Thursday, May 31, 2012

Many FOOLS In Washington

One of the most often used descriptive words I seem to use in my blogs is “FOOL.” That’s because there are so many fools in Washington. One of the most recent is DNC chair Debbie (Liar, Liar!) Schultz, who maintains that Bain Capital PURPOSELY forced companies into bankruptcy. She’s a FOOL to believe that. How does Bain make money doing that? As usual, liberals impute the WORST to conservatives, and WITHOUT proof.

SCHULTZ KNOWS NOTHING: Bain Capital and other companies like them are INVITED to buy into failing companies, hoping they can save them; and in more than 80% of cases, they have. Bain saves MOST of them they buy into. But some inevitably fail IN SPITE OF Bain’s best efforts, and that’s the ones Debbie (Liar, Liar!) CONCENTRATES ON, while ignoring their successes.

INCOMPETENT COPS: It took them THIRTY YEARS to solve the murder of 6-year-old Eton Patz and then only after TWO unsolicited CONFESSIONS from the murderer. They didn’t say whether or not little Patz was raped, but what reason would a grown man have for “luring” a child into the basement of a convenience store so he could be murdered?

IGNORANT FOLLOWERS: The fools who called returning Viet Nam veterans “baby killers” were ignorant. Just because liberal politicians botched that war—which had a good reason for being, by the way—that’s not a reason to insult the brave soldiers who obeyed their orders to fight it. How STUPID are these people? Pretty damned stupid.

SAVE THE DOCTOR: We easily sent in a team of Seal 6 soldiers, who successfully found and killed the worst murderer in recent history (at least, that’s their story and they’re stickin’ to it), and Pakistan is pissed. They have imprisoned a doctor who helped find him has been sent to prison for 30 years for TREASON. Now let’s send in ANOTHER team to rescue him from the Pakistani government thugs. Pakistan has made itself into an “enemy nation” subject to such things.

RIGHT BACK INTO THE FIRE: Like France, our main problems stem from our “government giveaways.” And, like France, our current president wants to INCREASE those giveaways. How does more than HALF our households on some kind of welfare improve our financial picture? Does the law FORCING lenders to loan money REGARDLESS of the applicant’s ability to repay make our financial picture look better? It doesn’t; but that’s not our current president’s goal. His goal is to SOCIALIZE this country while blaming the free market for our problems.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Iran Run By Thieves

Iran’s court system is set up to help the thieves in charge steal from and destroy the people who could possibly thwart them. One Christian minister had been sentenced to DEATH and his LAWYER is now facing the end of his career and a long time in jail, for defending him. He has been told he cannot further defend this man because he, himself, is under a criminal conviction, gained without trial, and without giving him a chance to defend himself. That is not “court,” it is a “kangaroo court.”

“IT DOESN’T WORK”: It never has. That’s what Obama thinks about the free market. He knows better, and he’s lying, as usual. The free market is why we’re better off than other countries that have been here thousands of years and is the destination of choice for people all over the world who wand to better themselves. That doesn’t sound like a system that doesn’t work, to me.

IT’S IN THE THOUSANDS: How many times will Obama mention his imaginary “killing of Osama” during this presidential campaign? It has been thousands of times already, and it’s going to be more thousands of times before the election. He misses NO opportunity to mention it, and even inserts it into conversations about other things.

FRAZZ IS RIGHT: The Frazz comic strip is famous for coming up with “basic truths.” It came up with another one today when the punch line was “A lot of people need to remember our current war.” (paraphrased) Way too many people go on with their lives without giving a thought to the longest war in our history, listening to the lies told by liberals (like Obama) about it.

WHO IS OUR REAL FRIEND? Pakistan PRETENDS to be our “friend and ally.” But they shelter the worst mass murderer and terrorist in recent history right next door to a military establishment. They could not have NOT known he was there. Then they IMPRISON the doctor who helped us find him for THIRTY YEARS for “treason.” How is this a “friendly act?”

MICHELLE “ENDORSES” CORN SOUP RECIPE: Who cares? If I ever eat “corn soup” it will be because I WANT to, not because this woman who “would be queen” thinks it’s good for me. I also eat “corn dogs” and other forms of hot dogs, hamburgers, and other foods that are not good for me. That’s MY decision to make, not hers. Michelle, you can just “screw off.”

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Offending the Terrorists"

One of the reasons the Obama administration gave for not releasing “sensitive information” is “national security” because to do so would ‘OFFEND THE TERRORISTS.” Why? Who cares what the terrorists think? They’re going to be spending all their time killing innocent people to make some obscure “point,” anyway. Our being ALIVE “offends” them.

LYING THEN OR NOW? Certain people in the Trayvon Martin case are now changing their stories. Originally they said Zimmerman was “on the bottom being beat up.” Now they say they saw him “on top.” Somebody got to them. Were they lying before or are they lying now? I don’t know who Zimmerman hurt in the past, but that person really wants to hurt him now—and they seem to have enough influence to make a difference.

It has now been revealed that money man George Soros is behind the “Occupy” (Whatever) movement and they have now moved from just “protesting” anything that helps keep this civilization together to just being troublemakers. Soros has destroyed more than one economic system and he is working hard to destroy ours, while making BILLIONS for himself. He is the “rich man” the Democrats are talking about when they “knock” the rich. But they aren’t smart enough to know that.

A “WORKING SYSTEM”: The things Obama does in his quest for total power and the creation of a socialist nation in America are familiar. It’s the very same system Hitler used to go from an “elected leader” to a Jew-murdering dictator. Your eyes may “glaze over” when I say Hitler or Nazi, but check it for yourself.

PROSTITUTION SCANDALS RIFE: I don’t know how many government employees were engaging in prostitution while on the federal payroll in other administrations, but so far, only in the Obama administration were they so blatant as to cause not one, but TWO prostitution scandals within weeks. Something has happened in this administration to tell these people they won’t be punished for prostitution activity.

TREASON! That Pakistani doctor who was instrumental in helping the Seal Team 6 find Osama is being jailed for TREASON in Pakistan. That shows where Pakistan stands in the terrorist picture if helping to find the world’s number one terrorist is TREASON.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kerry's Rich, So's Romney

But Democrats never mention Kerry’s huge “married into” fortune while they can’t shut up about Romney’s EARNED fortune as if being a REPUBLICAN and rich was a crime. The “double standard” in Washington is absolutely amazing! Democrats HATE rich people—unless those “rich people” are Democrats or liberals, of course. Then they just don’t mention it. Have you heard the liberal media say a derogatory WORD about the richest of them all. George Soros?

MORE OF THE SAME: France is in serious financial trouble because of way too much spending on “social programs,” better known as “giveaway programs.” French President Sarkozy recommended “austerity programs.” Otherwise known as “cuts” in those giveaway programs. So the French voted him out and elected a socialist, who would give them “more of the same,” even if it destroyed their economy. They don’t care if it does, as long as it doesn’t happen in their lifetimes.

“THE REAL WAR ON WOMEN”: The Democrats tell us all about the “war on women” they want us to THINK is being run by Republicans. But as usual, the only “war on women” we can actually see is the one pushed by DEMOCRATS. Evidence of that is the ugly “doctored” picture of Glenn Beck’s GB TV commentator, S. E. Cupp with a penis in her mouth in Hustler Magazine (published by a well-known liberal, Larry Flynt). If a Republican did something like that, Democrats would be “jumping up and down” into the next century.

“ECONOMIST” IGNORANT OF “BASELINE BUDGETING”: The guy who wrote an article that erroneously said Obama had not spent more than any other president based on false data from Nancy Peelosi was on a television show when a caller told him about “baseline budgeting,” (where each agency AUTOMATICALLY gets a 10% INCREASE every year, which allows them to call it a CUT when they get LESS) which has been used to fool the public for many years, and he didn’t know what it was. When it was explained to him, he LIKED it and said “We should use that.”

“ISLAMAPHOBIA”: Islamic extremists are quick to call it “Islamaphobia” every time ANYBODY criticizes them. But it isn’t “Islamaphobia” when Islamic extremists are killing innocent people all over the globe for no reason other than they aren’t THEIR KIND of Muslim. Telling the truth about Islamic extremists is NOT “Islamaphobia: and no amount of repeating this slur will make it so.

INTERFERING WITH THEIR CULTURE: That’s what Islamic extremists say we’re doing when we rightfully RETALIATE against their atrocities. They kill innocent people and we kill guilty people right back, and they “jump up and down” saying we’re “interfering with their culture.” Nothing could be further from the truth. If they had left us alone, we’d have left THEM alone.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Why Are Obama's Numbers Still High?

Sure, he is “hovering” around the 50% mark, it seems like a regular thing, no matter what he does to screw up the economy and everything else. But why? Are Americans THAT stupid? I don’t think so. I think his numbers are the result of phony polls. Polls HE controls. Polls that are “targeted” on getting him re-elected. Like Saddam Hussein’s 100% win in the last election before he was deposed and executed, and did not, in any way, reflect reality.

FACEBOOK FLOPS: A couple of days after “coming out” on the Stock Market, Facebook’s stock is selling at BELOW their original market value, which tells me they vastly overvalued it. Now they’re under investigation from the Securities Exchange Commission and are the subject of a lawsuit stemming from that.

“UNCOMMITTED ALMOST WINS IN KENTUCKY: Obama had trouble winning the Democrat PRIMARY election in a state where NOBODY ran against him. How EMBASRASSING! And in Arkansas, a NOBODY won 46% of the votes. This doesn’t bode very well for Obama’s chances in November when they are dependent on REALITY, not rigged “polls.”

OBAMA BORN IN A MANGER: That’s what the Democrats want us to think, anyway. “News Busted says, “Obama wants us to think he was born in Hawaii; his literary agent says he was born in Kenya. But his people say he was born in a manger.”

MORE OBAMA STUPIDITY: He says “Mother Theresa” was NOT doing “religious work” and therefore would not have been exempted from any provision in the health care swindle law. Just one more point in evidence of Obama’s stupidity, and his further stupidity in expecting us to believe it.

“SEEMS TO ME”: That’s the way most people put it when they’re criticizing something Obama did; including Fox. That “seems to me” to be a “wishy-washy” way of making a weak statement. If you really think something is true, SAY so!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Favorite Refutation, "Nuh, uh!"

The favorite way that North Carolina teacher liked to use to “refute” whatever a student said, is “Nuh, uh!” She tried to use that to just shut them up while they were making good points in measured tones while she LIED to them about the world. She told them they could GO TO JAIL for criticizing the president, though she, and many others crapped all over Bush when he was president. Her justification for that is, “he WAS sh-t (in her opinion).” Frankly, I think the same applies to Obama. But to her, my opinion counts for nothing. HER opinion is all-powerful. This woman is either stupid or lying. Which IS it? And she is actually teaching our children this silly crap.

LIBERAL MEDIA FAILS TO REPORT CHURCHES SUING OBAMA: In one of the worst omissions since communist china’s failing to report our moon landing for 20 YEARS because it made them look bad, the liberal media is resisting reporting about this suit because it makes OBAMA look bad. Of course, for my part, he doesn’t need it. Everything he does makes him look bad because he IS bad.

RAPING COMPANIES: A Democrat politician is famously saying Romney is “raping companies” while Obama actually DOES it with every new policy he puts out. It’s another Obama campaign to avoid talking about his record which is atrocious. Romney actually DID create jobs while Obama has not. He CLAIMS to have created 3-1/2 million jobs, but other than government jobs, they are all imaginary. All the “gains” Obama claims to have made are imaginary.

“HATE SPEECH”: That’s apparently ANYTHING liberals don’t want people to say. It becomes either “hate speech” or “racism.” They can’t come up with logical reasoning that it IS “hate speech” or “racism,” but that has never stopped them from calling it that before, and will probably not stop them from doing it again. Unfortunately for them, overuse of these inflammatory descriptions have made them largely useless and worthless.

GIVING MOVIEMAKERS SECRET INFO: Apparently that’s what happened when film makers who wanted to make a film complimentary to Obama asked for it. They were even given specific information that was blacked out in documents given to other organizations on demand. This film about the killing of bin Laden is planned for release just before the 2012 elections. They hope it will guarantee Obama’s re-election.

IRAN “TALKS” USELESS: The whole world knows it, but nobody will admit it. We “talked” with N. Korea for years while they worked tirelessly to make their own nuclear weapon. Now they have one and have told us to “go to hell.” Iran is doing the same. Endless “talks” while they work tirelessly to get their own nuclear weapons. After they succeed, they will, like N. Korea, tell us to “go to hell.” Will you be surprised? I won’t. I LEARN from history as our politicians apparently do not.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Using A Fool Premise

Politicians in Washington have many foolish premises, but the most foolish is that raising taxes will INCREASE the "tax take." That has been proven wrong so often I don't need to even SAY so. REDUCING taxes WILL 'increase the "tax take." That has been proven several times, first (in my memory) by a Democrat, John Kennedy, then by two Republicans, Reagan and Bush (the younger). Reagan almost DOUBLED the "tax take" by reducing the base tax rate. But don't try and convince today's politicians (mostly Democrats) of that truth. They're not listening. What FOOLS are we electing?

DIVERTING OUR ATTENTION: Democrats want to divert our attention from the debt crisis, the disastrous employment figures, and many other things proving their incompetence by conning us into fighting over such unimportant things as the "gay marraige" question.They have nothing they can run on so they bring up "problem after problem" that we obligingly fight about, while ignoring their incompetence. They hope that will get them elected again so they can screw us even more.

WHY IS OBAMA'S LIFE A MYSTERY? What does he want covered up? I'm pretty sure he was born in Kenya and IS NOT qualified to be president of the United States. But is that enough reason for him to SEAL all his records? And does he have the RIGHT to cause ALL his records to BE sealed? What is he afraid we’ll find out? Why did he go so far as to release a “Photoshopped” phony birth certificate? And why does NOBODY in Washington do anything about that? This president is a pure PHONY and nobody of any significance cares.

MIKE COFFMAN IS RIGHT: A Colorado lawmaker who said “I don’t know if Obama is a citizen but he is not a citizen in his mind” is right; and there is no reason ANYBODY should apologize for saying something that is right and proper—unless he’s afraid somebody will “target” him in the future because of what he says. Then we need to get rid of the one who threatens him.

CAN’T WIN? CHEAT: That must be the motto for the Florida prosecutor who wants George Zimmerman so bad she’ll hide evidence to do it. Why not? She has the press in her corner. They hide things and “edit” reports, too. All to “prove” Zimmerman is a racist and prejudge him, based on false evidence. When did we go so far wrong?

ARE WE STUPID, OR WHAT? We elected president a known communist sympathizer who is probably a communist, himself. He has surrounded himself with communists, socialists, and other kinds of collectivists. He is doing his best to move us toward a socialist government by destroying our free economy and blaming the failure on our free economy. Yet NOBODY who can make a difference seems to care. Why?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Evolving" vs. "Flip-Flopping"

When Obama does it, they call it “evolving.” When anybody else (especially Republicans) do it, they call it “flip-flopping.” A good example is Obama suddenly coming out FOR gay marriage on the eve of a big fun-raising event to be attended by many people who support gay marriage. His “flip-flop” was worth millions of dollars to his campaign.

CHINESE THINK THINGS WILL GET BETTER: They’d better. If they don’t, and SAY so, bad things seem to happen to them. I guess one way to keep opinion positive is to “kill off” those who don’t agree.

FICTION”: Most book stores keep Obama’s two books in the “non-fiction” section. But they ought to move them to the “fiction” section because both books are “fairy tales.” These two books are the only source for information about Obama’s early life (he has sealed everything else), and NOTHING in them is true.

TRAYVON WAS INJURED: He had many bruises and cuts--on his knuckles--where Zimmerman hit him with his face. What more evidence do they need that this was a justified killing? But still they try to ruin Zimmerman’s life, even though it is ALREADY ruined. It’ll never be the same for him, ever.  Even if he is acquitted in court. NBC is still trying to push the “racism” lie.

COMMUNITY ORGANIZER DEFINED: Obama ADMITS to being a “community organizer” in Chicago. But he doesn’t tell you the definition of a “community organizer.” It is, “Chicago THUG.” If you didn’t “organize” the way he wanted you to, he sent his thugs out to “advise” you to do so. Such “advice” sometimes included necessary hospital stays after the “advice session.” Other “community organizers” are carrying on his “work” after he left.

Obama is telling Europeans they need to “control their spending.” Why should ANYBODY listen to him when he can’t seem to control his OWN spending? They might listen a little better if he did that.

BIASED TEACHER GOES BANANAS: She keeps repeating, "You will NOT disrespect" the president of the United States! Then she goes on to disrespect George Bush by saying, "He IS sh-t" when a student calls her on her "dissing" of a former president. Her favorite way of silencing her students is to say, "Nuh, uh!" and maintains that you can be JAILED for criticizing a sitting president, backing that up by saying (with no proof at all) that people HAD been jailed for "dissing" Bush (which is a LIE). She has been suspended. She should be FIRED for stupidity, and for "teaching stupid."

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Painting Honest Businessmen As Villains

That’s what Obama is doing to honest people who are “saving” failing companies and making them profitable, while actually CREATING jobs instead of falsely CLAIMING to have “created jobs” as Obama is doing. Everything Obama does is a lie. He doesn’t DARE run on is record because it’s so miserable. So he CREATES “villains” (straw men) and points to them, saying, “looky here!” And while we’re looking, we fail to see his money-squandering ways and his swindles.

FAILURE IS PART OF THE FREE MARKET: That’s one basic fact of life liberals do not, and never will understand. They want EVERYBODY to succeed even if they do nothing to contribute to society! Then they can penalize them for their success! That’s what they do. They don’t understand that SOME entrepreneurs FAIL. If it were easy, EVERYBODY would do it. It’s NOT easy, so everybody DOESN’T do it. And no amount of “making of laws” will make it true.

NATIONAL EAT WHAT YOU WANT DAY: Hey! How about that? Michelle is giving us ONE DAY to be able to eat what we want. Except for May 11th, we’re expected to eat what SHE wants. How about that? I’ll tell ya what, Michelle: I eat what I want, when I want it. I don’t take orders from a flighty “thinks she’s queen” woman who thinks she can control my diet. Get OUT of my dinner table. I don’t want you there. Now go ahead and call me "racist" and get out of my face.

DON’T TAX THE RICH: That’s one of Obama’s recurring socialist themes. He says “the rich” don’t pay their fair share of taxes. But they DO! They pay 86% of all taxes paid. But don’t try and tell that to a liberal. They won’t hear it. They have the ability to automatically “tune you out” whenever you attempt to tell them the truth while they continue to repeat the lie.

NO COMPROMISE: Not if we’re smart, and I hope we are. Whenever the liberals, especially Obama tell us we “must compromise,” they mean one thing: dump our most cherished values and come over to THEIR side. Obama and the liberals have NEVER compromised on anything important. They only TALK about “compromise” to con us into going along with THEIR side. Well, it’s not going to happen if we’re smart, and I hope we are.

CALLING YOU NAMES: One of Obama’s most often used scams is to call you names, such as “birther” and “racist” instead of answering your proper questions. He figures you’re going to be diverted and try to answer his “name-calling” and will forget the questions you asked. So far, he’s been right. If you're bothered when they call you names instead of answering your questions, you're a fool. Keep asking 'til they answer.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

"Doubling Down on Insanity"

Obama has given the Congress a “list” of things he wants to see them accomplish—soon. But why in hell should we “double down” on doing things that move us closer to disaster. We need to STOP spending more than there IS while blaming all our problems on a regime that hasn’t been in power for almost 3-1/2 years. He need to start taking responsibility for what HE has done and STOP moving us ever closer to socialism.

TEA PARTY DEFEATS “UNDENEATABLE” SENATOR: A “Tea Party favorite” (state treasurer Richard Mourdock) has beaten long-time Senator Richard Lugar (in the PRIMARY fergawd’ssake)! Even if Mourdock loses in the general election, we will still be well rid of Lugar. But even better, this result is indicative of the trend of incumbent leftists losing to “Tea Party” candidates and may signal an end to liberal dominance in our government. We can only hope a Democrat doesn’t win this seat.

IS OBAMA A COMMUNIST? Many think so. Obama a communist? Is he? Lets look the facts. Obama was born to TWO communists parents. He was RAISED by communists. His close friends, and close mentors (Bill Ayers, who bombed the Pentagon among other places and says he feels NO regret for that), whose father, Thomas G. Ayers, a follower of communist Saul Alinsky) actually got him a JOB that began his political career, then Bill helped by holding a funding meeting for him in his (Ayers') home. Thomas (Ayers) was a follower of Communist Saul Alinsky, author of “Rules for Radicals,” that set out rules the Ayers still follow. How could he NOT be a communist?

THEIR EYES GLAZE OVER: I know people’s eyes “glaze over” whenever they hear the word, “communism” or “communist.” They’ve been conned into thinking that “communism is dead” since the failure of communism in Russia. But Russia was only ONE country that was “ruled” by communism for many years. It is NOT the only country to be communist or socialist. People need to wake up to the fact that MANY forms of collectivism, including communism, are “alive and well,” threatening to “take over” if we aren’t aware of it.

“FAIR SHARE”: It’s one of Obama’s most often used words, and is a “watchword” for collectivists (socialists, communists, Fascists and progressivists are all different forms of collectivism). If you ask a “leftie” what IS “a fair share,” they can’t come up with an real answer because there isn’t one. This is just yet another “code” for collectivism, a system that has NEVER worked (Russia and Cuba among others), but which they continue to try.

WAS IT POLITICAL? Was it political when Obama suddenly “came out” that he thought gays ought to be able to marry and then went directly to a fund-raiser where gay activists wrote him checks for several million dollars? Of COURSE it was political! Everything he does; every time he opens his mouth, is political. When he puts his pants on in the morning it’s political. He didn’t need to come out in favor of gay marriage, but he did it to make headlines that would displace those about his disastrous economic decisions while he squandered many TRILLIONS of our dollars.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

How To Reduce the Deficit

The answer is simple: stop spending more than you take in, then lower your taxes. When you stop spending you take some pressure off the producer, who creates ALL the jobs. When you lower taxes you create more taxable income. People go out of their way to avoid taxes less and the “tax take” goes up. Politicians (mostly Democrats) REFUSE to know this. Say this to them they laugh at you. But it is true, and Reagan proved it worked (So did Bush and Kennedy). Politicians say “things were different then.” But they weren’t. Only Reagan’s presence made things different.

CHESTER A. ARTHUR: In case you’re wondering, he was once a president of the United States many years ago. His presidency was notable for nothing. Thus, nobody knows about him. So this government came out with a “presidential coin” bearing his likeness. Nobody wanted one, so nobody bought one. So as usual, the government raised the price for it. One of the many reasons why if the government was a business, it would go bankrupt.

More people are buying diesel cars. Which means an increase in demand for diesel fuel; which means the price of diesel fuel will go up. Like electricity: they’re pleading for us to reduce our use of electricity. If we do, soon they’ll notice a reduction in electricity income. So they’ll raise our rates, just as the water company did when we used less water when they asked us to.

I heard about a blogger for “Chronicle of Higher Learning” firing a blogger for a post about the validity of black studies. I “Googled” “fired for telling truth” and got 10 MILLION, 200,000 results in 16 HUNDREDTHS a second. That tells me something about our society today beyond ONE person being fired for telling the truth. There’s a lot more of that going on than I ever thought possible, right under my nose because nobody seems to do or say anything about it beyond “local reporting” on each situation, if it DOES get reported at all.

“JULIA” STORY PHONY: On Obama’s own web site is a story about a girl named Julia who went through life getting one handout after the other from birth to death and it made her more successful. Only problem is, it didn’t happen. It is, as usual, an Obama “fairy tale.” “Throwing money at it” just doesn’t work. There has to be more to it than that. You can’t just “throw money” at poverty and make a person more successful. There has to be SOMETHING in that person that ENABLES him/her. to make the most of ANY money they get. The stories of people in Hollywood who suddenly become “filthy rich” and soon “go to hell” on drugs and booze and sex are rife. Just getting money alone doesn’t help.

AL QAIDA MAY BE DEAD: Obama says al-Qaida is dead and the Taliban is declining. That may be true and it may not be true. But Islamic terrorism is alive and well and is killing people every day. There is an Islamic terrorist under every bush in the Middle East, and they are spreading out all over the world. No day passes without news of yet another Islamic terrorist atrocity SOMEWHERE in the world. The only way to end the “Islamic terrorist problem” is to KILL EVERY Islamic terrorist we can find, wherever we find them, as fast as we can.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Video Disappears

A local TV station had a video of a TSA agent vigorously “patting down” a U. S. Congressman. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, the video is no longer available. I guess it must have backed up his story so they “pulled it.” I’m not surprised.

OWS: GET A JOB!  Yeah, I know it’s hard, but it will continue to be an impossible mission if you keep spending all your time “occupying” this and that. You SURE aren’t going to get a job if you keep spending all your time making trouble for the very people who can GIVE you a job if you’ll just “go after it” instead of demonstrating for a “free ride.”

THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING: Joe Biden (Biteme) is a “gaffe machine.” Every time we let him out of his cage to make a speech he says or does something stupid. How did this jerk ever get elected vice president? Obama wanted a stupid veep, and he certainly found one in Joe. Joe is a good “insurance policy” against assassination, for sure. It was better when Nancy was also in line, but still, nobody with any intelligence wants (Old Uncle) Joe as president, ever. That way, there’d be NO controls on his mouth.

OBAMA BRAGS ABOUT GETTING US OUT OF IRAQ: But what is there to brag about? ANYBODY could have “cut and run,” and that’s what he did. Soon he’ll be bragging about getting us out of BOTH Iraq and Afghanistan, and that’s what he did in both places: “cut and run.” We won nothing by leaving Iraq and will win the same when we leave Afghanistan. So what’s there to brag about?

It’s so obvious it’s a “:put-up job” in Russia it’s funny. We laughed when one southern governor who couldn’t “succeed himself” by law got his WIFE elected governor in his place for ONE TERM, while he ran the next time again and won. Meanwhile he was her close adviser. Now we’re laughing at Russia for the same reason. Russia is still a COMMUNIST country, only under a different name. The same people are still in charge. Don’t let them fool you.

TAKING MONEY FROM SOCIAL SECURITY: Obama keeps saying REPUBLICANS want to destroy Social Security. But Obama is the president who took $500 BILLION dollars out of Social Security. This guy is the most brazen LIAR I’ve ever seen! And I’ve seen some brazen lies told.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Obama Sez “War On Terror is Over"

But we keep on getting reports of “isolated incidents” of terrorist activity from all over the world. Why is this? Kinda makes it hard to finish the “report” about the end of the war on terror, doesn’t it? I think it’s just another one of Obama’s brazen self-serving lies.

POLITICIANS RIPPING US OFF: In Denver they plead for us to use less water; and when we do, they raise our rates because of “reduced water use.” The DMV is the same way. For no apparent reason except they COULD, they DOUBLED the cost of registering your car. So now, instead of paying $45 (or less) to register a 14-year-old car, I pay $105.00. This state does NOTHING for me that’s worth that much money for PERMISSION to drive my car.

JOE STRIKES AGAIN: Vice President Joe Biden has made yet another stupid statement. He says Iran being a problem is OUR FAULT for doing nothing about him during the Bush years. This is patently false. We did more during the Bush years about Iran than did any other president, before or since; and especially more than Muslim extremist-loving Barack Obama. That this is typical Biden stupidity goes without saying. Biden is the epitome of incompetent politician. Obama looked for an incompetent politician for his veep, and he found one.

“FORWARD” IS SOCIALIST MOTTO: And I’m sure Obama knew it when he adopted it for his own. But Wikipedia scrubbed a year-and-a-half old article to keep from calling attention to it. Obama is working hard to make this into a socialist country with him at its helm, and his cronies don’t want us to be aware of it. Unfortunately for him, that horse has already gone.

THE “COMING RACE WAR”: That’s what black racists are talking about today. I remember WHITE racists in North Carolina saying almost the same thing in the fifties. I guess racists are racists, whether white or black. Of course they’ll call ME a racist for having the temerity not to “follow orders” and use the term they are dictating, “African American.” But I don’t follow orders from liberals of ANY color. They can go to hell!

“ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY”: That’s what liberals call it when somebody who previously disagreed with their preconceived notions finally “flip-flops” and agree with their opinion. Apparently they think just because it is their opinion it is “on the right side of history.” I got news for them; it is NOT. The right side of history is the right side of history and has nothing to do with their OPINION.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fewer People Still Looking

That’s the only reason unemployment numbers are going down. Fewer people are LOOKING today. They’ve just given up. And BECAUSE they’ve given up and stopped looking, Obama’s administration has stopped counting them, making the NUMBER of people STILL LOOKING a smaller number OF THE WHOLE. THIS is how Obama “fiddles the numbers” to make himself look better.

WHAT’S KEEPING OBAMA’S NUMBERS UP? Mostly his own imagination and the willingness of the liberal media to “buy it” when HIS PEOPLE come out with a new “survey” taken in the lobby of the New York Times, long known to be the “newsletter of the Democrat National Committee.” There’s NO WAY in the “real world” a president who has done the things he has done could maintain such numbers unless his people are “fiddling” them.

AFGHAN DEATHS DOUBLE: “In yet another sin of omission, the national press corps has failed to report that more than twice as many U.S. military service people were killed in Afghanistan since Obama took office than in six and a half years of the Bush administration.” Just one more negative for Obama that his “captive media” ignores. This man is DEADLY to Americans! Get RID of him! (Quote from the American Thinker)

HOW MUCH DID THEY GET? Democrats have an ad running about how much money Romney got from “Big Oil,” saying he is “in the tank” for “Big Oil.” Which brings up the question, “How much money have the DEMOCRATS gotten in donations from “Big Oil?” We all know these people always donate to BOTH SIDES. It’s kinda “protection money” to keep whoever wins off their backs (although that’s futile with the Democrats since they HATE “Big Oil.”).” In any case, what can Romney do for them? Bring oil prices down? Since when is that a bad thing?

MEDIA: “ROMNEY TILTS RIGHT”: So? What’s your point? I thought Romney was SUPPOSED to be “on the right.” If he isn’t, I don’t WANT him. A lot of people out there say he is “too liberal.” But ANYBODY is better than Obama; ANYBODY. Bugs Bunny is better.

OBAMA IS A FOOL: He says, “The war with Islamic terrorists is over.” How STUPID is that? We need to kill ALL “species” of Islamic terrorists before that is true. That’s about the stupidest remark I’ve heard from this administration since Nancy said,” We have to pass this bill to find out what’s in it.”

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Obama Still Blaming Bush

He says the economy was a lot worse than even HE realized when he took office. That’s a LOAD of BULLSH-T and we all know it if we have any intelligence at all. It began in 1976 with the DEMOCRAT law FORCING lenders to loan money without regard to the customer’s ability to repay. An “exercise in insanity,” as we all now know.

Obama cannot say anything good about his own “accomplishments,” so he continues to blame Bush and the Republicans for problems HE created with bad policies. Just look at the “theme” of his negative ads and you’ll see that. His big criticism is that Romney is “rich” and has an overseas account. He doesn’t mention that he is, too, and does also. More than one. While he plays with trillions of dollars of OUR money.

MONEY FROM “BIG OIL”: That’s another “big thing” in Obama’s negative ad campaign against Romney. That he has gotten money from “big oil.” Sure he has; so has Obama. It’s well known that businessmen give money to BOTH parties so they’ll leave them alone. It’s like the “protection racket” on steroids. What can Romney do for “big oil? ”Make it easier to bring gas prices down? I’ll go for that.

STAKES TOO BIG: Senate Majority Leader Reid says, “This is too important to let partisanship get in the way.” He’s right. It IS “too big,” but he is on the BAD SIDE of the issue and partisanship is the only way to stop him. If filibustering is all we have until the election, we’re gonna use it until we can get rid of the “Reid Obstacle” to reality.

MILLIONAIRES NEED TO PAY MORE TAXES! That’s what Warren Buffet says, but maybe we’d pay more attention to him if he paid HIS taxes. He has been fighting to keep from paying his taxes for almost a decade. He has been “short-changing” the government for a long time and that “all-powerful” IRS can’t seem to do anything meaningful about it (maybe because he's an "Obama friend"). Meanwhile Obama goes on and on about the Koch Brothers, who seem to be on “the other side” from him.

“NOTHING TO HIDE”: Mark Hannah. Democrat political consultant, says, “Obama has nothing to hide.” Why then, won’t he release his REAL birth certificate, his school records, and many other papers involving his past? I think he has a LOT to hide. That’s why he keeps them secret.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nothing To Believe In

Obama says we need to continue to “believe in me!” But there’s nothing to believe in! He has looted this government’s treasury to the tune of TRILLIONS of dollars, which he has funneled, under various disguises (like bailouts and “investments” in “green energy that predictably fail while the principles disappear with the money) to his friends and donors. He has done many other things like that, and we should believe in him?” Not EVEN!

We need to significantly shorten the “lame-duck session” for a president who has been voted out of office. A “lame-duck” president like Obama is going to be after November should never be given until January 20 to do us as much damage as he can. And Obama could do us a LOT of damage in that amount of time. Knowing how vindictive he is, I’m sure he will. In France, it is ONE WEEK.

END HIS POWER: If Obama gets beaten in November (as I fervently hope he will) his power to sign bills into law, issue executive orders and do other things he can still do as a beaten president until January 20, should be stopped so this vindictive man cannot do us a lot more damage.

“TEA PARTY SUBVERSIVE?” What’s “subversive about wanting smaller government and lower taxes? About keeping the freedom we’ve fought wars to keep? About getting rid of a president who wants to move us toward that discredited (Russia, Cuba) system of collectivism? They insult us by calling us “tea-baggers” (referring to the gay practice of one man taking the other’s testicles in his mouth), rather than arguing on the issues, because they know they cannot win in such an argument.

CREATING THE PROBLEM: Democrats themselves cut student interest rates in half many years ago with one specific purpose in mind: causing an argument that would come up in this election year. They’re making a “big thing” about those rates DOUBLING now, as if that would affect CURRENT students, which it will NOT. Only the Democrats can stop it from happening, and that will look good in the election, won’t it? So you can bet they’ll do it while saying the Republicans are against it.

“UP TO” 80%: The government makes a lot of noise about them paying “up to 80% of your medical and hospital costs, but if you look closely, it is NOT TRUE. They’re LYING. I recently looked at one of my hospital bills and saw this: Amount: $1,000.00. Submitted to the government, $800.00. Approved amount, $500.00. Paid by government, $400. that’s NOT 80% of the bill. The “key words here” are “up to.”

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

He "Told them to Find Osama"

Since when does an insipid president have to give our security services ORDERS to “find Osama?” Haven’t they been working on doing that ever since 9/11? If they haven’t, they’re committing “dereliction of duty.” They make it sound almost as if Obama had control of the triggers in the hands of the Seal Team 6 members confronting him. He did not. He was barely involved, at all. If the order to capture or kill Osama was not already in force, SOMEBODY screwed up. They should have NEEDED no such order.

OSAMA’S DEAD—ARE WE SAFER? On Fox News they ask this question: “Osama bin Laden is dead—are we any safer? The answer is NO. There is no dearth of fools who hate us and everything we stand for with a fervent hatred and for every Islamic terrorist we kill there are two who are stupid enough to “pop up” and replace him.

“OCCUPY” TRYING TO DESTROY WHAT FINANCES THEIR DEMANDS: They’re DEMANDING a “free ride at the expense of others, but they hate and want to destroy the very people who are to FINANCE their wish for that “free ride.” In other words, they want to “kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.” Are they FOOLS or what? They’re FOOLS. The very demands they make show that, and their actions go to show it further.

IT’S NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS! Obama has issued an executive order to find out the names of your political contributions so he can PUNISH them by refusing them the right to do business with his government. One more reason to vote him out of office.

DIVIDING US UP: Obama says he wants to “bring us together.” But everything he does is designed to “divide us up” into smaller groups, which makes us easier to control. He’s like a skunk: “black and white and everything he does stinks.”

RACE-BASED: The only thing “race-based” in the Treyvon Martin killing is the news coverage. They have gone out of their way, even to the extent of  “editing” the 9/11 call Zimmerman made and calling him unnecessarily a “WHITE Hispanic.” What is a “white Hispanic?” Something in the imagination of a newsman who wants to defame him. Zimmerman is as much WHITE as is Obama, for the same reason.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

We Can't Afford It!

Obama is making many promises of more and more “giveaway programs,” but the little known. But widely suspected secret is, we just can’t AFFORD the things he’s promising, and for the most part, the people who want a “free ride” won’t get it unless he continues to borrow and print money, which will make every dollar now in circulation worth less, meaning WE (and our descendants) get to pay for his promises.

ROMNEY “IN THE TANK”: Democrats are running a “hit piece” ad saying Romney is “in the tank for big oil.” In The tank for “big oil? Maybe. If so, for what reason? He probably has more money than they do, and what should he DO for them? Make gas prices lower? If so, I’m all FOR it.

TERRORISTS FLEXING: They’re “flexing their muscles” while Obama prepares to “cut and run” in Afghanistan like he did in Iraq. There has been a lot more violence there during the week of the anniversary of Obama’s CLAIMED killing of Osama. I still think Bush got him many years ago when we bombed one of his caves with him in it. Terrorists have been trying to convince us he’s still alive ever since. I think all Obama’s people did was kill one of his look-alikes.

AL-QAIDA DEAD? Obama’s government is happily saying the death of Osama means that al-Qaida is dead. So what? Al-Qaida is but ONE terrorist organization. These Islamic terrorists are like ants. Kill a few of them and they reorganize to come at you from a different direction and, in the case of these terrorists, under a new name. What if al-Qaida is dead? There are fourteen new organizations training murderers and killers to come at us next.

“TALKING” TO THE TALIBAN: What an excellent exercise in futility! “Talking” to Islamic terrorists is like talking to a wall. They want only ONE thing: the DEATH of all “Infidels.” Infidels are ANYBODY who doesn’t believe the exact same way they do. They want nothing less and no amount of “talking” is going to make ANY difference in our favor. If they “agree” to anything, they will violate their agreement as soon as it suits them. The only way to “handle” Islamic terrorists is to kill each one we can find, as soon as we find him. No waiting. Kill him.

IT’S CALIFORNIA’S FAULT: Liberals are criticizing Apple for taking every lawful deduction it can when paying its taxes. They say Apple is “unpatriotic” for not paying more taxes than they legitimately owe and that is responsible for California’s financial troubles. . . .NOT!  What is responsible for California’s financial troubles is irresponsible liberals in the government in California who won’t stop spending, no matter how broke they are. We have the same problem in Washington, but they can print money and put off the accounting for our descendants to pay.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

You'll Never Find Out

I thought I saw Debbie Wassermann Schultz standing in front of a hotel with her baggage he other day. It was a good-looking girl with her hair flying in all directions. I was going to ask her if she was DWS, but then I decided not to. She would most likely LIE to me, anyway. That woman would rather LIE than tell the truth, when the truth would serve better.

OBAMA LIES: That’s not news, why is it here? His campaign is “making a big thing” about Romney saying he would not go into Pakistan in pursuit of terrorists, intimating Romney was criticizing him (Obama) for killing Osama bin Laden. It’s two different things.

“CELEBRATING BIN LADEN’S KILLING” Should we be “celebrating” the killing of Osama bin Laden? That question was asked  on Fox News the other day. My answer is, YES! A resounding yes! Osama MURDERED 3,000 innocent American citizens in one swipe, and many more later and before. As long as he was alive, he would kill more. IF he was killed on that date. I think Bush “got him” years ago in one of the caves in which he was hiding. Obama’s “Osama killing” was fake, and even fooled the Seal Team 6 men who killed what was probably one of his doubles.

LEFT SLAMS “ILLEGAL” AS A “SLUR”: It may be, but it is a CORRECT slur. Illegal is illegal. You can’t deny it by labeling the word “illegal as a slur and telling people they can’t use the word. I REJECT it, outright. When referring to ILLEGAL aliens, I WILL use the word “illegal.” I don’t give a damn what liberals tell me I can’t do. They don’t RUN me.

SPIKING THE BALL: Obama said he would not “spike the ball” about killing Osama (if he did),but he spent the week of the anniversary of the CLAIMED killing of Osama “spiking the ball” everywhere, INCLUDING in Afghanistan itself. This guy amazes me at his ignorance and arrogance.

LYING ABOUT FOX: Liberals keep saying Fox News lies and twists right in its coverage of the news, but none of them can come up with a TRUE case of it. They come up with many LIES, but nothing real. It’s known that Fox has more liberal employees than most liberal news media sources.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

TSA Agent Gropes Congressman

And the TSA Agent who did it wants to press assault charges against this congressman for shoving his hand away after he groped his “basket.” I’m not talking about just brushing his hand over it, I’m talking about GRABBING his penis and testicles. These people think they can do ANYTHING and get away with it. Like “frisking” a four-year-old girl. I wonder if the TSA against who “frisked” her stopped with his hand on her panties.

OBAMA GETS HIS NEWS FROM A COMEDIAN: He thinks Jon Stewart’s brilliant! Jon Stewart isn’t even a NEWSMAN. He’s a COMEDIAN who PRETENDS to be a newsman and apparently Obama is not intelligent enough to know the difference. What a FOOL we have sitting in the White House!

THEY WANT TO CONTROL YOUR EVERY MOVE: That’s the basic liberal wish, and it has led them to make really STUPID regulations (which they seem to have the power to do) as the one that forbids farm kids from “doing chores” by themselves. It drives them to raid children’s lemonade stands and issue huge fines to the children. And they bill children who RESCUE birds $500. When will this insanity end? Probably never, if we keep stupidly electing liberals to office.

MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD MAKING EGYPT LAWS: They’re increasing their power daily in Egypt, and are making such laws as the one that allows a husband to have sex with his dead wife’s corpse for up to six hours after death, and lowering the marriage age to 14! Soon they’ll be making it legal to screw little boys—because that’s popular in countries like Egypt, run by Islam. All this is being protested, but I expect the protestors to soon be dead. That’s how Islamic extremists handle opposition.

MICHELLE’S SPANISH VACATION COST US $467,587: It took 2 years and a lawsuit to get the documents to prove this out of the Obama administration, but it leads to a simple question” What entitles Obama’s wife to spend so much money on just ONE vacation? And how does she figure she has the right to take vacations like this several times a year? Gawd, talk about taking advantage!

DRUG WAR USELESS: I’ll say it again, because apparently nobody was listening the last hundred times I said it: the drug was is USELESS! There are more people abusing drugs today than there were on the day it started. So what good is is? No, I’m not a drug abuser who wants to legalize it. I never even tried pot—and never intend to. But the “drug war” is used by the government to give them an excuse to do things they couldn’t do without it; things that impinge on our rights and allow the government to “impound” a lot of money. With NO results.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Why Hate Oil?

Obama hates oil. Therefore, all liberals hate oil. Why? What is the LOGICAL reason to hate what powers so much of our lives? He has PLEDGED to ELIMINATE oil, but there is NO viable replacement for it. To eliminate it is insanity! But I expect such insanity from Obama. He has no sense. He doesn’t have any idea what’s going on in the world. His ideas are going to DESTROY us.

WHAT FOOLS ARE THESE? An EPA “officer” says “we will destroy the coal industry. What? Is being a FOOL a REQUIREMENT for federal appointees today? Obama, the “top fool” has PLEDGED” to “bankrupt the coal industry.” Is there anything viable to replace this essential industry? Not even on the horizon. Obama THINKS “green energy” can do the job, but that has been proven wrong on many occasions. So why do they HATE the coal industry? How about the electric industry, which DEPENDS on coal? And these FOOLS are RUNNING this government! That scares the hell out of me. (Update:) This "officer" has resigned, probably because Obama gave him a choice: resign or get fired. Not for what he said, but for "letting the cat out of the bag" about Obama's plans. Obama has said it over and over but nobody believes him because he lies.

GOVERNMENT “QUESTIONING” NUGENT: He made some comments before the NRA that LIBERALS considered “threatening” and called for an “investigation.” Never mind he didn’t THREATEN anyone while liberals and Democrats (a repitition, there) make threats all the time. Romney “denounced” his comments. Later, Nugent called House MINORITY Leader (formerly MAJORITY leader) Nancy Peelosi and DNC chairman Debbie Wassrman Schultz “varmints” and “brain-dead,” which I think is an apt description of both, especially after Nancy once said, “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it,” which is one of the most “brain-dead” comments I’ve ever heard a politician make.

OUTLAW HAMMERS? “When hammer are outlawed, only outlaws will have hammers” because law-abiding people won’t get them. That’s a profound statement. Just change “hammer” to “gun” and you have it. Outlaws don’t obey laws, so making laws against gun ownership only makes sure there are more UNARMED victims for the criminals who get them illegally.

DECLARING WAR: Liberals say we shouldn’t be killing Islamic terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan because we haven’t “declared war” on them. Actually, THEY “declared war” on US! And the only way to deal with them is to kill as many of them as we can, as quickly as we can. We cannot “talk” with them because they only “talk” when they want to “buy time” to regroup. They will not follow ANY agreements they might make with us. It’s in their RELIGION that it’s okay to LIE to Infidels to support their “mission,” which is usually to kill innocents who don’t believe the exact same way they do.

“VICTORY LAP”: Obama says he won’t be “taking a victory lap” about the killing of Osama bin Laden and had hardly taken a breath from that when he launched into a “victory lap” about killing bin Laden. This guy is really STUPID if hr thinks we believe ANYTHING he says.