Friday, November 16, 2018

Globalism Is Bull Droppings

There isn’t a single thing wrong with declaring your love for your own country, and that is what President Trump did. He did NOT declare his agreement with “National Socialism,” which is what the Nazis were. He told us that ALL leaders of their countries ought to feel the same way about their countries, and there’s nothing wrong with that. For the Dumocrats to declare President Trump is somehow declaring himself to be a National Socialist by talking about nationalism is simply a ploy to criticize him further, for NOTHING. And that’s a pretty low blow, but something we expect of them.

RACIST COLLEGE COURSE: How do you CREATE racism in young people? That’s easy. Just create a college course and give it a good-sounding name. Stanford has done just that. They created one called, “Racism and White Nationalism in the Trump Era.” What a mouthful. It pretends to teach about “white nationalism” as something that really exists. And to believe that IS racism. Black against white racism. We’ve come so far in our treatment of black people today that the liberals need to CREATE a new kind of racism, out of “whole cloth.” So they’ve hit on “white nationalism.” An imaginary thing it is impossible to prove actually exists, or that it DOESN’T exist. But liberals insist it does, and tell us that people who deny its existence are racists, themselves. That’s how liberals work. They create something that isn’t real, then call us names when we disagree.

PALESTINIANS VS. ISRAEL: I don’t know why Israel doesn’t “take out” the rocket firing installations in the Palestinian section, since they fire many rockets every day INTO Israel, hopefully (for them) killing or injuring many innocent Israelis. The liberal media all over the world hides this by refusing to cover it, or even credit it. When asked, they DENY it. But it is happening, and is provable. If you look. The only reason they have been successful up to now is because of the media’s refusal to cover the rocket attacks, actively HIDING them from the world—except from the “alternative media,” which the liberal media claims is “fake news.”

I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT: The anti-gun fools rush, after each mass shooting, to DISARM all law-abiding Americans, to make them an “easy target” for the shooters. That’s instead of allowing them to arm themselves so they can do the job of defending themselves from mass shooters. It defies logic! The cops can’t do it because they aren’t usually “on the scene” when a mass shooter starts killing people. The cops can take minutes to HOURS to arrive (in one case recently, they didn’t answer a 911 call until the next day!), and in that time, a mass shooter can kill a lot of innocent people.

CNN SHOWING THEIR IGNORANCE: They’re now SUING the White House, saying it has “violated the constitutional rights of Jim Acosta by taking away his press pass.” What stupidity this exposes, and it is nothing but a “grandstand play” for more publicity. The power to issue a press pass presupposes the power to REFUSE to issue a pass. That is, in NO WAY a constitutional right for Acosta. His pass was removed FOR CAUSE. He continually monopolized the press conference, stopping other reporters from being able to ask their questions. He laid hands on a White House intern in refusing to give up the microphone.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: People wonder how to deal with Facebook’s banning conservative messages. The best way is to “walk away.” Facebook needs you more than you need Facebook, and if large numbers of people just “walk away,” they’ll change their tune… Chelsea Handler goes nude to tell people to vote (for Dumocrats, of course). I really wonder why Dumocrats think they have to go naked to get votes… Mad Max(ine) Waters is getting some of her own medicine. Damn, I hope SHE doesn't "go naked!"  Demonstrators showed up at her doorstep to harass her, and she doesn’t like it, big time. She even canceled her next appearance because of “security concerns.” “Goose and gander,” and all that… “Calypso Louie: Farrakhan needs to be “taken down.” He was recently in Iran shouting “Death to America!” Sounds like he’d like to live in Iran, so let’s buy him a one-way ticket…

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Trackers On All Guns

That’s what the Russian cops promise. The question in my mind is this: How does that account for all the ILLEGAL guns out there? If you can’t find a gun, you can’t put a tracker on it. And the guns that are the REAL problem are the ones they can’t find. So, as usual, the law that makes this possible applies ONLY to the guns that are LEGALLY sold, and ignores the ones that are ILLEGAL. And it is those illegal guns that are the problem, not the legal ones. Why politicians everywhere just can’t figure this out, is beyond me. I am a person of somewhat more than average intelligence, if IQ figures are any indication, and I can figure that out. Why can’t politicians, who are supposed to be smart?

BEATING GUN CONTROL DRUMS: California’s new governor, Gavin Newsom, says he will be “tougher on guns” than was his former boss, “Governor Moonbeam,” who vetoed several anti-gun fool bills. He says the NRA is “bankrupt morally” because they insist on supporting the rule of law. He didn’t put it that way, but that’s what he meant. He says politicians are “falling down on the job” because they haven’t passed even more of the anti-gun fool laws they have in force in California, that have DONE NOTHING to stop “gun violence,” in California, or elsewhere. What are they to do? Make more USELESS laws that stop nothing because criminals IGNORE them? Newsom is “flailing at windmills” if he thinks there are laws that can be made, that have not yet been made, that will “stem gun violence.”

WE’RE GOING BANANAS: We’re electing communists, Marxists, socialists, all over the place, KNOWING what they are, but apparently not UNDERSTANDING what that means. Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, for example. She’s not only an avowed socialist, she is completely IGNORANT on what that means. She doesn’t even know what socialism IS. Bernie Sanders is also an avowed socialist. He knows more about what socialism IS than does Cortez, but that just makes him an even more dangerous threat to the free market that made us the richest country on Earth, and the destination of choice for people who want to better themselves. They’re not the only ones, and if we keep electing them, we will soon be LOST as a free country.

IT NEVER HAPPENS”: But it does. All the time. Anti-gun fools confidently tell you that a “good guy with a gun” cannot do anything about a “bad guy with a gun.” That the whole idea of arming the law -abiding for self defense is absurd. That to do so would “create a wild west atmosphere” where people would be getting shot over a fender bender or something else just as unimportant. Of course, they ignore the fact that people ARE being shot over fender benders by people who got their guns on the black market, and never stood for a background check, in spite of all their well-meaning laws trying to take guns out of the hands of the bad guys.

GINSBERG AT DEATH’S DOOR: I’m 81 and, except for some difficulty walking, I’m fully capable of moving on my own. But I wouldn’t even try to be a Supreme Court Justice because it would mean my death a lot sooner than planned. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is in even worse shape. She’s practically incapable of walking on her own, and took a long time to move from her wheelchair to get into a car, with the help of THREE people. She can barely hold her head up. Liberals made a big thing of her leaving the hospital so soon, but I think it was a mistake on her part.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Some people are asking if Trump is qualified to be president. But nobody ever asked if Obama was qualified to be president, all through his disastrous decisions and policies. Meanwhile, Trump has presided over the best major gains this country has seen in decades, sometimes even EVER. And they’re asking if he’s QUALIFIED to be president? Some people just need to remove their blinders… It’s an honor for pro teams to be invited to visit the White House after a big victory, but some recently have refused to go. They think someone at the White House cares. Or anywhere elseI just saw a picture of Stormy Daniels on Legal Insurrection, and she looks like she weighs a TON. Is all that mass her chest? Wow… Rapper Akon (who “might” run for president) says Trump is an unstable, ineffective leader. Obviously he knows nothing about what it takes to be an effective leader, or what Trump has accomplished in a short time…

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Repeated Failures; Still Win?

Gabby Giffords’ “Law Center” claims that states with tougher gun laws have fewer deaths by guns. Which is a LIE. They falsify statistics to make it LOOK LIKE that. According to them, California’s “A” rating should mean things like that bar shooting in Thousand Oaks should not have happened—but it did. They gave my home state, Indiana, a “D minus” with a gun rate death twice that of California at 14.9 deaths per 100,000 population. Of course, we know they include suicides, accidents, and “righteous shootings” by cops and legally-armed civilians using their guns to defend against ILLEGALLY- armed criminals to get those figures.

ANTI-CONSTITUTION CAMPAIGN: The right of ALL AMERICANS to be armed for self defense (unless they’ve been CONVICTED of a felony or legally deemed to have a mental deficiency making them a danger). That is GUARANTEED in the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, which is the very BASIS for every law made in this country. Every law MUST CONFORM to the Constitution, or it is NOT A LAW. This is a FACT, not just somebody’s OPINION. The very actions of the anti-gun fools violate the Constitution, every day, as they go about getting their UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS made, to be enforced until DECLARED unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, or by any number of lesser courts.

THE LEFT IS BANKRUPT: They have no issues they can use to gain traction for their stupid ideas, so they are now fully committed to violence as a way of intimidating their enemies. They think terrorizing Tucker Carlson’s wife will gain them something. It will not. All it will do is gain that ANTIFA crowd a designation as a “Domestic Terrorist Organization.” And that’s what they are. They haven’t killed anyone yet (that we know of), but they’ve made plenty of waves with their masked attacks on conservatives, and anybody else who doesn’t “toe” the liberal line. “Mad Max(ine)” Waters began the attacks on conservatives with her “orders to the troops” to “harass and terrorize Trump people everywhere you can find them.”

NO “THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS”: I never thought I’d agree with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on anything. But his take (echoing the Thousand Oaks bar killer) on that shooting is “right on.” What good have “thoughts and prayers” ever done AFTER a bunch of innocent people have been murdered? The part of the diatribe from both with which I disagree is that we should enact even more of those USELESS anti-gun fool laws that only do one thing: make life easier for the criminals, who just IGNORE them, bring their (usually) illegally-obtained guns with them, to victimize the law-abiding, who DO obey laws—even if they disagree with them.

DEMS VOW GUN CONTROL: So Dumocrats vow “quick gun control,” do they? How are they going to do that? Not a single one of their “solutions” to the “massive gun crime” (as they call it) has done a thing to stop it. And there is nothing on the horizon that will stop criminals and other bad guys from getting the tools of their trade. When they can’t get them legally, they just get them ILLEGALLY. They either buy them from other criminals in a back alley somewhere, or just STEAL them. In both cases, they “bypass” those vaunted “background checks” the anti-gun fools love so much.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Michele Obama says she will “never forgive Trump.” For what, I don’t know. And if asked, she probably doesn’t know, either. But who cares if she forgives Trump for some imagined slight? I certainly don’t… Oh, how they change their tune! I remember Sen. Feinstein saying, “You don’t need legislation to limit immigration.” But listen to her now complaining that Trump might limit immigration without legislation… Almost 80,000 ballots have mysteriously appeared in races across the country. And by some coincidence they are all Dumocrat… In Broward County, Florida, there are about 100,000 MORE votes cast than there are people alive in that county. But nobody seems to do anything about it unless some are Republican, then they’ll be “purged.” The Republican onesI’m amazed! I just saw a photo of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (or something like that) and her mouth was shut! Wow! I didn’t think she ever shut up! Unless somebody asked her a pointed question, and then she never had a real answer… Good question: Why do Republicans have to stop voting on Nov. 6, but Dumocrats get to keep voting until they win? A question that needs an answer…

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Disarm the Cops?

That’s about the dumbest idea to come down the pike lately. Unarmed cops would be useless against criminals, just about ALL of whom are ILLEGALLY armed. Especially today, when outfits like “Black Lives Matter” are sparking the killing of cops from ambush, and criminals are killing cops at the drop of a hat—and are even sometimes dropping the hat. In France recently, a bunch of unarmed cops were ON THE SCENE while a couple of Muslims murdered 11 people who worked for a newspaper. All they could do was cower behind their cars as those Muslim terrorists did their murders, while praying the murderers didn’t come after THEM.

MUSLIMS WINNING ELECTIONS: We’re creating our own defeat by treating Muslims as if there was no reason to deny them the power to ruin our lives by letting them make our laws. They’ll call me racist for saying these things, but that’s BS. Muslim is not a race, and their “religion” is a farce. They USE their “religion” to forestall ALL criticism of their actions, many of which, even for “peaceful Muslims,” are, as Obama would say, “not what we are.” They believe in “honor killings,” and rape is a staple in their societies. That’s why their men insist their women go about in what can be described at a “tent,” so their men won’t rape them, while many of them rape other women, saying, “their way of dressing drives them to rape.” We need to treat them differently from real Americans, because they are—the very way they think is an anathema to most Americans. They’ll probably want to kill me for writing this.

JUST PAY FOR IT!” That’s what I’d tell newly elected congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who says she can’t afford an apartment until she gets her first paycheck as a member of Congress. Boo-hoo! Why doesn’t she just “pay for it,” as she advises that we must do to pay for her “flights of fancy” as a liberal electee. I’ve seen some ignorant people elected to office, but this woman is about the most ignorant I’ve ever seen. She is a socialist, but she has no idea what socialism IS. She has no idea how to pay for all her give-away ideas, so she says, “just pay for it.” With what? Higher taxes, of course. She doesn’t understand that, either. She doesn’t understand ANYTHING. But she is now a Member of Congress.

"BIBLE SUPPORTS ABORTION": One liberal dumbass says that, citing a passage from the Old Testament describing “The Lord” poisoning water and forcing the woman to drink it to prove or disprove her being “unfaithful.” sounds like the way they “exposed” witches in Salem. They put them under water and if they didn’t drown, they were witches. If they survived, they were witches and would be burned at the stake. A “lose lose” solution, at best. If you’re dead, you’re innocent. If you’re alive, you’re guilty, and they put you to death in a most painful way. Even if it were true, there’s a big difference between forced abortion as punishment, and abortion on demand, for the convenience of the parents, who would rather murder their unwanted offspring, rather than raise it.

I SHOULD’VE BEEN ARMED!” That’s what one survivor of the California bar massacre says. Meanwhile, we watch for the anti-gun fools to stomp and scream and demand that politicians make even more of their useless laws that not only do NOTHING to stop the bad guys from getting their guns, they also make the law-abiding into “easy targets” for them. And if we don’t do it, they call us “insensitive” and say we “wish for more people to get shot.” Never mind what they want doesn’t work, and never will. They vilify the NRA because they are staunch defenders of the constitutional protection (largely ignored) for our right to be armed for self defense. A good example of this is our contention that these things usually happen IN a “gun-free zone,” which is what this bar was. As is the entire State of California.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: In W. Palm Beach, FL, they have posted signs saying, “Entering A No Crime Zone.” Are they really stupid enough to think potential criminals will read that and look at each other and say, “We’d better not go there to commit our crimes?” I don’t think so… Oprah says, “I don’t want to run! (for president) Who asked ya, Oprah? Anybody whose views actually counted for something? If you try, you’ll just end up on the pile with the rest of Trump’s victims. You know, those who confidently thought they could beat him… Barbara Streisand says (again) that if the Dumocrats lose this election, she’s moving to Canada. Which is an added incentive for Republicans to get out and vote for Republicans… Those “sweet” immigration invaders (the herd) are SUING Trump for “violating their constitutional rights.” Only one problem. They don’t HAVE constitutional rights. They are not citizens…

Monday, November 12, 2018

"Repeated Failure to Act"

That’s what anti-gun fools say about politicians who have not stepped up and passed more of the USELESS laws like the ones already in force in California. The critics never say anything about what they should do, because they don’t know anything they CAN do. But they continue to criticize these politicians, who don’t know anything more than the anti-gun fools know in the way of HOW to keep guns out of the hands of people who just IGNORE all their laws and get their guns ILLEGALLY, when they can’t get them legally. Their problem is, only the law-abiding, who usually are NOT the problem, obey their laws, making them “easy targets” for those who IGNORE them.

COLORADO VOTERS SCREWED THEMSELVES: They defeated Amendment 74, the amendment that would have forced the government to give “just compensation” to property owners affected by government actions that reduced the value of their property. The promoters of this law cast it as “making cities and counties ‘go broke’ paying people.” which I think they should, if their actions affect the value of someone’s property. That would be a “TAKING,” and they should be forced to pay for it. But Colorado voters defeated it, and they’ll get what they have coming—theft by government, without compensation.

CALIFORNIA MASS SHOOTING: In California, where they have some of the toughest anti-gun fool laws in the nation, a man entered a bar where many college students were “line dancing” and otherwise enjoying themselves, and killed 11 of them, wounding 20 others. When a brave cop entered and engaged the shooter, he also killed him. Word is, there were several off-duty cops in that bar. But they were unarmed, and helpless as the rest of the law-abiding customers who were killed or wounded. This proves yet again how INEFFECTIVE their anti-gun laws are, to stop, or even slow down the legal or ILLEGAL proliferation of guns.

WELL, TRUMP LIES”: That’s the sum and substance of what you get when you ask one of today’s students about government. They don’t have anything else. Just liberal “talking points” without any kind of proof any of it is true. If you ask them to tell you ONE LIE Trump has told, they can’t think of any—because there aren’t any. They might bring up a difference of opinion and call it a lie. That’s just one of the left’s “talking points” they have been taught in schools run by leftists, for many years. The way to shut them down is to ask them for specifics. Nancy Peelosi says Trump’s tax reductions are simply “tax breaks for the rich.” Which means nothing. If you ask them for specifics on HOW they are a “tax break for the rich,” they have no answer, and start calling you names. A political argument with a liberal lasts about 30 seconds before they start calling you names, instead of even ATTEMPTING to answer your questions.

VOWING GUN CONTROL: Dumocrats, after hearing about the mass shooting in California, wasted no time in “vowing gun control, using their newfound majority in Congress.” Riiigghhtt! They’ll send out many fund-raising letters, demanding money to do what they know they cannot do, take guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them. All their favorite laws are already in effect in California, the state in which this new atrocity occurred. So what do they want to do? Enact even more of their USELESS, unenforceable laws that do NOTHING toward “keeping guns out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them.” Their big problem is that none of their laws apply to those who shouldn’t have guns because they just IGNORE them and get them ILLEGALLY.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Oh, wow! Barbara Streisand said she’s moving to Canada if the Republicans win the mid-term elections. Pack your bags, Barb! Maybe she’ll actually do it, this time. She said she’d do it if Trump got elected, and I haven’t seen her checking out any travel brochures, yet. If I had thought she was that easy to get rid of… It’s funny what some politicians think will get them votes. One is telling us his opponent likes Trump, wants to eliminate (free) medical care, and “women’s right to choose”) to murder her offspring, and other good things. I’ll be voting for his opponent… Teaching racism: The University of Denver is having a “White Privilege Symposium.” Dressing their racism up in nice-sounding names. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck… Liberal stupidity: Clemson University is allowing students to “create their own gender”… Nancy Peelosi, the deluded ex Speaker of the House, says, “We’re gonna win!” Isn’t that what all Dumocrats said about the 2016 election? Wow…

Friday, November 9, 2018

Ginsberg's Broken Ribs

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is “hanging 0on by tenterhooks” so she can live long enough to “outlast President Trump” and get one more liberal on the Court. The odds are not good she will succeed. She’s 85, and can barely move. She fell in her office and broke several ribs. She’s in the hospital for “observation,” due to her advanced age. Anybody with a modicum of intelligence would have retired long ago. But not Ginsberg, a “dedicated liberal,” who thinks she can “outlast Trump.” Will she still be around to vote in the 2020 election? Only God knows. I predict Trump will get to name her replacement, before then, because of retirement, or otherwise. She’s working too hard for someone of such an advanced age. I know, because I’m right behind her in age.

DEMOCRATS “CRY A RIVER”: Yes, they won a slim majority in the House. But they failed to gain any seats in the Senate, and they know that leaves the power to stop any of their “flights of fancy” by not being able to pass them in the Senate. Never mind that, as long as President Trump is in the White House, he can veto them. They confidently predicted a “Blue Wave,” but it didn’t happen. It became a "Blue Dribble." They’ll still try and impeach Trump, and Justice Kavanaugh, too, But they will not be successful, and Trump will be re-elected in 2020, dashing their hopes for at least another four years.

ACOSTA WENT TOO FAR: He actually physically prevented a White House intern from retrieving the microphone as he insisted on continuing to ask Trump insulting questions at a news conference. Trump took him to task right there, calling him a “terrible person,” and decrying his treatment of Sarah Carter, his PR lady. He constantly tries to make things about himself, rather than just reporting the news. He has been responsible for much of the “fake news” that has come out of CNN, and Trump has revoked his press pass for putting his hands on that young woman.

COLORADO GOES ALL BLUE: Colorado is going to suffer greatly in the next few years because gullible Colorado citizens elected a full slate of Dumocrats to state offices. A gay Dumocrat governor, and a majority of Dumocrat legislators. We can look for more and more anti-gun fool legislation, and more silly laws, based on liberal “flights of fancy.” Taxes will go up, as Colorado residents begin to realize the big mistake they made in giving Dumocrats all that power in the state. I just hope I can survive, living here.

REVEALED WHO THEY ARE: The Dumocrat Party just revealed themselves for what they are, by retaining Muslim Kieth Ellison as deputy chairman of the DNC. It’s not so much the fact that he is a Muslim, although their way of thinking is so unAmerican, it’s the fact that he was seen and heard to shout “Death to America!” with the Iranians, in Iran. For him to do that proves his antipathy TO America, which should get him fired from that position, and maybe also from his new position as chief law enforcement officer of the State of Minnesota, for violating his oath of office, to “defend and protect the Constitution.”

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Hillary says she’s “too much of a capitalist for her own party.” She’s delusional if she expects anybody with any intelligence to believe a known socialist is “too much of a capitalist. But then we all know Hillary isn’t too bright… It’s unbelievable that socialism is “on the rise” in this country, since the single most important thing that has made this country the “destination of choice” for people from all over the world is the free market, otherwise known as capitalism… Dumocrats always try and portray Republicans as “the next Hitler,” completely ignoring their own strong ties to European Fascism in the 1930s and before… Hillary says, “I’d like to be president.” No kidding. She just can’t understand that the American people don’t want her to get NEAR to the Oval Office. The first clue is that she tried twice (and failed both times) to run for president. Now she wants to run a THIRD time. She must be glutton for punishment…

Thursday, November 8, 2018

What "Career?"

Teenage anti-gun fool David Hogg (well named, he) says, “People getting shot helps my career.” WHAT “career?” Going around spouting damned fool notions, and pushing the passage of even more USELESS laws that don’t get CLOSE to doing what they’re supposed to do? And taking on many other issues, of which you know nothing? This brat has conned liberals into financing him to travel around the country spouting their nonsense, thinking that he “makes a difference” in their efforts to deny us our constitutional right to be armed for self defense, Make no mistake: this child could not travel all over the country spouting inanities without serious financing by liberals.

WE’RE SCREWING OURSELVES: The gullible American people elected many Dumocrats on November 6. But the biggest mistake (that we know of) was giving socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a seat in the House. We will suffer from that later on, as she introduces socialist measures and other socialist-leaning Dumocrats vote with her. Most notably Bernie Sanders, who was re-elected, along with her. Frankly, I can’t see why anybody with any degree of intelligence at all, would ever vote for a Dumocrat. They’ve told us, loud and clear, that they want to reverse all the good things Trump has given us, and get rid of Trump, too.

FREE STUFF FOR ALL!” That’s the message that comes from an outfit calling itself “Democratic Socialists of America.” They’re now calling for free college tuition for everybody who is too lazy to pay for it themselves. They didn’t put it that way, but that’s the way it is. It amazes me that they think “Democratic” and “socialism” actually go together. They do NOT. Socialism cannot exist in a democratic society. Socialism REQUIRES a “top-down” government, where unnamed, faceless bureaucrats make all the decisions, and run the lives of everybody. The very system is based on the THEFT of the fruits of production from those capable and willing to produce new wealth, for the benefit of those who just want to “Ride the wagon” with others doing all the work of making it move.

INVESTIGATING” TRUMP AND KAVANAUGH: As predicted, House Dumocrats, flush in their new acquisition of power (by the skin of their teeth), are getting ready to start a new “investigation” of President Trump and Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. There is NO EVIDENCE that either man has done ANYTHING that warrants impeachment, but that’s what they’re after. They don’t accept the results of the 2016 election and want to reverse it, at all costs. They know Kavanaugh will not let them get away with the abuses that liberal-run courts have allowed, so they hope they can win this way.

VIOLENCE OF THE LEFT: The left hates Tucker Carlson, because he doesn’t let them get away with ducking the real questions he asks them when they feel like they have to go on his show or be called a coward. He makes them actually ANSWER his pointed questions and forces them to back up their claims with facts (if they have any, which they usually don’t). He is actually EFFECTIVE, not like racist Don Lemon and other left-wing anchors. So now he is a target of “Mad Max(ine) Waters’ violence against people who don’t follow the left-wing line. The today’s version of the KKK, known as ANTIFA, has attacked Carlson at his HOME. While he was on the air, they showed up at his home and terrorized his family, demanding he “leave town.” They called him a racist, when many of their actions are racist. They don’t go after CNN’s Don Lemon, who IS a racist. They don’t even know what racism IS. So far no word on any arrests, if any.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Say, remember the five terrorists Obama freed in return for them freeing Bowe Bergdahl? They’re baaack. They’re now “negotiating as part of the Taliban who SAY they’re “working for peace in Afghanistan.” But who knows how many people they kill behind the scenes? Big Obama blunder, among many… Taliban says it’s “working for peace in Afghanistan.” Riiiight! They talk a good game while their friends kill people. And the “talks” give them time to regroup and rearm, and bring in new killers, while they “talk”… One unknown Dumocrat actor says, “There will be blood in the streets if Dumocrats lose.” Typical of a Dumocrat. What he needs to learn is that violence works both ways. If you come to do violence on me, I will do violence on you… Unknown musician Pharrell Williams sends a “cease and desist” order to President Trump. Does he actually think that will change what Trump is doing? Typical Dumocrat ignorance. Nobody cares what this guy thinks

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

"It'll Save 2,000 Lives!

One of the flimsiest claims by anti-gun fools is that a total gun ban would save “only” 2,000 lives. Anti-gun fools always quote that inflated number of 32,000 people killed by guns each year. Of course, what they don’t tell you is their “list” includes all the justified shootings by police officers, as well as suicides, plus all private citizens’ use of guns in self defense. Again, what they don’t tell you is that if somebody really wants to commit suicide and can’t get a gun, they’ll use something else. So making it harder to get a gun isn’t going to make much of a difference, there. Then there’s the fact—the unalterable fact-- that making laws against guns does not stop an evil-doer from getting his/her guns.

BANNING GUNS IS FUTILE: Politicians, nationwide, are bent on one thing” to DISARM all Americans, in one way or another. If they can’t just ban guns because of that pesky ol’ Constitution, they do everything they can to make it difficult to buy a gun—and if you actually manage to buy one, they make it difficult to get ammunition—which makes the gun in your hand just a lump of metal, only good for throwing at an ILLEGALLY-armed criminal. Then if you do actually find some ammunition you can buy, there’s the insurance that want to force you to buy. Special insurance, that is extra expensive, and is purposely made hard to get. If you manage to get that, then you find that there are “gun-free zones” all over the place.

GUN LAWS HELP CRIMINALS: Politicians insist that they’re only interested in “gun safety,” and “keeping guns out of the hands of criminals,” but that’s a lie. Every one of the laws they have voted into effect, ONLY apply to people who OBEY laws. Criminals, by definition, do NOT obey laws. So why, tell me, do they expect a criminal will suddenly decide to obey a silly little law like that when they are contemplating committing much more serious crimes? All their laws do is keep guns out of the hands of the law-abiding, so as to make it easier for the criminals to victimize them.

NO BLUE WAVE: No “Red Wave,” either. Republicans lost the House, but kept control in the Senate. So we can at least STOP the worst of the Dumocrat outrages. Of course, that won’t stop the incessant duplicitous “investigations” that will cost us $millions as Dumocrats increase their efforts to unseat the legally-elected president. Colorado, where I live, went entirely blue, electing a gay Dumocrat governor and a majority of Dumocrats to other offices. For the first time in a long time, the criminals completely control the government in Colorado, and we will suffer accordingly.

THE SECOND RULES: New York State tried its best to strangle the NRA by CLAIMING it was “doing nasty things” by selling “carry insurance” to concealed carriers in the state. They also tried, through the Department of Financial Services, to stop other businesses from even doing any kind of business with the NRA. Fortunately, wiser heads intervened, and allowed the NRA’s suit against New York State to go forward. New York had arbitrarily decided NRA’s “Carry Guard” insurance was in violation of the law, and even had the temerity to cancel the policies of those who had already PAID for the coverage. The NRA suit was to correct that silly assumption.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: The Rapper Akon (who?) says he “might” run for president against Trump. He really thinks he would have a snowball’s chance in hell. Well, if you want to spend a lot of money to be humiliated along with the rest of the losers… A Kentucky woman who claimed Judge Kavanaugh raped her now says she “made it up” to gain attention, and that she has never even met the man… Christine Ford’s claims that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her 40 years ago have fallen flat, with none of her witnesses remembering anything of the sort. Sounds like just another lying claim to get noticed… Obama is calling Trump’s moving troops to the border a “political stunt.” Well, he oughta know. He’s pulled enough of them… “Mad Max(ine)” Waters says, if Dumocrats win, they’re gonna do to us what we did to them. What the hell did we do to them? Disagree with them? Use their tactics on them? I don’t know. At least they didn’t win big enough for her to go nuts. Oh.Forgot. She's already nuts

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

"Pro-ANTIFA Studies"

A pro-ANTIFA professor has written, “If we don’t destroy capitalism, it will destroy us!” Never mind it is capitalism (also known as “the free market”) that is the reason America is the destination of choice for millions of people who want to improve their lot in life. Never mind that even socialist countries that have imposed socialism on their citizens, USE the free market in their dealings with other countries on the world market. They go out to make PROFIT, while decrying profit for their people. Never mind the fact that socialism NEEDS capitalists and people who EARN their living, to create victims they can LOOT to support their socialism. The free market (called “capitalism” in a jeering way by socialists) is the very reason the United States has been able to outstrip civilizations that have been around for thousands of years, in about 300 years.

I SMELL BS!” They did a “study” about “pediatric gun victims.” Which included results from “children” up to age 19. That doesn’t sound much like “children” to me. Their results included injuries and deaths from GANG shootings. Gang members may be the same AGE as SOME children, but the very fact that most of them carry their own guns, and shoot back, makes them ADULTS, to anybody who has a scintilla of INTELLIGENCE. The very fact that these gang members are included in this “study” makes its results very questionable, in my estimation. Even phony.

LEMON CONTRADICTS HIMSELF: He whines about people “dehumanizing other people,” and then goes on to “dehumanize” all white people by calling them terrorists. And Fox News” weather lady Janice Dean wonders what his white male boyfriend thinks about him labeling ALL white people as terrorists? Like most liberal fools, he doesn’t think before opening his big mouth. Of course, the contradiction of liberals in their actions means nothing to them. Like firing Meghan Kelly for a comment only liberal fools think of as racism, while ignoring Lemon’s BLATANT racism.

HOW STUPID ARE THEY? The anti-gun fools are stupid. Totally stupid. Laws to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and other miscreants DO NOT WORK. They have to know this. But they insist on making them, anyway. People who want to commit serious crimes just IGNORE their silly laws. And they don’t usually stand for background checks because they get their guns illegally—thus bypassing that “requirement.” When you buy a gun from someone out of the trunk of his car in a back alley somewhere, or STEAL it, no background check is possible, or required. “Gun-free zones” merely provide wannabe mass shooters with a “target rich environment,” because they can be pretty sure law-abiding people who OBEY laws will not bring their guns there.

COFFMAN’S DONE NOTHING”: That’s what this Colorado politician's opponent’s ads say. “He opposes increased background checks and banning certain kinds of weapons, so we need to vote him out.” I wish they would tell me, what would THEY do? None of the laws already in force have done a single thing to limit or stop gun violence, and that includes the laws they are talking about. Increased background checks only affect those who get their guns LEGALLY, which people contemplating major “gun crime” never do. Banning guns likewise. Those bans only affect people who buy their guns LEGALLY.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Everything is racist! At least, that’s what the liberals (and Dumocrats) think. At least, that’s what they tell us. And everything Trump does is racist! Whether race is involved, or not. If Trump has a BM and it’s brown, that’s because he’s a racist! That’s their story and they’re stickin’ to it… Legitimizing racism: CNN’s Don Lemon says America’s biggest terror threat is “white men.” This is an obvious attempt to paint all white men as “the bad guys,” without any kind of proof, which is how they promote anti-white racism… Dumocrat activist Muslim Linda Sarsour says we should “stop humanizing Jews.” Talk about naked racism! We all know Muslims hate Jews, so why do we even listen to what this old bag says? We need to just ignore her…

Monday, November 5, 2018

Now They're Armed!

One thing told us about the “caravans” of people coming to “overrun” our border was that they are a “peaceful” people, so we’d better not hurt any of them, or Dumocrats will “go nuts” on us, and voters will desert us. Now there is a second bunch coming toward our borders, with GUNS. And BOMBS! Some had gasoline bombs made from soft drink bottles, while others have improvised PVC tubes, presumably to make pipe bombs. One confrontation with Mexican “authorities” left one “migrant” dead. A thing which, I’m sure our liberals will use to much advantage.

JUST STUPID, OR WHAT? That’s the question I have about the anti-gun fools who think all they have to do is make a law against criminals carrying guns, and they’ll stop. That’s a stupid assumption. “Gun-free zones” offer a “target-rich” area for potential mass shooters, allowing them to be pretty sure there will be no law-abiding people there who are armed and able to resist them, because they DO obey the law—which is more than I can say for criminals, who obey NO laws. So what makes the anti-gun fools think they will obey their laws?

DON LEMON’S A FOOL: A DAMNED fool!! He really thinks someone with a modicum of INTELLIGENCE will believe the crap he makes up and “reports” as news. Like his latest effort, trying to convince the world that “white men” were a “terrorist threat” and should be subjected to “travel restrictions,” among other things, as if being white makes them some kind of a criminal. What amazes me is that he “reports” these figments of his fertile imagination as if they were true. They’re not. He really thinks black people have the kind of power to make his ideas work. Frankly, this fool reminds me of the things WHITE racists said about black people in the past, while other racists believed them, and acted on them.

VOTING DEMOCRAT IS DUMB: Why anybody with any intelligence would vote for a Dumocrat is beyond me. They have nothing to offer except a return to the economic miasma of the Obama years. They have PROMISED to reverse all the good things Trump has done, including the tax reductions that have allowed us to keep more of that we EARN. They have told us that they will immediately move to impeach the president who has done all those good things—like bringing the unemployment rate down to record lows while the stock market has risen to record highs, constantly. Yes, there is a little “correction” that happened, but the over all direction is UP.

PROVING HIS POINT: Conservative Professor Samuel Abrams wrote an op-ed about the lack of intellectual diversity, and students went bananas, wanting him to be “run off the campus on a rail.” Which does nothing except prove the point he was trying to make. The first thing the students (we think) did was to deface his office door. I say “we think” because, in today’s atmosphere, it might have been a member of the school “administration.” The college’s president. Christie Judd, after releasing a very tepid response to the vandalism, accused professor Abrams of “attacking members of his community.” Never mind his target was college administrators, and was “right on.” Thus proving his point, perfectly.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Socialism is “gaining ground” in the Dumocrat Party, after failing many times wherever it has been tried, most recently in Russia and Venezuela, while making life miserable for Cubans for the last 50 years. Why people are dumb enough to accept it after its dismal record is beyond meWhitey Bulger, the former mob boss who was on the run for 16 years and finally got a life sentence, actually got a death sentence from fellow convicts. He was 89 years old, and in failing health, so I’d bet he didn’t have much time left, anyway… Obama is giving Trump a hard time about “children in cages,” completely forgetting those infamous pictures were taken during HIS administration… He ain’t gonna like it, but all those who helped save the Synagogue killer’s life after he got shot by the cops while he was killing Jews, were Jews, themselves. But they saved his life, anyway…

Friday, November 2, 2018

"Look At Me!"

I’m a Trump supporter! See! I run around, going to Trump rallies, and I wear my little red “MAGA” hat! I’ve got a van with pristine Trump stickers all over it, in a state known for humid heat and rainstorms! Not a sticker out of place, or faded! I collar everybody I can and tell them all about how I love Trump so much! He’s like a FATHER to me! Don’t tell anybody, but I’m going to send a bunch of unworkable bombs to a bunch of Democrat politicians! That’s how much I love Trump! Of course, those “bombs” aren’t meant to go off and hurt anybody. All they’re for is to “send a message” to other Trump supporters! Do any of you believe that crap? I know this guy is a few bricks short of a load, but is he really THAT stupid?

LOGIC FREE ZONES”: Anybody who wants to stop, or even slow down “gun violence” in this country should oppose “gun-free zones” with everything he/she has. They do not work as advertised. All they do is give a would-be mass shooter a gift: a place where he/she can go and be pretty sure none of the law-abiding there will be armed, and able to resist him/her. Every single mass shooting, so far, has occurred IN a “gun-free zone.” Mass shooters who have been caught freely tell us that they SEEK OUT a “gun-free zone” in which to shoot up the place because they figure there will be no guns there but theirs. The recent killings in a Jewish synagogue are a point in fact: this synagogue IS a “gun-free zone.” The stories of robberies and killings in the parking lots, or inside “big box stores” are rife. Right up the street from where I live, a man killed several people at a WalMart last year.

POLLING PLACE GUN BANS: Missoula, Montana had a problem: most of the polling places were at schools, which are already “gun-free zones.” So no guns can be brought there by law. But not all polling places were in schools, so people could bring their guns there. So they made a law banning guns in ALL polling places. Problem solved. Or is it? What about those who contemplate mass murder, and so aren’t concerned about violating a silly little law telling them they can’t bring their guns? Politicians are so naive. They think that, all they have to do is make a law, and that “solves the problem.” Often it doesn’t. This is one place where it does NOT.

CARAVAN TURNS DEADLY: I’ve thought, all along, that the “Caravan” was an “invasion” of our border. It is a brazen attempt to make Trump look bad, any way they could. And this proves it. A “caravan” member took some shots at Mexican Federales. Their guns jammed, giving the Federales time to capture them. But elsewhere, they have Molotov Cocktails, and at least one group has ARMED themselves, and plans to attack the border guards. Which is going to mean DEATH for them, as their pitiful numbers attack the 7,000 U. S. military. Of course, liberals (Dumocrats) will try and make this look like Trump is attacking THEM. In other places, “Caravan” members are throwing rocks and other items at border guards. This can mean disaster for them. This “Caravan” is a “clear and present danger” to the United States, and will be treated that way.

THE RACIST LEMON: I’ve never seen Don Lemon, one of CNN’s major mouthpieces, on TV because I never watch CNN. They are way too biased for me. They lie too much. But I know one thing, he is a RACIST. He tells us that, himself by his actions, and his rhetoric. He hates white people, and he isn’t afraid to tell us about it. I’ll give him credit for honesty, at least. He thinks white people are the same as terrorists. He sees them everywhere! He thinks there ought to be a travel ban on them. Hide your women! Hide your MEN! If he had his way, they’d all be killed, and there would be no people left except those of “the brown persuasion.” If that isn’t blatant RACISM, I don’t know what is!

HE’S DEMOCRAT! IT’S FALSE!” When a woman accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual impropriety 40 YEARS AGO without a shred of evidence, and a very spotty memory of the whole thing, Dumocrats treated it as if he had been CONVICTED of it, and went after him with all the daggers out. They lost, but they still pushed a couple more unprovable accusations that were OBVIOUS fabrications, even while he was being confirmed as a Justice of the Supreme Court. Then similar accusations of sexual impropriety came up against Special Counsel Robert Mueller and they were instantly described by every Dumocrat as being FALSE, and an FBI “investigation was demanded. He’s a DUMOCRAT, after all.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: There have been some “sexual misconduct” accusations made against Special Counsel Robert Mueller. But, since he’s a Dumocrat, they have been instantly labeled as “false,” and the FBI has been asked to “investigate” them. Not the same way they handle accusations against Republicans. Accusations against Republicans are instantly considered “Gospel” and are treated as “proof of guilt”… Harry Reid says he was “wrong then, right now” years ago, when he condemned “rewarding illegal immigrants” by giving their children, born here, citizenship. Actually, he was right then, wrong now. Only a country run by imbeciles reward illegal aliens by giving their children the GIFT of citizenship if they can get into this country by illegal means…

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Today's Gun Save

TODAY'S GUN SAVE: Anti-gun fools say it never happens. They say concealed carriers are more likely to shoot themselves than anybody else. They say that the average person carrying a gun NEVER is able to stop violence from being committed. They're WRONG. And today's “gun save” proves it, again: A father and his children were eating in a MacDonald’s, close to closing time, when an armed fool forces his way in and begins shooting. The father, a concealed carrier, opens fire on the gunman, killing him. This was not a time to wait until the cops arrive with their guns—usually AFTER the shooter has killed a bunch of people.

PREDICTABLE AS THE SUN: One thing you can predict with certainty is that the sun will come up every morning. Like clockwork. They can even tell you precisely what time this will happen. Something else that is predictable is that liberals (Dumocrats) will find a way to blame President Trump for everything bad that happens, while IGNORING all the good things he has done. The most recent example of this is liberals in the news media blaming Trump’s “violent rhetoric” for “creating” such violence as the Pittsburgh synagogue killings—as if things like this never happened under Obama. And ignoring their own “violent rhetoric.” They constantly accuse Trump, and all Republicans, for the very things THEY are doing—which is one of their standard cons, and always has been.

MANDATORY CONDITIONING: University students say “mandatory diversity training” is the answer to “microaggression.” And what the HELL is “microaggression?” Microaggression is offering opinions that disagree with those of your listener. So “diversity training” is CONDITIONING to change your opinion to that of the listener. What they mean is that they fear opinions different from their own, and want to make it mandatory that those who disagree with them attend classes designed to change their opinions. Whether their opinions are true or not, doesn’t matter. They want to change your opinion, and make it mandatory. It’s funny that the opinions they want to “purge” are those that are not liberal opinions.

WHY DON’T THEY LEARN? Every time some fool goes into a school, church, or somewhere else and starts shooting and killing people he doesn’t even know, the anti-gun fools jump up and demand more and more of their useless gun laws. I say useless because none of them work worth a damn. And it has become obvious that their laws don’t work, but they keep making more and more of them, every time they get a chance. Never mind the fact that their laws not only DON’T stop gun violence, but they make it worse by disarming the law-abiding, making them “easy targets” for those who don’t obey any laws.

MAKING IT OBVIOUS: How more obvious could you be that the “studies” you plan will favor the gun control crowd than to invite Gabby Giffords, one of the loudest mouths in favor of that useless “gun control” to speak at your opening? They call it the “Gun Violence Research Center,” and they got a $2 million dollar grant, from whom they don’t say in this article. That bullet must have really scrambled Giffords’ brain, because she just can’t understand that the laws she fosters do NOTHING to stop, nor even slow down, “gun violence.” In fact, they make it worse by disarming the law-abiding, while lawbreakers just IGNORE the laws she gets made, and do their shootings, anyway.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: I really hate the political TV ad season. Every time one comes on, I want to shout, “Shut the hell UP!” And that includes many of the ads run by politicians on my side, too! It seems like this season brings out the worst in ALL politicians… I sometimes wonder about the intelligence of Dumocrat politicians. The Dumocrats are trying to blame Trump for the “bomb scare,” saying “Trump has promoted violence with his rhetoric.” Well, what about your own “violent rhetoric,” Dumocrats?” Not to mention the violent ACTIONS by your followers, maybe paid for by you… Then there is your followers accosting Republicans in restaurants, spraying their food with your spittle… Some Dumocrats are saying Dumocrats must run a “democratic socialist” in the next presidential election. What the hell is a “democratic socialist? There is no such thing. A socialist cannot be “democratic,” and a Dumocrat cannot be a socialist…