Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hypocrite Personified

Leland Yee, one of the most virulent anti-gun voices in the California legislature, has been CONVICTED, of what? Gun trafficking! I guess he figured that the more legal guns he could dispense with, the more ILLEGAL guns he could sell. That this is “hypocrite personified” goes without saying, and brings into question the motives of other anti-gun fools.

ABSURD DEMANDS: Gay activists are now saying we need to “get rid of all the heterosexuals!” Of course, that ignores the fact that heterosexuals are in the MASSIVE majority. Gays are but a very SMALL MINORITY. And how are we supposed to “get rid of all heterosexuals?” Kill them? Wow! These fools are really feeling their oats! Somebody needs to sit them down and explain to them the facts of life. I have nothing against homosexuals. But I DO have something against gay ACTIVISTS who make such foolish remarks.

THEY HAVE NOTHING: Democrats are searching HARD for something to criticize Trump or any of his close associates over. Fresh off criticizing Trump for putting ketchup on his steak, they're now having a hissy fit about Kellyanne Conway putting her feet on a couch in the Oval Office. If that's all they have to complain about, they're in big trouble! Ladies often sit like that. I don't see how it could be comfortable, but then, I'm “pushing 80. I couldn't even bend my legs that way.

SELECTIVE EDITING: That's one form of blatant “twisting” of the news. And that's what the New York Times did in reporting on Trump's remarks at the GOP PAC the other day. Trump talked about gang members, murderers, and other kinds of gangsters that were illegal aliens and “throwing them out of the country.” When NYT reported it, they left all that out, making his statement SEEM to be that we need to throw ALL illegal aliens out of the country. This is the kind of “reporting” that is costing them readers and putting them into a “death plunge.

RACISM DISGUISED AS DIVERSITY: Wanna talk about blatant racism against white people? Look at what this school band in Spring Lake Park, Minnesota is doing. They've decided to stop using music composed by white people, and to do at least one song written by a female, I assume is black, or a “person of color,” as liberals call them. This is all part and parcel of the current drive to CREATE black against white racism. They SAY they want to make those “of color” in the band to feel welcome. But you can't do that by EXCLUDING white people. And what about the “feelings” of the white members of the band, who are most likely in the majority?

KIM MURDERS AGAIN: He murdered FIVE of his former officials with an anti-aircraft gun, whose bullets can tear a man to hell. An anti-aircraft gun is Kim's favorite means to kill people, though N. Korea has many methods to use, including tying a man to a stake and killing him with a flame thrower. Kim LIKES to kill, personally. Kim Jong Un is a good example of what you get when you give a CRIMINAL absolute power. He kills indiscriminately, with impunity. One former official was murdered after falling asleep while Kim was making a speech! Talk about narcissism!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Big Miscalculation

Democrats assumed the female vote was theirs, just as they assumed other things in the 2016 election. I'm not saying miscalculating the female vote “did them in,” but it certainly helped. More and more women arming themselves and getting training that lets them be the equal to men in handing guns. Democrats assumed the female vote was “a done thing,” and it wasn't. As they gained knowledge in the use and handling of guns, it gave them a lot more confidence in their ability to defend themselves without depending on the men in their lives, they moved consistently AWAY from the Democrat Party,

BOY WINS GIRL'S TITLE: In Texas, a BOY, who “identifies” as a girl, competed AS a girl and beat a girl, to win the Texas State wrestling title. He is on steroids, as part of his therapy, which gave him a distinct advantage, in addition to his superior strength and size as a MALE, fighting a FEMALE. This fool should never have been allowed to compete against girls. It was unfair. He should have been REQUIRED to compete as a BOY. If he has a penis, he has no business competing against girls.

SHHHH, DON'T TELL: That's what Ginny Thomas, of the Daily Caller said, when she told us that, the more the Democrats disrupted things, “dragged their feet,” and put as many roadblocks in Trump's way as they could, the less the American voters liked them—as if they weren't already disliked a lot. I'm gunna tell, anyway, because I already knew it, as do most intelligent people who pay attention. The problem is, not enough intelligent people ARE paying attention—and that's the problem.

IT'S CHILD ABUSE: People are now being taught that, to teach their kids to like and respect the cops is “child abuse,” which is about as stupid as it gets. Yes, there are some “bad apples” among the cops. But, on the whole, they are the “good guys” and kids should be taught to, at least, respect them and be friendly to them. As such, when the cops instituted the “High Five Days” where kids were given “high fives” by cops, some parents objected, which is STUPID. This is "crime prevention."

THE WRONG APPROACH: Some people say the “High Five Days” program started by the Northampton, Mass. Cops to teach kids that cops can be friends, and are “normal people” in addition to their jobs to keep order should be ended, because it takes cops off the streets. But cops can be well used to befriend kids, which can KEEP them from becoming criminals. That stops crimes BEFORE they are committed. That's just as important as catching criminals AFTER they've committed a crime. It's “preventative policing.” But some people are too dumb to realize that.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

"The Progressive Wing"

The Democrats do everything they can to keep from calling it what it is. They call it “The Progressive Wing” of the Democrat Party. But it is ANYTHING but “progressive.” It is “SOCIALIST.” That was made evident by the fact that one of the strongest presidential candidates in the last election was Bernie Sanders, an ADMITTED socialist. Socialism is a FAILED SYSTEM that depends on the THEFT of money and production from those capable and willing to produce for their own support, and GIVING that stolen, UNEARNED, to those NOT capable OR willing to earn for themselves.

ELLISON DIDN'T WIN: The gavel went to Thomas Perez, but he couldn't resist getting Muslim Rep. Kieth Ellison named as deputy chair. They just couldn't bear to get rid of this fool. I'm surprised they didn't give it to Bernie the socialist. But I guess they figure they used him enough, already. When they stole the nomination from him. They went through the motions as if this election meant something. Since this party is fast destroying itself, it doesn't really matter who is the chairman or the deputy chairman while it finishes imploding.

BAD RULING: The ruling of the Fourth Circuit was wrong. They said they didn't have the power to “extend” Second Amendment protection to “weapons of war,” but actually they DON'T HAVE the power to refuse it! A gun is a gun, is a gun! The Constitution didn't say what KIND of guns they covered. And the fourth Circuit cannot eliminate these guns from the protection of the Second. Period.

GUNS AREN'T THE PROBLEM: GANGS are the problem! The politicians in Chicago haven't realized it yet, but at least one outfit examining the Chicago gun violence problem have figured out it is the GANGS, not the guns, that are the problem. If they can reduce the GANG problem, that will automatically reduce the gun problem. I guess they figured out that most of the VICTIMS of gun violence weren't “average citizens,” but were gang members, and that tells the tale.

SUPPORT FOR TRUMP? The liberals and the liberal media keep saying the country is AGAINST Donald Trump, but the figures don't bear that out. They help prove they're liars, which they've been for a long time. Trump's support is skyrocketing, in SPITE of their false reporting. They keep saying Trump's White House is “in disarray,” but it is NOT. Appointments to key posts are lagging, but that's on the Democrats, who have been 'dragging their feet” on them.

OBAMACARE IS DYING: Many people say we don't have to REPEAL Obamacare, because it's dying on its own. And they're right. The places that are supposed to be administrating it are closing, one after the other. The costs are doubling and tripling, and people not only can't afford the insurance rates, they're seeing that thousand dollar deductibles are making their insurance useless. It can't last much longer.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Dems Revealing Themselves

They were caught with their pants down tying to manipulate election results and had to fire their wild-haired DNC Chair over it. Now they just may elect a decidedly inappropriate man as the new DNC Chair, Kieth Ellison, a Muslim, who thinks wildly different than do American citizens. They might as well run up a flag that says, “The Socialist Party.” Because that's the direction they're taking. Well, he didn't win. BUt the one who did made him his "second-in-command." Again proving they don't know what they're doing).

SLIP OF THE TONGUE: On MSNBC, one of the most liberal “news” organizations, Mika Brzezinsky, a cohost on the “Morning Joe” show, thinks Trump is trying to control what people think, and “That's OUR job!” Is that right, Mika? Seems to me somebody needs to school you on some basic things. Probably not your current bosses, because they probably think the same way—they just aren't stupid enough to admit it on the air.

SHE'S THE SCUMBAG: California Rep. Maxine Waters, she of the big mouth, says the Trump people are “scumbags.” But the only scumbag in this picture is Maxine Waters, herself. Of course, she can't see that. She thinks she's right, on everything. But actually, she's WRONG on everything. I don't criticize her because she's wrong; I criticize her because she's so vocal about it, with NO FACTS to back up her intemperate statements. And she has the GALL to call good people “scumbags.”

ELIMINATING “FAKE NEWS”: The Trump administration got rid of some of the “fake news” by excluding CNN, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times from his exclusive press briefing called a “gaggle.” Boy, did they cry! They think they should be allowed to publish their fake news, day after day, without any sort of retaliation. They said blocking news agencies was the first thing Hitler did, and THAT was a lie, too! The first thing Hitler did was to start a health care system (a regular socialist scheme). It might be a problem if the ban was total, but it's for only one event.

GET RID OF MAXINE: California politician Maxine Waters just called Trump and his cabinet, “scumbags.” Seems like she ought to know, since she's one of the biggest scumbags in DC. On Fox News, they just said she was “out of order” after she called for Trump's IMPEACHMENT within ONE WEEK of his taking office. Where the hell does she get off doing that? In the dictionary, her picture is right next to the definition of “political hack.” But then, that's to be expected, since she comes from the “Socialist State of California.”

DEMOCRATS ARE CRYBABIES: They just can't get it in their heads that they LOST. And lost BIG, to the man they painted as a “clown” when he first announced. They were wrong then, and they're wrong now. They still think, in their arrogance, that he doesn't have any idea what he's doing, while he is systematically “tearing down their house” as he promised to do, which is why he got elected. They got too cocky, and went too far. And when they allowed MEN into women's restrooms and changing rooms, it was “the last straw.” After all the political atrocities Obama perpetrated, this was too much. And America rebelled.

ANOTHER TREND: Politicians are “waking up to reality” and making laws allowing people to carry their guns for self defense without the bother and expense of getting a “permit.” They're beginning to realize they don't have the right to limit that right for Americans. The Second Amendment to the Constitution prevents that. New Hampshire is the latest state to “wise up,” having passed a law to allow their citizens to carry guns without a permit. Eleven states already have such laws, and 16 are working on legislation to allow it.

Friday, February 24, 2017

No Real Confidence

It strikes me that liberals don't really have much confidence in their “message” if they have to stop ANYBODY who might disagree with them from speaking, as they did in Berkeley, California, recently, and are doing in many places since. If they had confidence in their message, it seems to me they'd be willing to listen to the opposition so they could debunk (if they could) what they were saying. The problem is, they can't. They know it, which is why they want to shut the opposition up.

ELLISON'S AN EXAMPLE: Rep. Kieth Ellison—a Muslim—is an up-front reason why Americans should not even consider electing ANY Muslim to office. Not because of religion, but because Muslims just don't THINK the way Americans do. Many of them hate us, and it's impossible to tell which ones do. They revere Sharia Law, which is against everything American. Now Ellison is talking impeachment, just one month into Trump's presidency! If ever there was a “fool notion,” that's it!

MOST OFFENSIVE PERSON: I just heard an anchor on Fox News, fergawdsake intimate that Donald Trump was “the most offensive person in the universe.” I hope he was simply quoting a liberal, but why is he offensive to anyone? He is offensive to liberals because he's tearing down their house, little by little. I'd be “offended” if it were MY house. But it isn't, so I'm not offended by it. Nor are the millions of people who voted for him.

ALAN COLMES IS DEAD: He was a putz. He irritated me, just to hear him talk. But that's okay. I probably would have irritated him for the same reasons, albeit on different sides of just about any issue. Outside of politics, he might have even been a decent guy. He was wrong, on just about everything. But that doesn't make him a “bad guy.” He BELIEVED in his politics, all the way. And I respect that in him, even if I do disagree with him. I believe in my politics, too. He was 66.

LIBERAL TWISTING: They insisted on allowing MEN to use women's bathrooms and changing rooms if they “identified” as a female, which is a perverted thing to do. Young girls don't want to see a penis in their places supposedly of privacy. Young BOYS might want to see female genitalia, but it usually goes the other way. Not many WOMEN want to use the men's room. CNN host Chris Cuomo, a dedicated liberal, was asked abut a girl who didn't want to see a penis in her locker room, and he suggested it was the fault of “her intolerant father” that she didn't want to see one. A typical liberal crap response.

ELLISON A SABOTEUR: Keith Ellison, Muslim Representative and “front-runner” to be DNC Chair (typical), once said that “Black people don't have an obligation to obey the government.” That's almost as stupid a statement as was Nancy Peelosi's “We have to pass the bill to find out what's in it,” about Obamacare. He's a good example of why we should NEVER elect a Muslim to ANY elective office, nor appoint one to ANYTHING. Not on the basis of religion, but on the basis of their mindset.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

They Can't Tell the Truth

So the anti-gun fools systematically lie about guns. One way they lie is to cite figures from sources that KNOWINGLY lie to promote “gun laws. One such source is the Mass Shooting Tracker, (MST) one used often by the liberal media. MST openly brags about “using a different method” to define mass shootings that inflates the number of mass shootings by 10! Their method is used “to punch holes in the NRA's argument.” If you have to do it that way, you're dishonest, as is the liberal media.

LIB WAR AGAINST TRUMP: “The liberal media has been against Trump from the beginning, and it''s getting tiresome. Their criticism is over the top in its intensity.” So sayeth Lincoln Chaffee (D-RI), former Rhode Island Governor and later Senator. It gets pretty bad when a DEMOCRAT criticizes the actions of other Democrats. He sees what's happening, and is not blinded by buffoonery, as other Democrats are.

PROFESSIONAL PROTESTERS: Republicans are holding “Town Hall Meetings” in their home districts and are running into a phalanx or PAID demonstrators who disrupt their meetings, raising their signs and shouting them down when they try to speak. I think these people ought to be photographed and compared to pictures in a database, to see how many different places they appear. Then check into their finances and see who pays their way there.

NOT PROTECTED BY SECOND: The 4th Circuit Court in Maryland upheld their ban on “assault weapons” or other guns with “similar magazines,” saying, “the Second Amendment doesn't apply to them. What? Where do they get that idea? Guns are guns! Whether or not they believe it. This is simply “making law from the bench,” and they should be removed from that bench for doing it. They can't eliminate a right by simply SAYING it isn't protected by the Constitution. But apparently, they have.

KIM THE “CLAPPER”: Every time I see Kim Jung Il, current dictator of North Korea, he's applauding himself, and all his generals are clapping along with him—if they don't, they would DIE, as his half brother did the other day, an assassination the world believes he is behind. His half brother might have some claim to his “throne,” so he got rid of him, as he did his uncle, for the same reason.

READING RACISM INTO IT: This is what Democrats are doing, to try and make us believe Trump is racist, by “reading racism into what he says.” White House correspondent April Ryan accused him because he supposedly used the word “we” when taking about the changes that have been made in this country, back during his campaign. Apparently. To people like April, a politician who has the audacity to actually USE the word, “we.” MUST be a racist. Of course, when she quoted him directly, we found he didn't even SAY that! Michelle Malkin says, “Liberals see racism where it doesn't exist, fabricate it when they can't find it, and ignore it in their own ranks.”

BLIND AND STUPID: Whoopi Goldberg, has-been actress and comedienne who did manage to keep her gig on “The View,” said, the other day, “Rising health care insurance costs have nothing to do with Obamacare.” What is this bi....er, witch SMOKING? Health care insurance rates DOUBLED right after Obamacare was IMPOSED on us, while deductibles went into the THOUSANDS of dollars, and that had nothing to do with Obamacare? Gimme a BREAK, Whoopi! What comes out of your mouth these days sounds like a “whoopi cushion.”

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Frightened Snowflakes

We needn't worry too much about the "frightened snowflakes" who need to seek out a "safe place" to avoid hearing opinions not their own. They talk about "freedom of speech," but do violence (if they have somebody with gonads nearby) when they hear any, except their own. They just run away and hide. Anybody who just can't stand to hear other people's opinions aren't much to worry about. It's not the "snowflakes" we need to worry about. It's the liberals with gonads we need to worry about because when they get in the right place, they make STUPID laws and regulations that affect all of us.

WHAT'S TAKING SO LONG? Trump is having trouble getting his appointments approved by Congress. But many are still passing, and going to work for his administration. But not his appointment to the Supreme Court, the most important one of all, especially with Trump fighting a court order based NOT on the law or the Constitution. The 9th Circuit Court is clearly in the wrong on this, but the Supreme Court, as it is currently comprised, will probably approve it. The new Justice can make a MAJOR difference in the Court--which is what frightens liberals--and that's why they are blocking it.

PUNISHING ROGUE JUDGES: The judge that put a block on Trump's EO to stop certain people from coming in--which he has the power to to--is ruling on his own hook, and not on the law or the Constitution. The justices on the 9th Circuit Court, the second most reversed court in the land, compounded it, by also ruling on their liberal OPINIONS, not the law or the Constitution. There should be a way to PUNISH judges that clearly rule AGAINST the law and the Constitution, in addition to reversing their rulings.

SELECTIVE RULINGS: The 4th circuit Court has ruled that "AR-15s and their magazines, or magazines 'like' them, are covered under their "assault rifles" legislation. And are NOT protected by the Second Amendment. Which effectively creates a new way to "get around" the Second Amendment, simply by "declaring" certain guns NOT to be protected under the Second. This is not under the power of the court, but they took it, anyway.

MICHELLE AND SEXUALITY: They're making a big thing out of claiming Michelle Obama is a man, pretending to be a woman, which obliquely suggests that Obama is gay. They think her showing what they THINK is an outline of make genitals while she was dancing on the Ellen DeGeneris show wearing white pants proves their point. But it doesn't. There are other things than male genitals that could account for it, but they're too caught up in their conspiracy theory to figure that out. My question is, if she IS a man, where did they get those two girls? Are they adopted, or what? There's no record of it I can find.


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Choosing Another Loser

The Democrat Party seems to be determined to commit political suicide. They re-elected their LOSING majority leader in the House to be their new MINORITY leader. She of such stupidities as, "We have to pass the bill to see what's in it," about Obamacare. Now they want "Pocahotas," Elizabeth Warren, to be their new standard bearer in the 2020 elections, hoping to unseat Trump. Never mind she didn't get CLOSE to being nominated in 2016.

SHE CALLS IT COMMON SENSE: Then she goes right on to say that gun-free zones work, and there is “no evidence” to say they don't. Maybe she hasn't been around long enough to know better, but I'd say the fact that all but TWO mass shootings have occurred IN gun-free zones is ample evidence. She's obviously too young to know any better, but she pretends to “school” others from a fund of no knowledge on the subject. She only graduated high school recently. What does that tell you?

THEY CALL IT A LIE: When Trump talked about “what's happening in Sweden,” he wasn't talking about a single, major event, as the liberal media insists. He's talking about MANY things happening because of “refugee” immigrants, including looting, cars torched, and riots. That is NOT a lie. The lie is when they twist his words to mean something they never meant, and then criticizing him for it.

ALLAHU AKBAR!” That has become a rallying cry as leftists join with Islamic terrorists to fight Trump's every move. Many demonstrators against Trump are PAID demonstrators. But others don't need to be paid. They already want to get rid of Trump, because they know he can, and WILL, defeat them and their Jihad. The very fact that they do this tells us a lot about their loyalty to America.

THEY THINK HE'S INSANE! Or at least, they want US to think so, so they can get Trump
out of office with the 25th Amendment, that covers “succession.” They hope to convince the “right people” he's mentally unfit for the office. They tried that during the election too, as I remember. Didn't work then, and won't work, now. If anybody's mentally unfit, it's the Democrats, with their “Everybody Pees” commercial to support their perverted “men in women's bathroom” movement.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH? Liberals CLAIM they're in favor of freedom of speech—until it disagrees with their narrative. Then they riot, damage private property, even hurt people to keep conservative speakers from having their say. Even CONSERVATIVE conferences are not safe. A conservative PAC scheduled Milo Yiannopoulos to speak, and they “went insane! So they canceled it. This is “free speech?” Next, they'll be rioting to get this blog taken down.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Workers Lose Their Jobs

A bunch of HIspanic restaurant workers in Catooska, OK, lost their jobs when they didn't show up for work on the "Day Without Immigrants" day. They apparently thought their "cause" was more important than their work, so they now have no work. They think they were "unfairly fired," but what did they expect when they didn't show up for work without even calling in? If I did that, I'd EXPECT to get fired! But then, I'm not an illegal alien, so I don't expect preferential treatment.

THE WAR AGAINST RELIGION: Many people don't believe it, but there is a concerted war on against the Christian religion. The best, most recent example of it is the fact that liberals "lost their minds" when Melania Trump recited the Lord's Prayer at Trump's Melbourne, Florida rally. What reason would there ever be for that unless there WAS a "war against religion," and she infuriated it's proponents? Add to that the special treatment that is being given to the Muslims, and you have it.

"DANGERS OF ISLAMAPHOBIA": Ohio State University is holding discussions on the "dangers in Islamaphobia." This is a good example of how AMERICANS are promoting Islamic terrorism, by attempting to demonize ANY criticism of Muslim terrorists. The only "danger" there is about "Islamaphobia" is the danger of Islamic terrorists coming to kill you. There is NO other "danger." Opposing Islamic terrorism is NOT "Islamaphobia." It's COMMON SENSE, since all they want to do is convert us to their phony religion, or KILL us. "Islamaphobia" is a made-up word, DESIGNED to demonize any criticism of anything Islamic.

ANGER AT NOTHING: They're trying harder and harder for something, ANYTHING, to make them angry if they're complaining about targets in shooting galleries being black. How abysmally STUPID is that? Tell me, dumb butts, what color would YOU make them? Do you really think the people who "decreed" they be black were racists who secretly wanted people to be shooting black shapes, and pretending they're real people:? Damn, these racist fools slay me!

MANY PEOPLE AGAINST TRUMP: That's what I just heard on the radio, but what wasn't said is that, a majority of them are Democrats, and many of them are PAID to be "against Trump." This is how the news media slants the news to promote a narrative that is NOT true. They make broad statements like that, with NO attribution, and expect us to believe them. Problem is, people who pay no attention to politics DO believe them--and they vote. That's how liberals build up crowds of people to protest everything Trump does. PAY a certain amount of people to "whip up" a crowd, and lead them into rioting.

MAN WINS GIRL'S TITLE: Mack Beggs, a transgender from Texas, won the state GIRL'S wrestling title. He (she) was on steroids, in his attempt to become a REAL GIRL This fool shouldn't have been allowed to compete against girls for this title. If you have a penis, you are a MAN, no matter how you "perceive yourself." That means you're bigger and stronger than girls, and to be matched against them is UNFAIR competiton. He should never have been allowed to compete as a girl, against girls. He should be ashamed of himself, taking a win away from a rightful winner. But not in today's liberal world.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Even More Fake News

The liberal media is putting out stories about the intelligence community "holding out on Trump." Meet the Press" seriously asked Leon Panetta about it. And Panetta, to his credit, told them that it wasn't happening, and if it did, that was a "firing offense." There are new stories coming out, every day, questioning the ability of Donald Trump to handle the office of the president, all based on IMAGINARY "concerns." And are designed to weaken our confidence in him. It won't work.

WHITE HOUSE IN TURMOIL? The liberal media is going insane. They just can't handle Donald Trump as president. They're incessantly running stories about how the White House is "in turmoil," making a big thing over one nominee being "fired" and the other turning the job down. Like that hasn't happened to other presidents as they tried to fill their cabinets. On Trump's part, almost everything is working fine, except for the fact that the Democrats are making his life difficult by "dragging their feet" on confirming ALL his appointments. That's not on Trump, it's on the Democrats.

"YOU GOTTA BE NUTS!" If you think gun control (as we know it) saves lives! That's what comedian Jackie Mason said (with an added comment by me). Mason seems to be "the voice of reason" we sorely need, these days. There's no telling how many people gun control (as we know it) has killed, while the "gun-haters" apparently don't care. They have an INSANE hatred of GUNS and want to disarm everybody (except those gun-haters who carry their own guns, anyway, or can hire armed security).

COPS WITHOUT GUNS? Insane! That's the opinion of the outgoing commissioner of Scotland Yard in his final speech as commissioner. He decries the fact that one out of eight cops in Britain refuse to carry a gun, which is INSANE. You can't go up against ARMED criminals without your own guns, as unarmed cops in France learned, the hard way, during an Islamic terrorist killing there. If I were a cop (and I was), I'd DEFINITELY want to be armed. Intelligent people understand that. Others don't.

MILLION MOMS AGAINST GUNS: Or something like that. They held a "massive rally" in Topeka, Kansas, the other day--and 44 people showed up. I guess nobody cares about their brand of gun control in Topeka. That's happening more and more recently, as outfits like theirs plan "massive rallies" that draw very few people. You'd think they'd get the idea that fewer and fewer people give a damn about their efforts to violate the Constitution, while they're getting people killed by disarming them.

STATE DEPT. "BLOODBATH": This has been needed for a long time. The liberal appointees who believe the same way Obama does need to be gotten rid of--and the new Secretary of State is doing it. He cleared a big part of the seventh floor (where most of the State Dept. policy is made) and got rid also of a couple of top assistants, making the rest wonder if their time would come, soon. This needs to be done in ALL the government offices--get rid of those who are bent on "bringing down" the president.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

What About Obama's "Czars?"

Whatever happened to Obama's extra-lawful "cabinet-level" appointments of people with certain powers given them OUTSIDE the congressional oversight designed into the Constitution? He appointed a bunch of them (I count about 30), WITHOUT bothering to ask Congress about them. And Congress let him get away with it. They "melted into the background," and not much has been written about them in either the liberal media OR the "alternative (right-wing) media. What happens to them now that Trump is the boss? And what nefarious things did they do "behind the scenes" while nobody was looking?

CHICAGO IGNORANCE AGAIN: Chicago "authorities" say "guns are racist, and are a public health issue." Further, they say that gang violence is CAUSED by "white privilege." How blind and stupid ARE these people? Guns are NOT racist, nor are they a "public health issue." And they are NOT "caused by white privilege." That's just an effort to divert blame from their own stupidity. Gang violence is caused by stupid black people who would rather shoot each other than have a meaningful discussion about their differences.

TORIES ALWAYS WITH US: We called them "Tories" back in the days of the American Revolution. They wanted to stay under the thumb of the British king. We call them liberals, today. They call themselves "progressives." Whatever they're called, they aren't too bright. They support everything that is BAD for us, and nothing that's GOOD for us. Things like allowing MEN into women's restrooms and dressing rooms if they "identify" as women. Or giving BILLIONS of dollars to a terrorist-supporting state to use in killing more people who don't believe in their phony "religion."

BUILD THE WALL? Should Trump build the wall he so fervently promised? Yes. He did promise, after all. But he should not rely totally on that wall to, by itself, "solve his problem." And I don't think he is dumb enough to do so. There should be many ways to MONITOR that wall, including cameras, motion sensors, and other things, including stepped-up patrols by the Border Control. And he should not ANNOUNCE what he is going to do, so the illegal aliens can figure out ways around it.

GIANT BACKFIRE: Liberals thought they could hurt Ivanka Trump by setting up a "boycott" of her products, and it looked like, for a while, they were going to be successful, as several major stores announced that they'd no longer be selling her brand. But then, reality set in, and sales of her products skyrocketed, now reaching number ONE on Amazon, which is a sure indicator. Take THAT, Trump haters!

Friday, February 17, 2017

"Recessive Genetic Misfits?"

That's how the "Black Lives Matter" fools describe ALL white people. Isn't that very close to what white supremacists said about all black people in the past? That they were too dumb to have equal rights? That made blacks very angry, and rightly so. Isn't that blatant racism? They're working HARD to create black against white racism, and they're getting a lot of cooperation from liberals, even white liberals, who are too stupid to know better. When are Americans going to wake up and shut down this effort? Before, or AFTER blacks start hanging white people for being white? And get away with it?

IMPEACHING TRUMP? When have you ever heard of impeaching a president after he was in office only a month--or even less? That's what Democrats are contemplating for Trump. They're already spending a lot of money to falsify a case against him that can maybe be used by a false judiciary (which they created) to get him impeached. They will use that phony story about him and the Russians colluding to get him elected--never mind there is absolutely NO PROOF that it ever happened. They still insist on it. It will fail, and fail miserably. That's a prediction.

MEDIA INCENSED: Trump took the media to task for their lies in a quiet, civil fashion, and they lost their minds, according to what I heard about their reaction. Apparently, it's okay if they criticize Trump, even with their lies, but not okay for Trump to criticize THEM, even though his criticism is TRUE! They even said criticizing the media was UNAMERICAN. But criticizing the president is not.! What a bunch of dim-witted dumbos! Trump has their measure, and they'll never realize it.

OBAMA'S WAR AGAINST COAL: Obama PROMISED to "bankrupt the coal industry," and he very nearly succeeded. But today, President Trump (Oh, how I LOVE to say that!) took a first step in reversing Obama's actions toward that by signing into law legislation that reverses many of Obama's UNNECESSARY and COSTLY regulations that were "job killers." The coal industry and all the people who work in it are very happy with Trump, and so am I. The coal industry is one of the most important industries out there, and there was no REAL reason to put a damper on it, as Obama did.

IT'S A CRAZY WORLD: It's definitely crazy world when a bunch of ILLEGAL aliens could go on national TV and be interviewed AS illegal aliens, without fear of being arrested for their crime of entering this country illegally. That's just what happened on Fox News, where a bunch of illegal aliens were interviewed by Jesse Watters, of "Watter's World," where they openly admitted being illegal, one here for FORTY YEARS. Another said flat out that he did not respect immigration laws.

OFF THE DEEP END: Michael Moore is getting more strident every day. I think he is going "off the deep end" about Trump winning the election. The other day he said Trump should be JAILED (for what?) and Hillary "installed" as president! Forget the Constitution and the constitutionally directed "order of succession" it mandates. Now he says Trump is "a Russian traitor who should resign." Again, with NO PROOF of anything he's saying. We need to quit listening to this clown and just let him self-destruct.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

They Don't Understand Anything!

Michael Moore is now demanding that Trump be arrested, and Hillary be "installed" as president. This buffoon really thinks that's possible! Hey, MIke! That ain't the way government works! The only way to get Trump out of the Oval Office is to come up with some REAL "crimes or misdemeanors" and impeach him, which is unlikely. Even so, there's NO WAY Hillary could be "installed" as president. If Trump was gone, there's a very clear line of succession that WOULD be used. Boy, is Mike DUMB!

HE WAS DOOMED: Kim Jong Il's older brother was DOOMED, and he knew it was only a matter of time before his thug criminal brother murdered him like he did his uncle. He was a possible replacement, so he had to go. Kim has murdered many people who MIGHT be a threat to his "rule," so why stop at his brother? Only because he couldn't kill him IN N. Korea. He had to wait until he was elsewhere, and figure out how to get around his Chinese security. I hate to think of what's in store for those men who let a murderer get close to him.

TRUMP: PERFECT GENTLEMAN: I've noticed at least TWICE that, when holding a meeting and there is a woman sitting anywhere near him, subordinate, or not, young or old, he holds her chair for her and does not sit until she is comfortably seated. This is the mark of a gentleman and pisses off hard-core feminists. He doesn't make a big thing of it, he just does it, and THEN he sits down. That's apparently how he was raised, and how he IS. This is the man the Democrats painted as a "woman-abuser" who likes to touch them inappropriately because he CAN--he's rich.

GUN GRABBER FAKE NEWS: This story was run in the Knoxville News-Sentinel and asserts that "constitutional carry" is dangerous. This is the usual gun-grabber lie, and they not only bought it, they're carrying it on further by spewing it in their pages, without ANY stats to back it up. This IGNORES the millions of ILLEGAL guns already on the streets, many of which are in the hands of gang members, who are mostly too young to have a gun, but get them easily, ILLEGALLY, anyway.

OBAMA'S BOOBY TRAPS: Obama set many booby traps to impede Trump in his efforts to "drain the swamp" in DC. One of those is the thousands of employees he saw to being appointed, who remain, even after Trump took office. And they're working HARD to undermine him, sometimes by doing an incompetent job of carrying out his orders in such a way as to anger the American people. This, they did, with his order to put a "pause" on immigration from certain countries. And it was very effective. We're STILL talking about it. They're calling it a "Muslim ban," which it is NOT, and never has been.

THE TWO-STATE SOLUTION: Popular (liberal) opinion has it that there is only one way to guarantee peace between Israel and the Palestinians, and that is the "two-state solution." It is NOT! Why should Israel REWARD the terrorism committed by the Palestinians by giving them their own state, from which to commit even more atrocities against Israel, who they have PLEDGED to destroy? Do you think that will stop their murderous ways? Don't be silly!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Shouldn't Even Be A Fight

This shouldn't even BE a fight. Obama's "rules change" that told his bureaucrats to put the names of elderly people who requested others to handle their finances on the "no-gun list" as a means of disarming yet another group of law-abiding people, should never have been made. Just asking others to handle your finances does NOT mean you are "mentally deficient" or a danger to society. Yet the "fight continues," as anti-gun fools line up to KEEP that rule in place, even though it is obviously patently WRONG.

SHORT-SIGHTED ACTION: The authorities went through a complicated series of actions after a "concealed carrier" came to the defense of a cop who was in danger of being murdered by a damned fool motorist, He came upon the scene while the "bad guy" was "beating the hell" out of the cop, had taken his gun, and was about to kill him. Whereupon this hero warned him, and when he did not stop, "put three" into him, killing him. They then took his gun "as evidence" and made him have to be "cleared" in the killing.

FAKE NEWS HEADLINES: "Melania is a hooker" – Jacob Bernstein, NY Times "Trump is about to make America awful again" Washington Post "President Trump Has Done Almost Nothing" Politico (Which is a blatant LIE. Trump has done more in 3 weeks than most presidents do in 8 years) "Flynn Is Exactly What Trump Deserves"NY Times. Just a sampling of the "fake news" headlines in the last week. And it's going to continue as long as Trump is president, as the Democrats and their allies in the liberal media try their best to discredit him, even if they have to LIE audaciously to do it.

NOVEL POLITICAL IDEA: Keep your promises. That is exactly what he is doing, and has done so on more fronts than previous presidents did in their entire 8 years (IF they got 2 terms). It's so common for a politician to make lavish promises during a campaign, and then make excuses for not keeping them, that nobody EXPECTS them to do so. And they're very surprised when Trump does it, to the consternation of liberals on all levels. That's why they cry so much.

CRITICIZING TRUMP FOR EVERYTHING: The liberals are "out to get" Trump and his entire family, any way they can. They'll criticize how he unzips his pants when he goes to the bathroom. Or how he holds his spoon when eating ice cream. Unimportant things they build into major things, falsely. Now they're criticizing Melania for daring to sit at the "presidential desk!" Is that something important? How about their criticism on the length of Trump's TIE? If he breaks wind, they'll accuse him of adding to global warming--er, uh, "climate change."

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Fighting Action!

An "anti-life" (pro abortion) woman shoved a used Tampax into a pro-life (anti abortion) person's mouth. This is the kind of LOW actions liberals take, and if it happened to me, that woman would even now be nursing a broken jaw and the loss of many of her teeth. I don't usually hit women, but this kind of thing is unforgivable, and she is due what she gets. She has put herself in a man's position, relying on being a woman to protect her from retaliation. It wouldn't work with me. There are just some things that are too much. I've never hit a woman, but this one would have earned it.

"UNFAIR AND INCOMPLETE COVERAGE": Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway says the press "often gives Trump unfair and incomplete coverage." She's wrong. They ALWAYS give him negative coverage, and even FALSE coverage. A lot is said about Trump "declaring war on the media," but I think it's the other way around. The media has "declared war on Trump," and he is simply firing back--very effectively, I might add, which offends them.

MANUFACTURING IMPEACHMENT: California (liberal) politician Maxine Waters says, "We have to FIND (translation: manufacture) things on Trump, so we can impeach him. The only reason this bi....er, witch is still in office is because she's from a very liberal state, where they keep electing fools like her. She is actively trying to discredit Trump, for ANYTHING. And if she can't find something real, she'll make it up. She is one of the most blatant liberal troublemakers out there, and should be "sent packing" in the next election. But she won't, in California. Of course, she'll call me racist for this, since she happens to be black, as well as stupid.

PARTY OF "HELL NO!" Democrats loved to call Republicans "the party of no!" because they opposed so many of Obama's potential outrages. But now the shoe is on the other foot, the Democrats are dedicated to complete blockage of EVERYTHING Trump even proposes, even if it's something THEY promoted in the past. So we could call them, "The Party of Hell No!" and be right.

COWS GET A BAD RAP: The government has actually gone so far as to charge farmers a fee for each cow on their farm, because of "cow farts." They SAY the methane gas emitted when they fart adds to global warming....er, uh, climate change, as they now call their swindle. But why lay it all on cows? Horses fart. PEOPLE fart. Dogs fart, and so do cats, though cats hide it better. Elephants fart, and hippos fart. Every living thing that has a waste disposal orifice farts. I hate to bring this up, because the bureaucrats and politicians will just use it to screw us out of more of our hard-earned money. That's all it is: a way to screw us out of more money.

N. KOREA COMMITTING SUICIDE? Word is that people are becoming more and more afraid N. Korea will use one of its THREE missiles to send a nuclear bomb to Washington, DC. That will certainly mean the END of N. Korea. But Kim is so dense he doesn't know that. He can't even SEE it. He just likes to applaud himself and shoot guns handed him by one of his fawning flunky generals. He thinks THREE missiles makes him "king of the world." They do not. They only give him the power to kill himself and all his people. If he fires ONE missile toward DC, or any other American city, he will DIE before the missile gets here. Meanwhile, the missile will be shot down.