Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Throw Them Out With The Garbage

Word is that remains of those killed in the Pennsylvania crash of a plane Muslim terrorists meant to crash into the White House were sent to the trash dump when they found they couldn’t identify any of them. This should not have been. Even is if was “routine” in such cases. Something else should have been done, if only to honor them.

OWS FOOLS WANT TO GET A “FREE RIDE”: That’s what they want: to get out of paying for their college loans, for which they PROMISED TO PAY. What makes them think they can get out of that promise any more than their parents could get out of paying for their home or car? When you “promise to pay,” you promise to pay. Not have SOMEONE ELSE pay for you while you whistle and walk away.

YOU CAN’T MAKE IT SO BY SAYING IT: Ethicists say it’s legal to KILL babies that survived an abortion attempt because they “are not persons.” What gives them the right to say that? Those infants are “persons” as soon as their bodies start working in the womb and to kill them at any point after that is MURDER.

BILL MAHER: THOSE REPUBLICANS SCARE ME”: You know what scares me? Fools like Bill Maher who act like they know everything, but in actuality know NOTHING. That’s the worst kind of FOOL. why Maher continues to have a job only tells me his bosses are as much of a fool as he is.

HOW TO LOWER OIL PRICES: Obama, stop blocking everything people do to solve the problem. He keeps on blocking oil drilling anywhere we run things. His bureaucrats refuse to allow ANY new refineries to be built while the old ones crumble. Soon we won’t have ANY refineries, but it won’t make any difference because we will have nothing to refine.

ISRAEL WON’T WARN US: They won’t tell us in advance when they attack the Iran nuclear infrastructure. And why should they? They’re a sovereign state and aren’t required to tell us ANYTHING in advance so we can warn Iran. Get used to it, Obama!
THROW THEM OUT WITH THE GARBAGE: Word it that remains of those killed in the Pennsylvania crash of a plane Muslim terrorists meant to crash into the white House were sent to the trash dump when they found they couldn’t identify any of them. This should not have been. Even is if was “routine” in such cases. Something else should have been done, if only to honor them.

OWS FOOLS WANT TO GET A “FREE RIDE”: That’s what they want: to get out of paying for their college loans, for which they PROMISED TO PAY. What makes them think they can get out of that promise any more than their parents could get out of paying for their home or car? When you “promise to pay,” you promise to pay. Not have SOMEONE ELSE pay for you while you whistle and walk away.

YOU CAN’T MAKE IT SO BY SAYING IT: Ethicists say it’s legal to KILL babies that survived an abortion attempt because they “are not persons.” What gives them the right to say that? Those infants are “persons” as soon as their bodies start working in the womb and to kill them at any point after that is MURDER.

BILL MAHER: THOSE REPUBLICANS SCARE ME”: You know what scares me? Fools like Bill Maher who act like they know everything, but in actuality know NOTHING. That’s the worst kind of FOOL.

HOW TO LOWER OIL PRICES: Obama, stop blocking everything people do to solve the problem. He keeps on blocking oil drilling anywhere we run things. His bureaucrats refuse to allow ANY new refineries to be built while the old ones crumble. Soon we won’t have ANY refineries, but it won’t make any difference because we will have nothing to refine.5

ISRAEL WON’T WARN US: They won’t tell us in advance when they attack the Iran nuclear infrastructure. And why should they? They’re a sovereign state and aren’t required to tell us ANYTHING in advance so we can warn Iran. Get used to it, Obama!6

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"The Five"

Fox had to move fast to fill the New York five o’clock time slot when Glenn Beck quit to form his own channel, and they came up with a weak concept, “The Five.” But in NASCAR, “The Five” means Jimmie Johnson, the man who won FIVE national championships IN A ROW. He didn’t repeat 9n 2011, but watch out for him in 2012.

TEN YEARS AWAY: The liberals poo-poo any idea that requires us to build an oil infrastructure by saying, “we’re five years (or ten years) away from that.” But what if we had done something ten years ago? We might be “out of the woods” today. But don’t tell that to a liberal. They’ll just give a nervous laugh and turn away. They’re THAT stupid. Why are they blocking the building of refineries? Because they know if their policies prevail, we won’t need them.

WHAT PLANET DOES HE LIVE ON? Obama says, “We can’t drill our way out of the high gas prices problem.” How STUPID is he? If he and previous presidents hadn’t blocked every effort to drill on land we controlled, plus build new refineries (no new ones on more than 30 years, while the old ones crumble), we wouldn’t HAVE a problem!

THE “INDEPENDENTS” DON’T CARE: Obama talks a lot about ”the independents” getting mad when WE don’t “compromise (agree)” with HIM. Why should WE be the ones to abandon our principles and agree with Obama’s irrational policies? Why doesn’t HE agree with US once in a while? Jeeze!

OBAMA IS A SOCIALIST! Everything he does advances socialism in this country. Everything that comes out of his mouth advances socialism. Every day he talks about “equal opportunities,” though what he’s talking about is “equal OUTCOME.” That’s SOCIALISM. He talks about punishing “the rich” for BEING rich. THAT’S socialism. Why can’t Americans SEE it and get RID of this monster?

WE’RE DOING IT TO OURSELVES! People whine about American manufacturers “outsourcing” the making of their products to other countries where it costs them less to produce them. Why IS that? Because American unions insist on pricing American workers too high for us to afford. Americans will not pay those high prices and will go where they can get lower prices. Manufacturers have to go where they can get their products made at a price WE will pay.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Muslims Killing mad At koran Burning

It was an accident. We have apologized. But they’re KILLING people over it. This shows the difference between intelligent people and militant Muslims. Muslims routinely burn Christian Bibles and other symbols of various religions all over the world;. but if one of THEIRS is damaged, even by accident—they KILL innocent people over it, even after an apology. Typically, they DEMAND what they’re not willing to give.

MAYBE HE’LL DIE SOON: Venezuelan dictator Chavez barely grew his hair back after his first cancer treatments when he had to return to Cuba to take advantage of the top tier of Castro’s “two-tier” medical system for further treatment of yet another outbreak of cancer. If I were a religious man I’d say, “Maybe God is trying to tell him something.” But God doesn’t work that way. If he dies, he’ll probably be replaced by somebody worse. He’s showing all the symptoms of the “last days” of a cancer victim with his cancer recurring, time after time. One can only hope.

OBAMA TAKES CREDIT: Not for something bad, but for something good. He says the “fraking oil boom” in Nebraska “couldn’t have happened if I didn’t let it happen (which tells me he knows his only power is to STOP things from happening).” Somebody (other than Obama) came up with that new method. Does he really think he has the power to stop it?” What a JERK! How stupid does he think the American people are? Much more opposition to oil drilling and someone will probably shoot him. Even though we’ll then get Joe. Bummer! Joe and Nancy in line behind him was a good insurance policy for Obama. Now that Nancy’s gone, his insurance is thinning.

KILLED 19, GETS 5 YEARS: This is why people turn to crime. They know all they have to is stay hidden for a while and, if they’re caught, the law will give them little or nothing as punishment. Here’s a former mob boss who ordered 19 PEOPLE to be murdered, then stayed hidden for 16 years, and when he was caught, he got FIVE YEARS! Five years for killing 19 people! And that’s only the ones we know about.

GADS, I HOPE SO! Sarah Palin says she “has no excitement for ANY of the GOP candidates” and doesn’t rule out a “brokered convention” including her name. I sure hope so! Sarah is the absolute BEST possible presidential candidate going, no matter what the liberal press says. In fact, BECAUSE of what the liberal media says. They think they’ve crippled her, but she’s only strengthened with people who pay attention. I’d like to see a Palin/Jindal ticket.

PAYING THEIR FAIR SHARE: Obama talks a lot about the rich “paying their fair share.” They DO “pay their fair share,” and MORE; and he knows it.But he won't admit it. They pay more than 80% of the income taxes paid, even though at capital gains rates, while almost 50% of Americans are on WELFARE and pay NO TAXES at all. He’d have to be really STUPID not to know that, so you know he’s LYING to you. Of course, I’ve been trying to tell Americans that for a long time, but they’re not listening.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Michelle Is Ignorant

Did you know the president’s wife had no idea why North and South Korea were separate countries? Wouldn’t you think this is something ANY adult should know, let alone the wife of the president of the United States? This is an excellent example of the lack of knowledge in today’s adults as a result of the deficiencies in their school teaching. Even if she didn’t learn it in school, she should have learned it by watching “M*A*S*H,” as with any intelligent American.

WHY DO LIBERALS FIGHT SO HARD? Because they’re AFRAID of conservatives and conservatism. They know it can “upset their applecart” if they allow it to prevail. They “lucked out” when Republicans got Nixon elected, which gave them an opportunity to take over again after the “Reagan Revolution.” Neither Bush made much difference because both are “Progressives,” not conservatives.

VALERIE JARETT IS A FOOL: She says the elongated employment check duration is “good for the economy” because it puts more money into the economy, which shows a complete LACK of knowledge about economic matters. The only way money going into the economy makes that economy better is if that money did not have to be TAKEN from that economy in the first place. The money must be NEW money coming into that economy for there to be any long-term effect.

OBAMA HAS SOLD MORE GUNS THAN ANYBODY: Gun sales figures have been increasing apace since Obama was elected president. Those figures have been going up on many fronts, not just one, which might be susceptible to “twiddling.” But figures from Excise Taxes, concealed carry, and actual gun sales have gone up from almost 50%, UP.

KILLING IRAN’S NUKE SCIENTISTS: I don’t know if we’re responsible for the rash of killings of known Iranian nuke scientists or not, but I suspect Israel is more likely the source. I don’t think Obama has the gonads to do something like that. I think the killing of bin Laden was a setup to give him something to take about in the next election. I think bin Laden was killed by Bush forces years ago when we bombed his cave with him in it and made him a “cinder.”

AN EXERCISE IN FUTILITY: 2,500 faith leaders sign petition to Obama to “uphold religious freedom.” That’s an exercise in futility because Obama never pays any attention to such things. I’d bet he doesn’t even know they exist. Obama does what Obama does, and to hell with what anybody else thinks.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Solyndra Employees Get Bonuses

What? Why is Solyndra even still in business? Why aren’t the men who authorized it to run through BILLIONS in American taxpayer’s money not in prison? The American taxpayer is THIRD in line to get money back (If there is any at the end) behind the original investors (who aren’t taxpayers) and investors who came in later. What STUPIDITY is this? Obama will probably give it another half billion dollars.

TYPICAL LIBERAL CRAP: A child asked an innocent question of a playmate, who happened to be black. He innocently asked, “Are you brown because you come from Africa?” School authorities demanded his mother declare him to be a racist. What kind of FOOLS do we have running our schools if a CHILD can’t ask a PLAYMATE an innocent question without being branded a racist by his own MOTHER?

CONFISCATING THE EVIDENCE: Clifton Dwayne Brooks was about to release the evidence concerning Obama’s eligibility to be president when his house was raided and all the “evidence” seized by feds, using the excuse of a threat against Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Frankly, I don’t think the feds care about a threat to “Sheriff Joe.” In fact, I think they’d like to see him gone.

DON’T ACCEPT LIBERAL PREMISES: Romney has announced his new tax plan, which includes lowering the tax base rate for everybody but “the top 2%.” That accepts the liberal premise that “the rich need to be punished for being rich.” He doesn’t realize he (and most other liberals) is among those people he thinks need to be punished for their achievement.

OBAMA: MY PRESIDENCY ISN’T OVER: He says, “I’ve got five years left.” What? Is Obama really this stupid? I knew he was stupid and cocky, but I didn’t think he could be this bad Truth be known he’ll be lucky to survive ONE more year with all the crap he’s done.

OBAMA SAYS, “ANTI-IMMIGRANT STAND”: Not! People who want people to come into this country LEGALLY (note; I said, LEGALLY) are NOT “anti-immigrant.” They are “anti ILLEGAL immigrant. How STUPID is Obama not to know the difference? And if he does, he’s LYING when he says it. What a jerk!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What's Obama Promoting?

Collectivism (otherwise known as socialism, communism, Fascism, progressivism, and other names, designed to confuse you). He talks about “modest expectations” for all families that only include raising their children, educating them, and owning their own home. Any more and you run afoul of his system of PUNISHMENT for “the rich” that includes high taxation that is reserved for “the rich.” Only he can define what IS “rich” and his definition changes every time we turn around.

WHAT IS COLLECTIVISM? Collectivism, under its many names, is TAKING from those who EARN, and GIVING that taken (stolen) to those who DON’T earn for themselves. In other words, PUNISH the successful for the benefit of the UNSUCCESSFUL. Those without the ability to earn for themselves. Many of them do not have the ability to earn for themselves because they CHOSE not to LEARN how.

VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTION: Obama brags again and again about violating the constitution by “bypassing Congress.” What he doesn’t tell you is if he does, he violates not only his oath of office to SUPPORT the Constitution, but the Constitution itself. Obama’s administration is NOT “superior to Congress.” Therefore, acting without Congress if they refuse to act is UNLAWFUL if we can find someone with the gonads to do something about it.

KEEPING THEIR BLINDERS ON: Liberals fail to comprehend common sense and logic if it disagrees with their preconceived notions. Many of them deny the very EXISTENCE of common sense and logic, not noticing they have to USE common sense and logic to support their claim. Saying there are no absolutes is to make a STATEMENT of an absolute.

KEEPING YOU AWAY FROM FOX: Liberals (Democrats) work very hard to keep you from listening to Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and the like, because there is no way they can deny the truth (with truth) of what they say. So they try to discredit them by lying about them and what they say. They tell you they lie and twist the truth, but they can’t give you examples based on true evidence.

THEY CAN’T MEASURE UP: Many states, including Colorado, can’t meet the standards required of them by the “No Child Left Behind” program. They’re very much concerned about that. So what do they do? Reduce the requirements so they CAN meet them. They do this a lot in the government.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Why Did Obama Have bin Laden Killed?

If, indeed, he did. So he could say he did it when election time comes. He knew America would like that and it would divert our attention from all his stupid moves and takeovers of our rights. That he spent our great-grandchildren’s money and keeps spending it. He spent another $100 billion the other day. If this man gets re-elected, I give up on American intelligence, and by that I don’t mean the spying business.

JOBS THE FIRST THING I THINK ABOUT: What a whopper of a lie that is! When he rejected the Keystone XL Pipeline, he “threw thousands of jobs out like yesterday’s socks,” just to kowtow to his environmentalist base. Now we know Obama’s priorities: When he said those words it was just empty words on a teleprompter. He meant none of it.

HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN OBAMA’S LYING? His mouth is moving and words are coming out. Or he causes something to be printed, carrying his words. Obama just doesn’t know what it IS to tell the truth. Like Bill Clinton, he would rather tell a lie than the truth, even when the truth would serve better. Only worse. When he took the oath of office he was lying.

SIXTEEN VACATIONS IN FOUR YEARS: How many of you have gone on SIXTEEN VACATIONS in four years? How many of you could AFFORD to go on sixteen vacations in four years? The Obamas can, because they have made a lot of money out of him becoming president and having written (with other writer’s help) two books about it. They also have an “open pocketbook” when it comes to security. They spend more on security than most people do on ALL their vacations. Then they talk about “understanding poverty” while CREATING it for many Americans.

“GOP MADE ME DO IT”: Obama says the Republicans made him reject the Canadian oil pipeline by insisting on a too-short timeline during which he could not do the studies necessary for it to go ahead. What a load of bullsh-t! He could have waived ANY or ALL of those “studies” if he wanted to. Problem is, he didn’t WANT to. He WANTED to keep us dependent on foreign poil and gas prices going higher and higher so he could blame the free market for all our economic problems while forcing us toward socialism.

MORE GO BANKRUPT BECAUSE OF TAXES: Obama talks about people going bankrupt because of high health care costs, but that isn’t the biggest cause of bankruptcy between the two. Taxes are. And Obama, along with other liberals, want to increase your taxes. That’s their answer to EVERYTHING. Higher taxes. If they had their way, they’d tax you at 100% of your earnings. Never mind that would mean no more earnings.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Iran Says: "Let's Talk"

And our ignorant politicians dance for joy. Iran thinks our politicians are stupid, and they’re right. N. Korea used the same “let’s talk” scam and what happened? They now have their own nukes. We’ve fallen for this scam over and over again, and no amount of telling our ignorant politicians this will get through their thick skulls. We talk and talk and talk, and the result is what the enemy wants to happen.

HOMEGROWN TERRORISM: We had ONE case of terrorism by an American last year; but this year we had TWELVE. They call it “homegrown terrorism,” but those found to be the perpetrators seem to all spout the same things Islamic terrorists spout when caught. Does that tell you anything about the origin of their thinking? It tells me a lot. And we’re allowing it, right under our noses.

DOESN’T WORK FOR SANTORUM: Foster Friess doesn’t work for Rick Santorum. He’s not one of his volunteers. His only connection is as a CONTRIBUTOR to a PAC that gives money to the Santorum campaign. Santorum has NO responsibility for things he says. If Democrats have nothing more than that to throw at Santorum, I feel sorry for them. They must be very desperate. They have NOTHING.

KEEPING HIS CONSERVATISM SECRET: Democrats say Santorum has done nothing to “keep his conservative views secret.” What the hell are they TALKING about? Conservative views are something to be shouted from the rooftop, not kept secret, as are those views held by Democrats.

NO PUNISHMENT: There’s no punishment for violating the Constitution unless somebody gets the GUTS to do something about it. Until they do, Obama will continue to violate it with abandon.

ANY DEFENSE? People ask if the Republicans have ANY defense against Obama? They must have not been listening as Obama time after time violated the Constitution and spent like a drunken sailor (apologies to drunken sailors, who are at least spending their own money). They didn’t even notice how much of their children and grandchildren’s money he has spent. Or about the many rights he has usurped.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

What Good is the FDA?

Every day we hear about yet another FDA approved drug that is killing people. What’s WRONG with them? They add millions of dollars and years of delay in distribution of live-saving drugs and STILL too many killers get through. Meanwhile they allow deadly killers to be distributed and they bear no responsibility for those unnecessary deaths. Why?

WE’RE DOING IT TO OURSELVES: Americans will not pay the high prices required to manufacture goods in this country, so we go to other countries that do not have the unnecessary charges manufacturers must pay in this country in order to make them here. Expenses such as excessive union agreements, like the $30 an hour that has been paid to auto workers to spend their days turning one screw over and over. And they wonder why communist china has “cornered” many markets.

CUT THE DEFICIT IN HALF IN HIS FIRST TERM? Obama promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. He didn’t even come close! Instead, he TRIPLED it or more. He spent more money than there IS! What the hell is WRONG with this fool? But he doesn’t answer questions about why he hasn’t lowered the deficit as he promised. Or he lies and says he has or blames it on what he calls “a bigger recession than any of us thought.”

“IT’S NOT MY FAULT”: This is now Obama’s economy, but he will not admit it. He still blames Bush for everything, even though he has been president for almost four years. Nothing is his fault; it’s all Bush’s fault, or the fault of other presidents before Bush.

WHAT ARE HILLARY’S QUALIFICATIONS? They’re talking about appointing Hillary Clinton as head of the World Bank after the current head steps down. What makes her qualified for the post among all the other people with better qualifications? For that matter, what qualified her to be Secretary of State? Some of these Obama appointments mystify me in their stupidity.

HE’S IN FOR IT NOW: Santorum is now the front-runner in the Republican primaries. As a “come-behinder,” he has escaped much of the criticism Romney and Newt have endured. But now he is front-runner, he will soon be fielding criticism the like of which he has never seen before against him. It’s starting now with the claim he’s not the conservative he claims to be.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

They Think They're Owed It

The trouble with governments giving things to their citizens at the expense of other citizens, as our government is doing in ever-increasing amounts, is that soon you run out of other people’s money and have to “take the goodies back.” When you do, the people you’ve been giving things to, who now consider that their due, will fight you, as they are in Greece right now; as they did in France a few years ago. Another few years and it will happen here.

CONSIDER THE SOURCE: Obama is setting up a “truth team” by telling people to let him know about any lies (as per his definition) told about him so he can “deal with it.” Only problem is, who decides what is lies and what is truth? Obama or his people, of course. The biggest liars on this Earth today; at least in this country. I expect to hear from his people any time. People will believe him or his people because they’re “the government,” of course.

ALL THEY WANT IS THE NAME: All the controversy over the “gay marriage” thing could be solved simply by gays accepting what amounts to exactly what they want, except they don’t call it “marriage.” They’ve been offered everything they want except the name “marriage,” many times. They’ve refused it every time if the word “marriage” doesn’t go with it.

1.8 MILLION DEAD PEOPLE REGISTERED TO VOTE: That’s according to the Pew Center. How many of those do you suppose are Democrats, do you suppose? And I’d bet a large percentage of them lived in Chicago. Not only that, 24 million registrations are fraudulent or incorrect (probably on purpose). This is how Democrats stay in office with all their abhorrent policies.

“NO PEACE WITHOUT AID”: That’s what the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is telling us. Sounds like blackmail or extortion to me. But they won’t call it that, and nobody over here will, either. Except for intelligent people like me, and who listens to me? Think about it: the Islamic terrorists take over in Egypt and violence intensifies. Then they say, “Give us money or the violence will continue.” That’s patent extortion, isn’t it? If you’re intelligent, you realize it.

WORDS THEY HATE: Santorum is telling the “Occupy Everywhere” fools to “get a job.” Of course, the typical response is, “Easy for you to say.” But if these fools would spend nearly as much time looking for a job as they do being obnoxious, they’d soon find one. Maybe not one paying $50,000 a year, but I see “help wanted” signs all over the place.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Is Iran Targeting Israel?

What a STUPID question! Israel says yes. So does Iran. Iran has been talking about “pushing Israel into the sea” for many years. Yet people still ask the QUESTION, “Is Iran targeting Israel?” Are they just stupid, or have they got their blinders securely on?

NO POWER: Obama has NO POWER to “order” the Catholic church to provide, at their expense, contraceptives and abortion, OR to ORDER insurance companies (paid for by the Church) to do so. There should be a punishment for a president issuing unconstitutional orders. There is: impeachment. But that requires somebody with “intestinal fortitude” (guts) to bring those charges, and the same on more congresspeople to make it happen.

“CHAMPION OF CHANGE”: Carolyn Buhm, Community Relations Specialist for the city of Denver, Colorado, has been named “Champion of Change” by Obama. That’s about as meaningless as was Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize for NOTHING he ever did, but for what they figure he WILL do. What a bunch of FOOLS we have in places of importance!

DEMOCRATS ARE ECSTATIC: The Republicans are ripping each other to shreds in front of the world and giving the Democrats a lot more material than they ever should have had. Meanwhile the Democrats are “sharpening their swords” for the general election, using revelations the Republicans gave them in the primaries.

TAKING IN TOO MUCH TERRITORY: In N. Carolna, a school sent a note home to a student’s other telling her she didn’t send the right stuff with her child for lunch. They told her that her lunch “didn’t meet state standards and SOLD her a tray of food (which included chicken nuggets) for which they will charge the mother $1.25, while thousands of other children eat FREE. Where the hell does the government get off telling people what to pack for their children’s lunch?

THE BANK’S FAULT? Obama is now instituting a new department at the cost of millions to “investigate” and make sure they don’t again do what caused this economic slowdown. How is that possible? They only did it on the ORDERS of the feds under pain of an expensive “investigation.” Now they get that “investigation” anyway.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Where The Hell Does He Get Off?

Tricky Dickie Lugar, congressman from Indiana, for whom I used to work when he was mayor of Indianapolis, says “If you don’t like the gun ban, you lack common sense.” What? What makes “Tricky Dickie” think he has the brass ones to say who does and who does not have “common sense?” Actually, it’s those who think making a law against gun ownership will stop criminals from having guns when they break laws for a LIVING that have no common sense. I know “Tricky Dicky” and he’s always been a FOOL. I see he hasn’t changed a bit. Once a fool, always a fool.

ANOTHER CZAR: Obama is appointing a “shakedown czar” to “regulate” banks to make sure they don’t make the same kind of “predatory loans” the “Community Reinvestment Act” FORCED them to do. And I’m sure they will be able to grant “waivers,” too. Yet another power grab based on a LIE. Obama is slowly “taking over” all facets of our lives while nobody notices. Like the frog in the slowly boiling water.

WATCH THE OTHER HAND: “Magicians” focus your attention on one hand while doing the trick with the other. That’s what Obama is doing with his “Attack” on the Catholic church. He hopes to keep us focused on that while he continues to spend money like water as the election approaches.

PRO ABORTIONISTS SAY ;IT’S FOR WOMEN’S RIGHTS: But it’s not. Abortion is DEATH to an innocent infant who never gets a chance at life. Pro-abortionists are the best argument for retroactive abortion of some people. Death is death, and pro-abortionists are FOR death to infants. That’s infanticide and MURDER—and that’s not arguable to people with any degree of INTELLIGENCE

WHAT IS SUCCESS? Success is accomplishing what you set out to do. Under that definition Obama has had an unbroken string of successes. Unfortunately, under mine (and that of most people of intelligence), they’re failures. Like Rush said, I hope he FAILS at everything he tries to do so this country can survive his presidency.

WHY NO BUDGET: I think I’ve figured out why Obama’s administration hadn’t passed a budget, even though he is required to do so by law. He is able to just PRINT all the money he needs, so what’s the need for a budget? If he needs more money, he can just PRINT it. When you have an unlimited money supply, why bother passing a budget?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ginsberg Is A Damn Fool

Ruth Bader Ginsberg swore to “uphold the Constitution of the United States” when sworn in as a Justice in the supreme court. Advising other nations to look elsewhere for help in writing their own constitutions is NOT “upholding” OUR Constitution. She should be impeached for cause.

I JUST DON’T CARE! So Trump endorses Romney. So what? I don’t care what other people think about ANY candidate. I don’t use that to make my decision on who should get my vote. I research the candidate and see what he/she DOES; and I WATCH to see what he/she actually DOES. Not what he/she SAYS he/she will do. I don’t believe ANYTHING said in a political ad because it’s usually a lie.

OBAMA SAYS: “DON’T MUCK UP THE ECONOMY!” We can’t! Obama’s already beat us to it by spending more money than there IS, while gaily printing more every day, calling it “Quantitative Easing.” What FOOLS he must take us for!

KOMEN CAVES: They first announced they would no longer be giving money to Planned Parenthood because it was “under investigation.” Then Planned Parenthood, which has come to believe that money BELONGS to them, “put out a hit” on the Komen Foundation and the foundation, being unable to stand the “heat,” folded.

THE “FAST & FURIOUS “INVESTIGATION”: What investigation? The only “investigation” that appears ANYWHERE in the news is Issa’s committee in the House, which has, and will come to nothing. The only thing the AG is doing is “covering his ass.” If he ever finds the REAL culprit and not a scapegoat, I’ll be surprised.

DON’T RE-ELECT THIS FOOL! Obama (and a lot of other Democrats) seem to think Obama is going to win re-election by a landslide. Not so! If he wins by ONE vote it will be a disaster. This country cannot survive another four years of Obama’s lies and moves toward socialism.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Count On Obama

Bush started negotiations to open 38 million acres to oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and it was “put on hold” when Obama stopped all drilling in the gulf after the BP oil spill. Now it is being resumed and Obama is taking credit for opening up that oil drilling as if he started it. What an opportunist!

THEY’RE REALLY STUPID: I just Googled J. J. Johnson, former owner of the Sierra Times, for which I used to write. One of the articles that came up concluded ST was a “liberal screed.” How do you deal with such stupid people? Anybody who ever read ST knows it was a CONSERVATIVE screed.

HOW STUPID ARE THEY? It’s STUPID to tell your enemy you’re going to “pull out” on a date certain in the future so they can just “hide out and wait” and start killing again as soon as you leave. This is Obama’s “modus operandi” in war. This is why we’ve been losing wars steadily ever since the liberals have been running them.

THE MAJORITY RULES: Why hasn’t Senator Grassley done something about “Fast and Furious” beyond asking questions that haven’t been answered? Because his party (Republican) is in the minority and he can’t. So why is it set up that way? Why can’t a member of the minority institute an action against a member of the majority party? It has always been thus, and will probably always BE thus.

3 MILLION JOBS? Where? Obama says he’s created 3 million jobs, but he can’t tell us where they are. This guy lies and lies and doesn’t care if anybody believes him or not. He just goes on as if you do. What a FOOL we’ve got with his butt in the office chair in the “Offal Office.”

WHAT HAVE WE DONE? Why did we elect such a stooge to the White House? Why did we elect so many people like him to the Congress (Samuel Jackson says he voted for hm just because he's black)? Why didn’t we ask more questions of him when he was just a Senator running for the presidency? Why did we nod our heads and say “yes” when he made such stupid claims as to “lower the sea level?” Why do we do such things? I didn’t. I did not vote for this FOOL and I did not vote for Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter either. But they got in anyway. Why?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Old Constitution" Outdated?

The ultra-liberal New York Times says “The ‘old Constitution’ is outdated for not guaranteeing today’s ENTITLEMENTS. What ARROGANCE and stupidity to even THINK the Constitution should be used for institutional THEFT. NYT is “slowly fading away,” and I think they should “fade away” faster with every stupid comment like this one.

NO “LIVING DOCUMENT!” The New York Times thinks the Constitution is a “living document” that can be changed at will by politicians of the time, WRONG! The Constitution was written to be THE guidelines on ALL of our laws for an eternity. There is a specified way it can be changed if part of it DOES go “out of date,” within the document itself. Any attempt to change it without using that process is ILLEGAL, and IMMORAL, and should be prosecuted if anybody has the backbone to do so.

SO IMPORTANT: Did Rush Limbaugh actually pick his nose at the super Bowl? Who cares? Liberals care. They think anything they can use to poke fun at a famous conservative is VERY important. More important than Iran getting nukes; more important than Obama spending more money than there IS while moving us ever closer to socialism. Somebody needs to give them an “attitude adjustment.” They're ever alert to find things to discredit him, important or not.

BUT HE DOESN’T TELL IT ALL: Obama is running against the Congress, calling it a “do-nothing Congress.” But the REASON it is a “do-nothing Congress is that the Democrats in the Senate, where the Democrats still have control, will not allow ANY of the MANY House-passed provisions to be voted on. This is typical Obama. Cause a problem, then blame it on someone else. If Obama would tell the Democrat-controlled SENATE to “end the logjam,” maybe Congress could DO something.

SANTORUM NOW THE TARGET: After winning three events in one day, Santorum is now an official target for everybody: Republicans and Democrats alike. Watch for the negative ads from both sides against him to increase exponentially. They’ve left him alone up to now because they didn’t really take him seriously.

CHILD ESCAPES KIDNAPPER: Seven year-old Brittney, who was taught how to get away from somebody who was trying to kidnap her, did it the other day when she was “grabbed” in the toy department of a Wal-Mart store. He thought it would be easy to just “grab her and run” until she kicked him in the crotch and almost “unmanned” him. He screamed and let go, and she ran. So did he, but he did run funny. The cops found and arrested him soon after. Good on ya, Britney!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You Will Have No Rights

All it takes is for a fed or even a local cop to “deem” you a terrorist for you to lose our rights and be sent to Gitmo for a term only they can decide. No court; no proof is necessary and there is no “guideline” on just what constitutes a terrorist. Nor is there a “system” you can use to prove you’re not a terrorist. You’re guilty until proven innocent. Forget the constitutional principle of “innocent until proven guilty.” They don’t care about that, and it no longer applies, according to the feds.

EASTWOOD SAYS WE “GET BACK UP”: He says it’s the beginning of the second half and we will not only get back up, you will “hear our engines.” But only if we rid ourselves of our weakest point: the fool in the White House. I think Obama put Eastwood up to this misleading Super Bowl ad, and it pains me that WE spent millions of dollars to run it.

EGYPT IS THE NEW IRAN: Egypt has been “taken over” by Islamic extremists and Obama still hasn’t realized it. He still thinks Egypt is now a “democratic” country, ignoring the fact that the “Islamic Brotherhood” won so many seats in Egypt’s government that Islamic extremists are now in control. And, like Iran, they will do all they can to “tweak our nose” every chance they get.

SANTORUM FINALLY GOT IT ON: He won in Colorado, Missouri, and Minnesota, all at the same time, thus showing the muscle nobody saw before. I like Newt, but I lost confidence in his judgment when he sat on that couch with Nancy pushing the global warming swindle. Romney is a “closeted” liberal. So maybe Santorum is the answer. I sure hope so, so we can get rid of that fool in the White House before he finishes destroying this country.

MADDOW DISSES ANTI-ABORTION PEOPLE: NBC brought her in to discuss the hooraw over Obama’s high-handed and illegal mandate for Catholic hospitals to provide birth control and, of course, she “dissed it,” saying it was “a pretty far-right perspective” and “anti-abortion politics.” On the second point she may be right. “Anti-abortion politics” may be the only thing that saves the lives of countless unborn, innocent infants from their infanticide (a/k/a: murder). Abortion is MURDER, no matter how much they may ridicule people who say otherwise. It “stills a beating heart.” Maybe somebody should have aborted Maddow. Is there still time?

EVEN CHRIS MATTHEWS: Obama’s birth control mandate is so FAR OUT THERE, even Chris Matthews, who almost had an orgasm once while listening to his hero speak, is criticizing him for it. I think it’s a big mistake on Obama’s part. It will turn ALL Catholics against him when he needs every vote he can get. One wonders at his sanity for doing this now, just before an election to decide his political fate. But I'm cheering him on to his own destruction.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More Votes Than Residents

It’s that way often in Nevada, and was when “Dirty Harry” Reid was elected. It always seems to benefit the Democrats in the race—or in the Republican primary, the most liberal of Republicans, Mitt Romney.

LOOKS LIKE IT’S GONNA BE ROMNEY: And that’s a shame; we need to WIN this election more than any in my memory, and Romney is the “next in line” to get the Republican nomination, as McCain was, and as Dole was. That neither were electable didn’t seem to make any difference to the GOP. The Republicans are masters at nominating losers, as they have proven in many of the last elections.

“GIVING YOU RIGHTS”: The government tells you they can “give you rights.” But when they do, they tell you how to EXERCISE those “rights.” Don’t buy their bullsh-t. It’s always bad for you and everybody else. Government doesn’t “GIVE” rights. They can only RECOGNIZE rights that are naturally ours. What they’re telling you is a LOAD!

COCKY BASTARD: AG Holder thinks people from Idaho (“or wherever you’re from”) aren’t smart enough to question him, and he said so when he plainly insulted the Member of Congress who was questioning him about his criminal lack of knowledge of what was happening in the “Fast & Furious” scandal. This is how elite liberals ALL think. “Nobody is smart enough to question them.” If they do, just insult them and they'll shut up.

CUT OFF KOMEN: I didn't know the Komen Foundation was giving a lot of money that COULD have been dedicated to curing breast cancer to Planned Parenthood, an outfit dedicated to murdering unborn infants. So I guess it’s time to take Komen off my list of foundations I would donate money to. If they’re channeling money to Planned Parenthood, they don’t deserve ANY support.

53 MILLION BABIES MURDERED! Since Roe vs. Wade was enacted, America has murdered 53 MILLION of its helpless infants before they have a chance at life. How many potential geniuses have we killed? I’m not against contraception INSTEAD of murdering LIVING fetuses. Mostly it’s done for the CONVENIENCE of careless people who won’t use rubbers or other means of contraception when having sex.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Obama's 50% Approval Rating

Obama’s approval rating approaches 50%. Does anybody wonder why? Maybe the fact that his approval numbers are almost identical to the percentage of people who receive a government check every month might have something to do with it.

LOTS OF LOST JOBS: “News Busted” anchor Jodi Miller said that Treasury Secretary Tim Geitner has announced he is resigning at the end of the year. She and I both have a feeling other job holders such as Barack Obama and Joe Biteme won’t be back, either, along with a lot of other liberal Democrats.

TAX CHEATS: Speaking of tax cheats, government employees are the worst of the bunch, maybe because they figure the current administration won’t come after them because most of them are in the tax hole, too. They owe a total of THREE BILLION DOLLARS. But don’t expect to see this reported in the liberal media.

HER JOB IS DONE: Secretary of state Hillary Clinton has said she, too, will resign soon. Mexico is now run by drug cartels, Egypt is now in the hands of Muslim extremists, and Iran is soon to have a nuclear bomb. I guess her work IS done.

WHY ROSIE IS GAY: Jodi also put my mind at rest about another thing: Why is Rosie O’Donnell gay? Jodi says it’s because no man in his right mind ever wants to see her naked. Women don’t care.

TWIDDLING THE NUMBERS: It’s a known fact that NO President has ever been re-elected with an unemployment number higher than 8%. So who thinks it won’t be below 8% by November however much “numbers twiddling” it takes?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Decision Stupid

Nancy Peelosi says she will stand with Obama on his decision to try and force the Catholics to act against their most deeply-held faith. She says it’s “courageous.” I think it’s STUPID and something only a dictator wannabe would try. He won’t get away with it.

HOLDER WANTS CREDIT: He says he wants “some credit” for what his Justice Department has done. But it hasn’t done anything! So he has gotten as much “credit” as he deserves. Maybe we should give him "negative credit."

HOLDER GIVES COMMITTEE MEMBER HELL: I guess the best defense is an offense. First, he insulted the committee member who was questioning him by intimating he is new and from Idaho (the backwoods), so he must be incompetent, completely ignoring his own incompetence. He should be held in contempt for that. This is how elites think about other people. If he’s allowed to get away with that, this congressional hearing is USELESS.

HOMELESSNESS DOWN ONE PERCENT: Just slightly, just in time for the election. If Obama gets re-elected, this “trend” will continue. If a Republican is elected, the numbers will go right back up. the liberals will see to it.

IT WAS NOT A GAFFE: Liberals are railing about Mitt Romney’s “gaffe” in saying, “corporations are people.” It’s NOT a gaffe. Corporations ARE people. What else could they be if you use logic. Of course I realize liberals (Democrats) don’t use logic. They don’t even know what it means when they say, “Logically, there is no logic.” Just like they say “There are no absolutes!” That’s with a statement of an absolute.

“CLOSETED” MORMON? The “slimedia” says Romney is a “closeted Mormon,” which presupposes being a Mormon should be kept secret, like being a closeted gay. As if his being a Mormon WAS a secret. I don’t recall Romney ever denying being a Mormon. Typically stupid liberal media crap.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

What Happened to Freedom of Speech?

General Boykin pressured by CAIR to withdraw from making a speech to West Point because they thought he was “guilty of defaming Islam.” So WHAT? Islam NEEDS defaming! Islamic terrorists are KILLING AMERICANS all over the world. His problem is he didn’t add the word “radical” to his earlier comments. But he has the right to make those comments. We’re becoming WAY too “concerned” with “insulting” Islam.

RAISING TAXES IS NOT THE ANSWER: Obama’s (and all liberals) answer to EVERYTHING is higher taxes, and this shows their complete incompetence at governing. To make the economy better, you increase TAXABLE INCOME, which increases the amount of tax money the government can collect. Reagan did it by reducing the “marginal tax RATE” and almost DOUBLED the “tax take.” But don’t point this out to a liberal. They can’t see things like this. They’ve got their blinders firmly in place.

ROMNEY IS “BUYING THE ELECTION”: He spent $20 million dollars in Florida alone! That’s more money than presidential candidates used to spend in the entire election! Why is he spending so much money to get a job that only pays $200,000 a year? Because he wants to CONTROL the TRILLIONS of dollars in the federal budget. Unfortunately, we’re BROKE and that WILL effect how he can govern if he is elected.

REDUCE THE REQUIREMENTS: 80% of our schools fail to attain the “No Child Left Behind” requirements, and they’re very disturbed about that. So they’re going to reduce the requirements so they can make it. Typical liberal government.

IT HAPPENED ANYWAY: What is happening today is exactly what we were told would happen if we defaulted on our debt. So what GOOD is our current government? Drug use is today MORE than it was when the “war on drugs” began. So what good is the “war on drugs?” All it does is give government an excuse to limit our rights even more.

THEY HATE THE TEA PARTIES: The Washington establishment (Republican AND Democrat) hate the Tea Parties because we threaten to “overturn their applecarts.” We’re EFFECTIVE. Just ask the 57 members of Congress that no longer have jobs because of them.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What A Loser!

Obama’s White House says there is “no constitutional issue” in their ORDER for Catholic hospitals to provide contraception, which is against their DEEPEST-HELD beliefs. Has he never heard of the government staying out of church beliefs? Damn; how STUPID is this president!

INCOMPETRENT POLITICIANS: How do we get so many incompetent politicians elected to office? The answer is simple, but they will never see it. We elect them on the basis of how they look, what they sound like, and what they promise; notwithstanding the fact that they don’t know what it is possible to do when they finally get into office. Like Obama talking about “lowering the sea level” when he was running. We (not me) bought his bullsh-t and elected him. Now we’re stuck with him.

HATING BECK AND LIMBAUGH: People say they hate Limbaugh and Beck, and scoff at what they say. But they can’t articulate just what it is about them they don’t like. They’re going by what they’ve heard from liberals. What they need to do is listen to what THEY say and apply some LOGIC, if they have any.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: A former police officer in Washington, DC tried to take down the OWS tarp covering the Gen. McPherson statue. He was told he had no right to do that by people who have no right to COVER the statue. The shaggy old man who tried to bar his way got simply pushed aside as he returned to cutting the strings holding the tarp in place. What they don’t understand is that there is a law against what THEY are doing.

THE COMATOSE MAJORITY: President Nixon referred to the “silent majority.” But that same group is now the “comatose majority” who “recognize the right” of the OWS jerks to sleep in the parks (which they don’t have) when the cops would quickly remove ME if I tried it—and they would be right to do so. Someone else OWNS those parks and the OWS jerks are violating THEIR rights.

HE “HASN’T DONE ENOUGH”: Many Democrats (liberals) think Obama is a wimp; and hasn’t “done enough” to move us closer to socialism. What a bunch of FOOLS we have living in this country!