Friday, November 30, 2018

Whitaker's Recusal?

Liberals are in a panic. They got what they wanted, but they didn’t want it. They knew Trump was irritated over the recusal of his most recent Attorney General from controlling Mueller’s witch hunt, and they knew he was going to eventually fire him. So they mounted pressure for that to happen. It happened, and Whitaker was appointed as interim AG and they knew he had publicly criticized that “investigation.” They were deathly afraid he would fire Mueller and there would go their “growing fainter with every hour” hopes of impeaching Trump on some “trumped up” charge (pun intended). They see their main plan unraveling and that frightens them no end.

NOT OBAMA OR BUSH: Chief Justice Roberts is angry with President Trump for having the temerity to speak the truth. He told us the judge that stopped him from enforcing the law was an “Obama-appointed judge” and, therefore should be ignored. Justice Roberts said there are no such things as “Obama judges” or “Bush judges.” But there are. Not by name, but by political bias. There are LIBERAL judges, and CONSERVATIVE judges The Ninth Circuit is the “proof of the pudding.” Whenever liberals want a judgment against all reason, but what liberals want, they file suit in an area covered by the Ninth Circuit, which can usually be counted on to render a verdict that will allow the liberals to do what they couldn’t do by legislation. It’s predictable as the sun coming up in the morning and going down at night.

PRESS CORPS REBELS? They’re telling Trump they “don’t agree” with his new rules for press conferences—like they get a say in it. Guardian reporter says: “Frankly, I don’t think that anyone has agreed to the rules because there’s no reason for the White House to dictate the terms about how reporters do their jobs” The White House is not attempting to tell reporters how to do their jobs. They are making rules for DECORUM in the press conference room, which they have the right to do. The reporters don’t get to agree or disagree. Either they obey the rules, or they’re gone. It’s as simple as that. They are there at the INVITATION of the president. He can remove that invitation at any time.

CARAVAN” REVEALS ITSELF: They are an “invading army” determined to undermine our ability to say who and HOW immigrants may enter our country. The first contingent actually tried to FORCE their way into our country and were repulsed. If they try again, and begin using personal violence to do so, they can expect to get hurt, and they will have it coming. We will do what is necessary to maintain our borders. They “rushed the border,” throwing rocks, which can be deadly missiles, and using children as protection from retaliation. That kind of action can only end in them getting hurt. They think they can overwhelm our defenses, but the military, which has been stationed there, will use what force is required to stop them. They need to be warned. Meanwhile, liberals can bray what they wish, and be damned to them.

LYNCH, COMEY TO TESTIFY: Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and former FBI Director James Comey, will testify before a government committee, hopefully in public, so we can all see how they do. Comey says he will only testify in public. As if he has a choice. He will testify under the conditions dictated by the committee, or he will suffer the consequences. The most important questions should be to determine WHY both he, and Lynch, ignored the law when it pleased Obama. We’ll see if they’re really serious at getting to the bottom of that, or if this is just another “dog and pony show” to fool us into thinking they really want to get something done.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Obama got in another jab when he said that global warming scam hadn’t been solved because of racism. Put that one on the list of things he has attributed to racism. And this fool was president? Gimme a break! Many people think he’s a fool, but every time he opens his mouth he removes all doubtPoor little snowflakes! In the UK, teachers are warned not to use all caps because that might frighten their poor little students. That’s yet another good way to avoid getting those students ready for life in the real world, where other people aren’t worried about frightening them. If seeing upper-case letters frightens them, they’re in big trouble already… A Christian Student Senator at Berkeley refuses to vote on the LGBT vote, so they want her to resign. I’d advise her to tell them to go pee up a rope… 

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Whitaker Frightens Liberals

When he was given the job of “Acting” Attorney General, they again “lost their minds.” They “found” things to cite, such as the fact he is a “Bible-believing Christian (as if that’s a bad thing). They’re deathly afraid he will fire Mueller, since he has previously criticized Mueller’s “witch hunt,” as what it is. But he will not do that, because Whitaker and Trump both know Mueller has nothing—not even a MANUFACTURED charge, to lodge against President Trump, and they’re willing to let Mueller “finish” his work, if he ever does. Dumocrats are “making a mountain out of a molehill,” but that’s what they do best. What I personally hate is Mueller is spending taxpayer dollars like it’s water, while ruining many good people.

STRETCHING REALITY: us District Judge William Young made a big mistake when he ruled that the AR-15 was NOT COVERED by the Second Amendment, since it did not exist at the time the Amendment was written. What he failed to do was to READ the Amendment, which says NOTHING about what kind of “arms” it covered. It asserts, and recognizes the concept of SELF-DEFENSE, and the right to be ARMED to facilitate it. It said NOTHING about covering or not covering a certain KIND of firearm. That’s where the “twist” comes in.

HILLARY CALLS TRUMP RACIST: Again. She cites instances where President Trump enforced the law, and made some comments about lawbreakers, comments that she DECIDED were racist. He has a habit of giving “nicknames” to ALL his enemies, and illegal aliens should be no different. Illegal aliens are NOT a “race,” because there are people from all over the world among them, including Muslim terrorists. He is NOT a racist, no matter how many times liberals SAY he is while citing his enforcing the law as racism.

FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION: An American judge just made it legal in the United States. Surgery that is tantamount to cutting off a man’s penis, but for women, and is common in backward countries, has been made “legal” by a JUDGE. Not the Congress. NO law has been passed, only the OPINION of one judge. And usually, the woman has no say in the matter. Her fate is decided by the MEN in her life. FGM involves removing that little nub (the clitoris) on the vagina that is, for a woman, the same as a penis for a man, so she can no longer enjoy the sex act. It is felt that by doing this, she will remain faithful to her man while he enjoys himself on her. I suspect men would “lose their minds” if a judge made cutting off their penis legal.

MICHELE THE FRONT RUNNER: “Even if she doesn’t want to be.” That’s the song the liberal media is singing, anyway. And it might even be true—among Dumocrats, anyway. But that doesn’t make her a winner, as Hillary proved in 2016. Everybody, especially the liberal media had her the winner, right up to 8 PM on election night. Then reality began to sink in, and being a favorite among Dumocrats just wasn’t enough to supplant the “Trump Wave.” No amount of “rule changing,” vote buying, ballot stuffing, or “finding votes” where none were could save her. Neither Hillary nor Michele are qualified to be president. Being the wife of a president doesn’t make her qualified, but Dumocrats don’t seem to know that. So fine. Nominate her, and she’ll go down to defeat like Hillary did.

DIVIDED COUNTRY: I hear a lot of grousing in the news about the “divided nature” of this country today—as if things have changed. What has changed is the NATURE of the divide. It’s all Trump hatred, and that’s almost all on the part of the Dumocrats. A few of the Republicans have joined them, because they see themselves as becoming a victim of Trump’s “draining the swamp.” Almost all those who hate Trump are corrupt, and they figure Trump will get to them before long, and they want to “get rid of him” before that can happen. With the GOP it is a smaller bunch, but with the Dumocrats, it’s almost 100%, as far as I can see. But the Founders DESIGNED our political system so there WOULD be division. And they designed it well.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Liberals are absolutely insane. At UC Berkeley, they harassed a Christian student for saying the obvious: that there were only TWO sexes. These fool liberals are constantly trying to reject reality… Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is mad. Mad because we recognize that she is abysmally ignorant on just about everything, and we say so… Stormy Daniels says her “fight” with Trump to be let out of the “non-disclosure agreement” she says she signed after receiving $130,000.00 has ruined her career in pornography. Somebody oughta tell her she didn’t have to start this fight, and that her “career” was already ruined, by time. She’s getting a little “long in the tooth” to be screwing for money for others to see… Barack Obama thinks he’s better than anybody he has ever worked with. Boy, nobody likes Obama like Obama does. This fool is arrogance personified…

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Gun Control: No Change

Proof again that their anti-gun laws don’t work the way they say they do. In California, after ten years of tight gun control, there have been no changes in “gun crime” figures, at all. A study performed gave us these figures. “The study, which posted online Oct. 12 as in press at the journal Annals of Epidemiology, was conducted by the Violence Prevention Research Program (VPRP) at UC Davis and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. It compared observed annual firearm homicide and suicide rates in California over 10 years following enactment of comprehensive background check and misdemeanor violence prohibition policies in 1991 with expected rates based on data from 32 control states that did not have these policies and did not implement other major firearm policies during the same time.” Once again, gun control has proven useless.

HORRORS! IVANKA A HILLARY CLONE! At least that’s what the left thinks. She sent and received a few e-mails about government business over a private e-mail system. She didn’t even have her own server in her bathroom or broom closet! She never tried to “take out” her computer so she wouldn’t get “found out” by taking a sledge hammer to it. She didn’t even “acid wash” her hard drive! What she did isn’t even in Hillary’s LEAGUE! Yet the left wants to pillory her for (they think) doing the same things Hillary did and got a pass on before the FBI even had read the report on her “investigation.”

TODAY'S GUN SAVE: Anti-gun fools say it never happens. They say concealed carriers are more likely to shoot themselves than anybody else. They say that the average person carrying a gun NEVER is able to stop violence from being committed. They're WRONG, as usual. And today's “gun save” proves it, yet again. In Alabama, an armed police officer was shopping at the “Riverchase Galleria,” and saw a man shoot a couple of people. He immediately “engaged” the shooter and shot him to death before he could shoot any more people. Yes, he was a police officer, but at the time, he was just a citizen, doing some shopping. His presence was not expected by the shooter, and it made all the difference in the world, contrary to what anti-gun fools tell you. As usual.

DISMANTLING THE CONSTITUTION: A new bill in Congress would do just that. While the Amendments would remain, they would be made toothless by Senate Bill 9191, a bill introduced by, guess who? A Dumocrat, of course! Dumocrat State Senator Kevin Parker basically requires anybody applying for a “carry permit” or just the right to POSSESS a firearm to submit to the government studying their Facebook or other “social media” posts as yet one more impediment to having and using a gun for self defense. Which is just one more thing they can use to DENY you that right. That’s in addition to all the other impediments that already are in force, the idea is to establish that you must conform to their ideas in order to exercise a constitutional right.

STOCK MARKET DOWN: Dumocrats are making a “big thing” about the stock market being down in a major way—like that’s Trump’s fault (everything is Trump’s fault if it is bad, according to Dumocrats). What they don’t tell you is that the stock market always goes up and down, sometimes in a major way. Recently, the Dumocrats took back control of the House, and the market immediately went South, and has continued a long slide (up and down) that has “wiped out” all last year’s gains. Again what they don’t tell you is that we are STILL in positive territory, based on the market under Obama and, before him, Bill Clinton, and the trend, if you look at the right chart, is ALWAYS UP. Always has been.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Senator Nelson asked the court to toss out the “unfair Florida recount. I guess he wanted more time to “find” more votes. Look in the trunk of your car, senator… Stormy’s “Creepy Porn Lawyer” Avenatti has been arrested for domestic abuse. Not surprised. He’s always struck me as that kind of guy… Question: How do Dumocrats define a “stolen election?” Answer: Any election in which the Dumocrats lose… Ah, the last refuge of a loser: claim racism. The Broward County, Florida elections boss says the reason people are against her is racism. Forget all the boo-boos and corruption under her administration. It has to be racism, because she is black. Never mind a black woman was appointed to that position by a white man, and kept on by another white man, in spite of all her mistakes and corruption in the past… The best solution to the Acosta situation is to give him his own microphone. Just don’t hook it up to anything, and allow him no questions

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

"They're Afraid of Me!"

That’s what “Mad Max(ine)” Waters thinks. What an ego this fool has! She has committed a crime by fomenting violence, and causing harassment of lawful government officials in public places, and she actually thinks her “victims” are afraid of her. Somebody needs to wake this jerk up that NOBODY is “afraid of her.” She’s like a persistent fly, flitting around their faces. A bothersome distraction, nothing more. She needs to get some of her own medicine on a regular basis. I understand she did get some recently, but she should get more. She should not be able to go anywhere without being “bothered.”

SOCIALISM SUCKS: Dumocrats are “coming out of the woodwork” as socialists, something they carefully hid from us in years past. They espoused socialist policies all the time, but they denied they were socialists. Now, since an avowed socialist actually ran for president, and was taken seriously, they think that label can no longer hurt them any more. Then we get, not only a socialist, but a DUMB socialist like Alexandria Ocasio-Gonzales, who CLAIMS to be a socialist, but who doesn’t even understand what socialism IS. In addition, she can’t even name the three branches of government. Yet she got elected to Congress, anyway, and has even been mentioned for Speaker. How stupid!

MUELLER IS FOREVER: At least, as long as Trump is in the presidency. Liberals (Dumocrats) still think he can either come up with something they can twist into something that will con others into impeaching him, or CREATING something, and the government is using taxpayer money to continue Mueller’s “witch hut,” which they plan to run unstoppable until they either come up with something or are made moot by the end of Trump’s second administration coming about. They think they’re safe, and that Trump is afraid to defund Mueller’s witch hunt.

PETA BLASTS TURKEY PARDON: “They have committed no crime.” That’s what the liberals at PETA say, but, according to other liberals they have committed the crime of being alive when we want them to be dead, and on our dinner tables. Since when do you need to commit a crime in order to get your head chopped off? Liberals will be happy to do that to you if you oppose their policies, in any way. And “due process” is neither needed, nor offered. But then liberals have never worried about a contradiction in terms. They will be against today, what they were FOR previously if it serves their purpose. And they don’t care if we know it. They just plow right on as if it didn’t happen.

CHRISTINE FORD CASHING IN: Christine Blasey Ford, who was central in making Judge Kavanaugh’s life a living hell while she tried to deny him a seat on the Supreme Court by making false accusations against him is still “cashing in” on those false accusations, even though the liberal news media is no longer interested in her. She is getting thousands of dollars still from her “Go Fund Me” page. There are a lot of very gullible people out there. In my opinion, if they don’t want to charge her with anything, just make her get home on her own dime. She doesn’t deserve anything more.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: President Trump is “in trouble” with liberals because of something liberals THINK he was “within one second of saying.” They say he “almost” called April Ryan a “niger.” Thought police, anyone? For the record, who gives a crap what liberals think, anyway? I sure don't… Lay it on thick! “Creepy Lawyer” Michel Avenatti is sticking his nose in yet something else that does not concern him. An ANTIFA thug gave a vile insult to Tucker Carlson’s daughter in a restaurant, and a verbal “scuffle” ensued. Now Avenatti says a “gay, latino immigrant was assaulted by Carlson and his friends,” making him the “victim” here. Nothing like adding adjectives into the mix to make it sound bad. Avenatti says, “we are investigating.” Way to get more notice, Mike! Hope you get to run against Trump. You need another good drubbing to find out how useless you really areHillary must love punishment. Word is she will “run again.” Good-o! She will get another drubbing, right along with Avenatti…

Monday, November 26, 2018

Think They'll Prevail?

TFP Student Action, a group that works to promote Christian values on campus, is demanding that Georgetown University BAN a “pro-choice” (pro abortion) group from campus. Georgetown is a Catholic University, but do you think they will prevail? Doubtful. It seems like their liberal (“Progressive”) policies are more important than their Christian responsibilities and they don’t mind murdering countless helpless, innocent babies. Liberals hate anything Christian, anyway.

IMPEACHMENT, IMPEACHMENT! Dumocrats want to impeach Trump for anything and everything. Now they want to impeach him over the Kashoggi killing, as though he was complicit in it. They want to impeach him because his daughter MIGHT have done the same thing Hillary did with her e-mail. Yes, she MIGHT have done some government business on a private system, but she didn’t take sledge hammers to her computers or “acid wash” her hard drive to hide what she did, like Hillary did. Every time he does ANYTHING they want to impeach him for it. If they could figure out a way to blame him for Justice Ginsberg’s fall, they’d do it.

JUSTICE ROBERTS IS WRONG: He says “We have no ‘Obama judges,’ no ‘Bush Judges,’ etc.” And he’s very wrong. We have just TWO kinds of judges who “rule the roost:” Liberal judges, and conservative judges. And a real bunch of liberal judges are concentrated in the Ninth Circuit Court, and that’s where liberals always go to file their spurious suits to “get around” the Congress and get things done they can’t get through legislation. This is fact. A fact recognized by most intelligent people in this country, but obviously not by Justice Roberts. Roberts needs to “get his act together.”

PROHIBITING ENFORCEMENT OF LAW: That’s what that judge out in “The People’s Republic of California” did when he laid down a judgment that BARRED the President from enforcing the law. How does a “so-called judge” enjoin the president of the United States of America from enforcing the law? Judges are supposed to assure that the law is FOLLOWED, not MAKE law, or prevent the lawfully-empowered authorities from ENFORCING the law. What President Trump should do is go right on and enforce the law and defy that judge to try and physically enjoin him from it. Liberal judges have way too often recently tried to block everything Trump does. THEY should be “enjoined” from their attempts at stifling the president’s business.

BIRDS COME HOME: For Michael Avenatti, the “birds have come home to roost.” Avenatti did everything he could to destroy Judge Kavanaugh on UNPROVEN and UNSUPPORTED by facts “charges," thereby DENYING this good judge the right to due process, to be “innocent until proven guilty.” Now that he, himself has been charged with a felony (since reduced to a misdemeanor by a friendly prosecutor), he insists on “due process.” Something he wanted to deny Judge (now Justice) Kavanaugh. The birds have truly “come home to roost” for Avenatti. This is one sleazy guy who wouldn’t even pay his rent, and thus got tossed out of his office. Why anybody with any intelligence at all would hire him as their attorney is beyond me. That doesn't say a lot about Stormy.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Mad Max(ine)” Waters says, “The GOP is scared of me. They’ve never seen anybody like me.What an ego this fool must have to even THINK such a thing. Keep yapping, Maxine. You hurt your party every time you open your flap. We hope you stay around for a long time… Dumocrats in Florida and Arizona are “finding” votes by the hundreds of thousands. Funny. Every one of them is for a Dumocrat. Does anybody think that’s odd? I do… How ‘bout dat! Dumocrats in Georgia just “found” several thousand votes. And, wonder of wonders, they’re all Dumocrat… Jada Pinkett Smith is a racist. She declared herself so with her comment, “Blond hair on white women triggers me.” Hey, Jada! Black folks who hate white folks trigger ME… Trump just reminded the French: “You’d be speaking German if it weren’t for us!” They need to show some gratitude… Dumocrats say, “The violence will end if we win.” They’re right. Since they’re the ones DOING the violence

Friday, November 23, 2018

Gun-Free Zones: Dangerous

One of the favorite things for anti-gun fools is the “gun-free zone.” Never mind that 97.8% of ALL mass shootings since 1958 have occurred IN “gun-free zones.” When that is pointed out to an anti-gun fool, they never give you a real answer as to why they still work hard to create more and more “gun-free zones” because they have no answer. They immediately launch into the usual liberal tactic, used when asked a question they can’t answer, they start calling you names, like “gun-lover,” or “NRA member (used as an insult), or any number of other insults they figure can win the argument for them without having to cite facts they do not have. All their other ideas have the same drawback as this one” they DO NOT WORK. But they keep “beating the drums” to get more and more of them passed.

HOW MANY SEXES? Damned fool liberals try and convince us there are as many as 57 different sexes using some of the stupidest criteria I’ve ever heard. They say “all women don’t have vaginas.” Where they get that, I don’t know. If you’re born with anything other than a penis, YOU’RE FEMALE. They cite many different things as criteria. I can’t keep track of them all, and that’s how they want it. If I can’t keep track, they think I can’t mount a cogent argument against their position. They’re wrong. The argument is simple: if you’re born with a penis, you’re MALE. If a vagina, you’re FEMALE. There are no others, no matter how much a person WANTS to be a sex other than the one they are. People with a penis should NEVER be allowed in a woman’s restroom or changing room, period. Whatever they THINK they are. What they ARE is decided by what is between their legs.

DEMOCRAT VIOLENCE: The Dumocrats are in panic. Nothing they do seems to work out for them. They tried every way they could think of to stop the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court because they saw their reliance on liberals in the courts to do things they couldn’t do in the Congress, and failed. They worked hard, did everything they could, legal and illegal, to win the 2016 election for Hilary, and failed again. They criticize President Trump’s every move, hoping to “wear him down. But it is the Dumocrats who are getting “worn down. So now they go back to that old saw, violence. Something they used about 100 years in the past with the KKK, when they thought the black/white thing could be the road to power. Except today it’s called, “ANTIFA.” They say they’re “fighting “Fascism,” when the fascism is all on their side. That’s not going to work, either.

CRITICIZING EVERY MOVE: Liberals (Dumocrats) have embarked upon a system of criticizing, and even suing because of each and every move President Trump makes. If he lets a fart, they sue him for “polluting the atmosphere.” When he “pardoned” those two turkeys, they asked, “What about the millions or turkeys you didn’t pardon? “Mad Max(ine)” Waters sends her acolytes out to harass every “Trump person” they can find, making being a Trump employee or just a Trump friend or family member a very uncomfortable place to be. And today’s KKK, called ANTIFA, goes out, hiding behind their masks, and attacks Christians and other conservatives, thinking that will help their cause. It will not.

AVENATTI’S FOLLY: “Creepy Porn Lawyer” Michael Avenatti has discredited himself, in every way he can. After inserting himself in the Kavanaugh controversy by bringing forward not one, but TWO women who claimed (without proof) that Kavanaugh raped, or otherwise sexually assaulted them, one 40 years ago. One couldn’t remember much about it, except she was very positive about it being Kavanaugh who did it. The other couldn’t remember ANYTHING about it. Now Avenatti has been accused of domestic assault by one of his girlfriends and is insisting on “due process” for himself, while he wanted to deny it to Kavanaugh. He has been thrown out of his offices for lack of rent payments. He’s a real sludge. I think he can forget any idea of running for president—something he couldn’t win, anyway.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: President Trump is “in trouble” with liberals because of something liberals THINK he was “within one second of saying.” They say he “almost” called April Ryan a “niger.” Thought police, anyone? For the record, who gives a crap what liberals think, anyway?… Lay it on thick! “Creepy Lawyer” Michel Avenatti is sticking his nose in yet something else that does not concern him. An ANTIFA thug gave a vile insult to Tucker Carlson’s daughter in a restaurant, and a verbal “scuffle” ensued. Now Avenatti says a “gay, latino immigrant was assaulted by Carlson and his friends,” making him the “victim” here. Ignoring the fact it wasn't started by Carlson. Nothing like adding adjectives into the mix to make it sound bad. Avenatti says, “we are investigating.” Way to get more notice, Mike! Hope you get to run against Trump. You need another good drubbing to find out how useless you really areHillary must love punishment. Word is she will “run again.” Good-o! She will get another drubbing, right along with Avenatti… 

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

It Can't Be "Regulated"

Alan Gottlieb, well-known pro-gun advocate, says politicians want to “regulate” the Second Amendment out of existence. If that’s what they want, that should be a “pipe dream” that is impossible. Regulations are only to clarify LAWS that have been passed by a lawmaking body. There must be a LAW before there is a regulation to clarify it. Likewise, ALL LAWS must conform to the Constitution, and the Second Amendment is part of the Constitution, so no regulation can EVER nullify a constitutional provision. Not in a rational society, anyway. But this society has proven itself to be less than rational, so they might get away with it, for a while, until “wiser heads” intervene.

FUTILITY OF GUN CONTROL: Gun control is futile. It is NOT the answer to “gun violence.” Places with the tightest “gun control laws” in place all have high levels of gun violence. That’s not an anomaly. It is fact. Yet liberals everywhere criticize politicians (usually Republicans) for “doing nothing” to stem gun violence. What the HELL do they expect their pet politicians to do? Make more of the laws that have PROVEN they don’t work? None of the people criticizing certain politicians for “doing nothing to stem gun violence” have any suggestions Of WHAT to do. That’s because they don’t KNOW of anything to do, any more than the politicians do.

DON’T ROB A "QUICKTRIP": QuickTrip Stores in Wichita, Kansas have realized that a “good guy with a gun” is not a danger, but a solution. They have instituted an “armed employee” policy, and it has resulted in fewer of their Wichita stores being robbed. It has been so successful they are now expanding it to their other stores, elsewhere. That’s not really to be unexpected. If I were a holdup guy, I’d go where the they were gullible enough to think banning all guns in their stores to be a solution to the holdup problem because I didn’t want to meet a gun in the hand of the store clerk when I go in to hold them up.

OOPS! HOGG SCREWS UP: David Hogg, that irritating teenager who thinks he knows more than anybody else about gun control, accidentally made a good case for the pro-gun argument. He obviously doesn’t even think before hitting “send” on his Tweets because he sent out one recently where he noted that you should “send sharks to fight sharks.” Which is basically the argument we’ve been making, all along. The way to defend yourself against a gun is to have a gun, yourself. It is NOT to DISARM yourself. Anti-gun fools generally think the only way to self defense is to ban guns, or make them very hard to get, so that the criminals have an easier time of it, knowing their intended victims will probably not be armed.

BEATING THE RACISM DRUMS: Seems like liberals everywhere are trying as hard as they can to push the imaginary idea that racism is rampant in this country. They’re even teaching classes in college pushing the idea. In one college they have a class on ‘White Supremacy.” At the University of Pennsylvania, they’re holding an event on the “racist roots of Thanksgiving.” Only a fool would push the idea that the Thanksgiving holiday has “racist roots.” But there are liberals all over in colleges, creating silly things like that. The tragic thing is that we had almost eradicated racism as a major problem in this county, until Barack Obama started “beating the racist drums” by claiming racism every time somebody disagreed with him. We have more black politicians than ever in this country today, mostly in the south, but not confined there.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: CNN is now saying that the video of Jim Acosta putting his hands on a White House intern was “doctored” by the White House, and that’s another CNN LIE. I watched it happen, LIVE. And the video reflects exactly what I saw… A congressman says the White House “set up” Jim Acosta. Really? Jim would be so easy to “set up,” wouldn’t he? You can only “set up” people who are not as stupid as Acosta is. He set himself up… Well, one Dutch dude figures that if people can change their sex, he ought to be able to change his age, so he’s suing to be allowed to do it. Maybe he hopes that will keep him alive longer… The mother of one of the California bar shooting victims says she “doesn’t want prayers or good wishes.” She wants GUN CONTROL! Never mind gun control will do NOTHING to stop such killers. But she’ll never know that, because the anti-gun fools tell her different. I feel sorry for her, but gun control is NOT the answer. She has been ill-advised on that matter

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Judge Wuz Wrong!

Judge Timothy Kelly, a Trump appointee, fergawdsake, ruled that Trump had violated Jim Acosta’s constitutional rights by revoking his press pass. That’s wrong. Very wrong. Attending those press briefings is a PRIVILEGE, to be controlled by the president, or whoever he might appoint to do so. If I asked for a pass to that press conference, it would be refused because they might not define a blogger as a journalist. They have that right, and I recognize it. To issue press credentials presupposes the president’s right to REVOKE that pass, and does NOT rise to the level of a constitutional issue. Acosta’s pass was revoked for CAUSE.

IF IT WAS A MAN: Jim Acosta would not have fared as well as he did when he put hands on that female White House Intern if it had been a man, who was capable of taking that microphone whether or not he wanted to give it up. And to physically take it away from him if required. Frankly, I’m surprised Trump didn’t allow the Secret Service agents present to intervene. Which would have made Acosta very sorry, indeed. Acosta is a sorry specimen of human being, and as a reporter. He needs to be “taken to the woodshed” and reminded of his position in life, which is not to be able to dictate to the President of the United States, on press room decorum.

SHE’S JUST “GIVING UP”: Stacy Abrams is NOT conceding defeat, although she is “giving up her run for governor of the State of Georgia. That’s because she thinks her loss was “an erosion of democracy.” Boy, what big head this gal must have! Apparently, her definition of a stolen election is the same as that of the Dumocrat Party: “Any election the Dumocrats don’t win.” They just couldn’t “find” enough votes to get her elected. More people apparently voted for her opponent than for her, and that must be a CRIME. It’s funny. Republicans have to stop counting votes at a certain time, while Dumoctrats get to keep counting votes until they win. And when they can’t pull that off, they whine, and cry, and call “foul.”

WHAT’S WRONG WITH THEM? It is obvious to anybody with any degree of intelligence that the laws that have been made to “keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them” only keep guns out of the hands of people who SHOULD have them: the law-abiding, so they can defend themselves and others against those who IGNORE those laws and get their guns illegally. Why then, do they insist on making even more of them? Is it simple stupidity? Or the need to convince gullible people they are DOING something, even if they, and we, all KNOW it accomplishes NOTHING except to make it easier for criminals and other miscreants to victimize the law-abiding.

WE’LL NUKE YOUR ASS!” That’s what one Dumocrat congressman in California wants to tell gun owners who won’t “give up their guns.” Never mind the Constitution prohibits any lawmaker from doing anything like that. California congressman Eric Swalwell apparently doesn’t know much about the Constitution, or he wouldn’t make such an absurd suggestions. And I hope he’s using “nuke” as a simile. The idea of a nuclear explosion on an American citizen is about as absurd as you can get. If he’s serious, he has committed a crime. For the United States government to even CONSIDER using a nuclear device against Americans would also be criminal, and for a local, state lawmaker to even suggest it is stupidity.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Joy Behar of “The View” says, Dumocrats lost the Senate because of gerrymandering. Yeah right, Joy. THEIRS… Fat Boy Michael Moore has (again) brought up the name of Michele Obama to run against Trump, as a “beloved American.” What he doesn’t know is that only liberals “love” her. Intelligent Americans don’t want ANYBODY whose name is Obama NEAR the Oval Office, no matter what their color. They had their chance to destroy this country, and we don’t need to give them another chance… Has anybody noticed that every bit of the violence in politics is directed against those on the RIGHT? Only one on the left has been a victim, and that is “Mad Max(ine) waters, the AUTHOR of such violence. And she, of all people, has it coming… Jim Acosta LIED straight out when he said he did not put his hands on that White House intern. I saw it LIVE, when it happened. No chance of “Photoshopping.” He got what he deserved… 

Monday, November 19, 2018

The "Truth Committee"

The “Diversity and Inclusion Committee” (the PC Police) at Emporia State University (ESU) in Emporia, Kansas, wants to EXCLUDE a student official for using the term “illegal aliens” (a proper, descriptive term they want to eliminate from usage) on FACEBOOK. This, in a country where freedom of speech supposedly exists. It’s like that prophetic book, “1984,” where the “speech police,” called, “The Truth Squad” (I think. It's been a long time since I read that book) enforced the lies the government told, and getting caught by them meant a “re-education camp” where you were subjected to the very things that terrified you. They used a “head cage” on Winston, the hero of the book, with rats in it, because he was terrified of rats.

AVENATTI’S “DOUBLE THINK”: Michael Avenatti, that obstreperous “creepy lawyer” for Stormy Daniels in her attempt to be let out of the “non-disclosure agreement” she signed after getting more than $100,000.00, has been arrested for domestic assault. I don’t know if it is true, or not. But I see the contradiction there. He is an advocate for men to be “convicted” of sexual assault with NO PROOF, yet when HE gets in trouble, he insists on PROOF before conviction. I don’t know what Stormy wants, since she has violated that agreement in many ways, already, just with her suit. Even if her claims are true, what the hell difference does it make, after Bill Clinton beat impeachment over his sexual liaisons IN the Oval Office.

SOCIAL SECURITY PONZI SCHEME: For those of you who do not know what a “Ponzi Scheme” is, it is a well-used swindle scheme designed to separate people from their money. They take “contributions” from one group, promising a high return on their money, then they take “contributions” from another group, using that money to give the first group the promised “fair return” on their investment. Then they do the same thing, time after time, always using the money gained to give earlier “investors” a return on their money. When it gets to the point where more “new investors” are required than exist, it collapses. That’s the system on which Social Security is modeled, and collapse is near.

INFLATION IS GOVERNMENT THEFT: There is one cause of inflation: governments printing money with nothing valuable behind it. To do so reduces the value of every dollar now in circulation. It is PLANNED government THEFT. The government blames the “wage-price spiral” for it, but the wage-price spiral is only a SYMPTOM of inflation. When the dollar becomes worth less, people need to charge more for what they produce. That causes wages to rise so their employees can still keep up with rising prices. Then their employers need to raise what they pay to keep their employees. Ergo: inflation. The net gainer is government.. And I think they planned it that way.

HOW DEMOCRATS WIN ELECTIONS: By stuffing ballot boxes, getting Dumocrats elected or appointed as “election supervisor,” getting thousands of Republican votes thrown out while “finding” just as many Dumocrat votes, many of which are manufactured by Dumocrats. And if that fails, SUE. Claim voter suppression by Republicans while ignoring their own voter suppression. Keep on suing until they win. This is the way Dumocrats win many elections. They howled when Trump hinted that he would not accept the results of the 2016 election if there were irregularities, and then spent millions (of our money) refusing to accept the results of every election in which they are the losers.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: ABC anchor is amazed at how many people are rooting for Trump, “since he’s so unpopular.” Maybe if you talked to someone other than Dumocrat sycophants, you might find out he’s more popular than you knew… When Ocasio-Cortez (the famous socialist politician who knows nothing about socialism) was asked how she would pay for free medical care for all, she answered: “You just pay for it.” Which assumes money just “appears” out of nowhere. Damn! How stupid IS this bi… er, witch? And Dumocrats swear by her while human beings swear AT herCNN’s April Ryan says, “Trump targets me because I’m a black woman.” No April, he “targets you” because you LIE on television. This is how they expect to paint Trump as a racist. By making false claims against him. They do the same to meSamantha Bee defends Jim Acosta, saying, “We should be ashamed of Trump.” No, Samantha, we should be ashamed of Jim Acosta, and we (those of us with intelligence, anyway) are ashamed of this buffoon…

Friday, November 16, 2018

Globalism Is Bull Droppings

There isn’t a single thing wrong with declaring your love for your own country, and that is what President Trump did. He did NOT declare his agreement with “National Socialism,” which is what the Nazis were. He told us that ALL leaders of their countries ought to feel the same way about their countries, and there’s nothing wrong with that. For the Dumocrats to declare President Trump is somehow declaring himself to be a National Socialist by talking about nationalism is simply a ploy to criticize him further, for NOTHING. And that’s a pretty low blow, but something we expect of them.

RACIST COLLEGE COURSE: How do you CREATE racism in young people? That’s easy. Just create a college course and give it a good-sounding name. Stanford has done just that. They created one called, “Racism and White Nationalism in the Trump Era.” What a mouthful. It pretends to teach about “white nationalism” as something that really exists. And to believe that IS racism. Black against white racism. We’ve come so far in our treatment of black people today that the liberals need to CREATE a new kind of racism, out of “whole cloth.” So they’ve hit on “white nationalism.” An imaginary thing it is impossible to prove actually exists, or that it DOESN’T exist. But liberals insist it does, and tell us that people who deny its existence are racists, themselves. That’s how liberals work. They create something that isn’t real, then call us names when we disagree.

PALESTINIANS VS. ISRAEL: I don’t know why Israel doesn’t “take out” the rocket firing installations in the Palestinian section, since they fire many rockets every day INTO Israel, hopefully (for them) killing or injuring many innocent Israelis. The liberal media all over the world hides this by refusing to cover it, or even credit it. When asked, they DENY it. But it is happening, and is provable. If you look. The only reason they have been successful up to now is because of the media’s refusal to cover the rocket attacks, actively HIDING them from the world—except from the “alternative media,” which the liberal media claims is “fake news.”

I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT: The anti-gun fools rush, after each mass shooting, to DISARM all law-abiding Americans, to make them an “easy target” for the shooters. That’s instead of allowing them to arm themselves so they can do the job of defending themselves from mass shooters. It defies logic! The cops can’t do it because they aren’t usually “on the scene” when a mass shooter starts killing people. The cops can take minutes to HOURS to arrive (in one case recently, they didn’t answer a 911 call until the next day!), and in that time, a mass shooter can kill a lot of innocent people.

CNN SHOWING THEIR IGNORANCE: They’re now SUING the White House, saying it has “violated the constitutional rights of Jim Acosta by taking away his press pass.” What stupidity this exposes, and it is nothing but a “grandstand play” for more publicity. The power to issue a press pass presupposes the power to REFUSE to issue a pass. That is, in NO WAY a constitutional right for Acosta. His pass was removed FOR CAUSE. He continually monopolized the press conference, stopping other reporters from being able to ask their questions. He laid hands on a White House intern in refusing to give up the microphone.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: People wonder how to deal with Facebook’s banning conservative messages. The best way is to “walk away.” Facebook needs you more than you need Facebook, and if large numbers of people just “walk away,” they’ll change their tune… Chelsea Handler goes nude to tell people to vote (for Dumocrats, of course). I really wonder why Dumocrats think they have to go naked to get votes… Mad Max(ine) Waters is getting some of her own medicine. Damn, I hope SHE doesn't "go naked!"  Demonstrators showed up at her doorstep to harass her, and she doesn’t like it, big time. She even canceled her next appearance because of “security concerns.” “Goose and gander,” and all that… “Calypso Louie: Farrakhan needs to be “taken down.” He was recently in Iran shouting “Death to America!” Sounds like he’d like to live in Iran, so let’s buy him a one-way ticket…

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Trackers On All Guns

That’s what the Russian cops promise. The question in my mind is this: How does that account for all the ILLEGAL guns out there? If you can’t find a gun, you can’t put a tracker on it. And the guns that are the REAL problem are the ones they can’t find. So, as usual, the law that makes this possible applies ONLY to the guns that are LEGALLY sold, and ignores the ones that are ILLEGAL. And it is those illegal guns that are the problem, not the legal ones. Why politicians everywhere just can’t figure this out, is beyond me. I am a person of somewhat more than average intelligence, if IQ figures are any indication, and I can figure that out. Why can’t politicians, who are supposed to be smart?

BEATING GUN CONTROL DRUMS: California’s new governor, Gavin Newsom, says he will be “tougher on guns” than was his former boss, “Governor Moonbeam,” who vetoed several anti-gun fool bills. He says the NRA is “bankrupt morally” because they insist on supporting the rule of law. He didn’t put it that way, but that’s what he meant. He says politicians are “falling down on the job” because they haven’t passed even more of the anti-gun fool laws they have in force in California, that have DONE NOTHING to stop “gun violence,” in California, or elsewhere. What are they to do? Make more USELESS laws that stop nothing because criminals IGNORE them? Newsom is “flailing at windmills” if he thinks there are laws that can be made, that have not yet been made, that will “stem gun violence.”

WE’RE GOING BANANAS: We’re electing communists, Marxists, socialists, all over the place, KNOWING what they are, but apparently not UNDERSTANDING what that means. Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, for example. She’s not only an avowed socialist, she is completely IGNORANT on what that means. She doesn’t even know what socialism IS. Bernie Sanders is also an avowed socialist. He knows more about what socialism IS than does Cortez, but that just makes him an even more dangerous threat to the free market that made us the richest country on Earth, and the destination of choice for people who want to better themselves. They’re not the only ones, and if we keep electing them, we will soon be LOST as a free country.

IT NEVER HAPPENS”: But it does. All the time. Anti-gun fools confidently tell you that a “good guy with a gun” cannot do anything about a “bad guy with a gun.” That the whole idea of arming the law -abiding for self defense is absurd. That to do so would “create a wild west atmosphere” where people would be getting shot over a fender bender or something else just as unimportant. Of course, they ignore the fact that people ARE being shot over fender benders by people who got their guns on the black market, and never stood for a background check, in spite of all their well-meaning laws trying to take guns out of the hands of the bad guys.

GINSBERG AT DEATH’S DOOR: I’m 81 and, except for some difficulty walking, I’m fully capable of moving on my own. But I wouldn’t even try to be a Supreme Court Justice because it would mean my death a lot sooner than planned. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is in even worse shape. She’s practically incapable of walking on her own, and took a long time to move from her wheelchair to get into a car, with the help of THREE people. She can barely hold her head up. Liberals made a big thing of her leaving the hospital so soon, but I think it was a mistake on her part.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Some people are asking if Trump is qualified to be president. But nobody ever asked if Obama was qualified to be president, all through his disastrous decisions and policies. Meanwhile, Trump has presided over the best major gains this country has seen in decades, sometimes even EVER. And they’re asking if he’s QUALIFIED to be president? Some people just need to remove their blinders… It’s an honor for pro teams to be invited to visit the White House after a big victory, but some recently have refused to go. They think someone at the White House cares. Or anywhere elseI just saw a picture of Stormy Daniels on Legal Insurrection, and she looks like she weighs a TON. Is all that mass her chest? Wow… Rapper Akon (who “might” run for president) says Trump is an unstable, ineffective leader. Obviously he knows nothing about what it takes to be an effective leader, or what Trump has accomplished in a short time…

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Repeated Failures; Still Win?

Gabby Giffords’ “Law Center” claims that states with tougher gun laws have fewer deaths by guns. Which is a LIE. They falsify statistics to make it LOOK LIKE that. According to them, California’s “A” rating should mean things like that bar shooting in Thousand Oaks should not have happened—but it did. They gave my home state, Indiana, a “D minus” with a gun rate death twice that of California at 14.9 deaths per 100,000 population. Of course, we know they include suicides, accidents, and “righteous shootings” by cops and legally-armed civilians using their guns to defend against ILLEGALLY- armed criminals to get those figures.

ANTI-CONSTITUTION CAMPAIGN: The right of ALL AMERICANS to be armed for self defense (unless they’ve been CONVICTED of a felony or legally deemed to have a mental deficiency making them a danger). That is GUARANTEED in the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, which is the very BASIS for every law made in this country. Every law MUST CONFORM to the Constitution, or it is NOT A LAW. This is a FACT, not just somebody’s OPINION. The very actions of the anti-gun fools violate the Constitution, every day, as they go about getting their UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS made, to be enforced until DECLARED unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, or by any number of lesser courts.

THE LEFT IS BANKRUPT: They have no issues they can use to gain traction for their stupid ideas, so they are now fully committed to violence as a way of intimidating their enemies. They think terrorizing Tucker Carlson’s wife will gain them something. It will not. All it will do is gain that ANTIFA crowd a designation as a “Domestic Terrorist Organization.” And that’s what they are. They haven’t killed anyone yet (that we know of), but they’ve made plenty of waves with their masked attacks on conservatives, and anybody else who doesn’t “toe” the liberal line. “Mad Max(ine)” Waters began the attacks on conservatives with her “orders to the troops” to “harass and terrorize Trump people everywhere you can find them.”

NO “THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS”: I never thought I’d agree with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on anything. But his take (echoing the Thousand Oaks bar killer) on that shooting is “right on.” What good have “thoughts and prayers” ever done AFTER a bunch of innocent people have been murdered? The part of the diatribe from both with which I disagree is that we should enact even more of those USELESS anti-gun fool laws that only do one thing: make life easier for the criminals, who just IGNORE them, bring their (usually) illegally-obtained guns with them, to victimize the law-abiding, who DO obey laws—even if they disagree with them.

DEMS VOW GUN CONTROL: So Dumocrats vow “quick gun control,” do they? How are they going to do that? Not a single one of their “solutions” to the “massive gun crime” (as they call it) has done a thing to stop it. And there is nothing on the horizon that will stop criminals and other bad guys from getting the tools of their trade. When they can’t get them legally, they just get them ILLEGALLY. They either buy them from other criminals in a back alley somewhere, or just STEAL them. In both cases, they “bypass” those vaunted “background checks” the anti-gun fools love so much.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Michele Obama says she will “never forgive Trump.” For what, I don’t know. And if asked, she probably doesn’t know, either. But who cares if she forgives Trump for some imagined slight? I certainly don’t… Oh, how they change their tune! I remember Sen. Feinstein saying, “You don’t need legislation to limit immigration.” But listen to her now complaining that Trump might limit immigration without legislation… Almost 80,000 ballots have mysteriously appeared in races across the country. And by some coincidence they are all Dumocrat… In Broward County, Florida, there are about 100,000 MORE votes cast than there are people alive in that county. But nobody seems to do anything about it unless some are Republican, then they’ll be “purged.” The Republican onesI’m amazed! I just saw a photo of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (or something like that) and her mouth was shut! Wow! I didn’t think she ever shut up! Unless somebody asked her a pointed question, and then she never had a real answer… Good question: Why do Republicans have to stop voting on Nov. 6, but Dumocrats get to keep voting until they win? A question that needs an answer…

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Disarm the Cops?

That’s about the dumbest idea to come down the pike lately. Unarmed cops would be useless against criminals, just about ALL of whom are ILLEGALLY armed. Especially today, when outfits like “Black Lives Matter” are sparking the killing of cops from ambush, and criminals are killing cops at the drop of a hat—and are even sometimes dropping the hat. In France recently, a bunch of unarmed cops were ON THE SCENE while a couple of Muslims murdered 11 people who worked for a newspaper. All they could do was cower behind their cars as those Muslim terrorists did their murders, while praying the murderers didn’t come after THEM.

MUSLIMS WINNING ELECTIONS: We’re creating our own defeat by treating Muslims as if there was no reason to deny them the power to ruin our lives by letting them make our laws. They’ll call me racist for saying these things, but that’s BS. Muslim is not a race, and their “religion” is a farce. They USE their “religion” to forestall ALL criticism of their actions, many of which, even for “peaceful Muslims,” are, as Obama would say, “not what we are.” They believe in “honor killings,” and rape is a staple in their societies. That’s why their men insist their women go about in what can be described at a “tent,” so their men won’t rape them, while many of them rape other women, saying, “their way of dressing drives them to rape.” We need to treat them differently from real Americans, because they are—the very way they think is an anathema to most Americans. They’ll probably want to kill me for writing this.

JUST PAY FOR IT!” That’s what I’d tell newly elected congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who says she can’t afford an apartment until she gets her first paycheck as a member of Congress. Boo-hoo! Why doesn’t she just “pay for it,” as she advises that we must do to pay for her “flights of fancy” as a liberal electee. I’ve seen some ignorant people elected to office, but this woman is about the most ignorant I’ve ever seen. She is a socialist, but she has no idea what socialism IS. She has no idea how to pay for all her give-away ideas, so she says, “just pay for it.” With what? Higher taxes, of course. She doesn’t understand that, either. She doesn’t understand ANYTHING. But she is now a Member of Congress.

"BIBLE SUPPORTS ABORTION": One liberal dumbass says that, citing a passage from the Old Testament describing “The Lord” poisoning water and forcing the woman to drink it to prove or disprove her being “unfaithful.” sounds like the way they “exposed” witches in Salem. They put them under water and if they didn’t drown, they were witches. If they survived, they were witches and would be burned at the stake. A “lose lose” solution, at best. If you’re dead, you’re innocent. If you’re alive, you’re guilty, and they put you to death in a most painful way. Even if it were true, there’s a big difference between forced abortion as punishment, and abortion on demand, for the convenience of the parents, who would rather murder their unwanted offspring, rather than raise it.

I SHOULD’VE BEEN ARMED!” That’s what one survivor of the California bar massacre says. Meanwhile, we watch for the anti-gun fools to stomp and scream and demand that politicians make even more of their useless laws that not only do NOTHING to stop the bad guys from getting their guns, they also make the law-abiding into “easy targets” for them. And if we don’t do it, they call us “insensitive” and say we “wish for more people to get shot.” Never mind what they want doesn’t work, and never will. They vilify the NRA because they are staunch defenders of the constitutional protection (largely ignored) for our right to be armed for self defense. A good example of this is our contention that these things usually happen IN a “gun-free zone,” which is what this bar was. As is the entire State of California.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: In W. Palm Beach, FL, they have posted signs saying, “Entering A No Crime Zone.” Are they really stupid enough to think potential criminals will read that and look at each other and say, “We’d better not go there to commit our crimes?” I don’t think so… Oprah says, “I don’t want to run! (for president) Who asked ya, Oprah? Anybody whose views actually counted for something? If you try, you’ll just end up on the pile with the rest of Trump’s victims. You know, those who confidently thought they could beat him… Barbara Streisand says (again) that if the Dumocrats lose this election, she’s moving to Canada. Which is an added incentive for Republicans to get out and vote for Republicans… Those “sweet” immigration invaders (the herd) are SUING Trump for “violating their constitutional rights.” Only one problem. They don’t HAVE constitutional rights. They are not citizens…