Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chris Matthews Goes Nuts

He accused every Republican of racism if they so much as MENTION Obama’s name at the convention. That’s what they want: the Republicans NOT to criticize Obama in any way by name. They think by that they can help Obama to be re-elected. I got a clue for the liberals (which includes Matthews). We’re not that stupid. “Once bitten, twice shy.” We were bitten in 2008, and we won’t be stupid enough to allow it to be repeated by re-electing this amazingly incompetent and arrogant fool.

ACTOR SAMUEL JACKSON: WHY DID GOD SPARE THE GOP? Like most liberals, Jackson hasn’t a clue about how things work. God doesn’t “punish” people for doing wrong. Not until after their death. Anyway. HE doesn’t “run things” on Earth. Unlike liberals, HE gave man the right to make their own decisions, good or bad. He just watches and punishes people in the “afterlife” if punishment is merited.

IS SHE GAY? Ann Romney got up and made a speech before the RNC convention during which she said, “I love you women!” Knowing the Democrats, I expect them to “pick up” on that in the worst way and suggest she is a lesbian. She isn’t. No lesbian would be married to the same guy for 40 years unless they had a very strange arrangement. And I don’t think a politician with hopes to become president would have such an “arrangement.” But I put nothing past the Democrats in their drive to retain power.

“WALKING EAGLE”: That’s the “Indian name” the Cherokees gave to Obama after he made a speech promising them the sun and the moon. When asked what the name meant, a tribal leader said, “That’s what we call an eagle that is so full of sh-t he cannot fly, so he walks.”

SAYS A LOT: It says a LOT about Obama that most of his campaign stops today are at universities. “The majority of his campaign stops are at colleges and universities where he can preach to the gullible students who can't think for themselves and haven't been ALIVE long enough to know what a con man he is.. To them he is a rock star, while they are living in their parents basements playing video games made by the large corporations they hate so much.” And they will continue to live there until we get rid of Obama and reverse his appalling schemes and cons.

NAVY SEAL REVEALS DETAILS OF BIN LADEN’S DEATH: He says Obama was not “ducking back in his bedroom” but was “peeking out of the room” when he was shot. So what? A man with that much blood on his hands deserves not a whit of consideration. Yes, he’s dead (IF that was him and not a lookalike). That’s all I need to know. There were only a few inches difference between the original (government approved) description and his. I don’t think he was close enough to judge Osama’s intentions. The shooter saw him and shot him. Simple. Maybe he was “going for a gun” and maybe not. There was one close by. We weren’t there. We don’t know. We’ll never know.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Being A "Birther" Is NOT A "Bad Thing"

The Obama forces say the fact that a protester is a “birther” (not convinced Obama is not an American citizen) automatically discredits that citizen from criticizing him for  ANYTHING. That is patently NOT SO! Obama has NEVER PROVEN HIS CITIZENSHIP. He has released a PHONY BIRTH CERTIFICATE while claiming it is real. It was NOT REAL. Trying to fool us on this issue PROVES there’s something there for me. “Birthers” are NOT DISCREDITED for that belief until Obama releases his REAL birth certificate--and that will never happen. He’s too arrogant to think anybody will believe he’s not a citizen. What a FOOL this man is!

DISH CUTTING ITS OWN THROAT: They’re promoting a device that lets customers “skip over” commercials. Talk about “cutting off your own nose to spite your face! Commercials are what allows them to provide television. To allow customers to “skip over” them stops that. They should think about how THEY would feel if commercials THEY paid thousands of dollars to be run give them NO results because of people “skipping over” them.

“IT DOESN’T MATTER THAT I LIED: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Democrat National Party chair, LIED in a fund raising e-mail and when she was called on it by Anderson Cooper (NOT a conservative, for sure) she tells him (and I’m paraphrasing to show what she was REALLY saying) “it doesn’t matter that I LIED in my quoting of the LA Times to make a point.” Debbie is a bad liar, but she will look you right in the eye and DENY the lie when she KNOWS you know she’s lying as she did here.

The VA is making some pretty good sounding offers to veterans if they’ll just SIGN a statement saying they “suffered from PTSD” or had ANY of the symptoms of it. What happens next is that ALL firearms owned and in the possession of the signer can be confiscated under the law in many states. This is the scam being used to DISARM all (or as many as possible) military veterans so their guns cannot be used if a revolution occurs. Something our government is actually EXPECTING if it continues on its current course.

VAGUE DEFINITION: The law used in one of the latest confiscations of weapons in Ohio has a very VAGUE definition of a “deadly weapon,” just like one on California years ago: (“Anything that can be projected at someone in such a way as to cause him/her discomfort”.) Under that loose definition, I would have to register my FIST as a “deadly weapon.” Or even a rolled up newspaper. This is how they operate: make an innocuous-sounding law that requires DEFINING by someone in authority, then DEFINE it the way you wish.

“EXTREMIST” VIEWS: Obama keeps saying Romney/Ryan have “extremist views.” But if the truth were known, the only “extremist views” out there come right out of Obama’s mouth, and his vice president’s mouth. As usual, they think if they repeat this often enough, you'll come to believe it. Romney and Ryan are only "extremists" to liberals like Obama/"Biteme"

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"Obama's A Nice Guy, Just Incompetent"

That seems to be the theme at the Republican National Convention in Florida, but they’re incorrect. He’s NOT a “nice guy.” He’s an arrogant, dedicated COLLECTIVIST (whether it be socialist, communist, Fascist, Progressivist, or some other “ist,” I don’t know). He believes Karl Marx, father of communism, had it right. He believes in that old communist motto, “FROM each according to his ABILITY and TO each according to his NEED,” making NEED a DEMAND on your earnings, and he’s willing to do ANYTHING to move this country in that direction, even KILL people (maybe not by his own hand, but by his policies). They say you should “respect the office.” I do NOT; not as long as this FOOL is in it.

“REPUBLICANS NEED TO MODERATE THEIR TONE”: They say if we don’t, we’ll “send the independents running to the Democrats.” What a LOAD of BS. Why is it always ONLY The Republicans who need to “moderate their tone?” Because it’s the DEMOCRATS who are saying it and they want the GOP to “shut up.”

ATTACKING GALLUP: Gallup Polls, just a few days ago told Obama (and the world) that if the REAL unemployment numbers were known, they would SINK Obama and 3 days later Obama’s DOJ sued them on the basis of a “whistleblower” accusation by (Michael Lindley, a former Obama supporter more recently a Gallup employee) a 2008 Obama organizer. How “transparent” could this be? I bet this guy finds it hard to find a job after this.

45 TRILLION DEBT UNPATRIOTIC: That’s what Obama (who ran up a debt five times that) says about the debt bush ran up in EIGHT YEARS while he has done his debt in less than 4 years, all by himself. What FOOL this president is, and arrogant, too. Re-electing Obama as a means to reduce the debt is like giving a case of Jack Daniels to an alcoholic to curb drunkenness.

TALK ABOUT STUPID! The Bloomberg Insider, a dedicated Republican Convention magazine, thinks the Republican Party has become SO “far-right” that they would now think Reagan as “too far left.” What a LOAD of crap! People “on the right” simply want FREEDOM and the right to make their own decisions. There IS no “too far right.” Liberals say the Nazis are “on the right,” but that’s as stupid as this. Naziism was “National SOCIALISM!” You can’t GET more “left wing” than that.

“RESPECT MY VAGINA!:” That’s the message from “Code pink,” a liberals women’s organization that staged a demonstration with men and women wearing large vaginas. How one can “respect” anybody who would run around in large phony vaginas, I don’t know. They THINK there is a “war on women” being waged by Republicans. In truth, it was the Democrats who came up with, and promoted that idea, and predictably, they fell for it. Women involved should do away with the phony vaginas and just take off their pants.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

AARP Is NOT Bi-Partisan

AARP is running an ad in support of Obama criticizing the Republicans for Ryan’s Medicare position—as if just because they say it, it is wrong. The AARP is NOT “bipartisan.” They are about as PARTISAN as they come. There are a lot of things they support that are wrong, such as abortion, which MURDERS unborn babies before they even get a chance at life. And to oppose that is BAD, according to them, even though they are the ones with “blood on their hands (the DEATHS of many infants),” according to Rush Limbaugh and many others.

DEMS TWIST BAIN CAPITAL’S WORK: Bain Capital only buys out FAILING companies ON REQUEST, and tries to save them. Sometimes they CAN’T save the company and they have to close it. This is what Obama and the liberals concentrate on, LYING about Bain’s system. They DO NOT “load them with debt.” That has already been done, by bad management. They do NOT “make money when they fail, as liberals claim. They ONLY make money when they SUCCEED, as Staples and others (whose names you would recognize) did. This is a typical Democrat twisting of the facts.

NYT CELEBRATES DEATH OF CHICK-FIL-A EXEC: They gleefully reported the death, from a heart attack the same week Chick-fil-A announced their support for “anti-gay marriage” laws. This is how the liberal media operates. Next they’ll be saying the guy died because God “struck him dead” over the company’s policy. Apparently, if people disagree with NYT policies, they “ought to die.”

But he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He hasn’t a clue. He is, like Obama, a “believer” in socialism, which calls into question his intelligence. Socialism, and all other forms of collectivism, destroys INCENTIVE. Under socialism, people lose the WILL to produce and create a situation where they NEED the free market to create the money socialists then STEAL to make their plan work—for as long as other people’s money lasts.

“OLD JOE” RUNNING OFF AT THE MOUTH AGAIN: Now he’s saying, “Nothing has been asked of the rich.” What a load of BS! A LOT has been asked of the rich, especially since that socialist fool Obama was elected. Joe is so “out of it” he doesn’t even know that. We need to put him in a “home” for people who can’t handle their daily activities and don’t quite know where they are.

THEN WHY DOES HE DO IT? Obama says, “This nation will remain at a standstill if people continue to engage in small and divisive politics and tit-for-tat.” Why then, Barack, do you do it so much? NO ONE engages in “tit-for-tat” politics more than you. Incidentally, Barack, I call you by your first name because I have NO respect for you, OR the office of the president while you are in it.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Demonizing Constitution Believers

Just as they have completely “demonized” and made irrelevant those who want to see Obama’s birth certificate (which he’s never shown, only a phony substitute) to the point where even CONSERVATIVE commentators like Glenn Beck say being a “birther” discredits everything else you say, they are trying to discredit similarly those who believe in the Constitution, freedom, the free market, and the right to keep and bear arms by making them into “white supremacists who want to destroy America.” They’re using RACISM to subvert us. Be AWARE.

“ILLEGAL ALIENS” HATE THAT LABEL: They want the government, and everyone else, to ignore the fact that they are here ILLEGALLY. They want us to use the term, “undocumented immigrant.” They say, “By saying illegal, they’re saying we broke a criminal law.” They DID, whether they want to admit it, or not. They say that’s a RACIST label. They’re WRONG, and THEY’RE the racists by saying this.

THEY’VE “MADE BELIEVERS” OUT OF MANY OF US: Even Romney’s ads include a line that “Obama inherited a bad situation” then made it worse. He “inherited a situation CREATED by his (Obama's) friends and mentors, specifically DESIGNED to get him and many other Democrats elected by passing the Community Reinvestment Act of 1976, forcing lenders to loan money to people who they KNEW could not repay it, a “recipe for disaster” they could use to get votes. And it worked.

That’s what the Feds are doing. They’re making it ILLEGAL for cops to ask people if they are citizens of the United States. This is a legitimate question and an effort to enforce the law. They are making it a CRIME to even ASK that question of someone they suspect of being a lawbreaker who sneaked into this country ILLEGALLY. This is a TRAVESTY. But typical of liberals.

GUTLESS WONDERS: Obama forces are now calling the Seal Team members who criticized him for releasing top secret information to promote a movie extolling his “accomplishments” by calling them “Swift Boat 2.0.” The fact that the Swift Boat criticisms have NOT been refuted doesn’t seem to matter. He and his henchmen call those people “gutless,” even though the only “gutless” people involved are Obama and his accomplices.

LIMBAUGH DOES NOT CONTROL THINGS: The liberals are still saying the “right” is CONTROLLED by Rush Limbaugh. LIE! Rush merely COMMENTS on what goes on. He does NOT control it, even if the left thinks otherwise. They’re WRONG, as usual. The left is wrong on almost everything it says, and always will be. Their BASIC premise is that “socialism works,” and they couldn’t BE more wrong. I comment on what’s happening too, but I don’t control it, either.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Obama Losing Jewish Vote

Ya THINK? Obama has been working as hard at alienating Jews as he has anything else. And some people are SURPRISED that he’s “losing the Jewish vote?” That pretty much shows the ignorance that abounds out there.

WILL WE SEE THIS IN THE LIBERAL MEDIA? The liberal media is having a “field day” about the Missouri representative who believes in abortion even in cases of rape and incest. He feels you shouldn’t punish the baby for the sins of the father. They think we should “get rid of this scourge upon the electorate.” But who will hear about Minnesota representative Terry Gauthier (D-MN) having oral sex with an underage (everywhere but Minnesota) BOY outside of Minnesota since he is a Democrat?

WHY AREN’T THESE PEOPLE IN PRISON? If I (a white man) said some of the things they have said, I would be swiftly incarcerated and my fellow PRISONERS would make me sorry I was born. They want to go out and “kill all crackers.” They want to “kill cracker babies.”  That’s a THREAT in any man’s language and ANYBODY white OR black, who utters it should be imprisoned. Why are they NOT? Because to AG Holder, “They are my people.” Which means Holder has GOT to go.

WE ARE NOT “BETTER OFF”: Anybody with any intelligence at all can tell you we’re NOT “better off” than we were before Obama “took over.” Unemployment figures, the astronomically high national debt (most of which was spent since Obama took over) and every other indicator proves that to be true. But Obama still insists that “the private sector is doing okay.” How STUPID is this man? How STUPID does hew think WE are?

TOO MANY ARMED FEDERAL AGENCIES: Why do agents of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have guns? How about the Social Security Administration? There are now 73 agencies whose “special agents” are now armed. The federal law enforcement bureaucracy has grown exponentially in the last 20 years, right along with the number of eviscerating federal regulations that have “put chains” on free enterprise. Are they preparing to “go to war” with Americans?

WHAT YOU CAN ASK: The White House is now telling the White House press corps what they can, and cannot ask—and they think they can enforce it, too. I seem to remember a time when the press corps asked “the tough questions” and nobody, not even a president, dared to limit this. Obama thinks he can, and has given them a list of what they can, and cannot ask about. Dictator Obama, that is.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Official" Leaks

Obama saw to it the name of the Pakistani doctor who helped us find Osama bin Laden (or a lookalike) and kill him so they could retaliate against him. This killed any chances in the future of ANYBODY helping us in such a way. How stupid IS this president? The leak HAD to have come from him or someone very close to him. That much is obvious.

IRAQ HELPING IRAN: Showing just how much they appreciate us getting rid of Saddam, Iraq is now helping Iran “get around” America’s sanctions. This again shows how little you can depend on cooperation from one Muslim against another, no matter how despicable that other’s actions are. We should pull ALL our people OUT of the Middle East and keep out of Muslim fights with one another. Let them kill one another off and keep out of it.

GIRL DISCIPLINED FOR HAVING MILITARY BROTHER’S PICTURE ON HER NOTEBOOK: In a showing of just how far down we’ve come, a schoolgirl has been “disciplined” for having the picture of a soldier (her beloved brother) on her workbook. That’s like disciplining a child for praying in school. Looks like Obama’s “war on religion” and his “war on the military” are working, to the detriment of all Americans. Apparently she violated an “unwritten rule” (meaning one nobody dares write down, but which they WILL enforce) by doing so.

“NOBODY INTELLIGENT WOULD INVENT THIS”: Former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill told CNBC that Obama was a “monstrosity” and that “nobody intelligent would have invented it.” In that, he’s right. But he’s wrong when he said that we should have “a progressive value-added tax that could help boost economic activity by substituting for corporate, payroll, or income taxes.” A “progressive” tax should never be applied.

HOW THE WORLD IS TODAY: In New York City, where they can’t sell 16 oz. Pop, nor anything containing “transfats,” a store owner was brutally knifed by a customer when he refused to sell beer to a man paying with food stamps. The Yemeni customer told him, “Don’t get me mad.” The owner still refused, and the man left—then came back and slashed him. This is how the world is today.

ARRESTED FOR “OFFENDING MUSLIMS”: A man was walking his licensed dog in a park across from the Canadian Provincial Legislature near where Muslims were holding an anti-Jewish rally. He was warned by several Muslims not to come near them and when he did, saying this is Canada, not Pakistan, he was jumped by several ANGRY cops and led away in handcuffs. When they got him out of sight, they released him on his promise to leave the area. All this happened in the “Islamic Republic of Canada” and will soon be coming here if I read the “tea leaves” right.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Twisting the Truth

Liberals are running an ad saying that Bain Capital made money when companies they tried to save failed anyway. LIE! They LOST money when that happened. They only MADE money if they saved the company and it prospered, like Staples (one of their 80% plus successes) is doing.

VOTER FRAUD ALMOST NONEXISTENT: That’s the Democrat’s reason for being against requiring a picture ID in order to vote. But the REASON proven voter fraud IS nonexistent is because they don’t have the tools to prove it. Without verifiable ID there’s no way to catch it. Thus, they can’t prove it.

WE SHAMED HIM INTO IT: Barack Obama made a surprise appearance before his press corps Monday after he was “called” on only doing interviews with “entertainment reporters” who would not ask him any tough questions—mainly because they don’t know what questions to ask. One female entertainment reporter even enthused about having “flirted” with him during her interview. Now let’s see how many other times he appears before REAL reporters.

“SOLID SOUTH” NO LONGER RED OR BLUE: Democrats could always count on the South to vote as a “bloc” in any election after the civil war, but that has ended, since Obama destroyed their trust. They can no longer be counted on by either side any more. The South is now “solidly purple” and cannot be counted on to get him re-elected in spite of all his screwups.

OBAMA FORCES DESCRIBE ROMNEY AS “UNHINGED”: Boy, are THEY reaching! They’re terrified they’re going to lose (and they’re right) and are reduced to coming up with stupid statements like that and Harry Reid’s lying claim that Romney didn’t pay his taxes for ten years since they have nothing FACTUAL to bring against him. (Update: Now they’re saying he only paid 14%, which is true, but the same rate paid by ALL people earning capital gains, including Obama).

Sunday, August 19, 2012

It's NOT "Islamaphobia"

IT’S NOT “ISLAMAPHOBIA”: If it’s the truth, and that’s what hurts the Islamic folks working to overthrow us more than anything, so they “cry foul” when we tell the truth about them. They've invented a word tham "indicates" anybody who criticizes them is somehow "mentally unstabler." Nobody with any sense has anything against Muslims because of their “religion.” They DO have something against those Muslims who want to KILL us for not believing exactly the same way they do. And that’s what this “Islamic/American war” is all about. We didn’t attack them, they attacked us on Sept. 11. 2001 and before. There have been 19,250 Islamic attacks since 9/11, and counting.

IS CRIST A DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN? That’s a typical “unanswerable question” liberals ask. It’s unanswerable because there WAS no Democrat OR Republican Party when Jesus was alive. So the question is moot. Furthermore, he did not engage in politics, only in right or wrong. I have to say, if he was a Republican, the Democrat Party would not exist today.

OBAMA IS A FOOL: He actually thinks we believe his lies when he says things like, “The private sector is doing fine,” or, “We tried theirs and we tried ours, and ours worked.” What PLANET is this fool living on? He’s either knowingly lying to us, or is completely incompetent to be president. People think he cannot bring communism to this country. They say, “It can’t happen here.” That’s what the Germans thought while Hitler was consolidating his power. Then, before they knew what was happening, he was a dictator and killing Jews.

“COME ON IN AND KILL US!” That’s what Colorado University is telling armed gunmen who want to victimize their students by banning guns, even in the hands of licensed to carry students in campus housing. They’re telling them there will be no guns there to oppose you so come on in and victimize them. That’s the effect in ALL “gun-free zones.” Notice those mass killers never go into gun shows or police stations. They only go where guns are banned.

“DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC”: There IS no such thing, but some people aren’t smart enough to know that, mostly those who promote socialism or other forms of collectivism. Democracy is where ALL people vote on EVERY law. A republic is where you elect representatives to vote for you, which is what we have. I just read a comment that accuses others of being stupid for not knowing what a “democratic republic” is. Again: there IS no such thing.

OBAMA, YOU’RE A FOOL! You say “the private sector is doing fine”; that “we tried ours and we tried theirs, and ours worked.” What PLANET have you been living on? With unemployment at more than 8% for YEARS and very few jobs being created—not nearly enough to get us out of the recession that still goes on, how can you say that with a straight face?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Priceless Headline

On there is a story about that female rock group that was arrested in Russia for talking against the regime. It is, “Russian Orthodox Church forgives ‘Pussy Riot’. ” This is their name, which has led to this priceless headline. They were convicted of “hooliganism” for taking over a church and making a long “prayer” to be “saved from Putin.” The Church has “forgiven them.” I don’t know if that will save them from 2 years in a Russian prison.

In the almost four years he has been in charge of this government, there has been not one single budget passed by Congress because Obama hasn’t presented one. This is against the law, but Obama doesn’t care. The number of laws he has broken with impunity since he was elected are many, but if nobody will do anything about it, he will continue in his lawless ways until we get rid of him in November and send him and the rest of his thugs back to Chicago.

ARABIAN KING “SHAKES” WITH AHMADINIJERK: But not with the president of the United States, who bows to “royalty” all over the world. For my part, Ahmadinijerk isn’t even good enough to bow to the King of ANYTHING. He, like Obama, needs to be “cleaned” off the face of the Earth.

OBAMA KNOWS THE ENTERTAINMENT PRESS: “Obama hasn’t answered questions from the White House press corps in over 8 weeks but he has appeared on Entertainment Tonight and pop radio stations. Obama has yet to be asked by reporters about the increasing unemployment rate but we do now know where he stands on Call Me Maybe,” says an official from the Republican National Committee.

THEY’VE TRIED IT BEFORE: Islamic states have tried before to “take down” Israel, without much luck. Remember the “Six-Day War?” They THINK they’re “bad,” but they’re not. There isn’t an Islamic run state on this planet that can measure up to Israel in the warfare department. All they can do is “snipe” at them and threaten. But if they try anything REAL they’ll cease to exist.

KEEP TALKING, JOE: That’s what the Republicans would like, since every time Joe opens his mouth he gives conservatives more and better reasons NOT to vote democrat. By the way: you might be wondering why I never use the term “Democratic” to describe liberals. That’s because there’s nothing “democratic” about that outfit.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

"Trickle-Down Fairy Dust"

Obama: "Conservatives have tried to sell that 'trickle down fairy dust" before, but it didn't work." But it did work, stupid! It created the biggest, longest lasting boom ever, until Democrats purposely destroyed it with the passage of a law in 1976 forcing lenders knowingly to loan money to people who could never repay it; a recipe for disaster they could use to get Democrats elected on a false premise.

AUTO INDUSTRY "CAME ROARING BACK": Obama says it did, after he took over GM and spent BILLIONS on a "bailout." But it isn't "roaring back." It's barely crawling and we're STILL "on the hook" for billions of dollars, just for General Motors alone, which is STILL "hovering" shy of bankruptcy-especially since sales of Obama's "signature car," the Chevy Volt, are going very badly. They can't get rid of them and have closed the plant that made them. What PLANET is Obama living on?

ARE THEY PREPARING FOR CIVIL UNREST? The feds are buying a lot of bullets and a lot of guns. So many, in fact, that they are "redacting" the amounts from papers turned over under the Freedom of Information Act. Why is this? Do they think the American people will have "had enough" of the oppression visited upon them by Barack Obama and will "hit the streets?" Are they getting ready for war with their own people? This administration thinks there IS no war against America by Muslim extremists.

IS OBAMA TRYING TO DIVIDE US? He says not. But his every move serves to do so. Is he lying? Of course. Obama would rather lie than tell the truth, even when the truth would serve better. I don’t even believe him when he says, "I’m Barack Obama. I approve this message." One of the basic questions not answered is his very NAME.

DID ROMNEY PAY HIS TAXES? First, the Democrats tell us Romney didn’t pay taxes for ten years (with no proof offered). Then they run ads saying he “only paid 14%.” Which is a LIE and which is the truth? I don’t believe EITHER. In any case, that 14% figure is the legal amount paid by ALL people who make “capital gains.” That’s not a “special category” for Republican presidential candidates. What percentage did OBAMA pay on his capital gains?

WHY ALWAYS LIBERALS? Seems like the moderator in every presidential or vice-presidential debates is a liberal. Rarely is a conservative newsperson “given the nod” as moderator in an important political debate. Is it because they WANT the questions to come from the liberal side? Do they WANT questions like, “When did you quit beating your wife?”

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

GOP, Get Some Backbone!

DEBBIE LIES AGAIN: But that’s not news. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DNC chair, lies every time she opens her mouth. She’s been well trained by Obama and his friends. She’d lie to you if you asked her if her name was Debbie. Like Obama, she’d rather lie than tell the truth, even when the truth would serve better. Now she’s saying she has no idea the political affiliation of that “Super PAC” that ran that lying ad accusing Romney of murder. Either she knows and is LYING, or she really doesn’t, and is INCOMPETENT to hold a post as a political leader. I don’t know which it is, but I favor the former. It’s probably both.

Obama gets away with MURDER because nobody does anything about it. One of his most recent lawbreaking efforts was to “gut welfare” as we know it (which he now denies) by administratively removing the requirement to keep trying to get a job or lose your welfare. That’s ILLEGAL. But nobody does anything about it, so he gets away with it, as he has many times when he violated the Constitution.

RYAN PICK “EXTREME”: That’s what Obama says about Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan to run for vice-president. I’d like to know how his definition of “extreme” has decided that, when Obama himself is the most extreme candidate we’ve ever had for president. What Obama considers “extreme,” I think I’d consider just a Republican showing some backbone,

DNC TO FEATURE “RHINOS”: They call them, “notable Republicans.” I call them RHINOS. “Republicans in name only.” Liberals who can’t quite separate themselves from the Republican Party. Republicans who have always voted with the Democrats, whatever party label they wear. They really think featuring Republicans who think like Democrats will convince others they’re right.

“JOBS ARE IMPORTANT”: That’s what Obama says. But in the last six months he has met with his “Jobs Council just ONE TIME while the unemployment picture remains in the 8% range. It’s moving up—slightly—and, of course, Obama marks that as “progress.” He said when he was elected that if it remained at 8% or lower he’d have a “one-term presidency.” He’s right—he will. I just hope he doesn’t do any irreversible damage between November and January when they’ll probably have to drag him, kicking and screaming, from the oval office.

BECKEL WRONG CHOICE FOR “THE FIVE”: This is the second time he has “dropped the F bomb” on live television. He not only doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he has “anger issues” that show up in his responses to the other members of the panel. He thinks his ignorant opinions are all right, the opinions of others wrong, and he can’t seem to resist the liberal method of insulting those with whom he disagrees.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Harry Brought It On Himself

The Washington Times is worried about the “increasing attacks on Harry Reid” after his lies about Romney not paying his taxes for ten years came out. Well, Harry brought it on himself by making a false claim with NO PROOF. He is now the “poster boy” for false claims against an opponent.

SHE HAD INSURANCE: The biggest news story out there today is Obama’s lying ad accusing Romney of MURDER of a woman who DIED because she no longer had health insurance after Bain Capital shut her husband’s employer down. NOT TRUE! In the first place, Bain did NOT “shut it down.” It was one of the small percent of companies Bain couldn’t save. And an Obama supporter was running it at the time. And she DID have health insurance for TWO YEARS after the company closed. Many lies to “prove” a bigger lie.

JOBS AND PROSPERITY: Obama keeps on making promises he can’t keep, and KNOWS he can’t keep. His most recent lie is to promise that “Jobs and prosperity will rain down on you if you re-elect me.” What a LOAD of BS! But then, we’ve come to expect that of this con man.

ARE YOU AN EXTREMIST? If you want smaller government, fewer taxes, more freedom to make your own decisions, while getting rid of such politicians as Obama, you are—according to Obama and the liberals. Since when has it been extremist to want to make your own decisions instead of letting the government do it for you? Does he think we’re stupid enough to BELIEVE such crap? Only other liberals do.

“TIME FOR ANOTHER TEA PARTY”: I said these words a long time before the rise of the “Tea Parties” in politics. I don’t claim to be the originator of the “Tea Parties,” but I was very happy to see SOMEBODY did, and I am FULLY a member of the Tea Parties. If that makes me an extremist in the eyes of liberals, who cares. I’ve never cared a whit what liberals think, INCLUDING (especially) Obama.

WE’RE THEIR BIGGEST ENEMY: Not the Muslim extremists; not Iran and its nuclear power aspirations, nothing else. Us. The “Tea Parties” and everybody who thinks the way they do. We’re going to defeat them, and do it lawfully, by throwing them out of office in the next election. Unless they manage to steal it as they’ve done in the past.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Willie Horton and Swift Boats Were True

Democrats cite both as examples of “way down low dishonest tactics” to win an election. Only problem is, both were TRUE. I guess it is the TRUTH that is, to Democrats and liberals, dishonest. I guess that happens when you think lying to get elected is a good thing, as do Democrats and liberals.

“HE DOESN’T KNOW YOU!” Democrats keep saying Romney “doesn’t know you” because he’s rich. He wasn’t always as rich as he is now. But he EARNED every dime he has now. Not by “loading failing companies up with debt, then making them go bankrupt,” but by SAVING more than 80% of the companies that ASKED HIM IN because they WERE failing. Some couldn’t be saved, and that’s what Democrats concentrate on..

KING OF JOB LOSS: The Democrats try to paint Romney as “the king of job loss.” But he can’t hold a candle to Obama there. Ask Obama how many jobs were lost when he closed hundreds of car dealerships as he “nationalized” General Motors. And how many jobs have been lost because of his many regulatory excesses that caused many businesses to fail.

The Obama presidency has been a singular DISASTER for America, The economy is “on shambles,” and it’s NOT Bush’s fault. It was CREATED by Democrats in 1976 (to get him and other Democrats elected) with the Community Reinvestment Act, making it mandatory for lenders to loan money to people who would NEVER be able to repay it. Obama has spent more of our money than there IS; more than ALL presidents before him, and is trying HARD to make this into a socialist state.

NAZIS ARE LEFTISTS: Liberals try to convince us Nazis are “Right-wingers.” They’re NOT. They are SOCIALISTS, and always have been. Nazi stands for “National SOCIALISM.” And Nazis are “haters” to the core. Today’s Nazis are just like the original Nazis and hate Jews. But they also hate blacks, Mexicans, and other minorities. I don’t see how they get followers, except for those who ALSO hate everybody not like themselves who aren’t Muslim extremists.

A “SLAP IN THE FACE”: Romney picking Paul Ryan as his running mate is a distinct “slap in the face” to Obama, and all other liberal Democrats. It’s something Obama and his crowd NEEDED to “wake THEM up” to what looms in their future: obscurity. Obama has grown used to being the center of attention, but that’s about to end when Romney and a man who UNDERSTANDS how to reverse this economic downturn FIRE him in November.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Are You Better Off?

Reagan won his first presidential election by asking, “Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?” And I think Obama will LOSE the next election by people asking the same question. This country is NOT “better off” than it was 4 years ago, and Obama’s policies are to blame. So he WILL lose. Romney needs to ask that same question.

ROMNEY IS EXPLICIT: Obama has accused Romney of “having no plan,” but as usual, that’s a LIE. Romney has many EXPLICIT plans, and has SAID so, many times. Obama just chooses to ignore that, as he (and other liberals) usually do.

BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT 14%: And Obama wants to blame everybody but himself for it. He says state and local governments and congress are at fault. One day Obama MAY take responsibility for his own mistakes, but that day is far in the future. Maybe not ever. I think it is not ever. Obama is best known for blaming everything on Bush and the Republicans, as well as everybody else.

OWS HATES BIG CORPORATIONS: And they use the products of those big corporations to do it. They hate the “one percent” who make more money than the rest of us, but forget the reason they do. They make useful products and services ALL of us use. Therefore, they make money on it. That’s only reasonable, but you can’t expect “reasonableness” from fools like those in the OWS.

The liberal story is that he “stole from the rich and gave to the poor.” He didn’t. “The rich” were the sheriff and other nobles who forced the “serfs” to work their land and took most of what they earned in taxes. What Robin Hood did was to TAKE IT BACK and give it to the people who really owned it. This is a typical misrepresentation of the facts by liberals.

CLINTON DIDN’T DO IT: Liberals are SAYING “Clinton passed welfare reform.” He didn’t. He refused to sign  the welfare reform bill several times before Republicans put him in a position where he HAD TO sign it. He’s been taking credit for it ever since, with the help of other liberals.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Occupiers" Are Scruffy

Have you noticed? A look at any picture of the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd will reveal that they are, for the most part, a “scruffy” bunch. That’s because most of them are “the dregs of society” and should be ignored. There IS no such thing as the “one percent” who hold others down. That’s all in their limited imaginations.

ALAN WEST HAS GUTS: He went out of his way to have an event catered by Chick-Fil-A during the hooraw over Chick-Fil-A’s support of anti-gay marriage. I guess he agrees that people should have a right to their own opinion even if it doesn’t agree with militant gay activists. I do, too. And I eat there on a regular basis. (Update: he did it six months ago.)

OBAMA’S AD LIES: He has an ad with an actor claiming to be the husband of a woman who DIED because Romney “killed” his employer’s company. LIE! Yes, Bain Capital DID “kill that company (to SAVE three others).” But the guy who was in charge of it at the time is now an OBAMA “bundler” and supporter. Bain saved 80% of the companies it bought. Some you CAN’T save. This was one of them.

JOAN RIVERS HANDCUFFS HERSELF: She handcuffed herself to a shopping cart in a COSTCO store that refused to sell her book. Maybe I should do that—or not, since every bookstore in the land except Amazon doesn’t carry either of my books (“What’s Wrong IN America” and “Pay Attention to Politics!”) in stock, nor will they display it on their shelves. Barnes & Noble WILL order it if you ask.

CAN’T WIN WITH HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT: Obama said he’d keep the unemployment rate under 8%, but didn’t. It has been above that rate for as long as I can remember during his administration. Now he’s settled for promising to get it down to 8% by election time. Will he do it? I doubt it. His record of keeping such promises is not very good. But his staunch supporters (fools) WILL believe him until it’s too late.

GIBBS LIES AGAIN: Even when he doesn’t get paid for it. FORMER Obama press flack Robert Gibbs was asked about Obama’s ad with an actor claiming to be the husband of a woman who died because Romney’s company, Bain Capital, bought his company and fired him by saying, “We don’t have all the facts.” BULLSH-T! You DO have all the facts, but choose to misrepresent them, as usual.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sitting Next To A Killer

The biggest drawback to being “assigned” to be the defense lawyer for the “theater killer” in Aurora, Colorado is that you have to sit next to that orange-haired jerk for long periods of time. Then there is having to actually speak to him during many “strategy sessions” where you try to keep him from suffering the death penalty when you’d really like to pull the handle yourself.

ENABLING STUPIDITY: It’s stupid to move to a country where they speak a different language to stay, while REFUSING to learn that language, thus crippling yourself in dealing with others who live there. That’s what many illegal aliens do in America, and call us “racists” when we insist they DO. If I moved to France to stay, I’d CERTAINLY learn French. I’m not stupid.

OBAMA’S WAR ON ACHIEVEMENT: That’s exactly what it is when you apply higher taxes to people who make over a certain arbitrary amount of money a year. When you continually make it harder for ANYBODY to make more money than ANYBODY else. When you “demonize” people for making a lot of money. Making a lot of money is the dream of most people, but to do so makes you a target to people like Obama.

DEMONIZING GROUPS OF PEOPLE: A Sikh “pastor” has said that the mass killing in a Sikh temple was the “work of angry Christians” when it was actually the work of a crazed SKINHEAD Nazi who hates EVERYBODY who is different from himself. That translates into RACISM. REAL racism, not the phony kind Democrats accuse you of whenever you disagree with Obama.

WHAT’S WRONG WITH ATHEISM? Anybody who doesn’t believe that God is hat others says he is are accused of “Atheism.” WRONG! I believe in a superior being that orders this universe. As complicated as it is, and as well thought out and organized as it is, I’d be a fool not to. But I don’t believe He takes the form that many different religions, INCLUDING Christianity, think he does. So they call ME an “atheist,” but they don’t know what they’re talking about.

DON’T ARREST “OCCUPIERS”: According to Judicial Watch, Obama’s White House has told cops NOT to arrest “Occupy Wall Street demonstrators. That serves to confirm that those people were sent out BY Obama to counter the effect of the Tea Parties. And, like most of Obama’s schemes, that one FAILED miserably. Mostly because of the caliber of people involved, who like to defecate on the sidewalk in full view of everybody or pee down the side of cop cars, also in full view of everybody.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Obama Cancels Space Program

The space program is the reason we have cell phones and computers so small we can carry them in our pockets that have as much memory as computers that once filled entire buildings a block or more long. But this short-sighted president has cancelled it “because it cost too much.” Denver’s new (new?) AIRPORT cost twice as much as the latest (and last) Mars mission. It cost $2-1/2 billion dollars while DIA cost (at the time it opened) $5 billion dollars. Obama has spent the money he saved, and a lot more on his “give-away programs,” and the money lasted about a week while buying many votes for Obama and other Democrats.

Jaren Laughner, the fool who shot now former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, while murdering six others including a federal judge, has applied for a plea bargain that will give him life in prison instead of the death sentence. WTF? He wasn’t going to be all that hard to convict that they needed to give him such a plea bargain. They ought to take him out and shoot him now, not feed, clothe, and house him for the rest of his unnatural life.

OBAMA TALKS WITH HIS NOSE IN THE AIR: Have you ever noticed this? His nose is always elevated when he talks to us, just as if he thinks we are not his equal. And that’s right. He doesn’t. He thinks he is above us “po folks” and should be allowed to be “president for life” so he can continue to make all our decisions for us since we’re not smart enough to do it ourselves.

NOBODY TALKS ABOUT OBAMA’S BIG FAILURES: They talk about his killing of public enemy number one, Osama bin Laden as if he personally pulled the trigger and put that bullet in Osama’s brain, but never mention the 24 Pakistan soldiers his troops killed by accident. I think he only PRETENDED to kill Osama. I think Bush killed him years ago when he bombed the cave in which he was cowering. They’ve been trying to convince us he was still alive ever since. Then there was Solyndra . . .

SOLYNDRA WAS A BIG FAILURE: Obama “invested” $535 million dollars (of OUR money) in it, against the  best advice his economic advisers gave him because it was run by some of his biggest donors. They “took the money and ran” as soon as they could, leaving the taxpayers “holding the bag.” That’s one way to pay your supporters back in a way we can’t recover it.

THIS IS WAR! Obama doesn’t lie us having “war rooms” to decide what to do about his thievery and removal of our constitutional rights. But he won’t close down HIS ”war rooms.” As usual, what’s good for him is NOT good for us. Well folks, this IS “war.” And it IS a “war” against Obama! If we do it right, we can defeat him in November and “send him packing” back to Chicago, where one of his former subordinates is now in charge.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Secret Service Goes After Nugent

While ignoring Farrakhan’s threats. I wonder why? Is it because Nugent is white and Farrakhan is not only black but Muslim as well? Nugent talked about us “cutting off their heads in November” in the election while Farrakhan talked about REAL “rivers of blood.” They want to talk to Nugent, but have made no mention of Farrakhan. Of course, they will call me racist for pointing out this truth, but I’m used to that because I’m not afraid of criticizing blacks as well as whites when they screw up. That’s their “modus operandi.”

YOUR JOB TO “EDUCATE”: Rush Limbaugh tells his listeners their job is “to educate liberals” whenever they get a chance. But that’s impossible. It’s like “educating” a brick wall. They’re not listening. They just DON’T HEAR anything that goes against their conditioning.

SPEND, SPEND, SPEND! That’s the motto of the Government Services Administration (GSA), I guess, because that’s how they operate. Whenever they get ANY money, they hasten to spend it as fast as they can so they can “get right on it” when they get some more. I guess they figure it’s their DUTY to spend your money as fast as they can. They don’t even consider $30 million dollar bonuses to be a “big thing,” at all.

REID NEEDS TO PROVE IT: He says a former Bain Capital stockholder came into his office and told him Romney did not pay taxes for TEN YEARS ( but will not name him) and that Romney needs to provide proof he did. WRONG! Romney doesn’t need to prove ANYTHING! Reid needs to provide proof that he DIDN’T, or face action for LYING in a presidential election. What a SCUZZ this guy Reid is!

NO WAR ROOMS: The Obama forces want to eliminate “war rooms” created by people opposed to his silly policies. But nary a word about those run by those NOT opposed to his policies. Who does he think he’s fooling when he suggests things like this? Maybe he needs to just SHUT UP. But he won’t. He talks with his nose pointed in the air because he thinks he “knows best.”

GEITNER STILL THINKS RECESSION IS OVER: Timothy Geitner, the tax cheat now running the IRS, two years ago told us the recession was over. This shows the caliber of the people Obama has called upon to be in his “regime.” Not only is he a tax cheat in his own right, he hasn’t a CLUE what’s going on, and his comments prove it. Just like Obama himself.

HONOR KILLINGS ARE WRONG! In India, a lawyer murdered his own sister, right in court. He smuggled a gun into the court room while security looked elsewhere and murdered his sister Raheela Sehto right in front of the judges. And this is not only LEGAL under Sharia Law, it is URGED. Her family tried to prosecute her husband for kidnapping. He used the entry of the judges as a cover for the killing. And Muslims want to force Sharia on us? NEVER! It ain’t agonna happen!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pelosi's Million Dollar Airplane

When she was Speaker of the House, she demanded the government provide her with a private airplane so she could fly back and forth to San Francisco at GOVERNMENT EXPENSE. They did it, and it cost us more than a MILLION DOLLARS in just the cost to fly the airplane. I don’t know if the cost of maintenance and the massive amount of booze she took along was included in that or was charged extra. I know this was an ABUSE of her position, But then you can expect that of a Democrat.

HOW DO YOU READ PEOPLE’S MINDS? A badminton team has been taken out of Olympic competition for “not trying to win” so they’d get an easier opponent. Really? What was their first clue? Did they read the player’s minds? Do they really think they can get away with this?

EQUATING RELIGIOUS THINGS WITH BIRTH CONTROL: They say organizations who don’t want to pay for birth control pills or other birth control with them wishing to stop birth control altogether. NOT! They just don’t want to PAY for things their beliefs say is WRONG, just because some government edict says they must. I say the Catholics and all other such groups should ignore Obama’s “edict.” There aren’t enough courtrooms to sue them ALL for the “fines.”

OBAMA LIES AGAIN: He’s now running another phony ad, whining about the “fact” that he does not get the “massive checks” Romney gets. LIE! He certainly DOES! There is NO WAY he doesn’t! This is a typical Obama LIE, and an attempt to con us yet again.

CHICK-FIL-A SETS SALES RECORDS: I’m ashamed of my fellow citizens (some of them, anyway) for their hate talk against Chic-Fil-A because they DARED to disagree with them. I’m proud of most of them, however, as they showed up in droves to SUPPORT them. I went there yesterday and the only demonstrators I saw were anti-abortion demonstrators. What’s that all about? Most of the people standing around were waiting for their food, since the number of customers swamped employees. Even so, I didn’t have to wait TOO long for mine.

IT’S NOT THEIR MONEY: Why is the Government Services Administration (GSA) so free with their bonus money that they give $30 million dollars in bonuses to their employees every year? They give bonuses for every movement, every day. They give bonuses to people who refrain from farting in their office! The answer is that it isn’t THEIR money. It’s YOUR money they give away. That’s how bureaucrats steal money from you, and call it legal.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

No Penalty

Obama has discovered that there is NO PENALTY for violating the Constitution and if he can con enough Justices, his unconstitutional laws can be deemed constitutional while he SHREDS our Constitution whenever he wishes. There should BE a penalty attached to constitutional violation, and it should be a BIG one. I would make it retroactive, but THAT’S unconstitutional.

BOTH ATTENDEES: Does it tell you anything when so many members of your own party are not going to attend the National Convention that is makes a legitimate subject for Mallard Fillmore? And you’re the President of the United States? I sure hope so!

 TEA PARTY CANDIDATE WINS IN TX: Surprise, surprise, Democrats!! The Tea Party isn’t “dead,” as you so “astutely” have observed. I guess that means you don’t recognize your enemy and will succumb to him more easily. You’ve touted the “death” of the Tea Parties for a long time, then they “come out of the woodwork and take the open Texas Senate seat. You keep saying Obama’s going to win re-election, too. I hope you’re wrong there, too.

GSA GAILY SPENDS OUR MONEY!: It seems like it’s “standard operating procedure” for the General Services Administration (GSA) to spend, spend, spend, as soon as they get some money. Now we find out they gave their members $30 million in “bonuses” at a recent meeting that they renamed, so nobody would notice. Now we find out they’ve been doing that for years. Talk about stealing our money! On top of that, they spent $10,000.00 for drumsticks, alone, just this last time!

OBAMA’S COVER-UP: Obama has officially “sealed” all information with reference to that Border Patrol Agent who was murdered by a drug cartel thug using a gun sold him by Obama. Does this mean there is an “OFFICIAL” cover-up? Is there more we should know about this? We’ll never know as long as Obama is the top mobster in charge in Washington.

STUPID APPOINTEES: Hillary Clinton, FORMER “first lady” and now Secretary of state for the Obama administration, has now compared Islamic violence to Christianity. This is but one more indication of the “infiltration” of Islamic agents into the highest levels of our government. Hillary expressed herself as “shocked” that ANYONE would question her choice of the wife of a high-ranking member of the Muslim Brotherhood as her personal adviser. Which shows how STUPID she is.