Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ignoring Reality

One of Obama's recent stupid pronouncements is that “There is no difference between communism and capitalism.” What? Can our president BE that stupid? Communism and capitalism are POLAR OPPOSITES! People who believe in capitalism (the free market) are diametrically OPPOSED to communism (stealing from the producer of new wealth for the benefit of the non-producer). If he can't understand this, he is completely UNQUALIFIED to be president. But there are many other things anybody with any degree of INTELLIGENCE can see that escape this FOOL.

OL JOE” BLOWS IT AGAIN: One wonders why this fool has managed to stay in political office for so long when it is well known that he is “not the sharpest knife in the drawer. His latest pronouncement is that the Second Amendment gives him the right to confiscate your guns. How he figures that, I don't know. That's one of the CLEAREST amendments in the Constitution, but has been one that has been disputed many times by ignorant politicians who just want to disarm Americans. He has demonstrated that he doesn't understand ANYTHING about how this government works, yet he pretends to be an expert, as do most other know-nothing politicians.

MORE ELECTION FIXING: Obama is now pushing an initiative to make green card holders into citizens so they can vote for a Democrat. There are many ways to fix an election if you're completely dishonest, and Obama knows, and uses them in a regular basis. How do you think he got re-elected after all the crappy things he did in his first term? It wasn't because the voters liked him, that's for sure. There's a small cadre of voters who would vote for him if he murdered somebody on live TV. But they aren't enough, by themselves, to get his candidates elected. So he cheats.

SOMETHING ELSE TO BLAME: With all the high unemployment numbers, MILLIONS out of work or underemployed because of his efforts to keep people “eligible” to be FORCED to buy his health insurance, plus the push to raise the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour, all causing more and more unemployment, while he tries his best to convince the American voter the economy is booming when they know it's not, he needs a new “straw man” on which to blame the continuing lack of meaningful jobs. So with more and more mundane factory jobs being done by robots, he's now blaming the unemployment figures on the “rise of the robots,” hoping that uninformed voters will believe him.

WATCHING THE GREEK RIOTS: I was just watching the videos of the cops trying to hold back the Islamic “refugees” who were rioting in Greece. One guy in particular who kept throwing punches at the cops should have been arrested immediately. They probably should have beaten the hell out of him, but that's not allowed. Another guy with a “loud-hailer” should have been arrested, too. He was “fomenting that riot.” He was a “ringleader” and should have to serve a long stretch. Yes, people are allowed to “assemble.” But NOT to riot. That should be a punishable offense. And especially those “fomenting a riot.”

IT'S NOT HIS JOB!” People are saying Trump's campaign manager should not have put his hands on that female reporter who approached Trump with what turned out to be a pen, but which might have been a knife, or even a bomb. But by doing so, hr might have saved her from even worse, as the Secret Service agents, ever watchful and quick to act, were “zeroing in” on her and would have “swarmed her” if he had not moved her away from Trump. They're wrong. It's ANYBODY'S job to do what they can if they suspect possible danger, “their job” or not. And with recent threats on Trump's life, that's what he may have thought.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Donald Loves Everybody

It seems in every one of his monologues, he “loves” somebody: Blacks, whites, Jews, Muslims, Mormons, women, etc. I don't “love” anybody as a group. I usually just pay no attention to the group they're in sometimes, but I watch Muslims closely because next time I see them they might be trying to kill me (maybe even THIS time). But otherwise, there ARE some INDIVIDUALS I just have no USE for. But that's not “unreasoning hatred.” There is always a good REASON for having no use for that INDIVIDUAL. Based on his ACTIONS.

REPEATED ATTACKS: In case you hadn't noticed, there are ALWAYS additional attacks after a major attack in one place or another, based on trying to keep “the locals” terrorized. Sometimes they're designed to victimize the first responders. Another thing you may have noticed is their propensity to accuse US of “attacking civilians,”: while that's ALL they attack: civilians, and “soft targets,” who won't or CAN'T fight back. Furthermore, ALL Islamic terrorists ARE “civilians.” There's not a government soldier in uniform among them, as a rule.

INCOME INEQUALITY: Liberals (Democrats) are constantly worried about “income inequality” and do all kinds of STUPID things to combat it. Most of which are SOCIALISM. But there's a good reason for income inequality: people are NOT “equal” in their talents and abilities. Which makes the current effort toward a $15.00 an hour minimum wage the heights of STUPIDITY. Until you can make EVERYBODY EQUAL, there will always be “income inequality as each person earns according to his (her) ABILITY. Even socialists realize this, but they want to TAKE some earnings away from those with ability and give that stolen to those of NO ability.

SANDERS WINS, BUT LOSES: Bernie swept the elections this week, while Hillary is ONE for SIX. But she is still way ahead in the delegate count because of the “super delegates.” That's how the DEMOCRATS have it “fixed” so that she'll win (if the FBI doesn't put her in prison first)..Republicans just “changed the rules.” But Democrats didn't need to. They already had the rules “fixed” so they could nominate anybody they wanted. Which this year is Hillary. They're much better at manipulating elections than are the Republicans, which is why they've been pretty much “in charge” for more than 50 years.

TEXTING WHILE WALKING ILLEGAL: Texting while walking is dangerous because the texter isn't paying attention to his/her surroundings. Texting while driving is already illegal in most places. Of course, making it illegal will stop it, won't it? Don'tchu believe it! Stupid people will do it, anyway. and fall off high places, into fountains, and walk in front of speeding cars and be killed. People insist on being stupid, and laws never make any difference—except where guns are concerned. Law-abiding people won't buy a gun if it's illegal, while a criminal will, and will KILL those who don't.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

"Apples and Oranges"

People who should know better keep comparing Hillary and Trump's percentages in the polls as showing Hillary in the lead between the two. This completely ignores the fact that she has only ONE real opponent, and he is an admitted socialist. People lean in her direction because she doesn't ADMIT her socialism. Trump, on the other hand, still has TWO opponents left to divide up the percentages. So those figures mean NOTHING until his ONLY opponent is Hillary.

LITTLE DIFFERENCE”: Obama says, 'There's little difference between capitalism and communism.” Which again shows his complete IGNORANCE of economics. Capitalism (the free market) lets people who can EARN their money get ahead on their OWN talents and abilities while socialism (and all other forms of collectivism) DEPEND on those who EARN for themselves to earn money for them to STEAL and give to the “drones” of society. It's like Obama wants to demonstrate his complete ignorance every day with his ill considered comments like that. Capitalism creates new wealth. Socialism does NOT.

TOO MUCH ON HIS PLATE”: Obama says he has “too much on his plate to worry about ISIS.” If he continues with that idiocy, he'll soon have no plate to worry about. Probably no head, either. Not that he USES it now. It seems like Obama is trying HARD to let people know how STUPID he is, every day coming out with abysmally stupid pronouncements that are EASILY disproved and DARING us to do so.

YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND”: A CNN guest told the Blaze's Buck Sexton that “White people just don't understand the Muslim religion.” He's right. I just don't understand how so many people can be so STUPID as to subscribe to this phony “religion.” Especially when it tells them that if they die advancing Islam they'll go to a paradise peopled by 72 virgins (probably not much older than 6 years of age). They think WE are corrupt because we are HONEST about sex, while they wish fervently to be killed “in the service of Islam” so they can screw virgins for all of eternity while they somehow, remain virgins.

HILLARY'S A WICKED WOMAN”: That's probably the first true thing Farrakhan has said in his life. And he's right, although she preaches many of the same things he does. He can't even see the irony in what he's saying. But then, he's not too smart, which he has proved many times by what he preaches. And he's got many thugs to back him up so one of his followers won't “off” him like he did Malcolm X to take over.

SOCIALIST OR FASCIST? Town Hall is asking the question: “Is Obama socialist, or Fascist?” Who the hell CARES? Socialism and Fascism have the same base: COLLECTIVISM. Both follow the same motto: “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED.” Making NEED a DEMAND on the EARNINGS of OTHERS. That's THEFT by the government, for the benefit of the non-productive. The “moochers” who only want to live at the expense of others. Only the DETAILS differ.

Monday, March 28, 2016

GOP Prepared to Lose

They're prepared to LOSE to defend the “right” of the “establishment Republicans” to CHOOSE who we're ALLOWED to vote for. It doesn't matter to them that losing to EITHER Democrat candidate is a DEATH KNELL for this country. They want to retain their POWER to DICTATE who we are allowed to vote for. Power is more important to the “establishment Republicans” than the future of this country. They want to maintain the FICTION that we get to vote for the President.

OBAMA'S “DANCE A SET UP”: We all saw that woman (a former Playboy naked model) walk up to the “president's table” and invite him to dance, which he accepted, and danced with her, while his own wife danced with somebody else, while the smoke hadn't even cleared in the Brussels terrorist explosions.. There is NO WAY a stranger would get to walk up to the “president's table” without being “stormed” by Obama's security, AND Castro's. It HAD to be previously planned, and she knew she had PERMISSION to ask Obama to dance. It's all part of the “bread and circuses” Obama and Castro are putting on to please those with their tongues hanging out over his Cuba trip.

VERY EXPENSIVE DINNER: They must be serving a golden chicken. They're planning a couple of Democrat fund-raisers, the first of which to be held at the home of financier Shervin Pishevar (who the hell is HE?). This dinner for the “Party of the average people” will only cost you $353,400 per plate. and you get to sit close to Hillary and George Clooney in the bargain. Why ANYBODY would want to sit close to those fools, I don't know. Close proximity to them would ruin my appetite. This is the usual kind of thing Democrats are known for: claiming to be the “party of the average Joe,” while their RICH FRIENDS prop up their flagging candidacies. One thing is certain. “An average Joe” would never be able to afford a ticket to this party. And 200 "poor people" could eat for a YEAR on what one plate costs here.

TOTAL STUPIDITY: Obama says, “More people are killed by falling in the bathtub than have been killed by Islamic terrorists.” (He failed to use the word Islamic, as usual) which is a big load of horse manure. No it's ELEPHANT manure. This guy is a damned FOOL if he thinks intelligent people will buy this CRAP! Every day he convinces me more solidly that he is on the SIDE of the Islamic terrorists and is working HARD to minimize their danger in our minds, so we will be surprised when they start killing us here.

DOES ANYBODY CARE? “Caitland Jenner,” once known as BRUCE Jenner, before his fantasies of being a woman overtook him, says he (she, IT) might vote for Donald Trump. But who cares who this misfit votes for? We've got so many ignorant voters voting, that one more fool won't make a lot of difference. So I say again: “who cares?” Jenner is just one more “dog and pony show” to keep our minds occupied with unimportant things, so we won't pay attention to important things and what out politicians are doing to us.

CARPET-BOMBING TERRORISTS: That's what Cruz says he'll do if he gets elected. Democrats keep equating that to carpet-bombing civilians, which is their usual kind of LIE. Cruz is NOT talking about carpet-bombing civilians (except for terrorists, all of whom ARE civilians) in their lairs. No longer will they have “safe harbor” in some Muslim countries because such as Obama doesn't dare (or doesn't WANT to) attack them there. “Carpet-bombing” does not necessarily mean civilian-populated areas, but liberals (Democrats) want to ignore that so they can con you into opposing it.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Banning the Pledge

The town of New Paltz in New York (where else?) banned the saying of the “Pledge of Allegiance” in it's town meetings. The next step is banning the saying of the Pledge for all Americans. The politicians today think they can DICTATE what people can say or do and they're wrong. At least for anybody who has any gonads, that is. I will say what I think is right, and DAMN those who pretend to have the right to tell me I can't! I'd like to see them try.

HE'S A SNIVELING COWARD!” That's what Cruz called Donald Trump for doing the same exact thing HE did to Donald. That's the same as what the Islamic terrorists do when they say their latest attack on innocent people is “in revenge” for an “attack” by their victims, that was “in revenge for THEIR attacks. I'll tell ya. This election is getting way too far away from the issues and is getting “bogged down” in personalities, on BOTH sides. I wish the candidates would quit insulting one another and start talking about the issues!

OBAMA'S STUPIDITY, AGAIN: Now he's saying not only that ISIS is “not an existential threat” (which they ARE and he's too stupid to know it), but that we can defeat them by telling them they are “weak.” How STUPID is that? Maybe he should go back to Cuba and dance with a pretty, half-dressed girl not his wife or play some golf while Brussels burns some more. He's not good for much else. Damn, what a damned fool we (not me) have put in the White House! You don't defeat fools by telling them stupid things they have no reason to believe.

PROOF OF CRIMINALITY: I've long said this government is full of criminals, and they prove it regularly. The latest proof is that Planned Parenthood, instead of being shut down and the top officers and those who actually MURDER infants tried, and imprisoned, get a million dollars (from George Soros) to use to promote HILLARY's campaign. This organization is a CRIMINAL organization that PROFITS from INFANTICIDE. And the government not only condones it, it actively PROMOTES it. Anybody who does that is an ACCESSORY to their crimes and should be prosecuted and IMPRISONED!

WHY ALWAYS THE #2? Every once in a while we get the news that the terrorist's #2 man gets killed. Why is that? Why ALWAYS the #2 man? Why NEVER the $1 man? Is #1 better at hiding? Or is he just not targeted? Is the “killing” of the #2 man a hoax? Something to make us THINK we're making SOME progress in fighting the danger Obama says is “No big thing? That a 1 degree increase in temperature over 100 years is more of a danger to us? There are so many contradictions in this administration it really jars my gonads. He tells us they're “no big thing,” then goes out and kills their #2 man. Which is it? If it's “no big thing,” why is he killing it's leaders (If he is)?

TORTURE NOT EFFECTIVE: That's what “intelligence experts” tell us. Because the person being tortured will tell us ANYTHING to stop the torture, not necessarily the truth. Aside from the PROVING of what he tells us, the fear of BEING tortured will make the Islamic terrorists think twice before doing their “dirty work.” They say they don't fear death. Why not give them something to FEAR? They certainly don't shrink from torture or beheadings, or even rapes of little girls (or boys). Why are WE not allowed to respond in kind? So we won't “fall to their level?” That's a STUPID reason!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Fox "Dress Code"

Somebody forgot to tell one of the guest hosts of “Outnumbered” on Fox about the “dress code” for women on Fox. She actually was wearing a dress that came below her knees and didn't, like the others, threaten to show us a lot more than she intended if she wasn't very careful. They really ought to change the name of that show to “Legs,” because that's mostly what we see in those ubiquitous “long shots” of “the couch” on which the le.... er, women sit. The entire concept of that show is silly. As if the ONE man on the show is AGAINST all the women.

WAR AGAINST COPS: The thugs are working HARD to rid their community of cops. Liberals are right with them. But, as usual, liberals never think things through. They never think about what their neighborhoods would be like if there were no cops. If they called 911 and there was no answer. The thugs and murderers would “take over” with no opposition, because the government has seen to it that most of us are UNARMED and HELPLESS against ILLEGALLY-armed criminals.

COMPLETE LIBERAL STUPIDITY: You name the stupidity, and the liberals will insist on making it the law. The current stupidity they're working on is letting men and boys use the same bathrooms and showers right alongside of women. Think about it: your daughter, NAKED, in the shower next to a naked man with an erection. More of this stupidity is the current liberal effort to change the law to allow a MAN who thinks he's a woman to change his birth certificate to SAY he's a woman. This after “legitimizing “gay marriage” and saying people opposed to it are “bigots.” Damn, such stupidity!

DOING “THE WAVE”: What was Obama doing right after the Brussels murders? After spending less than a MINUTE talking abo0ut Brussels, he spent the rest of the day attending a BASEBALL GAME with Fidel Castro's brother. Damn! This president is a complete FOOL where foreign relations is concerned! No wonder other countries no longer respect America with such a DOLT running it! And I'm sure he has plans to run a scam to extend his time “in power.” The problem with our electoral system is that it allows such DOLTS to become president.

MORE OBAMA STUPIDITY: Obama displays his stupidity every time he opens his mouth. Today he accomplished it by saying, “Global warming is a bigger threat to the world than is ISIS.” How he can say such stupid things and actually think America will believe him is beyond me, unless he depends on the IGNORANCE of people who “pay no attention to politics.” Something that, if true, only involves ONE DEGREE reduction in average temperature in 100 years, is NOT “more important” as a threat than millions of Muslims who are actively KILLING everybody they can who do not subscribe to their phony “religion,” or who speak out against them.

OBAMA: “THEY'RE ALSO KILLING MUSLIMS”: So? Obama thinks that mitigates them killing Americans? There are several different branches of Islam and one kills those who subscribe to a different brand of Islam than they do, just as they do people who don't subscribe to Islam, period. In what way does that mitigate their other genocide? Again, Obama displays his stupidity (or cupidity) with his words. I think it's cupidity. I think he's working WITH the Islamic terrorists—by DESIGN.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Ask A Stupid Question

Somebody asked, “Why would you ever want to carry a gun into a McDonald's?” The answer is simple to intelligent people? “To defend yourself when thugs bring THEIR guns into a McDonald's to rob people, as three of them did recently in Fayetteville, NC, ending up wounding two. If anybody else had been there with a gun, the result might have been different.

I WOULDN'T CALL HIM ANYWAY: Mark Holmes is a landlord in Grand Junction, Colorado. He has a two-bedroom apartment for rent. But he says “If you're voting for Trump, don't bother calling me.” It's not his business who I'm voting for, and I wouldn't call him, anyway. Nor should anybody else, no matter who they're voting for. He has no business telling people who they should, or should NOT vote for. If NOBODY calls him, he's going to lose a lot of money, which is good punishment for his stupidity. This guy actually found a renter. Which again proves there are a lot of ignorant people in this world.

VOTING FOR HILLARY: Some Republicans are saying they'll “vote for Hillary” before they'll vote for Trump. How STUPID! You don't vote for “the enemy” just because you've been lied to on both sides about your best candidate. A vote for Hillary is a vote for SOCIALISM (one form of collectivism). And once it takes hold here, it will be impossible to dislodge until it predictably collapses, because socialism creates NO new wealth. It only STEALS the benefits of the production of those who DO. And they soon stop producing, as they realize their benefits will be taken from them by the government. Russia is the best illustration of this. Cuba is second best in this hemisphere.

OBAMA'S PHONY COMPARISON: In Cuba, he compared America's revolution that freed us from the English King, to Castro's “revolution” that ENSLAVED that Island nation for communism. But there's ONE glaring difference between the two. Our revolution did not ENSLAVE us. It FREED us. Castro's ENSLAVED his nation and led to it's demise as a nation if some other communist regime (that still has money left to steal) doesn't prop it up, as Russia did, before communism there COLLAPSED, as all such regimes eventually do. Why do they? Because communism does NOT create new wealth. It only STEALS what wealth is created by the PRODUCERS (who are left) of society for the benefit of the “drones.”

OBAMA: COMPLETELY STUPID! Either that, or he is the “Manchurian Candidate” who was BORN to be president, and to scotch as many efforts to fight against Islamic terrorism as he could. And he is doing that very well. He refuses to admit that Islamic terrorism is a WORLD-WIDE THREAT while they grow stronger and stronger because we're NOT fighting them effectively, no matter what Obama says about “doing what is necessary” to “contain” them We don't want to “contain” them, we need to KILL them. ALL. Not all Muslims, but all Muslims who try to kill US. And watch the rest carefully.

REPEAL SECOND AMENDMENT? That's what the anti-gun fools are now trying. The Second Amendment “gets in their way” in their efforts to “disarm America,” so now they want to get it repealed. The Second Amendment keeps us as safe as it can, with all the attacks on it from the liberals. If it does ever get repealed, I don't want to be around to suffer because of it's repeal. The Second Amendment is the only thing that keeps the government at bay in their efforts to take what's ours and give it to the drones of society to ensure their votes to stay in power.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

It Happened Again!

The major cable and Internet provider in Denver seems especially prone to outages. This is the third time in three weeks there has been an outage covering Denver. But this time they did have a good excuse. A FOOT of snow after a day of “shirtsleeve weather” Wednesday. It started about one o'clock and extended into the night. Sorry about that.

ENDANGERING UNIQUE CHARM”:CBS “warns” that U. S. business could “endanger Cuba's unique charm.” WHAT “unique charm?” Cuba looks much like a bombed-out city in a war zone because they can't afford to fix things since Russian communism collapsed and can no longer “prop them up.” The average age of cars in Cuba (except for those driven by government officials) is the FIFTIES! They keep them running with baling wire and shoe polish because no American-made parts are available. Cubans are STARVING. Liberals talk about “the poor” in America, but what passes for “the poor” here would be considered “upper middle class” in Cuba, and maybe RICH. Castro blames that on our “blockade.” But actually, it's because they produce no new wealth under communism, so they're slowly dying economically.

HATE “REACHING ACROSS THE AISLE”: The View's Joy Behar says Americans hate “reaching across the aisle” to Cuba and Iran. Of COURSE we refuse to “reach across the aisle” to CRIMINALS and murderers! And that's who are running those countries (and ours). It's like Mafia Capos taking over a country and “milking it” for all they can, PRETENDING to be honest politicians. Liberals like Behar are systemically UNABLE to see the CRIMINALITY in those governments. It is that kind of blindness that will ultimately defeat us.

WHY SUCH A BIG DEAL? A top former NY Times editor is mystified at the fact that Hillary's “e-mail scandal” has become “such a big deal.” It amazes me how such stupid people keep their jobs when they can't see such such simplicity. It must be because the people who hire them are just as stupid as they are and want people like themselves working for them. It's “such a big deal” because the way she operated left us WIDE OPEN to hacking by our enemies, and let them know all our secrets. Secrets which, if known by our enemies could mean the DEATH of many innocent people. That's why it's “such a big deal!”

WHY IN BRUSSELS? Why did ISIS make their attack in Brussels, Belgium? That's easy to see if you're LOOKING.. That's where the ringleader of the French attack was hiding, and where he was shot and captured. Yes, ISIS is mad at him because he failed to blow himself up in that attack. But he IS “one of them” and the government in Belgium had the audacity to capture him when ISIS wanted to have the honor of KILLING him for “chickening out” on blowing himself up in the French attack. Most politicians just can't understand the twisted thinking of these Islamic terrorists.

SELECTIVE MEMORIES: That's what Republicans have when they “remember” things. They “remember” the fiasco that was the campaign of Barry Goldwater, whom the Republican Party hated just as much as they now hate Trump, and for many of the same reasons. They say he CAN'T win, so they need to get rid of him. In Goldwater's case, they won. The result? A Democrat victory and the rise of “The War on Poverty,” a socialist program that failed, miserably. Then there was Ronald Reagan. They hated him for the same reasons, and opposed him. But this time, they LOST. The result, two landslide victories in a row for Republicans, and the “reign” of one of the best presidents in memory, producing the longest lasting economic upswing in recent history. But they don't remember that. They say, “The era of Reagan is over.” Mostly because they didn't want it, in the first place.

WE'LL DO WHATEVER'S NECESSARY”: That's what Obama says: “We'll do whatever is necessary to stop ISIS.” He says that after every ISIS killing spree—and then does NOTHING. It's like he WANTS ISIS and other Islamic terrorists to be successful. Frankly, I think he does. He is the “embodiment” of the “Manchurian Candidate," born and bred to become president and then do everything he can to undermine us so that our enemies will have an easy time in defeating us because we aren't fighting them.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Islamophobia? Forget It!

There is no such thing as “Islamophobia.” The word is made up out of whole cloth by Muslims to intimate that anybody who tells the truth about the reprehensible practices of Islamists (like screwing children or killing people who don't believe the way they think they ought to) are, somehow, mentally aberrant. It's a scam to SHUT UP any criticism of Muslims. Both “peaceful Muslims,” and Muslim terrorists. It is meaningless unless you ALLOW it to mean something. It's like the “homophobia” label gay activists lay on people who displease them.

AMERICA'S SOCIALIST EXPERIMENT: We've already experimented with socialism, and it almost caused the failure of the first American colonies. The economic method first chosen by the American colonists was based on the “socialist model,” and it resulted in the deaths of many by starvation, including the governor's wife. Then the governor changed the model to the free market and America has prospered (mostly) ever since.

WE'RE AT WAR!” That's what the French Prime Minister said after the bombing attacks by ISIS in Brussels, Belgium (right next door to France, and where the mastermind of the French attack was hiding). France has always been criticized for their lack of foresight in WWII, so it's strange for them to be the first to see that ISIS means DEATH to EVERYBODY who isn't their kind of Muslim. That they are at war with us, and therefore we must be at war with them. We must be on a “war footing” in order to deal with them, all over the world. Every country. But Obama, of course, doesn't see that, and I think he is secretly WITH the Muslim terrorists in their “war against civilization.” He has done MUCH to help them.

TRUMP: “MORE WATERBOARDING”: Word is that Trump is calling for more waterboarding, and more, to find out what Islamic terrorists are planning. It's said as a criticism. Liberals like to criticize waterboarding as “un-American, but considering what the Islamic terrorists do to US (and videotape it), waterboarding is a lot less than they deserve. Yes, it's uncomfortable. But it leaves no permanent injury, and may actually save some lives on OUR side. It's “nasty.” But sometimes “nasty” is required in order to beat an enemy who BEHEADS their captives.

IMPAIRED DRIVING: They're “doing a study” to determine which is more dangerous: drunk driving, or stoned driving. They need a STUDY to figure that out? They're EQUALLY dangerous! What kind of a fool can't see that, without a “study " being necessary? I've always maintained that the people running things in this world are INCOMPETENT. Both governmental, and NON-governmental (especially with Obama in charge). Otherwise, why are there so many panic situations because somebody didn't foresee a possible problem?

NO UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE? Cuba's Castro criticizes America for not having universal health care, as they do. But they don't, really. They PRETEND they have it, but in reality theirs is a “two-tier” system. The LOWER tier is for the average Cuban,and just PRETENDS to be universal health care. The UPPER tier is for the government bureaucrats who are “in favor” at the moment. And even that is not good enough for Castro, which is why he came HERE when he needed more than the\ir “vaunted system” could provide. It makes me laugh when such as Castro criticizes us on the basis of a MYTH.

Monday, March 21, 2016

"Tracking Refugees Is UnAmerican"

Oh, is it? Who says? Why the Muslims, of course! What the hell makes them think they even KNOW what “unAmerican” is? They don't want anything to happen that might hinder their ability to import and distribute Muslim terrorists into this country to kill as many “Infidels” as possible.. And “tracking Muslims” does just that, if done right. Of course, Obama's fools will probably flub it with their PC crap, as they have flubbed everything else in the last seven plus years. Damn, I'll be glad when he's gone! If he ever is.

DAMNFOOLERY IN CALIF.: They're letting illegal aliens vote, which means many more votes for Democrat candidates. But that's the whole point of it, isn't it? They'll do ANYTHING to get more Democrat votes. Even ILLEGAL things like this. No non-citizen should EVER be allowed to vote! But they're allowing it. Which makes ALL votes coming out of California suspect, and they should NOT be counted. But the Democrats running our electoral process won't do a thing about it. They'll call any attempt, “voter suppression.”

KKK ENDORSES HILLARY: Surprise, surprise! Remember the big hooraw the media pulled when it was rumored that a FORMER KKK member endorsed Trump? Well, they're conspicuously silent about this. The endorser is Will Quigg, Grand Dragon of the “Loyal White Knights of the KKK, and he did it on video, which I SAW. It's not a rumor, it's FACT. And, since he endorsed a Democrat, the media yawns.

KISSING CASTRO'S RING: Obama is doing the unthinkable. He is “legitimizing” Castro's murderous regime by making a “presidential visit,” and is treating this murderous killer with the respect he is not due. Meanwhile, he (Castro) continues to jail his opponents, many of whom will soon die in his dark dungeons, even while Obama is there to “kiss his ring.” Count on it, ANYTHING that is against what America wants, Obama will do, if for no other reason, just to give us the finger.

I'M NOT A COMMUNIST”: Bernie Sanders admits to being a socialist. But he whines that he is NOT a communist or a fascist. What he doesn't tell you is that all three are socialistm. They all want the same result, only the path to it is different. The only difference between the three is “cosmetic.” They all subscribe to the same motto: “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED,” making NEED a DEMAND on the EARNINGS of the productive for the benefit of the NON- productive. They're ALL COLLECTIVISTS, and that's what collectivism IS.

WRONG CONCEPTION: Liberals say demonstrators at Trump rallies “get beat up just for speaking their minds,” but that's a LIE. They get beat up for insulting Trump supporters, interrupting proceedings, and generally making nuisances of themselves—and even attacking the Trump supporters. But the media never sees this—on purpose. They only “see” them getting their heads handed to them. Those “demonstrators” are PAID to be there and to make as much trouble as they can. When Trump security stops them, the press predictably wrongly reports it as “Trump supporters beating up demonstrators.”

Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Right to Free Speech

Demonstrators who are physically BLOCKING a main highway leading to a Trump rally are whining about “freedom of speech” as they try hard to deny that right to Trump. But blocking a main road is NOT part of “freedom of speech.” It is breaking the law, and they will be dealt with. Many of them will learn, first hand, how Joe treats his prisoners. The other day, demonstrators tore down a Trump tent at another gathering. And they think THIS is part of “free speech?” Not hardly. It is vandalism, and is punishable by law.

REALLY GETTING DESPERATE: The liberals are really getting desperate at the very thought of Donald Trump ever becoming president. I know he's not part of the “political intelligentsia,” but that's no reason to block main roads because they lead into a Trump event, or thousands marching on the Trump Tower in New York and trying to block traffic there. They're afraid they just don't have enough numbers to keep him out of the presidency honestly, so now they're trying it DISHONESTLY. The level or rancor is higher that I've ever seen it. They're really afraid a majority of voters will prevail, and they think their demonstrations will suffice to stop that.

NOT WHAT HE'S SAYING! It's being reported in many places, including some conservative sources that Trump said, “Vote for me or there will be riots.” But that's not what he said, at all! What he REALLY said is, “If they WRONGFULLY deny me the nomination there MAY be riots.” There's a lot of difference there. Using that erroneous headline is DESIGNED to make Trump look bad, and there are many people who won't know any better because they only pay scant attention to politics. But they vote anyway, out of IGNORANCE.

CRUZ BEATS TRUMP: Nine times, evennnnn.... But what he doesn't mention is that Trump has beaten him way more times, and will beat him many times more. I'm really getting sick of this crappy politics. I used to like Cruz. But after seeing his methods, I wonder if he would be a good president, after all..I'm not a Trump supporter, but I wouldn't be angry if he DID become president. And I don't say that out of IGNORANCE, as his opponents do when they oppose him.

GETTING THE IDEA IN MEMPHIS: They're getting the idea in Raleigh, TN, a suburb of Memphis. They're PROMOTING the teaching of gun safety classes, and as many honest, law-abiding people as possible, getting "carry permits." To send a message to the "bad guys" to "Stay away, or we might END you." Others disarm honest people, and leave the way wide open for illegally armed criminals.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

They're Really Getting Desperate

The anti-Trump fools are really getting desperate. They've “shot their bolt,” trying to get rid of him. They've tried everything but one thing to get him out of the presidential race. That's to threaten his family if he doesn't drop out. None of it worked. So now they're threatening his family. They sent a letter to his son telling him if his father didn't drop out, his family would suffer. What unmitigated COWARDS! And they want to run (ruin) this country! Damn!

HILLARY: WE'VE DONE GOOD JOB: Every time Hillary opens her mouth I become more convinced she is insane. Not just deluded. She makes too many goofy statements for that. Now she claims that we've “done a good job of securing the border.” I won't ask what she's smoking. I think she's just STUPID! She doesn't need to smoke some dope to do something stupid. She's naturally inclined to do it. If Democrats are smart, they'll have her head examined, forthwith.

ONE-STATE WONDER: They treat Kasich with the utmost respect as a presidential candidate. Moreso than they ever treated Ted Cruz with, even though he won several states and is the nearest candidate to Trump in the contest. Even though he only won ONE election, the state where he is the governor, and the “favorite son” candidate. They'll do ANYTHING to keep Donald Trump out of the White House. Boy, they're really frightened!

SANDERS: “IT'S ABSURD!” Bernie Sanders says “It's absurd to talk about me dropping out!” Right. He”s a consistent second place holder, isn't he? Never mind in the Democrat race, second place is LAST place. He can't even get ahead of a candidate facing felony charges. Jeeze! Damn! This has got to be the most screwed up election ever!

VOTERS DECIDE NOTHING: Josef Stalin (former dictator of Soviet Russia, and murderer of millions, for those of you who don't know him) once said: “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who COUNT the votes decide everything.” And he's exactly right. And Democrats count ALL the votes in America. They've quietly seen to that.Then you add that Clinton Eugene Curtis, a former employee of many different government agencies and a computer programmer, DESIGNED a program used to hack electronic voting machines to produce a 51 to 48 result for the candidate Democrats want to win, and you have the results of that statement. Why Democrats win so many elections.

CALLS BERNIE STUPID: Sheriff Joe Arpaio calls Bernie Sanders “stupid” in response to his criticism of Joe's jail and his treatment of inmates. Bernie says when he's president, he “will have the power” to “shut Sheriff Joe down.” Bernie has a funny idea of the kind of power a president has—and he'll need to be straightened out if he ever makes it to the White House. The press will ignore Bernie's silly claims, but not that Joe called him “stupid.”

Friday, March 18, 2016

Garland's An Anti-Gun Zealot

They're trying to paint Garland as a “moderate,” but that's “code” for liberal undercover. He's also an anti-gun zealot, and always has been. If he is confirmed, that will spell the END to our Second Amendment right to self defense. Garland has a long record of anti-gun judgments, and his confirmation would mean the DEATH KNELL for most of Scalia's best decisions.

SHOULD THEY SHOOT THEMSELVES? Students at Harvard are asking themselves, “should whites shoot themselves because of white privilege?” You can't make this stuff up, folks! Name the stupidity, wild as hell, and some liberal has already thought of it and expressed it as “viable.” And these people vote. If not right now, soon. No damned wonder they install such fools into high political office! I don't have the kind of imagination required to come up with such foolishness, But count on it, those in “Ivory League” colleges do! These people should not be allowed to PROCREATE, much less vote!

HOW HE GONNA GET HIS MONEY? That's what was asked by the aunt of the teen killed while burglarizing somebody's house. She says she “don't care if he got a license or not, it's not the law!” But it is! Only she's too dumb to realize it! Does he have the right to STEAL somebody ELSE'S money just because he's either too lazy or not intelligent enough to EARN it for himself? Laws are there for a good reason. To stop people like this kid from stealing other people's property Not being able to earn it doesn't give him the right to take it away from those who DO. Damn! Lotta stupid people out there!

TURNABOUT NOT FAIR PLAY: But that's not what Democrats are doing. Back when the Democrats were blocking the nomination of Robert Bork to be a Supreme court nominee, the New York Times was right with them, saying, “Democrats have a perfect right to block his nomination.” But now the shoe's on the other foot, they whine (along with the Democrats) about how “Congress is shirking it's duty” by “stonewalling” today's appointment under the same circumstances. It's “different now.” Democrats are trying to get THEIR nominee in.

REVOLUTION OF 2016?” That's what Town Hall columnist Cris Skates is asking. I'm asking that, too. America is very tired of the excesses we've suffered under the liberals (Democrats) the last few years and are bound and determined to END it. That's why a millionaire who has never been in a political office is threatening to become president, and it looks like he's going to do it. Short of an ARMED revolution, that's what we'll get. If the Democrats scotch that attempt (with the help of the Republicans, I might add), we're gonna get an armed revolution. Just watch and see.

SUICIDAL MISTAKE: That fat little dictator in N. Korea says he has the ability to hit an American city with a nuclear missile. He must be really STUPID to think that he can BEAT the United States with his paltry little supply of nuclear arms. Doesn't he know ONE MISSILE fired in the direction of America will get his entire country wiped right off the map within the hour? That “war” will last only two strikes. His, then ours. And his pitiful little country will become a steaming pile of crap.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hillary Pledges More Unemployment

Yes, you read that right. She has jumped onto Obama's bandwagon in his quest to destroy an entire industry. He thinks (and so does she) that slightly cleaner air is more important to America than the thousands of jobs that will be lost if he (and she) is successful. They both ignore the fact that the coal industry is important to many people., including the electric industry. And if the electric industry has to go to a more expensive substitute for coal, it will cause power prices to go sky high. But they don't care. As long as their short-sighted goals are met. Anyway, they don't pay electric bills.

KERRY DECLARES ISIS GENOCIDE: No kidding! John Kerry has finally had his mind made up for him. He has FINALLY come right out and declared ISIS to be a “genocidal organization.” Whoopee! He (and the State Department, which recently came to the same conclusion) finally realized what has been as plain as the noses on their faces for years. What the youngest kid in grade school can plainly see by the way they “round up Christians” and kill them all over the place.

MICHELE WON'T RUN: That's what they tell us. That Michelle Obama has no intention to run for president after Obama is gone. Ordinarily it would be a “fool suggestion” that a “First Lady” would run. Or that many of the American people would take her seriously, if she did. The very necessity to “assure America she won't" is absurd. But you can't make this stuff up. You name the absurdity and politicians will do it. Look for Michele to form an “exploratory committee” sometime in the future. Maybe not this time, but soon. While she's still young. When a politician assures you he (she) WON'T do something, you can be sure he (she) WILL.

KASICH HAS NO CHANCE: He's been an “also-ran” throughout this entire primary season, and he FINALLY won ONE election, as “the favorite son” in Ohio. I didn't even realize he was still in until he "surfaced" recently. And he thinks that will be the base he needs to stop Trump, who has won MANY elections and has the Republican establishment VERY worried. You don't win the presidency, based on ONE primary win. He says “No president has ever won the presidency without winning Ohio.” But he fails to understand that no president has ever won the presidency while only winning ONE primary.

THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY”: Obama and the liberals say, “The president supposes, and Congress approves.” Horse manure! The Congress is NOT bound to APPROVE the president's choice for a new Supreme Court Justice. It is constitutionally bound to VOTE as to whether or NOT to approve. That's what people who have never read the Constitution think. That they must APPROVE, or are not “doing their job.” Horse manure, again! And they don't have to even VOTE on the president's schedule. They can vote on THEIR schedule. The Constitution does not specify a time limit.

KKK: DEMOCRAT MILITARY ARM: Democrats like to paint Republicans as racists, but the real racists, down through the years have been the DEMOCRATS! At least one of them was a long-time member of Congress. Robert Byrd was a “Grand Kleagle” of the KKK. The Democrat Party was the party of slave owners. They can't truly deny that. Martin Luther King was demonstrating against the DEMOCRATS! Jim Crow was a Democrat. Democrats filibustered against the Equal Rights Bill. Need I say more?

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Third Party?

Republican elites, back when they were confident that they could finagle Trump out of the nomination, pushed all candidates (including Trump, of course) into swearing they would not try a “Third Party” effort and would support the nominee, if they lost.. Now they're not so confident, since Trump has “trumped” all but TWO of their candidates and has emerged as the most evident candidate to win the nomination. Now, some of the other candidates are talking about a “Third Party run,” even though they swore not to. Apparently, that's how politics works.

ABDICATING THEIR DUTY”: That's what Obama is warning Congress against. But that's NOT what they're contemplating. They are DOING their duty by stalling hearings about his appointment until the next presidential election is over and a new president is in power. If that new president is a Democrat and they STILL refuse, THEN they will be “abdicating their duty.” Even Joe Biden said (when Democrats were trying to block a Supreme court nomination) “That you should NEVER nominate a Supreme Court nomination in an election year.” But it was “different then.” DEMOCRATS were trying to defeat a nomination!

BANNING A NEW WORD: There's a new word out there you're not supposed to use in connection with Hillary. Okay, I'll stop using the word, “shouting” to describe her “screech fests.” There are many better words I can use that are even more descriptive than “shouting.” But I will make that decision. Not Hillary, because “shouting” is not nearly strong enough to describe her “fish-wife” screeching. Liberals really think they have the right to stop their critics from using certain words. But they don't. Screw 'em!

HOW HE GONNA GET MONEY?”: Well, he COULD work and EARN it like honest people do! That's what a relative of a teen burglar who was shot to death by a homeowner asked, in rebuttal to the homeowner's killing her relative while he was burglarizing her home. Like STEALING the money was the only way to get it, to buy school clothes, making that a right. She's probably pretty pissed that she and his family can't sue that homeowner for damages in his killing. That say “life is important.” But the life of a burglar is very LOW on the list of the importance of life, whatever she thinks. Maybe she'll “take over his business” and get herself shot, next.

PATRICK NEVILLE'S RIGHT: He was one of the victims at Columbine High School when two fools came in and started shooting people. He survived. But unlike that lady congressperson who got shot, he doesn't support the damned fool “gun laws” most lawmakers do. And he is a lawmaker now, and supports legislation that allows guns in school, to PROTECT students and faculty from such fools as shot up Columbine in 1999. Apparently, he's smarter than most. Maybe one day the others will “wise up.” But I doubt it.

GARLAND IS A LIBERAL: Obama is trying to sell us his Supreme Court nominee as a “moderate,” which is “code” to mean “He's a flaming liberal, but we don't want you to know that.” Even the New York Times says, “If Judge Garland is confirmed, he could tip the ideological balance to create the most liberal Supreme court in 50 years.” I don't know who he thinks he's fooling, but it ain't anybody with any intelligence, at all.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

"Peaceful Overthrow"

Former Arkansas Governor Huckabee (who ascended to the governorship when Bill Clinton ran for president) says, “Trump is doing a “peaceful overthrow of the government” (Much like Obama did in 2007?). Now Obama is trying to complete that “overthrow” by getting Hillary elected to succeed him (if he can keep her out of prison long enough). It really is amazing how some dumb people can misrepresent things. What's bad here is the fool is a former presidential candidate, that was rejected, thankfully.

125 ILLEGALS RELEASED”: And they're responsible for 138 murders! That's more murders than there were illegals released! And Obama still insists that is not a problem! But that's not the only obvious LIE Obama has told, and then DEFIED us to disbelieve it. Meanwhile, many-times deported illegal aliens continue to murder Americans and Obama sees to it that nothing is done about it. More things to disrupt. Why people don't see his machinations and put a stop to him is beyond me. There ARE ways they could block him in this last year, if they would just USE them.

STUPID PEOPLE: There are some really STUPID people in this world. That Uber driver who killed six people in his shooting spree, then meekly surrendered when the cops caught up with him, blamed it all on his Uber ap on his cell phone. He said when he opened the app that day, a “demonic voice” told him to go out and kill some people, which he dutifully did, not asking any questions. Then, when the cops caught up to him, he says his ap told him to “stand down,” so, again, he did what he was told without question. If he thinks that will get him out of his earned punishment, he's really stupid.

CAN DONALD BEAT HILLARY? That's a question being asked perennially on both sides. But what they base it on, I have no idea. They paint Hillary as this “unbeatable juggernaut” it's impossible to beat. But she's having a devil of a time even beating an old, half crazy SOCIALIST! And that's within her own party! What makes them think a strong fighter like Trump can't “stomp her into a mud puddle?” The Republicans are committing “political suicide” in being opposed to Trump, but I don't think even that is going to stop him from running right over them, AND her.

POLITICO GETS IT WRONG: They say Obama is a “man of integrity” and his administration “Has never been marred by ethical scandals.” I know I've asked this before, but what are their editors SMOKING? If they can't see the “ethical scandals” that abound in the Obama administration, they shouldn't be in the information business. And Obama a “man of integrity?” Gimme a BREAK! That man doesn't even know the MEANING of the word, “integrity!” Damn! How stupid can some people BE? Politico used to be a pretty good source. but their editors have “gone stupid,” and you can't cure stupid. They're too stupid to even realize how stupid they ARE.

LEFT SPEWS HATRED: Is anybody surprised? When they heard that Sarah Palin's husband was injured in a snowmobile accident, they immediately started “spewing hatred” in his direction. From one that wished for his death, to another who talked about her daughter having three kids with three different fathers, they spewed sh-t from their mouths (or their computers). But nobody should be surprised, Liberals are uncouth and unfeeling. They think because somebody disagrees with their weird notions they should be hated. They're damned fools. But then, they always have been.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Ha, ha! Hee,hee! Ho, ho!

They scheduled an event which involved rowing the Northwest Passage in Canada to highlight global warming. But they had to put it off because, er,—wait for it—extreme cold weather and too much ice! No wonder the “global warming guru,” AlGore had to change the name of his swindle to stop tying it to actual weather. The weather never cooperates! It's hard to swindle people out of money to stop a trend that isn't happening, in the first place! Gore ought to take his billions and go home. His swindle is growing very thin. So thin, in fact, that he, and his fools want to PROSECUTE people who tell the truth about it. So come and get me, Al!

VIDEO NOT CONCLUSIVE: They've released a video that they CLAIM shows Lewindowski “grabbing” that female Breitbart reporter. But it doesn't. They have a very big stretch saying it does, Yes, Lewindowski SAID he thought he did, but then reversed it, saying it was somebody else. If Trump's enemies think that is going to derail Trump's campaign, they've got a different think coming. The proof just ISN'T there. And Trump denies it ever happened.

TRUMP: “BERNIE'S A COMMUNIST”: Recently, Donald Trump called Bernie a communist. And Bernie took offense. Maybe he's not an actual communist, but he IS a SOCIALIST, which is pretty much the same thing. Only the details differ. Communists, who ARE socialists, have a slightly different method to bring about their abomination than do socialists, but the end result is the same. Look back at Soviet Russia. They were DEFINITELY communists. The very NAME of their country was “The Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics.”

TRUMP'S A LIAR!” Bernie says Trump is a LIAR when he calls him a communist. But he isn't. Trump just moved over one word on the list. Socialism and communism are the SAME THING. Only difference is the details of the PATH to the same destination. Remember the Soviet Union? “The Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics?” Bernie is an ADMITTED socialist! He might as well BE a communist! The final result in BOTH is a totalitarian government that steals from the producer of new wealth for the benefit of the “drones” of society.

CHI: LAWS TIGHT, MURDER UP: In Chicago, Illinois, they have some of the toughest “gun laws” in the nation. They even have a “violence tax” that makes bullets almost unaffordable. The result? The murder rate is UP 100% over last year. Politicians watching and trying to figure out how to make laws that will “stop gun violence” IGNORE this as they keep on making their USELESS LAWS that do NOTHING to stop, or even slow down “gun violence. They never learn from experience.

BILL CLINTON: “GUN BUYING DOWN”: Now I'm asking, “What's HE smoking?” Obama likes to put out obvious LIES and defy people to disbelieve them, but Clinton (Bill) hasn't done it very much lately (until Hillary brought him into her campaign). But now he's right back to the “old Bill” and making statements that DEFY logic. The numbers just don't back him up when he says this. Gun sales are at an all time high. Every time Obama talks about “gun control,” they go up. And he talks about it nearly every day, while ALL of his efforts in that direction FAIL.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Stealing the Election

Using “super delegates, which is an INVENTION by the Democrats running the election process to guarantee victory for the candidate they prefer, Hillary has “run off with” more delegates than she is entitled to. Many more than Bernie, even in contests in which he is the "official" winner. She now has 50% of the delegates needed to gain the nomination, even though Bernie has been doing well in the elections.

SHOWCASE CASE FALSE: Lawyers suing the oil company in the suit that Fracking enemies always use to “prove” that fracking spoils well water made an amazing admission in court recently. That they “have no proof that the well water is actually contaminated.” Since this is the only case where contamination was claimed, that pretty much shuts down the “anti-fracking” crap they spout. Which will probably not stop them from using the case in defense of their position. Maybe.

HE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND: Town Hall columnist John Hawkins says he “just doesn't understand the “affection” for Donald Trump. C'mawn, John! You're a columnist! You're supposed to see truth where others miss it. Trump is a “street fighter.” Something we NEED in the presidency, and haven't had for the last seven plus years. Yes, he's loud. Yes, he hits back, HARD when people insult him. Is he supposed to “roll up in a ball” in the corner and suck his thumb when that happens? No. He hits back, twice as hard. Something Obama only does when the opposition is an American citizen who opposes the “flights of fancy” he calls “policies.

IS FREE TRADE BAD? Another Town Hall columnist asks a pretty dumb question. I know he may be asking it as a prelude to a column telling us otherwise, but the need to ask that question shows an ignorance in some people that is amazing. Free trade is what has made this country surpass anything other countries that have been around for thousands of years have been able to accomplish, and in only about 300 years. It has made America the “destination of choice” for people coming from all over the world, who want to better themselves. Is tt bad? Not a chance!

THEY'RE MIGHTILY CONFUSED: That's one thing I've noticed about liberal demonstrators lately. They're very confused about just what they're protesting. They call Trump a Nazi and equate him to Hitler, but some of them carry communist flags into the demonstration. They are ignorant of the fact that Nazism and communism have the same goal: to collectivize as many countries as they can. They are both collectivists (socialists). Only the route to it is different. If they'd ever find out what they're really demonstrating for and against, maybe they'd change their tune. In another demonstration, one demonstrator carried a sign saying, "No Room for Hate" while another next to him is wearing a shitt with "F-ck the Police" on it.

WE SHUT TRUMP DOWN!” That's what those fools who were demonstrating against Donald Trump in Chicago are braying, now. Yes, they did. Trump has more intelligence in his little finger than any of those fool demonstrators. Yes, they “shut him down.” THIS time. Do they think that's going to derail his campaign? Not a chance. Trump is too strong for that. They might as well face up to reality and stay home. You can't stop Trump by threatening violence. He can be more violent than you ever dreamed.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Only Wealthy Neo-Cons

It's “only wealthy neo-cons who support their 'soldier boy' Rubio. So? It's “wealthy neo-liberals who support Hillary or Bernie. What the hell's the difference? I guess it's because Rubio is NOT a liberal, huh? And why shouldn't “neo-cons” support him?” Liberals certainly wouldn't, and that's okay, too. We don't expect them to. Does ANYBODY put any credit in what MSNBC's Chris Matthews says any more? Not if they're in any way INTELLIGENT.

REASON TO REJECT: Bernie Sanders says he will (like Obama) use “executive powers” to expand “immigration reform” if Congress doesn't act. That's just one more reason to REJECT this fool and keep him as far away from the White House as possible. Apparently, he ALSO doesn't realize that the presidency if not “total power.” Congress has powers EQUAL to the president, and so does the Supreme Court. Something liberals will never understand. Bernie has NO CHANCE to ever be president, and that's a good thing. The onlyu bad thing is the current alternative Democrat.

INCOMPETENT GOVERNMENT: I've long talked about the incompetent fools running this country. People who are only good at getting themselves elected, but bad at governing. They're good at stealing elections, too. That extends to most of their subordinates, too, since they seek out, and appoint such people so they won't “make them look bad” by being smarter than they are. That was true of the ICE (what a damned fool acronym!) agents who sent a “retain custody” order to the wrong sheriff, leading to the mistaken release of a many-times deported Mexican illegal alien who finally murdered FIVE PEOPLE in Kansas City, MO, and how many others we don't even know about.

HE KNOWS NOTHING: Charles (big mouth) Barkley says, “Politics is rich people screwing poor people.” What it really is, is politicians screwing EVERYBODY. Especially people as ignorant as Barkley. It's a typical liberal misrepresentation to say such things about “poor people,” when it's mostly liberal politicians who are screwing them. Nobody is better at twisting reality to make them look good and their opponents look bad than liberals.

"I'VE NOT CONTRIBUTED”: Obama says, “I've not contributed to dividing the country.” Again I have to ask, what's he smoking? He certainly HAS! Does he think that if he says it, people will believe it? Maybe he does. But anybody who has been “paying attention” for the last seven plus years and has ANY intelligence knows that if he says it, it MUST be a LIE. This is just one of a series of LIES designed to “change history” and make us think he's not responsible for the crap for which he IS responsible.

TRUMP UNDER FIRE: He's under fire for the violence that has happened at his rallies. What the hell FOR? He simply cannot control it if a bunch of fools come into his rallies and try to make trouble, purposely, making his supporters not mad, but INFURIATED. That 78-year-old man who “sucker punched” an obstreperous demonstrator as he was led out of the hall by the cops, for instance. There are some insults that cannot be allowed, no matter how old you are. And word is, that demonstrator was insulting and hitting people in the crowd before that man delivered a punch he richly deserved—and that's not Trump's fault. You can't keep people out because they “look like” they might cause a problem.

Friday, March 11, 2016

"Surrounded By Thugs"

That's how a Breitbart official described it when a Trump man grabbed the arm of a female reporter when she moved quickly toward Trump after a meeting. He described that as “roughing her up,” when all he did was move her out of the way. All presidential candidates, and many other politicos are similarly “surrounded by thugs.” They're called “security.” In many cases, “Secret Service.” They're there to protect the candidate from danger, as well as overeager reporters. And Trump is not the only one so “surrounded.”

 SORRY ABOUT YESTERDAY: My cable AND Internet was out most of the day and I could not get any work done. This one wasn't my fault. I was “rarin' to go,” but couldn't.

MUSLIMS WILL OUTBREED US: That's a “natural fact” that Obama and the rest of the politicos either don't realize, or REFUSE to realize. Some militant Muslims have even SAID SO! And Obama is even paying the way for their hordes coming her to accomplish it. He needs to be forcibly removed from the Oval Office and all his fool policies reversed. Especially that one.

OLIVE OIL SHORTAGE: There's an olive oil shortage in the world! That's jist ORFUL! What WILL we do if we can't get olive oil? Liberals will probably make a big mountain out of this molehill, as they do with “prairie dogs.” Prairie dogs are RODENTS, and “take over” areas all over with their numerous holes in the ground, carrying disease. I see them everywhere. A reduction in the number of prairie dogs is NOT a “problem,” but liberals call it that and demand more and more money to “solve the problem.” It probably won't be long before they're doing the same to “increase olive oil production.”

WILL SHE DROP OUT? Hillary refuses to answer the question about whether or not she will drop out of the presidential race if (when) she gets indicted for her felonies. But I don't think that's a question she even has the right to answer. If there is an indictment against her, not even her staunchest supporters will dare vote for her (unless they're plain STUPID) and she will surely lose, as she should. Never in history have we had a presidential candidate under indictment for felonies. Nobody ever thought of that happening, so they didn't make a law against one running, but I think that will wake up even her “bound and determined” fool supporters.

SHALL NOMINATE”: The Constitution says, “The president shall nominate a candidate to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court.” But it does NOT say the Congress “shall approve” those nominations.. Yes, it does have to VOTE on the nomination at IT'S convenience, not that of the president. The Congress is NOT “subservient to” the president. It's like one of THREE presidents, and has EQUAL; authority (with the Supreme Court) to the president. It does not have to obey his orders.

AN “ACT OF WAR?” Robert Levinson, a retired FBI agent missing in Iran for 9 years, is a “hostage.” A country taking hostages (and this is not the first time) should be considered an “act of war” and should be retaliated against in the most vociferous fashion possible. You can bet if an IRANIAN went missing in America, there'd be an outcry like you wouldn't believe! The reason they think they can get away with it is that WIMP in the White House.

PROOF OF A DICTATORSHIP: Three story high pictures of “the boss” in a given country and parades showing their rockets are a sure sign of a militant dictatorship. And you'll find BOTH in Iran, AND in N. Korea, where that fat little fool RULES by the strength of his “friends”--until they displease him. Then they DIE. That's another sign. The killing of obstreperous opponents.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

She Did It Again!

Bernie Sanders won Michigan by a narrow margin. But again, Hillary walked off with more delegates than he did. The system is rigged, so they can make the one they favor win the “big game,” in spite of the “local winner” winning. That's because most of the electoral officials all over the nation are Democrats. They quietly made sure of that, so they could steal as many elections as possible. Expect Hillary to get a lot more delegates illicitly in the future.

BLOOMBERG IS A RACIST! He just proved it by coming out and saying blacks are not fit to own weapons because they kill more people than do whites. Not mentioned is the fact that MOST of the guns used were ILLEGALLY owned and carried. NO amount of “gun laws” would keep them out of the hands of criminals, black or white. What amazes me is that many BLACKS agree with his racist braying. This is similar to the whining of liberals about more blacks in prison than whites. To “correct” that, maybe blacks could commit fewer crimes than whites.

DELUDED LIBERALS: They're now saying out loud, that either Bernie OR Hillary will CRUSH Trump. Where they get that, is hard to say. Frankly, I think they're just making it up, hoping to fool enough people into believing it to make them vote for one of them. It ain't gonna work. Trump is a “force of nature” in this election, and nobody is going to deny him his victory. Not even his own party Not legally. They just can't get their minds around that. They've been predicting Trump's failure for a long time, while he continues to rise. They're getting pretty desperate when they compare Trump to ISIS. How STUPID is that?

NO WORRIES ABOUT SURGERY: General Boykin says, “Any transgender that enters my daughter's bedroom won't have to worry about surgery.” I feel pretty much the same way. And that includes public restrooms where she is. Any man who thinks he's a woman who is found in the wrong place deserves to be made into a woman without surgery to get rid of that pesky appendage.

MARRIAGE HAS NO AGE BARRIER: And Muslims should not be ashamed about having sex with children." Talk about proclaiming their perversion! .That's what one Muslim “professor” says. The Muslim “religion” itself is designed as a cover for “the Prophet's” perversion as he screwed his nine-year-old “wife.” Oh, well. I guess a “religion” that not only condones murder, but DEMANDS it of their followers wouldn't be worried about a little thing like screwing a six-year-old girl (or boy).

OBAMA NOT AT NANCY'S FUNERAL: A president is almost REQUIRED to be present at the funeral of the spouse of a former president. Not to show up is a deadly insult. But not Obama. He was probably playing golf as the hearse carrying Nancy Reagan proceeded toward her final resting place. Any other president that did that would be "stoned". by  his own Secret Service detail. But not Obama. He can get away with ANYTHING because nobody calls him on anything. His file recording where all the bodies are buried must be immense!