Thursday, February 28, 2013

A "Red Herring"

The “sequester” controversy in Washington (but nowhere else) is nothing but Obama’s attempt to gain support for his determination NOT to cut ANY costs, EVER. But they’re beginning to see through his lies and are IGNORING the “sequester” because they know it will not affect them unless Obama ORDERS the things that he is saying WILL happen to become reality. And he may well do so, just to PUNISH them.

IT’S NEVER HIS FAULT: Every time something happens because of Obama’s (and his “band of thieves”) incompetence, he denies responsibility for it. He’s blaming Napoltano for releasing 1,000 illegal aliens. He blamed Hillary for four embassy staff (including an ambassador) being murdered while the administration REFUSED to send help in Benghazi, Libya. And he has used that scam to deny responsibility for many other things.

COPS SUPPORT SECOND AMENDMENT: That is, the “rank and file cops” who are “in the trenches” do. It’s only SOME of the “police politicians” who support gun control laws that PREVENT people from being able to defend THEMSELVES; Something they have shown themselves to be quite able to do, while the cops are still ON THE WAY to the “crime scene” to “take names” and clean it up.

GRAFFITI IS AGAINST THE LAW: Not because it is vandalism and is defacement. It is illegal because it hurts PRIVATE PROPERTY and requires THE OWNERS of the property to spend THEIR MONEY to clean it up. It also makes that PRIVATE PROPERTY worth less money. That makes it a crime. If I walked up on a graffiti “artist” at work, I’d “slap him silly” and hold him for the cops (who would probably let him go as soon as I was out of sight)—which is one reason why graffiti is so ubiquitous. The cops just don’t care, for the most part.

BLAMING REPUBLICANS: The Obama administration has released 1,000 illegal aliens, some of whom will commit serious crimes, maybe even including rape and murder. And Obama will dutifully blame those crimes on the Republicans because of their efforts to stop his prolific spending of YOUR MONEY. Obama doesn’t want to stop, or even REDUCE his lavish spending on his “giveaway programs” designed to buy votes. So he orders the release if illegals and claims it is because of the "cuts."

RACIST EVENTS: The Obama accomplices like to accuse ANYBODY who disagrees with him or any of his accomplices of RACISM. But REAL racism is having events just for “people of color” or designated for ONLY a certain group, “others need nor come, nor apply.”

YOU WILL NOT NOTICE: When the “Sequester” goes into effect, you will not notice, unless Obama ARBITRARILY makes the things he threatened, happen. The amount of REDUCTIONS in INCREASES specified by the “Sequester” is SO SMALL, it will make no difference to the government, Obama’s LIES notwithstanding.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gun Companies Boycott Gun Laws

Several gun makers have signaled that they will IGNORE most of Obama’s silly new anti-gun laws that will provide a steady stream of unarmed victims for illegally-armed criminals to exploit. Soon many of them will NOT sell guns to police agencies OR the feds. Good for them! Of course then Obama’s accomplices will make laws to FORCE them to sell to them—or maybe GIVE them guns.

FIRE THOSE RESPONSIBLE: I heard this in the radio (the Mike Rosen show in Denver) A company president called a company-wide meeting where he announced that they needed to lay off 60 employees because of the “sequester.” And to make sure he laid off those responsible for the economic downturn, he went out in the parking lot and selected 60 owners of cars sporting an Obama sticker. He figured they voted for the CAUSE of the downturn that made the layoffs necessary so they get the layoffs.

BASIC TACTICS: This tqctic is the one used to get you to approve price increases. This one is in use regularly by whoever sets gas prices. They raise the prices skyward until they reach a level that is unacceptable, and then later lower them about half-way back to what you WERE paying and they stay there while you “breathe a sigh of relief” that prices have “tumbled” and you happily pay that price, which is a lot higher than what you WERE paying.

WOODWARD ISN’T KNUCKLING UNDER: Bob Woodward, not usually one to argue with a DEMOCRAT president, is questioning Obama’s “press flack’s” comments about the “sequester,” and has been “uninvited” to gatherings to which other members of the Washington press club are routinely invited. Maybe Woodward is finally beginning to “wake up” to reality and “can’t take it any more” as have other current (and former) Washington press club members are. Woodward is being demonized for “not following the Obama line.” “King” Obama hates being opposed—on ANYTHING.

“SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”: The Constitution says, “The right of the people TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS, shall not be infringed.” All the laws that have been made so far to “limit gun ownership” and “keep guns out of the hands of criminals” VIOLATE this tenet. They are ALL “infringements” upon our rights under the Constitution, no matter how much the anti-gun freaks may argue otherwise. They keep talking about “the militia” mentioned by the Founders. But when the Constitution was written, “the militia”: was ALL THE PEOPLE, all liberal arguments to the contrary notwithstanding.

JUAN WILLIAMS ON LIB MEDIA: The guy who was FIRED by NPR for telling the truth the liberals didn’t like, says this: “"I deal with conservatives all the time...I must tell you, they're far more tolerant of me as a dissident voice than anything I ever encountered on the left." He’s right. They don’t just want to answer you. They want to DESTROY you if you disagree with them and say so.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Is There Anywhere An Obama Doesn't Crash?

Michelle Obama appeared at the Oscars as a “presenter,” albeit from far, far, away, which tells us how much she appreciates the efforts of the Hollywooders who paid for her husband’s election, twice. Moreover, it showed her disdain for the military, some members of which stood behind her, much like furniture. What the hell she was DOING there escapes me, except to pay off some election  commitments.

KERRY AS SEC. OF STATE: Whoever told Obama that John Kerry (who served in Viet Nam, don’t’cha know?) was a wise choice for Sec. of State? I guess he’s maybe a LITTLE better than Hillary, who messed things up royally, but only a little. I predict he’s going to mess things up a LOT worse, and the press corps is going to do its best to cover it up. Are there any more FOOLS they can appoint to high office? (Don't answer that. Obama might hear you.)

TEA PARTY KNOW-HOW: On Facebook, the Tea Party put a photo that says it all: a sign that says, “What part of ‘will not be infringed’ do you not understand?” They should have specifically aimed that at Obama and his “band of thieves,” but they didn’t. We all know it is for them, though. Every tenet of the new laws they’re proposing, as well as of the old laws already in effect, are an “infringement” on our rights.

DISARMING OUR VETERANS:  “King” Obama really thinks he can use the medical problems visited upon veterans by their participation in the politicians’ wars to remove from them, one by one, their rights; first of all their right to “keep and bear arms” by simply sending them a letter telling them he is doing it. But with ILLEGAL guns being so easily available, he shouldn’t count on them being helpless because they won’t be unarmed when his thugs come to take what’s theirs.

TEA PARTY KNOW-HOW: On Facebook, the Tea Party put a photo that says it all: a sign that says, “What part of ‘will not be infringed’ do you not understand?” They should have specifically aimed that at Obama and his “band of thieves,” but they didn’t. We all know it is for them, though. Every tenet of the new laws they’re proposing, as well as of the old laws already in effect, are an “infringement” on our rights.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mexico Wants Our Gun Registry Info

They demanded it of the state Department. They want us to send them the names and addresses of every (legal) gun owner in this country, along with information on what guns they own, and how many. Where in HELL do they get the idea that they are ENTITLED to such information, even if we had it to send them? Other governments have a funny idea of what this government can—or WILL do. Even if we had that information, we wouldn't send it to them.

WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON? That’s a question asked of Barack Obama by a survivor of the Columbine massacre as he took Obama to task for his “anti-gun laws. ”All the laws Obama has supported make it harder for Americans to defend ourselves against unlawfully-armed criminals. All they do is give criminals an unending stream of unarmed victims but he seems to be too stupid to realize that. Or if not, he’s too EVIL to admit it. I know which side he’s on; the criminal’s side!

INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE: Rush Limbaugh says he’s “ashamed of our country for the first time” after listening to Obama’s phony litany of what cutting a TINY AMOUNT of money from the government’s ability to spend our money will mean to us. Rush says cutting $85 billion from this government’s budget is like taking a QUARTER away from someone making $200,000.00 a year! But Obama wants us to think it is a MASSIVE CUT when all it is, is a smaller INCREASE than originally planned. Obama is playing us for FOOLS. Even after that reduction on spending, he'll still spend $15 BILLION more next year  than he did this year.

HIGHER MINIMUM WAGES HELP NOBODY: Business is NOT there to pay workers way too much for unskilled work, which is the kind of work usually covered by forcing them to pay more for workers who are NOT worth that much. Forcing them to pay higher rates for workers who just aren’t worth that much causes the jobs those workers could do to disappear. This is not “meanness” on the part of the employers; it is fiscal reality. Common sense, in other words. Something ignorant politicians don’t know about and don’t understand.

I LOVE IT! This was posted on Facebook by Sunny Lohman. “Liberal tips for rape victims: ‘pee on yourself to gross out the rapist and maybe he won’t rape you.’ Conservative tips: ‘pull out your Glock and make the rapist pee on himself.’ ” Which is good advice. But it requires that your local (or national) politicos ALLOW you to have a Glock. I sure wish we had some intelligent politicos making our laws. But we don’t, and won’t as long as we (not me) keep electing liberals.

POLITICIANS WILL NEVER FIND A REAL SOLUTION TO OUR GUN PROBLEMS: Mostly because they don’t want to. They simply want to disarm the honest people so they won’t shoot the “government agents” who come to take what’s theirs. Making laws against owning guns to “solve the gun violence problem” is a “smokescreen” to hide their real purpose to disarm us and keep us unable to stop THEIR advances.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

NY Politicians Are Stupid

They think gun ownership is a “privilege,” even though a single look at the Second Amendment will tell them it is a RIGHT. They want to make law forcing gun owners to buy a million dollar insurance policy or “give up their gun-owning privilege.” They really think people will BELIEVE that crap that gun owning is a ‘privilege. How STUPID are they? This is their way to get around the Second Amendment. Who can afford a million dollar insurance policy on ANYTHING?

N. KOREA THREATENS S. KOREA: They say that if S. Korea doesn’t “follow orders,” they will meet “their final destruction.” What N. Korea doesn’t know is that if that happens N. KOREA will become a steaming pile of nuclear rubbish within HOURS. Do they really think they are the only nuclear-owning country in the world? And we've got a lot more of them than they do.

COLO. DEM SAYS “LEARN JUDO”: Colorado Rep. Paul Rosenthal thinks learning Judo or buying pepper spray is a good substitute for having your own gun for self-defense. Even though I SELL pepper spray (right up to “bear spray” that’ll take down a BEAR) I don’t even say that. These devices (pepper spray and stun guns) are only the SECOND CHOICE) for self-defense, since our ignorant politicians want to make us defenseless against those ILLEGAL guns in the hands of criminals by denying us the Constitutional right to own and use a firearm. They’re even trying to deny us the use of THESE devices, too—and have done so in some states.

MAKING US HELPLESS TARGETS” Every time I hear an ignorant politician say they want to “keep guns out of the hands of criminals” by denying honest people of the right to own and use the means of self-defense, a gun, I want to barf on his shoes. Those laws they continue to make DO NOTHING to “keep guns out of the hands of criminals,” who don’t OBEY laws. They only give criminals a steady supply of UNARMED victims.

OBAMA EXAGGERATES EFFECT: He says all these drastic things will happen if the “automatic spending cuts” go into effect, and it’s a LIE. The cuts are like losing a QUARTER when you make $200,000.a year! The government wouldn’t even NOTICE it. The things he warns about will happen ONLY if HE causes them to happen as a FIRST choice, for political purposes.

RICH PAY MOST INCOME TAXES NOW: Obama likes to say, over and over again, “The rich need to pay their fair share.” They already DO; and THEN some! The “rich” pay 86% of all income taxes paid, NOW. And that’s according to IRS figures! I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, until SOMEBODY hears me.

“YOU DON’T NEED AN AR-15”: That’s what “court jester” Joe Biden (“BiteMe”) says. Who the hell is HE to tell ME what I need or don’t need? Vice President or not, he has no business telling me I “don’t need” ANYTHING. I notice he has enough guns around HIM in the hands of hired guns. Why IS that? Because maybe somebody would like to kill him? What if somebody comes after ME with an AR-15? He doesn’t know that will not happen, and neither do I.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"If Congress Won't Act, I Will"

That’s “Obama-Speak” for if the Congress decides not to support my decision (which it has the right to do) I’ll violate the Constitution and do it anyway. Like Red Skelton’s “Mean Wittle Kid,” “If I dood it, I get a whippin.’ I dood it anyway!” When he talks about Congress “not doing its job,” he means they aren’t agreeing with HIM. Being an EQUAL branch of government, they are ENTITLED to “not act” on his “orders.”

“IT’S DIVISIVE”: Elite liberals (who are running this country) call ANYTHING they don’t like, “divisive” Of course, almost EVERYTHING they say is “divisive,” but they’ll never admit it. They want the country to believe the only “divisive people” out there are Republicans. Not so. The MOST divisive people are elite liberals (Democrats). They work HARD to divide us into small groups that are easier to beat while (they hope) we’re fighting each other.

WAR AGAINST GUNS: Except, of course, in the hands of “government agents” from local cops on up to presidential protection details. This government is so AFRAID of guns in the hands of the “common people” they want to take them all away. They SAY they don’t, but that’s the end result of ALL their “anti-gun laws.” They keep IGNORING us when we call it to their attention that NO LAW will EVER “keep guns out of the hands of criminals (especially those wearing badges), they IGNORE us and go right on passing their useless laws that allow them to take guns away from HONEST people who DO obey laws.

MUSLIM TERRORISTS ARE FOOLS: A Muslim “clergyman” says “Sharia Law will rule the world.” Not if I have anything to do with it. “Prominent Muslim Cleric” in Great Britain says Working Muslims should collect government benefits (welfare) as a “jihad seeker’s allowance.” Which means he wants US to finance the “takeover” by Muslims of the world. For that reason alone I’d advise welfare officials to refuse to allow ANY Muslim to get on the welfare rolls.

SOMEBODY GOT SHOT! QUICK! DISARM MORE PEOPLE! That seems to be what politicians (mostly liberals, but even some conservatives) say whenever people get shot by a crazy who has either a legally-obtained, or ILLEGALLY -obtained gun. Never mind current laws did NOTHING to stop him from getting a gun, they want to make sure responsible people are DEFENSELESS.

OBAMA EXAGGERATES EVERYTHING: He exaggerates everything, starting with what’s going to happen if those “automatic cuts” go into effect. It’s like if you made $200,000.00 a year and you lost a QUARTER. One example: he says thousands of teachers will lose their jobs. Tell me—which teachers are being paid by the federal government? He calls ANY reduction in the rate of growth (such as a 7% increase instead of a 10% planned increase) “drastic cuts.” He’s the worst criminal I’ve ever known to hold that office, and he’s bent on conning us out of as many dollars as possible.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Won't Add A Dime to the Deficit

Obama says what he proposed in his “State of the Union” speech would not add one dime to the deficit. This is a MONUMENTAL lie. Why doesn’t somebody important call him on it? Nobody ever calls him on his lies, which is why he gets away with them.

RUBIO’S “WATER BREAK”: When Rubio took a “water break” in the middle of his rebuttal of Obama’s droning on and on and saying nothing, the liberal media went crazy and gave his rebuttal more publicity than it would have gotten ordinarily while ignoring what he said. If that’s all the liberals have to criticize him for, they have NOTHING.

DENYING REALITY: Obama says, “growth through deficit reduction a false choice.” That, in itself, is a LIE. Then he goes on to say, ”All proper questions about Benghazi have been answered.” Another LIE. NO important questions about Benghazi have been answered. Not by him, not by Hillary, and not by anyone else. We’re still waiting for answers to ALL our questions about Benghazi. Obama tells a lie every time he opens his mouth. And he’s enough of a fool to think we believe him.

REGULATING THE SIZE OF YOUR TOILET: In a country where the government regulates the size of your toilet, you are NOT free. Wake up, America; STOP the government from slowly taking over your life! Where, in the Constitution, does it say the government may regulate the size of your toilet?

NINE DOLLAR MINIMUM WAGE? What a fool notion THAT is! Kids who are just entering the work force may like that—until they figure how many JOBS that kills and they can't get one. Employers aren’t there to pay you more than you’re worth, and most kids just entering the work force aren’t worth that kind of money. So the employer just won’t hire them. Then they earn NO dollars per hour.

OBSESSED WITH TAXING THE RICH: The “rich” got their money legitimately, unlike Obama. But he is obsessed with new taxes, he SAYS are only “on the rich.” They why are MY taxes going up and up. I’m not rich. As usual, he’s lying through his teeth.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

5-Year-Old Labeled A Terrorist!

In what kind of TWISTED MIND could a 5-year-old little girl be a terrorist? Apparently she can, according to this school "official in Mt. Carmel, PA."   This "official" called the PC Police and they suspended her and called her a "terrorist threat" for talking abut a "Hello Kitty" bubble gum gun. How STUPID is this so-called "official?

LEFT GOES VIOLENT, MEDIA SLEEPS: Yet another illustration of how the liberal media ignores anything that will make liberals look bad, Three times lately a LEFTIE has gone on killing sprees, the best known being Christopher Dorner. Another wanted to start a civil war in America to “soften us up” so Islamic terrorists could take over. And there has not been a PEEP in the media about the leftward leaning of these people. Can they BE more transparent?

BOEHNOR GAVE O WHAT HE WANTED: And he “upped the ante.” Obama is not going to agree to ANYTHING, and is going to say the REPUBLICANS are the ones who will not cooperate. I’m amazed that so few can see this. This con man continues to try and con us. But many of us (who pay attention to politics) are starting to see through his lies.

OBAMA BREAKING PROMISES: Every time Obama breaks a promise, people express themselves as “surprised.” Why” Obama has made a BUSINESS of breaking promises. The most obvious one was his promise to “cut the deficit in half before the end of my first term.” Instead, he RAISED the deficit by becoming the FIRST trillion dollar deficit president in history.

“WORKPLACE VIOLENCE”: Our phony president REFUSES to call the Ft. Hood massacre Islamic terrorism, even though the shooter was shouting “Allahu Akbar!” as he was shooting. What the hell will it take to convince this FOOL there is a war going on, and WE are the targets of Islamic terrorism? Damn, I’ve seen some fools in that office, but this one is the WORST I’ve ever seen!

DEATH PANELS: Sarah Palin paid a “political price” for saying there were going to be “death panels” who decide who gets life-saving” measures when they need it, and now even DEMOCRATS are saying it. Will anybody apologize to Sarah and publicly exonerate her from the fool things they’ve said about her? Not a chance! Liberals don’t apologize when their silly mistakes are found out. They just ignore it and go on as if nothing happened. And to hell with the people they've destroyed.

CIVILIAN CASUALTIES: They are inevitable in any war. But the Islamic terrorists put innocent civilians IN THE WAY of danger so they can talk about “civilian casualties” on our side, but they ignore those they kill.. These are the kind of people who strap civilians to the front of tanks (if they had any) and go into battle. We then have to decide whether to let our people die or take a chance on killing those civilians.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lance Armstrong's Conundrum

Everybody in bicycling, all over the world, was using “performance-enhancing drugs.” So he had to do so also to remain competitive. This is what he says. Is it true? No one knows for sure. But why is it the “second-place finisher” in each of the races they took away from him were not elevated to first place? Mostly because they were, themselves, dopers. That tells me something. Personally, I think the French didn’t like him coming in and making their competitors look bad, and decided to “take him out.”

PHONY RACIST CHARGES: Liberal fools fall for a joke site story and get mad at Glenn Beck because of it, calling him a “racist Islamaphobe.” Both charges are false, and they know it. But they hurl them anyway. Islamaphobe itself is a PHONY WORD, made up by Islamic terrorists to stop, or reduce the incidence of criticism of their murderous ways. Racist charges are thrown out by Obama supporters to do the same for him.

MADE-UP WORDS: “Islamaphobe” and “racism,” when used to limit criticism. “Islamaphobe” is the made-up word Islamic terrorists use to limit criticism of their murders. Racism is a real word that is MISUSED to limit criticism of Obama, who is only HALF black, but chooses to BE black so he can ACCUSE his critics of racism for their criticism.

EYEGLASS OBSESSION: So VP  “Biteme” has been wearing eyeglasses lately because of a problem with his contact lenses. So what? Aren’t there many more important things to talk about? Like Obama’s tendency to spend our money like it was water and tax us more and more to pay for it? Who cares if “Biteme” wears glasses? He’s a ”white-haired old man” and it is not unusual for an old man to wear glasses. I’m an old man, too, and I wear glasses. But nobody obsesses over it.

OBAMA’S BLATANT LIES: He says the “State of the Union” is strong, but ANYBODY with ANY intelligence knows better. With him spending more money than there IS, and PRINTING “funny money” to mask it, he should know we are aware of his lie, but he doesn’t care. He operates as if his lies ARE true, and expects us to believe them. The only problem or him is, all of us aren’t that ignorant.

“ANYTHING OFFENSIVE?” Many people are asking if there’s “anything offensive” in Ben Carson’s speech in front of Obama. And there is—to liberals. His IDEAS are offensive to liberal elites—but not to human beings. All the ideas of those elite liberals who are running this country right now are offensive to everybody who doesn’t believe the lies that liberals believe.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

FOOLS In the Legislature

One of the things the Colorado Legislature (a majority of which are Democrats) is voting on now is to BAN guns on college campuses, thus creating more “gun-free zones” where crazed shooters can have  “free-for-all” shooting sprees killing unarmed people and be sure there will be NO GUNS arrayed against him while he kills people. It has been PROVEN that gun-free-zones only serve to get people KILLED, but these incompetent politicians continue to make it easier for shooters to kill unarmed victims.

WHY DIDN’T THE LIBYAN GOVT. INTERVENE? There was plenty of time for them to send in THEIR military to rescue our diplomats from those murderers who ended up KILLING them. Why did they intervene at the airport when the people we sent came in? Why does the Libyan government do everything it can to PREVENT us from learning who was responsible? Why does the man who himself says he “masterminded” the attack still walk free to be found and interviewed by the media? And not be arrested?

OBAMA IS “TONE DEAF”: His popularity among REAL people is falling rapidly and he doesn’t know it. He believes his own press releases. Sure, the liberals who aren’t smart enough to know what a real threat he is to the well being of this country still think he’s great as long as he keeps handing out “the goodies.” But as Margaret Thatcher (former Prime minister of Britain) said, “Socialism only works until you run out of other people’s money.” (Paraphrased)

NO “SPENDING PROBLEM”: That’s what Nancy Peelosi (that ignorant woman who conned her way into the Speakership in The House) said. She actually had the temerity to SAY that, in public! Of course, this is the silly twit who said, “We have to pass the (health care swindle) bill to find out what’s in it,” so she doesn't even understand how STUPID she sounds! I’ve seen some STUPID politicians, but she tops them all. It's indicative of the ignorance of many citizens that such people get elected at all.

POPE BENEDICT XVI RESIGNS: Some think that’s a BAD thing. I don’t. Pope John Paul II stayed in his post WAY too long while his infirmities got in the way of his dealing with things like the child sex scandal among priests. Benedict dealt harshly with it, as he should have after John Paul died in office. Nobody should have to undergo the TORTURE of remaining in that office under those conditions. He not only suffers, but Catholicism suffers, too.

There are fools everywhere. And only fools support a mass murderer who pretends to be killing people for good reasons. His reasons are left wing and racist. Nothing more. Anybody who supports that kind of depraved immorality is a FOOL.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Delusional Newspeople

They THINK "The world has solved the gun problem. But it hasn’t. England imposed an almost complete gun ban. Even COPS could not carry guns and were thus themselves in FEAR of illegally armed criminals. Now the criminals have the upper hand. Consequently murders went up by 89%. While gun violence went DOWN in states where “carry permits” were easy to obtain. Yet many liberals IGNORE the evidence and continue to DISARM Americans and make them defenseless.

ABOUT BUSH SPENDING: It amazes me when so-called “liberals” tell me all about “Bush’s spending.” Actually it wasn’t Bush doing the spending. It was Democrats who conned him into going along with THEIR spending. Further, the Bush administration only spent about a trillion dollars in EIGHT YEARS. Obama spent FIVE TIMES AS MUCH IN ONLY FOUR YEARS. And most of it he originated.  So what the hell are they lying about?

ANOTHER SLANDER ON SENIORS: Today another story about a senior who mistook the gas for the brake and almost killed himself. Why is it always SENIORS who make this mistake? Maybe somebody wants it to become expected of seniors. I’m 73 and haven’t had a chargeable accident in 30 years. Many younger people make the same mistake but they don't make as big a thing of it.

OBAMA IS DELUSIONAL: He says, “We don’t have a spending problem” when it’s obvious to ANY intelligent person, we DO. He has PERSONALLY spent more than there IS, and it gaily going about creating more and more “funny money” to spend, putting us deeper and deeper in debt. He actually wants Americans to believe there is no “spending problem” when he has worked HARD to create one himself so he can CLAIM (falsely) that the free market doesn’t work, and we need collectivism (socialism).

HYPOCRISY PERSONIFIED: Obama refuses to ADMIT we are at war with Islamic terrorists. Then he starts KILLING terrorists (those HE SAYS are terrorists, even if they are American citizens) with his drones, overseas. When questioned, he says (through his press flack) “When a man makes war on us, we have the right to kill him any way we can” (paraphrased). If we are NOT “at war with Islamic terrorists (he won’t even let his people SAY “Islamic terrorist”) how can he support that statement?

MORE HYPOCRISY: That silly photo of Obama SUPPOSEDLY skeet shooting, along with a statement that he does it all the time is unnecessary and stupid. Who cares if he goes skeet shooting or not? I certainly don’t. It is of supreme UNIMPORTANCE to me—and I’d bet to most Americans. I don’t know if that picture was “Photoshopped” or not. I don’t care. Frankly, I don’t believe a single word that comes out of his mouth or the mouths of his accomplices.

$1 MILLION REWARD: For the capture and conviction of ex-cop Christopher Dorner. Why? Because he is threatening the COPS. There has never been a reward like this for another criminal, which I think means the L. A. cops value their own more than anybody else. He may even have a good “cause.” But after murdering three innocent people, his “cause” can no longer be considered. He is a murderer, and WILL be brought to justice as such.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Typical Liberal Stupidity

In New York City, you can get a birth control pill or the morning after pill, even if you’re underage without you parent’s consent. But you can’t wash it down with a more than 16 oz. pop. How STUPID is Mayor Dumberg? I think he’s just a would-be dictator and is acting that way in his city. New Yorkers were as ignorant in electing him as some greedy Americans were in electing Obama.

MICHELLE’S BANGS: As an example of our news media’s attention span, they’re still obsessing over Michelle Obama’s (the queen) bangs while ignoring the fact that we STILL know nothing about what happened in Benghazi, Libya while Obama watched, then went to bed. Will we ever know? Not as long as Obama controls the liberal media.

THEY GAVE BUSH A HARD TIME: Because his people didn’t get to New Orleans fast enough after the hurricaine. His criticism was in the news EVERY DAY for months. Obama hasn’t done a THING about the destruction that happened in New York and New Jersey, and, except for Fox and Rush, not a word in the liberal media. Can there be more obvious evidence of the media bias in favor of Obama and against Bush?

EMPLOYERS DUMP HEALTH INSURANCE: Before Obama’s health care swindle law goes into effect because they KNOW their costs are going to rise sharply. Sure; you can keep your insurance If you want—if your employer or insurance company is still there. Obama LIED, as usual. And nobody noticed until it was too late.

THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS: Obama’s health care swindle is now law; and the bureaucrats are having a “field day” writing new regulations as a result. They have written, so far, 14,000 new regulations and they’re feverishly writing more. We don’t even know what’s in the law yet, but they’re making it even more complicated. They’re working hard to create a disaster, and that’s what it will be.

COLORADO PAYS COP TO “GO AWAY”: State Patrol top cop Wolfenbarger is “under investigation” for some rather “suspicious payoffs,” and recently resigned. Why did he do it? Because the state PAID him about $90,000.00 to “go away.” I guess that was cheaper than taking him to court.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hagel A "Shoo-In"

Even though Chuck Hagel did a horrible job in his congressional committee appearance, and showed he was not competent to do the job he is up for, or any other job, he is still considered to be a “shoo-in” to be approved for the Sec. of Defense job. LOOK OUT, military: your biggest enemy in the administration is well on his way to getting the job that will allow Obama to do a better job of decimating the military. Get out your “dragging your feet’ shoes.

SEN. BARRASSO TO “FREEZE” NLRB: Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) is introducing a measure to “freeze” the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) so they can’t make any decisions while waiting for the Supreme Court to act on the unconstitutionality of three of their members. Obama hopes to just ignore the court’s action in declaring his “recess appointments” unconstitutional until a higher court either affirms or reverses them and continue “business as usual.”

GIFFORD’S HUSBAND TALKS ABOUT LEGAL GUNS: He says if Arizona had entered thousands of records into their system, the shooter who nearly killed his wife would have been rejected. So what? He would just have found other ways to get his guns and shot her, anyway. A law is NOT going to stop hi from illegally buying a gun. Gifford’s husband is ignorant.

JESSE JACKSON WANTS TOUGHER CHI GUN LAWS: If he has any intelligence at all, he KNOWS anti-gun laws DO NOT WORK.. The best evidence of that is his own Chicago, which has the tightest gun laws in the country, and one of the highest gun violence rates in the nation. If gun laws worked, Chicago would be one of the safest cities in the nation. It is not.

LEGAL OR ILLEGAL GUNS: All the “mass shooters” in schools, shopping centers and movie theaters had guns that were either legal or illegal. So what good were all the now in force laws against gun ownership for crazy people? They will ALWAYS be able to get their guns, legally or illegally. That bullet that kills you doesn’t care if it’s legal or illegal.

THEY DISAGREE: People like Gabby Gifford’s husband don’t agree with perennial Vice President of the NRA when he says “gun laws don’t stop killers from getting guns.’ But they give you no logical reason WHY they disagree, Just that they disagree. The same applies to AlGore’s “I don’t agree” with his critics without giving a logical REASON for what HE did in selling his failing TV network to our enemies.

FOOTBALL MISERY: One more thing for us to spend our time on that keeps us from paying attention to Obama’s crimes is the “football controversy.” IS football too dangerous? Is there too much danger of football players becoming “addled” after being “hit” too many times during their careers? I’ve seen it discussed all over the place, from Fox to CNN. IS that really important in the “grand scheme of things?” Do we need to ignore that and discuss more important things such as the trillions of our dollars Obama has spent on his “give-away” programs or why he went to bed while his ambassador was being murdered?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Obama Still Blaming Bush

He talks about “inheriting” one of the biggest recessions since the eighties. Which is a LIE. When Bush left office we were still in the middle of one of the longest and robust booms ever, caused by Reagan lowering the tax base rate, before his accomplices could destroy it. They've been working on destroying it since 1977 when they passed that law forcing lenders to loan monety to deadbeats.

OBAMA LYING AGAIN: He says all the time that his health care swindle law will cause the cost of health care insurance to GO DOWN. But his own IRS figures show that under his law, the cost will GO UP by $20,000 per family, per year! He doesn’t dispute that, he just ignores it and continues to lie.

ALGORE LIES AGAIN: He says Fox News and “Talk Radio Propaganda” has created a “hostile environment” for Progressives. Forget the fact that “Progressives” is just another name for COMMUNISTS and he has done a LOT to hurt people with what he does to make his millions. What they say is NOT “propaganda.” It’s TRUTH. What HE says is “propaganda.” We need to remember that. Remember, he promoted “global warming,” one of the biggest, and most successful swindles EVER (outside of Obama’s health care swindle), and it made him BILLIONS.

OBAMA PRAISES HILLARY: He didn’t like her during the 2008 election because she was “the opposition,” regardless of the fact that she is a liberal just as he is. Now, after four years of working for him and promoting his lies with her own, he says, “She will go down in history as one of our best secretaries of state.” Well, that might be true among liberals, but their standards are not too high and their wishes are different..

BIDEN AGREES: “Gun laws don’t work, but we’ve got to do SOMETHING.” Something, I guess, even if we KNOW it won’t work, and it WILL violate our constitutional rights (Just to make people believe they're DOING something). This is the kind of politician we have running this country now. One who ADMITS the laws he makes will do nothing, but makes them anyway, because “We have to do SOMETHING,” And they have the power to do so, constitutional or not.

THE “BLACK BOX”: The Obama administration is pushing a regulation (not a law) that would put a “black box” in every car, much like the one already in every airplane. This way, the feds could, with a few keystrokes, find out where your car IS, at any time, as well as trace its movements for as far back as they wish. This is to be MANDATORY, which means it’ll be there whether or not you want it (Personally, I'll do what I have to to DISABLE it, as I will with the built-in GPS antenna). Do you still think Obama isn’t setting things up for himself to be a dictator? Where, in the Constitution, does it say the feds have the power to do this? DOT “promises” they will not “abuse” this information. But we all know that's a LIE. Evidence proves that if they HAVE the power, they WILL abuse it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lies About Republicans

Obama and the other liberals tell the most outrageous lies about Republicans, and expect gullible Americans to believe them. Problem is, people who "pay no attention to politics" WILL believe them--and they vote in their ignorance. Obama says the Republicans don’t want to cut spending; they only want to “destroy our schools, kill the elderly, and starve the poor.” What kind of FOOL is he to even THINK people with ANY intelligence would BELIEVE this drivel? Yet he keeps spouting these LIES, expecting us to believe them. Meanwhile he spends YOUR money like water.

ACCORDING TO MALLARD: Mallard Fillmore’s comic strip for Feb. 1, 2013 is a keeper. It says basically that “A crackdown on grade-school kids drawing pictures of guns will sharply reduce the incidence of people being killed by pictures of guns.” Which brings out a truth that will be ignored by our “leaders.” School "officials" who punish students for having such things are too stupid to be allowed to run a school.

Vice President Joe (the Stupid) Biden says “We are going to hold direct talks with Iran.” When are these incompetent, stupid politicians going to learn that you can’t “negotiate” with fools who only want your destruction? Ahmidinijerk is a TERRORIST who has managed to take over the government of Iran. He wants to kill ALL of us who aren’t HIS kind of a Muslim. This reminds me of how we got that fool we now have in the White House. He promised the leeches of society everything they wanted, KNOWING he could not deliver. But he got elected TWICE, anyway.

PIERS MORGAN LIES ON AIR: Regarding a shooting in Atlanta where one kid was shot and an armed security officer stopped the shooting before the shooter could shoot anybody else, by shooting him. Morgan said the “resource officer” was UNABLE to stop the shooting because he didn't stop the shooter from killing the FIRST victim. This man should be FIRED for blatantly LYING on the air. I hope he wiped his butt before putting his head up his rear.

RATS LEAVING A SINKING SHIP: I’m not sure, but it looks like most of Obama’s Cabinet is quitting. And not just his Cabinet. His staff, too. The latest to quit is the boss of the Secret Service. I guess he’s tired of protecting a FOOL. I look for a LOT more resignations when his accomplices realize that he's KILLING this country. The latest Cabinet member is the Sec.of Energy. Maybe he got tired of being the Secretary of a swindle.

OBAMA WON’T GO ON FOX: He SAYS it’s because they are “biased.” But actually it’s because they won’t follow his orders on what and how to report. They tell BOTH SIDES, and he doesn’t like that. He wants them to tell HIS side, ONLY as the rest of the media does. Fox is the only "chink" in his "media armor." And the only network that doesn't follow his orders in what and how they report. He hates Rush Limbaugh for the same reason.

Remember the woman who went to Turkey for an “adventure?” She got one, all right, but she didn’t survive it. They found her body the other day, and I’m now waiting for an Islamic terrorist organization to take responsibility for it. She died of a massive brain injury. Why? Because she wouldn't wear a head scarf in a Muslim country and some Muslim extremist objected?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Egypt Hates Us Now

With the election of top Islamic Brotherhood member Mohammed Morsi, Egypt now hates us. Why then, do we send them millions of dollars’ worth of armaments? Why, in fact, do we continue to give millions, even BILLIONS of dollars in “foreign aid” to other countries that hate us and aren’t afraid to say so? We should have a list of things they should not do or say to keep receiving our money, and take it away from them if they violate it.

INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE: The Obama administration claims we have had continuous economic growth for the last three years. What a WHOPPER of a LIE that is! We haven’t had nearly enough new jobs in the last FOUR YEARS to even keep up with population growth! What FOOLS they must think we are! And in the case of people who “pay no attention to politics,” they may be right. But those of us who DO “pay attention” know better.

WHAT AN ARROGANT B-TCH: Hillary said that “People who disagree with me are not living in an “evidence-based world.” This from the woman who said we aren’t smart enough to spend our own money right, and need to let the government (liberals) do it. How can such people EVER get high-ranking jobs? The answer to that is having the right connections (people who think the same way they do); not by being smart.

WE GET WHAT WE VOTE FOR: Democrats keep telling us about all the bad things that will happen to us if we elect Republicans. So we (not me) elect Democrats and get the same things they warned us we would get if we elected a Republican. Remember when they told us if we elected Goldwater we’d be fully involved in Viet Nam in six months? So we elected Johnson and we were fully-involved in Viet Nam in six months.

DIVERTING OUR ATTENTION: The government works hard to divert our attention from what they’re doing to us. So they do BIG promotions for unimportant things like “Punxatawny Phil,” the “groundhog that predicts the weather,” and the Super Bowl and all kinds of other sports events—instead of the news. This morning, for instance, ALL I’ve heard about is Phil and the Superbowl and how great Hillary was as Sec. of state (not). Next, the media if fixated on Michelle's new bangs.

BREAKING THE LAW: Obama is blatantly breaking the law by ignoring the Constitution, and it is NOT going to be without ramifications. The court has said his “recess appointments” without the Congress being in recess are unconstitutional. And according to a former Supreme Court, those “appointments” are now NON-EXISTENT. Thus, every decision they make, and everything they do from this time on is non-existent and will be so challenged in court, at great expense to the administration. Unfortunately, Obama will not be punished because there’s no punishment for violation of the Constitution.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mental Problems In The White House

Jason Howerton asked an important question: “Is there a system in Washington to keep people with mental problems out of the presidency?” Which is a profound question. There is not. What will happen if a person with deep-seated mental problems gets in the white House? That person will have the power to promote his/her delusions, to the detriment of America. Could that be happening now with Obama?

HEGEL REFUSES TO ANSWER DIRECT QUESTION: Hegel said once, that “The surge was a bad decision,” and after several attempts by Sen. McCain to elicit an answer about whether or not he was wrong he finally gave up and said, “Let the record show you refused to answer the question.” I don’t know if refusal to answer questions in a congressional hearing is actionable, but it should be. Without it, they have no meaning.

WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?” That’s Hillary’s new motto. I expect to see her use it when she runs for president in 2016 because it worked so well for her when she spat it out in her “testimony” about the “Benghazi incident.” Nobody seemed to notice that she never really gave the committee any new information. Of course, that was her intention.

WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?: Hillary used that to defuse questions about why she, among other Democrats, LIED to the country about the reason for the Islamic (Sorry, PC Police) terrorist attack on our embassy that resulted in the deaths of FOUR people, including an ambassador, while Obama watched, then went to bed.

LEGAL OR ILLEGAL? What difference does it make? Every illegal shooting nowadays further proves that laws make NO difference to people who would use a gun to commit violence. They got their guns, and it makes NO difference at all to them whether or not they got it legally. They had it, and they committed violence with it, regardless of the law.

PUNISHING THE VICTIMS: ALL the “anti-gun laws” being made do NOTHING to stop criminals from obtaining guns. All they do is provide those criminals with a steady supply of UNARMED VICTIMS. But our incompetent politicians are “tone deaf” to this notion. We can repeat this common sense over and over and they’re not listening. They have their own ideas of how to stop gun violence, and none work. But they don’t know that and won’t admit it.

WATCH FRANCE: If you want to know what’s going to happen to us if (when) we accept socialism (which I think is near with Obama in office), just watch what’s happening in France. There, a 75% tax rate has been mandated, and thousands of French businesses are leaving. Next, he dictated that ALL lights will be turned off at 1 AM. ALL lights. Watch as France goes “down the tubes” fast.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Every Day A Panic

Yesterday it was “gun violence.” The next day it’s “immigration reform.” The next, “football injuries.” And the like. There are many more I could name, but I don’t have room here. I’m sure you can think of a few. Obama’s health care swindle was one. Even to the point where Nancy Peelosi made that stupid statement that,”We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” The whole idea is to STAMPEDE us into agreeing to laws and regulations they could have never foisted upon us without that panic. Wake UP! You’re being USED!

WHAT IS WRONG WITH OBAMA? He KNOWS leaving our borders wide open will give Islamic terrorists a wide open path into the United States with their bombs, stupid suicide bombers and other ways to kill Americans. But he still insists on refusing to enforce the laws that make our borders safer. Why? Does he WANT Islamic terrorists to come here and create the kind of chaos seen in Islamic countries? If he continues on the course he is steering now, that’s what we’re going to get. Islamic terrorism is a “cancerous tumor on America and the world” and he wants to bring it here. He has PROVEN he is, if not a Muslim terrorist himself, he IS a Muslim terrorist SYMPATHIZER.

THE BEST KNOWN CON: Tell your opponent if he will give you want you want now, you’ll give him what he wants later. Get what he then gives you and NEVER give him what you promised. That’s the “standard con” politicians (mostly Democrats) have used for many years and other politicians continue to fall for it. Reagan did; Bush (the elder) did; Carter did; Clinton and Bush (the younger) did, and now Obama (the master con man) is using it on the Congress. I expect them to fall for it.

BASELINE BUDGETING: That’s yet another con ALL politicians in Washington (and elsewhere) use on the general populace. Every year, the budget is DESIGNED to give ALL AGENCIES a 10% increase in funding. If that doesn’t happen, or the amount is less (say, 7%), they call it a “cut.” Or a “draconian cut.” Don’t fall for it.

DOESN’T PAY TO CRITICIZE CHINA: The New York Times is being hacked; by the Chinese; after they wrote an article criticizing the current Chinese dictator. Chinese government says it didn’t happen; hacking is illegal in China. Since when did a communist dictator care about that? They think they’re ABOVE the law. Laws don’t stop them from attacking their enemies.

UNIONS NOW SCRAMBLING TO AVOID COSTS: The staunchest supporters in the land of Obama’s health care swindle were the unions—until they discovered it was going to cost them money. Now they’re scrambling to avoid the high costs that plan puts on them. They found out (along with the rest of us) what was IN the plan AFTER it was passed, just as Nancy Peelosi said in one of the stupidest statements I’ve ever heard a politician make.