Sunday, July 31, 2016

Get Ready for WAR!

Shootings, both mass and otherwise are becoming DAILY occurrences as criminals take up Obama's hidden behest to kill more people (especially cops) to make it easier for him to DISARM America so his minions can “take over” and make him a DICTATOR. He supports the “anti-cop” movement while importing hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists who have PLEDGED to kill as many of us “unbelievers” as they can. Thus creating the unrest he needs to support his coup and make himself into a DICTATOR.

PUTTING BILL TO SLEEP: Apparently, even Hillary's husband, former president Bill Clinton, can't keep his eyes open during Hillary's boring speech, to accept the Democrat Party's phony nomination. It is now KNOWN that the Democrats “fixed” the primaries so Bernie never had a chance. But naturally, that doesn't change the result. Hillary still gets the nomination, while Bernie slips back into obscurity, unknown outside of his own state with his socialism. This is NOT a rumor, there is photographic proof. A photo of Bill at her speech, with his eyes closed, sound asleep.

PURPOSEFUL IGNORANCE: I know, I know, i said that liberals (Democrats) have no sense of humor because they took Trump's saying he would wish that the Russians, who hacked Hillary's e-mail server, would find the 30,000 e-mails she SAID were “personal” and deleted before anybody could see them. They could look at that AS a joke, but that wouldn't advance their narrative. So they CHOOSE to take it as a serious attempt to entice Russia into espionage (as if they weren't already so engaged). They want to charge him with treason for “enticing” the Russians, But that's not what he said. He said, “If they DID hack her e-mails, to turn them over to our press would be highly appreciated by our press.” Which he knew they would NOT.

WIKILEAKS TO HURT HILLARY: That's what they say, anyway. They have more of her e-mails to release, which they think will put her in prison. I say, “good luck with that.” Nothing has seemed to faze her yet. Mostly because nobody will act on it. There is nothing to suggest anybody will act on any further revelations, either. She's got the system thoroughly rigged in her favor. From the primaries, that were “fixed” so that she couldn't lose (and the DNC Chair lost her job over it, to immediately be hired by Hillary) to the FBI listing her “crimes,” but saying because she “didn't mean it,” they weren't going to recommend indictment, and the AG went right along with it, so she could keep her job after HIllary gets elected (she hopes)..

COPS KILL WHITE MAN: An INNOCENT white man. The lliberal media yawns. They don't care about cops killing an innocent white man, because that doesn't advance their narrative to convince us (falsely) that all cops are racist. Yes, there ARE racists among the thousands and thousands of cops all over the country. There are a few racists in EVERY group. But you can't paint the ENTIRE group with that black brush. The cops who shot this unarmed man 12 times got 9 months paid vacation and NO charges, because the prosecutor thought “he couldn't convict them of anything.”

CHRISTIAN” AN OFFENSIVE WORD: A church tried to place an ad in it's local paper and it was rejected. Why? Because it contained the word, “Christian,” which the paper thought was “offensive.” It gets pretty bad when the word “Christian” is considered offensive in a “Christian nation!” What kind of damned fools are running that paper, anyway? I guess we could take a page out of the liberal handbook and call them “racist,” as liberals do whenever they disagree with somebody.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Which Concerns Them More?

Which concerne liberals more? Islamic terrorism, or climate change. Well, actually, it's climate change, which is a total swindle they've “bought,” in order to be able to make more restrictive laws and regulations. Never mind Islamic terrorists behead little girls AND adults, kill innocent people for not being their kind of Muslim, and just for being in a crowd of people and “easy targets.” How many people has climate change murdered? Damn, these people are STUPID!

POPE AT AUSHWITZ: He visited the scene of so many murders of Jews committed by Nazis at the orders of Adolph Hitler. He prayed for the forgiveness of the Lord for such cruelty. But he never mentioned the complete lack of any act of condemnation from the Pope then in power. It's easy to ask for forgiveness for something you had no part in. Of course, he is very ambivalent about today's problems, including Islamic terrorism. It seems to matter not that Muslims are killing wantonly all over the world for their “religion.” He still cannot find it in his heart to condemn them.

THE REAL ENEMY: Hillary has enjoyed the fiction of being a front-runner, when all she had in opposition to her was an ancient, wild-haired, irritating socialist, and the “dirty tricks” of the Democrat Party to prop her up. Now she's actually facing her REAL “enemy,” she's losing ground, fast. Only a day after the DNC, when she should be “getting a bump,” Trump is leading her. And it can only get worse, for her, as time goes on. The Democrats are finding it harder to prop her up now that she's facing Trump directly. They cannot control the rules between her and Trump like they did between her and Bernie.

AMERICA'S ALREADY GREAT”: That's according to Obama. As you know, he's prone to making outrageously stupid statements we all know are lies, and this is yet another one. America will never be great as long as he is in office, or one of his acolytes (notably Hillary) is in office (which I fervently hope never happens). America is NOT “great” now. Not with us owing close to $20 TRILLION dollars, and unemployment as high as it has ever been, with MILLIONS of unemployed giving up on EVER finding another job, and thus leaving the work force, allowing him to come out with false figures on the percentage of the work force that is unemployed.

MOSBY'S AFTER THE COPS: Instead of owning up to her own shortcomings, she is now blaming the cops for a “sloppy investigation” for her rushing to judgment and filing murder charges against six innocent cops in the self-inflicted death of Freddy Gray. If there wasn't sufficient evidence to gain a conviction, a COMPETENT prosecutor would have known it. But Mosby, in her zeal to “get” some cops, rushed to file charges she KNEW were false. Now she's in BIG TROUBLE.

RACIST RULING: A judge has decided N. Carolina's voter ID laws are “racist,” because they unduly affect blacks. Where the hell does he get that? Are blacks too STUPID to get a photo ID card? Are they too broke? Can't they figure out how to get one? Or are they too busy selling dope on a street corner to bother? That's RACIST! Liberals love to call everything they don't like racist, but this is not just something I don't like. It's evidence of that judge's racism. And his stupidity. He needs to be relieved of his duties for his stupidity.

Friday, July 29, 2016

She'll Finish The Job

That's what Obama says about Hillary. That's what keeps me up nights. The very thought that Hillary will finish the job Obama started, moving us ever closer to socialism, losing the Islamic terrorism war, making our bathrooms a “stalking place” for strange men, letting people marry whatever they want (one guy wanted to marry his computer). And many other things. Electing Hillary would mean a continuation of Obama's stupidities, with her own added on top of them.

NOT THAT WOMAN: Hillary talks incessantly about a “woman president. I'm in favor of a woman president. But not THAT woman! If she's elected, all we get is another four (maybe 8) years of the stupid policies of Barack Obama. Not that she's so enamored of him, but she LOVES his policies. Socialism is on the “top burner.” Obama has worked HARD to move us ever closer to socialism, and Hillary can be expected to continue that work. She's all about “freebies.” As long as you're not a conservative, that is. Obama says, “She'll finish the job.” And she can be depended upon to finish the job Obama started.

IT'S OVER! THANK GOD! The Democrat National Convention is over! I get tired of having to mute the sound on my TV to avoid hearing the “fish wife” screech of Hillary haranguing Donald Trump. I know, I know, I'll hear it a lot until November, but thankfully, not so often. Hopefully, after she loses BIG in November, she'll be “sent home with her tail between her legs” and her “wide body” out of sight.

COP KILLINGS UP 76%: And ambush killings are up 300%! And the criminals are still whining about their kind being killed by cops. Most of the killings they point out, the thugs had guns and were trying their best to kill the cops. But they don't tell you that. Even the ones that were “unarmed” were a distinct danger to the cops. Example, Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. Michael Brown was a GIANT, and was trying his best to take that cop's gun and kill him with it when he was killed for his trouble.

ABOLISH SECOND AMENDMENT! That's what liberals want. They say it's “outdated and should be abolished, and hope we'll never need it.” What they don't know is it's NOT “outdated,” and we DO “need it,” to keep our idiot politicians from taking away our right to be armed in order to defend ourselves from individual criminals, mass shooters, cop-killing blacks, and Islamic terrorists, that Obama insists on importing by the hundreds of thousands.

KILLING THE ECONOMY: Obama seems hell bent on killing the economy. He keeps making “rules” that do exactly that. The most obvious one if the $15 minimum wage. That's GUARANTEED to kill jobs everywhere it's tried. Seattle is one of the first examples. They were the first to adopt it, and immediately 700 restaurants went out of business, and put all their employees out of work, not because they're nasty, but because they just can't afford to pay that much for “entry level jobs.”

Thursday, July 28, 2016

I Hope It's Over Soon

I really hope the Democrat National Convention is over soon. I can't take much more of this phony “sweetness and light.” Obama hugging Hillary, whom he has roundly criticized in the past, before she came to work for him. Telling us how “People who know 'Ol' Joe' have nothing but good to say about him.” How great a president she's going to be (IF she ever makes it to the White House at all), even better than Obama himself, or Bill Clinton. Of course, that wouldn't take much. They are two of the WORST presidents in memory. I'm getting very tired of the horse manure they're putting out.

NO SENSE OF HUMOR: It is again proved that the liberals (Democrats) have no sense of humor. They took Trump seriously when he jokingly asked the Russian hackers of they could find Hillary's 30,000 deleted e-mails, and predictably “lost their minds.” What little minds they have, anyway. Of course, they may have even GOTTEN the joke, but found it useful to make a lot of noise about Trump suggesting Russian espionage. That's how they operate. Twist anything said by a Republican to mean something it does not mean, and the fools who “pay no attention to politics,” but vote, anyway, will believe them.

TRUMP'S TRAP: Trump set a trap that the Democrats immediately fell for, with his “Russians finding Hillary's 30,000 e-mails” crack. They HAVE no sense of humor, so they immediately “bought” it as a serious thing, and it blew their minds. As noted above, It completely took over the news cycle in the liberal media, and took notice away from the Democrat convention, which, I'm sure, was his intention. Trump is nothing, if not clever.

DAZZLED BY OBAMA'S SPEECH: Chris Matthews “glowed” in his praise, and Brian Williams told us, “We will not see his like, again.” Thank GOD! I don't think this country would survive “another of his like.” I don't remember who “got a thrill up his leg” listening to one president speak, but I think he got another one, this time. Damn, these people are gullible! And they're the ones telling us who we should vote for. Except for most Fox commentators, that is, which they hate with a passion.

COMING FULL CIRCLE: It used to be that black people were forced to go to the “”back of the bus.” they hated that. Now they want to send WHITE people to the back of the bus. That's what the Black Lives Matter people want, anyway. They're out to completely reverse the discrimination system, with white people to be discriminated against, by law, this time. Look for a return of black and white water fountains and rest rooms, with the black facilities better than that for whites. Of course, they'll call me racist for this item. If a white person lets a FART, they'll call that “code” for something or other that is racist.

NO FLAGS FOR DNC: There have been NO FLAGS on the floor of the Democrat National Convention, until Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump noted it. Then ONE small flag appeared. That tells me a lot about the Democrat Party, and it's not good. It tells me they have no respect for America. And these people want to continue running things in America! If we let them, they will do irreparable damage. Damage from which we may not emerge intact. If we let that happen, we will have only ourselves to blame. As old as I am. I'll be dead by then (I hope). Why some people actually SUPPORT socialists is beyond me. i guess they're just stupid.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Oh, Gimme A BREAK!

Now they're saying Melania Trump's dress at the RNC when she spoke was racist. Because it was WHITE! They'd say the same if it was BLACK! Or if it was any other color because it's COLORED! They want to take ANY excuse to call a Republican racist. But that ploy is getting very thin.They've overused it so much that it's beginning to mean NOTHING. Every day, they come out with another word in common usage that they say is “code word” for racism. The only racism I can see these days is black against WHITE racism, and it's becoming the law!

THAT OFFENDS ME! It's pretty bad when a child in school reciting the Pledge of Allegiance “offends” somebody and because of that, they eliminate it from a child's morning routine in school. THAT offends ME! If you can't pledge allegiance to your own country, something's very, very wrong. People are way too easily offended these days, and the “authorities” are way too quick to change things, based on one or two people “getting offended.” The easiest-offended people on the planet these days are Muslims, and politicians are way toO quick to react in their favor. If that offends a Muslim, nasty break. Ask me if I care.

SO HILLARY WON! Surprise, surprise! That's been fixed from the beginning, and they somehow “bought off” Bernie so he would be fully on board for her fixed nomination. Maybe it was that airplane Democrats are supposed to have bought him,. The “fix” has been so transparent, it's a wonder ANYBODY doesn't see it. The “super delegate” thing is the most obvious, but I'd bet there are many more things that have been done behind the scenes.
Bernie wasn't supposed to win, and when he almost did, it scared the hell out of them. So they had to buy him off.

HANDS IN THE AIR! No, I'm not talking about that “big lie” in Ferguson, MO, where a giant thug who was trying to kill a cop got killed. I'm talking about Hillary on the “giant screen” at the DNC and people jumping up and down with hands held high, their eyes glazed over, celebrating this criminal fool. People celebrating the image of such a criminal makes me sick! What has this country come to when so many people celebrate the ascendancy of a socialist who never did ANYTHING right? And the idea of her husband, an IMPEACHED president, back in the White House not only offends me, it makes me sicker.

STUPID VOTERS: It sickens me how many people actually APPROVE of what Hillary has done in the past, and what they hope she'll do in the future. Enough so, they want to elect this socialist fool president! It sickens me even more to see the fervent favor of others, for Bernie, another socialist! Don't these fools understand that they're voting themselves into slavery, just like they did in Russia? The tragedy that befell Russia was VOTED in! It kept them in slavery for 75 years! And we're going in the same direction. There should definitely be INTELLIGENCE tests for voters. But there never will be. Our politicians are too dumb.

HILLARY LOVES A LIAR: That's the only explanation I can see as to why she immediately hired Debbie Wasserman Schultz for her campaign right after Debbie lost her job as DNC Chair for being a corrupt liar. That old saw, “Birds of a feather flock together” is definitely at work, here. Hillary is second only to Obama as top liar in this administration, so she wants to get all the other liars in her camp. She's already got Bill and Barack. Now she has a threesome.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Rejecting Religion

Democrats are liberals. Liberals REJECT religion, just like the communists did, in Russia. The Democrats have historically been the RACIST PARTY. It was Democrats Martin Luther King demonstrated against. Jim Crow was a Democrat. So how does the DNC open it's national convention? With a black choir singing a Christian hymn! Of course, pandering to Christians AND blacks. And of course, when they read this, they will accuse ME of racism.

MAN BLOWS HIMSELF UP: He blew himself up in a fit of anger when he was refused admittance to a music festival in Germany. He was the only fatality, though he injured 12 people in the blast. A year ago, he was refused refugee status by Germany (he didn't blow anybody up then), though they let him stay because of the war in his country. Who was this guy? A “Syrian refugee!” He, and several other “Syrian refugees” have been arrested or killed while murdering Germans. They prove, over and over, that we are correct when we say we are being “infiltrated” by Muslim terrorists POSING as “Syrian refugees.”

SANDERS PROMISED A PLANE: Well, that's the headline I read in a post from the “Blacksphere.” But I couldn't get through the murky writing to see how it happened, so I'm telling you this only as a rumor. Knowing the Democrats though, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it turned out to be true. Democrats like to spend other people's money, and if they can get rid of Bernie by buying him an airplane, they'd do it. That's how they win elections One way, anyway. Bernie was a “throwaway” from the beginning. They never expected him to get NEAR winning. When he did, it scared the hell out of them.

TERRORISTS KILLS PRIEST: Right in his church, in front of his congregation. They made him kneel, then slit his throat. And on top of that, they videoed it.. According to the dispatch, the killers were ISIS, and were rightly killed, themselves, outside the church. What's it going to take for the world to get up on it's hind legs and devote ALL possible resources to the ENDING of Islamic terrorism by killing all the Islamic terrorists? I don't even know how they can be so low as to even come up with the things they do. They're full of sick minds.

WHAT WILL IT TAKE? I asked that question above. But it demands more asking. In America, Muslims get preferential treatment when they do stupid things like taking jobs delivering beer, refuse to do it, are fired, sue, and get a six figure “award” from a really STUPID judge. And these are the “peaceful Muslims.” When we allow Muslims in, the murder rates immediately go up, but politicians still try and minimize their outrages. Are they STUPID, or are they IN FAVOR of the Muslims winning? When ARE we going to devote ALL RESOURCES to ENDING this “cancer on the world?” Before, or after they win?

THE TURKISH CRACKDOWN: After the abortive “uprising” in Turkey, President Erdogan has mounted such a reprisal that soon the only Turkish citizen left outside of his prisons will be 'Erdogan, himself. His Muslim grip on the country has been strengthened, and he now completely controls the military AND the media. He is the “net gainer” from the uprising. Leading one to wonder if he didn't start it, himself, to “shake out” all his opponents. And I'd bet Obama is watching, and learning.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Debbie's Gone!

Actually, not yet. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has pledged to resign as DNC Chair on Friday. Yet for some reason they're letting her run the convention (she decided not to after she got booed) and do other things, even though she'll be gone by the end of this week. I'll never understand politics. If she's going to resign, why let her run the convention? Especially since she is resigning “under pressure?” They ought to just “send her packing” as soon as possible. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Some of her pronouncements have been really “out there.” Some of her ACTIONS worse.

EVERYBODY'S PROTESTING DEMOCRATS: Republicans are protesting Democrats. Democrats are protesting Democrats. Everybody's protesting Democrats! The Democrats protesting are doing so in support of Bernie Sanders. I just can't understand people declaring their STUPIDITY by protesting in favor of a SOCIALIST! But the Republicans, I understand. Don't they know that socialism means economic slavery? That it has failed eventually, everywhere it has been tried?

GETTIN'TIRED OF IT: It seems almost if we're in a PERMANENT election cycle. I seem to have been hearing two names for as long as I can remember: Trump and Hillary. Even hearing the names of good politicians gets old, when you hear them every day, all day, for years. But Hillary is not a “good politician.” she's a hack, that has clung to her husband's coattails and followed him through all his women, making excuses for him. Like a race driver, drafting the leader, riding in second, now she has gone around him and taken the lead. I like Trump, but I'm even getting tired of hearing HIS name. We need to simplify this election process and shorten it, so we'll get some relief from it.

HILLARY SCREECHO: I have to mute the sound on my television every time Hillary comes on. I'd do that, even if I LIKED her (which I don't), because she hates to talk in a normal voice. When she gets rolling in her speeches, she SCREECHES. It's like listening to a “fishwife” screeching as her henpecked husband. I wish she'd go somewhere, anywhere, and SHUT UP! Add to that, she spouts a steady stream of socialist horse manure, and I can't listen to her. And the next couple of weeks it's going to be “all Hillary, all the time.” I can't stand it!

KIDS LIVING IN POVERTY: The Democrats make a “big thing” over the number of “kids living in poverty” as if that were a problem CREATED by the right. It's not. It's a problem created by the “drug culture.” It used to be that parents were the ones that tried to keep their kids away from drugs. Today, the parents have JOINED the kids in misusing drugs, and they're spending money that should go for groceries and other necessary things on drugs. Necessary things like FOOD for their kids. And, as drug users, they become “useless employees”and lose their jobs. And in today's market, created by Obama, there AREN'T any jobs to be had

HERE WE GO AGAIN: Only worse. I've reported before on the wide disparity between Christians and Muslims in the supposed “Syrian refugees” Obama is importing. Before, it was only TWO Christians among about 1500 Muslims. Now the number has risen to 6,726 “refugees,” and only SIX are Christians. That pretty well CEMENTS my previous prediction that MOST of the “refugees” will be Muslims, and among them will me many Muslim TERRORISTS. Obama and his crew deny that effusively, but numbers don't lie. They're infiltrating terrorists into out midst. Look for LOCAL warfare as the Islamic terrorists do what “Allah tells them,” and kill ALL “Infidels.” All of us Christians are “Infidels.”

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Gun-Hating Politicians

Why do we keep getting them? Why ARE they gun-haters? Why are so many politicians (mostly Democrats) afraid of ordinary citizens, who OBEY their laws, having the right (that is guaranteed them by the Constitution) to carry a gun to defend themselves against the CRIMINALS who get their guns ILLEGALLY and do all the “gun violence? Why do those politicians hate gun ownership for the “common man” so much? Honest, law-abiding gun owners do not, as a rule, commit crimes with their guns. We need to stop electing candidates with an anti-gun history, completely, no matter how much we might approve of their other actions. (Just common sense)

STOP ELECTING GUN-HATERS: I've said before that we need to stop electing politicians with ANY anti-gun tendencies if we want to retain our constitutionally-guaranteed right to be armed in self-defense. So if you need one more reason to reject Hillary Clinton, here it is. She invited the mother of that monstrous thug, Michael Brown, from Ferguson, MO, who died trying to kill a cop, to speak at the DNC. She's showed her anti-gun tendencies in many ways, but this is so obvious it doesn't even need to be mentioned. Send this woman packing.

I'M VOTING FOR TRUMP”: That's a quote from Malik Obama, Barack Obama's half brother. Trump likes that a lot. He says, “Barack probably treated him badly, as he has everybody else.” It gets pretty bad when your BROTHER votes for the opposition. I'm like Trump. I don't know what prompted him to vote for Trump, or to come right out and announce it publicly, but I'm happy about it. Every vote for trump is a good vote, because it is a vote against Obama's policies.

TRIED UNDERMINING BERNIE: Surprise, surprise! Hillary folks tried some “dirty tricks” in an effort to defeat Bernie Sanders. Why is anybody surprised? How did they think she stayed just ahead of Bernie with him winning as many primaries as he did? With dirty tricks. That's how the Clintons always win their elections. The Clintons have made stealing elections an art form.

WELL—THEY TRIED: The Democrats tried to dirty Donald Trump by showing videos intimating his wife, Melania, plagiarized Michelle's 2008 speech, but forgot that no less than Obama, himself, has been caught TWICE plagiarizing another politician. At the same time, her writer admitted SHE was responsible for those words in Melania's speech. That's what happens when you try a “Statue of Liberty play” and it doesn't work.. So it didn't help Democrats at all, and probably put them even further behind.

6 PLANNED PARENTOODS CLOSE: When it was revealed about the murders Planned Parenthood was committing on defenseless infants, America revolted. All but the Democrat Party, that is. When Republicans tried to cut Planned Parenthood's funding, they fought it, tooth and nail, I guess it's okay to them to murder infants. But is it starting to catch up to them? They say that abortions are only a small part of their profit [picture. But apparently that “small part” is big in importance because 6 of their murder mills closed down because they DIDN'T commit murders of infants. And that's where their profits are.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

"Wiping Out ISIS"

Which Obama is not likely to even try to do. The question being asked is, “Will this “put a crimp” in Islamic terrorist activities all over the world?” the answer is, “Yes, it will.” with nobody to “recruit” the fools that do such things, that WILL “put a crimp” in such activities. And ISIS is but ONE Islamic terrorist organization. There are many different organizations claiming to be “killing for Allah” out there. Some specialize in just killing. Others like to kidnap young girls to sell to “sex slave traders” after raping them repeatedly. Some do both. At the same time, they kidnap and screw little boys, for their own pleasure. It's a “cultural thing” for them.

DECLARING WAR ON ISIS: As well as all other forms of Islamic terrorism,. It's something Obama will never do, because he is on their side. Fortunately, we're soon to get a new president. If it's Trump, bad news for Islamic terrorists. If it's Hillary, they can go right on killing people by the hundreds every day, all over the world, because she has no idea how to fight them, and really hasn't the incentive. I think, when we “catch them in the act,” we need to kill them where they stand. No capturing, no holding in prison camps, where misguided fools like Obama can release them. Kill them, as they do us. Maybe even behead a f
few, to “send a message.”

JUST LIKE WE FIGURED: The anti-gun fools predicted much gun violence at the Republican National Convention because there was “open carry” in force in Illinois. They figured people coming in with openly carried guns on their hips would be a disaster ad armed people got in spats with others over such trivial things as floor space and started shooting. But, as WE predicted, there was no problem at all concerning the “open carry” people The convention went off without a hitch and those with guns were “just there.” Nobody shot anybody for being jostled in the crowds.

GUNS AREN'T NEEDED: That's what Doughtery County Assistant district Attorney thinks. Not for shooting sports, nor for self defense. She told a crowd at the Albany “Crime Stopper's' meeting that 51% of the gins in existence are in the United States and less than 10% of guns stolen are ever recovered. That's important, how? Notice all her figures are based on LEGAL guns, which means they don't count the ILLEGAL guns out there. She says that “Less guns means a safer world.” Completely ignoring the fact that the only guns that cause trouble are in the hands of ILLEGAL gun owners, who will not be affected by gun confiscation. Then how do we defend ourselves? How stupid is her opinion?

HE VETOED IT: Obama just vetoed the bill that, if it had become law, would have cut the pensions for ex-presidents. Not surprising. He doesn't want to cut his own pay after he becomes obsolete. Politicians never want to cut their own pay. I'm surprised this bill even made it out of committee. I guess the politicians that passed it on to Obama figured they'd never get to be an ex-president, so what does it matter? But Obama! He's directly effected, so it would never get by him.

WWIII ALREADY HERE: All the “wise guys” writing columns are wondering when WWIII will get here. They're all warning that it is “coming.” What nobody realizes is, that it's already here. Just because war has not been DECLARED by any sovereign nations doesn't mean it ISN'T here. Marcus Luttrel, an ex-“Seal Team” hero, says it IS already here. And he should know. One day, some politician will notice that people are dying in defense of this country, all over the world, and figure out that what we HAVE is WWIII. Then maybe they'll actually take it seriously and fight it more effectively.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Sour Grapes

The fools who think we can get along without the cops are just expressing “sour grapes.” They want to be able to commit their crimes without being bothered by the cops, so they mount a campaign to make the cops irrelevant by making targets of them. That's what the “Black Lives Matter” movement is all about. Declaring war on the cops by painting every instance of a cop shooting a black man as “unprovoked violence.” Like Mike Brown, in Ferguson, MO. They keep repeating the LIE that he “had his hands in the air” and was shouting “don't shoot.” But, in reality, this MONSTER of a thug was trying to take that cop's gun and kill him with it. These are things they don't tell you.

RULING AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION: It would seem to intelligent people that it would be a REQUIREMENT for people wanting to vote to prove who they are, so they can't vote several times, wouldn't you? Apparently, an appeals court doesn't agree. They ruled that the Texas law requiring identification in order to vote was “discriminatory.” How they reached that ignorant decision is beyond me. They must really be stupid. There are way too many stupid judges these days. And all are liberal. Liberal judges like to rule, based on their own opinions of what should be, rather on what the Constitution says, as they're supposed to do.

THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO: People who say the Constitution is an “outdated document” and needs to be ignored are FOOLS, and shouldn't be listened to for even a minute, or a second (to quote a now infamous judge). The founders based that document on some basic truths that will never change. Things like smaller government, and “citizen congress members” who would serve one or two terms and then go home. Instead, some people love the power so much, they never leave.

TRUCKS AND PRESSURE COOKERS: Do we need to ban these important, and useful tools? If we follow the faulty reasoning of the anti-gun fools, we do. Whenever some fool kills somebody with an ILLEGAL gun, they immediately want to ban LEGAL guns. They can't be talking about banning ILLEGAL guns, because criminals don't obey laws. More people are killed with KNIVES than anything else. Should we ban all knives? No. That is a useful tool, too. Nor should we ban trucks or pressure cookers, because of the MISUSE of a few by fools.

WHY IS HE SURPRISED? It amazes me that a black activist has the GALL to walk up on a cop in his patrol car pointing something (it was a cell phone camera) and is surprised when the cop points a gun at him. When every uniformed cop knows he has a target on his back, to point an object that might be a gun at someone he does not know whether or not has a gun in his pocket and is accosting him? Cops are all “on edge” today, due to the idiots who think it is “open season” on cops. They might be shot by surprise at any moment, and this guy “challenges” this cop? This fool is lucky to be alive, due to the atmosphere he and his friends have created.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Trump Nominated

You can retire the word, “presumptive” in referring to Donald Trump's nomination to be the Republican candidate for president in the national election. He needed 1237 votes, and he got more than 500 more! He got more than 1,600 votes! A LOT more than he needed. In other words, he beat them “handily,” as usual. This guy the “wise men” told us would never make it through the primaries not only DID it, he did it “in style,” getting more votes than any candidate in history. They've been wrong, all along, and they'll be wrong again when he doesn't lose to Hillary in November.

POOR FOOTNOTING: Obama, and Hillary, herself, have been caught “borrowing words” from other speakers, and Obama responded by saying it was NOT “plagiarism,” but just “poor footnoting.” And he's right. Not only for himself and Hillary, but for Milania, as well. I'm sure Milania doesn't listen to the droning speeches of other politicians, therefore she COULDN'T have “lifted words” from anybody else. Speech writers DO, and it's the speech writer's fault. And it is the speech writer's fault in all cases. The speech writer admitted it.

TONE IT DOWN”: Liberals are telling Trump to have his speakers at the Convention “:tone down the rhetoric.” Really? Do they really think Trump LISTENS to them? The rhetoric is NOT “overblown.” It is a “truth bomb” laid on the Democrat Party and it's CRIMINAL nominee. They're afraid that speakers at this Convention will actually be HEARD by “average Americans,” and will cause them to lose. They're right. So shut up, Democrats!

PROUD TRADITION OF TOLERANCE”: Obama says, “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.”  WHEN? Tell that to their women. Tell it to non-Muslims (including CHILDREN) they've beheaded for not believing in their phony religion. Tell it to the gays they've murdered. Islam is the LEAST TOLERANT of any group going! And no amount of LYING by the president will change that. Obama has a history of making easily disproved statements and DARING us to disbelieve his lies. This is but one more example.

A LEADER WHO CAN KILL? One wag said, “I want a leader who is not afraid to kill for what he believes in.” That presumes Obama doesn't kill, which is wrong. Obama and his policies have killed many people. And not so much for what he believes in, as for the fact that he just doesn't CARE how many people die because of his actions. It's not because he “doesn't want to kill Muslims.” It's because he IS a “closet Muslim” who would be okay with them WINNING.

IS TRUMP “DANGEROUS?” They keep saying Trump is “dangerous” without mentioning just who he is dangerous TO. They're right. He IS “dangerous.” To liberals, who see in his winning the election as the END of their jobs and perks. They see their little fiefdoms being destroyed, and that's “dangerous,” to THEM. Many Republicans see the same thing in his election, so they echo the Democrats in saying he is “the most dangerous candidate, ever!” But they never tell you to whom he is “dangerous.” Meanwhile, Trump continues to “whip them like cake batter.”

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

"Darryl Glenn Attacks Obama"

The news headline is this: “Glenn uses his convention speech to attack Obama.” So, the hell WHAT? Obama is the primary target of the Republicans! Yes, he's not on the ballot. But his policies are. And a vote for Hillary is a vote for a continuation of his ruinous policies for at least another four years, possibly another EIGHT years. That's IF there are enough IGNORANT voters to re-elect her, too. So is it any surprise that GOP Senate hopeful Darryl Glenn would attack Obama? Did anybody expect him to attack Trump? Damn! Some of these headline writers are really dumb!

TRUTH-BOMBING HILLARY: Rudy Giuliani last night, in his speech, did one of the better jobs of pillorying Hillary for her “sins.” He “lit into her with a big stick” about her letting four brave people DIE when she COULD have sent them help, and didn't. One of the stupidest moves she made as Secretary of State was to give that “stand down” order to nearby troops who could have helped. Of course, she denies giving that order, and will deny it to her dying day. But those in the field HEARD her, and some defied that order and saved some lives. Unfortunately not those of the unlucky four.

PLAGIARISM? Liberals are making a “big thing” out of the “similar words” to those of Michelle Obama Trump's wife, uttered in her speech before an earlier DNC Convention. Of course, it's not her fault. It's the fault of the speechwriter who wrote that speech. But if that's all they've got, they're in big trouble. But they're in big trouble, anyway. All they've got to run is a criminal mastermind who has “weaseled” her way into the Democrat nomination after getting away with breaking many laws. That's why they're grasping at straws. She couldn't even stay very far ahead of that ADMITTED socialist they ran against her to make us think she had some real competition without “stacking the deck” in her favor.

NRA'S TWISTED VISION”: That's what the Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence calls the NRA drive to retain our Second Amendment rights, which they're trying HARD to take away. They call it a “twisted vision,” in hopes of diminishing it in people's eyes, which is all they've got. Actually, they're the ones with a “twisted vision.”The “laws” they get passed don't work. Instead of REDUCING “gun violence,” they INCREASE it. But they'll never admit it, because that will mean the blood of those killed is on their hands.

NOBODY SHOWED UP: They called an anti-gun demonstration and nobody showed up. Okay. I'm wrong, FOUR people showed up. A “clear majority” of people who hate guns, of course (hee, hee). It's the same with “Moms Against guns(or something like that)”. They can't seem to get nearly as many people to their demonstrations as they used to. Poor babies! Moms called for a “massive showing” and reserved a large space for all the people they expected. They even told people they'd have to register in advance for a planned showing of Katie Couric's selectively edited anti-gun “documentary” due to “lack of space.” Then ONE person showed up, and that one was an “anti-Trumper.”

YOU NEED TO LEAVE”: That's what a Taco Bell employee told a couple of sheriff's deputies trying to buy dinner. In other words, according to that dimbulb employee, law enforcement is “not welcome here.” Okay, they'll accept that. So when someone comes in with a gun and robs them, they won't respond, by their request. And it will be this employee's fault. The Taco Bell corporate offices investigated the incident, and that employee was FIRED, as she should have been. So I guess this Taco Bell will not be ignored if they call for help. The sheriff told citizens not to boycott Taco Bell (as many had planned), as this was the action of ONE employee and not approved by corporate.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Won't Violate the Constitution

Gov. Kasich, of Ohio, when asked to “temporarily suspend” people's right to open carry at the RNC Convention, replied, “I don't have that authority.” Which, translated by anti-gun fools, means “he rejected it.” What part of “no authority to suspend constitutional rights” do they not understand? Liberals think (wish) you can “suspend” the constitutional rights of citizens on a whim, just because they think you should. They need to learn otherwise.

CREATING VIOLENCE: Liberals are working HARD to CREATE the violence they are roundly predicting at the RNC Convention. There have been no incidents of violence, nor any SUGGESTION of somebody (except the liberals) planning violence. But they're discussing what to do IF it happens, as if it WERE happening. They're hoping mightily that somebody takes up their suggestion so they can blame Trump for whatever happens, ignoring the fact that most of the violence against Republicans is PAID FOR by liberal operatives, such as George Soros, whose fingerprints are all over most of the “dirty tricks” that occur.

TURKEY'S ORDERS: Turkey has “ordered” us to extradite the cleric they say is behind the attempted coup. Maybe they need some instruction. Specifically, we don't “take orders” from Turkey, or any other country. We haven't seen any EVIDENCE that this cleric is responsible, and I don't know if, even if we did, we would extradite him. We don't extradite people for political “crimes.” Especially if he was trying to rid Turkey of Islamic terrorists in their government.

CLIMATE CHANGE IS AN OPPORTUNITY:”: Hillary says, “Climate Change is an opportunity as well as a problem.” Which tells me she's either as stupid as is Obama, or sees an “opportunity” to “roll us” for as much as she can, as Obama does. Climate change is one of the biggest swindles in the history of man, and has made AlGore a billionaire.. They're worried about an increase in temperature of ONE DEGREE in 100 years! Something that will never be proved, nor disproved, in our lifetime.

PUSH BACK”: Obama says, “Push back against hateful rhetoric that twist and distort Islam.” Sounds good, doesn't it? What it is, is an effort to stifle information about the outrages committed by Islamic terrorists. They hate it when we tell the truth about them, and even want to make it a punishable offense, despite our First Amendment. They don't understand our First amendment. They have nothing like it. They CONTROL absolutely what is said by Muslims. By KILLING those who speak out. They keep gays out of Islam by the same method. they KILL them when they find them.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Head to New Zealand

That's my advice to Justice Ginsberg, who uncharacteristically revealed her bias the other day in the New York times. First of all, she “promised” to move to New Zealand if Donald Trump was elected. She might as well just go. She's not needed here. Then she revealed her unalterable opposition to the Second Amendment and her intention to vote AGAINST any measure regarding it that came before the Court, including the “Heller” decision. This, from one of EIGHT Justices (currently) whose word is LAW. Justices who SHOULD know what the Constitution says, and UPHOLD it. Justices defying that should be summarily removed.

WAR AGAINST COPS: It's a wonder any cop goes out on the streets wearing his obvious uniform with a convenient “target” on his chest, driving their distinctive cars that are well marked, and offer no protection from insane criminals, who think they should not exist, so they can commit their crimes unobstructed. People are mad in Baton rouge, Louisiana, because it looks like cops wrongly killed a man who SUPPOSEDLY had a gun. Which may be true, but is an isolated incident, and should not bring such a drastic response. Other cops are not at fault.

WHO WILL HILLARY CHOOSE? Who will Hillary choose as her vice president? Who cares? They won't be going anywhere. Trump is going to CRUSH Hillary, and the only place she (he) will be remembered will be as a “footnote in history” as they're BOTH sent home with their tails between their legs. Hillary doesn't have a chance in hell of ever becoming president, but she doesn't know that. She knows not what real Americans think. All she hears is what her Democrat sycophants think. They “shield her” from all else.

TEACHING HOMOSEXUALITY: I think it's a real crappy deal the power that gays are exercising successfully these days. Now they're teaching kids about homosexuality in school. Kids who wouldn't know ANYTHING about any kind of sex are being taught about GAY sex. And you know kids' tendency to try things they learn about. This can do nothing but create an increase in gay sex among kids. Of course, they're BARELY taught anything about heterosexual sex. That's almost taboo. I have nothing against homosexuality. But I DO have something against teaching it to impressionable youngsters.

GENDERISM? The liberals are good at denying reality. Like they're doing with their campaign to let men in women's restrooms and changing rooms. Now they're even trying to deny there are only TWO genders: male and female. Unlike a lot of their fantasies, this one is easy to disprove. just look between their legs. If there's a penis there, it's a MALE. If not, it's a FEMALE. They can deny that all they want, but it's a truism Penis equals MAN. Vagina equals WOMAN. No matter how much they deny it.

TWISTED JUDGMENTS: The Huffington Post says, “The Second Amendment was not intended to preserve an individual's right to self defense.” They didn't put it exactly that way, but that's what they meant. They just can't understand that the founders meant that ALL THE PEOPLE were a “militia” and could be “:called up” in an emergency, and they wanted to make sure they had their own guns. They didn't worry about them “going bananas” and “shooting up the landscape over something trivial. They were a little smarter than today's politicians.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Why Do They Hate Us?

That's what liberals all over are asking. They're trying very hard to figure out why the Muslims hate us so. I'd feel sorry for them if the Muslims had not told us, many times, exactly why they want to kill us. It's really very simple. Their RELIGION tells them to convert of kill” everybody they come in contact with. Islam is the only “religion” that tells it's followers to KILL those who won't convert to their “religion.” Liberals are “tone deaf” to that, as they are to many simple things.

WE NEED TRUCK CONTROL! Using the “logic” of the liberals, we need to make some “truck control” laws, since a TRUCK killed 84 people (and counting) in Nice, France. Never mind the truck was being driven by an insane Muslim sympathizer. But don't blame him, blame the truck, like they always blame the gun when other crazies shoot up a place. I've never seen a truck take off on it's own, without a driver, just as I've never seen a gun go out and kill a lot of people without a PERSON aiming it and pulling the trigger. But what do I know?

TRUMP NAMES HIS VP: Today, Donald Trump revealed his choice to run for vice-president on the Republican ticket. The only politician who was NOT chosen by ANYBODY but the presumptive nominee. I still think Mike Pence was a good choice, IF they win, and IF Trump listens to him on policy. If he's the usual “bump in the VP office,” it won't be a good thing Being a “Hoosier boy” myself, with a brother who used to work for a Republican governor, I like his choice. But that isn't the only reason.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH US? The entire Muslim lifestyle is an anathema to Americans. Many Muslims are simply our ENEMIES. They want to KILL us for not believing in their phony “religion.” They want Sharia Law (even the “peaceful Muslims, if there are any) to be accepted in this country for everybody, not just Muslims. The fact that it violates our Constitution. Which is the BASIS for all our laws, doesn't seem to matter to them. And a recent action in Illinois has created a MUSLIM “advisory council” in our GOVERNMENT! What would happen if we created a CHRISTIAN “advisory council?”

NAMING THE ENEMY: Obama and his accomplices make light of his refusal to NAME our enemy in the Islamic terrorist war against civilization. He says, “What difference does it make if we name them or not?” It makes a helluva lot of difference, Barack! If you refuse even NAME the enemy, how can you successfully defeat them? Worse yet, you're giving the enemy favoritism every time you're called upon to “rule” on something that involves them. You've even appointed some of them to important positions in your GOVERNMENT! What kind of a fool ARE YOU?

READ THE FINE PRINT: Could it be that an entire “killing spree” has been based on a MISREADING of the Koran? They tell the fools that go out and kill “Infidels” that if they, themselves are killed while supporting Islam they will get 74 VIRGINS in the after life that they can screw while they somehow REMAIN virgins. But that isn't true. Due to a “small mistake” in translation, the real meaning is that they'll get 74 RAISINS. The word for “raisins” was mistranslated. And millions of people have been murdered because of a mistranslation.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Will Hillary Win?

There's a predominance of opinion in the liberal media that Hillary will win in a landslide. Which is not surprising, considering the people they ask are largely Democrats or Republican “Never-Trumpers.” TThat's how they “mold opinion.” Take false “polls” in liberal backyards and use that to “make news.” They hope they're never proved wrong, but they HAVE been proved wrong, many times, when they predict that Trump will lose. When he wins BIG, they shut up. Until the next time, when they're wrong, again.

NO “GUN-FREE” SIGNS: Liberal anti-gun politicians, when offered “gun-free zone” sign to put up at their homes refuse to take them. They don't want to tell the crooks they are a prime target for a home invasion, I guess. Putting up such signs is the same thing as putting up a sign saying, “There are no guns here. Come on in and shoot us.” Gun free zones are okay for us peasants, but not for the elites. They've probably got guns, anyway. Most anti-gun politicians usually do, or HIRE others to carry their guns for them.

MOVING THE GOAL POSTS: That's what the Republicans want to do. Their system allows the elites to look and see what rules they need to assure them the power to “move the goal posts” to keep their power to DICTATE just who we GET to vote for. The power to change the rules for THIS convention is such an obvious method to screw up the works it doesn't even need to be mentioned. When we gripe, they remind i=us it's been this way “forever,.” which is supposed to Shut us up. Which is no excuse for corruption.

THIS IS WAR! That's what the French say, after a man took a large truck and ran it through a huge “Bastille Day” crowd in Nice. It's time SOMEBODY admitted this, and France cannot suffer many more massacres before they snap. They are a small country, with a large Muslim population. The larger the Muslim population, the more places there are for the Islamic terrorists to hide. It is their ability to hide in large groups that is one of their biggest strengths. We need to remove that strength. We need to stop treating their atrocities as “crimes” and treat them as what they are: acts of war,” and kill them where they stand. As they did in the latest Muslim atrocity there.

WHY DO THEY HATE US? Liberals the world over are wondering why Muslims hate us. And they say, there are “peaceful Muslims.” I say, there ARE no “peaceful Muslims.” Yes, there are many who have not killed people in the name of Islam—yet. But they are taught to HATE anybody who isn't their brand of Muslim—from BIRTH. As soon as they are able to understand words, they're taught words of HATE for anybody who isn't their kind of Muslim. Which is why it seems to be so easy to recruit them for “Jihad.”

THINGS THEY NEVER TELL YOU: They constantly tell you that black men are five times more apt to be shot by cops than white men. But what they don't tell you is that those black men are usually trying to kill the cops. The same is true in their whining that more blacks are in prison than whites without mentioning that blacks commit more crimes. It's their way of trying to discredit the cops, and the law. If you call them on it, they call you a racist, as they will ME when they read this.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

"Shooting Blacks for Sport"

That's what black activists claim, but it's a big bunch of horse manure. In Chicago, for instance, out of 2,100 shootings of black men, NINE were done by cops. And all of those were “righteous shootings,” done by cops who were being shot at by black men. MOST of the black men who get shot are shot by other black men! That's a fact that cannot be denied, honestly. But they deny it, in spite of the numbers. The idea that cops “shoot black men for sport” is absurd, but the proponents of that idea aren't intelligent enough to realize it.

WHEN PEOPLE VOTE: When the people get to vote. Trump CRUSHES the opposition. But when Republican “establishment” does the voting, not so much. Does that tell you anything? It tells me that the Republican establishment is completely out of touch with reality. They didn't get to DICTATE just who we get to vote for, as they usually do, so they're dead set against the man who won. If they do manage to derail Trump at the convention it will become OBVIOUS what they did. They will have reasserted their idea of the “natural order of things' where they get to DICTATE who we get to vote for.

NOT DIVIDED”: Obama says America is “not as divided as it seems.” But, as usual, he's wrong. This man is the most ignorant president in memory. He has worked HARD to divide us, and doesn't want people to see it, so he denies the divide exists. He divides us in every way he can. Racism is but one of them. Each time somebody disagrees with one of his policies, he doesn't answer them with facts, he just accuses them of being racist. Every day he comes up with another outrage. An outrage to intelligent people, that is. And his fool supporters lap it up like a puppy with a dropped ice cream cone.

GOP DIRTY TRICKS: They couldn't beat Trump any other way, so now they're going to try a NAKED ripoff at the RNC Convention. He got more votes in the primaries than anybody in the history of America. When the PEOPLE vote, he wins, by a large margin. It's only when the only voters are the Republican “establishment” that he still wins, but by a smaller margin. So now they want to “change the rules” before the convention to ELIMINATE him as a candidate, so they can put up their usual “also-rans” that don't stand a chance of winning. It's almost like they WANT to lose.

REDUCING VIOLENT CRIME: Did you know that 76% of police chiefs say armed citizens reduce violent crime? There are more intelligent police chiefs than there are political hacks in that job. They KNOW they can't be everywhere at once, and it takes from minutes to HOURS (in some places) for them to get there with their guns. A criminal, armed ILLEGALLY with a gun, can do a lot of damage in the few minutes it takes them to arrive. They usually get there just in time to clean up the scene, dispose of the body or bodies, and document it. Which doesn't help the victims very much.

ENDING WARS ABROAD: Obama likes to brag about ending two wars. But ANYBODY can “end a war” by “cutting and running,” which is what he did in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's just like his idea that the way to self defense is to DISARM yourself. No? Isn't that what he's preaching with every anti-gun law he promotes? This fool is probably the WORST excuse for a president we have ever had. When he leaves office (if he ever does) it will be “good riddance to bad rubbish.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Ignoring A Major Factor

The people who make a “big thing” about police shooting of blacks overlook a major factor. Blacks commit more crimes than do white people, so they're much more likely to take “pot-shots” at cops, leading to their own demise at the hands of TRAINED cops. The fools that do the crimes are often completely untrained in proper gun handling and aim, while cops are NOT. They usually hit what they aim at, while the thugs do not. So they're much more likely to kill that black man. The same applies to prisons, where activists protest the higher number of black prisoners in prison while ignoring the fact that more black people are criminals than are white people. Of course, they'll call me a racist for that. That's all they have.

IT'S A THIN LINE: Protesters who advise killing cops claim First Amendment protection for their statements, but to do so is like hollering “fire” in a crowded theater when there is none. There should be a provision made for people making statements advising MURDER that puts them in prison. Inciting to violence should not be “protected speech.” They use that amendment to support their admonitions to kill people for supporting other amendments.

HOW'S HILLARY MAINTAINING? They're still showing polls that have Hillary either leading or tied with Trump. How is that possible? She's a CRIMINAL. FBI director Comey detailed her crimes, but declined  not to recommend indicting her in a clearly political action. She has NOT “been cleared.” She will only not be indicted for her crimes. Trump is an honest man without a breath of scandal, except that “ponied up” by Democrats. Why isn't he way out ahead? I put it down to phony polls, taken in the DNC lobby.

ELIMINATING THE COPS: That's what some of the “Black Lives Matter” crowd want. They're not thinking clearly when they want this. The cops are a “:thin blue line” between us and chaos. Without them, we would spend all our time fighting the very people who WANT to eliminate the police. And that without training or the proper equipment. But maybe that's what they want. Free access to the people they want to victimize without police interference. Eliminating the cops is a pipe dream, and will never happen in my lifetime. I hope.

NEW BRITISH PRIME MINISTER: They say they're getting a “new 'iron lady”.” But are they? Will she be an “iron lady?” I don't know. And neither do the Brits. We can only hope she will, and will properly lead Great Britain toward independence and the right to make their own decisions, unfettered by the wishes of other, less stable governments in Europe. I wish her well, and hope she moves in the right direction.

VIOLENCE AT RNC CONVENTION? The Islamic terrorists like to strike at “soft targets” that are not likely to be able to fight back effectively before they're able to kill a bunch of people. A “great plum” for them is the Republican National Convention, where the Republican candidate is officially chosen. That might seem to be a “soft target” to them, in their ignorance. But security there is very tight, and they have weapons there we will never see unless they're needed. If they attack there, they will DIE. It's that simple. If they're smart, they'll stay away.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

"Love and Compassion"

That's what AG Loretta Lynch is calling for after the Dallas atrocity. She says, “The answer is never violence.” Which is about the stupidest thing I've ever heard an Attorney General say. The answer IS violence. Violence to oppose the violence visited upon us. That shooter didn't kill any more cops after the police chief painted the walls of that garage with his body fluids. Violence ENDED his attack. No trials. No spending millions of dollars to convict him of a crime. No publicity for his “cause.” Just death—which is what he richly deserved.

SHE'S LYING AGAIN: Hillary recently said, “A guy walked up to me on the street today and told me a majority wanted gun control.” You try and “walk up to Hillary” on the street! You'd never get through the circle of ARMED guards surrounding her. And they might just KILL you for DARING to approach her! I get very tired of damned fool politicians like Hillary telling me I can't defend myself while she hides behind many armed guards that I pay for. It's like Harry Reid's “imaginary friend” who told him Mitt Romney didn't pay his taxes. Completely bogus, as usual.

IT'S ALL RACISM: As usual, that “race whore,” Al, Sharpton is twisting things to support his phony racism meme. He says the NRA hasn't said a word in support of the two black men who were supposedly LEGALLY carrying guns when shot to death by a cop “because he had a gun.” Maybe Al baby just hasn't been listening. Which is why he never heard what they have said. He says”Maybe the NRA thinks the Second Amendment is only for white people.” which is PERVERSION of a twist, the kind he is known for. Maybe he should SHUT UP once in a while so he could hear what other people say, which is usually drowned out by the sound of his voice.

IT AMAZES ME: I just heard Bernie Sanders drone on and on in support of the woman he hates the most in the world, Hillary Clinton, as he “endorsed” her. Though it sounded mostly like an endorsement of himself until he got to that part. But it really does amaze me how a politician who has VILIFIED another can turn around and PRAISE that politician right after calling her the biggest a**hole in the world. It's the same on the GOP side. A man Trump has vilified now being PRAISED by him. Damn politics! I'll never understand it.

ARE POLICE FORCES RACIST? Obama says police forces in this country are systemically racist. Never mind that many police forces have black people in top positions. Never mind that many MAYORS (some in the South) are black. So how would police forces be SYSTEMICALLY racist? They don't cite EVIDENCE, because there isn't any. Except that which they have TWISTED to make it LOOK like systemic racism. It promotes their agenda to make us THINK there is systemic racism in ALL police forces, but it isn't true, as usual. Like the Michael Brown fiasco in Ferguson, MO, which they TWISTED to make us think it was racism when a monstrous black kid who richly DESERVED to die was killed while trying to kill a good cop. That lie persists to this day.

OUTRAGED BY FACTS: Rudy Giuliani says the “Black Lives Matter” movement is inherently racist, and that makes the liberal “talking heads” on CNN have “brain explosions.” The facts are there, and that outrages them. The very concept of “Black Lives Matter” while they violently oppose anybody who suggests that ALL lives matter makes it racist, on it's face. But they can't see it. They are “selectively myopic.” The fact that BLM approves of the killing of cops escapes their notice. They just can't understand why ANYBODY would think BLM is racist.

GINSBERG TO MOVE TO NEW ZEALAND? Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg promises to move to New Zealand if Trump wins the presidency. Like most fools who promise to leave America, she probably won't, but if she does, all I can say is, “good riddance.” All she does is make decisions that HURT American freedoms, so who needs her? That will allow Trump to name her successor and make the court a little more favorable to human beings.

Monday, July 11, 2016

How Can They Tell?

They say the most guns in the hands of private citizens in Africa are owned in Obama's birthplace, Kenya. But how can they come up with that number? Their numbers only reflect the number of LEGALLY-owned guns, and IGNORE those bought ILLEGALLY, or stolen. This is typical of the anti-gun fools. Concentrate on LEGAL gun owners and IGNORE ILLEGAL gun owners. That makes their phony figures look better. That way they can disarm honest people while criminals (some wearing badges) have no trouble victimizing them with their ILLEGAL guns.

NO GUNS FOR BLACKS”: So sayeth Barack Obama, who is a black man himself (He's just as much white as he is black, but he CHOOSES to be black so he can claim racism if anybody disagrees with him). I would question the SANITY of a WHITE president who said white people should have no guns,Obama and his accomplices would immediately call me a racist for pointing this out, and “crank up” the “race-baiters.” That's how he handles ALL criticism. Just call his critics racists.

BOMBS FOR BAD GUYS: Dallas Police Chief Brown made use of a BOMB to end the siege in Dallas that had already claimed five policemen. The shooter, who was military trained, was well fortified, and would not be easily “rooted out” without putting other officers at deadly risk. Brown chose to “paint the walls” of that garage with the shooter and save other lives. The shooter deserved what he got. Monday morning quarterbacks are now questioning the use of that bomb. But that shooter deserved what he got.

POLICE ABUSE?: Was it police abuse in Minnesota when a cop summarily executed a man because he saw a gun in his lap and shot out of panic? Yes, it was. If that's how it went down. The cop says the victim was reaching for that gun, but he wasactually reaching for his ID, which other cops had asked for. I think this is a product of the atmosphere of fear instilled in cops all over by the “Black Lives Matter” crowd. Even though he had been advised of the gun, and that the man was licensed to carry it, he panicked. Cops are understandably “on edge” today, knowing they have a target on their backs.

LEFT'S WAR ON COPS: That's what it amounts to, and now we have had the first identifiable example of an attack on more than one or two cops. Previously, cowardly criminals have sneaked up behind one or two cops at a time and killed them by shooting them in the back. Now nervous cops are “shooting in panic,” knowing there is a “target on their backs” and they could be shot down in surprise while they are doing their jobs, just for being cops. Cops are a “thin blue line” between us and chaos. We NEED them. Don't kill them.

MILITANT ISLAM: A DISEASE: It's like a cancer growing on the world, and threatens to kill it. Now, to dispel the usual attempts by Islam to confuse people about what I'm saying, I'm not talking about Islam, itself. I'm talking about the perverted form of Islam that leads it's “believers” to want to KILL people who don't believe the same way they do. And that is a “rape culture” where rape is “accepted” as a weapon of terror. Where militant Muslims run things, women always have to worry about being raped. No wonder they hide their women.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Satisfactory Action

I just read a post on “One Political Plaza” from a long time subscriber. He's a “senior citizen” and pees often. I'm with him, for the same reason. He also says his most satisfactory action is going out to the barn and peeing on a picture of Obama. I'm with him there, too. It won't be hard to find a picture of Obama. They're everywhere, like with most dictators, or people who THINK they are dictators, and love themselves. I just hope I can stand to look at him long enough to properly aim.

IS IT RACISM? Philando Castilo has been pulled over 52 times in the past, and didn't get shot by the cops. Why so many times? Maybe he should learn to drive better. What was different the 53rd time? This time the cops were rightfully frightened by the atmosphere created by the “Black Lives Matter” crowd, who are suggesting, to already unstable thugs, that it's okay to kill cops. He TOLD them he had a gun, that he was licensed, and wasn't threatening anybody if all.  All it was doing is sitting in his lap. He was just reaching for his ID, as requested, when he was killed.

GUN STUPID: What is it about guns that makes liberal politicians terminally stupid? One woman in Colorado running for governor says she'll “work on gun problems” on her first day in office, whatever the hell THAT means! I figure it means she will work for passage of more USELESS anti-gun laws that don't work. That seems to be the only kind those fools know how to propose. Only the Republican governor a couple of governors ago came up with something good.

THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND: Salon just ran a story where they say people in foreign countries don't understand why we have “such a passion” for guns. They don't understand it's a “passion” for self defense and the constitutional right to own and use the means to it, a gun. That's because they've never had that right. It's NOT “a passion for guns.” It IS a “passion to defend OURSELVES.” And it's a RIGHT, guaranteed by our Constitution, the BASIS for ALL our laws. You can't usually understand what you've never had, and never WILL have.

CHILDREN'S GUN DEATHS: The anti-gun fools keep pointing out the “fact” that the United States accounts for 90% of the gun deaths of kids under 19, without mentioning that most of those gun deaths come from their GANG affiliations, and involve ILLEGAL guns—which all their current gun laws do NOTHING to contain. It's not the LEGALLY-owned guns that are the problem. Never has been, and never will be.

SPEAK FOR YOURSELF, HILLARY! Hillary Clinton says, “We're ALL racists.” No, we're NOT. Maybe you are, but we're not ALL racists, just because you, in your ignorance, think we are. Many of us, like me, judge each person we meet as an INDIVIDUAL, by his or her ACTIONS, not by the group he /she is in, or by the color of their skin. Being racist is IGNORANCE. It always has been, and always WILL be. You may be a racist, but you can't speak for me—or anybody else.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Racist Art Festival

They're having a racist art festival in Denver this weekend. Why do I call it “racist?”: It's the “BLACK Arts Festival.” And they just can't understand the contradiction that exposes. What if next week we had a WHITE Arts Festival? The same people who run the BLACK Arts Festival would be demonstrating and calling THAT “racist.” They just don't understand that ELIMINATING white artists from their festival; IS racist . And their small minds will never admit it. I am NOT saying their minds are “small” because they're black, but just because they can't see the disconnect here. Of course, they'll call ME racist for saying this.

BLACKS ARE IN DANGER! So let's DISARM them!" That's the message sent by that fool in the White House. He's importing hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists, who have PROMISED to kill us for not converting to their religion. At the same time he tells us that cops are “out to kill” blacks, which is totally FALSE. And his answer? DISARM them! I think it's all part of his scheme to CREATE chaos in this country, so he can use it to his advantage. Him and other liberals. One of his former lieutenants once said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” And of course, if there isn't one, CREATE one.

THE NRA IS AT FAULT! That's what the anti-gun fools tell us about that cop killing a black man who was reaching for his ID. Their theory is that if he wasn't a licensed carrier, that frightened cop wouldn't have shot him, which is about as stupid a way of thinking as there is. This is the kind of thinking that is common among anti-gun fools. Their thinking is faulty at the beginning. That think all they have to do is make a LAW against something, and that will do it. The cop is now saying he had a gun in his lap. Which is NOT an excuse to immediately shoot him. He wasn't threatening anybody with it. Owning a gun does NOT merit a death sentence!

BENGHAZI IMPORTANT: The country is enraged about FBI Director Comey's not recommending Hillary be prosecuted for her e-mail felonies after detailing her crimes, and AG Lynch's immediate closing of the case. But not enough attention is being given to Benghazi, where FOUR innocent people DIED because of Hillary's INCOMPETENCE, or just simple lack of interest in keeping them alive, to bother. That's something she should be indicted for, and when found guilty, spend the rest of her life in prison. But that'll never happen as long as liberal bureaucrats are in charge of the justice system and are ruled by politics.

$15 AN HOUR? For flipping burgers and using a computerized cash register to tell you how much change to give because you can't do it in your head as kids everywhere used to be able to do? I'm pushing 80 and haven't used a cash register in years, and I can still do it. Nobody should make more money than people holding IMPORTANT jobs that require training and skill make. If kids think they're not making enough, they should go out and LEARN something that makes them WORTH more money! The minimum wage wasn't designed for people supporting a family. It is a BEGINNER'S WAGE, designed to allow employers to hire kids that KNOW NOTHING, and train them so they can make more LATER. If you're raising a family and are still in a minmum wage job, that's YOUR fault! You need to do something about that, and I don't mean bullying employers to pay more for NOTHING. That'll only get you unemployed.

STATE REOPENS QUERY: Hey, great! We're gonna spend a lot MORE money "investigating" Hillary so we can let her go. Again. It keeps a lot of people employed. It isn't enough that we've already spent millions on an investigation that uncovered MUCH lawbreaking on her part, only for her to be “turned loose” by the head of the FBI after he detailed her felonies to the world. Now the current State Dept. Is getting into the act. I wonder how many years and how many millions they will spend before again “turning her loose?” Will she be president by then? Maybe a 2-term ex president.

Friday, July 8, 2016

She Broke the Law!

But we don't recommend prosecuting her. I agree that this action keeps her in the presidential race while detailing her crimes will make it more difficult for her to be elected. The feeling is that NOT removing her from consideration will make it easier for Republicans to win because to do so would bring that buffoon, “Ol' Joe” into it. For some reason, they think Joe is a “formidable candidate.”. The future president will still have the option to jail her. If the next president is Trump, she's a “dead woman waddling,” but she doesn't know it.

CONGRESS “HAVING TROUBLE:” Obama says the Congress is “having trouble moving legislation forward.” No, they're NOT. They're purposely BLOCKING as much of his pipe dream legislation as they can, hoping to save this nation from his foolishness. He certainly knows how to twist things to suit himself. When Congress doesn't act to suit him, he calls them a “do-nothing Congress.” But they're not “do-nothing,” they're doing their JOB in opposing his stupidities and atrocities.

STUPIDITY IN DALLAS: People wonder why police officers are on edge, and quick to shoot in any situation. They completely discount the “open season” there is on cops from the “Black Lives Matter” crowd. One of the previous worst atrocities attributed to this movement is the Texas cop who was shot to death while he fueled his car. Now that has been replaced by the shootings of 12 cops from ambush, killing 5, that occurred in Dallas. The senselessness of that action approaches idiocy, but fortunately the perpetrator is dead. But there are way too many fools still out there who blame the cops for their own stupidity.

MORE “GUN CONTROL”: I can't explain the complete INCOMPETENCE of our leaders in the “gun violence” debate. Every time there is a mass shooting by a man with an ILLEGAL gun, they come out INSTANTLY and demand more laws against guns in the hands of law-abiding people, who aren't the problem. The people who ARE the problem will continue to get their guns ILLEGALLY. Meanwhile, incompetent politicians like Barack Obama will demand more and more of the absurdly INEFFECTIVE “gun laws” that have done NOTHING to stop gun violence.

COMEY IS IGNORANT: FBI Director Comey must be ignorant. He is widely regarded as completely honest and reliable, and not subject to political pressure in his job. So the only explanation for his LACK of a recommendation for indictment of Hillary Clinton is ignorance or stupidity. For some reason, he seems to be ignorant of the law as it affects Hillary Clinton. He detailed the MANY WAYS she violated the law in her handling of classified information in her e-mails, and the establishment of a private server for them in the first place, which is a violation in itself. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Nor is lack of INTENT, and he, of all people should be aware of that.

NOT SMART ENOUGH?” He didn't use those exact words, but the ones he did use meant the same thing. FBI Director Comey said, “Hillary might not be sophisticated enough to understand the classified system.” If she isn't “smart enough” to understand that, what the HELL is she doing being Secretary of State? Just being in that office requires more sophistication (smarts) than it takes to understand how that system works. And if she isn't “sophisticated enough,” she has no business holding that office—ever.