical of his policies. Any politician who keeps her promises that well, I want to get elected.

AG HOLDER “EASY” ON KILLERS: Eris Arguera, Alcides Umana, and Adolfo Amaya Portillo are proud members of the vicious street gang, Mara Salvatrucha. They’re also bloody murderers. They were trying a “protection racket” on a pimp, and killed him when he fought back. AG Holder refused to ask for the death penalty. Why? If there ever WAS a “death penalty case,” this is it. Why does he refuse to ask for it? Probably the same reason he canceled the case against the two black men who stood in front of a polling place, intimidating voters with nightsticks. They’ve got “pull.”

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Glenn's A "Fear Monger"

That’s what liberals said about Glenn Beck some years ago when he predicted that if Europe continued on their socialist ways there’d be “fighting in the streets.” Do you watch the news? What’s happening in Greece? How about France? Looks like his predictions are coming true—unless you want to ignore reality as the liberals do.

“SLIGHTLY MORE INFORMED”: Obama’s mouthpiece says Sarah Palin “needs to get slightly more informed.” How stupid does he think we are? It is Obama and his “fellow travelers” who need to get more informed; a LOT more informed. They’re going to be “out of power” and Obama is going to be ALONE in Washington for the last two years of the only administration in which he will be in the white House. I hesitate to say “serve.” He is not “serving.” He is looting and pillaging.

MUSLIMS BEATING THEIR WIVES: They are so convinced that beating their wives and children is right that they have television shows telling men how it should be done. I’ve seen them. Then they say when we talk about it, we are engaging in “anti-Muslim propaganda.” Since when is telling the truth about people “propaganda?” Gawd, these people are really stupid!

LIMBAUGH WINS! The Democrats are making a “big thing” about a few Democrats winning elections in what are strong Democrat districts. One of the best known is a Democrat sounding more like Rush Limbaugh that any Democrat has a right to sound, winning. We all know he won’t ACT as Limbaugh would act, although he fooled enough Democrats to be elected.

NOBODY CAN FAIL: former president Clinton said, in a recent speech, that “we must find a way to make sure NOBODY can fail.” What a dreamer! This is typical liberal thought. It’s “pie-in-the-sky” thinking that is typical of liberals. That there is NO WAY we will EVER be able to make sure NOBODY ever fails doesn’t matter to liberals. They say it, hoping gullible people will believe it. What a load of stinky brown stuff THAT is!

WATCHING PORN INSTEAD: Liberals are wondering how it is possible to blunder so badly in “controlling” the oil industry as to allow an oil spill such as we are now suffering in the Gulf of Mexico. The problem is we are NOT “controlling” this industry. The people who are supposed to be doing this job may just be spending their time watching porn on government computers instead of doing their jobs.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Temporary" Taxes

There HAVE been times when a “temporary tax” went away when the problem it was designed to solve went away. But temporary taxes going away is so rare as to be non-existent. It’s almost a “running joke” that temporary taxes NEVER go away. That’s because, with VERY few exceptions, they don’t. We still have at least one “temporary tax” still on the books from the Spanish-American War! If you ever “buy” the idea that a tax they’re proposing is “temporary,” you’re just ignorant.

BOYCOTT ARIZONA! What a stupid thing to suggest! There are many states that do business with companies based in Arizona and to refuse to do business with them will not hurt Arizona itself. It will hurt the PEOPLE who operate and work for those private companies. In many cases, it will hurt the companies in those boycotting states. Who work for the companies who blindly follow their state in boycotting Arizona. One example is the electric power California cities GET from Arizona. If they’re forced to find other sources, they’re in trouble. Of course, Obama and his accomplices don’t care about that.

NON-REPORTING: Our attorney general admitted that he has NOT read the Arizona law he calls unconstitutional. The head of the Homeland Security Administration likewise. Did you see ANYTHING about that in the liberal media? Not a chance. But if Bush’s AG had done likewise, it would be a two week story, wall-to-wall.

A “CRY FOR HELP”: Arizona’s immigration law is a “cry for help” from that state. But they’re not only not getting any help from the feds, they’re getting undeserved ridicule. This should tell you a lot about this “elite” administration which cares NOT for what its citizens wish, NOR for what is good for them. We need to get them OUT of office, as quickly as possible.

REPEATEDLY LIED: Blumenthal didn’t “misspeak.” He REPEATEDLY lied about serving in Viet Nam, a place he has never been. It was NOT a “misspeaking.” It was a REPEATED LIE. How the liberal media can miss that tells us a lot about them. In simple words, liberals lie, press swears to it.

KOREA THREATENING WAR: They really think we’re afraid of them. That they can actually WIN a war with the United States, just because our liberal politicians would not LET us win the war in Korea before. They count that as a win on their part. They were very lucky our liberals were so stupid or they would not exist today. We have a similar regime in power today, but they may be a LITTLE more willing to win a war.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Deeming" You To Be A Criminal

How long will it be before the government can simply “deem you” to be a criminal and put you in prison if they once succeed in “deeming” anybody or anyTHING to be illegal without a law that was properly passed by Congress? They were going to try it. Whether or not they succeed is in YOUR hands.

SHEER FORCE OF NUMBERS: We should restrict the number of Muslims allowed to emigrate to this country. Not because of any racism (which they will claim), but because if they can’t take us over by blowing us up, they will take us over by sheer force of NUMBERS as they have done in France. This cannot happen! We cannot allow it! We cannot let Muslims outnumber us in this country, and VOTE us into slavery.

SABOTAGING OUR ECONOMY: The Islamic terrorists would like to sabotage America’s economy. One of the best ways to do that is to cause our gasoline prices to rise precipitously. But they don’t have to do that. The Democrats are doing it FOR them.

PUTTING THEM IN JAIL: Dr. Hansen, the guy who originally “sounded the alarm” about the supposed threat of “global warming” now wants to put oil company executives IN JAIL for calling him a liar. I’ll call him a liar too. He’s a pissant who just can’t take opposition. Like Obama, but with less power. Will he try and put ME in jail? Bring it on!

“DISTURBING TREND”: Obama says there is a “disturbing trend” in this country. He doesn’t say what it is, but “dead reckoning” will tell us it is people who insist on the government adhering to that “antiquated, old fashioned document written more than 200 years ago” called the Constitution. If that’s a “disturbing trend,” I want out! Unfortunately, there’s nowhere else to go. If we throw this Constitution out (which we can’t legally do) and this country loses its freedoms, there’s nowhere to which to flee.

“THE OVERTON WINDOW”: Glenn Beck has a new book out, “The Overton Window” about a technique promoters use all the time that I’ve been talking about for years. Specifically, I’ve talked about in regard to women’s rights advocates. Why they demand so much. It’s simple: If you want to get to the horizon, demand to go to the sun. Then getting to the horizon won’t seem so unattainable.

“I MISSPOKE”: How many times have we heard a Democrat say that when he gets caught saying something he shouldn’t? Richard Blumenthal “misspoke” many times, in many speeches. Sounds like “misspeaking” was part of his schtick. To me, that’s a purposeful lie, not “misspeaking.” Even one Fox News commentator says we ought to “cut him a break.” I don’t think so. His “misstatements” on a regular basis jerks the rug out from under him when it comes to telling the truth—and that’s bad for a politician.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

"A Distraction"

Obama thinks the war in Iraq is a “distraction” from the war on terror. As usual, he’s wrong. Iraq is NOT “a distraction” from the war on terror. It is one of the main theaters in this war. Afghanistan is another. These are the places where we are keeping them busy so they don’t have as much time and money available to come here and blow up our cities like they do there.

MAKING US MAD: Many liberal jerks talk about us “making the Muslim extremists mad” and helping their recruitment every time we do something against them. This is STUPID! What should we do, let them blow our people and property up with impunity? What about THEM making US mad? They do things DAILY to make us mad and help recruitment in our military. Will they stop that if we stop fighting them? Or will they view that as a weakness and redouble their efforts?

RED LIGHT DISTRICT? When the Democrats had their convention in Denver, politicians said they no longer have a “red light district catering to Democrats.” What a LOAD! It’s just better hidden. As long as there are politicians, Republican OR Democrat, or anything else, there will be a “red light district” that caters to them.

MISS OKLAHOMA DENIED CROWN: Because she agreed with the Arizona law telling the cops to “do their jobs” regarding illegal immigrants. They SAY” this was not the reason, but I think they’re lying.

DEMOCRAT RESPONSE TO EVERYTHING: More taxes and/or more restrictive laws and regulations. It doesn’t matter that the government can’t do ANYTHING right. They want to control EVERYTHING. And make money from it.

NO CONSIDERATION FOR HUMANS: Politicians keep making more and more laws and regulations for environmental reasons without even CONSIDERING their effect on human beings, even though global warming (now called “climate change” to continue fooling us) has been disproved six ways to Sunday. They don’t care. They just want the power and the money.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why Not Prosecute the Panthers?

Members of the Black Panthers were brazenly standing in front of a polling place carrying weapons during the 2008 election, in an attempt to intimidate all voters. The government filed charges against them. When Obama got into office, his administration canceled those charges. Why? Maybe it was because HE sent them there in the first place. Talk about a brazen violation of the law on the part of the new president! Obama knows people can’t do much because he controls the means of prosecution. The name for that is “dictatorship.”

BANNING BONFIRES: In Seattle, Washington, they want to ban bonfires on the beach because of the global warming swindle. This swindle had been discredited in every way possible, but politicians are STILL using it as an excuse for their excesses. When does it stop?

ADVERTISING FOR WELFARE: They actually ADVERTISE for “takers” for food stamps! If they don’t get “enough action” they’ll lose funding, so they spend taxpayer money to advertise for people to GET such things as food stamps. If they have to do this, how hard is it to QUALIFY for these programs?

LIBERAL EXCESSES: The reason we’re paying such high prices for gasoline is because of liberal excesses over the years. They’re using the “global warming swindle” as an excuse not to allow drilling in areas WE control, forcing us to buy oil from people who hate us at inflated prices.

SMOKING AS “MEDICAL CONDITION”: Anti-smoking fanatics call smoking “a medical condition.” It is NOT. Nothing could be further from the truth. But that has never stopped the anti-smoking fanatics before. Frankly, I think they should be called on their many lies, but they are not. They blithely throw false numbers around, and nobody ever questions them.

OIL “PROFITS”: Yes the oil companies have made some profits. But a large part of those profits have been plowed back into searching for more oil which, if they don’t do, will cause us to really have an oil shortage of the kind anti-oil fanatics say we now have.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's Unconstitutional!

That’s what many people, Obama included, say about the Arizona law forcing cops to ENFORCE the federal laws against illegal immigration. But nobody seems to be able to point out exactly HOW it is unconstitutional. That’s because it is NOT. They gripe about Americans being “forced to show their papers” by cops, as if they didn’t already. If you get stopped by a cop, what’s the first thing he says? “Show me your license, registration, and proof of insurance.” He could say, "Your papers, please" just as easily. What’s different here?

SAYETH ANN COULTER: “Distinguishing between Elena Kagan and any other Democratic nominee is like distinguishing between Hannibal Lecter and Vlad the Impaler.” What this means is that either decision is equally bad. I have a friend who hates the very ground Ann walks on, but can’t tell me why. I wonder what she’d hate about that quote.

IT MAKES THEM MAD: Some people say special airport screening for Muslims just makes Muslims more extreme. What a LOAD! How could they GET “more extreme” than they already are. Reasonable Muslims will understand. Only the ALREADY extreme Muslims won’t. All they want to do is kill everybody who doesn’t believe as they do, anyway. So who cares what makes them mad? That’s like saying we should not kill Nazis during WWII because it makes them mad. Or we shouldn't kill murderers because it would "make them mad." Sheesh!

GOVERNMENT MURDER: In Great Britain, where socialized medicine is the law of the land, they deny the elderly certain medicines that are necessary to keep them alive. Their opinion is that old people “have a duty to die” and get out of the way. They can’t understand that our elders are a valuable resource as long as they are alive. Politicians think THEY are “the smartest people in the world,” but they’re not. If you think that can’t happen here, think again.

BANKRUPT THE COAL INDUSTRY? That’s what Obama has promised to do. Nothing he does will hurt this country more, even though everything he tries hurts it. He doesn’t think about the fact that energy companies rely on coal to make electricity, and natural gas will not make electricity at anywhere near the same cost. But he’s determined to do it, whether it hurts us or not. That’s the way Obama operates. We need to GET RID of this man!

BAD PRESIDENTS: I’ve seen some bad presidents, but never one as bad as Obama. Everything he does is bad for this country. He has spent more money in his FIRST YEAR than there IS. He has printed more money than any other president in history, with every dollar printed making every dollar in existence worth less. This makes our money about as worthless as Monopoly money. We’re bankrupt and still he spends more.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Who Cares?

Mexican President Calderon disagrees with Arizona’s new law demanding cops enforce federal immigration laws, since the feds will not. So what? Who cares what the president of Mexico thinks about the laws made by one of OUR states? Especially since if it went the other way, Mexico would put illegal immigrants in PRISON for two years before deporting them.

TERRORISTS LAUGHING THEIR BUTTS OFF: When they find out about our new “courageous restraint” medal to be awarded to soldiers who HESITATE to shoot in battle (which will usually be awarded posthumously) for fear of killing a civilian, while the terrorists PURPOSELY put civilians in the line of fire and are instructed to claim abuse when captured.

AFRAID OF MEXICANS: School “authorities” in Ohio do things that are stupid (like sending kids home for wearing t-shirts with American flags on them) because “they’re AFRAID” of the “backlash” from their Mexican population. They’re AFRAID of the Mexicans? How bigoted THAT is! Talk about “bending over and grabbing their ankles! Aren’t they “afraid” of their AMERICAN population?

EUROPEAN SOCIALISM HEADING HERE: European socialism has failed. Greece is a good example of it. So is Soviet Russia. But Obama wants it for us. Is he really that STUPID? Or is it just part of the scam to take, and keep power over us all?

RUSH TO GOLF WITH OBAMA? Somebody asked Rush Limbaugh if he would play golf with Obama, and he said he would, although it’s never going to happen. So they asked Obama and he predictably said no. This is the guy who said he’d talk to ANYBODY to try and attain agreement. Apparently that didn’t include Rush. I wouldn’t play golf with Rush (or Obama) either. But then, I wouldn’t play golf with ANYBODY,

RESTRICTING FREE SPEECH: Obama’s latest liberal Supreme Court nominee (Elena Kagan) thinks the government ought to be able to restrict what people can say (regardless of the First Amendment) if what they say is “dangerous.” Dangerous to whom? And who decides? Obama and his accomplices, of course.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Am Offended

I’m offended by people who think they can remove any vestige of religion from Americas because it “offends” them. Like the bunch that sued to remove a cross that was a war memorial from the DESERT. And another bunch that went in and destroyed it. This kind of behavior offends ME!

REPUBLICANS WERE RIGHT: Nancy Peelosi said “we have to pass this bill so we can find out what’s in it.” What STUPIDITY on the part of a woman who is SUPPOSED to be intelligent. So they passed it and we are now finding out what’s in it and it looks like the Republicans were right, all along, This is NOT a law we want. It will run us further into debt. It is NOT “revenue neutral,” as Obama lyingly says it is. They buried many things within it that they could not get passed otherwise. Now they’re law. We’re “finding out what’s in it,” all right.

ANOTHER RINO BITES IT: Allen Mollohan, a Republican who voted consistently with the Democrats, loses in the primary. If this doesn’t tell you what’s going to happen in November, nothing will. Many Democrats have already announced they’re retiring, so there will be no lost election on their record to reduce their earning power in the private sector.

PREDICTABLE STUPIDITY: Liberals WANT to stop as much oil drilling within the United States as they can and they will use the big oil spill as an excuse to bring back a complete BAN on all oil drilling ANYWHERE the United States runs things. That’s a BIG MISTAKE, because we need EVERY drop of oil we can get, oil spills notwithstanding. Call me stupid if you want, but that’s true. A lot of people have called me stupid in the past, but later found I was right.

DYING NOT TO KILL CIVILIANS: Americans are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan because they “hesitate” in battle situations because of today’s emphasis on NOT accidentally killing civilians while the terrorists PURPOSELY7 put innocent civilians in “the line of fire” so they can “make hay” about their deaths.

MEDAL FOR HESITATION: Soon, American soldiers will be awarded a medal for “courageous restraint” and holding their fire in a battle situation to keep from killing civilians. I guess dying in the attempt makes you even more qualified to receive this medal. This medal shows this government’s complete IGNORANCE of the way the world works, with terrorists putting civilians IN FRONT of themselves in a battle.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Who Cares What Mexico Thinks?

Word is, Mexico is upset over Arizona’s new law demanding cops actually ENFORCE the law, since the feds won’t do it. Frankly, I don’t give a damn what Mexico thinks about laws made in the United States, for Americans. It’s none of their business, just as it is none of OUR business that Mexico harshly ENFORCES their illegal immigrant laws.

SHARIA LAW IN U. S.: Word is there’s a big push to start enforcing Sharia Law (the law Muslims observe, with all its flaw and unconstitutional tenets) in America. At one time I would have said that’ll never happen in this country. But with Obama as president and with all the wimpy liberals he’s put in office to help him rape this country, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it DID happen. If it does, I'm a DEAD man because I won't obey a single Sharia Law.

SUCH LBERAL STUPIDITY! For what earthly reason would ANYBODY with a modicum of intelligence cause ANYBODY trouble for wearing a t-shirt with an AMERICAN FLAG on it? In AMERICA? Does anybody think Mexican schools would do likewise if one of their students wore one with a MEXICAN flag on it—in MEXICO? Not a chance. But our stupid liberals in the school system think it is proper. I think that California vice principal that did this should be FIRED. Immediately; without any kind of notice. Maybe run out of town on a rail after being tarred and feathered.

GIVING MONEY TO SOCIALISTS: That’s Obama’s chief goal today. He’s already given a lot of money to private enterprise so he could “socialize” it (companies “too big to fail”). Like all the money he gave GM so he could take it over. Now we’re going to give BILLIONS of dollars to Greece to keep IT from going under from ITS socialism. Today, he’s using momney from the “slush funds” his Congress has created to “prop up” as many socialist regimes and socialist WANNABE regimes as he can to continue the FICTION that socialism works. It only works as long as socialist regimes that still have money prop up those that have run out, as all will eventually.

DON’T FORCE ATHEISM ON US! Many atheists want to get rid of EVERY vestige of religion in this country. They want to ELIMINATE Christmas displays of the Virgin Mary and Jesus on government property at Christmas time. They think the Constitution bans religion from anything government. It doesn’t What it DOES do is keep the GOVERNMENT from dictating religion FOR you. That’s ALL it does.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lucky for Shahzad:

He’s an Islamic terrorist (though you’ll never get the liberal media to admit it), not a “TeaBagger.” They’ll protect an Islamic terrorists, but pillory a “Teabagger.” (Their term). (Stolen from the Florida Cracker on Twitter)1

NO GUNS FOR NO-FLIERS: they’re making a big thing out of the New York would-be bomber owning a gun. Like he won’t be able to get one illegally if they make a law against people on the “no-fly list” being able to buy guns.

THE REAL OWNERS: Obama talks about “giving the money back to the REAL owners.” But the people he plans on giving it to are NOT “the real owners.” The REAL owners are the people who EARN it. Not those who don’t. This is the kind of thing that reveals their collectivist (socialist, communist, fascist) stance.

TWISTING HISTORY: The New York would-be car bomber says he set that (almost a) bomb in retaliation for an American attack on his village in Afghanistan. He forgets that history didn’t START with that attack (IF it happened). That attack was just one of many RETALIATIONS in a war HIS people started.

WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY THINKING? They plan to build a 13-story MOSQUE in a building that was damaged by airplane parts during the destruction of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. Talk about a “slap in the face” to Americans from Muslims! And they complain about “unwarranted attacks” against Muslims by Americans! What GALL they have! Do they really think we will allow that? If we do, we’re getting what we deserve.

AMAZINGLY LARGE GROWTH OF ISLAM SINCE 9/11: Not much is said about the amazingly fast growth of Islam in the United States since 9/11. Does the liberal media really WANT Islam to “overtake us” by sheer numbers in the next few years as they have done in France and other countries?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blame It On The Tea Party

That’s what I predicted the liberals would try, and Bill Maher has already tried it. They’re SO predictable. They’re not even any FUN any more. I know what they’re going to do and say, even before THEY know it. He was discussing the New York car bomb attempt and “disgruntled idiots” who don’t like the health care swindle (my words) were among his guesses.

OBAMA PROMISED CHANGE: And he has delivered. Unfortunately, we (not me) didn’t ask what KIND of change we were going to get. We should have asked. We’ve gotten “change,” okay. Just not the kind of “change” we want.

NAMED AFTER KENNEDY: The offshore wind farm just off Teddy Kennedy’s home should be named after him. The upper part, anyway. The underwater part ought to be named after Mary Jo Kopechne. (Stolen from the Florida Cracker on Twitter).

EVERYTHING FREE: Written on a sign carried by an obvious illegal immigrant at a demonstration in support of breaking the law, was “We want FREE health care, jobs, and NO taxes.” In other words, everything for nothing. The sign also said, “You OWE us, America!” How the hell do they figure that? It went on to say “We’ll kill more cops until we’re FREE.” How stupid ARE they? They kill any more cops, THEY will be killed.

RIGHT IN HIS FACE: Joe Klein got in Glenn Beck’s face (as best he could from his position as close to the floor as his face is) and gave him hell for “questioning Obama’s policies.” I guess that’s how Joe defines sedition, which is what he earlier accused Glenn, AND Sarah Palin of. What a whack job!

PRINTING MONEY: When individuals print and distribute “funny money” it’s illegal and the government puts them in jail for it. Then the government does it themselves and it’s legal. Meanwhile, printing money either way steals from everybody who has existing money. This is something BASIC that most people don’t understand, or if they do, are mentally disconnected from its effect.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just Pay the Feds

Under the new rules, airlines that keep passengers on their planes on the tarmac more than 3 hours have to pay a hefty fine—to the feds. The passengers don’t see a penny of it. The feds get paid off and it becomes okay to inconvenience their passengers. The money ALWAYS goes to the government.

KENNEDY LOVED WIND FARMS: As long as they were placed somewhere EXCEPT where HE lived. He was always in favor of any wind farm project, EXCEPT for the ones proposed where HE lived. Now he’s dead (thank heavens!) Obama has okayed the project within sight of his house since he can no longer complain.

OBAMA: “YOU’VE MADE ENOUGH MONEY”: That’s what Obama is telling Wall Street: “At some point, you realize you’ve made enough money.” Who the hell does Obama think he is to tell people they’ve made enough money? And who has the right to tell HIM he has made enough money? I think he has, and IS, “taking in way too much territory. He does not have the power to tell ANYBODY he has made enough money. But he thinks he does. What a FOOL. This man is!

SENDING LAWYERS: Obama is sending a team of government LAWYERS to Louisiana. What the hell does he think a bunch of LAWYERS can do? I guess he just wants to make sure he can gain as much as possible from this disaster.

“PATRIOT ACT”: Liberals were “outraged” over Bush’s “Patriot Act.” Now let’s see what they say about the new law Obama is pushing to let the government snoop on EVERYBODY’S financial transactions without a warrant.

OBAMASPEAK: “Truth is hatred” when it is told by the “right.” Of course, nobody needs to worry about the left telling the truth.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Government Advantage

There are two kinds of businessmen. The kind that comes up with a good idea, markets it, and makes a lot of money (while creating jobs and profits for the others he deals with) and the kind that relies on the government to give him an “edge” on everybody else. This guy is NOT a capitalist. He is a “leech” and a “looter,” using the government to help him steal from others.

“DUMB AS A BOX OF ROCKS”: Many people think Barbara Boxer is “dumb as a box of rocks.” But I think a “box of rocks” is highly intelligent compared to her.

SWAT TEAMS AGAINST THE TEA PARTY: Talk about overreaction! Has there EVER been any EVIDENCE they need SWAT teams to deal with Tea Party violence? Obama is “whipping up” nervousness against the violence HIS union thugs are planning to create at some future Tea Party event. He’s PLANNING for it to happen because he knows he has ORDERED it to happen.

UNDERMINING OUR STATUS: How does ENFORCING the law “undermine” our system as a “nation of laws? The feds won’t enforce immigration laws, so Arizona took it upon themselves to do so. Obama says that’s unconstitutional. How is it possible that enforcing the law is unconstitutional? What STUPID people we (not me) have elected!

ANTI-ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT: Obama says those who want to control our borders and force illegal immigrants to “get in line” rather than “jump the line” are “anti-immigrant.” Not so. Not in a million YEARS so! We’re “anti ILLEGAL immigrant.” There’s a difference, even if the stupid people “enforcing” (not) our laws can’t see it.

WE CAN’T UTTER THE WORDS: We’re not allowed to UTTER the words “communist,” Nazi,” Islamic terrorist or “fascist.” Meanwhile, the communists, Nazis, fascists, and other kinds of socialists are taking us over. In fact, they’re IN our government.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tea Party People Are Clean

After a liberal demonstration, whether or not it is violent, all kinds of litter is left and must be cleaned up at the expense of the taxpayers. But when the Tea Partiers have an event, they clean up their own litter as they leave.

DESTROYING THE AMERICAN DREAM: That’s what Obama is doing with his every move. Taxes are going up, we’re losing freedoms every day, costs are going up, inflation is threatening, your money will soon be worth a LOT less than it is today when you’re paying re for everything you buy, and more taxes, too.

A “RELIGION OF PEACE”: Muslims, who practice “a religion of peace,” are threatening the creators of “South Park” with death if they so much as mention the name of Mohammed. And their syndicator “wimped out” and bleeped out certain words. This is what we have come to under that fool, Obama.

SILENCING THE MAJORITY: That’s Obama’s aim. What he can’t understand is that he can’t control what the media tells his “subjects” any more. We now have the ability to go AROUND his media with the truth on the Internet. Which is why he wants to control the Internet, now. If he succeeds, forget about freedom.

THE LIBERAL “GATE-KEEPERS”: Liberals scream about “freedom of speech,” yet they want to “shut up” those who bring the truth to America if it disagrees with the lies they’re telling.

WHY NOT SOROS? Obama seems to be going after the “big money” people, but one “big money” person has, so far, escaped attention. George Soros made $2.8 BILLION “shorting” the market (betting against it). He “profits amidst decline.” Why doesn’t Obama go after him like he did Goldman-Sachs? Because he’s “in their camp” and finances most of their schemes.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Defeating Liberals With Common Sense

That’s what I do every day. The things liberals believe DEFY common sense. It’s so much fun doing this because they’re so easy to make look like the fools they are. They even try to say there is no such thing as “common sense” OR logic. They do that with what they figure is a statement of common sense and logic.

IT’S NOT RACISM: People want to say Arizona’s new law forcing cops to enforce the law is “racist.” On what basis? Because most of the people violating our laws ARE Spanish-speaking? Sounds like more “looks like a duck” to me. Is speeding in Arizona against the law? Do cops enforce it? Is THAT racist?

OBAMA MAKES TOO MANY SPEECHES: He loves the sound of his own voice. He couldn’t get enough “podium time” as a Senator or a “community organizer” (translation: “thug”) in Chicago. But when he conned his way into the presidency, he went wild with his speeches.

WATCHING PORNOGRAPHY: A report says many federal employees spend most of their days watching pornography on our nickel, using computers we bought. I’m all for it. At least when they do that, they’re not messing around in MY life.

GANGSTER GOVERNMENT: That’s what we have now. We had a NEAR-gangster government under Bill Clinton. But Clinton is a piker compared to Obama. He got tired of conning Chicago people and decided to con the rest of the country and ran for president. Now he’s criminalizing the very people who CREATE all the wealth in this country. In other words, he’s “killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.” And YOU’RE the ones who will suffer from it.

CLASS ENVY: That’s one of the BASIC tools in Obama’s (and all liberals’) quiver. They CREATED the “economic slowdown” to get elected and take over the government. Now they’re blaming their victims; “big money.” We need to have the same suspicions of big government as Obama wants us to have of big business.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Not A Peep

Teacher’s union members threatened the New Jersey governor with death for something he signed into law, and not a peep about it in the liberal media. Meanwhile, anybody who so much as CRITICIZES Obama is called a "racist" and accused of "hate speech." Go figure.

NOT A PEEP AGAIN: John Goodman, of the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) has come out with a paper showing that “Obamacare” would cost America $300 billion dollars; just the opposite of the bullsh-t Obama is forcefeeding us. NCPA is a GOVERNMENT organization. It’s not a “right-wing” outfit. Its figures can be depended upon. This ought to be all over the news. But it isn’t. The only place I saw any reference to it is on Fox News and on the Mike Gallagher radio show, which quoted the NCPA. I’ll be interested to see how Obama “spins” this—if he ever mentions it, at all. (Update: Obama never mentioned it.)

“CHILLING EFFECT”: If you want to “put a chilling effect” on efforts to capture terrorists who have wantonly murdered American citizens for no other reason than they’re Americans, just believe the lies those terrorists tell about “being beat up” by their captors, as they are taught to do in their terrorist training. Actually putting their captors on trial for the abuse they claim will cause a “chilling effect” on such captures. This is what we’ve caused by electing that fool we now have in the White House. Personally, if I had captured this man, I’d have beat him to death.

REPORTING IS COMICAL: The double standard shown by the reporting about two different demonstrations is actually comical. ABC reported a “Tea Party” meeting that was COMPLETELY peaceful as being “ugly” while a rally against the new Arizona law demanding cops actually ENFORCE the law that is obviously out of control as being “mostly peaceful” Strange: nobody can produce pictures proving their contentions in this day of cell phone cameras all over the place.

DOUBLE STANDARD: The double standard in liberal media has become so obvious even the most dense people can’t miss it unless they’re trying very hard, as newsman Mark Levine obviously is. Mike Gallagher showed both sides on Fox and proved him a liar.

PROFILING IS A USEFUL TOOL: If you, as a cop, stop a car and the driver doesn’t understand a word you say, he has fifteen people in the car who have NO identification, don’t you think he has a reasonable expectation that they are illegal aliens? If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and waddles like a duck, it just MAY be a duck.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Waco Was About LIBERAL Murders

It was Clinton who gave the orders to Janet Reno that resulted in killing almost 100 people, including 14 CHILDREN that caused Timothy McVey to do the Oklahoma bombing. Yet it is STILL Clinton “making hay” about it, trying to compare that to the “Tea Parties.” The “Tea Parties” are about as “non-violent” as there is, except for the union thugs Obama sends out to create violence while PRETENDING to be “Tea Partiers.”

RIOT BY NON-LIBERALS: When was the last riot by non-liberals? All I seem to be able to remember is riots started by left-wing liberals. So how do the liberals today expect to blame violence on people protesting their policies now? I don’t think so! Wake up, America! Obama and his crowd are CONNING you. If you believe ANYTHING he says, you are gullible.

CRIMINALS “GRILLING” CROOKS: Obama forces"grilled" Wall Street traders Goldman-Sachs to try and make it look like all the fault in the “economic slowdown” is their fault, and not the fault of the liberal-passed, liberal president signed into law (“The Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976”) law that FORCED lenders to loan money to people who could NOT repay it under threat of government action against them. It’s a case of KNOWN criminals “grilling” MAYBE criminals to make themselves look honest. All Goldman-Sachs did was try to profit from the illegal game Obama’s people started.

ENFORCING LAW “UNCONSTITUTIONAL?” Its opponents are saying many stupid things about Arizona’s new law demanding cops actually ENFORCE the law, including the claim that it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. How STUPID is this? Since when is enforcing the law unconstitutional? They’re really afraid, aren’t they? They’re so afraid, they’re liable to say ANYTHING.

“TOO MUCH FREEDOM?”: Many liberals say we “have too much freedom.” Translation: they want to DICTATE how much freedom OTHERS may have. They will NOT dictate how much freedom I may have. Ever.

IT’S DIFFERENT NOW: Liberals were irate when Bush wanted to listen in on FOREIGN telephone messages between suspected terrorists. BUT NOT A PEEP FROM THEM WHEN Obama announced he wanted to read our personal e-mails. Well, It IS different now. The liberals are “in charge.”