Sunday, January 31, 2016

Obama: "No Diversity"

Obama's talking about a “:lack of diversity” again. That must mean nobody's agreeing with him on that subject. He whines about a “lack of bipartisanship,” too. What THAT means is nobody's “knuckling under”” to him on ANYTHING. To him, “bipartisanship” is everybody agreeing with him on EVERYTHING. He doesn't think ANYBODY should disagree with him on ANYTHING. To do so MUST be “racism.” He doesn't think there is any other reason to disagree with him. He's a damned fool.

FOUR MORE HOURS: Obama has “chopped off” yet another four hours from the government's definition of a “full-time job.” Which is going to require workers to hold two, maybe THREE JOBS in order to get a full week's pay and avoid losing their health insurance coverage (by law) and being forced to buy his OVERPRICED health insurance (by LAW). If it's so damned good, why did he need to make a law FORCING us to buy it? Meanwhile, no jobs are available.

OBVIOUS POLITICAL MOVE: To protect Hillary's candidacy for president, the state Department says it won't release more thousands of her e-mails they “forgot” to release before, until after the New Hampshire Primary, blaming the recent massive snowstorm. How OBVIOUS can you be? Of course, they insist politics had nothing to do with it. Like Obama insists, against all evidence, that the economy is “doing great.” This, of course, proves (again) that you can't depend on ANYTHING this government says to be the truth.

TYPICAL IRANIAN LIE: Iran claims to have “sent away” the American warship, The Monterrey. They claimed to have “shooed them away” from the Strait of Hormuz as part of Navy exercises there. Only one little problem. The Monterrey was 7,000 miles away in it's home port of Norfolk at the time. The chief liar about such things used to be the USSR. But after the collapse of communism in Russia, Iran has apparently taken on that role.

TOO MANY LEVELS: According to somebody who should know, there are SIX levels of permission required before we can “shoot back” in our “war zones.” This is the kind of thing that can, and HAS gotten people KILLED, and it's all Obama's fault There should be NO such levels of permission required in a “war zone,” because the enemy has no such prohibitions. They can snipe at you without warning, and keep shooting, while you're desperately screaming for permission to shoot back.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD INDICTS ACCUSER: The Grand Jury was convened to look into the Planned Parenthood practice of murdering babies and selling their body parts, Only one problem. The Grand Jury had a Planned Parenthood board member on the Jury, AND in the prosecutor's office, and they changed the direction of the Jury so as to indict the ACCUSERS of PP for using phony driver licenses. Apparently, phony driver licenses are a worse crime than is murdering infants and selling their body parts. Cops can get away with that, but apparently reporters can't. We know a corrupt prosecutor can get a Grand Jury to indict a ham sandwich, and the people who revealed these murders are now facing 20 years in prison as a result of that corruption, here. Somebody needs to do something about it.

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